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#and then you have to go through months of pain and your body is pushed to its limits
myuni-moon2 hours ago
{ if not yet taken, I鈥檒l be 馃崣 anon ,, if it鈥檚 taken then call me anything anon LOL }
t w i s t e d w o n d e r l a n d
who is most likely to not let you go after being given the chance to go back home?
preferably prefect/mc!reader { gender neutral if you can :) }
[Who鈥檚 most likely to not let reader go back home?]
warnings: yandere content, abduction, mentions of injury
event details
Tumblr media
malleus was expected of all people to lash out when he realized you were going to leave. when he heard about how you were going to leave (leave him, he corrects), he had almost lit the entirety of diasomina on fire in a fit of rage. he'll take you for himself after that, snatching you in the dead of night and locking you up within the tallest tower of the dorm until he can relocate you back to his homeland. he's been so, so lonely for so long. now that he has you to ease the pain of solitude, he won't ever let you go. until the end of time will you be bound to this dragon, whether you like it or not.
"dearest treasure," he croons. his grip is bruising as they rest on your arms. you're pulled impossibly close to his chest; he smells like ash and burnt wood. "you belong with me, now and forever. i won't let anyone take you away from me." his claws taps against your cranium, and just like that, your eyelids close shut in a slumber.
azul doesn't fare any better when he finds out through hushed whispers how you were leaving at the end of the month. he reverts into that crybaby octopus from his past as he frustratingly tries to persuade you into staying with him. azul loses his calm and cool disposition as you walk away from him. it's not fair. what makes you think you can just leave after making him fall for you this hard? he won't have any of it. he's become too dependent on you to the point he feels like he can't breathe the moment he feels your place by his side is threatened-- even if it means breaking that damned mirror.
"now, now. calm down, angelfish. i won't hurt you." he pushes away the sharp pieces of the remnants of the magic mirror that was supposed to be your ticket back home. a gash stretches from your ankle up to halfway of your calf, and it hurts like hell. "come now, lovely. i'll see to your wounds once we get back to the dorms."
jamil would rather let the desert freeze over than have you be taken away from him. he's lost so many things-- lost too many opportunities to count because of that sorry and spoiled excuse of a prince. he'll try to manipulate you into staying with him, whispering how it's so much better when you're by his side. in that world, no one could love you like he does. no one can make you happy like he does, so stay. if you don't recede to such methods, he'll use his unique magic on you as much as it pains him to do so. he won't loose you too.
"shhh, shhh..." his voice is uncharacteristically soft for someone like him. jamil's thumb grazes your cheek as he cups your face, and you feel like gagging at the sensation. you want to move--want to run, but you can't. your body is frozen in your spot, vulnerable to the fangs of the predator in front of you. "follow me." you can't help but oblige.
Tumblr media
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strawbabysimp2 days ago
Breaking Point || Dom!Zoro x Reader
Genre: Smut
Category: Dom!Zoro x Fem!Sub!Reader
Warning(s): Mental Break, Non-Con, Praise, Unsafe Sex, Vaginal Fingering
A/N: I have nothing to say about or defend this :) It's been a rough couple of months~
Zoro dropped his weight down in a huff. Goosebumps ran down your arms as you gazed on at the frustrated breathes leaving the swordsman's mouth, going out into the air in a visible cloud. You must have been approaching a winter island if the temperature was anything to go by.
Today had been especially rough on the man before you, having to deal with a sea king that left your clothes soaking wet before Zoro and Sanji had taken care of it. The green-haired man had been in a mood since then, his Nakama having taken the final blow right from under him. He said nothing as everyone continued about their day but the way he had been pushing himself through especially brutal workouts with barely any breaks since left no doubt in your mind that today was not a good day to get on his bad side.
Despite knowing he wanted to be alone, attempting to work out his frustration through the strain of his own muscles, you still approached him. It was your watch after all and with everyone else asleep it was your job to keep your crewmates safe - even those still awake and alert. He always went overboard with his regimen but this was getting dangerous.
"Zoro." He looked up at the sound of your voice. "I think you should take a break for tonight."
He was not having it with your concern but you weren't one to back down. Approaching him confidently, you rested your hand on the weight he had set down for a mere moment. You tried to keep your voice neutral as you continued, "You've been pushing yourself too far lately. You should calm down and go get some rest."
"I can take it," he reassured you gruffly, moving to pick up the heavy metal once again. Your efforts were getting nowhere, your Nakama was barely willing to give you the time of day much less listen to your concerns. Finally, getting fed up with his antics, you made a precarious decision, using your foot to push down on the weight in his hands quickly before backing away as it thudded harshly against the floor. The swordsman froze, the bar no longer in his palms, before gazing up at you. The look in his eyes was not a remotely friendly one.
"What the hell are you doing," his voice held only anger and you made to back away quickly, attempting to explain yourself out of the uncomfortable situation. "I just wanted to help. You're going to hurt yourself at this rate." Your chest was burning as a distinct thump-thump sounded in your ears, words having no effect on the man in front of you. Zoro and you had had little disagreements, as many people did, but never like this. You had never felt unsafe before.
His arms came up to tighten around yours as he pulled you against him, repeating his question angrily.
"Can you please let go," the words left you in a whisper as you forced yourself to meet his eyes, "You're scaring me, Zoro."
He laughed dryly.
"If I'm so scary then why'd you come up all concerned? I can't be that terrifying if you're so comfortable around me, can I?"
The words brought frightened tears to your eyes, not enough to fall but definitely noticeable. You expected him to snap out of whatever trance he was in the second he saw them but his gaze only darkened further.
"You're afraid," breathed out softly in amazement.
"I'm sorry. I don't get it. Can you just let me go? We can talk later."
His head shook distractedly. Zoro's gaze trailed down your body curiously, as if he was taking in your form for the first time. The pressure on your arms lightened, not enough for you to pull away but the pain was now reduced to a dull throb where he had once dug his nails into the skin.
"You don't want me to work out anymore tonight, right?" He questioned you emotionlessly, feeding into your desire to make him rest. It was your turn to nod now.
His eyes made their way back to yours as he smiled softly, voice taking on a gentler tone, "Okay, then I'll stop it for tonight. I have something much better to do now."
You tilted your head at your fellow Strawhat, the pain in your chest lifting as you wondered what he was going to continue the night with. Just as you began to calm, the look on his face returned, his smile no longer giving you any comfort as his fingers squeezed down roughly once again. He picked you up easily, the shock leaving you frozen as he quickly moved forward with your body in his hold. A railing soon made contact with your back and you cried out from the feeling.
"Shut up," he ridiculed, "you're going to wake the others if you keep shouting like that." Your eyes widened as you tried to process just what was happening. Did he want to spar? You couldn't even compare to Zoro's strength. It would be pointless. The question must have left your mouth unconsciously because Zoro's next words were "I don't want to spar. You said you wanted me to calm down, so I'm calming down."
You shifted to get away, choosing not to yell out, afraid of the consequences that would be brought on by the man. As your leg moved to the side to make a getaway, you stopped. You were pressed tightly against Zoro and because of your movements you were made aware of something extremely unexpected. He was hard.
He gasped loudly, the sound quickly turning into a cruel chuckle as your thigh made contact with the blatant arousal. Your mouth hung open slightly while you took in his crazed expression. Without hesitation he moved in closer, grinding himself against you, his bare chest pressed firmly to your clothed one. You regretted borrowing one of Nami's outfits as your clothes were being washed, feeling far too exposed in this getup.
You felt his tongue shoot out to lick a line up your throat, bringing his lips to your lobe before biting down harshly on the softness found there. His erection continued to grow as his breathing became faster, his fingers no doubt leaving bruises on your flesh at this point.
Your own hands came up to shove at Zoro's shoulders, you knew the difference in the two of yous strength but you had to try something. He backed up to your surprise, the hardness between his legs even more apparent as he stood in front of you, a small tinge of redness adorning his cheeks
"What the fuck!" You yelled out at him before he slammed his palm against your mouth.
"I said shut the hell up!" He sounded scared but also thrilled, the same tone he used before Luffy led the crew into some impossible fight they somehow ended up winning.
Hands hardened from years of training spun you around, pressing your ass against his cock as his fingertips promptly made their way into the easily accessible space between your legs that Nami's skirt provided. You could feel him rub against your clit through fabric before pulling the soft material to the side and sliding a digit into your hole. Moisture began to coat your core as he continued to pump in and out of you, filling you up more as time went on.
His other hand was held firmly against your mouth, palm keeping your lips shut and voice silenced. Green strands tickled your skin as he fully pressed himself against your back, head tilting down and making his breath dance across your ear.
Eventually, he removed his fingers from you, pulling at the edges of your hole when he exited your body. The relief you felt was short-lived, his cock quickly pressed against your core. He busied himself with coating his tip in your juices as your eyes widened. Your heart pounded as he entered you but your thoughts were empty like a fog had spread over the expanse of your mind and all you could do was feel.
"Oh God," he moaned out, "I needed this. You feel so good wrapped around me. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner." His words were spoken with so much glee you couldn't help but feel sick. Despite this, your walls tightened around him as your own arousal grew out of your control. You didn't want this but your body was still reacting to the intrusion.
You felt the burn diminish after a few minutes and the slide of his cock began to pull small moans from your body, the two of you's breaths coming heavier as you allowed the assault to happen. Zoro's cock throbbed inside of you, stretching and molding you to his size. His thrusts never let up, only increasing in speed as he approached his orgasm.
He finally had control over a situation that was all his. It was what he had always desired.
It wasn't long before you felt him twitch inside of you, filling you up with his cum as he used your body to milk out every drop. His hips stuttered as he spilled inside of you. He remained buried inside of you for a few moments, processing what he had just done, before sliding out of your heat.
You felt a mixture of his cum and your own wetness spill down your thighs as his arms wrapped around your stomach, keeping you upright despite your knees giving out. The swordman's lips pressed against your neck, making a line for your mouth before encasing your lips with his. His tongue prodded at the space between and slid in only for a split second. When he pulled away, your mouths were wet, matching the tears that had spilled from your waterline, and as he sat you down to rearranged your outfit to fit more appropriately, running his hands across your body soothingly, you heard him repeat the same phrase earnestly.
"Thank you."
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officersnickersa day ago
the entirety of the My Head Is An Animal soundtrack is about TPN actually
Okay, first of all: I鈥榤 so very very sorry I answer this by now, but a) I was on vacation and very lazy, and b), I had to think about this for some time. But 鈥 you鈥榬e right! Although I don鈥榯 vibe with every song on the album, I try to give my honest oppinion about each and every record of the album
Lake House
One of the songs I listed to several times, but I couldn鈥榯 really get into it. BUT! The lyrics? What a perfect match. I mean:
Oh, I miss the comfort of this house Where we are, where we are Where we are, where we are The floor under our feet Whispers out "Come on in, come on in Where it all begins"
Tumblr media
Literally the first few chapters/ episodes, where the children have to come to terms with the fact their lives are nothing but manufactered, fake and way too short.
Can you chase The fire away? In the fall We sleep all day
Setting fire to the orphanage? Hiding their fangs and claws all autumn, to pretent they really lost all hope? I don鈥榯 even need to talk about this more, have I?
In conclusion: 7/10
Your Bones
Your Bones is actually one of my favourites! It鈥榮 so dramatic and I adore Ragnar 脼贸rhallsson鈥榮 singing voice in this so much 鈥 it鈥榮 raw, it鈥榮 melacholic, it鈥榮 full of pain. It鈥榮 just 馃槏馃槏馃槏
But back to TPN. I never associated the song with my favourite manga, but you know what? It鈥榮 the first arc all over again. Especially considering Norman鈥榮 role in the escape and his fate he had to face during these few months.
In the spring, we made a boat Out of feathers, out of bones We set fire to our homes Walking barefoot in the snow
Okay, they didn鈥榯 flee in the springtime, but remember how Norman stated he would create a 鈥瀊oat out of mud鈥? Yeah, you can add the feathers (Norman鈥榮 wish to break free and live) as well as the bones (his very body, his soul, his everything), all just to make sure his family would make it out of the farm for good.
Tumblr media
Awakened by the sound Of a screaming owl Chasing leaves in the wind Going where we've never been Said goodbye to you, my friend As the fire spread All that's left are your bones That will soon sink like stones
That part matches so good to the childrens journey after the bunker was destroyed and they had to search for a new home. And although they could reunite with Norman once again, they also had to learn not everything of their friend made it out of Lambda alive 鈥 at least not his innocence.
In conclusion: 8/10
Sinking Man
Another one of my favourites. It鈥榮 depressive and bonechilling but on the same note optimistic. The calm melody and voices are great, and the lyric video itself catched my eye from the first moment I have seen it 鈥 although nothing happens but jellyfishes 馃槄馃槵
But now to the topic prior! Again, this is one of the songs I don鈥榯 really associate with TPN, but other fictional characters. Someone once stated it would match Norman鈥榮 inner struggle to let himself be shipped out, and although I can鈥榯 really get behind it, it fits miraculousy again!
I push you away Although I wished you could stay So many words left unsaid But I'm all out of breath
Tumblr media
Remember how he slammed Emma on the floor, so she couldn鈥榯 deactivate his tracker? How he literally pushed Ray and Emma asaid (while their escape and when he turned himself into William Minerva)? How he probably wanted to tell them how sorry he was for everything he had done until a certain point in life, while feeling like drowing and sinking to the ground? Yeah, me too.
In conclusion: 7/10
Yellow Light
A title of OMAM I only learned to love some months prior! Again, it starts calm but becomes more catchy over time, and do you know where I can picture this as background music very well 鈥 during Ray-and-Emma-scenes! Wheter it be their journey through the woods to the shelter or to Goldy Pond, their synchronication reflects very well in the lyrics.
I'm looking for a place to start And everything feels so different now Just grab a hold of my hand I will lead you through this wonderland
Somewhere deep in the dark A howling beast hears us talk I dare you to close your eyes And see all the colors in disguise
Tumblr media
It鈥榮 easy for me to imagine how the wild beasts, may it be degenerated demons or the poachers, are awaiting Emma and Ray, and how these two only have each others hand to walk trough everything they have to face. Also, if you replace 鈥瀢onderland鈥 with 鈥瀗everland鈥, nothing would change but the even more fitting theme.
In conclusion: 8/10
Love Love Love
Love Love Love my beloved 馃挅! My perfect NorRay-song! Yes, I鈥榤 weak for romantic shippings, and please for everything on this earth, listen to this song and try to think about a yearning Ray singing (or at least thinking) this to Norman, while he knows very well his feelings are not reciprocated (or are they鈥?)
And these fingertips Will never run through your skin And those bright blue eyes Can only meet mine Across a room Filled with people that are Less important than you
Tumblr media
If I had the artistic skills to make a fancomic about this song, with Ray and Norman in the starring roles, I would do it gladly. It鈥榮 just that good.
In conclusion: 9/10
Six Weeks
Hmm, this track鈥 it鈥榮 nice, you know, but my heart doesn鈥榯 feel anything while listening to it. But I will not give up and say, the lyrics kinda matches Norman鈥榮 situation after he destroyed Lambda and searched for a new safe space 鈥 or maybe even Ayshe, walking behind the men who killed her dear father, so she can survive on her own.
Alone I fight these animals Alone Until I get home
She follows me into the woods Takes me home
Tumblr media
I can鈥榯 really tell you more about this song and it鈥榮 connection with TPN 鈥 I鈥榤 sorry!
In conclusion: 4/10
From Finner
Hmm, another song about a journey into a new future 鈥 there鈥榮 really a red string in this album, isn鈥榯 it? From Finner didn鈥榯 catched me as much as other songs, and the calmness also didn鈥榯 really match the story of the cattle children, I have to admit. But the pure joy of being away from home, being guided into a new life, a new future, resonates fairly well with the feelings of Emma and co.
And we are far from home But we're so happy Far from home, all alone But we're so happy
Tumblr media
Reading the lyrics alone, I can easily transport them onto the first days with Mujika and Sonju or even with Mister鈥榮 guidance to Goldy Pond (and the time after that, when the children learned to survive on their own in the wildness).
In conclusion: 5/10
Numb Bears
What a fun lil song! I haven鈥榬 listened to it in a while, but it鈥榮 always a joy to follow the easy melody and lyrics. I can鈥榯 match it too much with TPN, but one verse stood out for me:
Far across the ocean alone While numb bears at home Said I could never get there But I'm already there
Tumblr media
Hmm, who was told they could never away from anywhere, only for them proving everyone wrong? Yeah, the pure optimism of Numb Bears is 100% Emma and honestly, I dig it
In conclusion: 5/10
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wkemeup4 months ago
Play Pretend (II)
Tumblr media
summary: In the aftermath of Munich, Bucky struggles to go back to how things were before. But now that he knows how it is to love you, he's not sure he can. pairing: bucky x reader word count: 5.8k warnings: smut (18+), mutual pining idiots a/n: here is the final part! make sure you catch up at part 1 first! gif by @crispychrissy
Tumblr media
Bucky couldn鈥檛 get the image out of his head for days after the mission in Munich. Pictures of you laying so beautifully beneath him, the slight curve of your lips as a moan slipped past, skin so soft it begged to be touched and soothed and worshiped. He couldn鈥檛 let go of how you sounded, how you cried out his name or the gentle whimpers spoken so sweetly against his ear. He couldn鈥檛 stop craving you wrapped so tightly around him, your hands caressing down his arms, his back, his shoulders, your unbridged desire to touch every part of him, even the parts he despised.
Memories that found him in his sleep in the early hours of the morning, in the shower when his legs were weak and tired, at the breakfast table when you strolled in wearing a t-shirt down to your thighs and the evident curve of your breasts bare beneath the fabric.
Bucky tried to push the thoughts away. He tried to stop thinking of what happened in that cold, abandoned Hydra base. He tried to bury that longing somewhere deep, somewhere he鈥檇 never be bothered by it again. But it always came back in the image of you in that cell.
It plagued him. It taunted him.
He wanted more.
He didn鈥檛 know how to admit it. Not to himself, and certainly not to you. So, he did his best to suffocate those feelings, those cravings for something real, but they still found their way to the surface.
They spilled over on movie nights with the team and Bucky would find himself inching closer to you, in the gym when he took just a second longer to lift his weight from your body after a winded match that ended on the surface of the mat, on walks around the compound when he found himself wanting to capture your hand in his own as your fingers brushed by.
Those feelings slipped from his smothering hold on missions when he watched your back far more than his own, when he鈥檇 missed an obvious target in an attempt to clear your enemy line and ended up catching three bullets himself. He lost composure whenever you didn鈥檛 respond on coms or when you鈥檇 stumble back onto the quinjet with an injury you鈥檇 been hiding. He dove headfirst into fires and threw his body up as a shield and spent every night in agony wondering if you knew that he鈥檇 give his whole life to you if you鈥檇 asked.
It made him stupid. It made him reckless. It might actually get him killed.
But it hadn鈥檛 started in Munich. No, that was just the catalyst of it all. Bucky had loved you long before that drug infiltrated his system and left the two of you in an impossible position. He鈥檇 managed to keep his feelings at bay for years; hiding behind quick witted jokes and friendly banter and a genuine friendship and it had been enough. Honest, it had.
Only, now he knew what it was like to be with you. He caught a taste of what it would be like to make love to you and he didn鈥檛 know if he could ever forget and move on. It had been weeks since Munich and it still felt like it happened yesterday.
He had to do something to keep it from consuming him, even if it broke your heart. Even if it broke his, too.
鈥淲hat the hell do you mean you can鈥檛 work with Y/n anymore?鈥
Steve groaned, pinching at the bridge of his nose. It had been a long day of debriefing with about a dozen agents making demands he was unwilling to compromise on. This, separating his best team, was among them.
鈥淚t鈥檚 just not a good idea, Steve,鈥 Bucky said, arms folded tightly over his chest as he watched Steve pace relentlessly down the conference room.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 ridiculous, Buck.鈥 Steve slumped into the chair beside his friend. 鈥淵ou two are the best insurgent team I have.鈥
鈥淛ust trust me. You鈥檝e seen how I鈥檝e been in the field lately. I can鈥檛 keep a straight head around her, okay? Not after鈥斺 Bucky clenched his jaw, turning away.
Steve sighed, hanging his head. 鈥淵ou ever gonna tell me what happened in Munich?鈥
Bucky鈥檚 lip was chewed raw; scars over broken wounds, teeth digging into painful cracks. It was a nasty habit he picked up after Munich. He wasn鈥檛 used to this kind of nervousness; a deep and unsettling feeling churned to stone in the pit of his stomach.
鈥淩eassign me, Steve,鈥 Bucky asked again, firmer. He could feel Steve鈥檚 eyes burning on him, tracing every inch of his face, searching for a tell, but he wouldn鈥檛 find one. Bucky was trained better than that. He knew to keep his features cold, stoned, even if his heart was pounding against his chest. He wondered it Steve could hear it, too.
The silence hung heavy in the air.
鈥淎lright,鈥 Steve finally conceded. He shook his head reluctantly. 鈥淚鈥檒l see what I can do.鈥
Bucky sighed a breath of relief, the weight of months filled with a longing he couldn鈥檛 tame and painful twist in his heart slipping from him in seconds. 鈥淭hank you.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 thank me.鈥 Steve stood up from his chair, gathered the papers from the desk and made his way to the door. He paused just at the frame, turned around slowly to find Bucky had relaxed a little too much for his liking and added, 鈥測ou鈥檙e going to be the one to tell her.鈥
鈥淲hat?鈥 Bucky scrambled out of his chair, nearly losing his footing and all composure as he stood to face Steve.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e been partners for years,鈥 Steve shot back tensely. 鈥淪he鈥檚 had your back on countless missions, saved your life on more than one occasion, and鈥攃ome on, Buck鈥 you guys are friends! The two of you spend every day together, even when you鈥檙e benched! You don鈥檛 want to give me an explanation? Fine. But you sure as hell owe her one.鈥
Bucky shook his head rapidly, hands clenching at the fraying edges of his t-shirt. 鈥淪teve, I鈥斺
鈥淛ust talk to her,鈥 Steve said, a heavy disappointment lingering in his voice. His lips parted, as if there were more he wanted to say, but decided against it. He hung his head, pat Bucky firmly on his shoulder, and left.
Had he always been able to hear his own heartbeat like this?
It was pounding in his ears, thunderous, deafening, and he swore just about everyone else on the floor could its thumping as he approached your room.
The door was open ajar with a small glimmer of sunlight streaming out into the dimly lit hallway. You were singly quietly to yourself 鈥 humming, maybe 鈥 as you sat on the edge of your bed, staring down onto your phone. You didn鈥檛 seem to notice him at the door. He knocked.
Your head popped up, surprised at the sudden intrusion and your eyes only narrowed upon finding it was Bucky standing below the doorframe. You looked at him for a moment before you turned back to your phone without saying another word.
He deserved that.
鈥淐an I come in?鈥 Bucky asked sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. He was still staring into the room through the small slit in the door.
You shrugged. 鈥淒epends. Are you still avoiding me?鈥
A sharp sting burned in his chest as Bucky tried to unclench his jaw. Truthfully, he had been avoiding you for days now. Ever since he made up his mind to ask for a reassignment. It didn鈥檛 matter if Steve shipped him off to Alaska or the Amazons or out into space with the goddamn raccoon; all he knew was that every minute he spent beside you was agony and he needed to get away from it 鈥 away from you 鈥 before it consumed him whole.
None of that was your fault. You didn鈥檛 know why he was suddenly too busy to spar on your usual weekdays or join the team for movie nights. He never told you why he suddenly started pulling away, cutting off all contact as if you hadn鈥檛 been friends for years before Munich.
鈥淚鈥檝e got something important to talk to you about,鈥 Bucky replied, clearing his throat.
You sat up, sitting the phone down by your side as you recognized the tone in his voice. Clinical. Mission oriented. Business. He didn鈥檛 want it to sound so cold, but he wasn鈥檛 sure he could do this if it wasn鈥檛.
Bucky stepped into the room, prying the door open gently with a slow squeak on its hinges as he closed it behind him. He鈥檇 been in your room dozens of times before, but somehow, in this moment, it felt like an invasion of privacy, like he wasn鈥檛 supposed to be there.
He took a deep breath, trying to keep focus. He took a few steps forward and gingerly sat on the edge of your bed, keeping careful distance as he wrung at his hands in his lap.
鈥淚鈥檓 being reassigned.鈥
You furrowed your brow. He could practically hear your heart skip a beat.
鈥淲hat? No. They can鈥檛 do that!鈥 You shook your head, determined. There were traces of disbelief on your face 鈥 anger, too. Your hands gripped tightly into the sheets at your sides. 鈥淭hey can鈥檛 just reassign you, Buck. You didn鈥檛 do anything wrong.鈥
鈥淵/n, you don鈥檛 understand,鈥 he started to say, but you were already on your feet, pacing around the room. It was how you calmed yourself when your thoughts were racing too fast. The stabbing pain in Bucky鈥檚 chest only seemed to dig deeper.
鈥淚 know the field has been messy lately, but that happens to everyone! They can鈥檛 split us up because of a few extra trips to the med bay,鈥 you argued, wearing trenches into the carpet of your bedroom. You stopped abruptly. 鈥淲ho gave the order? Steve? Tony? I鈥檒l take this up with Fury if I have to, okay? I won鈥檛 let them鈥斺
鈥淵/n, stop. Please.鈥 Bucky hung his head. His right hand was red as his left clasped and tugged at the skin. He couldn鈥檛 find the courage to meet your eye but he could tell from the way you stilled that you knew what he was about to say. 鈥淚t was me. I asked for reassignment.鈥
It didn鈥檛 seem to hurt any less though because your stance still faltered. It was barely noticeable, not to the human eye, but Bucky鈥檚 sensed were advanced thanks to his time in Hydra. He saw the way your body weight shifted just slightly, how your breath caught in your chest, the slight flicker of your eyes. Shock. Betrayal. Hurt.
鈥淵ou said it yourself,鈥 Bucky reasoned, trying to find excuses where there were none, 鈥渢here鈥檚 been too many ER trips lately. I keep getting hurt.鈥
鈥淏ecause you insist on using your body as human shield, Buck!鈥 you retorted, arms flung out to the sides. 鈥淛ust knock that off and we鈥檒l be fine!鈥
Bucky shook his head, his lips curling ever so slightly though it didn鈥檛 touch his eyes. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not that simple.鈥
鈥淥f course, it is!鈥 you argued. You started pacing again. 鈥淒on鈥檛 be an idiot, Barnes. I鈥檓 not losing my partner. Go tell them you were joking or concussed and not thinking straight!鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not going to do that.鈥 Bucky clenched his jaw. His right hand was starting to lose feeling from how tightly he was gripping it.
Why couldn鈥檛 you make this easy on him? You were supposed to be angry with him for ignoring you for the last week. You were angry with him and yet you still fought for him. He couldn鈥檛 make sense of it.
The pacing stopped again, though this time it came in slow, like a realization that found its way piece by piece until it melded into a visible image.
鈥淲as it something I did?鈥
Bucky jumped up to his feet, instinctively wanting to walk towards you but you held your ground. He froze, standing several feet away.
鈥淣o,鈥 he said firmly. 鈥淕od no. You didn鈥檛 do anything wrong, Y/n.鈥
鈥淭hen what?鈥 You raised your arms out to the side in question. 鈥淲e鈥檝e been partners for years, Bucky. I鈥檝e relied on you all that time to have my back, to keep me alive out there, and鈥攁nd鈥斺 you groaned rather loudly, 鈥測ou鈥檙e my best friend! You can鈥檛 just up and decide you鈥檙e done with me and move on!鈥
Bucky frowned. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 not what this is.鈥
You shook your head, arms folding tightly over your chest protectively. 鈥淪ure feels like it.鈥
The silence between you was unbearable. Bucky didn鈥檛 have a good excuse. You were right to be angry with him. He was abandoning you. He was a coward. He was running away from a painful situation to avoid facing it head on because he was terrified to lose you. Though, as you pressed the heels of your palms into your eyes, pulling them away a moment later to find a soft glisten of reflection in their wake, Bucky started to wonder that were already true.
鈥淥h God,鈥 you exhaled, a heavy realization in your voice as you turned to him. Your shoulders slumped. 鈥淭his is because of Munich, isn鈥檛 it?鈥
Bucky flinched. He tried not to, but you noticed. A look of absolute devastation crossed your features as your lips parted, sinking down onto your bed.
鈥淚 knew things were different after that mission. I mean, how could they not be?鈥 You leaned over against your thighs, letting your hair fall down to shield your face where Bucky could not see. 鈥淚 crossed a line. I shouldn鈥檛 have given in. You couldn鈥檛 consent with that shit running through your veins. Not really. So鈥 fuck 鈥 I completely understand if you can鈥檛 be around me after I鈥斺
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not what happened,鈥 Bucky interjected sharply, shaking himself from the fear coursing through him as he crossed the room to you. He knelt down beside your bed and waited patiently for you to lift your head and let the curtain of hall fall away from your face. 鈥淚 could have fought it. It hurt like hell, but I would have survived it even if we鈥 if we hadn鈥檛鈥︹
He let his voice trail off, his cheeks turning a slight side of pink. He sighed. 鈥淭he point... is that I wanted to. I really wanted to. And that鈥檚 the problem.鈥
You narrowed your eyes, confused.
Was he really going to tell you? Wasn鈥檛 this what he had been trying to avoid? Throwing away years of friendship to confess deeper feelings he was all but sure you鈥檇 never reciprocate?
But there was something about the way you were looking at him. With tears glistening in your eyes and a grief he couldn鈥檛 quite place nestled into the lines on your forehead, Bucky began to wonder if walking away would give him any relief at all. He wasn鈥檛 sure he could ever leave this room again if you were left blaming yourself for his crimes.
Bucky slowly placed his right hand on your knee, rubbing his thumb gently along the dimple. Your eyes followed his movements, watching curiously until he found the courage to speak.
鈥淲e鈥檝e been partners for a while,鈥 he started, clearing his voice when it came out shaken. You nodded. 鈥淚 feel like sometimes I know what you鈥檙e thinking just by looking at you and when we鈥檙e out in the field, even in the middle of chaos, it鈥檚 like you can tell what I鈥檓 doing before I actually figure it out myself. We鈥檙e really good together. Out there. It鈥檚 hard to find that these days.鈥
You didn鈥檛 say anything and for that, he was grateful. He needed to get this out before he shut down completely.
鈥淚 think we only got that good because we鈥檙e鈥 uhm鈥 we鈥檙e close, you know?鈥 Bucky took a deep breath, releasing his grip on your knee when he realized he鈥檇 started to squeeze it a little too hard. Your hand was sitting on your thigh, but you鈥檇 inched it closer to his, enough so the tips of your fingers overlapped onto his.
鈥淲e鈥檙e friends.鈥 Bucky paused at the term, deciding it wasn鈥檛 strong enough. 鈥淚t鈥檚 more than that though. I trust you with things I wouldn鈥檛 even tell Steve. You were the first person I felt like I could be myself around. Not the Bucky that Steve remembers or the one Hydra manipulated. This one. Whatever that means.鈥
Your whole hand covered his now, as much as it would allow. He glanced up to find your fingers curling under his, a slight squeeze to tell him you were still listening. He exhaled another breath and the pressure in his chest felt a little lighter.
鈥淲hat happened in Munich didn鈥檛 awaken anything or鈥 or open my eyes to something I didn鈥檛 know was there,鈥 Bucky continued, his eyes trained on your legs, unable to find the courage to face you. 鈥淚鈥檝e known how I felt about you for a long time. I was okay with it. I learned to live with it and manage it because being your friend and being your partner was too important to lose. But鈥︹
He felt your hands squeeze his again.
鈥淏ut after Munich鈥 I don鈥檛 know how to go back. I don鈥檛 think I can.鈥 Bucky didn鈥檛 dare to meet your eye. He could feel the words slipping past his lips before he had a chance to pull them back in. A waterfall of confessions he couldn鈥檛 hope to control. 鈥淚t鈥檚 why I鈥檝e been so reckless in the field, why I keep ending up in the med wing. I can鈥檛 shove it down anymore and it punctures me right through the goddamn heart when I see you surrounded by armed agents or when there鈥檚 a weapon aimed at you and my instinct is to run towards you. Screw what happens to me.
