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A Small Outburst
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!Phase 4 Spoilers!
Stephen Strange x Fem!Apprentice!Reader
Warnings and Tags: Language, Quill is Quill, Discussions of Gods and Stories, Some Fluff, Lotta Anger, Description of Mild Injury and Blood, Discussions of Gods, New Abilities Unlocked?
Honorable Mentions: The Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, Wong, America, Peter Parker, Isis, Khonshu
“So… how long you been banging him?”
(Y/N) prayed on her inner strength that she could get through being around Peter Quill. More for the bandit’s sake, than for her own.
She glanced over at the man, a frown present on her lips, “Maybe since half past You Should Stop Talking.”
He was the one to talk.
She turned to Quill. The whole Sanctum had been relatively chaotic since the Guardians came for their visit. And that was saying quite a bit with a sixteen year old under their roof. Thor was a well meaning guest, but kept breaking shit. She didn’t know whether to chalk it up to how strong he was, or whether he didn’t think about it. Rocket tended to have sticky fingers. Gamora and Groot were a bit better- though Groot was indecipherable. Gamora helped by being cool faced, focused and on task. Her and Thor were laboring over a monitor, while everyone else was doing fuck all.
But the biggest problem with her plans this afternoon.
“I need you to be as least annoying as possible. My friend Peter is coming over-“
“Peter? There’s two of me?”
She frowned, “You’ve met Peter before— the better Peter.”
“Ouch. You wound me, Princess.”
Christ. Her palm itched for the burning feel of his cheek as she decked him. She took a deep breath in-
“Refrain from calling anyone here ‘Princess’, Quill.”
Stephen’s icy tone was welcome in this instance. Especially when it wasn’t directed at her. She felt her man’s presence approaching behind her, the height adding more ease to her stance.
Quill put his hands up, “No need to get feisty. I was just joking around.”
The man behind her grunted, disinterested in what the bandit had to say. “You’re excused; what she says stands.”
The jackass rolled his eyes before walking away.
“… so you know a spell that’ll make him hit himself repeatedly…?”
“Easy there, (Y/N). He has some pretty useful connections. Perhaps save physical assault for the last straw,” Stephen sighed, though he didn’t sound totally against the idea.
She faced him. His stance relaxed as she did so, eyes gazing over her face. (Y/N) sighed, “Hopefully Peter can handle everything around here today.”
It had been his one afternoon off in a while. Between school and his work, he found himself hard pressed to find time to check in. Especially when their information about his… reinstatement to the world was questionable.
She was missing an obvious piece. Felt like she had missed it long ago. Her brain itched.
“He seems like a resilient kid. He just has to make a good first impression again.”
(Y/N) had taken that into consideration. Peter may not have been close to everyone like he was Tony or Stephen, but it was still probably odd. To remember and not be remembered. She just hoped everything would go smoothly and that Quill wouldn’t ignite anything protective in her.
God bless the soul the first person to cross Peter in front of her.
They would need it.
“Well, only time will tell… and that’s the next few minutes.”
“Hmm. How long was he planning to stay for?”
“Just a bit, he has this creative writing class I’m helping him with,” she sighed. It would be a welcome reprieve to just work with Peter again, get all the fantastical stuff out of her system. Well… sort of hard to when you lived the stuff of fantasy.
“So that means you’d be free around six.”
It was a question without it being one. She paused. Cocked her head.
“I… would think so, yeah.”
Strange cleared his throat for a second. What? She observed his body posture. Did he seem… a little bashful? This might’ve been what he looked like bashful- crossed arms, looking away from her.
He seemingly found his nerve just as quick as she realized.
“So having dinner with me tonight wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility.”
Oh Jesus. She let out a soft of happy huff, raising an eyebrow at him, a small smirk gracing her lips.
“You’re asking me on a date.”
“I am.”
Thank God no one else was immediately nearby to ruin this moment. Most of the commotion on the other side of the sitting room, with Drax standing stock still in the corner eating a bag of chips.
She let out half a chuckle, “My. You’ve certainly taken your time with asking.”
“Blame circumstance,” he responded, a small grin of his own gracing those lovely lips.
Christ. She really wanted to kiss him right then.
Instead, she let her smile widen, “Well, I can’t say I exactly blame you. This whole last week has been insane.”
