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#Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey #1 is a mess of a comic steeped in stereotypes and 80s action cliches #comics #comicbooks

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With the Birds of Prey having a bit of a moment with a cult love of the recent movie release, you’d think DC Comics would be focused on capturing that wave with a comic that’s accessible, new reader-friendly, and most importantly. Instead, we get Birds of Prey #1, a one-shot comic that’s a part of the “adult” DC Black Label line of comics. It’s also a mess.

Written by Brian Azzarello, the…

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“Who would be a fan of Zsasz anyway?”

Me, hiding all my content, phones pictures, gifs and anything else Zsasz related under the rug: Yeah who would be? That’s craaazy!! Hahahah! Not me, that’s for sure. Absolutely not. My favorite is… cat…lady… hell yeah. Definitely not Zsasz. Nope. Definitely not that man-

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Just a bit of a Spoiler alert


Name: Helena Bertinelli (aka Huntress)

Age: 23

Occupation: vigilante


Crossbows, guns, knives, martial arts


At age 8, Helena’s life changed, surviving the massacre of her family, then being helping to escape still a live. She had been sent to one of the goon’s families, that was there during the mass shooting of the Bertinelli family. While with the family she had been sent to stay with, she was being trained in multiple skill, but the whole time there, she was also plotting revenge on the one that killed her family. After years of training she returned to Gotham, and put her plans of vengeance into action. It wasnt long after she returned, that she had started taking down the ones who wronged her family. For each one she killed, she x'ed off on a picture she had drew right after the massacre. happened.

Fc: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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