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#one day at a time

05.06.20//CPA update

Still no discharge date. Next review in 6 weeks time.
Feeling trapped and tired. and sad. and lonely.

Although I must have to say that I do feel a little more heard than I have been in the past. At least this consultant is actually a real human being and takes time for everyone and actually seems to care about the person not just turning over beds…There were many difficult discussions, especially around weights, but I am trying to not think too far ahead/too much as I find it all a bit too overwhelming at the moment. Things are tough and messy and hard but I am still here holding on and things are slowly shifting.
One day at a time.

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Since my blog is nowhere near big enough, I’d like people to spread this idea I have:

I know some blogs are doing commissioned art and gif packs to donate to BLM cause. What about the writers in the fandom? Why don’t we open our asks and such to paid prompts with the purpose to donate the money to the BLM organizations and such?

I also don’t know how all that works (paypal donations etc) so, please, if you guys want to do that, do it! 

If you like this idea, please spread the word. Let’s help doing what we enjoy the most - creating content, making art.

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Hey everyone, for those of you who have been following me for a while now, you probably know that I left a very bad and unhealthy work environment in January of this year before all hell broke with the pandemic. I’ve been working on my teacher certification and it looks like I have some interviews lined up for the 20-21 academic year, including one at my old high school.  :)

So thank you to everyone for your support, well-wishes, help with teacher-related questions, and just being amazing human beings. Even if you’re not tagged below please be assured that I have read every single comment, even if I’m not able to respond to every one individually. 

I’ll keep you guys updated as to the job search, but if I don’t post as often on this site it’s only because I’m busy with the job hunt. And don’t worry, I plan to continue working on my fics as well. Thanks again!










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Anorexia is like a terrorist; it’s only intent is to cause harm and suffering. It scopes out the most unsuspecting victim, and takes the body over, demanding that it gets what it wants. The only problem is, anorexia doesn’t want your money or your bank number. Its sole purpose is to ravage the body and minds of its victims until they wither away. It manipulates you so that you think its your friend, and by the time you realize there’s been a gun at your head the whole time, the trigger has already been pulled.

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had a long to do list that I wrote out in my planner yesterday and didn’t get anything done so it made me sad, but its okay. its okay to have off days. I just need to keep telling myself that

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Because we get so much content during festa I always remember how I felt during the other festa’s. What was going on in my life and how I was feeling. I remember 2019 festa being the festa I did while I actually saw bts in concert and I remember 2018 festa being the festa that I did after a difficult break up and I remember 2017 festa being the festa that I did being SO EXCITED ABOUT FESTA and I remember 2016 festa being the festa when I was still low key confused about what was going on but happily enjoying the increase of content without knowing why it was there. It’s kinda cool to see all the shit that happened in my life but how bts are just this pillar that I can lean on through everything and that has been there for such a long time. I find festa is such a comforting time, it almost feels like an official holiday to me. I’m not feeling great in my personal live at the moment and that does take away some of the excitement I would normally feel but it’s still so nice to have cute bts songs and video’s and pictures. I just love that we have this little celebration together and every year I just feel more grateful that I have the boys in my life.

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4 months. I made it to 120 days, a little more than that now. But none the less,bi did it! It’s so much further than I ever expected to be. It’s still a struggle but I’m doing it and that’s what’s important. I’m hoping meetings open back up in my area soon, doing it has been worth it but doing it alone is fucking hard.

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canon queer women of tv part eight/who knows // previous part

kya - the legend of korra // emily fitch and naomi campbell - skins // dorothy gale and ruby lucas - once upon a time // tara chambler - the walking dead // anne garcia - santa clarita diet // clarke griffin and lexa - the 100 // pearl and bismuth - steven universe // toshiko sato - torchwood // dani - one day at a time // perfuma and scorpia - she-ra and the princesses of power

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