jakelcckley a day ago
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randombubblegum 2 months ago
sydney assigned awsten kin on main (awsten said in his book his family was technically methodist but he doesn't know what that means either)
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quaranmine a year ago
So far tonight I have
1) almost set the microwave on fire
2) been informed that i received actual hate mail. like in the real life mail. in letter form.
what else awaits me tonight?
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jaaneymann a year ago
yaar maybe if this man sent me my fucking emails on time like. buddy? what the fuck are you doing get a GRIP聽
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boydivisiongf a year ago
every day i get up to check for letters :((
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sege-h 2 years ago
Absolutely horrid and entitled behavior from some people lately
Starting to believe it鈥檚 all Karens that cant harass as much retail workers as often as they did before the lockdown, so now they gotta act entitled to content creators online
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marklikely-archive 2 years ago
if you are not / were never kin then you didnt get the full tumblr experience this decade im sorry to say
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So if someone sends you an anon you can see who it is?
no i cannot!
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ribbononline 3 years ago
I鈥檓 so fucking stressed
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tony-montana-shit 3 years ago
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trashkuun 4 months ago
Today on tumblr I'm being called... A fascist hog and also misogynist. Very interesting.
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Have no idea what could of possibly prompted this. I've reached that point on tumblr I guess where I am now being attacked for things I have never been associated with in my life.
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mutetrauma 5 months ago
adulthood is HARD
the adulthood: trying to order a computer
#tbf i hate ordering stuff online in general bc no matter if you ordered from the company 20 million times theres always a#鈥榳hat if its Bad鈥 and like you either cant return it and youre stuck with money gone or#you gotta go through the Return / Exchange Hell and both options are shit#plus you gotta deal with the wait and the wait is awful bc What If Smth Bad Happens or#you dont get your package especially with how mail is rn and then what do you do#and bc this is a computer this shit is even worse bc computers are expensive#so you gotta make sure you get it right and then go through Package Hell and its just a headache#however bc of everything being online + living in a small town its unavoidable that you must do the Online Shopping#but god does it suck#hopefully tho the computer im looking at is close to our current one bc our current one is great#we鈥檙e only getting a new one bc its uhhhhh fucked rn#still workable but theres a piece that should be inside the computer that is now Outside the computer#pretty sure it just like. connects the keyboard part to the screen part but thats still kinda an important piece yknow?#it got fucked bc it got broken uhhhh 2020 i keep forgetting its a new year#anyways in 2020 screen got fucked so we sent it to the only repair shop and they fixed the screen but you know like#the cover around the computer holding the screen in and covering the technology stuff around the computer?#yea they didnt put that on correctly but it was like right at the start of the pandemic and schools was panicking and they already took too#long so we didnt send it back in and just decided to glue it#the glue didnt work so i just used ducttape and it was just on the side so it kept it down#but obviously computers arent meant for ducttape so eventually the break moved to the bottom keeping the Important Stuff Covered and In#and when i showed mom 鈥榟ey my computer isnt shutting properly and keeps crunching鈥 she took the ducttape off to see and closed it and#that piece came out so it鈥檚 new computer time#bc it def looks close to just completely coming apart#i dont mind getting a new computer tbh but just trying to order a new one is so headache and worry inducing bc#what if i get a shit one lmao#its fine tho im just. hello headache#r.exe
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koganelovesmcclain 3 years ago
hmm you know,,, halloween always sucked for me.聽
because i was a fat kid (i mean i鈥檓 still fat but you know) and there were never costumes for fat kids. it was like if you were fat, you didn鈥檛 get to have fun and dress up?
