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toosicktoocare · 2 months ago
Evan “Buck” “Romance Guru” Buckley.
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watson-sighs-and-tuts · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#loganedit#marveledit#xmenedit#xmenuniverse#boydholbrookedit#logan#marvel#donald pierce#my edit#PEAK COMEDY TBH ALSO THAT'S ACTUAL OLYMPICS IN BEING SASSY AND CHARMING AND THIS IS BASICALLY PEAK OF EVERYTHING#okay so i have some stuff left from my last donald pierce is THE PEAK robert gifset and honestly? THIS INTRO????#IS LEGENDARY AND LET MAY BOY BE AN ICON AND NO AMOUNT OF GIFS CAN DO JUSTICE TO THE WAY ROBERTO DELIVERS EVERY ONE OF THEM LINES#AND ALSO THAT RIDICULOUS TEASING and being fandom galore geek???? SWEETIE HOW MUCH OF THAT COMIC STUFF AND SUCH YOU WERE#INTO COLLECTING YOUR OWN FIGURINES AND THEN PUTTING IT ALL ON ''GABBY'' (donald buying all the things laura related#to laura being like YOU'RE EMBARRASSING ME OLD MAN where is that alternative universe AND HE'S LIKE I'M JUST SUPER GIDDY EVERY TIME#I THINK ABOUT HOW YOU WOULD TOTALLY TAKE ON FREDDY KRUEGER and laura's like DAAAAAAD HE DOESN'T EXIST yeah still counts LOL)#also speaking of that iconic drawl I WANNA HEAR EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME i've heard there's a job opening in dceu EVEN IF THIS FRANCHISE#IS CURSED but hey boyd's become an expert on such with the predator HAHA SAD FUCKING LAUGH and hey A QUESTION: how come#we never got clark kent ACTUAL COUNTRY BOY WITH AN EPIC DRAWL AND YOU WAS AND Y'ALL AND AIN'T???? how dare????#HE'S FROM THE VERY HEART OF THIS DAMN MENTALITY AND WE NEVER GOT IT so yep ROBERT FOR SUPERMAN SOUNDS LEGIT#lol not really (and this job is cursed eugh) BUT HEY THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SUCH A MILESTONE AND MAH HUSBAND DESERVES IT#anyhow i am literally in shambles and i've been making this gifset 7 days that's how much time I AIN'T HAVING also it's 11 on friday night#AND I AM GOING TO SLEEP hey i'm in my 30s THIS OBLIGES (cos normally you would party hard lol WELL AT LEAST I WOULD WATCH STH but i literall#y AM UNABLE so yep i'm going and maybe i will wake up in a reality where boyd holbrook gets to go off BYE)
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lacheri · 7 months ago
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Tumblr media
I do not consent or allow this to be posted on Tik Tok, or any other social media
pairing: switch!Eren and switch!fem bodied reader
content: college au, OnlyFans/sex work, masturbation (m), praise kink, oral (f and m receiving), squirting, penetrative sex, drug and alcohol use, classic college party, Eren is down horrendously bad, I believe in long haired Eren supremacy, minors DNI
summary: when jean finally convinces eren to crawl out from under his rock to join society on instagram, he finds there’s a whole lot more than just pictures of food. there’s you.
wc: 15.4k (I know it’s a long one, hope you enjoy tho)
Tumblr media
Eren Jaeger had recently found himself in a very, very deep hole. It all started innocently, when one of his best friends Jean had convinced Eren to crawl out of his hole and create an Instagram to join society.
“C’mon Eren,” Jean had teased over a week ago as they studied out on the lawn of their school. “You have no idea what you’re missing out on. No one even uses Facebook anymore, it’s all for moms who want to brag about little Timmy’s genius for figuring out one plus one equals two.”
“What do you even do on Instagram?” Eren’s brows knitted together in confusion, Jean whipping his phone out to show Eren exactly how to use it.
“You post pictures,” Jean navigated to his profile, tapping and sliding down to show Eren all of Jean’s shameless selfies.
“Of just yourself?” he breathed, not comprehending the appeal at all. Don’t people look at his face enough?
“Well, you can post anything you want, that’s the beauty of it. Plus, when you’re not doing that, you get to see and like other people’s pictures.”
“But it says here you follow, 1,536 accounts? And you have 5,000 following you back?” Eren asked incredulously, surprised about how popular his friend’s online persona was. “How do you even know that many people?”
“You don’t,” Jean shrugged, making a few taps to his home page as posts began to load up. “Celebrities have Instagram, our friends have Instagram, fuck, every attractive person on the entire planet has one.”
“How do you even find these people?” Eren’s questioning never seemed to end, the concept out of his comprehension. Facebook was one thing, he personally knew every single one of his friends and family there, and honestly he really enjoyed people just talking about their day to day ordeals.
That’s when Jean forced Eren to hand his phone over and download the app. Jean snapped a quick picture of Eren, to which Eren had no reaction time to. Before he could protest, Jean had already uploaded the candid with some random song lyrics as the caption. To be honest with himself, Eren had to admit that Jean had taken a very flattering picture. He had his knee brought to his chest while his arm dangled over, back slumped and relaxed while he sat on the blanket they had set down before lounging there, hair in his signature sloppy man bun. It was mid day, so all the shadows casted behind his body as the sun’s rays illuminated every high point and contrast of his stoic face.
After a few follow backs from his friends, Armin and Mikasa, he had accumulated a few dozen likes, and Eren couldn’t help the feelings of instant gratifications wash over him, “Okay? So, now what?”
“Now,” Jean began to instruct him, putting the phone back in Eren’s hands after showing him the basics of social media. “Go to my page, and start following whoever you want from my following list. There’s some really hot girls.”
And when Eren laid in his dorm bed that night by himself, he did just that. He really didn’t want to give Jean the satisfaction of showing him who he followed, or why he decided to. His finger scrolled and scrolled through the following list on Jean’s Instagram, hitting the follow button on a few bands he really enjoyed. But then, his hand stopped at one username in particular. The avatar showed a pretty girl, smiling brightly into the camera, sun’s golden rays blooming behind her hair.
Eren tapped on the username, and the first thing he took note of was the bio. ‘Connoisseur of mimosas and rock and roll’, he had to smirk at that, what a simple sentence to sum yourself up with. His eyes flickered to the link in her bio, titled, OnlyFans. He titled his head, Jean hadn’t mentioned what OnlyFans was? Did everyone have an OnlyFans too, like Instagram? He tapped on the highlighted link to be met with a page of prices. What the fuck was so exclusive about it that he had to pay ten dollars for a single picture? As he scrolled down a bit more, he noticed the pricing rising to the final payment cost.
“200 dollars for a personal Snapchat and to talk to me every day?” he read aloud, mouth open in disgust. “What the fuck is this?”
He hit the done option in the upper left corner, returning to the Instagram page in question. He tapped on the first photo, the girl’s back facing the camera, completely bare as her hair trickled down the center. She was sitting in a pretty pink bath, floating flowers all around, staring out a window, captioned, ‘wishing you were here’. His gaze lingered on the dips of her waist, before scrolling down to see the girl in some more clothing. This one was a much prettier picture, glasses set on the brim of her nose while she sat comfortably at a wooden table in a library. She stared directly into the camera, a pretty smile on her face while her hands sat perched under her chin. Some books were open on the table, and Eren took note of the quilted skirt peeking out from the under the bottom, her knees tightly crossed. ‘finals week is going to be the death of me, thank the universe for coffee’.
Eren back tracked out of the photo after double tapping, trying to drink in a comprehensive idea of what exactly people were paying so much money to see. He scrolled, and landed on his answer. The girl sat on a stool, phone angled in the mirror to take in her frame, wearing nothing but black lingerie and heels with a smirk on her face, the caption simply, ‘follow me on OnlyFans, link in bio’.
‘Hey Jean, what’s OnlyFans?’ Eren typed a quick text to his now mentor, patiently waiting as three bubbles appeared from his friend’s end.
‘Lol I see what you’re using Instagram for now, Jaeger’, was Jean’s only reply, and Eren could feel himself getting frustrated. Before he could type back an angry text, those bubbles popped up once again. ‘It’s basically porn, you pay for people’s pictures and videos’.
‘Why would someone want to do that? It’s free almost everywhere else’.
‘Because, young grasshopper, girls are hot and I’m trynna see some titties’.
Eren rolled his eyes at his friend’s stupidity. Deducing that Jean was obviously one of these paying customers, Eren felt a little more secure in himself as he tapped the follow button on the girl’s page. What he wasn’t expecting though was a notification informing him she had followed back, followed quickly by another one liking his only post. Eren couldn’t hold back a blush, heart thumping in his chest. Did this girl think he was good looking?
The thought didn’t sit for long as yet another notification popped up, this time a comment. The girl had simply put a heart eyed emoji, followed by a fire emoji. Eren retreated in haste back to her profile, analyzing every picture and caption.
That had been a month ago, and now Eren had a full blown addiction to the website, more specifically her Instagram. Eren was even paying for her OnlyFans now, making excuses that the money he spent would be used for coffees and lunches anyhow, and he really had to nip his caffeine addiction in the butt so he might as well spend his cash on her.
She had just posted a photoset, one of many on her page, completely naked aside from a gold necklace adorned on her neck, a simple initial of ‘E’ rested prettily on her collarbone. It was like she knew Eren was devouring her social medias on a daily basis. It was all for him, Eren had concluded. There was no coincidence that she had followed and liked his own page, it was all fate and meant to be. Eren had figured out how to DM someone, thanks to Jean showing him how to during one of their classes, and he had taken full advantage of the girl’s inbox. Unfortunately with no reply or read receipt to even prove she had received his messages, introducing himself and showering the girl with compliments. Oh, Eren was down bad. He even brought himself to pay out the $50 tier on her OnlyFans for the month, tired of entering his card information for every daily post.
His dick twitched hard as he drank in her form, curvaceous and beautiful and feminine. It wasn’t even like he just wanted to fuck her either, if he needed relief like that he’d just hit up one of the handful of girls he had saved in his contacts. Eren Jaeger wanted to take this girl out on a fucking date. They had so much in common, they were practically soulmates. She liked and followed all the same bands Eren did, posted on her stories all about her favorite foods and her zodiac sign. While he didn’t really believe in that shit, his Google search history of checking if Aries was compatible spoke to something completely different.
And then Eren began noticing something. How the library she frequently posted pictures in was the same library on campus. All the restaurants she went to were in an hour radius of him, half of them being his usual hangout spots. She lived locally, which thoroughly surprised him. Had he seen her around before? No, definitely not, he would’ve definitely remembered her pretty face. None of the girls that he knew looked like her, and if Eren didn’t know what a woman’s body felt like, he would’ve sworn her body was made of plastic.
Eren was practically an expert at Instagram now, and had plenty of opportunities to follow other beautiful women, but he chose not to. He felt guilty one night as he maneuvered through another pretty girl’s pictures, quickly retreating back to the comfort of his favorite girl’s instead. This was one of the reasons Eren had fought getting online for so long, whenever he found something he liked, he got obsessive.
His attention was drawn back to her naked photos, and he slipped his hand under the fabric of his sweatpants as he began to fuck his fist to her pretty image. All for him, he panted as he imagined what she would look like in front of him, beautiful and begging for his touch.
Tumblr media
“Thank you so much,” you smiled graciously at the Starbucks employee in front of you, taking your large iced coffee from his hands.
“No problem, have a great day!”
You tossed your hair behind your shoulder as you turned around, the smile still vibrant on your face. Today was a good day, you decided almost as soon as you woke up. After studying for finals for nearly two weeks straight, you finally had a day off to enjoy yourself. Your best friend, Sasha, had convinced you to go on a small shopping day with her. You eagerly agreed that morning, toothbrush forgotten in between your teeth as your fingers rapidly tapped away to schedule a time. You were running out of sexy outfits for your OnlyFans content, and frankly, you really need some new summer clothes. Spring was drawing to a close, and you couldn’t just wear hoodies and leggings all year round, no matter how much you wanted to.
The mall was about two blocks away from the Starbucks, and as you chugged down your coffee, you slid your phone out of your back pocket of your jeans to see multiple notifications from Instagram. Just more people liking your posts, and some DMs, but you just rolled your eyes. You got tired of explaining on your stories that they were broken, and Instagram had no intent on trying to adjust it so you’d be able to view your messages and reply. You sighed, slipping it back into your pocket as you made your way through the entrance of the shopping mall.
Sasha was seated at a table in the cafeteria near the entrance you had just walked through. She jumped out of her seat, a wide smile on her lips as she strutted up to your form.
“You ate without me?” you pouted, smelling the leftover scent of pizza wash over you.
“Yeah, but don’t worry, I’m still hungry,” Sasha waved her hand. This girl had the fastest metabolism of a person you had ever met, so her statement didn’t really phase you.
“Okay, so, before I spend all my money and forget, we have to go to the lingerie shop,” you stated, stomping your way to the escalators.
“I’m guessing your OnlyFans is doing good?” she asked, knowing just how expensive this certain store was as she lingered behind you.
“Dude, you literally wouldn’t believe it,” you sighed dreamily. “If I had known how much money I’d be making, I would’ve done it way sooner. You should seriously consider making your own.”
“Nah, I’ll just let you have the spotlight on this one,” she snickered as the both of you stepped on the moving staircase. “Are they all creepy old men?”
“No, surprisingly, there’s a few people I have classes with that follow me,” you gossiped. “You know Jean from economics?”
Sasha nodded, eyes widening, “No fucking way, he’s my friend! I’m not that surprised though, he’s always talking to girls and asking for their Instagrams.”
“He’s never even talked to me, right? But he buys every single post I put out! Which is crazy, considering it’d just be cheaper for him to buy the subscription,” you shrugged, stepping off the escalator and walking shortly afterwards into the lingerie store. “That’s what most my viewers do, anyways.”
“Seen anyone else interesting?” Sasha hummed, eyeing the various garments surrounding her in intrigue.
Your eyes honed in on a strappy bright red one piece, “Just a few of his friends, I think. One of them is pretty cute, actually, but he’s only got one picture up.”
“You talking about Eren?”
You nodded, eyes lighting up, “Yeah, do you know him? I’ve never seen him around campus before.”
Sasha was beginning to plot, “Yeah he usually hangs out with Armin and Mikasa, but he goes to a lot of house parties. You know, actually, I think Jean is throwing one soon. He rented a cabin for after finals, you should come!”
“Won’t that be weird?” you scrunched your face, picking up the red one piece and moving onto the next garment that caught your eye. “Like I said, I’ve never even talked to him.”
“Yeah but you know Mikasa and me,” she raised her thumb towards herself. “Eren will be there too.”
“All I said was that I thought he was cute, Sasha,” you laughed her off. “But I’ll think about it. Text me the details and I’ll let you know if I’m free.”
“Something tells me Jean would be very happy to see you there,” Sasha chuckled, you giggling in response to her suggestive comment. The two of you picked through the selection of skimpy clothing, taking it up the cashier to check out.
You walked out of the store together, giggling over small banter. Your trip to the mall was quick after that, and in the end you held a grip full of medium sized paper bags, walking outside the mall with Sasha.
“Oh, hey!” Sasha suddenly quipped, placing her bags on the sidewalk, pulling her phone out of her crossbody bag. “We should take a picture!”
“Sasha I’m not even wearing lipstick,” you half heartedly complained, getting ready to pose next to your best friend.
“Literally, you’re so fucking hot,” she deadpanned, turning her head to look you directly in the eyes. “Shut up and get in, bitch.”
You threw your head back in laughter, leaning in on the left side of her frame, pushing your hair framing your face behind your ear. You smiled widely while Sasha did the same, hearing a soft click of her phone, indicating the photo was taken. Your phone vibrated in your pocket, bringing it out to see a notification stating she had posted it to her story. You’d repost it to your story later after you grabbed food, you decided, the conversation turning to the topic of where the two of you would eat before heading back to your apartment to get drunk in celebration of your semesters ending.
Tumblr media
Eren and his two friends sat crowded in Jean’s dorm room bathroom, passing around a blunt. He could hear Connie coughing harshly as it was passed to Eren, the boy taking a deep drag of the backwoods cigarillo. Exhaling slowly, Eren brought his phone out of his hoodie pocket to open it up to change the song playing, his phone instantly opening to Instagram.
Distracted now by his favorite obsession, he glanced at the stories section, her name front in the line, glowing in that now familiar pink and purple circle. Eren couldn’t have tapped faster, and when he did, his mouth hung open.
“Yo,” Eren spoke loudly, shoving his phone in Jean and Connie’s faces. “Sasha knows this girl?”
“Yeah, they’re like best friends,” Connie quirked an eyebrow. “You don’t know her?”
“No, I just saw we had mutual friends,” Eren’s eyebrows knitted together. “How come we’ve never hung out with her before?”
“I don’t know actually,” Jean said, exhaling the blunt after it was passed to him from Eren’s fingertips. “I had a class with her this semester, she seems nice.”
“You’re only saying that because she’s hot,” Connie chuckled. “I bet you’ve never even talked to the girl.”
Jean’s face ignited in a fierce blush as he found interest in the ceiling tiles, “Shut up. It’s harder to talk to girls than it looks. You should know that, Connie.”
“Hey! I talk to girls!” Connie leaned up from his seated position on the floor.
“Idiots,” Eren sighed, rolling his eyes. “Neither of you have any game.”
“Not all of us are as gifted as you are, Eren,” Connie protested, a smirk spreading across his lips. “You could talk to a fucking mouse and it’d figure out someway to talk back.”
Eren rolled his eyes again, harder this time, “You just talk to girls like they’re human beings, it’s not that fucking hard.”
“Oh yeah? Betcha’ won’t be saying that whenever you see that girl around,” Jean teased, finally passing the blunt to Connie in the rotation, Connie muttering something about hogging it.
Eren shifted uncomfortably on the closed toilet seat, “Whatever, Jean.”
“Speak of the fucking devil!” Jean shouted, scaring the very high pair of boys at the suddenness. “Sasha just texted me asking if she can bring her this weekend to the cabin!”
Eren’s heart erupted into a flutter of uneven beats, his face heating up. This girl he had been drooling over was going to be at a party, with him? He suddenly felt like a teenager, the idea of seeing his precious addiction face to face giving him full blown anxiety.
Tumblr media
Soft thuds of the bass of the stereo filled the room, catchy pop music drawing Eren out of his stupor to gaze hastily around the room, searching.
“What’s up with you tonight?” Armin had asked him, drawing his attention away once again. “It’s been an hour since the party started and you’ve barely drunk anything.”
Taking note of the full red solo cup in his hand, flickering his gaze between the liquid and his best friend, Eren shrugged and tipped the rim back in his lips, opening his throat and taking large gulps until the cup was empty. “Happy?”
Armin laughed loudly, although only having two strong drinks, his best friend was beginning to feel the numbness of intoxication, “You’re really out of it tonight, everything alright?”
“Yeah I’m fine, just waiting for the smoke sesh so I’m not cross faded,” Eren smirked, lying easily. “Last time I got too drunk and decided to rip Jean’s bong, I woke up in some random front yard with one shoe on.”
Armin shook his head in disbelief, “You really need to start making better life choices, Eren.”
Eren shook the empty solo cup in front of his friend, “I’m trying here.”
Truthfully, the reason Eren wasn’t halfway to getting shit faced was because he didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of the girl of his dreams. She still hadn’t shown up yet, and Eren was getting anxious that she wasn’t going to show. Sasha and Mikasa hadn’t shown up yet either, which gave him a resemblance of hope that the three of you were together, and on your way currently to the party. His heart thudded heavily in his ribcage as he heard the jingle of the front door turn, and his attention was fully concentrated on the door frame ahead of him. His jaw dropped at the sight, his breath caught in his throat.
You asked Sasha earlier that day what you should wear to the party, and Sasha had just waved and told you whatever you felt looked the best. Not exactly helpful, you had just decided on black ripped jeans and a low cut shirt, paired with your favorite leather jacket and trusty Vans. You felt incredibly undressed as Sasha drove to Mikasa’s house, watching her modelesque frame saunter out her front door towards the back car doors.
“Mikasa, you could make a paper bag look hot,” you showered her with appreciation, her face blushing in response as she tugged her long sleeved body con dress towards her knees. “Fuck, should I have worn a dress? How nice is everyone else dressed?”
Sasha couldn’t have given two fucks about how she dressed in front of her friends, adorned in blue skinny jeans and a causal crop top, although her face was beat to the Gods, “Shut the fuck up, you’re one to talk about making paper bags look good. Besides, knowing the boys they probably made minimal effort, probably all wearing sweatpants.”
The three of you snickered at this, and Sasha pushed the car into drive and set out on your 45 minute journey into the mountains. Nerves hadn’t set in until you were face to face with the cabin door, nervous that the girls’ friends weren’t going to like you. Putting a brave face on, Mikasa grasped the door knob and pushed it open, the three of you gliding in.
