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Tumblr media
Some drawings I did of Jason as pics of Jensen Ackles. These were super fun to do lol. I feel like I should do some of Curran too 🤔
Please don't use/ repost without permission!! Likes and reblogs are very much appreciated 💕💕
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where's my love ?
pairings : jason todd x gn!reader
— summary: soulmates feel each others pain AU
warnings : angst! fluff at the end, torture mention, violence ⚠️
Tumblr media
you always knew you had a soulmate. you never met them but you couldn't decide whether you wanted to smack them or hug them.
throbbing pains shooting throughout your body ever since you were twelve. feeling like you were being punched and kicked, pain would go from your face, to your stomach, your back—everywhere. nothing too bad….most times. you wondered what on earth they could possibly be doing to be getting hurt damn near everyday.
occasionally you'll even pop your own hand when it becomes too much, a way to say; hey, it's me your soulmate, could you chill out a bit. you wonder if that even registers for your soulmate who's always in pain.
you never met them, but you do love them. your heart ached for them, to meet them —wrap them tightly in your arms and keep them safe. sometimes you wish you could make it stop. take a break. you feel helpless, you don't know what they're going through but you wish you could do something, anything to make them feel okay. to make it stop.
one day it does. 3 years later, nothing.
absolutely nothing.
pain had unexpectedly stopped coming. you wondered if they were safe, why the sudden change, you were grateful not for yourself but your soulmate, they weren't in pain and with that you were content.
and then came that night. studying in your room, a scream rips through your throat as you clutch your side. your vision blurs with tears as your side feels like its on fire, you barely have time to breathe before the pain comes again, this time to your stomach. you gasp, trying to stand up only to fall to the floor. the pain comes again on your back. it feels like you're being hit with a metal bat. for what feels like hours all you can do is scream and cry. cry and scream. all you feel is pain and the only thing on your mind is your soulmate —what's happening to them?
your parents came to you when they heard your crying. they held you. tried their hardest to soothe you.
after a while, it stopped. you still ached but nothing new came. letting out shaky breaths, you lean against your parents thinking; that's it, right?
oh how wrong you were.
a pain that you couldn't even imagine rips through your body, sending you gasping for air.
burning. you feel like your body is burning. all you want is to scream. so that's what you do.
letting out the most gut wrenching scream. your parents are horrified. an ambulance arrives. they put you under.
6 months. that's how long it's been quiet. for 6 months, emptiness. you just felt empty.
what happened to your soulmate and where were they? so many questions that would never be answered.
that pain, that you felt that is something that you never want to experience again, but luck isn't always on your side.
sitting in class, you feel a tingling sensation flow out your body before that pain. that unbearable pain hits you again full force.
another ambulance. another sedative.
what is going on?
years later, you're an adult now, you've gotten used to the ache in your bones that seem to be an everyday occurrence. you've gotten used to the pain in your back, the feeling of your skin being grazed by a bullet, you've gotten used to it all.
after some time you feel the urge to move. why? you don't know but you listen and land right in the lovely city of gotham.
you're in the local library, reading through a book when; paper cut
“ouch” “ow”
eyebrows furrowed you look to your left to see a man, a white streak in his dark hair. your eyes connect and you just know. you go through so many emotions in that moment.
anger. at him for putting you through so much pain and anger for him, at whoever made him go through that much pain.
sadness. because he had gone through so much suffering , sadness because you couldn't be there for him.
happiness. he's here, right in front of you. he's okay.
slowly you take a step towards him til you're right in front of him. you always wondered what you'd do if you met your soulmate; hold them, yell, hit, leave —but there was only one thing you could do.
you stare into his eyes before you wrap yourself around him. arms around his neck, holding him. he doesn't hug back right away, eyes wide from seeing you but after a moment he slowly circles his arms around you, burying his face into your neck.
you hold him tight, tears falling from your eyes. you stay like that a while, cradling each other, before it's time to pull apart. as your eyes meet, you hand caresses his cheek, thumb stroking his skin.
“hi” he whispers as he leans into your touch.
“hi” a shy smile on your lips.
you stay there admiring each other before;
“i'm jason”
Tumblr media
feedback appreciated <3
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I’m making a tag list for all my fic's You will be tagged in every single fic that I post on my account.
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Tumblr media
Jason made this then bribed Babs to hack into Bruce’s phone and send it to the family group chat
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jasonsthunderthighs · 8 days ago
Robin!Jason: Teach me to fight!
Bruce: You don't fight with these. *Makes fists* You fight with this. *Points to his head*
Clark: Your son has been head butting the others.
Bruce: *Nods sagely* Just as I taught him.
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panicv0mit · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Jasons I drew from memory
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lovelybatt · a month ago
imagine waking up next to jason todd and he’s shirtless, only his stupid (but cute) patterned boxers. you don’t have the heart to wake him up, but even if you tried he’s such a heavy sleeper it wouldn’t work.
“pst, babe, wake up,” you say softly, nudging him gently. you’ve already brewed the coffee and warm waffles are waiting for him.
although, he doesn’t respond, lifting his arm and bringing you down into his cozy chest. you hear him mutter something about being too comfortable to move.
“alright,” you giggle, “this works too.”
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hadesrise · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairings. jason todd x addams!male reader
warnings. headcanon, typical addams behavior (disturbing thoughts and things, homicides, dark humor, using lethal weapons for fun, etc.), strong language, reader’s a badass vigilante, jason being a simp, dark romance (?), mention of homophobia, mention of torture and death, weapons, the addams family being wholesome, lots of pet names, gothic!reader
color code. red as jason, purple as you.
author’s note. i was thinking of fics to write for jason and came up with this... hail, addams! also sais are like your main weapon here.
Tumblr media
Jason’s first meet with you was... amusing to say the least. It’s not much to consider eventful by, but to jason, it’s probably the most and first thing that will stuck with him until his second final breath.
You see, he was just casually walking through the streets of gotham in civilian clothes since he only got out of his apartment to buy some light breakfast, so he certainly did not expect to hear shouts and noises of harrassment coming from the alleyway early in the morning. They were spitting such nasty words that Jason grew the urge to investigate, finding at least five men surrounding you, who wasn’t even acknowledging their presence nor the things they said.
You were reading a book — which he was sure titled ‘how to kill a serial killer’ — with your back leaned on the concrete wall and completely ignoring their existence. Jason swears he saw a ‘I don’t give a fuck’ sentence above your head. However, knowing what the men are doing is harrassment and absolutely something that shouldn’t be turned a blind eye to, he decides to intervene and began walking towards the commotion.
Until one of the men abruptly grabbed the book you were reading to get your attention and also to make fun of you, or it.
Jason didn’t even realize what was happening when you quickly grabbed the man’s arm that took your book and twisted it into an odd angle, but he only took a second to process after hearing the man scream, accompanied by horrified noises from his friends.
You just casually caught the book that fell from his hand that you twisted before it could hit the ground, as if nothing happened.
“Touch my book again and I’ll kill you.”
You broke the man’s arm.
You fucking broke his arm just because he took your book.
And you didn’t care as you went to inspect if there were any scratches or dust on it. The others were now terrified because if you don’t hesitate to break someone’s arm for the sole and only reason of touching your book, then you sure as hell won’t hesitate doing more than that if they mess with you further. So, with one bark of “what?” coming from you immediately had them running away in fear, tail tucked between their legs.
Needless to say Jason was utterly amused, and didn’t waste a time to approach and check up on you even though he clearly saw the entire thing.
“Your book must be a treasure made of gold if you’re willing to hospitalize someone because of it.”
“All books are treasure no matter the genre, mr. stranger.”
“I’m Jason Todd.”
“(Y/n) Addams. Pleasure to meet you, beau.”
You and Jason started spending your time together almost every day since then; watching movies, eating at casual places, taking long night walks, going to mall, drinking coffees at the coffee shop he found around the city, just doing anything you two can.
Through those times spent with you, Jason found out you were oddly interested in various types of weapons, whether it be any kinds of knives, blades, guns, baseball bats, brass knuckles, swords, sais, and everything else. It actually surprised him, because you were well-mannered, collected and as graceful as a swan who didn’t look like you’d be into anything as vicious as weapons.
He viewed you more as a find-beauty-in-everything type of person and certainly not the quiet-but-dangerous type. Though, Jason didn’t mind as he could share his knowledge and interest in weapons with you without having to worry about seeming like a crazy obsessed person. He’s never been able to do that with anyone, so finding this out had him joyous and somewhat giddy.
You even knew about weapons that he didn’t know existed, and this is Jason Todd we’re talking about, but let’s just move on lol
After the entire incident, Jason brought you to his apartment — which already happened like, more than tenth times already — to show you his collectibles of weapons that were hidden in his room. You guessed that’s why you two never went there.
“Well, this is certainly entertaining. Your collections are beautiful, Jason. I’m not aware why you have to hide it from everyone else to see.”
“I’m pretty sure they’ll freak out and think of me like a psycho or something. I also didn’t show you ‘cause I didn’t want you to be stranged out.”
“All of humanity are strange and psychopaths in their own ways, beau. If there were such thing as normal, we wouldn’t be humans. You should be prideful of what you have, nevermind those who judges, pretending to be god.”
