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#Midoriya Izuku

Imagine: Dating Izuku midoriya

[Gender neutral reader]


Originally posted by kaminotou

Before dating

  • all might was the first one to catch on that he had a crush on you.So for fun he’d put you two together for training.just to see izuku trip over was cute [no bunnys were hurt in the making of this]
  • He’d also confront izuku about tell him to ask you out and how you two mite be good partners in the field one day.
  • All might would gossip to inko midoriya about izuku little crush


  • Hes very clingy [Bakugou makes fun of izuku a lot for it]
  • You get very protective of izuku.So when bakugou yell at izuku you yell right back.[sometimes you & bakugou would end up in fist fights & teachers would have to pry you a part]
  • Bakugou like that your there for izuku but he would never say that.
  • Sometimes all might let’s you join in on izuku private training lessons
  • When Izuku breaks his arms & has to spend a few days in the hospital.You visit him every day & bring him small gifts. [Explain:Flowers,candy,a small all might plushie] he loves all of them.they always make him tear up
  • Izuku also let’s you draw on his cast & then loves to show it off to his friends
  • One time all might & recovery girl walked in on you two cuddling in his hospital bed.They thought it was cute so they left you be
  • Pet name you call Izuku: bunny,cotton tail, baby boy,honey,darling
  • Pet names he calls you: baby,babe, honey,angel,darling
  • When you two become pro heroes you’d want to be partners [Even thought your still really competitive]
  • When you do end up as partners you’ll probably have matching hero costumes
  • You guys are the ultimate hero couple
  • Lots of cuddles & kisses
  • You love to draw together [If you don’t know how to he’ll end up teaching you]
  • Sometimes izuku will make you stay up late with him just to watch old all might videos that you’ve both seen a million times
  • When you first meet his mom inko you were all ever nervous but she ended up loving you & she became a very big mother figure in your life
  • One time izuku was have a bad day so you painted your face to look like all might’s & then stole izuku all might hoodie & some hair gel to make him scared him at first but then he couldn’t stop laughing
  • He make his all might face & you guys take a selfie to send to all might who loved it
  • This other time mineta made a gross comment about you & izuku snap.You had never him so pissed.Even bakugou was shocked.Anyway mineta got what he deserved
  • Sometimes you accidentally call bakugou kacchan.Bakugou doesn’t really care but it make him embarrassed so he still yells at you.[you couldn’t care less though]
  • Since you started dating you have gotten a lot closer with some of your classmates like iida,todoroki,uraraka.You even got bakugou to hang out with you more.
  • It’s a little hard for you to make friends so he help you out a lot.
  • By the end of the year you knew everyone’s name & the know yours
  • A fun thing to you like to do is to embarrass izuku.Like last weekend you had walked in to class & saw him so you French kissed him in front of everyone. He was really red. “Yeah get it midoriya!” cheers Kirishima and Sero.“oh come on don’t rub it in” said kaminari and mineta “WOULD YOU TWO CUT THAT SHIT OUT! I JUST EAT BREAKFAST AND I DON’T WANT TO PUKE IT UP BECAUSE OF YOU STUPID LOVE BIRDS!” Yelled bakugou.
  • Long store short you two are in love and that will never change
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Since I’m the only artist in my family, they think I just shit art outta my ass. Like? No hunny it’s a process that takes h o u r s. Yeah, my Izuku Midoriya that i drew for your birthday looks like shit? Draw it yourself then fuckface….🙃

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Day two of #everydaypost!

More of my Hero Apocalypse au!

Group 2! Aoyama, Midoriya, Hagakure, and Inko!

