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#forbidden romance between a werewolf and a human anyone
skylessnights · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers. Starts so soft and sweet, and turns them to hunters.
⤷ buddie + halloween (3/?)
A series celebrating the days leading up to Halloween by creating spooky/fantastical themed AUs centred around Buck and Eddie.
AN: I got inspired by this insane Werewolf!Eddie moodboad created by @monsterfuckerdiaz  😍
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empyreanwritings · 5 days ago
i'm gonna be extremely cliche and request a drabble about werewolf bucky (i like my woofy boys, what can i say) but with a twist... what if his pack is also bikers and he has a secret and sort of forbidden romance with reader, who is not only human, but also a member of a rival biker club?
Warnings: mentions of harm and rivalries
A/N: i ended up writing so much more for this than i planned but god i loved this request so much aldskfjldsk
"If you're going to sleep around with our enemy, you probably shouldn't leave her bike in the driveway."
Steve's voice startles you and Bucky awake. You quickly pull the sheet up to cover your naked chest, which only makes Steve roll his eyes. As if you were suddenly the type to be modest? He doesn't believe it.
"What the hell, Steve," Bucky groans and rubs at his eyes. Sleep is still heavy in his voice, but you're wide awake and trying to pull yourself together next to him.
"We need to talk. Now."
He isn't happy by your presence in Bucky's home. He thought Bucky's fling with you would be just that - a fling. The first time he smelled you on Bucky's clothes, he thought it was a joke. Surely the vice president of the club would show more discretion. But then your scent was nearly on everything Bucky owned for almost four months now, and it couldn't be ignored.
"Anything you gotta say to me, you can say in front of us both," Bucky grumbles. He's in no mood to hear Steve's lectures.
You look between the both of them, slowly inching back towards your boyfriend's side. His warmth is practically radiating off him, and it's the only comfort you feel right now after being so exposed in front of Steve. He reaches down and gently squeezes your thigh, offering you a smile to ease your heart rate.
It seems to do the opposite, though.
Steve runs his hands over his face. "Fine. Let's put the rival thing aside for now, she's human, Buck. It's only a matter of time before she walks in on the wrong full moon, and you hurt her."
"You know something about that, Steve?" You bite back at him, and it earns you a small tap to the inside of your thigh. You suck in your cheeks, mumbling a half-assed apology to appease the two wolves.
"I'm not going to hurt her," Bucky replies after a moment. "We both know the risk, but we also know how to be careful."
"Humans know how to be careful?
You glare at Steve, and he glares right back at you. You have a feeling that despite what he says, this is about the rivalry. Your clubs had never gotten along before, and they won't pretend like everything was fine just because you and Bucky were together now.
Bucky sighs and throws the blanket over your head to end the stupid staring match between you. You manage to laugh about it, but Steve continues glaring. He doesn't find any humor in the situation. He just wishes Bucky would understand the risks.
"Listen, pal, I know this is risky. I get your concern but," Bucky pulls the blanket off your head just so he can smile over at you, "I've never felt this way about anyone. Not even that wolf girl you and Sam tried to get me with in our college years."
"But she's-"
"A human - and our rival. I know. I'll figure everything out, but I need your support, okay? It's not gonna be easy tellin' everyone if I don't have your support."
Steve glances over at you, and you try to offer him a small smile. You don't care whether or not he approves, but you know how important it is to Bucky. Packs always need to stay together, and you refuse to be the one to tear them apart. So, if you have to make nice, then you'll do so for Bucky.
"If anything goes wrong, I'll be the first to say I told you so," he relents before making his dramatic exit.
You snort. "Well, that went better than we thought, huh?"
Bucky wraps his arm around your neck and pulls you against his side, pressing several kisses to the top of your head. "We'll work on it."
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alyssalenko · 6 months ago
Fic Flashback Friday
Tagged by @starsandskies @shretl @cartadwarfwithaheartofgold @a-shakespearean-in-paris @lauraemoriarty and @obvidalous ♥ Thank you peaches!
Tagging @spaceprincealenko @pikapeppa @swaps55 @charlatron @naromoreau @foofyschmoofer @hunnybadgerv @briarfox13 @spaced0lphin @thefrostyshepard @schoute @pookydraws @badwolf626 @samfishers @cipherninethousand @natsora and anyone else who wants to play!
Take an older fic (or art for my artist friends) from about a year ago or older even and talk about it, show it off and hype it up.
Do you like werewolves and vampires? Soulmates? Mutual pining? Badass Chicks and the men who love them? And shameless smut? Then, hooboy, is this fic the one for you.
So this fic originally started because of the Shenko Smut Thursday prompt: Shivers. I had been toying with a Vampyr/Lycan AU because I have an unhealthy love and obsession with the Underworld Movies and I dove headfirst into this fic. It originally started out with what is now chapter two, because I wanted the smut. chapter one happened becuase of the MEFFW Halloween drabble challenge two weeks after I posted it and is fraught with sexual tension, mutual pining and Soulmates, because if you know me, I live for those tropes. And then chapter 3 is shameless smut, as I was exploring a new smut scenario (we do not need to talk about the art I found that was the inspiration for that third chapter or the channels I went through to find it XD). you know how hard it is to write a sexy and sensual vampire bite? It took two days for me to get it right but it may be one of the best passages I've ever written in my life and it is housed in this fic. Like I am so proud of it.
I know it says complete, but it technically isn't--if I feel inspired (generally around Halloween it seems) I add to it...I may also be toying with a new smutty idea for it because I have been playing Baldur's Gate 3 and have a new scenario playing about in my head.
But basically humans have discovered the existence of supernatural beings and have risen up to take down this imposing threat, however, the supernatural beings aren’t going down without a fight. I love love love the idea or forbidden romance between a Vampire and a Werewolf--always have, and also as a certified monster fucker (I'm loud and proud) it let's me explore a whole new avenue with my PWP--and also made me want to write a Cowboy Werewolf Romance novel/Fic so we'll see how that pans out. XD
Okay. So Enough of that. Here is a passage from it to entice you, the aforementioned Vampyr bite. ;)
Not all humans hated their species but something about her going out and drinking from some stranger—especially with the sensual response most humans had to the bite, rubbed him the wrong way.
“Or…” He rubbed the back his neck awkwardly as he watched her, his heart fluttering in his chest. “You could feed on me?”
He felt the blush creeping up his neck, but luckily she looked just as embarrassed—he’d never brought that up before...did he know what he was asking? She’d only ever fed on a werewolf once before and she’d become aggressive and avoided the moonlight, locking herself in her home and drawing the curtains. Two hours it had taken for the changes to wear off. But with Kaidan—she’d been told the bites were different for both parties when there were feelings involved. She bit her lower lip as she reached out for him, pausing, hesitation running rampant in her eyes, but he nodded never more sure that this was what he wanted. Alyss smiled at him, taking his hand and dancing over the bodies littering the floor pushing him into a chair, his weight sinking into the cushions as she settled herself on his lap, her knees on either side of his hips—though as she straddled him, he remembered his lack of clothes. This was going to be disastrous, but oh how he wanted it—wanted her. She kissed the outer shell of his ear, sucking slightly and making him hiss, before planting her lips just below his ear, the stubble on his jawline rasping against her lips, before she kissed a trail along his jaw, down his neck, his chest, and back up, leaving little red marks in her wake.
She nibbled his skin, feeling the blood and arousal pulsing in his veins. “Are you sure about this?”
Her lips pulled back, revealing her fangs as her beautiful lavender eyes turned red before she bent her head, teeth scraping across his jugular vein, pressing into his skin. No pain just a slight pressure, her manicured nails gently scratching his bare chest. Her every touch was magnified tenfold, as her fangs broke the skin, pressing against the nerves in his neck making him gasp as she drank his blood slowly, tongue gliding across his neck, drawing a response between her legs where she was straddling him. Kaidan growled, the scent of her arousal drenching the air, and he wanted nothing more than taste her—her scent had been driving him crazy since they met, half vampire, the other half the scent of his mate. Which would explain why they’d been drawn to each other, he just never told her, that they were fated to be together...grinding his teeth every time she went to feed. Digging his fingers into her hips, he slammed her down against his rapidly growing erection, warmth flowing through his veins and heading straight towards his cock. Alyss moaned against his neck, rolling her hips against his, arousal surging through them both before he grabbed the collar of her v-neck shirt and ripped, turning it from a pullover to a button-less button-down in two seconds flat, and yanking it off her arms.
Her lips unclasped from his neck, drawing her tongue across the two puncture marks, her saliva sealing the wound and shrinking it significantly—they would disappear completely in a day or two. A dribble of red slid from the corner of her mouth, both of them were panting heavily as she released him, a self-satisfied, cat-in-the-cream smirk on her face as she licked her lips. Her thumb wiped the missed drop from her chin, meeting her tongue as it darted from between her lips to collect the drop. A shiver racked her slender frame as she realized everything felt different than normal, the room clearer, senses heightened. She cupped his chin in her hand before bringing their lips together in a slow kiss—ready to channel the aggression into something productive...he had already removed her shirt. Her breasts were mashed against his chest, his mouth pliant under her lips as she drew her teasing fingers down his arms, his fingers hooking into the waistband of her pants and ripping them apart at the seams, impatience surging through him to have her naked.
The dim lights glinted off her skin, her naked body glowing under his gaze, brown eyes simmering with heat as they skimmed her every curve. Kaidan grinned up at her, hands on her hips as he leaned forward, pressing a kiss to her breastbone, chasing a shiver across her skin. Kaidan growled low in his throat, his eyes flicking up and down her body; it should be a crime for her to wear anything. She kissed his shoulder and then his lips, hand slipping between them, gliding over the muscles of his chest, past his stomach, his erection pulsing as she took it in her hand and tugged gently. They pulled away from the kiss, both of them breathing hard as his mouth trailed hungry, possessive kisses along her jawbone and down her neck. They had plenty of time to explore one another, but the kisses they shared were frantic, frenzied, like they couldn’t get enough—they shouldn’t have been together at all, the feud, may have been a thing of the past the two species forced to work together during the human uprising, but a Lycan-Vampyr pairing was still off limits.
Fate apparently had other ideas when it decided they should be mates…
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jasmine2042003 · a year ago
Beware the Spirits of the Vengeful ~ pt 2
So the reception of the first chapter was pretty good so I started writing the second part! I am hoping to drag this out as long as I can, hopefully making it a ten to twenty part series... Anyway, I hope you enjoy! xxx
part 1 /
Ten Years Ago~
3rd Person pov
Happy giggles filled the garden as (y/n) sat watching the birds and the squirrels, smiling widely as they ran up to her and dropped nuts and berries on her lap. Creatures seemed to do this often with (y/n), as well as her mother (m/n). Residents of Beacon Hills would often see the pair walking around town or the park with big smiles on their faces, hands intertwined and a trail of woodland critters scuttling behind them.
Of course, it had been months since anyone had seen the two, (y/n) being taken out of public school early and (m/n) stuck in a hospital bed. “(y/n),” A calm voice was heard from inside the house, the little girl turned around, continuing to giggle as there was a sparrow nesting in her hair. “Lunch is ready sweetheart!” The (h/c) girl lifted her hand as the sparrow fluttered onto her finger, lifting her hand further, the bird then fluttered from her finger to the birdhouse before she ran into the house for lunch.
“Hi, Lissa!” (y/n) practically shouted as she rushed into the kitchen and into the arms of the awaiting Melissa McCall. The woman smiled and hoisted the girl into her arms. (y/n) was rewarded with a kiss on the forehead and a sandwich and the two of them watched as (y/n)’s father came through the front door, a grim look on his face.
“Dad!” The young girl cried, running up to her father and circling his legs. Her father tried to smile and looked over at Melissa with an even darker look. The woman covered her mouth in shock and realisation of the event that had transpired. Tears began to fill her eyes as she grabbed her purse, stroked the girl’s hair, hugged the distraught widower and swiftly left the now broken household.
“Hi pumpkin,” (d/n) began shakily, holding his daughter close to his chest, “Come sit down darling, I need to tell you something.” He said, tears filling his eyes as he looked at his precious baby who looked so similar to his precious wife. His precious (m/n) who was due to be added to the (l/n) mausoleum in a week.
Present day~
3rd Person pov
The Library of Beacon Hills High School was quiet, for the most part. Other than the crowd of teenage boys trying to get a look at the new girl, the tall teen werewolf and said new girl and the two boys following her. Whilst (y/n) and Isaac huddled close in front of a textbook as he tutored her, Scott and Stiles were hiding behind nearby bookshelves trying to get a peek at the girl and compare her to some pictures they’d found.
“So, from the research I did,” Stiles began, trying his hardest to keep his voice from jumping in volume in his excitement, “Her mom died when she was five or six and then a few months later, her babysitter reported her missing. You’ll never guess who her babysitter was Scott.” The mentioned Beta was staring at the girl, wondering if she seemed familiar, he was also trying to ignore the odd anger bubbling inside him as he saw Isaac inching closer to her. Stiles sighed and finished, “Melissa McCall.”
“What?” Scott asked, rather loudly, causing a few students, including (y/n) to turn and look at them. The boys barely managed to hide behind the shelves. The attention eventually went away and Scott continued, “Why was my mom babysitting her? Why have I never heard of her?” He asked. Stiles jumped a bit and showed his friend the police report from his bag.
“Yeah, see here,” He said, pointing at some typed text, “Your mom was recorded and they took her statement as the last person to see her and the person who reported her missing, for a while, the cops actually thought it was her that did it.” Scott couldn’t believe it. His mother, his loving, caring mother, was a suspect in potential child abduction.
Ten Years Ago~
Sheriff’s Office
The young mother sat sobbing in a rigid chair, her knees were shaking and her son was sat in the waiting room, playing with Stiles and a few toys. “Melissa, you need to calm down,” The Sheriff told her, pressing record on a tape recorder. “I need you to calm down and talk to me, okay?” He asked, the terrified woman nodded and breathed slowly. “Okay, can you tell me exactly what you are reporting?” He asked.
“A m-missing child,” Melissa sputtered, “Maybe an ab-abduction.” She whispered.
The Sheriff wrote everything down in an official report, “Alright, were you the last one that saw her?” He asked.
Melissa continued shaking and began, “I-I’m not sure. I think so. Her dad was at work and I was watching (y/n). We watched television, had some dinner, read some books and then I put her to bed. Her dad came home so I went back to my house with Scott, who I had brought with me.” Her voice began to waver again as she looked out at her son, sat happily without a care in the world, the same way (y/n) had been not twelve hours ago.
The Sheriff nodded and asked, “So, other than Mister (l/n), you were the last to see the victim?” The weeping woman nodded, “Alright, did you see anything strange between (y/n) and her father? Or her father in general?” He asked, offering Melissa a box of tissues.
Melissa wiped her tears and, through sniffles and hiccups, tried to relay what she had seen recently. “Well, when (m/n) p-passed away, (y/n) became a bit quieter, she didn’t smile as much but was still... well (y/n). (d/n) was destroyed when his wife died, he became really secluded, he stopped going to work and locked himself in his office for days at a time, leaving (y/n) with me.”
Sheriff Stilinski continued noting everything down, thoughts running through his head, ‘I have a feeling I know who did this and it wasn’t sweet Melissa McCall.’ He thought. Melissa’s whimpers brought back his attention.
“I know that (d/n) went back and forth between the house and visiting (m/n) in the mausoleum, he’s refusing to take (y/n) with him though, saying it would hurt and confuse her. I’m sorry but can we finish this now,” She continued, looking over at Scott and Stiles, “I feel awful enough already.” Melissa looked down into her lap.
The Sheriff nodded and stood to open the door for her, watching as she and Scott left the station, leaving Stiles to play on his own. ‘He’s going to wind up getting bored and bugging me so I best finish this quick.’ He thought, walking back to his desk and continuing the recording.
“I think it is safe to say that Melissa McCall had nothing to do with this, she had a strong relationship with (y/n), there are many people who can testify for her. The top suspect needing to be questioned now is her father (d/n) (l/n). It struck many people as odd that he wasn’t the first to report his daughter missing, unless of course, he knows where she is.” He finished, pressing stop on the recorder, taking the tape and adding it to the evidence.
Present Day~
3rd Person pov
“Dude,” Scott said, after reading the transcript of what was recorded that day. He was shocked that his mother was so close to the girl, that he was supposed to remember her too, but he didn’t. Why couldn’t he remember her? He looked back over at the girl, holding her picture up to see the comparisons.
Their face shape was the same, same nose, eyes, smile. That gorgeous, bright smile. Scott shook his head, ‘I have a girlfriend!’ He thought, thinking about Allison. Allison, the girl he hadn’t been able to see in public because of who her family is. Her family could kill him. In fact, they wanted to and tried to. They could turn on him in the snap of a finger. He saw a side of Allison at the Hale house that he had never wanted to see. She was going to kill Derek. Derek might be an ass but he was still a living being.
Then there was this, new girl. She seemed to be something special, something... inhuman. He couldn’t quite figure out what she was, something he would talk to Derek about, but whatever she was, it was incredible. Allison, well she was just human. He still liked her, but he wasn’t sure if he still loved her.
(y/n) pov
“What?” I heard, looking up from the textbook to see the two boys from my first class duck behind some bookshelves. I raised a brow before looking back at the textbook I was sharing with Isaac. Being so close to him was driving me crazy. I knew he had some sort of connection to the Alpha, but Isaac was just a Beta, a Beta that had Derek Hale’s scent vaguely on him. I could smell Hale from the mausoleum that night. I needed to find him.
Anyway, I tuned back in to my study session with Isaac as he began running through things, “I still can’t believe you’ve never read Romeo and Juliet!” He chuckled, oh that laugh, that smile. “It’s a classic, basically, two families in the city of Verona Italy, they each have one child, Romeo and Juliet, they meet, fall in love and wind up in a forbidden romance.” He told me in a purposefully deep voice to be funny.
I laughed as he made kissy faces at me, “Well, I never really went to school, I was home-schooled.” I told him, a lie yes, but I doubt he could tell. As far as I know, he hasn’t been turned for that long, this may even be his first full moon tonight. I was excited to see what would happen, I knew what happened to me in the full moon, I grew more powerful because more people called upon my kind.
We quickly finished out study session, after getting some dirty looks from the librarian about being noisy. We packed our books away and stood to leave, “Hey,” Isaac began, suddenly switching from his impish grin to a bashful smile. How is he this cute!? “I have Lacrosse practice now, but would you maybe wanna come watch? Cheer me on?” He asked, hopeful. I smiled, maybe it would be nice to take a break from the plan right now.
If I’m lucky, Derek might be there and I can speak to him, he knows the feeling of being betrayed by family. I looked into deep blue eyes and smiled, “Yeah I’d love to!” I told him, wishing him luck with a peck on the cheek and walked off to my locker, leaving the poor boy smiling a goofy smile in the middle of the hall.
Ten Years Ago~
3rd Person pov
(d/n) held his daughter’s hand as they walked slowly to the cemetery, “Let’s go visit your mama,” He said to her, watching as her smile lit up the room. Tears began to drip down his face as he slipped his other hand into his pocket and clenched his fist around the mausoleum key, contemplating his next moves.
He sat in front of the mausoleum for a while, watching as (y/n) picked flowers to give to (m/n), she insisted that she would love them, he knew deep down that whilst she would love the flowers, she wouldn’t like what he was about to do.
He watched his little girl smiling as she picked daisies and dandelions, watched her (e/c) eyes sparkle, her eyes. He watched as her cheeks turned a rosy hue as she thought of her mother, her rosy cheeks. Watched as her smile faded when he took her hand and brought her into the mausoleum when she hadn’t finished picking flowers, her smile.
He listened as her precious little voice shrieked when the door shut behind her, her dad no where to be found as he was locking the mausoleum from outside. “Dad!” She cried, her father blinking tears down his sallow face as she kicked and scratched the doors.
“Papa!” She screamed even louder, her eyes becoming used to the darkness to see the coffins surrounding her. She shook her head rapidly, refusing to believe what had just happened. Her dad would never do this, he’ll be back for her. Tears streamed down her now pale cheeks as she cried harder and louder until her throat hurt.
I hope you guys liked this instalment! Exciting news, when I was writing this chapter, I got my first re-blog! Thank you so much to @originalwitchsworld for re-blogging!
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damonelenafanfics · a year ago
Delena Fic Rec:
This is the hardest thing I’ve ever posted here lol.
Forever Mine: The night Damon Salvatore met Elena Gilbert changed the course of their destinies forever. But just as the future made itself known, the past caught up with them to destroy it all. Together on the run, Damon finds himself falling for this girl. Hard. But, Damon Salvatore doesn't love and he won't let her change that. No matter how much his soul...his body begs him to give in.
A Woman’s Worth:  AH/AU–Love hurts. This story takes on a literal meaning when Elena is a victim of abuse by her boyfriend. A journey of the silent sufferings of a girl with no one to turn to and unwilling to ask for help. Enters Damon, a social worker determined to rescue a damsel in distress and falling for her along the way. What is he willing to sacrifice in the end to save a girl he loves?
Tomorrow:  Will you be there beside me if the world falls apart? And will all of our moments remain in your heart? Will you be there to guide me all the way through? I wonder will you walk by my side and follow my dreams? With the Nazi reign of terror at its zenith, Damon and Elena form an unlikely friendship in WW2 era Czechoslovakia.
Where the Fireflies Dance: Elena just wants to forget. She moved away for college, and is trying to make a life for herself, when her roommate invites her to her family's ranch for a summer that could change Elena's life. Damon Salvatore is a flirt. But the only girl he's ever really loved is the daughter he's fighting for custody of. Then his sister brings home a friend for summer and everything changes.
Addictions:  When Elenas' life has been consumed by addictions, can anyone save her?- OOC,AU. *WARNING* Story contains strong language, substance abuse, graphic smut/lemons. For mature audiences only. Consider yourself warned.
Breaking Point: Elena wants to learn to fight compulsion. Damon's all-too willing to help, but will either of them be able to deal with the consequences?
Crying Lightening:  "I should have helped her. I should have done something. I deserve this. I deserve to die" - Damon is an 18 year old troubled lost soul with a bad reputation and Elena a 17 year old popular high school student who thought she had everything she ever wanted, that is until she got to know the eldest Salvatore and realizes that life is about more than being crowned Prom Queen! AU R&R
Casually Cruel:  AU/AH/ 'You're different, not the guy I used to know' -Maybe you never really knew me- 'Yes I did'. She knew the depths of his soul, loved and accepted every part of him. Now he's lost and he doesn't think she can find him and she's not sure she wants to.
Someone Like You: You fall in love, get married, fall in love again, get your heart broken. What if it got broken by a heart surgeon that never came back to fix it? Damon/ Elena - AU/AH
Echoes of the past:  Each of us has a past that shapes and defines us. Some pasts are filled with pain and heartache. Can Damon and Elena overcome their pasts to allow themselves a chance at happiness? Or will things from their past resurface to destroy their future? AU/AH Complete!
Forbidden Fruit:  Damon is friends with Grayson Gilbert. When he meets his daughter Elena, sparks fly. Considering the age difference and the fact that she is his friend's daughter, he tries to fight the pull every step of the way. Will he succeed in keeping her at bay?
Held Captive:  My favorite one shot I wrote last year, Re Published into a mini short story. Damon, a notorious War Lord captured the lovely, innocent Elena as part of his war games but things are not as simple as he'd thought. Set in medieval times.
I’d Kill Us Both:  AU/AH For years, Elena has been married to Stefan, but in love with his older brother, Damon, who left for the Marines shortly after the wedding. But now he's back, and not hiding his feelings. Will they finally have the chance to be together? And what if someone from Damon's military past followed him back home, putting them all in danger? Is love worth the risk?
Hopeless:  AU. AH. Elena has found that she likes her older sister Katherine's best friend Damon a lot more than she should. Little does she know he likes her more than he should too. Through the years things start to change between them, but if anyone found out they'd be in big trouble.
A Gentleman’s Agreement:  Possible S4 idea. VampElena has shut herself away from most of her friends, and the Salvatore brothers are at a loss over what to do. She is in for seduction and romance she never saw coming, but sooner or later a choice must be made. COMPLETED.
How Never Became Forever:  Elena's established rules and guidelines for her relationships. She knows how to stay emotionally detached and when to cut the cord. But then she meets Damon, who could potentially change everything. AU. AH.
Kiss Me, Break My Heart:  Elena Gilbert has been in love with her best friend Damon Salvatore for years, but when he asks her to help him win back the woman of his dreams, Elena decides she's had enough. Now Elena wants to move on, but Damon's not making it easy on her. AU/AH
Pretend You Love Me:  While their marriage is falling apart, Damon and Elena must learn to get past their demons or lose each other forever. AH/AU. Officially issuing an angst warning.
Auto In:  AU/AH /Life is wonderfully uncomplicated for Damon Salvatore. Take accident claims as a call center rep by day, charm his way into a new bed each night. Go to work, drink with friends, sex. Simple and straightforward and fun. Until a coworker, Elena Gilbert, makes him question whether some things are worth changing for. But is he the only one who needs to let go of a previous life?
Locked In a Loveless Marriage:  When Elena asks Damon Salvatore for a loan, he agrees on the condition that she marries him. What happens when she finds herself falling in love with a man who has told her he will never love her? AU. All human.
A Hymn For The Broken: AU Elena is a novelty. The only female werewolf to ever exist. She tries to stray away from the past, that turned her into a monster, but a string of grisly murders threaten, and she is called back home. Once reconnected with the Pack, and an old flame, Elena finds herself torn between two worlds. The normal life she'd made for herself, and the call of the wolf inside.
Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction:  It all started with a night of hot sex. Where things could go from there to Elena and Damon? Could they fall for each other although they don't believe in love anymore? AU/AH
Never Break the Rules:  Handsome and tough, he had always done what needed to be done. He was supposed to be her knight in shining armour. He just never expected to be the one who needed to be saved… Ignoring swarming butterflies. Brushing off skipped heartbeats. Settling on lingering stares. Rules were never meant to be broken. What if there was a love that could break all the rules?
Love Lessons:  New to Mystic Falls High, Damon Salvatore is both excited and horrified to find he is falling in love with his student, Elena Gilbert. But what happens when they overstep the boundaries, and their friends and enemies discover their illicit secret?
