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Things were becoming messier, Nevertheless…
Jungkook X Reader
Word Count: 3.4k Words
Warning: N/a
Summary: You knew from the beginning that he never wanted a relationship. He was bad for you and should as run far away as you can from him. But ever time you grow the courage to finally let him go, things don’t go as plan. So what exactly happens when someone new comes into the picture and shows you things Jeon Jungkook never was able to show? Is he willing to change his ways for you? Or will you be added to his contacts he calls when bored?
He’s bad for me, Nevertheless (Series Masterlist)
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Tumblr media
“It’s so beautiful out here, aren’t you glad I brought you out here?” Taehyung asks as he and Y/n walk side by side along the Han River.
Nodding her head in agreement, Taehyung stops and looks out at the body of water next to them. “This may be incredibly selfish, but I’m happy you left Jungkook. No one deserves the type of pain you’re feeling, and I hope someday you find someone who will make you feel so special that you forget all the pain.”
She smiles at his words and looks over at the body of water as well. “I hope so because honestly I don’t think I can handle this type of pain ever again.” Y/n mumbles to herself. They both stand there in silence before Taehyung grabs her hand, causing her to look at him confused. 
“Y/n, there’s been something on my mind that I have been wanting to tell you.” Taehyung says, causing Y/n to turn her head and stare into his eyes. Unbeknown to them both, a camera man in the distance quickly recognized both of them and began taking photos of them. 
“I just want you to know that…” Taehyung pauses for a second as he stares at her. He smiles lightly as he starts noticing how beautiful her eyes are.
“What is it?” She asks, staring into his eyes. Taehyung is the first to break eye contact as he looks down at their entangled hands. “Taehyung?”
He takes a deep breath before smiling and looking up at her. He doesn’t want to jeopardize their friendship, nor do anything while she is in this state. “I want you to know, that no matter what may happen, I will always be here for you.” Staring at him confused, not understanding where he was going with this, Y/n was about to question what he meant but he continued. And even if it means that this is my last conversation with you, I will always be cheering you on.”
Smiling at his sweet words, and not sure if it’s the alcohol still in her system, Y/n slightly squeezes his hand in appreciation and kisses his cheek. “Thank you, Tae, I really appreciate it.”
Taehyung gives her a big boxy smile, trying to hide that he was blushing hard, before they both continue walking.
Y/n lies on her bed as she stares at her ceiling thinking about her life these past couple of months. You would think she had it all and had nothing to really complain about. 
She debuted at 19, leaving everything she knew behind, and quickly became a part of the biggest girl group in the world. She had millions of fans cheering for her and her members happiness 24/7 and got to travel all over the world. 
On social media and paper, she lives a happy life, a life that millions dreamed of having. What could possibly go wrong that has her thinking of leaving it all behind and not turning back?  
Lost in thought, someone walks into her room and lies besides her, staring up at her ceiling with her. Smiling internally at the unexpected visitor, Y/n sighs as she comes back to reality. “Seems like every time I become even remotely happy again, something happens to bring me down again.”
The person hums in response as both of them continue to lie there in silence for a while. It was a comfortable silence before the person turns their head to look at Y/n. “What do you want to do about it? I imagine you don’t want to go forward with this fake relationship, especially with all that happened.”
Shrugging her shoulders, Y/n’s fingers mess with the t-shirt she was wearing. 
“I want the rumor to be denied of course, but at the same time I see where they might be coming from with the idea without the increase in revenue aspect. Taehyung and I could show fans that just like they deserve happiness, we should be able to date without worrying about our fans may think. Also being able to show that no matter if we are dating, our love for our fans would never dissipate.”
“I wish it didn’t unfold like this. A couple of photos that were taken out of context and now possibly having to do lord knows what with someone I don’t actually have those type of feelings for. Don’t get me wrong, Taehyung is a great guy, but I don’t think we should be forced into a relationship.” 
Nodding their head, they sit up from Y/n’s bed and smiles. “I get what you mean, but I have a question for you, but please don’t get upset with me.”
Turning her head, Y/n stares at them with a look confirming that they can go ahead and ask.
“Have you talked to him since the rumors came out? I know that technically you guys have no reason to tell each other anything since the incident, but I’d imagine it’d be particularly hard for him since it’s with Taehyung.” 
“No, Jae-in, I haven’t spoken to him since the day he came over here.” 
“Do you think he knows?”
“I wouldn’t be surprised if he has. Netizens have been trending our names since news came back, I’d be shocked if he didn’t.”
“I see,” Jae-in say turning away from her, staring at their lap. “Unnie, do you still have feelings for him?” Jae-in ask causing Y/n to freeze slightly. Slowly turning her head back to look at the ceiling.
Quickly noticing how uncomfortable the air around them had become, Jae-in quickly look at Y/n and apologize. “I’m sorry, that was insensitive for me to ask.”
“No, it’s okay.” Y/n mumbles. For several seconds both of them sit in silence before Y/n finally gets up but keeps her gaze on the wall. “As much as it pains me to say it because of what he did, my feelings won’t just go away. I really did love him… well I do love him, but right now I feel like a mess. I think right now the hardest thing about looking at him is that it’s all still heavy on emotions. I’m angry and I wasn’t… I wanted to hurt him like he hurt me, but I know it wouldn’t fix anything. In order to heal and really talk to him about anything, I know should be in the right state of mind.”
 “Well sometimes we have to be broken down so that we can rebuild ourselves into who we were meant to be. A better version of ourselves and to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history but not a part of your destiny. It is tough but in the end, as long as you can find peace with or without him in your life is all that matters.”
Y/n smiles at the youngest words and turns to her. “When did you become so wise?”
Jae-in lets out a small laugh as she pulls Y/n into a hug. “I only learn from you, but just know we are all here for you. Things may be messy right now, but nevertheless, we are all here for you.”
Taehyung walks towards the shared apartment of BTS quietly with a blank expression on his face. He’s trying to prep himself for what he might walk into since the posting of the article. It wasn’t that he was afraid of what he might walk into, but more so, he isn’t looking forward to the drama that will come with it. 
Seeing as it’s been a couple of days since he saw the other members since this situation unfolded, he wanted to limit all contact to avoid any drama until figuring out how to go forward. Walking inside, instantly he sees all the members gathered in the living room watching something. 
Jimin was the first to turn his head and see him, causing the eldest of the maknae line to stand up. “Taehyung, where have you been?”
“Dealing with some things.” He mutters as he walks over to the kitchen and places his phone down. One by one the members of BTS gather around the counter, trying to figure out if the rumor was true, but instantly Taehyung noticed that Jungkook wasn’t standing around. 
“Is it true?” Yoongi asks as Taehyung stares at the counter. “Guys”
“No we aren’t.” Taehyung replies coldly. “That day I went to her studio to check up on her because no one in JYPE or her members were able to get in touch with her and feared for the worst. When I saw her, she was drinking her life away blaming herself for what happened, so I took her out for a walk. I didn’t know anyone recognized us, but we stopped and talk and that was that.”
“But why did she kiss you then? I mean based on the pictures it looks like you and Y/n are dating Taehyung.” Namjoon says.
“Wait what.” Jungkook voice suddenly says causing everyone to look and see him standing at the entrance of the kitchen. “You and Y/n are dating?”
“What does it matter to you?” Taehyung says staring at him. “I mean, you guys were never in a relationship, right?”
Taehyung stands up straight and walks over to in front of Jungkook. “You don’t do relationships, you ended whatever kind of relationship with her, so what does it matter to you if we are dating? It’s not like you actually had feelings for her.”
“Taehyung,” Hoseok says but instead of stopping, Taehyung scoffs as he looks Jungkook up and down. “Who knows, maybe I can show her real love and not lead her on like the heartless person you are.” All seven members stand in silence before Taehyung takes a deep breath and shakes his head. 
“I don’t want to talk about it anymore, so if you’ll excuse me. I have things I have to do.”
Pushing past Jungkook, Taehyung walks towards his room as all other members look at each other confused at the situation. “I don’t understand,” Jungkook says grabbing all of the other members attentions.
“Was something posted online about them dating?” Jungkook asks
“You haven’t seen?” Hoseok asks, causing Jungkook to shake his head. 
“Oh shit, this probably won’t end well.” Yoongi utters as he takes a sip of his drink. After a couple of seconds, Jungkook’s phone dings and upon looking at it he opens that article and stands there in shock.
The members watch as an unreadable expression spreads across his face before he suddenly puts his phone down and walks out the apartment. 
“Forget In the soop, I feel like Army would love to see all this drama.” Jin jokes, earning a light jab from Namjoon causing him to groan.  
Lord only knew what was going to happen next.
“Look what you made me do, I'm with somebody new Ooh, baby, baby, I'm dancing with a stranger.” Y/n sings along to 'Dancing with a stranger' as she sits in the make-up chair of Midnights dressing room, getting prepared for the group’s performance of their comeback stage. Manager Heo sits on the couch as the other members continue to get ready.
“Y/n, have you talked to the CEO yet?” Hyun-Jung asks from across the room, causing Y/n to look up from her phone at her. Shaking her head lightly, being careful to not mess up the make-up artist, Y/n sighs. 
