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#sad boi hours

Tagged by @generousbananaduckdiplomat ❤️❤️❤️

Rules: using only song titles from on artist cleverly answer the question and tag ten people (but Idk ten people so…ignore that shit)

I’ll go with my basic bitch love ARIANA GRANDE (don’t come for me I’ve been a fan for soooo long)

What’s your gender?

God is a woman/Dangerous Woman (I couldn’t pick)

How are you feeling?

Better left unsaid

Favorite mode of transportation?

Goodnight and go?

If you could go anywhere?

Honeymoon Avenue

Your best friend is?

Greedy/(I’m) Better Off (I love her but I’m PISSED OK)

Favorite time of day?

Goodnight and go

If your life was a TV show?


Relationship status?

Why Try


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there once a boy I knew very well,

he was naive and full of sunlight-

but the coast came crashing in,

waves carried him somewhere

treacherous and cold. downward

he plundered; I never thought I’d see

him again. yet his smile calls to me;

on the coast looking into

those waves, crashing on the shore,

they yell to me in whispers.

the moon shines down casting

shadows around me and him;

me and my past self

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It’s 3am and I can’t sleep

I wish I could

I’d rather be asleep than crying in the dark over a relationship that feels like it’s ending the exact same way the last one did

with her not texting me back and me crying in the dark

Except it’s probably not even ending

I’m probably just overthinking

I probably just need to go to sleep and I’ll feel better in the morning

But it’s 3:01 and I still can’t sleep

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Fuck you. I fucking hate you. I hate you so much. I hate that I imagine being with you one second in love then I see you with another option and I hate you. Am I a second option? Am I fucking backup plan? I’m not a fucking back up plan. You can’t copy and paste me into another bitch. I’m #1 always. Fuck you. I fucking hate you.

@ Your sorry ass,

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The numbers must go down

So my self esteem can come up

I want love but can’t give it to myself with the body I’m in





As I weigh myself almost every day I see the numbers go down

The progress almost takes the pain of starvation away

Don’t eat this

Don’t do that

My mind is playing tricks on me

Clothes that fit right suffocate me

Clothes that are too big fit just right to me

Just skip one meal more

Just purge one day more

Just lose one pound more

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