Jason smiles. You have mesmerizing ways to utter what’s in your mind, always speaking so confidently and gracefully yet casually. You present yourself in such elegant, exquisite, classy manners that no rich people could. It’s exactly what he enjoys about you.
You had also found out that, despite his bad boy energy and sort of reputation, Jason likes reading books, and they’re not even the genres that bad boys would take a glance at. It explains the shelf piled with books, some new and some old that almost seemed like he’s had them since he was a teen.
He also liked to read poetry, which you were ecstatic at, prompting you to lead him towards the library you always visit to read a book together. You both wordlessly agreed to do this on a regular basis whenever you meet up and want a quiet time among yourselves, knowing neither of you has to hold back your passion and love for books just to please the other.
Having similar tastes and interests immediately connected you and Jason, becoming somewhat inseparable whenever you’re together, allowing you to understand each other without words being uttered or exchanged. Jason was easily comfortable with you due to your maturity and the ability to understand things most people don’t, as you were with him.
The differences were clearly there — Jason was snarky, short-tempered, easy to anger, sort of flirtatious, and held extreme rage against all humanity, while you were more calm, collected, immensely patient, courteous, thoughtful, and almost the epitome of peace. But they’re the things that made you fit so perfectly well together like a puzzle rather than being hateful of each other.
It’s as if you’re what’s keeping him to the ground as he is of you.
Not like Jason knew, but when you’re an Addams, having dark, twisted sense of humor and being homicidal is pretty much inevitable. It isn’t a big surprise that you were one.
He often hears you muttering the most disturbing matters or thoughts, and at first he was concerned for your well-being and looked for signs that may have caused you to be... deranged, but as time passes by with no signs, he figured it’s just the way you are. Jason found it rather amusing anyway. Now, he’s just entertained whenever you utter them and would sometimes join you in on dark humor.
Getting to the family matters... You and Jason talked a lot about them — specifically yours only — and you told him about your unbelievably and deeply in love parents, adorable but deadly siblings, uncle Fester and the entire thing that happened, cousins, traditions, ancestors, and other more.
“—And my great-uncle Imar, he was buried alive. I remember being thrilled when mother and father first told me about him. Being buried alive is such a wonderful experience, my sister Wednesday has been digging a grave ever since I’ve mentioned it to her.”
“Oh, yeah? Being buried alive is cool and all, but I’m more of a great-aunt Calpurnia fan. Nobody can be as brave as her to dance naked in the town square and enslave the minister.”
“You have such great taste, Jason.”
“I know, (Y/n).”
He absolutely loves your ancestors and family.
When it comes to his, though... Jason was hesitant to tell you about them, specially Bruce, but also because of his secret identity slash alter ego as Red Hood. Telling you about his family means he would have to reveal all the secrets as well, including his death and resurrection, and that’s not something he’s ready to do just yet. You didn’t deserve to know all the horror he’s been through, knowing you and your compassion. He doesn’t want you to carry the burden of knowing his sufferings. But he also didn’t want you to think he doesn’t trust you by not telling his side of family.
However, all you ever did was look at him with soft eyes when you sensed his discomfort and reluctance, gently placing a comforting hand on his shoulder to squeeze it reassuringly.
“Never speak of something you are not ready yet to reveal, beau. It’s okay. You can tell me when you’re ready.”
Never had he met someone so understanding it made his heart swell. And as he stares into your beautiful (e/c) eyes, he couldn’t help but realize he’s utterly, deeply, in love with you.
Well, shit. That took a fucking turn.
What is he supposed to do now? You’ve been best friends for two years already, he doesn’t want to fucking ruin it with his feelings. And you’re not even the one to do romance, even if you witness your parents doing it everyday. It was just not in your vocabulary.
Jesus, Todd. Get yourself together.
And he fucking didn’t.
Jason didn’t get a hold of himself, so it ended up in him avoiding you without meaning to. He wasn’t ignoring you, but neither did he pay attention to you either. He stopped spending time with you frequently, making excuses that he has something important to do, putting on his Red Hood helmet and patrolling every day just to avoid your presence. The amount of time you spent together lessened and lessened, but you always updated or sent him messages to keep in check.
Until his phone abruptly stopped receiving notifications.
He knew it would happen one day, that you will get tired of him and realize he wasn’t worth your effort or time, but it happened quicker and earlier than Jason had expected, so he can’t help but feel his heart break as his throat burned. It’s his fault for neglecting you, but still, it hurt.
Five days passed since you stopped messaging him and Jason found himself still checking his phone just in case, only to drop it on his bed with a sigh when it doesn’t bring up a notification. He would go on patrol more frequently than he used to for distraction, just wanting to get you out of his mind, but it was causing him to be rough and reckless unconsciously— something that even his family noticed.
So, it was inevitable that he’d slip up and make a mistake on one of his missions.
Bruce was reluctant on sending him to this mission as it involved the Joker and Jason was practically in an unstable condition from how easily he snapped at people, but if he didn’t, another heated argument would have sparked between them again and he was already getting tired of that. However, when the Joker manages to taunt Jason and push his buttons enough to have him start fighting recklessly, Bruce knew he shouldn’t have assigned it to his second oldest son.
His recklessness and easy-to-anger attitude got himself a stab and bullet wound, quite deep ones that prevented him from moving any further. Joker was standing in front of him with a gun in hand and knife in the other, looking down on him just like he used to before. Just as Jason braced himself for the gun shot to fire, a sai suddenly came into view and stabbed Joker on his hand, making him drop the gun and yell out in pain.
Jason looked at where the sai came flying from and saw an unfamiliar yet somehow familiar figure with a mask calmly strotting towards him, one hand twirling a sai, presumably the pair of the one that was thrown. Pulling the weapon roughly out of the manic-laughing Joker’s hand, he yelled in pain before getting his gut kneed by the person, knocking the air out of his lungs. While Joker was busy coughing and wheezing, the person quickly takes out a smoke bomb and threw it on the ground to activate, black smoke filling the place.
Without being given the time to process, Jason was immediately pulled by the person to flee from the scene while the Killer Prince of Clown is distracted, confusion rising in his mind why this unknown person was helping him. However, all his questions were answered when the person took off their mask after settling him on a rooftop.
You didn’t hesitate to show him your face despite still being dressed in that vigilante suit of yours in all your glory. Even though you should be mad at him for ditching and eventually ghosting you, deep concern laced your expression as you examine his whole body, anger or resentment nowhere to be seen. You were just... completely you.
And then, it clicked in his mind — you already knew about him being Red Hood. He isn’t sure when or how long, it just clicked in his mind because of how oddly calm you were at the situation by hand. He also realizes you’ve been following him and had figured beforehand that there’s a chance he’d mess up, due to the fully stacked first aid kit laying on the side of the rooftop you brought him.
Silence filled the air as you began to treat his wounds, an excruciatingly painful process in which you had to gauge the bullet out of his skin that had him groaning and yelling in pain. After the bullet was gone, you immediately went onto cleaning the blood off and the wound, along with the one caused by knife, before wrapping almost exaggerated amount of bandages around his body.
Jason can’t stop staring at you the entire time you were treating him, his helmet resting on his side. (because it made him trouble breathing, totally not because he was planning something)
“You had me worry so much there, Jason. Why were you fighting that way? I was aware you can be reckless at times, but this is—”
He cut you off by pressing his lips on yours. Heart beating rapidly against his chest, worry clouded his mind at the possible rejection, but it quickly vanished when he felt you kissing back as gently and carefully as possible not to hurt his busted lip.
“I must say I was quite furious at you even though I practically saved your life, but this dissolves it.”
“I’m sorry, (Y/n).”
“Take me out on a date and I might give you forgiveness.”
That’s how you two ended up together, with Jason taking you on a peaceful and romantic date at a restaurant that matched your dark goth aesthetic.
Speaking of dark goth aesthetic, Jason absolutely adores your fashion sense. It’s a classic old-fashioned goth style that fit your body perfectly well, sometimes you’d also wear modern type, though he saw it only about four times. Silver and black rings can be seen adorning your fingers — nails painted black — all the time, along with bracelets wrapped around your wrists and gothic necklace on your neck. He found out they were given to you by your parents, who were quick to notice your interest in jewelries.
Once, Jason gave you a gothic style necklace with a letter ‘J’ pendant on your birthday and you’ve been wearing it ever since, replacing the one that you had. You never took it off, viewing the necklace as practically a proof that you belong to him as much as he belongs to you (it was a pair with his having the first initial of your name as pendant), and it actually became one of your treasure that no one aside from Jason is allowed to touch.
We all know what will happen if anyone tries to LMAO
Nothing really changed between you two after finally getting together, being both best friends and soulmates at the same time. The only thing changed was that he didn’t patrol alone now; he had you by his side always watching his back. Jason also found himself not worrying about your safety as much as he did before, as he knew you can handle any criminals from how badass, ass-kicking, well-trained vigilante you are.
Though, since you got together, the all black clothing and aesthetic of yours seems to mix with one certain color; red. He finds it in most random things — your bookmark, one of your accessories, one of your long sleeved button-up shirts, one of your weapons; it’s just anywhere in your belongings even though black still covered the majority of them.
“Hey, baby?”
