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Indiana Cavill 馃馃馃
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Speedpainting 22062022
Created with Krita. Copyright 漏 2022 Sylvia Ritter.
www.sylvia-ritter.com, Twitter,聽Facebook,聽Instagram.聽
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the french dispatch headers 鈥 like if you save
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A particularly dynamic, in-your-face聽space helmet reflection聽here, with Bob Eggleton鈥檚 1993 cover for Asimov鈥檚 Foundation and Earth.
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Internet Explorer is no longer accepting service emails. Effectively they are shutting it down. RIP. It was nice knowing ya! 鉁岋笍
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Living by the Sword
[ID: a 3-page purple and yellow digital comic. /1: The scene is set on a snowy mountain range. A small explorer dressed in a brown coat, hat, and backpack climbs down the mountain into a valley with looming castle ruins. /2: The explorer enters the dark ruins and turns on their flashlight. They inspect sconces and a shield before coming to a dark doorway. Peering through the door, they see a dead knight on a stone with a sword in their chest. /3: The explorer creeps in and draws the sword. The knight's skeletal hand reaches out and touches them: "Hey," the knight says. "That's mine." They sit upright and grab the sword from the astonished explorer. /ID]
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My Spiderboy - Andrew Garfield
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Hey, Guys finally I麓m posting this imagine, I don't know if I liked it or not but you can tell me that, so if you can send me feedback I麓ll be happy.
Requests are open !!
"Peter I'm serious you need to focus the exam is tomorrow that the only chance you have to study is because you despaired to God know where, so, focus," I said turning his chair to me pointing a finger at him "All right ma'am, sorry" he turned back to the table After had passed just 20 minutes Peter jumped out of the chair and said it was late and Aunt May should be worried about him "Bullshit Pete you live upstairs" "I'm sorry but I have to go" he whispered "Thanks Y/n/n" he kissed your head and then leave the room It's been a while since Peter started to act weird most of the time the two of you spent together he always have at least one excuse to leave, "oh it's late" or "I forgot something" You tried to let it go but it just turned more often. You had been best friends since 6th grade so you knew something was wrong. You grabbed your phone to see the time it turns to be 8:30, far away to be considered late. "Liar" you lay on your bed thinking about what to do. Maybe he's just seeing a girl and doesn't want to tell you, why wouldn't he tell you? you're his best friend, just his best friend. You sat on the fire escape gazing at the stars when you saw a red and blue figure swinging to your building. "No Shit" a grin was placed on your face, you hurried to Peter's open window "Pete you ha- Holy Shit spiderman ?" Peter had to make an excuse to escape the study time with Y/n, it was happening a robbery around the block, he wanted to be with Y/n, he not even had to study, he already knew the subject, but he thinks it's cute the way she worries about him, and he about her, this is why he couldn't expose her to his secret. But now it's too late she's standing in the middle of his room staring at him with half of his Spiderman clothes with a blank face. "I think I'm hallucinating, I didn't have dinner yet so it makes sense," you said going back to the window "Y/n/n!" Peter webbed you to him as an instinct "Now this seems very real" she looks at him with confused eyes "All right let's make this clear," he said passing a lock of hair behind her ear "More than already is? How could you not tell me this before, I'm your best friend I thought you were dating someone, you know how this-" you were saying more than you should when he stop you by pressing your lips together you were pulling back as an extinct but you remembered how you wanted to do this for a long time, so you tried to forget what had happened before. You lean in the kiss, turning into something careful and meaningful. When you two pulled away for air, lips swallowed because of the kiss. "You should just ask me to shut up, no need to kiss me," you said with a red blush rating on your cheeks and neck. Peter chuckled at your cuteness, lingering forgetting about her now knowing about his secret. "I like you Y/n/n, more than a friend, and I didn't tell you before to not put you in danger-" he sighed before continuing "-but