Death is Just a Feeling:  "This life will be good and beautiful but not without heartbreak. In death comes peace, but pain is the cost of living. Like love, it's how we know we're alive." – Elena Gilbert ***HAPPY BIRTHDAY Short on words***
The End of Paralysis:  Enter Elena Gilbert, 24, hardworking, lovely, and insatiably in love with her long time best friend, Damon Salvatore. Can she make him see that they belong together? Delena. AH/AU.
Lucky 13:  AU/AH: Mistaken for a glamorous, selfish woman named Katherine Salvatore, the badly injured Elena finds that plastic surgery has given her Katherine's face, the famos Damon Salatore for a husband and a powerful dynasty for in-laws.
It’s A Boy Girl Thing:  Based off the movie with the same name, an ancient curse is awakened and cast upon Elena and Damon. The results cause them to switch bodies, waking the next day in the body of not only the opposite sex, but the last person they ever wanted to switch bodies with. A hilarious battle of the sexes ensues, but eventually they wonder if they'll ever get their own body back. ALL HUMAN D/E
Somebody I Used To Know:  Grieving the sudden death of their parents, Damon and Elena are forced to face their past choices and mistakes. Take a wild a journey through 20 years of their lives...together, apart and everything in between.
Sweet and Sexy Mistakes:  An expert on the dynamics between men and women, Damon Salvatore knows his uptight new publicist could use his help getting a date. The only problem is, the more time he spends with her, the more he realizes he doesn't want her dating anyone but him!
To Save A Sinner:  AU/AH: Damon Salvatore, the new star swimmer and transfer student at MFU, befriends the dark and mysterious Elena Gilbert, a girl the rest of Mystic Falls considers crazy. When he discovers the deep, haunting secrets she keeps from the world, can he handle the truth or will it cost him his heart and even possibly, his sanity?
Through The Ghost:  Damon, a carefree soldier & Elena, a no-nonsense physical therapist at an Army base met under ordinary circumstances. Stuck between attraction and resistance, they struggled to define their relationship until fate made the decision for them. 4 years later a heartbroken Elena battles to make good on a promise when she discovers nothing but the shell of the only man she's ever loved.
Maybe Less, Maybe a Little More:  Vampire Damon and Human Elena meet in a snowstorm. He wants to kill her and she is instantly attracted to him. What will happen over the next ten years? Fic for the A2A x-mas exchange. Non-canon, Oneshot, Delena endgame, rated M for sexual content and some gore. ENJOY THE DRAMA MYLOVES! :D
Do You Believe In Angels:  "Damon?" She asked. He looked at her, waiting. She took a shaky breath, "Do you believe in angels?" "No," he said, "Not anymore." . . AH/AU: Two children with tragic pasts meet at a refuge. Hurt and alone, they clinge to each other to survive. This is their story, and everyone involved along the way.
Alcohol:  Damon's drunk and she looks like Katherine. Elena's drunk and he smells like Stefan.
Memory Serves:  Elena accidentally asks for her soul mate. What happens when magic delivers 1864 Human Damon? How will the Vampire Salvatore brothers deal? Vampire Damon is tortured by intimate memories of Elena. He feels so close yet far away from her. AU1x14 - COMPLETE -
Desperate Love:  A whole different version of Season 4, without sire bonds or dead brothers. A meditation on the nature of love, free will and morality in an imperfect world, through: suspense, romance, steam, angst, and friendship. Tons of Delena as well as Stefan/Caroline/Klaus, Jeremy and Ric, too. Lemons!
The Valentine’s Day Corruption of Damon Salvatore:  This is my fic in response to the prompt by Ciara 2531 for the A2A Valentine Exchange on Live Journal. As always, it's rated M for a reason...
The Best Man: Damon and Elena meet at a wedding, which ends hotter than anyone would have thought.
Insanity Is Beautiful:  They called him crazy, insane even. People feared him and avoided him at any cost, even in the asylum. So what is Dr. Elena Gilbert supposed to do when she not only takes this insane monster as a patient, but falls in love with him, and him with her? (this one is only this low on the list because it’s incomplete)
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kpopchangedme · a year ago
Nocturna: Part VI [M]
Tumblr media
The fragile peace between undead and lycanth is imperilled by your arrival at the Inferorum Castrum. Between the changing power dynamics of the wolf pack and the insatiable urges of the vampire king, you aren’t exactly sure where your loyalty lies.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Protagonists: Bang Chan & You
Word Count: 7.4k
Genre: NSFW | Supernatural!au | Vampires | Werewolves (transformation) | Angst | Romance | Love Triangle | **GORE** **Graphic Violence** **Nudity**
Snippet: Your mouth opens on a never heard before woeful sound. A noise, so abject and bloodcurdling it makes blackbirds flee the forest, flooding the night sky above you in alarm. A murder of crows for your last shredding moments of humanity, an omen.
Nocturna Masterlist | HALLOWEEN
Tumblr media
The sun is beginning to dip behind the treetops. Shadows slowly stretch from the Forbidden Forest ahead, almost reaching your naked toes on the grass. You expected to feel miserable, but instead, it’s a strange buzzing febrility that marks your final hours of humanity. 
Behind you, the whole pack is alive with laughter, enthusiastic howls, and friendly banter, but you don’t care to join. You stand alone, facing the sun has it gradually disappears. Your entire body seems to be fizzling. If that’s how other lycanth feel, it’s no wonder they talk about the Full Moon so damn much. 
“How are you?” Breathless, Youngjae appears to your right with a wide grin. He looks ecstatic, pupils so dilated his irides are pitch black. His mate is exactly the same on his arm. You bet you have a similar look too, despite your circumstances.
“Nervous.” It’s the euphemism of the century, but your teacher’s smile widens. 
“It’s alright,” Sana says, addressing you directly for the first time, “we haven’t had an incident on a Full Moon… Well, not since Sungjin…”
“W-what?” You haven’t met anyone by that name in the pack yet. Your eyes round in apprehension, thousands of terrifying scenarios running wild in your brain. You, getting stuck in wolf form forever; your whole body exploding during the transformation; you, butchering an entire village.
“She’s teasing you,” Chan jogs up to the three of you, sensing your uneasiness and the Deltas chuckle, glancing at each other. Until now, your mate has avoided your company, staying next to Jackson and the other warriors of the pack. You two haven’t spoken since last night, and you have trouble looking straight at him. When you do, guilt and remorse take over, making you feel even worse. Loyal to a fault, devoted by nature. Flushing, you turn to Sana to have someone to look at. The doe-eyed beauty playfully flashes her entire dentition when meeting your gaze. The wolf is gorgeous, lean and athletic. No wonder Youngjae couldn’t resist that smile. “Sungjin will be able to walk in a month or so,” Chan insists, “and I won’t let anything like that happen to you, ever.”
You are completely lost as they eagerly proceed to bicker and take bets over the missing member of the pack. From what you gather, it’s an affair of the heart. Apparently, Sungjin fell down a cliff trying to make a jump to impress a werewolf from another pack. He’s bedridden waiting for his spine to heal, no wonder he’s nowhere to be seen. They don’t notice how uninterested by this story you are once you realize it’s not of immediate concern. Instead, you use the diversion to detail Chan on the sly. He looks better than you’ve seen him these last two weeks, well-rested. At least one of you slept well… Like all the other men he is only wearing pants, exposing his abs and arms. You have to actively remind yourself not to stare. He has amazing muscle tone definition, it’s impossible not to notice how strong he promises to be. Chan coming out to face Jaebeom stark-naked is one of the few things you vividly remember from the day of your marking. He wasn’t shy or anything, he clearly knew he had no reason to be.
There’s a gush of warmness in your guts at the memory of his weight on the mattress next to yours last night. Shit. You blush furiously, embarrassed and startled by your own train of thoughts. Why now when you have so much to think about already? Why your friend? Guilt and remorse you can live with, lust is a new problem entirely. Before that first night with Jaebeom, before your transformation, sex wasn’t something you ever considered. Now you think about it at the most inopportune time, all the time. Controlling your urges and basic instincts are getting harder by the day. As though hearing your thoughts, Chan turns to you, a dimple of worry between his straight brows. The animalism in your gaze is probably easy to spot, but he seems to misread it.
If he catches you staring in lust, Chan doesn’t let it show. “Hey,” one of his palms finds the middle of your back, making you unintentionally flinch away, "you’re going to be alr-” Unfortunately, he doesn’t miss your retreat at his physical contact. Chan’s eyes darken, tempestuous.
We mate for life.
The shame of the things you both said and did to him last night and in the last month hits you hard. He’s trying so hard and you can’t even let him touch you. It’s horrible, but you aren’t used to your bond yet. Every little physical interaction with him feels like you’re about to break. Will your entire existence now be like that, or is it one of those things you’ll get clarity on after tonight? Both Sana and Youngjae exchange a silent look, rendered uncomfortable by the tension between you two.
“When does the… change usually start?” You clear your throat, eager to divert attention. Chan’s hand falls back to his side, idle.
“Oh, you'll know…” Sana replies, giggling with obvious delight. “I haven’t been this excited since Youngjae joined the pack… You must have noticed there’s not much to do around here. Any small event becomes entertaining, the gorier, the better! That’s why First Mutations are my personal favourites!” Her mate’s fingers blanche on her hip and the bubbly wolf loses the smile, hurrying to add; “I mean, we’ll stay with you the whole way through! You don’t have to worry about anything!”
"Thanks,” you mutter. I guess. Sana’s knowledge of First Full Moons can only be secondhand… But she’s still surprisingly tactless. The Delta is a legacy too, like Chan, she has been living with the bane her entire life. Now that you’re thinking about it, you have no idea exactly how long that is… It’s not like youthful appearance is of any indication when it comes to lycanth. For all you know, Youngjae, her and even your own mate could be older than your gran.
“Anytime now…” Chan glances between you and the dipping sun. The moon is already up, but the sky is still tinted with shades of orange, red and yellow. Unarguably, this is a beautiful sunset, be it your last one. The gorier, the better. Seeing you pale, he adds; “You are perfectly safe with… With us.”
"Youngjae doesn’t remember much of his First, I’m sure he has told you. But we were there, and it didn’t seem that bad…” Sana surprises you again by reaching for one of your strands, pushing it behind your ear. You don’t move at the overly familiar gesture. Her welcoming behaviour tonight doesn’t fit with the first distant impression you had of her. Then again you were the one pushing all the other wolves away. After all, a woman who has found her way into Youngjae’s heart is bound to be lovely. “Just remember; don’t fight the shift. The longer you resist, the more frightful and bloody it gets.”
“B-Bloody…” You repeat, glancing at her mate who obviously omitted some crucial information from his First Shift 101 course.
“Let go of your will, and we’ll make sure to keep you safe.” Sana smiles widely, eyes looping, unbothered by your stammer. Gory, frightful, bloody… She isn’t a natural when it comes to comforting others, but at least she’s trying.
“I’ll be with you the whole time,” Chan reasserts like he hadn’t made that clear already. Loyal to a fault, he said. If there’s one thing you are certain of, it’s that the man will never abandon you. He’ll always be there, always, and for some reason that only makes you feel even sorrier. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”
Over the course of the next minutes, the Deltas proceed to offer many more tips that you can’t comprehend. Your mind is scattered. You’re either too restless to focus or… It’s starting… It’s the same kind of haziness you felt when fighting off vampire venom weeks ago. The moon is hanging right above the Inferorum Castrum. It’s bigger than you’ve ever seen it, burning like a second, cooler, orange orb in the afterglow. At the sight, goosebumps spread all over your body.
“C-Chan…” You whisper, worried you’re being taken over. Thankfully, your feeble call doesn’t go unanswered and a strong pair of arms catches you right as your knees give up.
“Oh, it has begun,” Youngjae points out a second too late, sounding miles away. 
Though the Beta answers him, you don’t grasp a single word coming out of his mouth, slumped in his arms. Chan crouches to lay you on the grass delicately, as though you’re a fragile thing. You can’t move, muscles tone completely lost, you’re sluggish and paralyzed. 
"Don’t freak out,” Sana sing-songs cheerfully, right when your eyes roll back into your skull and the first convulsion courses through your body. Though Youngjae coached you, it’s still shocking; losing control this way. You can’t help your whimpers for the minute it goes on. Afterwards, your breathing shallows and then quickens drastically. It is suffocating. You are dying. There’s no air.
"She’s totally freaking out…” Chan doesn’t sound alarmed enough to your liking. He’s kneeling next to you, observing keenly as you choke on nothing.
You are acutely aware of everything going on around, how ridiculous you must seem. You feel every blade of grass through the fabric of your clothes, distinguish the features of every lycanth gathering around you in commotion. Wolves are always up for chaos, they love a good show. All of your senses are sharpened. Another convulsion waves through you, birthing in your toes. This time you let out a single cry, trying desperately to clutch at the grass. 
It hurts. 
You were told, but still. It feels like you are being skinned alive. After your tremors calm down, you look at yourself like it’s a stranger’s body. You expect your shirt to be soaked with blood, as Sana hinted, cut open, but you’re still perfectly fine. The only thing dampening the fabric is your sweat. You’re burning up. The sky is still yellow, but the sun has disappeared behind the trees, not exactly a reassuring sight right now. You aren’t sure you’re ready for this after all… The third attack has you completely locked, you only have time to roll on your side before your legs and arms stiffen and you let out a loud sigh. A million tiny needles pierce your skin at once, tingling everywhere. When the seizure is over, you hurry to breathe in, gasping for air. Your lungs are on fire. 
"You’re doing great, love.” Chan praises, wiping sweat and hair away from your face. You were already irritated by the pain, but the Beta’s encouragement and nickname only worsen your mood. Unfortunately, you can’t move and though you attempt to talk, no sound comes out. "What?” He presses, apparently curious about your sincere feelings, for once.
It’s a bit late for the sudden interest, asshole. 
”Ff-ffuck off,“ you manage. Everything hurts, and it’s only thanks to him. You really could murder him right now. There’s an impressed collective coo from the crowd gathered around you, and you’re sure you hear a few cackles of laughter too. 
"Sorry,” Chan hums through his gritted teeth. He might really look the part this time, but you still feel like kicking his ass.
“At least she hasn’t lost herself yet,” A Delta – the freckled-one that looks like a forest pixie – leans above, casting a shadow on your face.
Think bleeding out in the wood when Chan marked you was bad? Wait until the entirety of your skeleton shatters and your muscles tear for the mutation. Born-again wolves usually go mad from the pain of their First Shift. Still, you cling to reality for as long as you can. Letting go is way easier said than done. Your next seizures are too much, pushing you far beyond the levels of agony you thought were humanly possible. You’re contorting on the ground, twisting and bending. Your willpower is the only thing holding on, keeping you whole while your body yearns to break into tiny bits.
The sun has completely disappeared and the Castrum’s ground is only illuminated by the bright moon when your convulsions cease altogether. The first step stops as abruptly as it started. You’re left sweaty and vulnerable on the muddy ground. The whole pack is still staring, highly captivated, watching in awe as you muster the strength to sit up. You meet their gazes in a haze, recognizing a few faces through the blur of your sweat, tears and the plethora of strangers gathered. Yeji, Minho, Sana, Youngjae, Lia… Felix, the fairy-looking-boy, that’s his name… Bambam, Yugyeom, Jisung, Hyelim, Jaehyung, Sunye, Nayeon… Chan…
It’s on him that you choose to focus, instinctively reaching for his touch. “I-I’m ssso sorry…” You whimper and the beta doesn’t hesitate before responding. “I didn’t m-mean it.”
“It’s okay, I know.” Instead of holding your hand as you expected him too, Chan sits in your back, wrapping his arms around you. He pulls you against his chest, and for once, you are thankful at his physical hold over your body. Immediately, the warmth of your bond cloaks you. Chan rests his chin on your shoulder. His presence is comforting, a balm numbing the ache of your weakened muscles. He shushes you and caresses your hair, cuddling close until you stop shuddering.
“I-Is- o-over?” A series of condolent whispers from the rest of the wolves echo your hopeful question. Of course, it’s not. You’re still whole, you already knew there was a second part to this Hell. 
“Almost, love…” Chan’s breath is on your neck, his voice nothing but a murmur in your ear. 
“I can’t,” whining, you shake your head, tears rolling down your cheeks, “I’m not strong enough.” You’re done. You can’t take it anymore.
“Yes, you are.” His arms tighten, as though to give you strength. “We are. I know it’s all my fault, but I need you to trust me, just for tonight. After that, you can get back to being angry, I’ll manage. But please, please… Can we do things my way once? I’ll never ask you for anything again.” You aren’t even angry at him anymore, you’re just sorry but you can’t do it. When you shake your head again, unable to stop crying, he cages your chin to meet your eyes. “Y/n,” Chan exhales, his calm and authority undeniable, “Together, okay?” At the word, you’re remembered of a familiar boy in hunting gear, a cabin in the woods, an infinite night sky, a dimpled grin… 
Of their own accord, your fingers entangle themselves with his, squeezing tightly. You have to survive this. “Together,” you finally assent, taking root between his thighs.
Chan’s company is soothing, but you feel depleted and the worst is yet to come. You need your friend more than ever, need him to anchor you. You both stay like that to oblivion, eyes shut, forgetting about everyone else around. Meshing your breathing and heartbeat with his, you start to relax, slowly beginning to feel ready to overcome anything. 
It’s while you are sitting like that, fates intertwined, closer than ever, that you feel it.
Really feel it. It’s way worse than the ache or pain from earlier. No one warned you the shift would come like this. It’s an indescribable monstrosity rousing through you. Its existence as a whole is the most terrifying awareness and it knocks the air out of your lungs. Suddenly, you cling tighter to Chan for safety, craving more of his warm magnificent glow. 
“T-There's…” The words die in your throat, and you look down at yourself, out of it. The thing stirs underneath your shirt. Right in the middle of your stomach, right where your hands rest as one.
“It’s fine.” Chan assures, tensing in your back, but you know him too well. You distinctively hear the scary edge to his tone.
Something is inside you. It is not a part of you morphing like you expected; it’s a being on its own. This is not fine, you are not fine. 
“C-Ch…” Panicking, you try to release his hands to stand a chance to defend yourself, but he clings.
“Sssh…” Burying his face into your hair, Chan cradles you tighter. “I know, I know…” Your breath hitches as the being waves once more, starting to swell and move at a rapid pace. “It’s okay,” he repeats like a mantra, desperately trying to soothe you or himself. Distraught, you finally manage to free your hands from his grip. You reach for the thing in a frenzy, trying to control its progress unsuccessfully.
It’s there – a parasite –  alive and hungry for blood in your guts.
You need to uproot it.
It burns as bad as if someone was running a blade under your skin, peeling you alive. Your mouth opens on a never heard before woeful sound. A noise, so abject and bloodcurdling, that it makes blackbirds flee the forest, flooding the night sky above you in alarm. A murder of crows for your last shredding moments of humanity, an omen. You are dying. The pressure in your stomach is unbearable, savage. Your back violently arches into Chan and he gives up on controlling your spasming hands again to hold your sides down firmly… The alien lump never stops growing inside you. It stretches to your thighs, calves, feet. Its progress is unstoppable, it’s taking over. 
“GET IT OUT!” Crying in agony, you raise your shirt, exposing your strained epidermis. No wolf moves, though some avert their eyes.
“It’s okay, y/n, STOP!” Chan doesn’t help at all, doing his best to restrain your manic moves. “I got you!” Crazed, you don’t listen, coming to terms with what needs to be done.
“GET IT OUT!” With urgency, your fingernails claw at the skin, digging your own stomach. You can’t go through this, you can’t endure anymore. Unbridled by your hysteria, you’re tearing your own belly to shreds, ignoring Chan’s pleas. “GET IT OUT!!”
Dark blood gushes out of your abdomen, warm and thick. Unfortunately, the beast within keeps shifting, unbothered by your wound. Shrieking, you jab your fingers inside the lacerations to reach for it. You’ll rip it out. You’ll make it stop. Your body violently jolts, sending wine droplets flying everywhere and painting the scene in gore. You don’t see – can’t see – everything burns. Widening the cuts, you barely manage to make contact with the creature’s coat before being pulled away.
Chan successfully intervenes this time, barking incomprehensible orders in his Alpha voice as he pins you down. He tugs your bloodstained hands out of your guts, betraying your trust and letting the parasite win. You fight back against his grip, desperate to free yourself but he’s way too powerful. The monster within keeps spreading and you remain helpless, terror-stricken. It creeps up your neck slowly, filling up your throat until your unending pleas are nothing but sinister gurgles. 
The thing’s muzzle starts to grow out of your mouth haltingly, stretching your face to its maximum until it gives. You freeze, surrendering to Chan’s grip when the grisly sound of your own jaw breaking echoes through the Castrum grounds. Ultimately, it is after your cheeks slit open, making blood squirt on every wolf around, that you truly come apart.
Only then does the pain overcomes your will to survive and the blackness of the monster swallows you whole.
The sky is tinted of a glorious dark purple when you come to your senses again, glowing lightly through the branches above you. It takes a moment to regain the sensibility of your own limbs. There’s almost nothing but the peaceful sounds of the awakening forest surrounding you, that, and calm breathing echoing yours. You don’t need to look to know who it belongs to. It’s intimate and natural. Curiously, you’ve never felt as light or as serene. It’s an amazing state of mind, harmonious. Slowly, some events from last night come to you through flashbacks. You’re floating above yourself, watching your convulsions then your wolf rips through its shell. Then nothing. Your reality shifts to the present again; your human lying in the green moss of the Forbidden Forest, modesty barely preserved by dead leaves. The man next to you sighs, pulling you out of your slumber.
He meets your eyes placidly, sitting on a large rock on the edge of a pond of limpid water. You don’t need to say a word to connect and the corners of his lips loop slowly. His hair is a mess, dynamic chaos of silver curls and tiny bits of leaves. He’s leaning back on his hands, stark-naked again, stretching his torso and flexing his forearms. His eyes gradually crease until they are swallowed by his puffy eyelids as his canines appear. You smile too, completely taken by the sight.
It takes a few minutes before Chan speaks, but when he does his voice is golden, unlike you’ve ever heard it before. Everything seems clearer, your audition different. “So?”
“I-I…” You pause, his voice is honey but yours is hoarse and used. Bringing a hand to your throat, you sit up, aching. 
“Thereafter,” Chan murmurs, the epitome of tranquillity. His legs wave in the water, rippling the small pond and making a few water lilies dance on its surface. “That’s what my father called it.”
“This place?”
He shakes his head like a tiny kid. Chan brings a hand to his chest, right where his heart beats underneath, and you nod in understanding. He means this uncanny peace. You feel completely new, revived as though new blood courses through your veins. Which, to be fair, it probably does. Raising a hand, you observe it, trying to see beyond. It’s mystifying you are the same though entirely different.
“It is still… Being inside me.” The wolf is real and tangible under your skin, everywhere, breathing and thinking with you rather than through. 
Chan shrugs, “I’ve always been two…” As though remembering he’s supposed to have many concerns, he winces;  “Do you like it?”
“I… Shit…” You trail off, realizing something almost as scary as last night. “I think, I do… Yes.” His glower of worry disappears, giving way to his familiar dimples. It has been a few weeks since you’ve found solace at their sight. This awareness stuns you as hard as the admittance you might not hate your new life and capacities.
“It’s good, the quicker you adjust, the more you’ll gain. You could be as strong as me in no time.” He laughs, and the amazing clarity of that noise makes your heart skip a beat. From what you gathered while listening to others lycanth talk around the Castrum, that would be impossible. Apparently, Chan is gifted with special abilities. Legacies of powerful blood run in his veins, making him stronger than the other warriors of the pack. Perhaps even stronger than Jackson, who’s only getting older.
“We should cleanse ourselves, the sun is about to come up. I’m sure you’d prefer to rest all day, but unfortunately, the others won’t let you… That’s why I thought we should stay after the pack and laze a bit… They all are very excited for you to come home.” Chan shakes his head, disheartened by that prospect. 
“Really?” You perk up, curious. Home. The Castrum. He said it so naturally. Realizing the leaves are falling off and exposing you, you hurriedly sit in a fetal position, embarrassed. "Why?”
“How much do you remember?” Guardedly, the Beta tilts his head to survey your reaction. His eyes slide on your body, clearly trying to read your attitude.
“Nothing.” You flush, worried to have done something that would bring even more shame on either yourself or your mate. They already call you a bitch behind your back, how much worse can it get? You aren’t sure you could take more shame or sorrow when it comes to Chan.
“You left quite a strong impression on everyone.” He snorts bitterly, pursing his mouth. Unfortunately, his mystical peaceful state of mind seems to have faded already. “They’re a little too enthusiastic to know what trouble you’ll cause me next.”
“Please forgive me,” you grimace, strained, “I didn’t mean it.” 
Your apology destabilizes Chan, only making you feel worse. Although you’ve done plenty of horrible things to him, you don’t know what you’re apologizing for now. He quietly stares at you, unsure how to take this. Let’s be real, he must believe you’re a burden, there’s no way he wouldn’t. Despite what he said in your room, a part of him must regret his choice. It’s not like you’ve been docile since you’ve entered the castle, and there’s a limit to his patience, to love. You’ve proven that many times already. The thing is, you don’t think you could’ve ever survived through everything without him and you don’t have the strength to fight anymore. 
“Thank you… For taking care of me.” Tentatively, you grin. 
Chan’s mouth falls open, then shuts again. “You didn’t let me much.” He seems upset, suspicious you’re being so meek.
“What did I do?” It wasn’t like it was you though, you can’t even remember anything after losing consciousness.
“You disembowelled yourself.” 
Relieved, you sigh. “Oh…” You were worried the wolf did something wrong to anger him, like murder someone or something.
”Oh?” Chan grunts hollowly, making your hair raise on your nape. Judging from his scowl, you’re testing his self-control once more. That was not the wrong reaction he wanted. His Thereafter is long gone. “You scared the living shit out of me, y/n. I had just told you I’d keep you safe, that we’d do it together. You never listen to what I say. You never care about how I feel!”
“Sorry,” you repeat, sorrowful, dropping your head like a guilty puppy being admonished. It’s not like it was your doing, you weren’t yourself. The pain was unbearable. “Please don’t be mad anymore.”
At the sincere second apology, Chan who was clearly getting worked up for another one of your fights deflates. 
