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#Bokuto Koutarou

A Haikyuu!! Rock Band AU

Pairing: -

Warning: violence, abuse, domestic abuse, alcohol

Word count: 1300


12. The Darkest Night

Kuroo didn’t sleep that night —he didn’t even try to. When he got home, a small and cozy apartment where he lived alone, he went to the fridge and opened a can of beer. And then another.

And then another.

Every time he finished one of them, he put the can on the floor and stepped on it, like Oikawa had done with the gas pedal —imagining the can as a reincarnation of Oikawa and trying to crush him.

He wouldn’t have left Akaashi’s building that night. He simply wouldn’t. But Oikawa’s pride had driven him away from Akaashi and Kuroo had the feeling that everything was wrong.

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👏🏻I👏🏻love👏🏻this👏🏻 ty sm for this request!! I hope you enjoy!! I had to write it twice bc tumblr didn’t save it I wanted to cry

Also is it just me but whenever I use the 👏🏻 emoji I immediately think of shiratorizawa’s chant, I’m sorry I’ll leave aksjajaoskak


— Sugawara Koushi

  • Suga asking you to prom would be so sweet
  • He wouldn’t do any huge gestures or anything
  • He’d take you some place quiet that you both loved
  • He’d brush a strand of hair out of your face and give you a soft smile before grabbing your hands in his
  • “Y/n I was wondering if you would wanna go to prom with me?”
  • “Suga we’re already together, you didn’t have to ask but of course I will!”
  • “Just wanted to double check sweetheart.”
  • And then he kisses your forehead 🥺
  • He’d show up at your house wearing  a two piece black suit and black tie
  • When he arrived you were still getting ready so he stayed in the living room and waited patiently while having a pleasant conversation with your parents 
  • They literally love him but how could you not??
  • “Alright I’m ready!”
  • As soon as you stepped out his jaw hit the floor
  • “Suga, baby, you’re gonna catch flies”
  • “Y/n you look stunning”
  • He cleared his throat and you giggled as he straightened himself up
  • As soon you two arrived at the dance he wrapped his arm around you protectively
  • When it comes to the slow dance, he holds you close against his chest while you rocks you both slowly to the music
  • When the song ends he kisses you before looking at you with a loving expression that could make you melt
  • He would definitely take pictures and polaroids with you and would upload them to his Instagram with the caption ‘my baby 🥺💕’
  • The night was absolutely amazing and neither of you would forget it

— Bokuto Koutarou


He’s so adorable I can’t

  • He would definitely hold up a sign that said something like ‘You’re the Oya to my Oya, wanna go to prom?’
  • And Akaashi’s just standing next to him the whole time like 😑
  • “Bokuto, baby, you didn’t have to ask me, we’re already together”
  • “I know but I need everyone to know we’re going to prom together so they don’t try and steal you from me”
  • He shows up to your place in a two piece navy blue suit with his tie slightly undone and his top two buttons undone
  • Snack town population: Bokuto
  • He’s just sitting in your living room and then you walk in
  • And he’s immediately shouting compliments at you
  • “So do you baby”
  • When you arrive at the dance he will have an arm around your waist and won’t leave your side
  • And if he sees anyone trying to make moves on you
  • He will definitely make you join in on the Macarena and the YMCA
  • You don’t have a choice
  • He is dragging you onto that dance floor
  • During the slow dance he has his arms around your waist while he looks at you with a soft smile and adoring eyes
  • “I love you so much, did I mention that?”
  • He’ll whisper into your ear before kissing the spot directly below it
  • When the dance is over he will take you to go get fast food
  • You two will just be vibin in his car while eating, blasting music and joking around
  • He definitely took so many pictures of you two together and he 100% uploaded snaps of you two vibin while blasting music onto his story
  • You both ended up star gazing inside his car when he turned to you and pulled you into a soft, loving kiss
  • The night was amazing. Periodt.
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Link to AO3:

It was Fukurodani’s farewell party for the third years and Bokuto still haven’t confessed his feelings for Akaashi. But, as Kuroo constantly reminded him, it was his last chance.
“Shut up and dance with me, Bokuto-san”

Words:476; Chapters:1/1; Language:English

Rating: General Audiences

Archive WarningCreator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Category: M/M

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Relationship: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou

Characters: Bokuto KoutarouAkaashi KeijiKuroo Tetsurou

Additional Tags: FluffTooth-Rotting FluffHigh SchoolPiningMutual Pining

Link to my AO3 profile:

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being friends with gym three squad

— so i actually ended up making a headcanon with this idea cs its too wholesome for me to ignore. so yeah here’s being in the same friend group with bokuto, akaashi, kuroo, tsukishima.

genre : crack ig, fluff, university au

disclaimer : i was watching a kdrama called hospital playlist and that’s the idea of how you all met came from so. 😗✌

  • akaashi and bokuto were invited to a party,
  • but they were today years old when they found out they didn’t do well with crowded places
  • so yea, they tried to escape but the host stopped them like 😐
  • “eh? its too early to go home. the night is still young! enjoy yourselves!”
  • cue akaashi screaming internally in the inside
  • cue bokuto screaming externally
  • akaashi : bokuto-san, i have a plan
  • bokuto : what is it akaashi?
  • akaashi : let’s hide somewhere for the rest of the night
  • so that’s how they ended up in a stockroom.
  • it wasn’t so bad honestly until someone opened the door.
  • it was a guy with a natural messy hair that spikes upwards due to his bed hair accompanied by a blond boy who wore glasses.
  • “…”
  • bokuto : akaashi … why are they here?
  • akaashi : probably because they’re like us, trying to hide from the party
  • “…”
  • stare
  • more staring
  • they all stared at each other in silence before the guy with bed hair spoke up
  • “can we come in …”
  • bokuto : woah, his voice is really nice … its like listening to a radio
  • stare
  • more staring
  • akaashi : sure, please come in.
  • the strangers went in and the pair sat down beside akaashi and bokuto
  • it was kind of cramped, but its better than dealing with the noisy people outside
  • bokuto : hello there! i’m bokuto koutarou and he’s akaashi keiji
  • he points at the black haired guy beside him.
  • bed hair guy : oh, i’m kuroo testsurou and this guy with the glasses is tsukishima kei
  • bokuto : cool
  • stare
  • more staring
  • tsukishima : isn’t it cramped here.
  • he breaks the silence, everyone’s attention suddenly turns towards him
  • kuroo : at least we’re only four here. deal with it.
  • cue someone opening the door
  • you : 👁👄👁
  • you : can i please come in?
  • you ask them politely
  • stare
  • more staring
  • all of them : yea … sure …
  • so you’re now all sitting down in the very cramped up space to tsukishima’s delight
  • you swear you could’ve heard him scoff
  • bokuto : hi, i’m bokuto koutarou and this is akaashi keiji
  • kuroo : i’m kuroo tetsurou and this is tsukishima kei
  • you : y/l/n y/n, nice to meet you
  • stare
  • more staring
  • you : ya’ll dry mfs ☹
  • tsukishima : your opinion is invalid
  • you : you’re invalid 🧚‍♀️✨
  • bokuto : GASP
  • kuroo : GASP
  • bokuto stares at kuroo
  • kuroo stares at bokuto
  • both of them : bro?
  • and that’s how bokuto and kuroo became best friends suddenly 😗✌
  • little by little, the room’s atmosphere became more welcoming due to bokuto’s antics and kuroo’s jokes
  • you : laughs
  • tsukishima : shut up midget
  • you : eXCUSE ME ?!?!
  • kuroo : can you both please be nice to each other
  • akaashi, suddenly : we’ll be stuck here for one more hour, please get along
  • bokuto asf : YEAH! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • you and tsukishima in sync : whatever
