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#sjm fanfic

A/N: Yeah, I broke my ghosting and wrote an one shot. My mental health has not been very good these days, and writing helps me.

I have no ideia how to feel about this. I started it with angst in mind but I think it ended up way less angsty then I had planned? Either way, I hope it does not look as bad as it seems to be.


Originally posted by gotitas


Emerie once knew the language of the wind. Spoke it fluently. Effortlessly.

It used to be like breathing for her. As easy and automatic as the action of inhaling and exhaling the pure and fresh air of the Illyrian mountains.

Mêmbira suí Ibutû.

Daughter of the Wind.

That was how Emerie’s mother used to call her.

Emerie remembered little of her mother. A smile, a lovingly hand braiding her hair, brushing it after a bath.

She remembered her walks with her mother. How they used to go to that deserted greenfield, its open space Emerie’s personal playground. Her mom would watch as Emerie soared higher and higher, the wind as gentle as her mother’s caress on her face.

“Watch me cig! Look how high I can go!” small Emerie would shout, her voice filled with delight.

“I’m watching xe nhia” her mother would loving answer, her wishful eyes watching her daughter fly, laughing and shouting in warning when Emerie got bold and would do a backflip or drop and open her wings too close to the ground.

Emerie’s mother could not fly. The scars on her wings were proof of that. But she never let that hold herself back from feeling happy for her daughter.

And Emerie flew for her cig. Higher and higher, wings strong, wind roaring around her. Each flap of her wings was to hear that laugh and see that big proud smile on her mother’s face.

But then her mother died.

And the nightmares began.

Emerie would dream of losing her wings. The scars she saw on her mother’s wings on hers.

She’d wake up painting and sweaty, and would run from home straight to her playground.

She’d fly until she felt the air getting thin, until she could barely breath, until she swore she could touch the moon.

When she was nearing the point of fainting from lack of air, Emerie would plummet down, getting dangerously close to the ground. Only then would she open her wings wide, stretching them to the point of pain and getting back to safety.

Time passed. Emerie became older.

Every day she dreaded the day her first cycle would come. Everyday she woke up and glanced at her sheets, her heart stopping every time during the seconds it took to realize they were clean. White. No sign of blood on them whatsoever.

She would scape to her playground whenever she could. Would fly for hours.

Her father tried to hold her back in the shop. Keep her inside, working.

Being an ornament.

Being seen but not heard.

There and not there at all, her existence a mere object of fleeting importance.

Emerie hated it. Knew her father kept track of her scent. To see if it had changed.

To see if she had bled.

Emerie knew her father did not care about the High Lord’s new law, which had banned clipping.

Her father came from a traditional family. An old family who had more money than most, but still less than the powerful camp lords had.

Their backwards mentality, however, was the same.

She remembers the day it came as if it was yesterday.

She woke up, and the usual panic before she saw the sheets was the same.

But this time it did not pass.

It became unbearable.

Emerie could feel her lungs closing, her pulse quickening, and dread, pure and deep dread filling her stomach.

She had lit scented candles to try and disperse the metallic smell of blood, ripping the bedsheets in small pieces and feeding the blazing fire in her room with them.

She remembers dressing with shaking fingers, finally braiding her hair in her usual style after countless attempts.

Remember getting downstairs to the shop and praying to the Mother her father would be so busy counting those damn gold coins or scheming some merchant transaction with the camp lords to stop and pay attention to her.

He had done so well in ignoring her after her mother had died.

“You’re just like your cig” he used to tell her.

Only when she grew up did she notice that he did not say it in a lovingly way.

He said it with a bittersweet tone.

As if he was saying she should have been the one to die from the plague that had befallen Illyria years ago.

No amount of power, contacts or money had been able to save his termireco.

The day his wife died was the day her father never looked at Emerie again the same way.

He had lost his opacatúmbae. His world.

Emerie thought she had managed to finish the day without her father finding about it.

How foolish had she been.

How stupid to dare and hope.

She also remembers when they came.

Four Illyrians, all friends of her father.

They held her down.

She tried to fight.

She kicked and bit at them, screaming and crying.

It was a fruitless effort.

One of them pressed a handkerchief against her mouth and the last thing she heard was her father’s voice before she passed out.

“I’m sorry xe tagira. It’s for your own good”

When Emerie woke up, she had scars.

Her beautiful proud wings were scarred just like her mother’s had been. Like most of the older females at camp were.

The day Emerie lost her wings was the day the wind in Illyria blew so strong that tents were torn from the ground and trees flew.

The ibutû was mourning the loss of his mêmbira.

For three days and three nights Illyria was throw into completely chaos.

For three days and three nights Emerie didn’t eat. Didn’t get out of her room.

For three days and three nights Emerie mourned, together with Qilaë, goddess of wind, what she had once been.

And when she got out of her room, face tearstained but brown eyes deep with hatred, she never gave her father an easy day until his passing.

Emerie would purposely stay away from home all the time, helping with chores at the healers tent or in the communal kitchen at camp.

She would spit insults at the males her father tried to sell her to, lashing at them until they were scared of her, until not even one male in Windhaven would dare accept her as his wife.

When her father died, she fought to be the owner of the clothier.

She hoped her father was turning over in disgust in his grave.

With time, Emerie slowly learned how to deal with the pain.

It became a fog that came and went as it pleased.

Sometimes it was so tick she would find herself screaming until her throat was sore.

Sometimes it was as brief as a summer breeze.

Sometimes Emerie would find herself standing in her old playground, opening her wings and flapping them in vain attempts of raising herself even a millimetre from the ground.

It did not matter how many times she tried. How her wings screamed in pain and how she fought back her tears.

She never left the ground.

Time passed again. Emerie would go to her playground less and less.

One day, she started going again.

Now, Emerie went to the playground with Azriel.

It all began when he found her there, alone, hair free and wind kissing her face, as if Qilaë was greeting her.

He probably had followed her through his shadows.

Even with her eyes closed Emerie could feel his presence. Could feel as he tentatively walked towards her, stopping beside her and staying quiet, letting her enjoy the moment.

And she told him the story of Mêmbira suí Ibutû, who had flown higher than anyone else had ever dared to before.

When she finished the story, she was sobbing, Azriel having moved to embrace her, his wings around them creating a cocoon of safety.

Protecting her from the horrors of the past.

Protecting her like she should have been protected.

After her crying had ceased, Azriel only asked her one thing.

“Do you trust me?”

“With my life” she answered.

Grabbing her waist, Azriel shot to the sky and for the first time in years Emerie left the ground.

He held her only by the waist, supporting the rest of her body with his shadows as he flew.

It was as if Emerie could fly again.

And in that moment Qilaë knew her daughter had come home at last.

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I NEED acosf theories! Please post them! Comment with them! Or Shout then from the roof tops!

I’ll start off with one of mine - Nesta originally met Eris during one of the nights that the Keir and the Hewn City are allowed into the city. They hit it off because our boy Eris recognizes her strength and power without any back history

21 notes

So I’m not super in to the Nesta and Azriel best buddies for forever 🙄 relationship BUT

I do 💕 love 💕 the idea of them having conversations about and connecting through the darkness and the shadows they both deal with on the regular. That is where I think the mutual respect will come from

33 notes

I don’t like going to parties, I hate public speaking, talking about myself gives me hives, I would throw myself in front of the bullet for those that I love, my family misunderstands me, it’s hard to “get” me, I hide my soft feelings behind a suit if armor made or rude remarks, there is definitely some sexual frustration and tension in my life, I find it hard to start a fire, I never want to go to the gym and train, and yeah I love a good romance novel.

Oh crap. I AM NESTA

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A/N: Shoutout to all of those beautiful, incredible supportive and awesome people who encouraged me to write this Emeriel (Azriel x Emerie) one shot. I really like this crackship, and I’m hoping we see more of Emerie in the next acotar books.

With this, I’m officially in ghost mode till acosf and for some time after its release (probably a month). My askbox and dm are open for prompts tho! So feel free to send me any writing requests!!


Originally posted by hgbtxpi

Falling in Shadows

Azriel was lost.

Not lost as in ‘I don’t know the Cauldron where I am’. Not in the physical way lost.

No, Azriel was lost in the emotional way. Lost as in ‘What the Cauldron I am feeling?’

If he was to be honest with himself, he had been feeling like that for quite some time now. Ever since Cassian had asked him to go to that wooden building and spied a certain female through the clothier’s window.

Azriel was usually uncomfortable around other Illyrians. He sometimes forgot he too was one, his hatred for his people in some occasions being so unbearable he found himself a youngling once again, locked in that dark cell, denied the skies.

How could he be an Illyrian, feel like one, when his own people had cast him aside? Had tried to strip him of his heritage?

That was one of the motives he avoided going to Windhaven. But after that day he visited Cassian and Nesta — he was surprised to see how their relationship was going, despite the circumstances that had made Nesta go to Illyria — Azriel found himself looking for reasons to be in Windhaven.

All because of her.

Because of Emerie, the fierce owner of that clothier.

Once he had gotten inside the shop, Azriel had willed his shadows to fade — few were the Illyrians and Fae not afraid of them, afraid of him and his job in the Night Court — and tucked his wings tight. He knew how the Illyrian females were treated. How they were supposed to look down and not talk back when in the presence of a male. He didn’t want any other reason to scary the shop owner.

To his surprise, however, he was met with a different scenario. An Illyrian female who didn’t look down, was not afraid to speak her mind and didn’t cower in his presence.

Emerie didn’t even bat an eyelash at him or his shadows, not even glancing at his scarred hands when he handed her the money — an act he was already used to.

Azriel was in and out of the shop in less then five minutes.

He met her again some time later, having tea with Nesta when came back to Windhaven. They exchanged a few words and he got even more curious about her.