“You’re…”  He blinks, unsure of if you’re serious. “It’s fine… Everyone loved it.”
“But you…”
“Of course, but me.” Shaking his head, he looks up at the palling sky through the trees. Now he seems tired again, spent. You haven’t gone easy on him. “You’re all rejuvenated from the shift, but please, stop harming your own body, y/n. Lycanth heal fast, but when it comes to bones or major organs we have our limits. You could have bled out faster than your recovering abilities managed if I wasn’t there to hold you back. Don’t eviscerate or hurt yourself anymore… It freaks me out.” You’re the one who is speechless now, and you nod in understanding. It’s not like you were planning to do this on the regular. The wolf was inside and you needed to get it out. Chan is so serious about his ‘advice’, that you don’t find it in yourself to explain anything.
“A-Are we okay now?”
He smiles faintly when you don’t argue, raising a hand to invite you closer. “Of course we are.”
Chan seems so relieved and glad that you can’t take it anymore. There’s still all this guilt inside you, implied things to clarify. All that is threatening to burst out at any given moment, doing whatever damage it can. You’re probably better off getting everything in the open while you two aren’t hostile. Who knows how long this truce will last. You have been capricious lately, unable to control your fickle mood. You don’t even trust yourself, don’t know when you’ll start attacking him again.
“Why won’t you hate me?” The words escape you faster than you can reconsider them.
Chan freezes, hand hanging palm up in the air. “We already went through this, y/n.”
“But…” Inhaling sharply, you decide to go on, talk to him like you would’ve before all this; “I am mean, Chan. I’ve made you nothing but miserable ever since you’ve marked me. I’ve done and tried everything to piss you off and I had my fair share of successes, but I can’t seem to just… Get rid of you… I’ve turned you into the laughing stock of the pack. I had sex with the vampire king – not once. I knew how humiliating it was to you, but I did it again.” You drop your gaze, feeling your cheeks catch fire. You can’t stop now, it’s like a weight is being lifted from your shoulders. “Even before all this… You knew how I was. You knew where I came from, what happened to my family and what I wanted in life. I told you everything on my mind… You’ve seen me having fun with all these men, at village fairs, markets. And you know what? None of them ever once asked for anything more from me. Because they knew about Ianua’ orphan girl. I’m screwed up, Chan. I’m damaged goods. I’m not the sensible type. I’m not the girl you wed or fall for… I was never mate material!”
Winded, you pause. For once, you are not mad at him or yourself while claiming all that. It must be the remnant feelings of the Thereafter and your past friendship. You’re just scared he’s made one big mistake he can’t get out of. You’re only always making him angry. You have nothing to bring to the table.
“What’s your point? You aren’t normal Chan. I’ve tried everything I can, I can’t do it anymore. I can’t always fight you like that… Why won’t you hate me!?”
That last sentence echoes a lot louder than you expected, and you hold your breath, waiting for him to get angry or something. You didn’t expect to scream. You just lost it a bit. Feeling a tear roll down your cheek, you roll your eyes back. Ok, you’ve officially lost it. For a long minute, Chan doesn’t say anything, watching you cry. He doesn’t even move, expression carefully blank.
“I don’t know,” he finally admits, dead serious, and there’s a dolorous pinch in the middle of your chest. He doesn’t even know. “It’s true you are difficult… And you can be grim too. You make me crazy mad sometimes, often…” Chan shrugs, palms up to the sky, powerless. “In spite of all that – I love you…” Your heart accelerates, from your own confession and his, even though you already kind of knew. “And you’re just gonna have to let me… Because I won’t stop. Even if you keep doing all these things, you won’t push me away. I’ll just keep loving you.” As if embarrassed under your scrutiny, Chan scratches his nape to occupy himself. “… So, are you done, can we move on?”
Blinking, you’re lost, unsure what he means. You’re pretty sure you’re done about a lot of things after what you went through last night... To stop pushing him away is at the top of your list. “I… Hum, yeah. I think so…”
“Good.” Puffing his cheeks, Chan turns to face the pond once more. “Because I could really use a break from making you cry. You should enjoy yourself again…” Saying so, he doesn’t wait for your reaction, he stretches, easily diving feet first into the clear water. 
Chan barely sends any droplets while breaking the surface and it swallows him whole. You stretch your neck, trying to see, but the small body of water is lower than you are. It’s half-concealed by flowers growing by and large flat worn rocks, probably as old as the forest. When Chan finally comes back to the surface, he’s standing in the water but you can only see his head and a tiny bit of neck. He shakes like a dog, sending his silver curls flying in every direction before they stick to his face.  
For him, the uneasiness of your long-overdue conversation seems to have been entirely washed away. Your tears haven’t even dried yet, but he has moved on. He laughs, finding you still in the same fetal position on the ground, thighs protectively pressed against your chest. 
“I’ve already seen everything of you, you know?” Although Chan says this lightly, his ears are bright red. “You don’t know where you’ve been tonight, but trust me…” His mouth twists into a comical sneer, “You wanna cleanse.” These wolves might be walking around half-naked all the time, but that’s still new to you. “Come on, the water is great. The fun part of your born-again life starts now, I promise.”
Oh, Chan is doing his thing… That thing he used to do to downplay a situation when you were particularly upset. He never liked to see you worked up, that much never changed. That’s familiar, that’s good. He smiles squarely, shaking his chin from side to side like he’s too excited to remain still. Ok, you can deal with the bubbly version of him. Enjoy yourself again, you might be able to do this.
“Turn around,” you command, biting your lower lip anxiously. Flushed, you wiggle on your ass, unable to let go of your prudish ways just yet. 
“We are way past that stage. I’ve seen you naked countless times!” Whining, Chan pouts, clearly let down.
“I don’t care, it doesn’t count. I’m not getting into the water.” He knows you mean it. “Not until you turn around.” Rolling his eyes, Chan obeys nonetheless. You wait several seconds before exposing yourself. When you’re sure he isn’t looking, you stretch carefully. There’s no aching nor pain. You expected to be at least sore from your traumatizing night, but you are fine. “Chan!” You chastise, outraged when you catch him peeking. You cover yourself too late. 
“Getting in, or nah?” He faces away again like he hasn’t done anything remotely wrong, not even pretending to hide the smile in his voice.
Keeping an eye on the back of his head, you crawl closer on the green moss to dip a toe in. A frog on a nearby nenuphar observes distrustfully as you test its water. It is only after deeming it comfortable enough that you join in. The way it slides on your skin feels new, ticklish, you’ve never experienced swimming like that before. The bottom of the pond is slippery from algae sediments, but you still manage to find footing on the soft pebbles. Your intrusion sends the many colourful koi away. From inside the basin, you can hardly see above the rocks, it’s a haven of serenity. Chan doesn’t wait any longer to whip around. The world seems to stop when he stares at you, a strange look on his face. He reaches to delicately rub your cheeks with a thumb, wiping away the last traces of your tears. It leaves a burning hot trail on your face and you repress a shiver.
Here comes that disconcerting lust again… Of course, you were never blind. You knew Chan was attractive, you just never wanted him as a man before, well… before your mate bond.
“This water is… very clear,” he marvels with intent, batting his eyelashes.
“It is…” You tilt your head. “Everything feels different, it’s nice. I’ve always liked being in the water.”
“I know… I thought you might like this place. I've wanted to bring you here forever.” You bear as much as you can when his gaze dips below, to what the surface is barely blurring. That is until you recognize that vibrant red-blooded energy.
Overwhelmed by shyness, you splash him to get his attention back. “Eyes up, Mister!”
“Oh, please… ” Brushing the droplets off, Chan grunts dangerously, “You did not just do that!”
Before you can take it back, he’s splashing you back, merciless as you yelp for help. Soon enough your hair is as wet as his, sticking to your head ridiculously. Laughing, you defend yourself, eyes shut. The formerly calm pond is in turmoil and you bet the frogs have taken cover as well with the koi. This war goes on for a while, purging the last remnant of thorniness lingering between you both. When it finally stops, you have forgotten yourself long enough to be laughing with glee even though Chan is holding you. His hands are wrapped around your wrists, trapping you between him and the natural wall of the basin. He’s dripping wet, tiny drops all over his face catching the light… He’s also awfully close. Realizing just that, your last giggle dies in your throat. You’re surrounded by the mate’ warmth, his body pressed against yours. 
Chan’s smile straightens too, giving way to a much sombrer expression you haven’t seen him before. One of his thighs has found its way between yours, holding you up against the rock. “I caught you swimming once…” He says gravely, licking the wetness from lips. You have no idea what he’s talking about. “… Upstream, not too far from gran’s house,” his whispered revelation is only for you to hear. “It was after one of our hunting trips, in the middle of a summer afternoon. You must have been hot and thought I’d left, but I was still around. Afterwards, you laid on a rock to let the sun dry you… It wasn’t on purpose, but it's the first time I saw you naked. Sorry I watched.” Agape, you can’t find it in yourself to be outraged or embarrassed. You’re way too hot right now. Chan’s body is burning yours in the cool water, manhood pressed to your lower stomach. “The second time was when you were sick in my room. I had to cool you down with ice baths. I was just keeping you alive. And then tonight,” he exhales softly, breath fawning your face, “we are always bare when we shift. Wolves shred any clothes, so there’s no point in caring about nudity. I’ve grown up seeing the whole pack naked every Full Moon, males and females alike. We don’t notice that here… So you should get over yourself.”
“Really?” Breathless, you can’t even think clearly with that much skin of his against yours. “You don’t notice?”
“Well,” A corner of Chan’s mouth swirls, dimple digging his cheek, “I don’t notice the rest of them… I wouldn’t be much of a mate if I didn’t care about you, would I?” Your whole body is buzzing, tingling everywhere from his contact. His thigh between yours is touching you in just the right spot. Exactly where you want him, but he is Chan and you are you, this is weird. “Y/n…” A shadow crosses his face as you’re thinking this, as though he is reading you. Fortunately, he doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to that. “I told you to trust me, but I didn’t mean just one night. I’m not gonna let anything bad happen to you ever again, do you understand?” In a trance, you nod. You believe him. His eyes flutter to your ajar mouth. “I’m sorry,” he repeats for the hundredth time, “about everything.”
“It’s fine,” you hear yourself reply, “I trust you.” 
The moment lasts and just like at twilight it’s as though your bodies coalesce, breathing and heartbeats meshing to one. You’re frozen, and it’s clear Chan doesn’t know what is supposed to be his next move. You’re starting to wonder if you should – could – kiss him when he suddenly tenses, gaze hardening. His muscles contract and he shifts, caging you firmly against the wall. Chan growls, but it’s not the sound he usually makes when you two are bickering, it’s cavernous and spine-chilling.
“Very heartwarming,” a cold voice rings sarcastically above to your right and your head snaps in that direction. An undead is on the rock where Chan was resting earlier. Completely still, he’s crouched to observe you like he has been there forever. Feline in his grace, his hair is black as night parted in the middle and falling on his forehead with evident calculation. You’ve seen him before, he was the second vampire you ever crossed-path with. Although his deathlike complexion and blood steel irides are similar to Jaebeom’s, there’s a peculiar glow in his glare. Something bloodcurdling, a devious glim you didn’t notice on your first meeting that immediately alarms you beyond words. “Obviously, I can’t relate,” the cold inhuman adds with the same monotonic voice you remember him.
“Jinyoung.” When you say it, his crimson eyes slide into yours. Blinking slowly, the vampire takes note of you with evident contempt. Chan hasn’t turned yet, but his hands firmly squeeze your writs; a warning.
“Requiem æternam dona ei. Et lux perpetua luceat ei.” The undead speaks so fast his mouth doesn’t move, blurring. “Requiescat in pace.” You don’t grasp a word, but when he stops, hair has risen on your nape. “You. So you’ve survived the bane… Calling my name recklessly…” Jinyoung’s eyes narrow into two bloody slits, voice airy. “It makes me miss the old days. I would’ve taught you some manners, dog.“ This time Chan whips around, releasing you. Whatever the vampire meant was clearly a threat. Your mate stays close, standing protectively between the intruder and you. The growling coming from his throat intensifies, shaking his whole torso. Instantly, Jinyoung’s attitude shifts, face cutting in two, his mouth stretching into a large deadly smile. “Down, down, now… I’m here on official business.”
“Then you shouldn’t have crept on me!” Chan barks with his Alpha voice, he’s terrifying, you’re glad he’s on your side. 
“I did not!” The vampire’s stands, nostrils flaring, apparently taking severe offence at the allegation. “Don’t blame me for your own negligence.”
”Speak now and leave us!”
Although clearly irked by the tone Chan is using to address him, Jinyoung obliges, seemingly even paler from rage; “The king has requested your presence in the audience hall.”
“W-What?” Stunned, you gasp, unable to hide your surprise. If Jaebeom made anything clear yesterday, it’s that he never intended to see you again after you fully became Lycanth. “Why?” The undead tilts his head at your question, lips curling into a ghastly lifeless grin. 
“Oh, I forgot. Wouldn’t you like that?” Jinyoung implies, clearly entertained. “Not you, tail-wagger.” 
“Me,” Chan points out, voice rendered unstable by his ire.
Not you.
The king doesn’t want to see you, of course not. Jaebeom doesn’t want anything from you now. You bite your lips, hating that you’re so slowwitted. You’ve screwed up again by misunderstanding, that much is pretty clear.
“Before sunrise.” Before leaving, the undead adds one last directive but you both don’t care for his dramatic exit. 
Slowly, Chan walks to the lowest rock on the edge of the pond, pulling himself out. You’re left exposed and cold, alone in the water when he deserts your body. You had gotten used to him, to his skin. It takes you a moment to realize he is waiting above, helping arm extended to hoist you up. He shouldn’t get the wrong idea. Last night, he said that he couldn’t stand the idea of sharing you. That he didn’t want to live like that. You should assure him you wouldn’t have gone, even if the king had called for you. That you refused once before, that you would do it again. That you’re done. That you mean it, you don’t want to fight anymore. You’re silenced when you meet his eyes.
They’re distant and emotionless. 
“Let’s hurry,” he mutters gloomily, hands wrapping around your bicep. Chan pulls you out with no apparent effort and you feel so bad you forget to be embarrassed by your nudity. “The others are waiting in the East living room.”
You wanted to stop pushing him away but you hurt him again so easily, without even realizing it. Whatever it is you two just shared has been broken by the vampire’ intrusion and the ghost of Jaebeom. You aren’t sure if you’re still okay, don’t know when, or if you’ll feel like that again. You have no idea if your truce is still on.
After tonight, you’re only clear about one thing; you definitely don’t see Chan as a friend anymore.
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Nocturna Masterlist | HALLOWEEN
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cherryslu-t · 7 months ago
hunger pangs is a good book yall
Alright! Final thoughts.
If you’re interested, I ‘live-blogged’ my entire read of Hunger Pangs: True Love Bites (flirt edition) and you can read my messy and incoherent thoughts in part one and part two. Not all of my thoughts on characters were positive, though my overall feeling of the book definitely is!
For those not aware, Hunger Pangs is a book written by tumblrs infamous blogger @thebibliosphere​. id recommend checking out her blog at the very least, and absolutely buying the book if possible!
For self-recording: I started the book a 11:45am on Wednesday 24th feb (yesterday) and between work and sleep, finished it at 21:35 on Thursday 25th feb (today). it took me a total of 9 hours 42 minutes to read!
ill put the rest of this under a cut because unfortunately i have a lot to ramble about and my poor followers have mercifully put up with me spamming their dashes enough.
warning: spoilers, text-blocks, and overall mostly organised but also absolutely chaotic excited rambling!
10/10. 5 stars. 6 stars even! i dont know what star rating people use these days.
point is, the book hit all the right spots for me and i genuinely have no complaints about it whatsoever.
general plot
its filled with fun tropes that are completely turned on their side- with pathetic fallacy that then continues by outright stating its own trope, slowburn and mutual pining, a fun traditional forbidden werewolf x vampire romance, and so many more, the books literally heaven for trope lovers like me!
the plot is an incredibly creative and fun spin in a world where supernaturals and humans coexist side-by-side, dealing with human prejudices you see in the real world (racism, mild homophobia, the impending doom of the world thanks to capitalism and rich greed, classism, working class struggles) and supernatural issues (speciesism? is that what youd call hatred towards supernatural? between humans and supernaturals, fights between supernaturals themself, centuries old squabbles still not sorted, your general fun petty decades-old vampire fights).
the plot is fast-paced but not rushed, introduces characters and their quirks throughout the story in ways and places that make sense, and as far as i could tell, theres no (or at least very few, incredibly minuscule) plot holes to be seen. the world is well developed and the attention put into worldbuilding and lore is as clear as day, and its so obvious the story is well loved.
the characters themself too are incredibly easy to relate to both in matter of situation, and in emotion. Most of us probably aren’t century old vampires with vampire-family issues, or war-fighting werewolves who lose the ability to shift, or eons old eldritch beings tending to the bones of fallen friends and lovers to stop the world ending.
but there is still so much in the characters people can relate to. i found Vlad easiest to understand; whether confirmed by the Author or not (im only half certain there was an ask about it), for me, I related to a lot of his thought patterns. I have ADHD and most of what Vlad does resonated with me as someone who also deals with ADHD! from struggling with social cues, to picking up projects in manic moments of interest only to abandon them, impulsive decisions made after fretting and panicking over plans he made a week preparing for (and scrapping the plans in the process), everytime I saw this happen with Vlad I went “hey, thats me, I do that!” it was refreshing to see myself on a page as a protagonist with symptoms beyond ‘too hyper and cant sit still!’
and im sure there are dozens of disabled people who can relate to the struggles nathan is dealing with throughout the book, from his panic of never feeling “normal” again, to doctors disregarding him and his clear medical emergency, to learning to understand that its okay and the world isnt ending. his personality too; having an expectation he does not want placed on his shoulders with everyone simply expecting him to fulfill it regardless of his own desires, loving his family but not being able to fully tolerate them... there are people who can relate to that even if they arent veterans or werewolves.
and ursula! ursula, who feels as though every slight problem is a fault of her own, who feels as though she needs to apologise for things she had no control over. who has an overwhelming and unfair sense of pressure crushing her and not knowing how to let others help. these are things people deal with. maybe not everyone, but thats okay- you dont have to relate to everything, but for people who do, finding themself in a story where they normally never are can be so... freeing.
polyamory, relationships, consent
im giving this its own section because yall, you dont understand. im going to start with the big P: Polyamory.
I’m a polyam lesbian. Let me tell you that, having searched high and low, I have rarely ever found a book with representation of polyamory that has ever made me happy.
Except this one.
I have read dozens of ‘polyam’ relationships where the all-important protagonist can date as much as they want but everyone around them is cut off from loving anyone but the protag. ive seen jealousy twisted into villainous characters where the entire thing couldve been solved with good communication. ive seen books that try to pass cheating on lovers off as polyamory.
The way the author writes it is, though only just present in this book (i am aware, i believe, of a second book coming out eventually where the polyam relationship is developed further), a stunning representation of how a healthy polyam relationship is intended to work.
jealousy happens! it does. even between polyam people. thats why communicating is key! and we see it; we see vlad and nathan, who by this point are comfortable with reading each others body language and facial expressions, both communicate that yes, ursula is attractive and yes, the boys both love - or at least are very attracted- to her. and its good. seeing myself positively strung on the pages is good.
consent was another thing i was pleasantly surprised about.
the entire conversation about it, with vlad being so uncertain and nathan so patient, was so different to every other novel ive read. there was clearly underlying problems on vlads side and the author made it very clear that nathan wasnt going to take advantage of these, only going to help vlad sort them and then continue only when vlad was completely comfortable.
the conversation lasted a few pages, much better than two or three vague and dubiously written consent sentences from most erotic published books.
even disregarding the fact what they were discussing was to do with heavy-kink and bdsm events, i do think a conversation like this is important in any book thats going to have sex in it. it definitely made me feel more at ease without having to worry if it was something consented to or not.
relationships, last. and general representation.
i dont think ive ever seen so many casual non-binary characters named and discussed in a book, ever, beyond my own writing (which features a proud 6 non-binary characters out of the main 10!). ive also never seen ‘mx’ used so casually and when i saw it i absolutely shot up with excitement! it was so nice to see it.
theres no disappointing bury-your-gays tropes, or abusive queer relationships, and beyond some snide comments from clearly-marked homophobic characters (i Dislike you, Miles) and the entire forbidden romance between species, the main mlm relationship isnt treated as a dirty secret that needs to be kept hidden on the grounds of it being queer. i do prefer my queer relationships to be happy and healthy without constantly being reminded that they’re probably going to be killed for being gay, so i can safely say im very happy with this.
there is so, so much more i could write in this, but its already so long as it is and i actually do want this to be readable beyond its own mini novella of ranting. with that, it is currently 22:50 which means i spent over an hour thinking about this book and writing down all my stray thoughts in any way that would possibly make sense to me.
thank you for reading, if you do, and i hope everyone enjoys the book as much as i did!
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mychemicalficrecs · a year ago
sorry to bother you but do you know of any fics like the unholyverse??? i read it and absolutely loved it & would like to read somethinh similar lol
Hi there!
Tbh I kind of haven't (yet) 😅There's a whole bunch of fic with religious themes, horror and/or supernatural elements though, I'm sure you'll find something interesting!
Here's a link to the Unholyverse series again for everyone interested.
And just for the record: you're not a bother, I love making these lists!
If You Liked Unholyverse...
Not A Saint by happilyappled, Frank/Gerard, 6k, Explicit. Father Way is not just a priest and Frank is not just any other man.
Tell Me I'm an Angel by SeraphStarshine, Frank/Gerard, 205k, Mature. Gerard thought that committing suicide would finally end it: no more pain, no more sorrow - nothing. The last thing he expected was to wake up in Hell, reborn as a demon under Lucifer’s control. He is planning on ending himself - for good this time - when he runs into an angel named Frank. Even though it is forbidden, he can’t resist spending time with him, and before he even realizes what is happening, he has fallen in love with this mysterious angel. Little does he know that their innocent romance is a part of something much greater which could ignite an all-out war between Heaven and Hell.
Father Way. by Frnk, Frank/Gerard, 6k, Not Rated. Father Way was the youngest priest in the parish, he had only joined a few months ago and Frank completely stopped going to confessions. Its not that Father Way was some old man, it was the opposite. He was around 25, fresh out of training when he joined the church.
Won't You Light My Way? by FallOutFromGrace, Frank/Gerard, 6k [WIP], Explicit. The land of the living became all the more interesting when one of the humans he was trying to turn to his own desires happened to have a spark of the divine. Well, for Gerard, at least. To everyone else, it was a horrific disaster and possibly and end to an era ruled by the spirits and entities down below. To him, it was an improvement to a boring existence.
Hunting With Bullets by Oni216, 21k [WIP], Mature. Having a band is the perfect cover to fight evil that lurks in the dark. It provides distraction, a reason to live, and decent lyrics for no one to fully understand. And it takes its toll. It always takes a toll.
From Grace by blood_infexions, Frank/Gerard, 40k, Explicit. “The connection a guardian angel will have to their human surpasses anything mortal man could fathom. It is pure, untainted love.” Frank is Gerard's guardian angel... until Gerard attempts suicide. Consequentially he is sent down to earth to live as a human again.
Desecrated Kids by wellthisisprettyrisque (collettephinz), Frank/Gerard, 144k, Explicit. Everyone moves into a new town and thinks it's strange. Stepping out of the car with a weird feeling tingling down the back of your neck isn't actually that unheard of, but finding that unmarked grave in the woods behind your house is. Frank Iero wonders if his mother moved him here so he'd disappear off the face of the planet, or if she actually wants the body to be found. All he knows is that this town has some horrible things happening to it, and no one seems to care enough to lift their heads and actually see. He has no idea what's going on, and is one of the few people that wants to find out. Luckily, Gerard is a few steps ahead of him.
Howl (Frerard Werewolf AU) by FrerardAndTheAssbutts666, Frank/Gerard, 18k, Teen And Up Audiences. In a small village, the townspeople all live together in harmony. But when a young woman is found dead, a wave of fear washes over the former peaceful village. Especially when signs of Werewolves, and Witches are linked to the murder. 17 year old Gerard Way is a young man who is well liked by everyone in the village, partly due to his families status in the village. Despite the fact that his village is a God fearing one and he wears dresses. And when another murder is committed, showing the same signs as the first, the village turns to full blown panic, and reinforcements are sent in to help. A Werewolf hunter and his son have traveled to help save this village from the belly of the beast, all while Gerard begins to question everything. The only person he could truly trust during this time of fear, is his boyfriend and lover, Frank. Frank and Gerard have been having a secret relationship, fearing they would be condemned to death if anyone knew. But as more blood is shed and more bodies hit the ground, Gerard begins to piece together that the beast is closer than he thinks. (Loosely based off Red Riding Hood with Amanda Seyfried and Gary Goldman...Okay more like its pretty based off it :p.)
Written in the Sand by Scarlet_Cross, Sarah/Brendon in a later fic, 28k, Teen And Up Audiences. Desert is brutal, it gives no second chances. It demands respect, sacrifice, and blood. (It's set in a super AU danger days pre-music videos universe. Mostly centered on the MCR boys, but there will be cameos, references, and side shoot offs into different bandom areas.)
The psalm of David by ratfromasewer, Frank/Gerard, 6k, Teen And Up Audiences. There's the world that's "after" and there's the world that's "before". After the slippery road, the accident, the almost-becoming-an-angel.
Stairway to Heaven by fleurdeliser, tuesdaysgone, Frank/Grant/Gerard, 58k, Explicit. Father Way accidentally taps into the memories of an angel, and stumbles into the middle of a millennia-long doomed romance.
Shadows In The Parking Lot by cellphonecharm_au, Frank/Gerard, 61k, Explicit. In which there’s a mass grave under Frank and Ray’s apartment complex, Frank doesn’t believe in ghosts, & Frank’s ex-boyfriend is, conveniently, a paranormal consultant.
Shadowplay by theoretically_yours, Frank/Gerard, 74k [WIP], Explicit. Malimore is a small town in Southern California where ghosts are as common as any other household pest and vampires come out to steal the souls of humans at midnight. Frank Iero is a young paranormal investigator whose interest in the supernatural began after the bizarre and untimely death of his parents. One day, when he and his partner take on a particularly gruesome case, all hell breaks loose with Frank caught at the very center. This is the story of how it all happened.