“Yes, mon amour?”
“Why do I see red in some of your things? I mean, I ain’t complaining but you don’t like bright colors.”
“So you haven’t noticed. Red is your colour, darling. I would always have it with me. Besides, it isn’t as bright as pastels and mix in well with black. Also reminds me of our blood, but that’s just the minority of my reasons.”
Jason’s heart swelled with love and pride. He didn’t stop kissing and hugging you the entire day.
RED AND BLACK AESTHETIC BOYFRIENDS. People always stare at you two because wow, there’s a badass, awesome, classy-looking goth and a hot guy radiating off bad boy energy walking around the streets of Gotham with intertwined hands and matching sunglasses, how could they not stare?
It’s obvious you’re boyfriends and some people gives you that nasty, disgusting looks upon seeing your intertwined hands which alone screams homophobia. You and Jason deal with it by rubbing it in their faces, being lovey-dovey and romantic, doing unnecessary amount of touching, calling each other every pet names you could come up with, and showing lots of PDA until they stop being such stupid assholes.
Though, most people you came across were genuine sweethearts and kind-hearted, who only ever smiled or stared with a soft look when they see you two, probably happy and relieved that a gay couple is getting comfortable to walk around together. Some of them would even approach just to give you and Jason compliments, like how good you look together, how awesome your outfit is, how you two are literally the coolest couple they have ever seen. Jason was glad they approached solely for the purpose of complimenting your relationship and not to spit nasty slurs, because the least he wants when you two have a date is to get in a fight and could possibly be arrested for public disturbance and physical assault.
Growing up watching your parents’s romance blossom all your life definitely shaped your love language into that of theirs, wherein you would praise Jason in such poetic ways, whisper love thoughts in his ear, and touch him with gentle hands like how your parents does. You treat him like a treasure, like he’s the most precious thing you’ve ever seen, and Jason finds himself loving it more than he thought he would.
Meanwhile, Jason’s love language is physical (or any kind for that matter) affection and quality time. You find it adorable because he can’t keep his hands to himself and always either holding your hand or touching you despite being the ‘big bad wolf’ as he views himself to be. For a man with such rage and resentment towards the world, he’s the biggest softy when it comes to you and would throw everything away if he gets to be with you everyday 24/7.
You definitely exchanged some weapons at least once or more. There’s no way in hell you didn’t.
And you also definitely gave each other newly bought weapons on your anniversary as a gift, Jason’s being guns and yours being sais.
There’s a newly added shelf in Jason’s apartment for you to place your things there so you don’t have to bring them every time you come over. The shelf is, of course, painted black and actually shaped like a coffin to further show gothicness. Pictures of you together mostly decorated your shelf in black frames, along with a bunch of skulls and ancient crystal ball that your mother gave you. There’s also black roses and few of your favorite books; Frankstein by Mary Shelley, a book of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic stories, and We have always lived in the castle by Shirley Jackson.
Also, at one point, Jason was convinced his boyfriend’s a witch because when he got badly injured one day, you took out some mysterious ingredients stored in potion bottles and mixed them in to create what seemed like an antidote before rubbing it gently on his wounds, and they magically healed like three days later. He wouldn’t stop pestering you about it for a whole month, oddly excited of the possibility that you might be a witch since your ancestors had a history of witchcrafts.
“I was just taught by my grandmother how to create antidotes on emergencies, chéri. It’s nothing serious.”
“But you could be a witch!”
“Being a witch is more than just making antidotes, my dear Jason.”
“But you could still be a witch, I stand my point.”
Your grandmother also may or may not have taught you how to hex and curse people as well as how to use tarot cards, but he doesn’t need to know that.
Telling you about his fall-out and rekindle with Bruce, his torture and death and resurrection, as well as what he went through as a child took Jason two years in the relationship and four years since he met you. It didn’t bother you at all, knowing the trauma he endured isn’t easy to talk about, letting him play with your hands for comfort. He also told you about the criminals he killed and the thirst of vengeance and blood whenever Joker’s mentioned.
You stayed silent the whole time that worried Jason; you usually uttered comforting words whenever you noticed him troubled. But now, you were just silent even after he finished his story that had him think it might’ve been too much to take in. However, when he looked at you fearfully, his eyes immediately widened upon witnessing the utmost rage and murderous look on your face.
His boyfriend, who is almost impossible to anger or lose control of emotions, was fucking shaking with rage. Your self-control was impressive; you wanted so fucking bad to brutally torture and kill Joker, but knowing Jason needs you, pushed down the dark desire and pulled him into a tight embrace instead. You whispered words of comfort and encouragement and reassurance to him, yet your voice betrayed you as it was low, and dark, and just didn’t have the usual calm tone you had.
The next day, it was announced on Gotham City news that the Joker was sent to Arkham Asylum by an unknown vigilante, severely and brutally beaten by crowbar with all his nails pulled out and obvious signs of mild yet intense torture.
“Hey, baby? Take a look at this.”
“Well, well... What a wonderful news. I believe he should’ve been killed, though. The nails, broken bones and cut off tongue aren’t enough for him.”
“...They never said he got his tongue cut off, sweetheart.”
He smirked and kissed you hard, absolutely proud of what you did.
Meeting your family was an extraordinary experience for Jason. Your parents, Gomez and Morticia, easily accepted and welcomed him into the family, thrilled that their son finally had someone to love. They’re always accepting, as you had told Jason. He got to see their romance that you often talked about and can’t help but notice you inherited both of their romantic side that he oh so loves.
Your siblings, Wednesday and Pugsley, were adorable to say the least even though Wednesday was quite terrifying for a girl. She actually likes Jason and initiated a conversation that she never did before with others, even referring to him as ‘big brother’ at the end of the day that had Jason grinning from ear to ear. He knew Wednesday didn’t like people and was basically an anti-social, homicidal maniac, so seeing her grow attached to him felt like he saved the whole world and was given a blessing. Pugsley, on the other hand, was totally amazed by him and threw him like, thirty questions about Red Hood. Apparently, Jason’s his favorite vigilante.
Watching you and your family interact was amusing as you were all funny without even trying, specially that time when you, Jason and your parents were having casual conversations in the dining table and Wednesday came walking past the four of you with mace in hand. Morticia had stopped talking to ask her “Is that for your brother?” and when Wednesday nodded, she extended her hands to you with palms up as you pulled a large axe from the set of woods on the ceiling and handed it to your mother, Morticia giving it to Wednesday with a “That’s better” said.
It happened so casually that Jason didn’t think much of it until he realized what just occurred and had to keep himself from laughing. Your family’s so cool and awesome he was thankful to be considered as one, already loving every single member.
He now had a new family and can’t wait to introduce you to his, nevermind the hesitance due to his annoying brothers.
Overall, you two are just utterly and madly in love despite your disturbing, homicidal mindset and his... well, Jason Todd attitude, and would do literally anything to ensure each other’s safety. You would kill for each other, even destroy the world, and nothing will be able to ruin what you have. Everyone’s practically jealous of your bond that they know they’ll never have with anyone.
One thing’s for sure — soulmates for life!!
Tumblr media
© ᴀʟʟ ʀɪɢʜᴛs ʀᴇsᴇʀᴠᴇᴅ ᴛᴏ ʜᴀᴅᴇsʀɪsᴇ. sᴛᴇᴀʟɪɴɢ, ᴘʟᴀɢɪᴀʀɪᴢɪɴɢ, ᴏʀ ᴜsɪɴɢ ᴍʏ ᴡᴏʀᴋs ғᴏʀ ᴍᴏɴᴇᴛᴀʀʏ ɢᴀɪɴ ɪs sᴛʀɪᴄᴛʟʏ ᴘʀᴏʜɪʙɪᴛᴇᴅ. ᴀsᴋ ᴘᴇʀᴍɪssɪᴏɴ ʙᴇғᴏʀᴇ ʀᴇᴘᴏsᴛɪɴɢ ᴏʀ ᴛʀᴀɴsʟᴀᴛɪɴɢ.
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rick-rayson · 8 months ago
Damian to Jason: I hate you!
Dick: wow! What's going on?!
Damian: He. Lit. My. Cape. On. Fire.
Jason: Twas an accident.
Damian: You will not win me over with your use of 'twas'
Jason: Twasn't trying to.
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eunoia-writes · a month ago
The last time - Jason Todd
Summery: Jason finds himself at y/n’s door not sure how he got there and just like all the times Before she let him in Praying that he wouldn’t Disappear again
Words count : 853
Tumblr media
She hadn’t seen Jason in months, well Since he made it official with whatever this girls name was. So when he showed up at her door shivering, bleeding and fucking terrified she was beyond confused
“Jason… what are you doing here?” She asked He looked up at her swaying slightly as if he was going to pass out before mumbling “didn’t know where else to go.” Before collapsing into her arms. “Shit Jason!” She said catching him just in time.
After struggling to get him inside she sat him down on the couch just as he stirred “you’re back.” She said moving to go get the first aid kit only for him to quickly grab her hand “don’t go.” He whispered she sighed softly sitting on the coffee table in front of him “what happened?” She asked as he looked anywhere but her when he didn’t answer she just stood up “where are you going?” He said looking up at her with doe eyes “to get the first aid kit if you’re not gonna tell me what happened at least let me help you.” She said before waking into the kitchen.