“That’s a yes, then?”
How could it be anything but a yes?
She nodded, rolling her eyes playfully, “Yes, Stephen. Of course I’ll have dinner with you.”
He relaxed his stance, letting his arms drop. “Delightful. Six it is.”
A pounding on the front door caught their attention. The whole room, actually. They all glanced over, then at (Y/N). She swallowed.
Christ. Yeah. Still the ordeal of introducing Peter… again.
All in all, she wasn’t pissed. The room still seemed jovial, laughing amongst each other.
Peter was charming, as always. Including the fact he hadn’t really known any of the Space Cadets, including Thor, before his erasure from memory. It made it easy for everyone to act normal.
Apparently, normal for the Guardians was storytelling. Once Peter opened his mouth about an assignment he had to do- describing an epic battle- the whole room came alive.
Hours later, Rocket was on the coffee table, waving his hand dramatically, “Then, from the right, I see Quill getting his absolute ass kicked. And I’m like, ‘oh shit, he needs me to rescue him’-“
“I did not need rescuing,” the Star Lord huffed.
“Sure you didn’t. Anyway-“
She let the story settle into the background. (Y/N) gave a quick look to her Peter. He looked entranced by the whole session. She had to admit- they were helping him much better than she could with this assignment. His hands were scribbling down as much as possible onto his lined notebook.
She hadn’t told him about her new worry. Khonshu had already been such a huge chunk out of the kid’s life. He had genuine things to worry about. Not her space… God… black hole… bullshit.
She trusted Peter’s battle skills. She had seen some in real life, some on screen. He was a capable kid. Intelligent, and with that sense of his… he was incredible. But…
What was a teenager to a God?
Christ, what was she to a God, besides a flesh suit?
She had felt the Goddess within her, still, little bit more by the day. Or maybe perhaps, it was just the turning of the season. She felt like she had new energy to her, like a coil tightening to shoot.
(Y/N) wondered where she would finally release it. It was coming… any day now.
“(Y/N), is that true?”
Oh, yeah. Conversation. She nodded, shaking her head, “Sorry, sorry. Spaced out. What’s up?”
Thor cocked his head as he walked around the couch, moving to sit beside Groot, “You’ve really been face to face with a God on this realm?”
“I mean… not in this realm…” she shrugged.
Khonshu still filled her with dread. His whereabouts were still unknown, and Isis had been mum on what she had actually done to the deity.
“Still mighty impressive,” he nodded.
Quill scoffed, “Try having one as a dad…”
“Sorry we can’t all be special like you, Peter.”
The wrong Peter almost reacted before remembering there was two in the room. The younger one leaned back as the other one sputtered.
“I’m just saying… what you’ve gone through is like… low level stuff.”
The room went quiet.
(Y/N) cocked her head, “Low level stuff.” The repetition was a warning. A mockery.
Rocket stepped off of the table, knowing he didn’t want to be in the middle of what was about to happen next.
Being torn from one universe to the next… kept away from her loved ones for years… coming back… trying to help her friend get his fucking memories back… knowing everything and nothing… the fucking bullshit with Mordo and that bird faced god…
She may not have had as dramatic of a life as Quill. But it was hers to suffer through, and she knew it was more than ‘low level stuff’.
The jackass didn’t know better. Of course he didn’t.
“I mean, so what. A god gave you a bloody nose. Big whoop.”
She had remembered how scary that experience was- how jarring. How much it had hurt. The Peter beside her sat up, beginning, “I wouldn’t really get into that-“
She cut her friend off, still glaring at the man across from her, “Would you like to try it for size?”
Quill blinked, “I mean, I could survive it. Guess that speaks to my will.”
His will.
She stood, huffing. Ready to hit. Anything. Her veins crackled. “Is it within your will to get your ass kicked?-“
“What’s going on?”
They all glanced over to the door. Stephen stood, glancing between the now uncomfortable group. America resided just behind, waving as she entered the room. Her lover glanced between her angry form and the oh so uncaring one of Quill.
Just as well. She needed a breather, anyway. She straightened out her shoulders, “I was just gonna grab a cup of water.”
Maybe something stronger.
