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#incorrect anime quotes

Irie: Your future self is hating you for the poor decisions you’re making today.

Yamato, chugging an entire pot of coffee: Bold of you to assume current me isn’t also hating myself for making the decisions that I am making.

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Seo, about Nozaki's dick: What did it look like?
Chiyo: What do you mean?
Seo, slowly spreading her hands apart: Just say when. Just... serious... seriously? Are you se... are you serious? Okay, you know what? This is impossible. I'm starting over.
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Kashima: Me and Tsukishima get along perfectly! Right Tsukki?
Tsukki: I have never been more stressed out in my entire life then when I am with you
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Seo, high: Whoa! The moon is so huge and pretty tonight!
Hori, also high: Yeah! It is!
Nozaki: Should we tell them it's just a tortilla you threw at the window?
Mayu: Please don't this is great
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Gojou to Fushiguro: Now you’re a responsible person, so I will leave the car to you and if I come back and it’s still there, I’ll give you a cookie.
Gojou: But if I come back and the car isn’t here, well, I’ll give you a cookie anyway because I love you.
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Mayu: Are you alright? You didn’t sleep at all last night.
Nozaki: Hey, I got a solid eight minutes in.
Nozaki: I mean- not consecutively, but it’s fine. You’re not even that blurry.
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Mikorin: Suga kinda scares me
Hori: What do you mean?
Mikorin: Just earlier he told me that I was the only one here with any braincells. Then he asked me to "come be gay and evil with him because we could tear the world apart, figuratively."
Hori: Oh, well what did you say back?
Mikorin: I accepted, of course. Which reminds me that I should be going.
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Chiyo: You need to stop putting your life on the line like this. If something happened to you, you would break Seo's heart and-
Waka: She has a heart? And it cares about me?
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