She grabbed the first aid kit along with a bottle of water and aspirin before making her way back into the living room to find him now sat with his shirt off. “Take these.” She said handing him the water and aspirin he mumbled a thanks before taking them. She tried to find a position that was best for her but struggled to get close enough “you mind if I?” She asked before he shook his head not caring what she had to do. She moved to straddle his lap so they were just millimetres away “it’s gonna sting.” She told him after grabbing the antiseptic wipes from the bag before bringing it to the cut on his lip “Fuck!” He yelled gripping her thigh as she softly wiped over the cut.
“I’m sorry.” She said she said before going in again this time he let out a loud hiss once she’d cleaned his lip she moved to his cheek but he grabbed her hand before she had the chance “please.” He said his way of asking not to she nodded decided to give him a break. His hands were either side of her waist while she sat inspecting each cut “I broke up with Abby.” He said she just nodded.
Obviously. Obviously he’d broke up with her or why else would he be here. Only reason he was there was because he didn’t have Abby to fall back on anymore But he knew y/n would be there despite how many times he’d crushed her heart.
“Talk to me.” He whispered she didn’t know what to say instead her head fell into his chest as she let out a soft sob he wrapped his arms around her just letting her cry “I’m sorry.” He said over and over “I can’t keep doing this Jace.” She said looking up at him “You can’t keep checking in and out of my heart like a hotel I won’t let you do it anymore.” She said he knew he’d fucked things with y/n he was selfish. He wanted to say something but he knew it was just best to let her get everything out “it’s fucking pathetic I still have that stupid letter you wrote saying that that I was the only girl You'd ever want in your life and how there was no one else like me but I guess that was bullshit because there’s been what 6 other girls you’ve probably given the same stupid fucking letter too!” She said as tears rushed down her face He shook his head “that not true… there is no one like you I meant everything I said in that letter You are the only girl I’ll ever want in my life.” He said his hand coming to her cheek to wipe her tears away “Then why… you knew I loved you but you still went after all those girls!” She said he sighed.
“I was scared.”
“of what?”
“The way I felt… I’ve never been so consumed by the thought of someone, I couldn’t focus I start slacking in training because all I could thing about was you… it scared me I didn’t think I was capable of loving someone that much I had to do anything to distract myself. I was even more terrified that if I told you you’d laugh in my face but when I gave you that letter and you told me you felt that same I didn’t know what to do I was so scared I’d fuck things up and lose you for good. It was easier to it.” He told her feeling a weight lift off his shoulder she didn’t say anything just sighed and picked up the wipes again continuing cleaning him up. “This is the last time I’m doing this Jason… you hurt me again and there’s no more us… not as friends, not as anything.”
“I swear on every star to ever exists I’ll never hurt you again”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Red Hood.
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4 a.m kisses
summary: you wake up jason just to kiss him.
warnings: none.
pairings: jason todd x gn!reader
arabic translations:
(ant hayati) ‎أنت حياتي — you are my life
(qalbi) ‎قلبي — my heart
Tumblr media
"Baby. Hey baby. Babyyy” A groan left the sleeping man beneath you, burying his face further into his pillow. That's not what you wanted. Leaning down, you press a kiss to his shoulder and murmur in his ear, “Jay, wake up…please?”
“قلبي  ”Jason turns his head, eyes groggily blinking open with concern. Trying his best to look at you as you straddle his back. “Are you okay?” “Mhm” Your bottom lip between your teeth, your lips stretch into a loving  smile. “Guess what?”
“Hmm” He hums, on the verge of falling back asleep. Comforted to know that you're fine and not in any danger.
He looked so soft, so peaceful , so warm.
You almost felt bad for waking him up. Almost.
“I love you!” You coo, attacking him with kisses. His face scrunching up, trying to escape.
“Y/N-” His voice muffled, face buried in his pillow. You pay him no mind as you place kisses on his cheek, on his neck, his shoulder, and back.
He turns his head, face flushed. Looking up towards the bedside table, a puzzled look on his face. “You woke me up for this? Do you know what time it is?”
You leaned back, staring down at him with a small smile. “Yep” Innocently tracing shapes on his back. You reach a hand up, running it through his hair —massaging his scalp as he lets out a pleased sigh. Rolling over, keeping you straddled on his waist, he tries to look annoyed but the smirk he attempts to hide is clear. Hands rubbing against your thighs before grabbing your hands and interlocking your fingers. “Well I love you too, even tho you woke me up at 4 a.m.” He pulls you down, pressing his lips to yours to give you a proper kiss. Your hand rests against his cheek as you pull apart, he leans in to your touch —pressing a kiss to your palm. In one swift movement, he wraps an arm around your waist and pulls your body so that you're no longer on him but beside him. Chest to chest, your eyes lock on to his, admiring the love you saw in them, not noticing he was doing the same. His hand caressed your side making you sigh in content before he placed a kiss on your head. A smile found its way on both of your faces as he rested his chin on your head and you settled into his warm embrace. Before sleep consumes you, he whispers in your ear; “ نت حياتي ” “And you are mine”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Look me in the eyes and tell me these aren't the same fucking character
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Batfam as things said by my family part 1
Jason: Do you believe in the value of biodiversity?
Bruce: Yeah
Jason: So then we should go around killing people?
Bruce: Wait back up a sec
Damian: I was being bullied.
Tim: Hey I’ve been bullied, you’re not special
Bruce: You know, you were almost a disney kid
Bruce, calm as ever: Yeah, we were approached about it when you were 5 but decided against it.
Dick, extremely distraught: WHY?!???!?!!!!
Bruce: We didn’t want you to grow up with that hole of emptiness that a lot of child actors have.
Tim, pointing at two trash bags: Hey, Cass, can you delete these for me?
Bruce: *walks into room full of his children* Why is it so FAWCKING dark in here?!
Dick, unsuccessfully trying to hold back laughter: Bruce-
Bruce: I can’t see my fuckin grapefruit!
Steph: *falling off of the couch as she shakes with laughter*
Bruce: I’m a friggin billionaire I can afford electricity!
Jason: When I was applying to high school they wouldn’t let me go to [all girl’s school].
Jason: Something about being a boy.
Damian in a fit of genuine rage while playing video games together: IM GONNA REPOSSESS YOUR CAR!!!
*talking about their favorite animals*
Tim: *to Dick* So you’re a dog guy.
Steph, under her breath: fucking furry
*having a serious conversation about their fears*
Dick: I’m afraid of unicycles.
Duke, eyes and voice vacant: I thought you were going to say death. I thought you were going to look me in the eyes and say death.
Bruce, driving: Every time I go down this particular road, I think, “am I going the right way?” No I am not. *makes a U-turn*
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Tumblr media
Titans United #2 (2021)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Quick Jay sketches
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jason todd loves christmas/ the holiday season all together. but he’d rather be caught dead than have to admit it to his family. 
although with you, it’s different. he’s always smiling as he watches you place the star at the top of your tree, his hand carefully caressing the back of your thigh while you stand on a chair. “looks create, babe.” he’ll compliment, putting his lips against the hot coco in his mug. 
as soon as it gets cold enough he’ll be dragging you to an ice rink, laughing as you fall towards his chest and of course he catches you. it feels like you’re the only people there as you stare up into his eyes longingly. jason will smirk, leaning down to kiss you, his arms wrapping around you so you don’t fall again. 
he will also step up and be the muscle when it comes it busy christmas shopping. sure, it’s not his favorite part of the holidays but he doesn’t mind. you hold onto his bicep as you drag him through the mall and into different stores, checking off every person you need to buy a gift for. 
his favourite thing to do with you is bake. he just can’t get over the sight of you, flour smudged to your cheek, carefully cracking an egg or focusing too hard on getting your cookie  decorations perfect. most of all, his heart swells when you finish, lifting up the cookie to show him how hard you worked. “spectacular,” he’ll boast, smiling. 
after all that, it’s christmas eve eve and he agreed to a movie marathon. of course a chrismtas movie marathon would not be the same without making pajamas and stupid ugly christmas sweaters. jason had made sure that no one would be at the manner. but things don’t go as planned: you’re only halfway through christmas with the cranks when both of you have passed out, your head on jason’s chest as the movie plays on in the background. 
the gala dick, bruce and damian had gone to ended up being cut short so imagine their surpise to see the happy couple snuggled, in matching sweaters nonetheless. 
“either y/n is blackmailing him, or jason isn’t the grinch we thought he was.” dick laughs, pulling out his cellphone and snapping a quick picture, “i’m so sending this to babs.” 
(reblogs help!)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary. jason knew a lot about sea creatures from reading them somewhere in books. however, he did not expect them to exist, let alone meet one, but all the logical thoughts flew out the window when he met you, the amphibian god who jason is unbelievably and weirdly attracted to.
pairings. jason todd x amphibian god!male reader
warnings. fluff, strong language, blood, little bit of torture, mad scientist, reader can’t speak (due to being a sea creature), protective jason, love at first sight-ish story, reader and jason are somehow sweet, instant soulmate bond
chosen au. the shape of water & soulmate au.
author’s note. if you’ve watched the shape of water, you’ll know what sounds amphibian man makes and that he doesn’t speak at all unlike abraham from hellboy. that’s exactly how you sound like here. sentences in bold are signed by reader.
