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stanmammon · 16 hours ago
7 from Parentting with Lucifer? :)
(kept in mind Lucifer’s lil mischievous daughter from the other request so that’s just the headcanon now lmao)
“If you never put them down you’ll spoil them.”
You glared at Lucifer and held your daughter closer to your chest, leaning down to press a kiss to the top of her soft head. He wasn’t wrong as your baby did seem to have you fully wrapped around her finger, the minute she started making any disgruntled noise you would rush to her side and hold her to figure out the problem. You told Lucifer that was just part of parenthood but he was insistent that you were going to drive yourself batty if you kept overreacting to every little thing.
“But look at how cute she is.” You playfully touched her bottom lip, laughing as she opened her mouth and reached out to grab your finger disturbing her nap. “If I wasn’t holding her all the time you would be!”
“I adore our child like you do but she doesn’t have to constantly be held. Her crib was expensive, I know it’s comfortable.”
“Not as comfy as my arms.”
Lucifer could agree to that as he could remember the nights where they were spent wrapped around him, soft and warm and secure. He wasn’t the type to need the comfort of being protected but he did like the way you showed him that affection, how naturally it came to you to love him in the way he needed. He missed those nights but he can’t say that being a father didn’t have it’s own set of positives, and he was rather proud of the little family the two of you had built. Still, he hated seeing you so out of sorts and while he knew it was likely just new baby anxiety, he was still going to look out for your best interests.
“Fine, fine. I’ll go help the boys with dinner,” You sighed dramatically, giving your daughter another few kisses before carefully setting her down in the crib. “She’s changed and fed so she should fall asleep soon…”
“Go help with dinner.” Lucifer motioned to the door, “I’ll be down in a moment.”
Lucifer waited until he heard you retreating downstairs before approaching the crib, seeing that your daughter’s ruby eyes had opened and were looking at him curiously. She was making little babbling noises, clearly unhappy that she was no longer in someone’s warm embrace, but she wasn’t crying yet. Lucifer reached down to stroke at her soft cheek, smiling at the way she giggled in response to his touch. The sudden urge to hold her overcame him and while he tried to fight it, he found himself reaching down to pick her up and tuck her against his chest.
Maybe he understood where you were coming from a little more than he wanted to let on.
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I just need a quiet place (where I can scream how I love you)- Diluc/reader
Tumblr media
Note: title taken from I Want You by Mitski. Reader is drunk. I also posted this drabble in the comments section of a pl on my youtube channel so if you see a Diluc playlist with this exact piece of writing, don't sweat it guys ^^;; _________ "You're beautiful." The words come out in a blurred, heavy sort of slur, barely intelligible, but they pierce through him despite their blunt edges and he stills, hands still gripping a cloth and a glass that he's been wiping down. "...what did you say?" You smile up at him dreamily, eyes half-lidded and sleepy. It suddenly occurs to him that you look soft and open like this, the angles of your face rounded out and the dips and hollows made gentle by the low, golden lights. His treacherous heart clenches in his chest. "You're beautiful," you repeat, simple and sweet. "I hope somebody loves you dearly. Somebody ought to." Could that somebody be you? The words catch somewhere between his heart and his throat. He can't bring himself to say it. Not now, not during this still, aching moment when you're slumped over on the counter, eyelashes fluttering, baring your soul to him as if you don't care that he sees it- as if this could be real, you and him, together tonight. And 'together' is a dangerous word for Diluc, a word that he's learned not to trust. The memory of Kaeya still rankles like an open wound inside of him. But you look at him with a simple adoration, unadulterated and pure, an emotion that he can't deny with mere cynicism. A thousand feelings swirl inside of him; he's not eloquent enough to express a single one of them. All he can do is look back at you with the glass still gripped tightly in his hand, wanting so badly that it aches to think about it. Does he dare to let himself have this? He'd like to ask you, because it always seems like you know these answers better than he does, conjuring them up with a bright effortlessness that leaves him speechless. But not now. Not yet. He is the darknight hero, protector of Mondstadt, yet he is not brave enough to simply reach out and touch your cheek. His hand just hovers aimlessly in the air before going back to the cloth and the glass. "I lack the courage to love you. Forgive me." A gentle snore is his only reply; he looks up and realizes that you've fallen asleep, cheek mashed up against the smooth surface of the counter, your hair falling into your face. Perhaps it's just as well that you didn't hear him. And because he is a dirty coward, it is only now that Diluc gains the nerve to lightly tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. He aches to kiss you. But not tonight.
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albedoswifehusband · 9 hours ago
Hey hey! May I ask a scenario in which Xiao asks s/o to teach him slow dance? (maybe he saw a couple doing it and wanted to know what was the big deal, anyway). Edgy gremlin deserves more love. Thanks~
Oh this is a sweet concept ;-; my depressed manlet. He's touch starved I just know it.
Wangshu Inn is quiet tonight, the only person up and about being Xiao. He's seated lightly on top of the wooden railing of the balcony and under the soft lamplight his expression is calm, his head turning instantly as he notices you approaching up the stairs.
When you get there, you lean on your forearms against the same wooden ledge and smile at him, wondering if he'd be up for something intimate in this particular moment. You look at him fondly and ask,
"Xiao… will you dance with me?"
He looks away embarrassed, "I'm not one for dancing, you know."
You look up to the night sky above you both, "What if it was something simple; a slow dance perhaps?"
Holding his breath for a moment without even moving an inch, he then asks, "Would you… teach me?"
You chuckle and reach to grab his hands to pull him to his feet from where he sits perched on the railing. He's caught so off guard he uncharacteristically stumbles into your outstretched arms and you entwine your fingers and his to get a better grip.
"Well, slow dancing is easy. Just let me hold you and just move gently together with me, okay?"
Gently. Something he wants to embody so desperately yet it's been out of reach for so long. When was the last time he was able to act gently with someone like this?
He finally hums softly in response, letting the comfort of swaying softly while holding each other wash over him.
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galaxtea-writes · a day ago
Tumblr media
Rent A Boyfriend (1/2)
Tumblr media
Pairing - Seokjin x reader
Genre - Fluff / Fake Dating AU
Word Count - 4.0k+
Rating and warnings - PG13; Swearing, mentions of alcohol, mentions of sex (there's only mentions. None of the dirty)
Summary - Being 19, kids at your college often made fun of you for having never had a boyfriend at your age. One day they pushed you to your limit and you told them you would bring your boyfriend to the party on Saturday. Who knew renting a boyfriend online could lead to a blooming love?
Taglist - @bangchan-fairy (you wanted me to tag you in this a while back but I just never posted it aha)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"I have a boyfriend, I really do!"
Your classmates eyed you suspiciously, "Y/n sweetie, you don't have to lie. We all know you don't have dating experience" The class broke into a hysterical laughter whilst you stared at them with a deadpan look.
"Fine, I'll prove it! I'll bring him to the party on Saturday!"
Your arms flailed around your bed as you whined into your pillow, "Why did I say I had a boyfriend? Why am I so stupid? And to say that I would bring him to the party, Saturday night? Ugh, I hate parties! What should I do?"
"Well, you could tell the truth or-" Soojin began before getting interrupted by your exasperated huff.
"No, I can't do that! On top of seeing me as a nerd, someone who has never dated, and shy, they're also gonna think that I'm a liar!"
"If you had let me finish, I was gonna say, or you can use this website called, It's pretty self explanatory. You literally rent a boyfriend. You can choose a one week subscription or a month. There's also other options if you want to give it a try." Soojin began to scroll through her phone as if what she was saying was the most normal thing ever.
"That's ridiculous! Who would ever do that? It's so dangerous!" You sat up from your bed, rolling your eyes, "And how do you even know about this website?"
Soojin threw her hands up in defense, "What? I really wanted a boyfriend last year. Sorry!"
You looked at her, deadpan, "You couldn't do something normal like, go on a blind date or something like that?"
"And you just had to tell your classmates you had a boyfriend and that you would take him to the party on Saturday even though you've never had a boyfriend in your entire nineteen years of living and now you're stuck in a teenage crisis?"
"Yeah yeah, point taken"
"Anyways, I have to go. Mom wanted me to babysit Cho-hee while she worked today" She pouted at you.
"Don't look at me like that. You're lucky to have a sister. I would give to not be an only child. It's so lonely"
She sighed, "You're right. At least I'm not a lonely nerd like you" She giggled before running out of the house.
Good choice. She would've been dead meat if you had caught her.
You audibly sighed as you sat on your desk chair and opened your laptop. You bit your lip as you typed in, "" Pressing search, you clicked on the top result which seemed to have many good reviews, saying it was a secure and real website.
You scrolled through the website till it was past evening. Giving your neck a stretch, you turned to see the calendar, which had Saturday circled. It was already Tuesday. It wasn't like you could get a real boyfriend in four days.
Your finger hovered over the 'Rent' button. You gave your eyes a tight squeeze before clicking it. You slowly opened your eyes, revealing a short questionnaire. You let out a soft breath you didn't know you had been holding.
What is the subscription you would like?
1 week
1 month ✔
3 months
The reason you are renting a boyfriend
Cuddle buddy
You have a wedding/event to attend ✔
You're lonely
Personal reasons
Preferred nature of your rented boyfriend
Fun and outgoing
Bad boy vibes
Comedic and romantic ✔
Gift bearing
Cold natured but caring
Do you accept our terms of service
☑ Yes, I have read and understood the terms of service
Kim Seokjin
Awesome, we have found your perfect soulmate! Kim Seokjin is a very comedic, romantic guy. He is the perfect man to take to a wedding as a plus one or another event you may have planned. Thank you for using
"Kim Seokjin, hm?" You rested your back against the chair, clasping your hands, and closing your eyes, "Oh please let this be a good website and this man doesn't want to rape me"
Not even caring that you didn't brush your teeth, you fell into your bed and let sleep overtake you. You only hoped that tomorrow would hold good things.
Ding dong ding dong
"No, stop ringing!"
Ding dong
You whined as you turned around in your bed, the light from the open curtain seeping through your eyelids. You slowly fluttered your eyes open, the sunshine instantly burning your eyes.
Ding dong
Groaning, you stood up from your bed, the cold floor sending shivers through your entire body. You walked to the living room and opened the door, not even bothering to look up, "Soojin, honestly! You know not to wake me up so earl-" You finally looked up only to see a very handsome man at your doorstep.
"Well, I'm not Soojin, but I apologize for interrupting your sleep so early in the morning."
Only then, you became aware of your current state. Hair everywhere, saliva streaks by your mouth, bad breath, and...very short shorts. Your face heated up as you slammed the door shut. Hitting your head multiple times with your fist, you ran back to your bedroom and threw on a hoodie and jeans. You quickly wiped your mouth with water and threw a piece of gum in your mouth. On the way back to the door, you did your best to fix your hair with your hands.
You opened the door again with an apologetic look, "Sorry for...slamming the door on your face. I uh- just wake up and um yeah." You awkwardly smiled and rubbed the nape of your neck.
He gave you a chuckle in return, "Don't worry about it. Oh yes, I'm Kim Seokjin!"
"Kim Seokjin..." You whispered to yourself before snapping your fingers, "Oh, right! the boyfriend thing" You paused, "Wait, why are you here?"
"Well, I came to give you these" He pulled out a huge bouquet of flowers from behind his back and held them out to you.
You looked at the flowers agape, "Oh um...thank you!" You laughed slightly before taking them and putting them on the table beside the door.
"Well, you rented me for a month you have anything you want to do? I could take you to Pierre Gagnaire, wine tasting, sculpture art-"
"Woah woah" You stopped him, "That all sounds way too expensive! How about just a walk around the park and maybe find a restaurant down the street to eat" You giggled, shaking your head and grabbing your purse.
He looked at you with a questioning look, "Don't girls usually like to go out for expensive food and go shopping?"
"Well...I don't really have dating experience," You softly confessed, "but I know that for me, I just want a simple lifestyle with my boyfriend. Cheap burgers and walks along the beach sounds perfect to me"
As you both began your walk along the sidewalk, he nodded his head, "Well, in my opinion, I think it's good that you don't have dating experience."
You shot your head towards him, "Why's that?"
"Well, if you don't have so many ex boyfriends or anything like that, let's just say, life's much easier." He chuckled
"Do you have a bunch of exes?" You asked, but then realized you just asked a personal question, "Oh wait, sorry! You don't have to answer that"
"No no, that's okay! You see, I do have quite a lot of dating experience, but when you're a so-called professional, the lines get a little hazy between how many people you have actually dated. I don't consider my clients as people I've-" He paused, "Wait, I'm starting to talk about work. I'm sorry!" He apologized, bowing his head at you.
"Yah, You don't have to look at this as if we're actually dating. The reason I uh...rented you was because of some stupid lie I made up." You admitted to him with a laugh, "My friend actually recommended this website."
"Well if I may ask, what is this little lie you made up?"
"I guess you're going to have to find out sooner or later. So, don't laugh at my poor ass lie." You instructed him, "See, I'm a college student and being nineteen years old, I have never actually dated. My classmates like to bully me for that reason so finally I had enough of it and said the only thing that spiraled through my mind at that moment."
"That you had a boyfriend" He finished for you and you nodded
"That isn't all. They obviously didn't believe me, so I told them that I would take my boyfriend to this party that everyone is going to on Saturday night. Hence the reason I rented- You know what, I hate saying that I rented you! I'm gonna stop now. Let's just say that I...bought you with my charismatic charms?" You laughed at yourself and Jin soon joined you.
"Well, that was one heck of a lie. Kind of cliché, am I right? The fake dating sort of thing." He wiggled his eyebrows at you and you broke into another fit of laughter.
"Except for the fact that I literally rented you off the internet. That isn't something you see everyday on TV"
"That's true, but they should totally make it in a TV show. I'd watch it."
"I would too"
"How about we make it! We can both be the leads of the show" He gasped, "I'm an actor, ya know?"
"Pfft, yeah right! I could never act!"
"Why is that?"
"Cause I suck at it" You looked at him seriously
"I doubt it. Come on, show me."
