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insect-empire4 minutes ago
Background Art Archive~
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Corner Office
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insect-empire24 minutes ago
Background Art Archive~
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witchofimagination2 days ago
I've been looking for someone who has on open inbox and thank heavens I found you. Can you write for an MC who is the eldest of 6 siblings?
No problem. Thx for your ask ^.^
Mammon and Asmodeus: MC, Lucifer is not going to be home from 3 days, which means we can party all night. Wanna join us partying?
MC: How long until you reach your exam period?
Mammon and Asmodeus: A week.
MC: So go to study. If you don't try your very best, you two will have to deal with me and Lucifer.
Mammon and Asmo: Pleasssssseeeee
MC: Your puppy dog eyes is not going to work. How about this, if you guys try your best and got a better result than last time, I will convince Lucifer to host a mini party in House of Lamentation.
Mammon and Asmo: YAY!!
Mammon and Asmo: *dancing in victory
MC: So go and study now or not I will ground you and you don't have to think anything about partying anymore. Am I clear?
Mammon and Asmo: *immediately go to study seriously.
After 3 days
Lucifer: Thanks, MC for making sure House of Lamentation is still intact.
MC: You're welcome. I know how hard it feels like to have 6 siblings.
Lucifer: Yeah, they completely drain your energy but you still love them.
MC: Yup, it seems like we have a soft spot for our siblings.
Lucifer: Unfortunately.
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witchofimagination2 days ago
MC that is a therapist
MC after all the demon form stuff called all the brothers.
MC: I know you guys are wondering about why do I call you guys here.
The brothers: Yup.
MC: I've decided to do a free therapy session with each and everyone of you. All of you really need help on your mental health.
Lucifer: I don't need it.
MC: Too late, I've already told Lord Diavolo about it and he agreed.
Lucifer: *shocked and horrified face
MC: So, we will go according to your ranking. Monday for Lucifer, Tuesday for Mammon, Wednesday for Levi, Thursday for Satan, Friday for Asmo, Saturday for Beel and Sunday for Belphie. If you don't come here I will personally go and drag your lazy self here. Am I clear?
The brothers: Yeahhhhhhhh
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onefangirltoomany3 days ago
Imagine This:
Devildom food is almost inedible to humans. Like it's not good At All. It's way too intense for human taste buds and most meals end with a numb tongue at the very best. Death at the very worst.
Human food on the other hand is considered really bland in comparison.
Where am I going with this? Solomon's cooking isn't terrible (it isn't great either) but because demons, angels, have different tastes they all hate it
(I know this is not canon but like it's so funny to me. The boys cowering in the corner, watching in horror as you eat Solomon's food.... and like it)
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obeymekookie4 days ago
Lucifer : MC, I am MOST peacefully asking you once again to NOT get involved in ANY of Mammon's schemes.
MC : I can't hear you, I must keep Mammon safe no matter what.
Lucifer : He's an adult. *frowns*
MC : If you keep that frown you'll get really bad wrinkles again
Lucifer : *frowns even deeper*
MC : At least I warned you.
Also MC : *runs away*
Lucifer : That annoying little sheep. They can't even properly run away with their hooves.
MC : I heard that.
Lucifer : ?!
Lucifer : I thought you left.
MC : I am once again back to propose to you.
Lucifer : How many times do I have to tell you to stop?!
MC : *wiggles eyebrows* I love you too much.
Lucifer : Get out.
Lucifer : Throughout my whole life I never thought I'd be dealing with such an annoying creature.
MC : I love how quickly we start talking~~
Lucifer : you have 20 minutes to pack your bags and move to purgatory hall.
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insect-empire4 days ago
Background Art Archive~
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Castle Hallway
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obeymekookie4 days ago
Diavolo : MC, thank you for coming here. I just wanted to tell you how I feel about you, I like鈥
Mammon : Too bad. That's my human!
Levi : Yep yep, OUR human.
Satan : We're not sharing.
Asmo : Anything but not MY MC.
Beel : I'm not willing to share MC either, unless it's with Belphie.
Belphie : Same as Beel. So you can all fuck of鈥
Lucifer : What is the meaning of this? MC isn't even here. *frowns*
Simeon : Indeed,,, however since we all have feelings for MC...i suppose we should discuss.
Solomon : Yeah...
Barbatos : *nods*
Mammon Blphie and Levi: YOU WHAT?!
Asmo : *gasps*
Lucifer : *glares at everyone*
Luke : MC is a good person so it's okay to like them!
Simeon : Luke, Not like that... We Like MC in a romantic way.
Luke : Ah?! So like a date?!
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insect-empire5 days ago
Background Art Archive~
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Caf茅 Lament
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aprilfricknblue6 days ago
Shameless self promo~
Who knows how many years later, when it鈥檚 decided for another exchange program to commence. The last ending horribly wrong, even more is trying to stop it from beginning again. When is enough, enough? Through all the pain and anguish, is it worth all the trouble鈥 To go through it again?
Join April and May, through their devastating journey into the devildom. With 7 entities completely against them, is it possible to survive? A mistake that a past exchange student made, affecting every step of the way.
More mysteries, tears, bloodshed, and legends, and well鈥 conquincidences unveiled. Rage can truly blind you. But is it possible to remove even your sense of 鈥渉umanity鈥.
Is the good truly good? Is the bad, truly bad? Who knows. Your knowledge of demon lore may come in handy. Or not.
Screw the rules. Pacts, royalty, strength, emotion, and logic. A force to be reckoned with. Who cares what everyone thinks?