  • Aoyama was found by a group of hero haters when the event first happened. It’s why he looks so beat up. He doesn’t have his belt anymore.
  • Mama Midoriya found out about the storming of UA and was one of the lucky parents who made it in time to retrieve Deku. Him and her now live in their apartment and pretend Deku never got into UA when people ask.
  • Not many people live in that apartment anymore but those who do remember that Deku was quirkless so it wasn’t that hard to cover his hero life up. He doesn’t leave the house though.
  • Inko goes out for supplies always. She has no trouble getting them due to people feeling kind of bad for her. (“She’s alone with hero poor quirkless child! Poor thing!”)
  • Inko found both Aoyama and Hagakure. She adopted them on the spot.
  • Hagakure and Deku both go out and save people as hero’s even though Inko told them not to. Aoyama’s too scarred (and for good reason!)
  • Inko would absolutely kill for any of her children lol
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fun fact! the constellation on todoroki’s cheek is the capricorn one! since he’s a january baby

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These are short little ficlets of sorts you could say, some of them are longer than others but I hope they can all be found enjoyable. 


Izuku sifted through an array of colorful T-shirts, chewing absently at his lip as he thought about which one would go best with the tournament colors. Shoto had asked to see all of his favorite spots, it hadn’t been how he had intended to spend his free day, but he didn’t quite mind. “I really don’t recall you being so outgoing Shoto, what happened?” Shifting his gaze from the shirts to the man, Izuku couldn’t help but give a faint smile at the way he startled. 

Chuckling to himself, Shoto moved to stand closer, peering around the other to view the items Izuku was considering, “You can’t become a professional by being distant, sometimes it’s nice though to just relax in the quiet.” Reaching around him, Shoto pulled a shirt from the rack to hold it up against Izuku. “I think you should get this one, it matches my board colors.”

Red spread quickly across his face, climbing along his ears, as embarrassment surged through his veins. Freezing nervously, Izuku held his breath as he felt the slightly taller man invade his personal bubble. “I-” Attempting to stammer out words only left the other man laughing softly. “Don’t worry,” Izuku felt Shoto withdraw carefully, taking the shirt with him, “I’ll get it for you, for all the birthdays I missed.” 

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note :

This is a very very terrible story, and it’s a purposeful cliff hanger ….

I might finish it up though, I’m not sure. This isn’t anything amazing or great, this is just about mediocre…

Whatever feed back ya got i’d love to hear it! Even if it’s to tell me it’s shit!


Any other time you might have ushered him back to his room; but at the moment, you had felt as if your entire life was ripped out of yours hands. Only to find out that he was alive, and running at you full speed; wires and tubes flying behind him? It felt as if time froze.

His large calloused hands basically engulfed your face, his thumbs rubbed the flesh of your cheeks; but, the smile on his face was worth it. His tears sparkled against the bright light of the waiting room, his body moving in a rather stuttered and slow manner.

The movements were a dark reminder of the wounds his body had still yet to recover from, the gauze that covered his arms were slowly growing dark with the blood that seeped into them.

Yet, his laughter caught you and the rest of the people in the room off guard, his smile never faltered as he winced with every laugh that fell from his throat. His eyes were closed with how wide his grin was, but it didn’t stop him from taking a moment to look you in the eyes. That was when your heart stopped.

The emotion held within his eyes fell onto you like a wave, your body immediately feeling what emotions went through his body just a few hours earlier.

It was Fear.

Your Izuku may have been a nervous man, he’d get flustered easy, his stuttering didn’t falter in the slightest either; especially around you. Yet, even after the years of hero work and PDA. He was still your nervous hero, and feeling the absolute terror that ran through his body shut you down.

Your body tensed under his grip, your own eyes fogging over with tears as you continued to stare into his eyes, the green eyes you had fallen in love with, the eyes you had adored. He pulled you into his chest the moment your tears streamed down your cheeks, his hands’ flying from their spots to hold you tighter against him; as he did so he fell to his knees with you falling suit.

The loud yells and protests of his nurses didn’t faze him in the slightest, the kisses he pressed against your temple were mixed with dried flakes of blood and his tears; but, at the moment you couldn’t care less. He was alive. He was breathing.


“I-I know honey. I know.”

