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sid-libbing4 days ago
Non Binary Lesbian in Urgent Financial Need!
Hey everyone my cat got a bladder infection recently and it鈥檚 completely drained my bank account. He still needs further treatment but I鈥檓 behind on my rent and if I don鈥檛 pay by July 31st I鈥檒l be evicted! Right now I only have $108 but need $1,125 to keep my apartment.
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Please donate if you can/reblog! Anything helps!
Update 7/24: $345/$1,125
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acheemient2 months ago
So. Pocket's surgery is going to cost $5,461. I have about $1,000 to put towards it. That leaves $4,461.
If anyone can donate to our cause, please do. Even just $5. It adds up. If all my followers donated $5, I would have enough.
I understand that I'm asking a lot, I really do. But Pocket is my baby. I can't get a credit card, cuz my score is too low. I am truly begging for help now. Please, if you can spare a donation for us, I will be eternally grateful! Please find the link in the reblog.
Please enjoy this video of Pocket playing. He's a good boy:
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acheemienta month ago
So, we're getting down to the wire. Pocket's eye surgery is in a week exactly, and we're still down by about $1,500.
I'm not sure what I'm gonna do.
If you can find it in your hearts to donate to the fund, it would be amazing. We are so, so, so close. Please help us get to the finish line?
I'm posting the link to my GoFundMe in the comments and reblog.
He's a really good boy. 馃槶
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jusafna year ago
hey its me again and my situation only spirals further. before i was only trying to save up for top surgery, i have somehow managed to not dip into my donations despite the fact that i am one month away from being a homeless trans youthTM.
im going to try and get an interview for a youth hostel on monday where i really hope i will be given accommodation where i may be put on benefits but this is the uk system under the torys we鈥檙e talking about so tbh it could be a while b4 that happens + i have stuff that needs to get done.
i need to pay travel costs, food costs + i would really like to stay on hrt + if i get benefits that is manageable, but who knows when that will be especially as i haven鈥檛 claimed yet.
im doing a certificate course equiv to the first year of uni as well as an a level and working but its breaking me to be quite honest + i really dk how much longer i can keep this up. my mental health is deteriorating, im isolated and i want to be able to get to uni bc i can do shit then + get stuff in order but without these qualifications i won鈥檛 manage + i can鈥檛 get them without money.
tldr; help a nearly homeless mentally ill autistic jewish mlm trans guy out so he can get the qualifications he needs for uni and also survive this yr tbh
so my paypal is please help me out if you can
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loppxi2 months ago
time sensitive 鈥硷笍鈥硷笍
hello! i have a close friend that is living in asia and a fellow member of the lgbt community. due to the recent restrictions in my country, they are in need of money for food and transportation!! unfortunately, his family isn't willing to help them finiancally due to complicted relations.
their goal is 300 USD and they need it in 1 week!
if you have any money to spare, pls donate even if it's as little as $1. anything helps! <3 (paypal only!!)
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ragingratbastarda month ago
Dakota Top Surgery Recovery Fund
hello everyone! I'm getting top surgery this July after many years of waiting, but this means I will have to take 2 to 3 weeks off of work right before my big (expensive) move in august, and any help making up for those lost wages is greatly appreciated!! I鈥檝e been dreaming of getting top surgery for almost 7 years now but having to take this time off right before I move definitely hurts financially, even sharing is greatly appreciated
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acheemient2 months ago
Y'all. We're over the halfway point for Pocket's surgery!! 馃樆
If you want to donate to his $5,461 surgery, please find the link in the reblog! We are so close!! Please help if you can! We got this far because a lot of people have donated even just $5 or $10. Sure, bigger donations are super appreciated, but lots of little donations are just as good!!
Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! You are my heroes!!
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This elongated weirdo appreciates you, and so do I! 馃挄
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brimdraws1432 months ago
Recently I have been diagnosed with ductal cancer and have to undergo mastectomy. Due to Covid exhausting my family financially, this fundraising was made.
Please share or donate if you can, thank you
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gayfitzroya month ago
HEY it鈥檚 Juneteenth and I got permission to repost this on here so!!! this is my partner @gayfirbolg and you should give it money and also follow xem while you鈥檙e at it
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1999exea month ago
hello, i'm cyrus, a latino mlm gnc guy who has been in a rough living situation that has gotten increasingly stressful over the course of the pandemic. it has also been extremely hard for me to find work, therefore making it difficult to replace my failing computer (i make money from digital art) and to buy food (the stress thats accumulated over the past year has worsened my back pain, making it difficult to do tasks like stand in the kitchen to make food for a long period of time, causing me to lean towards delivery whenever i can). anything helps. links are below
cr0wdfund (p*yp*l pool)
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kemveea month ago
Tumblr media
It's happening, The Commander is going on Holiday!
What that means
I won't be drawing Cullen for the whole of July 馃槶
I have 31 days to fill
Please send me your requests!