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creamg0blin 9 months ago
Fun fact:my life is so fuckity fucked and don't mind if there's any errors because I don't know anymore
My ex:I loved you ever since I laid my eyes on you
My best friend:uh..thanks
*me sitting right next to them*
My thoughts:but he dated me before him so that could only mean one thing he never loved me
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maladaptivedaydreamsx 11 months ago
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blumenherzen a year ago
I'm right there on the line between sanity and a mental breakdown
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peakyblindersxx a year ago
come home with me - finn shelby x reader
Tumblr media
a/n: you have @michaelgreys to thank for this one (& the gif!!! check her out she's amazing). s5 finn cause god damn!!1 i honestly dont have much to say about this one other than it's definitely self indulgent and not even god can help me at this point. i'm working on p4 to whiskey buisness rn as well as some requests, thank you for all the sweet comments!!
love, abi xxx
my masterlist
prompt: finn hates you so much he might want to fuck you.
warnings: nsfw!! smut, pretty fluffy cause he's baby 馃ズ
Working for the Shelby Company wasn鈥檛 difficult, except for one thing: Finn Shelby. You were one of the many secretaries, in charge of conveying messages, filing papers, and many other important things, such as making sure the glass decanter of whiskey sitting on the bar cart in Tommy鈥檚 office was never empty. It wasn鈥檛 a very taxing job, but Finn went out of his way to get under your skin in every way he could. Maybe it was the fact that you wouldn鈥檛 back down, having a quick retort to anything close to disrespectful that he said to you. The other brothers never said a thing to intervene, Arthur even telling you he was glad you had a backbone.
鈥淔inn鈥檚 a cocky thing, eh? Too cocky for his own good. A girl like you鈥檒l put 鈥榠m in his place,鈥 he had slurred, while you collected the letters he鈥檇 asked you to mail.
鈥淒unno, Mr. Shelby,鈥 you鈥檇 mused. 鈥淪eems like he鈥檚 got some sort of problem with me.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 even bother with that, he鈥檚 just an arrogant fuck. Probably got some sort of crush on you an鈥 is too shy to do shit about it. You know, first time he fucked a whore, he said sorry,鈥 Arthur grunted. You鈥檇 chalked up his admissions to the half empty bottle of whiskey that he was clutching and the light dusting of snow on his right nostril. Still, you couldn鈥檛 help but wonder if the looks Finn shot your way, though seemingly out of irritation, meant something more. You couldn鈥檛 lie, you鈥檇 thought about what it鈥檇 be like to feel the youngest Shelby brother鈥檚 bow-shaped lips on your neck, his hands on your waist. It couldn鈥檛 be true, you resolved; Arthur was just wasted and you were delusional.
Monday came, and Tommy had asked you to work in the betting shop for the next few weeks. 鈥淢ake sure Finn鈥檚 not fucking up,鈥 he had grunted, taking a long drag of his cigarette, clear blue eyes barely leaving the stacks of paper that littered his massive desk. Of course you鈥檇 agreed, but you were nervous. Something about it made your heart beat faster in your chest. You took a shot of whiskey before you left, hoping the dark liquor would help calm your nerves. Isaiah insisted on accompanying you, telling you there were too many people that didn鈥檛 like them around there and to make sure someone was always with you for the next few weeks. You were grateful for his presence, the jokes he cracked easing your mind as the two of you walked briskly along the cobblestone streets. It didn鈥檛 take long to get there, Isaiah holding the door open for you as the warm air inside the betting office washed over you. Finn turned to see who it was, a scowl tugging at the edges of his mouth once he saw you.
鈥淲hy the fuck is she here,鈥 he drawled, sitting at his desk with his feet up, a half-finished cigarette dangling from his fingertips. As much as you hated to admit it, he looked fucking good, hair neatly combed back, smelling of expensive cologne in a pressed navy blue suit. He was tall, legs stretching across the desk as he sent a glare in your direction, you rolling your eyes in response.
鈥淭ommy said,鈥 Isaiah interjected, sensing the tension in the air. 鈥淗e said you said you needed more help, or somethin鈥.鈥
鈥淔uckin鈥 christ,鈥 Finn mumbled, taking a drag from his cigarette before putting it out on the crystal ashtray that sat on his desk, standing to grab a stack of books from one of the shelves behind him.