She walked out of the room, leaving silence behind in her wake. (Y/N) hadn’t known if anyone followed her. Didn’t care. She had to get out of there.
Thankfully, she was alone when she entered the kitchen. The crackling along her veins had yet to cease, in fact, it was getting stronger.
What a blatant sense of fucking entitlement, Quill had. Like he was the only one that could ever have it rough.
“Inconsiderate—“ she began swearing, wandering around to the cabinet to grab herself a glass. Her hand paused on the wood of the door, gripping it tightly. She took a deep breath in, deep breath out. Like all the meditation videos.
Not fucking helping this time.
She slammed the door closed once she chose her glass-
And suddenly, the door was no more. Or… let’s be fair. It was barely hanging off the hinges. She blinked as a few glasses from the inside came tumbling out, landing in smashes onto the floor.
Including the one in her hand- which decided to explode.
She hissed at the pain in her palm, confusion clouding her senses as she brought her hand up to examine it.
Her eyes widened.
The glass imbedded into her hand wasn’t the unusual thing. It was a natural consequence of being around broken glass-
It was that the wound glowed.
She watched as the static glitter spilled just as easily as the blood on her palm did, and then retracted. Retracted it all- carnage included. It even rejected the glass from her palm, falling back safely on top of her skin like a loose screw.
“Holy…” she breathed out as she heard footsteps rush to the kitchen.
“(Y/N)! Is everything ok?”
She glanced over her shoulder at her new company, eyes wide. Stephen and Peter stared on, their expressions full with as much bewilderment as hers was. She swallowed, looking back to her hand.
She held it up. Normal as before, if not with a undercurrent of gold in her veins…
“I am,” she spoke.
She was… truly…. and that was a new sort of discovery on its own.
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peter, on the phone with tony: so yeah, acadec was super fun today. in other news, do you think losing *pauses to check* about 2 or 3 Litres of blood would require someone to get a transfusion?
tony: please tell you’re joking
peter: well, imma be honest, i don’t like lying-
tony, halfway to peter’s location in an iron-man suit: how is this kid not dead
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homoo-wan-kenobi · a month ago
Tumblr media
we're so used to giving and now we get to receive.... I truly cannot wait to see her in action again!!!
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Bucky Barnes x Reader
Brightest Star In The Sky
Synopsis: Bucky's having a hard time understanding why you're with him.
A/N: That first line just jumped into my head and I thought Bucky was the ideal character to write it for
Tags: none so far, but if you wanna be tagged in any of my Bucky Barnes content, feel free to let me know :)
Warnings: There's some references to his time with HYDRA, but nothing too bad. It's all just really fluffy.
Tumblr media
“Why do you love me?” Bucky asked one late afternoon, seemingly out of the blue.
You looked from the book you were reading to the man you loved, sitting in the armchair across from you. "What?"
His face turned red as he fiddled with the dog tags around his neck, clearly embarrassed by his own question. "Forget I asked that."
You put the book down on the table in front of you. "Hey, no. Buck, what's this about?"
He sighed deeply, sagging back into the armchair and rubbing a hand over his face, probably still trying to cover up some of his embarrasment.
"I just... I wonder sometimes, alright?" he asked, the pitch of his voice rising as he tried to defend himself. As if this was something he'd ever need to defend himself for. "I know I'm not exactly a good person-"
"-and I guess I just keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. For you to realize that and- and leave. Is that weird?"
You shook your head and got up from the couch to go sit on the table instead, facing him. "It's not weird. After what you went through, it's not weird at all. And I know me saying this won't make much of a difference, but I'm not going anywhere. I love you and I'm here to stay."
"You're wrong," he said softly, and you were ready to protest, but he leaned forward and grabbed your hands in his, one warm and the other cold, but you didn't mind. You never did. "It makes all the difference, hearing you say this."
"I'm glad, because I'm not done yet," you said, and Bucky pretended to groan but he was smiling so widely there was no mistaking it. "To answer your question, Buck, I love you because of who you are. Who you really are, not some mind-controlled version of you."
You paused, and with a new blush creeping up his cheeks, he asked: "And who's that?"