鈥淚 know you鈥檙e good at your job,鈥 Bucky stressed, shaking his head. 鈥淚 know you can handle yourself and you don鈥檛 need me to protect you but鈥 but I want to. I want to keep you safe and hold your hand when you鈥檙e getting stitches and curl up beside you at night just so I can remind myself you鈥檙e real when the nightmares get the better of me. I want鈥 I want more than I should.鈥
He could hear the skip in your heartbeat, how it gradually picked up in pace the longer he spoke. Your breathing was shorter, too. Shallower. Bucky was certain it was all confirmation of the story he鈥檇 been telling himself for years.
鈥淭his鈥 How I feel鈥 It鈥檚 not good for us. As friends. As partners. I鈥檓 trying to do us a favor and just remove myself from the equation.鈥
Bucky still had yet to meet your eye. He鈥檇 turned to examining every detail he could find on the fabric of your sleep shorts, in the sheets you sat upon, in the divots and dimples and blemishes on your thighs. He wasn鈥檛 sure he鈥檇 have the resolve to leave if he looked at your face.
Several beats of silence passed by and Bucky wondered how it was possible you hadn鈥檛 lashed out at him yet. He expected you to be angry for driving a wedge between you with something as reckless as love and affection. He expected you to turn your shoulder, reject him for everything he was, because it was one thing to befriend the Winter Soldier, another entirely to love him.
Bucky slowly rose back to his feet, letting his hand slip away from your knee and your gentle hold on him fell away. He mistook your silence for acceptance, maybe even agreement. He cleared his throat, starting to back up towards the door.
鈥淪o, um,鈥 Bucky said nervously, trying to fill the silence in his escape, 鈥渢hat鈥檚 why. I hope you can forgive me some day for all of this. I鈥檒l, uh, I鈥檒l go.鈥
Bucky barely had his hand on the knob when he heard the soft squeak of your mattress springs as you rose to your feet.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e wrong.鈥
The sound of your voice startled him, enough to get him to look back at you before he could stop himself. Your hands were clenched at your sides, eyes red with tears, bottom lip chewed raw.
鈥淵/n, I鈥斺
鈥淵ou鈥檙e wrong,鈥 you said again, almost angry and somehow that was a relief. It would make it easier for him to leave if you were angry, but you had different plans. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e wrong if you think you鈥檙e doing me some kind of favor by leaving.鈥
Tears were on your cheeks now and Bucky鈥檚 stomach lurched. This wasn鈥檛 what he wanted. This was agony.
He took a step closer to you. 鈥淵ou have to trust me, it鈥檚 not a good idea for us to鈥斺
鈥淵ou鈥檙e wrong,鈥 you continued, cutting him off again as you rubbed at the tears under your eyes. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e wrong to assume that I don鈥檛 feel the exact fucking way about you and鈥攁nd if you leave, Bucky, I swear to God it will kill me.鈥
Bucky froze. His heart stopped beating completely, might have plunged down through his stomach, broken through the floorboards and buried itself into molten lava and dirt, because of all the things he was expecting you to say, that was not one of them.
鈥淒on鈥檛 do this,鈥 you implored, voice a little broken, barely above a whisper. 鈥淧lease don鈥檛 go.鈥
Bucky was at a loss. He didn鈥檛 know what to say. He hadn鈥檛 prepared for this. He never even considered you might beg him to stay, that you might feel for him in the way he felt for you. It never once crossed his mind. It felt like a dream.
鈥淚 miss you.鈥 Your voice was so small and still, it nearly tore him straight in half. 鈥淚 miss how we used to be. I miss seeing you smile and your stupid jokes at the most inappropriate times in the field.鈥 You laughed to yourself, under your breath, and even through the tears it was the most beautiful thing he鈥檇 ever heard. But you sighed, the smile falling away. 鈥淚 miss you when you鈥檙e not here. All the time. So much it hurts. I feel like I鈥檓 going out of my mind when I鈥檓 not with you. You鈥檙e my best friend, but I鈥 I also鈥 I miss Munich.鈥
Bucky鈥檚 eyes widened and you only caught a glimpse of him for a second before your face was in your hands, trying to shield yourself from him.
鈥淚 know it鈥檚 wrong,鈥 you murmured, muffled by your palms. 鈥淚 know it鈥檚 not right to miss a moment when you were in pain and made to feel something you didn鈥檛 ask for, but鈥 I think about it a lot and... how much I want more.鈥
Stunned silence. Throat dry. Heart pounding.
鈥淲hat are you saying?鈥 Bucky finally found the courage to ask.
You lifted your head, finally meeting his eye and there was a relief there as you looked up at him. Your shoulders eased. A soft smile returned to your lips and it nearly melted him completely.
鈥淭he same thing you are, I think.鈥
He swallowed. 鈥淥h.鈥
Bucky watched, near frozen, as you crossed the room, bare feet padding softly over the carpet until you were only inches from him. The space between you closing as your hands slid up his arms, resting against his shoulders, cupping at the sides of his face, just observing, just feeling. There was no venom in his veins and yet, Bucky felt electrified under your touch. His heart stammered in his chest as your fingers wove at the strands of hair at the base of his neck.
鈥淚鈥檓 going to kiss you now,鈥 you told him and he wondered for a moment if he stopped breathing entirely. "No Hydra chemicals. No foreign influence. Just us, okay? You and me.鈥
Bucky nodded, a little stunned.
Slowly, you inched up closer to him, your eyes drawing closed until you were a breath from his lips. Just barely grazing upon his own, waiting, and Bucky let his hands slid up against your back, tugging you closed against him, and captured your lips in his own.
It was different than the first time in Munich, less rushed, less desperate, but instead filled with a longing that had spanned years between you, coated in affection and heartache and need for one another beyond anything a serum in a lab could fabricate.
Your hands wove into his hair, his arms pressing you firm against his chest, and it was like you were holding onto him for dear life. Your feet began to carry the two of you backwards, dragging Bucky towards the bed, and you yelped as your knees caught on the edge of the mattress, sending the two of you spiraling onto the bed.
鈥淵ou alright?鈥 Bucky laughed, brushing away the hair in your eyes as he propped himself up on his elbows caged around your shoulders; most of his weight laying upon you in the sweetest comfort of pressure.
鈥淚'm perfect,鈥 you replied, bright smiles and joy radiating from every pore. It was contagious.
鈥淲e can stop here, if you want,鈥 Bucky offered sincerely. He was riding a high he never thought he鈥檇 ever experience and anything you鈥檇 be willing to share with him was a gift within itself. He鈥檇 kiss you for hours if you鈥檇 let him.
鈥淎nd if I don鈥檛 want to stop?鈥 you questioned, staring up at him with a hunger in your eyes. Your fingers trailed down his t-shirt, dancing around the hem of the fabric at his hips. 鈥淚f I wanted to keep going... If I wanted you...?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 yours, sweetheart.鈥
A simple answer. A true one. He鈥檇 never been more certain of anything in his life.
Bucky knelt back, tugged on the fabric of his shirt between his shoulder blades and pulled it over his head. You watching him as he tossed it to the corner of the room before he settled back down against you. Your hands ran along the lines of his muscles, over the scars and imperfections, and for once, Bucky didn鈥檛 shy away from the hands of a woman. It didn鈥檛 feel like a twist to his gut, he didn鈥檛 hold his breath. No 鈥 instead, it felt renewing, healing almost.
His hands slid under the waist of your shirt, inching it higher as he rand his touch along the curves of your sides, until you leaned up for him to help remove the fabric. It joined his shirt at the edge of the room.
Perfect and bare. Stunning in your nakedness. A privilege he never thought he鈥檇 be granted.
鈥淵ou want to take a picture or...?鈥 you teased him, noticing how long he鈥檇 been staring at you.
Bucky laughed, shaking his head. 鈥淒on鈥檛 temp me. Besides, I鈥檓 hoping I won鈥檛 need a picture to see you like this again.鈥
鈥淒efinitely not,鈥 you confirmed, tugging him down to meet your lips again.
It was laced in smiled and laughter and ages of holding back from one another all rolled into one. A freedom of taking your time, of enjoying one another, and learning to memorize your bodies. Bucky would have wondered if he were dreaming if not for the way you wrapped your legs around his waist, grinding against his hardening cock 鈥 no dream could produce a feeling like that.
With his lips on your neck, Bucky played with the hem of your shorts, waiting until you lifted your hips just enough to give him the access to slid them down your legs, removing the last remaining fabric along with it.
Bucky kissed his way down your body, mapping a trail from your neck, to the hills of your breasts, to your ribs, to the comfort of cushion at your stomach, to the crevices at your legs and inner thighs. He paused for a moment, setting his cheek against your thigh as he drew his fingers between your lips, separating them to give access to the sweetest parts of you.
You flinched a little as he touched your clit, a gasp emitting from your lips as your hands curled into the sheets. Bucky grinned, encouraged by your reaction as he began to circle the pads of his fingers at your entrance. Listening for the subtle changes in your breath, the moans the slipped past, and the curl of your fingers, Bucky leaned in and wrapped his lips around your clit.
鈥淔-fuck, Bucky,鈥 you whined, hands snaking into his hair and gripping tight against his scalp.
He smiled at the feeling, at the way you cried his name, and he pressed his slicked fingers inside of you. Perhaps it was the haze of the foreign chemicals the last time he had you under him like this, but he didn鈥檛 remember you being so vocal, so sensitive to his touch. It was a rush and he had to keep himself from rutted up against the mattress as added a third finger, curling them just enough and massaging at the walls as they squeezed tight around him.
Tongue lapping at the wetness, sucking around the sensitive bud of nerves, fingers perfectly drawing out the high as it built at your core, it only took moments before you crashed. You cried out his name, legs wrestling against him in the sensitivity as he drew out the feeling as long as he could, moving slower and slower until you stilled under him.
鈥淔uck,鈥 you exhaled, a laugh entranced in your voice.
Bucky grinned, pleased with himself as he crawled his way back up the bed to meet your lips. He didn鈥檛 bother to wipe the remnants of your high from his mouth and you didn鈥檛 seem to mind as you kissed him, certainly tasting yourself upon his lips, and it only made him want you more.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e turn,鈥 you smirked, trying to slide out from under him as you licked your lips, but Bucky held you down.
鈥淣ext time, okay?鈥 he countered and you sunk back into the mattress with a pout on your lips. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 think I can last if you get your mouth on me.鈥
鈥淚s that such a bad thing?鈥 you teased, running your fingers down his stomach until he began to shiver.
鈥淵es,鈥 he chuckled, swatting your hands away playfully. He winked. 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna die if I don鈥檛 have you right now.鈥
鈥淛esus, Buck, don鈥檛 even joke,鈥 you laughed, hiding your face in your hands.
鈥淗ey, someone's gotta,鈥 Bucky grinned as he tugged down his pants, kicking them off to land amongst the rest of the discarded clothing. 鈥淚f it got me here, I鈥檒l happily make light of a fucked up Hydra breeding experiment.鈥
鈥淲ould you have told me if it hadn鈥檛 happened?鈥 you asked, voice a little softer, peering out from behind your hands.
Bucky stilled, his grin falling into something gentler and he shrugged. 鈥淒on鈥檛 know if I ever would have had the courage. I never thought we鈥檇 be here. Never could have imagined you鈥檇 feel the same way.鈥 He leaned down to press a kiss to your shoulder. 鈥淲ould you have said anything?鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 think I really knew until you threatened to walk away,鈥 you admitted.
鈥淲ell,鈥 Bucky sighed, pressing a trail of kissed along your collarbone as he settled between your legs, his length pressing against your thigh, 鈥済ood thing I鈥檓 not going anywhere.鈥
鈥淏etter not,鈥 you murmured against his lips as you drew his mouth to yours.
Then, as he felt the hitch of your breath against his lips, he sank into you. Stretching walls and guiding your legs to wrap at his waist to offer an angle that left your jaw slacked. Your eyes fluttered closed, lips parted, and Bucky felt a rush unlike anything he鈥檇 ever experienced. Even through the smoke filled haze of that serum in Munich, he鈥檇 never felt an ounce of the relief as he did in this moment. To be completely and entirely yours.
He felt you squeeze at his shoulders, urging him to move, and slowly, he rocked his hips against you. Slow and steady. Needy. Until your nails dug into his spine and Bucky couldn鈥檛 prolong the tender build up any longer.
Chasing and chasing; higher and higher. Bucky could tell you were close from how tight your walls were clenched around him. It took near everything he had not to come on the spot, but he held on, waiting, watching as your lips parted, as the most beautiful sounds he鈥檇 ever heard slipped past, and you cried out his name.
鈥淥h fuck鈥攆uck鈥擝ucky, don鈥檛 stop.鈥 Your breath was hot against his cheek. 鈥淚鈥檓 so close. I鈥檓鈥攁h鈥斺
A hitch in your breath and your whole body seemed to fall slack. It only spurred him on. Hips snapped, fingers rubbing quick circles at your clit, until you were whining and shaking under him, until he was satisfied with the blissful look on your face and he let himself go.
He spilled into you, rutting his hips in a few final, lazy thrusts as he sank into the crook of your neck, panting. Dizzy and content, riding a high that extended beyond his body, Bucky hummed into your collarbone as he felt your nails draw patterns along his back in gentle sweeps. It tingled on his skin, send shivers along his spine, and he never wanted it to stop.
鈥淗ey, Y/n?鈥
You paused, just for a moment, before you resumed tracing the lines on his back, over muscles and scars alike. 鈥淵es, Bucky?鈥
He could hear the teasing in your voice, the light-hearted laugh, the warmth that made him fall in love with you and his heart clenched. He wrapped his arms under your shoulders, the full weight of his body still pressing you down to the mattress, still buried inside of you.
鈥淧romise me this is real.鈥 An embarrassment crept up as he said it, though the drawing on his back didn鈥檛 skip a beat. 鈥淵ou and me. I鈥檓 not dreaming or stuck in my head. This is real, right?鈥
Your hands slid up along his shoulders to his neck, and then to the sides of his face as you guided him off your chest to meet your eye; more beautiful than he鈥檇 ever seen you, with a glimmer of sweat and an afterglow radiating in the smile lifting your cheeks.
鈥淭his is real, honey,鈥 you told him, leaning in to kiss him sweetly on the lips.
鈥淥kay. Okay, good.鈥 Bucky grinned, cheeks flushed in heat. He settled back against your chest, resting his cheek to your heart as you resumed drawing the lazy patterns on his back.
Perfectly content.
Warm. Safe.
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饾惄饾惃饾惁饾悶饾悹饾惈饾悮饾惂饾悮饾惌饾悶饾惉 饾悮饾惂饾悵 饾悵饾悶饾悮饾惌饾悺
toji fushiguro x reader
Tumblr media
You could have anyone you want
Why would you want to be with me?
I鈥檓 nothing special
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WC- 8k+ || MINORS DNI !!
my fic for the 鈥済reat conjunction collab鈥
Warnings/tags- (unprotected sex, oral sex, slight voyeurism, choking, nipple play, mating press, size kink, slight breeding kink) (historical AU, non-canon timeline, greek mythology, hades-persephone retelling, mentions of misogyny/sexism, depression, religion, hurt/comfort, angst, heartbreak, major character injury, descriptions of blood, violence and death, manipulation)
饾檧饾櫑饾櫈饾櫃饾櫀 - 饾櫇饾櫀饾櫓饾櫑饾櫄饾櫃
It would be an understatement to say that Toji, despite being one of them, had never felt like part of the clan and had hated the whole Zenin bloodline through all his years of suffering.
And the only thing he hated more than his own blood? It was the damned nobles who looked down upon him- mocking his lack of power under whispers and rumours. The spineless cowards didn鈥檛 even have the courage to spit those venomous words at his face.
He kept note of every single one of them- it was hard not to with how their laughs echoed in his mind each night as he dug his nails into his palms. So of course his attention was bound to drift towards the mother and daughter from a titled family that happened to take residence in the Zenin estate when they got news that their home down-south had been attacked.聽
饾樇饾櫒饾櫓饾櫑饾櫀饾櫄饾櫀- 饾櫈饾櫍饾櫍饾櫎饾櫂饾櫄饾櫍饾櫂饾櫄 饾櫀饾櫍饾櫃 饾櫏饾櫔饾櫑饾櫈饾櫓饾櫘
Your home had not been attacked. It was all planned of course- your travel to the mountains up north that crossed the Zenin abode, your mother having fabricated the news so that she had an excuse to find an honourable match for you from one of the most powerful clans. Her sly spies had already done the dirty work, providing you with two suitable men- even if one of them was twice your own age and the other known for his aggressiveness.聽
The white gown your mother had dolled you in and the orchids she had braided into your hair had every single eye focused on you as you made your way up to your chambers. You kept your head down, too nervous to meet the eye of anyone- hoping no older man took an interest in your facade of purity and innocence and decided to stake his claim on your body. Oh, how you wished you could get away from this life, get away from the wretched woman you had to call your mother, get away from all of it- the stupid clan- the stupid suitors- the stupi-
You yelped as your body crashed into what seemed to be a rock hard wall of muscles, the scent of night chilled mist and cedar taking over your senses. You blinked.聽
Gulping, you moved back a step, ready to start sputtering apologies before your mother peeled your skin off for already having embarrassed yourself. Instead, your words stayed stuck in your throat as your gaze met with an intense pair of orbs- filled to the brim with the rage of achilles, but somehow also his sorrow. Your breath hitched in your throat, and in the back of your mind, you knew you should do something- move, apologise, scowl like a noble lady would if nothing else- but all you could do was stand there stunned, the man鈥檚 stance mirroring your own.聽
You flinched as the pot-bellied butler who was leading you down the hallway came back, and you thought the dark haired man might kill him right there for interrupting the burning moment between you two. Instead, you were shocked as he let himself get pushed to the side, stuffing his hands into his pockets, head down as he made a beeline towards the exit.
You barely felt the crescent moons being engraved into your skin as your mother dragged you to your room by the arm, a clipped smile on her face.聽
饾檴饾櫑饾櫏饾櫇饾櫄饾櫔饾櫒 饾櫀饾櫍饾櫃 饾檧饾櫔饾櫑饾櫘饾櫃饾櫈饾櫂饾櫄- 饾櫅饾櫎饾櫑饾櫁饾櫈饾櫃饾櫃饾櫄饾櫍 饾櫋饾櫎饾櫕饾櫄
He continued walking, even as his eyes held a warning look. Gritting his teeth, he increased his pace.
He shuddered. Say it again, he wanted to command, instead he turned the corner, hands curling into tight fists. 聽
He had been confused at first, almost appalled, at you- at your audacity to try and act like he wasn鈥檛 who he was- a piece of scum, the lowest of the lowly in the clan. But it seemed like this is how you had decided to spend the rest of your time whenever you weren鈥檛 being flagged by suitors or being paraded around your mother as the ideal of a chaste loyal wife.聽
He had indulged you the first time you had struck up a conversation. Perhaps that was his initial mistake. His second being committed just now as he turned to you, the glee on your face making bile rise up to his throat. He had seen women like you before- well born 鈥渓adies鈥 of the court in dire need of a good fuck, before they were packaged off like objects to a husband who鈥檇 only ever look at them as a vessel for carrying his children. Toji huffed in annoyance, eyes doing a quick scan of his surroundings before he grabbed your wrist and pulled you into one of the storage rooms right around the corner.聽
Toji cut himself off as he saw the baffled look on your face, your eyes starting to fill up with fear and panic. Somehow, he found himself speechless, the bitter words of telling you to go look for pleasure in a whorehouse now dissolving on the tip of his tongue.
He knew who you were being considered as a match for- having overheard the conversation during a clan meeting- it was supposed to be the sons of one of the higher ups and he could already picture the half wilted life you鈥檇 be living. And right then, something clicked in Toji鈥檚 mind- all those years of hatred and resentment flashing before his eyes as you hesitantly stepped back, tears welling up in your eyes, and right there, Toji knew what he wanted to do- what he had to.聽
He took a deep breath and your heart hammered even harder in your chest. He had been different from the rest of them- you had known it from the first time. However, now you doubted your own wits, trying to recall the ways of combat you had seen the soldiers back home perform- even though you didn鈥檛 quite see how you鈥檇 succeed against the tall burly mass of flesh that towered above you. You jumped back as he strode right towards you- eyes clenched shut, hands raised in front of your face ready for the impact and pain.聽
You were met with nothingness, barely feeling the light brush of his arm as he moved past you.聽
Toji sighed at your almost childish antics, even though he agreed your actions would have been justifiable if it was any other man having pulled you into such a secluded place. He waited for you to calm down, lazily looking for the latch of the huge glass window situated on the other side of the room. He easily lifted it open, biceps flexing as he did so- placing his hands on the ledge before pulling himself to the other side.
He turned back towards your gawking figure, rolling his eyes, ready to put forward the offer that would decide if you were worth his time and effort or not. He extended his hand, trying to ignore the heat crawling up to the tip of his ears at the giddy relief-filled grin that spread across your face as he asked,聽
鈥淵ou ever visited the countryside princess?鈥澛
You must be an angel in disguise, he finds himself thinking. It terrified him- the time he had spent staring at the column of your neck, watching your chest fall and rise with every breath- and the time he could have spent simply admiring every crook and nook of your body.聽
You looked serene in the golden hour of the afternoon, lying on the grass with your eyes shut, sunlight cascading down your figure making it seem as if you carried your own halo. Toji was afraid you鈥檇 sprout wings any second now, disappearing away to someplace heavenly- someplace better than the hell you were about to be condemned to- someplace that didn鈥檛 have monsters like him. But at last, you were only a human- soon to be one of the Zenins if nothing else.聽
The time you had sneaked out to the lake in the countryside with him had not been the last of your rendezvous. You had been quite different from what Toji had expected. You hadn鈥檛 made any advances towards him but you weren鈥檛 the pure little thing everyone believed you to be either.
You were smart to say the least- a trait that families often suppressed in women of your status, trying to force them into nothing but submissive concubines for their future husband. You were oddly aware of it- had mentioned your doomed fate quite a few times now, and he was struck by how you always laughed, as if your own self being stripped away was a joke. You seemed to do that quite a bit, and he understood it in some twisted way of his own plight.聽
Even as his mind kept reminding him that you had still grown up being pampered, being spoiled, having others do your work for you- others like him. But conversation had flowed so naturally with you, he found himself showing you more and more of his places of solitude he had found all over the village through his years of misery.聽聽
You were also naive in many ways, but still blunt in twice as many. Toji had rolled his eyes as he had asked you what you did with your free time back home- the answer was expected- it always had to be something related to the arts and education, trying to pump the ladies full of culture so that they have something to talk about at the dozen balls and galas they鈥檇 be attending every month. However, he had almost choked on the pear he chewed as you had started listing names of erotica after erotica- the titles being lewd enough to let him know just how filthy the content inside would be.聽
You had burst into laughter at the look on his face, crumbs of fruit left on the side of his mouth making him look even more bizarre. You had reached up your fingers almost instinctively, eyes widening as you realised you had brushed them over the scar he never seemed to talk about. His hand was wrapped around your wrist in less than a second, halting it in place.聽
He had stared right back at you, breaths heavy, eyes calculating as he loosened the grip around your skin, but not before he lifted your fingers to press against the mark once more. You swore you could have heard the drumming of your heart, and perhaps he did too.
As you brushed away the remaining bit of the sweet fruit, you couldn鈥檛 help but notice the flush that had formed on his cheeks, even as he scowled.聽
饾檧饾櫑饾櫎饾櫒- 饾櫏饾櫇饾櫘饾櫒饾櫈饾櫂饾櫀饾櫋 饾櫃饾櫄饾櫒饾櫈饾櫑饾櫄.
鈥淵ou鈥檇 better be quiet or everyone鈥檚 going to know what a naughty little slut you are.鈥
You鈥檙e bent over the table in the storage room that has somehow become your portal of escape from the person you have to pretend to be. It鈥檚 not the first time Toji has whispered his filthy administrations into your ear, but he鈥檚 never done it quite so close to where anyone could walk in and catch you red handed.聽
Perhaps it was the fact that his face had turned a sick shade of green at the sight of your suitor tucking your hair behind your ear, your lips twitching upwards at something he said- the same way they had twitched up the night before when he had risen from in between your legs, the taste of yourself flooding your mouth as he had pressed his lips to yours.聽
This is exactly what you were here for, and despite it, Toji knew who鈥檚 name you screamed at the end of every day. So then why did another hand on you ignite a bestial flame inside his chest? Why did he feel the need to pull you away in the dead of the night amongst the crowd of tipsy people, ridding you of the fabric of your dress in one swift movement as he had pressed you against the nearest surface.聽
You didn't panic for even a moment, you knew it was his hand just from the touch of it, his hot breath against the shell of your ear, and his throbbing member pressed against the curve of your behind as a thumb rubbed circles into your hip bone.聽
You throw your head back against his muscular chest, craning your neck upwards till you meet his eyes- they soften for the briefest of moments, but the way his tip brushes against your underwear-clad core seems to fill them with raw electricity once more. And you think he鈥檚 going to fuck you right there- make you cry out his name for letting another man so close to you. Instead, you gasp as his rough hands grab the flesh of your thighs, kneading the muscle as he spins you around, a smirk being flashed your way as he gets on his knees.聽
He looks ethereal in that moment. And your breath hitches in your throat as you realise you鈥檝e made a fallen angel bow before you- have tricked him into thinking you can cleanse him of his deeds when the only sinner in this room was you. The way his lips press against the inside of your thighs, nose rubbing against your freshly flowing juices- it鈥檚 tantalising, even worse when he takes both your hands in his as they try to find solace in his locks, pinning them to your sides onto the table instead.聽
He rests his chin right below the apex of your mound, eyes wandering to your face as he sighs, the lazy but smug curve of his lips accentuating the scar you had grown to cherish as much as your own heartbeat.
Your chest is heaving, the sound of your heavy breathing hanging in the silence of the room as you look down at him. If this was to be his ruination- his fall from grace- Toji would die a happy man. The scent of you is lingering right below his nose, his mouth watering alone at the thought, but he cannot seem to pull away his eyes from your beguiling face, bathed in the moonlight. The words seem to escape him before he can think twice of them.
鈥淒o you know how beautiful you are? It鈥檚 truly distracting.鈥
You鈥檝e barely let his words settle in before he presses his thumb right against your wet heat, rubbing small circles onto your sensitive bud. You don鈥檛 have a chance to respond as he proceeds to dive into your drenched cunt- his tongue giving kitten-licks to your clit, lapping up any wetness that dares to drip down. You cry out loud as two of his fingers join his mouth鈥檚 onslaught, slapping a hand against your own mouth remembering where you were.聽
The sounds filling the room as he suctions your clit in between his lips are filthy- arms wrapping around and under your thighs, pulling your arousal even closer to his starving mouth, the new angle of your leg being thrown over his shoulder letting his fingers rub against the spongy spot inside your walls that makes the coil in your stomach snap. You鈥檙e grinding against his face and he鈥檚 letting you, nose pressing onto your clit as he licks up the remnants of your juices, fingers continuing to fuck you through your climax as they quiver and shake around his head.聽
You鈥檙e still coming down from your high, body hanging limp at an awkward angle against the hard wooden surface. His strong burly arms are easily lifting you up, carrying you towards the other side of the room- right towards the glass window. Your eyes widen as you realise the malicious idea that has popped up into your lover鈥檚 head, but you鈥檙e barely able to put in two words of protest before your feet are hitting the ground, the cold surface making you gasp as your tits are pushed against it. You鈥檙e crying out loud as he rubs his thick length against your soppy folds.聽
鈥淭oji- someone could see us- we shouldn鈥檛- ah!鈥
You鈥檙e cut off as he lines himself up at your entrance, a pleasurable burn down in your core as his girth stretches your walls. It always hurts. No matter how many times he鈥檚 made you cum on his fingers and tongue or prepped you up with an ointment- his size is something no one would ever get accustomed to. He knows it too, but tonight he seems to care less about taking it slow and letting you adjust. You honestly cannot care less too, not when you're gushing around him as such when he鈥檚 barely even halfway inside.聽
鈥淭oo big Toji- too much.鈥 You鈥檙e mewling, hands trying to grip onto something.
鈥淵ou can take it- fuck just let me-鈥
He鈥檚 hastily moving his fingers across your stomach to rub your pulsing bud, groaning lewdly at the way your cunt flutters around him, letting him move deeper inside of you.
The growl that leaves him as his tip hits your cervix is grossly animalistic, making you moan loudly. His other hand is coming up to grip your jaw, cheek pressed against the glass as he lifts up one of your legs, the angle letting him thrust in and out of your poor drenched hole even deeper. His thrusts turn sloppy, eyes clenched shut above you as the sounds of his balls slapping against your flesh with each thrust fill the room.
You鈥檙e both groaning in unison, his strokes getting faster as he feels your walls clamping down on him. You鈥檙e choking on a breath as his hand moves to wrap around your throat, the sensation making you moan even louder.
鈥淐all me selfish-鈥澛犅
A sharp smack is delivered against the flesh of your ass causing you to arch your back, the action making your tits press up against the window even more,
聽鈥... but I don鈥檛 ever want anyone else to touch you.鈥
His lips have been suctioned to your neck, your delightful noises being muffled as he鈥檚 turning your head to the side till his tongue slips into your mouth. He tightens his grip around your neck and you鈥檙e seeing stars, along with the pace of his fingers on your clit and his rapid thrusts making the well in the bottom of your stomach come apart, tears of pleasure slipping your eyes, the feeling of his seed painting your walls making you clench against him amidst your own orgasm.
You barely feel the arms cradling your body, carrying you to set you down on the table. You furrow your brows as Toji strips himself of his shirt, and your eyes widen at the thought of him ravishing you once more so soon. Instead, you shudder as he swipes it against your sex, cleaning up his mess.聽
The way you beam at him, even in your exhausted state, is honestly worth the ruined shirt- he finds himself thinking as he moves to pick up your dress from the ground. He clicks his tongue as he realises just how much of shreds he had ripped it into in his feral daze. He鈥檚 lifting his head to meet your eyes, wondering how he鈥檒l tell you that you have to find a way to get back to your chambers in this state-聽
Your saccharine voice is pulling Toji out of his thoughts, surprise forming across his face as you burst into laughter at the sight of what he鈥檚 sure has cost twice as much as all the clothes he鈥檇 ever owned combined.聽
鈥淗ow well do you think I鈥檇 fare going out in one of the potato sacks?鈥澛
How could he have not smiled right back at you.聽
饾樋饾櫎饾櫋饾櫎饾櫒- 饾櫓饾櫑饾櫈饾櫂饾櫊饾櫄饾櫑饾櫘 饾櫀饾櫍饾櫃 饾櫆饾櫔饾櫈饾櫋饾櫄
Toji had never wanted to rip his own heart out so badly before, inject his blood with ambrosia so that he could be worthy enough for the goddess that was ready to abandon her sanctity- her piece of heaven- for him. He had always known how it would end- in an empty heath of a fire gone out long ago, the only thing keeping it burning now regret and sorrow.
聽Love could not have sustained you when there was barely enough space to breathe, when there was barely enough food for your kids to live off of. Once the love faded, all that鈥檇 remain would be your wish to go back to the past, getting drunk on forgetfulness so that you can survive within the stone cold walls of a house- not a home.
Once again, Toji knew what he had to do- knew he willingly stepped into this hoping to ruin what was supposed to be the prize of his own blood- in order to humiliate them and fulfill his revenge.
He also knew he was the ruined one now as thoughts of you plagued his mind day and night- how his tactful game of cat and mouse had turned into sweet kisses and hushed giggles, and how all he wanted was to find a pit stop in time where his blood did not matter, where the sins of his past did not matter. But despite it all, he knew he couldn鈥檛 have dragged you into his own hell, even if you begged him to take you.
He sighs.聽
You had recited the exact conversation you had with your mother- laid yourself bare before him as you poured out your heart- letting him know that it鈥檇 be worth tasting the 7 seeds of evil even if it meant living in hell for half your life.聽
He had thrown his head back and laughed.聽
鈥淵ou really thought our little getaways meant anything more than a fling to me? More than just a decent fuck?鈥
You stood still, mouth agape at the words that had slipped past his lips, a hand fisting the fabric of his shirt right above his heart, desperately searching for the pulse of the man you鈥檇 grown to adore over the past few weeks.聽
He had looked down at you, the scar you had so tenderly ran your fingers over twitching upwards- in amusement- in laughter, face contorting into one of resentment- of revulsion before he had suddenly stilled.聽
鈥淒id you forget your place princess? Pretty little head got too lost in a fool鈥檚 paradise- did you forget you are one of them- always have been one of them.鈥
He had spat the last words at you and you wanted to shake your head, wanted to tell him he was utterly wrong, but all you could do was clutch on even tighter to him.