Tumblr media
“Scientist doing illegal science in a previously abandoned facility that he and his colleagues rebuilt and redecorated for its sole purpose. How classy.” Jason sarcastically remarks under his breath as he and his brothers watch the scientists pass the security through the entrance.
They’ve been following around and observing the scientists for quite a while now after Bruce realized some unknown illegal substances are being transferred to Gotham. It rather looked like substances that are used in science than drugs, and with Tim’s help, they were able to find the culprits behind — major scientists who were no longer acknowledged by the public. Upon further investigation, they found out the scientists used to experiment with dangerous substances and severely injured a college student whose sanity was greatly affected by the substance, now residing in Arkham Asylum as a result after receiving permanent damages on their brain and body.
The scientists were fired from the school immediately, and as if the incident didn’t happen at all, continues to do illegal science by finding an abandoned facility, rebuilding and redecorating it into their own little science facility.
“Yeah, talk about taking their job too seriously.” Dick jokes, earning a nudge from Tim.
“And we should take this seriously because not only are they smuggling illegal science substances in our city, they’re experimenting on animals too.” Red Robin gives them a look through his mask.
“I am going to kill them for harming those animals.” Damian growled, rage bubbling inside him as he glared at the facility. Blowing it up sounds like a good idea in this moment, though Bruce immediately shut it down after he brought it up upon finding out about the animal experiments.
“No one’s getting killed.” Bruce speak through the comms as he scans the facility, voice stern. “We will settle this in a way we always do. No matter what you see, don’t be tempted to kill them, Robin.” Jason rolled his eyes at that while Damian grumbled a ‘but they deserve it’ under his breath, both of them not really liking the idea of letting horrible scientists go without severe punishments.
Once they get a signal from Batman to enter the facility, the four brothers quickly sprung to action and landed silently in front of the security system. Using his own hacking devices, Tim hacks into the system and easily deactivate it, allowing the rest and Batman to sneak inside without being noticed.
“Find their victims and free them first, make sure not to make your presence known by anyone.” Batman instructs with a warning.
“Roger that,” Jason and Damian were the first ones to move, eager to find and help those involved in experiments.
Red Hood should probably not give a fuck about science, but when it comes to mad scientists experimenting stuffs he can’t help but look more into the bigger picture. They already participated in animal experiments — it’s possible they could be doing the same thing to orphans or homeless people as well. He hopes they don’t, but scientists who are as cruel as them to experiment on animals? Not an impossible thought. Sometimes, you’d be scared of how cruel can people be.
“There’s no hired workers at this hour, only the nine scientists in their own labs. Each of them might be holding an unknown chemical, so take precaution when you catch them.” Tim informed through the comms, receiving answers of acceptance in sync. “Robin, the animal experimentation lab is at the end of the hallway on west side in fifth floor.”
Damian doesn’t waste a time to separate from Jason to go where Tim had informed him of the animal’s location as Jason nodded at him, knowing despite being the demon spawn that he is, Damian actually cares for harmless and defenseless animals. Quite like how Jason cares for orphaned kids, honestly.
Sneaking through the empty hallways as silently as he can, Jason immediately steps back to hide behind a wall when he caught glimpse of a scientist’s white lab coat, standing in front of what seemed like a gigantic, circle shaped door. There were no other labs or rooms around, which instantly made Jason suspicious since other hallways are filled with two or more rooms, presumably where the hired workers do their own work. He doubts they even know how insane these nine scientists they call ‘founders’ are.
Clearly, this room or lab, whatever this is, isn’t just an ordinary one. They placed it where no one can easily find or see and even had a sign of ‘only founder members allowed’ hanging on the ceiling before he turned right to the hallway. Something’s definitely not right and whatever they’re hiding behind that door should be exposed.
The scientist — who Jason recognized as the last founder John Wesker — looks around to make sure no one’s present and starts typing out a password on the keypad that was settled right beside the door, waiting until it opens with a loud sound before entering. Soundlessly, Jason follows him by fast walking and slipping into the room as the door closed, only narrowly avoiding being sandwiched between it and the doorway. He immediately hides behind the piled up dams right next to the entrance and watched John greeting someone.
“Hello there again, filthy fish.”
He spat the words out with such disgust and hatred that had Jason narrowing his eyes to try focus on who he was talking to — until his gaze landed on a creature, sea creature to be exact, who was kneeling and had its wrists cuffed, as well as neck bounded by a metal collar, all of them having chains connected to the room’s walls.
Jason almost found the creature beautiful and captivating if it weren’t for the blood that coated half of its body. A dark feeling instantly swarms his chest.
This fucking son of a bitch.
“I have to fucking step down from the Chemistry lab because you bit my finger off! Stupid, disgusting creature!” John yelled hysterically, raising his arm to whack you with the steel whip he was holding.
Letting out loud, pained noises at the steel connecting with your chest, you desperately pulled on the cuffs to get away from him only to fail, the sound of chains rattling filling the air. You honestly consider biting another of his finger off, but the pain was becoming too much to bare. Being out of the salt water on a large pond behind you for so long slowed down your regeneration and healing ability.
John crouches in front when you look down, breathing heavily. “Our discovery said you’re a god,” He emphasized and a huff of mocking laughter erupts from his lips. “But when I look at you right now, all I see is a pathetic, helpless, useless, disgusting sea creature. You’re not a fucking god, amphibian. We humans are. We are your gods, we’re the superior ones.”
You could only whimper as your body start to grow weak, John’s cruel chuckles entering your ears.
Jason only saw red.
That’s all that filled his vision before he was raising from his hiding spot and pulling his guns out to point them at the disgusting scientist. Just as John raised his arm to hit you again, gunshot echoed throughout the room and a scream erupted from his throat as the bullet pierced his hand, dropping his weapon. You flinched at the sound, looking up to see Red Hood knee John in the stomach before knocking him out.
Fear crippled inside you at the new arrival, but desperation won over as you began tugging on the chains once again in attempt to free yourself, afraid of what he might do.
Jason approached and you whimpered, ducking your head. He freezes upon realizing you were afraid of him. Slipping the gun back to its holster, Jason stays a few feet away from you before slowly kneeling on the floor and raising both of his empty hands in surrender. You look back at him.
“I’m not gonna hurt you.” He softly said. “I just want to help. Me and my family came here to capture him and the other scientists. We’re not letting them get away.”
Your round eyes searches for any lies behind his, but all you ever saw was sincerity and genuine concern as he flicked his gaze from your face to your injuries back and fourth. However, a wheeze coming from your throat abruptly stopped your observation. Your oxygen was running out. Tugging on the chains harder, you hoped this stranger would get the idea to release and help you back into the water.
Jason immediately rushes over and shoots the metal chains connected to the cuffs on your wrists to free you. Once your hands are free to move, you slide back until your back hits the tiles of the pond, before using it to push yourself up and jump into the water.
Feeling yourself being able to breath, you stayed underwater to gain your strength so you could tend to your injuries.
Out of the pond, Jason watched you disappear into the dark water. “Jesus, how deep is this fucking pond?” He mutters the question to himself, then decides to turn back to take care of unconscious John on the floor. He grabs the chains and ties it around the mad man, making sure he won’t be able to escape if he ever wakes up.
Inside the water, you closed your eyes after feeling enormous amount of strength returning and hover your hand over the injuries. Bright blue lines start to appear on your body as it glowed and you ran your hand over the injuries, healing them successfully. After all of the injuries are gone, you slowly swim back to the surface and only peeked your head out the water enough to see Jason tie an exaggerated amount of chains around a still unconscious John, as if to make him feel what you felt while being chained up.
Confusion and doubts filled your mind— Is he really here to capture the awful humans?
You didn’t understand what ‘scientists’ meant, but since you’re incredibly fast to learn, he could explain it and maybe you’ll understand.
John called you ‘stupid creature’ all the time, but his assistant used to tell him otherwise. She referred to you as overly intelligent creature, possibly more than humans. She was fascinated in the way your mind worked; you can understand humans despite living underwater, can learn, can understand human emotions, can act like a human, can eat human foods. In fact, she always looked like she wanted to free you but was too afraid to do so.
She used to tell you stories as well, like a story of heroes or vigilantes (she explained what they are) guarding the streets at night. You didn’t get close to her every time she sits in front of your pond, but listened to her stories.
She was the only kind human in this place.
“Red Hood, where are you? We caught eight scientists, but the last one, John Wesker is nowhere to be seen.” Dick informed through the comms, and your ears perked up at the sound of a new voice.
Jason grunted after the chains were securely on John. “Yeah, got him. Fucker was torturing a creature.” He glanced at the pond and just then noticed your head sticking out the water. “I’m in a room on the deep corner of the third level. Tell Tim to hack the big circle shaped door and open it.”
“On our way.”
He turns to you, realizing your head is now completely out of the water. “Can you come out for a bit, buddy? You didn’t let me check your injuries a while ago.”
You swam towards the front with little hesitation and slowly rise up to show him your full upper body while still staying in the water, and his jaw dropped behind the helmet at the lack of wounds. In fact, there were none. Approaching you with such slow pace from the confusion and shock, Jason now stood right in front of you scanning your body.