And then, before he had even noticed how, they had become friends.

Azriel would pass by her shop whenever he went to visit Cassian and would chat with Emerie, sometimes joining her and Nesta for tea — Azriel dragged Cassian with him when that happened, a little scared to be beneath the sharpe of gaze of both females by himself.

Not that he told Cassian, or anyone else for that matter, the truth. He’d rather swim naked in one of Windhaven’s deathly cold lakes.

Azriel had female friends, so it was not like he was embarrassed around Emerie because of that. Feyre was his friend, as was Elain — although Feyre seemed to think there was something between him and her sister, they were only on friendly terms. Elain was still processing what had happened to her, being Made and losing everything she had, not to mention Graysen. The man was one of the finest pricks he’d ever met, but love was not rational.

Azriel and Elain understand each other in some level, her being a seer and him a shadowsinger. But nothing more.

And then there was Morrigan. He’d been in love with her. Once. And he knew she didn’t see him like that.

His feelings had faded over time, leaving only respect and brotherly affection towards her. Azriel knew he sometimes overreacted when it came to Eris, but it was not due to a lover’s anger. No, he felt guilty of what Mor had been through, years ago. He was her friend and couldn’t help her when she needed the most.

His love towards Mor may have changed, but it still hurt to see that she was keeping something from him and flirted so shameless in front of him as to keep him away. Whatever it was that she had to say, he’d understand. So he’d wait, until she was ready to talk to him.

When it came to Emerie, however, he felt something. Something different. Something he could not quite place.

Azriel also felt fear.

Fear of what that feeling may represent. Of what Emerie thought of him. He had to keep himself in check around her, least he loose control of his shadows, who always seemed to get agitated whenever they were together.

Sighing, he shook his head to try and rid himself of these thoughts. He could feel an headache coming, and he had to wake up early to met Cassian and the Camp Lords for a meeting regarding the Blood Rite. He needed sleep.

His feet, on the other hand, had other ideais. Before he knew what he was doing, they had taken him on the way to the small craftsman center of the camp, where Emerie’ shop was.

Maybe he could say he had thought of saying a quick hello, see how the things were going with her sells.

“It’s not that late yet. And I didn’t come today to see her. So a late night tea won’t hurt, right?” Azriel thought, trying to calm himself down.

He sent one of his shadows ahead to see if there was any light on the clothier, just in case. If it was off, he’d take it was a sign to leave it alone and go rest.

But when it returned, Azriel felt his blood run cold, and he quickly moved through the shadows to get there faster. And the scene in front of him made his heart stop.

The shop windows were broken, as was the door, and he could see some of the clothes thrown on the floor by the door.

Azriel heard screams.

Heard Emerie screaming.

He entered the shop to find her being restrained by a male, while two others ransacked the place.

Azriel did not fail to notice how the male holding her looked pissed. Maybe due to his bloody nose and black eye.

Azriel smiled internally. His girl would not go down without a fight it seemed.

“And just do you think you’re doing” he said, announcing his presence.

Four pairs of eyes looked in his direction, and he got smug satisfaction at the clear fear that shined in the males’ eyes.

Specially when they saw Azriel unsheathing Truth Teller and gave free rein to his shadows.

However, in Emerie’s dark brown eyes he only saw relief.

“Close your eyes Em” he said.

And then Azriel exploded.

He had the two males pinned down by his shadows in no time, bounding their wings and squeezing their throats strong enough to leave them breathless.

And a little purple.

But the one that held Emerie… that one he would take his sweet time.

Appearing behind the male — which quickly released Emerie in hope to attempt an escape — Azriel slammed him down in the polished counter.

“What should I do with you” he snarled, bringing Truth Teller dangerously close to the male’s throat, making a thin cut in his skin.

“P-please,” the male whimpered “have mercy”

“Did you show mercy to her? Did you?!” Azriel shouted, pressing the knife harder “I should Clip you. I should Clip all of you and take my sweet time doing it”

He heard the other two males struggling against his shadows, trying to get away again. Azriel only whiled them to tighten their grip, and he swore he heard one start to cry.

“You will never appear here again. You will not bother Emerie any longer” he leaned down to whisper in the male’s ear “You will tell that to your other friends. To anyone who has ever messed with her. And if I hear that you came back — and trust me, I will — I will hunt you down myself”

“Are we clear?” he added, letting his threat sink.

“Y—yes sir” the trembling male managed to gasp through Azriel’s hold on his neck.

“Go” he said, freeing all three, who quickly left the place, running for their lives.

Azriel then turned to find Emerie with her eyes open, staring at him.

He froze. She had seen him. Had seen him act as the High Lord’s spy master. Had seen him being territorial and scary and—

“I think I’ll have to redecorate” was all Emerie said, her voice trembling a little.

Azriel couldn’t believe it. She had been attacked, her shop destroyed and she had time to make a joke.

He shook his head in disbelief and stopped in front of her, holding himself back to not touch her to see if she was hurt anywhere.

“Are you—”

Her knees gave out before he could say anything else, and he quickly caught her in his arms.

“You put your arms around me and I literally felt my kneels buckle, this is so pathetic” she scoffed, looking at the floor.


“I usually can handle it on my own” she shook her head “Nesta taught me some self defense moves. I can’t leave the shop to go for the training ring and I have no desire to be a warrior”

“This…this was the first time that more than one came” she added in a soft whisper.

Azriel felt a calm rage settle in his bones.

“This is not the first time something like this has happened,” he wanted to shake her until she got some sense in that stubborn head of hers “and you didn’t tell anyone about it”

“As I said, I usually can handle it” she snapped back, finally meeting his eyes “I was closing the shop when they appeared. I tried to fight back, but I only managed to punch one before he restrained me. If you hadn’t appeared I—”

She didn’t finish that sentence, bitting her trembling lip to keep herself from crying.

“You are one headstrong and fearless female, you know that?” he said, daring to hold her closer.

“I was scared”

And to Azriel’s surprise she buried her head on his chest, gripping his leathers for her dear life, her body shaking with silent sobs.

“I know Em” he murmured, one hand caressing her hair in comfort.

His shadows closed the door and gathered the clothes on the floor, putting them on the counter.

“I’m going to take you upstairs, okay?” he asked softly, and Emerie just nodded her head.

Gathering her in his arms, Azriel climbed the stairs to the upper part of the shop, where Emerie lived.

He decided to place her on the sofa. He didn’t want to invade her personal space and walk into her bedroom.

He carefully sat on the sofa, adjusting Emerie in his arms so she’d be comfortable. By the looks of it, she wasn’t letting go of him soon.

Not that he was bored by that.

“Em…it’s okay. You’re safe now” he tenderly raised her head, both hands cupping her cheeks and brushing away her tears.

“Thank you. For arriving when you did” she sniffed, but then reality seemed to fall on her “Why where you around here at this hour?”

Azriel felt the tip of his ears getting hot, and he almost faded back in the shadows.

“I wanted to see you” he mumbled, so low he hoped she had not heard him.

“What was that?” she asked, and by the way she was trying to suppress a grin Azriel could tell she had heard him loud and clear.

“I’m not repeating it” he said, feeling his whole face getting hot

Emerie laughed, and the sound of her laugh was enough to put Azriel at ease.

“I wanted to see you too” she confessed, looking deep into his eyes.

Azriel could swear his heart skipped a beat at her words.

“You did?” he softly asked, afraid this was all a dream and he’d soon wake up.

“Yes” she said, and tenderly took one of his hands on hers, not flinching at the scars on them “I wanted to hear your voice”

She kissed his fingers.

“I wanted to see you trying to come up with topics to talk with me”

She kissed palm.

“I wanted to see your shadows acting all agitated and you trying so hard to control them thinking I’ll be bothered but,” Azriel took a sharp breath when she kissed his wrist “they’re not a bother. I’m not afraid of them. I like them”

Azriel was falling. He was spiralling down into himself, all the way to his shadowed heart.

“You like them?” he asked so quietly, fear lacing his every word.

“I do. They’re part of you Azriel” she interlaced their hands “What is there not to like?”

Azriel felt like crying. He felt like crying because for the first time someone outside of his family had looked at him and actually seen him.

Not a monster who killed and spied and tortured for his High Lord.

Not an Illyrian who was a traitor to his own race.

Not the quiet friend who was satisfied to be in the shadows.

Not a protector doing his duty.

Emerie saw him.

She saw all the good, the bad and the awkward Azriel so desperately tried to conceal.

And she was not afraid.

“Can I hope then?” he dared himself to ask, resting his forehead against hers “Can I hope you feel this? This feeling that I can’t quite place?”

“You can” she answered “Because I hoped you felt the same thing”

Azriel still did not know how to name this feeling between them yet. But he was sure of one thing.

He was dying to know what it was.

And Emerie would help him in every path of this discovery.

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Fixed Tags: @sayosdreams @thewayshedreamed @sjm-things @perseusannabeth @arin1030 @caotica-e-quieta @vidalinav @swankii-art-teacher @ireallyshouldsleeprn @duskandstarlight @greerlunna @thegoddessaltenia @dayanna-hatter @verypaleninja @awesomelena555 @courtofjurdan @allilal @sensitiveillyrian @moe8 @illyrianwitchling13 @silvernesta @bri-loves-sunflowers @queenestarcheron @imwritingthesewords @vasudharaghavan

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108 notes

I have often thought that Nesta’s power isn’t death

First, because Feyre is convinced it is death. And When has Feyre ever been known to truly get her sister?

Second, it was said at one point that Nesta took from the cauldron everything it had taken from her. It is assumed she got the death powers because it had killed her but in reality the cauldron was also giving her life, a new life.