"Hmm maybe...wait!" You turned to look ahead of you and found the park with a couple kids running around, "Let's go to the park!" You smiled like the little kids and practically dashed to the swings before someone else got there.
Jin looked confused at first but shook his head with a smile. He ran up to you and watched as you sat on the swing and began to fly up and down. He got behind and you gave you a small push and you gasped.
"Ah, Jin! You don't have to push me. Haha I know how to swing"
"But boyfriends are supposed to push their girlfriends on swings!" He stated matter of fact.
"If you were my real boyfriend!" You squealed at his comment.
"I technically am until this day next month"
Your mind went blank and you didn't know how to reply, so you didn't. You let him swing you and to be honest, it felt amazing. The last time you were pushed on a swing was when you were six years old and your dad was there. You missed the feeling of the wind blowing against your face.
After a few minutes, Jin sat himself on the swing beside you and you slowed the motion, by scraping your feet against the sand beneath you. You smiled, "Thanks Jin" You sighed, "It's been a while since I was pushed on a swing"
"It's no problem." He replied, "I should probably take you home though" He checked his watch on his wrist.
You nodded, "Yeah, let's go!" You stood up and were about to walk before both you and Jin stopped in your tracks hearing a little boy crying over his dropped ice cream.
Staring at the ground where the ice cream dropped, you pouted, "Aww, his ice cream dropped. I feel so bad. You know that moment when you're ready to lick that wonderful melted sweetness in your mouth, but then it drops and the world ends because you didn't get to have any of that cold deliciousness" You ranted to not really...anybody but yourself.
You heard a chuckle beside you, but that ended when you saw Jin walk up to an ice cream stand that was just at the end of the park. You raised a brow at him, but he wasn't paying attention. He just walked to the little boy and smiled sweetly at him before giving him the ice cream. You couldn't hear what he was saying, but you saw Jin pat the boy's head and wipe away his tears. the little boy wrapped his arms around Jin's neck and you couldn't help but coo at the scene in front of you.
After a few minutes, Jin appeared in front of you, holding out an ice cream cone out to you, "Now don't let it drop before you lick it. I don't want your world to end" He laughed at his half serious joke.
You 'tsked' as you took the ice cream, "Thank you!" You looked at it and squealed, "Oh my gosh, they haven't had this flavor in ages! I've missed it so much, It's my favorite ice cream of all time. Ahh!" You jumped up and down before licking the ice cream, eyes rolling back in delight, "It tastes so much better after not having it for such a long time"
Jin ruffled your hair, laughing, "I mean, I expected you to be happy about it, but I never thought one could get this excited over ice cream."
You narrowed your eyes at him and stuck your lips out, "Hey, I can be excited over ice cream" You crossed your arms, careful not to drop the ice cream.
"I never said you couldn't." And so you walked home with your rented boyfriend.
Once you got to your doorstep, you bowed politely at him, "Thanks for the ice cream and the walk!"
"I believe this is what you call a date" He winked
"Maybe" You giggled, "But either way, it was fun and I had a good time."
"I'm glad you did. Oh and by the way, can I have your number? All boyfriends should have their girlfriend's number, right?" He wiggled his eyebrows at you and you rolled your eyes as he handed you his phone. He was really going to have to stop making that a habit.
"Yeah yeah, here ya go!" You typed in your number and put your name in his contact list.
"No no, this will not do" He stole his phone from you and typed in another name for you and saved it.
"What did you put my name as?"
"I just put your name there...with a heart beside it" He smiled cheekily, "Make sure to save me in your phone as, 'Jinnie' and don't forget the heart, okay?"
"Why though? You whined at him, stomping your feet
He clicked his tongue, "You're my girlfriend, right? So you should let the world know that I'm your boyfriend. It makes it more convincing. You're trying to convince people, right?"
"Right!" You nodded your head and smiled at him, "Well, I'll see you next time. But don't come to my house so early in the morning please!"
"Alright, will do" He laughed, "Though you look attractive with a bedhead and drool on your mouth" He joked with you, running from the doorstep.
You shook your head and walked inside the house. You threw yourself onto the couch and closed your eyes. What a day!
You shifted spots, throwing your hand over your body and laying on your side. You whimpered as pain radiated from your neck. You slowly opened your eyelids, which was a harder task than what you had thought. Your eyes roamed across the room and you soon realized you had fallen asleep in the living room. That explained the kink in your neck.
Sighing, you rubbed your neck, giving it a small stretch before grabbing your phone from the coffee table. You squinted at your lock screen when you saw a message from an unknown number.
(123) 456-7891:
Good morning, Jagi!
You felt your cheeks heat up from the name before shaking your head and writing out a response.
(123) 456-7891:
The one and only!
Oh yeah, remember to save my name as 'Jinnie 💕'
You know, you don't have to give me good morning or good night texts
(123) 456-7891:
You're right, I don't have to, but that's what boyfriends do
But the only reason I rented you was to take you to the party
(123) 456-7891:
Heyyy, you said it wrong! I was bought with your charismatic charms ;)
And anyways, I still have to act as though I am your boyfriend. You get the full experience :)
Right! 😂
Contact saved as 'Jinnie 💕'
Cause why the hell not .
You sighed as you put your phone in your pocket and walked to your bedroom. Checking your marked calendar, you banged your head against the wall. Tomorrow you had to go to a party where students in their teens and early twenties went to get drunk and have sex.
You knew you wouldn't do anything. You weren't going to drink or play the stupid games they played. But just being around those people disgusted you. You never liked the idea of one night stands and drinking till you dropped.
Throwing your head back, you whined to nobody but yourself, "idiot!" You said, hitting your head, "Well, I better start studying if I want to still get good grades...after taking a shower" You laughed, walking into the bathroom.
After a good 15 minutes, you were ready for the day. You walked to the curtains and flung them open, letting the sunshine in your room, "Studying 101, always have a source of light" Sitting on your desk, you organized your pencils, highlighters, and notes, "Alright, ready to study!" You opened your books and began reading the weeks' chapters.
Moving to your next assignment, you flipped to your page in your calculus book. You squinted at the math problems and moaned. Okay, math wasn't your strong suit, but you were trying. You really were.
Before you had a complete mental breakdown, you heard the doorbell ring. Glancing at the living room, you stood up, silently thanking the person who decided to pay you a visit. You pulled the door open and saw Soojin waiting there, "Oh would you look at that, the person who saved me from doing calculus!" You praised, pulling her into a bear hug.
She laughed loudly before patting your back, "Yes, I'm your savior. The knight in shining armor who saved their princess from the devil we call...math" She said dramatically putting her hand to her head, like a damsel in distress, "Oh what would you do without me?"
You burst out laughing, "Simple. I wouldn't be able to go on without you!" You pulled back from the hug, your face still red from laughing so hard.
"Now how about we go through your closet and see what you're gonna wear to the party" Soojin said excitedly, running to your room.
You only yelped in return, "Why do you have to remind me?" You continued walking to the room where she was, absorbed in going through your wardrobe, "You'll be going, right? To the party?"
"Of course! I wouldn't miss it, especially since this is your first party ever!"
"Well..." You fiddled with the head frame of your bed, "It's actually not my first party. I just have bad experiences from the couple parties I've been to before" You confessed quietly, but loud enough to where she could hear you.
She stopped rummaging through your closet and looked up at you, "Wait, so this isn't your first party? Well, what happened at your first couple parties?" She asked curiously, giving you her full attention.
"Not anything terrible, it was just a few years ago when I went to my first party and back then, I didn't really know much about alcohol and how much I could take. So, I chugged down a lot at the bar there. I remember some guy coming up to me and trying to get me to go to go to some room with him. When I refused, He looked really mad and pulled me against him and basically started grinding up against me." You shuddered at the memory, "It was disgusting. He was disgusting and he was obviously drunk. I just never want to drink so much to where I don't know what I'm doing and end up making a mistake that I can never reverse."
"Wahh" Soojin looked at you amazed, "Look at my little baby Y/n not only being smart at school, but also life." She pinched your cheek, smiling, "Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on you to make sure nothing bad happens even if you do end up drinking" She assured, patting your shoulder.
"Thanks, Jinnie" She may seem like she doesn't care, but Soojin probably cared more than anyone else you knew. She was always there for you when you needed it and you valued your friendship as much as one valued their parents for giving birth to them.
Your phone dinged from across the room and you lazily flopped back on the bed, "Can you get it for me, Soojin?"
"You're so lazy" She whined but reluctantly complied, dragging herself across the bedroom to your bookshelf where your phone was. Her lazy demeanor instantly changed into one of shock when she laid hands on your phone, "Who's Jinnie," She smirked, "With a heart even? Oh my God, it's getting juicy!" She jumped on your bed and crawled next to you.
You widen your eyes, "No no, it's not what you think, really!" You waved your hands in the air, smiling awkwardly, "You know that website that you told me about yesterday?"
"Oh right, the one you called ridiculous and a waste of time? Yeah, I remember" She nodded her head at you, mocking you in a way.
You rolled your eyes, but there was no denying it. You did say it, "Yeah that one. Anyways, I ended up renting a boyfriend from there for the party tomorrow" You speed talked and cringed at your own words.
Soojin immediately jumped up from the bed and started freaking out, "Oh my God, Y/n has a boyfriend, oh my freaking God!" She yelled through the entire house until you shushed her, putting your finger to your lips.
"Soojin, it's not like that! He isn't really my boyfriend. Just for tomorrow." You reasoned with her
"Yeah? Then why did you put a heart next to his name?"
"He told me to. Apparently to look more convincing." You shrugged your shoulders and she only looked at you with a bigger smile.
"Well it worked! What's his name?"
"Seokjin, Kim Seokjin"
"Is he cute?" Soojin wiggled her eyebrows at you and you laughed at her antics.
"Very. I was very surprised when I opened the door when I first woke up in the morning. I looked awful! Bedhead, drool, and everything that goes along with it and there he was, looking perfect" You recalled the memory, sourness in your voice, while Soojin bent over, clutching her stomach from laughter.
"That's hilarious! Now, go answer his text! What'd he say? What'd he say" She jumped up and down like a child while you picked up your phone.
"He asked what I wanted to do today" You replied, looking back up at your friend.
"Oh, tell him that you want to go to the amusement park!"
"Why though? I'm scared of heights!"
"Exactly! So romantic," She cooed, "I can just imagine it, you holding on to his arm the entire time to keep you safe and him looking down at-"
"Hold your horses! Get it through your thick skull, that we aren't dating!" You shook your head, "I'll just ask him if he wants to catch a movie"
"Dude, you just said you weren't dating and that the amusement park was too romantic for you and now you want to ask him to the movies?!"
"What's so romantic about the movies?" You questioned her, raising a brow.
"You really have no experience in this, do you? Can't you just see it? You clinging onto Jin because you're scared of the bloodied doll in the movie!?"
"We wouldn't be watching a horror movie!"
"Then a romance movie? That's even worse! You two sticking your hands into the popcorn bowl and-"
"Okay okay, I get it! We'll just watch a movie and I'll bring a spoon to scoop up the popcorn. Genius!" You praised yourself, giving yourself a high-five while your friend face-palmed.
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thefoldedbird · a day ago
A human/yautja couple but the human gets a little too flippantly comfortable with the gore ergo:
“I’m going to wear that stupid xenomorph’s guts like a scarf!”
“No. No the absolute fuck you are not.”
Like, they appreciate the voracity but also chill. That’s very dangerous.
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hypnomicimagines · 2 days ago
Mistakes [Yamada Ichiro] [College AU]
(TW for abuse both emotional and physical)
Ichiro’s miserable week started with a text from a number he thought he blocked.
He realized it was actually a message from some random social media website he barely posted on, opening it and realizing quickly he shouldn’t have as it told the sender that he had seen it. Seeing the name still made his blood run cold and there wasn’t a chance in hell he was replying, quickly blocking the person and laying his head back on his pillow so he could fall back asleep. He’s plagued by nightmares that night, looking worse for wear the next morning as he dragged himself out to class.
“…The hell’s wrong with you?” Kuko slapped his back, “Who the hell was messaging you at 3 in the morning?”
There’s some relief that Ichiro feels sharing who messaged him that night, glad his strong feelings are shared amongst his friend as Kuko made a disgusted face. He grilled Ichiro about whether he replied and when he shook his head, he seemed satisfied.
“Good. Fuck her.”
“Yeah…” Ichiro still didn’t like acting vicious but the feelings that woman had instilled in him… After all these years he still had trust issues, still worried about burdening his friends with his emotions, couldn’t even make a move on a person he liked because he was so worried about rejection. It’s not that he believed everything he was told but at the same time it was hard to get the words of someone you had once loved out of your head, even if they had proven themselves to be toxic waste.
In class all he can think about is his past, something he hadn’t thought about in a good long while. He was a delinquent once, he had his own code he followed but he had still done less than savory things for… what? Because his dad was horrible? Because he felt like it? Because he hoped there was some lesson the streets would teach him so he could truly feel strong, like the big brother he wanted to be? He had met Kuko and Samatoki because of his mingling and that was why he didn’t think it was entirely a waste, but he had also met her.
His very first love, or maybe the more accurate term would be puppy love.
Ichiro was head over heels the minute he saw her and despite Samatoki telling him to be careful about getting too attached too quickly, Ichiro’s heart knew what it wanted. He had hearts in his eyes as he followed her around like a lovesick puppy and she let him, petting his head and telling him how adorable he looked. She said she liked his eyes and he’d never felt prouder, said his lips were beautiful and he had never felt more attractive.
That was what she did, he realized years later, built him up just so she could knock him down and observe the damage like some sort of science experiment.
It took a long time for Ichiro to push her away, to see what a negative influence she was on him. Jiro had tried to tell him she was horrible but he thought it was jealousy, he was spending less time with his siblings and even less time at home because of having a girlfriend after all. He tried to hang out with Jiro a little more but she didn’t like that. Saburo had tried to tell him she was talking to other men in gross ways, ways he didn’t think a woman who was dating his brother should talk, but Ichiro had scolded him about being nosy and ignored his complaints. She hadn’t liked his brothers either and while that didn’t sit well with him, he didn’t want to break up with her when he cared so much about her. Perhaps she and his brothers would eventually learn to get along for the sake of his happiness.