"Oh, just the most loveable goofball I've ever met," you laughed. "You're determined and sweet, and you listen to other people, you really do. You're all of that, and so much more that I can't even begin to sum it all up, or we'll be here for the rest of our lives." Bucky was tearing up by now, and your own eyes were starting to burn as well. "You're the brightest star in the sky, Bucky. And maybe you can't see your own light, but I sure as hell can."
He brought one of your hands to his lips and placed a soft kiss on your knuckles. "I love you, (Y/N)."
You knew there was more he wanted to say, you could tell from the look in his eyes, but didn't know how to. He didn't have to say it, though. You heard all of it anyway.
"I love you too."
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mducklesworth · 3 months ago
Peter: It costs $200 to see a therapist, but it costs $0 to just tell yourself that this is the hurt before the comfort.
Peter: *throws up double peace signs*
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moon-knight-comics · a month ago
Jake Lockley manifestation post
✨ 🕯 ✨
🥃 🚖
🕯 JL 🕯
👨🏻 🔪
✨ 🕯 ✨
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justauthoring · a year ago
Tethered [B.B.]
Request: Can you write a bucky x reader where she is an introvert and is extremely shy who just started dating bucky. She overhears people talking about how bucky can do so much better and she is holding him back and stinting his recovery. She pushes him away as best as she can and refuses to talk to him until he begs her to find out what he did. Maybe a fluffy ending or whatever ending you like.
A/N: short-haired bucky for the win. 
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader Word Count: 993 Please don’t plagiarize my work!
Tumblr media
“Always having to watch over her... it’s amazing if he even has any time for himself.”
Those were the words that haunted you. Repeated like a mantra inside of your head. You were positive that the two shield agents (newly recruited mind you) hadn’t even heard you approach or were aware you’d even heard them. The second you’d heard those haunting words, you’d turn-tail and rush back the way you came instantly.
You didn’t need to ask to know who they were referring to by ‘her’ and you certainly didn’t need to question whether they were talking about Bucky.
The worst part is this wasn’t the first time you’ve ever had new recruits or strangers alike question your relationship with Bucky. It was the third time. And possibly because this was no longer just newbies not knowing what they’re talking about, or a rumour spreading, but a well believed thought that was enough to be the gossip of multiple people... left you feeling a little insecure.
It’s why you’d been avoiding Bucky.
Because the more the words echoed in your head, the more you realized they were true. Bucky hadn’t had much time for focusing on himself since the two of you had taken your relationship in a more serious direction. You knew you were shy and timid, and you knew it often led you into tricky instances where you could barely do anything for yourself.
On missions, you were fine. On missions, you became something else. But you weren’t always on field. And you found, in the compound or elsewhere just living a normal life, you could barely function yourself without stumbling over your words, tripping over yourself, or worse, causing yourself to have a panic attack because of something so mild that it was laughable how easy it got you worked up.
Bucky made you better. Bucky helped. That was just it, though; he was so busy helping you that he could barely focus on himself. You saw it now. Now that someone (multiple people in fact) had slapped you back into reality. Everything always centered around you, and it had happened all without you even truly meaning it to, and now you’d stinted Bucky’s own recovery when yours paled compared to his.
It was harder to distance yourself from Bucky then you thought it would be. You depended on him wholly, and if it wasn’t that, it was the fact that you could tell he was becoming increasingly concerned about why you were avoiding him. You stopped your morning training sessions, you’d gone back into sleeping in your own room, you pretended he didn’t exist on missions -- which was by far the hardest. But you were succeeding and you figured, sooner or later Bucky would realize he’s life was just better without you in it.
That he didn’t need you as deadweight. 
You believe that, at least, until you’re walking back to your room later then normal one night, all because Nat had refused to leave you until you answered her questions on why you were avoiding Bucky -- because it seemed Bucky wasn’t the only one confused. And you’d just finally managed to slip from her grasp and was in such a rush getting back to the safety and privacy of your bedroom that you didn’t even notice Bucky’s awaiting presence until there was an arm tugging you into a room and pressing you up against the wall of the door before you could even blink.
Your heart sinks to the pit of you stomach when you realize it’s Bucky -- but then again, who else could it have been?
He doesn’t even let you sputter out a mumble of confusion before his face falls and he practically begs you; “why’re you ignoring me? Did-Did I do something? Did I hurt you?” And it’s the desperation in his eyes that cracks you, and then the fear as he finishes that breaks you and you just suddenly don’t have the heart to lie to him anymore.