now you know and I can't do anything about it, just promise me one thing, be careful, especially when I'm not around, okay ?" he said all the speech caressing your cheek. Still, a little shaken because of the kiss, you just nodded, Peter lean in to kiss you again with his hands on your face, your hands trailed the small of his back when he winced in pain, you looked at your hands dirty in blood "Oh my God," you said stumbling back and running out of the window to your room to get your first aid kit. "I'm back" you get closer to him looking down like analyzing his clothes "How do you take this off?" "Wow I think this is a little early don't you? " he says funnily, as a joke "I'm serious Pete take it off" "Alright sorry" When he started to slide the upper part down your cheeks started to get red, then you turned around hearing him chuckle, and hence by the pain. "You can turn now" you could already sense by the tone of his voice that he was smiling When you turned he was wearing just sweat pants and a shit-eating grin on his face, you got behind him to see better the cut. "Well you're lucky to have a student of
medicine as friend Spiderman, now you have someone to patch you up" You hear him chuckling but stopping the cause of the pain. "I wouldn't say friend but, yeah, I'm quite lucky" "Heyy!! If I was you, I would stay quiet ok, I'm helping you" "Your dumbass I'm saying that I do not consider you as a friend now, but yes like a girlfriend" Peter turned around, now facing you "If you don't mind of course" "What a romantic way of asking me to date you, calling me a dumbass" this sentence came out in a joking tone "I don't know if I'm gonna accept" "Oh, um, so do you prefer, 'My love' as a nickname?" He approaches you grabbing the sides of your face "Well, I can think better now, but not a hundred percent sure" your arms found their way around Pete's neck your fingertips gazing at his hair. "Let me make it sure then" he leaned to kiss you again now the kiss was with more passion, you were feeling confident so griped at his hair making him smile into the kiss. "I'm gonna take this as a yes" he whispered only a few inches from your lips. You placed a soft kiss on his lips. "You need to rest now" you distanced yourself from him "See you tomorrow 'kay, bye, good night." Well, Petter wasn't feeling like letting you go this easy so he shot another web dragging you to him, a scream of surprise left your mouth. "Okay I think we need to talk about your web thing Spiderboy" "You could rest with me tonight, what do you think" "If I wasn't tired I would complain but I'm already here so. I think it is no harm sleep with my boyfriend you know" At the time the word boyfriend left you month a massive smile resided on his face. You found a comfortable position to sleep without hurting Pete by pressing any of his injuries. "Good Night my love" "Good Night my spiderboy, I suppose you already have an excuse to tell Aunt May in the morning" Peter groaned making you giggle.
You never thought you will be living this, dating your best friend and finding out he is Spiderman, this couldn't be better.
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The Exploration Behind the Inspiration at NASA
Are we alone? How did we get here? Where are we headed?
At NASA, our mission is to explore. We visit destinations in our solar system and study worlds beyond to better understand these big questions.
We also dream. We dream of traveling to distant worlds, and what that might be like. In the video above you can see fanciful, imagined adventures to real places we鈥檝e studied at NASA.
How We Did It
Check out how we created these otherworldly scenes in the video below. A NASA videographer used green screens to add motion and real people to bring life to our series of solar system and exoplanet travel posters.
Let鈥檚 dive into one example from the video. The shot of kayaking on Titan showcases the real rivers and lakes of liquid methane and ethane that slosh and flow on Saturn's largest moon. Titan's mysterious surface was revealed by our Cassini spacecraft, which also deployed the European Space Agency鈥檚 Huygens probe to the surface. The atmosphere on Titan is so thick, and the gravity so light, that with each strike of a paddle, you might be lofted above the swift current as you ride the tides through a narrow strait called the Throat of Kraken. NASA scientist Mike Malaska studies Titan and collaborated on the poster featured in the video. His research informed the artwork, and so did a hobby: kayaking. Those ultra-cold chemical seas might be even more of a challenge than shown here. Your boat might crack, or even dissolve, Malaska said.