But she was never concerned about his happiness, not once in her wretched life.
Ichiro had been filled with dread at the thought of having to confront her, at having to see her sad face in person as he told her he didn’t want to be with her anymore. He expected a little more emotion on her end but not the white-hot fury that he got, her anger boiling over as she spat out every issue in the relationship. He was so numb to her insults at that point because they were all things he heard before, little whispered comments, back-handed compliments that had stuck in his brain and been overthought until he was exhausted. His eyes were downcast as she chose to berate him but when her words weren’t getting through to him she grew frustrated, seeing that her goal to hurt him wasn’t working as intended.
She placed both hands against his chest and pushed him, only managing to make him take a step back because of how startled he was. He opened his mouth to ask what she was doing but he’s met with another shove, harder this time, with intent to hurt him. He’s being backed into a corner but he would never raise a hand to a woman, he had been taught that it was wrong and it was one of life’s lessons that he would carry with him to the grave. He stood there like a statue, convincing himself she just had to get it out of her system, that this would be the last thing he would ever have to deal with when it came to her and then he’d have peace in his life. He flinched as her hand raised and she slapped him as hard as she could, one last insult flying out of her mouth before she finally left the house.
Ichiro thought he was still numb but the crumbling pieces of the wall surrounding his heart were falling, his strength only a façade. He had built up his defenses in hopes of cushioning the blow but it seemed her bullets were hollow-point, tearing straight through his flesh and making his heart bleed. He’s barely able to hold back his tears and he feels sick to his stomach, touching his sore chest briefly before he made a beeline to his room. Jiro and Saburo peeked their heads out of their own respective rooms, their worried glances only making Ichiro feel sicker, he couldn’t let them see their big brother in such a weak state. Men weren’t supposed to cry and they weren’t supposed to hit women, they were supposed to just take it and deal with it.
But he couldn’t.
Ichiro had shooed away his younger siblings by telling them he simply felt ill and all he wanted to do was lay in a heap on his bed, hiding his tear-stained face in his pillow as he ignored the texts from all his friends. His exes number appeared a few times in his texts, offering up weak apologies and explanations, begging to talk to him again to fix things, before finally telling him he was a bastard and he would never mean half as much to anyone else. He was a burden that his friends didn’t want to bear, an embarrassment to the Yamada name, and he was lucky if he ever became anything in life since his dad was a crook and his mom was in the ground.
He wished it didn’t hurt but it did, it hurt so badly Ichiro wanted to scream until his throat was raw. He couldn’t though, he didn’t want to alarm Jiro or Saburo who were likely trying to sleep at this hour, but he had to do something about all this pent-up emotion. Why couldn’t he get angry and just say what he wanted? He could call her a bitch and tell her how miserable she had made his life, how low to the ground she had made him feel when he had only tried his best… But the thought of hurting her like that brought him no joy. No happiness. He couldn’t imagine ever wanting to purposely make someone feel that way.
So why did she want to do that to him? What had he done that was so bad he sparked those feelings in her?
Ichiro flinched at seeing hands waving in front of him, a fearful expression momentarily on his face before he looked up to meet your curious gaze. You seemed worried at his reaction and quickly retracted your hands, mumbling an apology.
“Are you okay? You seemed out of it in class.”
“…I didn’t sleep great last night. I’m fine, don’t worry about me.” Ichiro rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, feeling guilty that he had made you worry about him like that.
“It’s okay to tell me things too, you know. I bet I have a gentler view than any of your friends do.” You playfully nudged his arm and he thought about how that didn’t instantly make him panic, not the way it used to when she did it before giving him a seething glare as he said something ‘embarrassing’. “In fact, I even have a nice suggestion.”
“Yeah? What’s that?” Ichiro mustered a smile for you, his heart already feeling just a bit lighter now that he was out of his thoughts.
“Wanna hold hands?” His eyes widened at the bold question, looking down at your ridiculously soft looking hand before he looked back into your eyes. You really wanted to even after he threw up on your shoes? And after all those awkward blunders and typos that totally changed the meanings of his texts, you still wanted to give him that chance? “It’s okay if you don’t want to.”
And he believed it really was okay, that you wouldn’t bring this up to hurt him later, to say it was a true show of how much he didn’t care about you. You wouldn’t hold this against him, you wouldn’t decide not to be friends with him anymore over some silly simple thing that he might have a million and one reasons to say ‘no thank you’ to. His heart ached but he was starting to think straight again, his fuzzy thoughts clearing up as you looked at him with a warm, loving smile.
When he looked at you he didn’t see her, when he was with you he could really forget all about her. The only reason he had been comparing you was because of her messages today but… He had done so much growing, made so much progress, he deserved this treat. Deserved to let her fester in her hatred while he experienced a real mature love.
“I’d like to hold hands with you. A lot.”
You offered your hand and he took it gratefully, fingers laced with yours.
A genuine smile finding its way to his face for the first time that day.
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gothamsworst · 19 hours ago
Okay this is inspired by my girlfriend who caught me doing this
The dork squad has a pet (you can decide) and the S/O is very well beloved by the pet
The dork squad comes home and finds the s/o singing lullabies to the animal swaddled like a baby, Disney protagonist style
How do they proceed
Jonathan Crane:
Jon is kind of stupefied for a moment, watching you bounce the swaddled crow around in your arms while you sing, "Hush Little Baby." Apparently crows like to be coddled. He's not sure whether to interrupt you or not, because you both look like you're enjoying yourselves. It'd be a shame to spoil the moment.
Edward Nygma:
Eddie already spoils his cat rotten, and you are not making matters any better by twirling the purring feline around in your embrace. He knows it's silly to be jealous of a cat, but the look on your face as you croon "You Are My Sunshine," is damn cute. Why don't you ever look at him like that???
Jervis Tetch:
There is nothing cuter than a rabbit wrapped up like a little bun-ritto. Other than you rocking said bun-ritto in your arms, humming "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." He has to take a second, because he's pretty sure his heart just stopped. He wants to ingrain this memory into his brain for the rest of eternity.
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lostchickens · 13 hours ago
Prompt idea! Reader gets Jason or 1978 Michael a gift?
Thank you for the prompt, I really enjoyed writing this!! I decided to use Jason for this one, but I might update it w Mikey if I get the inspiration :))))
Tumblr media
"Jason?" you called out his name, walking into the kitchen area of your shared cabin to see him working on one of his numerous traps, his massive hands hammering ever-so-gently at a bent strip of metal.
    He immediately abandoned his work and turned around to tilt his head towards you when he heard his name, and you walk over to him, giving him a gentle pat on the shoulder, "Jason, can I go to the store?"
Jason frantically shook his head 'no' to you, eyes wide behind his mask as his head filled with all of the terrible things that could possibly happen to you while you were away from his loving arms.
"I know you don't like me leaving, honey, but I wouldn't be gone long." you attempted to bribe him, flashing him puppy-dog eyes. He sighed as his mother gently chided him and told him to let you leave in his head, and then hesitantly nodded.
"Okay, thank you, Jason! I'll be sure to bring pepper spray." you said, reaching up to press a kiss to the cheek of his hockey mask, and he nods again, inwardly gushing with love for you as you left the cabin and waved good-bye to him.
• - • - •
You decided to go to the store nearest to Camp Crystal Lake so that your boyfriend didn't have to worry about you for long (which he undoubtedly would regardless). You strolled through the aisles of the store, picking up groceries for you and Jason; mainly ingredients for meals.
It was when you were headed towards the back of the store to stroll through the stationary section when you spotted it. A giant, fluffy, brown teddy bear with lopsided button eyes and a cute heart nose.
   It was the last one left, as if nobody wanted it. You went over and picked it up, and all you could thing about was how much it reminded you of Jason, what with it's big form and cute smile.
You ended up tossing it into your cart and buying it along with your other groceries, planning to give it to Jason as a gift the next time you see him.
• - • - •
You arrived back at Camp Crystal Lake and walked up to the front window of your cabin with your bags of groceries (and giant teddy bear) in hand, and were happy to see Jason relaxing for once, sitting on the couch and watching what appeared to be a nature documentary.
   You opened the door, closing it behind you as gently as possible. Jason took immediate notice of you, tilting his head when he saw the massive teddy bear you were holding.
"Hi, Jason! I'm home." you greeted, putting your groceries on the counter and then holding the teddy bear out to him on his place on the couch.
   "Is that for me?" he signed the question, looking up at you and then at the bear quizzically.
"Of course!" you said, and he hesitantly took it in his arms, cradling it in his lap and giving it a pat on the head.
"I love it!" Jason signed, "I love you."
You grinned, stepping over to crawl up onto his lap. Jason moved the teddy bear to his arm so that you could tuck your knees up on the couch and rest your head against his chest, using it as a pillow. He purred in response, beginning to run his hand up and down your back.
"I love you too, Jason." you mumbled into the worn fabric of his shirt.
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justashthewriter · a day ago
Pairing: Kaminari Denki x Reader (F)
Genre: fluff (scenario)
Warnings: none
Summary: Two times when Kaminari electrocuted you with his quirk and comforting him.
Notes: Thank you for reblogging!
Words: 428
3/24 - 24 days of writing.
Trying to help Denki with your homework was really hard sometimes.
“It’s not 25!“ you were losing your patience.
He looked at you with a pout and turned his back to you. You just sighed and tried to hug him. When you touched his waist, he jerked and accidentally shook you with his quirk. You yelped and pulled away your hand.
“I’m so sorry, (Y/N)!” he wanted to hug you but was scared of hurting you.
“It’s fine,” you smiled and moved closer to him.
“No, it’s not,” he looked away from you, “I hurt you.”
“It wasn’t your fault,” you hugged him.
He held you tighter and sighed. He felt better knowing you’re not mad at him, but still felt a little bad.
“Thanks, princess.”
Your alarm didn’t ring this morning, and now you were late for Aizawa’s class. You were running through the hall when Kaminari appeared out of nowhere and you both fell down. Electricity flooded your body and you flinched. His eyes went wide.
“(Y/N)! Are you ok-…” you passed out.
When you woke up, you were in Recovery girl’s office. Kaminari was sitting on a chair next to the bed. Seeing him asleep was nice, but you were hungry.
“Denki, wake up,” you whispered and petted him.
He opened his eyes and looked at you.
“I’m so happy you’re awake! And I’m sorry for electrocuting you,” he looked like a kicked puppy.
You hugged him and comforted him. He felt so bad for hurting you with his quirk.
“It’s fine, really, nothing I can’t handle.”
He acted differently for the past two weeks. He stopped holding your hand, hugging you so much, and you were becoming touch starved. After a while, you decided to confront him.
“Hey, are you there?” you knocked on his door and waited.
He opened the door and looked at you: “Hey, (Y/N)! Do you need anything?”
“We need to talk.”
Denki let you in his room and looked at you with confusion. He wasn’t sure what you wanted to talk about.
“So,” you started, “you’re not even holding my hand anymore. Why are you isolating yourself?”
He looked at the floor and then at you. He sat next to you and played with his fingers.
“I don’t want to hurt you anymore.”
You were confused.
“Because of your quirk?” he nodded, “I don’t care if you zap me a hundred times, I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
You held him the whole evening. He was laying on your breasts and hugging you tightly.
“Thank you.”
Ash, 3.12.2021
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spicey-mlm · 6 months ago
TW: Cnc
Thinking about a boy whispering “You want this, you fucking slut, I know you do. God you’re pathetic. You’re practically begging me to fill you with my cock, you’re such a whore. Just a little cockslut, you want me so bad.” while I cry 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
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ateezhoney · 2 months ago
request →  @personher →  You should do a Ateez x FEM reader smut hand kink
warnings →  smutty scenarios, a lot of finger-fucking, sometimes u get railed lmao depends on the member 
note → kinda went overboard i’m sorry, u can clearly tell i have a thing for hands. I also wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be ateez with the hand kink or y/n, so i mostly wrote it as if you’re the one with the hand kink and they’re amused by it.
not proof read.
Tumblr media
“What’re you doing?” Hongjoong asks, leaning back in his creaking chair as you place yourself into his field of view from the computer.
“Nothing.” You respond in a casual way, still interrupting him from whatever it was he was so focused on before. He sighs out at you with your response with a small shake of his head.
“I really need to get this done—” He looks at you and the way you make yourself comfortable in his lap. You’ve done this before, but usually you move the moment he tries to be serious with you, and also, this time you’re not facing towards him, and instead reading the words on his computer screen for a moment.
“If you move a little bit, let me finish this up and I’ll come spend time with you, yeah?” He tries to urge you, nudging you a bit so that he can at least see over your shoulder.
              You oblige with a huff, moving your body slightly to the right as he snakes his arms around you so that he can continue typing. You know this is uncomfortable for him, but all you wanted to do was spend time with him since you’d gotten home. It’s become too comfortable in the way you both live semi-separately despite being in the same house. Sometimes you wish it wasn’t like that, sometimes you wish you would make him a priority despite all of your studies, and likewise for him. But it’s not entirely realistic when you’re both so exhausted by the time you come home, yet you still have work to do.
              It feels lonely.
              Though you’re both a bit uncomfortable in this position as you sit together, you find yourself purring into the way he falls back into his rhythm as he types, it feels like you’re not even there which is a little saddening, but you understand why. He’s been working so hard, the bags under his eyes tells you that much. Are you being selfish by trying to get his attention? Doesn’t matter. He seems fine with you sitting on him like this, and you’re slowly getting more and more comfortable as you watch the words he types dart across the screen at a rapid pace.
“I miss you a lot.” He says out, eyes still fixated on the screen and hands still typing.
              You look down at his hands and you know the words he’s typing isn’t matching the words he’s saying but you know he means it.
“I’m right here though. . “ You say kind of sad, eyes fixated a little longer on the way his fingers tap away, wondering when the last time you’d gotten intimate with him was. “Have I ever told you that you’re really skilled?”
“Hm?” Hongjoong had already forgotten the two of you were talking. “What do you mean?” He says as his hands stop and he looks at you when you turn a bit to face towards him.
“Your hands.” You say it so seriously but he still laughs at you for it.