“No, my meeting with him and HYBE isn’t until tomorrow.” She responds as she looks back at her phone, reading all the comments from Netizens who are still buzzing about the rumor. Locking her phone, Y/n turns her attention to Sun-Jung next to her.
“You ready?” Y/n ask, causing Sun-Jung to grin. “I was born ready; we’re going to kill it and I’m praying I don’t break a heel this time.” She jokes causing Y/n to laugh. 
While chatter is heard all throughout the room, all suddenly it stops when someone walks through the dressing room door. Turning her eyes to stare at the person confused through the mirror, and see a bouquet of flowers in their hands, covering their face Y/n almost instantly knew who it was upon seeing the tattoos on their hands. “Who are you?” Manager Heo asks as everyone in the room stops working to look at him.
Lowering the bouquet and revealing Jungkook, Manager Heo shakes his head. “No, you need to leave Jungkook.”
 “I’m not here to start anything,” he says quietly, causing me to stand up from the chair once I see Manager Heo walk up to him. “I don’t care what you’re here for. You know you aren’t welcome around them under any circumstances.”
“Manager Heo,” I say as I walk up behind him and place a hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay, really.”
Looking down at me, I nod my head at Manager Heo giving him a reassuring smile, ignoring the eyes that are staring at them. I reach over and take the flowers from his hand and give him a thankful smile. “Can I talk to you, just for a moment?” 
“No, absolutely not.” Manager Heo speaks up, causing me to roll my eyes and pass him the flowers. “Yes, you can.”
Manager Heo takes the flowers and I take a deep breath. “I promise I won’t be long, don’t worry.”
Staring between Y/n and Jungkook, Manager Heo reluctantly nods before the pair walk out the room into an empty dressing room. “Listen, I really don’t want to argue. I don’t have the energy, so if you could just get-“
“I’m sorry.” Jungkook says, interrupting her. Y/n looks at him confused as he looks down at his feet and purses his lips for a second, trying to find the right words to say. 
Motioning towards the couch in the room, Y/n and Jungkook sit down and Jungkook looks around aimlessly. He sits there for a moment in silence, trying to find the right wording to say to her, but to get his point across as well. “I should have been up front with you when we started seeing each other. I should have known to be faithful and not do what I did, and I know you don’t owe me anything. I am a terrible person for putting you through that and then attempting to play the victim when you probably went through hell because of my actions.”
“You’re right about that.” Y/n says under her breath. “You didn’t have to come and talk to me, especially because of how we met last time, and I thank you for coming to talk to me.”
“Well I appreciate the apology.” Y/n gives him a small smile but notice that he was fiddling with his fingers. “But something must have caused you to come today. What’s this really about, and please be quick, you know I am about to perform.”
“I heard about you and Taehyung.” Jungkook says, not meeting her eyes. “And I wanted to apologize and own up to my mistake since you two are dating. I don’t want things to be awkward for you two because of me.”
Raising her eyebrow, Y/n sits back a little in confusion. “Wait, what?”
“I know your relationships with the guys isn’t any of my business since I messed up but I wanted to clear the air between us and at least attempt, if you’ll allow it of course, for us to be friends. I don’t want to cause any drama because of what I did between you and him, so I-“
“Wait Jungkook stop.” Y/n watches as he finally looks up and its then she realizes the dark circles under his eyes, indicating he may not have slept in a while. “Jungkook, Taehyung didn’t tell you?”
“No, I overheard the guys talking about it and then someone sent me the article.”
“Jungkook, Taehyung and I are-“ However before Y/n could finish her sentence, there is knocking at the door announcing that they were ready for the group to confirm. 
Standing up, Y/n looks at Jungkook who stares at the floor in confusion. “Just talk to Taehyung, he’ll tell you the truth and if not, he and I will be clearing this up with both of our companies.”  
Nodding his head, Y/n bids him a quick farewell before leaving Jungkook in his thoughts. ‘I just had to mess things up.’ Jungkook thought to himself. ‘If I didn’t maybe she wouldn’t have moved on to him.’
“You both have to understand that this would benefit you both.” The CEO of HYBE says as both Taehyung and Y/n sit in front of them. “I don’t care if it will benefit us both, deny the rumors because they aren’t true!” Taehyung says as Y/n sits there in disbelief. 
“Midnight and BTS are the biggest K-pop groups in the world, and as time passes your fans want to see you all settle down.” JYPE’s CEO says causing both idols to roll their eyes. “This relationship would only last two or three months, allow fans to see that though their favorite idols are dating that you can still show the same love to fans-“
“So, you’re going to use Taehyung and I as an example of this when this isn’t true?” Y/n interrupts, causing the CEO of HYBE to give her a look, almost taken aback by her courage to interrupt him. 
Both CEO’s look at each other, trying to find a way to convince both idols on continuing with this scandal when Y/n speaks up finally after spending most of the time quiet and allowing Taehyung to speak for both of them. “If you don’t deny the rumors, I’ll leave Midnight and JYPE as soon as the announcement is made.” She says quietly, causing everyone in the room to look at her in shock. 
“Y/n, let’s not be extreme.” Manager Heo says trying to calm her down.
“And you guys don’t think that forcing us to be together is extreme?” Y/n scoffs causing the CEO’s to close their mouths. “Y/n, while I agree they should deny the rumors, I don’t think you should leave your group and the company.” Her manager says but she shakes her head.
“No, I think I should if this is the route they want to take.” She says looking at everyone in the room. “I get that I am bound by a contract, but nowhere in that contract did it say that I have to date someone by force because you both got extra cash in your pocket because of rumors. What happened to protecting your idols?”
They all sit in silence trying to find a way to compromise as Y/n stands up from her seat. “Everyone in this room knows what has recently happened with Jungkook, and with all that went down I can’t put any more energy towards a relationship, nevertheless a fake one. So, while you may see it as extreme, I don’t. Deny the rumors or I will leave Midnight and go through whatever legal proceedings I have too.”
“Now Y/n sit back down.” The CEO of JYPE says sternly, causing her to sit. Looking between both idols, the CEO takes a deep breath as he takes off his glasses. “Two months, that’s all you both have to do, then you end it. You don’t have to be extreme about it, but just two months.”
Rolling her eyes, Y/n scoffs as she looks at Manager Heo. “Fine, Two months, but then I walk.”
“That’s my final decision. If you decided not to deny the rumors, I’ll agree to do this with Taehyung for Two months, but I leave the company with no legal issues.”
“I’m with her.” 
 “Taehyung,” The manager of BTS says, causing Taehyung to look over at him. 
“If you guys don’t, I’ll leave BTS after this is all said and done. So the choice is in you hands now.” At the same time, both idols walk out the room, leaving everyone in disbelief.
Looking at each other, they both nod as they continue to walk down the hallway of HYBE. “You think they’ll go through with it?” Y/n mutters, causing Taehyung to shrug.
“Hopefully not, but who know.”
Y/n sighs as she continues to walk besides Taehyung, not realizing that as they both walk pass one of the practice room, Jungkook stands there watching the pair walk away together. He looks down a bit in defeat as he subconsciously think about how good they look together. Better than him and her. 
He lost his right to her, nevertheless…
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BTS Makne Line's
Panty Competition
(A "Choose Your Own Adventure" fic)
Jungkook's Version
Tumblr media
warnings: smut (18+) cunnilingus, creampie, horny making out, roommate!jungkook, unprotected sex*(don't do this) dirty talk, creampie, explicit language
wordcount: 2.5K (including intro)
Tumblr media
"Let me help you."
Jungkook's face transforms from disbelief, to doubtful, to pleasantly surprised all within the frame of a few seconds.
He laughs. "You're kidding. Y/N, you've never showed any interest in wanting to fuck me before, and now you want to do it as a stupid bet?! No fucking way."
"Mhm! I've made up my mind now. I want to help you win this thing. Besides…you know me…" your eyes fall. "I'm down."
He repositions himself. "Okay. I believe you. I mean…who could resist?"
You purse your lips, holding back a smile.
"I've actually…been wanting to do this for a while…bet or not," he smiles. "Can we still go out first? It'll feel less awkward if we actually got dinner together first."
You nod. "Sure."
As it turns out, Jungkook knows some really good dinner spots. It's nothing too fancy, just street hot dogs but they're, like, the best hot dogs you've ever had. They have a lot of diverse options.
Apparently, he knows the owner of the joint because when he stepped up to order the guy working there shook his hand like he was a long lost brother.
"What's up my guy? Yo, so…" he gestures to you. "This is my roommate, Y/N. We're on a little…thing, and she's never been here before so…Jacob, you've gotta give me that discount."
Jacob tilts his head teasingly as if to say "I dunno," whilst dabbing him up.
"Isn't she beautiful, come on…" he lightly pushes the cook. "Gimme the thirty percent. I'll tell Marcos if you don't," he threatens playfully.
Jacob scans your face and shakes his head. "Alright, alright. You've got the thirty. Order quickly cause I can't have this line backed up til closing," he threatens.
"Thank you, my guy," he mumbles as he opens up the laminated menu for you, handing it over as he gets out his wallet.