Third, I think often because if Nesta’s bluntness and brutality in conversation it is thought that she is similar to death. But no we know she is sensitive and caring behind her outer wall. She is life and creation more than death and killing

Fourth, just because the bone carver heard of Nests dosent mean she is death. She could be deaths greatest enemy - life

Nesta is life she is creation she is a new beginning

80 notes

A/N: Special shoutout for @perseusannabeth @thewayshedreamed and @arin1030 for blessing my year with their amazing one shots/multi chapter updates even though 2021 has barely began. Your beautiful writing made me take a break from frying my brain with studying.

So here it’s, Part Six. Enjoy!


Originally posted by assassin1513

In which she makes a friend, Part Six

“Arms up. Feet apart” Nesta followed his instruction, getting in position “I want you to focus all your power in your fists. Redirect the flow to them.”

It was not Cassian’s voice who Nesta heard. No, it was the voice of the Lord of Bloodshed. Of the Commander of the Illyrian Armies.

They had been trying for an hour, maybe two. Today was the second time in the week since they’d first started training together that Cassian was trying to teach Nesta how to maintain a constant flow of her powers. To not let her spend herself with one killing blow like she had done with Hybern.

It was hard. It was impossible.

Nesta had no ideia of what she was doing. She couldn’t tame the beast inside her to behave and do what she wanted to. She felt stupid while silently willing her fists to gather that blinding light she had fired at Hybern or even the silver flames that appeared when she lost control.

Nothing had happened in two days.

Not to mention she also had to think about her fighting stance, balance, Cassian counting out loud while she punched, all the while keeping her grip on her power.

And she had not been able to confront Cassian about the troubles at camp that he was keeping from her. That only made her more annoyed and restless.

“Focus Nesta” Nesta snapped back to attention at his words “Your figure is excellent but your mind is far away. If you get distracted on the battlefield you can get hurt. Or worse, killed”

“I am paying attention. If you could only be more precise about what exactly I’m supposed to be doing—”

Cassian laughed, which only served to ignite that fire that seemed to roar whenever they were in the same room.

“My powers are totally different from yours sweetheart. You have an enormous amount of it too, from the little I’ve seen” his hazel eyes scanned her, as if he could see beneath her skin and pinpoint where her power resided inside of her “But you lack control”

“Aren’t you supposed to be some legendary warrior? With seven siphons and all that” she spat back, wanting to jab him at his poor job at teaching her, but she only earned a feline smile back.

“Have you been paying attention to me Nes? I’m flattered” he placed a hand on his chest, feigning surprise.

Nesta gritted her teeth. Most of the time, she didn’t know whether to throttle him or kiss him. Sometimes both.

“Whatever you’re doing right now sweetheart, keep it up” Cassian said, amazement lacing his words.

Nesta raised her fists, which had fallen beside her body during her spat with Cassian, and she realised that she had done it. The silver flames that sometimes appeared were dancing along her hands, turning the air around them hot, although they did not burn her.

Nesta allowed herself to feel proud. She had done it. She could feel her power flowing all through her body down to her hands.

Raising her fists, Nesta got into position like Cassian had taught her.

And she punched him.

Cassian allowed her flaming fist to get dangerously close to his face before he dodged it, sidestepping. She aimed again. And again. Until they were dancing a dangerous dance, Cassian blocking and avoiding her fists, while Nesta concentrated in keeping the flames alive and remembering the correct steps.

She thought she had finally caught him, feigning a punch towards his face while actually aiming at his gut — a move Cassian had recently showed her — when he took her arm in an arm lock, pulling her body flush towards his.

“That was good” he breathless said, so close Nesta could see the green in his eyes “But you still are too slow in the transition. And you look at where you want to hit me. That’s what gave you away”

Nesta opened her mouth the retort, but no sound came out. She got conscious of how close they were. Of how Cassian didn’t seem bothered by her flaming fists.

She didn’t know whether she was feeling hot due to the exercise, the flames or the proximity with him.

“You are always surprising me, you know that?” Cassian murmured, his breath sending chills down her spine.

She was burning. She couldn’t breath or think, her thoughts running fast and incoherently around her head. She could only look at him.

She wanted to pull him closer.

She wanted to push him away.

She wanted to kiss him.

She wanted to scream at him for making her feel this way.

Nesta wanted and wanted and felt everything too deeply. His body against hers. His breath, mingling with hers. His grip on her army getting loose. His deep hazel eyes like molten chocolate, his pupils dilating and his gaze flicking from her eyes to her mouth and—

A bird’s cry shook Nesta out of her trance, and she quickly put some distance between her and Cassian, her flames flicking out.

Dangerous. It was dangerous to allow herself to get close to him. To let him slip between the bars in which she caged her heart.

“I think that’s enough for today” Cassian said, nervously clearing his throat “You— Are you going to train with me and Kaelin today?”

Nesta trained with Cassian everyday in the mornings, Kaelin joining then in the afternoons after her own training was done. Cassian had proposed to Nesta that she practice in the afternoon only three times a week for now. He said it was best not to demand so much of her body in the beginning.

But he always asked her if she would join then or not. Even if it was the day all three of them were supposed to train together.

“I’m fine” Nesta managed to say, grateful that her voice did not give away how she was feeling “I’ll be here”

Cassian only nodded, his eyes looking everywhere but at her. If Nesta didn’t know any better, she’d think he was just as shaken as her.

“Azriel…Azriel is coming to Windhaven tomorrow” Cassian blurted out, before Nesta could excuse herself.

Nesta only raised an eyebrow in question, as if to say ‘go on, I’m listening’

“He’s going to stay here four days, maybe a week. We have some… some matters to discuss”

“Matters about the Illyrians rebelling?” she asked, taking him by surprise.


“Just because you tell me nothing it does not means nobody else does” she snapped.

“It has nothing to do with you” he snarled and Nesta raised her chin in defiance.

“I think it does if I live here now”

“I didn’t want you here”

Nesta felt as if she had been punched in the gut. She felt that spark that had been slowly coming back to life vanish, turning into cinders.

As if it never was there.

“Wait, I— I didn’t mean it like that” Cassian desperately said, seeing the change in her mood.

“Of course you did” she snorted “I’m no more of a burden to you than I was to my sister. I understand”

“No, Nesta it’s not that” he ran his hand through his hair, freeing it from the bun that held it “Please believe me”

Nesta only remained quiet, eyeing him. Trying to decide if he spoke the truth or was pitying her.

“You have suffered enough. You have given enough. You don’t need the weight of another war on your shoulders. I—” he took a sharp breath “I cannot bear to see you go through it all again. I thought it was best for you to not know about it”

“It was not your decision to make!” she spat at him “You should have thought about that before banishing me here!”

“I told Feyre this was a stupid ideia! But she was desperate!! She blames herself for all the dangers you and Elain went through and she had no ideia what to do!!”

They were both screaming now, each one louder then the other.

“Sending you to the human side was off limits given the human queens! The other courts are civil at best with the Night Court! And I doubt you would want to be sent to another court were you knew no one and they were all wary of you” he laughed in disbelief “At least here I could— you would know someone

“It was not her decision to make” Nesta said, her powers raging inside of her, all control from a few moments ago gone.

“I know that. I can—” he shook his head, trying to find the right words “I can try to call in a few favours. Maybe Helion…the Day Court is beautiful and his library even more spectacular. Or Dawn. They’re neutral ground and you seemed to like the last time we were there. For sure not Winter. I think you’ve had enough of this dreadful weather”

Cassian started to mumble to himself, trying to come up with a solution.

“Would not your High Lady need to approve it?” poison filled Nesta’s word, angry of how she had been banished by her youngest sister before “Don’t you report back to her about me?”

“She only asks how you are doing. If you’re eating. If you came out of your room. And I don’t say nothing else besides it. Feyre worries. She feels guilty of what she did” his eyes meet hers “She would not have to know. You could go, and I would only say that you were well when she asked. You don’t need to stay here Nesta. I won’t be your jailer. I have already failed you enough”

And Nesta knew — be it due to the raw emotion in Cassian’s voice, the way he looked so distraught, his hazel eyes pleading at her — she knew he was telling the truth. That he would get her out of Illyria. Would let her have her way.

She was tempted to say yes.

To say yes and run far far away from the eyes that seemed to judge and burn and condemn her, all the way from Velaris.

But then she thought of Kaelin. She thought of all the healers, the females and children at camp.

If a civil war was to break out, who would defend them? Who would make sure they’d not be in the middle of the cross fire? Who would make sure Kaelin was not found out?

And Nesta made her decision.

“I will stay” she declared, making Cassian look at her in surprise.

“But I have a condition” she added “You will not hide anything else from me. You will tell me what’s happening here. What’s happening with the queens. With the other courts. I won’t stay in the dark any longer.”

“I promise you Nesta Archeron,” he said, his voice full of emotion “I will tell you even the Mother’ secrets if you want to”


Nesta spent the rest of the day lost in thought. Her conversation with Cassian — or screaming match to put it more truthfully — had opened some old wounds. Wounds she had thought to be already closed.

How foolish had she been.

Her quietness did not go unnoticed. Jacira was more talkative than usual, trying to cheer Nesta up and make her come out of her shell by any means, not caring if Esmée reprimanded her. But even the head healer took notice of Nesta’s mood.

“We don’t have much work today. You can deliver this tonic for me and then retire for the day” Esmée had said, a tad softer than usual “Now shoo! This won’t be delivered if you stay here looking at me”

And so Nesta found herself standing in the small craftsman center of the camp, walking towards a wooden building, its glass window identifying it as a clothier. The bell above the leaded-glass door tinkled as Nesta entered, warning of her presence.

“The shop is closed” a sharp voice said “Come back later”

Nesta looked at the female behind the polished counter. She had dark hair, which was braided in a style similar to the one Nesta favoured, offering a clean view of her sharp brown eyes. She wore a simple green dress, and Nesta noticed the female’s wings. The scars on them.