“No, I don’t think you have—” He chuckles out, already attempting to go back to typing. You glance only a little back at his fingers. They’re really very pretty, delicate almost. You miss them.
              You’re his girlfriend, you’re in his lap, and he can’t even get hard because he’s got this stupid fucking project infront of him to focus on. But you miss him too, despite him being right under you. You miss his eyes, and his messy hair, and his soft belly, his lips, his dick, and his fingers.
“Hongjoong—” You whisper out, stopping his hands with your own and guiding them around your waist. “When was the last time you touched me?”
              He pauses and you can sense his shock and probably guilt for you asking him that. He doesn’t know if he’s even supposed to answer that, because fuck. It’s not like he doesn’t want to! You both have been insanely busy.
“It’s been at least two months, right?” You answer for him, caressing his fingers with your own as he keeps them help around your front. “Don’t you miss that too?”
“What’s gotten into you?” He asks with a smile as he nuzzles his cheek against your back, already deciding that he can manage a little bit of time to relieve your stress alongside his own.
“I dunno,” You sing-song out, pleased at the way he seems to be understanding your needs. “Watching you type, I guess?” You laugh at yourself and lean forward to stand up, his hands falling lazily to his sides.
“My hands, huh?” He quirks a brow at you as he reaches out for you when you turn around, easily pulling you into his lap so that you’re straddling him. “You’ve never said anything about them before, what’s the sudden interest?” He mocks only a little bit when he traces your lips with his fingers.
“They just looked really good, I guess? Kind of miss them—y’know—”
“Oh?” He smirks up at you with that infamous look that pulled you in the first time you’d met him. “These?” He adds as he presses a finger only slightly against your lips until you part them and take it in. He can already feel your tongue circling the digit and really, all he can think about is the way you’d done that to his dick in the past. A little jealous that you’re fixated on his hands rather than other body parts, but whatever. You’re being really needy tonight, and he wants to give you whatever it is you need as an apology for his lack of libido.
              It was almost laughable at how easy you made it for him to slip his other hand down your sweatpants, already pantiless because you’re at home and there really wasn’t any point in wearing them. He didn’t need to ask, nor did he when he runs his fingers straight down your core, feeling the slick warmth your body was emitting out of being touch-starved because of him.
              He coos out at you when he immediately presses two fingers inside of you, angling his fingers up so that the pads of his fingertips brush against a sweet and soft spot against your walls.
              It felt impossibly good after going so long being empty, and the fact that it’s just his fingers doing this to you has you already breathing out against him as you drop your head to his shoulder and grind yourself down on his digits.
“Jesus-“ He groans, watching you swivel your hips on his fingers, immediately feeling his dick harden at the fact that you truly were starved enough to probably cum just by two of his fingers playing around inside of you.
              “I’m sorry.” He says this time, pulling his fingers out of you so quickly that you whine at the harshness of it, but before you could argue he was lifting himself only slightly to pull his dick out. It was pressed firmly against his stomach until you pulled yourself back on his legs only slightly with a small and internal “yes” ringing throughout your brain.
              He helped you position yourself on him in one swift motion, finally feeling him inside of you again for what felt like ages.
              You think you should do this more often, even if it’s short and it’s messy and desperate. It’s you, and it’s him, and this is enough if it’s all the two of you can manage.
Tumblr media
              Mingi’s hands were always quite big compared to your own. Capable of all sorts of things. You know he could hurt you and love you through them, but you know he wouldn’t be able to bring himself to hurt anyone with them.
              He knows you like his hands. He’s held yours in them multiple times despite not dating or ever showing signs of interest past how much bigger they seem to be compared to your own. Honestly, you’ve never so much as hinted you wanted him to touch you outside of just holding his hand or playing with his fingers gently when he came over for study sessions.
              He liked that it felt intimate with you, just his fingertips bringing you joy like this, he won’t lie if he said he’d imagined using them for more than just holding your hand. Tonight, he plants to make his move. It’s not like you guys ever actually study for your tests anyway.
              It starts the first moment you attempt to play with his fingers again, like you’d done so many times before. Instead of allowing his hands to lie there limply in your grasp, he attempts to play with your fingers this time and you take notice.
              You can see how his long fingers curl over your much shorter ones, and the way he seems to deliberately hold your palm open so that he could tickle the center, most sensitive part of your hand. You watch it intently, because when you look at Mingi, he’s just casually grazing his eyes over his open book. You wonder if he knows what he’s doing right now.
“Hm?” He responds, flicking his eyes up to for a moment, then down at the way you’re looking at his hand playing with yours. “Oh, should I stop?”
              He can see a blush cross your cheeks, and it’s quite funny. He’s never met a girl so insanely fixated on his hands and it’s kind of nice that you don’t think he’s a giant goof ball right now like you usually would. He feels confident.
“You like my hands.” He says it so blankly at you that all you can do is roll your eyes.
“No shit, how’d you guess?” You laugh at him, clearly comfortable around him.
“How much though?” He puts his book down and casually leans towards you, tracing one finger down the center of your palm. “What do you like about them?”
              You don’t even know how to answer that. You know you’ve been open with him about how nice his hands are, but he never seemed to pick up the hints that you’d like those fingers slipping inside of you, gagging you, maybe even choking you. You knew he wouldn’t do most of those things though, he’s such a gentle giant.
“I mean. . “ You say, still watching the way his fingers move across your skin. “I don’t know if you need me to answer how much I like them.”
“Okay, then tell me what you like about them.”
              You almost want to throw your hands up in defeat and immediately kiss him, because this has been brewing for a hot minute, and it’s been annoying as hell waiting for him to see it. Looks like he finally gets it.
“You have long fingers. Soft skin, no callouses—” You trail off at how logical the answer is. “Can’t imagine what you could do with them.”
“Yeah?” He asks in a deep and breathy voice, leaning forward with a curious smile. “Elaborate?”
              You know he’s looking for more confidence.
“Once again, you don’t need me to tell you the answer to that, I think you already know.”
“Maybe I do.” He smiles at a small victory, seeing the way you squirm in front of him, pressing your legs tightly together.  “Do you want my fingers?”
              There it is. Like a fucking punch to the gut, and fuck yeah you want them. You didn’t even answer him, instead you practically leaped forward like some sort of animal and knocked him back, nearly falling off the bed.
“Woah, Okay!” He laughs with you as he holds a tight grip on you to keep himself from falling off of the bed, but instead of you both end up toppling over the edge of the mattress.
              You originally fell on top of him, but immediately got off of him out of fear that maybe you’d elbowed him or kneed him in the dick, thankfully you didn’t. He’s very swift despite his slow-moving body as he crawls over you and presses you onto your back.
              Right there on his bedroom floor is the first time you feel his fingers more than just against your own. You feel them trailing your body, in your hair, against your lips, down your sides, up your thighs, and then he stops.
“You should’ve told me you liked them enough to let me do this.” He whispers out. Still not even kissing you for the first time, but you don’t mind.
“I hinted enough.”
“The fuck you did.” He retorts in a mocking voice, never even once sensing a hint from you.
“What kind of girl plays with her dude friend’s hands all the time like that, I –”
“Oh” Mingi realizes, because like he thought before. No one has ever reacted this way to his hands.
“You must’ve really wanted them, huh?” He laughs at himself, touching against your thighs again as he looks down at you. “Tell me where you want them then.”
              All you do is flick your eyes between your legs before he’s immediately snaking a hand down your pants.
Tumblr media
              Yunho was so very excited when you’d gotten off for him the first time just on his fingers. But after a while, you were still doing it. Getting off once and sometimes twice in one session just from his fingers. It kind of made him insecure that it took a little longer to get you there from just his dick, and honestly you very clearly liked it with the way you moaned but he still couldn’t shake the feeling that you were favoring one part of him over the other. You know, the part of him that needed to be touched too.
              You hadn’t realized you were being selfish, but honestly, he was so good with hitting that spot inside of you when he hits that specific little spongey area against your walls. He hit it every single time, and you’re shocked that a man has the ability to make you cum within the first three minutes of snaking his fingers inside of you.
“Y/n.” Yunho says seriously as he slips his pants off of him. “Can I try something new tonight?”
              You quirk your head, already lying on the bed with legs spread and inviting him in.
“Absolutely. Yes.” You respond without question, knowing you will get to cum either way but wondering exactly what it is he wants to try.
              He comes towards you and kisses on you a little bit, like usual. It was all very normal, comfortable, lazy. His hair sitting slick against his skin as he’d just washed his face without a headband on. You liked the cool feeling of it tickling your neck when he trails his lips down your neck.
“What’re you gonna do?” You ask, feeling his fingers trail down the familiar path that you’re used to, already feeling the tingles in your toes for what you’re about to experience. God, he really was the best at it.
“Just wait and see.”
              He knew you were already wet, you always were for him and it was a good thing, because he’s unsure of how to do this at all, let alone without the eagerness of you drawing him in.
              You close your eyes to feel the sensations of Yunho against your skin until you feel it. His dick entering you without so much as a single finger teasing you first. And it’s okay, it’s just that you’re used to being finger fucked out until you’re crying before he pounds into you until your legs are jelly. But this time he’s just going straight in??
              Until you feel it, something else sliding in along side his dick, and the way they rest in their perfect spot like you’re so used to, you immediately know it’s his fingers.
“I’m sorry I just, I need to cum with you this time.” He says it and hangs his head in shame, lazily thrusting into you and against his own fingers.
              You’re choked up and can’t really respond outside of a long and drawn-out moan feeling the sheer length of his fingers and thick cock brushing along the back of them. “No, no. This is good. This is so good.” You plead out to him, wanting him to not feel embarrassed or guilty even the slightest. He’s giving you what you want, and he’s getting what he wants too.
              You have to say, it’s probably the hardest you’d ever cum for him before. Lasting much longer and feelings his fingers crowd inside of you as he pumped in and out with his own orgasm, you clenched so tightly around him that he’s afraid he sprained his fingers. But honestly, would be kind of a cool story to tell the bros that your pussy broke his fingers.
Tumblr media
Everything about Seonghwa was soft on the outside. His skin, his hair, his eyes, his voice, his smile. Especially his hands when he would guide you by the waist or pull you in for a brisk and cold kiss on winter nights.
              From the outside no one would know just what he could pull off with those soft hands. You still remember the first time you learned of it, the way his delicate and shining eyes darkened the moment he got you behind closed door for the first time. How eager he was to just use you in the softest way ever known to man.
              It hurt, it felt amazing, and he always pampered you after the fact and cleaned your tear-stained cheeks with the same fingers that were holding your tongue down just so he could spit down your throat. He knew you loved it, he knew you always wanted his fingers inside of you, and you’d be happy if they were hurting you.
              Even now, as he leaves bruises along your hips, gripping them so tightly so that he can angle himself so that you can plow himself impossibly deeper into you. All you can think about is that grip on your hips moving up to your mouth, his fingers pressing into your mouth with absolutely no hesitation from you or him.
“Be—” He breathes out in a small grunt, trying not to make too much noise. “Quiet.” He says with another harsh thrust, causing you to muffle out a small whine against his fingers.
              You knew not to bite, though sometimes he liked it when you did, and you also liked the way the bite marks would stay on his skin for a few minutes after the fact.
“Be quiet.” He says again, his delicate voice coming out in a raspy gasp, you know he’s close.
              You almost want to turn around to look at him, so you can tell him to be quiet. The only reason you guys would get caught like this is because he’s the one moaning out and aggressively fucking into you with a loud slapping sound.
              He presses his fingers further and further into your mouth to draw a few tears from you, just so he could pull his fingers out, grab you by the hair, and pull your head back so he can watch you cry for him as he cums.
              And when he pulls out of you, his own legs wobbling, he doesn’t wipe your tears just yet, because yeah, sometimes he gets to cum first. It’s your turn now.
“Lay back baby.” He says gently as he pulls you by the shoulders to lean against his back. “I know how much you like my fingers, they’re still wet from your mouth—” He says with a smile as he trails a hand down to rub circles at your clit.
              He stays like that for a while, one hand on your clit and the other in your mouth as you suckle against it with small mewls of pleasure in the way he’s being gentle with you again.
              He doesn’t even slip them inside, but to be fair your hole is already abused from the various angles he had aggressively fucked you in just moments before, you’re kind of thankful for the laziness he’s offering you.
              And when you do finally cum, that’s when he pulls his fingers out of your mouth and very quickly thrusts two fingers into you as deep as the angle he’s in will allow.
              He always loved the way you came on his fingers, he thinks you do too.
Tumblr media
              “Listen, I know what you’re doing.” San says to you through the crystal clear headset, pressing his keyboard buttons so violently that you can hear them muffled behind his voice.
“Oh yeah, and what I am doing then? Winning?” You mock him as you take the lead in kills again and resulting in a loud and very annoying screech from him.
“You probably just killed a twelve-year-old with NO skill.” San argues with you in order to save his own ego at killing exactly one person less than you.
“San, you and I both know that they queue based on skill level.”
“You don’t know shit about anything.” He argues again, and you can hear him laugh into it.
“You’re really annoying, you know that? Maybe you should stop fat-fingering your abilities and wasting them at the worst times.”
“I’ll have you fucking know—” He pauses and watches the way the kill count disappears and you both end up back in the gaming lobby. “I’m very skilled with my hands.”
“Hah, I’ve heard that one before.” You say, brushing him off. “Anyway, I’m done for the night I think. It’s getting late.”
              San agrees with you, and exits the game, but the two of you stay in the discord for a little longer like you usually do.
“Really though, I am skilled with my hands, I can prove it.” San laughs, kind of trying to flirt with you again since it’s been like this for the past six months since you’d met in the online lobby.
              You don’t even know what he looks like, nor does he know what you look like, but the flirting between the two of you is common. It’s common for most people who game together anyway, always making perverted jokes or fake moaning at each other. You wont admit like that you’re attracted to San’s voice, and the way it has a feminine rasp to it.
“Hey, what do you look like?” You ask without hesitating, because you’ve said much worse things to each other. Like that time he sent you the most recent porn he watched and asked you to rate the titties.