He had put his hand over yours and you had almost begged for him to tell you that this was a sick joke- almost pleaded for him to intertwine his calloused warm hands with yours as he always did- as he had when he made you scream his name, instead you had found yourself gasping at the icy touch as he flicked away your wrist, brows furrowing in repulsion at the contact- at you.
The tears that had slipped through your eyes had only worked to make him throw his head back like a giddy child once more. He had looked up at the sky as if he was mocking the gods in Olympus -聽look at how I鈥檝e so beautifully wrecked what you created,
while you had stood there looking up at him as if he was your religion, mouthing,
this is not a joke, love me, love me.
饾檴茂饾櫙煤饾櫒- 饾櫌饾櫈饾櫒饾櫄饾櫑饾櫘, 饾櫀饾櫍饾櫗饾櫈饾櫄饾櫓饾櫘 饾櫀饾櫍饾櫃 饾櫆饾櫑饾櫈饾櫄饾櫅
You felt raw. But you did not fight the black hole opening up in your chest. You let it settle into your bones, nurtured the hollowness- ignited it until you felt it turn into flames instead.
You couldn鈥檛 have let the ice creep into your heart- it would mean giving up the tears, giving up the feeling of wanting to be swallowed whole by the ground beneath, and that would mean you no longer felt- no longer harboured the only thing that made you feel alive in the cage of bones and flesh your troubled mind resided in.聽
There was a heavy pain in between the arch of your shoulder blades- like your wings had been clipped and your halo ripped away.
You ignored the scowl that rose to her face, the way she flinched as you leaned over to rest your head in her lap. You couldn鈥檛 tell if the wetness on your cheeks was yours or hers- mourning the daughter she was going to lose. You felt your mother鈥檚 burning gaze through the back of your head all throughout the journey back home- could already feel the wrath of your father and the nasty bruises that were to come as her hand came down to rest on your head.聽
You instead found yourself being locked away immediately- not a single word from anyone. The only time your door opened was for a maid to serve you your half portioned meals. Not like you had an appetite or a will to do anything else.聽
Days passed by, perhaps weeks or months, and you counted the scattered marks on the wall beside your bed like you had done once with the freckles across his back, and you waited-聽 for what? You weren鈥檛 quite sure yourself. You waited and waited until the day your door opened, but it wasn鈥檛 the regular pitter patter of steps of the maid who served the food.
Instead, your eyes met the raging ones of the head of your clan, and for the first time in days, an icy shiver creeped up your spine.
The torment you鈥檙e put through is much worse than expected. You were well aware you were to be disgraced, to be stripped of your title, but somehow the gaze of your own friends and family avoiding your beaten bloody form and ignoring your whimpers and cries of agony was what had stung the most.聽
The world seemed to be upside down, fading in and out of hues of colour and greys and blinding lights. You could barely feel the blood dripping down the back of your head and into your shirt as your gaze managed to remain focused on the window outside of the rattling carriage you lay in, panic rising in your chest as you recognised the familiar scenery.聽
You fought your hardest to stay awake, but you lost to the increasingly heavy pressure against your head, hoping your blood would run dry before you had to face the hell you were being thrown into. As your head lolled to the side, you wondered if satiating the hunger within you was worth the price you were paying- if this was what happened to every soul that had brought the god of the dead to his knees, wondered if you were the first to do so- wondered if you鈥檇 be the last.聽
饾檭饾櫀饾櫃饾櫄饾櫒- 饾櫊饾櫈饾櫍饾櫆 饾櫎饾櫅 饾櫓饾櫇饾櫄 饾櫔饾櫍饾櫃饾櫄饾櫑饾櫖饾櫎饾櫑饾櫋饾櫃 饾櫀饾櫍饾櫃 饾櫓饾櫇饾櫄 饾櫃饾櫄饾櫀饾櫃, 饾櫆饾櫎饾櫃 饾櫎饾櫅 饾櫑饾櫄饾櫆饾櫑饾櫄饾櫓
Toji had left the clan- made a living of his own by doing what he did best, by doing what he was made to- destroying and causing wreckage till there was no piece of his soul left to be salvaged.聽
He had avoided news about you like the plague, and had still ended up finding out that you were locked away back at your home from the gossiping servants. He had chuckled bitterly, what had he been expecting? He was right after all, you'd never have to face any consequences in life, and soon this whole scandal would be swept under the rug and you would be well on your way to marrying another wealthy brat, having filthy little kids with him who鈥檇 have the same luxuries in life and-
Toji found his heart dropping, the axe along with the freshly chopped wood he carried thumping down against the forest floor as he reached the entrance of the wooden cabin he had taken residence in. He saw the pool of blood first- the familiar mop of hair later.
He must be hallucinating-聽
But he still found himself moving out of his own accord, gathering the crumpled figure into his arms, feeling a thick fluid drip down his skin- stain through his shirt as he tried to pick you up. A chill ran down his spine as he realised what those savages had done for your body to resist even in an unconscious state-聽
And that鈥檚 when his eyes slid to the nails in the ground, the sharp metal going right through the flesh of your fingertips, a note pinned to your abdomen in between your shredded dirtied clothes-
鈥淲e don鈥檛 want the gross wreckage of your perverse ruination. Keep the whore since you wanted her so much.鈥澛
A sea of rage rose in the back of Toji鈥檚 mind but it stilled, the vicerating waves crashing against the shore that was the barely noticeable action of your chest heaving. He held back what was a choked sob, mind barely sane as he took out the nails as gently as possible- a man so familiar with death yet utterly horrified by it as he counted your laboured breaths, thanked every deity out in the universe for every huff of air that he could feel against his chest as he carried you inside.聽
How do you kill a god?聽
You had asked him once. He had raised his brow, ruffling your hair before pushing you down onto the bed once more, intent on at least letting you know how you got to heaven.聽
How do you kill a god?
It now echoed in his mind as he watched your broken body lay on his bed, having done everything he could have to fix you up even though he feared there would be wounds more than just the physical ones when you gained consciousness- if you gained consciousness.
How do you kill a god?聽
Pit him against another god. Let him stare at his own reflection and see all his glorious flaws until he鈥檚 falling to his knees, begging for the taste of ichor to be washed out from his mouth, begging to be stripped of his damned divinity- because the curse of immortality is a heavier burden to carry than the curse of mundane suffering- because it鈥檚 easier to drown in a sea full of blood than live with it staining your hands.
饾樇饾櫏饾櫇饾櫑饾櫎饾櫃饾櫈饾櫓饾櫄- 饾櫋饾櫎饾櫕饾櫄, 饾櫏饾櫋饾櫄饾櫀饾櫒饾櫔饾櫑饾櫄 饾櫀饾櫍饾櫃 饾櫏饾櫀饾櫒饾櫒饾櫈饾櫎饾櫍.
鈥淗ow do you kill a god?鈥 You had asked him once.
Afterwards, you had lain awake late into the night as he had given you a taste of his own holiness, bare in his arms as he had muttered the words into your hair, barely a whisper as they escaped past his bleeding lips,聽
How do you become a god?
The burning light attacked your eyes and you flinched loud enough for your own ears to ring, and then flinched even harder as the hot searing pain spread through your body, especially across the tips of your bandage covered fingers.聽You tried to use your voice but your throat was like a desert and your own harsh whisper scraped against your sensitive ears.
All you could do was stare up at the unfamiliar ceiling, lying numb, waiting for your saviour- or perhaps your torturer to come.
All had gone still once the door opened, your gaze falling onto the familiar hands that carried a bowl of water and about a dozen different small bottles in a basket. You stared through him, through his wide blown eyes and through the sigh of relief that left his mouth as he rushed towards you.聽
How do you become a god?
There was much more you had wanted to tell your mother. You had told her you were sick of pretending, sick of being the goddess of spring when everything you touched died in your hands- how every beam of light you emitted was a stolen one from another soul. Perhaps, you had always craved pomegranates and death - had always willingly walked into the darkness with a smile and open arms.
How do you become a god?
You let him plead and writhe to have a taste of your lips - make him believe it is his only salvation. And right when his lips meet yours, you dig your teeth in deep and not let go, even as his fingers grip the column of your throat and his growls rumble inside your mouth. You let the trail of crimson coat your tongue and feel his tears burn your flesh- you make him taste your blood and take his throne.聽
He says your name like it鈥檚 a prayer and you want to rip out his heart.
Instead, you turn your head towards the wall opposite to where he stands, clenching your eyes shut, hoping the next time you wake up it won鈥檛 be here.聽
Still, you can hear his voice. Every single day of every waking moment- even as you sleep- even as you wake up in cold sweat haunted by the bittersweet melody of his laughter the day he crushed your heart in two, or the time your own blood nailed you down into the earth.聽
But most of all, you hate it when you can hear the gruffness of his voice, still heavy from sleep as you let him cradle your head, shushing you- letting you know it was just a nightmare- but it was a nightmare you had lived through- a nightmare he had put you through.聽
Not that he didn鈥檛 acknowledge it equally as much. It was odd- almost laughable the way he was so desperate to bring even just a flicker of the light back inside your eyes, breaking free from his stoic and tight lipped demeanour to whisper grossly sweet nothings into your hair.
He had explained his regrets the first few days that you had refused to even look at him, simply staring at the wall as he stripped you of your clothes to redo your bandages, not even the barest of reaction visible across your face. He had caused this.聽
The first words you had muttered to him weren鈥檛 of hatred or anger or sadness- they were said into the heavy air, late into the hours before dusk at a point in time where your bones still couldn't support the burden of your body,聽
鈥淚 need to pee.鈥澛
You had said it through gritted teeth, had scowled throughout the process of him picking you up and carrying you into the bathroom, giving you privacy to do your business.聽
The second time you had spoken to him was right after and it had somehow dented itself much deeper than he had expected it to, even as it was all he had been preparing himself for in the past few days,聽
鈥淚 hate you.鈥
You had said it with no anger, no poison in your words- had simply stated it like it was a mere fact.聽
鈥淚 know.鈥
It was weeks later and you seemed to have fallen into a strange routine.
He鈥檇 go out to do his filthy work, come back bathed in blood and dirt, even as he washed himself off outside thinking he was sly with it. You鈥檇 pretend not to notice as you鈥檇 cook for yourself, sometimes leaving bits behind as leftovers even if you had purposely spilled the extra bit of rice- had regretted it as soon as you had realised you had done it because he hadn鈥檛 had dinner in three days.
Perhaps it was the irony of the situation, and maybe even the cold winter air creeping into your bones that let him move from simply holding you when you woke from your nightmares- to him warming your bed at night even when you dreamed of nothing but the scar beside his lip.聽
Still, you let him know you despised him every night that he pulled your body against his chest and every morning that he rubbed his warm hands up and down your arms. Even as you felt yourself leaning into his touch, felt your heart softening at how he鈥檇 mutter apologies into your hair while he thought you were asleep, how he鈥檇 pay attention to the foods you took more of and made sure to get twice the amount next time, how he鈥檇 shred his own shirts to provide you with cloth for when you got your monthly cycles. Yet, you couldn鈥檛 find any other words to say to him.聽
饾檵饾櫄饾櫑饾櫒饾櫄饾櫏饾櫇饾櫎饾櫍饾櫄- 饾檶饾櫔饾櫄饾櫄饾櫍 饾櫎饾櫅 饾櫓饾櫇饾櫄 饾檺饾櫍饾櫃饾櫄饾櫑饾櫖饾櫎饾櫑饾櫋饾櫃 饾檪饾櫎饾櫃饾櫃饾櫄饾櫒饾櫒 饾櫎饾櫅 饾櫒饾櫏饾櫑饾櫈饾櫍饾櫆, 饾櫅饾櫋饾櫎饾櫖饾櫄饾櫑饾櫒, 饾櫃饾櫄饾櫀饾櫓饾櫇, 饾櫋饾櫈饾櫅饾櫄, 饾櫀饾櫍饾櫃 饾櫃饾櫄饾櫒饾櫓饾櫑饾櫔饾櫂饾櫓饾櫈饾櫎饾櫍
You had woken up alone as you did on most mornings, grateful that you wouldn鈥檛 have to face the shame that came with having your limbs tangled with him. The day was like any other yet different, perhaps it was the monotonous dread of living a life such as this- of having to live at all after being stripped of everything you had called yours.
You had somehow ended up taking steps outside of the wooden door, outside of the small garden the burly man used to grow his own vegetables, and even farther outside the vines and shrubs that kept the cabin hidden from any unwanted visitors.
You had walked and walked till your feet carried you to the edge of the world, a never ending fall down below from where you stared at, the sound of water flowing signalling the presence of a river running deep under the steep cliff.
You had stopped walking, the silence of the forest being the only noise to have outdone the heavy emptiness in your heart in months. And you simply continued to stand there, bare feet digging into the dirt and grass and stone, barely realising when the light faded away and darkness took over. Hadn鈥檛 it always been like this?聽
It had taken no more than two rounds of the house and the trail of footsteps in the garden out back for Toji to realise you had left. His heart had dropped into his chest as he had followed the dents of your feet in the ground, careful not to step on them as his mind bitterly reminded him that it may be the last of what鈥檚 left of you by now.
He knew where the trail you had walked along led- had himself sat on the edge of it once, legs dangling off as he his mind had replayed the memory of your glossy eyes and crestfallen face when he had hit you with those fatal words months ago. Toji鈥檚 breath hitches in his throat, hands shaking as he pulls away the last branch blocking the view of the edge of the cliff.聽
His feet are moving faster than his mind can think as he all but falls onto his knees, clutching your abdomen as if you鈥檇 disappear forever if he let you go now. You turn around in his arms, a look of confusion on your face, your eyes still as hollow as a void but all he cares about right now is the steady thumping he can feel with his chest pressed to yours. He鈥檚 clenching his eyes shut, taking a deep breath before he鈥檚 sliding his hand into yours. You don鈥檛 protest- letting him lead you back into the warm safety of his house and he鈥檚 too relieved to consider whether your lack of resistance is a good thing or not.聽
You鈥檙e sitting on the edge of the bed and you can hear him ruffling through something in the bathroom, door ajar, eyes glancing towards you every two seconds as if he鈥檚 expecting you to bolt out the door any second now. For once, you don鈥檛 want to stare at the wall as he walks towards you, getting down on his knees- making a blow of nostalgia hit you right in the gut. But your eyes remain fixed at the top of his head, at the dark locks that had grown out much more since the last time you had let yourself gaze at him.聽
You only realise what he鈥檚 been doing as you notice the bowl of water kept on the floor, hands gently lifting up your dirty feet, cleaning them of the mud and the blood from small scrapes. He鈥檚 lifting up your legs onto the bed once he鈥檚 done, adjusting your pillow as a gesture for you to lay down. He鈥檚 blowing out the lamps and soon enough you feel the mattress dip, his arms engulfing you tighter than ever before. You can feel the slight tremble in them and you feel guilty for the small pinch in your chest. You wait for his breathing to steady, head to fall limp into the crook of your neck before you roll over towards him in the dark, eyes set on the small crinkle between his forehead and brow.聽
The warm hand that cups Toji鈥檚 cheek has him convinced that he may have lost his mind. Opening his eyes, he knows for sure that you have. Especially as you slide your other hand into his, pulling it till it鈥檚 placed onto the crest between your collarbone and chest, adjusting it a little more towards the left. Toji鈥檚 staring intently at you, wondering if this is your way of telling him that you鈥檙e still alive- that even though you鈥檝e been cursed and damned to living in this hell, your heart still beats- it still fights.聽
Toji bares his own emotions through a gesture- pulling the small hand that holds his to the apex between his upper ribs- pressing it till your fingers feel like they might just pass through his flesh. He hopes you know that if he could, he鈥檇 snap each one of his ribs open so that you can reach inside and press the palm of your hand against his beating heart, rip it right out of his body and spit inside the hollow space of his ribs with contempt- even then he鈥檇 survive on your hatred alone if it means surviving with you for the rest of his life.聽
鈥淚 don鈥檛 hate you.鈥
The words are whispered in the dead of the night with no emotion, no trace of forgiveness or affection- simply stated as if they are common knowledge.
The soft lips coming down on his own have his mind spinning. He realises what it is you wish for- to be able to live once again as a human, to feel once again as a mortal- he can almost almost hear you saying the words into his mouth as your fist bunches up the fabric of his shirt.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 tired of being a god.鈥澛
He can feel his own sentiment being passed right through as his hands slide under the cloth of his shirt that you wore, exploring the expanse of your reverenced skin, mouthing his response against your cupid鈥檚 bow.
鈥淚鈥檒l worship you even after you fall from grace.鈥澛
And he does, pulling himself up on arms above you, dipping his fingers into your soaking sex, making quick work of ridding you and himself of your clothes. He鈥檚 tucking your legs against your chest, feet dangling over his broad shoulders as he comes forward to meet your lips. He鈥檚 pulling away and you鈥檙e mewling at the loss of contact- the loss of his taste.聽
鈥淒o you want this? Do you want-鈥 He takes a deep breath, forehead coming forward to press against yours till your noses brush against each other, 鈥鈥
Your response comes in the form of sliding your hands to the back of his head, pulling him forward till his lips crash against yours once more- bucking your hips up till the tip of his massive girth is brushing against your heat. He doesn鈥檛 miss the moan that escapes you, eagerly kissing you back, moving to litter a plethora of kisses against your jaw- your neck- your collarbone. When he comes back up to your face, he鈥檚 well aware of the effect he鈥檚 had on you- the want in your eyes as you lift your hips against his once more, a small plea leaving your mouth.聽
The need that comes over him is animalistic as he moves a hand down to position himself before sliding into your soppy hole, he swears he can see stars with how hungrily you swallow him in. You鈥檙e gripping his shoulders, nails digging into his skin as he strokes your insides so languidly. Your faces are close enough for you to feel his breath on your mouth, to feel the fall of the hot droplets on your cheeks, your own tears of grief- of freedom- of a love gone to waste so long ago combining as he continues to thrust in and out of you deeply.聽
He鈥檚 dipping his head and the tears are being kissed away as his hand moves down to play with your over sensitive bud. You can't stop peppering kisses against his lips, moaning his name in his ear as he hits a particular spot inside you. He can feel you getting closer with how your breaths get deeper, fingers moving faster, strokes getting sloppier.聽
You feel the tight coil in your stomach start to unravel, and all it takes is for him to lower his head and suction his lips around one of your nipples for you to come apart underneath him. He鈥檚 reaching his own arousal soon after, pulling out to spray his seed onto your stomach. He all but collapses on top of you, rolling over to his side once he catches his breath, another hitching in his throat as he finds you crawling onto his lap, legs straddling his waist as you bury your face into his naked chest.聽
This is what being a god feels like. The taste of wine coating your tongue and the way his lips meld with yours- swallow you whole and then spit you out. You reach for him again in the dark, his chest panting against yours as the moonlight cascading from the window hits his face. You rest your chin against the centre of his chest, looking up at him with droopy eyes, his own stare right back at you- filled with tenderness and affection.聽
鈥淣o one will ever hurt you again, I promise.鈥澛
His voice is gruff and heavy, but carries a sincerity warm enough to send tingles down your back. You can鈥檛 quite place the look on his face, it's determined- pointed. You can feel the unravelling of the violence beneath his skin as his hand comes to cradle your jaw, and you wonder just what kind of monsters the god of the underworld plans to unleash.
His hand moves to caress the back of your head, adoration-filled eyes raking over your still panting figure. He presses his lips to your temple and says your name like a prayer. It all floods in- the pain- the love- the sorrow- the joy- you鈥檙e sobbing and he鈥檚 holding you like he has time and again. Only this time, he finds himself awestruck by the spark of ember that comes alive in your eyes, even if just for a second, he knows you鈥檙e going to be fine.聽
The god of the dead had bowed before you, offered you his crown, his throne- would have ripped off the flesh from his own back and handed it to you without any hesitation if only you asked.聽
You were the goddess of spring and everyone had loved your life and light, but who except him had acknowledged the death and destruction that came along- had reached out their hands into the rotten parts of your flesh and kissed every bruise and scar?
This was Toji Fushiguro鈥檚 life now, coming back home to his precious darling each day- the only burst of spring in his everlasting winter, the only ray of light in his world swallowed by darkness.
Tonight, as you lay on him bare-bodied and covered in sweat from your previous feat, he finds you asking him about the season, about how far the harvest festival was. He鈥檚 confused at your sudden curiosity but answers you nonetheless, telling you it鈥檚 in a fortnight. He finds himself asking why.聽
鈥淓very single member of our blood attends the festival- they had waited for it while they kept me away.鈥澛
It鈥檚 the first time you鈥檙e talking about the incident and he can feel you quiver in his arms. It makes his blood boil, and he finds himself protectively pulling you even closer into him.聽
鈥...they had wanted each and every single one of them to get a chance to cut through my skin.鈥澛
That鈥檚 all you say before falling asleep, the tears on Toji鈥檚 chest making a storm of anger rage inside his mind.聽
It鈥檚 a fortnight later and Toji watches the red and orange hues of the flames making your face glow brighter than the sun.聽
You鈥檙e standing there hand-in-hand with him, looking over the half wrecked ruins of the village, the screams of the people you had grown up with- who had taken no less than a second to turn their backs on you- who had left you to die- now echoing in your ears. Right on the edge of the hilltop you stand on, you see a small figure running towards the slope, clothes burnt, high pitched sobs filling the air as it succumbs to the heat that had spread through it鈥檚 bones.聽聽
She must鈥檝e been eight or nine years old judging from her size and half burnt frills of the frock she wore. You know she鈥檚 at peace, much like the many others who would鈥檝e faced nothing but agonising hardships being raised in the hands of your cruel persecutors- all of whom lay as nothing but bones and ash and dust now.聽
Toji鈥檚 worried that he鈥檒l find the same emptiness he鈥檚 spent months breaking through as he glances over at your face. Instead, there鈥檚 a fire being reflected in your eyes, a sadistically deliciously smile stretched across your supple cheeks. He finds his own lips curving as he grips your jaw to turn your head and press his lips to yours, the screams and shouts of your monsters merely anything but white noise as your fingers come to tangle in his hair.聽
After all, Hades may have been the god of the dead, but it was Persephone鈥檚 wrath which brought upon the destruction.
Tumblr media
漏 suna-reversed 鈥 all rights reserved. please refrain from modifying, translating, reposting of any kind. plagiarism will NOT be tolerated.
Tumblr media
credit- prompt list
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angrythingstarlighta month ago
How does beefy biker Bucky react when gorgeous鈥 pussy is being mean to her (aka when she has her period) (yes I know it鈥檚 actually the uterus but you get what I mean)
You mean when his pussy is being mean to Gorgeous?
Tumblr media
Oof Bucky doesn't like it when the two of you fight.
He doesn鈥檛 care about blood or if you accidentally leak through a pad or tampon. 鈥淕orgeous, only little boys care about shit like that,鈥 he told you when you tried to hide a pair of ruined panties a few months ago. It genuinely confused him that you were embarrassed, explaining to you that he gets the privilege of being your man (and being inside you) and he would never shame you because of something natural.
Bucky鈥檚 not ashamed to buy your tampons, pads and whatever else you need to get through your period. He still teases you about the time he caught you trying to hide them in the bathroom cabinet, he took them from your hand and told you to put them wherever you wanted. 鈥淕orgeous, I meant it when I said I don鈥檛 care.鈥
He took pictures of the boxes you have in the bathroom, so if you run out; he knows which ones to get without you even having to ask. And no one dares say anything to the six-foot-something tattooed biker standing at the register holding a box of tampons in one hand and chocolates in the other.
He only cares that you鈥檙e in pain. And he can鈥檛 stand it, so he pushes you back down on the bed and asks 鈥渄o you really want to go to work, or do you want me to take care of you?鈥
No one ever said Bucky plays fair. When he sees how conflicted you are, Bucky massages your lower belly, making you sigh in relief. 鈥淐mon Gorgeous, lemme take care of you.鈥
He presses deeper just as a painful cramp claws its way up, the pain鈥檚 gone before you can wince. He keeps rubbing your belly and it feels good, so good that you can鈥檛 see yourself at work when you can be catered to all day.
Bucky politely informs your boss that you will be spending the day with him.
The morning starts with you two sharing a nice long hot shower with him, washing your body as he tells you how pretty you are.
Followed by a quick breakfast and then you鈥檙e back on the bed, watching him gather lotions and oils for your massage.
He rubs your belly and back for as long as you want. He鈥檚 so good with his hands kneading your soft skin between his fingers until you鈥檙e moaning as the cramps fade away.
Bucky stocks up on everything from medicine to snacks to heating pads. He loves taking care of you and making you happy. He has all your favorite foods and movies ready to go.
And you鈥檙e not allowed to walk to the living room.
Oh no.
Not after he just massaged you senseless, he鈥檚 carrying you whenever you want to go, placing loving kisses on your forehead as he lifts you up, you don鈥檛 protest, feeling safe and warm in his massive arms.
He gently lays you on the couch, ordering you not to move while he goes around lighting the candles before dimming the lights. The room is aglow in soft oranges and flickering yellows as he turns on the TV.
Bucky settles behind you, his hand on your belly, bearded chin on the top of your head. 鈥淗ow you feelin?鈥欌 He murmurs in your ear, interlacing your fingers between his.
鈥淕ood,鈥 you say, the happiness in your voice making him smile. You can feel his lips curl up against your neck, another sweet kiss pressed into your skin.
The rest of the day is spent on the couch, Bucky shuffling back and forth to get you whatever you need, both of you talking and laughing. Always touching and kissing. He loves you so much, you can feel it in his touch.
His hands never straying too far from you, his sharp eyes watching your face for any signs of pain, ready to make it go away.
You鈥檒l fall asleep in his arms, drifting away to the sounds of his deep voice saying I love you, go to sleep Gorgeous, I got you.
And sometimes when you鈥檙e horny, he鈥檒l give you exactly what you want, always pulling out after you reach your peak, the much needed orgasm spiraling through you as he kisses you. He doesn鈥檛 care that he鈥檚 still hard; Bucky ignores the urge to come because it鈥檚 not about his pleasure during this time. He鈥檒l gently clean you up, making sure you drink some water and eat the chocolate-covered strawberries he got you. Laying beside you as you nap, his fingers tracing patterns on your arms as he watches the game on his phone.
Later, when he鈥檚 feeling silly, he鈥檒l make you lay on your back with your legs propped up as he has a chat with his pretty girl about how she鈥檚 not allowed to hurt you.
His face between your thighs as he stares at your pussy. 鈥淎fter all, I鈥檝e done for you, this is how you treat us,鈥 he grumbles, poking her with his ringed finger. 鈥淵ou better fix your attitude before I come in there and fix it for you.鈥
He lifts his head when you burst into laughter. He glares at you but can鈥檛 conceal the warmth and love swimming in his slate-blue eyes. 鈥淓xcuse you, this is serious, don鈥檛 make me spank both of you,鈥 he playfully warns, playing a soft kiss on your panty-clad mound. 鈥淢ight do it anyway,鈥 he promises, kissing up your belly until he finds your lips. 鈥淏et you鈥檇 liked that, wouldn鈥檛 you?鈥
Later that night, as you sleep on his chest, he smiles down at you, plotting all the ways he can convince you to skip work tomorrow. He鈥檚 willing to do whatever it takes to get you to stay at home with him.
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junisfics7 months ago
1:44 AM* 鈥 Eren Jaeger
Pairing: Fuckboy! Eren x Reader
Word Count: 1.8k
Summary: You and Eren's relationship status has always been up in the air... but you'll always be the one he texts in the middle of the night looking to get his dick wet
Content: Unestablished Relationship, Mutual Pining, Love Confessions
Content Warnings: Smut/ Nsfw 18 + (Breeding Kink)
minors can read, but please don't interact (like, comment, reblog)
you hear your phone buzz a few times beside you, vibrating and shifting around on the wood of the nightstand as you turn yourself over to grab it.
鈥榗ome over鈥 鈥榶/n, please鈥
two messages from eren jaeger. 1:44 in the morning. and although his messages were vague, you knew exactly what he wanted. it was the same thing he always wanted.
you sigh, unplugging your phone and rolling over to your back. if you were to scroll up, all the messages ever sent between you two would mirror the ones that were sent only moments ago. and even though you hated how he was using you to his own satisfaction, you could never tell him no.聽
鈥榥ow?鈥 you reply, but you already know the answer.
鈥榶es鈥 鈥榥eed you so bad鈥櫬
his response sends butterflies erupting in your stomach and makes your face grow hot. you know it was a manipulation tactic, saying聽鈥榶ou鈥 instead of聽鈥榠t. he had handfuls of other girls that would be more than willing to fulfill his late night needs. but it still makes your heart swell, it makes you feel special.
you slip out from under your sheets, swinging your legs over the side of your bed and tugging off your sweatpants and panties to replace them with pretty baby blue ones and a pair of light grey cotton shorts. you do the same with your tee-shirt, trading it for navy, straight-bottomed sweatshirt that was your dad鈥檚 in college.
you take a moment to brush your teeth before slipping on some shoes, grabbing your keys, and getting in your car to drive halfway across town to eren鈥檚 complex.
over time, eren has used his聽living-alone situation very much to his advantage. he鈥檚 also used his good looks to his advantage. so whenever he wants, he finds a girl, brings her home, and fucks her senseless until she comes crawling back for more.
but as much as they beg, eren almost never ever gives them seconds. and up until his sophomore year in college, there were only five other girls that he鈥檇 gotten with more than once. and until he met you, there was no one else who was consistently getting with him.
you had met him at a party, fucked him in his car, then expected it to be a one night stand type thing. but not even four days later, an unknown number had texted you asking to meet up again. and it was eren.
and ever since that party over a year ago, the hookups were consistently inconsistent. sometimes eren would want you twice a day, everyday, for a week straight. and sometimes he would go a month without messaging you.
and it made you so happy but so hurt at the same time; to have to go without him, someone you've fallen so badly in love with, for so long hurt terribly, but to always have him coming back for you made you swell with pride.
the moment you rap your knuckles against his door, it's swung open. and behind the door stands a shirtless and visibly flustered eren. his face was blushed red and his chest was heaving with every heavy inhale he took.
the moment he can get ahold of you, he does. eren grabs your arms and yanks you inside, only to close the door then press you up against it with his lips on yours.
you can't help but giggle against his lips, "well, hello to you too"
but eren responds by leaning down to grab your thighs and wrapping them around his waist, pressing your back up against the door and kissing you harder.
as surprising as it was, this wasn't new. eren has his moments where he would just want a quick fuck and that's all, he'd skip the small talk and just bend you over.
you can already feel his cock hard against the inside of your thigh, pressing through his sweatpants and grinding against you. you wonder how long he was like this before he texted you...
you let your hands come up to hold his face in your hands as you kiss him back, matching his desperation. your tongues are already sliding against each other, licking into your open mouths and swallowing down and escaping moans.
he was so desperate, so so desperate, you could almost feel his body trembling with arousal and desire. his grip was borderline painful, fingers digging into the soft flesh of your thighs and his teeth were knocking against your own. it was so rushed, so primal.
he pulls you off the door, still holding you against him and his face still in your hands as he blindly finds his way to his bedroom and drops you onto the bed, your back hits the mattress
eren crawls over you again, taking your neck in his right hand gently as he kisses you once more.
he grinds his hips against yours, sliding his clothed cock over your cunt, dragging the weight of it over your clit until you're whimpering at the sensation.
his left hand slides lower, down your torso and to your hip to grab ahold of your waistband.
"off, off now." he mutters, pushing at the fabric until you aid him in sliding it down your thighs.
once your shorts are off, he pushes his own pants just below his hips and frees his cock. he had went commando, no boxers, no briefs, no nothing under those sweatpants.
and once again you're wondering, 'how long has he been like this' and 'what was he doing before this'... but you know the answer.
his fingers on one hand nimbly grab the inner crease of your panties, pulling them aside while the other hand braces by your head as he slides the head of his cock through your accumulated arousal.
he only lets it slide over your clit a few times to watch you twitch beneath him before he brings it back down to your entrance and pushes inside you with one steady thrust.
"fuck me," he spits, head dropping forward to watch the way your hips tilt into his thrust. his hand beside your head hastily grabs the hem of your sweatshirt to push the waist of it up past your tits before coming back down next to you.
"oh my god," you whine, your right hand coming up to grab the wrist of his now planted hand, your other holding your sweater up your chest for him.
he could fuck you stupid every goddamn day of your life and you'd still never get used to the feeling of his cock filling you.
his arm shakes under the pressure of holding him up, and really only then does it hit you how badly he needed you.