Without thinking properly, his hand moves up to touch your chest. You instinctively gripped his wrist to stop him, startled by the sudden feel of being touched.
“Shit— Sorry, didn’t mean to-” He tried pulling back, but your right hand kept its hold on his wrist. He looks up at you, seeing that you were staring at his hand, and it made him feel a little scared that you might bite his fingers off as well.
However, much to Jason’s surprise, you slowly let go of his wrist and fiddled with the glove he wore instead, seeming to tug as if wanting to remove it. With confusion filling his mind, Jason removed the gloves after getting the signal, feeling your left hand gently grab his wrist while the other opens wide to reveal your palm. You slowly placed it against his, your palms perfectly fitting together.
Jason felt electricity rush through him as soon as your hands touched and goosebumps appear on his hidden skin. Even though your hand was wet from the water, it was surprisingly warm and gave him a feeling that you belonged with him— that he was your home for some reason. He looks up, and was surprised to see the fondness in your adorably round, black eyes.
Your left hand let go of his wrist to gently caress the side of his helmet where you assumed his cheek would be with its back. Jason could feel through your palm that you longed to see his face.
He doesn’t know how he could understand or figure out what you’re feeling, but he guessed it’s probably your powers or some sort. You’re an unknown sea creature after all; not even mythological books that he used to read every day knew the existence of your specie.
A loud sound interrupted the seemingly intimate staring contest you two had, Jason looking over his shoulder to see the door opening and his brothers, plus Bruce and an unknown woman, enter.
“Red Hood, what did he—”
Tim abruptly stops when he saw you in your full glory, the rest of them freezing in their spot as well. Even Bruce is taken aback by the sight of a sea creature touching palms with his adoptive son.
“Holy shit,” Nightwing cursed loudly, blue eyes wide behind the domino mask.
“What is that?” Damian voiced out his concern with a cautious tone, but it was barely there as his surprise and confusion completely won over.
You looked between them all. They must be the family Red Hood was telling you about; the little resemblance of their costumes is there.
Normally, you would be diving back into the water at the sudden arrival of new people who may or may not harm you, but having Jason close by somehow soothed out your fear of humans. His presence was warm and comforting, it made you feel at ease even in front of the specie you’re not totally fond of after being captured and tortured.
“Who is that?” Jason ignored Damian’s question, instead diverting his attention to the woman, who looked oddly familiar, like he had seen her before this mission.
His heart ached when he had to pull his hand away from yours. What the hell is happening, really?
Why does he feel connected to you?
You glanced at the back of his head after the warmth of his palm disappeared, but stayed silent.
“She’s Doctor Malcolm, John Wesker’s assistant.” Bruce answered, finally getting over his shock and approaching the still unconscious John. Jason knocked him out pretty good.
Red Hood furrowed his brows in an instant, unknown rage suddenly building up inside him. “Her and her boss tortured him and you brought her here?” Surprise coats Dick and Tim’s faces at the protectiveness that just slipped off him in that moment.
Jane Malcolm flinched at the distasteful tone he used, feeling his glare even through his helmet.
However, Jason’s rage was short-lived as you tugged the back of his jacket and he turns around to see you shake your head like there was a misunderstanding. “What?” He asked, and everyone, including himself, was surprised at the softness of his tone.
You then gestured to yourself and Jane, before signing ‘friends’ to him, struggling a little bit due to the gills that were in-between your fingers. Jane widens her eyes. She hadn’t thought you recognized her as a friend.
“Hold up, you know sign language?” You nodded at his question. “And you and this lady are friends?” You nod again, making a noise of what sounded like confirmation. “How?” He narrowed his eyes suspiciously, wanting to make sure you weren’t defending her out of fear.
“She treats me well.” You signed almost immediately. “Hear her.” Lowering yourself into the water, you leaned on the edge of the pond with your arms resting on its smooth surface, staring back at Jane. She smiles, which made you look away, choosing to touch Jason’s hand to make yourself busy.
“He’s fond of you.” Jane speaks, approaching slowly to not anger him further. “It’s a first. He usually bites off the fingers of anyone who dares get closer to him.”
Jason scoffed, shifting his glare towards John. “Yeah, I wonder whose fault is that.”
“Will you rescue him?”
You stopped at her question, before looking back up at Red Hood. Whatever his answer is, you will accept it without complain, even if he chooses to leave you here after capturing the scientists, because he still saved you from them. He’s your savior, and you’ll accept his choices no matter what they are.
It’s not like you’re his responsibility, after all. To him, you might just be a creature he saved from this awful place. He’s not obligated to take care of you. You looked down.
Jason turns his gaze to you, feeling sadness through your hands that still touched him, unmoving. It already told him what you were thinking. “It’s kinda hard not to when he’s in this shithole.” He sat on the edge beside you, and heard a very faint purr leave your throat. A smile spreads across his face behind the helmet. “Besides, wouldn’t want him remembering those tortures by staying here.”
Jane grins. “I think that’s wonderful, Mr. Red Hood.” She then remembers something and rushes towards the shelf in the corner of the room, tracing her finger along the file names before finding ‘project amphibian’ and taking it out. She goes back to hand it to Jason, who doesn’t waste time in going through the pages.
“That’s the data of informations we found out about him. There are also important things that I listed off without any proper reasons. I tried to take care of him as much as possible without getting caught.” She elaborates. “He needs salt water to survive since it’s the closest thing to sea or ocean water. The normal one doesn’t provide him oxygen.”
Jason nods, “Thanks. I needed to know that. But first, I gotta find where to place him. My apartment’s bathtub’s too small.”
“You’re really sure about rescuing him?” Bruce questioned, stepping forward as his gaze darted between you and his son. Even from the distance, he could see some spark and connection between the two of you somehow.
“I am.” He doesn’t think twice to answer.
“But he has his own home, Jay.” Dick reminded softly. “If he wants to go back to the ocean or lake, you have to let him go.”
Of course. Jason turns his head to you. Even though he wants you close, you’re a sea creature who eventually has to go back underwater no matter what. You didn’t belong on the land, you belonged in the water where you can swim and be free. His mood visibly dropped at the thought.
How can he let you go if he feels so connected to you?
Sensing his silent distress, you made a noise of concern and began signing to Jason when he looked at your way. “You okay?” His eyes light up. “Upset.”
He gently pats your head, and your eyes sparkle due to the new affection gained. “I’m good, thanks. Just worried. I don’t know where to bring you so you could go back to your home.” Mumbling out, his mind rushes with places he could take you.
However, the feeling of your hand immediately yet gently grasping his wrist interrupted his thoughts. You shake your head vigorously, starting to sign out rushed words. “Me, stay with you. You, my home. We need to stay together.” Whimpering, you stare up at him with desperate eyes.
“But you gotta go back underwater. It’s too dangerous for you to be out on the land.” Jason softly reminds, knowing there would be some humans out there like John who’d most likely hurt you. This is Gotham City, after all.
“Can’t.” You shook your head again.
“Why?” Tim intervened to question, as curious as the rest of his family and Jane.
You only spared him a glance, immediately returning it to Jason, who waited your answer in anticipation and silence. He was staring right at you through the helmet.
“You and me, meant to be together.” You finally signed.
Bruce, Tim and Jane simultaneously shot their eyebrows up in shock, being the only ones who understood the meaning right away. Dick, Damian and Jason were confused by your answer as the latter tilts his head slightly. It didn’t click with them.
“You mean, you and Ja... Red Hood, are meant for each other?” Dick questioned.
You nod, and Jason widened his eyes upon finally realizing what that meant.
“Wait, does that fucking mean we’re soulmates?”
You nod again, unable to stop yourself from making a worried whimper that he might not like the idea of being soulmates with an amphibian creature. He’s human after all; you couldn’t blame him if he wanted a human mate — it’s normal for a specie to want the same specie as soulmate.
A moment of silence fills the room, as if he was taking his time to process the information, but breaks it almost instantly. “How are you sure?” His voice sounded low, like he really wanted you to be certain about this.
You rise from the water and grabbed one of his hand to place it above your heart, before opening the palm of your other hand facing towards him. Instinctively, as if feeling a pull, Jason placed his palm on yours and moves his fingers slightly to feel your fingertips touching his. The connection felt stronger than before now that he could feel your heart beating through your chest, and Jason finds himself being overwhelmed with emotions of content, happiness, home.
He shifts his eyes to meet yours that were already staring at him in love, adoration and longing. Once you feel the comfort of his warm gaze, you closed your eyes, feeling energy spread throughout your body.
Jason widened his eyes in awe when bright blue lines starts to appear and surround your body as they glowed, a beautiful contrast to your rather dark shade of aquatic blue. The others were awestruck as well with their jaws dropped, taking in every detail of the way your body glowed.
It’s fascinating, even for ones who doesn’t have any interests in sea mythological creatures.
Jane, suddenly recalling something, snaps out of her awestruck zone and grabs the file from Jason’s side, flipping through the pages. She stopped at one particular page; their discovery of amphibian men finding mates a certain way.