When Both Our Fates Collide (Frerard) by A_A_Dolan, Frank/Gerard, 11k, Mature. Frank Iero is a loner traveler who is a demon hunter. He is part demon due to him having to sacrifice part of his soul to save the life of his son, Miles, after losing his wife and twin daughters to demons. Along the way, Frank has a quest to save the life of someone who can save humankind from death and destruction. A man by the name of Gerard Way. Frank ends up finding a professional, exotic dancer in the bad part of town. Gerard is special and unique and it’s Frank’s job to protect him at all costs. Eventually Frank discovers that Gerard is an angel and has powers stronger than all demons combined...when that news gets out, all demons and angels are on the search for Gerard.
Love will scares us apart by francoantoniohierro, Frank/Gerard, 56k, Mature, Explicit. Haunted House AU. Frank Iero is looking for answers after the death of his best friend. The only people willing to help are the Way brothers. On the other hand, the Way brothers are two paranormal experts looking for amusement.
Famous Last Words by SaskiaK, 22k, Mature. The Paramour Mansion is not for the faint-hearted. Mikey recalls some of events that almost tore him apart
Stay out of the Light by orphan_account, Frank/Gerard, 10k, Explicit. Reserved bookworm Gerard, and arrogant, conceited boyfriend Frank are best friends, though they share little in common. They share even less in common when Frank mysteriously gains an appetite for human blood. As their classmates are steadily killed off in gruesome attacks, Gerard must uncover the truth behind his boyfriend's transformation and find a way to stop the bloodthirsty rampage before it reaches his own brother Mikey. Jennifer's Body AU
The Brandy of the Damned by Nokomis, Gen, 15k, Teen And Up Audiences. An ill-advised detour leads My Chem to a town populated by the dead.
Get Up and Kill by MontyKarl, 10k, Teen And Up Audiences. The zombie apocalypse is upon us. The Way Brothers may well be our only hope...or at the very least their only hope.
In The Walls by thesamefire, Gen, 72k, Teen And Up Audiences. When My Chemical Romance move into the Paramour, they get a lot more than they bargained for. All they want to do is write an epic album, but Mikey is falling apart and Gerard isn't sure what to do about it—or about the fact that they're trapped inside the house with no escape from the increasingly strange and terrible things that are happening to them.
Break The Walls (And Kill Us All) by tabulaxrasa, Frank/Gerard, 27k, Mature. Frank owns an antique store, but he's not very good at it. About the only thing he IS good at is having a crush on his best customer. Until Frank unknowingly unleashes something into his shop— something that doesn't like him very much. And it's not going away any time soon.
the house that dripped blood by addandsubtract, Frank/Mikey, 11k, Mature. “When do we leave?” Mikey asks, and Gerard steps back. “Two weeks,” he says, and Mikey sees flashes of empty hallways and open doors as Gerard pulls his fingers away.
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writtenfrommybody · a year ago
I am burning for you, and believe me when I say I have never burnt for anyone. I can’t seem to get you out of my skin, my heart, my head. All I think about is the intricate moment where my soul felt yours. It was like this ancient connection, this timeless experience. I couldn’t take my eyes off you, my soul sat there in my eyes saying could it be you? I have travelled far and wide without even hoping that I would find you. I thought I would have to wait until I turn to dust just to know your name. But at that moment, that splitting second, that earth stopping pause, that stillness. I recognized you, my entire being came undone I was jittering internally. My soul grew hands and I had to fight it like it was my prey. It kept screaming at me to let it come near you, I growled in her face telling her keep quiet can’t you see that in this skin he will never be the one you embrace? How could that be... I mean I never believed in soulmates, not for a minute, not after what I have seen... But you, you are the manifestation of it, if there is such a thing. I am aching and you would call me insane if you knew how much you shook me... I would lie if I said I haven't had my share of lovers and liars I would be lying if I said a single one of them looked like you. I could listen to you talk about Cuba for the rest of my life tell me more about Germany you make war seem like it is a gallery and I am gazing at everything like art. I could listen to you talk about suffering for the rest of existence and I would feel romanced in the process. There is something about the way you speak, your voice demands to be heard. Your presence has a tongue of its own. You take up space without treading on anybody's toes. I could listen to you tell me about communism from dawn to dusk I could listen to you speak about the holocaust until my flesh falls off my bones. If you spoke about the wall for 17 hours I would be immersed in you. I am completely enamored by you. I’m so restless I just can’t handle knowing how momentary it is. I don’t know how I am sitting here without knowing your story. I need to know all of you, every inch of you. Every day of your life play it for me let me dance with your demons like we're making love. I need to know what makes you so otherworldly. What a shame that the only thing standing between you and I is humanity... It isn't even god and that’s what's such a profanity. You would think  I was mad if you knew I felt this way I mean this must be so common for you... Who wouldn't fall head over heels just watching the way you breathe... I don’t blame you for being so striking, I sit alongside all the other women who adore you and I too with my wide eyes am completely shaken by you. I have never been moved so deeply by another human being in my life and I have been around so many people I just don’t understand it... Do you know what a crime it is for people to keep me away from you? Its a crime against God himself... This should be labelled as a sin... It should be forbidden for me to be away from you... I don’t even want to touch you I just want to listen to you I just want to listen to you I just want to listen to you Please come free my mind... That’s what you do when I sit with you I feel free I feel like the world is full of endless possibilities except for the possibility of me sitting with you how wretched is that that you show me the world is full of endless doors except for the door with your name that is occupied and all the other doors don't matter when I want to walk into this one how could you have this effect on me? I have trusted you more than anyone on this planet i don't even know you you could be a mirage for all I know i want you to be real but ill tell myself you're just a dream a dream a dream that's how this all feels... so make-believe.. You tell me you're coming for me in the next life and since then I'm counting down the minutes of when I can escape this one. I want to leave this world just so I can be close to you do you know how ridiculously foolish I feel? Bury me in your heart, ill happily rot in there with all your past, your present and future with the whispering of your devil and the comfort of your angel. Nothing about you could ever be too much for me. Not other women,  not your rage. None of it... If you told me you were lying around with twenty women all by your arm I would ask you, have they loved you in the way you deserve yet? or should I find you another one... Don't you see how crazy I am? I don't wish to possess you, but to let you run wild and free... I want to watch your inner wolf unleash I want to adore you on a full moon with all your man and beast a werewolf you are part divine part craze. I want to see your bones snap and you to run on all fours with your teeth-baring Into the necks of other women I want to see how wildly  beautiful you are when you let go of the responsibility of your life. I want to see what you look like when the scale of balance smashes and you are there all energy. I want to see what you look like with your eyes pitch black, glistening, blazing. I want to see what you look like with them shut, still, mountainlike, meditative. I want to just watch you exist, I don't even need you to sit with me. I just want to watch you, be you. I just want to look at you and say what a wonderful god, look at how wonderful his creation is. I want to just observe his signs unfold through you. How could this be anything but pure? How could this be wrong? Threatening? I'm too much aren't i … Maybe its a blessing in disguise I don't think you could handle me. I am too much for you, for this world, for myself. I feel so crazy? do you know how impossible it is for me to feel this way about anyone? I am so difficult to impress, let alone to be shaken to my core. Yet alone to be made to  come undone, you devil. You're temptation itself fuck you for ruining my organized mess. I'll never be able to sort myself out of this. I’ll never be able to sweep you out of my mind Like you have swept me off my feet I’ll never be able to put a lid on you and box you You are there taunting me in the background Demanding to be seen without showing your face. How could you?
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alecmagnuslwb · 2 years ago
Romeo & Romeo
(but with vampires and were’s and no tragic ending)
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They meet by chance, an accident really. A hundred years ago or so the rules were set, vampires stayed to one side of town, werewolves to the other and the witches reigned where they wish. It’s worked; relative peace has been maintained aside from a few squabbles here and there.
So when they cross paths it’s an accident, but more likely it was fate.
Alec knows he’s ten blocks past where the line is drawn, but it’s Halloween, the one night a year their kind get to walk the streets fangs and glowing eyes on display so it’s not like anyone’s on high alert for the night.
In reality he’s never really belonged with the wolves, so the lines shouldn’t matter. Not that he belongs with the vampires either. He’s a product of both worlds, a hybrid born out of a curse, one of the few of his kind that sparked the last real war between the factions. The rules are so blurred when it comes to him the few extra blocks can’t hurt.
But they do hurt, in the best kind of way because those few extra blocks lead him to Magnus.
He passes by a pack of witches, not the real kind, some red, white and blue superhero and a girl who’s definitely not a real nurse and then he runs into him. He’s tall, just a little shorter than Alec with dark brown eyes and tanned skin. He’s wearing a paisley red brocade jacket that hugs his shoulder and biceps perfectly. A pair of color coordinating suspenders hangs from his hips, tantalizing, and Alec is overcome with the want to pull this man in by them. He’s the most beautiful man Alec has ever seen. He’s also a vampire; he can smell it in the air and not just any vampire Alec realizes as recognition of the face before him sets in. He’s Magnus Bane, a man Alec has only seen in photographs, but knows stories of just like everyone else. 
Magnus probably knows who he is too. Hybrids are few and their names are known, but the way he gives Alec a very deliberate onceover says he doesn’t seem to mind.
They know it’s dangerous, wrong in the eyes of far too many. But there’s nothing wrong about the way Magnus makes him smile more within the first ten minutes of meeting than he has in his entire life.
Alec is of both worlds and Magnus doesn’t much care for rules especially ones enforced by his vicious, bloody ex so they take the leap.
Alec’s different than the rumors he’s heard, a loner hybrid with not much to say. It’s clear that he has plenty to say but no one’s been willing to listen.
Magnus likes to listen. Alec likes books and archery and Disney movies. They don’t see eye to eye on everything, impossible that they would considering the world’s they come from. But he’s willing to learn, to hear another side and Magnus does the same.
The first time Magnus kisses him he feels like there’s fire in his veins, like Alec’s touch could burn him to his core but never harm him. Their lips touch and it’s the closest he’s felt to being alive since he actually was alive.
They make each other better. They grow together. He brings Alec out of his shell, while Alec unfreezes Magnus’ cold, forgotten heart.
They fit together like two pieces of a puzzle that’s been rattling around in a box for centuries just waiting to be complete. They’re like something out of romance novel, a forbidden love story. But if this is what forbidden feels like then it shouldn’t be forbidden in the first place.
“You know out of everyone I never would have guessed you’d be the one risking it all for his own Romeo and Juliet tale,” Maia laughs from her spot lounging on Alec’s bed as he shuffles through his closet.
She’s the closest thing to family he’s had in over a century, those blood related to him not gifted with immortality like he all long gone. He’d been closed off for a long time, particularly after losing Izzy, but then Luke had found a young wolf living in fear and brought her into the pack and she had been persistent in becoming his friend. She’s the only person who knows he’s had a boyfriend for the past three months and especially the only one who knows his boyfriend is the third highest ranking vampire in the city.
“Romeo and Romeo,” he corrects switching out his plain t-shirt for a dark plaid button up.
She nods in agreement sitting up, “So tell me about him? I mean I know the stories of Magnus Bane that everyone knows, but and I say this with love, there has to be more to him than that if he’s made the grumpiest person I know look like that.” She finishes, gesturing to the small smile that rarely leaves his face these days.
He finishes the buttons on his shirt sitting down beside her contemplating how to answer the question. He knows the stories she’s talking about, he also knows that half of them aren’t true and the ones that are have been wildly exaggerated over the centuries.
“He’s,” Alec pauses gesturing unhelpfully to the room and settling on one word. “Magical.”
Maia giggles, “Magical? That’s all you got you smitten nerd?”
Alec shoves her playfully, “Shut, up. Okay it’s just, it’s hard to explain. He’s just incredible; he’s not what people think he is. He’s not a monster to fear like too many do; he’s not the hedonist people seem to make him out to be. He’s kind and funny and he’s been hurt but still manages to be the most loving person I’ve ever met. And he’s had more time to read all the books I haven’t gotten around to. He couldn’t give a shit that I’m a hybrid just says it’s a part of me, doesn’t scare him in the slightest like it has everyone else. He makes me feel comfortable and normal for once in my life, like I truly belong somewhere. He’s just…magical.”
Alec stops, realizing he’s probably said too much. If she thought he was smitten a moment ago she’ll know how in love he is now.
The soft, no longer teasing tone she responds in makes it clear he’s right, “I’m happy for you Alec. It’s dangerous and I’m worried about you, but I’m happy for you. You deserve to be happy.”
“Do you know what game you’re playing here my friend?” Raphael asks leaning against the pillar in Magnus’ room looking entirely bored.
“First off it’s not a game, it’s far more than that,” Magnus says holding up a finger as he sips his whiskey. It’s definitely no game, they may not have said it out loud yet but he knows they’re in love. That he loves Alec more than he’s ever loved anyone, ever could love anyone. “Second if it was I’d be winning because I’m happy and third I’ve been playing it for six months now so I think I know what I’m doing.”
“You know what I mean Magnus,” Raphael sighs grabbing his own glass. “We’re in the midst of a regime change; it’s a dangerous time to be running around in secret with that boy.”
“It’s always a dangerous time. Also you’re in the midst of a regime change,” Magnus says pointedly. “Which I wholly support, I gave up my spot by that woman’s side nearly two centuries ago for a reason, she’s out of control and it’s your time. Plus I’d hardly call Alexander a boy he’s a 103 years old, hell he’s older than you actually.”
Raphael scoffs, “Age is but a number. I just worry old friend.”
Magnus rises to Raphael’s side placing a hand on his friends shoulder, “And your worry is noted. We’ll be alright.”
Raphael may act unaffected, concerned for only Magnus and the political structure, but he knows Magnus well enough to know what Alec means to him which means his concerns stretch to a man he’s never even met as well.
Just to annoy Magnus, Raphael somewhat condescendingly pats his cheek, “Just be careful.”
They are careful. They never meet within the city limits. Evenings spent dancing at clubs that are filled with only humans, endless slow nights spent in hotels one or two or even three towns away. Days are rare but they try; Magnus can’t seem to see the point in having a daylight ring if he can’t even find a way to sneak out to see his boyfriend during the daylight hours though. Other cities don’t live by the same rules as New York, the factions squabble but there’s no defining lines being drawn. There’s old angry blood in New York that’s lasted generations, the only city where a handful of hybrids exist by some miracle of magic that’s never been fully explained by more than a curse placed by an old witch on the first born of a generation of wolves who’d wronged her.
It’s difficult but Magnus can’t be too upset. In another city they might have had it easier, but in another city Alec might have never been born, or born just a werewolf, living out a normal 80 year lifespan before Magnus even got to cross his path.
He’s happy, the happiest he’s ever been in 400 years of life, difficulties be damned.
He’s so happy he can’t hold it in anymore, he’s known it since the night they met in some ways, been holding it in for nearly nine months and can’t stand to stay quiet any longer.
He rolls over to Alec their bodies still cooling down from their previous pleasurable actives and twines their fingers together, “I love you.” He says and they’re the truest words he’s ever spoken.
Alec turns his head, looking almost caught off guard by the words, surprised that Magnus could actually love him. Alec deserves every bit of love Magnus has to offer even if it’s all a little battered and broken, far too many people have shunned him simply for the way he was born, in more ways than one, convinced him he’s not worthy of any sort of real love. But he is. They are.
“I love you too,” Alec whispers back after a beat of shocked silence. “I love you so damn much Magnus.”
Magnus leans over to kiss Alec hard and bright and filled with the words he just said and every word he hasn’t yet.
They’re nearing a year since that fateful night when they’d first bumped into each other on a street where Alec shouldn’t have been. They spend most of their time together now, Magnus’ opinions on vampire affairs no longer held in the value they once were since he finally ended things with Camille and Alec rarely being trusted as a voice within his own pack by anyone except Luke and Maia. No one questions when they’re gone for extended periods of time.
But it’s getting hard to lie, to keep it a secret. Tensions are rising in the city he can feel it in the air. Change is coming. Magnus has told him about Raphael closing in on his grand overthrow and he knows well that Luke can only handle so many more degrading comments before he challenges Theo for pack leader.
Alec just wants to be able to live free, to hold the hand of the man he loves and walk down the streets of his own city. It’s a simple thing to want in a complicated world.
They talk about running. In his hundred years of life Alec’s barely even left the city, has only been to neighboring states at the furthest. Magnus has been all over the world, traveled to distant lands while weathering the damage Camille had done to him and happier trips in recent years when his responsibilities within the clan were lessened.
Alec listens intently as Magnus recalls the landscapes he’s seen, the art he’s perused, name dropping an icon from history or entertainment whenever he can. He tells Alec about the places he’d love to see, about the islands and cobblestone towns that Alec would fit in perfectly. Alec falls a little bit more in love with every single story.
They get as far as Connecticut one long weekend in some picturesque tourist town, both with bags packed big enough that they’d never have to go back if they didn’t want to. They’re sitting on the balcony wrapped up in one another on a chair that’s not quite big enough but gives them an excuse to get all that much closer to one another. It’s either their last night here or the first night of their new lives.
“We have to go back,” Magnus sighs a little sad. “I wish we didn’t. I wish we could just run and start over on some island, but there’s too much we can’t leave behind. Especially right now with things the way they are.”
He’s right. Alec hates it, but he’s right. Magnus has become the biggest piece of his world, but he still has other people who need him. They can’t leave Maia and Raphael behind to hold the secret of why the hybrid and vampire disappeared at the same suspicious time. Magnus can’t abandon Catarina and her daughter Madzie to a clan that’s breaking at the seams. Alec can’t forget Luke, who’s entrusted Alec with his plans to restructure the pack.
“I know,” he sighs in response his hold on Magnus tightening. “I know.”
It all comes to head on their one year anniversary, another Halloween of freedom spent surrounded by people dressed in scantily costumes, strobe lights beaming down on the cut of Magnus’ jaw. They risk it a bit, tucked away dancing and grinding in the VIP section of Pandemonium on the vampire’s side of the tracks when Alec gets the call. It’s Maia in a panic, Luke had challenged Theo, and he’d won but walked out with a sizeable alpha bite that he wouldn’t survive long with.
Alec rushes to their location Magnus in tow without question. Alpha bites can be cured, but only by hybrid blood and only within the first two hours of being bit. He’s never done this before, but he’s the only one who can with most of the others scattered across the country out of fear. Underhill being the only other one still within the city but they can’t get him on the phone.
He’s scared, it’s going to take a lot blood to do this and he needs Magnus by his side. He’ll deal with the consequences of that later.
When they walk in hand in hand he hears the whispers, sees the dirty looks but he can’t be bothered to care. After a year of hiding he can’t give a damn anymore about anyone else’s opinion on who he loves. They’re all shut down when Maia enters the room, an official second in command now recognized, and pulls Alec towards Luke.
Maia’s already set everything up for the transfusion; Alec doesn’t have time to question how a third year Marine Biology student knows how to do that.
It’s nearly an hour before the wound on Luke’s chest clears and his eyes return to their natural brown color, Magnus holding Alec’s hand the entire time. Alec is exhausted barely able to stand so Magnus carries him into one of the other rooms, his enhanced abilities will have him back to 100% in no time but right now he feels like he’s been run over by a semi-truck, twice.
No one says a word; no one even spares them a glare. Alec may not be the pack’s favorite member, but they all adore Luke, who respects him, and he’d just saved his life. Any issues they have with Alec will have to go to Luke now and their issues with Magnus well they can answer to Alec on those and won’t like the results.
He’s barely given the chance to close his eyes when Magnus’ phone buzzes loud on the nightstand. Before Alec’s muddled mind can even register anything Magnus is pressing a swift kiss to his lips with an apology and a promise to return soon.
Alec tries to move to follow him sluggish like moving through molasses but Magnus is gone, vampire speed in full effect. The rush of his movement has Alec succumbing to darkness; his last fleeting thought wondering if after everything that’s happened tonight, walking into the light hand in hand with Magnus, if he’d ever actually see him again.
The text from Raphael had simply read: NOW.
He knows what it means; he really just wanted an easy simple anniversary with Alec. Instead he’s leaving behind his blood deprived boyfriend going to face another fight this All Hallows Eve.
He doesn’t miss the looks the wolves give him as he rushes from the den. They don’t like him on principle; they probably like him even less now that he’s leaving behind their once fringed hybrid now idolized for saving their alpha.
By the time he reaches the Dumort the fights already well under way, Camille backed into a corner her loyal few baring their fangs. There are bodies of humans on a couch to the left, some already dead and others who will be new members of their clan if they chose to complete the turning process. He notices their costumes, vampires all of them, Camille had probably found a cruel irony in it.
Raphael and a sizable portion of the clan stand their ground on the other side, she could have just gone quietly but no she had to make it a fight; a fight that she’s dragged Magnus into the middle of.
“Dearest,” she hisses menacingly as he enters the room, he can’t believe he ever thought he heard love in that tone especially now that he knows what love in someone else’s voice really sounds like.
He scoffs taking his place beside Raphael, “I’ve never been you’re dearest anything.”
She smiles devilishly a look that says that’s the truth, “But I was yours once, are you really going to let them lock me in box for eternity just because of a few indiscretions?”
A few? A few doesn’t even cover the indiscretions in the room tonight. She’s turned more humans unwillingly in her centuries than any vampire he knows, Magnus just one in a long line whose life was taken so she could have another toy for her amusement. She’s only gotten worse of late, a total disregard for other’s lives using the clan and her position of power as shield to hide behind. Vampire’s dying at her will, by her hand because they stood up to her had been the final straw for most of the clan. She’s damn near started a civil war with the wolves over it twice now, attempting to pin the deaths on them. Her time is long over.
“You could’ve gone quietly, retired to some island far away from anyone and done as you pleased. You brought it to this,” Magnus calmly says, he has a lot of things he wants to say things he’s said before but she’s tossed aside without a care. “You made your choices, you live with the consequences.”
“Consequences?” she spits out with venom. “You talk to me about consequences? Have you thought about the consequences, Magnus? That little wolf half breed you carry on with, that will have consequences. Do you really think he won’t choose his animal instincts over you one day, he won’t leave like everyone else does?”
Well, the proverbial cats out of the bag in both of their factions now.
It should surprise him that she knows, but somehow it doesn’t. She’s probably known since it started just lying in wait for the perfect opportunity to use her knowledge as a weapon. To dangle Alec in front of Magnus like a treat, to harm him to get her way. Backed into a corner her words, her jabs that know how to cut just right are all she has left so she lets them fly. There’s a time it would’ve worked, but he’s better now. He knows his worth, not the shards of it she’d cut him into for centuries.
“This isn’t about me and you’d be wise to keep your opinions on Alexander out of your mouth,” Magnus responds confidently and cold.
She leaps at that, always more offended when Magnus shows care for someone other than her, yet never returning that care in any kind. She pounces at him her claws out a hand already scratching down the side of his face before he has time to react.
He pulls back using all the strength he has to send her into the wall behind her the slam rendering her barely conscious, as the others move to apprehend her lackeys.
He walks up to Camille, Raphael lifting her to the coffin she’ll call home off to the side.
“It’ll never last Magnus. It never does,” she says her parting words as she placed inside the coffin where she’ll desiccate and never be able to harm another person again.
“The only thing that won’t last is you Camille,” he sneers slamming the coffin shut on a chapter of his life he can finally let go.
He sits heavily on the couch nearby as Raphael instructs the others to secure the chains around the coffin; it was supposed to be a simple night with Alec, a Halloween to remember. Well he supposes it’s still that second one.  
He hoped to dance until the late hours of the night and fall into a tangle of naked limbs with Alec sweaty and sated in his own loft for once. He’d hope for even that small chance of getting Alec into a costume of some sort, a small bit of eyeliner at the least. But no he’s sitting here with his ex-girlfriend in a box, dead bodies all around and the boyfriend he should be with passed out across town.
He rests his head heavily in his hands, pulling one away when he feels something wet. Right, Camille’s damned nails had gotten him. He’d always hated those nails. Before he can move to wipe the blood from his face a warm body slides up in front of him on their knees, large pale hands reach to rest lightly on his thighs rubbing soothing circles into them.
Alec. Alexander’s here.
He looks a little paler than usual which is truly saying something coming from someone who’s undead. He’s breathing a little heavy clearly having rushed here as soon as he’d woken not totally healed from the first ordeal of the night.
“Alexander,” he starts but cuts off at Alec’s furrowed brow.
“Magnus, you’re bleeding,” Alec says lifting a hand to his cheek clear of blood turning his face to look at the line of even cuts.
Magnus huffs, he’ll heal before this conversation is over, “And you’re missing about half the blood in your body. Don’t we make quite the pair?”
Alec chuckles moving closer, “Yeah we do, happy anniversary, Magnus.”
Magnus kisses him in response, blood and injuries and the scrutiny they’ll now be constantly under forgotten for a moment. Across town the pack is being restructured, here in this room the clan is standing by a new leader. But here on this couch it’s just them, just Magnus and Alec. No titles, no species, just them.
A year later it’s another Halloween as Alec lies against the pillows on his and Magnus’ bed waiting for Magnus to get dressed. It’s been an interesting year to say the least. The city lives under new rules, Luke and Raphael both agreeing to terms that have changed the landscape of city only occasionally with fangs bore.
Things aren’t perfect. There are still those who sneer at the concept of a hybrid and vampire together, there’s still centuries of old damage between the two factions that won’t disappear overnight. But it’s better. The witches still stay out of the way allowing them to do as they please, but quietly it’s clear they roam the streets with less fear than they did before. Alec and Magnus get to live together now with no bordering invisible lines in their way. Alec gets his simple dream to walk down the street holding Magnus’ hand, fingers clasped tightly together Magnus’ daylight ring cool against his skin.
Magnus stands proudly at Raphael’s side now, content to be his second and even more content that his diplomatic meetings with Maia often lead to gossiping about Alec. Alec is fine with simply being trusted by his own people for the first time, by the pack that he’d been raised in and spent over a generation living amongst. It shouldn’t have taken him exhausting himself of nearly all the blood in his body to get here, but he digresses.
“Why exactly do we have to go out in costume tonight? It’s our anniversary shouldn’t we spend it in a low-lit romantic restaurant or something, especially with how we spent it last year,” Alec says.
