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writeformeuniverse · 4 days ago
My tita's Facebook account apparently got hacked two days ago and I'm sad to report that the Facebook account recovery system is non-existent.
As a reminder, I'm here to tell you lazy people of the internet to do the following if you have not already.
1. Turn on 2FA (2-factor authentication) for your account - This will save you time and effort. Prevention is better than cure.
2. Make it a habit to change your password every 6 months or one year. Not necessary, but a great way to keep people off your account.
3. Check and review the apps or software that you linked to your account. Sometimes they can get compromised without your knowledge, so it's best to remove them if you don't use the service for one month.
4. Setup a trusted contact. This is helpful if you got locked out of your account. You can ask them to help you login to your account, yada yada, something like that. More of that here:
5. Take the time to do the Security Check Up every three or six months. Don't be fucking lazy, just do it.
Remember, your own account security is your responsibility.
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alaskaisnothere · 5 days ago
i. I get bored easily. I'm never satisfied, always looking for the next best thing that's gonna make me feel something. I'm never enough and people are never enough for me.  ii. I feel too much. Even when I'm empty, I feel my bones trying to crawl out of my skin, looking for a body that's not so broken all the damn time. iii. I lie and get lied to often. I lie to be liked, I lie when I'm bored, I lie because it's natural and I lie because it's easy.  iv. I always think there's something wrong with me, that I'm special because I've got all these flaws and all this pain, when the truth is that everyone is flawed. Everyone suffers in its own way and that's what brings out together and that's why I always try to be fake deep so people can feel something, so that I can feel something. v. I'm a fraud but I think you already got that.
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alaskaisnothere · 6 days ago
I dry out rivers when you yell at me, because all it takes for my paper bones to lit up is a match and some gasoline. And I know you don't mean to make me cry but I should be fuelled by passion and not exhaustion. I'm sorry I'm this weak, I tried to stitch an armor to my skin but the wind blew it away and I shouldn't have to wear a mask when there is nothing wrong with being vulnerable in the first place.
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thisisnotpaalam · 7 days ago
04.13.2021 | 04:50 PM | Here it goes again
Hello Darkness my old friend
You've come to haunt me again
I guess you've noticed I've been really happy for the past weeks
Know that I accept you in my life and I know that you are part of me
But don't go visiting too often and don't stay too long
Welcome back. :")
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alaskaisnothere · 8 days ago
I kept your necklace, you kept my bracelet and all the broken pieces of my heart. You were the first to love me and then leave me. I've never believed other people could love me, so it didn't hurt much when they eventually cut me off but you actually welcomed me in your world and then left me all alone. And the worst part is, that I can't even hate you because it's thanks to you that I connected to my true self and it's thanks to you that I'm more hopeful towards the future. And I shouldn't blame you too much because you didn't know what you were doing, you didn't know what our convos and your audio messages meant to me, you couldn't see my face lighting up whenever I got a notification from you or when I was telling my friends about you. The truth is, we never know what we do to a person until it's too late.
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wifewrites · 8 days ago
How Can a Newly Married Man Earn the Respect of His Wife?
Recognize that you and your wife are now “one flesh,” and no other human​—not parents, not children—​can be part of that partnership.​—Matt. 19:5.
Realize that it will take time for both you and your wife to adapt to your new roles.​—1 Pet. 3:7.
Do not compare your wife with your mother.​—Gal. 6:4.
Do not expect your wife to follow cultural traditions or attitudes that are not in harmony with Bible principles.​—Prov. 3:5, 6; Mark 7:13.
Do not demand submission; set an example by submitting to Jehovah’s direction as found in his Word.​—1 Cor. 11:3.
Do not demand respect; earn it.​—Eph. 5:25; 1 Pet. 5:3
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alaskaisnothere · 9 days ago
we're just skin and bones and endless mistakes just trying not to feel miserable every second of every day & it's okay to take a break from holding the whole world on your shoulders. it's okay to close your eyes and imagine a world where your heart can bloom and flourish.
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yellow-misfit · 11 days ago
"Tomorrow is always a new day; for new beginnings, second chances, and to taking risks without hesitation. And if you failed, there's always another day to try once again."
- words i whisper before dozing off and travelling to dreamland
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yellow-misfit · 16 days ago
april third
if you ever stop loving me,
at least let me know if it was all real
were those kisses really intimate?
i love you's sincere?
poems dedicated to me genuine?
those plans we shared,
movies we watched and books we read,
from dusk 'till dawn
with our hands intertwined
were you really holding me?
have you really thought about me?
have i truly been part of your better days as much as i was on your downfalls?
'cause maybe it will hurt just a little less
knowing that our love was indeed real
but unfortunately wasn't meant to last,
than knowing it was all just a facade
that maybe we were just trying to fill the abyss in our souls,
but there was no love afterall
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