“No, no, it’s... it’s nothing you did, Bucky.” And you pause, swallowing thickly, because it’s been so long since you’ve been this close to Bucky. And it’s making your insides feel like jelly, and your stomach flutter with butterflies because you’ve missed him so much and it’s really hitting you then just how much. “It’s me. It’s my fault.”
“Your... Your fault?” Bucky shakes his head, “I don’t...--”
“I’m no good for you, Bucky.” It breaks your heart to finally say the words. Because even though it’s the thought that’s been circling your mind for the past two weeks, to say it aloud means entirely another thing. “I’m... I’m just deadweight.”
And there’s a pause, that of which you don’t see because your head’s bowed, but the confusion fades from Bucky’s face and his lips part and he’s absolutely stunned you could ever think something as silly as that.
“You heard those two recruits didn’t you?”
Blinking, surprised, you turn to Bucky in bafflement.
He just shakes his head. “If you’d stayed maybe two more minutes you would’ve seen that I heard them too, and I told them just how wrong they were.” Setting his hand on your cheek, cupping it, and you let him because all thought of staying away leaves your mind then. “You’re what’s helping me recover, Y/N. I was lost because I met you, I couldn’t stop going back to the man I was because of HYDRA.” And then he pauses, and a smile curls onto his lips. Faint, small, but there. “But then I met you...”
He leans forward, forehead falling against your own, and brushes your hair back, no air left between the two of you.
“You’re the glue that holds me together, doll,” he whispers, husky, “I need you.”
Need. Need...
It’s that word specifically that tells you; to hell with what other people think. Bucky needs you. And you...
You; “I need you too...”
Let me know what you thought?
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witlessficcer · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Peter poses so many times in No Way Home. All I could think of was Yelena calling out Natasha.
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luwe21 · 2 months ago
Those poor people on earth in the Marvel Universe. First Alien Attacks, destroyed cities, superhumans, then the Snap and half the Universe disappearing and devastation of it, then 5 years later they are back, families destroyed and whole lives, then the nearly birth of a celestial and now two sudden solar eclipses and the whole day turned to night and stars are running by.
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the-almighty-pen · 7 months ago
No, eternals opens up with Pink Floyd, of course it’s fucking good.
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Song Prompt Challenge: Delicate by Taylor Swift // Wanda Maximoff
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rules: I only write for as long as the song goes.
Warnings and Tags: Reputation Worries, Social Anxieties, Parties, Dancing, It’s Gay (Even if it’s not explicit)
Lyrics of Note? “My reputations never been worse, so, you must like me for me.”
Wanda gave her a kind look, holding out her hand.
(Y/N) blinked, glancing at it in question.
“What is this?”
“An invitation to dance.”
She looked around the gala. (Y/N) had sat in the corner all night, left alone with her thoughts. She was the newest member of the fantastic team, and she knew the people had their opinions of her powers.
Wanda had been a good part of everything, so far.
Even now.
“I… you can go ahead and hang out with the others, I don’t-“
“Are you saying no because you don’t want to dance?”
The real question laid under everything.
“I just don’t want to… make you look worse, I guess.”
She knew Wanda’s history with media, even the team the redhead just gotten close with.
Wanda gave a more tender smile, holding her hand out further.
“I like you, and I don’t care. Come. Dance with me.”
Well… shit. What other choice did (Y/N) have but to take the hand of her new … friend? Infatuation?
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peter: why do crack when you could pull three all nighters in a row with your tears as hydration
tony: pete i don't think that's a good coping mechanism either
peter: would you rather i did crack?
tony: well no-
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sincerethoughtsblog · a month ago
She is such a breathe of fresh air
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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homoo-wan-kenobi · a month ago
the hate for captain carter is weird to me, lmao. I've never understood it and I don't want to so like... to each their own, I guess 🤧
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taylarose · 2 months ago
Summer (blurb)
Loki x gn!reader
Warnings: none
Summary: Summer is hot, it’s especially hot when all the ACs are broken, luckily a certain frost giant is willing to help
Tumblr media
“What the hell Tony! you can’t fix the AC?” Sam complained.
It was 39°C and all the ACs in the tower were broken.