"Anything you want, I promise. Anything on that menu is super good," he winks.
Oh God, why is that attractive?
You decide on something simple out of courtesy and sit down at one of the aluminum tables in front of the stand. There's a napkin dispenser next to the condiment bottles, so you pull out a few of them and lay them down on top of the table.
Jungkook pulls out a chair and sits down across from you, observing your makeshift table mat.
"It'll come in a little baggie," he mentions. "You're just gonna hold it. It's gonna be saucy and you will make a mess, so I'll teach you how to eat it."
"Just like you're gonna eat me?" You add.
Jungkook can't help but smile. He nods his head, "Yeah."
"Aww…" you coo, instinctively reaching for his hand before you realize what you're doing. He doesn't retract it. Instead, he wistfully glances down at the gesture.
His fingers are carefully intertwined in yours now. A familiar rush overcomes you.
"Ah,," You always giggle when you flirt. It feels like you're drunk. "It's…weird."
"Is it? I'm sorry," Jungkook purses his lips.
"I mean not bad weird? Good weird," you interrupt. "It's…been a while."
It's true. You had just gotten out of a really bad long term relationship which left your heart in pieces just a month ago. It was strange to be out with someone, nevermind be holding their hand.
It's just casual sex. Jungkook is your roommate. The feeling isn't going away though. It just lingers and floats in the air surrounding you, building tension.
You might be in trouble.
Jungkook rocks your hands back and forth on the table playfully. He giggles. "You're cute."
"What?!" You laugh. "No!"
"You areeee…" he sings. "You are."
There's a moment where you enjoy the apparent love that Jungkook's eyes appear to hold. Perhaps it's a simple illusion or the look of someone who will inevitably get laid, but it's happiness nevertheless and the idea that you could bring someone this feeling is satisfying enough of a thought.
"I can't wait to touch you," you say in a soft voice.
"JEON get your fucking dogs before I ban you from this spot!" Jacob yells from the window.
Jungkook jolts at the sudden call and violently lifts himself from his seat, mumbling a "hold on," before trudging towards the pick up counter.
You watch him leave in wonder, quietly anticipating the remainder of the night.
Night falls quickly. You spill a little bit of the sauce on the napkin upon your first bite, but that's what you put it there for so it's okay. What mattered was that it was hands-down one of the best things you've ever had in terms of street food.
"Did I tell you or did I tell you?" Jungkook boasts, his arms crossed. He'd finished his meal some five minutes before you, swallowed the thing whole.
"Mh," you shake your head, pleased. "I gotta start trusting you more with these things…"
"You better. Next time, I'll take you down to where my buddy makes these Korean corn dogs– it's bomb. Promise."
"Next time?" You repeat.
"Well, if you want there to be." Jungkook scratches his nose. "But! You don't have to decide now. We can go whenever you're ready."
"For the second date or to go home?" You ask, smiling.
"Umm…home. Obviously," he tries.
Jungkook can't keep his eyes off of you. He's mesmerized by the simple beauty of your face, and, honestly, he's surprised at your amiability. You're charming. It makes it so much easier for him to envision how many positions he'll be thrusting his dick into you tonight.
"Mmm…mhm," he hums, dazed.
"You're thinking about bending me over on the counter aren't you?" You laugh.
"No," he says, matter-of-factly. "I'm thinking about bending you over on the sofa."
What a thought. You stroke your thumb on the back of his hand teasingly. "We should go."
"We…should go," he agrees, compiling all the scraps from the table and throwing them out promptly.
Tumblr media
Your back hits the wall of the mudroom as you kiss and suck at Jungkook's bottom lip ferociously. "I've been wanting to do this forever," he growls between passionate kisses. "Fucking forever I've been needing your pussy."
Your arms pull at the back of his shirt in a rush, stripping him mindlessly to feel as much as his skin as you can. You sigh deeply as you inhale his scent. It's reminiscent of musk, but still warm and pleasant.
By the end of tonight you want to reek of him.
He feels the same way about your confectious scent. You're sweet and addicting, and the more his tongue and his nose senses you the more he needs to indulge.
He finds a spot beneath your jaw and kisses it while his hands caress your back with only his fingertips. "Are we going two rounds…three…" he suggests.
"I don't know. I don't care right now, I want more of you," you hastily reply, breaking out into a soft moan. The once arid room is now humid with the scent of both of your bodies grinding and pulling at one another.
You stumble and chase each other to his bedroom, landing on his king sized bed. It has stuff on it but you push all of it off the bed except for the comforter and the sheets beneath that.
He stretches briefly before crawling after you, smiling through soft kisses up your body.
Jungkook's lips feel like raindrops on your skin, evaporating immediately upon contact with your fever. "Don't let go, just…" he prays. "Don't think."
Your hands fall to his chest and caress him down to the band of his sweats.
"Mmngh," he hums, bringing his hips forward so that you have access to him. "Oh, fuck,,"
"What~" you flirt. "Needy."
"So, so needy…for you," Jungkook replies between pressed kisses.
You tug him by his waistband, wrapping your legs around his thighs.
"Mmh," he moans softly into your mouth. "Why have you kept this from me for so long? You're evil, you know that? I'm going to pound you until you feel my cum drench your tight cunt."
His eyes gleam in the dimmed light of the room. Your eyes wander down his jaw to his neck, his adam's apple down to his pecs and his biceps, to his forearms…to his hands tugging at the bands of not only his pants but his boxers, beneath that, as well.
"You staring?" He chuckles.
"Yeah…wow," you slur.
"Are you gonna keep making goo goo eyes or are you gonna let me eat?" Jungkook cages you in his arms, his nose hovering over your face.
His breath is warm and his scent is stronger now, a tinge of sweat somewhere in the mix.
He glances at your lips and sweetly kisses you. "Hmm, y/n?"
You gather strands of his black hair between your delicate hands, your heart beating a mile a minute.
"yes," you breathe.
"What was that…" The gentle buzz of his voice lulls you, even though your mind knows he's being a dick.
The logic part of your brain isn't in charge right now.
"Yeah, yes, fuck…" you whine, sitting up a bit to continue kissing along his jaw. "Mmh,"
He pulls himself from you just so that he can position your legs over his broad shoulders. "Can I take this off?" He tugs on the fabric of your pant leg.
Soon, Jungkook's face is buried in your cunt, his tongue lathered in your arousal. He takes your clit between his lips and sucks hard, honing in on your most sensitive spots with his hot mouth. You gasp violently, squeezing your thighs around the lower half of his face. He smirks between them.
"Come here," he pulls you down to his thighs. You cling your legs around his waist and sit up on your elbows. He captures your lips in a heated, humorous kiss.
He moves his hips on your cunt languidly, taking his time mapping out your skin with his supple lips. He twitches wildly from under you, incredibly impatient.
You pant, tensing your legs around him and leaning your head back on the pillows beneath you. A dazed smile spreads across your face as he plants countless kisses on your chest and collar.
"Mmh," he hums between each one, "mh,,"
You run your fingers through his careful black curls and sigh. "Oh fuckhhh~"
You watch him rise from your body and take in every gorgeous ridge and peak of his half-naked body. Then, you wonder, why isn't he completely naked yet.
"Take it all off," you whine. "All of it. I hate the clothes on your body right now."
Jungkook laughs as he slides his thumb along the edge of his sweatpants and dips them below his waist. His cock springs free, and he immediately begins pumping it with his fist, his tongue running across his lips.
Your dazed eyes drink in every inch of skin on his body. You beckon him closer, your hands splayed across his impressive chest. He hums teasingly, pecking your lips as he kneads your thighs with purpose.
"I get to take these out too." He hooks his finger under the seam of your lace panties and drags it down your legs. Jungkook bites the cloth between his teeth and scrunches his nose.
"So I'm your prize, huh? If you don't win this thing…" you ask.
"With dick like mine? How could I possibly lose?"
He's right. From the moment Jungkook fucks his dick into your cunt, you just about cum right then. He practically melts in you, his strokes passionate and beautifully desperate. They match his pleading eyes and his hands, pulling your hips back down on him.
He's using your body just right. He's a big boy, he can handle it. Jungkook's fingers reach to play with your pussy while he fills you.
"Fuck–! fuuuck,," you gasp, indulging in the smell of his skin as he splays your body on his. You're so full.
Jungkook's mouth gets to work on your tits, marking them diligently as he thrusts mindlessly into your drenched heat.
You tense suddenly, deepening your breaths as you sense your whole body warming.
He takes notice and encourages your orgasm. "Cum," He breathes "Cum hard,"
"All over my dick," he groans, finally. "Fuck, I can't resist you–"
You squeeze your eyes shut in concentration, mewing constantly. So, so, so close! It washes over you quickly, causing a blissful rush to ripple from your core to your heart and body.
He jolts, pounding himself back into you before stilling and cumming against your abused cervix.
You stay in each other's arms for a while. You caress Jungkook's face and remind him of how good he did, because he gets pouty.
The panties were an afterthought. They were thrown on the floor somewhere after all the action. Who cares about a stupid bet if he's got you?