"how 鈥 how long were you like this?" you breathe, circling your hips against his, your clit grinding against his pelvis.
"so fucking long. you have no idea what you do to me. 'was thinking about fucking you all day 鈥 god. m'fucking hand wasn't enough." he grunts, pulling himself out of you real slow, savoring the your cunt grips him, "the others weren't enough... needed you."
you can only let out a shaky moan at his response. it made your entire body run a degree hotter than it already was. never before has he so openly voiced his thoughts about you outside of sex, never before told you that he's thought about you while jerking himself off.
he slides his cock back in again, a low groan bubbling up from his throat as he does so. he'll never get over the way your body shakes as he reaches his hilt.
"yeah?" you encourage him to keep talking, wanting to hear him admit it again 鈥 needing to hear how much he wanted you, was desperate for you.
"fuck, yeah. you're the only one who takes my cock so well, they 鈥 god 鈥 they don't squeeze me the way you do." he groans, jaw dropping open as he finally picks up his pace
every thrust he takes he slightly increases his speed until his hips are slapping against yours and sending your pretty tits back and forth.
eren doesn't know where to look. he's stuck between watching your face melt in pleasure, watching your pretty little cunt stretch around his cock, or watching your pretty tits bounce in front of him. god you were so perfect for him.
"'s why i keep coming back to you," he pants, his free hand taking your jaw in his grasp as he brings his forehead against yours, "wanna be inside you forever, wanna see your stupid pretty face forever, wanna hear you beg for me forever."
"eren 鈥" you cry, so overwhelmed both physically and mentally. you look into his beautiful jade eyes, watching his pupils dialate with lust 鈥 love 鈥 as he continues to fuck himself into you
"want this pussy to be mine, 's gonna be mine, y/n. you're gonna be mine." he says, his hold on your jaw growing tighter as he keeps pushing into you over and over and over.
"please, please 鈥 wanna be yours" you choke out these pathetic broken sobs that make eren's hearth ache so wonderfully. there were tears swelling on your lash line.
it was pathetic how wound up he's got you in minutes, but the way he's filling you, the way he's talking to you... it's all too too much
"love this cunt 鈥" he breathes, eyes flitting to watch himself fill you, "love your pretty tits, love you. god, i love you 鈥 fuck 鈥 let me fill you, 'need to fill you, let me cum inside please."
your heart hurts. it hurt so fucking bad but so fucking god. it was all caught in your throat, swelling and choking you up.
you can only nod in his hand, those tears drip past your lashes and stream hot down your cheeks, "please, please cum inside, fill me up. make me yours, eren, i love you 鈥 'always loved you"
your voice is raspy and you can barely hear yourself, but eren hears you. eren hears your confession and it sends him over the edge, and with a low groan, he pushes himself to the hilt and spills his release inside you
"god, yes," your moans are broken as you cum around his cock, squeezing him so nice and milking him of everything he's got
and your release is more than physical. it feels like a dam has broken over, been flooded and poured out to him. you were holding it in for so goddamn long and it's out.
eren holds you against him, holding you so tight because now he's got you.
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v-hope4 months ago
I just remembered your TF drabble about yn loving Jk's bun. Now that he has short hair again I imagine her being incredible sad and pouting all day, running her hand through his hair while sighing loudly 馃き
pairing: jeon jeongguk x reader
genre: fluff, established relationship, slice of life, non-idol au
word count: 800+
a/n: I LOVE CONCEPTS LIKE THIS! so obviously i couldn鈥檛 stop myself from writing it, tysm for letting me bring this couple back :(
Tumblr media
Having you sigh while cuddling in bed and watching a movie was nothing new to Jeongguk, he had grown used to it after years of being with you. Whether it was because you were tired, relaxed, or just too invested in the movie and reacted to it without even noticing, your small sighs had become an indispensable part of your movie nights. So, he had mindlessly thought you were just doing it out of relaxation as you played with his hair that winter evening.
When you sighed for the tenth time only twenty minutes into Spiderman, however, he frowned, knowing right there that something about you was off.
Reluctantly letting go of his rather comfortable spot on your chest, he tilted his head so his chocolate eyes could focus on you 鈥 only then realising your eyes had not been fixed on the TV to begin with, but on his hair instead as you melancholically ran your fingers through it.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong?鈥 he wondered, hand tenderly cupping your cheek so you would look at him.
A shrug of shoulders was your answer.
鈥淧etal鈥︹ he pushed it.
鈥淚 won鈥檛 ever see the bun again鈥 your bummed words caused his eyebrows to knit together out of confusion. 鈥淥r the ponytail鈥︹
That鈥檚 when it hit him. His hair. After nearly two years of keeping it at a quite long yet decent length, he had decided to cut it short. It had just started to become annoying to have to tie it either into a bun or a ponytail to keep it out of his eyes, and it was even more annoying when he would inevitably miss his hair bands on a weekly basis and had to turn to borrowing 鈥攎ore like, stealing... with your implicit consent鈥 yours instead.
Cutting it had seemed the best way out. And, quite honestly, it wasn鈥檛 that short to begin with. It was just shorter than the two of you had grown used to 鈥 messy hair no longer being a thing from now on. Therefore, to you, it was indeed short as hell.
鈥淚t鈥檚 just hair, petal鈥 he tried to cheer you up as he did his best not to show the amused smile that had started curving up his lips. 鈥淚t will be long again in a few months鈥.
鈥淏ut I wanna play with it now鈥 you pouted.
He chuckled. 鈥淚sn鈥檛 that what you鈥檙e doing right now?鈥
Your fingers stopped their ministrations on his hair, withdrawing from his brown locks right away. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not the same鈥.
鈥淵ah,鈥 he called you out, grabbing your hand and placing it back on his hair for you to play with it. 鈥淵ou even hyped me up when I said I wanted to cut it, can鈥檛 back down now鈥.
鈥淚 know,鈥 your pout grew more prominent. 鈥淏ut I didn鈥檛 know I would miss your long hair this much鈥.
Jeongguk bit his bottom lip, the movie long forgotten as his body now hovered over you and his mouth came dangerously close to yours. 鈥淐ome on,鈥 he mumbled on your pouty lips. 鈥淒on鈥檛 I look good now?鈥
Although his tone had come off confident, you knew him well enough to know he was looking for validation.
You huffed, arms crossing over your chest and eyes travelling to the side of the room as you bitterly spoke. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e the most gorgeous guy I鈥檝e seen, of course you look handsome as hell no matter what鈥.
He laughed under his breath, catching you by surprise when his mouth happily pressed on yours.
You couldn鈥檛 help but giggle, unfolding your arms and wrapping them around his neck instead so you could stop him from pulling away just yet 鈥 your fingers once again entangling in his brown locks like it had become a habit of yours by now.
鈥淪ee?鈥 he smiled, faintly pulling away and opening his eyes so he could meet yours. 鈥淵ou can still play with it鈥.
鈥淚 guess you鈥檙e right鈥 you admitted, staring at the way his hand gently grabbed a strand of your hair as his loving eyes remained fix on you. 鈥淏ut I might as well shave my head now so you can feel my pain鈥.
Jeongguk threw his head back as a throaty laugh escaped his mouth, later resting his forehead on your shoulder as his previous laugh turned into a whine. 鈥淲hy did I fall for such a chaotic drama queen鈥.
It was now your turn to laugh. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 on you, Jeon Jeongguk. Can鈥檛 back down now鈥.
鈥淣ever said I wanted to鈥 his immediate reply caused your heart to jump.
Acting on the way he made you feel, you pulled him into your chest, tightly wrapping your arms around his waist before you pressed a kiss to the crown of his head. 鈥淚 might reconsider shaving my head if you promise I will get to see my bun in a bun again at some point鈥.
鈥淚 meant it when I said we have a lifetime to go together, petal鈥 his genuine words brought a soft smile to your lips. 鈥淵ou will see me in a bun or ponytail so much you will get tired of it鈥.
鈥淒oubt it鈥 you stated, loving the sound of his breathy laugh as he tightened his hold around your body. 鈥淏ut since a lifetime seems like a long time, I guess I can deal with whatever hairstyle you want to try鈥.
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buckybarnesdiaries6 months ago
bucky barnes x reader. 鈳 masterlist.
Steve gives you Bucky's dog tags for a reason.
word count: 2.4k (lol, sorry)
warnings/tags: none. bucky being a cutie.
author notes: none of my stories contain reader鈥檚 body descriptions to be inclusive.
Join the tag list here.
Tumblr media
鈥淲elcome to Wakanda, agent (Y/N)鈥.
A second after you crossed their airspace, you were courteously greeted. The views from your ship were indescribable. Peace invaded you just at the sight of the open fields and the warm colors of autumn. You could get used to that place too. To live in calm, work hand-to-hand with Shuri, and have time to spend it with Bucky. The reason why you were flying there. Removing your right hand from the control and grabbing in a fist the dog tags hanging on your chest, you took a deep breath while closing your eyes before getting ready to land. T鈥機halla was waiting for you at the entry of his kingdom, accompanied by his excited little sister and some of his guards.
Pressing a sequence of buttons above your head, to pull the control back, the ship went down slowly folding its wings. As you landed and turned off the engineers, you freed yourself from the seatbelt and the huge headphones to step out. Shuri received you with a friendly hug, breaking protocol and being just Shuri. You built a strong relationship since you met a year ago, when you brought Bucky to that beautiful and magical place, to let him recover. To let him rest.
鈥淵our highness鈥. You uttered to T鈥機halla crossing your forearms in the traditional salutation of Wakanda.
鈥淎gent (Y/N)鈥. He corresponded walking closer. 鈥淭he white wolf asked me to let you know he wouldn鈥檛 want to be鈥 bothered with visits today鈥.
You couldn鈥檛 help but frown. The last time you saw him was around three months ago. You usually interchanged letters from week to week, being one of the fewer persons he trusted in. And it wasn鈥檛 just a question of trust. Steve told you about his feelings, his shyness, and insecurities, his fears. What Bucky didn鈥檛 know, again, it wasn鈥檛 a question of trust from you either. That鈥檚 why the Captain gave you the dog tags, after more than thirteen years under custody. You wanted to see him, to know if he was happy there as he wrote you in his letters one million times.
鈥淗e doesn鈥檛 wear his arm here鈥. Shuri clarified, taking a position close to his brother.
By the look on their faces, you were aware of two things. One, they noticed too that something was growing between Bucky and you, and that it wasn鈥檛 a simple friendship. Two, they weren鈥檛 going to stop you. Oh, quite the opposite. They鈥檇 bring you to him on a golden platter and a big red bow on your head. The king beckoned a hand to urge you to follow him to the inside of the building and use one of their ships to fly above the place to the white wolf鈥檚 location.
You were nervous. You didn鈥檛 sleep more than a couple of hours last night thinking about him and how he鈥檇 react to having back his tags since the forties. Your eyes were focused throughout the window on your left, watching different citizens taking care of animals and plantations, children running from one side to another, playing and having fun. Oblivious to the horror of New York, where you resided. One of the cities in the world with the highest rates of street violence. Serial killers or simply killers, rapists, kidnappers, drug dealers (...). It was a minefield and Wakanda seemed and felt like Heaven.
鈥淒id you think about the offer?鈥 Shuri nudged you to push you back to reality, turning your head towards her.
鈥淪ince you dropped it to me鈥.
鈥淚鈥︹ You needed to put away your gaze again, focusing on the blue opened sky in front of them. 鈥淚 want鈥 to consult him first if you don鈥檛 mind鈥.
鈥淥f course, (Y/N)鈥.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to put his world upside down, now that he鈥檚 not the鈥︹ You couldn鈥檛 finish the sentence. You couldn鈥檛 pronounce that detestable nickname and the pain beneath it.
Shuri nodded in silence, not needing your explanations. She knew how you felt. She understood you. The talk didn鈥檛 continue, stretching your right hand on your lap to calm your nerves and make you comfortable with the situation. The flight didn鈥檛 last longer than five or ten minutes, losing the track of time deep in your thoughts. The pilot indicated to you through the headphones that you were about to land, glancing at a complex of small houses in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees and wilderness.
You were the last one jumping outside with your hand grabbing the tags on your chest, trying to find the encouragement there to follow T鈥機halla鈥檚 hand pointing at a man working with goats and collecting hay for them. Licking your lips and assenting with your chin, you guided your steps towards him. Slowly. As if you wanted to turn around at some point. But you knew it was too late when he was the one turning at the sound of your heavy boots cracking the grass under them.
Bucky didn鈥檛 look annoyed for your visit, nor the lack of attention to his petition. Although there was something in his pale blue orbs you weren鈥檛 able to decipher, until he bowed down his head unconsciously to his left shoulder covered by a dark fabric matching his eyes. You had to do your best to not roll yours, shortening the distance setting you apart. You had been dreaming about that encounter since the last time you were there before Shuri accessed the darkest place of his mind and cleaned it from any trail of HYDRA. Now, he was free. And he looked in good condition as the bags under his eyes had disappeared and his hair was almost tied with a bun. His cheeks seemed a little more chubby and you just wanted to pinch them. But it鈥檇 be weird and out of place. For the time being.
Bit by bit, a sweet smile widened in your lips, curving them as Bucky stared at you again when he was conscious that you didn鈥檛 care. With or without a metal arm, your feelings were exactly the same. You couldn鈥檛 admire him more than you were admiring him at this point. You couldn鈥檛 love him more than you loved him already. And God was a witness of how many times you practiced to confess to him and tell him that the only thing you wanted in life was to be by his side. Bring happiness to his days, bring him peace and harmony.
鈥淚'm sorry鈥︹ 鈥淚 brought you鈥︹
You two spoke at the same time, breaking in a soft giggle that jumped your hearts in complete sync.
鈥淵ou first鈥. He let you, waving his hand.
鈥淚鈥 brought you something鈥. You susurrated, loosening the grip around the metal hanging on your chest to take off the necklace.
You noticed the way his eyes widened in surprise and confusion. Why did you have them? Who gave them to you? Why now? Bucky gulped watching you stretching the dog tags between your fingers towards him. He didn鈥檛 know what to do, taking a second before he was able to react. He couldn鈥檛 remember when was the last time he saw them, and the amount of memories they gave him overwhelmed his whole brain.
In slow motion narrowing his eyes, Bucky held the chain with two fingers to hang the necklace from it. You thought he was about to wear them, but he destabilized you as he directed his hands to above your head, to place them where they were an instant before. You didn鈥檛 understand. Didn鈥檛 he want them back?
鈥淚 want you to keep it鈥.
鈥淚 want you to have something mine鈥. Bucky recognized with a shy smile decorating his lips. 鈥淭hose tags and my arm are the only things I have from my past. And鈥 I won鈥檛 give you my arm鈥︹
鈥淲ell, I bet it鈥檇 look good hanging from my neck鈥. You jocked tilting your head.
In his gift, you found the encouragement you needed to talk about T鈥機halla鈥檚 job offer. It wasn鈥檛 as if you were proposing to him, in the end, you were just friends even if it felt quite the opposite. You licked your upper lip, kissing your teeth after it, earning more than his attention.
鈥淪huri said, uh鈥 I could come here, work with her. We鈥檇 do great things together, not only for Wakanda but for the world鈥.
Bucky鈥檚 gesture didn鈥檛 change a single inch, focused on the nervousness you were trying to hide from him and reading the reasons beneath.
鈥淪o T鈥機halla offered me to stay here鈥.
鈥淵eah鈥 Permanently鈥. You assented pressing your lips, breathing through your nostrils.
鈥淒id you accept?鈥
鈥淣ot yet. Not until talking to you about鈥.
He nodded then a couple of times, turning to the goats behind him coming closer. 鈥淕ot to finish some stuff鈥 Maybe we can talk later about it unless you have to leave鈥.
鈥淣o, no. I, uh鈥 asked for the day off. Banner didn鈥檛 need me at the lab today鈥.
鈥淥kay, good鈥.
Tumblr media
While the king was showing you the new level for research and investigations, Bucky took the advantage to go and find Shuri without your knowledge. He found her in the surroundings of the main building, working on your ship as you said it made some kind of random noise that put you out of your nerve during the flight.
鈥淚 need my arm鈥.
The princess squatted close to the left wing, turned at him without standing up. Pulling her sunglasses to the top of his head, she raised an eyebrow.
鈥淔or what鈥.
鈥淵ou know for what鈥. He clicked his tongue, placing his hand on his left shoulder.
鈥淣o, I don鈥檛鈥. She lied while cleaning the grass and oil in her expert fingers.
鈥淚 need to have two arms鈥.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e been working the last months with one arm only. Why do you need it now?鈥
鈥淐鈥檓on鈥 Argh鈥︹ Bucky rubbed his face with boredom. 鈥淚 want to hug her, okay? Can you just鈥 give me back my damn arm?鈥
鈥淣ot enough reasons, you can hug her using your right鈥.
鈥淚 want to have two hands when I kiss her鈥. He finally confessed in a hiss, provoking a triumphant smile growing on Shuri鈥檚 lips.
鈥淚f you lie to me, if you don鈥檛 kiss her, Sergeant Barnes鈥 I鈥檒l code it to punch your face鈥.
鈥淲ait鈥︹ Bucky wrinkled his nose drawing a horrified gesture on his face, as he turned his blue eyes towards his left shoulder. 鈥淐an you鈥 do that?鈥
鈥淭ry me鈥.
No, of course she couldn鈥檛, but he didn鈥檛 know. Which were a good push for him to not go against her and her petition.
鈥淐鈥檓on. I鈥檒l set it up and help you to put it on鈥.
Tumblr media
Your eyes were traveling from one picture to another. He put some of them around his small house and it looked better now. More like a home. A place to stay. And for a second you felt a twinge straight in your heart when you noticed one photograph of the two of you, close to his bed. It was after your first mission together. Steve insisted on taking it, after noticing the sparkles between you. But you didn鈥檛 know he brought it to Wakanda with him, as your copy is on your nightstand too. And you used to fall asleep every night looking at it.
The curtain being moved and some steps in pulled you out from your thoughts, turning to find Bucky staring in silence at you. Your orbs landed on the metal arm. It was different too since the last time you saw it, with golden strips forming between the silver ones. You couldn鈥檛 help but sigh.
鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 need to鈥︹
鈥淵es, I did. I did need it鈥. He interrupted you, breathing through his parted lips and his heart about to fly off from his chest.
鈥淏ecause, otherwise, I couldn鈥檛 do this鈥.
You were about to ask what he was referring to, watching him breaking the distance between the two of you in three fast strides. You closed your eyes at the moment his hands held your neck and Bucky slammed his lips on yours. The kiss, the contrast of cold and warmth on your skin, the everlasting longing for it to happen鈥 All of this caused you to gasp, tangling the tunic at the height of his chest in your fists, not wanting him to take a step back. Your mouths fit perfectly without looking for it, made for each other, as he secured his fingers on the back of your neck. And you felt your knees weak when he pecked your lips one more time, before caressing your nose with his, not being able to open your eyes. Neither of you.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 have the right鈥 to ask for anything鈥. He babbled. His insecurities coming afloat even if you hadn鈥檛 pushed him away. 鈥淏ut鈥 I want you to stay here. With me. I鈥 I don鈥檛 have much to offer you, but I promise to make you happy鈥.
At this point, your eyes were filled with tears, strongly closing your eyelids to not let them fall. You swallowed a sob, moving your hands from his chest to his middle back, embracing him tighter as you could.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e been making me happy since we met, Bucky鈥.
He chuckled breathless, intuiting he was too at the edge of his crying because of that affirmation.
鈥淓very Tuesday, I wait at the stairs of my apartment for the mail, for your letters. I鈥檝e鈥 read them so many times I can recite them鈥 by heart. Every word you've written to me鈥.
鈥淚 will continue writing them for you, even if you stay with me鈥.
Your voices were low, barely audible out of his place. Like secrets. Bucky kissed you again, bending enough to raise you by the back of your thighs and urge you to surround his waist with your legs. The dog tags on your chest clicked against the other, as you moved your arms to his shoulders and neck, and you were unable to stop kissing him. You two could die right now and not be bothered because you were finally together, and that was all you deserved in life.
鈥淭ell me you will stay鈥 please鈥. His beg brushed your lips, still pecking them between syllable and syllable.
鈥淚 will鈥︹ You replied without hesitating as you could, eager to correspond to every gesture from him. 鈥淚 will stay with you鈥.
Tumblr media
feedback is appreciated, please, leave a comment to let me know if you liked it and/or reblog it.
tag list: @mystic-232 @homesicam @theresnoplatypus @i-love-scott-mccall @slutfornat @thewilloesapphire @goldielocks2004 @whatrambles @the-mystery-spot @multiyfandomgirl40 @purrrrfect @gemini0410 @nikkixostan @spidergirla5 @amethyst-butterfliess @mariska0610 @wanniiieeee @fanofalltheficsx @goldielocks2004 @spideysimpossiblegirl @nocturnalherb16 @jointhehunt67 @the-witty-pen-name @valenquei @golden-hoax @hunter-of-baker-street @missusstark
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buckyblues4 months ago
he鈥檚 an angel , bucky barnes
鈥 (fem!reader x roommate!bucky)
summary; After your roomie sees you watching something he finds quite appealing, one thing leads to another, and then he鈥檚 begging you to fuck him.
warnings; smut, mutual masturbation, sloppy blowjob, pegging, face riding, sub!bucky, being restrained during sex, fwb, anal fingering, degradation and praise, choking during sex, spitting in mouth, cumplay, a pinch of fluff.
word count; 1,632
a/n; this was a pain to write, but i love some submissive bucky. i hope you enjoy <3 - stellie
Tumblr media
鈥淲atching anything good?鈥 Bucky hummed as he made his way through your open door.
You really thought you locked that.
鈥淚t鈥檚 nothing,鈥 you were close to shutting your laptop before he jumped on the mattress next to you.
The volume was low, but Bucky could hear the raunchy moans of the man on the screen getting fucked by a woman wearing a strap-on.
You turned the laptop out of his sight, not wanting him to know what you were watching. 鈥淏uck, it鈥檚 private.鈥
His curious, blue eyes pierced right through you. Fuck, if only you had locked the door.
鈥淟et me watch it with you.鈥
You felt like a teenager getting caught with an x-rated magazine under their bed. Bucky would never let you hear the end of this, and you lived with him.
The video started playing again when you gave him a clear view of the screen. You turned the volume up a bit for good measure, because if you were going to embarrass yourself, might as well go full throttle. A blush coated Bucky鈥檚 milky cheeks, his bottom lip disappearing under his top row of teeth.
鈥淎re you uncomfortable? I can shut it off,鈥 you insisted.
鈥淣o, it鈥檚 just...鈥 he squirmed a little. 鈥淲ere you gonna touch yourself?鈥
If nothing, he was cute. 鈥淥bviously. It鈥檚 porn, Bucky.鈥
Was he turned on? Upset? You couldn鈥檛 tell.
鈥淚 shouldn鈥檛 be stopping you,鈥 he fidgeted with his vibranium fingers. 鈥淚t鈥檚 just me.鈥
Sweet, innocent Bucky. His gaze always lingered on your ass for a bit too long, or he cuddled too close for it to just be friendly. He鈥檚 shy, it鈥檚 nothing to be ashamed of.
鈥淵ou wanna do it with me?鈥 You asked.
He nodded, crossed legs separating. Bucky didn鈥檛 know whether he should look at you, the computer screen, or the ceiling. Every option made him nervous.
鈥淚t鈥檚 alright,鈥 your words flew right over his head. 鈥淛ust lay back and do whatever feels good.鈥
You slipped a hand underneath your pajama shorts, careful to keep your focus on the video. You didn鈥檛 want to make this awkward, toying with your swollen clit in front of your roommate.
Bucky was watching you intently as his hand dipped beneath the waistband of his sweats. He should鈥檝e been watching the screen, and part of him wanted to, but you looked so pretty getting yourself off. His steady breathing escalated to strangled moaning while he stroked his cock.
鈥淔eels nice, doesn鈥檛 it?鈥 You let out a sigh.
鈥淢hm,鈥 he had long forgotten the video, his brow twisting in pleasure. 鈥淎re you sure this isn鈥檛 weird?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 only weird if we make it weird,鈥 you looked at him, wishing that his cock was in your hand instead of his own.
Bucky didn鈥檛 have a comeback to that, just a chorus of whimpers as he came all over his fingers, face flushed a bright red. You could feel the ache in your core getting stronger when a gasp left his parted, petal-pink lips.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e right, it鈥檚 not weird,鈥 he lazily rolled over on his back. 鈥淛ust sticky.鈥
A smile spread across your face. Maybe living with Bucky was more than just convenient.
鈥淗oly shit,鈥 you grasped Bucky鈥檚 short hair as his tongue lapped at your clit.
Just another Saturday.
You and Bucky were feral in every sense of the word, fucking like rabbits for the past few weeks. He would sneak into the shower in the morning with you just to pin you against the subway tile and stuff you full of his cock, or get between your legs after dinner to eat you out like he hadn鈥檛 just eaten.
It was fun, experimental, and exciting. Everything you had never experienced with a man before. Bucky enjoyed learning new things too.
Bucky grabbed your ass when you started grinding on his face harder.
鈥淕onna cum,鈥 you looked down at him.
Your release made your hips stutter and your legs shake, Bucky鈥檚 name leaving your mouth like a prayer.
He lifted you gently, like the kind man he was, his innocent face covered in your sweet nectar. Sometimes you can鈥檛 believe how devilish he can be.
Because Bucky liked solidarity and old movies, not sex and stealing kisses.
鈥淲e should try something,鈥 he massaged your thigh with his calloused palm. 鈥淚 trust you.鈥
You looked at him, as if asking him to continue.
鈥淐an you fuck me?鈥 He whispered.
Your breath caught in your throat for a minute. 鈥淚 mean... yeah.鈥
鈥淵eah? You sure?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sure,鈥 you squeezed his strong bicep. 鈥淗ave you seen the porn I watch?鈥
A blush crept up Bucky鈥檚 neck, he鈥檇 always be a flustered mess.
鈥淚鈥檝e definitely seen it,鈥 he giggled.
He鈥檚 gorgeous, he really is.
As he writhes on the bed with a heaving chest and his perfectly carved abs on display, his legs spread, all for you.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e a good boy, Bucky,鈥 you kiss down his happy trail. 鈥淪o well behaved.鈥
He can鈥檛 even talk. It鈥檚 like his tongue is made of sandpaper. His wrists being clasped together by his favorite belt doesn鈥檛 exactly help his situation.
Bucky is boneless, and desperate.
You took the head of his cock in your mouth, a groan escaping his lips. His heels dug into the mattress, the springs making the most irritating noise, but Bucky鈥檚 symphony of needy whines as you teased the entirety of his length with your tongue drowned out any other sounds in the room.
鈥淲hy are you doing this to me,鈥 Bucky clenched his jaw.
You just swallowed his thick cock to the base, humming around him like you were answering his inquiry.
鈥淚t鈥檚 really fuckin鈥 fun,鈥 you mused. 鈥淚 like having you tied up.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 taking your phone away,鈥 he sassed. 鈥淵ou鈥檝e had too much internet.鈥
You reached next to you on the mattress, grabbing the lube. 鈥淟iar, you鈥檙e into this.鈥
Bucky tensed as he watched you coat two fingers, more than nervous to be touched down there.
鈥淩elax,鈥 you leaned down and kissed the inside of his thigh. 鈥淚鈥檝e got you.鈥
You circled his hole with your index finger, making it clench around nothing.
鈥淏aby, please,鈥 he begged.
You just shook your head.
Bucky pushed his hips forward as much as he could. 鈥淚 need you.鈥
鈥淎lways need something,鈥 you scoffed, plunging a finger inside him. 鈥淪uch a fuckin鈥 needy brat.鈥
He let out a guttural moan when you curled your finger, lighting his nerves on fire.
鈥淐an my pretty boy take another one?鈥 You smirked.
鈥淵es,鈥 he replied breathlessly.
You pressed another finger in, making him wince. He took it so well, it鈥檚 like he was made for it.
鈥淭his view is fantastic, Buck.鈥
His eyes screwed shut when you hit his spot inside. Glossy precum smeared all over his abdomen as he squirmed around.
鈥淧lease fuck me,鈥 he pleaded. 鈥淚 want it so bad, I need you.鈥
Bucky Barnes, the same man who paid half your rent every month, was sprawled helplessly on your bed, legs spread wide open for your eyes only.
You stood up to get strap-on and attach it to yourself properly. Bucky hated the emptiness in his hole, nearly sobbing on the mattress with a wrecked expression.
鈥淎re you gonna be a good little slut and take my cock now?鈥 You ran your thumb over Bucky鈥檚 bitten bottom lip.
He quickly nodded his head, his wrists pulling at the belt wrapped around them.
You grabbed his nicely structured jaw with your hand. 鈥淕ood boy, open up.鈥
Bucky eagerly opened his mouth wide, his long tongue sticking out. He knew what you were about to do, and he wanted it. You puckered your lips and spit right in his mouth.
鈥淪wallow,鈥 you ordered.
He did so with vigor, like it was the best thing that had ever happened to him. You lubed up the strap-on in the meantime, deciding that your desperate boy finally deserved some relief.
You were once again between his legs, lining the tip up with his fluttering entrance. He was already so fucked-out, but neither of you were ready to call it a night. You rubbed soothing circles on his hipbones as you pushed in.
Soft sighs left Bucky鈥檚 parted lips as you filled him up completely, his dick leaking obscene amounts of precum. His cerulean eyes were glued to your bare body, wishing he could reach out and touch you.
You began thrusting in and out, at a languid pace. It was pure torture.
鈥淔uck me harder,鈥 he mewled. 鈥淏aby, please, faster.鈥
You couldn鈥檛 help but laugh. 鈥淪o now my slut is begging to be fucked? You want me to ruin you?鈥
Bucky was sweating and panting, and you knew that with all his strength, he could have it his way, but no.
He needed you to fuck him.
Your hand snaked around his throat without a second though, squeezing. You gave him a hard thrust, angling your hips to hit his spot.
鈥淚鈥檓 gonna fuck you 鈥榯ill you鈥檙e senseless,鈥 you could feel him letting out a choked moan where your hand wrapped around his throat. 鈥淵ou鈥檒l be feelin鈥 it for weeks.鈥
With every thrust, Bucky鈥檚 cock twitched against his stomach. You knew he was close.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 my good boy,鈥 you praised. 鈥淕onna cum for me? Make a mess for me, Bucky.鈥
His abdominal muscles clenched at your words, and white ropes of cum shot all over his torso.
You released his throat from your grip, letting him catch his breath. He鈥檚 still shuddering and moaning your name.
鈥淪uch an angel,鈥 you dipped a finger in the mess he made, lifting it to your lips.
Bucky鈥檚 eyes were half-lidded and full of bliss, you know that you did something right as you sucked your finger clean, his pliant and beautiful body underneath yours.
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carolinasgirl5 months ago
Summary: [6k words] After you have been struggling to orgasm for a while your friend recommends聽a sex therapist to you. When you finally work up the courage to set up an appointment, not expecting to have the best sex of your life.
!! WARNINGS:聽unprotected sex, oral (male receiving), degradation kink, slight pain kink, fingering, daddy kink, thigh riding, mentions of anal, could suggest cheating.
special gif credits to @chasm2018鈥 !!
Tumblr media
鈥淚s his stroke game bad?鈥 Your best friend, Sydney, asks you, digging into her lunch after taking a sip of her drink.聽
The sun gleams down on your face, your fork playing around with your food as the conversation makes your mind run in circles, slowly turning you crazier and crazier. 鈥淣o, it鈥檚 not that, I just don鈥檛 think I can orgasm and my gynaecologist sucks, it鈥檚 like she just doesn鈥檛 listen to what I鈥檓 saying.鈥 You sigh, shaking your head and placing down your fork with aggravation. 鈥淚t鈥檚 nothing to do with Brandon, I think it鈥檚 just me.鈥
鈥淵ou had mind-blowing orgasms with Josiah though?鈥澛
鈥淕od, that was years ago. All the one night stands I鈥檝e had, you鈥檙e telling me I can鈥檛 squeeze out one orgasm. Brandon鈥檚 ex always talked about how great he was in bed, my body just doesn鈥檛 like him for some strange reason.鈥 You rant, venting out your frustrations that have been building up for a while now.