“Amphibian men recognize their soulmate through touching hands or palm.” She reads out loud. “At certain times, when they want to make sure they’re soulmates with the one they’ve met or want to show them their love, the amphibian’s body glows in bright blue lines... This indicates how much they’re comfortable and happy with the mateship.”
Jason turns his head from her to you, seeing your eyes now open with your body still glowing. Butterflies filled his stomach and he could feel his heart beating rapidly, as if it’ll jump out of its ribcage at any moment. He feels warm all over — too much joy.
“Amphibians strictly need ocean, sea or lake water to survive, however, having their mate close allows them to survive out the water for a long period of time — presumably about three months — since it greatly affects them positively.” She then pauses, eyebrows raising while reading a particular sentence, and looks up at Jason. “This is due to having a soulmate in amphibian men are extremely rare and only has 2% of chance they even have one.” She finished with an awed expression.
Jason inhales sharply in surprise, eyes wide.
That only means you and him were practically chosen by the universe to be together.
He was chosen by the universe to be your soulmate.
You nodded in confirmation to his thoughts, the glow disappearing from your body.
“That should explain why you two are so attached to each other.” Bruce stated, gesturing to you both, and nodded at Jason. “He can stay in the manor. We can build him a human sized fish tank there so he can swim around. The manor’s big enough to have one.”
Surprise coated Red Hood’s face as he turns to his father, “You’re really gonna do that?”
“Yes.” Bruce nods firmly.
The corner of Jason’s lips twitched to form a small smile. “That’s good. I bet you’re gonna love the manor.” He told you, feeling his chest bubble with excitement.
“Doesn’t he have a name?” Damian suddenly asked, crossing his arms over his chest and looking at Jane for answer. “I’m certain any creature would appreciate to be called by his name and not be referred to just as he or him.”
“Yeah, I mean, it’ll be disrespectful not to refer to him by his name.” Dick added.
However, Jane shakes her head with a saddened expression, hands resting over one another’s. “He doesn’t have one. Doctor Wesker only liked to refer to him as filthy creature. He’s been dehumanized since being taken here.”
As soon as they got her answer, Dick had to stop Damian from bludgeoning a unconscious John while you held Jason’s hand tightly after he got tense and almost pulled his gun out, intent on shooting John.
Even though you’re not an animal, you’re an innocent creature who literally hasn’t done anything wrong. Damian absolutely despise those who hurt innocent creatures, which is the reason he grows kind of protective towards you.
Jason squeezes your hand to calm himself down, instead focusing his attention on his soulmate. “How do you feel about me giving you a name?”
Your eyes brightened and a noise of approval erupted from your throat.
“What about (Y/n)?” He immediately came up with one, watching you curiously tilt your head to the side and seeming to repeat the name internally.
Then, you made a happy noise that made a smile spread across Jason’s lips. “Love its sound.” You signed and although you can’t smile due to the lack of muscles and soft flesh, he felt like he saw it form on your lips.
“Wonderful. It suits you, (Y/n).” Raising his empty hand that isn’t holding yours, Jason patted your head affectionately. You whimper a happy noise before taking his hand and kissing the back of it, somehow coming off as gentleman despite being an amphibian god.
Though, being a literal god explains how you’re so graceful and somewhat divine-like. The beauty of your existence is already a proof — Jason will never get enough of staring at your godly appearance.
“I might need to take more caffeine,” Tim suddenly announced out loud. “Hallucination or not, seeing an amphibian man be awfully yet absolutely romantic towards our brother reminds me how not even half the humanity are that romantic, and it makes me feel horrible being a human being, so I need more caffeine to deal with that.”
“TT.” Damian huffs, crossing his arms. “It’s not a hallucination. You need to learn how to determine if the current occurrence is real or not.”
“I know how to determine it, Robin.”
“You certainly do not, Red Robin.”
“Enough, you two.” Bruce scolded, successfully putting a stop to a small argument forming between the two. Looking at you, he nods his head firmly. “Welcome to the family, (Y/n).”
You turn to him with a nod. “Thank you.”
Jane smiled, coming over to rest her hand on your arm comfortingly. “I’m happy for you, (Y/n). Be free, okay? No one’s going to hurt you anymore.”
She felt as if you had smiled at her. Then, you hovered your hand over the water and all of them watches in amazement as it rised towards your hand to begin forming a small, crystalized water ball. Gently grabbing it after it’s done, you hand it over to Jane, who had her palms open upwards waiting to receive.
Letting out an awed noise with amazement plastering her face, she stares at the water ball that didn’t flow through her fingers even after she touched it. No one’s able to touch a water properly. It feels unusual, but amazing.
“Thank you gift.” You sign after she looked up with an expression wondering why you had given her such wonderful thing. Your eyes were filled with gratitude towards her for being nice to you even when she had a huge possibility of losing a finger or two whenever coming into this room.
Tears gathered in her eyes as she grins happily. “How long will this stay until it turns back into water again?”
“Until I, death.” Your answer was simple.
She used one hand to give your arm a light squeeze. “Thank you for the gift, (Y/n). I’ll cherish it.”
“Okay, I don’t wanna break this emotional moment but can we go now?” Dick interrupts, though a smile was plastered across his face. “We still have to send the scientists to Arkham Asylum.”
Jason rolled his eyes, “Right. Just do it without me, Nightwing. I gotta find a way to sneak (Y/n) out of the facility.”
Dick playfully salutes, “Roger that, little bird.” All Jason did was wave him off as Bruce carried John and the rest of them began to walk away.
“You’re gonna do just fine in our home.” Your soulmate comforted, accepting the key to your collar from Jane before she too, walked away with the water ball in hands. He unlocks your collar, removes it and throws it away.
You stare at him lovingly, knowing all too well you’ll finally get to see his face when you get home. Jason doesn’t fail to notice. His heart pounded against the ribcage and warmth surrounds him all over as you began signing the three words to him.
“I love you.” You didn’t seem to manage signing out a complete sentence, but this one, you signed it as if you did it over and over again, as if you were used to signing those words that made Jason feel like a lovesick teenager again.
Without thinking twice, he lifted his helmet enough to show his lips and leaned in to capture yours in a short moment. It was softer than he expected, and wet as expected of amphibians, but felt right and good nonetheless.
Pulling away slowly, Jason smiled at the awestruck look on your face. Fuckin’ adorable.
“I never thought there would ever be a chance I’d see my little brother kiss a sea creature.”
“Shut up, Nightwing!”
The siblings retorted in chorus, earning a laughter from the eldest brother.
Perhaps, Jason isn’t the only home you found.
Tumblr media
© ᴀʟʟ ʀɪɢʜᴛs ʀᴇsᴇʀᴠᴇᴅ ᴛᴏ ʜᴀᴅᴇsʀɪsᴇ. sᴛᴇᴀʟɪɴɢ, ᴘʟᴀɢɪᴀʀɪᴢɪɴɢ ᴏʀ ᴜsɪɴɢ ᴍʏ ᴡᴏʀᴋs ғᴏʀ ᴍᴏɴᴇᴛᴀʀʏ ɢᴀɪɴ ɪs sᴛʀɪᴄᴛʟʏ ᴘʀᴏʜɪʙɪᴛᴇᴅ. ᴀsᴋ ᴘᴇʀᴍɪssɪᴏɴ ʙᴇғᴏʀᴇ ʀᴇᴘᴏsᴛɪɴɢ ᴏʀ ᴛʀᴀɴsʟᴀᴛɪɴɢ.
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imagines-plus · 2 months ago
Good Boy
Tumblr media
Summary: Dick brings back some memories.
Pairing: Werewolf!Jason Todd X Reader
Warnings: Allusions to Past Abusive Relationships
Word Count: 2, 245
A/N: happy late halloween
"All I'm saying is, it's a little weird, y'know? Like, I definitely am, like, okay with it but I also don't love it," Jason continued rambling on about how being called a "good boy" last night definitely didn't awaken anything in him.
You hummed as you scrolled through a few of the photos that you'd taken of the Waynes last night: Cass and Damian fighting over a stick, Jason rolling around in the tall grass by your feet, and even a rare photo of Bruce wagging his tail. His head was resting on your chest as the two of you laid on his childhood bed, recuperating from last night's "Wayne Family Game Night."
"It's okay, Jay, you don't have to justify what you're into," you said in a non-committal voice, which only furthered Jason's grumbling.
You then clicked on a video you'd taken this morning, right before the sun rose, of you lying in the grass with Jason. He was curled up into a ball but was still large enough to be used as a makeshift mattress for your torso and arms.
"Are you my good boy?" You asked in the video and the only reply you got was Jason's large tail wagging up on down.
"Read it and weep, Todd."
Knock, knock.
"Jay? (Y/n)?" Dick's voice rang from behind the door.
"Ugh, just pretend I'm asleep," Jason mumbled, nuzzling his face into your t-shirt.
"I'm gonna come in if you don't say anything," Dick sing-songed before opening the door. You quickly pressed your index finger to your lips and Dick made an over-dramatic "oh" face.
"Hey," he whispered, "Just checkin' in on everyone. Makin' sure he didn't go too hard. I saw you and him playing last night." You smirked at the memory of Jason's tail thumping against the ground as you scratched at his belly and called him a certain nickname.
"Don't worry, Jay's been resting up all morning like a good boy," you ran a hand through Jason's hair, ignoring the small shudder that it garnered.