              He doesn’t even respond, and instead sends a video call through the discord. It’s innocent enough until you see his face.
“Damn, you were hot this whole fucking time and didn’t tell me?” You shout at him. You know he will see it as a joke, but honestly, you’re telling the truth.
“Could say the same for you—” He smiles at his camera and you can see his eyes looking into the screen, showing you that he’s watching you and not himself.
“So. . . um” You get a little awkward for a moment.
“Yes, I have to prove to you that I’m good with my hands, and that I am definitely better at this game than you could ever be.”
              You fall back into the regular conversations you have with him, but you really can’t look away from his sharp jaw and hair that flops in front of his eyes from time to time.
“You have really nice hands.” You say as soon as you see them. Because his fingers are fucking long, much like the rest of him you assume. And sure, he might be attempting to show you how skilled he is by opening a bag of Cheetos, and sure those fingers are about to be disgusting and covered in Cheeto dust but honestly, they’re pretty.
“What?” He says in question, sitting the bag down in a loud crinkle against his table.
“I don’t know, I just think you’re really hot lol” And you say “lol” like it’s an actual word, which pulls a laugh out of him.
“Well, we could always do what normal people would do with their online crushes.” He wiggles his eyebrows at you through the camera. “I could send unsolicited dick pics to you and you can pretend to have cyber sex with me but really you’re just watching tv or something.”
“First of all, your dick pics wouldn’t be unsolicited.”
              It’s the first time you can say that and be serious about it. You don’t know where this guy lives, but clearly it’s no where near you judging by the interior of his room. You’re allowed to be bold and horny if you feel like it, because it’s not like you get laid anyway right?
“You’re being weird—” He says it with a laugh but he still looks at you through the camera. “Are you genuinely flirting with me right now, because at this point I can’t tell when you’re serious or joking.”
              You smile back at him because honestly you can’t even tell the difference anymore, but who cares? At most you lose a gaming buddy or gain a gaming jerk-off-on-webcam partner.
“I am definitely flirting with you. Infact, I wouldn’t be offended if you asked me to show my tits right now.”
“Show them then.” He laughs and kind of pulls back in shock in the way you immediately do it.
“Oh, um..” He looks around, you can see his eyes shifting anywhere but the camera.
“Just look at them damn, am I that ugly?”
“No!” He shouts and zones in on your chest. “I just mean, um. . wow.”
              His mic is still crystal clear and you can practically hear him breathe through it.
“Show me your hands, you said you’d show me how skilled they are, right?” You’re confident as hell right now. Kind of out of character but it feels like you’re having fun for once.
“You mean like??” San stands up and you can see his chair push back behind him and spin just a little bit. When he stands, you can see a small line of his semi-hard dick through his basketball shorts. Typical gamer boy wear, you guess.
“Go on.” You say, urging him to lower his shorts just a little bit so you can see what his hands can do for himself. “I showed you, now you show me.”
              He wastes no time, and you wonder how many times he’s done this because he seems quite comfortable in front of his camera like this. Positioning himself in perfect view so you can see him look directly at you, hands and dick in view as he lazily pumps away at himself.
              It’s the first time you’d ever gotten yourself off to the image of a guy jerking off. But his fingers wrapped around himself so beautifully, and his broken cries into the microphone felt so desperate compared to his angry gaming rants.
              Surely, the next time you game with him, if he ever comes back online, you’re going to mock his moans to remind him of what happened, just to get an advantage over him again.
Tumblr media
              You were lucky to have Wooyoung play along with your obvious attraction to his hands. Regularly manicuring them himself, keeping his nails clean and clipped for when you’re needy and begging for them.
              And honestly, he also loved that you would ask at the most random times and places. His favorite was when you asked him to finger fuck you under the table while he was sat directly across his co-workers at a casual outing. You were very good at being quiet, and he was thankful for that. Besides, his hands were part of him, and it brought him an enormous amount of joy for you to love any part of him so much like this. It was only a plus that you loved them enough to make those pretty faces for him when he’s got them buried inside of you.
              By this point though, it’s been a week since you’d asked him to do anything and he’s been examining his hands nearly every day wondering why you suddenly stopped wanting him to touch you. He’s a bit insecure.
“Y/n—” Wooyoung is already whining the moment you walk through his door. You don’t live here but you might as well at this point. “Smell my hands, I bought new lotion!”
              You just look at him, exhausted from work and being yelled at by several strangers for things out of your control. You love his hands, but you just don’t want it right now.
“They smell nice, thank you for always keeping your hands so clean for me—” You feel a little bad, knowing that all you want to do right now is shower and pass out in his bed before repeating the day tomorrow.
“Don’t you want to feel them?” He questions with a tilt of his head, trailing behind you to the bathroom.
“Wooyoung, I’m just really tired, I’m sorry.” You look down as he stares back at you with a bit of hurt in his eyes. All the man wants to do is make you feel good, and you’re not letting him despite your intense love for him. “I love you, I’m sorry I’m so exhausted.” You finally say.
              He coos out at you, brushing a strand of hair out of your face as he forces himself through the bathroom door with you.
“We don’t have to, but I think it would help you relax, don’t you think? You don’t have to do anything—here—” He says with a pause as he rushes to the tub and starts drawing the water. “I know you just wanted a quick shower, but I think you should relax in the bath instead, let me make you feel better?”
              You give in very quickly, watching the water from the bath drip from his fingertips and the way it could very easily look like he’d just pulled his fingers out of you.
“Okay. . .” You say in a sigh, hanging your head as you start to take off your clothes.
              You sink lower and lower into the tub, slowly adjusting to the water that’s a bit too hot for your liking, but it’s relaxing. For the first time this week you feel like you can release your muscles from the tenseness they’d found themselves in. Only then do you take in the fact that Wooyoung, the prettiest and sweetest man in the world, just wants you to feel better and want him at the same time.
              Luckily for him, you’re already changing your mind from the tiredness you’d felt early the moment he runs a wash cloth along your skin.
              He perks up at his name being said in that specific voice, he knows what that voice means. It’s almost like a trigger in his brain now to get hard on instinct when you say it like that.
“Yeah? You want to?” He says with a large smile breaking across his face.
              All you do is nod before he’s running his hands down your body, massaging your tense muscles with one of them as the other snakes lower into the water, circling your clit.
              You were shocked at your wetness against the water when he traces his fingers along your folds, gently prodding against you and studying your face for any sign of relaxation or pleasure.
              He does that for a long time, his arms surely getting tired, but he didn’t complain. He pampered and spoiled you this time, no fast motions in sight. He’s gentle and slow when he finally fucks his fingers into you, drawing out your pleasure for as long as he could so he knew you could sleep well once he’s finished with you.
              He’s happy to do this for you, and you’re happy he’s so obsessed with your obsession with his hands.
Tumblr media
He had you perched up on his fingers like this often. You loved his hands, but he seemed to love seeing his hands inside of you more. He loved your hands too, especially how pretty they were wrapped around him.
              His confidence always spilled into you as well, both of you so touchy and clingy with each other whenever time allowed it. Almost always having a hand up someone’s shirt or down their pants. It was common, and honestly you both loved it and would melt for each other at even the smallest touches.
              Yeosang, so golden and sparkly in the lighting of this room, would always leak heavy with precum the moment he had his fingers in you. He had cum untouched many times before at just the image and the friction of his own arm rutting against himself. But not this time, you intend to have him cumming all over your belly as you fuck yourself against his digits, all while pumping away at his heavy and rock-hard dick.
              He groans at the feeling of your walls squeezing his fingers together when he tries to fit in a third one, squeezing his eyes tightly so that he can only feel the sensation of your voice echoing through the room, singing out his name like he’s the only person in the world who could do this for you.
              Yeosang only opens his eyes when he feels you grab his length in your hand and start pumping at the exact same pace as you ride against him. He fumbles only a little with his voice, unsure of what ungoldly sound he just made, but he doesn’t care. Both of you have made worse sounds at how weak you get when you have each other like this.
              The way he curls his fingers inside of you has you pumping faster at him, willing him to cum first so that you can laugh at him as you swirl your hips on him, but he doesn’t let you. He flexes his arm and very quickly fucks his fingers into you, messing up your rhythm and smirking at you.
“You’re trying to make me look desperate again—” He says in a playful voice, and all you can do is laugh. Because yeah, but it’s not like you both don’t already look desperate. You’re not even fucking, but god damn sometimes foreplay is all a person needs when they know how to do it.
“You already look desperate~” You moan out, feeling him still keep a violent pace with his fingers.
“And you don’t?” He questions, knowing you’re close with the way you release his cock and hang your head, grinding down against his wrist with as much pressure as you can, using it to put friction against your clit as he changes his quick pace to a more slow rhythm now.
“You’re so pretty like this, you know?” He adds, also knowing how much you love being praised when you’re about to cum. “We could do this all day and you’d still be like jelly in my hand—”
              And then you cum all over his fingers, eyes hooded and ears ringing as you throw your head back at the way he immediately picks his pace back up to work you through your orgasm.
              It’s only when you re-gain control of your body and he pulls his fingers out of you do you notice that he’s cumming all over himself. All you can do is watch him at the way he uses your own slick against himself as he jerks himself off until climax, his pretty lips going slack as he fights to keep his eyes open enough just to look at you and how fucked out you’ve managed to look for him.
              By the time you’re both breathless and lying in the bed, he groans out in annoyance at how you both are absolutely covered bodily fluids. You don’t know why he still gets annoyed about it, he’s the one that gets to lay around while you do his laundry for him. It’s the least you can do anyway, because honestly? He takes care of you in every other aspect of your life.
Tumblr media
              It’s the first time you’ve ever ridden in a car with Jongho driving it. Usually, the two of you meet somewhere to hang out, but this time he picked you up.
              You’d only been dating for a couple of weeks at this point, but it was nice to be picked up by him for a date for the first time. It felt surreal almost, his casual demeanor steering the wheel as you rode along through the town with brightly lit streetlamps. He didn’t hesitate to place his hand on your thigh and warming you up a bit from the cold fall air.
“Jongho, don’t.” You say, already blushing at the way he stretches his fingers out against your leg. He knows what he’s doing.
“Oh, I will.” He responds with a soft voice but a shit eating grin as he squeezes your leg just a bit.
“I swear to god, if you keep doing that you’re going to have to pull over right here, right now and fuck the life out of me.”
“Woah there, didn’t realize it was that serious?” He glances at you for a moment before fixing his eyes on the road again. “Good.” He says it like this was his plan all along.
              You squirm only slightly, embarrassed that such a small touch from him can have your body burning straight through your clothing, wanting nothing more than to be bare. But like you said, he knows what he’s doing. He knows you love the way his strong hands feel against your skin, and he finds it amusing actually, that he can have you melting into a sex-crazed animal if he so much as touches your thigh or neck.
“Wait until we get back to my place, at least?” He looks over at you with a smirk you know all too well. He’s going to fucking torture you and you know it.
              And he does, the entire date consists of him finding ways to touch your thighs, your ass, even your chest from time to time when no one else was looking. You were practically vibrating by the time you got back into the car with him.
              All you could do was glare, and all he could do was laugh at you for it.
“It’s so cute how mad you get—” He looks over at you when he places himself into the drivers seat, already reaching over to place his hand back on your thigh like he did on the ride over. “Just a little longer.” He says with a much gentler voice, you can see him twitch against his jeans and it’s all you needed to know to realize how fucked out the two of you will be within the next half hour.
              By the time you’re actually in his house, he barely gets his door locked before you’re grabbing his hand and shoving it straight down your pants, clinging onto him and whispering against his ear to “fuck me with your fingers”.
              And boy, does he. Fingers aggressively thrusting into you right then and there, easily slipping his shoes off as he does it and pressing you against the wall with his entire body.
              He has you breathless by the time you open your eyes to look at him again, arm resting above your head against the wall, his other arm flexing with each thrust of his strong fingers inside of you.
              You know he could make you cum from just this, and he’s done it many times. It feels good to be desperate for someone so willing to stretch you out in the way you like best.
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wonscafe · a month ago
REQ. | pairing: enhypen x gn!reader genre: just fluff everywhere warnings: none, we’re just very single <3
maknae like version | masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
at the start, he’d be reduced to a blushing mess — he wouldn’t know what to do because all he can register is the violent beats of his heart. lots of face scrunches, awkward chuckles, and fidgety hands not knowing where to place themselves. curling into himself when you lean against him. awkward pats on your shoulders when you hug him. pressing his fingers against his cheeks to shrink the growing smile creeping on his face as you shower him with kisses. however, as your relationship progresses, he’d eventually grow accustomed to it. goes from red cheeks and shy touches to blowing kisses on your neck and chuckling when you burst out in laughter at how ticklish it is; resting on his elbows as he looks down at you wrapping your arms around his neck; sleepily throwing an arm around your waist and twirling your hair around his fingers as you lay on top of him; pulling you onto his lap before you get the chance to settle on the empty space beside him; pulling you back after you peck his lips; swaying you back and forth whenever you ask him for a hug; never failing to hold you at night when he feels you reaching out to him in your sleep; and singing you lullabies when your eyebrows scrunch and your hands clench his shirt during a nightmare.
JAY ー 박종성.
barely tolerates you but in the softest way possible. he would look at you exasperatedly when you wrap your arms around him, staring at his face like a child, but you knew he secretly loved it — the little quirk at the corner of his lips gave it away. scoffs when you cutely giggle ‘oh, you’re so in love with me’ but breaks out into the biggest smile when you look away. responds with a cute ‘nae?’ or ‘mmm?’ whenever you grab his arm or tuck yourself in his embrace. caresses your hair when you plop on top of him, even when he’s busy reading a book or finishing something for work or school. mindlessly draws shapes on your skin and murmurs quiet greetings when he feels you whine cutely against his chest. pulls you against him when he finishes and tightens his grip on you when he hears you squeal cheerfully, the most content and toothy grin resting on his lips. looks at you with wide eyes whenever he unintentionally rejects your affection and notices you sulking. scoops you up and laughs when yelp. places a quick peck on your nose as he sets you on top of the kitchen counter before pulling out an apron to make your favorite dish. bites his lip to prevent himself from smiling when he feels you hug him from behind and place a sweet kiss at the nape of his neck with a giggle.