In lieu of a formal fundraiser this year I am instead committing to give all Ko-Fi tips received for the month of July to Cybersmile, the wonderful anti-bullying charity you all helped me support last year.
Please drop me an ask or DM with canon characters that you would like to see - You do not need to tip to send a request. All are welcome!!
(A tip doesn't guarantee I'll get to your request so please support the cause without expectation)
Thank you everyone
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cherrycolamlma month ago
Tumblr media
hey y鈥檃ll, i have the opportunity to get top surgery in december this year. the surgery itself is covered but the contour fee is not. i don鈥檛 expect to raise this full amount, but a bit of help would really be appreciated. anything that鈥檚 left will be covered by me and possibly my parents, but my dog got surgery this year and i鈥檓 going to university soon which is already a lot for my parents, and for me because i work part time minimum wage. also i would like to avoid making my parents contribute if possible because they鈥檙e a bit hesitant about paying for something like this. no pressure to donate. sharing is very much appreciated!!!! anything helps. this means so much to me. thank you.
click here for link
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ra9isdead10 days ago
Hey, everyone!
I鈥檓 a queer writer finally about to publish their first book (yay!) but I currently can鈥檛 afford the costs of publishing and other things (boo).
But I won鈥檛 let this stop me. My story, The Prince in the Tower, is a story following a gay prince and a trans prince -- both who are POC! It鈥檚 always been my dream to have kids enjoy diverse stories they could learn from and see themselves in and I鈥檓 so close.
Please, every cent counts. I won鈥檛 give up now.
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glassandroses9 days ago
Hi Tumblr. I don鈥檛 really do these things, but I really need your help. This is my puppy, Cinnamon.
Tumblr media
He has recently been having seizures and he has lost the ability to stand or walk. My family and I are raising funds to take him to the vet. If you can donate, here is our GoFundMe.
Thank you in advance to anyone who reblogs or donates!
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vampyrebutch2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello friends! Last week, myself and several others drove our queer, trans friend out of an abusive home and across the country in 7 days. We're asking for donations to reimburse everyone involved for the gas, food, lodging, and time off work needed to do so! Thank you for your support in bringing our friend home to his found family!
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strawbewwysamuraia month ago
In need of help!!!!
Hello all! My name is Ashley, the second oldest daughter speaking for my mom, my older sister, my younger sister, and my little brother in this message, asking for your help!
We escaped an abusive and controlling situation three thousand miles on the other side of the country- barely allowed to leave our house day to day, barred from our own finances, and at the mercy of angry and violent outbursts by the main income earner of the house. Now we're completely out of our depth and in an unknown place with almost nothing to our names, living with my mom's parents, my grandparents.
We have little clothing, slowly building our closets back with used and donated clothing, no means of transportation beyond my grandparents and juggling their schedules and our own now that we're hitting the ground running for any job we can possibly get, and we are now trying to assist in paying for things in the household while also saving as much as we possibly can for a car and future rent at a home of our own. A car being our main goal- something that would allow us to come and go as we need for work, errands, or emergencies, without having to rely on other people and other people's lives to do so
If we were to reach our goal, it would mean everything to us. We'd be able to take ourselves to and from our multiple jobs in order to save for a better place to live, be able to go out together as a family to places we have never been, and we would have freedom we haven't gotten to experience for my mom, in years, and for us kids, ever.
Any money we make past our goal, should kindness allow us, would be put towards renting a new place just for the five of us for us to call our own and just breathe. Everything has been so rapid fire, and we haven't had many chances to ourselves to just take in everything that has happened, and process the shock and trauma the situation has caused every single one of us five.
Any donation is more than we expect, and it means the world to us to know that there are people who are capable and kind enough to reach out a hand and help us back to our feet. Even if you cannot help us directly, spreading the word of this donation campaign is more than we can ask for in the way of help.
Thank you so much to everyone who has read this, and thank you to anyone who may spread the word or even donate.
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holmesapothecary4 days ago
Tumblr media
We've only been at the fundraiser for Dan鈥檚 birthday for 24 hours, but we鈥檙e already halfway to our first goal of $3K.聽
Can you help get us there today?聽
聽Go to聽
Donate to support safe schools for #LGBTQ+ youth and GLSEN
Leave a birthday wish for Dan when you donate 馃コ
Share with everyone you know (literally everyone)
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sartoriallya month ago
Tumblr media
The final thank you sketch, per my donation drive for the Palestine Children's Relief Fund, of a sleepy Feferi! [For more information, please refer to this post and the linked resources within.]
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kidenn2 months ago
last night we had a scary little incident with my very good boy and its lit a fire under me to try to get these procedures done as soon as possible. booker is a three year old cockapoo, about 26lbs, he鈥檚 an aries, likes long walks in the park, being nasty, and big kisses. and as much as it pains me to have to ask, any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated.
please reblog this. we need all the help we can get. thank you so much. we love you. 馃挏
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