Eren honestly had wanted to drop down to his knees and kiss the ground you walked on. You were the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Your eyes were searching, for what neither of you knew, until your eyes had finally landed on him. You smiled politely, moving your hand up in a quick wave to both him and Armin.
Eren couldn’t fathom moving any single part of his body, so awestruck by you. Jean shook Eren out of his dumbstricken state with a hard pat to his shoulder, “Why don’t you go introduce yourself, Eren?”
“Fuck off, horse face,” Eren spat, trying to will himself to either make strides towards you or to break his gaze, neither working. “Why don’t you?”
“I’d love to,” he smiled wickedly, inspired by liquid courage to lock arms with Eren and force him closer to the trio of girls that had finally made their appearance. Armin followed behind, Connie emerging out of the bathroom to give his hello’s to his best friend Sasha and company.
Eren could hear his heart beat in his ears as he stopped right in front of you, forcing his mouth closed in a tight lipped grimace. He felt like a fucking teenager with a crush.
“Hi,” you introduced yourself, smiling widely. “It’s so nice to finally meet you guys!”
“Nice to meet you too!” Armin spoke up, oblivious to his friends’ reaction to the fresh pretty face of yours.
Jean and Connie wouldn’t admit it, but they were feeling their own nervousness. Jean’s out of guilt as he scanned your body top to bottom, Connie’s natural shyness kicking in due to the newcomer. Both were able to overcome it though, and offer up their own introductions. Your eyes landed on Eren once again, tilting your head, waiting for his intro.
“I’m Eren,” he swallowed. “Nice to meet you.”
“Likewise,” you looked down, smiling softly. You raised your hand then, looking up at the boys in front of you, revealing a handle of vodka. “I brought a gift with me too!”
“My kinda girl!” Jean spoke just a bit too enthusiastically. “Shots, shots, shots!”
Connie pumped his fist, chiming in, the rest of the party joining as well as the crowd made their way into the kitchen. Eren purposely hung back, trying to keep as close to you as possible.
“You happen to bring any chasers with you?” he had leaned in, tickling the side of your head with his breath.
“No, I totally forgot,” you sheepishly admitted.
“Looks like we’re all gonna get plastered then,” he chuckled smoothly, sending goosebumps down your body.
“Is it really a party then if at least one person doesn’t have their head in a toilet?” you had easily quipped back, feeling more comfortable now that the introductions were out of the way.
Eren hummed in half hearted agreement, feeling slightly more relaxed himself. Besides, his attention was being grasped by the plastic shot glass being shoved in his hand, as well as your dainty one. The group held up the shot glasses, a few phone cameras capturing the moment to post on their stories, and you all swung your heads back to allow the bitter liquid to trickle down your throats. Eren made a mild face, taking a stolen glance at your own to see your grimace, sticking your tongue out in disbelief at the taste.
Another hour had passed by, and Eren was running out of reasons to follow you around the cabin as you shifted between conversations to get to know the group of friends better. You hadn’t really noticed him trailing behind you, nor did you really care because you were very quickly warming up to Eren. It also didn’t hurt that he looked exceptionally better in person. His hair was lazily swung into a half top bun, wearing a couple of gold chains with his white tee tightly hugging his torso, tucked seamlessly into black ripped jeans displaying his muscular knee caps. Eren was definitely a looker, you shifted your gaze up to his face as he made some witty comment to Sasha, his eyes flickering to your face to catch your reaction.
“Oh my god, there was this one time,” Sasha spoke your name. “She had gotten so high during last year’s spring break, and the two of us and Mikasa came up with the brilliant idea of becoming one with nature. So, naturally, we ran to Walmart and bought this tent on clearance. Turns out it was made for kids, so none of us actually fit inside when we got back to Mikasa’s house. Mikasa and I curled up in a ball, surrounded by snacks, and this smart girl over here decided it was the best choice to just lay out on the lawn and pass out.”
“I wanted to watch the sun rise!” you laughed, trying to quickly explain yourself to Eren’s amused smirk. “And the grass was just so nice that night!”
“The grass was basically straw,” Sasha countered teasingly. “Twenty degrees outside, absolutely freezing. She was MIA for like a week afterwards with a cold.”
You shrugged carelessly, “Worth it.”
Now the two of you had sleeping on lawns in common? Eren scoffed inwardly. Yup, it was official, you were his soulmate. Still though, the topic of why you were so casual in person while your naked pictures existed online tickled his thoughts. He was hoping that somehow it’d get brought up naturally in conversation, saving himself the embarrassment if you were to get offended by his questioning. So far it seemed you liked him, not having said a word about him trailing after you like a lost puppy. Jean had been sending him knowing looks all night, Connie shooting two thumbs up at Eren while Armin looked on in confusion.
Mikasa had strolled out of the bathroom finally, joining the trio who stood casually in the living room, simply stating, “I’m starving. You guys think they deliver pizza out here?”
Sasha’s eyes widened in excitement, “I don’t care if it takes an hour to get here. We’re ordering right now.”
Already ahead of the two, your phone was pulled out in your hands to open up the Dominoes app, punching in the location of the party and placing the order online. Eren watched this all, peering over your hands to see the total.
“Guys, we should chip in,” Eren called out, grabbing the boys’ attention. “We’re ordering pizza.”
“No, no!” you protested, confirming the order. “It’s really fine, my treat.”
“But that’s really expensive,” he frowned, the group all joined together in the living room.
“Don’t worry, she’s got that OnlyFans money,” Sasha waved off Eren’s concern.
“OnlyFans?” Armin questioned, darting his eyes in between Sasha and you. “What’s that?”
Jean hid his blushing cheeks and your eyes flickered to him, then back to Armin, “I sell naked pictures online.”
“So what, a bunch of old guys give you money?” Armin had asked innocently, not judgemental in the slightest.
You giggled, relieved he wasn’t asking in a demeaning manner, “Actually, you’d be really surprised about who you know follows me. There’s a lot of people from school.”
Eren’s blood ran cold as he felt a sudden onset of embarrassment. Did that mean you had known this entire time Eren was one of these followers? If you did, you didn’t let on to it, smiling shyly as the questions ended. Eren hadn’t been done with the conversation, but pride from exposing himself in front of his friends kept his mouth shut.
Tumblr media
It was around one in the morning when the party was at its peak. Sasha was being held up by her legs by Connie as she did a keg stand, you and the group cheering the girl on in your own drunken hazes. She tapped the large can, indicating she was finished, Connie settling her down on solid ground as she belched loudly.
“That was fucking awesome, Sasha!” you giggled, throwing your arms up and around her. You were definitely feeling the shots you had been feeding yourself all night, holding your red solo cup high above the girl so it wouldn’t slosh on her.
“You should totally try it!” she encouraged devilishly.
You pouted then, taking a moment to consider, “I’ve never done a keg stand before, what if I can’t do it?”
“I’ll help you!” Eren all but pounced on the opportunity, your smile turning into a tipsy giggle. “It’s not that hard, you just keep chugging until you can’t anymore. I’ll hold you, you got this.”
You lightly blushed, nodding your head at the encouragement, bringing a fist to your chest as a salute, “I’ll do it! We gotta’ put on a cool song though, if I’m going to fail miserably I might as well have a good song to do it to.”
Mikasa volunteered, as she was already DJ, having the best music taste out of everyone in the group. She dug her phone out of her pocket, switching over to a ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ remix. Connie whooped at the choice, and everyone began to chant your name as you hovered by the keg, very nervous. Eren then placed his large hand on the small of your back, leaning in to reassure you once again. You gulped, nodding that you were ready to get into position.
“Okay, so you’re going to lean your arms on the top of the can, and I’ll grab your legs. Like when you were a kid and you’d do that stupid wheelbarrel thing,” Eren easily explained, chuckling lightly. “Use your hands to let me know when you’re done.”
You did as you were told, resting your upper body against the keg as Eren hooked his arms around your calves. He couldn’t help but admire how strong your legs felt in his grasp, and how right it felt to finally have some bodily contact. He had been trying to figure out a natural way all night, and he was bubbling over in excitement, the chance had arisen, glorious in the promise of touch.
You placed your lips hesitantly around the tap, opening it up into your mouth, and began to chug. ‘Chug, chug, chug!’ was chanted all around you, even Mikasa joining in on the fun. Fists bumped in the air, and you felt like the coolest fucking person in the world. Doing a keg stand wasn’t exactly in your goals list, but fuck did it feel like it should’ve been as your ego inflated.
“That’s it, you’re doing great!” Eren’s thumbs brushed the inside of your knees, leaning in to whisper. “Good girl.”
You sputtered around the tap, choking harshly. You removed your mouth quickly to gasp for air, and the tap shot up all over your shirt, jacket long forgotten resting on the sofa in the living room. Eren moved your legs down to the floor quickly seeing this, and wrapped his arm around your waist to steady you as your arm shot out to grab onto something, in this case his other arm.
“You alright?” Jean asked, a look of concern washing over his features as you finally got some air into your lungs.
“Yeah,” you coughed again, blushing in embarrassment. “I definitely made a mess though.”
“I brought some extra clothes with me,” Eren offered quickly. “One of these idiots always manages to somehow spill something within the first hour of drinking. I’ll show you where my bag is at.”
You smiled in appreciation, biting your tongue to accuse him of purposely throwing you off your game with his little praise that had your knees buckling. He unwound his arm, taking your hand and leading you to the staircase by the entryway, your smaller form following behind him as he thudded up the stairs. Three doors greeted you at the top, and he led you into the master bedroom, plainly decorated and lacking personal belongings. You watched as he chucked a duffle bag onto the mattress, unzipping it and going through his clothes. He found a sweatshirt, smirking inwardly as it had been one of his old sports ones with his last name embroidered on the back. Proud he could provide a claim to you, he extended it to you, and you gladly accepted it.
“Well, you did really well in the beginning there,” he chuckled, whisking his stray baby hairs behind his ear. “Sucks about the shirt though. The first time I tried to do a keg stand, I barfed everywhere.”
You laughed lightly, fingering the hem of your shirt, “I guess it could’ve been a lot worse. Still, at least I can check this off my bucket list.”
Eren’s eyebrows shot into his hairline as you lifted your shirt to reveal your bare stomach, and he whisked his body completely around so you didn’t see his reddened cheeks, “You could’ve asked me to leave.”
Behind him, you let a mischievous smirk cross your lips, “Nothing you haven’t seen before.”
Eren’s mouth fell open at your bold statement, letting his words leave before he could stop them, “You know?”
“Of course,” you discarded the sodden shirt to the floor, sitting on the bed instead of tossing the sweatshirt on. “You’re my favorite viewer.”
He caught your movement in the corner of his eye, and he turned his head to take in the sight. Fuck, you were even more beautiful in person. Your bra was white and pretty and dainty, pushing your tits together, accentuating cleavage that Eren wanted to bury his face in. His gaze moved up to your face, smiling so innocently at him as he let out a dark chuckle, “Is that so?”
You hummed, leaning back to expose your form a bit more, feeling confident from the alcohol, “You like every one of my pictures, you buy all my content, you’re pretty cute, of course you’re my favorite.”
Eren’s ego soared as he turned his body completely towards you, taking a small step forward, “You’re just so beautiful, how could I not? I do have to ask this though, how come you never answered any of my messages?”
“Oh, my DMs are broken. Instagram doesn’t let me view them or respond,” you explained easily. “You know, you could’ve hit me up on OnlyFans, I definitely would have answered you.”
A blush crept up on Eren again as he averted his gaze to the floor, “I didn’t think about that.”
You giggled softly, “What’d you send me anyways?”
“I asked you out on a date,” he admitted, growing more nervous. “Told you that you were really pretty. Y’know, stuff you probably get all the time.”
“Most of my messages are from guys trying to take me out drinking and to get a quick fuck,” you scoffed. “Y’know, if the offer is still on the table, I’d really like to take you up on it.”
“Really?” Eren’s eyes met yours in surprise, you watched his Adam’s apple bob along his throat as he gulped. “You’d want to go out with me?”
“Yeah, who else is going to hold me up when I try to do a keg stand again?” you smiled sheepishly, batting your eyelashes. Eren’s hands twitched at his sides, fuck, you were so pretty.
“Can I kiss you?” he asked seriously, his gaze hardening as he felt a wave of possessiveness. In his mind, you were already his girlfriend. You had accepted his date, and he’d be damned if he didn’t try to push his luck further.
Eren had never felt the way he feels right now. He took immediate notice of your blushing cheeks, your confident lean turn into a shy arch as you pushed your body into a hunched over seating position. Eren had experience with girls, that everyone knew as a fact, he was very far from being a virgin. You made him feel like a fucking virgin, heart beating wildly in his chest. All he wanted to do was to grab you and hide you away for his own greedy pleasure, the darkest parts of his mind tickled by the thought. He had laid a claim to you way before he had ever met you, and he wouldn’t let you escape now that he had you here, alone.
You didn’t answer his request, you pushed yourself off the mattress and met his staggering stance halfway. Unknown to his wicked thoughts, his past month of obsessing of you, you leaned up, gently brushing your lips against his. No one had ever asked you this simple question before, instead just taking the action as if they had owned you, and you thought to yourself that you could really love this boy who presented himself so innocently to you.
The soft placement of your lips to his was not enough, and Eren buried his mouth with your own, moving both of his hands to cup your face. He could feel your jaw beneath the pads of his fingertips as you attempted to meet his pace, sensual and passionate. The need for air forgotten for the both of you, sucking in deeply through your noses as the space continued to close between your bodies.
“Gonna take you someplace real nice,” muttered Eren as he pulled away slightly to gaze his half lidded eyes on your fluttering eyelashes, your gaze now hidden from him. “I know you like that one place in the city, I saw your little post of you wearing that tight dress. You looked so fucking pretty.”
Tingles shivered up your bones, a sharp intake of breath as you fluttered your eyes open to take in his deep lustful expression, “I’ll wear it for you, if you want.”
“Wear my necklace too.”
You pulled away completely this time, baffled, “Your necklace?”
“The one with the ‘E’ on it,” he breathed, moving forward to accommodate the sudden distance, his lips meeting the corner of your mouth. You realized then what he was referring to, a small smirk uplifting his kiss. You wouldn’t tell him though that the necklace in question was just some random trinket with no meaning you had purchased, or that you hadn’t even recognized the pretty cursive as a letter. You figured out very quickly Eren’s little crush was a bit more involved than just him attached to your hip at this party. No, it was way deeper than that. All of the likes, the money, the new information of messages made sense to you. Eren had believed you were his, and he had sought out confirmation all night to prove it.
“Okay,” you played along to his fantasy, an expert since it was your job online already to provide this to your viewers. “What else do you want me to wear?”
“There’s this one set of lingerie,” Eren was the one to pull back now, letting his teal eyes trail downwards to your chest, displeased by the lack of skin shown to him in that instance. “The black lacy one, fuck, wear that. You look so fucking sexy in that.”
“You don’t like when I wear white?” you pouted, bringing your hands to rest against the peak of your breasts, framing them like a picture.
“I like anything you wear,” a smirk crossed his features, eyes locked in on your tits. “Or what you don’t wear.”
You were met with two choices then. One, kiss Eren and get dressed and save yourself for your date, or two, fulfill his now present fantasy of his that was beginning to morph into your own. You mentally battled the decision in your mind, feeling the desire curl in your stomach at each option. If you were to give in now, Eren might not want to continue to chase after you, the promise of an actual date forgotten. Not to mention the party of people down stairs, the thud of music softened behind the closed door of the bedroom indicating it was still in full swing. Eren saw your hesitation, and let his hands travel to your elbows comfortingly.
“I know we technically just met,” he started, eyes now locked in on yours in genuine honesty. “But I really like you. You’re all I’ve thought about for the past month, so if you don’t feel comfortable going any further, that’s okay, I’ll wait. I’ve waited this long.”
“It’s not that I don’t want to,” you bit your lip as you watched his teal orbs flicker to your mouth. “It’s just — oh God, this is embarrassing to talk about so soon.”
“Shh, it’s okay, I won’t judge,” he cooed, bringing just a hand up to soothe over your cheek.
“I’m not exactly quiet,” you admitted, gesturing towards the floor. “I don’t really want to be the girl who fucks someone at the first party they show up to.”
Eren hadn’t predicted you to be loud in his fantasies, but he was really wishing he had. He held back a groan at your confession, images of what could be filling his dirty mind, “Fuck, okay, no problem. I don’t have any condoms with me anyways.”
“Actually,” you drawled. “I’m on the pill, so as far as that goes, that doesn’t really matter. I’m clean too, I haven’t been with anyone in a long time.”
Boxes were being ticked quickly off of Eren’s checklist, and he let his jaw hang open, “I’m clean too, I don’t fuck anyone without a condom, to be honest.”
I’m going to fuck her raw, is all that was going through his mind. Treat her so good, take her out wearing her pretty little dress and treat her like a fucking princess.
“Please tell me you’re free tomorrow,” Eren pleaded. “I’ll take us fucking anywhere you want.”
“I am, actually,” you batted your eyelashes.
“Cool,” he muttered, beginning to feel drawn into your lips again. As you began to lean back in, a sharp knock sounded at the door.
“Hey! Everything alright?” you both froze, recognizing the voice as Armin’s. Of course he’d be the only one to dare interrupt, and the party below had discouraged him. Eren had taken you upstairs, and while they were all aware of the possibility of the two of you would be hooking up, Armin was more concerned that one or both of you had gotten sick and were in need of help.
“Yeah, we’re fine! Be out in a second!” Eren shouted, feeling suddenly frazzled from the intense interaction between you two. If Armin had opened the door, seeing the two of you locked in together so closely, making out feverishly, it would be completely mortifying. Especially since it wouldn’t be the first time Armin had accidentally seen his best friend in a suggestive situation.
You pecked his lips quickly then, breaking out of his embrace to throw his sweatshirt over your head. Eren was counting backwards in his head to rid himself of the half erection in his pants, nearly impossible as he thought about how pretty you looked in his clothing.
“C’mon,” you tugged at his hand, urging him to follow you back downstairs. “We have a pizza to eat and friends to convince that we definitely didn’t just fuck for ten minutes.”
The group hadn’t made a single comment when you two rejoined the party, only just knowing smirks from Jean and Connie to Eren. Sasha had wiggled her eyebrows at you, and you quickly pulled her and Mikasa into the bathroom to recap what had just occurred upstairs. The girls clapped drunkenly at your news of a date, incredibly excited that their best friend was finally going out with a boy. The night had ended around three in the morning, bodies scattered throughout the house to pass out wherever they pleased. Eren had continued to stay by you the rest of the night, this time, not shy at all as he stole touches to your back. And when it came time to pass out, you felt smugness as he rested his head on your back while you laid on your side on the same bed upstairs, his arm thrown tightly around your waist. Sasha curled up in front of you, your own head snuggling into her shoulder as the room spun you into a deep slumber.
Tumblr media
You sat at a vanity in your apartment bedroom the next evening, applying various makeups to your face. Mikasa had awoken you and Sasha pretty early the next morning, wanting to go home so she could get ready for her job. Eren snored quietly behind you as you tried your best to maneuver out of his grasp, and the three of you cleaned up the cups and plates scattered around the house as a thank you to Jean for the invitation. Sasha had driven you all the way back to your place when you realized you were still wearing Eren’s hoodie, and you smirked. Now he definitely had a reason to get you on this date tonight, you had something that belonged to him.
When Eren had woken up, he truly believed for a few minutes that you had just been a dream. Pictures and videos posted all over Instagram had shown him differently though, the two of you leaning against each other on the leather couch smiling drunkenly on Armin’s story had his heart pounding. His arm was around your shoulders, your head was tilted in the crook of his neck, and then Eren remembered that he was going to see you again tonight. He took a screenshot before the story moved on to a video of the group in a heated discussion about music tastes, a quiet chuckle made its way out of his throat as he recounted memories that would become very fond to him.
He had posted the picture then to his Instagram, a few others followed after that included him and his other friends. Eren tagged all of the people, but most importantly, the picture of the two of you was the first in the line up of the photo set. A few messages hit his inbox after he hit the post button, some classmates asking if you were his girlfriend, because you were wearing his sweatshirt in the photo. He decided to not respond, because as much as he wanted to tell them yes, he knew he’d be jumping the gun. His heart raced as a notification popped up — you had liked the picture, and added a comment, ‘last night was a movie’ with a kiss emoji. When he refreshed the page, your lit up story showed him that you had even reposted his photo set. His ego soared, his affections no longer one sided, and he couldn’t fucking wait to take you out later and show you the best time he could.
Eren had gotten your phone number from Sasha not long before your date, asking for your address and trying to pick out a time to head out to dinner. You tapped a response quickly, and looked at the clock to gauge how much time you’d need to be fully ready. That had been about three hours ago, your body had been scrubbed and shaved, hair curled prettily down your back as you added the final touches of lipstick to your lips. The dress Eren had talked about was laid out on your perfectly made bed, a pretty satin champagne colored fabric, and your apartment was fairly clean, fully expecting his company after the date of all went well. You dressed yourself easily, slipping on black heels when you heard the chime of your phone, letting you know Eren was awaiting you outside.