“I didn’t come to buy anything” Nesta walked towards the counter, placing down the package containing the small vial “I came to deliver this. I take you ordered this from Esmée?”

The female nodded, taking the package.

“So you’re the High Fae who’s working alongside the healers now” Emerie scanned Nesta, eyeing her pointed ears.

“What of it” she replied, straightening her spine, a mask of cold boredom on her face.

“Nothing” Emerie raised her chin, her posture matching Nesta’s “No wonder you decided to help them. They’re nice, and even Esmée’s presence is more pleasant than staying all day alone”

Nesta tried to calm down the fire inside of her, raging at the implication. She didn’t need her powers getting out of control here, destroying the store and hurting the female.

“Males are such emotionless creatures, don’t you agree? ” she added, waiting for a reaction back “I hope you gave the Commander hell for leaving you by yourself like that”

“He’s not— we’re not a couple” was Nesta’s only reply.

Emerie intrigued her. She was not like the other females Nesta had meet. She could recognise the fire inside of her, meeting Nesta’s gaze without fear.

She reminded Nesta of how she had once been. Before the war. Before she was Made.

“You aren’t?” Emerie raised an eyebrow, shrugging “Either way, I for one know I wouldn’t leave a guest unattended for such period.”

Nesta was excused from answering when the door opened, a familiar voice greeting them.

“Emerie, I finished with my deliveries, is there anything else I—” Kaelin stopped mid sentence, seeing the scene before her eyes.

“Kaelin, what are you doing here?” Nesta asked, surprised to see the girl.

“I do deliveries for Emerie sometimes. To the families who live too far or are too poor” the young girl stretched her wings a bit, shaking off the cold “Esmée let you go earlier today”

“She asked me to deliver something and call it a day” she inclined her head towards Emerie.

“Well, it’s a good thing then! You can stay for tea with me and Emerie!”

Nesta felt her cheeks redden.

“Kaelin, you can’t just invite me to someone else’s house!” she hissed, shocked at Kaelin’s boldness, her old manners classes coming to mind.

“I’m not bothered” Emerie said, coming from behind the counter “I can have some kind of courtesy towards those who I want to”

Kaelin grinned and opened a side door with a staircase — which lead to Emerie’s home in the upper floor of the shop — already moving up.

“You don’t have to stay if you don’t want to” Emerie added, seeing Nesta hesitate “Kaelin tends to act before he thinks. But I know he’s a good kid, so I won’t be offended if you choose to go back to your General’s home”

Nesta thought about saying how Cassian was not her General. How his home was not hers. How she had a thousand thoughts screaming in her mind. How her powers were singing beneath her veins and how afraid she was of losing control.

But she was even more curious about Emerie, a female who did not bow like the others, the sole owner of a shop in such a place as Illyria.

“I hope you have biscuits” she choose to say instead, feeling hungry for the first time in long while, the thought of eating not scaring her in the least.

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As a response to this prompt:

Anonymous said:
“Taking care of the other when sick or injured”
“You saved my life.”
Preferable one of the girls taking care for one of the bodyguards. Maybe just after he got injured because of protecting her?

I wrote a side story with some Nessian, featuring a human Nesta and Fae Cassian, that follows the world in my A Court of Bodyguards & Side Glances story (but can be read alone without missing anything!).
And then I immediately regretted it because actually I want to use this scene in the story now, but I’m sure something like this will come up again and I plan to write two more of these to feature all three sisters nursing their Fae love interests back to health because how can I not take full advantage of a prompt like this? 

Plus, it’s a really good way to explore some character development. So, thank you, anon! And I hope you enjoy this, even though it’s not technically part of the actual story! But it’s absolutely part of the story now in my head.

When a Fae Cassian gets hurt protecting a human Nesta, she (reluctantly) agrees to sit by his bedside and read to him. Brief mentions of past domestic abuse and a tiny bit of angst beneath the cut.

She keeps making cups of tea.

And wringing her hands.

Nesta growls in frustration, forcing herself to take a step away from the counter and shaking her hands, as if that will dispel the nervous energy that keeps charging through her. She can feel the way her heart is still pounding, the slight tremor in her hands an uncomfortable reminder of the situation that led to this moment.

Nesta, run.

Nesta glares at the cup of tea, water turning cloudy with tincture as the steam rises and her blue eyes watch it with a determined sharpness. Cassian had told her to run. She was meant to run and leave him there. He’d made her promise only days ago that she would listen to him, that she would let him take the lead—or tried to, at least.

“I’m the bodyguard,” Cassian had said. “And the Fae warrior. If we get into trouble, it’s my job to take care of it and protect you—I can’t do that if you won’t listen to me.”

Nesta had just rolled her eyes, shrugging into her grey winter coat and adjusting her scarf to keep out the chill while she gave Cassian a look that said that she didn’t plan to listen to him and probably never would. 

The truth was, Nesta didn’t expect to run into any trouble. She’d called Inner Court Investigations to look after Feyre because she’d had a bad feeling about Tamlin and she wanted to make sure that Feyre was safe. Nesta never believed that anyone would come after her. And in a way, she’d been right—it wasn’t Tamlin or someone who worked for him that came for her.

It was an old friend of Tomas. 

Keep reading

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Can someone please just send me good fics idc what they are, like tog or acotar idk just send me your favourite fic please. I realized now at 10pm that I go back to school tomorrow from winter break and i need to wake up a 6am for an 8am class. I dont get it either. Im ranting now. Forget the fics just send help. Dont acc forget the fics tho

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A/N: I can’t believe I’m staying true to my word and posting it before the year is over. My self imposed deadline was met, yey me!!

A little heads up for those who read my stuff: January will be a tricky month for me — I still have one exam left — so I don’t know if I’ll be able to post. Then there’s the acosf release, and I plan to avoid being in social media (aka tumblr, twitter) until I’ve read it at least two times lol. I’ll try to write in any spare time that I have, but I’m sorry in advance.

Now, let’s end 2020 with style!! I hope you enjoy the new chapter and wish y’all a good 2021 💜


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In which she makes a friend, Part Five

Nesta woke up to soft knocking on her door.

She groaned in her pillow, wanting nothing more than to go back sleep. She was not used to waking up so early — the sun had barely risen on the sky — and she’d had a poor night of sleep, her latest nightmare still too vivid in her mind.

Nesta had a lot of those. Nightmares. Before, it was of Mandray. Of being beneath him again. Of not being able to scape. After being kidnapped by Hybern, they were about Elain. Of failing time and time again to avoid her sister being thrown into that blasted Cauldron.

Once the war had come and gone, it got worse. She’d dream of Elain in that camp, chained near the Cauldron. Would dream of Feyre failing to rescue their sister. Would dream of both of them dying while Nesta was unable to protect them. Another failure that’d hunt her through all of her miserable immortal life.

And she’d dream of him. Of his wings being broken and his screams piercing her ears, her soul. Of Hybern killing him in front of her eyes while she was held down by the evil king’s power. And once she got free, once she blasted that bastard to nothingness, she’d find herself in world without him. A world where she lived with a big nothing inside her.

Last night, however, had been different. She had been dreaming of failing Elain and Feyre again when suddenly she heard a voice. His voice, talking in that melodic and enthralling language, his voice a soft caress that eased her troubles. But as soon as she felt herself calming down, Nesta felt him go away. And so she desperately asked for him to stay with her. At least in her dreams she’d be less proud and afraid to say what she wished to. What she wished she had said to him two months ago.

Don’t go. Stay.

And in her dream he stayed. It had been so realistic that Nesta swore she could still feel his warm calloused hand against her skin, smell his scent, his voice a lover’s caress in her ears and—

She got up from the bed quickly, shaking her head. No good would come from going down that path. She willed her heart to behave and stay quiet in the cage she had locked it into. Wall after wall being risen, being toughened. Sometimes, feeling nothing was better then feeling too much or even anything at all.

Nesta heard knocking again, and quickly discarded her nightgown for the Illyrian leathers. She had struck a promise to train with Kaelin before the girl’s morning training and Nesta hated to be late.

“I’m awake, you don’t have to tear down the door Kaelin” Nesta said, opening her door and almost hitting her face in a leather clad chest.

Cassian was the one knocking on her door.

“What are you doing here?” she asked through clenched teeth.

“Good morning to you too sweetheart” he gave her a teasing grin “Last that I checked, I live here”

“One would wonder if that is true, given your long absence” she replied, knowing she had hit her mark when she saw a muscle twitching on his jaw “Where’s Kaelin?”

“Training has been rescheduled. The younglings start earlier now so those preparing for the Blood Rite can have more time on the training areas” Cassian managed to say.

“I see” Nesta was thinking about going back to sleep when the male in front of her interrupted her thoughts.

“Would you care to have breakfast with me?”

She opened her mouth to dismiss him when she caught the look on his eyes. Not angry anymore at her earlier jab, but anxious. She had never seen Cassian so unsure before, so difficult to read. It was as if his feelings were all over the place.

“It wouldn’t hurt to eat with him” she thought, recalling her dream.

“You are cooking” Nesta declared, moving past him to the kitchen.

“As you wish, your Highness” he did a mocking bow and followed her.

Nesta eyed the tall male in front of her. He cooked with expertise and seemed completely comfortable in the ambient, humming while he mixed some eggs in the frying pan.

He was so… domestic. Nesta almost smiled imagining him with a silly apron, an image so at odds with his usual scary General appearance.

“I talked with Kaelin yesterday” Cassian said after some time.