"Ah, that's good, that's good," Dick whispered while rocking back onto his heels.
He stood there for a few moments, eyes trained on Jason. You glanced back toward him and asked,
"So, did you need any-"
"Do you remember when we first met?" Momentarily shocked at the sudden new topic, you took a second to think back.
"Not too well; I mostly remember Jay texting me that his brother was visiting so I should come over and then... Yup. That's about it." Dick hummed,
"I think I remember it too well,"
"Okay, I'm gonna grab something from the kitchen. Be right back," you gently patted Jason's thigh before standing up from the couch. Dick watched his brother watch you as you walked out of his tiny dorm room. Specifically, he watched his little brother's dopey smile that didn't dim even as you were no longer within eyesight.
"Wow," Dick drawled, his voice thick with amusement, "You are so gone for her, baby bro." Jason's lovestruck-fool look was immediately replaced with his trademark scowl, which was now directed at his older brother.
"Shut up," Jason snarled, "And so what if I am? If you think that I'm gonna be ashamed for having feelings for my girlfriend then you're a sexist mo-" Dick lightly cuffed the back of his brother's head with a snort,
"Calm down, Little Wing, I was just teasin' you," Jason clicked his teeth with displeasure but made no moves to retaliate, "Although, I still can't believe you got Bruce to threaten the dean just so you could have a few classes with her." At that, Jason growled at his brother, making Dick laugh,
"No, no, I'm happy for you, man. I've never seen you with a girl before. And such a cutie, too." Jason huffed but Dick saw the corners of his mouth twitch back up into a tiny smile.
"Yeah, she's a babe, ain't she?" The words screamed uneducated Crime Alley hoodlum, but Dick knew that Jason said them full of only love.
Huh. "Love" and "Jason" in the same sentence. And it didn't sound crazy?
"You told her about the 'big bad,' yet?" Jason sighed and leaned back onto the cheap, blue couch.
"Nope." Which, fair. Dick had only ever told Babs about the WolfTM (and even then, she turned out to be a witch so that sort of worked itself out).
"Do you think you ever will?" Dick knew he was being presumptuous about the longevity and commitment in this college freshman relationship, but he also knew his brother well. The boy was surprisingly emotional and headstrong; whatever he chose to do he did it with 110%.
Jason shrugged,
"Of course. Not now, though," Dick's Wolf felt Jason's bristle, "She just got out of a relationship and my Wolf's telling me the guy was a piece of-"
"Sup. I'm back," Jason immediately straightened his back as you walked in holding a plastic spoon and a pint of strawberry ice cream.
"Hey, took you long enough," Jason said, way-too-overenthusiastically, and Dick internally snorted. You chuckled at Jason as you reclaimed your seat next to him, with one leg bent in front of you, horizontally, and the other draped over the couch cushion. You popped open the pint,
"I'm sure you were counting down the seconds," you said sarcastically and Dick perked an eyebrow. The Wolf's intuition was rarely wrong, and now that Jason had pointed it out, he, himself wondered what your past relationship was like.
Jason grumbled something along the lines of "You weren't there," but Dick didn't comment.
A part of Dick, the less Wolf and more Older Brother part, worried a bit for his baby sibling since it was clear that Jason was absolutely enamored with this girl.
Dick remembered teasing him once at a Shift dinner for smiling at his phone all night and Jason had snarled, spitting, "Sorry I'm not an old man lookin' for loose milk!" (Which, what? Was Dick getting old? Because he did not get that reference.) But that was when Dick had first had his suspicions that Jason was seeing someone.
But, now? Seeing it in the flesh? With the way that his brother delicately rested a hand on your calf? That soft look in his eyes? He could tell that Jason would push mountains with his bare hands if you so much as snapped a finger.
Based on the Charlie Brown-style grin, his brother was well past puppy-love (heh.) No, Jason was in full-blown pure and violent, sharknado-type love with you.
And he knew firsthand that that was one of the easiest ways to get your heart torn in two before you can even see it tearing.
Dick really hoped that you would be gentle with his most sensitive sibling's heart.
"What were you guys talkin' about while I was gone?" you asked, eyes flicking from Jason to Dick. Jason gave his brother a warning glare, which Dick obviously ignored.
"Nothin,' just how much Jason loves you," Dick gushed over-dramatically, prompting Jason to flush bright red and shout,
"Sh-Shut up! You are such a jerk! Why- Can't you just-" Jason went on shouting but Dick was more interested in the moony (heh) smile you shot at his brother over your spoon. You smoothly interrupted the rant with a sweet,
"You want some, Jay?" The way that Jason immediately shut up and snapped his head to you (jeez, Dick could practically see his tail wagging) was extremely comical to Dick. You chuckled at your boyfriend and raised the spoon up to his face, "Ah," you instructed, and like the dog that he was (literally), Dick's baby brother dropped his jaw to allow you to feed him.
(Dick wondered that if you held out your hand, would Jason place his in it to "shake.")
Despite Dick's overprotective brother fears, though, watching Jason morph from the eternally angry, emo teenager into this love-stupid-trained puppy was something that Dick never thought that he'd see. Even at home, Jason was calmer, less volatile, (even though Dick knew that he had every right to be) and he even visited the Manor sometimes, even on not "Wayne Family Game Nights."
It was really nice. Dick could feel his Wolf settle in the back of his mind.
He was glad that Jason had finally found someone with who he could be his best self around.
"How is it?" you asked, casually using your thumb to wipe away a drop of ice cream at the corner of his mouth. Dick winced as Jason immediately began to choke on the ice cream, red-faced when you licked it off your thumb.
His little brother really needed to find his chill.
You looked down and smiled at the werewolf resting on your chest and gently brushed a lock of hair from his forehead. Truthfully, you didn't recall much from the first day that you and Dick met, but clearly, the memory meant something to him.
"I didn't realize how much of an impact I made on him," you said offhandedly, "I guess he really was a different person before we met." Your brain helpfully supplied a few early memories of Jason glaring at professors or snapping at strangers for staring at him in class, but none of his more aggressive actions were ever directed to you. Sure, he could be grumbly or whiney at times, but he never so much as raised his voice around you.
"Yeah, well, he was a totally different person then. He never really had his Wolf under control and, well, you know what happened with him and Bruce," Dick glanced down at his brother, still soundly sleeping, "So I'm really thankful for you, (Y/n). You brought our Little Wing home, again." The earnestness in Dick's eyes took you by surprise as the normally lackadaisical man held your gaze steady.
"I don't think I made him become anything that he wasn't already," you replied, gently, eyes now fixed on Jason, again. Dick chuckled,
"Alright, well. When Wolfman, here, wakes up, tell him that Al wants us all for lunch at 12:30." You nodded and Dick left, closing the bedroom door behind him.
"Get all that?" you asked your very-awake and red-eared boyfriend, "Didn't realize that you had it so bad for me," you teased and Jason grumbled with his eyes still closed,
"Yes, you did. Don't lie." You shook your head,
"Nope. Had literally no clue." You thought back to what Dick mentioned about your ex. Being in a relationship like that for so long had damaged a good amount of your self-esteem and if you were being honest, at the time, the idea of any other person being attracted to you in any shape or form was laughable at best.
"Honestly? If you hadn't asked me out, I would've thought you were just the friendliest, most agreeable person I'd ever met," Jason's head shot up and his eyes met yours,
"Take it back," he grumbled, "I am not friendly or agreeable," you laughed and dragged your nails behind his ear,
"No, of course not. You just carried my books for me and bought me lunch every day and agreed with all of my literary opinions, even the bad ones," Jason's already red face grew darker as you teased him,
"I mean... Most of them were fake, right?" You refrained from telling him that your theory that Twilight was a better horror than Frankenstein due to the dread factor alone was, in fact, one of your own opinions.
"Sure, baby," you said and stroked his cheekbone. Thinking back, the change in your outlook on life, love, and even yourself, was now very dramatic. From merely repeating the motions day by day you were now happy to wake up in your bed and in your body. You enjoyed drinking coffee in the morning and making dinner for yourself in the evening and for once, no one else's presence determined it.
Huh. Dick may attribute Jason's metamorphosis to you, but you knew that Jason had changed you just as much.
Of course, you had Jason to thank for a good amount of that.
"But, I'm glad that you asked me out, first. If not, who knows where we'd be without each other," Jason nodded and raised himself with his arms in order to press a gentle kiss on your cheek. He's so soft for such an angry boy, you thought to yourself,
"I've never wondered that," he murmured, kissing you again, higher on your cheekbone. You sighed happily as Jason continued to leave tiny kisses around your face and wrapped your arms around his neck. Jason always got cuddly and sentimental after a Shift (something about hormone imbalance and oxytocin influx) and you were soaking up every minute of it. Jason eventually stopped and lowered himself back onto the bed to just nose at the area between your pulse and your nape.
"I love you. You know that right?" you cooed,
"Of course. I just love you more." You weren't going to argue with that.
"Sure you do, my good boy."
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rick-rayson · 9 months ago
Jason: Y'know, everyone keeps telling me to fight my demons, but now that I really think about it, my demons keep me company. Isn't that right Damian?
Damian: Choke.
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