When the elevator doors chimed open as you walked into your lobby, you saw from the entrance doors Eren leaned back casually against the Uber he had offered to pay for. His attention immediately focused on your form as you exited your building, his gaze flickered all over your body.
“You look incredible,” Eren easily complimented, pushing himself up to stand straight. He leaned in to kiss your blushing cheek as you muttered a quiet ‘thank you’, and he pulled the door handle of the sleek black car, ushering you inside. He slammed it closed after you had positioned yourself comfortably, giving the driver a soft greeting as Eren circled around the back, getting in on the opposite side. The directions were already plugged into the driver’s GPS, and it took less than twenty minutes to get to the restaurant in question.
This gave you enough time to take in Eren’s appearance, and damn if you wouldn’t have allowed yourself to do so, the sight practically mouth watering. His hair hung low in a messy bun, a few complementary strands hanging out to frame his sharp jawline. His torso was adorned in a sheer white long sleeve button up, a small portion of his chest revealed as he had left the top buttons alone, chains hanging against his collarbones, silver in color this time. Black slacks that tightened around his thighs and calves had you biting your lip in appreciation, his legs spread as he took up space in the backseat.
“Staring isn’t very polite,” he had leaned in, taking notice of your devouring gaze.
“Stop dressing like a whore and maybe I won’t stare,” you teased back, chuckling quietly when he swatted your exposed thigh lightly. He kept his hand there for the rest of the drive, enjoying the comfortable silence as the quiet hum of the radio filled in the gaps.
When the Uber had slowed to a stop outside of the fancy restaurant Eren had insisted taking you to, he swung the door open before you had a chance to reach for the handle on your side. He raced to the other side of the car, pulling open the door and extending his hand out for you to grasp onto. You circled your fingers around his palm, and he tightened his grasp as you swung your legs over the flooring, and stood before him. The two of you thanked the driver, and he sped away shortly after. Hand still locked in with yours, Eren led the way inside the opened doors of the restaurant. Inside, a hostess wearing a very classy black uniform greeted the two of you.
“Reservation for Eren,” he spoke smoothly, and your eyes widened in surprise, expecting to have sat and waited for at least a half an hour before you had been seated.
“Right this way,” she smiled politely, two menus in her hands as she welcomed you into the dining area. You followed behind Eren, realizing that this place must’ve been a lot more expensive than you originally had gauged. All the guests appeared in their very best formal attire, and the chatter was soft as the beautiful notes of a piano resounded throughout the space. While you couldn’t pinpoint exactly where the music was coming from, you had a strong feeling that there was a physical player somewhere in the midst, it sounded so clear and professional. When the hostess had sat you down in a booth secluded against the furthest set wall, she smiled politely once more and informed you that the waiter would be with you soon.
“Eren,” you hissed as you sat opposite of his smirking form. “This place is stupid fancy!”
“Don’t worry about it,” he waved easily. “I got it, I promise.”
“How are you able to afford this? I’ve got a little bit of money and even I couldn’t go some place this nice,” you questioned, feeling a small pang of guilt. He was going to go broke trying to treat you to a very nice, albeit expensive, meal.
“My dad is a doctor,” he shrugged, picking up the menu and eyeing over their drink selection. “He sends me money whenever I come around and help around his office.”
“Following in the family footsteps?” you tried at the conversation, realizing you virtually knew nothing about the boy in front of you.
“Nah, I’m more into the business side of things,” he smiled up at you then, showing off his pearly white teeth. “What about you? What are you majoring in?”
You spoke of your major, Eren carefully listening in of your passions and your goals for your future ahead. He was pleased to hear that you were ambitious, smiling as he was enamored by your speech. Not that he minded a single bit about your online job, but to hear that you had a legitimate career goal soothed his worries.
A finely dressed waiter greeted you shortly, introducing himself and taking the both of your orders in one go, and stole away the menus. The rest of the date flew by quickly, tipsy from your cocktails and full of giggles as the two of you got to know one another. Although Eren was already knowledgeable about a number of your likes and dislikes and personality quirks due to Instagram, you had the undisguisable pleasure of learning his right then and there.
“So,” you leaned your elbows onto the table, resting your chin atop of your closed fists. “Tell me, how many girls have you taken here before?”
“Not a single one,” he chuckled lowly, passing the black booklet encasing his credit card as the waiter stopped at the table. “This is actually my first time taking anyone out somewhere so fancy. Usually I just hang out at the more lowkey spots around campus.”
“I would’ve been totally okay with going somewhere like that instead,” you frowned, that same guilt flooding back to your stomach. Eren hadn’t even let you see the bill before he had given it away, so you were completely ignorant as far as how far the total rang up. “You really didn’t have to take me out to such an expensive place.”
He rolled his eyes playfully, smirking as he did so, “Had to take my favorite girl somewhere nice, show you off in that gorgeous dress of yours.”
You blushed, moving your fists to hold your cheeks to try and contain the heat, “Fine, but next time, I want to see one of these ‘lowkey spots’.”
“Next time, huh?” Eren mused cockily.
“Yes, I guess I had a really great time tonight, consider yourself honored,” you giggled half heartedly.
“Oh believe me, I do.”
Tumblr media
Eren had walked you to the front door of your apartment like the gentleman he was. Really, he was just trying to procrastinate leaving you, not wanting the night to be over with quite yet. Luckily, you were on the exact same page as he stood awkwardly behind you while you unlocked your front door.
You turned, an eyebrow raised, “Well? Are you coming in or what?”
“Say less,” he sighed in relief, following your sauntering frame inside your apartment. He was initially impressed as you flicked the light switch on the wall up, illuminating your precious space. Very clean and organized, he felt a pang of jealousy, knowing his own dorm room was scattered with clothes and empty water bottles. If he had only seen what your living space looked like before you had straightened up, he might have felt better about himself.
“I have some róse in the fridge,” you offered, making your way to the kitchen. “Would you like a glass?”
“No lie, that’s literally my favorite wine,” Eren groaned. “How are you this perfect?”
You laughed loudly, grabbing two wine glasses from your cabinet, opening your fridge and retrieving the bottle. Filling the glasses generously, you left the bottle on your kitchen counter and turned around, Eren a lot closer than where you had left him a moment ago. You extended his cup, which he graciously took and sipped. You mirrored him, gulping down your own mouthful.
“Y’know,” he started, gazing around your kitchen space. “For all that talk of mimosas in your Instagram bio, I really expected there to be a lot more pictures of you drinking them.”
You chuckled once again, “Believe me, I have plenty of orange juice, vodka, and champagne here. We had such a classy dinner, I thought I’d try and match it with some wine. Besides, vodka brings out the worst in me.”
“Ah, lady in the streets, freak in the sheets,” he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. You rolled your eyes, swatting his bicep harmlessly. “I get what you’re about at brunch with the girls.”
“If I had a nickel for every time Mikasa had to peel me and Sasha off the pavement after mimosas and scones, I’d be fucking rich,” you giggled once again, raising the glass to your lips.
“I’m really surprised we hadn’t met each other before last night, especially because Mikasa and I have been best friends since we were little,” Eren raised an eyebrow. “She’s basically my sister, and never once did she say anything about you, I only met Sasha because Connie’s attached to her hip and they share the same brain cell.”
“If it makes you feel better, I only knew Jean existed because we had a class together this semester,” you shrugged, purposefully leaving out the part where he consumed your content almost as much as Eren did.
“And of course me,” Eren smirked cheekily. “Because I’m your favorite viewer, like you said.”
“Don’t make me regret telling you that,” you pointed your glass towards him in a fake threat.
“It’s okay, you’re my favorite girl, so it evens itself out,” Eren placed his half drunk glass on the counter top, his gaze much more seductive. “Besides, you wore my necklace like I asked, I gotta tease you a little bit.”
“I wore pretty much everything you wanted me to,” you smirked, copying his actions and settling your own cup down.
“Did you now?” he took long strides to stand in front of you, toying with the necklace that he had laid claim over.
“I can show you, if you want to see,” you leaned up with full intentions of capturing his kiss.
“There’s nothing else I would rather do, pretty girl,” Eren cooed, licking his lips before meeting you in the middle. His arms circled around your waist, your hands wrapped around his shoulders as the pace started out slowly. Gentle was not what either of you wanted though, the desperation seeping in fast as his fingers explored your sides.
“Bedroom,” you gasped as he removed his lips and attached them to your jaw. He had no qualms of fucking you right out here in the kitchen, so he made no effort to move. Realizing you had to take the reins, you moved backwards from Eren, smirking as he groaned from the sudden distance. His eyes followed you predatorily as he began to chase after you, your back meeting the wooden paneling of your bedroom door. He attempted to recapture your mouth, but your hand was faster in turning the door knob, and you began to lead him back until your mattress met the backs of your knees.
“Want you to show me what you’re wearing under that dress,” Eren demanded, playing with the short hem that rested on your thighs.
You nodded, giving him the silent okay to take off the fabric encompassing your frame. You turned so your back faced him, moving your hair out of the way so he could unzip the back. His eyes followed as he fingered the silver zipper, agonizingly teasing himself as more and more was revealed to him. Seeing the straps of the black lace he had requested drunkenly the night before, his patience snapped as he pulled the metal piece down faster. You slid the tiny straps off your shoulders at the sweet feeling of release, and Eren’s dick was rock fucking solid as it pooled around your feet, you kicked the silky fabric to the side and faced him once more.
“You’re wearing everything I told you to,” he stated, drinking in the sight of your scantily clad body. “Good girl.”
You bit back an embarrassing moan at his praise, feeling the heat pool between your thighs. It came as such a shock to you to be so reactive to his words, and it came slamming into you that maybe you weren’t as vanilla as you had previously believed. You had a kink! It all made so much sense, why you felt such pride and arousal from complete strangers giving you their attention and compliments online. You yearned for it, craved the affections, and now that Eren stood in front of you, more than willing to shower you with pretty words, all the moisture in your mouth dried up. You wanted him so fucking bad.
Eren’s hands met the naked skin of your waist as his palms etched over your soft stomach. They met in the middle of your back, leaning your back onto the mattress as he climbed on top of you, a single hand coming up to work on discarding his button up. You rushed to help, pads of your fingers working the buttons open until he revealed his bare chest, his chains hanging above you. He worked his arms out quickly, tossing the fabric onto the floor. He brought his lips to yours, this kiss much more desperate and needy than the previous ones. His hands explored every inch of your body, the tops of your thighs to the swell of your breasts. He tugged on the soft lace at the top, slowly bringing the black fabric down to expose the complete fullness of your breasts. A sight familiar yet somehow new made Eren groan, the pads of his thumbs brushing against your pretty nipples, instantly hardening them.
You moaned lightly, throwing your head back and arching your back into his touch. How many times had Eren pictured you just like this?
“I fucked my fist so many fucking times thinking about you,” he confessed as he pressed slow open mouthed kisses to your collarbone. “You have no idea what your pictures did to me, no idea what you’re doing to me right now.”
He leaned his bottom half forward, pressing his thick clothed erection into the meat of your thigh. You let out a whimper, head foggy as his words made your pussy clench around nothing.
“You’re so fucking sexy,” he licked a stripe up your neck, leaving a wet saliva trail as he wrapped his lips around where he could feel your pulse the strongest. “My pretty girl.”
While Eren wanted to talk about what you did to him, all you could think about was what he was doing to you. The want and need that coursed through your veins was like a drug, you could feel him worming his way into your bloodstream, straight to the center of your heart and out to the warmest parts of your body. And you felt like an addict in that moment too, and every moment you would spend with Eren there after. You could feel his kisses as if he was underneath your skin, his entire body pressed against yours. So, so close, yet not close enough.
“Take off your pants,” you demanded shakily, placing your hands at the button of his slacks. He seemed to be on the same page of you yet again, and he followed his instructions without delay. He kicked out of the tight pants with ease, and you were more than pleased to see he had rid himself of his boxers too when you heard the thick slap of his cock meeting his stomach.
“Oh my god,” you breathed, eyes widened. “Eren, that’s not going to fit.”
“Don’t worry,” he soothed your hair back from your face, pressing a sweet kiss to the tip of your nose. “I’ll make sure you’re nice and wet for me.”
He started to move south, licking and giving attention to your right nipple as he did so. While the idea of him giving you thorough attention was erotic, you really wanted to please him for your first time together, unknown to you as Eren had thought the exact same thing, wanting to make you feel so good you’d come crawling back to him for more.
You pushed yourself up into a seating position, Eren’s eyes flickering in confusion as you stood up. This look didn’t last for long as you switched positions, pushing his torso onto the bed as you rested atop of him, feet placed firmly on the ground. His mouth hung open in disbelief as you began to return his assault on his neck, sucking and kissing and even biting along the columns. He let out a shaky groan, unable to hold it back as your hands traveled down his chest to his abdomen, feeling over the muscles there.
“What’re you doing, princess?” Eren questioned teasingly, not trying to get his hopes up on what your plan seemed to be.
“Wanna’ make you feel good,” your eyes flickered up to meet the dark green of his eyes, watching as his pupils expanded as the realization hit him like a brick.
“Fuck, okay,” Eren subconsciously widened his thighs then, bringing himself up to lean on his elbows as your kisses followed shortly behind the trail of your fingers.
Your mouth met the defined muscle of his stomach, and your eyes drifted up to catch Eren’s reaction as you neared closer to his aching cock. His eyes were hardened on you, brows knitted together, he almost looked angry. You kitten licked above his navel, and knew the anger was superficial as he threw his head back, letting out a quiet groan. You leaned your body in closer, pushing your exposed chest against his length. He whipped his head forward again at the contact, his lips opened as he inhaled shaky breaths.
Part of you had kind of wanted to hear Eren beg for your mouth, but the thought had quickly left your head as he entangled his fingers into the back of your scalp, massaging gently as he did so. Without a moment of hesitation, you lowered your face so you were eye to eye with his thick shaft. Honestly, you really hadn’t expected Eren to be this big. You had caught a glimpse of his half erect member tenting in his pants the night before, but as it stood to full attention, you were very much intimidated by the sheer size. You gulped, putting on a brace face as you continued on.
The sound of Eren’s groans growing louder as you licked a bold stripe from the bottom of his base to the tip of his head had stirred your cunt deeply. You were on your knees now, feet tucked up under you when you felt the wet patch of your panties touch the back of your heels. You licked a few more times, your right hand trailing down from his stomach to grip him more upright. You pulled all the saliva in your mouth onto your tongue, and wrapped your lips around his tip while your hand secured a purposeful grip at his base. You started slow, only sucking in your cheeks and moving your tongue along the underside of his head, pumping him at the same pace. You could feel beads of spit meet your knuckles, circling your tongue around the entirety of his fat mushroom tip. You smoothly licked along his slit, collecting his gushing precum and tasting the salty liquid.
Meanwhile as you had just started your worship of his cock, Eren was watching you in disbelief as your eyelashes fluttered along your cheeks, mouth prepping yourself to take in his full length. He had pulled himself into a sitting position now to provide you the best angle he could. He was in complete awe, furrowing eyebrows and his mouth hanging open, he knew in that moment there was absolutely no point of return. He would follow you from here on out, whether it be online or in reality, wherever you would go. Soulmates, he reminded himself while he collected your hair into his fist and away from your mouth. You were his fucking soulmate.
You pressed your knees upward, eyes opening. Eren’s pupils were blown out, his breathing irregular, and you wanted to watch him completely unfold as you angled your head to drop lower onto his shaft, hand working just a little faster.
“Fuck —“ he stuttered, eyes blazing into yours. “That’s it, take all of me, you’re such a good girl.”
You moaned lightly at his praise once again, and Eren’s cock hit the back of your throat. You pulled your lips up slowly, tongue caressing the underside of his member the entire time, and quickly brought your unoccupied hand into a fist. This was the first time you would be trying out this trick, reading it in a magazine since your gag reflex was very strong and this helped soothe the impulse. Eren was not prepared in the slightest as you removed the hand gripping him, letting his dick fall forward a bit more. You took a deep breathe through your nose, spit coating his entire cock now, and pushed your mouth fast back down his shaft.
Eren let out a strangled gasp when your nose brushed against his pelvis, “Holy fucking — fuck. Shit, yeah, just like that. You look so fucking pretty right now.”
Tears were threatening the spill over your lash line and you bobbed your head furiously, taking in as much as you could before you gagged. You stared up at him the entire time, watching his face screw together as you lapped and sucked his cock. Your jaw was aching already from his size, minding your teeth placement as you quickened your pace. You returned your hand to wrap and pump whatever your mouth wasn’t able to reach as you set yourself into a more comfortable pattern. Your other hand cupped his balls, swirling them softly in your palms.
Eren’s fingers yanked you back, his dick falling out of your lips in a soft pop, as you looked up in confusion, “Gonna’ stop you there baby, gonna’ make me cum.”
His hand in your hair guided you back up to his lips, and Eren could taste himself as his tongue pushed through your swollen mouth to enter yours. You moaned into the kiss, so sloppy and messy, you took no notice of Eren’s hands wiping away the leftover dribble on your chin. He yanked you back, a bit rougher this time, and you panted, rubbing your thighs together at the force. He eyed you up, your beautiful tits still on display, the fabric of your lace bra folded underneath them.
“Get naked for me, princess,” he cooed, untangling his fingers from your scalp. You did as you were told, practically ripping the lace set off your body as you soon stood stark naked in front of Eren. He pushed his legs up, joining you. You felt very small then as he towered above you, playing with the tips of your hair, he guided you around until you were forced to lay yourself flat on your back on the mattress once again.
Eren caressed your shins as he stood tall in front of you, never breaking eye contact. You could still see the glistening of your saliva on his cock, and heat continued to pool in between your thighs in anticipation of his next move.
“Look at you,” he whispered, wrapping his fingers on the tops of your bent knees, legs closed together. “So pretty, it almost hurts to look at you.”
His darkened eyes shot down, drinking you all in before settling on your closed legs. With his hands, he gently forced them to part, and he let out a quiet moan at the sight in front of him. Dripping in arousal, almost sparkling and shining like the gem you were, your pussy spread open for him, begging for his attention. His gaze darted up back to your face, trying not to get too carried away as he admired your beautiful body.
Eren let out a dark chuckle, stroking his hands to the meat of your thighs, “You have no idea the things I have planned for us, princess.”
You whimpered, unable to voice a single word. His right hand moved towards your center, and you gasped sharply as he gently grazed your folds with the lightest of touches. His thumb landed a hair above your clit, and you squirmed, desperate now. He circled so slowly on your pearl, gazing on with an inflated ego. Eren wanted you to beg for him, to tell you all about those ideas he had going on in his head while he fucked his fingers into you.
He decided to go easy on you though, you had plenty of time ahead of you to learn exactly what he wanted when it came to the bedroom, he cooed, “I’m gonna’ show you off, just like you deserve. Gonna’ buy you pretty things, treat you like the fucking princess you are — gonna’ be my pretty girl.”
“Please, Eren,” you whimpered, attempting to push your pelvis into his hand, failing miserably as his other one gripped your thigh in place. “I need you.”
“Tell me exactly what you need, baby,” Eren smirked.
“Everything,” you breathed out. “I want you to keep calling me pretty, wan’ you to fuck me.”
“We’ll get to that part soon,” he paused, lowering his head to your inner thigh, getting to his knees on the floor. “Just need to make you feel good first, pretty girl.”
Eren licked a bold stripe up your pussy as you mewled, feeling a shred of relief as the tip of his tongue circled your clit. You felt a bead of saliva, probably mixed in with your own arousal, travel down the seam of your ass. Eren was starving, and you tasted so delicious, a sweet tart flavor exploding across his taste buds. He flattened his tongue, and looked up to watch your gorgeous face as his lips engulfed your clit.
You threw your head back, eyes rolling into the back of your skull as you attached your hands to your breasts, pulling and tugging on your nipples. He positioned his hands to the back of your thighs then, somehow managing to spread you open even more. The sounds he made in between your folds were wet and sloppy, and he rubbed small circles with the pads of his thumbs into the creases where your legs met your ass.
He never broke away from your face, watching everything unfold before him. Now that you were free from his solidifying grip, your hips were rolling. He watched your ribs expand and fall as you moaned unabashedly, rubbing your cunt into his mouth. Eren had never seen a more beautiful sight, and suddenly, it wasn’t enough to satisfy him. His right hand itched closer to your opening, and you trembled at the prodding of his index fingers. His tongue flopped around sloppily, slurping your bud in between his lips as he entered you slowly, cock pulsing at the feeling of your slick velvety walls greeting his finger.