“And?” Nesta asked, raising an eyebrow

“He’s been training with you. And I was wondering….” he placed the food in front of her, clearing his throat “I was wondering if I could train you. Both of you. Kaelin is not so advanced with his training and there’s also the matter of—”

“The matter of what” she snapped

“Your powers” he fidgeted with a knife, twirling it on his hand, not scared to cut off a finger by accident “I don’t know where you were with Amren in regards to them, but it’s also important to have them in sync with any self defence moves you can learn”

“My powers are none of your concern”

It was a lie. Her classes with Amren had just grazed the surface of what she knew she could do. But she was scared of them. Of what she could do. Her powers were a wild beast that was she forced to live with, a constant reminder of the life she lost.

She hated it.

However, Cassian was right. If she truly wanted to be capable of defending herself — of defending Kaelin were her secret to be discovered — she’d have to accept his help.

“We can train after breakfast” she nonchalantly said, stabbing a piece of the scrambled eggs on her plate “I’m already changed either way”

“Brilliant” Cassian smiled, his whole face seeming to lighten up like the sky after a storm “Prepare yourself to be challenged sweetheart. I’m not one to go easy on my students”


Cassian did not lie. He didn’t go easy on her. Her whole body ached and she almost regretted her choice to not stay in the cabin, rereading one of her books.

But she had places to go.

“You’re late”

“I’m not late Esmée” Nesta stated, grabbing an apron by the tent’ side and moving to one of the tables “I’m exactly on time”

“You’re thirty seconds late. That’s enough to lose the boiling point for a healing potion and make it a poison instead” Esmée, the chief healer of Windhaven huffed “If I say you’re late then you’re late.”

Nesta only dipped her head and started to work. Esmée might come out as a grump and mean female, but she was only serious about her work, a work which left her with no time for idle talk or sugarcoated pleasantries.

Nesta liked her just fine.

Kaelin had been the one to present her to the healers. Once her period was over and it was safe for her to leave the cabin without someone noticing the change in her scent, Kaelin had taken Nesta in a tour through Windhaven. Nesta did not know anything else except the area around Cassian’s cabin, which included a solitary trail to the forest and the outskirts of the village.

Kaelin appeared to know everyone they passed by. The younglings — who were yet too young to train — happily waved at her when they passed, as did some females who were working. On the other hand, it was different with the males. They eyed Kaelin with distaste and something akin to betrayal in their eyes. Nesta had yet to ask Kaelin why. Was it because she was walking with Nesta, an outsider who not only was High Fae but also the sister in law of their High Lord? She had tucked the information inside herself, analysing everything and everyone they met.

And it was when they were nearing the end of the tour that they had come upon the healers tent. Nesta recalled helping them in the war, bringing buckets of water, doing bandages for the wounded and holding the most serious ones down while they were patched up. She had felt like she had a purpose back then. Like she was not a burden.

She tried not think how it also helped her take her mind off the fearless Illyrian who leaded the troops, leaving only dead bodies with whoever met his blade.

Esmée had remembered her, as did some of the other females that worked alongside her. They had not eyed Nesta with pity or distaste, something she was used to in Velaris. No, they simply gave her a nod of recognition and went back to work, mixing herbs, cutting straps of bandages and tending to patients.

“Are you going to help or will you stay all day there?” Esmée had snapped “If you want to, grab an apron and come here. We need more jambu to be ground so that fella over there can stop whining”

Kaelin had come still beside Nesta, fearing she had been insulted by the healers harsh words. But she simply grabbed an apron and rolled her dress’ sleeves.

“Which one is jambu?”

And from that day onwards Nesta began to help the healers in any way she could, going after her training with Kaelin in the morning and coming back in the late afternoon. Kaelin always walked her back, stopping at the tent after her training.

“It’s not safe for females to wander alone” the young girl had informed Nesta “Specially when it starts to get dark”

Nesta knew better than to dismiss Kaelin’s words. She knew what males were capable of doing to those they thought inferior to them.

“Charming as ever, don’t you agree?” Jacira said, appearing beside Nesta.

“Lovely” she mumbled back, the corners of her lips almost raising in a smile.

Jacira was one of the least shy healers around Nesta. She had beautiful dark green eyes, which contrasted with her dark raven hair and dark brown skin. She also had a very sharp and curious mind, and was teaching Nesta all she knew about what being a healer was like.

Nesta liked to think she had found another friend in Jacira.

“I see the General has come back”

“Really? I didn’t notice” Nesta replied, busying herself with her task.

“He had been gone longer than usual this time for the inspection” Jacira whispered “Word says it’s because some serious trouble has risen in other camps, specially Ironcrest”

Jacira was also a shameless gossiper. In the two weeks Nesta had started to work with her, she knew practically everything about anyone that lived in Windhaven. She said to herself that no harm would come to listen to Jacira’s blabbering. She was simply gathering information as to not stay in the dark.

It was not gossip. It was only intelligence material about the Illyrians in Windhaven.

“Trouble? What kind of trouble?” Cassian had not spoken a word about it with her.

“I don’t know. I only know that the camp lords are whispering between them, and seem to be anxious about the Blood Rite.” she got closer to Nesta “In my opinion, they want it to arrive fast so any feuds can be resolved there”

For the Blood Rite was not only the chance for the Illyrians to prove their worth as a warrior, but a bloodbath. An event that allowed matters to be resolved without the laws of the war camps binding them.

“More work and less talk ladies” Esmée hissed at them “Those tonics won’t be done by themselves”

“Yes, m’am” Jacira replied, batting her eyelashes innocently, making Nesta snort. That girl had no fear of danger.

They kept to their work, Jacira talking when she thought Esmée was not looking, Nesta saying something now and then. The time she spent among the healers was precious to her. It brought a sense of normality back to her life. Even the wild beast inside her gave her a time out, seeming to purr whenever she dedicated herself to chopping herbs and making tonics or healing potions, the scent of all the ingredients calming her.

But the thought that something was amiss among the Illyrians bothered her. It was something that stayed on her mind all day.

Nesta was quieter than usual at dinner — she caught Cassian glancing worriedly at her when he thought she was not looking — the gears inside her head turning and going through every possible outcome.

She went to sleep still thinking about it, and came to a conclusion.

Something bad was coming.

And she would get Cassian to tell her whatever it was.

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A/N: Shoutout for @perseusannabeth for requesting a wedding prompt regarding my Queen inspired fic “Somebody to Love” (you can check here Part one and Part two)

I was very inspired, so I hope it reached your expectations!! I also started to draft the next chapter for In which She Makes a Friend, so we may be getting Part Five before the year is over.

And I wish a happy belated Christmas/Holiday/Friday to y’all ❤️

Prompt: Elain and Azriel come clean about their plotting during the wedding day speech


Originally posted by enisteyjia

Stupid Cupids

Everything was perfect.

The ceremony had been a private thing — Nesta was known for being a reserved person, even more now that her book was on New York’s Best Selling List for three months since its release, and Cassian preferred to leave the extravagance to the reception, which was being held at one of Rhysand’s hotels, a wedding gift from both him and Feyre.

Cassian was not going to lie, he had been tempted to thrown everything to the wind and just run away to Vegas to marry Nesta and be done with it. He had half jokingly told her that, only to receive a murderous glare from the three Archeron sisters plus Emerie, all who had been planning the wedding non stop since his proposal at the karaoke bar. He was smart to not bring it up again, even as a joke.

Then, after one year being engaged, Cassian was now Cassian Archeron, married to the one and only Nesta Archeron herself, all of their family and friends there to testify it.

The Archerons and Emerie had been Nesta’s maids of honour, while Rhysand and Azriel were Cassian’s best men. The Archerons’ father had passed away years ago, so Nesta had asked Lucien to walk her down the aisle. They had met at therapy group shortly after the Archeron patriarch had died, and had bonded over their shared messed up life — Lucien was trying to come around the fact that his father was not the man his mother had been married to, which she had finally divorced after years of abuse, having remarried with Lucien’s biological father.

They had all gone to Rhysand’s hotel for the party and by now, all were a little bit tipsy. Cassian and his brothers had done a Dancing Queen number— Cassian declaring that ABBA would have been proud of their moves — while Nesta and the girls had danced to Beyoncé’s Run the World (Girls) — which had been just as memorable.

And now it was time for the speeches. Emerie had been the first, being surprisingly followed by Azriel, who, although quite shy, had overcome it for Cassian.

“Well, here we are. Who would have thought that Nesta would finally take pity on Cassian and accept his proposal?” Azriel said with a grin.

That earned laughs from the guests and a ‘Fuck you!’ from Cassian, who was seated by Nesta’s side, his tie and blazer long discarded.

“Honestly, if I had to describe their relationship, it would be that of an enemies to lovers book plot worthy of the bride’s writing” that made Nesta laugh and blow Azriel a kiss “They had their share of hardships along the way, that’s for sure. But you won’t find a couple as in love with each other as Cassian and Nesta are”.

“Did you hear that Rhysand? ‘No couple as in love with each other as us’!” Cassian teased, making Nesta roll her eyes.

“There’s still time to annul the wedding sister- in-law!” Rhysand said back.

“However, we wouldn’t be standing here were it not for an intervention from fate. Cauldron knows how headstrong those two are” Azriel smirked “So, I would like to ask for Elain Archeron to come here and help me tell the tale of how Cassian’s proposal came to be”

The crowd murmured in confusion, the newlyweds just as lost as them.

Elain rose from her sit, and made her way to the small stage where Azriel was making his speech, receiving another microphone from the staff.

“ Thank you Azriel, for sharing the stage with me” Elain was Azriel’s counterpart in every way, all bright smiles and easiness to talk, with a pale pink dress and hair lovingly arranged with flowers, while Azriel stood by her side in all black except for his dark blue cuff links and dress shirt “Cassian is hardworking, kind, loyal, deeply generous and an excellent cook. I could not hope for a more perfect husband for my dear older sister”

Nesta smiled sweetly at her said husband, interlacing their fingers. Yes, he was everything she could have hoped for and more.