Tumblr media
We鈥檒l learn more about Titan when our Dragonfly mission of dual quadcoptors 鈥 rotorcraft with eight blades each 鈥 visits the icy moon in 2034.
Science Never Stops
Our understanding of other worlds is always evolving, and sometimes we learn new details after we illustrate our science. In one of our travel posters, we show a traveler standing on the surface of exoplanet Kepler-16b with two shadows formed by the planet鈥檚 two suns. The planet does indeed orbit two stars, but with later size and mass refinements, we now think it would be hard to stand there and enjoy a binary sunset. There isn't a solid surface to stand on a gas planet, and that's what Kepler-16b now appears to be!
In addition to sharing how sublime science can be, these scenes are a reminder that there are lots of careers in the space program, not just scientist, engineer, or astronaut. A creative team at NASA鈥檚 Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California produced the travel posters, originally to help share the work of NASA's Exoplanet Exploration Program. They are the result of lots of brainstorming and discussion with real NASA scientists, engineers, and expert communicators. The video versions of these spacey travel scenes were produced by visualization experts at NASA鈥檚 Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.
All of this work is meant to inspire, and to explore the edge of possibility. It鈥檚 also an invitation. With science, we鈥檙e stepping into the future. Join us?
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Speedpainting 17112021
Created with Krita. Copyright 漏 2021 Sylvia Ritter. www.sylvia-ritter.com, Twitter,聽Facebook,聽Instagram.
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The best advice I have to offer..
A small car that鈥檚 paid off gets you from point A to B just like any other vehicle
It鈥檚 not about the size of the home, it鈥檚 about the love that it鈥檚 filled with
Stop focusing on the small things and do exactly what makes you happy even if it doesn鈥檛 make sense to anyone else
Working out isn鈥檛 just for the body, it鈥檚 for the mind and heart too
Always live below your means
Get so caught up in living your own life that you have no time to focus on what others are doing
Happiness is a mindset
At the end of your life, what will people remember you for?
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Antarctic Explorer Shackleton's Ship 'Endurance' Found After a Century
Scientists say they have found the sunken wreck of polar explorer Ernest Shackleton鈥檚 ship Endurance, more than a century after it was lost to the Antarctic ice.
The Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust says the vessel lies 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) below the surface of the Weddell Sea, about 6.4 kilometers (four miles) south of the location recorded in 1915 by its captain, Frank Worsley.
An expedition set off from South Africa last month to search for the ship, which was crushed by ice and sank in November 1915.
Mensun Bound, director of exploration for the Endurance22 expedition, said footage revealed the ship to be in remarkably good condition.
鈥淭his is by far the finest wooden shipwreck I have ever seen,鈥 he said. 鈥淚t is upright, well proud (clear) of the seabed, intact, and in a brilliant state of preservation. You can even see 鈥楨ndurance鈥 arced across the stern, directly below the taffrail.鈥
Shackleton鈥檚 1914-16 attempt to become the first person to cross Antarctica via the South Pole failed -- he never set foot on the continent. But his successful bid to reach help at a remote South Atlantic whaling station and rescue his men is considered a heroic feat of endurance. All the men survived and were rescued many months later.
The expedition to find the ship comes 100 years after Shackleton鈥檚 death in 1922.
British historian and broadcaster Dan Snow, who accompanied the expedition, tweeted that Endurance was found on Saturday, 鈥100 years to the day since Shackleton was buried.鈥
He said the wreck had been filmed, but wouldn't be touched.
鈥淣othing was touched on the wreck,鈥 he said. 鈥淣othing retrieved. It was surveyed using the latest tools and its position confirmed. It is protected by the Antarctic Treaty. Nor did we wish to tamper with it.鈥
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Alex Schomburg
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Lufthansa Technik x Brabus鈥 Explorer VIP
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Jacques Cousteau
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Dominique Tipper as Naomi Nagata in TV series THE EXPANSE 鈥 2019
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[OC] Brielle Aelar, a navigator by Kyung Han Kim
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