Here he was, on his knees before you, eyes heavy and swirling because of you. You arched your back as he pumped the single digit in you slowly at first. He felt the tight clench of your walls as his tongue flicked at a certain angle, pleased that he had discovered very quickly how he was going to get you to cum. Eren was impatient, and as much as he wanted to stay between the heat of your thighs for hours if you’d let him, he really needed that orgasm from you. The tip of his pointer finger left you briefly, and you whimpered at the sudden loss, quickly becoming breathless and he slammed it right back in alongside his middle finger. They curled inside of you, brushing right against the soft spongy wall that was your g-spot. You were gushing for him, the sloppy noises of his assaults resounding around the bedroom.
“Fuck, fuck,” you panted, feeling your breasts bounce as he fucked his fingers into you at an alarming pace, tongue following the pattern eagerly. “Oh my god, I’m so close, Eren, I’m gonna’ cum.”
He pulled his mouth back momentarily, voice husky and pleading as he told you, “Cum for me, baby.”
You slammed your hips down onto his knuckles, feeling the underside of his palm and your slick. He had been reduced to curling and angling his fingers inside of you, watching in adoration and awe as you bounced yourself on his fingers, rubbing your pretty pussy against his mouth. Eren had just become a bystander at this point, he was pretty much forced to be stilled as you used his mouth and hands so greedily, feeling an unfamiliar swell in your cunt.
And when your back arched, and your walls clenched so fiercely tight around his drenched fingers, Eren found his forever love. He’d do anything, be anyone, whatever the fuck that was asked of him, to see this sight for the rest of his life. You were vibrating, legs shaking so strongly, Eren had to mentally catch up when he felt a gush of hot liquid soak him. He shifted his gaze down in shock, and holy shit, you were squirting.
You swore you had never orgasmed like this before, it was more than stars you were seeing behind your closed eyelids. It was pure black, absolute nothingness as your brain short circuited. It was like your pussy was taking a deep breath, because when the onset of contractions hit you, you thought you were going to pass out. And poor Eren, who stared dumbly in front of him at how intense your muscles were flexing, was already so deeply in love with you and was confessing his eternal devotion to you in his mind.
When your cunt had settled down, and your hips relented in pushing yourself against Eren’s face and hands, you let out a low moan as he slid his drenched fingers out of you. He stared at his hand, shining with your cum, and flickered his gaze up to you.
“I’m going to fucking marry you,” he growled. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever fucking seen.”
You let out an exhausted laugh, “Would you believe me if I told you that was the first time I’ve ever squirted?”
“I’m buying you a goddamn ring tomorrow,” he placed a kiss to your inner thigh, moving his body up to hover above you. Eren’s hands wrapped around your thighs once again, propping your knees to your chest. He saw the slight trace of fear in your eyes, and he paused, “You okay?”
“It’s just,” you gazed at the point between your bodies. “Are you gonna’ fit?”
Eren leaned forward, feeling slightly relieved, his face still dripping in your essence, and he placed a sweet, romantic kiss to your lips, pulling away to murmur, “I’ll be gentle, I promise.”
You nodded your head, letting the worry roll off your body as one of his hands caressed your cheek, never breaking eye contact with him. The other hand reached in between your centers, grabbing his throbbing cock and sliding himself along your pussy. He was soon coated in your juices, and both of you were letting out quiet moans. As he sunk his tip into your entrance though, you were gasping loudly.
Eren really had wanted to be gentle, he had no intentions whatsoever of hurting you, but he had realized very quickly that you were going to be the one to set the pace in the relationship. Because as soon as half of his shaft was anchored in your heat, your hips slammed upwards to engulf his entire length. He bit back a yelp at the suddenness, fisting the sheets by your waist in a tight grip. If Eren didn’t feel like a virgin before, he sure as fuck did now.
You didn’t realize just how prepped that orgasm had made you, or how sensitive. What you had believed would’ve been pain was insurmountable and mind blowing pleasure, and you smiled in pride as Eren’s jaw fell open. You felt his hands fall from the underside of your thighs, and you took the opportunity, leveraging your legs, and thrusted upwards. Eren bottomed out inside of you, and you winced slightly at the mild pain of his tip meeting the wall of your cervix, the stretch of your walls accommodating him as you fluttered around him.
“You’re so big, Eren,” you moaned out, moving your hands to grasp his flexing biceps. “‘Feels so good.”
Eren was fighting an internal war — go as slow as physically possible as to not bust in your heavenly pussy in three strokes, or give you the best two minutes of your fucking life. Because it was absolutely all way too much, your gorgeous face, your soaked core, the way you gripped his cock so tightly. You were a vixen, Eren’s personal vices wrapped up in one human body. He couldn’t help but take notice of how perfectly your bodies fit together, your pussy made for him.
“Eren, move, please,” you whined, attempting to squirm your hips. He shot a hand down to your hip, stilling you as he gave you a warning glare.
“I’m trying really hard not to cum inside of you right now,” Eren groaned, finally moving his hips. “You’re so fucking tight, baby. Making it real hard for me right now.”
Little was Eren aware of your pussy still on edge from the mind blowing power of your first orgasm, and you mouth lolled open as he slowly fucked you. If you were to touch your clit, or have any type of pressure there right now, it would be over for you as well. You’d have all the time in the future to have long, drawn out sex with Eren, but the two of you were just way too turned on and aroused by each other to have anything but heavy and fast sex. With a slight hesitation on your end, also not wanting to cum so quickly around his length, you rocked your hips into his fastening pace.
Eren chose the latter of his two options then, feeling the ridges of your pussy pulse and flutter around his cock. He pulled all the way back, tip daring to fall out of your little hole, and he flung himself right back in to the hilt. He repeated this a few times, and you were trying your best to hold back screams. Eren was drooling at the sight of your pretty pink pussy taking him, sloppy and messy from his saliva and your cum. He brought his attention to your bouncing breasts, molding one into his palm, rolling the nipple in the center.
Eren’s thrusts quickened dramatically, and he knew that your warning from the previous night had been true. You were screaming, calling out his name and several swears and ‘oh my god’s. This only encouraged him more, ego pretty much stroking his own cock as he plunged into you at a dangerous pace. He knew he was going to fast approach his orgasm, but Eren wasn’t stupid either. He could feel the clench tightening around him as he fucked right into that pretty spot inside of you, the way your breathing changed after a few seconds of that. Eren would become your number one expert, knowing every tell tale sign of your body, and what you were feeling. From one orgasm, he knew how your breathing changed, and Eren was determined to take you to those heights again.
Keeping the flick of his hips at the slamming pace he was at, he brought his thumb to your swollen clit. At the impact, your eyes screwed closed over the overwhelming pleasure. You felt a twinge of pain, just so sensitive from how strong you came before, but didn’t stop Eren as he rolled your pearl in fast circles, putting delicate pressure on the very top. It took maybe three strokes of his cock and a slight unsteady irregularity in his pattern to get you right where he had wanted you — desperate to cum alongside him.
“I’m so close, Eren,” you moaned out, lower body buzzing in anticipation.
“I want you to cum on my cock,” he demanded, a shocked moan crawling out of his throat at the first clench. “Oh, fuck, good girl.”
You spasmed under him, eyebrows shooting up in a furrow as you arched your back uncontrollably, the wave of your second orgasm slamming into you like a train. You could hear the squelching of Eren fucking your pussy as you contracted around him, or as he tried to. It was pure ecstasy, a feeling of wholeness filling you entirely. Half way through your orgasm, he grabbed the base of his cock, sliding out of you as he pumped himself fast above you. You held your legs open, breathing heavily as Eren watched your muscles contract in astonishment. He had never made a girl cum like this before, so hard and so visually. Your beautiful face, eyes encouraging him to cum, was all he needed. His dick was covered in you, his fingers sticky and soaked. It was all so fucking sloppy, and the thought and sight of it all caught up to him.
You felt the hot ropes of cum hit your belly, moaning at the sight. Eren was fucking his fist, cock thrusting in his grip like he had been doing in your pussy. His head hung forward, eyes drinking in the entirety of you. He shot his load on your lower half, stroking himself down after a couple of minutes, breathing heavily.
He eyed the box of tissues on your nightstand, and grabbed a few, languidly wiping his cum off of your abdomen as the two of you tried to catch your breath, or bring a ration thought back into your minds.
“We just had porn star sex,” you giggled tiredly.
“Oh yes we fucking did,” Eren smirked. “Not to like hype you up or whatever, that was the best sex I’ve ever had.”
Your pride and ego swelled as he finished wiping up his cum, discarding the tissues in the bin on the floor. He hadn’t given you much time to respond, asking where the bathroom was so he could grab a rag to clean you up. You were humbled, affection rising in your chest when he returned to take care of your exhausted body. No one had bothered with aftercare before, and right then and there, you knew Eren was a keeper.
“Thank you,” you yawned out, stretching your legs in front of you. Eren hung around a little awkwardly, not sure of what to do. “You can spend the night, if you want to.”
He raised his eyebrows, a smile crossing his face, “Do you want me to?”
You rolled your eyes, pushing yourself back until your head met your pillows and lifted your comforter, gesturing for Eren to join you. And that he did, pouncing on the offer and sliding into bed with you, not hesitating for a second to wrap his muscular arms around your waist. He kissed you gently, pulling away to place his lips on your shoulder as you began to drift off.
Tumblr media
You awoke alone in your bed, the bright rays of the sun hazy as you blinked the sleep away. You could smell and hear the sizzling of breakfast in your kitchen, your bedroom door swung wide open. You threw your legs over the mattress, stealing a quick look at yourself in the mirror. You cringed at the mascara stains under your eyes, taking a tissue and wiping underneath your lashes to look presentable enough for the man looming in your kitchen. You discarded the tissue, and slid on a pair of fresh panties and Eren’s enormous sweatshirt you had yet to return, and padded your bare feet across your floor to join him.
Eren’s back faced you, his form only clad in a pair of boxers as he focused his complete attention to the frying pans in front of him. You smirked, leaning against your counter, placing your chin in your open hands.
“Good morning, Chef Eren,” you teased, catching him off guard as he jumped a bit.
He turned to face you, hair a complete mess as a boyish smile graced his face, “Morning, princess. I hope you don’t mind my mess.”
“It smells amazing, so I guess I can figure out a way to forgive you,” you sighed dramatically. “Only if there’s coffee involved, though.”
“Way ahead of you,” he moved his legs over to your coffee machine, a pair of steaming muga awaiting his hand. He grabbed one, a plain white mug that matched the rest of your kitchen set, and set it on the counter in front of you.
“If you’re trying to earn extra credit, it’s working,” you said, dumbstriken.
“Gotta’ show you I’m boyfriend material,” he wagged his eyebrows, turning back to the frying pan before cutting the heat off. “I couldn’t find your plates, though.”
“Cabinet above the sink,” you directed, pulling out a stool from underneath your kitchen bar. “Forks and stuff are in the drawer by the refrigerator.”
Eren nodded, collecting two plates and the necessary utensils from their designated areas. The sight of eggs and bacon made your mouth water, and you were about to get a key made specifically for Eren to waltz in every morning to cook you this glorious meal every single day. You thanked him as he set your plate in front of you, and you dug in.
“Eren, it’s so good,” you complimented after chewing. “You really know how to treat a girl.”
He simply laughed, and the two of you fell into a pleasant conversation. And then by the time mid day rolled around, the two of you had talked all about where you’d be spending the evening. The night had ended just like the one before in mind blowing sex, the morning after repeating itself, and again, and again.
A month later, you had updated your Instagram bio. ‘Connoisseur of mimosas, rock and roll, and Eren Jaeger’. And when it had come time to update your OnlyFans content, you were more than happy to have your own personal photographer to use at your discretion. Just as long as you continued to wear his necklace, Eren would take as many pictures as you needed him to, knowing you’d end up in each other’s beds at the end of the session anyways. And he’d continue to follow you, this time though, you’d gladly send him his favorite pictures for free.
LACHERI © 2021: all writing content belongs to LACHERI. I do not allow reposts or translations. this is my only account.
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mydragulesebastian · 8 months ago
do i know you? — bucky barnes x fem!reader (au)
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: Y/N just wanted to have a nice evening out alone. And she was until an insufferable man comes up to her and keeps hitting on her. But when Bucky Barnes spots her in immediate need of help, he takes his chances and hopes she plays along with.
WARNINGS: language, mentions of harassment, alcohol, um and i guess like fluff!
AUTHOR’S NOTE: just something that came to me while i was at work after well.... a week. lol enjoy!
Tumblr media
“I just want to have a nice night all by myself!”
Y/N fell back onto her queen-sized bed with a groan. She had had a week. The guy she had been seeing suddenly ghosted her and then announced he had a girlfriend on Instagram. Not to mention that all the duties from work had also fallen onto her shoulders, with no one even offering to take some load off.
She was stressed, to say the least. She just wanted alone time, maybe head out to a bar, have a drink, and come back home. Nothing crazy. She just wanted to go out and be able to breathe even if just for a moment.
“You’re crazy! Have you not heard of all the women who have gone missing around town?”
Y/N rolled her eyes; Darcy could be a bit dramatic sometimes. “First off, that wasn’t even close to here. Second, I will be sharing my location with you the entire night. Third, I’m going to be home by 10 PM. I’m a grown woman. I don’t need you to worry about me, Darcy.”
“I’m your best friend!” She cried on the other end of the line. “I worry because I care. You gotta promise me you’re going to be safe.”
“Trust me. I’m just going out for a drink to clear my mind. That’s it. And then I’m coming straight home.”
Darcy stuttered as she tried to find a way to stop Y/N from going out alone, but Y/N had already made up her mind. Friday after work, she was coming home to freshen up then head to the bar a couple of blocks away from her apartment complex. She would have two drinks and head home to end the night with a sappy rom-com and probably cry herself to sleep. Sometimes all you needed to end the day was a good cry.
Tumblr media
Friday came around and Y/N counted down the hours until she was free from work. The second the clock struck 5 she ran out and headed home. She freshened up like she had planned and ate a small meal before heading out to the bar.
Lucky for her, it wasn’t packed—yet. She spotted an empty stool at the bar and quickly rushed over to take a seat. She adjusted her bag across her body so it sat in her lap. Leaning against the bar, she caught the attention of the bartender quickly.
He was young, maybe younger than her. She searched for his name tag but found nothing. Her eyes met his brown ones and smiled.
“Hi, I’m Peter and I’ll be your bartender for” —he brought up his left wrist to look at the time— “the next hour. What can I get for ya?” He smiled cheerfully.
She smiled back, feeling comfortable in his presence immediately. Y/N ordered a Moscow mule and watched Peter prepare it for her.
After adorning it with a fresh slice of lime, he slid it over to her and nodded towards her drink to encourage her to take a sip. “If it’s not good, let me know and I’ll fix it up for ya. Free of charge.”
Y/N sputtered a laugh after she sipped. “Peter! This is the best Moscow mule I’ve had in town.”
He smiled, adding a wink before letting her know he was at her service until the end of the shift. She thanked him once again before he disappeared to help other customers.
Y/N sat in comfortable silence as she watched the TV above her. It was a baseball game; she wasn’t sure what teams were playing, but the ones in brown and yellow were currently winning by quite a lot.
“You come here often?” A voice on her left asked.
Y/N was unsure if they were talking to her so she kept her eyes glued to the game, ignoring the question.
A minute later, the same person cleared their throat and repeated the question. This time Y/N turned to see who was annoying her rather peaceful time out on the town.
A man much taller than her smiled down at her. It wasn’t creepy, it was actually quite a charming one, but she did feel uncomfortable that he was trying to hit on when she obviously paid no attention to him the first time he spoke. Maybe she should have listened to Darcy and stayed home.
“Uh... no...” Y/N answered before mentally face-palming herself for even humoring him with a conversation.
“Me either,” he replied. “I’m Eddie.”
“Y/N,” she flatly replied before taking a sip of her drink.
“What are you drinking?”
Her eyes widened slightly, eyebrows jumping up before replying. She was cursed with being too polite to people who didn’t deserve it. And now she was going to pay for it because like all creepy men she had encountered, he now thought she was interested.
Tumblr media
On the other side of the bar, a group of men arrived after a long game of softball. They were dirty and sweaty, still in their uniforms that consisted of a white tee-shirt with a blue “CAPTAINS” logo on the front, their last name and number on the back, red shorts with long accompanied with white socks and dirty tennis shoes.
The team that had walked in lost to the other team but still took it in stride. Besides, what was a softball game if you didn’t go to the bar after the game; win or lose?
“First round is on me!” One of the men shouted, flipping his plain navy blue baseball cap backward on his head.
As he walked to the bar, he spotted a woman in an obvious predicament. Now he wasn’t a body language expert but he could tell that she was more than uncomfortable. She seemed to curl up into herself to get farther away from the man talking to her.
He thought of his sisters, hoping that if any good man saw what he was seeing live, that they would also do what he was about to do. The beers and his friends could wait.
“Hey!” He shouted a couple of steps away from her, his hand going up in the air to wave.
Both the man and woman looked over at him with confused looks. Okay, so maybe they thought he was crazy and they might be right, but this was the right thing to do. He would feel terrible if he didn’t intervene.
“Do I know you?” The woman looked at the man who had now inserted himself into the dreadful conversation. She could not handle another one this evening.
“Yeah!” He nodded enthusiastically, his blue eyes shining brighter than the stars in the sky. “We went to school together. We were in the same biology class. We even did some projects together.”
Y/N scanned her memories as fast as she could trying to match his face, but she got nothing. When she locked eyes with him again, she saw his eyes widen ever so slightly and his brows jump up a bit.
He was helping her.
“Oh my, God! Yes! It’s coming back to me now!” Y/N lied. “It’s been so long! Um... Ale-“
“Bucky! It’s Bucky.” He quickly interrupted, adding a grin.
“Right, right! Bucky,” she nodded, adding a face-palm for added effect.
“Are you here with” —he peered over Y/N’s shoulder to look at the man scowling at him— “someone?”
Her eyes widened, taking the opportunity to run away with Bucky. “No! I’m here alone, actually.”
“Perfect! Why don’t you come and sit with me and my friends?” His thumb pointed back towards a table of 2 other men.
They looked like good guys. A bit dirty, but that was fine with Y/N. Anything to get away from the serial dater next to her.
“Really?” Her eyes thanked him as she tried not to smile as big as she wanted to.
“Yeah! I’m sure uh... he won’t mind.”
“Oh, no. Of course not.” Y/N turned to look at the pestering man and sent him a sarcastic smile. “Sorry.”
Eddie rolled his eyes as Y/N hopped off the barstool. She followed Bucky back to his table on the other side of the bar and met his two friends Sam and Steve.
“I didn’t order the beers, but I’ll be back.” Bucky nodded before walking away again.
“Sorry for intruding.” Y/N apologized. “I just—your friend, Bucky, he saved me from that annoying guy at the bar and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get up and leave. I’m too nice to do it all my own, I guess.” She grimaced.
“No worries!” Sam waved her off. “We love to make new friends.”
She smiled at him before finishing her drink. She silently cursed herself for not getting another one before she got up.
“Three beers and a Moscow mule!” Bucky slid the pints over to Steve and Sam before gently placing the Moscow mule in front of Y/N.
She looked up at him from her seat and her mouth fell open slightly. It was almost as if he read her mind because he answered right away.
“I saw you were basically finished when I went up to you” —he slid into the booth seat next to Sam and across from Y/N— “And I didn’t want you to get up and go to the bar and bump into your friend over there.”
She let out a laugh, thanking him for the drink and also for saving her. “You’re great.”
“He is,” Steve agreed. “The best, actually. Buck’s got a big heart. He’s always helping everyone.”
Sam nodded enthusiastically across from Steve while Bucky blushed and looked down at the dark wooden table. Y/N had to agree even if she had only known him for 5 minutes. Only those with a good heart would do what Bucky did. How many people saw that she was in a dilemma and still decided to walk by and ignore it?
“So what brings you here?” Sam asked as he leaned back into his seat, arms stretching out in front of him to rest on the table.
“Shitty week.” Y/N shrugged. “I didn’t want to stay home and drink by myself. That’s kinda weird and depressing. I also wanted my own peace of mind without a friend talking my ear off so I thought about coming to this bar. I only live a couple of blocks away. I didn’t think I would get harassed.” Her eyes widened at the last statement.
Steve frowned. “I’m sorry. For all of it.”
The other two men nodded and she forced a smile onto her face as she sighed. Sam immediately changed the subject, asking her what she did for a living. She tried to keep her answer short, not wanting to bore them all with her job description. But she couldn’t have been more wrong about the three men surrounding her. They listened intently and asked more questions about her life. They were absolute gentlemen. The three of them had a heart of gold.
“You should come to one of our softball games!” Sam offered, nudging Bucky’s side.
“Yeah!” Steve agreed. “We have one next Saturday morning, actually. Are you free?”
Bucky watched Y/N, biting down on his lip. He hoped she would say yes. He was interested in her that’s for sure. But he didn’t want to hit on her after the situation with Eddie.
“Sure!” Y/N replied with a big smile. “I’d love to!”