“But, he sure is as stubborn as my sister too, as Azriel has already said” Elain’s light brown eyes sparkled with mischief “Those two fools would never have talked properly after their latest quarrel had it not been for indeed Fate’s intervention, with Fate having two people working for him: me and Azriel”

“Feyre, we would like to apologise for having you take the blame and Nesta’ scolding, but it was actually Elain who told me where you girls were headed that day” Azriel said, bowing his head in apology.

“Betrayed by my own sister” Feyre sighed, trying to appear angry but failing miserably.

“I messaged Azriel to ask if he knew the reason for why my sister looked as if she wanted to commit murder,” Nesta groaned and hid her face in Cassian’ shoulder in embarrassment “ but he knew as little as me.”

“We got to the conclusion that it would be impossible to get anything out of those two buttheads, and decided to take matters in our own hands” Azriel grabbed a remote control from inside his pocket and pointed it at the projector behind him “We wanted to force those two to have a talk like grown ups, but ended up with something even better: Cassian’s own public declaration of love to Nesta”

“Oh no, you didn’t!” Cassian exclaimed, watching as the big screen showed his little singing act to Nesta at the karaoke bar.

“This video is courtesy of Rhysand” Azriel explained, failing to hide his smile.

The screen proceeded to show Cassian singing — “Why didn’t you do something like that when you proposed?” Viviane Neige said to her husband, Kalias, gazing at the screen in awe at Cassian’s romantic act — and his declaration of love, which raised ‘oohs’ and ‘awwws’ from the female guests.

“In conclusion, we would like to say that it’s thanks to no other than us that we could all be here today and enjoy such good food. A toast to the groom and to the bride!” Azriel declared, raising his glass.

“To their ever lasting happiness!!” Elain added.

All the guests joined the toast and drank their glasses, clapping loudly at Azriel’s and Elain’s speech.

“You are not mad, are you?” Cassian whispered in Nesta’s ear, afraid she’d feel betrayed due to having been made a fool.

“I got you in the end, didn’t I?” she replied, kissing their interlaced fingers “Besides, I had a proposal worthy of a Hollywood cliché”

“Oh, the things I do for love” Cassian murmured, kissing his wife “Do remind me to thank those stupid cupids later”

“As you wish husband” Nesta whispered.

After that revelation, both cupids received a very generous ‘Thank you’ basket from the newlyweds, becoming famous matchmakers among their friends.

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A/N: Sorry for disappearing, I promise I have not given up on this fic. Life is kinda of a mess right now. The College Entrance Exams Season has just begun, and I’ve been studying nonstop, which leaves me with little time to write and a brain overheated due to excessive studying.

Good news tho! So far, I have been accepted in the two colleges I’ve already applied for, which leaves me with just The Big Scary Exam in January which also has a second phase that is FIVE DAYS AFTER ACOSF IS RELEASED. And which is pretty much my dream college

But let’s talk about happy things. Get comfortable and enjoy the long overdue Part Four!


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In which she makes a friend, Part Four

Cassian woke up in the late afternoon. After a silently breakfast with Nesta, he went to report to Devlon and go over the papers he had left piling up in his absence. Nesta had gone to her room — probably to take a bath and change out of the leathers — and he had not seen her since. He had promptly fallen asleep as soon as his head had hit the pillow, his aching muscles and wings screaming for some well deserved rest.

Cassian debated whether to knock on Nesta’s door or not as he splashed some cold water on his face. He had decided he was going to help her, he just didn’t know how to do that without seeming as if he was just following orders from Feyre. Nesta was not a burden. Would never be. At least not for him. He was going to do this right and make up for the two months he was away.

Gathering his courage, he softly knocked on her door, straining his ears to listen to something that would indicate that she was in her bedroom. When he heard nothing, not even her breathing, he remembered the stone bench. The weather was sunny — with “sunny” in Illyria meaning that the grey sky was more or less free of clouds and the cold not as unforgiving as usual. However, when he opened the front door and stepped outside, he did not see Nesta but the young Illyrian he had seen earlier, Kaelin.

Cassian stayed quiet, taking the opportunity to inspect the kid, which was so busy writing something down in a piece of paper — Cassian could see him biting his lip in concentration and pushing back a stray curl that kept falling on his eyes — that didn’t take notice of his arrival. Kaelin was a question mark that had suddenly appeared in his life. Cassian didn’t know who the Illyrian was, but if Nesta had chosen to trust him — to take him under her care when she could not deign to care for herself — then he was going to trust her decision. And he would ask Kaelin to work with him to help Nesta heal.

“You know, if you’re thinking of growing your hair maybe you should have something to tie it back” Cassian said, clearing his throat to warn Kaelin of his presence.

Kaelin almost fell from the bench in surprise, quickly raising to greet him.

“Please, there’s no need for that” Cassian pleaded, interrupting Kaelin before he did the formal salute “You are living here now, you may address me informally”.

“Yes, sir” he hesitantly answered, as if unsure if he should be treating his superior like that.

The younglings usually liked Cassian. He did teach a lot of them to fly and played with them whenever he had the chance. But Kaelin was in the phase where training got harder, tougher. When the Camp Lords started to separate those who had potential and those who would only be another number in the army.

“Isn’t it better to write inside? The bench looks uncomfortable” Cassian tried, hoping to gain the kid’s trust.

“Nesta said…she said it’s good to read out loud while you write” the tip of Kaelin’s ears turned soft pink “I didn’t want to disturb you, sir”

Nesta was teaching Kaelin how to read.

Cassian didn’t know what to do with this new information. He had really missed a lot on two months.

“I wouldn’t be woken by your voice. I usually sleep like the dead”.

“When I can actually sleep” Cassian thought. His dreams usually turned into nightmares, and he only slept well when he was near the point of passing out from fatigue. Like today.

“Oh, I see. Nesta gave me one of the military books in your living room to practice, I hope that’s fine” the young Illyrian knotted his eyebrows in confusion “She said she didn’t have any books I could read”.

“No, I don’t think she has” Cassian allowed himself a small smile, thinking about the dirty romance novels he knew Nesta liked. He didn’t think they’d have been proper for Kaelin “Feel free to take any books you like. I’ll see if I can get hold of less boring ones for you”.

“I don’t want to burden you!!” he quickly said “Really, they’re not boring. A bit hard to understand, but I usually write down the words I don’t know and Nesta helps me later”.

“It’s not a bother. I was planning to get some books for Nesta. She reads a lot and I think she may have run out of books now”.

Cassian tried to calm Kaelin, making sure it was nothing out of his way. He knew how it felt when you had nothing and people offered you things. The first time he had received a present, a solstice gift from Rhysand’s mother, he had been afraid to accept and had cried afterwards, once he was alone. He could only imagine how it was for the Kaelin. An orphan who once had some and suddenly was stripped of even the little things he had to call his own.

“You and Nesta… you seem close” he tried to appear nonchalant, laying the ground for his intention of gathering Kaelin’s aid.

“She’s nice” he answered, pushing the stray curl away again.

“How has she been? Has she been going out a lot?” Cassian cringed internally at how desperate he sounded, but he could not deny how worried he was that Nesta was not back when it was beginning to darken.

“I’ve know Nesta for two, three months at most”.

“And?” Cassian inquired.

“She does not eat much. Started going out recently” Kaelin eyed him in suspicion “I don’t know if I should be talking with you, sir, about her. I know that I wouldn’t like to have someone talking about me behind my back. Specially with someone who had left me alone for months”.

Cassian realised that, in this conversation, he was the enemy. Kaelin knew Nesta, but had no reason whatsoever to trust Cassian, ranks in the army be damned.

“I was busy. Commander stuff” he didn’t want to talk about how a civil war was most likely to happen.

Kaelin’s only answer was to raise an eyebrow in question, an act that reminded Cassian so much of Nesta that he was momentarily thrown back. Was his idea about to go down the drain before he had even tried it out?

“I wouldn’t have left if wasn’t really necessary”.

“I didn’t doubt you” Kaelin said, the corners of his mouth raising slightly.

Cauldron, he couldn’t believe how he was being played by a teenage boy.

“And I guess I know what you’re trying to do” Kaelin commented, gathering the book, tucking the piece of paper inside it and pocketing the pencil.

“If you know it, then are you willing to be my helping hand?” Cassian remembered why he usually stuck with training the younglings. They didn’t have smart comebacks.

“I cannot possibly train Nesta. I only know the basics I’ve learnt as a kid. But you sir, are a legend” Kaelin’s eyes sparked in admiration.

Mikael had told Kaelin stories about the Commander of the Illyrian armies. Of how an orphan who was supposed to be a foot soldier had the biggest killing power in Illyria’s history.

“I’m willing to do anything to make Nesta happy” Kaelin’s expression saddened “She is not doing well. And I own her my life. It’s the minimum I can do”.

“Thank you. I think she’d listen more to you than me” Cassian stretched his wings “First things first then kiddo. Could you tell me where she is? It’s getting late and she should have someone accompany her back”.

Kaelin gave him a wide smile, and before Cassian could do anything, got airborne.

“Don’t worry about it!! I always walk Nesta back!!”

And with a last goodbye shout, Kaelin flew away to meet Nesta at Cauldron knows where, leaving Cassian no option but to enter the house and get dinner ready.


To say dinner had been awkward was an understatement.

Cassian didn’t remember ever being so tongue tied before. Nesta had also kept quiet for most of the meal. Kaelin, however, did enough talking for both of them.

The kid had completely lost all shyness regarding Cassian, although he still added ‘sir’ sometimes when it seemed he was going overboard. Keeping his word to help Cassian with Nesta, Kaelin had talked nonstop about the things that had happened in those two months. Cassian learned that Nesta cooked quite well — “Illyrian culinary is different from high Fae but she learned so fast! It didn’t even feel like the food had been kept in the ice box for so long!” — and that she also knew how to sew — “She fixed all my clothes! They fit perfectly now! It feels as if they’re brand new!”.