鈥淛esus, it鈥檚 like I鈥檓 the fucking plauge or something,鈥 you retorted, Isaiah stifling his chuckle as he looked anywhere but at the two of you. Finn ignored you, instead setting the pile of books on his desk.
鈥淐ome look at this, before I change my mind,鈥 he said, instead. You obliged, walking behind his desk to see what he was gesturing to as Isaiah excused himself, something about 鈥済ettin鈥 fucking plastered, mate!鈥 Finn was easily a head taller than you, so he practically towered over you, engulfing you in a cloud of his intoxicating cologne as you stood so close to him that you could practically feel the heat emanating from his body.
鈥淪o, these are the bets, and those are the outcomes,鈥 he explained, arm brushing against your body slightly as he pointed to the different columns written out in the log. To your chagrin, your skin prickled in response, your body unable to control itself. Yet, you pushed it down, not wanting to give Finn the satisfaction of knowing that you wanted him. God knows he鈥檇 hold it against you forever. What he was explaining was simple enough, and you were able to grasp it fairly quickly. He was all business, handing you the logs he needed you to double check, as you sank into the desk adjacent to his, pouring over the books and coming to him to confirm small corrections.
However, after a couple of drinks of whiskey (some of which you admittedly consumed), Finn started talking. Small things, like how irritating Tommy was or how much they鈥檇 made off a certain horse. He鈥檇 never opened up to you like this; it was always a snide remark that usually set off an argument, since the two of you were fairly hot-headed. This time, it was different. Finn was still looking at you, but with slightly rosy cheeks and a smile threatening to spread across his face every time you made a witty remark. This time, you liked the way he was looking at you.
Two thirds of a bottle later, you were both on the floor in front of the fire, laughing at something Finn had said. Admittedly, he had said it just to see you laugh. He liked when you laughed, he realized. It was much better than the irritated look on your face that he usually saw. In all honesty, it was probably his fault, he thought to himself. Maybe it was the whiskey talking, but he really wanted to see you smile for the rest of his life. You sat next to him, shoulders brushing as the two of you talked, your jacket long abandoned, revealing the flimsy straps of the black lace dress. You looked so fucking pretty, he couldn鈥檛 help himself.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e fucking beautiful, you know that, right? Always wondered why you hung 鈥榬ound us lot, bunch of mean fuckers.鈥 The words fell out of his mouth, hovering in the air between the two of you. You stared at him, slightly taken aback, but the liquor was doing the talking for both of you, it seemed.
鈥淟ook who鈥檚 fucking talking. Half the girls in Brum would gladly fuck you, even just for a night.鈥
Finn paused, lighting a cigarette and offering you a drag.鈥淲hat about you?鈥
You accepted, taking a puff before passing it back. 鈥淲hat about me?鈥
He cracked a grin. 鈥淲ould you fuck me?鈥
His bluntness took you aback, but you were too far gone to think properly. 鈥淢aybe,鈥 you admitted, a coy smile playing at your lips. Finn鈥檚 eyes darkened, closing the distance between the two of you until his body was almost touching yours, the tension between you crackling like the fire just a few feet away.
鈥淲hat about now?鈥 he muttered, lips brushing ever so slightly against your neck, causing you to shiver. He noticed, his hands finding the curve of your hips, searing through your dress. You couldn鈥檛 help but tilt your neck back slightly, a gasp leaving your lips as Finn pressed an open-mouthed kiss to your skin.
鈥淔inn,鈥 you moaned quietly, the smile on his lips growing wider as his hands fiddled with the hem of your dress, fingertips sliding underneath to grip lightly at the soft skin of your thighs. 鈥淔uckin鈥 do something already, christ.鈥
Finn grinned. 鈥淎lways got a fuckin鈥 mouth on you, eh? You鈥檙e lucky I find that attractive,鈥 he teased. You opened your mouth to retort, but before you could, his fingers found your silk panties, pushing them to the side to rub lightly against your clit, causing you to jolt in pleasure. You were already wet, to Finn鈥檚 satisfaction, and he had no trouble pushing a finger inside of you. The moans that were leaving your mouth were sinful, and he savored each one, watching the way you squirmed when he added another, curling them inside of you.