Magnus laughs still out of view in the walk-in closet, “True last year left some things to be desired, but going to a low-lit restaurant is a little pointless when neither of us actually have to eat. And we’re dressing up because it’s Halloween and it’s fun.”
“Okay, good point about the restaurant, but we’re literally a vampire and hybrid,” Alec starts.
“Werepire,” Magnus interrupts and Alec can hear the teasing smile on his lips.
“Still not calling myself that,” Alec fondly grumbles in response. “As I was saying, people dress up as us for Halloween, do we really need costumes?”
Magnus sighs walking out of the closet back turned to Alec, “Just be happy I’m letting you get off easy.”
Alec hums not totally paying attention to Magnus’ words as he admires his boyfriends back and particularly his backside. He’s wearing the tightest pair of pants he’s ever seen Magnus wear, a real record to be written down, black with a white stripe running down each of the legs and a deep black shirt with see through leopard pattern patches that fits his shoulders tightly and is likely unbuttoned all the way down to his navel in the front.
“I’d love for you to get me off easy,” he hears someone say breathily. Magnus chuckles tilting his head back.
Oh, wait he must of said that.
“Oh, don’t worry my dear we’ll be getting to that later I promise,” Magnus says turning around to face his boyfriend and holy shit the front view is even better. The shirt is unbuttoned all the way down as predicted with a cascade of necklaces across his toned chest and stomach, a pair of cute black cat ears to match his shirt sat atop his head but what really catches Alec’s attention is the eyes.
Magnus’ deep brown pools have been covered with a pair of golden cat eye contacts, it’s unfairly sexy.
Alec rises from his spot on the bed, hands automatically reaching from Magnus’ waist and pulling him in.
“Damn,” he breathes out. He’s sure there’s some ironic joke out there about Alec, who is half wolf, being attracted to his boyfriend sporting cat eyes but he can’t think of a good one right now. He can’t think of anything but said boyfriend who’s resting his hands on Alec’s chest just above his steady beating heart.  
“Likewise,” Magnus says giving Alec an appreciate onceover. Alec’s in a simple white t-shirt, dark jeans and his usual leather jacket it’s nothing special, but Magnus seems to believe otherwise. The only thing truly standout is the deep v neck of the t-shirt which allows some of Alec’s chest hair to peek out, a thing Magnus clearly appreciates as he teasingly glides his fingers across the visible skin.
“Just missing one thing,” Magnus hums remaining in Alec’s grasp but leaning to pick up the pair of white and black mouse ears he’s forcing Alec to wear from the night stand.
“There we go,” Magnus smiles bopping Alec’s nose after he settle the ears in his boyfriend’s thick hair. “A game of cat and mouse.”
Alec scrunches up his nose, “You realize we didn’t really have a game of cat and mouse, I gave my heart over to you instantly.”
Magnus’ flirtatious smile goes soft, leaning in to place a light but promising kiss on his lips, “And I did the same.”
Alec moves his hands, one reaching to entwine their fingers. They move to the door, to the future. There’ll be hard times, their world is a powder keg that can explode at any moment, they’re from two worlds that don’t always see eye to eye, but they have each other. They have lifetimes of Halloween nights spent loving ahead of them.
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tuna-moon-draws · 3 years ago
Dream I had
I was reading a book series. There was this secret military hive of were wolves, and once a year they would kidnap a human and turn them to add to their army.
In the first book, the girl kidnapped tried to lead a revolt against the system like most young adult books do, and she had this 'chosen' thing going on and her howl was special because it could teleport people she howled at and there was a forbidden romance, all that jazz. So the book ends with her creating a resistance and basically being defeated.
Book 2 opens with a new human captured and turned. He's super emo for some reason. The military hive has changed because of the resistance to forbid friendships between the werewolves. Anyone caught getting chummy is tortured by some dude with giant plyers. Of course the main character falls in love with someone though. They get tortured and the man he loves dies though, and it sends him into a total violent rage, killing other werewolves and those training him. He gets a promotion after that, and is in charge of the whole hive.
The third book opens like the last with a new human turned. He's a large black man. The hive is twice as bad as before under the new leaders orders. They spray hot tar on anyone acting out of line. But the new protagonist can't bring himself to be cruel, he's too kind. Going so far as to block others from getting tarred by standing in front of him. The leader takes it upon himself to punish the new hero but they end up striking up a friendship. The new hero reminds the leader so much of his love lost in book 2, that he really tries to get him to fit in and be cruel to escape the same fate. But he's just too kind. When another werewolf is being punished by being forced to drink hot tar, our hero steps up and drinks it instead. The leader, thinking him dead sees the error of his ways and contacts the resistance to give up. But our hero's not dead, the tar somehow changed his howl so that he can create beautiful statues and visions of love with just a howl. The woman from the first book shows up and theirs a stand off. She could teleport the hive all to their doom. But the hero comes and howled each individuals true hearts revealing everyone to have love inside. Everyone is moved to tears and the want for violence forgotten. She instead howls the hero to the leader and in joy he sees his one friend not dead.
The hive joins the resistance against the other hives across the country, with their new secret weapon-The howl of a loving hero.
And then I woke up and forgot my own name.
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thewanderingalias · 3 years ago
Moon - Pt. Two (M)
Tumblr media
BTS x Werewolf!OC
Rated for violence, language, and adult themes.
Words: 9,551
Guys, Imma just be brief and use that age-old hiatus excuse: it’s because of school. I swear!
Anyways, now that it’s ending, I’ll be posting more one shots and GOD I WILL TRY TO FINISH ANY SERIES I HAPPEN TO STUPIDLY CONCOCT. 
Please enjoy this final part. 
It had been another three days of constant travel after the storm. The weather was remotely dry and chilly, but the guys figured it was better than the humid wetness that brought prunes to form on their fingertips. The farther they traversed, though, the less dense the woods became. It was a clear sign they were approaching the jump site where they’d have to bid farewell to their furry friend.
Jimin refused to leave the wolf’s side, and Namjoon knew he would try to persuade them to take her with upon arriving to the boat. But he didn’t say anything. He felt a pang in his chest at the thought of leaving her behind, the idea of her sadly howling at them in the distance as they were carried away by waves having littered his imagination. He couldn’t help it, though. None of them could. Like man’s best friend, the wolf had captured all their hearts with her silly and curious antics.
“Tae, why have you been stiff all this time? Chill out, it makes us nervous when you’re paranoid.” Hoseok clapped a hand on his friend’s shoulder. Despite miraculously having no more run-ins with wolves or bears, Taehyung still feared the worst was yet to come.  
He still had no luck in befriending the female wolf, as she noticeably spent the duration of the journey avoiding him.
At nights, she would curl up around three boys in a tent, none of whom really cared about sleeping next to the massive fur animal. “I kind of miss the human Moon!” Jimin would complain as said wolf cocked her head at him. It was true she hadn’t transformed in days, some of the men even mindlessly forgetting their companion was much more than a simple wolf. “She’s probably just better at sensing as a wolf.” Jin proclaimed. “Besides, you just miss her canoodling all up on you with her boobies and stuff.”
Jimin stuttered, a blush crowding his features as he crossed his arms and huffed as the guys laughed. “Idiots, don’t act like none of you miss that either.” Yoongi grumbled with a roll of the eyes. They then silently agreed that he was correct.
In the morning, Moon would wake at the sound of Namjoon leaving his tent and follow after him for his morning routine. She would entertain anyone who appealed to either her playful side or her hungry one.
Besides Taehyung.
He was still worried they were being trailed by a very stealthy pack of wolves who managed to stay out of both he and Moon’s radar. He could barely sleep at night, too busy wondering when they would attack.
“Just thinking of when I’ll see Tex again,” He shot a small smile to his hyung and discretely shrugged him off. No one else seemed as paranoid as him.
“Guys wait up!” Jungkook suddenly called out, his crossbow slung around his shoulder as he kneeled down beside Moon. She was stiff as a board and seemingly entranced by a point deep in the trees. On all fours, she sniffed the air, shuffling forward as she became more curious. Almost the same way she recognized the guys’ scents before remembering who they were.
Taehyung then heard what was undoubtedly an approaching wolf. It was large, and he gulped thickly, unconsciously preparing his machete as the other guys read the situation. “Is it big, Tae?” Yoongi turned his bat in his hand. Taehyung nodded wordlessly, counting the seconds as he always did.
“It’ll be here in under twenty seconds. It’s fast.” The paws of the beast were propelling it at a speed so quickly, it was almost difficult to distinguish the different crunches of leaves beneath it.
Tae turned to Moon. She did not resume a hostile stance, instead, remaining perfectly calm as if she knew what was coming. And then, the beast revealed itself.
“Ho-shit, it’s fast.” Namjoon braced himself at the head of the group. The caramel-colored animal glided through the trees with practiced ease, coming within a few meters of the men but directing its attention towards the other wolf. She was unafraid of the monster, who towered over her. But something about the animal seemed familiar.
The wolves sniffed the air, and slowly inched forward, towards one another. A meter apart now, Moon sent an adorable chirp its way, and the beast blinked. The young men watched cautiously.
Then, like fire drawn to fire, the wolves were suddenly mingling with a conversation of their own language—chirps and guttural sounds that made Hobi nudge Taehyung for a translation.
“All I can say is they’re not aggressive… They probably know each other.” He scratched his head and watched on.
It continued for a few seconds before Moon took a brave step towards the other animal and bowed her head, in offering. Without hesitation, the other wolf’s nose twitched towards her fluffy ears, and his pale eyes suddenly blew up like he’d experienced a shot of insight.
They were rubbing against each other, sharing whines of excitement like they were long lost buds.
“You think it’s uh… like her mom or something?”
Taehyung watched on suspiciously. This was not a female. He was positive this was not the animal who created the teeth marks on her shoulder. But that didn’t help him decipher the relationship between the coddling wolves.
“Maybe it was like a forbidden romance…” Jin began. “Like Juliet, she fell in love with the lone Romeo and ran away from her duty of marrying someone her class~” Namjoon smacked the back of his head.
“Whatever the case, they can continue their reunion or follow us. We have to keep a move on.”
And follow them, they did. The wolves were inseparable as they trailed behind, occasionally nipping at each other and trotting to the head of the group. The men would watch amusedly, attempting to focus on their trek but always finding smiles creeping onto their faces when the big dogs circled them.
When they set up for camp that night, Namjoon flopped back onto his sleeping bag and released a heavy sigh. “We’ll make it back to the boat by noon tomorrow. Then we’re just an ocean away from arriving to the cleanest hell on Earth.”
“That’s one way to put it.” Hoseok popped a sunflower seed into the air and missed it with his mouth. “I do miss the babes though.”
“Ah~” Jin cooed. “The babes.” The group settled into a comfortable silence, nodding knowingly.
“And Tex.” Tae added with an upturn of his lips.
Taehyung diverted his attention from removing the scuffs from his boots to where the wolves were laying atop one another, the larger of the two snoring lightly as Moon rested her head atop its back and watched her humans get settled for the night.
There was a gleam of appreciation in her eyes, as though she was grateful they accepted her friend into the group so easily. She released a cute chirp of content, locking eyes with Yoongi as he removed his jacket.
“I wonder if they’ll be alright on their own.” He mumbled quietly.
Jimin sat up and hooked his knees with his elbows like a child. “I hope so. We haven’t even left yet and I’m already missing her.” Yoongi agreed inwardly but flung his jacket in the face of his younger friend anyways.
“Just sleep, Chim.”
Jungkook was keeping watch that night, managing to keep himself entertained by stacking stones under the moonlight in the middle of the clearing. Hours passed as he occupied his time in other ways, and soon enough, the sun was beginning its careful ascent along the horizon. After a while, he leaned back against a log and opted to sneak in a few minutes of shut eye, knowing the Leader would wake up shortly. 
However, Jungkook instinctually grabbed for his crossbow when nearby rustling alerted him, but breathed a sigh of relief when he realized it was just one of the wolves stretching. The fire had been put out before bed time, the other guys fast asleep in their tents, and Jungkook waited a few moments before deciding to check on the beasts cuddling up between the tents. Despite the early hours of the morning gifting the world in a dim light, the young man reached for his lantern. He ignited it with ease and shown it towards what should have been two massive bundles of fur, but instead was a heap of human limbs and exposed skin.
“Ack!” He squealed, nearly throwing his lantern in surprise. He fell onto his bum, scurrying away as his cheeks went a rosy hue, having come face-to-face with the solid ass cheeks of a brute male human.
“What the hell… Jungkook?” Jimin unzipped his tent and ran a hand over his eyes. Then, he took in the scene, eyes squinting before he too was yelping and suddenly the entire camp was awake.
“Definitely not her mom! Not her mom!” Jungkook turned away. At that moment, Taehyung crawled out of his tent and went bug eyed. “Yeah, that’s a dude.”
“Oh, for crying out loud, we all have dicks!” Jin whined, angrily kicking at his sleeping bag to go out and observe for himself. “What’s the big deal about another—OH MY GOD.”
“That’s a big dick.”
“What the fuck, Jimin?”
Slowly, all the men were in the clearing, gaping at the scene before them. Moon and her larger companion were both in human form, nakedly clinging together and restfully nestling against one another. Someone released an awkward cough, and Taehyung rubbed the back of his head.
Moon raised her head at the commotion, eyes tiredly blinking. Shortly after, the other wolf revealed himself for the first time, and the group was met with a striking familiarity.
“Hey,” Jungkook called. “You think, maybe, they’re brother and sister?”
No doubt about it, Taehyung thought. The other wolf shared similar hair color, with intricate hues highlighting his tendrils, stopping just below his shoulders. Not to mention the light freckles peppering his skin. But his eyes were a dead give way; gleaming pale orbs almost perfectly resembling a full flagrant moon.  
He blinked curiously at the group, Moon huffing at him as a chill passed through the air, and Yoongi tightened his last remaining jacket around himself. “Someone give them some clothes, or something,” the grump pouted, turning away to pack up camp.
“Uh, yeah, okay.” Hoseok removed his coat and carefully approached the two sat on the soil. With steady hands, he fixed the material around Moon’s shoulders, eyeing her male counterpart for any signs of aggression. Surprisingly, the wolf-man just observed. Slowly, the other men left the scene to go about their duties, Jungkook and Taehyung being the only ones to stick around.
When Hoseok adjusted Moon’s arms into the allotted sleeves, he gestured for Jungkook. “He’s about your size, lend him yours.”
The youngest whined, “but he’s just gonna tear it if he transforms again.” Still, he removed his jacket and flung it to his hyung.
“We’ll get to the jump site in a few hours, and you can have it back then—I’d rather his dong be covered that whole time, so just hustle up and help pack camp.” Namjoon hollered from where he was stuffing a tent into a bag.
The maknae grumbled and wandered away, leaving Taehyung to watch from afar—Moon was still averse to his approach, and grew unsteady within a certain proximity of his. He sighed.
The wolves, suited up to the best of Hoseok’s ability, watched amusedly as the guys finished wrapping up the campsite, Seokjin offering the last of their food reserves to each member. He fished for the final strips of jerky from his bag and Moon excitedly followed after him with her nose, her bum stuck in the air.
“Never change, cutie.” He ruffled her hair adoringly and stuck a piece out for her. Then, he eyed her brother—the large, long-haired, big-dicked wolfman—and decided he would treat him as well.
“As for you, I’m sure you’re a great big brother. You have earned this.” When the eldest hyung gave his offering, the young male wolf blinked and allowed his nose to lead him. Then, calmly and patiently, sat on his haunch and took the meat between his canines.
“Hmm,” Jin pondered, “You’re a lot easier to feed than your sis.”
“He’s probably just older and more mature.” Jimin called from where he was slipping on clean socks. “You should take nooootes from him.” He leered, and Seokjin folded his arms angrily over his chest.
“Yah! I’m not that much older than you pricks, and there’s no rule about being more mature—”
“Jimin please do not trigger adjhussi Jin, and Jin… just take notes, now let’s get a move on.” Namjoon ordered and slung his pack over a shoulder as Jin hollered and and spat angrily to himself.
The group began their early morning trek, anxious to return home, with the playful she-wolf and her far more reserved elder brother in tow. The two resorted to walking as humanly as possible, making small noises to one another, as the boys trudged on.
Above, the sun was dismal behind storm clouds. A few droplets threatened to delay their travel, but Namjoon persisted. “We’re almost there—we just passed the marker from our first day.”
“Yeah, all that’s left is to climb down this fucking cliff.” Jimin complained with pursed lips.
It was true; the beach, or their jump site, was a tiny expanse of sand surrounded by towering rocks. It was like a little cove, tucked away in one corner of the land. Locating a climbable portion of the cliff wasn’t difficult, they didn’t even have to use any pulleys or ropes to make the hike, but it would have been easy to topple off every other part of the cliff—a straight drop off to the beach or the surrounding ocean.
More raindrops sidled their way through the leaves above, the waves crashing against the shore becoming more vocal, and the group’s leader somehow managed to convince everyone to speed up.
Soon enough, the sky was a glaring gray, and soon enough, the wolves were frozen in place. “What’s up with them?” Jungkook noticed first, fear lacing into his syllables. Instinct and experience told him whenever a wolf was stricken in place, bad news followed.
Taehyung turned, his eyes raking the towering figure of the male wolfman, noting the aggression in his stance, the timidness in the female’s. Moon’s eyes were glued to a dark spot in the woods, wide and glistening with fear, and he knew that look well.
Without notice, a growl erupted from the brother’s throat, and the soil beneath the group shook as he lunged forward, fur exploding from his spine as the onslaught of crackling bones sounded.
“My jacket!” Jungkook cried out, hushed by Taehyung, and the group had no choice but to trade their bags for their weapons. To them, this meant a fight. But Taehyung’s fears were finally coming to life; he knew the look in the male wolf’s eyes: protectiveness.
His heart hammered in his chest as his eyes sought the tree line, Moon’s brother completely shifted and massive compared to the rest of them. The material around his back was torn to smithereens and slid to the soil helplessly, and the wolf barreled forward, shielding his sister at the front of the pack.
He released a terrifying howl; a warning.
“It’s them,” Taehyung breathed under his breath, counting the milliseconds before they would arrive.
“Them?” Yoongi hissed with a cocked head.
“Her mate—his pack. They’ve found us.”
“Well fuck,” Seokjin stamped a foot into the earth, disturbing the soil as he held his ground in the formation.
Sure enough, a whistle of wind surged toward the men; an alpha leading his troupe, his army, some of which Taehyung recognized, but he had not seen the alpha until this moment, and god—he’d never seen such a beast.
With a charcoal coat tinged with remnants of his previous meal, striking yellow eyes that pierced his opponents’, the alpha rampaged on, towering over his packmates, the floor quivering beneath his enormous paws.
Moon whined, choked, concerned for her brother, but fearful enough to cower backward behind the men. “Stand together!” Namjoon hollered over the bellowing winds and the onslaught of pouring rain. Soaked and trembling, Taehyung gritted his teeth, his machete gripped tightly in his grasp.
When the creatures collided, it was like a bomb went off—immediate clashing of razor-sharp teeth and claw-on-claw action. It was a blur of burnt russet and glistening ebony, though the latter wolf had the upper hand; he was larger. His build, his mass, overpowered the other’s with seeming ease, and he viciously snapped his teeth for a sweet spot on its neck.
“Tae!” The man was thrown into the present when a heavy weight barreled into his side. His eyes, blown wide, barely caught sight of the wolf’s barred canines before Jimin crushed its skull with a club strike. “Watch it!” His friend cried out, knocking the unconscious animal off the fallen man.
Taehyung was quick to come to his senses; around him, the alpha’s packmates were trying to pick off every member who stood in the way of a trembling Moon. Luckily, the men were skilled enough to fend the meager wolves off. However…
The man chanced a glance to where the two alphas were brawling it out, taking notice that Moon’s brother somehow managed to slither out of the submissive position he was caged in previously. Though that didn’t mean he was unscathed; a nasty stripe of muscle revealed itself on his front, something like the aftermath of a claw striking.
He was panting, pained, and Taehyung could already predict the outcome of the battle: he would lose. But the fire in the wolf’s eyes was undying as he released yet another battle cry and charged the larger one.
No, it won’t work, Taehyung thought, he’s too injured, and his body moved before his mind could stop him. It took only a second for his machete to become wedged in the spot between the beast’s shoulder blades, a resounding howl of pain echoing throughout the thicket.
At this, Taehyung stumbled back, buying enough time for the brother wolf to escape from the grasps of death again, but not enough to register he was now an obvious target. The rain surged on, vision obscured by pelting liquid, and Taehyung couldn’t fight the wolf that bit the scruff of his neck and flung him much farther than necessary.
In fact, if it wasn’t for the wind and rain in his ears, or terrified screams of his group members, he barely would’ve noticed he was thrown off the cliff.
Here, the trees could not obstruct the gray of the sky. Here, he could see all the things that being encased in the forest forbid him to witness. Here, he was falling to his death.
Raindrops exploded against his cheeks, and his eyes closed. He really did like these mountains the most.
And then there was heat—an abundance of fur enveloping him, curling his body, shielding him from the pelting rain and the soaring winds. Instinctively, he held onto it, clung to it, because it was his last grasp of warmth before he plunged into a cold abyss.
When Taehyung awoke, night had fallen, and it was with a sky full of stars. Beneath him was not the sand of a beach, but soft strands of grass that tickled the back of his neck. His neck… he felt for it, wincing at the contact. The ridges of his raised skin were scabbed over, meaning it had been a good several hours since he had been thrown from the cliff.
Like a doll, he scoffed, his eyes rolling as he worked his muscles beneath his damp clothes. The sound of waves crashing the mountain was distant, and it only took a quick once-over to realize he was back in the depths of the woods. How far from the jump site? He had no idea.
His eyes adjusted to the darkness, and he released a groan as he sat up, his spine protesting. The guys probably thought he was dead. Taehyung could clearly remember Jimin’s cry as he was tossed haphazardly off the cliff. But it was kind of a blur from there.
How did he survive?
Better yet; how did he manage to wake in the middle of the woods?
His head throbbed; his lungs burned; it felt like there were ants at the nape of his neck.
Shakily, he rose to his feet, blinking away the fogginess in his eyes. The young man took in his surroundings again—trees. He recognized nothing, though; he very well may have been taken to the opposite shore of the region.
In the corner of his vision—a pile of motionless fur. He turned to it, memories flashing behind his eyes. A howl. A mist of russet. Encompassing warmth.
Taehyung softly gasped, trudging toward the body.
“Moon.” He breathed.
She was on her side, in her wolf form, against the bark of a tree. Her breathing was slow, her face relaxed. There were some leaves that had fluttered down atop her, seemingly not disturbing her from her deep slumber.
He surveyed her form, checking for injuries, but she seemed fine. Just tired. Which led him to another thought. As he crouched down at her side, he wondered what prompted her to risk her life for him in the first place.
She avoided him their entire journey.
She glanced at him with either fear or indifference. She favored everyone but him.
“Why did you save me?”
The wolf’s nose twitched, and he wondered if he woke her. Muttering a tiny curse and apology, Taehyung made an effort to back away a few feet. To him, it was a given that the wolf would return to her averse ways.
After a moment, her pale eyes were fluttering open and greeting their surroundings, landing on Taehyung. She blinked at him. Huffed.
Her haunches trembled beneath her as she rose. Tae watched bemusedly, his fingers digging into the soil at his knees. She didn’t wander away as he anticipated, though; instead, she clamored over to him tiredly, plopping down at his side and moving her head to rest in his lap.
Taehyung nearly jumped from the contact. He was stricken with shock, his hand numbly floating in the air, hovering over the head of the wolf. She was looking up at him through her lashes, catching his eyes in the night.
A small noise came from her throat, insisting, and Taehyung gulped thickly before allowing his hand to stroke her head. She released a sound of approval and relaxed into his touch.
It was strange—her behavior. The creature was known to show physical affection for those she trusted in, though Taehyung had done nothing to earn hers. Unless…
“Your brother,” He recalled the events of the morning. “I saved your brother, and you’re… grateful?”
As if to answer his stammers, the wolf made another noise, her eyes squeezing shut. That was that. Taehyung felt a blossom of warmth and happiness fill his chest. He was worried for his members, but knowing them, they would be just fine. It just felt so relieving… that after so long, the constricting feeling of being avoided finally released its clutches.
Finally, the wolf accepted him.
Five days passed. Endless wandering. Endless searching. Endless nothingness. Nothing but trees and rocks and dirt and rain and sun and… Moon.
Taehyung was growing frustrated by their lackluster endeavors. He loved the wolf, officially, after having spent every second by her side. But it was dawning on him that he might never see his friends or beloved dog again. They were bound to have left the region. Base was expecting them. It would be stupid of them to stay, waiting for him, when he could very well be dead. He frowned.
Moon sensed his shift in mood and brushed up against his side. He patted her head appreciatively and gestured for a pond to wash up in. As he unclothed, Taehyung made a mental note to gather some dry wood for fire before the storm clouds stirring overhead inevitably dropped their blessings.
The water was cold and urged a stream of goosebumps to litter his flesh, but he sighed as it embraced his aching muscles. True; it had been endless hiking through the woods. Despite his expertise being in environmental survival, the travel was taking a major toll on his body.
He’d managed to create a salve from aloe plants to lubricate the wound at the back of his neck, hopefully fending off infection and relieving the injury’s inflammation. Since, he had been forced to rely on Moon’s hunting abilities to capture rabbits and squirrels. Not that he couldn’t handle it, but he preferred to save his energy for when it was truly needed. Plus, Moon had no qualms about providing the rations. She enjoyed the action, always returning with a squealing thing tight between her teeth, happy to please her human.
Now, nearly a week under the radar, Taehyung was growing antsy. He had trained himself to survive in an environment like this—hell, he was the best at it of all his groups’ members. While the numbers provided for extra protection and company, Taehyung could go as far to say, smugly, he didn’t need those things. They were just additional bonuses.
He was growing anxious because he didn’t know what happened in the aftermath of his fall. Did the alpha survive the machete strike? Was its pack still thriving and searching for Moon?
Despite the extent of his abilities, Taehyung was certain he wouldn’t stand a chance against an angry pack on his own. So he could only wonder to himself as he wadded through the pond, deliciously shivering as the water rose to his neck. A splash alerted him to his left, and he expected to see the small wolf happily treading after him, though he flushed when he realized she had shifted to her human form.