For a while now, you鈥檝e been hooking up with Brandon, he鈥檚 been a friend with benefits for months and within all these months you are yet to have one single orgasm. You鈥檝e been craving that cloud nine feeling for so long. The one night stands you have indulged yourself in have been one-sided, guys being blinded on how to please a woman. Brandon is interested in pleasuring you, yet you don鈥檛 believe he knows how to, even if he is has given his exes joyous sex.
Sydney sighs from the other side of the table, bringing her phone out which makes you tip your head to the side in confusion. 鈥淩emember that sex therapy place I told you about?鈥澛
鈥淪ydney, no. Who goes to sex therapy alone?鈥
鈥淚 do and it blew my mind. It鈥檚 pricey but the orgasm he gave me with just his fingers鈥 Amazing. It鈥檚 literally just like a gynaecologist, but purely just orgasms.鈥 She hums at her final word, tapping at her phone, sending you the contact for the 鈥榯herapist鈥 she is talking about.
You grab your phone that lies on the table, picking it up so you can enter your passcode and click onto your texts with Sydney. 鈥淗arry Styles?鈥
鈥淥kay if you鈥檙e going to bitch about it, then continue to fake your orgasms.鈥 She rolls her eyes, calling the waiter over to ask for the bill. 鈥淛ust think about it.鈥
As you sit at home later on that day, your fingers are twitching against the contact that your best friend has sent you and your mind is hammering with all the pros and cons of what this sex therapy will do to you. The pros are outweighing the cons massively. You鈥檝e reread the website over 1000 times, the reviews all positive and everything looking just as tempting as Sydney described it.
鈥淔uck it,鈥 You say out loud, fingers dancing across the screen.
To Harry Styles: Hello, my friend suggested you to me early today for solo sexual therapy. She gave me your number and the link to the website and聽 I was just wondering if you have any appointments free for anytime this week. Thank you.
You throw your phone onto your bed, avoiding looking at it and cringing at yourself from the awkward text that you just sent off. Questions taking over your body; was the text too informal? Should you have been more friendly? You even forgot to mention your name. Maybe a smiley face at the end would鈥檝e made it seem kinder. Is it too late to send one?
A ping from your phone draws you out of your discomfort and you finally emerge out of the ball that your limbs instantly curved into as soon as you hit that send button.
From Harry Styles: Hi! Thank you for the text and thank you to your friend for referring me. We have an appointment today at 6 PM to get everything checked out, you can read up about it on our website, but it鈥檚 just to check if you鈥檙e able to take part in the sexual therapy. If you鈥檝e ever visited a gynaecologist, it鈥檚 as simple as that, you鈥檙e with a professional doctor so don鈥檛 worry. The results take 7 days to come back if they are all clear, I can book you in for an appointment with me next Monday at noon.聽
And that is where it all begins.
You let Harry know your name and any other necessary details and you are all booked. You arrive at your check-up appointment on time, bringing your ID and letting the receptionist know all your details which she typed into the system, letting you through to the female doctor who sat you down and explained everything to you calmly. She was brief but detailed, leaving all the important facts for Harry to tell you. She took the tests which went by like a breeze and made you tick from a list of things you would like to do with Harry and things you didn鈥檛 want to do. You ticked all the boxes.聽
Time rushed by. Even though you were dreading the appointment, the 8 long-awaited days felt like a rush. You were working from home and you spent a lot of your time with friends, all of them hyping you up for your appointment that they have been pushing you to make for the longest time.
And now you are currently sitting in the waiting room, scrolling through your phone and on the verge of backing out, spamming the group chat to hopefully emit some nerves that are running through your entire body, creating goosebumps along your freshly waxed skin.
From Sydney to Girls Group: Girl shut up and just do it, I promise you, you鈥檒l have the time of your life. It鈥檚 not awkward, he鈥檚 not rough, he鈥檚 not a dirty talker, he cares about his clients.聽
鈥淣umber 12.鈥 A husky voice from the door calls and your body shakes, looking down at the small square of paper and flickering your eyes back up to look at the face of the voice. The receptionist gives you a number when you arrive for client confidentiality and no one else in the waiting room will know your name, which helps cure your nerves and embarrassment a little bit.聽
For a second you lose your voice, you feel breathless. The man standing there, looking like a slice of heaven, a glow radiating from his beautiful skin. The tight black button-up he is wearing is clinging to his chiselled abs and the black leather trousers are held together with a Gucci belt which just makes him look 10x more delicious. You do not regret wearing the skimpy red dress that Sydney forced you to buy along with the matching lingerie set.
You stand up, smiling at the man, who is holding the door open for you, waiting for you to follow him.
After following him down the short corridor, you both turn him to the room that has his name in the door and you sit on the chair facing the leather one tucked under the dark oak desk, a large iMac sat on top of it.聽
鈥淪o鈥 Y/N.鈥 Harry breathes out, sitting back on his leather desk chair and turning towards you. 鈥淪鈥檔ice to meet ye鈥.鈥 He sticks out his rough palm. The accent. He has no right to sound and look that gorgeous.
You take his large hand into your small one, giving him a timid shake and friendly smile. 鈥淚t鈥檚 nice to meet you too.鈥
鈥淪o, what brings ye鈥 to do solo sex therapy?鈥
Taking a deep breath, trying your hardest not to nervously play with your fingers, you instead play with your silver angel necklace that is hanging around your neck. Harry takes notice of it and licks his lips at the look of it. 鈥淪o, I鈥檝e not had an orgasm in like two years. The last time was when I was in a committed relationship so I don鈥檛 know if it鈥檚 the thought of commitment holding me back or if I鈥檓 stressed. I don鈥檛 know.鈥 You shrug, feeling your cheeks begin to redden and your palms get a little sweaty.
Harry nods, listening to every word that you say, trying so hard to keep his focus on your eyes, but he can鈥檛 help but watch you play with that little necklace that lies just above your cleavage. He鈥檚 only been in the job for a year, deciding to use his degree and mix it with desire, becoming a sex therapist. In this whole year, Harry has been working here, he has never seen someone so gorgeous and has never been more thankful that this is a solo appointment and you aren鈥檛 tagging a clueless boyfriend along. All his mind is thinking right now is about how well he is going to treat you.
鈥淕ood sex is good sex,鈥 Harry says point-blank, resisting the impulse to take you on his desk right then and there when you begin to play with the strap of your dress, pulling it up which only pushes your tits closer together. 鈥淭he thought of commitment will never hold ye鈥 back from having an orgasm and sex s鈥檚upposed to be a stress reliever, so it鈥檚 sound like you鈥檙e being tense during sex and holding y鈥檚elf back,鈥 He explains, watching your eyes fall to look at the floor.
鈥淵eah, that鈥檚 probably it.鈥
He notices the small damper on your mood and clears his throat, shaking his head, looking towards his computer. 鈥淪o ye鈥 tests came back all clear, I know Doctor Willis told ye鈥 the outline of things, but I鈥檒l be telling ye鈥 what we will be doing today,鈥 Harry says clicking around on his computer, trying to pull up your document.
As you let your eyes rise, they stop abruptly, noticing something that soaks the red lace hidden underneath your dress. He鈥檚 hard. A large tent beneath all that leather, it鈥檚 begging for attention. You are creating excuses in your head, positive that you aren鈥檛 the reason to cause that. You can鈥檛 be that cocky, it鈥檚 his job to get hard and fuck people.
鈥淣ormally we would start with foreplay, the foreplay s鈥檓ainly focussed on you and we don鈥檛 take part in any intercourse until y鈥檃re completely relaxed and comfortable. Some girls want to take it further.鈥 His words completely drowned out in your ears, focussing on how gorgeous this work of art is which is right in front of you. Yet he continues to stare at his computer, not acknowledging how zoned out you are. 鈥淓verything will be protected and safe, the safe word is 鈥榖ook鈥欌
Harry finally turns to you, pushing his chair away from his desk and leaning back a little. 鈥淎re you ready t鈥檚tart?鈥 He asks, noticing your eyes quickly move from his crotch to his pair of golden orbs.
You just can鈥檛 resist him, leaning over from your uncomfortable seat, to reach out for the prominent bulge. Once your hand touches him, there is no denying that he鈥檚 huge, even the thick material that is straining him is struggling to hold him back.聽
Harry looks down at your hand and tries his hardest not to let out a single sound. He鈥檚 so hard because of you, he wants to drop down at his knees and worship you. He doesn鈥檛 know what friend recommended you, but he wants to worship them too for sending such an angel to him. He can鈥檛 give in though, the contract he signed when in this job is that he solely can鈥檛 use clients for his pleasure.聽
鈥淢鈥檚orry Y/N, but this isn鈥檛 what we do here,鈥 Harry informs you, the last word of his sentence weak and coming out as a satisfied sigh.聽
鈥淏ut it鈥檚 what I would like,鈥 You reply, a smug look on your face. He inhales deeply to speak again, however you quickly interrupt. 鈥淵ou said you want your client to be relaxed and comfortable.鈥 You remind him. 鈥淎nd nothing would relax me more than sucking your cock鈥 Mr Styles.鈥澛
He can鈥檛 help but give in, now you鈥檙e groping his cock and he doesn鈥檛 even realise that his hands are gripping his belt to tug it off. He wants you so bad, is it bad to want you? This isn鈥檛 professional, but he鈥檚 never throbbed this hard for someone. 鈥淔or fucks sake, fine do it. But y鈥檅etter do it like ye鈥 life depends on it,鈥 He demands, sliding out his belt from his belt loops.
You are quick to slide off the chair onto your exposed knees, hands flying for his zipper to pull down his pants and expose his tattooed thigh. 鈥淭attoos,鈥 you tut, teasingly tracing your nail over the outlines. You noticed the couple in his hands too and he takes the opportunity to push up his sleeves and show off his inked skin. 鈥淣ot very professional of you Mr Styles.鈥 You tease, lips kissing up to his inner thighs.
He鈥檚 growing impatient and these teasing touches and tormenting words, they鈥檙e pushing him to the edge. 鈥淧ut me in your mouth before I fuck it m鈥檚elf.鈥 He sighs, watching you pull down his boxers, with the help of him lifting his hips so you can watch his cock hit his covered abdomen.
You took a second to admire him. You knew he was big by the size of him just in his pants, but he looks like a whole meal that you want to devour right now. He鈥檚 thick and tall and has a long vein running along the side of him and you can see it pulsing, waiting for some desperate attention.
Inching closer to him, you let your hand wrap around his stiff length to hold it still as your tongue ran along that throbbing vein, receiving a heavenly grumble, deep within his chest.聽
鈥淵鈥檊onna play with it or actually do something?鈥 He challenges, getting frustrated with your actions.聽
Instead of smart-mouthing, you decide to swirl your tongue around his leaking tip, pulling back to watch a bead of cum slip out his slip and run down his length, which your tongue does not hesitate to swoop into your mouth, tasting the sweet but salty divine taste against your taste buds.聽
Harry can鈥檛 take it anymore. 鈥淥kay, since ye鈥 want to be a brat,鈥 he mutters out through his clenched teeth, wrapping your hair around his hand. 鈥淚鈥檒l treat ye鈥 like a brat.鈥 He adds on, his spare hand coming down to slap your cheek lightly indicating for you to open your mouth, which you obliged, not expecting him to push you down onto his cock, your mouth engulfing half of him and already gagging around him.
Something about him calling you that and the aggressive tone in his voice soaks you completely, even more than you already were. You felt the need to sneak your hand down and give attention to your throbbing clit, but once Harry starts to create a rough rhythm, fucking himself into your face, you instantly snap back into action.
鈥淥h fuck- you like that, don鈥檛 you? You fucking love it.鈥 Harry鈥檚 voice is a raspy whisper and it sends shivers down your spine, creating goosebumps to rise on your skin.
Nodding slightly, you meet his thrusts into your mouth, supporting his pulls on your hair, by helping him create a rhythm. There鈥檚 spit everywhere, mixing with pre-cum and you can hear the wet sounds bouncing off the white boring walls along with the sounds of his moans and your loud gags.
Harry is in complete bliss. He鈥檚 always been so used to clean and precise head, which has always made him finish, but nothing has ever made him feel this way. Messy, sloppy, careless. He鈥檚 in love with it, he鈥檚 never felt his balls tighten so fast and his hips begin to falter so quickly. He鈥檚 not supposed to use clients for his own pleasure, he鈥檚 even advised to try his hardest not cum, even when using a condom, which his contract orders him to always do. And that promise he made to his boss, the contract he signed with this company is running through his mind, adding on to the pressure that is building up in his stomach.
Harry pulls back on your hair, trying to slip your mouth off his slick cock, but you instantly retract back, wanting more of him. 鈥淕et off,鈥 he grunts, pulling at your hair a little harder, which makes you finally pull back.
You send him a soft pout, cock still held in your soft palm, mouth dividing the attention between each of his balls, innocent eyes looking up at him.
He notices the mascara that is starting to run underneath your watery eyes, begging for attention. He knows he鈥檚 done for when he looks down at you through hooded eyes, moans, and groans leaving his lips and mouth desperately wanting to cum in that smart ass mouth, but knowing he can鈥檛. He鈥檚 about to burst any second鈥 鈥業t won鈥檛 be so bad if I cum on her face鈥 Harry begins to tell himself, so wanting to cover you up with his cum. How bad he wants to fill up all your holes should be illegal. Every single hole. Over and over and over again.
However, you aren鈥檛 thinking the same, you want more. You鈥檝e already tasted him the slightest bit, but you want to taste him again, this time his whole load in your mouth. You quickly go back to sucking on the tip as your hand-worked against his entire cock.
This made Harry jolt up in panic and pleasure. His thighs begin to tremble and he feels his arms go numb and weak, unable to physically hold you back, even if he didn鈥檛 want to. 鈥淵/N, you鈥檝e- fuck! Fuckin鈥 鈥榚ll! Oh my god!鈥 And that鈥檚 it. He makes the mess in your mouth, that he wanted so bad, but knows he shouldn鈥檛.
You easily swallow him back, letting out a content sigh at the taste you have been craving for. You sit back on your calves, watching the man in front of you, lean over in his leather chair, placing his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands, still panting heavily.
You teasingly chuckle, slipping your hands up his thighs. 鈥淚 know I鈥檓 good but didn鈥檛 realise I was that good.鈥
At that moment, something snaps in Harry. He looks up from his hands, darkness, and lust in his green eyes as he stares you down. 鈥淵ou know what, I thought fucking that bratty mouth would shut you up.鈥 He grabs onto your wrist pulling you onto your feet. 鈥淚 guess I have to try another way.鈥
He quickly moves his hands to your waist to lift you onto his reasonably empty desk, the only things in the way is his computer and little pot of pens.聽
鈥淐ute little dress, did ye鈥 think you could seduce me in this?鈥 He heaves, pulling it up to bunch at your waist.
Your breath hitches for a second when he begins to play with the soaking lace, his fingers inches away from your dripping pussy. 鈥淚t worked, didn鈥檛 it?鈥澛
Smack. A shot of pain shoots through your inner thigh, making you let out a small whimper, positive that your panties are completely soaked through. The sting is so pleasant and the slight burn of the cold metal from his collection of rings sends a shiver down your spine.
He slides off your underwear with one single finger, taking in how your pussy glistens under the bright white light in the room. You鈥檙e pretty sure you are so flooded that you are soaking through. Your thighs are sticky and your thighs are twitching, a sign that you need that attention from him.
His hand comes down to slap against your throbbing heat, clenching around nothing. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e a wet little thing, aren鈥檛 you princess.鈥 He snickers, slapping you once more to receive another small whimper from you.聽
He begins to slip off his rings, indicating that he鈥檚 going to finger the fuck out of you, starting with the one on his middle. But, you鈥檙e totally against that idea, so you are quick to stop him. 鈥淧lease.鈥 Your voice is small but demanding. 鈥淜eep them on.鈥
He obeys and slides it back on. 鈥淲hat do you want?鈥 He asks, slowly shifting in his index finger, watching your face twist from need to thrill. 鈥淢y fingers?鈥 He asks, keeping his finger still, deep inside of you, feeling you clench around him, silently begging for more. 鈥淢y tongue?鈥 He asks again, crouching down and sticking out his tongue to give the attention that your clit is hungry for.
鈥淎nything.鈥 You breathe out.聽
鈥淎nything?鈥 He replies, beginning to move his finger, creating a slow and steady rhythm.聽
You nod eagerly, hands gripping onto his shoulders for some stability, but his other hand quickly grabs both of your wrists to fling them off him.
鈥淟ittle sluts, don鈥檛 get to touch.鈥 a smirk on his face, letting him slip his middle finger to speed up his pace, curling them up to hit all your sweet spots.
Heavy, hot breaths leave your moist lips, the occasional cry mixing in with them, wanting more from him every time he tickles against that place that makes you squirm. Needing more, your hand sneaks down your body to touch against your throbbing clit.
Once again, his hands resist yours, this time slapping them away. 鈥淭hey don鈥檛 touch what鈥檚 mine either.鈥 He growls this time, hand moving faster, so fast he is moving your whole body with his hand too.
Your body begins to grind on his hand unintentionally trying to bring yourself closer to your orgasm, needing more from his fingers, but somehow he鈥檚 also giving so much. Never have you ever been this close to an orgasm. It鈥檚 so overwhelming that you begin to feel your arms go weak, turning into spaghetti. Your legs are beginning to shake and you notice that you鈥檙e so close to the edge.聽
Harry is quick to notice the way your body is moving against his hand along with the way your arms are slowly dropping and legs are shaking, so he begins to create that steady, but a rough pace that he knows makes all his clients shake.聽
It鈥檚 so wrong what Harry is feeling right now. His emotions are high and his head is spinning. He鈥檚 so unbelievably attracted to you that he has to double-check if you鈥檙e real by moving his fingers at an angle to reach the perfect spot that makes you scream. Yup, you鈥檙e real. He shouldn鈥檛 be thinking like this, you鈥檙e a client, and not only is his contract making him feel guilty so many other things are too, but he鈥檚 choosing to ignore them and deciding to watch you cum around his beefy fingers.
鈥淵es, yes, yes!鈥 You scream out, not even bothering to try and keep it down, his fingers still slipping in out of you as your whole body shakes against him, head dropping down to rest on his shoulder, high-pitched whines leaving your lips as you grip onto his biceps.
He smirks, slowly pulling them out as you still tremble against him. 鈥淭wo fingers and already got ye鈥 shaking for me.鈥 He slips his fingers into his mouth, a pleasing moan leaving his mouth once he tastes you against his skin. A combination so heavenly it should be a sin.聽
He crouches down eager to taste more of you, craving your delicacy. His tongue sticks out to lick up your wetness, trying to clean you up before you quickly jolt away, hand pushing his head away from you.
鈥淭hat sensitive?鈥 He asks, watching you nod in reply.
Your thighs have been clenched together for so long you have to check if they鈥檙e not glued together. Seeing stars is an understatement. You鈥檙e seeing the whole galaxy. Mind completely clouded and you鈥檙e positive you are never going to feel something like this ever again. That鈥檚 why you want more. Even though you鈥檙e so sensitive, you need more of him, you need to make the most of this.
鈥淪till want your cock though.鈥 You whimper, leaning forward to help him tug his shirt off, revealing his golden chest, symmetrical tattoos splattered across it.
He watches you begin to admire him in all his glory, once he completely pushes all his material of clothing far away from you both. 鈥淪ure ye鈥 can handle it?鈥 He asks, proud of how much of a mess he has made you.聽
It takes that for you to build up the energy to place your hands on his shoulders, pushing him to sit back on his leather chair.聽
As soon as you slip that dress off that has been taunting Harry since he saw you in the waiting room, he was tempted to bend you over that desk and pound into you right there. He should be doing that. He should be taking control as the therapist. Why is he letting his client control him? He knows he鈥檚 fucked for you and it鈥檚 so wrong, although when you shimmy out of that little red lace, that is barely covering anything, he somehow persuades himself that it is so right.
Once you unhook your bra, throwing it across the room, you climb onto his lap, hands on his shoulders to keep yourself steady. 鈥淵our tattoos make you a lot sexier,鈥 You state as you admire the art鈥 on art.聽聽
He chuckles, hands instantly finding your ass to help you grind on his hard cock. He鈥檚 never gotten so hard this quick, he鈥檚 just got a mind-blowing head and had one of the best orgasms he鈥檚 ever had, yet he鈥檚 hard again just from looking at you completely stripped of clothing.聽
鈥淭here鈥檚 a lot of them,鈥 You mumble, looking down at your wet core grinding against all the inkwork splattered over his thigh. 鈥淐an you tell me what all of them mean?鈥 You ask, looking down at the wet streak you are leaving as you trail your fingertips across that bible tattoo on his arm.聽
No one has ever found pleasure in grinding on his thigh before and he loves it, he knows you both don鈥檛 have much time to get yourself off like this, but he wants to watch you crumble all due to his thigh.聽
鈥淚 guess we can do that on our date.鈥 You say boldly, hand reaching down to grab his cock so you can line him up with your entrance, feeling your juices trickle down him at the slightest push.
You just asked him out on a date. Or told him you are going on a date with him. He doesn鈥檛 know how to feel about that, but for some reason, it makes him harder. Harder than he thought he ever could get.聽
Big. That single word describes Harry. Everything about him is huge and that doesn鈥檛 exclude his dick. When you sink onto him, you can feel absolutely everything that makes your jaw drop and your body feel so small. You take him halfway and stop there, giving yourself some time to adjust to his thickness, his length, every single detail.聽
Harry sits back, head tilting back at the feeling of you clenching around him with hard pants leaving your desperate lips. 鈥淐鈥檓on, I know y鈥檆an take more than that, ye鈥 minx,鈥 he mumbles, getting frustrated with waiting for you, just wanting to feel all of you.聽
鈥淥f course,鈥 You smirk, trying to cover any expression of pleasure as you take all of him in, allowing him to let out a satisfied sigh. 鈥淲as just trying to feed your ego with your small dick.鈥 You tease.
That鈥檚 it for Harry. He doesn鈥檛 know what flips the switch in him, he鈥檚 never been teased like this, never even been this rough with his clients either not with the people in his love life.聽 But there is something special about you that brings out this side of him. The side that makes his eyes darken and his jaw clench.聽聽
His hand wraps around your throat, his grip so harsh that you nearly fall back, having to place your hands on his knees so you don鈥檛 fall off of him. 鈥淔uckin鈥 brat.鈥 He growls, starting to thrust up into you at a heavy and fast rhythm, not giving you any time to build the pace. 鈥淩emember why ye鈥 came here.鈥澛
You can鈥檛 even focus on what he鈥檚 saying, your ears are ringing out with the sounds of your skin slapping with his, the sounds of your wetness slicking against his cock, the sounds of your loud moans, begs and pleads.
鈥淵鈥檆ame here because ye鈥 fuckin鈥 wanted me. Say it, say ye鈥 wanted me.鈥 He lifts his hips off the chair, his one hand that isn鈥檛 wrapped around your throat holding onto your waist so tight that he is sure his fingertips are leaving faint bruises. You stay silent, too overwhelmed with the way his tip is hitting your cervix, so deep he is ruining you. 鈥淪ay it.鈥 He near yells, slapping your ass to get your attention.
鈥淵ES! Yes Harry I wanted you so bad- please don鈥檛 stop! Please keep on fucking me, daddy.鈥 You cry out.聽
That name. God that name. It allows him to go harder, rougher, faster. His hand around your throat tightens too, slightly restricting your breathing, only making the pleasure that much more overwhelming. You鈥檙e grinding against him now, getting more friction.
鈥淵鈥檒ike that, ye鈥 little slut, like being a brat for me, god, look at ye鈥. So desperate f鈥檓e.鈥 he rambles out, between grunts and huffs with each thrust.聽
His eyes lift from staring at the way he鈥檚 slipping in and out of your tight, restricting cunt to your body, noticing that familiar sight of your legs shaking and your body twitching. 鈥淵鈥檊onna cum around m鈥檆ock? Ye鈥 gonna cream around me, show me how much of a whore ye鈥 are for me.鈥 He groans, watching your face contour into complete pleasure.聽
Your moans turn into cries and your cries turn into screams of his name. There鈥檚 tears of ecstasy escaping from your eyes, your velvet walls clenching around him once you feel tour overwhelming orgasm take over your whole body.聽
As you tremble, shake, and shudder, Harry watches you, mouth dropped open and no sound coming from your mouth. You have to pull yourself off of him, letting your peak hit. You don鈥檛 even notice that you are squirting all over him. His thighs, his cock, his chest, completely soaked from you.聽
Harry is in awe, he can鈥檛 stop looking at you, he thinks he鈥檚 about to cum untouched. Just looking at you can make him explode. But he continues to slap his cock against your clit, only bringing you to slump forward completely blacking out.
Harry鈥檚 hands are on your back, keeping you stable trying to control the uncontrollable amount you鈥檙e jerking. He鈥檚 given many girls mind-blowing orgasms, but they have never reacted like this.
It takes a few moments for you to snap out of it and get back the slightest bit of your stamina, so determined to get him off.聽
You reach down, grabbing his rock hard cock in your warm palm, stroking him against your soaking entrance which makes your thighs shake that once more.聽
鈥淗ey, you don鈥檛 need to- Ohhh fuck!鈥 he moans out, once you push him into you, unintentionally letting out another eruption of your wetness.聽
It takes that little push to tip Harry over the edge, feeling his balls tighten and his stomach begin to clench. And that鈥檚 when he realizes鈥 he鈥檚 not wearing a condom. It鈥檚 too late for him to pull out, he can feel himself releasing inside of you, his warm load filling you up to the brim as he jerks and twitches inside of you.
鈥淔uck, get off.鈥 he protests through his pants, cock still sensitive and throbbing, but he doesn鈥檛 know what to do. He鈥檚 so overwhelmed.聽
He watches the way his cum drips out of you like sweet honey and he groans at himself, not knowing if he鈥檚 ashamed or proud. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 wear a condom,鈥 he mumbles, pinching the bridge of his nose.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 fine, I鈥檓 on the pill,鈥 you reassure him, leaning down to kiss his neck, leaving a trail of kisses, wanting more from him. 鈥淐ome on, want you in my ass Harry, want you-鈥
A ringing sound from his computer stops you, making you look up with a confused look.聽
鈥淭ime鈥檚 up.鈥 He mumbles, reaching out for the mouse to cancel the notification, giving you a slight nudge to tell you to get off of his lap.聽
As he wiggles his mouse around, you notice something that makes your stomach turn. You were innocently admiring how beautiful his hands are, how his rings are so striking and intriguing, but one stands out. It鈥檚 placed directly on his ring finger, much more mundane than the rest and not as thrilling. Extremely similar to a wedding ring.聽
Quickly, you get redressed, not caring how his cum was running down your thighs and trying so hard not to look at him redressing himself.聽
鈥淵ou can book yourself in for another appointment if y鈥檞ould like.鈥 He breaks the silence, concentrating on his hands that are trying to fix his shirt to cover his half-naked body.
鈥淎re you married?鈥 You ask, probably way too fast for him to understand, but the sex you two just had is not the type of sex a married man has with a random girl.
鈥淓xcuse me?鈥 he turns to look at you, eyes stern as to tell you not to ask him something like. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 see how that鈥檚 any of ye鈥 business.鈥
鈥淭he sex we just had, there was a connection there. You wanted to cum in me because you wanted to claim me, you were that rough-鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 how I am with all m鈥檆lients, better orgasms.鈥 He interrupts. Pathetic excuse but his straight face could convince anyone, but not you.聽
You scoff. 鈥淢y friend said you weren鈥檛 rough and you didn鈥檛 dirty talk, Harry you pounded me so hard you were in my fucking guts.鈥澛
Those words make his cock twitch in his pants, how ironic since he is fumbling to buckle his belt, trying to completely ignore the effect your words have on him.聽
鈥淎re you married?鈥 You ask again, this time a lot more clearer.
He lets out a large exhale, crossing his arms. 鈥淵es, I am. But-鈥 Harry watches you turn on your heel, walking out of the door. 鈥淵/N, wait c鈥檓on!鈥 Too late. You鈥檝e already slammed the door behind you, leaving him to stand in the middle of the room feeling all types of emotions.聽
He fixes his clothes, brushing himself down and trying his hardest to push his thoughts aside, looking through his lists of clients and time slots on the wall. Great. You were the last appointment, meaning he now has to go home and dwell on you. Probably have a cold shower and use his hand as a replica for your sweet pussy.聽
After grabbing his phone and other things he needs, he begins to exit the building, saying goodbye to the odd member of staff standing around in the corridor.聽
鈥淪ee you later Harry.鈥 One of the receptionists speaks up, watching him rushing to the door.
He stops, turning to her with a false smile on his face. 鈥淪ee you later, Julia. Say hi to the husband f鈥檓e, will ye鈥?鈥 Harry bids her a farewell, also referring to her husband who he also is good friends with.聽
鈥淎nd say hi to your wife from me,鈥 Harry gives her a tight-lipped smile, cringing at the thought. 鈥淪till can鈥檛 believe she鈥檚 pregnant, she鈥檚 already got that glow.鈥 She adds on.聽
鈥淵eah, either can I.鈥
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spikesbimbo7 months ago
Mood Swings
Tumblr media
Summary: Daddy鈥檚 little girl always gets what she wants < 3
Pairing: Nanami Kento x reader
Tags: babymaking ; ) neglected reader, daddy kink, size kink, hurt/ comfort
wc: 2.3k聽
聽a/n: this was very self indulgent, just like all my other works
this is a reupload from my old blog jaded--enigma
Tumblr media
Closing the door behind you, feet dragging against the floor as you came home from a bad day at work, eyes glossy and red. Immediately going to your finance鈥檚 office, wanting him to coddle you and tell you everything would be alright, as he was great at. One of the reasons you admired him so much, being his biggest fan.
Opening the door to see him writing something on his papers, his blazer on the floor, only wearing his white button-down shirt fitting him perfectly.聽
His arms barely fit the tight material as your eyes scrolled down to his glasses sitting on the table next to his hands, so pretty and big, instantly getting you worked up, even though that was the reason you came here. Wanting your daddy to make it all better.
Walking up to him making your way in his lap, sittin pretty. Mumbling out a 鈥渒en鈥, resting your head on his shoulder while gently kissing his neck.聽
鈥淣ot now baby.鈥 he said, gently moving his head away from yours before you could even wrap your arms around him, so why did that make you fall apart? Why were you so sensitive? Why were there tears forming in your eyes?
You gave him a fake soft smile pushing the tears back, saying 鈥渙kay.鈥 and hopped off of his lap, already missing his touch as you walked out of the room, feet still dragging as you took one last peek at him before you shut the door and started walking towards your own room, knowing he would work till late night, as always.
He was obviously stressed so you understood that he wanted to be alone, but you felt so burdensome, annoyingly needy, as you finally made it to your room. Laying on the bed that you two slept on, hugging the fluffy sheets.
Trying to get your mind off of it, you changed into your baby blue silk nightgown, finding it in your closet full of clothes he bought you. So much that you started using the guest room for extra storage for your shoes.
It fell just over your knees, the straps dainty as a pin, flowing as you walked towards your bed again, dimming the lights on the way.
Dirty thoughts getting to you, remembering that you had to wash them two days ago from him making a mess out of you after coming home from work, taking it out on you. Now covering your face with your hands, pain spreading throughout your body as you tried to subdue it, telling yourself you could wait鈥 but you couldn鈥檛.
Your legs spread open, no panties or bra on, just the gown. Shoving your fingers into your cunt, so wet and needy, making a mess but getting yourself nowhere. Crying softly, the last thing you want to do is make your daddy mad at you.
Fat tears falling from just wanting an ounce of his attention, so needy, so embarrassed; embarrassed over the fact that you couldn't even touch your clit right without getting tired.聽
Embarrassed that he could get you off better than yourself, the fact that you were never dry around him; the fact that he had you this spoiled to the point of him doing everything for you made your heart break and flutter at the same time.
He loves how appreciated you made him feel, making him feel like you couldn't do anything without him. He loves to take care of you because he doesn't want to see you let go of your youth, in a way living his life through you. Not wanting to rush to 鈥榞row up鈥 like he had to,聽 you made him feel like he was living his life with no regrets.
Your fingers were so small in comparison to his, thinking about how just one would fill you up, and him simply curling it inside you would make you cum, so responsive to his touch. Trying your best to feel the feel same as his.聽
You raised your legs slightly in the air, trying to reach deeper like he did. It somewhat working as you were now letting out held back moans along with 鈥渄addy and ken鈥 falling there too, or maybe it was from the lewdness of it all, your messy little pussy all wet thinking 鈥榖out daddy and his fat cock, if only he knew.