  • cue grumbling
  • suprisingly, you survived an hour with tsukishima
  • wait no, suprisingly he survived
  • bokuto : how about let’s take a photo! 🥺
  • you were supposed to say no but when you glanced at his face, his eyes looked so convincing
  • you, sighing : sure
  • the picture was taken by kuroo holding his phone out, akaashi and bokuto were behind him while you and tsukishima were trying not to eat each other’s faces up
  • and boy let me tell you
  • just when kuroo presses the button
  • the pole pushed you out of the frame and the picture went out with you blurry
  • you : WANT TO GET STRANGLED? (•̀o•́)ง
  • tsukishima : if you can reach my neck shortie ♡
  • before you can even literally jump on his ass, everyone pulled the both of you away from each other
  • akaashi : chill tf out pls, we can now leave this room and you don’t have to see each other’s faces anymore
  • bokuto : YEAH!!
  • kuroo : i’m hungry
  • cue your stomach growling at everyone
  • tsukishima : that was loud
  • you : shut up <3
  • kuroo : how about let’s go to mcdonald’s? there’s one near here
  • if kuroo’s there, tsukishima will also be there
  • bokuto : mcdonals?!?!? sign me up!?!?!
  • if bokuto’s there, akaashi will also be there
  • you : i’m going straight home 😗✌
  • akaashi : i thought you’re hungry though?
  • tsukishima : you’re literally going to go home while your stomach is growling
  • you send a glare to tsukishima
  • you : as if i’m going to go to mcdonald’s with a bunch of strangers at this hour
  • bokuto, visibly offended : we won’t do something bad to you !!!!!
  • kuroo : YEAH ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • tsukishima : are you dumb or what? did we do something to you for the past three hours we were stuck together?
  • you, quietly : no …
  • akaashi : so will you go with us?
  • you, even more quietly : fine. (pls don’t go out with random strangers)
  • so bOom suddenly you’re at a mcdonald’s
  • as you thought that your day won’t get even more unlucky
  • the whole world seemed to be against you
  • you : my wallet is missing … ☹
  • tsukishima, scoffing : i’ll pay for you.
  • you : woAH you’re not as bad as i thought! ☺
  • tsukishima : <please shut up3
  • anyways, after eating bokuto asked for your numbers cs he wants to meet you all again because ya’ll seem cool. 🥺
  • tsukishima gives his number to you hesitantly
  • you : don’t worry i won’t pull a prank on you
  • tsukishima : you better not or else you’re paying me back double
  • you : i’m supposed to pay you bACK?!?!
  • after that night you never heard from them for a week until someone made a group chat
  • bokuto : hi everyone! let’s meet up ☺🥺
  • everyone somehow agreed and the date was set to this weekend, so you have three days more before you meet them again
  • in the span of those three days, the group chat was always noisy thanks to kuroo and bokuto
  • bokuto’s always spamming the gc with his dad jokes that he found in the internet
  • kuroo sends tiktoks he find hilarious
  • tsukishima almost never replies unless if you call him out
  • akaashi …
  • oftens kills the chat
  • but its ok, he’s still pretty
  • so saturday rolls around and you’re going to watch a movie with them
  • tsukishima : pay up bitch
  • you ended up paying for tsukishima’s ticket cs you were always kind duh 🥰
  • after the movie, kuroo invites ya’ll to go to the skating rink and …
  • tsukishima never goes to the center, he’s always holding unto the rink’s sides
  • kuroo’s using the penguin aid and he never lets go of it
  • bokuto slips every five seconds
  • akaashi slips with bokuto every five seconds
  • you’re sitting on the ground cs you can’t get up
  • ya’ll were so noisy that everyone was 👁👄👁
  • you all would just stare at a kid who skates around ya’ll
  • kuroo, under his breath : showoff
  • once you got out, you knew your butt would be bruised along with bokuto’s and akaashi’s
  • kuroo scolded tsukishima
  • kuroo : you wasted your money!!!! you didn’t get the whole experience!!!