“Mooooon,” He groaned, his palm sliding across his cheek. She hadn’t shifted the entire week, and he was somewhat hoping to spare his eyes of the silly nude girl. He didn’t want the distraction.
Taehyung sighed, letting it go for now, settling back against some rocks as he listened to her panting and chirping to herself. She dove under several times, successfully drenching her mass of reddish-brown locks.
They stayed in for a good amount of time, just until the first clap of thunder struck the sky, and Moon was quick to retreat for an assortment of massive boulders that provided enough shelter from the rain. Taehyung followed suit, tucking his clothes and a handful of scattered wood under his arm. A fire was started with ease, and the two, much to Tae’s dismay, pressed close together for the night.
It was not the embers tickling his toes that woke him. Nor was it the combined smell of rain and smoldering wood. It must have been just hours since he drifted off, yet a distinct whimpering stirred him from his slight slumber.
Moon. He started, eyes shooting open in immediate concern for his comrade. She was not tucked neatly against him as she was when he was last awake, but instead, curled within herself a distance away, her legs dangling out under the spray of gentle rain.
Her body quivered, and he could just barely make out her form under the dimness of the moon and the remnants of the fire. Taehyung worriedly called for her, rolling onto his knees. He crawled over to where she was lain, his eyes capturing the muscles working in her back as she shifted in place.
“Moon?” He questioned again, receiving no obvious response. At this proximity, he could hear her tiny whimpers and moans; see the glistening sheen of sweat coaxing her nude skin. He could feel the incredible warmth radiating from her skin. A fever? She’s sick?
The man placed a soothing palm atop her shoulder, and she shuddered at the contact; near immediately, she was turning onto her back, and he finally caught a whiff of an unfamiliar scent reeking from her body.
The puzzle pieces fit together in his head, and he was leaning back in understanding a moment after. “Heat.” The man mused quietly, panic filling his chest and tint flooding his cheeks. His vast knowledge of the species didn’t falter in the topic of mating and sexual behavior, but it didn’t mean he knew how to handle the situation.
Female wolves go into heat once a winter. In such a time, they are at their ripest for bearing pups. They are more sensitive to physical contact and can easily lure in a male wolf by presenting themselves submissively. The female’s physical attributes temporarily change to accommodate for mating, or furthermore, insemination.
While his mind roamed the extent of his knowledge, Moon’s white orbs shot open, though instead of carrying their charismatic happy gleam, her pupils were blown to a wondrous dilation. She shot up, a pained expression marking her features— a low howl oozing from her dry throat—and lunged at the young man.
Taehyung yelped, surprised, and flew back as she began rubbing herself against him, resounding groans emanating from her parted lips as her feminine slick glided across his nether regions.
With much mustered strength, he ushered her off and pinned her in place by her shoulders. The entire time he was cursing and wracking his brain for options, his eyes meeting the pile of clothes he abandoned earlier that day.
“Moon you’re going to be the death of me…” he muttered, taking the moment of clarity to reach for his jacket and force the needy girl into it. Her arms were braced at her chest as he zipped it up, using the barren sleeves to secure a knot at her breast. There, he praised himself, surveying his handiwork. “Now you can’t… touch me,” his voice then died out as he took in Moon’s struggling form; the perspiration lining her brow; the uncomfortable clench of her toes. But the worst part was, while she was consistently squeezing her eyes shut to battle off a wave of need, she would gaze at him with a clear combination of desperation and desire.
Taehyung swallowed thickly, guilt consuming as he realized there was nothing he could do to help her. He sat back as she writhed in place, waiting until she tired herself out. Then, as relaxation and sleep consumed her, Taehyung carefully approached and ensured she was in a comfortable position, easing her off of some stones.
It was nearing sunrise at this point, a notion which made the traveler sigh. He blinked tiredly and settled against the far wall, his eyes flitting over to the snoozing girl every so often. It wasn’t long until he drifted off, some pebbles digging into his lower back, only to wake just hours later to another dreaded wave of heat.
It took two days, and Taehyung was finally adjusting to her cycle. Every three or four hours, Moon would nearly collapse into the dirt and writhe defenselessly, her arms reaching out for him; her body rolling until she was presenting her warmth to him. Each time, Taehyung battled a blush, wrenching her arms from his jacket so he could tie it around her. It wasn’t the best method of containment, but it would do.
One thought plagued him though; why didn’t she transform? If she was in pain, and the transformation acted as a defense mechanism, going wolf would ease her discomfort… or so he initially believed. Though, the longer they traveled, the more Taehyung came to realize that heats probably prevented the biological transformation.
He recalled the discovery he and Seokjin made about Moon’s bite mark—the claim made by an unwanted mate. She had received it in her human form, a wound that would never heal no matter how many times she shifted, just because it was wolf nature to possess one in that area. The catch is that females wolves can only be claimed if they’re in heat, which is to say she received her mark the previous winter. She couldn’t transform into her wolf form her previous heat to defend herself, so it was most likely she wouldn’t be able to for this one as well.
“Arrrouuuuuu—" Moon howled lowly as another wave consumed her. Taehyung was almost grateful she was trapped in her human form though; he didn’t think he could handle containing a full-grown wolf. So, he casually strolled up to her, repeated his routine, and slid down against a tree some distance away to wait it out. Though this time… this time something was different. It was something in the trees, in the wind.
Taehyung’s eyes shot open.
There were approaching wolves. He rocketed up from the roots and clamored over to the unknowing Moon. Without hesitation, he cradled her to his chest, a resounding whine emitting from her throat, and took off in the opposite direction. To little avail, however; as the breeze darted past his ears, Taehyung could hear—could feel—the small pack closing in on him.
The sun was taking its final bow for the day, leaving the forest in a damnable burnt orange that was quickly being swamped by shadows.
“Fuck!” He shouted, his eyes squinting through the tree line. They were too close. He would just be lunged at and it would be over for him. They would do anything for an omega in heat.
No, he thought, I’m not letting that happen to her again.
With his eyes narrowed and determination pumping through his veins, Taehyung pivoted, backing against a tree. He faced the wolves head on, a fire swimming in his glare. There were three—none of which were large enough to reign alpha male, though they could easily take him out if they wanted to.
Moon writhed desperately in his grasp, clueless to the commotion, only reveling in his contact. She keened as he kneeled down enough to sit her on his knee.
“Back off!” He warned gruffly, and the wolves came to a sudden halt. They offered their barred teeth, low growls… challenging his domain. He didn’t know what he was doing, but instinct guided him, the woods becoming his own; the female before him, his own.
An oddly possessive hand came around Moon’s throat, and she shuddered in bliss. The entire time, Taehyung remained glaring into the wavering eyes of the beta males. When one would step forward, he would glower and growl under his breath. An animalistic urge to assert his dominance.
It’s working, he noted, bringing his nose to the side of the girl’s neck, taking in her fresh scent as one mate would.
At this, the wolves veered back a step; success. But it wasn’t good enough—the third beta suddenly lunged forward, a final stand, but Taehyung was quicker to act.
Without thinking, as if a beast within him took the reigns, the man tore open the jacket of the girl, her legs twisting beneath her, and sank his human teeth into the side of her scarred neck.
She was his.
Moon released a heavenly howl, falling slack against him, but Taehyung refused to release her muscle, having somehow managed to break her skin. Blood seeped in, beyond his lips, but he could care less; he remained staring down the third wolf without waver. Without fear.
Then, a moment passed, and the wolves’ vengeful stances were replaced with those of indifference. Two glanced at each other before trotting off, and the third one sat back on his haunches for a moment, not breaking the formidable eye contact with the human. Something in his eyes… understanding? Then, he rose and scampered away, following his packmates without another glance.
It must have been moments, or minutes, but Taehyung finally came to from his daze, the copper in his mouth causing him to spurt out onto the dirt. Moon was still limp in his loose grasp, and concern flooded him.
“Moon! Moon! I’m so sorry!” Seeing her immobilized figure, bloody and still beneath him… some new emotion awoke within the man. He had to protect her; he wouldn’t let harm come in her way; he would always be there for her.
His heart clenched as he surveyed her, rolling her onto her back, her eyes lidded but a whisper of a smile gracing her pretty lips.
Taehyung swallowed thickly, his arms soothing up her sides, the warmth infiltrating his fingertips—he would never be able to release her now. “Moon?” He called again, his face near hers. At the proximity, though, he could hear what was almost a purr. Content. Satisfaction.
He released a sigh a relief, dropping his head into her neck.
“Oh thank god… I didn’t want to put you through that again, I’m so sorry.” He nearly sobbed against her.
But Moon would have none of that; she wearily lifted herself up and shoved her face against his chest. Something like reassurance in her gesture.
Taehyung breathed out, immediately taking purchase in her warmth, her scent.
It overpowered him unlike any time before, and he was finally giving into it. After all, she was essentially his—
His eyes shot open.
Mud plastered against his boots as he trudged through the freshly-soaked thicket. Taehyung groaned. He could feel water seeping into his socks. Moon had finally transformed in her wolf the evening after the confrontation with the beta pack, her heat seemingly sated. The logical side of Taehyung continuously denied that it had anything to with him; that, in mock-claiming her, her body would register the gesture as an actual mate-claim.
No, he shook his head, there’s no way a human can be a wolf’s mate. But again… The more he pondered the idea, his boots becoming even more entrenched with mud, the more it made sense. Maybe it was Moon’s belief—that they were mated. And she responded accordingly to the claim.
She had been rooted to his hip since, even in her beast form. Her tongue happily dangling over her canines; her tail wagging endlessly; her eyes glistening in joy… Taehyung paused to run his fingers through the fur at the nape of her neck, trailing upward to fondly pat her brow. She glanced at him, a smile in her gaze, and yipped cheerfully. The man giggled.
It had been over a week since being separated from the group.
While surviving off Moon’s rodent prey was just becoming a normal feat, Taehyung dreaded the thought of never seeing the boys—or Tex—ever again. Tears had pooled in his eyes one evening, Moon whining after him as he stared into the night. She had nibbled at his cheeks, sitting herself in his lap, after sensing his shift in mood. “I just don’t want them to be worried about us. I want them to know we’re okay.”
That was probably his main concern; the thought of the guys being trapped under the belief that he and the wolf had been swept away in the water, life being stolen by the currents.
They would be torn.
Taehyung shook his head, patting himself on the cheek. Focus. His legs were tired and his stomach was complaining, but he powered on, gesturing for Moon to watch out for a small dip in the forest floor. But Moon wasn’t paying attention. Instead, the wolf’s snout was raised, capturing a scent in the afternoon breeze.
“What is it? A squirrel? I’m awfully hungry right now.” He mumbled, patting her rear gently. “Come on, it can wait.” There are always squirrels to be caught, anyway, he reasoned. But the wolf didn’t budge, not even when Taehyung had continued another meter onward. He stopped again and turned to face her, growing concerned at her lack of response.
“Moon?” He called. Her beady white orbs were glistening, but there was no longer that joy he came to adore swirling in them. Instead, she held an expression he mildly recognized; and it was recognition. The same that passed through her features when she first caught wind of her brother’s approach…
The man’s eyes widened, and he had only a split-second of notice before the wolf was taking off through the trees, barreling away as though her life depended on it. He screamed after her, his heart clenching at the sudden distance put between them.
Taehyung’s feet protested him, but he followed her as fast as he could manage. He could hear the desperation in the way her paws smashed the Earth; the whines croaking from her throat. “Moon!” he cried again, losing sight of her to the trees. “Shit!”
He tripped over a root, stumbling off into a trunk. When he collided with it, he took a moment to catch his breath, zeroing out the distant noises of the sprinting wolf before he was back to chasing after her.
Then there was nothing; nothing but his own frantic breaths and footfalls. She had stopped; she had grown silent. A final call of her name, and he was plowing through a familiar clearing of woods. He nearly choked as he took in the scenery around him. This was the place—where the alphas battled, where he last saw his group… where he and Moon disappeared.
And there she was, sat on her haunches. Her nose hovering above a large pile of packed soil that had not been there a week earlier. Taehyung came around her, his eyes trained on the sight before him. He swallowed thickly, his eyes pricking with tears as his heart dropped.
A poorly crafted cross was stuck into the ground at the head of the mound.
“No…” He fell to his knees beside his mate as her whining swallowed the silence between them. Moon carefully set her head atop the mountain of dirt, folding her paws beneath her, curling into it.
She cried out, teeth barring. Her brother—her brother was dead.
Taehyung crawled over to her, carefully setting a hand atop her side, a sorry attempt to comfort her. He felt her pain; her misery. And he only wished he could take it away.
It took a few minutes for Taehyung to notice the other two crosses to the side of Moon’s brother’s grave.
He narrowed his eyes at them, studying them. As far as he was aware, there was nothing but regular soil beneath them. Then he realized that these were graves meant for the bodies that were lost at sea. He never imagined he would ever stare at his own grave, but there it was; looking back at him.
So, the guys really did think they had died. Huh.
Moon caught his attention again, her head shifting off to eye a spot in the woods at the right. She growled. Taehyung seized up, fear consuming him. Neither were in the position to fight. If another confrontation ensued, he was certain of his failure.
But when the wind carried a scent his way, he confirmed it was not only a wolf, but a corpse as well. He covered his mouth as he rose to track the smell, grimacing as the scent of rotting flesh sidled through his fingers.
His muddy boots carried him some ways away to a crumple of black and sticky fur against a tree. The other alpha.
Taehyung sighed, hand dropping from his lips. There were maggots infiltrating the exposed flesh where the wolf had been injured. He bled to death, from the looks of it. Bled to death and abandoned by his packmates.
The man could’ve scoffed. That said a lot about the alpha.
He turned back to see Moon expelling hushed whimpers, trudging back to lean against her side and embrace her as much as he could.
It had been a long and sad afternoon.
It was nearing 17:00 when his thoughts had cleared, and Taehyung realized that they were far closer to the jump site than anticipated. Hope consumed him, and he leapt up from the Earth, dusting off his pants. “They might have left… but there’s still a chance…” He fiddled with his sleeve. He turned to the fallen wolf, sympathy in his orbs. “Moon we have to go.” He spoke calmly, to which the she-wolf did not respond.
“Moon.” He tried again, firmly, urging that she understand him. Pleading that he need not abandon her to trek on his own. “Please.”
The wolf blinked, her eyes lidded. She released a short yawn and, to the man’s relief, slowly pushed to her feet.
He smiled sadly as she glanced over her shoulder one last time at her brother’s before trudging on.
Like the week prior, Taehyung sought the sounds of crashing waves, and he led the wolf to where they had fallen together. With careful steps, he peered over the edge, eyeing the shoreline until…
“There it is!”
The small beach where the group had initially landed their boat. And even more surprising was that he noticed the boat still beached atop the sand, and a handful of men surrounding it. He could’ve cried.
“JIMIN! JUNGKOOK!” He bellowed out, but his voice was lost in the waves. There was no way they could hear him, but he fell onto his side, relief flooding him as he realized they were still there. He still had a chance.
Though Moon quickly yelped, a signal, and his head snapped over the edge again. “No…” He murmured, fingers scraping the surface of the cliff. They were boarding the boat, moving their belongings onboard. They were leaving. “No!” Taehyung yelled out, trying their names again, to little avail.
“Fuck!” He scrambled to his feet, taking off into the trees once more. He was exhausted, he was sore, but he’d be damned if he didn’t miss his one chance.
Moon was quick after him, easily darting to his side and maintaining his pace. She released a worried howl as his knee buckled and he was forced into the soil with a grimace of pain. Taehyung released a string of curses, hand seeking a tree to find his footing again, but before he could take off, Moon leapt before him. She bent down, peering over her shoulder—determination in her eyes.
She yipped when he made no move, and it took him a moment to realize that she was offering herself. Taehyung blinked. “Holy shit… okay.” Lacking grace, the tall man urged a leg over her side, straddling her strong back with just enough time to grasp around her neck before she was bounding off.
The trees flitted past them at a speed unlike any he traveled before. The ride was bumpy, and he could tell that Moon was, by no means, acclimated to the weight on her back, but she powered on.
Dirt sprayed from her paws; gnats exploded against his cheeks—they were going so fast.
And yet, a shrivel of doubt was blossoming within the man. We’re too far. We won’t make it. He knew he could survive a great time with just he and she in the trees. He also knew that he wouldn’t be allowed to bring Moon back to base. But he didn’t know what he really wanted—home or Moon.
He shook his head. He could determine that later. Taehyung’s fingers stroked the underside of the wolf’s jaw, which was locked in place as she hauled his weight as fast as she could. “You’re doing great, Moon. You’re doing great.” His praise was in her ear, and she suddenly released a huff before taking off seemingly quicker.
A root crushed beneath her paw and she accelerated through the greenery, navigating the trees expertly. They reached the clearing overhead of the beach, and Taehyung peered down to see that the boat was already drifting from the sands. “Fuck!” Then he tried his friends’ names again. Nothing. They wouldn’t be able to hear with that shitty, ancient engine powering the vessel.
Taehyung nearly lurched off when Moon came to a sudden stop, her eyes scanning the cliff for a way down, and when she saw one, she darted to the right, beginning her traverse down the slope like a mountain goat.
She cried out when her feet became embedded with sharp rocks but refused to let it deter her from her destination. She was magnificent. She was trying so hard.
The man’s heart soared as she plopped onto the sand, the unfamiliar Earth mushing around beneath her paws. Then, she made a break for the water. From the looks of it, she was ready to dive in, so Taehyung grabbed a handful of fur. “No, Moon! Stop!” He called out, steering her from her target. “Wait!”
It was only a second before she obeyed, her knees immediately buckling beneath her as she tumbled into the sand, her tongue caught between her canines as she searched for her breath.
“Good girl,” Taehyung cooed, wincing as he stood, his footing uneasy and his exhaustion creeping up on him. “Good girl.”
Then, he stumbled to the water, his boots barely making contact with the substance before he was hoarsely screaming after his groupmates. Moon watched tiredly from her collapsed position behind him. His voice was raw with dehydration, his vision glassy and head light. The boat must have been over half a kilometer away. He could hear the engine roaring, see the silhouettes of his friends talking amongst themselves. But they couldn’t hear him. Not with the waves crashing around them, the sound of the ocean that swallowed them up.
The man dropped to his knees. He cried, his chest racking with sobs. He was dead to them. He would never see them again.
Then there was movement to his right, and he almost didn’t catch it. Matted, muddy brown fur shifted at his side. Moon dragged herself beside him, her bones protesting as she shakily stood. She gave one tired glance his way before her mouth parted and she faced the boat; the opposing world.
A shimmer passed through her eyes, and they narrowed, and she straightened in her stance, and stiffened, before releasing a howl so deafening, it echoed in the woods behind them. Instinct drew Taehyung to clasp his palms over his ears, the vibration of the booming battle cry becoming nearly sonic at his proximity.  
A flock of birds rocketed from the trees, creatures sought shelter from the eruption of noise—Taehyung watched, amazed, wincing with an increase of pitch.
It couldn’t have lasted longer than ten seconds, but the world shifted in that time, an invisible barrier being broken, a gateway opening. Moon dropped to her belly, her eyes clamping tightly closed as she inhaled dramatically. Taehyung felt her pain within him, her struggles, and he grasped her snout in his lap, resting her head there. Then he looked up.
Shock, joy, exhilaration—the boat’s engine had been cut. The men were crowded in the back. They saw him, just as he saw them. His arms floundered around above his head, and he screamed out again. Then it must have been Namjoon who barreled over to the controls and steered the boat from the current, the nose of the ship greeting Tae’s view momentarily after.
His arms dropped, his head falling to Moon’s side. They did it. She did it. He wept into her furs, profoundly emphasizing his gratefulness. Her tongue poked his fist knowingly, don’t worry about it, before she was consumed by exhaustion and drifted off into a doze.
The whirr of the approaching boat’s engine captured his attention, and Taehyung relaxed against his mate as he watched it ease in. Mate. He would’ve laughed at the absurdity of it if not for the pain in his chest every time he released a breath. Then he frowned. He had the option to leave—to return to base. To be with his people. To see Tex and date that bombshell babe the guys had been cooing about. He could return to the society that was safe from the wolf hybrids and radiation poisoning.
But that was hardly appealing to him as he rested against the large wolf. It dawned on him somewhere along the way that he could not be without her. Maybe the mate thing affected him to? Hell, maybe he just went crazy during all his travels and fed into the desire to be a wolfman. But no, he thought, I’m not leaving.
The man watched as Jimin frantically anchored the ship, the other men scrambling to hop off into the shallow water to greet him.
He swallowed thickly, lifting himself up, eyes narrowed. I’m not leaving her.
Jungkook plucked a straggling stick from the shore, using it to doodle lines into the sand. To his left and right were his elders, intent on listening to every word of Taehyung’s story. They had their emotional reunion, which was filled with probably more tears than necessary, thanks to Hoseok’s sensitive heart. They had been informed of the man’s wishes and were profoundly against the idea of him staying.
Then, they had a heart-to-heart, and it sort of looked like everyone was on the same page. Meanwhile, Jungkook risked a glance at the wolf they had befriended weeks before. She had been out since their re-arrival, her head resting in her paws, but she would grow restless anytime Taehyung would move away. Antisocial didn’t really fit her personality, but Jungkook figured she was probably too tired to bounce back right away.
The young man lifted himself in the sand, inching closer to the fallen beast. Moon was a few feet away, bloody paws curled beneath her. He frowned. Then, he chanced patting her, rubbing the side of her thigh. A tiny whine crept from her throat, and Jungkook was almost ready to greet the stirring wolf when a hand caught his wrist so suddenly he almost screeched.
He met the scalding eyes of Taehyung, burning with something that he couldn’t decipher, but filled him with fear.
The anger seemingly dissipated at the timid voice, and Taehyung drew back quickly.
“Sorry! I’m sorry, Kookie, I have no idea what that was.” He embraced the younger one sharply, regret lacing his gestures.
“Wow,” Yoongi watched from a distance, “they really are mated.” The others were astonished, but silently agreeing to the elder’s statement.
“Tae wasn’t even watching when that happened—that was all instinct.” Jin observed, rubbing the stubble lining his jaw, eyes popped wide.
“Yeah, he reacted right when she made a noise.” Jungkook added, releasing Taehyung from his hold. The mentioned man peered down at his mutilated boots. God, it was so stupid. They must have thought he was a freak for behaving like... a wolf.
“It just… doesn’t make sense.” He murmured, kneeling down to the beast. Her white eyes met his and she immediately drew towards him, seeking his comfort after the disturbance. And he gave in without even knowing.
“It doesn’t have to make sense; it’s love.”
Taehyung wasn’t quite sure who said that. It was probably the wise Namjoon, or the quietly poetic Yoongi. He was too caught up on the last word.
I do love her.
Moon turned her head into his chest. She grumbled a bit, yawning against him as she settled.
Taehyung smiled. Yes, he really did.  
And so with that, the boys were boarding the boat once more, the ancient thing protesting against the high tide of shoreline. They bid their farewells with glassy gazes and promises to return soon, with Tex in tow, having offered all their remaining supplies and left-over clothes to the battered Taehyung.
Moon had shifted into her human form, with her timely ways, just as Jungkook was timidly embracing her goodbye. He had screamed and scampered away just as Taehyung located one of the other’s coats to wring around her petite form. She yipped tiredly, but she was happy, almost as though she knew they’d be back.
With her clinging to his side, Taehyung waved the boys off, a grin plastered to his face. It could’ve been ten minutes when the horizon swallowed up the ship, the distance between them being consumed by waves and reefs. Taehyung turned to the woods, a protective arm curling around Moon’s waist. His eyes closed as he fingered a bag containing one of the tents. Around him, his senses became enhanced. The waves drummed against the cliff; the birds and bats harmonized in pitch; the wind whistled through the trees.
Moon hummed at his side.
The man’s eyes opened, and he faced the girl. The freckles marking her cheeks seemed even more prominent today. He saw himself in the clouds of her eyes. She was lovely. Taehyung dipped enough to perch his lips at the crown of her forehead, and she released the closest thing to a wolfish giggle he’d ever heard. A sweet, addictive melody.
He pulled back enough to catch the final rays of the sun painting the woods. A smile gracing his features.
“Home, sweet home.”
Tumblr media
Hey thanks so much for sticking around for this final part! It means a lot to me :). Let me know if you want more wolf fics! I also have a steamy hybrid one-shot in the works ;).
Tumblr media
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bangtan-spells · 4 years ago
Bangtan Spells Compilations: Protective.
Hello lovelies! How are you all doing? We hope good. This time we come with an awesome theme, and that is protectiveness. In here you will find scenarios in which your BTS boy protects you, and in some of them you protect him. We think you all will enjoy this as much we do, thank you for reading!
Cheap Thrills: You are supposed to hate each other in public, but things are way different behind closed doors, when the secret of your romance is found, Jin is decided to protect you and stand by your side through the hell and drama of it. Genre: Romance / Drama.
Flashing Lights: When you get to experience what being an idol is like, your boyfriend get suddenly protective because he’s not sure if he’s ready to share you with the rest of the country and all your new male fans. Genre: Fluff / Romance.
Personal Affairs: Your new professor is too attractive for his own good, you fell for him with each new class you attended but your love is forbidden so when the university’s authorities find out, Jin has to stand for you in front of them to protect you from all the harm. Genre: Romance / Drama.
Colors To My Skies: You are very shy and quiet, when Seokjin meets you and learn about your past he decides he wants to protect you.
The Rhythm of The Rain: Bodyguard AU. Jin is supposed to be only your bodyguard, but that changed when you met each other better and fell in love, so he’s willing to protect you from anything even if he has to risk his life for that. Genre: Romance / Drama.
Into you: Bodyguard AU. You are a famous actress and Yoongi is your bodyguard, when you go to a party with your pretend boyfriend Jimin and get bored your rather dangerous bodyguard decides to make his move and show you his other side. Based on Into You by Ariana Grande. Genre: Romance.
Soft Glow: You had a rough past, being involved with drugs and having to live in the streets because of it, but now that you are better your life is good by Yoongi’s side, when he learns an intern in Big Hit found out about your past and started bullying you he protects you. Genre: Angst / Fluff.