“Cool!” Sam cheered before looking over at Bucky. “Hey, Buck. My phone is dead. Maybe you could get her number and then send it to me.”
“What about—”
“Mine too. Sorry, pal.” Steve shrugged.
Bucky glared at his best friend, knowing that he and Sam were up to no good but he did as told. With shaky hands, he typed in her name and number into his phone and sent a smiling emoji via text for her to save his number into her phone.
Y/N sighed, reaching into her purse to grab money to pay for the drinks. It was the least she could do to repay them all for taking her in even if just for an hour. But the men stopped her, telling her that she did not have to pay for anything.
“It’s on Bucky today.”
“Are you sure? At least let me pay for the first drink I ordered when I got here.”
“Y/N,” Bucky said sternly, “It’s okay. I got it.”
“Can I buy next time I see you guys?” She offered.
“Sure,” Steve replied with a nod.
“Okay,” Y/N smiled. “Next time, then. It’s on me.”
“No take-backs!” Sam added and Y/N laughed before holding up her pinky. He reached across the table and locked his own pinky with hers and they shook on it.
“Thank you,” Y/N said, locking eyes with Bucky as she readied herself to go home. “I’ll see you soon.”
She left Bucky speechless as she said goodbye to Sam and Steve and then walked out, disappearing in a matter of seconds. He sighed as he leaned back against the booth seat, tipping the rest of his beer back and sliding it across the table in front of him.
“Someone’s got it bad,” Sam sang annoyingly.
“You’ll see her soon, Buck.” Steve comforted his love-struck friend. He knew Bucky all too well. And when Bucky fell, he fell hard.
“I won’t judge if you keep a countdown of the days,” Sam teased, earning a punch to the shoulder from Bucky. “Ow!”
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initiumseries · 8 days ago
I’m not an animation expert but I really like how they showed the characters emotions like you can really feel it. Also the Ekko vs jinx scene was amazing. I really liked almost every character except from Jayce …. He was pretty meh
Haha Jayce was such a man that he was completely boring. Any time he came on screen I was just like...k well...whenever you're ready to move on. Because basically, he had a little skill, was attractive, and had a savvy, power seeking benefactor as well as a truly brilliant partner that made him look better than he was, and then when it came time to do the hard thing...he just couldn't. Lol coward shit.
Anyway, character animation is SUPER important to me and it was the biggest problem I had with Invincible, and American animation in general, where there's so much focus and emphasis on the action scenes that when it comes to the characters EMOTING, it's just struggle city.
But the character animation with Arcane was really rich and just helped sell everything. I LOVE this because it's so subtle. Vi's eyes moving indicate she's THINKING. A slight furrow of the brow, and Powder in the BG, lifts her eyes to look at Vi because she feels bad. This brief little scene is so rich with emotion and to animate shows such an incredible grasp of human behaviour...It's wonderful.
Tumblr media
Jinx is probably the best example of emotional range because she's gone insane from trauma and abandonment and grief and guilt. She's just totally unhinged now. And it *shows*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She's the perfect example of "show don't tell". They don't speculate much on her emotional state. But they're clear, she's not Powder anymore, and she's not the same person Vi remembers. And we SEE her fragmented psyche in how she talks, walks, and the tight shots of her going through a range of emotions. It's amazing. This is the kind of range I'm dying to see in 2D animation, because it's honestly so great and it elevates the animation so much.
Honestly, the Ekko vs. Jinx scene gave me so much anxiety because he was adorable and I liked him, and too often I have to watch Black characters die, so I wasn't sure how that was gonna go. But I loved that he was also a match for her. He was able to hold his own, and while it sucked watching them face off that way, I was glad to see him put Jinx through it.
Honestly this series has so much good to say about it I could go on forever lol.
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bnha-simpin-and-pimpin · 2 months ago
I’m writing more submissive and breedable hawks because fuck that’s why. Maybe some stuff that’s a bit happier since I tend to write kinda angsty.
I always picture Hawks as this real serious over-worked guy but when he actually finds someone he likes he kinda just becomes that little kid he never got to be again. He’s only 22 so, I think in a more realistic world, it’s hard to imagine his childhood doesn’t affect him more. In the Manga we start to see this kinda two sidedness to him, so I like to use that concept as a base. Lol anyways…
AAAHHH ain’t he cute when he smiles all big and genuine??? There’s a total difference between his performance smile and when he actually smiles. He’s really the definition of smiling ear to ear. It’s so cute. Doesn’t it make you want to grab his cheeks???
He hates when you pinch his face like that. It makes him feel girlish, especially in public. But it’s one of those “love to hate” kinda things. It’s your thing! You do that to him and so he sorta misses it when you don’t do it…even if it embarrasses him.
Hawks hates small talk. He wants to talk to you about something interesting. He basically skips the first awkward “talking” stage and goes straight into telling you all about his day and what he’s doing. Of course, it’s still somewhat superficial, that’s just how he is, but it’s not the awkward “so what kind of movies do you like” stuff. No he wants to talk about his latest missions or how dumb he thinks some politician on TV was recently.
One time he showed up at your apartment to take you to dinner (totally unannounced btw) and wouldn’t stop talking about some case Endeavor and he had been working on. He just gets excited by that kinda stuff. You don’t really mind. He likes to hear about your work too, you just don’t always have as much to say.
I think he for sure has some bravado to him. He’s the type to puff his chest out a little bit when you tell him he looks pretty or ruffle his wings when you say you’ve missed him. He’s not used to being wanted in a genuine way.
This feeling makes him feel all flustered. You can see his cheeks get a little pink, right on the highest part, and his wings shuffle around. It’s funny how they sometimes betray how he feels around you. He’s an expert lair, but he tries not to have so many walls up with you.
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sneales · 6 months ago
Hi there!
I'm a big fan of your writing! I love how you characterize characters. They're all very different from each other and they seem very in character! If you don't mind, may I request Gojo, Nanami, Yuji and Megumi and how they'd be on the day of their first date with their s/o who they've been Pining after for so long? Or maybe how they'd be like the day of their wedding?
Characters: Gojo, Nanami, Itadori, Megumi, gender neutral reader Genre: romance Warnings: grammar mistakes Notes: Aww anon, thank you so much! I pay attention to make them seem different so I’m really glad you noticed T.T (well, Gege-sensei makes everything easier since his characters are so well written ♥). I did both the date and the wedding, I hope it's ok!
→Requests are open!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He has never felt so nervous for a date before.
He doesn’t really organise anything in particular, he simply dresses up and tells you to meet in town.
You walk around the streets full of people, stop at shop windows, take photos, buy something... just normal things.
He holds your hand most of the time, nobody will stop him from being affectionate now.
Whenever he finds a food shop or a stall, he stops and buys some food, like seriously he makes you eat a lot lol
He’ll joke a lot about how hard you made him work before you fell in love with him, how could you resist such a hot man for so long?
Everything feels a bit random, but it’s not bad not having anything organised.
By the end of the date, he tries to get at least a make-out session.
If someone had told him “you’ll get married one day”, he would’ve called that person crazy.
The only thing he really likes about weddings is the after party and he basically asks you to get married only because he wanted a big party.
He invites a lot of people, he calls a dj for the music and definitely tries to do stupid games and pranks.
He’ll definitely dirty your face with the cake when you two cut it and pray he didn’t rent a place with a pool otherwise he’ll throw you and your expensive dress into it lmao
When the wedding day arrives, he’s probably super nervous right before the ceremony. He wore his shirt inside out and he tried to tie his bow tie four times, but luckily Shoko was there and fixed everything.
After the formalities are sorted, he gets much more relaxed and ready to party lol
He wants everything to be perfect, he doesn’t want to disappoint you in any way.
Buys new clothes, go to the hairdresser, he’s basically as shiny as a diamond.
He booked a restaurant and right on time he’s at your house, ready to drive you to your date.
He likes the quiet and intimate atmosphere, interrupted only by the waiter and the good food.
You talk about many things and get to know each other better.
You weren’t really expecting it, but he flatters you often.
It’s almost funny because he comes out of nowhere saying saying things like “your eyes are really pretty” with his stern face.
If you didn’t know he always means what he says, you would think he was lying lol
When he drives you back home, he greets you with a small kiss on the lips.
He has always dreamed of being married.
He’s not a fan of huge parties, he prefers traditional and classic ceremonies.
He takes care of the organisation, chooses the place, the colors of the decorations, the flowers etc. etc.
Of course, he pays a lot of attention to his own wedding dress too.
Everything in his plans is perfect, there is only a variable that will definitely try to mess up something, but unfortunately he still cares about the variable enough to want him at his wedding so he hoped for the best.
When the day arrives he won’t show it, but he’s very nervous, very happy, very in love.
So nervous lol
He wanted to bring you to a fancy place, but he’s broke so you end up watching a movie.
He absolutely wants to watch a film you’d like.
You chose a romantic comedy and he gets a bit flustered because the movie is so cheesy and argh was he supposed to do something? Like accidentally brushing your hand while you take popcorn or grab your hand while you have it on your arm chair??? eventually he doesn’t do anything.
He ends up not remembering anything of the movie afterwards.
You eat a cheeseburger in a fast food nearby and now he feels definitely more relaxed and comfortable.
Like Nanami, he likes to compliment you, but in a warmer way.
He is impressed by anything you say. You study? He’s so impressed. You work? He’s so impressed. You like knitting sockets? Wow, he’s even more impressed.
Your confidence skyrockets.
When it's time to say goodbye, he gives you a big hug.
He doesn’t think marriage would add anything to your relationship, but he would really like to spend a day where you two are the protagonists and where you could have fun together with all your friends.
It’s an easy-going party, good food, nice music, a lot of laughs and fun.
He’s probably the most relaxed out of the four on his wedding day, he feels the most comfortable with you and his friends so he’s super happy to spend a special day together.
He isn’t really sure about what to do, so it will probably take him a lot of time before asking you on a date.
One day he noticed there was an art exhibition and he asked if you wanted to go together.
He’s not a super expert of art, but he thought looking at paintings could give him many conversation topics.
He’s awfully afraid you’ll think he is boring or uninteresting, so he really tries hard to talk a lot.
That’s kinda weird for you because you know him well, but you still think it’s very cute he’s putting so much effort.
He pays a lot of attention to how he’s dressed, like Nanami. He was probably stressing over it so hard.
He chooses something a bit plain eventually, because he doesn’t want to look too desperate to get your attention.
You still think he looks very good, he’s a natural beauty.
At the end of your date, he feels very unsure about what to do, he thinks you shouldn't kiss on a first date and any other form of contact would be too awkward so he gives you a little and safe kiss on the cheek and runs away.
Not a great fan of weddings and parties, too many people, too much noise, but he loves the engagement and stability a marriage gives to a couple.
You invite only few people, the ceremony is not too formal, it’s intimate but still fun also because those few people are actually chaotic af (you think Gojo and Nobara would just sit quietly? Nah).
He feels very emotional when the day comes, his hands tremble a little and his voice shakes from time to time, he smiles much more.
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shining-magically · a year ago
so I’ve wondered this since the trailer came out years and years ago and Chloe defended the movie - was the red shoes teaser written by the same team that made the movie? were they forced to market it like that, was that based on an earlier draft, etc?? not sure if you know but you seem like the leading expert!
Sorry, this is gonna be an absolute novel because you know I’m an animation fan and the history and production of Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs is SO interesting and insane. Like, Tangled levels of insane. Thanks for calling me an expert, no one else was gonna do it so I just kind of took up the helm lol.
Here’s the low-down... The timeline of the movie’s production is an absolute mess and kind of an extremely wild ride. It was in production for ten years, went through a lot of different crew members, and went through at least two other major versions of the story before landing on the final version.
Since there’s not a ton of info on the movie’s production, a lot of this is pieced together from different interviews and context clues, and also a lot of what I’ve read and what I am quoting has been translated from Korean, sometimes pretty roughly. But yeah.
Here’s the story of why the Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs teasers and poster were so, so bad and fatshame-y and the actual movie was so, so good and body-positive. (With pictures and production artwork!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(This is a beast of a post so I’m putting it under a cut.)
All right, so. After its conception originally as a short story by the South Korean studio Locus Creative in 2009-2010-ish, Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs was being worked on and was set to come out in Summer 2017, as evidenced by this poster at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, featuring a different logo and very different character designs for most of the dwarfs.
Tumblr media
In early-mid 2016, the first teaser (in which we see Snow White undress and then two dwarfs recoil in horror at her fatness when she takes her magic shoes off) was released, after the film had kind of been slowly chugging along for 6 or so years. (I am having such trouble pinpointing when the second teaser was released (in which one of the dwarfs basically attacks Snow while she is sleeping to steal her shoes), but I believe it was around the same time.) The teasers didn’t get that much traction because this was a small film from a small indie studio in South Korea.
None of the final actors had been cast yet. At this point in the production, the story was different, one of the many versions that the movie went through. As in the final movie, the dwarfs were actually cursed knights/princes and Snow White switched back and forth between two body types due to her magic shoes, but in this version, the dwarfs needed to steal the shoes from her in order to break their curse (rather than needing “a kiss from the most beautiful woman in the world” like in the final movie).
Tumblr media
The weird thing is, I believe they had JUST changed the movie’s story when the teaser came out. I’m almost positive it was released more as a proof of concept than as an actual trailer for the movie. They had just recently combined two separate characters (seen above), a typical pretty, skinny princess character (Snow White) and a cute chubby girl character (’Bonnie’), into one single character that switches back and forth between the two appearances when she wears the magic shoes (also they had just dropped literally half of the movie taking place in the real world, with a magic mirror portal, it was a whole thing). 
They didn’t have the details of this aspect of the new story hammered out yet, and the first pass at presenting Snow’s magically changing body type, was, yeah, not good and super offensive. This was a really inexperienced indie studio making their first film on a low budget, so even the animation and voice acting wasn’t great. I think they just wanted to get SOMETHING out there because it had been 6 years and they wanted to have something to show for it.
But here’s the thing. Despite how the teasers make it seem, this was always supposed to be a movie about body positivity, letting go of appearance-based prejudices, and loving yourself and others for who you are and for who they are, which we see in the final film.
I like to think of our film as a kindhearted one. Our intentions are nice.
- Director Sung-ho Hong
It’s important to keep in mind that this movie was made in South Korea by a 99% Korean crew, and, as I understand it anyway, in Korean culture, ‘fatshaming’ is not really a thing that is seen as overtly offensive. Also, children’s media there seems to have more adult things in it than in the US, which probably accounts for the more risque parts of the teasers. That said, I really believe that at this point in the timeline, the movie was on-track to be bad (or at least not very good) when it was released, and it would have ended up bad IF a few key players hadn’t signed on (which I’ll get to in a moment).
Interestingly, the movie’s producer, Sujin Hwang, said in a 2017 interview:
“[Both teasers] were solely produced to induce curiosity. They’re completely irrelevant to the actual story.”
- Producer Sujin Hwang
I think what she was trying to convey was that neither one is a scene in the actual movie, because while the teasers didn’t reflect the revamped story as it existed in summer 2017 (the time of the interview), they DID reflect the earlier version of the story where the dwarfs wanted her shoes, which is what the story was at the time they were made.
Now that we’re in post-teaser 2016, HERE’S where things start to turn around. After the teasers were released, my guy Disney veteran and native Korean Jin Kim joined the project. He and Red Shoes director Sung-ho Hong had been buddies for about eight years and Sung-ho had been trying to get Jin to come to Seoul and work with him at Locus for a long time, and he finally succeeded.
Tumblr media
Jin and his twenty years of Disney experience as an animator and senior designer on films like Tangled, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, and Moana, had a HUGE HUGE HUGE influence on the movie. He redesigned almost all the characters, oversaw all the visual development from the moment he signed on, and heavily (HEAVILY) supervised the animation, literally going frame-by-frame through preliminary animations and drawing over them, teaching the inexperienced animators at Locus everything he knew. (Literally almost everyone except him either only had TV experience or had no professional experience because they just gotten out of school.)
Tumblr media
From an outsider’s perspective, it really seems as though Jin joining the project (and his gargantuan effort) made the quality SKYROCKET. Not just in character design and animation, but also in things like effects animation, story, etc. After he joined, Locus really started pushing HARD to make a good, high-quality movie, and his influence and experience from being a prominent figure at Disney was absolutely key. The studio also began to really study Disney films and other well-made animated films from other studios to really try and pinpoint what the DNA of a good animated movie really is.
I don’t have any solid evidence, but I’m pretty sure that Tony Bancroft (an animator and the co-director of Mulan) then joined the project because he’s good friends with Jin Kim. He is only credited as the voice director (the movie was recorded in English and the characters were animated to the English dialogue), but I am SURE that he probably also had a pretty big influence on the movie, because like... How could he not? I really really think there was more to his role than his title would have you believe, even though there’s almost no info out there about it.
So now the movie goes through a gigantic metamorphosis. Character designs, visual development, and animation quality are all rapidly improving, the story is tightening, and the themes of the movie (which, again, were always the same and intended to be positive) are being presented in a more sincere way. The movie is becoming the sweet, self-love-encouraging and body-positive movie that was eventually released.
I’m putting a gif from the credits of the final movie here. As we move into 2017, when the giant eruption of backlash occurred, please keep in mind that the story was finalized at this point and that THIS was the movie people were so mad about:
Tumblr media
Chloe Grace Moretz accepted the role of Snow White immediately after she read the script and she recorded her lines (I think) in early-ish 2017. Her co-star Sam Claflin also immediately accepted the role of the romantic interest, Merlin, after reading the script and recorded his lines in (I believe) July 2017.
In the summer of 2017, the story and script were more or less the same as in the final movie. Promotional images from that time show that most of dwarfs had been completely redesigned by this point and didn’t have their teaser designs anymore.
Tumblr media
They also released a few screenshots that look exactly like the final film. The movie was advertised as coming out in ‘2018′ at this point. Here’s a promo image from 2017 that is MUCH more tactfully worded than the infamous Cannes poster:
Tumblr media
So now we’re in summer 2017. The Cannes Film Festival. The movie’s script and story have been basically nailed down, animation is underway, and the Korean film company Finecut is beginning to market and sell the movie to worldwide audiences. They are planning on showing some footage to potential buyers at the festival, and they make a poster to advertise the film there.
Unfortunately, it’s THIS POSTER:
Tumblr media
Now here’s where there are some unknowns. By this point, the movie is basically in its final form, which is an adorable, body-positive story about loving people for who they are, loving yourself for who YOU are, and that provides commentary on society’s standards of beauty and how they affect how people are treated/viewed. So why this poster??? All I can really tell is that someone (I think Finecut) really, REALLY messed up and either horribly mistranslated the tagline, or didn’t do enough research to know that this kind of thing is REALLY NOT OKAY in western culture.
The above picture is shared and the internet backlash begins, fueled by tweets from prominent body-positivity activists like Tess Holliday. Even Chloe Grace Moretz speaks out against it, because she of all people KNOWS that that’s not what the movie is about. The internet then finds the old teasers from before the movie was revamped and it makes things worse. Producer Sujin Hwang profusely apologizes and says that that is NOT the message of the movie. Locus pulls the advertising campaign, and takes down the two old teasers.
“Our film, a family comedy, carries a message designed to challenge social prejudices related to standards of physical beauty in society by emphasizing the importance of inner beauty.”
- Producer Sujin Hwang
Voice director Tony Bancroft also tried to explain the situation:
“The truth is the film has a body-positive message as its core theme–it’s the opposite of what reports are saying. The problem is one poorly translated movie poster that has been taken dramatically out of context.” 
- Voice Director Tony Bancroft
And then... There was nothing for a while. The movie didn’t come out in 2018 and was delayed. From what I can tell, I DON’T believe this delay was related to the Cannes backlash. I think it was mostly due to Locus’s limited budget and resources, because as we know, animation is difficult, time-consuming, expensive, and easy to do badly but hard to do well. Also, probably with Jin Kim and Tony Bancroft’s influence, they REALLY wanted to make sure to do a good job with the animation because they now had a great story and they really wanted the movie to be a quality, worldwide hit that would kind of put South Korean feature animation on the map. Just take a look at how nice the final animation was:
Tumblr media
The movie was released in South Korea on July 25th, 2019. Unfortunately, the damage was done in the English-speaking markets and it was not released to an English-speaking audience until June 22, 2020, when it was released digitally in the UK. At the time of this post, there is no set US release date, but the distribution rights were recently bought by Lionsgate and the MPAA gave the film an official PG rating.
So who’s to blame? There’s no good answer. You could blame Locus for making those old teasers. You could blame Finecut for the competely tonedeaf Cannes poster. You could even blame cancel culture for raging against the movie based on one poster and two old teaser trailers without researching what the movie was actually about.
All I know is, it’s a damn shame.
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wangxianficrecs · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Fic Finder
1. hello!!!!!! i hope things are going great for you hehe do you (anyone) happen to know the fic where the lan elders compare LXC's potential spouse to wwx and they say that wwx is the superior lan spouse; also that fic where the lan ribbon can only be removed by their spouse???? and there's a scene where WWX asks LWJ if they are really married and lwj asked him to remove his ribbon and at that moment jc and lxc came  THANK U!!!!!