鈥淟ook so goddamn pretty, stuffed full of my fingers,鈥 he crooned, sending your eyes rolling back in your head, eyelashes fluttering.
鈥淔inn, please,鈥 you whined, his nimble fingers deftly unzipping your dress and sliding it off, leaving you in your black silk bra and panties. Finn paused, taking a second to drink you in before pressing his lips to yours. They were softer than you could have imagined, hands gripping at your waist as he tugged at your bottom lip for access. You let him in, melting at his touch like butter.
鈥淲ant you inside me,鈥 you mumbled against his lips, causing his muscles to stiffen as he sprang into action, pulling you on top of him, lining his already hard cock up with you. He was big, and if you weren鈥檛 already so ready for him, you might have been a little nervous. He slowly pushed inside of you, helping you sink down on top of him with one hand as he swore under his breath, using his other hand to unhook your bra, throwing it to the side and exposing your breasts to the cool air, nipples hardening at his touch.
鈥淔uckin鈥 gorgeous,鈥 Finn growled, unable to resist from taking one of them into his mouth, rolling it between his teeth. The sound you made in response was pathetic, but fuck if it wasn鈥檛 fueling his appetite for you. He couldn鈥檛 help but push up into you, a tight grip on your hipbones, holding you up as he rammed into you, cock pressing up against your g-spot, sending your vision spinning.
鈥淔uck, Finn, m鈥檊onna cum,鈥 you cried, eyes sqeezed shut, overwhelmed by the sheer amount of pleasure he was giving you. Finn grunted, somehow increasing his pace, pressing kisses to wherever he could.
鈥淕o ahead darlin鈥, want you to cum all over my cock,鈥 he cajoled, the words sending waves of pleasure through you. You couldn鈥檛 help but follow his orders, colors flickering across your eyesight. The image of you cumming just for him sent Finn over the edge, groaning your name as he finished inside of you, dripping down the inside of your thighs. You looked so fucking angelic in the firelight, he had the sudden urge to take care of you.
鈥淵鈥檃lright?鈥 He asked, reaching for a rag to clean you up. You nodded, smiling softly down at him as he couldn鈥檛 help but press a kiss to your hipbone. He looked up at you, eyes full of adoration.
鈥淐ome home with me?鈥 Finn murmured, hands fidgeting.
鈥淵eah,鈥 you replied, a glow tinging your cheeks as you looked at him the same. 鈥淟et鈥檚 go home.鈥
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servospawn 4 years ago
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Finally after 398348934 months I changed my theme.. it鈥檚 minimal but satisfies my visual needs for graphic design.
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the-system-mailbox a month ago
Hello. Welcome to The System Mailbox.
I was tired of this blog not existing, so ... I made it.
What this blog is for: basically, for those that miss sourcemates. Write a letter to them. or those that hate them, and want to vent about them in a letter. I'll post it. Any source is allowed, no matter how problematic. Fictive's of OC's can submit too.
This is not for canon calls. Do that somewhere else.
Anyone can interact. Yes, this includes endos. While this blog is geared toward systems, kin can reblog too. Just know that the ones running this blog are pro-endo and radinclus. We dont endorse attacking anti-endos here.
If you mention who you are, we will tag it as 'from [name]'. if sent to someone, we will tag it as 'to [name]'. if the source is tagged, we will tag it as '[source] letters' (as to avoid main tagging). if its an oc, i'll tag with 'oc letters'. if it is a hate letter, we'll tag it as 'hate mail' and '[name] hate'. feel free to ask anything to be tagged with trigger tags.
write your letters here.
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lunar-pantheon 4 years ago
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