The Chaser: Bodyguard AU. You are a heir and Yoongi is your bodyguard, after your father’s death your mother asks Yoongi to watch your every move, but Yoongi has his eyes on you without anyone telling him, he’s set to protect you and go after you no matter what. Genre: Romance / Drama.
Stronghold: When you leave your abuser boyfriend to go to Yoongi he is ready to take all actions to protect you. Genre: Romance / Drama.
Safe Haven: You come from an abusive relationship, one time Yoongi and you are fighting and in the anger he lift his hand and you flinch, Yoongi realizes what is wrong and swears to protect you. Genre: Angst / Drama.
Ring Of Fire: Maze Runner AU. When you arrived to the glade you didn’t remember anything except for your name and Yoongi’s who gets protective of you.
Daddy’s Girl:  Yoongi’s gets overprotective when he sees his little girl hand in hand with Taehyung’s son. Genre: Family / Friendship. 
Naughty Girl: Daddy Kink/theme. Yoongi is very protective and jealous when it comes to you, specially when another guy tried to flirt with you and you are oblivious about it. 
Tainted Love: Demon AU. Yoongi is a feared demon king who is overprotective of you, his lover. You love him and want to be with him but it is difficult for you to adapt to his world, Yoongi knows the threats of his world and is determined to protect you at any cost. Genre: Romance / Drama.
Tempestuous: Assassin AU. Yoongi is a trained assassin with the mission to kill certain drug mob, when you, the girl of said drug lord gets in the crossfire Yoongi decided to use you as an advantage, only that as you learn more about each other you find out he’s not entirely evil and he discovers his will to save you and protect you from your past abusive relationship. Genre: Romance / Drama.
Count On Me: You are being bullied at school, when your boyfriend Yoongi finds out he goes to school to protect you. Genre: Romance / Drama. Warning: Bullying.
Dust and Gold: The Beauty and The Beast themed. Yoongi is the cursed beast who at first is all terrifying and cruel, but then softens up to you and wants to protect you. Genre: Romance / Drama.
Under My Skin: Yoongi is your step brother but you fell for each other, Yoongi is a very protective boyfriend even if you do everything you can to hide your relationship. Genre: Angst / Romance.
Breathe Into Me: You have been keeping secrets from Yoongi, you have a huge fight because Yoongi thinks you are cheating on him, when you go out alone after that and your cars you get scared so you call Yoongi who gets very protective even more after hearing the truth of your secret. Genre: Romance / Drama.
Through The Fire: A girl starts stalking you after the news of your relationship with Yoongi goes out and you start receiving a lot of hate, you try to keep it together until one night she gets inside your home and tries to hurt you but Yoongi is there to protect you. Genre: Romance / Drama. 
Everything To Him: Your ex is back in town and he insists in getting back with you, your boyfriend Yoongi is at first jealous and angry but then gets very protective when he discovers your ex is harassing you. Genre: Romance / Drama.
Pour Some Sugar On Me: Yoongi is the owner of a themed cafe and you are a regular customer of whom he has a crush on. When he sees you with your boyfriend he’s disappointed but when he sees you fighting Yoongi decided to intervene. Genre: Fluff / Romance.
I Was Made For Loving You: Soldier AU. In the midst of a war you got separated from your sister trying to desperately escape from the bombings that started to hit your town. Finding yourself with no place to hide you run into a laconic soldier that gets you through the night. Genre: Angst / Fluff.
Your Armor: Your protective boyfriend Hoseok wants to his best to help you and take care of you but you are a bit too closed up to seek for help when you need it the most. Genre: Romance / Drama.
Bleeding Love: Vampire AU. Hoseok is your boyfriend but you don’t know he’s a vampire, he always tries to keep his blood thirst for you at bay, but one day you catch him drinking from a blood bag. Genre: Romance / Drama.
The Girl Is Mine: You have a fight and break up because Hoseok is too jealous, later he protects you from a guy who was trying to touch you.
Make You Believe: Hoseok is your boss, but he has a crush on you, when he notices an intern bothering you, he gets all protective and pretends he’s dating you to save you. Genre: Romance.
Let Me Be Your Wings:  Angel AU: You are Hoseok’s guardian angel who is always there to help him when he’s going through a hard time, when Hoseok realizes your presence he wants to know who you are. Genre: Angst/Fluff.
Higher Than Hope: Prince AU: Namjoon is prince betrothed to another, you are the daughter of one of his trust men and have always been in love with him and all you want is his happiness, when you discover his fiancee only wants him for her own benefits you try to stop the wedding.
Unexpected Knight: Namjoon doesn’t know you, but you caught his eyes at that exciting new bar and when he noticed a greasy guy bothering you despite you turning him down Namjoon decides to stand up for you and pretend to be your boyfriend so the guy leaves you alone. Genre: Fluff.
Bondless: Fantasy AU:  Jimin is the future heir of the elf reign, according to his duties he should be spending his time in other things than out in the dirt, but he doesn’t mind because out there he found the true soul of nature in the playful smile and colorful hair of a nymph. You heal trees with the same ease that you make him smile, you dance between the leaves and the wind with a kind of life and energy that Jimin will protect with everything he has. Genre: Romance / Fantasy.
Wolfshade: Werewolf AU: Werewolf Jimin is being hunted, as a revenge the hunters try to catch you, his girlfriend. You are half human, half wolf but know nothing about it, Jimin tried desperately to get to you. Genre: Romance.
Daddy First: Jimin gets all overprotective and jealous when he learns his little girl has a crush on Jungkook.
To Hold You: Jimin is a vampire prince who wants to introduce you, his human girlfriend, to his world, so he takes you to meet his family and his palace because he loves you, and because of that same love, he protects you from everyone, even of his own kind. Genre: Fluff / Romance.
Just This Time:  You had never met a guy so clueless and prone to attract accidents and problems as Jimin, but you can’t help to protect him each time, to his luck. Genre: Fluff. Let Them All Know: You + BTS go to a club and meet your ex. Your boyfriend Jimin gets jealous and protective of you. Genre: Fluff / Romance.
Like Match and Gasoline: You’re rather quiet and usually decided to stay by yourself, until you met Jimin, he protects you from your mean classmates and takes care of you, until you can open up and allow yourself to love him. Genre:  Romance.
My Girl: When your relationship goes public Taehyung starts getting overprotective of you.
With You: You are both idols, but when your relationship goes public and the hate is too big to bare you decide to leave the industry to protect each other. Genre: Romance / Drama.
For You I Will: You have a boyfriend that is too possessive, none of your friends approve of him including your best friend, Taehyung. When he gets aggressive with you Taehyung steps in to protect you. Genre: Fluff / Drama.
No One Else’s: Werewolf AU. Taehyung and you just found out you are mates, he’s very protective of you and very jealous of all the guys who you could be close with, but because of the past you are in a love-hate relationship with him. 
I’d Do Anything: Taehyung and the rest of BTS are the high school’s bad boys, you don’t want to get too close to him because of it, but when some guys start bullying you Taehyung steps up to protect you. Genre: Romance. Warning: Bullying.
Devoted To You: When Taehyung finds out your boss is bullying you he wants to do something to protect you, but you assure you can control the situation but for Taehyung can’t keep himself with crossed arms when you need to be protected. Genre: Romance. Warning: Bullying.
Fire To The Heart: Vampire AU: Taehyung and you are royal vampires meant to be married one day. Taehyung can’t wait to be with you fully although the rules of the court forbid it before marriage, in the waiting he gets jealous and protective of you specially of your best friend Hoseok who is a werewolf.
Soulless: Fantasy AU: Your life is magic, being a witch you know it’s what flows inside your veins, is what you feel when you see your soulmate. But when another witch strips all the magic out of you, you know you’re going to die. Jungkook is the son of war, a demigod that only trust the power of his sword, but to save you Jungkook will have to learn that fighting is not everything that there is, and that there are things more precious than life. Genre: Romance / Fantasy.
Crawling: Zombie AU: Something is happening outside, all you hear is screams and the smell of blood makes you dizzy. You have to scape your building before the death catch you. In the midst of all that you find Jungkook and now you have to fight for your lives. 
Fire Line: Mafia AU. Jungkook falls in love with you, the daughter of a well known ganster organization, so even if he knows it’s dangerous he doesn’t go away, he’s determined to be with you and he doesn’t hesitate to protect you from people who wants to get you because of your father. Genre: Romance.
Blessings: The boys go to meet your newborn daughter and Jungkook gets protective. Genre: Romance / Family.
Here I Am: When everyone finds out you are dating Jungkook, the most popular guy in school, no one believes you but your boyfriend Jungkook sticks by your side. Genre: Romance / Drama. Warning: Bullying.
If It’s You: Jungkook is the bad boy in school that everyone is scared of, but he’s in love with you a shy artist girl in his class.   
You Got Me: You broke up with your boyfriend after finding out he cheated on you and your best friend Jungkook comforts you and helps you heal. Genre: Fluff / Drama.
Shared Fates: Prince AU. Jungkook is a prince so when the castle falls because of a riot he’s taken out hurt and his adviser can’t think no one better to save him but you, a bandit from the streets that know your way around. The problem is Jungkook can’t accept help that well and you think he’s a prince full of himself.
Play For Keeps: When your relationship is made public all the fans are outraged, but between them sasaengs decide to take revenge on you, they bully and harass you. You don’t want to tell Jungkook but you did tell to the other members until one day he sees it. Genre: Romance / Drama. Warning: Bullying.
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Bangtan Spells Compilation: When You Need Comfort.
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BONUS 3! And because we are feeling extra here is a list of you taking care of each other when you are sick, or of him taking care of you on your period.
Bangtan Spells Compilation: Take Care Of Me.
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moonshroooms · 4 years ago
Hey here are some OC questions I found and am now answering cause I’m a dweeb
I got the questions from here:
in case someone finds this random post and wants to do the same questions as well :3
1. Your first OC ever?
Ah geez. I mean, technically I made a story about a baby unicorn when I was like, 7, but we’re not gonna count that one really. I’ll say my first OC (who I roleplayed as on the official forums), was a cat based on the series Warriors named Moonshine. And yes, she’s where I got my nickname from.
She was a silver tabby with icy blue eyes, and yes she was essentially a self-insert, lol. Overtime she grew into her own person, namely being much more patient and wise than I. (And overtime I grew up to be less like her anyways). She was a medicine cat and eventually I tied in a Forbidden Love™ from her Old Clan™ and her being in love with him caused her entire Clan to go extinct. Which really wasn’t her fault in the end and would’ve later been revealed to be one of the evil ancestors of my evil cat. But whatevs. Eventually her ex-lover found her and they were allowed to be together and have two adorable kittens, one of whom is absolutely bonkers and lovely and the ancestor of two later cats who eventually became human characters. <3
2. Do you have a personal favorite among your OCs?
I could nevaaaaar. While they’re listening. But keep it between us, yeah?
From my Warriors OC (all of whom are RP characters), are two cats named Grayskies (originally just Gray), and Snowfeather (Originally just Snow), two sisters. Gray is super srs and uptight and the best older sister and makes sure Snow doesn’t accidentally kill herself and Snow is a silly and conniving and random and acts more clueless than she really is. Snow ended up having an unhealthy attachment to her sister due to their childhood and, understanding it was unhealthy, purposely pushed Gray away so Gray would open her heart to others and have a romance with my friend’s OC, and is slowly devolving into madness not being the one most important person to her sister anymore. In the end she knows being the only other person in her sister’s life isn’t good for either of them, and she loves her sister more than anything and strives to make her sister happy and healthy, but didn’t try to fix herself either. Something, something, she ended up being tricked/forced by her brother-in-law’s evil dead twin to having his demon kit baby that she tried to kill in the womb by starving herself, something something. We got really out there with our RPs they were so fun honestly. As a side note, Gray and Snow are also my two characters who were later turned into humans. My friend and I loved Gray and Will’s (her OC), relationship dynamic so much we made them human. We actually had them bust into our new roleplay (and I plan on adding Snow in too, albeit a much healthier and less-obsessed Snow).
From my own personal story that I’ve been working on since like, 2013 (really slow-going, since I want it to be a comic, and 2013 is when I started drawing). Geez. There’s six characters. I feel bad about choosing from these guys. I think Caimen is my favorite from all of them right now. It’s a constant toss-up between him and another character. He’s a red-headed half-wolf boy and he’s a sweetheart. Most of his/everyone’s story is they’re genetic amalgamations of animals (though recently been debating to rethink the story into a fantasy instead). Caimen’s sweet and thoughtful and mega-crushing with my other OC. He ends up being a bit co-dependent with her (due to the wolf genes and childhood trauma yadda-yadda), but I planned on having an arc where Kitty (le crush) and maybe the rest of the group are gone and he realizes that without her (and the rest of them), around he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He realizes he thinks of himself as part of a group rather than an individual and has difficulty making decisions without the other’s influence. He’s not 100% sweet-kawaii-desu though. Anyone he views as a ‘lower rank’ than him he tends to be incredibly hostile towards and even cruel in some cases. He and Kitty have a tendency to gang up on my other OC (and while that OC is an absolute asshole and deserves it usually, he doesn’t deserve that antagonizing all the time).
And from my current RP with my friends (though it’s been on hiatus for a long time. RIP), I think my character Kit (Kitchi), is my favorite. It’s not really a big pool to choose from, since there’s really only 2 characters I have (with another on the way, but I haven’t played as her much yet). He’s the most adorable werewolf you ever did meet. Upbeat, optimistic, respectful, friendly, playful. He’s one of my most fun characters to date. He was actually morphed from a story I made long ago about wolves with elemental powers. Originally he was a descendant of ice wolves who meets up with a wolf who was a half-breed between fire and earth (giving her incredibly dangerous lava powers), and something something they go on a journey with others to extra murder people who tried to murder the lava wolf. I never did finish that story. Kit later was refurbished into my old Warrior RP with my friend into Kit/Kitpelt. Same personality, sans magical powers. I ended up never being able to play as him (since back then basically anyone without a major plot or romantic interest was dumped by the curb and forgotten and nobody wanted to be sweet on the little sugar muffin), but I still really liked him. And when my friends and I started up a new RP after a like, 5 years hiatus, BAM I turned him into a werewolf. (She was even excited to see him around and learn that he’s the same Kit from our old RP). He’s been waiting to pounce all this time and his moment is finally here, and he’s a wonderful goblin that everyone loves inside and outside the RP, I’m so proud. He even has the ice powers from his original story (though he didn’t get them naturally. That’s due to his dangerous siren friend and all their hilarious misadventures and her almost killing him a lot).
 3. Have you ever adopted a character or gotten a character from someone else?
 4. A character you rarely talk about?
Mmm. Probably characters from any old stories I never finished. But of currently active OCs, I’d say it’s my character Emily. She’s a part of my big story with my genetically-spliced children and is a normal human. She was the last of my main cast I created, which means she’s the least-developed of them all (hence why I don’t talk about her much).
She’s a 28-year-old half-white half-hispanic (I haven’t discovered/decided specifically what race/nationality she is yet. I only ever decided: something that speaks Spanish, lol) biological/chemical scientist. She’s got wavy hair that’s all over the place, freckles for days, big body, and a big brain.
Her mother (who’s the Hispanic parent), is a CEO lady of a large company and is very Business and Pantsuits. Though she’s very much in love with her job her and Emily are close and she loves her family dearly. Her father (the white parent), is a car mechanic (or maybe a car designer, haven’t decided yet), with a passion for inventing anything he feels like at the time, productive or not. Him and Emily are incredibly dangerous together and there’s next to nothing they can’t create. Emily was raised mostly by her aunt (Tia in Spanish, right?), who’s a lady who loves children (based on my own mom, tbh), but never had any of her own. After Emily was born she coincidentally ran into financial trouble and moved into her sister’s house to help raise Emily and get back on her feet while her parents were working. After she picked herself up again (during Emily’s teenage years), she successfully opened a day-care business where she gets to look after all the children she wants.
Emily herself joined our story after being kidnapped by my animal children and forced into being their doctor after one of them gets Horribly Ill (which is later determined to be asthma). After spending time with them she feels even more guilt about the Illegal Experiments which birthed them (though she didn’t have a direct hand in it. They were already born long before she joined), and defects to their side (losing her job in the process which means she has to move back in with her parents). Emily landed the job at the place the children were made, because they were really secretive and basically like Everything Here is Confidential If You Can’t Handle That Go Away (I’m not exactly an expert on underground operations okay sue me my story’s not very developed either). But she was fresh out of college, couldn’t land a job or pay her bills, and didn’t want to disappoint her parents, so she took the job.
After joining the group of misfit children she becomes a bit of a co-leader with the ‘actual’ leader Talon (who is incredibly grateful for her presence because despite being 18, he’s still a child who needs guidance himself and isn’t really qualified to care for 4 other genetically-altered children alone. Or at all). Emily’s very smart, curious (almost to the point of being nosy), and a bit of a worrywart. She gets a little into the children’s personal space when she starts investigating their anatomy or behavior and rambles way too much. She’s also not good with blood and bruising. Drawing blood from a needle or other female-related blood situations are fine, but someone gets a papercut or a bruise from kicking the table and she just flips the fuck out.
Emily is also incredibly protective of Caimen against his girlfriend Kitty, mostly because Kitty is incredibly Hand-sy and Flirty and Em acts like she’s gonna corrupt him.
Overall Emily tries to atone for what the Facility did to the kids and what they forced their lives to be like, and certainly gets flak from the children when they find out how much/little she knew about the Facility’s underground operations. I really need to develop her personally and her relationship with the other characters, as well as a bunch of other things.
 5. If you could make only one of your OCs popular/known, who would it be?
Kit, because he’s a lovely sausage that needs to be shared with the world.
 6. Two OCs of yours that look alike despite not being related?
Kitty and Caimen. I made them almost back-to-back when I first started drawing and Wasn’t Good At All, thusly they have similar design. Later on I got waaaay more diverse with both facial and body type. And down the road Kitty and Caimen got more noticeable differences, but they’re still pretty similar and on more than one occasion someone assumes they’re siblings. I’m probably not going to majorly change their designs just for the sake of making them different either. If I suddenly come up with a design that fits them better, I’ll do that. But I won’t do it for differences-sake, not when the rest of the cast is as diverse as it is. Two unrelated people looking alike isn’t unbelievable either – me and my one friend are often asked if we’re sisters.
Kitty’s a small, bony little thing that’s more muscle than anything else. Tan skin, dark brown/mottled hair, bright yellow eyes. I’ve debated whether or not she gets a normal collarbone or not since cats don’t get any o’ that. Her facial shape is very angular, with more of a triangle-shaped face and tiny nose.
Caimen’s in the middle between gangly-14-year-old and starting-to-fill-out-more. He’s got no noticeable muscles or fat, but isn’t bony either. Light skin, strawberry blonde hair, and I’m not sure what his eye color is yet, surprisingly. I have a hard time deciding between green and hazel. I’m probably gonna go hazel, tbh. Caimen’s got a rounder face and soft features.
One of the biggest things that’s similar with them are their animal-inherited parts. Kitty has the classic slitted pupils of a cat that expand and contract. And Caimen has slitted pupils that stay one size, but yo 2013 me, you remember that wolves don’t have slitted pupils right? I know it looks cool and you like the more feral look to it, but that’s anatomically wrong ya dingus. I can’t bring myself to give it up though, it doesn’t look like Caimen without it.
And yeah, they do have the basic cat/wolf-ears-and-tail design. I fretted over the basic design a lot when I first created my story, but personally? I really like these designs. And I know it’s not incredibly creative, but I wasn’t really striving to have a child with the body of a human and the upper torso of an actual wolf, or one of their legs is feline or it looks human but is shaped like a bobcat. I wanted my character to have some opportunity to be amongst normal humans, and them looking ­too inhuman would ruin that. (Though Kitty and another character Snake Eyes are the most animalistic out of all of them and really have to cake on the disguises to get by). And overall I like these designs. I know they’re everywhere but I don’t mind it much. This is the kind of story I’d want to read. Surely someone else has the same taste as me. And if someone drops the story because they’ve seen the design before and find it boring then they’re really not the audience I was looking for anyways.
And more than that, the one thing I’m proud of with specifically Kitty’s design is that my cat-girl has whiskers. Do you know how much that bothers me? Why don’t more cat-girls have whiskers they’re like the biggest staple of cats people name their cats Whiskers. I named my cat Whiskers. And I mean actual protruding whiskers, not lines painted on the cheeks like Naruto.
 7. Are your OCs part of any story or stories?
All of them, personal stories or RP stories. Absolutely none of my OCs were born in a void without at least a semblance of a larger story. I don’t understand how people make characters but not even have at least a vague idea for a story? Like they’re just there?? Are you magic??? How????
 8. Do you RP as any of your OCs? If you do, introduce one of your RP OCs here!
Tons of them! No like literally, back when I RPed Warriors my friend and I had literally hundreds of characters (many of which were dropped by the wayside honestly).
But that was years ago so we’re not gonna talk about them.
Instead we’re gonna talk about Cara (who I briefly mentioned earlier), my lovely little siren.
Cara’s a red-headed and very dangerous 22-year-old siren. In a strange turn of events that almost resulted in child murder, Cara befriended a young 16-year-old werewolf boy (they were 19 and 13 respectively, when they first met). In order to continue being friends Cara promise to stop literally eating humans and devouring their souls and lives a ‘normal’ life on land.
As a siren she can enchant men with her voice and hates women (though not because she’s a siren. There are reasons and experiences as to why). She is the depiction of a siren that usually crisscrosses with mermaids, but I do have a little history planned out that some original sirens (which are birb women), were saved from drowning by mermaids and mermen, who they fell in love with, and down the line aquatic sirens were born (and there’s still a distinction between aquatic sirens and mermaids, and boy do sirens hate mermaids).
Cara is very superficial, flirty, bombastic, a tad crude, and very dramatic. At the very least, on the surface. Sirens live in a kind of animalistic world, and only a few of them have some semblance of a society. The first human Cara ate was her father, a kind sailor who was dragged to the depths by her mother, and kept alive to raise the future child (though in her defense Cara was like, 6, and didn’t really understand the implications of sucking out his soul until after he was dead). When Cara was 13 or so her mother chased her off after they got into a spat over some food and Cara was on her own since. Because of multiple reasons that I won’t explain now, Cara believes that she (as a siren and as a female), is an inherently evil creature, and even if she does good things it really doesn’t change who and what she is at her core.
Despite her very loud personality, Cara desperately wishes to be someone people can view as a lady. Currently she tries to act more sophisticated and lady-like than she is, an act that comes across more like a child playing dress-up and quickly falls apart if someone triggers her quick temper.
Currently in our big supernatural RP, Cara has a romantic interest in the form of my friend’s fairy-banshee half-breed. Whether or not Cara would be able to ‘love’ him honestly is up in the air. I suppose we’ll find out :D
 9. Would you ever be willing to give any of your OCs to someone else?
So my friend often draws my character Gray (which includes any tiny, funny comics she might’ve drawn), since she’s rather woven into her character Will’s story. In fact she came up with a drawn design of her before I did (since I didn’t draw at the time, though I did tell her what the human version would look like) and she’s got her character pretty spot-on. One day it came to our realization that I had never actually drew her human version. Anyways, while I never ‘gave’ Gray to her, if I were to give someone a character, it’d be Gray to my friend.
 10. Introduce an OC with a complicated design?
Eh, I don’t know if I really have that tbh. I suppose one OC I had back when I first started drawing; a girl named J.C. who could turn into a raptor-like beast. That raptor was so fricken hard to draw and I only drew like one, shoulder-up drawing. But it’s easily one of my most proud creations.
 11. Is there any OC of yours you could describe as a “sunshine”?
Kit, hands-down. And human-Snow.
 12. Name an OC that isn’t yours but who you like a lot
I love my friend’s OC named Dante. And I literally know next-to-nothing about him, but he’s just a little unhinged and loads of dangerous and oooOOOh boy is that my favorite combination of traits! And he’s a cutie too :P
 13. Do you have any troublemaker OCs?
Absolutely. Troublemakers are the best kinds of people.
My character Kitty is pretty chaotic, and Snake Eyes is an asshole for the sake of it. Another character of mine, Hex (short for Hexagon), is a troublemaker, too.
 14. Introduce an OC with a tragic backstory
Hex, the character I mentioned above, has a pretty sad backstory (at least of characters I haven’t already mentioned. They pretty much all have a weird or sucky backstory). It does get a happy ending though.
Hex was created by J.C. (through a lot of magical power mumbo-jumbo that’s too long to explain here). J.C. turning into a raptor caused her mind to start forming two halves. Eventually the other half began to have a conscious until one day Hex said one word: “I”. And in that moment she realized she was a thing, a someone. And she desperately tried to find a way to get J.C. to hear her and know she existed. J.C. was all that she knew of the world. She was everything.
But unfortunately Hex’s voice were perceived as dark and evil thoughts, since Hex often disagreed with J.C. not killing people who tried to harm her. Eventually Hex grew powerful enough to change J.C.’s physical form. She greeted J.C. as a reflection in a puddle, turning J.C.’s face into a scarred, half-beast monstrosity. Since Hex was manifested from J.C.’s frequent transformation into her raptor form, that’s half of what Hex looked like.
Having half her face morphed against her will into a creepy abomination understandably terrified J.C., especially when she connects that this monster is where the thoughts of killing others comes from. J.C. calls Hex a demon and disgusting and Hex is completely confused and heartbroken. And eventually that pain grows to hatred. She was rejected from the being that created her and that she loved and admired with all her existence. And when the one thing you know rejects you, what do you have left?
Hex began to grow stronger over time, gaining more dominance over J.C.’s mind and body. Eventually she used the extra power that built when J.C. transformed to create a body of her own. Hex looks like J.C., but with pale, almost gray skin, and darker hair. The left half of her body being a mix between skin and scales, her hands devolving into a more claw-like shape. The left side of her face is scaled and scarred, with a shredded and veiny fin-like ear and much too-large eye that’s the same as the raptor’s eye. She runs off after separating from J.C., later returning in multiple attempts to kill her unintentional creator.
Eventually J.C. realizes from stuff and things and events, that Hex isn’t actually evil or a demon, she just wanted J.C.’s acceptance. And she’s hurting and doesn’t know what to do to make it stop. She’s almost a child in this world she leapt out into, and doesn’t know how to act and communicate what she needs. And when J.C. finally accepts her all the malice melts away. Hex quickly joins the group J.C.’s in and becomes a powerful ally with very strange powers and abilities.