  • tsukishima : i didn’t pay to fall to the ground every second.
  • that shut kuroo up
  • everyone enjoyed, you all planned to meet up soon too
  • that was until you saw each other at the campus
  • “oH you go here too?”
  • tsukishima : y/n, you study !?!?!
  • everyone ended up spending time together everyday and everyone got so close
  • you all were inseperable uwu
  • yeah. magically, you were able to put up with tsukishima
  • he became seeing you as one of his friends now
  • ever since you let him listen to your playlist 💅
  • you became closer to kuroo bcs you willingly styled his hair 😌
  • akaashi and you were attached to the hip cs you were the only one who keeps his sanity in check
  • bokuto adores you sm because when everyone else was against him, you’d side him cs who can reject those eyes? 🥺
  • from then on, you did things together
  • you spent valentines together pls
  • like one time, ya’ll went to the one place where it was a famous place for couples to visit whenever its valentines
  • ya’ll just sate there and watch the couples and then judge them
  • “these two are the power couples”
  • “these two are dating in secret”
  • “that couple over there will break up soon”
  • “you see that? they only stay together because their family liked each other”
  • every april fool’s you have this kind of thing where you all put your name into different pieces of paper and then you’ll pick and whoever you got, you’ll be pranking them
  • one time bokuto got himself, you were all about to do the picking again but he was like,
  • bokuto : i can do this don’t worry!
  • everyone was like : ??
  • akaashi : please don’t mind him
  • so on april fool’s he literally tried to prank himself
  • it worked tho??
  • no one knows how
  • akaashi has the same pranks all over and over again
  • like the first april fool’s he did the oreo and toothpaste thing
  • it worked on you
  • but he did it again the following year
  • but still worked on kuroo and TSUKISHIMA
  • akaashi : i’ll be doing this until you won’t get fooled by it anymore
  • mother’s day rolled around and
  • THESE BOYS literally gave you a kid’s diaper, powedered milk, a onesie for a baby AND your very own mug with ‘world’s best mom’ written on it
  • its ok tho, you’ll get your revenge during father’s day
  • and then called them dad for a whole day
  • halloween will soon follow and,,
  • everyone dressed up as scooby doo
  • tsukishima was scooby, akaashi was daphne, bokuto was fred, you were velma and kuroo was shaggy
  • akaashi was so pretty omg
  • everyone simped for him that night
  • suddenly, you woke up
  • tsukishima was busy due to his part time job, he took his co worker’s shift frequently so you all decided to pay him a visit at the cafe
  • everything was cool and chill until you saw him outside of the cafe giving out free tastes
  • while wearing A SANTA COSTUME
  • you took a picture (maybe 20 but we won’t talk about that)
  • and you finally have the upper hand between the two of you now
  • congrats
  • you all went up to him like
  • “santa can i take a picture with you”
  • “santa can i tell you what i want for this christmas”
  • tsukishima : can you all piss off.
  • this was totally one of the bad day tsukishima had.
  • fast forward to new year’s eve, you all planned to have a sleepover at kuroo’s and let me tell you
  • akaashi : its ok, at least we got to start the year with sleep. who knows, we’ll probably get more sleep this year
  • and that’s on being sleep deprived college students 😗💅
  • to wrap it up
  • your friend group will be the most balanced group out there
  • you have the trouble makers
  • you have the mom of the group
  • you have the one who keeps any conversation going
  • and you have one that will make sure everyone’s heads aren’t above the clouds
  • please tell me where i can get these type of friends tysm
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Pairing: Bokuto Koutarou x Akaashi Keiji (BokuAka)