1b. FOUND!  by @sul-ivanko:   the world passes by but for me there is only you by beeswaxing (M, 83k, wangxian, my post)
2. Hi! I cant find that fic again but it was about wwx taking a-yuan to shop in yiling and people mistook him as a single mother :D Thank you for running this blog!!
FOUND! by @dawnonfireinferno who says it’s Mother Knows Best by misbehavingvigilante (M, 12k, wangxian)
3.  Hello! I was wondering if you could please help me find a fic. It is not Wangxian, it is Wen Qing and Jiang Cheng- wwx ended up in the hospital, and wq is his doctor, and that is how she and jc meet. Jc and wq end up going back to her apartment, and it turns out jc is part of the mafia or something, but wq had already figured that out and accepted it. He has a zidian tattoo, and also wq drives a specific car (I forget the make and model) bc ‘it makes her feel tall’. That is all I remember, and I really hope it can be found. I thought I had put it in my bookmarks, but when I went to reread it, I couldn’t find it. Thank you!!! :) ~ @subtlybrilliant
4.  Hello! I wanted to ask if you know fic something like : when wwx came back to life in Mo village lwj on that day lost lan sizhui, he died on the night hunt. It's extremely sad but I still want to read it, but can't find on ao3.. Thanks! You are the best ❤️ ~ @lovingcupcake
FOUND!  by @mondengel, our resident angst expert:  You're So Wonderful To Think About (But So Hard To Live Without) by psychoinnocent (T, 3k, wangxian)
5.  hi! do you any post canon case fic where wangxian go on in a night hunt with the juniors but lan wangji gets severely injured & cursed which damages his golden core & he almost dies, there are mentions of wwx giving his (mxy's) core away to lwj to save him but at the end jiang cheng saves lwj, i cant find the fic anymore :(
FOUND? Could you be looking for Like A Light Gone Out by OnlyMeAndMyBones (T, 100k, wangxian)?
6.  Hello. First off, thanks for the fic recs. You do an amazing job.  [Thank you!]  I wanted help finding a fic I literally just read. I think I skipped to the latest chapter while browsing, so I have no idea about title or tags.
In the latest chapter set after Qiongqi path, WWX recovers at LP with LWJ, designs a talisman to track hundred holes curse, JC finds out about golden core transfer, NMJ/LXC/JC/LWJ/WWX overhear JGY and SS scheming so at Koi Tower and apprehend them but I can't remember if this was during wedding or one month celebration. Also WQ was at LP, too. And and and...WWX purifies resentful energy in his dantian and makes a new core i.e. he discovers a new cultivation path.  Please help 🥺🥺
FOUND!    three surgeries and a mercy kill by MarbleGlove (T, 11k, eventual wangxian, series in progress, my bookmark)
FOUND    the breaking of your soul (upon my lips) by sunsandships (M, 41k, wangxian, my bookmark)
7.  mojo, i'm almost certain i haven't seen this on the blog (i have searched and found many new fics to mark for later , thank you for all you do!) so here is a fic finder for the masses. has anyone heard of a work where jin zixuan died but then there was no pledge conference to kill wwx after because lxc refused to risk his sect against him?
FOUND!  black milk of daybreak, drunk at sundown by stiltonbasket (G, 3k, wangxian) -  @airmidcelt adds it’s lxc focused, ignore the summary.
8.  Hi! Firstly, I really love your blog! It has really kept my mood up for months ^^  [I’m so glad!]  Second thing, I'm looking for a fic. I remember it having JC storming to Cloud Recesses after getting an invitation to wangxian wedding and stopping it because no negotiations/permission. It also had LXC being very sure they'd end up staying in CR but then WWX was so happy at Lotus Pier that LWJ & him ended up staying there. ~ @ladyunderthemolehill  [Oh, I feel like I recently read this one, grr!] 
FOUND!  by @gingermenace:  Utterly Inevitable by sami (M, 20k, xicheng, wangxian)
9.  Hello Momjo!! I was looking for a fic the other day and I JUST CANT FIND IT. The basic premise was that WWX and LWJ are police detectives and they have a bet to see who can catch the most criminals in one month, the loser has to grant one thing to the winner. WWX wins and makes LWJ go on a date with him. The problem is, I found a fic that is like this (almost exactly), but isn’t. I think that the main differences were that in the one I’m looking for, it’s like 5 minutes to when the clock will end and LWJ is one higher than WWX but at the last minute WWX brings in like 10 criminals whereas in the one that I found (which isn’t the one I’m looking for) they both got a call at the same time and apprehended criminals at two different locations and WWX happened to catch one more. The other main difference was that in the one I was looking for WWX is trying to create the perfect date and he thinks that it’ll be torture for LWJ bc he’s doing it with WWX whereas in the one I found, the main idea was to make it ridiculous/humiliating. The last bit that I can remember in the one I was looking for is that WWX got hurt (majorly, like, shot or something) once and when he was in the ambulance LWJ confessed to him and WWX kept saying ‘go away’ and when WWX got better he didn’t mention it and everyone assumed that it was bc he didn’t want to think about it but he just didn’t remember it happened and so when he planned the date everyone kinda thought that WWX was being really mean bc he was showing LWJ what he couldn’t have but in fact he didn’t remember. Sorry for the super long rant. Happy Mother’s Day!! [Lol, thank you!  Also, what was the one you DID find? - 99th precinct]  ~ @amberowl123
FOUND!  @huans thinks this could be either of these:
99th precinct by bichen (T, 4k, wangxian)
critical path analysis by chinxe (T, 14k, wangxian, my post) - which @akyra-talanoa enthusiastically seconds!
10.  Hi! I'm looking for a fic, with Wangxian and Xicheng in which Jiang Cheng sends to Cloud Recess like a proposition for a dowry (kinda but with the correct Chinese terms), because he still considers WWX to be a member of the Jiang sect. So LQR and LWJ and Lan Xicheng are forced to go with the proper courting rituals. And it ends with WWX and LWJ living in LP as Jiang disciples, WWX and JC solve their problems via alcohol induces talking, and it also ends with Xicheng getting married and Xichen being married into the Jiang sect.  Thanks!!
FOUND!  @huans suggests Horizon by jupiter_james (E, 35k, xicheng, wangxian)
FOUND!  by @gingermenace:  Utterly Inevitable by sami (M, 20k, xicheng, wangxian)
11.  Hello wonderful mojo! Thank you so much for the amazing recs you bring us. My bookmarks overfloweth thanks to you. [Aww, you’re welcome!]  I have a fic finder request. I'm afraid I don't remember much, the main thing stuck in my head is jgy musing/realizing that lxc's 'dragon scale' (i.e. you touch you trigger rage) is lwj during a Jin assault on Cloud Recesses. I know it was a wangxian fic & think wx were married or at least together by the time of the assault. Plz help, it's been driving me nuts.
FOUND!  by @ladyunderthemolehill who says you want Ch. 3 in From the Future for the Past by friedchickenlord (G, 37k, wangxian)
12.  Hello, can you help me find a fic? It’s about lan wangji and wei wuxian raised baby jin ling when they found out that he was not safe in koi tower. Thank you
FOUND!  by @mythopoeticlicense who gives us Happy in these hills by deliciousblizzardshark (G, 4k, wangxian)
13.  hi! i’m looking for a fic where wwx gets drugged at a club/bar (?) and he goes to the bathroom and tries calling lwj for help, but at that time lwj and lxc are having dinner with lqr and phones aren’t allowed so lwj can’t look at his phone. but when lxc finally sees that wwx calls him, lxc goes away and answers. finally lxc gets lwj and they go to wwx and help him out. i had just read it recently and i think i forgot to bookmark it DX thx for the help!
FOUND! by @cerisea-a:  Please Let Me Take Care of You by KayCeeBabe (G, 9k, wangxian)
14.  Hi! I love your blog so much it’s great for finding new fics to read. [Hooray!]  I was hoping you could help me out next time you do a fic finder post. I can only remember one scene of it where wwx tried to bring a-yuan with him to jin lings ceremony and jzx didn’t die and he took a-yuan back to koi tower with him (maybe as a hostage?) but made wwx go back to the burial mounds. And I remember later a-yuan found lwj at the ceremony ~ @keptin--kirk
FOUND!  by @oohahhsparkly who believes you want To Ride A Stygian Tiger by Madyamisam (M, 52k, wangxian, WIP)
15.  Hi mojo thanks for the work u do for the fandom.  [You’re welcome!]  so i was searching for this fic in which everyone is alive and only wwx dies and lwj and jc have a good relationship and lwj doesn't gets whipped and the wens live in lotus prier its a multichapter fic thank you ~ @alec-karnika
FOUND!  @tora42 suggests A Bell That Tells Us to Rise and Fight by DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee (T, 121k, wangxian, my post)
16.  Hi Mojo! first of all you are a god send to this fandom and I honestly don’t know how I survived without this blog and now I don’t think i could ever go back to living without it. You’re doing such good work 🥺🥺I don’t know if you can help, but I need help finding this fic. Basically instead of it being a joke, Wei Wuxian quite literally raised A-Yuan from the ground. He was magical flower baby that WWX grew with magic. I remember it being in Jiang Cheng’s POV as WWX snuck around and eventually got to meet his plant baby nephew
FOUND!  by @oohahhsparkly who gives us:  reach WITH IN to your local dirt and you will find a Son and Boy by Faiz (T, 3k, wangxian)
17.  dear mojo, first I have been following your tumblr for a couple of weeks, and its been wonderful! Even though i diligently browsing every day through ao3, thanks to you, i am always able to find new/old additional untamed fics to enjoy!
i have been meant to ask for a fic search a while now, but never got around somehow: I am looking for a fic, that for the damn of hell, cannot find, no matter how many of my own bookmarks or arranged marriage tags and collections i have been raiding, it frustrates me to no end. I only remember this particular scene , and i dont know whether its been a long fic, a WIP, a finished story, or a short story. nothing, i am totally empty except this one scene:
LZ and WWX were running outside at cloud recesses and are totally happy and are showing it. They are seen by the other disciples , who then proceed to run to grandmaster LQR and screaming and asking for being given an arranged marriage as well, coz they see how happy our couple are.
for hell, i cant remember, if its been a time travel fic, or if for whatever reason, the other disciples all thought, that LZ and WWX were in an arranged marriage. whether its been arranged by JF or Madame Yu, or LQR, i just dont know. I just remember , it was so cute, seeing the other disciples being envious and asking for an arranged marriage, because normally well in most fics, that is depicted as undesirable (see Zixuan and JLY...)
maybe you know this one, or can post my search in the next roundof fic enquiries?
Thanks a million! ~ @enderwiggin24
FOUND!  by @moku-youbi who thinks it might be ❤️in case of fire, break glass by Jenrose (T, 65k, wangxian, my post)
18.  Thank you so much for all the fic recs, you're amazing! I have a lost fic for a fic finder whenever you get to it. It was a fic where Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian ran into each other on a nighthunt in Qishan after the Sunshot Campaign but before the Phoenix Mountain Hunt. They fought some kind of monster (I think it was toad shaped?) and defeated it, but WWX was poisoned and LWJ had to get him to safety, but WWX was delirious and spilled lots of his secrets while LWJ listened with growing horror.
FOUND!  golden as they come (but he's bleeding out) by Shializaro (T, 14k, wangxian, WIP)
19.  My ipad reset my umpteen tabs, so I lost a story. Can you help me find it even if it was LXC-centered? It was post-canon, LXC was coming out of seclusion, trying to make amends. He sees a sect member sweeping paths, she's a sex worker's kid they took in as outer disciple, how tragic that she cannot marry a Lan b/c her father is an unknown Lan. He tries to suggest her as possible wife to JC, but JC is all: in YMJ we don't practice 'separate but equal', we allow orphans to become full members.  ~ @kitsileya
FOUND!  by @gingermenace who says this scene is in the third work of Finding Balance Once More by MarbleGlove (T, 26k, wangxian, 4 works)
20.  hi there! I was suddenly reminded of this fic that I can’t seem to remember that title 😭 It’s an arranged marriage au in modern setting and wangxian both think that the other is unhappy about the arrangement. Some point near the end Wei Ying leaves the Lan mansion and Lan Zhan finds him in some sort of an abandoned building? I think there were also some dogs there too and Wei Ying got hurt before Lan Zhan managed to find him
FOUND! by @nabongies:  Home is Where the Heart is by Alipeeps (G, 10k, wangxian)
21.  I love your blog and it’s caused me to find so many new fics!!! Do you or any of your followers know of a story where Wei Ying marries into the lan sect and is treated badly. He’s married to lan zhan, who at first doesn’t like him but over time grows to care for him and realizes how bad he is being treated. However, Wei Ying slowly gives up on ever having a happy and loving marriage because of how Lan zhan acted in the beginning. The main thing I remember is that Xichen was the only one in the lan sect that was nice to Wei Ying from the start and when lan zhan confronts Wei Ying about it, Wei Ying thinks he’s accusing him of cheating and threatening to have him punished for it.
FOUND?  Perhaps you are thinking of ❤️As It Should Be by kuro (M, 37k, wangxian, my post)
FOUND! @yes-no-maybe-kinda-sorta AND @the-last-d-boy say this one is:  To Bring You Back Within My Reach by ablaiseofglory (M, 21k, wangxian)
22.  Hi mojo! I’m looking for this fic, it’s a modern au where lwj and Wei wuxian went on a field trip (or something) in the cloud recesses. I remember there was a plot point where wwx invited lwj to visit him in New York for his sister’s engagement/wedding party. Also, wwx gave lwj some presents for his graduation (I think, it might have been his birthday) that included a choker necklace and a shirt or smth? I’ve been looking for it forever, and I’m sorry if you’ve already done something on this and I missed it and am being an inconvenience. Please help!!
FOUND!  by @huans and nonny:  you've ruined my life (by not being mine) by cicer (E, 133k, wangxian)
23.  Hii ! I once read an angsty fic from Jiang Cheng's POV on how he reacts to WWX's suicide ... he realizes he wants his brother back and stuff and it really hurt my heart haha .. but I can't find it anywhere .. could you help ?
FOUND?  @whereisyourcahier believes you’d enjoy sing to the clouds in summer by stiltonbasket (G, 27k, jiang cheng & wei wuxian) even if it’s not exactly the one you’re looking for.
24.  Hello! Thank you for all you do! I am looking for two fics: 1: LWJ is a a homeowner and single parent WWX moves in next door after renting a house. LWJ acts like a total Karen about WWX's unmowed lawn (and his parenting at one point) until WQ comes along and viciously laces into his judgemental ass for it. 2. Is one where professor LWJ finds out that college student WWX has been sleeping in his office and offers to put him up at his own home.. WWX decides to thank his professor very enthusiastically. Thank you in advance!
1.  FOUND! by @the-last-d-boy:  Nuisance Next Door by Unforth (M, 5k, wangxian)
2.  FOUND! by @huans who says:  xx young teacher fucks sexy bratty homeless high-schooler xx by sweetlolixo (E, 6k, wangxian)
25.  hey mojo! thanks for all you do! i'm looking for a modern cultivators fic, where canon kinda took place in modern world, and it starts off after the 16 years. wwx lives in america w/ wen qing, mianmian, and lsz. lwj comes to the us for... something? and finds wwx. i can't really remember plot except for the fact that lwj smoked weed with wwx lmao thanks so much!!! ~ @taeil420
FOUND!  by @cerisea-a who gives us there is no shortage of blood by howodd5ever (M, 133k, wangxian)
[My ko-fi.]
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plan-d-to-i · 16 days ago
I see posts and twits (even from the people who don't like JC) about how JGY and XY are evil but JC is not, and I just don't understand?? like, if he was just a basic bitch, jealous and resentful and bitter, I would understand, but the guy planed and lead a siege to kill his 'brother' and people he knew where not a threat, knowing there was a toddler there! and then he spent the next 13 years (openly) being a serial killer who tortured and brutally murdered people routinely just because he could and knew he would get away with it, with no regrets, no empathy, not even a hint he had doubts about his actions. He used his power to target people who didn't have any chance against him, who were vulnerable; he trained his sect into being experts in abducting his victims, he tried to teach it to his kid nephew! How could that not be evil? Even if we ignore everything else he did, how can a serial killer be anything but evil?
I understand that the author said he is not, and maybe it's just me projecting, but she seemed to say it to avoid his fans? like she was reluctant to speak much about him at all? for me, the fact that she compared him to XY says more than anything that yes, he is evil.
sorry for the rant, I guess I'm just trying to understand. If you share this viewpoint about him, would you mind explaining why? (not that you need to explain anything, I'm just genuinely confused and don't know who else to ask. I trust your opinions, they are always clear and intelligent, so I decided to chance it.)
byw, I understand that he was a minor villain or an antagonist, whatever. He was boring and dumb. I just don't think it exempts him from being evil.
complex villain mastermind? no, he is too dumb and boring. But that doesn't exempt him from being evil.
If you happen to think he isn't evil would you mind explaining why? not that you need to justify your feelings and thoughts, but I'm genuinely confused about it. i know the author said he wasn't evil, but I always had the impression she was reluctant abt speaking of him at all, bc of his fans. That she compared him to XY says a lot, I think.
Ahah it's funny, I also felt from the interview that she didn't want to come right out and say something negative about jc and provoke his fans.
"In my mind, Jiang Cheng does have some fans, and these fans are really vocal about him in the comment section. So, I think there’s a lot of people who like him. They don’t treat him as the bad guy." (x)
lol Because the interviewer asked her several times if she doesn't think he's bad lol. But naturally that's just a vibe. She did something similar in the novel postscript:
Everyone should know what Jiang Cheng’s keyword is without me saying it. In the beginning, I thought with with XY’s existence, Jiang Cheng’s negative energy would definitely seem skimpy.
I'm like, no no tells us the keyword lol! But in the end it's really just negative energy. She thought XY would make his seems skimpy but it wasn't the case lmao! Another comparison to XY.
Male Host: So what do you think was Xue Yang as a person? Just as you have described Jiang Cheng?
MXTX: A person with a distroted world view. An unhappy childhood, someone who …deserves to be beaten by the protagonist. (x)
lol & that's the thing, "evil" is a pretty subjective word- like "love". What's "evil" to me or you may not be "evil" in the eyes of someone else. For example I don't think jc is capable of love, because he's too self involved to feel empathy for anyone else. Similarly, I suppose I wouldn't call jc purposefully malevolent. I think he's bad in the way particularly shitty people are bad when they have the power and privilege to give their faults free rein without fear of consequences. Because of his social position, wealth and strong cultivation the deep flaws in his character are enabled to do extensive, permanent damage unchecked. It's after all something that his father worried about and tried to instruct him against. That's why I think words like "evil" are ultimately useless to classify things. jc is not purposely setting out to do evil on a grand scale but he's deeply damaging nonetheless. Instead of helping his people jc is busy trying to still track down and kill WWX after he already caused his death and the death of everyone he was protecting. His own people are too terrified to seek his help. He demands things from others but doesn't repay his own debts. He only talks about what he's owed. He doesn't take responsibly for anything but only blames others. He's filled with envy and resentment for those who are better than him instead of striving to be a better person himself. His parenting not only did a number on his nephew emotionally but pushed him to repeatedly put himself in life threatening situations. He's so incredibly self absorbed, his concerns revolve only around himself. In that way, more than being evil, I just think his existence is damaging to others and I'd see zero drawbacks to humanity in having less people like him walking around.
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bigtiddymyers · 4 months ago
Hello ✨
May I pwese have Michael reacting to reader passing out or something ? Thank chu 🥀
//I like this idea hehe. i might have gotten carried away lol
It was a seemingly normal evening when Michael had just gotten back from killing, or maybe just stalking. You weren't too sure. You actually weren't feeling much like yourself on this day. It was odd and sudden.
As you knew, Michael wasn't the most affectionate so it was normal that he was off in the room while you were in the kitchen, trying to prepare a glass of water. Immediately you started feeling worse; the cup escaped your grasp and fell to the floor in a shockingly loud crash since the house was otherwise silent. Michael heard this and hurried over because he was unsure if you were hurt.
Almost as soon as he walked into the kitchen, you had lost consciousness and collapsed on the floor. Michael ran to the floor and tried picking you up but your body was sufficiently limp. You were breathing... He knew that much but he wasn't otherwise a medical expert.
He figured maybe you went to sleep... but you must've been super tired... maybe? He didn't really understand but this was him trying to process everything. Because he assumed it was sleep related, he brought you to your bed and laid you down gently. He didn't tuck you in but he was watching you the whole time you were out of it.
When you finally came to, he was surprised. He leaned closer to you to feel your chest breathing, laying his head for a moment. You were a bit confused until you remembered what had happened. It could've been worse but at least you knew Michael cared about you enough to take care of you. Now all that was left was to give him basic first aid training.