You were so lost in your own world you didn't even hear the door open. He was met with your sticky tears falling down your pretty face as you struggled trying to get yourself off. His composed nature leaving him freezing for once in his life.
You finally gave your self a break, sobbing louder as you couldn't even feel anything looking up to wipe your tears with both hands, finally getting them dry enough to see as turned your head, shaking in place seeing your future husband stand in the doorway.
鈥淜-ken鈥 you startledly whispered loud enough for him to hear while he was making his way to you, loosening his tie, his stoic face staying the same. He got on the bed, hovering over you, his tie and shirt lying somewhere on the floor as he inched closer to you, his nose almost touching yours.
鈥淵ou know I love you right? He said, taking your left hand into his, grabbing the diamond ring on your finger, stroking it with his finger as it gleamed in the moonlight. You looking at his sliver one in return, too shy to face him after what just happened.
鈥測-yes鈥 you wept locking eyes with him, your vision being blurry but still seeing his handsome face above you 鈥淚 know it's my fault daddy. M-m鈥檚orry鈥澛
鈥淪hh, baby it's never your fault. Daddys sorry, he didn't know how needy you were, cmere.鈥 he cooed bringing you closer to him. 鈥淭ell me what's on your mind. What's wrong honey?鈥澛
鈥淓verything daddy鈥 everything.鈥 you complained, reaching to wipe your eyes again. He already knew what happened just from you saying that. And as usual the only reason his baby would cry was because of their job or a sad movie.聽
鈥楬ow about you just be my cute little wife and carry my babies; that's the only thing you'll ever have to do again, okay?鈥 he said already having it in the back of his head ever since he first fell for you. After months of you sneaking him extra bread in his bag when he left the store, always smiling at him with your whole heart; it being the first time he's ever blushed, he was whipped.
鈥淢kay.鈥 you sniffled, not even bothering or caring to fix your face. He was so kind. The idea sounding great in your head. Never having to see your mean boss again, always getting on you for the simplest things, leaving to go cry in the break room.
鈥淭here's my good girl.鈥 he praised, kissing you forehead, dragging up your nightgown over your head, finally being bare for him, as his eyes took in your body. Loving every curve you had, kissing his way down your neck after staring with your eyes. Your salty tears being whisked away from his affection that he gave you, that you loved.
His lips met your chest, wrapping them around your nipple as he cupped that breast. Squeezing it gently while moving his hand from your thigh, his ring leaving an imprint there while grabbing your other breast. Flicking it with his finger, loving to hear the little whimpers you let out, so precious.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so wet鈥 he said, attaching his lips to your puffy clit, sucking on it while shoving his long fingers into you soaking little cunt, curling them just like how you were daydreaming about earlier.
鈥淒addy- please.鈥 you whined bucking into his mouth already so needy, not needing any prep, just wanting to be stuffed full.
鈥淕imme...鈥, you said, trying to form a sentence while聽 his fingers were knuckle deep, hitting your g spot with ease.
鈥淚 got you my love鈥 he said, already unbuckling his pants, taking a break from abusing your poor clit as you watched his cock pop out of his boxers. Mouth already watering thinking about taking it into your mouth, but pushing that to the side, knowing that he wouldn't say yes to that right now.
He hasn't seen a prettier sight in his life; your ankles by your ears, pussy begging for him to breed, his mind foggy as ever as you tell him to fuck a baby into you. Freezing at the words coming out of your sweet little mouth. But how could he tell his angel no?
鈥淥pen up for me sweetheart.鈥 he muttered, imagining you so full and needy, not even being able to get up without him making him harder than ever. Sliding into you with no condom, as always, only on birth control. But the thought of it not doing its job got you even more hot and bothered, you head flooding with the thought of him fucking his cum back into you.
鈥淩elax鈥 he says, observing your face attentively.
鈥淵oure so big daddy鈥 you breathed out, eyes locking on his cock doing its best to fit in your little hole, even though you were drenched he still had to take it slow.
鈥渋t hurt?鈥澛
鈥淣o. just fuck me, please. I'll be a good girl, daddy please.鈥 you whined already working your way to make him bottom out.
He puts his lips on yours to distract you, shoving his length all the way in. Catching your moans in his mouth, groaning into yours. Your sweet scent getting his mind hazy as you rested on the mattress, your greedy little hands placing themselves on his back as you grabbed him closer.
He pushed himself balls deep in you, not taking long for you tell him to move whining out for your 鈥渄addy to fuck you鈥. His cock nudging your cervix, slowly easing back and forth to ease the pain you didn't even notice.
You feel so full while trembling in his hold. Feeling so good to finally have him inside you. Knowing that he was doing his best to not just fuck into you, wanting to make you feel good like you deserved.
He breaks the kiss and buries his face in the mattress beside your head, leaving kisses on your neck, as your ankles were now on his shoulders, hips spread wide rough for him to abuse. Your lips brush against his arm while he's connecting his hands with yours. Your rings clashing while you accept, pulling him closer like it's possible.
He's kissing underneath your ear now he starts to move his hips. Moaning at the feeling of his fat cock finally stretching you out. Pulling all the way out except the tip before slamming his hips back into yours, both of you moaning at the feeling.
He continues fucking you deep and fast, knowing thats how you liked it. His big frame towering聽 over yours, the comfy feeling of his weight on you, the heat radiating from his body making you feel like you were in heaven
鈥渒-ken,鈥 you mouthed not letting a word out but he read your pretty swollen lips. 鈥測ou feel s-so good. d-ont pull out.鈥.
鈥淲hen have i ever.鈥 he stated, his voice unwavering as he brought his face to yours, seeing your eyes glossy and red, knowing you couldn't think straight right now. The only thing being on your mind was him. 鈥淵ou wanna be a mommy?鈥
鈥淵-yeah want your babies, want daddies babies, daddy please, please ple-鈥 you whimpered out, clinging onto his shoulders admiring his body before you met his eyes. Overcome with the feelings you had inside you, wanting him to know as much as you. 鈥淒addy -hahh i lov-e you.鈥澛
鈥淚 know baby... i love you too鈥 he returned, placing his lips on yours as he continued fucking into your sloppy little hole that he was the cause of.
He grabs your thighs, spreading them apart more, your hips giving away. Almost lifting you up, fucking into you deeper than before. Your screaming with no noise coming out except gasps because your daddy fucking you so good, making your head spin. And all you can think about is having his babies, wanting him to cum in you so much that it never comes out.
鈥淢ore鈥 you begged, wanting to feel his cum dripping out of you.
Your orgasm, collecting itself all this time, finally hits you like a shockwave. So unannounced that you completely let go and turn limp and he's still manhandling you, getting himself off.
You don't even feel him stop, just feeling his hot cum pouring inside you before you realize your not being thrusted into anymore. You cunt still clenching around him, milking him for everything he鈥檚 got as he tunes you over, not pulling out. You now resting on top of him, both of you breathing heavily as you cum for the nth time feeling it drip down your thighs and onto his balls.
鈥淎re you okay my love?鈥
You cant even talk now, you voice long gone from crying earlier to him fucking you. You just snuggle into his side, wrapping your arms around his bicep as he strokes your forehead, kissing it before you grab his face.
鈥淜iss鈥 you pouted using your remaining strength to point to your lips.
He lets out a laugh, leaning down to give you what you want, as always. Breaking the kiss when you let out a moan again; his cock was not hard anymore but still took up all the room in you, if you moved it would move it you.聽
He repositions himself deep as he can inside without hurting you before noticing your swollen eyes starting to close. 鈥淕oodnight doll, love you.鈥 he softly says kissing your forehead again
鈥淲ait鈥 You mummerd out, not opening your eyes but putting all your attention on him too. Wondering what you were gonna say as your soft sleepy smile appeared on your face. Cheeks all puffed out along with your lips. As you snuggled closer to his, mouth right up at his ear.
鈥淕鈥檔ight daddy, love you too鈥
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bubbleteaimagines6 months ago
He cheats and gets someone else pregnant
Haikyuu Boys Drabbles
The one where you finally realize your worth and don鈥檛 forgive a cheater
Tumblr media
It was inevitable, he supposed. You weren鈥檛 a dumb person- you鈥檇 figure it out soon enough. You鈥檇 pick up on the signs- notice how much he鈥檚 been going out lately and staring at his phone. Laughing at things you hadn鈥檛 sent him, becoming distant, slowly but surely.
Suna knew you鈥檇 find out.
He just wasn鈥檛 expecting it to be soon.
He had come home one evening and took a shower like normal. While he washed up, he made the terrible mistake of leaving his phone in the kitchen, thinking that there was no way she鈥檇 text him. Their relationship was dwindling, after all. Suna was beginning to let the guilt get to him.
After 3 long months, he finally realized what he had wanted. He wanted you, forever and always. He wanted to marry you and spend the rest of his days traveling and experiencing new things with you.
Unfortunately though, he figured it out too late. A boys mistake, thinking that the grass was greener on the other side. And he鈥檇 soon pay the price for that wishful thinking.
While you were cooking dinner, you couldn鈥檛 help but notice how often his phone was going off. It kept dinging every few seconds, quickly causing you to become irritated.
Suna鈥檚 phone never went off that much, and so you thought surely it must be the boys. They probably added him into a group chat, you figured.
Oh how wrong you were.
The minute you walked over to the device and picked it up, you could truly feel your heart break. Searing pain burst through you like a rocket, a gasp leaving your lips as you scrolled through the messages.
8:53 PM
Unknown: Suna? Do you think we could talk?
Unknown: I know you said that you were going back to Y/N, but I...I鈥檓 pregnant. And it鈥檚 yours
Undeniably, you were shocked and confused. Pregnant? Who was this that was texting his phone? And why the hell did she think she was pregnant by your boyfriend?
A sickening feeling began to bubble in your stomach. Putting the phone down, you clenched your fists and took deep breaths.
In and out, Y/N. In and out.
Surely there was an explanation for this, right? You鈥檇 ask Suna as soon as he got done showering, and he鈥檇 laugh and tell you how this was all a misunderstanding. Some prank by Atsumu, wanting to get him back in his own cruel way.
One look at his face, though, and you knew everything.
鈥淭ell me you didn鈥檛,鈥 Your bottom lip trembled as you stared at Suna, his eyes widened as he looked at the phone in your trembling hands. Once again, it pinged, but you didn鈥檛 even have the energy to look. The only thing you were focused on was your heavy breathing, and the fact that you were becoming light-headed as Suna stepped forward.
鈥淵/N, baby, I can explain.鈥
As soon as those words left this lips, your entire world shattered. Letting out a sob, you dropped the phone and used your hands to cover your mouth in horror.
鈥淪o you did.鈥
Suna became panicked as soon as you started crying, holding onto the kitchen table to keep yourself from falling over. The pain that you felt was indescribable, not to mention the absolute betrayal. You had given everything up for Suna- and he repayed you like this?
鈥淵/N/N, please,鈥 Suna was begging as he moved closer, trying to embrace your crying figure in his arms but you pushed him away, sudden anger taking over you.
鈥淒on鈥檛 touch me!鈥 Suna flinched as your damn near threw him off, backing up so far from him. The look in your eyes nearly killed him as you made eye contract, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want your filthy hands on me now that I know where they鈥檝e been!鈥
鈥淪hut the fuck up Suna!鈥
You could no longer control yourself as rage began taking over your body, slowly but surely replacing the tears. The more you processed it - the more you looked at that bastards face and realized that he had went and knocked someone up while you were at home, cooking his dinner - the more infuriated you became.
鈥淚 cannot fucking believe you. Like are you serious right now?! I spend all day, all fucking day waiting for you Suna. I cook your food, I run you baths, I do everything I can to make your life less stressful and then you go and do this shit?鈥
鈥淏aby just listen me, it鈥檚 not like that, okay?Whatever you saw- it鈥檚 in the past! Me and her- it meant nothing. I realize that now. It鈥檚 me and you baby- just us. That鈥檚 all I want,鈥 Suna felt tears trailing down his cheeks as he desperately pleaded his case. Desperately grabbing at you, trying to hold you as if that would make everything okay. As if a simple 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry,鈥 could fix what he broke.
Instead, you found yourself laughing bitterly and fought the urge to smack him in the face. No, you decided you鈥檇 have more dignity than that. You鈥檇 pack your stuff, peacefully, and leave this asshole here to rot.
That was quickly decided in your mind and within seconds, you were shaking your head, scoffing as you pushed passed him and practically ran to your shared bedroom.
鈥淲ait-! Y/N, what are you doing? No, no, no, no!鈥 Suna panicked even more when he followed you and saw that you were hurriedly packing your stuff in a suitcase. It was messy, and you barely had half of your shit but you decided that it鈥檇 do. At least until right now. At least until...well, you didn鈥檛 really know anymore.
You and Suna, you guys were supposed to be each other鈥檚 forever. You were supposed to be endgame, but as it turned out, Suna ruined that before you could even get a ring.
You scoffed again at the prospect of ever marrying him. Now, you began to think about why you even wanted him in the first place. How did you not notice the signs? The lack of effort for weeks until Suna suddenly warmed up again and began treating you like you were his world.
How did you not catch on? How did it completely slip your mind that you were dating a cheater, until the facts suddenly smacked you right in the face?
鈥淲hat does it look like I鈥檓 doing, Rintaro,鈥 You rolled your eyes, zipping the suitcase and then booking it to the bathroom. You quickly grabbed your body wash, all your hair products and then your toothbrush. You lazily threw them in a another bag and then stood up, glaring at Suna who tried to block you from exiting the door.
鈥淢ove,鈥 You stared him down, venom lacing your words. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 fucking have time for this.鈥
鈥淏aby, please,鈥 You flinched as he reached out to touch you, to stroke your cheek with the same hands that had touched her. They were slightly wet, presumably from wiping his tears away, but all you could think about was that you weren鈥檛 the only one he had been coming home to. You weren鈥檛 the only one he had been fucking and touching.
The thought made you absolutely sick. You were sure that if you didn鈥檛 get out now, then you鈥檇 puke all over your- his expensive furniture.
鈥淵ou have to listen to me,鈥 Suna silently cried, his body shaking as he stood there, begging for the one person he needed in his life to stay. 鈥淚 told you- she means nothing. I don鈥檛 want anything to do with her, I only want you, Y/N.鈥
鈥淎nd the baby?鈥 Dammit. You couldn鈥檛 help yourself. Once again, your anger began to fade as tears gathered in your eyes.
Suna had a child. He had a fucking child with some stranger he鈥檇 known less than six months. She was carrying his blood, something that was supposed to be your moment. You were supposed to give him his first child. You were supposed to be the one he shared that part of life with, not her.
鈥淚- what?鈥
From the looks of it, you鈥檇 almost think that Suna didn鈥檛 know. His eyes were wide, his whole body stopping as he stared at you incredulously.
And then it hit you.
He didn鈥檛 know.
He didn鈥檛 even know that she was carrying his baby. He was completely clueless. Both of you were blindsided.
At this, you couldn鈥檛 help it. You did laugh, a bitter sound that sounded almost like you were mocking him.
鈥淲ow Rintaro. How fucking stupid could you get?鈥 You let out a watery chuckle, shaking your head as a tear ran down your face. 鈥淚f you鈥檙e gonna cheat and fuck someone else, then at least be smart enough to wear a condom.鈥
鈥淏ut I...that鈥檚 impossible,鈥 Suna whispered, mostly to himself. 鈥淚 don鈥檛...I mean she can鈥檛 did you...?鈥
鈥淪he was blowing up your phone while you were in the shower. How did you think I found out?鈥 You gave him a fake smile. 鈥淔or someone that doesn鈥檛 like putting in a lot of effort, you sure did put a lot into making sure you fucked this relationship up. And then your own life too.鈥
You hated to say it, but you silently enjoyed the way Suna was going to suffer. At the very least, it was absolutely what he deserved for cheating in the first place. Now, his life was probably going to be ruined. His career, his dreams, everything he had planned...
It was gonna go down the drain.
And you for one were grateful he wasn鈥檛 dragging you down with him.
鈥淚...鈥 Suna was at an absolute loss for his words. His whole body slumped, seemingly going numb as he just stayed in the doorway, looking shocked. It gave you the perfect opportunity to push past him, a small smirk on your face despite the searing pain in your heart.
You knew it was serious when he didn鈥檛 even try to stop you when you opened the front door.
鈥淚 left your phone on kitchen floor. Maybe you should call her. I鈥檓 sure you鈥檇 like to know more, seeing as it is yours. For your sake, I hope it鈥檚 a bouncing baby boy. That鈥檚 what you always wanted, right?鈥
You spoke one last time, making sure to rub salt in the wound before taking a final glance at the man you loved.
He looked broken, a sheer sobbing mess as he still stood in your bedroom door. A part of you couldn鈥檛 help but feel bad. You couldn鈥檛 help but want to go over and embrace him, dropping everything and tell him that things were gonna work out.
That was the part of you that still loved him.
But the other part...
The other part of you told you that it鈥檚 what he deserved. He cheated, and now he has to live with the consequences. Loosing you, and becoming a father at the age of 20.
That was the part of you that gave you the extra push. That was the part of you that gave you the strength to close the door, forever walking away from the man that broke you and the empty house that held all of your dead dreams.
鈥斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺 鈽侊笍 鈥斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺
You didn鈥檛 believe it. Or more like, you didn鈥檛 want to believe it. You didn鈥檛 wanna shatter your fantasy world, one that you had been living in for four years.
You didn鈥檛 want it to break, because if it did...
You didn鈥檛 know what you were going to do.
For the last four years Bokuto had been your world. Your absolute rock, your sunshine on a cloudy day. He made you laugh, he made you feel welcome and special like nobody else had before.
Surely...your Bokuto wasn鈥檛 capable of this. Surely didn鈥檛...he couldn鈥檛 have...
You didn鈥檛 even wanna think about it. Bile rose up in your throat every time you thought about it...his lips on hers. Caressing her and holding her the way he was supposed to only hold you.
You didn鈥檛 wanna think about it, but yet-
You had no choice as you stared at the pregnant woman before you.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry,鈥 She had tears in her eyes as she sat on your couch, sobbing while simultaneously holding her belly. While holding his baby.
She had come to you only a few hours before, taking you by complete surprise. Never in your life did you ever think you鈥檇 come face to face with your boyfriend鈥檚 baby momma.
But that鈥檚 exactly what had happened.
Apparently, she and Bokuto had both had a one stand a few months ago. It was when he had traveled to Tokyo for a game and you stayed behind because you had school.
It was the one weekend you weren鈥檛 there to support him. One weekend...and you had lost him forever.
鈥淚t鈥檚 not...it鈥檚 not your fault,鈥 You told her somewhat awkwardly, although you didn鈥檛 really mean it. She had slept with your boyfriend, after all. And now she was pregnant, claiming the baby was 100% his.
That wasn鈥檛 even the worst part though.
The worst part was that you couldn鈥檛 even be mad at her, because she didn鈥檛 know. It was a one night thing. She had told you Bokuto had left in tears the next morning, rambling on about how she meant nothing and that he had you to come home to.
She claimed that he regretted it the minute he realized what happened. Crying out about how he was going to propose and then rushing out without so much as a goodbye.
Oh how stupid he was to name drop you.
You almost wished he hadn鈥檛, because that was how she had found you. After finding out that she was pregnant, she tried to reach out to Bokuto only to realize that he was telling the truth. He鈥檇 been with you for four years.
But did that really even mean anything anymore?
鈥淚t鈥檚 just- I just-鈥 The girl shook her head. 鈥淚 just want you to know that I never meant to hurt you. If I had known...if I had any other choice...鈥
鈥淎ctually, I鈥檓 sort of glad you reached out to me. Thank you for that. That was good on your part, seeing as I doubt he would have told me,鈥 You smiled numbly, not capable of feeling anything at the moment.
It was like...your entire body was on shut down mode. It had become numb, desperately trying to block out the pain you were sure that was coming. And you, for one, were absolutely grateful. You didn鈥檛 wanna think... you didn鈥檛 even wanna fathom how broken you were gonna be.
So you didn鈥檛. Instead you kept your thoughts quiet and relished in the numbness.
鈥淵ou know...鈥 You laughed bitterly, sadly shaking your head as you sighed, 鈥淏okuto鈥檚 always wanted a kid. He kept begging me a few weeks ago to have one, but I said no. We鈥檙e both so young, you know? We had our whole lives together.鈥
You hadn鈥檛 meant to make her cry even more, but that鈥檚 exactly what your words did. They cut a knife through this random girl鈥檚 heart, causing her pain that she had stolen that from you. Bokuto, he had taken that from you as well.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry,鈥 Once again, she apologized, but you weren鈥檛 much focused on that. Instead, your attention snapped towards the front door as you heard keys jingling outside. With a sharp push, your stomach dropped.
Bokuto was home.
鈥淗ey hey hey! Babe whose car is that-鈥
Bokuto鈥檚 smile suddenly dropped as he walked into the scene, your dull eyes and the girl鈥檚 tearful ones ones trained on him. Immediately, his whole demeanor began to crumble down and he nervously looked between the two of you, his shoulders dropping.
鈥...outside. What鈥檚 this?鈥
鈥淏okuto, I believe you know her,鈥 You were eerily calm as you pointed towards her, showing no emotion as Bokuto鈥檚 eyes flickered to her stomach. 鈥淭his is Kayla. From Tokyo, right? I think you guys have much to discuss.鈥
Bokuto was at a loss for words as you rose from the couch, gesturing for him to take your seat. But instead of listening, he decided to make things difficult and run after you like a lost puppy as you made your way to the bedroom.
鈥淏abe, babe wait! Y/N, please baby I can explain. I can explain, I can explain, I swear! Just let me, just please let me-鈥
鈥淏okuto,鈥 You stopped him, holding up your hand and shaking your head. 鈥淚鈥檓 not in the mood, really. Just go talk with her alright? She came all this way to find me, so it鈥檚 rude not to.鈥
鈥淏ut baby-鈥
鈥淕o,鈥 You suddenly became firm, gritting your teeth as you stared him. For a second, you took a small pause, and then Bokuto heard the words he never wished to hear his in life. 鈥淎nd don鈥檛 you ever call me that ever again, Koutaro.鈥
鈥淜-Koutaro...?鈥 Bokuto stuttered slightly, reeling back at the use of his first name. 鈥淏ut baby...y-you never call me that. Ever.鈥
鈥淥h yeah?鈥 You couldn鈥檛 help but laugh on how clueless he was. I mean honestly, you never thought that Bokuto was stupid but now...鈥淲ell what the hell else am I supposed to call you? Read the fucking room Bokuto. Your pregnant fucking mistress is sitting on my couch, crying her eyes out and you鈥檙e worried about me calling you by your first fucking name? Get a god damn grip.鈥
For the first time that day, emotion began peaking out from your eyes. Pure anger bubbled up inside of your body, finally manifesting after holding it in for so long.
It felt good, in your opinion, to finally feel something. A delayed reaction, sure, but late was better than never.
鈥淪hut up,鈥 You rolled your eyes at his trembling form. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 wanna hear anything else from you. So go talk to her. Figure your shit out while I pack mine.鈥
鈥淣o!鈥 Panic was evident in his voice as he suddenly grabbed your arms, preventing you from entering your bedroom. Shocked, you siteuggled in his embrace but Bokuto was extremely strong.
鈥淲hat the hell? Let me go!鈥
鈥淵-Y/N! Baby y-you can鈥檛 leave me! You can鈥檛! What about our plans? What about forever and always, you and me?鈥
鈥淒id you think about that before you got drunk and fucked her?鈥 You snapped harshly, causing him to whimper. 鈥淓xactly. So don鈥檛 come pulling that bullshit out on me, Bokuto. You鈥檙e the one that ruined that.鈥
鈥淏ut-鈥 At this point, he was searching for something, anything to make you stay as you shoved him off and then stormed in your shared room. 鈥淏ut baby I- we had this whole plan...I was gonna propose! Please, I...I even got the ring! Here I鈥檒l prove it to you!鈥
While you were busy running around the room throwing all your stuff together, Bokuto suddenly dashed to the kitchen and retrieved a box he had been storing for a special occasion. He completely ignored the girl that was sitting on his couch, not even sparing her a second glance as he rushed back to you and dropped to his knees.
鈥淪ee?鈥 He hurriedly opened the box and desperately grabbed your hand, slipping the shiny diamond on before you could even protest. 鈥淚 had it made for you, Y/N! Pure diamond, princess cut. It鈥檚 even engraved with your name baby! Please...鈥
You had to admit, you wanted to break down as Bokuto began to cry, looking awfully small as he kneeled by your feet. To make matters worse, he kept kissing your hand and mumbling tearful apologizes that yanked at your heartstrings.
By now, your initial exterior had began to crumble. Pain began to surround your heart, squeezing it so bad it almost felt like you were burning. A swell of tears gathered in your eyes, and you almost, almost gave in.
You almost sank to your knees and cried with him, almost pulled him into your arms because you didn鈥檛 wanna let go. You loved Bokuto, you truly did, and you wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of your life with him.
He was a good man, that probably made an honest mistake. He was everything you had ever wanted. And you were so tempted to give in. Until you realized that you deserved better.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry,鈥 Sniffling slightly, you yanked your hand out of his grasp and shook your head. 鈥淏ut I need to go. I can鈥檛 stay here anymore ruined this. You ruined us, and now you have a woman in there carrying your child. You have the family you鈥檝e always wanted. Don鈥檛 ruin that too.鈥
Hastily, you leaned down to press a bitter kiss on his forehead and then stood back up. Bokuto sobbed as he watched your figure retreat, standing high despite the heartbreak.
It was then that he realized that even though you were letting him go, you鈥檇 be just fine. You鈥檇 pull yourself together eventually, you were strong like that. You didn鈥檛 need him, but god, what about him?
He wasn鈥檛 sure if he could survive without you. He could barely even breathe and you hadn鈥檛 even walked out yet.
Was this what it was going to feel like from now on? Empty, hollow...meaningless?
One last time, he cried out of you. He begged you to stay.
But you knew you deserved better than that.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry.鈥
And with that, you left him behind. Forever.
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itsapeterthing5 months ago
The Long Run || Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x doctor!reader
summary: after discovering that you鈥檙e bucky鈥檚 secret girlfriend, sam invites you on a mission with them. when bucky gets injured and you save his life, you give him news that will change the both of your lives for the better and bucky has a very important question to ask you.
a/n: this is technically a part two to Who鈥檚 She?, but can be read w/o the first; reblogs and replies are super appreciated!
word count: 4.9k
warnings: blood, bucky getting shot, mentions of bucky nearly dying, mentions of pregnancy, some swearing, angst, fluff
Who鈥檚 She?
masterlist || request || taglist
鈥淎bsolutely not.鈥 Bucky told Sam.聽鈥淣o way. We have to find someone else to do it.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry- do you have any other secret girlfriends lined up?鈥 Sam asked, crossing his arms.聽鈥淏ecause from what I understand we鈥檙e supposed to be doing this all under the radar and you and I don鈥檛 exactly have a lot of friends right now.鈥
Bucky stood his ground, staring down the man in front of him.聽鈥淚鈥檓 not bringing her into this.鈥
鈥淵ou brought her into this as soon as you decided to date her and she knows that.鈥
Bucky scoffed, rolling his eyes before shoving his finger into Sam鈥檚 chest.
鈥淵ou know- I knew I should have never brought you back to my house.鈥 Bucky said.聽鈥淚 knew聽I should have let Romanoff have you instead of bringing Y/n into this.鈥
Sam sighed, stepping away from Bucky, understanding that he was putting him in a difficult situation. Not even a month ago when Sam was shot during a mission, Bucky had brought him and Natasha Romanoff back to your shared home so you could patch him up. Until then, you had remained a secret to them- Bucky being sure to never even mention your name. He kept your relationship a secret from not only the world, but the team to ensure your safety. The last thing he could ever bare despite everything he had been through was for you to get hurt- especially if it was because of him.
Sam could understand. He would be lying if he said he wasn鈥檛 afraid of the people around him getting hurt because of his choices. A part of him was envious of Bucky for being able to keep you such a secret, ensuring your safety. He understood that Bucky risked his only sense of normalcy to save him and that you- a stranger to him until that night- risked your safety to help him.
He knew he could only ask so much, but he also knew that you were the best choice.
鈥淚 get it, Buck.鈥 Sam told him finally, placing his hand on his shoulder.聽鈥淚 know why you鈥檙e worried, but she鈥檒l be fine. If I thought there was any way she could get hurt, I wouldn鈥檛 even suggest it, but she鈥檒l be so far away-鈥
Bucky shook his head, crossing his arms.
鈥淚鈥檓 not calling her. Find someone else.鈥 Bucky told him finally, seating himself in a flimsy folding chair across the room.
鈥淔ine.鈥 Sam threw his hands up in the air in defeat.聽鈥淚 guess I鈥檒l just find someone else to be our getaway driver.鈥
With that, Sam left the room, making a phone call through the door.
A half an hour filled with silence later, Sam and Bucky heard a car pull up outside the small abandoned building. Quickly glancing at each other, they both stood up, making their way out of the room and towards the entrance of the building. Without opening the door they heard knocking coming from the other side. Just as Bucky鈥檚 hand went to pull on the door handle, Sam鈥檚 hand stopped him, holding his wrist.
Glancing from Sam鈥檚 hand on his wrist to his eyes, Bucky furrowed his eyebrows.聽鈥淲ho did you call?鈥
鈥淟ook, b-before you get mad-鈥 Sam attempted to reason.
That was enough for Bucky to pull Sam鈥檚 hand off of his wrist and yank open the door.聽On the other side he was immediately met with your face staring back at him.
Before you could even open your mouth to greet him, Bucky spun around to face Sam.
鈥淲hat the fuck did I tell you?鈥 Bucky asked, raising his voice.聽鈥淚 told you not to do one thing and you just go ahead and call my girlfriend.鈥
鈥淭here was no other choice-鈥
鈥淗ow did you even call her?鈥 He asked, voice still raised, cutting Sam off.
Finally Sam loosened up at the question, turning to look between you and Bucky.聽鈥淟isten, that鈥檚 your own fault. Who doesn鈥檛 have a phone password?鈥
At that, Bucky threw his hands up in the air, turning to face you instead. You smiled, shrugging.
鈥淚 told you to put a passcode, baby.鈥
Looking at your smiling face, Bucky softened up, lowering his voice. He could hardly ever be mad at you.
鈥淒oll, you shouldn鈥檛 have come.鈥 He sighed.聽鈥淵ou should go back home. Go enjoy your day off. We can handle this on our own.鈥
You had known your boyfriend long enough to know that he was only speaking out of love for you. The kind of love that drove him to keep you a secret for so long from even his own friends in order to protect you. Although you understood how he wanted to protect you, you also understood that Sam wouldn鈥檛 have called you if there were other choices on the table.
鈥淏uck, it鈥檚 okay.鈥 You assured him, tugging on his jacket to pull him closer.聽鈥淪am said that I鈥檇 be fine. Let me help.鈥
Glancing at your face and looking into what one could only call your聽鈥減uppy dog eyes鈥 he cursed to himself, knowing he couldn鈥檛 resist giving in for you.
鈥淥kay. Fine.鈥 He sighed.聽鈥淏ut only if you stay in the car.鈥
Smiling you tugged on his jacket once more, pulling him down to give him a quick peck on the cheek.聽鈥淭hank you, Buck.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 going to regret this aren鈥檛 I?鈥
And he did.
When he, Sam and an injured Natasha Romanoff were running out of an exploding building while agents continued to chase after them still shooting, he was truly regretting ever letting you come on this mission- even though you were only there to serve as their getaway driver and first aid kit for Agent Romanoff.
When you felt the rumble of the explosion shake your car and heard the gunshots going off you jumped in your seat, firmly grasping the wheel. You quickly glanced over your shoulder to see your boyfriend, Sam and Natasha running in your direction and you hovered your foot over the gas, shifting the car into drive.
鈥淕o!鈥 Sam shouted as soon as he got one foot in the door after pushing Natasha inside.
The second your boyfriend slid into the passenger seat you hit the gas at full speed, but before you could speed far enough away you heard one last gunshot sound off before you heard Bucky shout from his seat, swinging the door shut.
Still speeding away at the fastest speed you had ever gone in your life, you turned to face your boyfriend, feeling your heart race in your chest.
鈥淏uck-鈥 You started but before his full name could even slip out of your mouth you could see blood begin to soak the bottom of his shirt.聽鈥淥h my god!鈥 You shouted.