Word count: 2020

Reading time: 6 min 42 sec

Summary: Akaashi questions his place in Bokuto’s life. He’s not his setter anymore so he felt as if he was reduced to just his fan, not his lover. But Bokuto makes him understand that no matter what, he’s always his favorite person.

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part 9 : villian king kenma

🕹 boo, you whore

⤿ the first words your soulmate says to you appears on your wrist from birth. In (Y/N)’s case, she never expected to find hers through a twitch stream, especially when the streamer is someone she hates. 

tag list : @pooofthechicken@kokogxddess@chao01248@th3maraud3rsmap@sunbeamwrites@blackheartedspider@naughtylittleweeb@thinksshesawolf@liliesoftherainmain@reject-tinkerbell@wthyuta@beanst0ck@deadlordsupreme@maya-ngpirit@astrrnmy@yeet-these-hoez@febvrury@heavenini@fait-de-fleurs@loveydoveythot@angelynmay@saddyissuez@icythotsenpai@shoutsukii@sakusakymi@iikiag@ladymartiini@steggy4ever@pyblos@a-simp-for-haikyuu@krxstynnn@beastboypng@breaking-ur-kneecaps@satomiis@pxnkseason@mx-minxx@marvel-snowbaz@kozume-applepi@floradaisez@littleblackpheonix@akaasht • @nekomas-no1simp • @onedollarduck@i-bitch-you-bitch@prettysetter@peachyycherub@yougivemebutterfliess@om-ly@where-are-the-avacadoss@yqshirov@sophiawithstars

continuation in replies

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Little Sunshine
by seijohstar

Hinata Shouyou is the son of a newly wealthy couple. Family friends Bokuto Kotarou, Akaashi Keiji, Kenma Kozume, and Kuroo Tetsurou find themselves often taking care of him when his parents are away. And Hinata? Well, here’s the epitome of an angel child, and the Tokyo Gang couldn’t be happier to watch him grow before their very eyes.

Or: a collection of stories from Hinata’s life living with four (metaphorical) big brothers.

Words: 1483, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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uwu this is super cute!! (I cannot sing, but I do it anyway lmao)



  • You spent the night with Ushijima for the first time. When he gets up for his morning jog, even though he tries really hard not to disturb you, it still wakes you up. “I’m just going for a run,” he whispers in his rough morning voice, “I’ll be back in an hour. Go back to sleep.” Then he presses a soft little kiss to your forehead uwu
  • You relax for a little but you don’t really fall back asleep, so you eventually decide to just get up and have a shower and make some breakfast for when he gets back
  • When he gets back from his run, you’re in the middle of making breakfast, so you don’t realize he’s back right away - you’re singing to yourself as you stand at the stove
  • He just sort of stops in the kitchen doorway and listens. He’s never heard you sing before, and it’s beautiful. He gets a little caught up in it and doesn’t really realize how long he’s been standing there until you turn around, catch sight of him, and let out a little squeak
  • “Sorry,” He smiles almost bashfully, reaching for the back of his neck, “I didn’t mean to scare you. You’re making breakfast?”
  • “Yeah,” You nod, hoping that maybe he didn’t hear you singing after all? “I thought you’d probably be hungry,” You shrug, “Is that okay?”
  • “Of course,” He says. It might not be obvious, but he is SO SOFT right now. “Is there time for me to get a quick shower?” You nod with a smile and turn back to the stove as he heads off to shower, and you can’t help but pick up the tune you’d been singing, humming to yourself this time.
  • He gets back to the kitchen just as you set the table. He comes to give you a quick peck, and just as he pulls away, he lifts his hand and his fingers graze across your cheek.
  • “Your singing is beautiful,” he says suddenly, and you freeze, feeling your cheeks getting warm. “You should do it more often.” Something about the look on his face makes you nod. “Okay,” You laugh softly. Maybe it’s your imagination, but it looks like his smile gets a little bit bigger.


  • You and Kuroo have everything packed into his car for your beach trip. It’s the first time you’re going on vacation together, and the weather is perfect. You couldn’t be happier.
  • “You ready?” He grins at you from the driver’s seat, and you can’t help but smile back, sliding your sunglasses into place. “Yup!” You can’t help but smile back, stretching your legs out as you sink into the seat. He cranks the radio and puts the windows down, and you’re off.
  • When a familiar song comes on the radio, you can’t help it - you sing along, not very loudly, and you figure the wind through the windows is enough to drown out the sound. 
  • The car comes to a stop at a stop light, and you realize he’s looking at you. The sound trails off on your lips, and you glance over at him. He has a goofy little grin on his face.
  • “Wow, I didn’t know you could sing like that,” He says, and you look down at your lap, suddenly embarrassed. “Ah, sorry.” You chuckle.
  • “Don’t apologize!” He reaches across the console and grabs your hand, “Sing as loud as you want.” He pauses, giving your hand a squeeze. “I could listen to it all day,” He adds, looking back to the road before you can fully look him in the eye.
  • “Really?” You ask softly, covering your smile with your fingers. “’Course.” He glances at you once more, a tender look that makes your insides go soft.
  • By the time you get to your destination, you’re both singing along to the radio at the top of your lungs.