Tumblr media
permatag gang gang: @kooliv , @koobsessed , @angelwonie , @carolynanderson , @hoseokgrecns , @bangsterz , @swyseren , @sxtaep , @koostarcandy , @hgema , @jjkeverlast , @armys-dna , and @nglmrk
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justyouraverageanonbloghere · 14 hours ago
Soul Owner
To be honest with you my life wasn't one worth complaining about, but it sure wasn't one I was crazy with having. Growing up in a small town where hardly anything new happens. Same old shit, same old different day.
Oh? Me? I'm just another closted gay kid in the sticks. I was from the city but when my mom fell for this farmer guy, I was forced to move out here. Nowadays I just spend my days in the town because my new step-dad kicks me out of my room all the time. While I was walking down the very small networked streets, I couldn't help but just go to the nearest alleyway to take my anger out on a few bags of trash. I was wearing steel toe boots so at least my feet were somewhat protected should there be glass or metal.
I wasn't angry at my mom for wanting to live her life in happiness. I was angry that I was forced to be a part of a community that would immediately lynch me if word got out that I was gay.
As I took my anger out on the trash, one happened to split open. And there among the garbage was this crazy looking necklace that could've came out of a movie. Normally I don't mess with stuff like that but I couldn't help but take it and put it on. Next thing I realize is that my body becomes intangible and I was practically hovering slightly in the air. I was practically a spirit now!
Throughout the day I was partaking in mischief throughout the town. Making dishes float in the diner and coffee pouring itself in a cup, writing stupid shit on foggy mirrors in the barber ships, whispering during the church sermons, oh I was going the whole nine yards! But during my spree of causing fear, I saw the one man who was the target of my wet dreams and fantasies. His name is Ryan and he was walking around town waiting on his friends. No doubt he was completely unaware of the havoc I was causing.
For clarification, Ryan was as idiotic as he was muscular. Poor thing was too dumb to understand things like bigotry or racism or even to see when someone was making passes at him. He was just nice to everyone. It honestly blew my mind how someone that hot can be so idiotic and nice. As such I would touch myself many of nights to the thought of him being in a relationship with me. To be cuddled and held in those beefy arms and spoiled by a man with no mean bone in his body. But then the wet dreams of me getting railed by a certain bone in his body also intrigued me. However, I realized recently he's planning on leaving to go to college in L.A. in a couple of days. How he managed to do something as go to college was beyond me. But I was both happy for him but envious that he was leaving this static shithole.
Using my newfound abilities, I made some trash fall in the alleyway so he could walk towards the source. And just like a moth to a flame, he did just that. I didn't want to scare him but I wanted to use these new abilities to just be close to him. To take in his scent one last time and see him from a closer angle before he was gone forever. As he looked at the trash bag, I gave a deep inhale to take in his cologne while seeing those rippling muscles hidden behind his thin blue shirt. What I wasn't expecting was to get so lost in his scent that I didn't realize he got up and ran into me.
Everything was black for a bit until my eyes opened. I was looking the opposite direction but I didn't feel light anymore. I felt incredibly heavy. That's when I realized that I must've entered Ryan's body when he walked into me. I was shocked but I couldn't do anything to show it. I was just a passenger in Ryan's body. At first I didn't think much about it since I could just hitch a ride in Ryan to live life alongside of him, but soon my thoughts were replaced with a new idea.
Why hitch a ride as Ryan when I can BE Ryan??
These thoughts must've held more power than I thought because Ryan stopped in his tracks and noticed his cock beginning to tent in his shorts. He shrugged and was going to continue walking until I willed his feet to stop. No. The Ryan who walks out of that alleyway will be me!
My emotions caused his confusion to form a cocky grin as he peeled off his shirt. He began to feel his muscles and kiss his biceps as I continued to force my soul as the owner of his body. As he was busy worshipping himself, I started forcing myself into his brain by thrusting my essence inside. This caused Ryan to moan as he began to get more cocky over his appearance. With each thrust of my essence, my personality, my mannerisms, it would all send ineffable pleasure to his system.
His moans picked up as he massaged his massive pecs and played with those perky nipples of his as I gained full control of his brain.
"Fuck this towb. Glad I'm leaving all these stupid asses behind." He laughed.
That made me hard. Not once have I ever heard Ryan swear. My personality and everything else was merging with his own. But it looks like I'm the dominant aspect in this fusion. With my newfound influence, I had his soul expose itself to me in which I devoured it and merged with it. This process caused Ryan to grip his head and keel over. I was overtaking everything that he was as my soul spread itself throughout his body. I would've expected Ryan to shout and plead but instead he was moaning and laughing. Looks like my influence really infected him.
With one final push, Ryan stood up and let out a mighty roar as his muscles contracted all at once and relaxed as his cock released ropes of cum in his underwear from all the pleasure. His face was one of apathy before he smirked.
"Hello world." I say in my new deep voice.
I look down to see my heaving muscles and laugh.
"Fuck. I really did it."
I started stroking my still hard cock through my shorts until I fired another massive load inside, and just to test my strength I ripped my underwear off from my mighty legs and started eating the massive load caught within.
"Fuck yes . . . so good . ." I groan out as I feast.
I tossed my shredded underwear into a trashcan once I was done and walked out to the main street. There my now flaccid monster was hitting my legs and my shorts with each step I took. I sat at a bench to test something out. As I tried my hardest to focus on separating from Ryan, I couldn't. It seems I'm permanently fused to him.
"Fine by me." I laugh as I get up from the bench and start heading back to Ryan's place so I can pack and leave this one horse town in my dust.
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definitelynotahutaosimp · 2 days ago
Taking care of them while they're sick
characters: Eula / Yun Jin x gn!reader
warnings: none, just fluff
a/n: I decided to add Yun Jin to this, since I wanted to write something for her. Still, this is one of the first times I have ever written for her, so I'm sorry if I got her character a bit wrong.
Also I'm trying something "new" (well, I used to do smth like this, but abandoned it after some time) with the whole images instead of writing the names in italics, so I hope it doesn't look completely sh*t.
Anyway, hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
You had absolutely no idea how Eula caught a cold. Sure, she was taking bath in the freezing waters of Dragonspine much more frequently than any person should, but that never seemed to bother her. But at the end of the day, it didn’t matter how she got herself sick, only that she managed to do so, and as the number one person on her list of people she swore her vengeance to, it was your duty to care for her until she was feeling well enough to continue avenging her grievances.
Taking care of her turned out to be not as difficult as you thought. Most of the time you found her sleeping and when she was awake, the most you had to do was cook chicken soup while making sure that she didn’t run out of tissues. All in all, you got much more out of it than you had to sacrifice, you had an excuse to stay at home for a few days, weren’t dragged to Dragonspine by Eula and got to hear some accidentally hilarious things coming out of her mouth.
“I swear on my name and on everything that I hold dear, I will take my vengeance on this stupid cold!”, you wished you could say how many times you had heard her say something of these lines in the past two days, but you had long lost count of it. Not being allowed to leave the bed for most of the time made the usually elegant and composed Eula into a frustrated mess.
“I’m sorry if me asking may seem disrespectful, but how exactly do you plan on taking revenge on an illness?”, you asked her while mockingly imitating the speech in which you imagined a servant would speak to their master. Your voice suddenly coming seemingly out of nowhere managed to catch the Lawrence a bit off-guard, causing her to turn her head so she would face you before giving you a short glare and taking the bowl of chicken soup you held in your hands.
“I don’t know, and I don’t care, all I know is that I want this stupid cold to finally end”, she muttered loud enough for you to hear before starting to shove the contents of the bowl into her mouth, only to stop after a few seconds and look you in the face once more. “You told me you know a bit about colds. So, how long until I’m fine again?”, she held eye contact with you for a few more seconds before starting to cough again and putting the bowl onto the small desk next to the bed.
“Well, you are still sick, and I don’t think you should go to work too quickly or else you might get something more serious. So maybe a week? I’m not an expert, but that’s usually how long it lasts”, the moment the estimated duration of her sickness left your mouth, Eula let out a frustrated groan before falling backwards onto the pillows.
You knew that Eula would be fine, maybe she would think twice about jumping into the cold water of Dragonspine the next time she was there or maybe she wouldn’t, you didn’t know. But what you did know, was that you had a week full of complaining in front of you.
Tumblr media
Having to perform regularly seemed like something stressful for you, but Yun Jin managed to do so without showing a hint of exhaustion, even though she didn’t miss a single performance. Well, not until she got sick with a sore throat at least. And while she had already seen a doctor, she still had to remain at home and rest, with you by her side to tend for her every need.
As her significant other you already knew what she was a sweet person she had hidden behind her polite public mask, but while most people would be a bit less bearable while sick, she was as nice as ever. Communicating with her was a bit difficult at first, since she couldn’t really speak without it causing her pain or at least discomfort, but you quickly resolved that problem by writing her a few cards with different things on them, causing her to simply show them to you whenever she needed the item written on them.