Cassian would be pleased to just sit there and listen to Kaelin praise Nesta and tell all her hidden abilities, but he saw the way her pointed ears were getting pink and how she stuffed food in her mouth to avoid getting asked more questions. So he changed topics to Kaelin’s training, and he swore he saw Nesta silently thank him by the way her grey blue eyes softened.

The rest of the dinner run smoothly. He was also relived to see Nesta getting a second helping of food. Cassian could bet that she had not had lunch and, as a result, was starving.

He had made rice with cooked vegetables, along with fish seasoned with baniwa, a pepper based sauce. He had also left some fish without baniwa, not knowing whether Nesta liked her food spicy or not. He was happy to see that she choose the fish with the sauce and decided to stick with solid food, not taking any of the Imu Yanisa Kiyauriri he had offered, in case her stomach was not well.

After quietly washing the dishes while Nesta dried them — she had just gotten up and grabbed the kitchen rag, not sparing him a glance as she took the clean plate from his hand — Cassian locked himself in his room, hoping to get a good night’s sleep.

However, lucky was not on his side. He tossed and turned on his bed for hours, until finally giving up sleep and moving to his desk to go over the training schedule and other minor documents. Maybe work would tire him out enough to get maybe three or four hours of sleep.

Cassian was in the middle of a report regarding the preparations for the Blood Rite when he felt a shiver running down his spine. A faint sensation of panic came forth, and he was momentarily thrown back. Shrugging it off as fatigue, he turned back to the paper. But the sensation did not disappear. Had someone gotten over the wards somehow?

“Oh, screw this” he cursed, raising from his chair and opening his bedroom door.

Looking in the living room’s direction, he saw Kaelin completely passed out in the couch, sleeping on his stomach, his wings twitching in his sleep and drooling. The kitchen was clear as well, the same with the outdoor patio and the bathroom. The sensation got fainter, and he almost gave up when he walked by Nesta’s bedroom.

Cassian felt that panic rise within him once again. Felt that sensation of dread and helplessness knock him with full force. Without thinking, he opened her door, all reason flying out of his head to knock or call her from outside. Once inside, the first thing he notice was how cold the room was. She had not lit the fireplace, but it for sure was not due to lack of firewood. Why had she chosen to bury herself under multiple fur blankets then?

Second thing he took notice of was that said blankets had been thrown to the floor. And that Nesta was painting, fists tightly closed beside her body.

Nesta…” Cassian breathed, slowly approaching the bed. He could see her eyes moving frantically under eyelids. The sensation was stronger now, threatening to consume him. He could not imagine how Nesta felt. Tried not to think why he also felt it.

“No…get away…” she murmured feverishly in her sleep “Take me. Take me instead”

Cassian smelled smoke, and he realised that Nesta’s fists were burning the sheets were they touched, her skin damp with sweat.

“Ness….” Cassian knew that you should not wake up someone when they were having a nightmare, not when they were letting their power lose. That indicated that the person had lost all sensation of reality and imagination, and could hurt whoever approached them. But Cassian could not see her suffering and just do nothing.

Gently, he kneeled beside her bed, and tentatively run his thumb across her forehead.

“You’re safe Nesta. Breath.” he murmured, bringing his other hand to her clenched fists, squeezing in reassurance, the fire around them not hurting him.

“It’s my fault…my fault” she whimpered, and sorrow and guilty hit Cassian just like earlier.

“Shhh…. Nobody can harm you” his thumb kept caressing her, trying to transmit comfort through his touch.

“I’m sorry…” she took a sharp breath, and Cassian could feel she tremble slightly.

Nesta. Nesta.” he willed her hand to open, clutching it on his “Hush now xe r-endy, I’m here. Îebyr pe ixê.”

He kept talking in Illyrian, and she started to calm down, her breath coming in regularly and some tension leaving her body.

“That’s it sweetheart. You’re safe” Cassian tucked the blankets over Nesta, getting her comfortable.

“Cassian…stay” she grabbed his hand, eyes half open and laced with sleep, her strange and mysterious power faintly shinning on them.

“I will stay until you fall asleep” he replied.

And Cassian spent the rest of the night and early morning sitting on her bedroom floor. Holding her hand. And when the first of rays of sunlight appeared, he let go of her hand.

And he left Nesta’s room.

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12 Days Of Shipmas - Day 6 - Nessian

Cassian was rather scared as he held the present in his hand. Nesta may have accepted their mating bond eight months ago, but he was still cautious each and every time she gave him a present. It was a habit that had stuck with him, after spending so long getting used to her hostility towards him.

He shook the wrapped present slightly, trying to figure out what she’d got him for the winter solace. It was rather light, but it was also the size of one of Feyre’s paintings; and, for some reason, that both scared him, and made him feel excited. It meant that Nesta had spent her time getting him something personal, but it also meant that she’d chosen exactly what she’d gotten him - Cassian was slightly concerned that she might have gotten something that would purposely insult him, just like Nesta herself had many times.  

“Open it,” Nesta said softly, in a tone that Cassian was still getting used to. 

He smiled, forcing the corners of his lips up, forcing himself to pretend that she wasn’t a tiny bit concerned over what his mate had bought him for the Winter Solace. He knew that it was wrong to fear, to dread opening a present from his mate - he knew that Rhys loved it whenever Feyre gave him a present - but Nesta was very different to her sister. And he was very different to his best friend. 

“Of course I’ll open it,” he said, pushing all his doubts out of his mind. This was the Winter Solace, and he was going to enjoy it with his mate for the first time.  

He slowly ripped the wrapping paper off the present to reveal the back of a canvas, it was a painting, just like he’d predicted. He was rather apprehensive about it, but he turned it over to reveal the painting. When he saw what Nesta had bought him for the Winter Solace, he couldn’t help but fall in love with her all over again. It was a gorgeous painting, and the actual painting - and the meaning behind it - was so sweet.  

“What do you think?” Nesta asked him, a hopeful smile on her face. She seemed to really care about what he thought of her present. 

“I love it Ness,” he told her truthfully. He really did love the present that she got him, it was brilliant. “I love you Ness." 

"I love you too,” she replied gently, “and I’m really glad that you like the painting, but I’m not sure if you know exactly what it is yet." 

He was very confused, Cassian didn’t know what his mate meant when she referred to him not knowing what was so special about the painting, of course it was special - she had got it for him.” What do you mean?“

"It’s a painting of us, of our family,” she said, a smile still lighting up her face. 

“How would that work?” Cassian asked, “Surely if we had children then they wouldn’t be on there." 

"They would,” Nesta insisted, “when we have children, if we decide to have children, they will appear on the painting with us, and if I’m pregnant or anything like that happens, it will appear on the painting as well." 

"That’s extraordinary,” Cassian breathed. “How did you manage that?" 

"It was something I’d been planning for a while after I’d accepted our mating bond, so I paid Feyre to draw the base painting of us. And then I had to search all over Prythian to find someone who could enchant it the way I wanted it,” Nesta informed him. 

“Well I love it,” Cassian informed her once again. 

“I’m glad." 

"Just imagine how it’ll look when, if children appear upon it,” he said with a smile, “seriously, it would be amazing to watch it change as they grew up." 

"It would,” she agreed quickly, “I can’t wait to see a baby girl on that painting." 

Cassian nodded, "And a couple of boys too, twins perhaps." 

"I’d name a girl Evelyne after my mother,” Nesta said, wondering how much a daughter would take after her, and how much she would take after Cass. She would be a perfect mix of both of them. 

“And I’d name a boy either Valdion or Damien,” Cassian replied, wondering whether any possible sons of theirs would have Nesta’s, normally, prickly attitude, or his confidence. 

“I can just imagine it now,” Nesta breathed gently, an image of their future family in her mind. 

“Of course you can,” he replied, almost lost in the thought of having a family with Nesta. He truly loved the idea of it all. “You’ve always been a dreamer, that’s why you fit in well with this court. The court of Dreams." 

"That’s right, I do,” she mussed, questioning at what point in time she had worked her way into becoming a member of The Court Of Dreams. She had always prided herself on standing out from everyone else, but now she almost didn’t mind that she was just as much of a dreamer as her friends; after all, you generally are a bit similar to your family. “And I wouldn’t have it another way." 

She leaned forward and kissed him gently, before deepening the kiss - asking herself whether they should start making that family right now. But before either her or Cassian had the chance to take the kiss any further, there was a knock on the door. 

Sighing, Nesta got up from the sofa. "I’ll get it,” she told Cassian. 

Opening up the door, she couldn’t help but feel slightly surprised at who had come knocking. She had expected some carolers or something, but instead it was Azriel. 

“Az,” Cassian breathed, “What are you doing here?" 

"You need to come to the town house right away,” was the only thing that the shadowsinger answered. 

“And why is that?” Nesta asked sharply, the soft tone she’d been using with her mate gone. 

“It’s Feyre. She’s giving birth." 

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So like if we bought the ebook we get it at midnight, right? Like that was the whole point, right? Till Feb 16th at 12:00am ACOSF we have a date!


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A Midnight Confession modern au

“They’re so cute when they sleep! Uhg, I’m so glad we made them share a bed!” Lysandra squealed quietly from the corner.

“Shh! If you wake them up, we’re in so much trouble!” Aedion whispered harshly. A pause. Then, “It’s true, though. When do you think they’ll start dating?”

“I don’t know. They’re both idiots. But It’ll be soon.”

“20 bucks says not before the end of the year.”

“Deal. C’mon, let’s go. They’ll be waking up soon.”