  • You and Bokuto just spent the day at an amusement park, and you jumped in the shower before settling in to watch a movie. Bokuto is just kinda chilling on the couch, but then he thinks he hears something.
  • He can’t help his curiosity so he gets up and follows the sound until he’s right outside the bathroom door - he can’t quite make it out, but it sounds like you’re singing. And he’s just kind of standing there frozen because it’s so fricking cute?
  • Then soon the water turns off and he can hear you even more clearly, and he’s kinda shocked because you’re actually a really good singer? Like your voice sounds kind of like an angel and he just wants to listen to it forever.
  • He doesn’t even think about how creepy it is to be standing outside the bathroom door while you’re in there. And that’s exactly where he’s standing when you open the door, so close that you almost collide with him.
  • “I’m sorry,” he blurts out, “I just heard you singing and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard, but I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.” Oh. Well, now you’re super flustered because he definitely wasn’t supposed to hear that.
  • “You heard that?” You kind of want the ground to swallow you up. “I’m sorry!” He apologizes again, “But it was amazing! So amazing! I’ve never heard anyone sing like that before.”
  • You laugh. “You don’t have to say all that,” you grab his hand and practically drag him back to the living room, “Let’s just watch the movie, okay?” The movie just started when he leans in closer, his arm already around you. “I meant it, though. Would you sing for me sometime?” He’s so sincere you can’t help but smile.
  • “Yeah, I guess I could do that,” You say softly, and he immediately presses a kiss to your cheek.
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THIS HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE UGH I was just walking around the courtyard when a stray volleyball suddenly slammed into my head :’( I fell onto the ground and broke my glasses, it sucked so much aaa

-`,✎ Kuroo, Bokuto and Oikawa’s reaction to you fainting after getting hit by their serves


Originally posted by houseofkarasuno

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • He could feel his heart literally drop at the sight of you stumbling after the ball made contact with your head
  • He acts on instinct and is immediately kneeling by your side despite being on the other end of the gym
  • When you don’t respond at first the tears were literally about to spill right then and there but you start stirring after a few seconds
  • He probably seems like the calmest out of the three but he’s internally on complete panic mode right now
  • He tries to keep his composure mostly for you and his screaming club members
  • He’s actually researched a lot about this after getting into volleyball because he knows how dangerous the sport can get im still convinced that he’s a doctor now, fite me
  • He immediately rushes you to the infirmary, holding you up despite saying you could walk
  • His immediate concern is the possibility of you having a concussion but the school nurse reassures you and your worrisome boyfriend plus the team who are hovering by the infirmary entrance that you were fine
  • Kuroo immediately leaves practice early and takes you home after that, holding your hand the entire time
  • He’d be watching you worriedly out of the corner of his eye as you walked home in case you stumbled or showed signs of dizziness
  • Once you were home he’d immediately tuck you into bed, place a cold compress on the bump on your head and basically become your personal nurse
  • You’d say it’s unnecessary but he’d insist
  • Only when you two were alone would he open up about the fear he felt when you fainted, he’d be hugging you the entire time, tears prickling in his eyes as he’s apologizing profusely
  • “What if I hurt you? I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.”