You didn’t leave Yun Jin’s side often, deciding to stay by her side most of the time, even if she didn’t really need you, you decided that she would probably appreciate a bit of company, telling her a few stories you had been told by your grandpa when you were just a child. To your surprise, and amusement, your “patient” had grabbed a blog and pencil before starting to write your tales down. At first you tried slowing down a little bit, but when you noticed that she was a fast writer and managed to keep up with your almost ramble like telling of the stories, you decided not to hold back.
But you also had a few things to do, so when you noticed how you ran out of ingredients for tea, you immediately ran to buy them, coming back in almost record time.
“You’re not going to believe this, Jin. So, when I was walking home, I met Chongyun, you know the exorcist boy with blue hair?”, you began talking the moment you re-entered the room, only to see her nod. “And he heard of your sore throat, so he was nice enough to give me one of his popsicles since he meant that they help against the pain. It hasn’t melted, yet, but I think it would be a good idea to eat it rather sooner than later”, you continued, only to hand the popsicle to Yun Jin, watching her give you a cute smile before starting to eat it.
“Thank you for taking so much care of me”, she thanked you in a hoarse voice, her smile never leaving her face. Your eyes instantly widened in shock. She wasn’t supposed to speak. You quickly scanned through all the cards only to realise that there was none for thanking you, immediately blaming yourself for forgetting to write one, indirectly forcing her to speak whenever she wanted to thank you. But before you had a chance to blame yourself too much, your mind was interrupted by Yun Jin laughing, only for it to turn into coughing. You quickly handed her a glass of cold water and saw her take a sip of it before she turned back to you. “You always worry so much, but be assured, I’m doing much better than yesterday, so thank you for that.”
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matan4il · 2 days ago
Hi, you have probably been asked this many times before, so sorry about that.
But who do you think fell first.
Eddie or Buck? Even if they didn't realise it at first.
Hi Nonnie! TBH, I’m no longer sure if I was asked this specific question. I do know I was once asked whether it was love at first sight for them, which is I think as close as I got? My apologies if I’m mistaken!
I do think Buck and Eddie had a... an immediate attraction, even if Buck didn’t recognize it as such because his insecurities caused him to also feel threatened by how amazing he thought Eddie was. But they both showed a unique interest in the other, Buck being right away thrown off his game by how fantastic Eddie is, while Eddie himself is shown to naturally get away with all of his colleagues at the 118 (just like at dispatch), yet the only one we see him take an active interest in is Buck. So yes, I think there was an immediate interest and attraction. And then by the time they exchange their vow to have each other’s back, I think they were both feeling that they’re on the verge of something great, so I think at that point, they were crushing on each other a bit. Definitely on Buck’s side, who heard this amazing guy recognize Buck’s competence, and he more or less lost his head, along with his heart...
When does that turn into full on being in love? I’m not sure there is just one moment. It’s probably a thousand little ones, each one taking them deeper in, getting them to fall even more in love with each other. So here’s just a very partial least of moments that I think kept sealing their fate, causing them to take turns falling deeper and deeper in love:
Buck seeing Eddie’s son and the first hints of what a great dad Eddie is, so different from the parents Buck grew up with
Eddie realizing that Buck is trying to comfort him in the middle of this massive earthquake, that Buck cares enough about Eddie’s distress over Chris’ well being
Buck seeing Eddie and Chris hugging at the end of 203. His heart eyes couldn’t be more evident! It’s the moment when he fell in love with this little family unit, not just Eddie
Eddie realizing in 204 that Buck is there for him, someone he can count on, someone who’s stepping into Eddie’s mess with him and is actively helping him with Chris. Again, heart eyes seal the deal
Buck suddenly recognizing when talking to the elf lady there’s no reason to correct her, and happily hopping along to join his little family unit
Eddie grinding his teeth when Buck is crushed under the fire truck, rushing to his side and holding his hand, even though Chim and Hen would have been more experienced and better fit to take care of Buck
Buck being the most heart eyes ever, hands clutched together and everything, over Chris giving Eddie his firefighter helmet
Eddie fearing for Buck and trying to do something more to help him
Buck jumping after Chris into the water for both Chris and Eddie’s sake
Eddie finding himself in 303 verbalizing just how much Buck means to him and how much trust exists between them
Buck being emotionally stunned by Eddie’s words of trust
Eddie realizing last moment in the supermarket in 305 that something’s not quite right since he’s spiraling over not getting to talk to Buck
Buck hearing in that anger just how much he means to Eddie
Eddie’s perfect moment of contentment, despite memories from the Christmas before with Shannon, when he looks over to see Buck playing with Chris (and Denny)
And so on. Seriously, I’m only half way through to 310 and I am wailing. And I think they’ve kept taking these steps further and further into love in almost every ep we’ve seen, including the most recent 518, with them being each other’s happy and safe, healing place.
Thank you, I hope this sort of answered the question? Have a great day, lovely Nonnie! xoxox
(I got an influx of asks, I WILL answer all of them, but it might take a sec. If anyone wants to check whether I've already answered theirs or to read my replies, here's my ask tag. Thank you! xoxox)
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fireheartwraith · 2 days ago
What happens after the season finale?
Disclaimer: this is all my crack theory, I don't follow any news sites or pages on TOH to avoid spoilers, so I barely know how season 3 is going to work. This isn't a comprehensive take or anything like that, I just think it would be neat if this is how things worked out
Let's be real, Belos will succeed, at least in part. The season is almost over and there still needs a plot for the specials, so my guess is that the CATs sabotage works and the Collector decides to mess with the portal because the Emperor is a little shit, so a few key characters get stuck in the mortal world.
Because I like to suffer, I want the gang to be split up and Hunter to be one of the people stuck in the mortal realm. He ends up finding Camilia who obviously immediately adopts Hunter, so he gets to be a real teen with a caring parental figure for the first time basically ever, and this time he doesn't need to hide from the emperor coven or feel lesser because he can't do magic. And, since he now knows Belos' true identity, he can research him and figure out who he's a clone of. Angst ensues when he inevitabily tries to act like him because he thinks that's what he's supposed to do, but they help him out.
I also think Luz should get stuck in the mortal realm. She has the very real oportunity to simply forget the whole thing ever happened and live a normal life, and her mom might even encourage that in a misguided attempt to protect her forteen year old daughter from the genocidal maniac that wants her dead, but she comes around once she sees how miserable Luz is being stuck here without being able to help her friends. Also Vee needs food. So the four of them start a researching journey trying to figure out how the Wittebanes got to the Demon Realm in the first place and recreate that.
Back in the Boiling Isles, total chaos. Even though the spell failed, it worked for long enough for everyone to realize what the Day of Unity (and Belos) are really about, so now it's time for Revolution!!! Some fanatics or crazies like Odalia remain on Belos' side, so it's open war in the streets and everyone is scared.
In the Owl House, everyone majorly freaking out: not only they are in the midst of a civil war trying to take care of very eager children, they managed to lose two of them. It's guilt fest with the Clawthorne sisters, the Hexside friends are super worried, but the real focus here is on King. In his mind, his worst fear came true, he lost Luz to the Human Realm. People try to cheer him up by saying that Luz didn't abandon him, she just got sucked into an interdimensional portal with no way back! Needless to say it doesn't work. Little guy is really in the dumps.