JAKE ー 심재윤.
welcomes everything with open arms. literally. has his arms spread wide open, ready to receive the hug you were sprinting to give him. instinctively protecting your head as the pair of you stumble, giggling and kissing your temple. grips your face when he feels you rest your hands on his waist with a small smile and quirked brow. lots of kisses, whether that’s kisses to your hands when you wrap them around his shoulders from behind, or kisses to your shoulder when you sit on his lap after a tiring day, or kisses to your forehead when you hold his hands in yours, staring up at him starry-eyed, or kisses to your nose on days you surprise him at work with bags of his favorite takeout in your grasp, or kisses to the lips when you block him from exiting the house by spreading your arms out widely and softly scowling because he forgot to bid you goodbye. doesn’t even register the weight of your arms pressed against him anymore because at that point in time, it just felt like home. he was used to it and often just unconsciously leaned closer to you. settling you in between his legs with your back against his chest whenever you’re sick because that’s when you’re the most clingy and in need of reciprocated affection — even if it gets him sick in the process.
actually really loves it. swears your clinginess and affection is the most endearing thing in the world. unconscious smiles whenever you interlace your hands will his. walks around the dorm with a dazed and lovesick smile after the first time you fell asleep in his arms. truth be told, he barely slept himself because of the butterflies that fluttered in his stomach in response to your head resting on his chest and warm breath blowing on his skin. the boys tease him about it all the time and he only responds with a smile as his heart flutters at the idea of it — of you. ‘yah! they’re so cute’ he’d say defensively. would definitely be the type to only ask for one straw and buy only one bucket of popcorn so that you’d get to brush hands throughout the movie. always has an arm prepared to wrap around you because he knows you’ll eventually nudge him to do it. shared giggles as you press yourself closer to him. placing loving kisses against your hair. softly thumbing your palm and the back of your hand. looking and listening to you attentively when you cuddle him looking for solace and his warmth. cutely showing off the lunchbox you sent him during lunch and making sure to thank you with a kiss when he goes home to your hopeful eyes and soft hugs.
Tumblr media
© 2021 copyright. All rights reserved.
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Can I request S56 for Mingyu? I was thinking maybe you two have been FWB for awhile and he started developing feelings. He never admits to it that is until he finds out from one of the other members (maybe Seokmin) that you’ve been going on dates with Seungcheol. He ends up convincing Seok to spy in on one of these said dates and “accidentally” bumps into you guys at a restaurant. Long stories short you guys fuck in the bathroom and you get even more confused about your relationship than you were before.
Hiii, thanks a lot for the request, I hope I did it justice and enjoy!🥵🔥
This... wow... was hot to write. Since I know how many of you guys are hoes for Mingyu (my last prompt literally got 200 notes within 24 hours after I uploaded it (thank you so much for that!), here you have another one.
Jealousy Looks Good On You | Part 1:
Prompt (Smut): 56. “Are you fucking him?”, “That’s none of your business.”, “Answer the damn question.”
K-Pop Masterlist
Requests, asks, and taglist are open :)
Warnings: smut (18+), semi-public sex (public bathroom), cursing, jealousy
Trope: friends with benefits to ???
Pairing: Mingyu x Reader, S.Coups x Reader
Word count: 4.6k
A/N: Please be ware: this has kinda a long backstory, I'm sorryyy :/ Not gonna lie though... kinda want to turn this into a series. I would have imagines this as sort of like the second part of it (first one would be the backstory of you and Mingyu becoming fwb, and then the third one would be figuring out your relationship), so let me know if you're interested! :)
Tumblr media
➪ Prologue ➪ Part One ➪ Part Two ➪ Part Three ➪ Part Four
(Y=You, M=Mingyu)
M: Can I come over tonight?
Y: Sorry, I'm out.
Mingyu has been getting the same sort of answers from you for the past three weeks: I'm not home, I'm out, can't sorry. Receiving these messages also meant that he hasn't been able to see you in this time, and he was getting noticeably irritated by it - not getting to feel your body up against his own was not doing him any good. Even the members started noticing it, telling him to just go out and find someone else to let his frustration out on, but the truth was... he didn't want anyone else. He could never do the things he does to you to anyone else. And even though he hadn't told any of the other guys this, didn't mean they couldn't tell, as it was clear as the sky is blue that Mingyu's feelings got stronger for the person he had sworn was only a friend he casually slept with from time to time.
M: With who?
As much as the 24-year old didn't want to sound nosy or frustrated, he couldn't help but wonder who you were ditching him for, once again.
You had to think twice about what exactly you were going to answer your long term friend, that you have been fucking casually, on his question.
Y: Coups. Sorry, maybe next week :)
You hoped that maybe your additional text would cover it up well enough... you really hoped so.
The relationship Mingyu and you had built up had gotten more and more confusing over the span of the last few months that you had this 'thing' going on. Both of you agreed that sleeping with each other to get over your built-up frustration and horniness was a good idea, but the last few weeks made you start doubting this.
You also never meant for this to happen: meeting up on dates with Seungcheol came up randomly. But you'd be lying if you said that you hadn't been enjoying his presence for the past dates that you guys shared. He was kind, sweet, respectful, and truly everything a woman could wish for, and him asking you out first was definitely not something you could have ever seen coming. The two of you agreed to start casually and just see where it would lead to. You also agreed to keep it a secret from Mingyu... just in case, it wouldn't work out. There was nothing wrong with that, right? Then why does it kinda not feel right...
Why did you start going out with him? You were trying to convince yourself that it was because you started looking for something more serious, something more meaningful than just fucking around... deep down though, you knew that you could potentially have the same thing with Mi- no, no, no, no way, he was just your friend and you were having fun. Seungcheol could be something serious though... right?
The tall man scuffed at the message he received, and responded:
M: Alright, have fun, be careful.
Not meaning any of it... besides the 'be careful'.
He walked out of his room and came to sight with DK lounging on their couch in the living room.
"Wanna go out tonight? Maybe invite the other 97s?" He wanted to know, throwing himself onto the cushion next to his friend.
"I thought you're meeting up with (Y/N)." DK wondered.
The younger one shook his head, looking at the TV in front of them, "Nah, she's going out."
To which Dokyeom nodded, mindlessly looking at his phone, "Ah, right, I think Coups mentioned it."
Mingyu's head shot to his right, looking at the other guy, "What?" who then raised his head, "What?" The taller one sat up straighter, elbows on his knees, "What did you just say?" Suddenly the realisation of hit DK. He quickly shut his mouth that hung open and turned his attention back to his phone, "Nothing, sorry."
But Mingyu was having none of it, "No, no, no, what did you just say?"
"Nothing, I... I mixed something up," he tried defending himself, but he had never been a good liar. Not being quick enough to react, DK got his phone snatched out of his hands by Mingyu, who immediately put it under his butt.
"Hey, stop," the older one tried to reach for it, "Give it back." The black-haired member leaned back and stretched out his arm in which's hand the phone now was, "First, you repeat what you just said." The other 97 Liner gave up quickly, knowing he wouldn't win anyways, "Listen, it's not my place to say this", "Still you did, so repeat it."
With a sigh, he did, "Seungcheol mentioned it", making Mingyu raise his eyebrows, gesturing for him to continue, "That he's taking (Y/N) out tonight."
"What do you mean 'take out'?!" Mingyu's voice got significantly louder, standing up quickly. Dokyeom followed his action, now standing right in front of him, "Man, I don't know, they've been going out for a while now."
He couldn't believe his ears. Not knowing what to do, he just stood there. Dumbfounded, looking around the room, not focusing on anything particularly. Seokmin used that time and snatched his phone back from the other one's hand. "I'm sorry" He patted his shoulder. Just as he was about to leave, he felt a grasp on his arm, "Where?" He gave Mingyu a questioning look, "Where are they meeting up?"
"How am I supposed to know that? He just said he's taking her out, I don't know where," he defended himself.
"Then go and find it out," the tall member pointed to the door.
"Mingyu," Seokmin sighed, "You shouldn't-"
"Shouldn't what?! Huh? What shouldn't I do?!"
The two of them looked each other in the eyes, not saying a word. The older one could see the sorrow and hurt in his friend's eyes. He was one of the few ones who had been following your relationship since the beginning and who had been seeing Mingyu slowly falling in love with you... He didn't know how he was feeling, nor would he ever pretend to know, but he also knew that he couldn't let him down like this...
"Listen, I know this may be hard for you, but-" he tried talking him down, but again, that didn't work.
"But nothing! Just find out where he's going, Jesus Christ!" He was panting around the room, not knowing what to do.
"It's understandable that you're frustrated, but you can't-"
"Stop with the 'buts', you have no idea what I'm gonna do, I don't-"
"I know exactly what you're gonna do!" Suddenly also DK raised his voice, being done with the way Mingyu was speaking... shouting more, "I know you, dude! You're gonna find out where they are, and you're gonna do something you will regret." Mingyu scuffing didn't stop him from continuing, "I know you're in love with her. I know it. But do you really think trying to get in between her and Seungcheol is gonna do anything good? You don't even know what they're meeting up for."
"You know damn well why they're meeting up. Coups has always said he thought (Y/N) was pretty." He said back down, "Alright, so I am in love with her. Is it wrong to act on it?"
"It's not wrong, but do you really think it's worth it, what you want to do?" Dokyeom honestly wanted to know. Mingyu nodded his head with no hesitation.
10 minutes after DK left to go and squeeze the answer out of Chan who knew all the details about your date, which was a lot easier than thought, he sent Mingyu a quick text with the address of the restaurant and added the time their friend had told him.
M: You're coming with me. Meet me at my car in 5 minutes.
The oldest 97 Liner knew it was useless to argue with his friend and decided, helping him by trying to keep his mind clear would be better than letting him go alone and possibly ruin everything he had built up with not only you but also his friendship with S.Coups.
--- At The Restaurant ---
Seungcheol opened the door for you and motioned for you to walk in first. The restaurant was definitely more expensive than any other you would ever visit by yourself, but he insisted that your third date should be a little bit more special. As soon as you got to the hostess, he let her know under which name he made a reservation and you were led to your designated table. There, the gentleman he was, Seungcheol got behind your chair and pulled it back, for you to sit down.
The moment you sat down, a waiter showed up with the wine card and menu, which you left all to Cheol since you had found out he had quite the knowledge when it came to these things. As always, you picked up a conversation easily, falling into a comfortable talk quickly as the wine got served first.
"I think the guys are getting a bit nosy," the man in front of you mentioned. You quickly put down your glass from which you were about to take a sip, "What do you mean?" An uneasy feeling spreading in your stomach. "Chan asked me where we're going tonight," he laughed it off. You tried fake laughing to not make him notice the thoughts that were going on inside your head, 'Why did he want to know?' 'Did he talk to Mingyu?' 'Does he know something?'
You've been having to deal with these worries for the past weeks in which you had been meeting up. Seungcheol quickly notices, "You okay?" Your head shot up quickly, looking into his worried eyes, "Yeah, I just- I just remembered something, it's fine." You shrugged it off and he bought it thankfully.
After another few minutes, suddenly two presences showed up next to you, "Oh, may we serve you tonight," Dokyeom jokingly acted like a waiter. The two of you who had been sitting at the table looked up, only to meet the eyes of Mingyu and DK.
"What are you doing here?" Their friend immediately asked, receiving an awkward chuckle from the oldest '97 Liner. As the two were talking, Mingyu's ice-cold stare never left your eyes - you could feel his disappointment and fury.
"Oh we- we were just walking down the street and saw you through the window. And we thought we could join you." Without hesitation, both of the guys got themselves seated at your table for four - the still smiling guy next to Seungcheol and the man you didn't want to see next to you.
DK was good at keeping up the small talk, Coups nodding and conversing with him, Mingyu mostly just listening, but you couldn't focus for the life of you. Your hands were in your lap, picking at your nails, a bad habit that comes out when you're nervous. Your mindset was everywhere but at what was happening at the table. Why was he here? What was he trying to do? Why did you have to lie? Just telling him the truth would have saved you from this incredibly uncomfortable situation you were in. Mingyu seemed to notice the way your head hung low, and his gaze drifted to your hands, seeing your fingers fiddling. He moved his hand over to yours to grasp them under the table but as soon as you felt his touch, you pushed his hands away, lifted your hand and interrupted the conversation that was going on, "So, are we going to order something to eat?"
As much as you wanted to leave the scene, you knew that this wouldn't stop Dokyeom and Mingyu from following you and, to be honest, you couldn't care less right now. You were not only annoyed at him following you to your date but that he had the audacity to interrupt it as well.
After you went first to grab the card and look at the menu, the others followed your action. Seungcheol noticed your change of posture and attitude, "Maybe we should go somewhere else?" He directed the question to the group while looking at you, so you knew that it was meant for you, but he didn't want to make it too obvious.
"No, it's fine," You gave him a fake smile, feeling Mingyu's side-eye glance.
"Hyung," the man next to you suddenly spoke up, "What made you choose this restaurant?" But you couldn't even hear Cheol's answer. You were focused on Mingyu... too focused on him. He felt your eyes on him, making him turn his head and look you directly in the eyes, to which you quickly looked away. After a few more seconds of trying to read the menu, you suddenly felt a big hand softly placing itself on your thigh. Your heartbeat quickened immediately, and you almost gasped.
"You okay?" Seungcheol sounded worried. You got a smile as an answer, "Yeah, all fine," in the same moment that you took the hand on your thigh in yours and tried to get it off, when it suddenly gripped it hard, making you sit straighter and place the card back on the table.
"I never knew you liked (Y/N)," Mingyu started again, "Why did you want to take her out?"
"Don't answer that," You quickly stopped Seungcheol, who already had opened his mouth.
"Hm?" He looked at you surprised, so you repeated, "Don't answer his question," before turning to your left, "And you stop asking stupid questions?"
Mingyu gave you a smirk, "Why stupid questions? I just wanted to know-", "No." You interrupted him.