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tenebrius-excellium · a month ago
random douxie headcanon, go
Ooohhhhhhhhhh can I do multiple???
- he loves lollipops. I don't know why. I think tenyai drew him with a toothpick or something in his mouth once, and I can't get it out of my head.
- he is AMAZING at dates. He doesn't take you to the movies or to a stupid cafe, he takes you on motorbike rides, to lost places, to illegal construction sites just because they have a gorgeous view, he teaches Zoe skills and calls it a date, he gets great food from somewhere even if it's late, rainy, and everything has closed... he takes you outside to DO stuff, not so much just to see things.
- his hair is really important to him. Okay that's kinda canon. But his hands basically tremble at the hairdresser's, because the guy MUST NOT get his blue streaks wrong. He is an expert on hairdressers. He'll recommend places like other people recommend good coffee.
- Alternatively, Zoe cuts and dyes his hair because no money
- his music means a great deal more to him than Wizards let on. Oh, what I would have given to watch a scene where we just catch him songwriting, strumming, trying out lyrics with Archie on lazy, sunny winter mornings. Archie has a great singing voice, actually.
- they have a duet NOBODY knows about. NOBODY. Can't decide if it's super deep or just crack. Probably both. They would never show it to anyone because it's cheesy and sentimental. Lol.
Thanks for asking, this was super fun!!!!!!
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geek-girl7 · 7 months ago
Accidental Courtship
Pairing: Paz Vizsla x gn!reader
Warnings: none just fluff
Word Count: 2.3k
Summary: No one ever informed you of Mandalorian courtship customs so when you unknowingly start the courtship process with the man you have been pining for since arriving at the covert, confusion ensues.
A/N: Happy May the 4th everyone!!! May the Force be with you!! ❤️This was surprisingly hard for me to write and maybe a little ooc but whatever I had fun writing for one of my fav characters. I love a big soft giant man so here he is lol. Let me know what you think. This fic just reminds me that I really need to rewatch season one of the Mandalorian.
Tumblr media
Becoming a foundling in the covert as a teenager came with its disadvantages compared to younger foundlings. Mainly, you still didn’t know all the Mandalorian customs and traditions. After ten years in the Tribe, you were still learning all about the Way of the Mandalore. 
A few years ago, you finally found your place within the covert as the combat teacher for the children. The children learned the basic fundamentals to become a fully-fledged Mandalorian in your class. You taught them basic training for every Mandalorian warrior and got them used to a variety of weapons. You also taught the children how to care for their own armor and weapons.
It was incredibly gratifying raising the Tribe’s future warriors. However, you weren’t always the best teacher for the children. Every so often, you brought in members of the covert to help demonstrate fighting techniques for the children. Today, Paz Vizsla was coming in for a demonstration on heavy weaponry as he was the expert within the covert.
You were nervous about the demonstration. Not because you thought Paz was going to do a bad job but because you had secretly harbored feelings for Paz since you arrived at the covert. He had noticed you struggling during combat training since you hadn’t grown up learning how to fight. He offered to help you and slowly you became friends, only he became so much more to you. 
Little did you know that Paz had the same feelings for you. Currently, he was pacing around Din’s room freaking out about the demonstration. 
“I can’t do this,” Paz said, “what if I mess up and do something dumb?”
Din couldn’t help but smile at his friend. Paz was acting like a smitten teenager compared to his normally stoic demeanor. 
“Relax,” Din said. “Even if you mess up, y/n is too nice to say anything about it.”
“That’s reassuring,” Paz grunted. 
Din raised his hands in surrender and stood up to head out. As he opened the door he turned to Paz. “You better hurry up or you’re going to be late.” Din smirked under his helmet as Paz rushed past him to get to the demonstration on time.
“Children, please sit,” you said. “Today we are having a heavy weapons demonstration from resident expert Paz Vizsla. As always give him your full attention and best manners. If you behave maybe he will let each of you try one of the weapons.”
The children’s eyes lit up at the idea and they all sat up straighter. You noticed Paz slide silently into the room laden with a variety of weapons. You walked over to Paz, smiling at him under your helmet. 
“I may or may not have said you would let them use a weapon if they behaved,” you whispered to Paz. 
“Thanks for doing this by the way, the kids have been restless all week because of your visit,” you said to Paz. He surveyed the children, some of whom had turned, eyes full of wonder, when he walked in. 
“Yea—,” Paz cleared his throat, “yeah, you’re welcome. It’s good for the children to learn.”
You ushered Paz to the front of the room. “Children, please welcome Paz.” Paz awkwardly raised his hand in greeting as the children said hello. Paz was never the best with children. He didn’t dislike them, he just didn’t know how to interact with them.You smiled at Paz’s awkward hello, you thought it was endearing. 
Thankfully, Paz easily launched into his demonstration. He might not know anything about children but he definitely knew about weaponry. The children were in awe of Paz, holding onto every word he said. By the end of the demonstration, the children were crowded around him learning about the small intricacies of Paz’s favorite weapon. 
“Ok children that’s it for today. See you all tomorrow!” You said as the children shuffled out of the room. 
Paz was packing up as you walked over to him. “Do you need any help taking anything back to your quarters?” You asked. 
Paz shook his head. “No, I can handle it.”
“Come on, see it as a thank you for coming in today,” you pleaded. 
Paz’s helmet cocked slightly as if deciding whether or not to take you up on your offer. “Fine, but don’t drop anything.”
You laughed at how protective Paz was over his weapons. Paz and you made your way out of the room, slowly making your way towards Paz’s quarters. Walking beside Paz reminded you how big he was compared to you. You couldn’t help but imagine how a bear hug with Paz would feel. 
“You’re really good with them,” Paz said, helmet turning towards you. “With the children, I mean. They seem to really respect you.”
You scoffed. “Thanks. They really loved your demonstration. I’ve never seen them so engrossed by a guest before, usually they act out a little bit.”
Paz smiled at your words. He was glad that the children liked his demonstration but even happier that you liked it. Eventually, you arrived at Paz’s quarters. You were about to hand over the weapons when you noticed something amiss.
“Oh no. One of the kids must have had messy hands, there’s finger prints all over this,” you inspected the dirty fingerprints on the blaster. “I’m so sorry. Don’t worry I will clean this and bring it back tomorrow.”
You walked off before Paz could argue with you. Paz was stunned as he watched you retreat down the hall. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Because of your late induction into the covert you had never learned about courting. If you had, you would’ve known that cleaning a Mandalorian warriors weapon began the courting process. Paz dropped the rest of the weapons into his quarters and swiftly went to find Din.
The next morning, you woke up early to return the blaster to Paz. You’d spent a few hours the night before meticulously cleaning the blaster of food remnants. When you arrived at his quarters, no one answered. Puzzled, you made your way to the Armorer to ask about his whereabouts. 
She was in the middle of crafting when you arrived. “Hello y/n. How can I help you today,” she asked.
“I’m looking for Paz. I had to clean his blaster and went to return it this morning but he wasn’t there,” you responded.
The Armorer’s head snapped up. Now it made sense why Paz had so desperately asked to leave the covert for a mission this morning. “He left, but he should be back in a few days,” she said, smirking at how oblivious the both of you were. 
“Oh ok, thank you.” Paz hadn’t mentioned anything about leaving the night before. You hoped he wasn’t mad at the kids for messing up his blaster. 
 Paz didn’t come back for 3 days. You finally learned about his return when you passed Din in the hall. You grabbed the blaster from your quarters and rushed to Paz’s room. Your knocks were met by a distant “coming.” A few seconds later, the cracked open to reveal Paz’s helmet covered head. 
“Hi, I have you blaster,” you shoved the blaster forward. 
Paz opened the door wider, reaching out to grab it with bare hands. Wait bare hands, you thought.  Your eyes continued up his bare arms to his shoulders and across his strong pecs and finally landed on his abdominals. Your face suddenly felt hot realizing that Paz was bare from the waist up with just a towel to cover his bottom half. You couldn’t help but stare at his torso, he was just so well built you couldn’t tear your eyes away.
“Thank you y/n,” Paz said. 
You went to leave, embarrassed by your gawking but Paz quickly called you back. “I, umm, actually have something for you.” Paz quickly shut the door and returned less than a minute later carrying a bundle of… something. He thrust the bundle into your hands. “Here. I killed it while I was out and brought some back for you.”
You slowly unwrapped the bundle revealing Bantha meat, lots of it. You quickly covered it and tried to give it back to Paz. “But this is your kill. You deserve this not me.”
Paz shook his head and gently covered my hands with his, tenderly pushing the bundle towards me. “I insist,” was all he said before he closed the door. You spent the whole time walking back to your quarters trying to figure out why he was sharing his kill with you. By the time you arrived at your quarters you decided Paz was just being friendly. He’d been looking out for you since you became a member of the Tribe, it made sense he still felt protective.
You had already eaten so you stored the meat for the night. The next day you would make a nice meal and share it with Paz to thank him for sharing his kill. 
The next day, as you were walking down the hall with Paz’s meal, you ran into Din. 
“Y/n,” he greeted. “Whatever you have smells delicious.”
“Glad you think so. I’m bringing it to Paz as a thank you for the meat he gave me yesterday,” you said.
Din leaned back into the wall smugly. “You are bringing Paz food. Made with meat he hunted. And then gave to you,” Din questioned, his tone laced with humor. 
“Yup,” you smiled, completely oblivious to what was happening in Din’s mind. The Armourer mentioned to him that you had cleaned Paz’s blaster, but now you were exchanging food as well. In most Mandalorian courtships, this would mean things were getting serious. But Din could tell you had no idea what you were doing. Why no one had informed you of the proper courting rituals he had no idea.
“Well I will let you get on with that,” Din said as he walked away, chuckling under his breath. 
For the second day in a row, you knocked on Paz’s door. This time when he opened it, he was fully outfitted in his armor. 
“Here. I made this for you to thank you for the meat,” you said gently placing the dish in Paz’s hands. Before he could refuse, which was unlikely as he was so surprised he couldn’t speak, you turned and walked away. You were so nervous he wouldn’t like it your hands didn’t stop shaking until you arrived at your classroom. 
Over the next couple of weeks, Paz became a constant in your daily life. Every morning, without fail, he walked you to your classroom before departing for the training quarters. He was his normal reserved self, except for the fact that he now seemed clumsier than usual. He had tripped multiple times over nothing or slammed into the wall. Paz was completely distracted in your presence but you didn’t know that. You figured he hit his head on his last mission and still wasn’t fully healed. 
On top of the walks and sudden tripping, Paz started giving you gifts most mornings. One day he came by and gave you brand new vambraces with installed flamethrowers. Then a couple days later he gave you a brand new vibroblade. You had no idea why he was suddenly gifting you so many things so you decided to go to the person who knew him best, Din. 
“I need your help,” you said as you stalked past Din, into his quarters. Din internally groaned at the conversation he was about to have. “Paz has been acting really weird since he got back from that trip weeks ago and I was wondering if you knew anything.”
Din leaned against the wall, crossing his arms over his chest. “You really don’t get it,” he questioned. You gave him a confused look. He sighed. “In Mandalorian courting, cleaning weapons is the start of the courting process. Eventually, the warrior will supply the intended with food, to provide, and gifts, to defend. The tenants of Mandalorian courting are provision and protection. Warriors are meant to give items signifying their devotion to these tenants and their intended.”
 As Din continued to explain the courting process, your face grew hotter and hotter. You had no idea that this whole time Paz was attempting to court you. And you had been so bold as to unintentionally initiate the courtship. 
Later, you sat in your quarters trying to discern your feelings over the current situation. You were happy that Paz was attempting to court you, but mortified that you had no idea what was happening the entire time. Before you could spiral any more, you heard a knock at the door. You opened the door revealing a suited up Paz Viszla.
“Y/n. May I come in,” Paz asked. You simply nodded and waved him in. 
“I would like to declare my intentions with you,” Paz said as he held out his hand unveiling a small piece of Beskar etched with his signet. “I present you with the signet of my ancestral clan in the hope that you will accept it become one with me,” Paz stated. You could tell he was nervous despite the confidence with which he held himself. 
“I must confess,” you started. Paz’s hand went to close around the beskar signet fearing the worst. Before his hand could close around it though, you gently placed your hand in his, the signet held between your palms. “I’ve had eyes for you and only you since the day I arrived here. It would bring me great joy to stand by your side and take your signet, becoming one, Paz Vizsla.” 
Paz gently tugged your conjoined hands toward himself and wrapped his free arm around you, engulfing you in a tender embrace. You settled into the embrace, any embarrassment you held prior was now wiped away by the love you held for Paz.
“I love you, my cyar’ika, until my dying breath,” Paz whispered.
“Until my dying breath, my love,” you responded. 
Paz leant down and lovingly placed his helmet against yours, nuzzling it softly, as you basked in the warm embrace of your cyar’ika. 
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hannigramficrecs · 7 months ago
Hey, do you have any "long" (30k up only) hannigram fics, with hannibal's pov (preference, but not absolutely necessary) of AUs, like the best long fic AUs you can think of, like time-travel, different meetings, abo, etc.
No vampire, mermaids or werewolves au tho.
If you can, of course. Thank you alredy 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
I’m not sure if these are all Hannibal’s POV, but here are a list of all my favorite long AU’s (sorry if I included too many LOL). Also if anyone’s interested here are links to the mermaid and werewolf fics
Palace of Dreams by MaiTai1327 [words: 41,986]
A lonely boy at a Lithuanian orphanage creates a memory palace for him to hide away from his despicable circumstances and the nightmares haunting him. In his dreams, his palace becomes reality. And one day, he finds another boy hiding in one of its rooms.
Our Stars are the Same by beforethedawn, ConstructFairytales, Destinyawakened [words: 42,578]
Someone’s moved into the old creepy, supposedly haunted, mansion down the way from Will Graham and his family. Will never expects to befriend the new family’s son.
Vena Amoris by PaperPlaneChemTrails [words: 55,596]
Will Graham is a producer on a Bachelor knock off reality TV show. Against his protests and better judgement, Dr. Hannibal Lecter is cast as the primary love interest on the show. Despite his many initial misgivings, Hannibal is a hit, and Will finds himself as drawn into the story Hannibal is creating as everyone watching at home. Everything is going well until Will becomes suspicious that he is the real object of Hannibal’s affections, and all of a sudden contestants start to turn up murdered.
Little Arts of Vice by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite [words: 44,991]
Cruel Intentions AU. “Tedium draws me to observation,” he murmurs. “Contemplation.” “Manipulation,” Mischa adds calmly, tilts her head when Hannibal narrows his eyes at her. “You wouldn’t deny it, Hannibal, you’re proud of that one. And in truth you do it well.” “There is little to manipulate when watching a dog chase a bird.” It starts with a bet.
A Past of Plank and Nail by gleamingandwholeanddeadly (something_safe), printersdeadly, printersdevils (tuesdaysgone) [words: 87,821]
Hannibal needs a kitchen remodel, and his colleague and friend Alana knows just the guy to help him with his rundown new home. Enter Will Graham, carpenter and contractor extraordinaire, and devastating addition to Hannibal’s daily life. When he starts running out of new projects to keep Will around, Hannibal fast realizes his infatuation is more than simple attraction - and that getting Will to agree to dinner is only the first hurdle.
Redemption by houseofcannibals [words: 132,427]
After very publicly losing his mind and murdering three young women in an unconscious state, FBI consultant Will Graham is sentenced to serve three consecutive life sentences in the notorious Shawshank State Prison. Upon arrival, he is unsettled to find himself in a cell neighboring that of infamous serial killer Dr Hannibal Lecter.
Carnivore, Won’t You Come Digest Me? by HigherMagic [words: 64,019]
Role Reversal AU: Following the execution of Garrett Jacob Hobbs, Hannibal is forced to see Doctor Will Graham for a psychiatric evaluation before he can return to the field. Once cleared, Jack insists that Will shadow Hannibal in the hopes of catching the Shrike’s copycat. Hannibal has become a master of making sure the FBI stays blind to his extracurricular activities, but Will is a man who sees far too much, and won’t be so easily overcome.
Page Six by ThisBeautifulDrowning [words: 66,839]
Crime reporter Will Graham’s column on page six of the Baltimore Sun garners him the attention of many: fans, hobby detectives, the FBI…and others. Hannibal cut off a piece of meat with surgical precision. “I find your company rather engaging.” “Maybe I don’t find you all that engaging.” Silence. Hannibal grinned. “I see that it will take more than one dinner to earn your forgiveness. Challenge accepted.”
Falls the Shadow by littlesystems [words: 72,455]
AU where Bedelia is Will’s psychiatrist instead of Hannibal, Will makes a series of increasingly questionable life choices, and no one should ever take Bedelia’s advice. Ever.
Rescues by drinkbloodlikewine and whiskeyandspite [words: 99,552]
Mischa is living with PTSD, and Hannibal seeks out a service animal to help her. He meets Will, trainer of therapy dogs - cue puppies, adorable interactions and lots of dogs. And smut. Of course.
Where the Albatross Crash-Lands by HigherMagic [words: 40,220]
Everyone has two marks on their arm: one is the name of their soulmate, the other is the name of their mortal enemy. There’s no way of knowing which is which. This same trick of fate makes it so that your Marks are the only two voices you will ever hear when you go deaf at sixteen. Hannibal has a nice voice. Will hopes he’s his mate. He hopes he never hears the voice of the Chesapeake Ripper.
Provenance by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite [words: 62,735]
A delightful AU about a rare book dealer, an owner of a high-end coffee shop, and murder. This does involve Hannibal Lecter, after all.
A Fortunate Wound by starkaryen [words: 83,312]
Will Graham, a police officer in Baltimore, is shot while he’s on duty. The surgeon on call in the ER is Hannibal Lecter.
Until I Met You by Dormchi [words: 33,990]
Detective Will Graham needs an expert and Fire Lieutenant Hannibal Lecter happens to be available. Basically this is just arson, murder, coffee, and fluff.
Canvases by thatviciousvixen [words: 36,660]
When Hannibal meets a handsome artist with a keen interest in death he knows he’s finally met a kindred spirit. All Will needs is a little push.
In Sickness and in Health by BonesAndScales [words: 67,450]
Everyone knows that Will and Hannibal are married. Not everyone knows that they are married to each other.
The Escapists by whiskeyandspite [words: 35,368]
Will’s cellmate said nothing, and Will didn’t venture. He had been prickly enough as a lecturer, where human interaction was mandatory, and prison was not the sort of place one made friends. One either made allies or enemies, or stayed quiet enough to avoid both. Will doubted he’d be that lucky; far too easy to rile up especially when stupidity was the catalyst. Prison, Will thought absently, was similar to college.
Sweeter Bitter by wormsin [words: 89,503]
Will is an awkward student and Hannibal an intrigued mentor.
Before You And After You by ache_for_him, Breakmybones (CarterReid), CarterReid [words: 33,734]
Hannibal and Will had a past: a dirty, bloody, violent past. Will was sure he’d never see his own personal monster again - then he walked into Jack Crawford’s office.
Ethics & Aesthetics by fragile-teacup [words: 106,330]
Pride and Prejudice omegaverse AU
Look, Mother! The Sheep Have Devoured the Wolves! by HigherMagic [words: 102,934]
Hannibal and Bedelia are married, but unable to have children. At Margot’s insistence, Hannibal agrees to meet the Omega that was a surrogate for her and Alana. Will is rough-edged, unrefined, and everything Hannibal shouldn’t desire. This arrangement promises to be clean, and simple. Of course, nothing concerning Will Graham is ever simple.
Wings of Wax and Feather by BelladonnaWyck and raiast [words: 55,947]
“Did you just smell me?” "Difficult to avoid. My apologies, I didn’t realize there were any Omegas in this section of the prison.” “Most get sent to the Omega Holding Facility two counties over. But then, most don’t get done in for rippin’ out an Alpha’s throat in the middle of the street.” or Hannibal Lecter had always known the winding road of fate may one day lead him straight to a prison cell. He’d never imagined he’d find his true mate there.
Truly, Madly, Deeply by slashyrogue [words: 52,811]
They meet by chance at a Christmas Party and share a kiss that seals their fate.
Purity by PixieDust291 [words: 130,528]
Will is cast aside by his alpha and sacrificed to the Wendigo that hunts in the forest. However, after confronting the creature Will then finds himself in the home of Hannibal. The alpha lives alone and seems to have taken it upon himself to nurture Will back to health. Over time Will grows comfortable with Hannibal and slowly reveals the reasons for his abandonment. Hannibal, being a pure bred alpha of the highest caliber, is well aware of just how rare and valuable Will is and decides to take the wounded omega for himself.
Quatervois by stratumgermanitivum, whiskeyandspite [words: 33,226]
Will is an Omega who desires independence and freedom. Hannibal is an Alpha who finds his mind curious. They make a deal: if Will can convince Hannibal that he is worth more than breeding stock, and can go through his heat without begging for his Alpha, Hannibal will not mate him, but make him a ward instead; Will could go to college, get a job, do anything he wanted. If not, then he will be Hannibal’s mate, bear pups, and accept his role. But is it really as simple as that?