Until he gets a very special visit in his dreams: during the showdown, the Collector realized that King is a Titan and promises to show him a way to get Luz back as long as they get something in return. What King doesn't know is that, as a Titan, he can make interdimensional portals on his own, so he just sold his (very powerful) soul to an immortal interdimensional being that is chaotic neutral only on good days. Fingers crossed that the power of friendship and found family wins them over and dissuades them from causing chaos on the multiverse just because they're bored lol
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neosporus · a day ago
actually i need ur thots on who from succession is which winnie the pooh character
Logan: Heffalump — crucially he is just the idea of heffalumps that haunt the nightmares of all the characters and not the real elephant (Lumpy) that Roo becomes friends with, he’s strictly a clownish horror shaped like an elephant
Ewan: Woozle — need i say more
Connor: Tigger — Now this may be controversial but hear me out - what does Tigger do ? He lives in his own version of reality is what he fucking does — everyone else is living in the 100 acre wood and Tigger is off the walls, he’s in his own fantasy land , he’s harmless most of the time but a real pain in the ass other times ……. Remind you of any presidential candidate 🤨
Kendall: Eeyore - I hate to be so on the nose but lets just consider what Eeyore is , he’s depressed chronically and clinically , and he’s a pillar of the community , nothing makes the gang band together quite like trying to make Eeyore happy (remember his birthday party? remember when he lost his tail? i could go on) , which …….. Very Kendall — and aside from that he’s a mopey voice of reason, he’s always In On The Scheme he’s just doing it in a way that’s a little more “level headed” than say Tigger 🙄
Roman: Roo — I know what you’re thinking , “Roos too innocent to be Roman”. Wrong. Roo is a Mommy’s Boy, that rat bastard is still living, LIVING in Kangas pouch ? Fucker is not a baby anymore right, still in the pouch — not only that but Roo has never once been held accountable for his actions , everything he does flies under the radar ALONG WITH PIGLET because he’s just too small to cause any real harm (he’s not)
Shiv: Rabbit - Rabbit thinks he is the voice of reason, he thinks he is god, and most of the time he’s right but Rabbit would sooner fucking kill himself than admit he ever made a mistake - he scolds the others when they get up to Mischief but secretly we all know he just wanted to be invited along and he’s causing this huge fucking stink because no one invited him not because he doesn’t think it looks fun , on top of that , Rabbit shows unbridled cruelty towards Pooh, he claims to be his friend but rarely if ever utters a kind word in his direction
Tom: Pooh Bear — what can i say …. kind heart, very kind heart… very good intentions ….. got his ass stuck in a window for HOURS on end …. got his paw stuck in his honey pot countless times …. Pooh Bear loves the people around him Christopher Robin and Piglet in particular , but things just don’t go to plan when Poohs around , he tries very hard to make things work and things tend not to work and he tends to need help from Piglet and/or Rabbit (remember when he fell in Gophers hole) , Pooh is a sweet little man and I love him with all my heart but i think we know only Pooh Bear would get his ass caught in a window, only Pooh Bear would BUST THE SEAM OF HIS ASS OPEN AND HAVE TO SEW IT BACK HIMSELF , that shit just doesn’t happen to Say, Rabbit
Greg: Piglet — Now at the beginning of the series I would’ve called Greg Christopher Robin, as he’s the new comer that doesn’t actually live in the 100 acre wood — HOWEVER , Greg pretty quickly assimilates into the 100 acre wood lifestyle. Who trails behind Pooh Bear all day? Who feels small and insignificant until Pooh Bear assures him he’s not? Who cares a lot about everyone in the 100 acre wood even when they don’t care about him? Who gets underfoot and makes messes worse by mistake ? Who loves Pooh Bear the most? PIGLET , Yes piglet has a life of his own outside of Pooh Bear — NOTABLY WHEN HE AND EEYORE GET INTO A FIGHT ………,, EEYORE/KENDALL ……….. but at the end of the day Piglet is really reliant on Pooh Bear, piglets goals can’t be reached (he is too small) but he gets there with Pooh Bears help WHICH MAKES HIM MORE CONFIDENT IN HIS OWN SELF
Gerri: Owl — Now I mean the ORIGINAL portrayal of Owl not the 2011 Owl — Okay so Owl is the problem solver , he doesn’t know quite all he thinks he knows but he is smart and he does have way more knowledge than anyone in the 100 acre wood, most of the gangs blunders are solved by Owls knowledge and flight ability , is his knowledge always Correct? no - but he’s always the smartest in the room (or treehouse) — speaking of treehouse , owl Does Not Live On The Ground - he is metaphorically and physically Above the others , However he’s not snobby or pretentious he’s distantly involved in everyone’s affairs and always willing to help them especially when it allows him to flex his intelligence — And It Should Be Pointed Out that ALL of the characters EXCEPT FOR Rabbit and Owl are stuffed animals whereas these two are Real 🤨🤨🤨
Willa: Kanga — now this has no relation to Roman being Roo , she just is the most level headed character and the calmest — Willa is dating the most insane freak of a man who is what? 20 years older than her ? he’s talking about how he wants to be president and all kinds of bullshit and what does she do? she takes it in stride? what have we never seen out of Kanga? she never screams she never blows up — neither does Willa - the most emotion we get from her is when he play begins to fail and she gets Sad …. Not like outwardly screaming angry (even though she has the right) she’s just upset Because she’s so in control of her emotions Much Like Kanga who , surrounded by an insane cast of characters, must remain calm to keep her own peace and some of everyone else’s
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iriswestallenn · a year ago
Y'all gotta stop lmao I'm not even a John Mulaney stan but y'all are weird. I definitely understand being concerned because getting into a relationship fresh out of rehab is not great. I get the disappointment coming from his fans in regards to that but the discourse on whether or not he cheated... yikes. We don't know shit and we never will.
Celebs work in mysterious ways. He probably leaked the olivia munn thing to people mag himself since he has shows coming up. His soon to be ex could have. We don't know. Stop putting celebs on a pedestal. This we lost another one and no, not pure soft boy John! Has got to stop. Every single one of the celebs you love are problematic. ALL OF THEM.
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emmiewtf · a year ago
As much as i want them to KISS im preparing myself for it not happening. But in exchange I want them to at least hold hands romantically OR have like, matching infinity rings that i had only recently discovered were a thing. Or both, both is good.
GOD!! like they're Obviously romantically coded like the writers KNOW what theyre doing this isnt just us projecting and wanting it to happen but pls i swear if we don't get SOME kind of confirmation.. like come on commit to ur romance if ur gonna add it in.. let them kiss
#like they didnt HAVE to add romance its a funky little skating show#but they Deload made the choice to add in romance#dont be shy let them kiss#YES they can be 'canon' without kissing but come on we shouldn't have to settle for that#queerbaiting is so normalized now that we just gotta accept half assed rep and it makes me Sad#yall are rlly gonna let ad*m say shit abt love but reki and langa have to be like#'lets be skating buddies forever<3' come on studio bones#how the fuck did deliberately change to deload what the fuck phone#im too lazy to retype all this pls pretend u dont see that#nyways if reki and langa dont get EXPLICITLY STATED romantic confession scene like..#it falls under queerbait#cause that is Literally the Definition of queerbaiting#no matter how romantically coded they are if its not actually stated thats queerbaiting#like its not as extreme as a lot of the other examples but as of rn historians could say theyre best bros#idk i feel like queerbaiting got so stigmatized by like str8 girls fetishizing gay ppl#that people forget that its like an Actual serious thing that happens yknow?#long story short..... actually i dont even know what my point was if i had one i lost it#long story short PLEASE let them kiss ill never ask for anything again#hah.. anyways... to the probably like 2 ppl who read my tags... this is a mess i apologize..#emmask#also like idk if it can be interpreted that way but to clarify i am Not saying go harass studio bones#it just makes me sad how normalized queerbaiting is yknow 😔#the queerbait debate is kinda exhausting which is why i only ramble abt it in my tags wkdjk#and if they DO keep it vague they better not pull the 'ur my best friend 4ever<33' card like bf did#ok yea im just gonna stop talking now i talk too much WKEJLWJSKS#when ur tags are longer than the actual response... im so sorry..
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theendofsimetronics · 8 months ago
DOG WHATTHE ACTUAL FUCK a bunch of households (trays) and saves i had on my game completely disappeared (which means i most likely lost a good chunk of the sims from my randos cas dump post including one i was starting a gameplay with) and also on another weird note all of the reshade i had downloaded (with the same reshade version) completely disappeared from my game/bin folder, i legit cant tjink of anything i could’ve done outside of just straight up deleting those files manually (which i obviously didnt lol) and it went back to being super laggy, i swear evrry time i start enjoying playing this game again EA sneaks into my room at 3AM and hits me on both shins with a rusty metal bar, like dude idk im actually so fucking frustrated over this shit rn that i legit don’t even feel motivated or whatever to open my game atm anymore to try to maybe remake or make new cas randos or start new/play old saves, i feel genuinely sad and frustrated Lol
Tumblr media
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berrymeter · a year ago
not really my business but if some of you are going through a lot of pain and know you need a doctor please do whatever you can to see a doctor. phone calls suck but if it can be a matter of life or death i promise you'll feel better making that phone call and getting that taken care of than waiting for it to be unbearable because you imagine the phone call to be insurmountable or because you fear what the appointment will be like. i know how anxiety is, i know fear of needles, of the dentist, all of that, but the truth is no matter how scared you are, if you don't do it now you'll have to do it later anyway if you want to keep on living and you'll probably hold remorse over not doing it sooner. this stuff can be really important especially if you have teeth issues like maybe i'm biased because i had no choice but to get some teeth fixed 3 times but the dentist really is not as bad as the consequences of not taking care of your teeth. please take care of yourselves
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the-horror-and-the-wild-miss · 10 months ago
Y'all should have seen this...
me: *busting my ass off the whole day at work because people are getting days off and I'm basically doing two people's job all at once*
🧸, at like 3PM, way too late to the party: Hey, I know you have a lot to do... I should have some spare time now to maybe do something and help you with QC?
me, incinerating his entire being with one glance: Well, I already finished all the QC queue, now I'm doing stuff with my favourite person's .py script, writing emails and editing photos. I don't need your shallow help. I can do it myself.