Then you felt his grip tighten again as his eyes never left your face, "Then you tell me," this made you turn back to him, "Why didn't you tell me-"
"I'm sorry," you showed a finger to Cheol, "Could you excuse us for a minute?" Not waiting on an answer as you asked him rhetorically, you stood up and dragged Mingyu with you by his hand. You stopped once you reached the back of the restaurant, where the toilets were, opening one door, not letting go of his hand until both of you were inside, out of side from his friends.
"Oh, so now you need me?" He cockily asked, ready to grab your hips, but you only slapped his hands away, "I don't want them to see me slapping you," you explained, "What the hell is wrong with you?"
"What is wrong with me?" He scuffed, "I'm not the one going out behind my friend's back!"
"Behind your back?! This has nothing to do with you!" You raised your voice.
"He's one of my best friends, of course, it's my business," he lied. Yes, of course, Seungcheol was one of his closest friends. But that was not why he felt like it was his business.
"No. Me and him meeting up has nothing to do with you."
"Yes, it does. I have to look at you two," he simply stated, leaning back on the sink.
"Wow," you crossed your arms, "Real mature. We're friends. My love life does not involve you."
He pushed himself off the sink and started approaching you slowly, "I think you're forgetting that I'm still the one fucking you, not him." His actions and words made you back at the same speed that he was walking up to you, just until you hit the counter behind you.
"How would you know?" At this point, you were more than just annoyed and didn't think too much about the words falling from your lips.
"What did you just say?" Mingyu raised one eyebrow, looking you dead in the eyes. Instead of answering him, you simply looked away, avoiding his stare. Suddenly, you felt his hand grab your jaw tightly, turning your head to meat his face, "Are you fucking him?", "That's none of your business." You copied his stare. Both of your faces were close enough to feel the other one's breath against your lips. His grip switched from your jaw to your neck but was just as tight, "Answer the damn question."
"Or what?" You decided to challenge him, feeling the effect of his body this close to you as your legs got wobblier and your breathing quickened.
"Or I'm going to fuck you so hard that the entire restaurant will hear you screaming my name." No words could leave your mouth as your breath hitched and you had to gulp, processing what Mingyu just said.
Both of you only exchanged the same desire in your eyes, words weren't needed, as he knew exactly what you were asking for by the way your stare switched from his eyes to his lips repeatedly. Another smirk formed on his lips before he loosened his grip to place the palm of his hand on your cheek and pull you in for a hard kiss. Without hesitation, your hands went to the back of his neck, trying to pull him even closer, as your lips were quickly moving against each other. The way his tongue started entering your mouth made you forget the public situation you were in and you just went along with whatever he was doing.
"You got all dolled up for him, just for me to absolutely ruin you now," he cockily noticed as he had found the seam of your dress.
"Shut up," you quickly answered, pulling on his hair in the back of his neck, earning a deep moan from him. As soon as his hands were able to get underneath your dress, it didn't take long to get rid of your underwear, as he simply just ripped them off of you, making you gasp, "Are you out of your mind?" You hit him in the chest, which only seemed to make him more confident in his actions.
"I felt how much more you just got turned on by that, so shut that pretty little mouth of yours and be a good girl and turn around." You quickly did as you were told, way too turned on to wait any longer for him to finally do something about it.
His lips started placing kisses below your ear before travelling down your neck and to your shoulders, all while looking at you through the mirror you were now facing. Your head fell back as soon as you started feeling his big hands grabbing your naked ass and squeezing it.
"And you think Cheol could get you turned on that quickly, huh?"
As your mind was elsewhere, you didn't answer, but only moaned when he started sucking on the sweet spot where your neck and shoulder met, before suddenly stopping.
"If you don't answer me, I won't touch you. Answer me, and I'll make sure you won't be able to walk back to the table normally," he whispered in your ear, your eyes meeting when both of you looked into the mirror.
"So, I'm gonna ask again," you started feeling his hands raising up your dress and reaching to the front, finding your core quickly, "You think Seungcheol could make you this wet?" He asked just as his fingers grazed over your entrance, feeling your wetness already pouring out of you.
"No," you shakingly answered as he started circling your clit.
"No, what? Use your words well," he demanded.
"No, he can't make me this wet," you moaned when his index finger found its way back to your entrance, but his thumb stayed on your bundle of nerves, "Fuck, Mingyu..."
You could hear his left hand working on opening his belt to get his pants down, but as it was getting too hard, he had to use his right one as well, leaving your core, making you whine.
"Don't get whiny. You didn't want me to fuck you in the first place today." Mingyu gripped your hips harshly and made sure your ass lined up perfectly with his now free dick.
"I'm sorry," you said breathlessly, looking at him by staring straight ahead.
"You should be sorry to everyone in the restaurant once they hear your beautiful moans."
As you felt his dick now on your ass, you started moving your hips, and both of his hands went back to your front - left was working on your clit, when the right middle and ring finger slammed into you. A loud moan left your mouth at the sudden action, and your back hit his chest.
His fingers quickly moved in and out of you, making the sounds of your wetness echoing through the bathroom.
"Mingyu," you moaned. "Yeah? Come on, you can be louder than that." He made it almost sound challenging. His eyes never left your face in the mirror, looking at the way your mouth was hanging open, moans leaving it every now and then - this is the sight he wanted to see for the rest of his life.
Your hands were trying to hold onto something but could only find both of his forearms, which you were holding onto for dear life. The speed at which Mingyu kept on moving his fingers, you could have sworn he lifted you off the ground just by them every time he slammed them inside you. He switched up his motions from going inside and out to also moving them inside you by curling them up, hitting that rough spot just right, making you almost scream, but you were able to quickly stop yourself by pressing your lips together.
As soon as Mingyu saw that, his right hand came up to your mouth, spreading your wetness around it, releasing your lips from pressing against each other, "No, no, you're not holding in any of those pretty moans. I want to hear all of them. Let them know who makes you that good", he stated in a normal tone. After sucking off your wetness off his fingers, he put them back to where they were, this time, not making you hold back any loud sounds.
"Mingyuuuu," you dragged out his name as his motions made you bounce.
"Fuck, I'll never get enough of hearing that," he admitted with a moan as he started rubbing his dick against your crack.
"Gyu, I'm close," you told him with your shaky voice.
"Don't you fucking dare come until I'm inside you," he answered with a death stare in the mirror.
"Then fuck me finally, Jesus Christ!" You almost shouted.
"I swear, I'm never letting another man touch you," Mingyu quickly added before retreating his finger and placing his hands on your hips to line you up well. "Bend over properly, princess," he said as one of his hands came up to your head and pushed forward, making you tilt your entire upper body in that direction and rest your palms on top of the counter.
He teased you for a short time, gliding the tip of his erection over your entrance, before slamming into you harder than with his fingers before. This action made you jump forward slightly and switch from leaning onto your palms to leaning onto your elbows quickly.
"Ah, shit!" you moaned loudly without thinking about the volume of your voice, "Fuck, Mingyu. Fuck me, please." And he did just as he was told.
His hands went from holding onto your hips and ass to getting a hold of your hair to pull you backwards, making you hit his chest again.
"Look at you," he ordered you, "Look at me fucking you senseless." You couldn't even look properly straight, your head constantly falling backwards or forwards in pleasure.
His name kept on falling from your pretty lips, turning him on, even more, making him move faster if even possible.
"Ugh," he groaned deeply, "How are you still this tight," thinking back on all of the other nights you've shared together in the unholiest positions.
Your moans turned into whines as the hand that had clasped your hair went back to the front to not only hold you in position but to also put some focus back on your clit by rubbing circles around it. Mingyu knew exactly how to touch you, the months you've spent together teaching him just that. If he could, he could make you come within three minutes - he had done so before.
"Gyu, ah, it feels so good," you tried letting him know, knowing he lives for your praise. You knew it worked by the way his lips went to your neck, and you felt a smirk just then, "Damn right it does." He started sucking on one spot again, using everything he could right now, to pleasure you, "I know you want to come, I can feel you tightening around me. So fucking do it," he demanded.
You were still surprised by how stable Mingyu was always able to sound while literally fucking your soul out of your body - you made a mental note to possibly challenge that at some point.
You hated how well he knew you, because damn, of course, you were close. By the way, he was fucking your hole AND stimulating your clit while ALSO sucking on your neck, you could have sworn to even squirt if it wasn't for you remembering that you were still in a public bathroom.
After his demand it didn't take long for you to finally reach your high with a screeched moan as his fingers went almost double the speed, helping you, but also making you lose your complete feeling in your legs. You quickly grabbed onto the counter again when you felt Mingyu releasing himself inside you and hearing him groan as he pushed the both of you forward. He kept on moving his dick in and outside of you, milking out every last drip that could come out, and his fingers started slowing down slightly, making you able to ride out your orgasm like he usually lets you.
You could feel his heavy breathing by your neck and his chest moving up and down quickly on your back. His hands went back to your hair to put it behind your ear as he placed a kiss on your cheek - you leaned into it without noticing. Mingyu stood back up straight to reach for a tissue at the disposer hanging on the wall. After grabbing it, he slid out of you slowly, leaving you feeling empty and cold all of a sudden. You were able to stable your breathing somewhat again and were about to stand up when Mingyu's hand stopped you by placing it on your lower back, "No, stay," he quietly spoke.
Just then, you felt the tissue graze against your slit, where his release mixed with your juices was leaking out. He cleaned you up well, all without exchanging any words, before throwing them away and pulling you back up by your hand.
As the man in front of you was putting his pants back on, your eyes didn't leave his frame. They travelled over his legs, up his torso, until they rested at his face, well, more the top of his head as he was looking down. That's when you realised the mistake you had just done. The only reason, that you even went out with Seungcheol was to walk away from something like this happening. How could you have let this happen when you strictly told yourself, you wouldn't fall for the guy who was only fucking you as a friend?
⋆⋇⋆⋇⋇⋆✦꘏✦⋆⋇⋆⋇⋆⋇ ⋆⋇⋆⋇⋇⋆✦꘏✦⋆⋇⋆⋇⋆⋇
Again, sorry that it’s kinda long😕
Also, sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes!
Hope you have a good day/night and feedback is always appreciated! :)
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maybenotmei · a month ago
ooh maybe pure vanilla reuniting with reader (like maybe they're w gingerbrave trying to find him after so long of being gone) up to you if you want it platonic or romantic :)
i love pure vanilla <333 dear archons when will i see him on my screen saying i got an ancient cookie
i apologize for it being two days late lol i wanted 2 write abt it but then i realized i havent finished chapters 9-10 lol so this May Not align w canon
Tumblr media
you've traveled with pure vanilla countless of times, so when gingerbrave asked you to join them you thought it wouldn't be any different than the journeys you had with him
turns out it was quite difficult and the whole change of the environment after the war shocked you... you got used to it soon enough
"so, why did you choose to join us? you had such a peaceful life too...!"
"ah, i'm looking for someone. i believe this journey would help me find him."
chili pepper cookie's question was left unanswered until this point.
your group made it to the vanilla kingdom— or, what remains of it. the sight of it crumbling made you lose hope in ever finding him, but you chose not to give up just yet.
that choice led to you becoming severely injured after a fight with a ton of wafflebots. custard cookie expressed he couldn't heal you fully, so you almost chose to give up until healer cookie spoke up
and ultimately decided to reveal himself to all of you.
at the time you couldn't process anything due to the heavy blood loss, so you didn't realize the cookie you were looking for was right there, right in front of you.
his healing restored you back to well condition in mere seconds, yet you had to rest for a couple minutes as you still felt light headed
when you came back to your senses however, you were stunned at the sight of him once more. pure vanilla was here, all along? unsure if you were imagining things or not, you approached him
and no, you weren't imagining things.
you smiled at him, giving him a hug. "i finally found you. i missed you, you know?"
he hugged you back, chuckling. "i was planning to look for you too, but it looks like you found me first."
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intertwinedtruth · 11 days ago
I just read your post about different au’s you would do, I was wondering if you could do a vampire au where some genshin boys, maybe accidentally drink to much blood and their s/o passes out but they don’t die or anything (also could you include diluc if you want and include characters you want)
You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to :D
Tumblr media
file details various x gn!reader genre - short headcanons and scenarios  cw - blood, needles, slightly suggestive (?) a/n - i was feeling unoriginal so i did the dckz gang plus kazoo man god this is so shitty im sorry 
Tumblr media
diluc often deprived himself of blood. he was supposed to be the hero of mondstadt, and if he fed on the people of his beloved city, he would never forgive himself, so he’s very lucky to have you, who’s willing to let him feed on you so that he doesn’t die. 
you originally let him start feeding on you because you realized that he constantly deprived himself of blood, and he always looked pale
, so you wanted to help out. 
one night, when he’s feeding, he goes a little too far, and you start to get woozy. 
he had just finished feeding, carefully taking the fangs out of your neck and slowly patching the wound with a few licks. 
“hey... diluc?”
“yes?” he looks at your face and notices how sickly it look. “are you ok?” he cups your face in his hands and stares at you intensely. 
“i... i think so. i’m going to go to bed now.” as you walk up the stairs of dawn winery to get to your room, you drop to your knees and feel black spots clouding your eyes.
“y/n... y/n!” diluc cries out before it all becomes a black mess.
when you wake up, he’s over you, with tears in his eyes. you’re in bed and you have a small needle stuck into your arm that’s feeding blood into your system. 
“y/n... i don’t think i can feed from you ever again. if that happens again... i don’t think i could ever live with that. the shame would kill me.”
“diluc... i’m going to be fine. it’s really ok.”