鈥淚t鈥檚 fine-鈥 He attempted to calm you down, groaning while holding his abdomen.
Hearing the commotion, Sam gripped Bucky鈥檚 seat, pulling himself up from the back seat to look at Bucky鈥檚 wound.
鈥淪hit!鈥 Sam swore.
As soon as the words slipped out of his mouth, Bucky swatted him away.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e not helping, Sam!鈥 He grunted, squeezing his eyes shut and throwing his head back.
鈥淥h my God. Is it bad?鈥 You asked shakily, meeting Sam鈥檚 eyes in the rearview mirror.聽鈥淚t鈥檚 bad isn鈥檛 it, Sam?鈥
All you saw was Sam鈥檚 eyes wide, staring right back at you in the mirror. Glancing between your gaze in the mirror and Bucky looking over his shoulder glaring at him, Sam shook his head.
鈥淯h-鈥 He started.
Feeling your hands begin to tremble on the wheel, you glanced back at Sam.
鈥淪am just tell me-鈥
鈥淪am you better shut the hell up!鈥 Bucky shouted.
Realizing that you had driven for long and far enough that the men that were chasing you were no longer still following you, you slammed on the brakes. You heard the grunts of Sam and a incoherent Natasha in the backseat and the muffled shout of pain from your boyfriend besides you. As soon as the car came to a stop, you threw your door open, climbing out of the car and stomping to the passenger side door, swinging it open.
When your eyes met Bucky鈥檚 he just shook his head, eyes wide. He knew that no matter how many things you saw in your time as a doctor that it would inevitably hit you differently to see him so badly wounded and he couldn鈥檛 bare to see you so upset.
鈥淏ucky,鈥 You said, laying your hands on top of his bloodied ones.聽鈥淟et me see it.鈥
He shook his head again.
鈥淛ames.鈥 You stated more firmly, gripping his hands.聽鈥淭ake your hands off.鈥
Knowing that this argument couldn鈥檛 go on for much longer without him caving in, he lifted his hands from his wound and when you laid your eyes on the bloodied section of his abdomen you couldn鈥檛 help but gasp knowing your boyfriend was injured this badly.
鈥淭hat bad, huh?鈥 He asked, groaning again.
You had seen plenty of injuries this bad, but you had been in a hospital and they hadn鈥檛 been on your boyfriend- the man you swore was the love of your life. Pulling your hands away from the wound, you could feel them begin to tremble as the horror of what was happening washed over your body, gluing you to your spot. When you looked up, rather than looking at Bucky, your eyes met Sam鈥檚 who was still sat in the back seat.
Seeing your eyes wide and your hands shaking Sam immediately made his way out of the vehicle to stand by your side. Your boyfriend鈥檚 eyes were still squeezed shut in pain and as you stoood watching him you felt Sam鈥檚 hands land on your shoulders to turn you to face him instead.
鈥淵/n?鈥 Sam asked, trying to get you to focus your attention on him. 鈥淵/n you need to breathe.鈥
You shook your head, staring at him with your eyes wide. You could barely choke the words out. 鈥淚-鈥
鈥淵/n listen to me.鈥 He said, gently shaking your shoulders.聽鈥淵ou need to calm down so you can fix this-鈥
As soon as the words slipped out of his mouth, you could feel your heart racing in your chest. How could he expect you to do this?
鈥淣o, no Sam I can鈥檛-鈥 You told him.
Resilient as ever Sam nodded his head.聽鈥淵es you can.鈥 He said.聽鈥淵ou have to. The next hospital isn鈥檛 for another thirty miles- it鈥檚 you or nothing. You can do this, Y/n. You fixed me and you came for Natasha-鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 different.鈥 You sighed.
鈥淚 know that, but there鈥檚 no other way.鈥
You rung your trembling hands, looking between Sam and your boyfriend still groaning in the passenger seat of the vehicle.
As you looked at him all you could think about was how you couldn鈥檛 lose him- especially not now. You needed him. You didn鈥檛 know what you would do without him. You knew Sam was right too- that if it weren鈥檛 for you doing something, he wouldn鈥檛 survive. You couldn鈥檛 allow that to happen.聽
Taking a long, deep breath you looked up at Sam.
鈥淥kay.鈥 You nodded.
Sam released you from his grip.聽鈥淥kay?鈥 He asked, making sure you were willing to help his friend and when you nodded once more he smiled.聽鈥淥kay. What can I do to help?鈥
You instructed Sam to go fetch the supplies that you had brought and stored in the trunk when he asked you to come in the case that Natasha would need medical aid after being held hostage by the organization they had just saved her from. Although she was barely coherent on the backseat, you knew that she would be okay compared to your partner who was currently bleeding out in the front seat.
While Sam fetched your supplies, you tugged on the hem of your boyfriend鈥檚 shirt, trying to ease it over his head.
鈥淐鈥檓on baby.鈥 You cooed.聽鈥淭he shirt needs to come off.鈥
In too much pain to speak, he lifted his arms slightly, just enough for you to pull his shirt off of his torso and over his head. When you did, however his dog tags came off with it, slipping into his lap. Just when you were about to turn around to take the kit from Sam, you felt the familiar touch of cool metal grasp your wrist.
When you turned around you first met Bucky鈥檚 eyes before following his gaze down to his hand that was balled into a fist, the chain of his dog tag slipping through his fingers.
鈥淭ake them.鈥 He told you, sighing from the pain.聽鈥淚 want you to take them, Y/n.鈥
Staring at his dog tags and the solemn look on his face, you could feel your heart practically stop beating in your chest. Bucky had lived a long, complicated life- longer than most, but stolen from him at the same time. He had been given these same dog tags when he was sent to fight in World War II. Although a part of him had died during the war, he had survived to live decades more, the dog tags staying with him.
As he attempted to hand them to you, you realized that although he didn鈥檛 admit it- he was sure he was going to die in that moment. He had survived for over a century and because of this one bullet that he could鈥檝e escaped from if he was just an inch to the right he thought he was living through his final moments. The dog tags had survived along with him all this time and you couldn鈥檛 bare the thought that he decided that now was the time to give them away.
鈥淏uck, no.鈥 You shook your head.聽鈥淚 can鈥檛 take those. You鈥檙e going to be okay-鈥
鈥淒oll.鈥 He said.聽鈥淛ust take them.鈥
You took his vibranium wrist in your hand and pulled it away from your arm.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e not dying on my watch, okay?鈥 You said finally, turning around to take the kit from Sam.聽鈥淣ow... there鈥檚 no easy way to say this... this is going to hurt.鈥
Bucky couldn鈥檛 help but throw you a lopsided smile at your resilience.
鈥淗ow bad can it be?鈥
It was bad.
Due to you performing all of this on the field, you hadn鈥檛 been able to numb Bucky鈥檚 pain at all. Even though he had been through what he thought until now was the most horrible pain a human could ever experience, he could barely sit still throughout the entire thing. As soon as the first shout escaped from his mouth, you had stopped in the middle of what you were doing, glancing over your shoulder at Sam. Without even a word coming out of your mouth you and Bucky watched as Sam undid the belt from around his waist.
鈥淲oah, wait-鈥 Bucky began but before he could even finish, Sam was holding his belt in his hand, offering it to Bucky.
鈥淗ere.鈥 Sam told him.
鈥淲hat- I鈥檓 not putting this in my mouth.鈥 Bucky said.
鈥淢an, just put it in your mouth-鈥
鈥淚 am not putting this thing in my mouth, Sam. There has to be something else I can bite down on-鈥
You shook your head, sighing to yourself as you snatched the belt from Sam鈥檚 hand, slipping it into your boyfriend鈥檚 mouth. Eyes wide and not in a position to argue, he bit down silently.
As soon as you placed the belt in his mouth, you went back to work on his abdomen. As you performed the procedure, removing the bullet and stitching up the wound, you could hear your boyfriend鈥檚 muffled shouting. You couldn鈥檛 help but cringe and feel hurt聽knowing how much pain he was in, but you also knew that there was no other way and you had to put him through this so he could come out the other side.
The pain was so bad at one point, however, that after a particularly nasty yell, followed by his legs jolting you looked up to see Bucky swing out his free hand to Sam which Sam took wordlessly. You felt guilty, but you couldn鈥檛 help but laugh when while you were still working on stitching up the wound you heard Sam shout.
鈥淵- you鈥檙e crushing my hand! Stop... squeezing.. so hard.鈥
When you finally finished, pulling your hands away from the freshly stitched wound, you glanced up at Bucky. You could tell immediately that he looked exhausted, slipping his hand out of Sam鈥檚 and opening his mouth to let the belt drop onto his lap.
鈥淵ou can rest now, baby.鈥 You told him, standing up from your kneeling position, wiping your bloodied hands on the cloth that Sam handed you.聽鈥淩est.鈥
As soon as you told him too, Bucky couldn鈥檛 help but allow himself to fall into a deep sleep.
When he woke again, he immediately realized that he was laying in a hospital bed and was hyper aware of the needles sticking out of his flesh arm.
His eyes immediately landed on your figure, standing on the other side of a glass wall speaking with a doctor. Suddenly the memories came flooding back into his memory of him getting shot and you saving him with the supplies you had on hand on the side of some abandoned, dirt road. Along with the memories flowing back into his mind, he could feel his chest become full, remembering how you had just saved his life- that you fought against your own fears of hurting him to save him. He had always known that you gave his life meaning, but as he sat there in his bed he realized that he was alive because of you.
Snapping him out of his own thoughts, Bucky heard a voice speak up beside him.
鈥淗ow are you feeling-鈥
Before Sam could even finish his sentence, however, Bucky cut him off.
鈥淚 need you to do something for me.鈥 Bucky told him, sitting up in his bed with a grunt, still sore.
When Sam heard the urgency in his friend鈥檚 tone of voice, he leaned over in his seat, pulling his chair closer to the side of Bucky鈥檚 bed.
鈥淲hat is it?鈥 He asked furrowing his eyebrows.
Bucky knew that he couldn鈥檛 wait any longer and he didn鈥檛 want to either.
鈥淚 need you to go to my apartment.鈥 Bucky told him, giving him instructions.聽鈥淚n the bedroom there鈥檚 a safe. The code鈥檚 my birthday and I need you to get-鈥
鈥淲oah, woah, woah.鈥 Sam shook his head.聽鈥淪low down. What do you need from a safe right now? Incase you forgot you were just shot.鈥
This situation was probably the last one Bucky thought he would find himself in when he had first planned the event seven months ago, but he聽couldn鈥檛 stand the idea of waiting any longer. He could barely believe the words coming out of his mouth as he told Sam.
鈥淭he ring.鈥
Upon the two words that Bucky had just said, Sam鈥檚 eyebrows creased even more, attempting to understand the words Bucky had just told him. When it finally clicked, Sam leaned back in his seat throwing his hands up in the air.
鈥淎 what? Wait.鈥 Sam said and Bucky was almost beginning to regret his decision as a smile began to play on his partner鈥檚 face.聽鈥淵ou... you have a ring?鈥
Glancing at where you were still standing to make sure you didn鈥檛 hear what the two men were discussing, Bucky turned to face Sam nodding.
鈥淵eah, a ring.鈥 He said.
Sam shook his head.聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e going to propose?鈥 He asked, then looked around the room.聽鈥淩ight now?鈥
Bucky knew that the hospital room he was in wasn鈥檛 exactly the ideal situation and when he bought the ring months ago he had ran through all the ideas in the book from a restaurant to a vacation, but he could never decide. In this moment, though, he knew that now was the time to ask.
鈥淵eah.鈥 Bucky nodded.
Sam just smiled standing up from his seat.聽鈥淥kay, okay.鈥 He said, patting down his pockets.聽鈥淚鈥檓 gonna go get it- God! I can鈥檛 believe this is happening, man!鈥
Hearing the door to the room open, Bucky glared at his friend, halting himself from having more words slip out of his mouth. Sam nodded, giving his friend a thumbs up before running out of the room.
When your boyfriend鈥檚 eyes landed on you and noticed you glancing between Sam and him while laughing, he rolled his eyes.
鈥淲hat was that about?鈥 You laughed, gesturing towards his friend running out the door.
Keeping his cool as always, Bucky shrugged.聽鈥淚t鈥檚 Sam.鈥
You smiled making your way over to the side of the bed and when you did, Bucky reached his arms out for you. When you sat yourself on the side of the bed next to him, you felt his hands rest on your waist while you played with the dog tags that were once again lying on his chest.
鈥淚 was so scared you were going to die, Buck.鈥 You said in a hushed voice.
Seeing the downcast look exhibited on your features, he felt his heart break knowing that you almost lost each other.
鈥淚 thought I was.鈥 He said.聽鈥淭he feeling was worse than... worse than when I fell.鈥
You sighed at his confession, taking one of his hands off of your waist- instead lacing your fingers with his.
鈥淚- I can鈥檛 do this without you.鈥 You told him, your eyes not yet meeting his, just staring at your fingers interlaced.聽鈥淚 couldn鈥檛 let you die, Buck. I need you here.鈥
鈥淚 know, doll-鈥
鈥淣o.鈥 You cut him off, looking up to allow your eyes to meet his blue ones- the same ones you always got so lost in.聽鈥淵ou don鈥檛 know. There鈥檚... there鈥檚 something I need to tell you.鈥
Bucky鈥檚 mind began racing from the best case scenarios to the worst case scenarios. Were you dying? Did you not love him anymore? Did you find out about the ring? Oh God, maybe you did and he would have to tell you now even if he was still waiting on Sam to bring him the ring.
鈥淚 have something to tell you too.鈥 He said, squeezing your hand.
You, however, shook your head.聽鈥淣o, Buck, let me go first. I have to get this off my chest. You almost died and the thought of you never finding out almost killed me.鈥
Instead of cutting in again, Bucky just nodded his head, seeing how serious you were.
He watched as you took a deep breath and a smile began to make its way onto your face.
鈥淚鈥檓 pregnant.鈥
Bucky could of sworn to God that his heart stopped in that moment and it was confirmed by the beeping of the heart monitor beside him. His eyes went wide and he was praying that his mouth didn鈥檛 drop as he tried to process the information you had just told him.
You were pregnant. He was going to be a father. He was going to share a child with you- the best thing to have ever happened to him.
Going with his gut and leading with his heart, before his brain could stop him he finally asked.
鈥淢arry me.鈥
Unlike your boyfriend, you didn鈥檛 need a heart monitor to tell you that your heart skipped a beat before racing immediately after.
You would be lying if you said you hadn鈥檛 thought about marrying Bucky so often it almost felt like a memory. To hear the words finally slip out of his mouth, you couldn鈥檛 believe it was finally happening to you.
Until you realized what situation the two of you were in.
He didn鈥檛 ask you out of love- he asked you out of commitment- or that was at least what you thought.
The light drained from your face as you scoffed pushing yourself off of his bed.
鈥淩eally, James?鈥 You asked.
Confused by your reaction, Bucky stiffened in his seat on the bed, furrowing his eyebrows.
鈥淲hat?鈥 He asked.
You couldn鈥檛 help, but laugh at his naivety.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e kidding me, right?鈥 You scoffed once again.聽鈥淵ou know- I thought you had moved past all this old-fashioned stuff. It鈥檚 not the 40鈥瞫 anymore, Buck. You don鈥檛 have to marry me because you think you聽鈥榢nocked me up鈥 or whatever. Don鈥檛 let little old聽me hold you down.鈥
鈥淲oah- what the fuck?鈥 Bucky asked in a raised voice, genuinely shocked.
鈥-Because I don鈥檛 want you marrying me because you feel like you have to.鈥 You continued.聽鈥淚鈥檇 want you to marry me for me.鈥
鈥淒o you think I want to marry you because you鈥檙e pregnant?鈥 He asked.
Cooling down and wringing your hands, you nodded.聽鈥淵eah.鈥
You could tell just by looking at him that he was hurt not just by his gunshot wound that was still healing, but by your words.
He found it hard to believe that you could possibly think that he would only want to marry you out of circumstance and not because he had an undying love for you or because he couldn鈥檛 see himself living life without you by his side. You were the first thing he thought about every moment when he woke up and the last thing he thought about when he went to bed every night. You practically made the world spin round so how could you possibly believe that he wouldn鈥檛 want to marry you out of pure love and devotion to you?
Before he had the chance to say any of that though, the door to the hospital room behind you swung open and Sam stood in the doorway. Sensing the tension in the room he eyed the two of you.
鈥淒id I... miss something?鈥 He asked, focusing his attention on Bucky.
You shook your head, wrapping yourself in your arms. Just when you were about to excuse yourself from the room, you saw Sam holding his hand suspiciously behind his back.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 that?鈥 You asked, pointing at him.
Sam decided that the wall behind you was very interesting in that moment as he avoided looking at you.聽鈥淣othing.鈥
You eyed him warily and watched as his gaze fell on Bucky still sat in the hospital bed.
鈥淪am...鈥 You said.
鈥淲hat?鈥 He replied.聽鈥淭here鈥檚 nothing behind my back. I just... like... putting my hand... there.鈥
You watched your boyfriend sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose.
Glancing between the two men, you reached behind Sam鈥檚 back and stole the box from his hands. As soon as your eyes met the small, black velvet box you felt all the air escape your body. You looked at your boyfriend before opening the box.
Inside sat a beautiful diamond ring.
鈥... Buck?鈥 You asked, slowly stepping towards him.
He gave you a soft smile.聽鈥淚f you don鈥檛 like it you can tell me. I picked it out with Steve-鈥
鈥淵ou picked it out with Steve?鈥 You asked, smiling.聽鈥淭hat means...鈥
鈥淵eah.鈥 He smiled.聽鈥淧icked it out seven months ago... before...鈥
You knew what he meant- before his best friend decided to leave the modern age to go back to the forties, leaving Bucky here. Although you knew is was a hard topic to discuss, knowing the truth lifted a weight off of your chest. He didn鈥檛 propose to you in the heat of the moment because you were pregnant- he had been planning on proposing to you for over half a year. Not only was he planning on proposing for that long, but before you told him you were pregnant he must of asked Sam to pick up the ring.
You felt guilty for yelling at him earlier and for believing that he didn鈥檛 have your best intentions in mind, but overall you were just so overjoyed to know that you were going to spend the rest of your life with the man in front of you.
鈥淚 love you.鈥 You told him in a hushed voice, sitting yourself back down on the side of his bed.
鈥淚s that a yes?鈥 He asked, gently taking the box out of your hand.
You couldn't help but smile.
鈥淵es.鈥 You laughed.聽鈥淥f course I鈥檒l marry you.鈥
Although Bucky Barnes was known for his infamous glare, he couldn鈥檛 help but smile in that moment, the pieces in his life finally falling into place after all this time. He couldn鈥檛 possibly be happier.
When he finally tore his eyes away from your smiling face that he swore would rival any goddess鈥, he shakily took the ring out of the box, took your left hand in his vibranium one and slipped the diamond engagement ring over your ring finger.
Before you could let him say another word, you leaned forward, cupping his face in your hands and kissed him. You couldn鈥檛 help but laugh into the kiss, so filled with love and joy that you could barely contain it.
When you finally pulled away, you still couldn鈥檛 help the smile that spread across your face, so wide it almost hurt your cheeks.
As the smile fell from your boyfriend鈥檚 face you furrowed your eyebrows.
鈥淲hat is it?鈥 You asked him, fiddling with engagement ring on your finger.
鈥淒id....鈥 He began glancing between a still silent Sam and you.聽鈥淒id you agree to go on a mission when you knew you were pregnant?鈥
Instead of meeting your boyfriend- no-聽fianc茅鈥檚 eyes, you decided to admire your ring.聽鈥淯h...鈥
Bucky didn鈥檛 have a chance to press you further on the topic when the other man standing beside you鈥檚 voice rang through the room.
鈥淲ait! You鈥檙e pregnant?鈥
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witch-hazels-musings6 months ago
seeing you get hit
Synopsis: how they鈥檒l react when they see you get hurt - things get a little dangerous
warning -> violent*, angry XIAO, mentions聽of death聽
Xiao X GN reader聽 |聽聽Anthology聽
I hope you like this angy boy ;)聽
The wind drifted through the open air inn delicately woven into the large tree resting at the crossing of Dihuah Marsh and Guili Plains. The weather had been pleasant all day and decided to leave with a warm summer sun slipping below the horizon.聽
Xiao found himself walking across the balcony to look over the vast landscape below Wangshu Inn. The one place which always welcomed him without question. He鈥檇 seen countless years drift by on these plains and yet always found a place to return to here; even as the faces of its patrons faded into memory the comfort of the inn lingered still.聽
Below, he saw the citizens of Liyue passing through, never stopping for more than a few nights or grabbing something quick to eat from the kitchen. The endless treks they made from place to place completely devoid of any worries, all thanks to him.聽
He leaned forward and rested his chin on his crossed arms detecting a flock of birds taking off from the watery marsh. Their small frames disappearing into the vast sky he鈥檇 never be able to touch. He was forever tethered to the world of mortals, plagued with keeping humanity safe from destruction as the final, lonely yaksha.
He wasn鈥檛 sure how long he鈥檇 been studying the landscape, it was such a normal pass time for him that he鈥檇 grown quite accustomed to monotonous rising and setting sun. Though today, he found it peculiar for you not to be with him.聽
For months, you would show up to pester him. Typically, he avoided getting involved with humans as they were often messy and their problems petty; especially since those petty problems breed miasma which became his problem whether he liked it or not; he disliked humans to a great degree. However, you never seemed to get his hints, never seemed to mind his harsh tone, never seemed to be bothered by his constant attempt to push you away.聽
He had started to expect you on certain days of the week. Without fail you鈥檇 greet him at the peak of Wangshu Inn with something to offer him - a bowl of Almond Tofu, some items you thought he might find interesting while you were out on your travels. Sometimes you鈥檇 hold a conversation with him, or try to, and other times you鈥檇 just be there with him under the stars. At this point it was more energy to get you to leave, so he stopped trying.聽
So when you didn鈥檛 show up, he found it odd. The consistency of your visits made this day, the day where you weren鈥檛 there, unusual.聽
In the distance he noticed shadows moving quickly over the land. Their shape stretched across the rolling hills and wet marshlands. Xiao lifted himself off of the balcony, something in the pit of his stomach warned him to be vigilant.聽
His eyesight was better than most. Others may have been unable to clearly identify the figures at the end of their shadows, but him, he was able to see everything so painfully clearly.聽
As if he were right next to you, he saw you running over the hills desperately trying to stay on your feet. Your arms flailing out in front of you in an effort to catch you were you to fall. He felt it, your fear 鈥 and he saw what you were afraid of. Chasing after you were several treasure hoarders. Their burly bodies create haunting shadows across the vast landscape in front of them. He noticed you were dodging out of the way, of what he couldn鈥檛 make it out.聽
Suddenly you topple to the ground, rolling painfully across the dirt and grass. The group chasing you dangerously close behind.
鈥淴IAO!鈥 his name reverberates through him and in an instant, he vanishes.聽
The dirt coats your body, sticking to your clothes, your hair, filling your mouth as you roll across the grassy plain. Your body comes to a violent stop as you collide with one of the many rocks sprawled over the land. It knocks the wind out of you and you gasp in an attempt to get the air back in your lungs.聽
鈥淚 got em鈥!鈥 someone yells from the top of the hill. Their victorious cheer sends its own pain your way. Get up, get up!聽
Grasping onto the rock behind you, you attempt to push yourself off of the ground. When you step on your right leg you topple back to the ground. There is a burning pain in your leg and when you look down to investigate you see a huge wound speckled with dirt and rocks, blood following the flow of gravity. Something they threw must have hit you, which explains why you fell.聽
A stampede of feet makes their way to you and before you know it you're surrounded.聽
鈥淚 got their leg,鈥 you look up and see one of them pointing at the wound. Their face beaming with pride. You were hoping they would have given up the chase a while ago, unfortunately for you they didn鈥檛.聽
鈥淲hat do you want?!鈥 You yell at them, the anger building in your stomach, masking the pain in your leg. Your veins filled with adrenaline, a common reaction when one's life is at risk.聽
鈥淲e told you,鈥 one of them walks closer to you, 鈥渄on鈥檛 get in our way; and yet, there you were. So, this really is entirely your fault.鈥 he looked at you with contempt, his eyes narrowing in irritation as he spoke. 鈥淣ow, if you wouldn鈥檛 be so kind, give it back.鈥澛
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what you鈥檙e talking about.鈥 You push his hand away from your face. You knew dealing with this many enemies would be a challenge, you just hoped the adrenaline pumping through you would be enough.聽
鈥淥h, okay鈥︹ he stood back up and made a gesture with his hands. The other treasure hoarders surrounding you lifted their bows, pulled out small bottles, and prepped their throwing knives. 鈥淚f you won鈥檛 give it back, we will take it by force.鈥澛
SHIT! You threw your arms over your face and prepared for the onslaught of weapons.聽
In an instant you were enveloped by black and green smoke. It鈥檚 so oppressive you close your eyes and pull your arms closer to your face. The sound of metal crashing against metal, glass bottles breaking and exploding overloaded your senses. You make out confused yelling, but there is so much commotion you couldn鈥檛 understand it all.聽
There is a huge gust of wind which tears its way across your body threatening to take you with it. You feel something steady you, an arm bracing you from the violence.聽
鈥淲hat the hell鈥︹ the main antagonizer yells.聽
The wind died down and hesitantly you opened your eyes. Shielding you is Xiao, his body hovering over you possessively. You notice his spear is driven into the ground, the tip of it deep in the earth. He鈥檚 grasping onto it so tightly the color in his knuckles are gone. When you look to his face you see he鈥檚 wearing his yaksha mask, green smoke spilling from the sides. In fact, his whole body is blanketed in smoke, it鈥檚 seeping off of him like wooden logs after a slow burn.聽
You can鈥檛 get a good grasp on the eyes hidden underneath the mask, but you can sense he is looking in the direction of the head treasure hoarder. When you look around you everyone is picking themselves off of the ground, equally as confused as you.聽
鈥淴iao?鈥 you say his name softly, not knowing how speaking his name will impact the current situation.聽
You鈥檙e startled when his head snaps to you. His head drifts down your body and comes to rest at the slash against your leg. Shifting to a crouch he gingerly touches the skin around the wound and when you wince at the contact he recoils violently.聽
鈥淲hat did you do?鈥 slowly his head turned toward the people surrounding the both of you. The erratic nature of the wind knocks into you and you try to shield yourself with your hand. He stands, yanking the spear from its place in the ground. In an elegant move he rolls the spear over before thrusting it toward the man who gave the initial order.聽
鈥淟ook, we don鈥檛 want any trouble鈥︹ the panic in his voice enhanced by the eagerness to keep his life.聽
鈥淭his world has no use for humans like you,鈥 his voice filled with contempt.聽聽
鈥淚t was all harmless fun, we weren鈥檛 really going to hurt them...鈥 he sputtered out the excuse and looked at his comrades for agreement.聽
They all began to chime in, adding their, 鈥測eah we didn't mean anything,鈥 鈥渨hat they said,鈥 and other useless excuses.聽
鈥淪ILENCE.鈥 it was if the world itself obeyed his command. The wind stopped blowing which left the leaves still and silent. The birds had all but gone, the water dare not move in fear it incur the wrath of the yaksha. The heavy silence was unbearable, and you weren鈥檛 the only one who thought so.聽
You watched as those surrounding you began to shiver and shake from the silence, their teeth chattering, the sound of their heartbeats pounding in their head, the terror growing on their faces. Several of them attempted to get up and run away from the source of their fear, they didn鈥檛 make it very far. An invisible force erupted from the ground, impaling them before returning them to the ground, facedown and unmoving.聽
鈥淭ake another step 鈥 try me.鈥澛
鈥淥kay okay, let鈥檚 make a deal?鈥 the man sputters. Xiao doesn鈥檛 answer. 鈥淟et me go and I鈥檒l tell everyone to never bother you again 鈥 yeah? Deal?鈥澛
鈥淲hat about us?鈥澛
鈥淏oss!鈥 the others shout out.聽
鈥淪hut up!鈥 he yells before looking back at the Yaksha, 鈥, deal?鈥澛
鈥淵/N, close your eyes.鈥 You peer up at him, his back to you, arm extended downward, his hand gripped around the long jade spear.聽
鈥淗old on 鈥︹ Without warning Xiao was gone from your sight. His figure vanished from in front of you. You鈥檙e left looking at the man trembling before you, his face contorted in terror, and then your vision is gone. A hand covers your eyes and blocks your view.聽
鈥淲ait 鈥 wait鈥..!鈥澛
The breeze picked back up. You heard the rustling sound of the leaves and the subtle whistle of the wind rushing through the grass. Somewhere in the distance a bird calls out before extending its wings for flight.聽
The hand covering your face slides away, it鈥檚 warmth leaving your eyes cold. You begin to open them but are stopped.聽
鈥淜eep them closed.鈥 Xiao speaks to you behind the dark veil of your eyelids. 鈥淲hatever you do, do not open them.鈥澛
You feel him lift you off of the ground and you fight the urge to disobey his order. As he carries you away the smell of blood wafts in the wind.聽
Keeping your eyes closed the whole time, aren鈥檛 sure where you are until you hear the sounds of voices below you. Xiao places you in a chair and even still, you keep your eyes closed.聽
鈥淴iao?鈥 you call out his name, worried now that he isn鈥檛 close to you anymore.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 here. You can open your eyes now.鈥 his voice is distant, as if he鈥檚 in another room, but when you open your eyes he isn鈥檛 there. Suddenly, he appears next to you, he鈥檚 kneeling by your leg and has begun to clean the wound.聽
鈥淚 can do that,鈥 you attempt to reach for the towel he is using but he swats your hand away.聽
鈥淟eave it be,鈥 he barked and you shakily pull your hand back, letting them rest in your lap.聽
You sit there in silence and listen to the sounds of the happy patrons below drift up to you. The inn must be pretty full tonight, you wondered if anyone may accidentally find their way to the top balcony. Looking down at Xiao you bite your tongue in an attempt to keep all the thoughts from spilling out.聽
After he cleans the wound and your leg, he examines it for a bit before vanishing before your eyes. You knew he was always good at appearing out of thin air, you didn鈥檛 exactly expect to see him vanish on it too. The night breeze was cool and had the scent of glaze lilies.聽
You鈥檙e not sure if Xiao will be back so you look down at your leg and see just how bad the wound is. The cut is quite large, not too deep, but big enough to already have blood dripping down your leg again. Something catches your attention and you watch as Xiao fades back into view. He鈥檚 carrying some items in his arm and making his way back to you, a small chair in his other hand.聽
He drops the chair next to you and sits, adjusting until he鈥檚 found the right position.聽
鈥淚 can help you with 鈥︹澛
鈥淚 told you to leave it.鈥 He gives you a warning look and you know to drop the topic. He makes quick work of cleaning and applying a bandage over your wound. It鈥檚 pretty well done which makes you wonder how many times he鈥檚 done this. Even though he seems to be disinterested in your help, maybe he would be okay with your conversation.聽
鈥淭hank you, for saving m鈥.鈥澛
Abruptly he wraps his arms around your neck and pulls you into a hug. You鈥檙e so caught off guard that you have to stable yourself against the railing. The action is beyond surprising since he鈥檚 never really initiated contact, especially not this type of contact. Reaching your hand up to rest on his arms you notice he is shaking. It鈥檚 subtle, but he is shaking.聽
鈥淴iao鈥︹ you wrap your arms around him returning the embrace. 鈥淚鈥檓 okay鈥 I鈥檓 just fine.鈥澛
You hold each other for a bit before he speaks, 鈥淚 can鈥檛 lose you,鈥 he is so quiet you wonder if he actually said anything or if it was just a wish drifting on the wind.聽
鈥淵ou won鈥檛. I did what you told me to do, remember; I called your name.鈥 you say, pulling him closer and running your fingers into his hair.聽聽
鈥淚 heard you.鈥
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kinanabinks4 months ago
Suburban Pleasure 馃尯 Steve Rogers x Reader AU
Tumblr media
Hibiscus Lane is a pleasant place to live. Hardly anything worth mentioning ever happens here. Say, have you seen that handsome man who just moved into number 99?
Content Warning: Sex Worker!Steve Rogers x Housewife!Reader, adultery, reader is infertile, reader is married to an asshole, sexual tension, mention of sex and sex work, angst, fluff.
The heat was unbearable that summer.