Tumblr media
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lilgynt · 10 months ago
reasons i regret finding out i’m autistic
figuring out stimming outside of extreme duress has ruined my life. like feels wonderful love a good shake sesh so helpful in regulating my emotions stimming is SOO GOOD but now i have to purposely hold my hands in public bc i don’t feel like dealing with all that
figured out oh wow routines and set rhythms of the day help like. a lot. now i’m upset when theyre messed up 🙄 also now i’m neurotic mixed with routines
idk i had something for number three but idk it now. whatever finding out things in my life now make sense in context but now gotta deal with having said knowledge within society or whatever? also my tits got fatter and i got hotter after finding out or like whatever 🙄🙄
#personal#hello boys this post was brought to you by feeling extremely out of. wack bc i haven’t been able to do my weekly sheet washing for two weeks#first bc of my mom cleaning situation it was just easier to wait a week then try to juggle that into everything#and now yesterday my sheets didn’t get finished bc the washer won’t stop restarting itself 😢#i left them out to dry and#this is just me being insane#but my dad messed with them and i’m so fucking upset#like i hate being like this but also#as much love as i can say this but my father is so fucking disgusting it makes my brain itch thinking about him touching my stuff#and it’s like can’t you leave good enough alone for ONCE!!!!#like i was gone for FOUR hours and he had to mess with it#it feels like no matter where anything is or even asking i#him to leave it be he has to mess with your stuff and it’s just makes me so upset#like last time he touched my sheets he lost my pillow cover and i was so fucking angry cause i told him not to touch my stuff#i tried to be nice with it but he lost it and i got angry and i had a whole melt down#and rhe today he did something dangerous ish with the locks on the house and he means soooo well i know but oh my god#he means well and that’s the worst part. i love my father but god it’s hard having a 82 year old dad who’s kinda crazy.#it’s just so hard. and it has to suck for him worse#anywya i need to re wash those but can’t and my big blanket is still dirty and i don’t want to put on my other sheets cause it’s not time#to change the sheets onto the other ones yet and i’ve skipped most my monthly cleaning stuff bc of my moms friends visiting so deep clean#of the house ordeal that didnt even go through#anyway. that first statement is so real tho#like will never regret finding out mwah helped me so much but also leaning into stimming whenever it felt right has ruined my life i catch#myself at work like oh shit please be normaler oh god oh fuck#oh and basically being a fandom mom with special intrest. that DOES suck. love the intrest love how i love it hate how everyone else#interprets me liking it#anyway that’s my autistic rant of the day ur welcome#didn’t find this out per say but now i constantly think about it cause it’s like a trait but#SOOOOOOO fucking sexy how i just eat the same food all the time and don’t get sick of it
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janefonda · a year ago
just saw someone say that your school friends are the only friends you keep for life and haha please dont!! say that!!
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robotcoplegacy · 2 years ago
(za'i Is such an icon, I swear)
he’s such a disaster
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matamisin · 3 years ago
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mess-of-a-human-being · 2 years ago
Well after a Long Ass 13 hours, I finally finished oitnb s7
Edit: in the third tag I meant consistently, not constantly......ok I'm actually going now
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taeofcups-moved · 3 years ago
Everything is dull.
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shojotsude · 3 months ago
Good Girlfriend - Okkotsu Yuuta
Tumblr media
*PLEASE READ: No minors allowed. 18+ Only. All characters are aged-up in my work.*
TW: 18+, Unprotected Sex, Breeding, Cock Warming, Spit Kink, Hotel Sex, Fluff?, Yuuta in General
Word Count: 2.3K
AN: I was feeling romantical bc of Valentine’s Day! So I wrote a whole lil fic that was supposed to be a part of a blurb piece but i got carried away  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ not even God himself could stop me. Anyways enjoy!
Female Reader x Okkotsu Yuuta
You were a good girlfriend. Or you would be if you had a boyfriend. Anyone could ask any of your male friends. You were charming, funny, and cute. You often wondered if maybe it was because of your male friends on why you didn’t have a partner. Someone to lay with at night and call your own. Or maybe you were meant to just mess around and engage in hookup culture like your friends did. You should take some notes from Maki-Senpai. You drowned out everyone around you as you thought your way into a headache. The drink in front you only being fiddled with as your partner continued to type up your mission report over text to Gojo.
As you were lost in thought, Yuuta thumped his foot against yours. You quickly jumped out of your little mind bender to look at him. He smiled sweetly as he pointed to your menu. 
“You gonna grab anything to eat, we have the company card so we can splurge.” He said, dropping his gaze to look over the options himself. You let out a soft ‘oh’ before looking over the meals and various pictures of food. 
“I just want chicken and rice, you know I'm easy when it comes to food.” He hummed in agreement before deciding on his order as well. “What are you getting, Okkotsu?” You asked, resting your elbow on the table so you could settle your head into your hand. 
“Mmm fried chicken, rice, and pickled radish. Maybe something to drink as well.” Your eyes light up at the thought of a drink. He smiled at your reaction and said, “Maybe a few drinks.” 
After a long dinner and a few shots, Yuuta had you back in your shared hotel room.
“Jesus fuck, I promise I’m not a drunk or anything, it’s just-” You said until you cut off.
“Been awhile?” Yuuta said.
“Yeah,” You sighed. You watched his tall frame rummage around his luggage for his sleepwear, a baggy t-shirt and some sweatpants.
“I’ll be back. Gonna change real quick,” He said, moving towards the bathroom. 
“I should do the same.” You said, moreso to yourself than him. For some reason, in your drunken stupor, you felt exposed as you removed your work clothes. The tights uniform left small indents in your plush skin. You pressed your fingers against the indents. After a few breaths you realized you should probably put some clothes on. 
Reaching for a tank top and some sleep shorts, you worked the fabric over your frame. As soon as you finished, Yuuta emerged, a band around his head, pushing his hair out of his face with moisturized dewy skin. You quickly pressed your fingers against your face, realizing the guy probably had better products than you. Also, crazy enough, Yuta had a girlfriend once. Or well… Still does. A wife? What would you even call Rikka? Soon your little thoughts from earlier came rushing back into your head and you looked over back to the man.
“Uhh, Y/N?” He finally called out to you, causing you to meet his eyes. “I can practically feel you staring at me… Is something up? Do you want separate rooms?” He politely asked. You quickly shook your head.
“No, it’s not that but,” you said, moving to sit on the mattress and cross your legs. “I’m having trouble trying to say it,” You admitted to him. He nodded patiently, waiting for you to continue. Sorting through your thought process. “Do you think I'd be a good girlfriend or like… Is there anything wrong with me?” Yuuta opened his mouth only for your rushed words to come out. “I mean like, Maki and Nobara have guys flocking to them! And I get that I’m not them but I think I’m pretty cool! I know that it’s not just down to looks but I just- It’s just that- I wanna-” 
Yuuta grabbed at your hands to slow you down and get you grounded to him. You stopped talking and waited for whatever prophetic word would come from him.
“It’s not like that, Y/N. It’s just up to chance sometimes.” He said, smiling with his words. You immediately groaned, pushing his hands away and deflated at the phrase. 
“Sure, yeah, but honestly sometimes I just wanna be touched! And held! It’s driving me nuts!” You fell back against the sheets for dramatic effect, pushing your legs out. Yuuta rested his palm against your shin, gently running his thumb over it. 
“Do you want to cuddle or something?” He asked. You sat up on your elbows at his words, looking over his soft pretty features before nodding at him. “We could cuddle for a bit until we fall asleep if you want.” And with that you rushed into your night routine before coming back to the bed. 
Suddenly you felt almost shy in front of your friend. You fiddled with the hem of your shirt as he lifted the thick comforter up and slid over, making space for you. With a quick ‘thank you’ you moved to occupy the space. Instead of spooning him, you surprised him. You pressed your face into his chest and lifted a leg to go over his hips. His skin was warm and his heartbeat was thumping loudly. 
Your mind went blank as he dragged his fingertips gently up and down your back. It pulled you into a peaceful state of mind. You’re so used to fighting curses and hand to hand combat you almost forgot a touch could be so gentle. 
You pressed into him more, looking forward to see the exposed skin of his collarbone. In your daze you pressed your lips against his skin, causing the repetitive drag of his fingers to stutter. You pulled back a little, moving your leg off of him, feeling your nerves take a hit. 
“Sorry,” you said, untangling yourself from him. Instead of a response, Yuuta leaned down, pressing his soft lips against yours. You gripped at his shirt, working your lips against his before he pulled back.
“Don’t apologize, I liked it,” He said, right against your mouth before hooking his hand around your knee. He pulled your leg back over his hips, turning his frame slightly so his hips pressed against yours. You jumped at the feeling of his hard cock slotting right against your covered cunt. “I liked it so fucking much.”
You pulled him in for a kiss again, letting him grab at you. His palms working over your breast, swiping his fingertips over your nipples through your shirt. Soon he pulled you underneath him, sliding his hand underneath your shirt, gripping at your hips. You spread your legs open to make space for him, feeling how wet you were from your lips spreading with the motion. You almost felt embarrassed, knowing there might be a wet spot but with him wrapping a hand around your throat and bracing you against him, it didn’t matter.
He tightened his lower abdominal muscles, flowing through with the motion so he could rock his hips into you. The drag of his hard dick against your pussy caused a frenzy inside of you. You followed his actions, keeping pace as you rutted against him as well. Although it was supposed to be dry humping, the slick you were accumulating through your shorts was soaking both of you. 
Yuuta pulled his hand away from your neck, pushing your shirt up to grab a handful of your breast. You moaned against his mouth, sliding your palm under his shirt. It almost shocked you to feel his hard cut of abs. He sat up, yanking his shirt off. Before you had the chance to admire his physique he was grabbing at the hem of your shorts, yanking them down aggressively along with your panties. You shuddered as the chill hotel air hit your wet pussy. 