“no. it’s not. i’ll find another way.”
the next month or so is spent with you in bed, and diluc trying to find alternatives to satiate his bloodlust. he’s determined to make sure it never happens again.
kaeya often starves himself of blood, though not on purpose. most of the time he just forgets. 
he only remembers when it’s been about a month and he comes home and he smells you. you seem to trigger his bloodlust just by being there. 
it usually goes ok, but you do always feel lightheaded afterwards. you also try to remind kaeya to feed earlier, but he keeps forgetting as he’s often caught up in his work. 
kaeya hadn’t fed in two months, which was dangerously unhealthy for a vampire. if it weren’t for the fact that he had conditioned himself to survive without blood (as per the knights of favonious’ job requirements) for at least three months, he would’ve been dead by now. he was still alive, but very sickly.
he finally came home after a week at work. the missions the knights gave were strenuous, especially since the vampire outbreak. 
when he came home, he fed like there was no tomorrow. he desperately needed blood, and you noticing his sickly face offered it. 
he couldn’t control it this time and by the time he was done, you were already passed out, the color drained from your face and cold. he immediately takes you to barbara to have you healed, and barbara prescribes that kaeya feed more often to stop this from occuring. 
he keeps it in the the back of his mind, for he couldn’t never risk loosing you. he starts a schedule of feeding once a week (which is no doubt going to be broken by the end of the month). 
i don’t think i need to say this, but childe is reckless. dangerously so. 
when you offer for him to feed from you, he gets slightly giddy, but promises he’ll be gentle. 
he often feeds from you once a week, but maybe less if work has him caught up. there are plenty of fatui agents who are willing and able to give up blood, but he prefers yours. 
however, sometimes he goes a little overboard with his feedings, though it’s never fatal.
that night, he had forgotten how long it had been since he had started the feeding session. when he finally pulled out from your neck, you were slumped on his shoulder, drooling. 
in an instant, you were placed on your bed and multiple of the best doctors from around the area are there to take a look at you. they deduce that you have lost a severe amount of blood (duh), and they start to flow some blood into you. 
out of all the boys, childe gets you woken up the fastest. you’re back to full health in an hour, and childe is sweating from worry. 
“congratulations, you almost died. good thing i won’t let you,” he says with a smirk, but you can see the fear in his eyes. “i promise that’ll never happen again. pinky promise.”
i personally don’t think this ever happens. if it does, it’s not because he hasn’t fed in a while, since he’s quite diligent with his feeding.
no, it’s because he gets carried away. when he’s feeding, time stops and he forgets what’s going on. he usually has you remind him when he’s gone too far, so it never does. 
he rarely feeds on you anyways. it’s usually once in a blue moon if his blood replacements aren’t enough to satiate him. 
he didn’t hear you when you said he needed to stop. there was no way for him to be pulled back to reality. so he kept going until he felt your body slump against his after you passed out. the thump awoke him and his fear increased.
he laid you on your bed and started brewing some tea he knows that will increase your blood circulation. the taste is bitter so he layers the tea in honey so it is more enjoyable. you’ve just been in pain; even the slightest amount of discomfort will not please him. 
when you awake, he forces you to drink the tea (which with the honey is quite enjoyable) and you are soon back to full health.
“i apologize for my lack of awareness. i will be more aware next time i feed from you.” he’s a gentleman, and apologizes in an orderly fashion. it never happens again after that one incident. 
kazuha definitely gets carried away a lot. when he’s feeding, all he can hear in his ears are haikus and poems being spun into a web of words. it’s only after the wind awakes him that he snaps back to reality. 
he feeds on you often. you and him are often travelling across the sea so finding someone else who’d be willing to let him feed on them would be hard. 
even though he gets carried away, he relies on your heartbeat to tell him if he’s going too far. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. 
kazuha’s fangs were in your neck deep. his mind seemed to have drifted to an entirely other place. 
the lilies bloom in the land of the soft grass plains. what else could be there?
he expected to wake up from the fever dream that was feeding. the wind would wake him up any moment now, right? or perhaps it was not the right time. when he is finally woken up, you are out cold on the floor. perhaps this is the world’s way of teaching him a lesson?
he lies you on your bed and tucks you in. he takes your cold hand in his, rubbing it with his thumb. then he starts singing your favorite songs, hoping that you will awake faster, though he knows it doesn’t help, it’s more of an emotional consolation to him. 
when you finally awake, you awake to this angelic voice serenading you. he opens his eyes when he finally finishes the tune and stares at you.
“i’m sorry that had to happen. i got carried away. next time it will not be so.”
Tumblr media
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ushiwvka · 2 months ago
LOVE IT!!! Can u make for the other ver? (Kuroo & Ushi) If u r not accepting req, it's ok <3
Tumblr media
includes: kuroo tetsuro, ushijima wakatoshi.
warnings: m/f smut; oral (f), overstimulation, daddy kink, spitting, finger sucking, wall sex, size kink, chocking, breeding kink.
wc: 0.6k+
a/n: i'm happy you liked it bub <3 hope you like this one too!! and no worries, requests are currently open :) btw, idk what possessed me while writing this, this might be one of the filthiest things I've ever written lmao
Tumblr media
KUROO TETSURO | kuroo would laugh at you when you told him he was allowed to do anything he wanted with you. he doubted you knew what you were getting yourself into, that becoming more than obvious when he asked you a simple “are you sure about that, kitten? i don’t know if you can handle it” — to which you scoffed, doubting it would be that different from his usual self, having no idea that, in a few minutes, you would be completely naked on top of kuroo’s bed, your hair already completely disheveled and with you looking absolutely beyond flustered and breathless, your thighs shaking around tetsuro’s head from how many times he had already made you cum, your juices mixing with his spit on your folds as he kept on lapping your clit, your cries of “‘s too much, d-daddy, please…” doing nothing but aid on helping him continue eating you out as if his life depended on it. when he would eventually decide he had enough of it, kuroo would come up to hover over you, his chin wet and glistening as he looked down on you, showing you a mocking smirk as he asked a teasing “i thought you said you could handle it, angel? where did all that enthusiasm go?” before kissing you, breaking apart from you just to press his fingertips into your red-bitten lips, pushing them open forcibly before spitting into your mouth, shutting them once more and mumbling a low “swallow” right after, watching you do exactly what he said without questioning it. he would show you a soft smile at that, mumbling a “good girl” before stuffing two of his digits in your mouth, telling you to suck as he pushed his aching cock into you, obviously not intending to stop anytime soon as he finally started fucking you, hips slamming into yours relentlessly.
Tumblr media
USHIJIMA WAKATOSHI | ushijima would freeze when you told him you wanted him to do anything he wanted with you. he definitely felt caught off guard by your request, but also started to wonder what he could possibly have always wanted to do to you but never got the chance to. his response to it came rather quickly though, the way his hand landed on your hips to pull you up so he could carry you over to the bedroom more eager than usual — that factor becoming even more obvious as he didn’t even care to completely undress either of you, simply pressing your back to a wall while still carrying you, one arm laced under you as the other worked so he could pull his hardening cock out of his sweatpants, pushing your flimsy pajama shorts slightly to the side, exposing your pussy to him and starting to rub his tip between your folds, both of you sighing as he pressed it over your clit, rubbing over the sensitive nub a few times before you let out a whine. he would fuck you like that for a while, the way he was able to hold you up so easily making him ramble more than usual, talking about how small you were when compared to his broader figure while also commenting on how well your pretty cunt took his big cock, how your thigh walls squeezed him so good — his words making you clench around him as you discovered a new side of ushijima, his usually mostly silent persona long gone as he spent the whole time mumbling filth to you. when he was about to cum, toshi would wrap one hand around your neck, forcing you to look into his eyes as he kept on rambling, saying “i’m gonna fill your pretty pussy up with my cum, gonna fuck my babies into you. do you want that, uhm?” — and to all that, you could only desperately nod, your voice coming out strained due to his strong hold on you as you said “please toshi, please f-fillhq me up”, not taking long before you felt his warm cum spill inside you.
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gothamsworst · 2 days ago
Dork squad + Croc having a s/o that’s extremely lucky. Finding a random twenty, always able to doge objects obliviously,escape near death, even unintentionally helping them escape from Batman,etc.
Jon and Waylon have been done for a similar prompt HERE !!
Edward Nygma:
He has no idea how you always manage to do "that." Just...just that! Y'know, always getting the best possible outcome? It's like you were blessed at birth or something! It's both really annoying (because God Does He Wish That Were Him) and really helpful for those few times when your luck does manage to "help him out."
Jervis Tetch:
He just doesn't get it! You're so...lucky, all the time. He does feel happy for you, but at the same time, he's kind of (read: very) jealous. How does all of this only seem to happen to you? Even so, he does his best to keep you near him as often as he can, in hopes that some of your good luck might "rub off" on him.
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primofate · 6 months ago
Scenario: Sees another person flirting with you
Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Albedo, Childe, Zhongli
Want more? Here’s the masterlist:
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Would watch from afar. Trusts you not to do anything stupid.
Starts tapping his foot when the guy doesn’t leave you alone.
People next to him or passing by him are wondering if the temperature rise is from his pyro vision or just the pissed off vibes emanating from him
Finally uncrosses his arms when he sees you walking away
Small smile when he sees you waving and approaching him
Smile disappears when other guy grabs your wrist
He did not just fucking do that
Appears next to your side in a split second, giant sword in his hand. Fire in his eyes.
Huh? Well, nothing new. It’s because you were so cute and charming.
Sort of sees it as a compliment. He IS dating you after all.
Approaches the two of you with a smile. Touching your shoulder.
“Beautiful isn’t she?” but ice starts to creep up from the guy’s feet
wants to watch your reaction. Doesn’t quite realize the other guy is flirting.
He’s probably just being friendly. Other guy is talking animatedly and--wait did he just touch your chin?
He’s up and coming at you, pulling you back by your shoulder
“...Strange, I’m not quite sure why I reacted like that,”
Other guy stares at him strangely and says he was in the middle of talking to you and tries to get past Albedo
Albedo ignores him and starts walking away with you.
“...Do you always get this kind of attention?”
Is pissed off but has a wide smile on his face
“What do we have here? Do you know this guy, Y/N?”
When you shake your head no and explain that he just started talking to you out of the blue he pinches your cheek
“Ah, another one of those huh? Hey, I’ll meet you by the fountain let me just take care of this,”
Turns to the man and has no smile present on his face. In an icy cold tone, “Hands off or I’ll find out where you live,” 
With his thumb, does a cutting motion over his neck, still talking to the guy “Don’t worry, you won’t even feel it,”
Turns and starts happily calling out to you while he runs towards the fountain.
Was wondering what was taking you so long to get home.
Finds you occupied with another guy.
Observes the whole thing with his arms crossed. Totally calm about it. Hasn’t been the first time it happened.
When it takes longer than he anticipates he calls out to you lightly “Y/N,”
You and the other guy turn to his voice. You smile and start walking towards him. Other guy doesn’t attempt to follow just because of Zhongli’s sheer presence.
Gives you a kiss on the top of your head when you take your place in front of him
“I’m always astonished you chose me,”
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summercourtship · 2 months ago
could i get a michael, danny and frank with a s/o that has a oral fixation? like, they love to bite and have things in their mouth. sfw or nsfw is okay, ty!! good luck on ur blog!! :3c
Thank you!! I’m sorry for the slightly delayed response- I was at work for most of today but that did give me time to Think About This.
I did these with the oral fixation revolving around fingers just because I think in the Entity’s realm it’d be the most likely, given the lack of other items that would easily fit the bill. And I like hands. I didn’t mean for this to lean as heavily NSFW as it did, but we’re here now and that’s that. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how I want to do these types of posts, so please be patient with me whilst I figure it all out.
Michael Myers, Danny Johnson (Ghostface), Frank Morrison (Legion) | Warnings: Mature topics, sexual themes, dom/sub dynamics, knifeplay, my stupid glove kink
The least likely to actually care. He doesn’t care about anything unless it directly affects him. And even then, it takes a lot for him to truly care.
This doesn’t mean, however, that he doesn’t notice. Of course he notices- he notices everything. Especially when it comes to you.
You can’t see it, but his eyes will linger on your mouth, on whatever it is you have resting between your lips.
He’s curious about it- why you seem to constantly have something in your mouth, why you don’t even seem to really notice you do it most of the time.
It’s only when your finger finds its way between your lips that he does something about it, even acknowledges that he’s noticed that you do this. And due to the nature of the Entity’s realm and the scarcity of worldly possessions, this is more common than not.
It’s not that he thinks you’re doing it on purpose to rile him up- he’s observed you enough to know that you do it even when you don’t realize he’s watching.
He will pull your hand away from your mouth, staring at it for a moment before dragging you to the nearest surface (even if that is the ground) to bend you over and fuck you.
He’s just that kinda guy- 0 to 100, always DTF, no build-up necessary for him
probably wouldn’t do anything to directly feed into your fixation.
Unless, of course, it benefits him.
The most likely to understand (he chewed pens, remember) but still be condescending towards you for it. Aw, baby needs something to occupy their mouth, huh? I can give you something much better than your little finger.
He, unlike Michael, definitely thinks that you do it to entice him, even though he knows you do it all the time. He’s just a narcissist like that.
But it also doesn’t help that once you are aware he’s watching, you play it up a little bit. Being a bit more salacious than is necessary, doing things now for this little game you play not because of your fixation.
I’m not saying that you should totally suck on his fingers instead of your own but I am. Why else would he even wear leather gloves???
Likes to press down on your tongue every now and then to exert his control over you- you’re only allowed to enjoy yourself when he says so, got it?
The gloves taste like leather and blood, which is both disgusting and incredibly intoxicating.
Would finger you with the digits you just sucked on. It would be a waste not to, right? You got them all ready for him to use!
Would definitely suggest oral cockwarming because he’s a disgusting man.
The most likely to make a gross joke- “haha, I can give you something nice to suck on-” you know, that kind of thing. He’s a dickhead.
But he would also try to dissuade you from putting anything dangerous or unsanitary in your mouth. And yes, that does include motor oil stained fingers from working on gens.
However, if it’s his knife and he’s doing it? Then it’s okay, no matter how bloody or dirt-encrusted the blade is. He still cares more about his gratification than your safety, just not as much as Danny.
He’ll tap the tip of the knife against your bottom lip, practically inviting you to lick or, if you’re feeling brave (reckless) enough, suck it.
But, despite thinking that this was probably one of the hottest things he’d seen in a long time, he wouldn’t do anything that could harm you too badly.
If just so that he could convince you to do this again and not worry about you mentioning “that time you cut my cheek open” or “the time you almost split my tongue in half”.
It’s not like he has to fear you dying from your injuries if that does happen- you’ll just come back anyway.
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