As the two tiptoed away, Rowan resisted the urge to groan. Really? Taking bets on his love life? Besides, Lysandra would lose. Aelin didn’t like him. He sighed, lost in his thoughts.

“Aelin? You awake?” Silence. “Aelin?” He shook her. She didn’t move. Rowan rolled his eyes. Of course she wouldn’t wake up. She was exhausted. She’d probably sleep till noon. He was thinking, spiralling deeper and deeper into his thoughts when he realized something. Love. He was in love with Aelin.

“Fuck.” Well, he wasn’t going back to sleep now. “Aelin? You still asleep?” More silence. “I thought so. Fuck. Just-fuck, Aelin. Why do you have to be so gods-damned charming. You’re beautiful, and you know it, yet you somehow don’t make it bad. You’re funny, smart, and strong, too. Every boy that’s ever seen you has liked you, but you’re still not overly in love with yourself. Except me. Because I hated you. Hated you’re fake smiles, hated your stupid little laugh, hated everything about you. But somehow, somewhere along our 9th year, I was lucky enough to become your best friend. And now I’m in love with you. I’m in love with you, Aelin, and there’s nothing you could ever do to gods-damn change that. And I can’t even hate you for it. Because I’m in love with you. See the problem here?” A moment of silence, where Rowan freaked out because he thought he saw Aelin move. He waited a minute, listening to her breathing, before continuing.

“I love your little jokes, I love how you dress, I love your eyes, your beautiful golden hair. I love that you smile at people to try and cheer them up, all the time, even when you’re sad. Because you hold everyone’s happiness above your own. But most of all, I love when you think no one’s watching, and and you let the world see the real you. Like when you’re thinking about the past, and your eyes unfocus, just a little bit, and you’re a little sad, because those times are gone, but mostly you’re happy, remembering those simpler times. I love you, Aelin Ashyver Galathinius. I love you.”

Much later in the night, still very much awake, Aelin sat, thanking every god she could think of that she stayed silent when Rowan had asked if she was awake.

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EASY, TIGER a holiday drabble by @danaanruhn

Ship: Rowan Whitethorn/Aelin Galathynius
Triggers: mild sexual content. tooth rotting chistmas cutesy bickering. 
NOTES: thank you to the anon who sent me this! 

“How many Christmas lights does one person need?”

Aelin and Rowan argue about the visibility of their house from space, because there are so many christmas lights on it. :)

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The Young Archerons

A/n - hey guys !! This is the second chapter, and I hope you like it.

Summary: Elain and Nesta find a new hobby , with the help of their loved ones.

Warnings: none

words: 672

Ch:2 Hope in Two lives


Little Nesta had been wandering around her house when she saw a room full of shelves and stacks of books. So this must be the library , she thought. She saw her father was sitting near the fire. She came over to him and patted his arm.

“ Papa what are you doing ? ” She asked. Her father turned to her and smiled. “ Nesta , you scared me .” He took her in his hands , and made her sit on his lap. Nesta looked at what he was doing , with a clear view. A book was open infront of them. It wasn’t blank, like she thought it would be. Infact it had lots and lots of scribble, bit in the exact same handwriting. Before she repeated her question, her father replied, “ I am reading Nesta.” “ Reading, what is reading?” She asked curiously.

“ Hmm it’s understanding what the paper is trying to tell you in words.” She processed what her father said, and replied.

“ Wow!! That’s incredible papa. I want to read too!!” She exclaimed excitingly. Her father smiled at her , and told her, “ Ok Nesta, then Let me first teach you the alphabets.” And soon Nesta spent her evening, learning the basics to reading.

Mrs. Archeron had been trying to make 2 year old Feyre sleep, while Elain had been jumping around on the bed. “ Elain darling stop jumping on the bed. Feyre won’t be able to sleep otherwise.” Feyre was sucking her thumb quietly, blinking her eyes, in her mother’s lap, looking around her room. Her eyes landed on Elain, and she smiled.

Elain looked over at her, and came towards her. She patted Feyre’s head, kissed her mother’s cheek, and helped Mrs.Archeron trying to make her sister sleep. Mrs. Archeron kissed Elain’s head , and put Feyre to bed. Soon Feyre was sleeping. Her mother yawned.

“ Mama I am hungry.” Elain said. Her mother , looked over at the open door and spotted a servant . She called her inside then said “ take her to the Dining room, and feed her. I am tired and would like to take a nap.”

Elain was glad to see it was her favourite maid of all of the servants. She went with her. Elain liked to call her Merry, when infact her name was Merrylyn. After they entered the room, Merrylyn made Elain sit in her usual seat, and spoon feeded her some soup.

“ Merry, what do you do in your free time? ” Elain asked. “ Why this sudden question Elain? ” She replied with a question. “ Whenever Nes is not there, or Feyre is sleeping, I don’t have anyone to play with.” She pouted. “ I spend my time in the gardens” Merrylyn told her gently. “ Oh, gardens?? What do you do there? ” Elain asked.

“ I sometimes sow seeds to grow new flowers , water the plants , take care of them……..” Elain listened to her with interest. Suddenly, she interrupted her and asked hopefully , “ Merry can you take me to the gardens tomorrow?? ”

Merrylyn smiled at her. No one else among the servants looked as interested in the gardens as her. She had been so eager to take care of them, that when she had joined, she had volunteered herself to take care of the gardens as her free time, without being paid for it.

“ Ok Elain. I’ll surely take you there tomorrow. But right now, you must sleep. It’s late.” She took her to her room , and laid her on the bed.

“ Goodnight Merry.” Elain yawned and slept peacefully, knowing that she finally found something as a hobby to do.

“Papa , I can recite alphabets fluently now !” Nesta exclaimed. “ Good job Nesta.” Her father smiled at her. He looked at his watch and saw that it was already late. “Nesta, I think you should sleep now.” “ But, I want to learn how to read words now!!” She moaned. “ My dear Nesta, you and I are both tired now. I’ll only be able to teach you tomorrow. I don’t have the energy.” He yawned.“ Come with me, I’ll put you to sleep.”

He took her to her room and put her in bed.“ Good night Nesta.” “ Good night papa.” Mr Archeron kissed her head , and left her room. But Nesta wasn’t able to sleep for some time. She thought about reading all the books around the world, and that she would know about what the pages were talking about, and she’d be satisfied with the knowledge

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The Young Archerons

A/n hey guys!! So this is my first fanfic, so please …. don’t kill me.

Summary: This is a fanfic about the life of the young Archeron sisters.

Warnings: none

Words: 508

Ch:1 Beautiful Children


The Archerons were very pleased to say that they were blessed with three beautiful daughters; Nesta , Elain and Feyre.

Even if they shared the same golden brown hair with Mrs Archeron, they all had their own other explicit features .

Nesta, the eldest daughter, who Mrs Archeon was proud of ,cause she looked like her the most.she had blue-grey eyes, Along with the same face-cut, like her. When she had been born, Mr Archeron had complimented Mrs Archeron that she looked just like her. Mrs Archeron had blushed after this.

2 years later , they had another daughter, Elain Archeron. the only daughter who had inherited her Father’s brown eyes. She was the most delicate sister of the Archeron sister. Ever since Nesta knew that she was going to have a young baby sister, she had sworn to her mother and father that she would protect her at all costs. They all had laughed heartily.

At last , they had another daughter next year , Feyre Archeron. Like Nesta, she shared the same blue-grey eyes with her mother. Yet she looked different from her. Mrs Archeron had claimed that because she looked so beautiful , she would name her fey-re , knowing that Feys were beautiful immortal creatures , who used to terrify everyone.

While Nesta had sharp features , Elain had warm. Feyre looked like their inbetween hybrid. yet they all got along with each other.

When Nesta was 4, she had started playing with both of them. Sometimes, Elain and Feyre used to fight, for they were still babies over silly toys. But Nesta, having acquired the responsibility of being the eldest sister resolved most of their conflicts.“ Elay give her back her wood doll. Here, take mine. I’ll try finding yours.” They all loved each other. Even after being some sort of similar, they all were beautiful in their own way.


Mrs Archeron loved her children, like their father did. However she once had missed Mrs. Beddor’s winter solstice party. she had been taking care of Nesta who had been really sick. Mrs Archeron had constantly asked Mr Archeron to take care of her, but he refused and said politely that he was very busy with his buisness lately.

she had been so upset that day , that she didn’t eat or drink much . “ Our social status will never be restored !!” She moaned. She always said that whenever she missed an important event of the society. The only person who was able to console and feed her ,was her husband, whom she loved more than anything in the world. “ Hush darling , Don’t worry. You can go there next year .” “ If you say so…..”

Later, They went inside their daughter’s room, checking if all three of them were sleeping. Mrs Archeron closed the door quietly, and whispered to her husband , hope glistening in her eyes, “ I have big plans for them, after all they are so beautiful. I’d make them Perfect ladies , the ones whom the society would look up to….”

But who knew that these plans were not the ones the young Archerons were going to fulfill, For the future had always remained uncertain for this family.

Please tell me how it was….

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Ship: Feyre Archeron/Rhysand
Rating: MATURE
Triggers: graphic depictions of sorrow/grieving, alcohol abuse, depictions of real life historical events. mentions of torture. weird/twisty ending! 
Premise: a post-fall of the berlin wall feysand reunion au 
Summary: He couldn’t think about the woman he’d loved and lost in the process of the wall being torn down. He couldn’t think about her golden blonde hair—flecked with mud and her petite body being hauled away by KGB officers—who weren’t really KGB officers anymore.

She was a traitor to mother Russia—but she was his hero.

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Just me or does anyone else rly rly rly rly want a book about Viviane and Kallias. Like, why not?

Someone trapped under while their best friend and the person they love is protecting their city? Theres some angst right there.

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