Welcome to the Devildom鈥 I guess.
Hey, I鈥檓 April, and you just read the intro/ summary of my Obey Me fanfic, DEVASTATION.
Please, if you liked what you read, check out chapter 1, In currently working on Chapter 2 and it will be out soon~ Also, thanks for your time~!!
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insect-empire6 days ago
Background Art Archive~
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Canine's Cave
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insect-empire7 days ago
Background Art Archive~
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Underground Tomb
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insect-empire8 days ago
Background Art Archive~
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RAD Colosseum
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number-0-iz8 days ago
Okay so I downloaded Obey Me! And I started playing it and
Tumblr media
why is it stretched like that? It's a bit confusing lol
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insect-empire9 days ago
Background Art Archive~
Tumblr media
Moonlit Forest Path
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witchofimagination9 days ago
Runner MC 2
After the events
MC: I feel really energetic and I want to run again.
Levi who is panting: H-how d-d-did y-ou run t-t-t-his fast with-o-out getting t-t-tired?
MC: I trained every week with Beel together on running and other excercises.
Asmo: How did you suffer through the pain of standing under the hot sun and the risk of having sunburns?
MC: Do I look like I care? No, I think the biggest joy of life is running and exercising. Right, Beel?
Beel: Yup, another good thing is you can stuff yourself with food after exercising without any limits.
MC: Yup, except the stuff the food down without any limits.
Levi and Asmo: Whyyyyyyy nobody believe in staying indoor/avoid the sun is a good idea?
Levi and Asmo again: *crying sound intensify
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obeymekookie9 days ago
Obey Me! And what subjects or classes they might have at RAD.
Devildom History.
Angel History.
Seductive Speech.
Human History.
Devildom Laws.
Human psychology.
Healing potions, Youth Potions, etc.
Spells, Hexes.
Angel, Demon and, Human anatomy.
sex education.
How to possess humans and capture souls.
How pacts work, how to make a pact, etc.
Summoning rituals.
How to open and close portals.
Devildom's economy.
Ancient demon writings.
Diavolo has added a whole class on gardening.
666 historical torture methods.
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obeymekookie10 days ago
Obey Me! MC has turned into a baby
Almost has an anxiety attack right there right now. What does he do?! Stares at the baby lying in a crib as if it's an alien. Well... It's not from the devildom so it technically is kind of an alien, right? ANYWAYS! "Aww ya so cute..."
Pokes MC's cheeks. Why are they so soft? "Do'y even workout? Look at what big cheeks you got". Gushes at MC. Causing MC to eventually cry because of how much he's poking them. Now poor Mammon is in panic mode. He'll yell out an "AGH!!! THE GREAT MAMMON COMMANDS YOU NOT TO CRY! DON'T CRY!! STOP CRYIN!!!". Poor Mammon, He doesn't remember how long it's been since he's taken care of a baby so He'll try picking MC up, Placing his hand behind their head and his other behind their back as he picks them up "Aaah, Don't cry! Look, Mammon is here!" Well it doesn't work, they keep crying.
Mammon will start rocking back and forth with MC. Eventually, they stop crying but grab his hair and cheek. "Ow! Are ya tryin to make me go bald?!". Eventually gets a hang of how to make MC stop crying. Just lets them pull his hair or pull on his cheek. Now the feeding... Feeding MC is kind of a mess... MC refuses to eat if Mammon is feeding them so Mammon just gives MC's baby food to Beel. Surprisingly Beel is going to go buy MC baby food because according to him "It's tasteless, I'll buy them something good."
There's a lot that happens while Mammon is taking care of MC.
Mammon will make MC smile or giggle when he's imitating everyone around him. He'll also try playing cards with MC but MC ended up nibbling on their cards. Clearly, he can't play cards with them.
"Alright listen, since you're so tiny ya gon be able to sneak in Lucifer's room and into his wardrobe! Take anything you can, his shirts, socks, pants, underwear, whatever ya can find! He's got a hell lotta people who admire him so they'll pay a loot!~". Mission failed because all MC did was crawl and didn't even understand what Mammon said. Next, he takes MC so they steal one of Levi's figurines. He put Levi's figurine... In MC's聽diaper...
Mammon then goes bet Levi's figurine... But first ew, MC why haven't you changed your own diapers?!... Alright, looks like he'll have to change their diaper and clean the figurine he stole from Levi.
Dramatically changes MC's diaper as if he's trying to stop a bomb that's about to explode any second. Now that that's done, He goes to the casino with MC!
Long story short, Mammon lost what he did and Lucifer found him, Levi is furious and Beel is now in charge of taking care of MC.
"This is why we never let you take care of Lilith when she was a baby."
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obeymekookie10 days ago
Obey Me! Battles, Who would win?
Avatar of Pride.
The eldest demon out of his brothers.
A grown-ass man with a son.
Powerful Demon.
Someone who can destroy 8 or more worlds in 2 minutes of anger.
A demon whom everyone fears.
A sadist.
A very malicious man.
The man who knows 3000 years' worth of curses and all kinds of spells.
Goddamn Lucifer Morningstar.
The guy who started the Great Celestial War.
The man who LITERALLY rebelled against God himself.
Lucifer who knows how to burn someone in the blink of an eye.
Lucifer who can make someone perish.
The man who's literally a ruler in hell.
This guy whom knows all kinds of black magic and is still studying a lot about magic, potions, etc. At RAD.
A sheep.
A REALLY fluffy sheep.
Calculating results...
MC has won.
#obey me battles
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