Which Y/N didn’t even think was possible, like how were all the air conditioners broken in a tower as big as itself.
They groaned, fanning myself with my hand.
“FRIDAY, where’s Loki?” Y/N asked the human-like AI.
“Mr. Friggason is in your shared room, should I alert him that you are going to go there as well?” FRIDAY said.
“Sure, thanks FRI.” they said, going up to their shared room.
“Hello darling,” Loki said.
Y/N had been dating the trickster for a couple of months, Loki was happy to find someone that truly loved him and favoured him over his brother.
“Loki! How are you not hot?” Y/N said.
He was curled up on the bed, a midgardian book in his hands.
“Dove, I’m a frost giant, I don’t exactly get hot,” he said with a slight chuckle.
“Does that mean you can cool me off too?” Y/N said excitedly.
“Love, you know how I feel about letting you see my Jotun form…” he trailed off.
“Please,” they said, dragging the word, “the heat is killing me!”
They flopped on the bed next to their boyfriend.
“Pretty please,” Y/N said, putting on their best puppy face.
Loki chuckled and sighed, knowing he could never say no to them.
“Fine, but please promise you won’t think I’m a monster,” he said, looking slightly anxious.
Y/N’s eyes softened, “I could never think that about you, love,” they said, sitting up and brushing his hair back comfortingly.
“Okay then,” he said, taking a deep breath.
He slowly used his magic to break away his facade and become his natural form.
Y/N titled their head staring at him with sparkles in their eyes, memorising every feature and design.
His icy blue skin, his glassy red eyes and all the carvings on his skin.
Y/N traced the marks and carvings with her finger, she shivered slightly at the cold skin, the heat long forgotten.
“You’re beautiful,” they said with a smile.
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mducklesworth · 3 months ago
Steve: Hey Tony, do you know what Peter is doing--
Tony: Not even Peter knows what Peter is doing.
Steve: I mean--
Tony: It's a universal statement. Applies to all situations that could possibly involve the kid.
Steve: No--
Tony: In fact it even applies to situations that couldn't possibly involve him because he manages to get into those ones the most.
Steve: What is he doing in university, Tony.
Steve: What degree is he doing.
Tony: Oh.
Tony: Biochemistry, did you see his final project? That kid's so goddamn smart--
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rogertaylorismycar · 11 months ago
Casual Affections - Loki Laufeyson Headcannons
Tumblr media
Summary: casual affections headcannons, its in the title really
Warnings: fluff, loki being cute thats it
A/N: omg its been too long since i posted anything on here, i notice i have some Alex Turner requests, I’ll plan to get to those soon!!! <3
TAGLIST: @Lokilove3000 @kayahay​
both being completely tied up in work so your only interactions for hours on end are little encouraging smiles from across the room
watching tv and leaning your head on his shoulder
loki letting you play with his hair when he’s stressed or upset, him telling you about his day while your plaiting his hair
when you’re cooking breakfast and he embraces you from behind, his chin on your shoulder, his arms around your waist 
loki stroking you hand softly when he can sense you getting worked up over something
being protective of you in public – always having a hand rested on your lower back
covering him with a blanket when he falls asleep on your couch, not wanting to wake him because he looks so adoraBLE 
being able to find his eyes across a room filled with hundreds of people
sharing things, anything, from an umbrella in the rain to your favourite snack
being able to make loki laugh – especially when he’s not having the best of days
him being able to make you laugh
knowing when you both need a moment on your own
early mornings together just spent in bed 
silences not being at all awkward, just quiet, comfortable and enjoying each other’s company
holding hands without even thinking about it
him resting his hands on your knee so you know he’s there, even if you’re at home, its a comfort thing for both of you
making excuses to be near each other
kisses while laughing
being interested in what you have to say, wanting to hear more and more even when you protest you’ve spoke too much already
him just wanting to make you happy
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packsparadise · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
MCU Headers  - Pantera Negra
c) @laywhitethorn on twitter
or like it if you save, use or like <3
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witlessficcer · 3 months ago
When you finally get on the Elizabeth Olsen is a hot mama train but still cannot muster much interest in Wanda Maximoff. Blasphemy for some, I know. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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luwe21 · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
People like my funny silly tweets 😂
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