The nurses quickly honed in the two of you yet, there was a sudden shift in his demeanor. The air suddenly felt thick and dark, Izuku’s grip only tightened as the air grew thicker and thicker. Your gaze only caught a glimpse of the glare Izuku was sending the nurses, but just a glance was strong enough to force you to stuff your face back into his chest.

It felt like years went past as you both sat there on the floor, everyone around was frozen, yet; the feeling Izuku gave off kept you calm, focused.

It wasn’t like your Izuku to do this, you would have done the same but,  he should be up and back in bed. He knew his injuries were bad; yet he still sat there with you, the blood that seeped from his wounds began to stain his skin. The sight only making your stomach do flips; you attempted to pull away but his large hands kept you in place.

The sounds of his heartbeat filled your ears, but it was slow, it was a calm rhythm. Yet, his body told otherwise.

His grip on you tightened as the nurses slowly walked closer, his form shook as his tears flowed freely from his eyes, his body shook with his sobs.

“I love you y/n.”  His voice was quiet, almost below a whisper; but his words carried so much.

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Flawless Victory Part One

A TodoDeku love story. 


“Um, sorry if this upsets some people, but Katsuki Bakugou will most likely have very very little part in all of is. I have actually decided to just sort of turn him into more of a background character. So if you came here for the mentions of our explosive pomeranian, he isn’t here, sorry.”

Please dont go any further if you dont like surfing, water, open bodies of water, oceans, or themes of that nature. 

@imwithmidoriyaizuku @edwardslostalchemy

Does it Almost Feel Like Nothings Changed

When Izuku had agreed to brunch, he didn’t realize he was agreeing to an interrogation as well, why couldn’t his friends understand, Izuku may just never be ready to actually confront those deeply bruising feelings. It wasn’t like he never wanted to see Shoto again, he just figured if they should ever be forced to meet again it should at least be under actually forced circumstances. “I agree with Uraraka, this isn’t something you can just ignore. I really think this is all overdue honestly, Izuku, don’t you?” Snapping his hardened stare in the blue-haired man’s direction, Midoriya bit down carefully on his tongue. It had in fact been an incredibly long time, almost a little over four years in honesty, but whenever he tried to confront the memory he just couldn’t quite seem to breathe. Pulling nervously at the curls cropping up from under his cap, the man gave the menu in his other hand a once over. Surely they couldn’t be serious, though it wasn’t really in Iida’s nature to make light or jokes of something so serious. 

Shifting his gaze back to the trio around him, Izuku swallowed harshly, from the grave expressions he was greeted with Izuku was certain there was no way they were joking. “I dont think I am ready for something like that just yet.” The choir of groans that greeted him left him shrinking into his seat, and for a moment it felt like secondary schooling all over again. “I just don’t know if I will ever be ready guys.”  Watching the auburn-haired woman nod slowly at his panic left Izuku irritated, how could they not lead with this. “Look, Izuku, we really think you guys should talk it out, he seemed super excited to see you,” Uraraka mentioned carefully to the man, he could tell she was doing her best not to frighten him off. It wasn’t working. 

“Not to mention,” now it was Iida’s turn to, again, try and persuade him, “you guys use to be incredibly close. Dont you miss him?” Snapping his narrowing gaze to the other man, Izuku felt his hands begin to quake once more. They had been shaking ever since it had been made known to him that Shoto was coming, but here in this moment, it had gotten particularly bad.

 “He really misses you,” Tsu had been quietly sitting alongside Izuku, gaze ever fixated upon her own menu. She hadn’t had a lot to say on the matter, and he appreciated that. However, what she did have to contribute had his heart twisting in a way it hadn’t in years. “Look,” he began to respond quietly, slowly laying his menu to rest against the tables gleaming surface, “I’m just not sure I am ready, I just don’t know if I can look at him right now.”

Tsu shifts her gaze away from her menu finally and gives Izuku a hard stare, “We are having a reunion dinner tomorrow, we will all be there to help you, so come, okay?”