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eeveelou · 4 months ago
Oooo im so curious about what you would to fix harry's image?
Like I know what I would do to fix louis's but i struggle to think of where even to start with harry's sometimes
i hope u dont mind me asking!! theres no need for an ans if u'd rather not share im just curious lol
hope ur days good! :)
okay so last week I posted that I have general idea of what I think Harry's image needs right now and I literally had such a hard/annoying week at work I am just now getting to answering this question BUT here are my (slightly mean because I'm tired and hungry) ideas (keep in mind I'm not a PR expert, or someone in the music industry, I'm literally not an expert in anything I'm talking about I'm just TIRED okay):
1) Sort out the tour shit. Either cancel it flat out and refund everyone, or say "hey. we don't know when the tour is going to happen. we don't know who the opening acts are. we're not sure of anything. you can keep your tickets or refund them, it's up to you, but we do not know what's going on." be honest. be transparent.
2) Do a charity livestream show. I have no idea why he has not done this before. Do a fucking livestream. Give the fans something. Give to charity. Let people see you perform again, in a safe and affordable environment.
3) Get rid of TPWK. Throw it out. This is maybe a hot take or whatever, but I think the TPWK motto is hurting Harry more than it's helping. Literally the people that use it most just use it as justification to be mean/squash criticism. Also, people are sick of the wishy washy activism that TPWK embodies. Monetizing it is worse. Let the song be the end of TPWK. come up with something else.
4) Post more on social media. Let it be authentic. I don't care if an assistant does it, I don't care if it's basic. Post pictures of your morning coffee, pictures of your closet, pictures of your bathtub. Post a dumb tweet like "just ordered Indian food :)" Hell, if we're being really creative, post a little video of you singing your favorite Fleetwood Mac song while you do the dishes. I don't care. Make me see Harry Styles TM as a person.
5) Do some more honest interviews. Choose some interviewers/platforms you feel comfortable with, and talk honestly about music, your mental health, what it's like to have been famous for almost half your life. I would rather have a couple real interviews than a bunch of wishy washy print bullshit.
6) Stop acting. Literally just...stop it. For a year. I'm tired. Both of his recent projects are PR disasters. He has to stop.
7) Cut off the stunt. This is obvious. I'm tired.
8) Disappear. Literally just get out of the public eye. Make us miss you. Make us curious. Figure your shit out. Create. Come back better and more honest. Make me feel like I'm a fan of a person. Because whoever I'm a fan of right now, I don't think I like him anymore
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sleepysnk · 6 months ago
Hi! Can you do some Head cannons of streamer Eren and his daughter playing Minecraft together? (I send a lot of streamer Eren sorry ab that lol those are just my night time scenarios decided to put those ideas into good use because I hate writing)
hi babes! 💗 of course you can! thank you for requesting and i hope you enjoy :).
Characters: Streamer!Eren Jaeger
Warnings: Cursing
Tumblr media
Eren Jaeger:
- since Eren is a streamer in this version, let's just say he always tries to get his daughter to play with him or teach her how to hold a controller.
- you already know he would sit his daughter in his lap and let her play minecraft, of course with your permission.
- Eren would teach her the basics, how to build, how to craft, defend herself, tame animals, get food, etc. he wants her to be a pro so when she's older she can dominate her way through everything 🙄✨.
- she'd be panicking while the zombies attack her and Eren comes to the rescue, you think it's the cutest thing ever when he does this. he always makes sure that she doesn't die in the game or lose her stuff 😭.
- she killed him once and Eren was so offended, while you just laughed.
- she knows how to mine well thanks to Eren, he taught her all of the basics about getting the goods in the caves. HE IS AN EXPERT AND YOU ALREADY KNOW HE'D DO THE BEST FOR HER.
- "dad.. i don't need help,"
- "yes you do, you're going to get killed."
- she would become obsessed with minecraft after that, she literally would ask Eren to play all the time, and who is he to say no? sometimes the two play for hours, but you didn't mind, it gave you some time for yourself and it was great that they were building a bond.
- lots of raging 😭, you know exactly where she gets that from.
- sometimes Eren would stream and he'd play with his daughter, his fans would LOVE her, and god forbid if anyone said anything bad about her. Eren would for sure loose his shit 😭, do not test this guy.
- lots of competing
- the two often do challenges about finding caves, diamonds, killing mobs, it's actually really fun and you love to see your daughters smiling face. Eren keeps her entertained for sure.
- "we need to get your mom to play, let's see if she's as good as you,"
- yeah, Eren wants you to play with him so badly 😭.
- all in all, it's a really fun experience and Eren loves teaching your daughter about everything. he loves bringing her on streams and it's overall such a good bonding moment, you can't help but fall in love with him even more when he takes on roles like that <3.
- i want him to give me kids bye
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serenawitchwriter · 4 months ago
BNHA Fusion (LOV/Deku)
oh boy
both have been deeply wronged by society
unstable but also instantly aware that they’re more compatible than either is comfortable with
insane, muttering, constantly arguing with them-self
black curls that’s longer the deku’s hair normally is. scarred so badly. but decent skin. eye bags, big green eyes. Mikumo vibes
twitchy hands, will scratch anywhere, plays with lip, constantly writing. hands are never still
wears one fingered gloved so he doesn’t decay everything constantly
a genius, master of planning and deconstruction. take the moral limiters of izuku and he could end any hero quirkless
has a level of morality but it’s hard to define. totally down for crime most of the time, loves fighting, but doesn’t target kids or civilians. has a lot clearer motives than shigaraki did alone
they are gonna take down the government probably
daddy issues x2
laughs like a crazy person, wide scary smile
traumatized, ptsd, anxiety, dissociates, ocd. babe has a lot of mental illnesses
plays video games to calm down
loves homemade food
a loner
quirk is just... oof. like a nuke going off basically. so fucking destructive, and you know they know how to use it
hates everyone including them-self
self aware of their situation. recognized that they’re being used and targeted and manipulated. on both ends. Shigi sees how he’s being used by afo, Izu sees how the adults in his life have failed him
honestly kinda baby, they need fucking love
hero students and lov members would put aside differences to help them honestly. the world wouldn’t be okay with it, but their friends are loyal
not quite a villain anymore, but definitely not a hero. constantly has internal conflict over this. like they don’t want to give up on hero dreams times 2 but also recognize how utterly fucked society is and wants to tear it down. they’re so full of hate, but want to maintain hope just out of spite at this point
whatever the hell they’re doing they’re not giving up on it
has the power to reshape society and is going to fucking use it
i don’t need to tell you that they’re fucking terrifying
obsessive x2
love heroes x2
long curly green hair worn in twin pony tails, 
short, decent sized chest, big red eyes, and a smile that’s too big. fangs. freckles. 
muscular but in a compact way
more stable than they should be
loves themselves.
in love with uraraka, but gets crushes on everyone else extremely easily. ura is their forever girl though
loves making and consuming fan content. a fangirl to a scary degree
an all might stan
naturally, also loves k-pop
no fashion sense, they wish they had it, but they don’t. probably just wearing t-shirts and jeans most of the time. is still kinda hot, but isn’t doing anything to play it up
will hunt you for sport
incredibly fast, loves running and chasing in general
bunny themed outfit still
changing into others is one of their passions. izu lowkey loves this quirk. they’re experts at mimicking others. izuku’s analysis skills makes them too good at this
feral x2
honestly just here for the lols
still wants to be a hero, but isn’t doing a good job of it
easily distracted
probably knits for some reason?
makes gifts for friends and crushes
way more dangerous than they’re letting on. too many people are underestimating them
cute as a button
daddy issue x2
bitter as hell
black and white hair, curly. darker at the roots. 
keeps dabi’s scars. green eyes. tall and muscular, lots of piercings. most of Izuku’s details are lost in the scaring
coffee addict
self centered, has a lot of enemies. including endeavor and bakugou, and every middle school bully.
more empathetic though, can have friends and value them, just don’t piss him off because he will hold lifelong grudges
very good at switching back and forth between scary and threatening to cute and innocent. usually the innocence is mocking but it can read as genuine
a good actor in general, but a terrible liar
quirk is not doing him any favors, still has the feedback, but flaming tentacles gives him more control over the fire itself
reads a lot of comic books
a hypocrite
likes to dramatically point at things while shouting
loves solving mysteries and kinda wants to go down a sherlock holmes or batman route
is not pulling that off, maybe jason todd vibes at best
high key just a dramatic dork that’s too good at murder
chaotic neutral to chaotic good
talks too much
good at pissing people off
kinda deserves to get the shit beaten out of him, and i feel like bakugou can pull it off
they love their friends so much though
oblivious as hell
like a genius in observation and knowing stuff, but a dumbass at applying that knowledge
would make a good information broker if they could learn to shut the hell up
are they basically deadpool? kinda.
short green hair, cut close to their head
long face, covered in scars, tallish, looks like an adult
pouts and cries easily
talks to himself x2 god help us
overpowered with his quirk. god help us
laughs at his own jokes
always hungry
winks at the fourth wall
has many stims and hobbies, hands are litterally never not doing something. he’s the kind of person you’ll glance away from, turn back, and find juggling.
we’re talking cat’s craddle, rubix cubes, instruments, puzzles, tearing up candy wrappers, painting his nails, braiding friendship bracelets. he is never still
directionless. lacks motivation
internalizes criticism really easily, to the point that he gets depressed and struggles to act
indecisive to a clinical degree
probably has and anxiety disorder but refuses to acknowledge it
is pretty fucking baby. protect him
lol what a nerd
fanboy x2
cries easily. izuku’s habit of crying does not decrease
ultimate ride or die
still a lizard, mohawk is green instead of pink
mixed feelings on stain
searching for the ultimate person to stan. all might stays in their heart, but they want to be edgier
absolutely uses a sword. not the dumb one that spinner uses but it is still a buster sword that’s too large for them. they’re strong enough to swing it around like nothing, i’m picturing cloud from final fantasy’s sword. again they’re really nerdy
disillusioned with society and heroes. both are marked by discrimination and have recognized the failure of heroes and government. aren’t as bitter but determined to do something
sassy but not quite sarcastic
gives really good advice. the friend you go to to have an emotional breakdown
considering pursuing psychology more for this reason. realizes he can use the skill to help a lot of people
isn’t willing to give up fighting or using his sword though. he has an aesthetic
would get along fantastically with tokoyami
also the friend that feeds you. can’t cook very well but always has something on him to give you when he notices you haven’t eaten in a long time.
loves bubble tea
social anxiety, if it weren’t for the fact that he already had friends and a mission, he probably wouldn’t leave the house
surprisingly close to shigaraki, enough of a gamer to play with him, and even gets away with calling him out
(i’m debating how comfortable i am with fusing kids with adults. it seems weird to me, especially the bigger the age difference)
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dumbbitcho · 3 months ago
This shit is fake bby!!!
Here she is.. My masterpost of all the dumb, illogical bits of info contained within these s15 “leaks” that make me fairly confident they are complete bullshit. It also includes my little tinhat theories that have absolutely no evidence.
I will be putting it all under a Readmore in case you don't want to risk it or if you simply Do Not Care
First up, I'd like to point out that these call sheets repeatedly give very detailed backstories to characters that have few lines which conveniently paints a picture of each episode's plot. And I'm not an expert so correct me if I'm wrong, but after looking at other similar casting calls, they only ever include the demographic and necessary skills.
Basically who in their right mind would write up casting calls that give away so many spoilers? Seems like that could cause and issue if they were leaked lol. But anyway that's my 1st point. But onto the actual content
Tumblr media
So the conceit of this episode as a whole is that during the pandemic, the gang "gamed the system" and received three (3!) Loans to start businesses that went bankrupt. One of these businesses is implied to be the one started by dee and charlie who end up selling to Qanon shaman. Already this is so impossible baby.
1. We've already seen the gang try to get a loan and it didn't work. They don't have good ideas. Ur telling me, they managed to finagle 3 separate loans for 3 separate business ideas from an actual bank?
2. Maybe I just have bad reading comprehension but how does one have a business that is both fictitious and bankrupt?
3. If the customer is supposed to be Qanon shaman, an actual real life guy, why are the only descriptors white and male? They say he's shirtless so are they going to paint on all of the tattoos he has? And if so, doesn't that kind of ruin the dramatic reveal when charlie "throws in" the viking helmet? Why would he do that anyways? Sus.
Moving on
Tumblr media
Alright this episode would fucking blow for obvious reasons but im going to refrain from looking at this through my gay dennis thruther lens because im biased.
Purely from a narrative standpoint, a woman hasn't been shown to be interested in dennis in nearly 5 years during the wade boggs episode. Ever since, every single woman he approaches has been actively creeped out by him. And now I'm supposed to believe that 3 "smart, passionate woman" (In Their Twenties!!!!!!) agreed to go on a date with him? And Anna even slept with him! Just because he what? Agreed with her? I'm not buyin it.
Plus the concept of this scenario lacks any potential for comedy. When iasip gets political, they always discuss a very specific topic using hyperbolic situations and flawed metaphors. If this is supposed to be a political episode, what ultimately lukewarm point would rob be trying to make here? So far we know they're ranting about
The patriarchy
No more personal responsibility(?)
The... nature of power in society(??)
How on earth would an episode like get approved? This shit sounds like a Ted talk. It sounds like it was written specifically to sound like a political episode so boring and pointless it would generate outrage and mile long essay posts from Tumblr users and reddit users alike. Almost like this one lol.
On a completely unrelated note, do not try and convince me that Frank "casual cock ring wearer" Reynolds is unable to perform.
Jeez this is getting out of hand fast. Let's move on
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ok now we're starting to getting into the Ireland of it all. Let me go on a bit of a tangent here about all this.. Now I thinq there are just 3 possibilities. Either this is all a publicity stunt and there is some truth to the Ireland rumors, the entire thing could be bogus from some weirdo fan (ps, if a fan did write this I want you to know I fucking hate you. You did this to me), or it is a publicity stunt but Ireland is just more bullshit.
I am going to assume it was a publicity stunt, otherwise I just wasted my entire evening and I can't have that kind of mentality rn. Additionally, I'm Going to tinhat here for a second and say that the Ireland rumors are true, but the details are different.
I say this because if they were going to do filming in Ireland, they probably figured that that information would be impossible to hide. In essence, my completely unfounded hypothesis is that this leak was their fucked up little way of controlling the situation while simultaneously messing with us.
Ok tangent is over, returning to the casting calls. From the looks of it, dee starts a "scam" acting class and has some very devoted students (Note that Tony was also the name of the porn shop owner. Seems weird!) Presumably after the gang replaces her with a monkey as the title suggests.
Honestly, there isn't too much here that's a red flag to me... seems like a nice little dee-centric episode that is the link to the Dublin angle. Assuming I am At All right, this could be a genuine plotline for Dee. However, the monkey could be a red herring and there could be a whole different side plot with the guys. who's to say. Next one!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ah yes this is the dennis we all know and despise.. no red flags for me here really, I'm also running out of steam because idk if it shows, but I am majorly sleep deprived atm. Anyway I'm going to the next one
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Okay this is where things start getting weird again ough a migraine just hit, anyway back to my earlier point about how casting calls would never contains major spoilers bc the people who see these wont be under any kind of NDA..
These ones reveal that bonnie dies. Again, that info wouldn't be in a casting call.
But also they suggest charlie has a irish penpal named Shelley who is his biological father. First off charlie is illiterate, although as pointed out by @undeadbreeze shelley could also be communicating in symbols. However, this scenario is still unbelievable to me for a couple reasons:
1. Bonnie's last name is Kelly obviously, and we know it's her maiden name because Jack's last name is also Kelly. But Shelley's last name is... also Kelly? In the context of this big ol hoax, it feels like it was written to show that look! his last name is the same as charlie's! That's how you know that's his dad! But It would be way too big of a coincidence if charlie's dad happened to have the same last name bonnie.
And 2. There's the whole mystery of charlie's long-lost sister from 'charlie got molested' but never any mention of a brother which according to this, shelley has been pretending to be his brother for years. And we all know how much rcg loves their continuity, it seems uncharacteristically lazy to just tack this on without any prior buildup.
And finally let me talk about mac for a second and specifically the line in gus's summary "both are gay men who are attracted to the priesthood for all the wrong reasons"
Iasip has commented on pedophilia in the priesthood many times in the past which leads me to believe that they are implying that mac is a pedophile? Please let me know if I completely misread the implications of that statement, but if not, then that is completely insane and one of the biggest indictators that this is fake. Mac is awful, just like everyone in the gang but he is definitely not a pedophile.
However even if i did completely misread that, it's still proof this is fake.. For all his faults, Rob put a surprising amount of care and effort into mac's coming-out. It hasn't been perfect, but Mfhp in particular firmly established that mac's faith is integral to his identity so Its unlikely that rob would throw all of that away for a cheap shot at priests.
Ok my brain is irradiated sludge at this point, but in conclusion. I hope that 1. I'm right, at least about it being fake (Otherwise damb that'll be so humiliating for me) And 2. This eases ur fears a bit. I don't want to lose all faith in future seasons bc I love iasip and miss the gang. If you read this far youre insane but I literally love you so goddamn much because I spent so so long tapping this out on my silly little phone
Please feel free to add on or message me your thoughts and opinions I need to know I'm not the only one who uhhh went a bit insane. And finally: whoever made these is a cunt. Mwah.
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tokimemo · 16 days ago
Japanese Learning Resources (N5 to N3) 
Books and Other Digital Resources
Tumblr media
Before I start off with this, I want to say that I'm no expert!! I'm still studying, so I'll be discussing these materials through a learner's perspective. Also note that my level is roughly around N4 (ambitiously also studying for N3 lol). Also, if you have any questions let me know!
Here is the link to my resources. Please message me if you have trouble accessing it!
There are a lot of books in there, but as of now I have mainly been using Minna No Nihongo, Soumatome, and Tobira. 
Soumatome — This series of books is categorized by JLPT levels, so if you're specifically studying for the JLPT i think this is a good resource. It has minimal English as well as furigana, and explanations are given in a bite-sized manner. Each lesson has around 3 sentence patterns, and they're all tidbits, and then an exercise afterward. Supposedly after 7 days, I have to take an exam akin to that of the JLPT. However since the explanations were so concise, I had to supplement it with more research and practice. Also, for each JLPT level there are two books. One for grammar (bunpou) and one for vocabulary (goi) (except for the N5 one, which I found an All-in-One file for)
Minna no Nihongo — I actually have the physical copy of the 2nd edition, so it's not uploaded. But what I can say about the MNN series is that it's so good for immersive learning. There is one grammar point per lesson, lots of examples, and no English! That being said, you need to have a good foundation of Hiragana before going into MNN. However, it makes me feel so accomplished when I'm able to figure out sentence patterns on my own without English. There's also a Kanji counterpart book to the grammar called 漢字練習帳 (Kanji Renshuu Chou) which I also find helpful for learning kanji :]
Tobira — I'd say that this is the best book out of all the 3 I've used, but that's just my preference hehe. I say this because this book discusses topics on my level, as well as ones higher. It's intended to be for learners who need a "gateway" from beginner to intermediate. Materials in this book are incredibly extensive. There are 16 sentence patterns in the first lesson, as well as an article reading (which also helps a lot with reading out loud!) and vocabulary charts and kanji charts! Explanations are thorough, and the examples uncover something about the sentence pattern as you go along. The only downside is that I only have a digital copy of this book TT__TT so the furigana is hard to read sometimes. I guess that is a blessing in disguise, though, because it urges me to really look into what the kanji are, and what they mean in the context of the sentences!
Genki — This is the book series I mainly use for my classes, and they have explanations in English, as well as dialogues. There is a Kanji counterpart book too. I'd say this series is good for group settings wherein you have a teacher and classmates to guide you (because that’s how I’ve been using it). 
Japanese Particles Workbook — I haven’t actually started using this but I know I should because particles are my weakness. As the title suggests, this book focuses on particles, and that it can be super helpful as a supplementary learning resource for clarifying the usage of specific ones!
Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese — I haven’t started using this either because I’m saving it for when I become more advanced. My brother suggested this book to me though (and he’s much more advanced)! 
Digital Flashcards
Anki — I mainly use Anki decks for kanji, vocabulary and sometimes sentence mining (which I’ll probably make a separate post for lol). I use pre-made Anki decks, as well as my own (I make my own from sets of kanji that I learnt in books) 
A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar — This is more of a summative compilation of the major grammar patterns in Japanese. I haven’t used this either, but it was also suggested by my brother for beginner Japanese learning. I find it so interesting as well since it incorporated studies on linguistics, so you’ll be learning a lot about linguistic form and semantics. 
Worksheets — There’s a graph sheet for practicing Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. There is also a grand cheatsheet for verb tenses and forms!
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