Yuuta’s gaze was stuck to your exposed skin, transfixed on your slick folds. As you shimmied away from him, trying to hide your apparent arousal he gripped your knees, opening you up more.
“Y-yuuta,” You said, in a shy tone.
“Yeah, baby?” He said, letting go of one leg to pull his cock out. He watched your face, waiting for a response while he stroked himself. He spread his precum along his shaft, steading his breath now that he finally had you underneath him. 
“Want you so bad,” You said, shutting your eyes and trembling from the fear of not getting what you want. No, what you need at this moment.
“Fuck,” He whispered before removing the rest of your clothes. The fat tip of his cock slapped against your folds, causing you to jump at the spark that shot up your core. He leaned over, dropping a glob of spit onto your already soaked cunt before he slid his tip up and down your slit. You jumped every time his tip passed over your clit. It was aching and so sensitive. You were basically throbbing for it.
His blunt head pressed into your entrance causing you to suck a deep breath in. He looked at your beautiful flushed face before pressing forward, working himself into you. The pressure of his cock splitting you open caused you to exhale hard. Your stomach caved in with the lack of air in it, hip flexors pulling up and angling your pelvis better for him. 
By the time you inhaled again he was fully sheathed inside of you. You tensed your jaw and shut your eyes. Dear fucking god. A gargled moan fell from his lips before you could state your concern. 
“You’re so tight, love,” He whimpered. Instead of pulling out, he grinded his hips against yours, just like before, causing you to see stars. 
“No,Yuuta, fuck,” you said, struggling to find your words. “You’re just so fucking big. I’m so full, you’re so fucking deep.” He felt drunk off your words, almost possessed as he pulled out slowly, only to press back in, dragging his veiny cock against your spasming walls. Your hands fell wrapped around his biceps as you dared to look down to where you both were conjoined. 
You gasped seeing him plunge in and out of you, thrusting his cock with a lazy pace. The hair that adorn his pelvis was soaked and matted to his skin. His veins along his happy trail popped out from the motion. You dragged your gaze up to see him looking down as well. He watched your pretty pussy work to talk all of him in. Your poor clit was swollen and your lips were wet and puffy. 
He looked back into your eyes before capturing your lips in a kiss. Although you wanted to rush and feel his tongue on yours, he slowed you both down, teasing you as he worked at you gently. He moved his hands down to hook under your knees, pressing them flat against the mattress, forcing your pelvic area up more. 
You yelped at his next thrust, feeling him deeper than before. His cock was pressing against your cervix now. You couldn’t help but clamp down on him, pressing a hand against his lower abdomen so he wouldn’t be able to press so deep. 
“This pussy is so fucking good, Y/N. Wanna fuck you forever,” He said against your lips. You couldn’t help but nod in agreement as he confessed more. “You want that? Want this pussy to be mine, baby? Want me to fuck you whenever I want? Want me to cum inside this pretty pussy? Please let me cum inside, baby. Let me breed this pussy,” As he spoke, the words repeated in your head, making you feel desirable to the sorcerer. His raspy tone made more arousal pool into your stomach.
The pressure in your core was wound tighter and tighter with each thrust. You nodded your head to his demands, “Want it,” You said, eyes shut, lost in the feeling of his cock fucking into you. “Want you to cum inside me, please,” You said, almost whispering at the end of your sentence, still shy to admit your attraction to him. 
He picked up his pace just enough to set off another wave of tension inside of you. Something snapped, your walls spasming around his cock as your muscles tightened up. You moaned out as you pressed your fingers deeper into his biceps.
“Yuuta!” You cried out, cumming and clamping down on him. His eyes were screwed tight he pressed his hips down, cumming as deep as he possibly could inside of you. You could see his body tense and relax over and over, just like you did a few seconds prior. He slowly moved himself down, resting against you and letting his weight hold you down. He didn’t remove himself from you yet, enjoying the moment with you. 
Instead of saying anything you moved your fingers across his back, dragging two fingerstips against his spine, just as he did to you prior, coaxing him into a deeper relaxation. 
“Um,” He speaks out, forcing himself awake before it’s too late. You look down at the crown of his head, pushing his hair back for him. “Did you, um, enjoy it.” Your momentary silence made him nervous. 
He shot up, looking at you with a flushed face causing you to speak. 
“Yuuta, I was soaked through my shorts,” You boldly stated before feeling your cheeks heat up as well. “I-I, Well of course, I liked it.” You said, feeling more nervous now then when he was literally fucking you. He smiled.
“I know you mentioned being a good girlfriend, would you give me the chance to be a good boyfriend to you?” He rested his forehead against yours, leaning down as you uttered a small ‘yes’ before he kissed you.
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jkwoqs · a month ago
𓆩♡𓆪 wiping off their kisses !
ft. stray kids
contains. annoyed members. dramatic hyunjin. lots of kissing.
◟▪ bangchan [ 방찬 ]
probably on to you tbh. don't try it with him because when he sees you wiping your lips right after he placed a loving smooch on it he's just gonna be like "okay" with a really serious face. belive me when I say his lips are not going to be near yours for the whole day. when you mention it to him he'll just say it's punishment for rejecting his love the first time. he doesn't kiss you until you've accepted defeat. doesn't need convincing though. when you place a kiss on his lips as an apology he'll melt and pull you in for more until your lips are bruised.
◟▪lee know [ 리노 ]
you're just playing yourself if you do this. he literally had to put away his lunch to kiss you and this is how you treat him?? he'll giggle loudly when he sees you rubbing the spot on your lips where he kissed until his whole face just drops. yk that video where he poses for pictures with hyunjin but as soon as the camera turns off he's like 😐 exactly like that."do you wanna die?" he's not joking. "time for a new girlfriend I guess.." threatens to leave you unless you kiss him. he'll be stealing quick kisses for the rest of the day.
◟▪ changbin [ 창빈 ]
he was leaving to bring coffee for the members because he's nice like that. he's pulling on his shoes when you shout from the kitchen asking for a kiss. he's so blushy and smiley when he comes to peck you that you almost feel bad but seeing his reaction when you wipe his kiss off is worth it. stops malfunctioning. okay maybe he's not gonna surprise you with ice-cream. the audacity??? he is not amused. he's not gonna be leaving the house without a normal kiss. you lose count as he keeps planting kisses to your lips without breaks as to not give you time to wipe it. by the time he's done you're a giggling mess and he seems proud to be the cause of it. safe to say you lost.
◟▪ hyunjin [ 현진 ]
he's so dramatic pls. highkey judging you. are you fr rn? he'll kiss you again but this time he knocks your hand away as soon as you try to lift it. when you still manage to wipe it. he springs up from his place and announces that he's gonna find a replacement for you. he leaves and comes back just as quick with I.N now by his side. "now if you excuse me, I'm gonna be with my lovely boyfriend who actually appreciates my kisses." while I.N just watches on cluelessly with a face that suggests that he did not agree to this. he'll sit with I.N besides you on the couch and pretend that you're not there. he won't budge until you've kissed all his favourite spots and apologised.
◟▪ han [ 한 ]
dramatic 2.0. "yah! knock that out!" he's so?? are you in your right mind? is this how you treat your lovely boyfriend that fulfils all your requests. don't do this to him unless you want to get physical because he doesn't hesitate to spring up and start bouncing like he's actually preparing for a fight. "it was joke oml why does your aggressive ass never miss a chance to fight." he'll come to kiss you and when you melt into the kiss instead of pulling away he'll hum as if to say "that's what I thought."
"you can never resist these sexy lips."
◟▪ felix [ 필릭스 ]
this cutie omg. he abandons his brownies to kiss you when you pucker your lips expectantly. pauses halfway while walking to the oven when he sees you wipe your lips. he just brushes it off because maybe he got some syrup on your lips accidentally or something. he doesn't think too much of it until you ask for another one. he pecks you quickly again only for you to wipe it away. blinks at you for a minute straight. he doesn't get what you're playing at until he remembers the video he saw on tiktok yesterday and realisation sinks in. he'll giggle loudly as soon as he registers it while you just stare at him surprised by his sudden outburst. did you break him? he's so happy help "you're so cute" while you're just like??? it really isn't possible to prank him
◟▪ seungmin [ 승민 ]
he is confusion. he doesn't process what you're doing until the third try where you lift your hand and he just smacks it away. this mf would probably headbutt you ong. he keeps kissing you but you don't budge and wipe your lips everytime. he's fed up by the seventh try and just leaps away from you, pretending that he can't look at you anymore. "I'm sorry, I can't be seen with such embarrassing company" doesn't come near you the rest of the day. he screeches before running away whenever you move towards him with your lips puckered. at the end of the day when you apologise he's still gonna be like "deserved" like mf what do you mean 🙁
◟▪ jeongin [ 아이엔 ]
why would you do this to him. he'll be so lost when you wipe away the kiss you asked for but he'll kiss you again because there is no way you're winning this. his mouth is hard and unrelenting when it presses on to yours and you're humming into the kiss because if you're being honest this is kind of what you were hoping were. the challenge is long forgetten and you chase after his lips when he pulls away. he looks so proud of himself like he didn't just take your breath away. he's so fine.
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