Originally posted by mulhollandglow

Oikawa Tooru

  • He literally saw the whole scene unfold in slow motion when the ball started veering in your direction instead of his intended target, iwa-chan the water bottles laid across the court
  • He was already running towards you before you fell onto the ground
  • He’d be paralyzed with fear as he held your motionless body in his arms but you started stirring after a few seconds of frantically calling your name
  • When you started responding, that’s when his tears began trailing down his cheeks, both out of relief and concern
  • He hates crying in front of people like this but his overwhelming guilt and worry was too much
  • He brings you to the infirmary immediately, knowing full well how powerful his serves are
  • He’d have to momentarily leave the infirmary while the nurse was checking you for signs of a concussion because he just felt so guilty
  • He’d cry quietly in the hallway, blaming his supposed lack of skill and carelessness, as Iwaizumi would comfort him telling him that it wasn’t his fault
  • When you walk out before Oikawa could go back to the, telling them that you were completely fine and Oikawa would immediately wrap you in his arms and bury his face in your hair as he muttered apology after apology
  • He’d actually do this as well to hide his face because he doesn’t want you to see him crying and because he thinks his crying face is ugly
  • “Promise you won’t ever scare me like that again, please.”
  • Even after informing him that the nurse said you were fine, he’d still continue asking “Are you okay?” every five minutes
  • He’d cut practice short for the day and spend the rest of the day with you
  • The whole time he’d be with you, he’d be watching you like a hawk
  • If you so much as close your eyes for a second bit too long he’d immediately ask if you were dizzy or had a headache, his phone already in his hand ready to call for an ambulance
  • On the way home, he’d buy you all sorts of snacks and food, an unspoken token of apology
  • He would try banning you from the gym during practice but you never listened
  • Whenever you did come by to watch or visit, Oikawa would be so wary he wouldn’t be able to focus on the actual game
  • “You’re not getting hurt again, not on my watch.”

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Bokuto Koutarou

  • Chaos, pure unadulterated chaos
  • He’d be by your side in a split second, screaming and panicking
  • Why weren’t you moving? Did he kill you?
  • He’d be sobbing fat tears, as he tried to coax you awake
  • When you opened your eyes, Bokuto would be so overwhelmed with relief that he’d just start sobbing even more as he pulled you closer to his chest
  • Akaashi, composed and ready as usual tho he’s panicking too ngl, was the one who told Bokuto to bring you to the infirmary
  • This brought him to his senses mostly and he’d carry you bridal style to the clinic
  • The nurse would be so confused at the sight of a sobbing Bokuto bursting into the room with you, sheepishly smiling at her, in his arms
  • Asides from that everyone in the team came with you two, both in concern for you and to emotionally support their captain 
  • Even after the nurse informed everyone that you were fine, Bokuto would still be distraught
  • He’d fall into his worst case of dejection mode yet, just knowing that he put you in harms way tore away at his heart
  • Even Akaashi, the unofficial Bokuto wrangler, didn’t know what to do
  • He’d cling onto you for the rest of the day, not daring to leave your side and always having some form of skin to skin contact
  • He wasn’t sobbing anymore but he was still sniffling and tearing up sometimes
  • If he apologized one more time you were probably going to duct tape his mouth shut
  • He ends up sleeping over at your place that night because he couldn’t bear leaving you
  • He cuddles into you the whole night, he’s kind of like a wounded puppy, you have to comfort him the whole time, constantly reassuring him that you’re fine and that it wasn’t his fault
  • It would take him a few more days to get back on his groove in regards to volleyball. He just keeps worrying he’ll hurt someone during practice 
  • But with your and the team’s unwavering support he bounces back like the ball colliding on your head to his usual self in no time
  • You thought he got over the incident until he gave you a bicycle helmet on the day of one of his matches
  • “Just in case! What if the ball flies up and hits you in the stands?” 
  • “Babe, no—”
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Akaashi Keiji x Reader x Atsumu Miya

✧ Summary: Childhood friends with Atsumu Miya, you followed your crazy friend’s antics from high school to pro-league, taking up the job as manager for the Division 1 Black Jackals. The team welcomed you in immediately, but you were slowly developing eyes for a distant friend.

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