Shortly after she joins the group, J.C. and co. realize Hex had no name. And after they tried to put their heads together for a name for her, Hex asks if she doesn’t get a say in it. She reveals to them her name will be Hex, and when they look at her for more indication and to why the flip-flap did you name yourself Hex of all things, she just tells them it’s short for Hexagon. And then she leaves like that didn’t just spawn more questions than it answered.
And as a side note: Hex where’s an outfit that’s very akin to a stereotypical genie outfit, because that’s exactly what it is. After shoving herself out of J.C. in the weirdest birth ever, she runs around naked for a while before realizing human people where clothes. She walks into the first clothing store she finds, a Party City Halloween-costume type place, grabs a genie costume, and leaves.
Dang this character is great why did I drop this story
 15. Do you like to talk about your OCs with other people?
No, because no one ever asks me. Which is very sad and also why I’m doing this ask thingy myself XD I do wish my friend’s would ask me questions though. I always ask them questions about theirs, even when it’s small, cause I know I’d want someone taking an interest in mine, ya know?
 16. Which one of your OCs would be the best at biology (school subject)?
Other than Emily, the literal biology scientist? Talon (a character I think I mentioned but didn’t name), would be a wiz at biology + have a passion for it probably.
 17. Any OC OTPs?
All of them. Everyone. Everyone that exists all at once.
Kitty + Caimen
Snake Eyes + Arachnea
Talon + Emily (though for poor Tally it’s his one-sided crush on her and isn’t reciprocated).
J.C. + a character I have an idea of but never created/named.
Gray + Will (does it count if it’s not my OC?? It does now)
Snow + Lewis (Will’s evil twin, with whom they’re in a mega dysfunctional relationship A+)
Cara + Bishop (my friend’s OC)
Kit + Anna (my other friend’s OC)
 18. Any OC crackships?
Naaaaaaah. Well wait.
Cara and Kit. Cara is very defensive and protective over Kit, and while they’re explicitly just friends seriously, it hasn’t stopped me from writing a piece or two where they end up in a very close Predicament. Cara didn’t grow up in a human society and therefore has no qualms or care about Minors = Off-Limits, so she did attempt to instigate something once or twice (though it was out of habit rather than interest), but miraculously Kit managed to keep things strictly platonic.
I do have a few other pieces, which is the result of a never-gonna-happen-this-is-just-for-my-eyes-and-a-random-guilty-pleasure-cause-I’m-dumb AU where, due to whatever reason I never bothered to explain, Cara takes ahold of the siren magic she’s been subtly smothering Kit with over the years to ensure that he doesn’t turn against her (like she fears will eventually happen). She convinces him that he’s in love with her, which he believes. However he can’t stop the feeling that something is off. He knows that he does love Cara and she’s very important to him, but it just feels off.
In a different instance, (which is more true to their canonical history, but ultimately never happened and is still just for me cause I’m a dweeb), Kit kisses Cara out of anger from being dumped by a girl he really liked (and Cara’s subsequent unrefined attempt at comforting him). And when Cara kisses him back and it gets a bit heated, he immediately regrets it (thinking to himself that he’s not treating Cara like a human and hates the kind of person that uses someone as a rebound), and stops everything. To his surprise Cara isn’t upset (with either the kiss nor breaking it off), and only asks him if it helped. And when he admits it didn’t Cara gives him a hug and lets him cry and mope.
That second one is less of shipping and more solidifying how important Kit is to Cara (mostly in the ensuing conversation. He’s the first friend she’s ever had, after all, and she wants to help him however she can), and random sexual tension is there cause I’m complete garbage.
Yes I’m melodramatic for no reason and a complete trash gremlin fite me
 19. Introduce an OC that means a lot to you (and explain why)
Eh. Honestly I’ve mentioned all the ones that mean a lot to me honestly.
Moonshine is the first OC I’ve ever made. Kitty, J.C., and Caimen are the first OCs I made when I started drawing. Kit is just a loveable fuzzball.
Wait I thought of someone.
Ami, a wolf from a large story I made and the first story I’ve ever completed (and also the only story I’ve ever completed, not including shorts/oneshots XD). She was the leader of a pack of wolves who were forced out of their territory due to encroaching humans. It’s only of the few/only story I have with absolutely no supernatural/magical elements (if you’re not counting the fact that the wolves speak to each other like humans, lol).
Honestly it’s the story I’m most proud of, simply because I actually finished it. It’s pretty unrefined and I was kinda young when I wrote it. It’s obvious there are heavy influences from the Warrior Cats series, and also the wolves don’t run like a wolf pack does realistically at all.
But Ami’s story actually came to a close and a happy ending, and so she (and the rest of the cast), are very important to me.
 20. Do any of your OCs sing? If they sing, care to share more details (headcanon voice, what kind of songs they like etc)?
Cara, my siren, obvi.
For Cara’s voice, though she’s crass and rude and loud, I imagine the type of singing you hear from Celtic Woman, for example. When she’s doing her enchanting than it’s more sounds that words (and any words she does sing are usually in foreign ‘siren language’). It’s a haunting voice, like a singing spirit, beckoning you to investigate, to find out who, who is that? Her enchanting specifically focuses on instilling emotion rather than a command. It’s an invitation, a suggestion, to do what she wants.
Other than that she really likes R&B.
Caimen too. I imagine he really likes to sing, and has a fantastically high voice for it too. I don’t have any type of headcanon for his voice, however. I imagine he’s the type to like all types of music, but especially softer songs with a lot of emotion.
 21. Your most artistic OC
Arachnea, who I’ve only mentioned by name. She has a passion for makeup, fashion, and hair, and basically anything attributing to your appearance. Looks at a face like a sketch, and all she needs is to add a little color to finish it off. She loves being able to dress herself up (though her circumstances rarely allow her to do so), and be able to express her style and personality through her outward appearance.
 22. Is there any OC of yours people tend to mischaracterize? If yes, how?
Nah, because no one ever asks me about them.
 23. Introduce OC that has changed from your first idea concerning what the character would be like?
Oh geez, a few. I think the character with the most drastic change was Caimen.
Originally Caimen was created mostly as Kitty’s romantic interest (though it wouldn’t be all he is, obviously). In all honestly, Caimen’s ‘personality’, if you can call it that, was strikingly similar to Kisshu my long-standing OTP from Tokyo Mew Mew. I’m embarrassed to even think about it. Ugh. Originally he was cheeky and mischievous and flirty, and Kitty was not having Any Of It. Kitty’s personality was pretty different too back then, actually. Anyways, as time went on, Caimen quickly got a personality of his own and nOT ridiculously similar to my guilty-pleasure anime, and Kitty went on to be the cheeky asshole instead, which was honestly who she was from the beginning if it weren’t for me shoe-horning what I ‘wanted’ them to be like.
 24. If you could meet one OC of yours, who would it be and why?
AlL OF thEM.
But if I had to choose, probably Arachnea or Kit. They’re the ones who are honestly the friendliest and the ones I’d probably get along with best.
 25. The OC that resembles you the most (same hobby, height, shared like/dislike for something etc?)
AlL OF thEM.
No but, while they’re not self-inserts, it’s easy for me to pick out any part of me that might have slipped into the character (or that we just happen to share), even character that I share mostly nothing with.
Either way
Other than Moonshine, who was basically a self-insert (at first), Arachnea is the character I share most in common with personality-wise.
She’s shy, and not very confident in herself, but strives to be good to others in the same way she hopes others will be to her. She’s rather self-conscious, more in her abilities than anything else, and can get discouraged quickly, and takes other’s criticism to heart way too easily. Sometimes she needs someone to push her, even when it’s something she wants to do. Underneath she does have her own backbone, and if it comes down to it, she’d rather be a subject of ridicule than do something she doesn’t want to do. Arachnea is working towards being a more confident and assertive person, and is making great strides to being as bright and shining as she wants to be. Arachnea’s much more extroverted (despite her shyness), than I am, probably 10x nicer and calmer, and much more interested in fashion than I could ever hope to be, lol. But she’s a lot like how I was a couple years ago. I like to think I’m a bit more of the person I want to be, like hopefully Arachnea can be the person she wants to be one day.
 26. Have you ever had to change your OC’s design or something else about them against your will?
I’m not even sure what this question means. Like. Their design was too similar to someone else and I had to change it? Nah. Thankfully all my characters look like I want them too. And since I’m not legally publishing anything, no need to worry about legal anything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
 27. Any OCs that were inspired by a certain song?
Naaaaah. But plenty of songs that resemble my OCs.
 28. Your most dangerous OC?
Cara, definitely. And not just the male enchant-y powers either (though there is a dragon nearby she’d have total control over should she utilize that power). My sirens, on top of their singing, have another feature. By consuming human souls (and the souls of incredibly powerful creatures, or each other), they starting to grow pearls in their skin. These pearls are vessels of power, be it physical or magical (with different colored pearls having different levels of strength). A siren could, theoretically, become infinitely powerful by growing enough pearls (since consuming the souls of others expands their lifetime. Indefinitely, if they keep eating). Cara went on a massive killing spree before meeting Kit and has enough pearls to consider her incredibly dangerous to other supernaturals most other siren she might come across. Powers tend to develop based on personality and other traits. Cara’s actually an eel-like siren and has electricity powers that she was born with. She later begins to develop heat ability (not fire, heat), that she has trouble controlling due to her inexperience. She’ll actually burn herself if she uses it outside of water for too long/too hot, but she’ll be able to control it eventually. She used to have ice powers, but (from circumstances I won’t explain), those powers were transferred to Kit.
Either way, while Cara’s not infinitely powerful, she’s my most dangerous character currently and the character that has the potential to be the most dangerous creature on the planet.
 29. Which one of your OCs would go investigate an abandoned house at night without telling anyone they’re going?
Kit, seeing as he investigated a siren that already tried to eat him once.
 30. Which one of your OCs would most likely have a secret stuffed animal collection?
Talon, Arachnea, and Kit. But Talon and Arachnea would totally own up to it and Kit would be embarrassed to the moon and back.
 31. Pick one OC of yours and explain what their tumblr blog would be like (what they reblog, layout, anything really)
Kit would probably run a supernatural blog, full of both real and fake supernatural sightings, information, discussions, jokes, and more.
 32. Which one of your OCs would be the most suitable horror game protagonist and why?
Probably Kit or Arachnea. I don’t play many (or any), horror games, so I don’t know what the stereotypes are. But Kit would be the type to get himself into dumb situations over curiosity alone, and would probably be creative enough to get himself out of some sticky predicaments. And Arachnea is a beast when push comes to shove. Though she prefers to not fight physically, she’s literally my most muscular and physically strong character (not counting supernaturals), and if it came down to it she’d sock a zombie right in the face and probably knock its head off.
33. Your shyest OC?
 34. Do you have any twin characters?
I do actually, though they’re hardly fleshed out at all (I haven’t even decided on names). Kit has adoptive twin sisters, a couple of were-foxes his parents found abandoned in the wild. They managed to find them early enough in childhood development so they wouldn’t grow up into completely feral children (though they tend to prefer their fox forms to human forms).
 35. Any sibling characters?
Yes, yes.
Kit, as mentioned above, has adoptive twin sisters.
Gray and Snow are sisters (though I haven’t decided if their human versions are twins or not).
Cara likely has dozens of unknown siren sisters.
 36. Do you have OC pairs where the other part belongs to someone else (siblings, lovers, friends etc)?
Gray’s husband Will belongs to my friend, Snow’s boyfriend Lewis belongs to the same friend, and Cara and Kit’s romantic interest belong to my friends!
 37. Introduce an OC who is not quite human
Almost all of them. Let’s talk about one I haven’t said much on. Snake Eyes.
Yes, the characters in one of my stories have names that are almost all animal puns and there are actually reasons for it. Kitty was often taunted by people shouting ‘here Kitty, Kitty’. As a child she assumed it was her name. Talon was an uncreative kid who came up with his own name and relating it to the fact that he’s part bird. Arachnea read about the Greek mythology of Arachne and named herself Arachnea after her, since she’s part spider. Snake Eyes didn’t have a name until long after he met the main group. Arachnea used gambling to survive and explained at one point what snake eyes were pertaining to dice. He decided on his name based on that. And finally Caimen, who chose his name not based on what animal he is but what his favorite animal was at the time, a caiman. Keeping in mind that literally all of them are/were children when they named themselves and let’s be honest how many people would have the stupidest name if their 13-year-old-selves were allowed to legally name them? That was my point :D
Anyways back to Snake Eyes.
He’s part snake (black mamba, specifically. Fun!), and is an asshole. The biggest asshole around. You could see this asshole from space.
Physically he’s so fun to draw. He’s of Asian descent (haven’t decided what specifically though), but due to his snake-genes and him being the most animalistic-looking of the group, it’s not easily apparent. I did draw him if he wasn’t gene-spliced though and maaaan, Asian eyes (elapids? Or something like that. The folded quality they have to them?) are a little difficult to draw. I don’t know if it’s because it’s actually difficult or because I never drew them before, but it’s clear I’d have to work on it a bit. His limbs are a bit long for his body, as is his neck. I draw the back of his head a bit differently as well. There’s not much of a hook to it, the back of his skull goes straight to his neck in a smooth slope, and it gives him a more snake-like quality to the shape. He has fully functional venomous fangs (which I always draw reallyreallyreally big, though I should probably think about making them like, not saberteeth XD).
Coloring-wise, Snake Eyes is actually albino. His eyes are indeed pink rather than the usual human albinism coloring of light blue, but since his eyes are ‘snake eyes’ they’re pink and red. He’s also got himself a nifty, super skinny forked tongue and that weird tongue-hole snakes have. His skin is very fair and hair is light blond. Also he doesn’t have eyebrows, because snakes be hairless. So no eyebrows, eyelashes, or body hair (when he gets to the age of body hair doom), but I just couldn’t bring myself to make him bald though. I couldn’t. XD
Snake Eyes, as I’ve mentioned, at the beginning and end of the day, is an asshole. In the place him and the group grew up he was basically deemed everything they wanted him to be. They way they lined up for his genes to go went all exactly to plan, he had the perfect temperament and attitude, no major health problems. Except one: the albinism. So rather than being told he was perfect he was constantly told he was almost perfect. Cancer, eye problems, the albinism made him a risk factor for all that (and more, for when I do more research on albinism). Now, in actuality, the albinism didn’t really put him at a disadvantage for anything they needed him for. The reason they told him that was specifically to make him feel inferior, like he had something to prove. So he’d always, without fail, do everything he was told with little need for restraint because he wanted their approval. And it worked. Snake Eyes grew up with a massive inferiority/superiority complex (I’ve done little research on the two, and thusly am unsure which one fits his behavior more accurately). He constantly put down the other experiments in the same boat as him, antagonizing and reminding them that they’re more flawed than he is, lower ‘rank’ than he is, and completely expendable unlike him; that if it came down to it they might just be used as a guinea pig. All the while he feared his own flaws and needed to remind himself that there were others who were horribly flawed (which they hardly were, but he acted like it anyways to comfort himself).
Eventually, after the facility disapproved of a failed mission of his and his near-death experience because of it, Snake Eyes decided he’d never gain their approval, and that it wasn’t worth it to never hear that he was perfect. And he successfully escaped due to their belief in their control over him and thinking they needed no devices to ensure he didn’t leave. He did stab a tracking chip out of his arm with a dirty sharp rock and nearly bled to death as a result, but he gets saved by lo-and-behold, our ragtag group of escapees that he failed to catch in the first place. And, being a person who will do anything that benefits him regardless of pride or morality, saw fit to join them when Arachnea was willing to put up with his bad attitude. Eventually he comes around and is legitimately on their side, but Arachnea is definitely the main reason he stays, as Kitty and Caimen hate his guts (and he lovingly reciprocates), and Talon and Emily are mildly agreeable towards him at best.
Eventually he grows more confident in himself with some support from Arachnea. Unfortunately for everyone this didn’t result in him putting others down less or becoming less of a pain, but instead becoming completely self-absorbed and convinced of his own greatness. And I honestly love every second of it. And the worst part is that he is as great as he often spouts he is. He’s very intelligent, physically capable, and dangerous to-boot. He’s snarky, sarcastic, and intentionally antagonizing to Kitty and Caimen (purely to prod a reaction or violence from them only for him to smirk that he could enrage them so easily). The only person safe from his prickly tongue is Arachnea (though he was certainly cruel to her at first). He came to admire her quiet backbone and endless compassion (and learned at some point her fist is very painful), and fancies her the only person he doesn’t find annoying and he’s genuinely fond of.
I do have a bit of a romance with him and Arachnea, but there’s a 3-year age gap, so that doesn’t happen until they’re at a much more acceptable age. That, and Snake Eyes is asexual, so it takes him a while to figure out. And though doesn’t fancy Arachnea physically, he enjoys her company and knows she’s the most important person to him and wants it to be reciprocated. Arachnea on the other had is a big fat romantic sap and, while she’s the one that gets a crush first, doesn’t push him to do more than he’s comfortable with. There’s a bit of angst on her side at first after she realizes her feelings for him and her believing it would be completely one-sided. And *cough* when they’re both ConSEntiNG adULtS and whatnot, while he’s completely neutral to the deed, he does ‘pamper’ her from time to time iF yOU kNoW what I’m SAYiN’.
Down the road him and his group will probably get tighter bonds (or at least a somewhat positive relationship), but I haven’t really thought that far ahead in the story. Or at least, I haven’t found the trigger that starts the slow process of them working together better.
P.S., Snake Eyes being an albino black mamba means he’s a white black mamba and that amuses me to no end.
 38. Which one of your OCs would be the best dancer?
Caimen and a side character in the same story as him named Candy (Candace). Caimen is already pretty in-tune to music and rhythm anyhow, and while he doesn’t ‘know’ how to dance, were he ever to take classes he’d be A+ bomb at them. And Candy is a big party girl and, while she’s certainly no professional, knows how to shake it how she likes, albeit she may look silly from time to time :P
 39. Introduce any character you want
Hey, let’s introduce a couple of side characters I have!
Amy and Candy (Candace). These are a couple of minor characters in the story I’m writing with all my half-animal children. They’re part of Talon’s co-workers and a large backstory for them happened to crop up despite me not intending to make one.
Amy and Candy met in the 4th grade. Amy Luong is a very shy Vietnamese girl with a love for writing stories. She’s always alone with her nose stuck in her notebook. One day Candace Carter, a very outgoing Welsh girl, snatches her writing from her hands and reads it. Candy quickly falls in love with the story and characters in the little she scans and makes Amy a deal: They’ll be best friends and make a team. Amy writes the story and Candace plays the roles. They’ll become a famously successful and beloved duo in Hollywood!
And Amy’s reaction is: ‘what the fuck who is this girl give me my notebook back ur rude the hell?’ And calls Candy out on her rudeness, the fact she read her notebook without permission, and is angry that Candy thought any of it would be okay. Candy counters that she’d seen Amy turn people away before when they asked to see the notebook and this was the only way she’d see what’s inside. And while Amy admits to herself that it’s true, it doesn’t make it okay. And she flatly turns down the ‘plan’ Candy laid out for them.
After a lot of pestering, a bit of stalking Amy to her place of residence, a lot more pestering (much to Amy’s chagrin), begrudging hanging-out time at recess, and a fantastic display of acting talent, Amy finally opens up and the two become friends.
And the two work towards the dream little Candy decided for them long ago. Candy works towards the big-screen and Amy strives for a spot behind-the-scenes. They both know it’s a lofty and risky dream, but it’s a dream they want to work for and a dream they have passion for. And with their personalities clashing and working together, there’s certainly no shortage of stories and ideas that have a real chance of getting them into the film industry.
Amy’s very much a shrinking violet kind of person. And while she definitely didn’t appreciate Candy trying to forcefully barge in her life, she’s happy to have her as a friend in the end. She likes all things with a story, from comics to cinema to anime and reading. She’s a very smart and creative girl, but a bit socially awkward and very stubborn.
Candy’s almost the exact opposite; a social butterfly, confident, bullheaded, and a bit manipulative. She loves being in the spotlight and being in charge. She could get behind not only acting, but directing as well. Hollywood is her ideal fantasy and she has the looks, talent, and drive to make it a reality.
These two characters are just fun to write, especially the way they work off each other. Candy especially is a bit odd in that one quickly learns to not make promises or play along with Any of her ‘pretend’ schemes, no matter how ridiculous, cause you never, ever know when she’s serious. Amy accidentally made a blood pact that if they’re still single the day before one of them turns 40 they’re going to elope and marry each other so, as Candy puts it, “no one can call us old spinsters.”
In a little side-story I made, after Amy comes out to Candy, Candy asks if Amy had ever had a crush on her. Amy admits that (while she’s like a sister to her now and couldn’t possibly think of her that way) yes she did have a crush on her when they were younger, a little bit after she’d started warming up to her. She recalls that she squashed the feeling since she was embarrassed by not just a crush, but a crush on a girl, and what Candy or anyone else might think of her. And as time went on she matured and accepted and was happy with herself, and happy her family and friends were accepting and it didn’t matter to them who she was interested in if she was happy. And she tells Candy:
“You were pretty, and clever, and inspiring. And you still are, honestly. And later on the closer we got, the more I got to know the real you, I realized,”
And Candy’s gushing at this point because who doesn’t love compliments?
“That I dodged one hell of a bullet.”
Candy: :|
“Like, Candy I love you, but you are the hot mess of a hot mess. I’d probably pull my hair out if I had to be your girlfriend.”
Candy: :/
“Like my god I feel so bad for your boyfriends. Remember that one time with Andre when you—“
“AlRiGHtY theN hOneSTY hOur’S OVER.”
 40. Any fond memories linked to your characters? Feel free to share!
I think my fondest memories are when my characters slapped me in the face and said ‘no that’s not how I act I do things like this’ and go completely opposite of what I envisioned.
Most notably was Kitty, who was originally a design I drew that would represent me and was a blank model I could use for vent art. I didn’t even get to draw her a second time before she seemed to grab me by the collar, shout what kind of person she was exactly, and chucked a random story and two other characters at my face. It’s certainly a decision I’m perfectly happy with, as the result birthed many characters I absolute love and a developing story that’s kept me going for years. It’s definitely the story I’ve stuck with the longest, despite it all not being fleshed out. It’s so much fun.
Second is my character Snake Eyes, who I originally had as a pure villain character and was slated to die. But at some point all these ideas started cropping up about how he’d interact with the other characters in a non-hostile setting and hmmm, I bet he might actually get along with this character. And at that point it felt like he was completely offended I planned to kill him, like, did I even know who he is? How dare I, lol.
 41. Has anyone drawn fanart of your OCs? If yes, maybe show a picture or two here (remember sources & permissions!)
Yes, I suppose! My friend has drawn my OCs and aaaaaah I die whenever it happens it makes me so happy! She’s a much better artist than I since she’s been at it since she was little, but I love her art style so much and love seeing her take on the characters! AAAAAAA~
 42. Which one of your OCs would be the most interested in Greek gods?
Arachnea, considering her namesake is based on some Greek mythology. And my character J.C., who’s very lost and doesn’t know what she wants to do in life, but has a passion for history and lore and legends.
 43. Do you have any certain type when you create your OCs? Do you tend to favor some certain traits or looks? It’s time to confess
Oh dear I do believe so >~< For one I have a bit of a bias towards drawing somewhat attractive people in the face department. I’m not gonna say every one of my characters is Aphrodite or anything, but I certainly haven’t drawn anyone that’d be considered unattractive, at least by my standards. On that note, Emily is probably the most average-looking I’d say, though she’s not unpleasant to look at. I don’t know man. They don’t all have the same face or anything and have a mix of traits that people might consider conventionally attractive or unattractive. Kitty for example is very bony and angular, with a small button nose and very thin lips. Arachnea controversy has a big/wide nose, with full lips, sort of half-lidded eyes and thick eyebrows. Snake Eyes has a very long oval-shaped head, a flattened face, and large eyes. Emily’s got kind of a baby face, with a little nose and eyes, and a really big forehead and freckles all over. Talon has a very square jawline with a prominent nose and wide chin. They’re all different. I guess it depends on your taste on whether or not they’re all attractive? Snake Eyes, going by the description, seems like the most ‘unattractive’ person, but I think he’s one of my cutest ones tbh but eeeeh maybe I’m not the best judge of faces.
Second, in the personality department, I definitely favor my characters that are more animalistic, or have a primal side to them (see: Kit). I mean, I have so many beasty characters for a reason; animals are my passion. So when a character sees the world in the way an animal might, or whose priority in everything is survival, or has a trigger in which they become more beast than man, I get so invested in their psyche. And while not all or even most of my character have that, I certainly favor the ones that do. It’s so interesting to think about.
 44. Something you like about your OCs in general
How fun they are. Even my character Gray, an uptight pantsuit all-professional type lady, is fun to write. And though much of Gray’s humor comes from her being a straight man, she still can roll with the punches and dish it out occasionally. They’re all just a joy to write and watch, mostly when they interact with each other. And I have a blast making their day or breaking their spirits. I love when they do something unexpected that deviates from what I originally imagined.
 45. A character you no longer use?
Tons, I’ve listed a bunch already. Moonshine and 99.99% of all my old Warrior OCs. Plenty of OCs from stories I never and will never finish. There’s so many. I only regularly think and write about a handful of them now.
 46. Has anyone ever told you that you treat your OCs badly?
Nope, because no one ever talks to be about my OCs.
 47. Has anyone ever (friendly) claimed any of your OCs as their child?
See above answer.
 48. OC who is a perfect cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure
Arachnea and Kit. They deserve nothing of what I do to them. And there’s nothing they can do to stop me.
 49. Which one of your OCs would most likely enjoy memes
Kit is confirmed to like memes. He’s 100% garbage. He and my friend’s OC write ship fics about the other characters in our RP and send them to each other. Their favorites are the crack pairings and genderbend AUs.
 50. Give me the good ol’ OC talk here. Talk about anything you want
Blah I was gonna talk about my OC Kitty, since I’ve mentioned her a bunch but didn’t introduce her. But I made the mistake of going to bed before answering the question and now I’ve lost my motivation so pbbbbbbth. Maybe I’ll go back and edit this one day, but that day is not today!
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