Letting the plastic page finally slap against the table, he groaned audibly in defeat, “Okay, fine, you guys win. You’re right, I have to face this because if I don’t face it now things will just get even worse in the future.” Exhaling deeply, Izuku hung his head, how could he ever be ready for this?


To say Shoto was excited would be a grand understatement, he practically radiated energy. Tsu had actually offhandedly mentioned that Todoroki could probably power a small building or two with the electricity surging through his nerves, he had hardly noticed. Crammed into a Taxi with his fellow green-haired professional for a rather long drive had given him plenty of time to think about what their reunion would be like. He was unusually chatty, that too got an offhanded comment about how he sounded a lot like Midoriya in school all those years ago when he would ramble. Shoto honestly couldn’t be bothered with such trivial things, he was so close to his goal at this point. 

“What do you mean he said no?” desperation echoed deep in his tone as he eyed Uraraka restlessly, “I have to talk to him, don’t you understand? The longer I wait to do this, the worse things are going to get.” Frustrated he shifted his stare between Iida and the auburn-haired woman. They had arrived a few days prior to he and Asui, promising to talk to Izuku, promising to convince him to meet with Shoto so things could finally be rectified. Yet, when he had arrived the pair had shaken their heads in defeat, Izuku had spent most of the past few days dodging every question or probe the pair sent out. “He simply isn’t ready Shoto,” Iida stated calmly, reaching out to put a hand on the other man’s shoulder. “This is up to Izuku, not you, or me, or any of us. He was deeply hurt, it took a couple of years before we even learned where he was, and even then he made us swear not to talk to you about it. I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but you need to give him space, you guys were friends for such a long time.” 

Shoto didn’t want to listen to logic, he wanted his friend back, but the tight grip on his shoulder that kept him in his seat didn’t appear to be easing up in the slightest. Relaxing just a fraction, he took a deep shaking breath, he needed to be patient, he had been patient enough to wait for his friends to reveal to him where Izuku had actually gone. Now, he just needed to be patient enough with Izuku for the man to welcome him, “What if he never wants me back in his life?”

He swallowed painfully against the lump forming in his throat at the red-eyed man’s next words, “Then, that’s just something you’re going to have to respect. If you want to be friends again you have to let him sort his feelings out in his own way.”


He was going to go, really, he was, it was just the simple fact that he had grown uncharacteristically cowardly. Where was the boy who blatantly defied authority and regularly threw himself into the fray of chaos to do what was right? Yet here he was, clutching his hands in matching vice grips, to nervous to set foot inside the little restaurant. Just feet away, he could hear the quiet cool tone of a voice that he never could have forgotten. It haunted his dreams, even to this day, and was the exact tone Izuku read the scrap of a letter with.  He was laughing, and it reminded Izuku of a warm summers evening, even without him insight, the green-eyed man knew exactly how those different coloured eyes would light up. It had taken some time, but the first time Shoto had actually deeply laughed had been a moment Izuku would cherish for the rest of his life. It was as if the whole room had taken on a different kind of glow, as if somewhere deep inside the other man a fire had been ignited. He just couldn’t do it. 


“Izuku,” curious, soft, and absolutely heart wrenching, his head snapped up, orbs widening to dinner plates at the poised gentleman before him. His hair was still the same as it had always been, only now it lay tied up and clipped away from his slender face. “Shoto?” Butterflies threatened to surface with the queasy discomfort at the sudden meeting between the two. “Izuku.” Happier now, Shoto’s voice rang around in his head sending his heart into overdrive. When was the last time someone had said his name in such a fashion?

He couldn’t believe it, there he was, there was the boy now grown man, standing right before him. How could he not be delighted, he had been waiting for this moment for the last couple years, ever since he found out Uraraka knew where the man was hiding out. “I was hoping you would come.” Shoto felt his smile slowly start to fall as Izuku began to take a slow unsure step away from him, “I have so much to tell you.” Reaching out carefully, Todoroki avoided any sudden movements that would startle the clearly unnerved individual. “I don’t believe it.” There it was, that voice that had been absent from his life for far too long, unfortunately, the way it squeaked out into the world left Shoto baffled. “Izuku, I just want to explain-”

Cut off by the sharp shout, Shoto recoiled, “I can’t see you right now!” 

“Izuku come back!” Shouting with concern, he didn’t bother letting the rest of his party know where he was headed before he broke out into a run. He was determined to make this right, even if things didn’t go the way he wanted them to. 


Panting heavily, Shoto pressed his palms to his knees, lungs desperately sucking in oxygen before he wailed painfully,  “You fell off the world Izuku, how could I have ever found you!” Lifting his head Shoto gasped nosily, he never remembered Izuku holding such endurance, “Zu, you just vanished, I never thought to come here because you never wanted to talk about this place. Why did you come here?” Hanging his head once more, unable to gaze into those wide startled orbs that had drawn him in all those years ago, “Why did you go to the one place I never thought to check?”

Izuku stood there in the empty street, chest heaving as his lungs screamed for air and his muscles cried out for a rest, that hadn’t been the answer he had been expecting when he had questioned why Shoto hadn’t come sooner. “Uraraka refused to tell me, I found photos of you guys on her computer, and she said you wanted your privacy. Why did you hide from me?” Chewing his lip in frustration, Izuku shifted to turn his back on the other man trying to pretend he didn’t hear the strangled cry begging him not to run away.

“You just left, Shoto, doesn’t that mean anything to you?” Digging his fingers deep into his green curls, he lowered himself into a crouch, curling up on himself almost. Izuku just couldn’t rationalize why Shoto would be looking so hard for him after he had left in such a brisk way. “I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about Izuku, I left you my information and you never called me. You never came looking for me, and I told you right where to find me.” Shotos’ response was yet another shock to Izukus system. Head swivelling, he nearly fell onto his arse, green eyes wide once more with confusion, then narrowing with anger. 

Shoto had slowly straightened back up, taking slow steady steps towards Izuku, he was tired, he just wanted to move past this obvious misunderstanding. However, as those green windows began to narrow he found himself coming to a halt once more. “You left me a note?” Izukus tone was humorous and didn’t fit his expression at all as he began to rise to his feet. Groaning softly, Shoto reminded himself of what Iida had said, he needed to be patient, he needed to be understanding and be calm. He was just so afraid to lose his best friend again, he was so close, eyes darting down to Izukues hands as the other man dug through his pockets. “Does this look like a note?” 

Now it was Izukus turn to show agitation, waving the scrap of paper before the other mans face, he growled out again, “Does this look like a note, Shoto Todoroki?” He watched a range of emotions cross the half and half man, anger, confusion, understanding, and then a sad sort of humour. What was it that he was understanding that Izuku hadn’t gotten now or then in the moment. “What’s so funny!?” 

“Oh my god,” Shoto felt a whirlwind of discord welling up inside his body, somehow his letter had gotten caught on something, or even perhaps someone had tried to take it from where it was. Whatever had happened, it had caused one of the most painful rifts in his life he had experienced, “Zu, you don’t really believe that is all I really would have left for you. I don’t know what happened but that was only part of my letter.” Reaching out, he pulled the slightly shorter man forcefully into a tight embrace, “Zu, you should have tried to reach me. You shouldn’t have vanished.”

Izuku was at a loss for words as he wound his arms around his friend, squeezing unsurely, it had been a misunderstanding? His brain shifted in an attempt to think more clearly, Izuku tried to rationalize why exactly he would have responded in such a fashion. Why did it seem, if it involved a certain Todoroki, Izuku just couldn’t seem to think clearly. Oh Somewhere in his nearly full cranium, a little voice squeaked out an embarrassing thought. 

At the same time, two singular thoughts travelled between two separate brains, lights slowly flickering on one by one. Oh no.

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