Your neighbor, Susan, would sit in her front yard and sunbathe for hours, but you couldn't bring yourself to join her no matter how many times she extended the offer. Paul didn't want you parading yourself around half-naked to all the neighbors, and you didn't want him to come home and yell at you again. You knew Susan could hear every word from next door, and you hated the sympathetic look on her face the morning after a big blowout between Paul and you.
So you remained in the house, eating popsicles and taking ice-cold showers four times a day, waiting for the evening to bring with it a cooling breeze.
One fateful afternoon, while you were gardening, Susan looked over from her sunbed and waved at you. "Hey there, Y/N."
"Hi, Sue," You replied politely, keeping your eyes on your hydrangeas.
"I'd ask you to join me, but I've been rejected far too many times," She joked with a soft smile, her sunglasses perched atop her head. "I know when to give up."
That morning, you had had a particularly frustrating argument with Paul. He had dropped the news that his mother was coming into town that weekend and staying for "a night or two", which you damn well knew meant she'd have her saggy ass perched in the guest bed for at least a month. So, feeling fresh from Paul's irritating news, you decided you'd piss him right the fuck back off.
Standing up from your crouching position, you threw down the mini shovel and pulled off your thick gloves. Your palms sang with relief and you let out a breath. "Sue, get your spare sunbed out. I'll be back in ten."
Sunbathing was fun, as it turned out, 聽especially with an ice cold margarita in hand. You were beginning to see why Susan did it so damn much.
"I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised," She commented, looking up at the blue sky. "You're the last woman in this here neighborhood I'd expect to join me for a tan in the middle of the day."
"Then why d'you ask me so much?" You asked, your head lulling to the side to face her.
"Maybe I like the chase," She said playfully, shooting you a wink above her Ray-Bans. "Or maybe I'm addicted the pain of rejection, now."
You snort at her words. "Sadist."
The few people that walked past gave you judging looks, but you couldn't find it in you to care. The old biddies would gossip about it before moving on to the next juicy story two days later; it was worth feeling like you were on vacation even if for only a few minutes.
Susan put her empty glass onto the ground before letting out a content sigh. "You know, I really am glad you finally decided to join me. If anyone needs some relaxation, it's you."
"Yeah?" You asked with a frown. "Why's that?"
"Don't take this the wrong way," She prefaced while you prepared yourself to be offended. "But you're always so tense. And it's because of that unappreciative husband of yours."
You didn't say anything in response, because you didn't want to admit that she was right. You also didn't want to lie to her. Instead, you finished off your margarita.
Life on Hibiscus Lane was picture-perfect. If you were to complain, you'd be seen as ungrateful and blind. You had the ideal life as the housewife of a man with a great job. On paper, you should've been happy. You should've been.
"Say, have you seen that handsome man who just moved into number 99?" Susan asked, her question getting your attention.
There hadn't been new neighbors in years, so it would have been nice to see some fresh faces. "Nope. What's his family like?"
"That's the thing," She began, turning on her side to face you before lowering her voice. "No family. It's just one single man, on his lonesome."
"Living in 99 all alone?" You questioned aloud. Every single house in that neighborhood was home to at least two people, so it was a little extraordinary for someone to live alone in such a big house.
"Grace said he inherited it from his grandma; you remember Mrs. Rogers who used to live there a couple years back?" Susan asked, waiting for you to nod before she continued. "The house has belonged to him since she died, but he lived all the way in New York. I guess he finally decided to settle down in suburbia."
"With no wife?" You wondered with a frown. "No kids?"
She shrugged, "Just him."
"Odd," You commented lowly. Just then, she grabbed your arm, her lips parting.
"That's him," She hissed, looking towards the left.
Sure enough, walking towards Susan's front yard was the single most handsome man you had ever seen. If it was a movie, that was the point at which an iconic rock song would start playing, providing an audible cue for the audience just to really reiterate how sexy the character walking in slow-motion was. Maybe it would be Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water, each of his steps in time with the music.
You could imagine being on a late night drive, with him sitting in the passenger seat, leaning back and oozing relaxation as he lazily mumbled through a smile about how he loves this song, but you wouldn't really be able to hear him because his lips would be wrapped around a thick cigar and the music would be a little too loud. But the second the chorus kicked in, you'd hear his sultry voice singing along an octave lower than than the original, and he'd place his hand on your thigh with a smirk. "A fire in the sky."
God, you needed to put a tight leash on that imagination of yours.
He was shirtless, with sweat glistening on his impeccable body, and a flannel shirt hung over his shoulder which brought your attention to his tree-trunk arms. "Afternoon, ladies," He greeted you both with a voice just as sultry as you imagined, lowering his sunglasses and looking at you from above them. "Getting in some Vitamin D?"
Susan smiled, "Hiya, Steve. You know us gals; crazy about our vitamins."
He chuckled and nodded, "Good girls."
While you tried to recover from the praise which had somehow lit up a dormant feeling in you, Susan sat up. "Steve, this is Y/N Kinsey, she lives next door with her husband, Paul. Y/N, this is Steve who just moved into 99."
"Hi there, Steve," You said politely, trying to ignore the flutter in your stomach when you saw his bicep flex. You could have sworn you heard a little guitar riff playing.
"Hey there, darlin'," He replied, pushing his sunglasses up to hide his eyes but keeping his head facing you. "It's a pleasure to meet you."
You became incredibly aware that all you were wearing was a bikini, and in your head you joked that not even Paul had seen you in such skimpy clothing until the fourth date.
"Well, I'll leave you girls to it," Steve said, giving you a salute. "See you around, Susan. Y/N."
With that, he continued walking down the street, leaving you and Susan to watch. Once he was out of your sight, Susan started fanning herself. "Such a gem, ain't he?"
Grace Ecklesby was easily your least favorite neighbor. Vindictive, judgmental, and the source of all the gossip. You did your best to avoid her, especially when you were already in a bad mood.
The day before your mother-in-law was set to arrive, you were doing a big grocery shop. She'd endlessly complain if you weren't stocked up on the brands she liked, and you were doing your best to limit her opportunity to insult you. So, seething as you watched your cart fill up with shit you didn't even like, it didn't help your sour attitude when you bumped into Grace fucking Ecklesby.
"Well, hi there, Y/N," You heard her sickly sweet voice sing out, making your stomach drop.
"Morning, Grace," You grumbled, picking up a tub of chocolate ice cream for yourself. You deserved it for the hell you were about to go through, both with Grace just then and with Paul's mother the next day.
"Stocking up for the winter?" She joked, her beady eyes scanning the contents of your shopping cart.
"Anita is coming to town," You replied, plastering on a fake smile. "Getting the house ready for her."
"Oh, how lovely!" Grace exclaimed, resting her hands on the side of your cart. It took all your strength not to rip it away from her. "Say, have you met the man who moved into 99?"
While looking at the ingredients on some vanilla ice cream to make sure it didn't have anything Anita was 'intolerant' to, you replied. "Steve, right? Mrs. Rogers' grandson?"
"So you've met him?" She asked, sounding infinitely more intrigued.
"He introduced himself a couple days back," You informed her. "Seems like a nice man."
"Oh, if only you knew..." She trailed off with that whispering tone that you had come to learn was a prelude for some juicy gossip.
You weren't going to give in. Knowing how many times you were the product of her bitching, you couldn't enable her sordid behavior. So you acted uninterested, reading over the same ingredients again and again until 'milk' stopped looking like a real word.
"He isn't as nice as you may think," She went on to say, almost begging you to take the bait.
With a huff, you looked over at her. "What could honestly be so bad about him? He seems like a decent person; there's no need to alienate someone who only just moved here. Don't we owe sweet Mrs. Rogers that much at least?"
Grace quirked a brow before picking up her shopping basket. With a coy look on her face, she began walking past you, but just before she did she patted your shoulder and whispered, "Prostitute."
You almost choked. Turning around, you grabbed her arm. At first, you thought she was trying to insult you, but you soon realized the word wasn't being used to describe you at all. You shouldn't have given in to her, but you couldn't help it. There were too many questions floating through your mind.
"What are you talking about?" You asked with a whisper, your eyes wide. "You mean to say-"
"Melanie Lee in number 93 solicited him for... relations," Grace revealed, her eyes darting around the aisle. "She paid him to spend the night."
"But Mrs. Lee is married," You mumbled, in shock. Happily married, at that.
She shrugged, a smirk on her lips. "Guess we don't really know our neighbors as well as we may think."
You continued the rest of your shopping trip in a daze, wondering if there was any truth to Grace's words. While she was known to embellish and exaggerate here and there, the base of her claims were generally rooted in truth.
Once you got home, you opened the trunk of your car and sighed. There were what seemed like 50 bags full of shit you didn't even like, all to appease that damn Anita. Attempting to take as many bags as possible to lessen the number of trips you'd need to make from the car to the house, you grabbed a handful of them before lifting them up with a groan, feeling them weigh your arms down.
"Here, let me take those," A familiar voice called out before you felt his presence behind you. With ease, Steve lifted the bags from your hands, your skin brushing against him and causing tingles to burn across your palms.
"Thank you," You smiled, forgetting what Grace had told you. You were simply grateful that you didn't have to carry all those bags; it didn't matter if it was Jeffrey Dahmer himself helping you.
Awe-struck, you observed while Steve took every single bag into his hands, like some sort of superhero. He didn't even wince as he lifted them up and took them out your trunk, keeping that friendly smile on his lips the whole time.
"Are you sure you're alright with those?" You asked with concern. "I can take some, if you want."
"Nonsense," He replied stubbornly. "You just go on ahead and open your front door for me, sweetheart."
You closed the trunk before doing as he said, rushing ahead to open the door for him. He walked into your home and you felt his hard arm brush against your chest as he passed you, making your heart race.
"Just on the kitchen island is fine," You told him, following him in after shutting the door.
"This is a lot of stuff," He commented once he had put the bags down. "You only go shopping once a year, or something?"
A breathy laugh left your lips and you shook your head. "The mother-in-law's coming to visit. And God knows nothing I use is good enough for her."
"Ah, I see," He said with realization, nodding slowly. "So she's a high maintenance woman, I take it?"
"Utterly insufferable," You confirmed, taking a few groceries out of the bags while he helped. Usually, you'd immediately stop any guest from helping out, but you just loved the way his arms flexed when he lifted items up and out of the bags so you let him get on with it. Curiously, you asked, "Would you know anything about that?"
He chuckled, "Mother-in-laws? Nope. Never been married myself."
"Really?" You questioned, genuinely surprised. "A scrumptious thing like you?"
Steve was taken aback by your compliment, and it showed in the way his eyes lit up. "Scrumptious, huh? That right?"
You laughed before picking up the chocolate ice-cream and showing him the front of it which had the word 'Scrumptious!' written on it in bold. "It's been circulating in my subconscious. Slip of the tongue."
He hummed, keeping his eyes trained on your face. "Naughty little tongue you got there, sweetheart."
The tub almost slipped from your hands at his lowly spoken words, but you did well to remain collected. "Well, when I give it so much ice-cream, it can't help but be sweet."
"I'll bet," Steve mumbled, the look in his eyes bordering on dangerous.
You swallowed thickly before looking away and distracting yourself with putting away the groceries, well aware that he was still standing right behind you as you bent down to put away the frozen goods. When you stood up straight again, you felt his front press against your back, making you gasp and jump forward. Steve grabbed your elbow and pulled you closer to stop you from falling, a polite smile on his face.
"Careful there, sweetheart. Wouldn't want you falling and splitting your head open now, would we?" He asked softly, before licking his lips. "Where's that dripping sound coming from?"
His question took you by surprise, but you recovered quickly and looked over at the sink. "The tap. It's been dripping like crazy for weeks."
"It has, huh?" Steve asked, furrowing his brows with concern. He let go of your arm, and you hated yourself for missing the warmth, before he strolled over to it. He played around with the taps, opening up the cabinet beneath the sink and looking at the pipes before turning back to you. "I can fix it for you, if you'd like."
"You can?" You asked with excitement. The damn dripping sound had been incessantly irritating for so long. "That would be amazing - my Paul is absolutely useless with these things."
Steve walked back over to you, a smirk pulling at the corner of his mouth as he leaned closer and lowered his voice. "Well, where your Paul falls short, you be sure to ask me to step in, darlin'."
An almost inaudible whimper left your mouth and you nodded. "Thank you, Steve."
He gently patted your hip, sending an electric jolt through your body while keeping the innocent smile on his face. "Happy to help."
"Is this mash gluten-free?" Anita asked with suspicious swimming in her narrow eyes, her cold look aimed directly at you.
After placing the gravy boat onto the table, you sat down opposite Paul and nodded. "Yes, Anita. It's potatoes. There ain't no gluten in potatoes."
"Hmm," She grumbled, before giving herself a healthy portion.
"So, Ma, how's Dad?" Paul questioned her as he dug into his food. It was a nasty habit you constantly begged him to change, but he had never learnt to swallow his damn bite before speaking.
"He's fine," Anita answered, her eyebrows raising up. "Busy with the business, as ever. How's your work, son?"
While they conversed about things you couldn't have cared less about, you focused on your plate. You wondered if Steve in number 99 would have enjoyed your food. Would he give a shit about the gluten? Judging by his appearance, he took a lot of care in his diet and exercise. Was he the type who lived off of rabbit food? No, definitely not. Steve was a real man. A real man like that would happily chomp down on a steak. You wondered how he would have liked his steak. Would he have liked your steak?
"Y/N," Paul said sternly, pulling you from your thoughts. "Ma asked you a question."
"Oh, I apologize, Anita," You said politely, giving her a tight-lipped smile. "What was that?"
"I said," She began with emphasis, rolling her eyes. "When are you and Paul going to try for kids? You're not getting any younger, you know, and the last thing you want is to be an old mother."
Your head shot over to Paul who was staring down at his chicken. The little shit. He was dumping the responsibility on you to break the news to her.
Taking a deep breath, you put down your fork. "Well actually, Anita, we did try. And it didn't take, so we went to the doctor and... we found out that I can't have kids."
The silence was deafening. You couldn't bring yourself to look at her, knowing her face would be filled with either disgust or disappointment. She'd probably even find some way to convey both those emotions at the same time, knowing her expertise in the art of belittling and shaming.
"What?" She asked coldly, making you wince. "Is that a joke?"
With a dry scoff, you looked up at her. "It's not exactly a laughing matter, Anita."
Her lips were pursed and her hand was fisted around her fork. With a huff, she turned to look at her son. "You fool. Is that not the sort of thing you should have asked about before you married he?"
"Excuse me?" You asked with horror.
"And you," She directed at you with malice. "Why would you keep such a thing to yourself? Why trick him into marrying you?"
"Trick him?" You repeated with absolute shock. "First of all; I found out about this at the same damn time that he did. And secondly; Paul doesn't even want kids himself. If he did, he would've taken my suggestion of adopting one much more seriously."
He let out a sigh, glaring up at you. "Do you have to be such a bitch about it?"
Both him and Anita stared at you, silently raging, while you attempted to recover from the sharp sting of their words. Unable to, you pushed your chair out and mumbled something along the lines of, 'screw this and screw you both', before storming to the front door. You slipped on your shoes and left the house, slamming the door behind you.
It was late in the evening, but the stubborn summer sun adamant on seeing its moon prevented it from being too dark. The sky was a soft lilac and the air was humid and salty, the sound of crickets and the smell of far-away barbecues relaxing you.
You walked down the street with no particular destination in mind. All you knew was that the further you got from your house, the easier it was getting to breathe, so you just kept on walking until you found yourself in the park at the end of Hibiscus Lane. The metal bench was a refreshing coolant against your bare legs, and you were grateful that against Paul's warning about what Anita would think, you still opted to wear the loose, white dress that was more the length of a long t-shirt.
Paul. What a dick. How dare he have both pushed you to tell his mother about your infertility, as well as then go on to call you a bitch when all you did was tell the truth?
As more and more time went on in your marriage, you had more and more questions, most of them iterations of 'why the fuck did I marry him?'
Wondering if you had made a huge mistake with signing your life away to him, you felt yourself spiral in panic and regret. Was your life over? Was being his unhappy wife and her even unhappier daughter-in-law all you were born to be? All you ever would be?
"You alright there?" A low voice asked you, making you grimace.
Great. Now you're getting flirted with by a stranger. Looking up, you prepared to tell him to leave you the fuck alone, until you saw his face. "Steve," You breathed out, looking him up and down. He was wearing a skin-tight, grey muscle tee and black polyester shorts, his outfit a clear indicator that he was on a run.
"Y/N?" He asked, pulling out his earphones. "What are you doing out here alone so late?"
You laughed softly, "It's not even 8pm yet."
"Still," He insisted, before noticing the look of sadness and exhaustion on your face. He sat down beside you, nudging your shoulder gently. "You okay?"
"Not really," You admitted, his warm aura making you feel safe enough to open up. "Just had the dinner party from hell."
"Let me guess," Steve began, looking out to the grassy field. "Some fun combination of insufferable mother-in-law and Useless Paul?"
Snorting, you nodded. "Nail on the head, my friend. Nail on the cursed head."
A short silence passed by, and you could feel him looking down at you for a few moments before he spoke again. "I know what you need," He said, before elaborating. "Something scrumptious."
Narrowing your eyes, you pulled your head back. "Huh?"
He smiled sweetly at you before standing up and holding out his hand. "Let me take you for ice-cream. My treat."
His proposal took you by surprise, and your instinct was to refuse anything that sounded like change or risk, so you did. "Uh... I haven't got my purse on me." You then realized you actually didn't have anything on you, having left the house with just your shoes. You wondered if Paul was trying to call you, the idea of which stressed you out for some reason.
Steve rolled his eyes, his hand still outstretched towards you. "What do you think 'my treat' means, sweetheart?"
The nickname made you feel warm inside, which was just another reason why you couldn't say yes. "Aren't you like, mid-run?"
He chuckled and shrugged. "Nothing wrong with a little cheating. I think we both deserve it."
His wording put you on edge. "Paul wouldn't like it," You admitted quietly, playing with the hem of your dress.
Sighing, he took his hand back which slightly disheartened you before asking, "Did you like the way he treated you at dinner today?"
The way his eyes burned into yours made you want to tell him the truth. If anyone else was asking about Paul, you'd either say nothing at all or lie and tell them you were as happy as could be with him. But something about Steve made you want to let go of your inhibitions and just say it how it was. Like because he was such a breath of fresh air and so different from your other neighbors, you didn't feel the need to put on airs around him. "No. I didn't."
He nodded, surprised and glad that you hadn't lied. "So does he really deserve a say in what you do right now?"
Sure, it was a loaded question, and he was clearly coaxing you into answering a certain way, but it wasn't exactly a lie. "No, he does not."
Steve grinned before holding his hand out again. "Come on, darlin'. Let me sweeten that tongue of yours."
Your mind felt fuzzy at his words and you immediately took his hand, allowing him to gracefully pull you up onto your feet. He let go once you were standing and you were almost disappointed, but when he held his arm forward for you to link yours with, you were smiling wider than you had in a while.
Larry's Sweet Shoppe was a cutesy little dessert parlor, always quiet at this time of day. You and Steve sat in a booth away from the windows, almost as though you were both consciously aware that the less people that saw a married woman eating ice-cream with a single man, the better.
"He gets worse when she visits," You admitted to him, resting your chin on your hand. "Or maybe I only think that because he spends more time at home when she's here."
"You know, I'd like to meet this Paul," Steve said, his eyebrows furrowing. "It'd be nice to find out what a true idiot looks like."
You laughed at his words, shaking your head. "You're too much, Steve."
The waiter then came over with your order, placing down the ice-cream sundae you had decided to share. You and Steve both said your thank-yous to him before he walked away again, leaving you alone with the sweet treat.
"You go first," You ordered him, eagerness in your eyes and voice. "I want to see your very first reaction to Larry's ice-cream."
He chuckled and complied, digging his spoon into the soft serve before bringing it up to his mouth and taking a bite. His eyes lit up and he groaned. "Oh, God. Yeah, that's good."
The sound of his pleasure made your legs squeeze together, and you hid your excitement with a laugh. "Nobody does it better than Larry."
Steve nodded with agreement, quickly scooping up another bigger bite and putting it in his mouth. This time, some ice-cream had evaded his tongue and ended up on his cheek, making you giggle.
"Hold on," You said gleefully, before bending over the table. "Got some on your..." Using your thumb, you slowly began to wipe it off.
His eyes shamelessly flickered down and stayed hooked on your cleavage which was now right in his face, dark hunger growing on his features. Feeling exhilarated at the idea of a man other than Paul being turned on by you, you took your time in wiping up the cream.
"Oops," You whispered, slightly pushing your arms in to accentuate your chest even more, making him swallow thickly before you continued. "Missed a spot..."
He hummed, before looking up to meet your eyes. "Yeah. You should... make sure you get it all."
Once it had been way too long, you retracted your ice-cream covered thumb and sat back. You stuck your tongue out and licked it all off, keeping your eyes glued to his the entire time.
Steve's lips parted as he watched you, not even trying to hide how aroused he was by your actions. "There goes that naughty little tongue."
The sundae sat between you, melting and neglected. All that mattered was that you kept looking at Steve and he kept looking right back at you, your eyes saying all the things that you were forbidden from saying out loud.
"Steve?" A shrill voice suddenly sounded out from behind you, pulling you from your warped staring competition.
He looked over your shoulder at her, a polite smile growing on his lips. "Evenin', Mrs. Lee."
She arrived at your table, a wide smile on her lips. "How many times, Steve? Call me Mel!"
Melanie's eyes were bright until they landed on you, and then they were shocked. "Oh. Hi there, Y/N."
"Hey, Mrs. Lee," You replied with a small wave. She didn't ask you to call her Mel.
"How are you doing?" She asked Steve. "You enjoying yourselves?"
"Steve hadn't been here yet, and as it's such a staple of our small town, I just had to bring him," You tell her, knowing the story will make its rounds through Hibiscus Lane before morning breaks, so you may as well embellish the truth a little.
"How lovely," She commented, and you could almost see the grapevine-esque cog of gossip churning in her head. "Well, I'll leave you to it. Have fun." Before leaving, Melanie squeezed your shoulder and shot you a wink.
What was that about?
Oh wait.
Grace's words from your grocery shopping trip echoed in your head. Melanie's coy attitude along with Steve's uncharacteristic quietness proved that what Grace had told you was true; Steve had slept with her. The payment part was yet to be confirmed, but if one half of the story was true, the other half likely was to.
Not wanting to make Steve feel awkward, you continued to act innocently unaware and unsuspicious. "Mrs. Lee is nice. She can be a little intrusive, but her intentions are good." Not really, but you thought it would be less awkward to change the subject with praising her rather than insulting her.
"I agree," Steve replied, looking you up and down curiously. You knew that he was wondering whether you knew the truth, and so you tried even harder to act like you didn't.
"She probably has a little crush on you," You whispered teasingly, picking up your spoon and shooting him a wink. "She has a thing for younger guys."
Steve laughed, though it sounded awfully like a breath of relief. "You think so? Think I have a chance?"
You snorted, your cheeks heating up when he winked at you. "You're too much, Steve."
As it turned out, running was fun.
At first, it was horrible. You could barely go twenty seconds without feeling the need to collapse. But after a few weeks passed, you could keep up with Steve for a good eight minutes before falling into a speed walk beside him.
"I don't know how you do it," You said through heavy breaths, letting the cool evening breeze wash over you as you lightly jogged alongside him. "Or why. This is torture."
"You don't like that burn?" He asked with a wide grin, turning his head towards you as he slowed down his pace to ensure he didn't get too far ahead of you. "Doesn't it feel good?"
"Absolutely not," You laughed, before pondering on it. "Actually, I suppose it feels okay afterwards."
"Right?" Steve said with a smirk. "Feels like you can do anything, doesn't it? Like you're invincible?"
"I don't know if I'd go that far, but sure," You said flatly, making him snort.
"You just need to get a little more used to it," He informed you, moving closer to nudge you before moving back to his original position. "And once you're used to the pain, you start craving it."
There was something about the way he spoke that caused bubbles to erupt in your core. You had never before in your life been so flustered at something as simple as a few words, but his voice and candor and cadence combined wonderfully into a cocoon of delight, that would then erupt into dozens of butterflies in your stomach.
Finally, he came to a stop, right next to a bench on which you sat.
"What have I told you about sitting down straight away?" He asked with a warning tone, before dragging you back up to your feet. "Come on; warm-down walk. Get those legs moving, sweetheart."
With a groan, you did as he said, because you would have happily done anything that meant more time spent with him. You knew it was wrong but you really didn't care; it wasn't as though you were doing anything to betray your marriage.
As it had been a few weeks now of you and Steve hanging out, the gossip had died down. The other women on Hibiscus Lane got bored of your platonic friendship and decided that you were too boring and committed to your husband to solicit sex from Steve, which you were thrilled about. It meant it was less likely for word to get to Paul that you had made a new friend; one which you somehow doubted he'd be happy that you were spending time with.
While you walked, Mrs. Michaels in number 87 began approaching from the opposite direction. You didn't miss the sigh that left Steve's lips, but you didn't ask him what he seemed so frustrated about until she passed by.
"Hi there, Steve," She said slyly, smiling up at him before patting his chest. "Forgot to tip you last time."
You held back your shock when you saw that she had handed him $50 right in the middle of the park, but the three of you continued on your respective journeys. With a tight-lipped smile, you kept your face forward. "Well, that was odd of her to say. Anyway, I was thinking-"
"You don't have to pretend like you don't know," Steve cut you off suddenly, making your heart pound. "I know how fast gossip spreads around here. I'm not dumb."
Biting your lip, you glance over at him. "I'm sorry."
Steve stopped in his tracks, grabbing your arm and stopping you, too. "Sorry for what? I'm not ashamed of it. In fact, I've been waiting for you to ask."
Your eyes widened at his admission. "Uh... I-"
"Oh God, not like that," He said quickly, letting go of your arm. "I meant ask about it. Not for it."
Swallowing, you slowly nodded, though you did everything but understand in that moment. "What is it?"
He softly chuckled, before nodding his head towards the path and continuing the walk, with you rushing to catch up and strolling next to him.
"There's not really any way of sugarcoating it," Steve began, keeping an eye on you as though to gauge your reaction. "Women pay me to have sex with them. It's my side job; a way to make some extra cash."
You did your best to remain completely expression-free, only letting out a hum. Truthfully, you didn't think any less of him. If anything, his confidence in the matter only made him more attractive.
Attractive? Where the fuck did that come from?
"I see," You said carefully, folding your arms across your chest when a chilly breeze blew over you. "I mean, I did hear some things. I just wasn't really sure."
"I'd like to think we're good enough friends by now for you to feel comfortable enough to ask," Steve said softly, his words making you smile.
"I guess I saw it as... private," You told him with a shrug. "And we are. Good friends, I mean. I hope you know that I don't judge you or anything like that."
"I know you don't, sweetheart," He said lowly. "That's why I'm so comfortable with talking about it to you."
You continued walking in a peaceful silence, a new atmosphere between you. There was no sense of mystery or shrouded truth anymore; it was lighter.
"My typical clients are housewives," Steve told you after some minutes with a smirk. "Wanna know why?"
He was dangling the bait and you gladly bit, because you genuinely wanted to know. "Why?"
He stopped again, but he didn't need to grab your arm for you to stop with him. Facing each other, yot met one other's eyes. Steve towered over you, his stature making you shiver under the silver moonlight that shone through his golden hair. "The thing about housewives is they're usually unfulfilled in some way. And that tends to make them frustrated. Their frustration builds, and builds..." He emphasized each repetition more than the last, making your head spin. "And builds. Until one day, they find themselves at the door of someone like me. And you know what they do next?"
You shook your head, your voice a mere whisper. "What do they do next?"
He took a step closer to you before leaning his head down. "They beg me to fuck their brains out."
Your eyebrows raised up on their own accord, mirroring the way your heart jumped. "Oh."
With a smirk, he continued. "And for the right price, they get exactly what they ask for."
Feeling like your mouth was full of cotton, you couldn't do anything but stare up at him with parted lips. And that's all you did.
Steve chuckled softly at your stupor. "Come on, sweetheart," He said, gently tapping the tip of your nose. "I think you've warmed down enough."
Six weeks. It had officially been six entire weeks and Anita still hadn't gone home. Needing a break from her, you begged Paul to take you to the carnival that was passing through town. It was the last day the carnival would be there, and you desperately needed a change of scenery and to hear something other than Anita's whining.
"I swear, I'll do it this time," He said with a frown, handing the vendor another $5.
"Here you go, Sir," The bored teenaged girl replied before giving him another three turns to just shoot one of the damn ducks down.
"Literally sitting ducks," You muttered, regretting ever telling him that you wanted him to win the blue teddy bear for you.
"Shut up," Paul hissed at you, his knuckles turning white as his fingers tightened around the plastic rifle which he held up. "I'll get one of the bastards this time."
He took the first shot, unsurprisingly failing miserably. Then he took the second, missing by just a hair. And his third shot was also a failure, because your husband was a useless failure who did nothing but fail.
"It's alright, honey," You said flatly, patting his shoulder.
"This stupid game is rigged!" Paul huffed, slamming the rifle back down onto the counter. The vendor's eyes widened before she turned to serve another customer, leaving you embarrassed.
The voice was so recognizable to you by then that you almost jumped with glee at the sound of it. Turning around, you smiled when you saw him. "Hi, Steve!"
"Hey," He replied, quickly scanning you up and down before his eyes fell onto Paul.
"Steve, this is my husband, Paul," You introduced him reluctantly, before turning your head. "Paul, this is Steve Rogers; he moved into number 99 a couple of months ago."
Paul nodded slowly, before taking Steve's outstretched hand and shaking it. You remembered the times Steve joked that he'd sock Paul in the jaw when he met him because of all the times he had to be the one cheering you up when Paul had been an idiot, and you had to hold back your laughs.
"So you're the man my wife's been spending all her time with," Paul said bitterly, making you nudge his side.
"I am?" Steve asked, raising a brow.
"Anyway," You interjected, sensing the brewing the tension between them. "You having fun at the carnival, Steve?"
His face relaxed when he looked down at you, a warm smile blooming on his lips. "I absolutely am. I came for work, but it's been surprisingly pleasurable."
"Oh, Steve works in construction," You quickly informed Paul, before looking back at the blue-eyed beauty himself. "You here for safety surveillance, or something?"
"Actually, since the carnival is leaving first thing in the morning, they hired a couple of us to help them with pack-up duty tonight," He tells you. "Wanted to see it in action before tearing it all down."
"Nice," You commented with a grin, but there was a slight dread in the pit of your stomach because you could almost hear what Paul was thinking. He had always looked down on manual laborers, calling them unskilled high-school dropouts, and you just hoped he'd keep his irritating mouth shut.
"No luck with the ducks?" Steve asked, gesturing to the stall behind you.
Pressing your lips together to stop yourself from laughing (because Paul would lose it if you laughed at him), you shook your head. "Paul theorizes that it's rigged."
"Huh," Steve huffed, determination growing on his features. "I'll see about that."
Your heart soared as he gently pushed past you, his shoulder nudging yours. He handed the vendor the money before picking up the rifle, and you couldn't help but notice how much better he looked holding it than Paul. It just seemed more natural in his hands, and you let yourself imagine he was a fierce hunter shooting down some wild boar in the forest that he'd bring home for you to cook and then you'd feed it to him and he'd tell you how good it tasted and you'd blush and-
Holy fuck. Focus.
One shot. That's all it took him. With one shot, Steve had successfully downed a duck, making you let out an excited squeal.
"You did it!" You said, clapping your hands together. Hearing Paul grumble from behind you about how it was just a fluke and he was going to get a beer, you just grinned even harder.
"Congratulations, Sir," The vendor said, smiling for once. "What prize would you like?"
Noticing that Paul had left, Steve turned his head to you slightly, tapping the counter. "Which one do you want, darlin'?"
Your cheeks heat up and you instinctively stepped closer to him. "You- you don't have to-"
"Tell me," He insisted gently, making your heart stammer. "Which one?"
Biting your lip, you brushed your arm against his bashfully. "The blue bear."
Steve turned back to the vendor and nodded, "You heard the lady."
The vendor happily picked up the pole and pulled down the fluffy blue bear from the row of stuffed toys, handing it to you with a smile. "There you are, ma'am."
"Thank you so much," You said to her with a grin, before looking up at Steve, clutching the teddy to your chest. "Thank you, Steve."
"That's what I'm here for," He said as you both moved away from the stall. "And if your husband wasn't keeping you company, I'd spend the rest of the day winning you everything else you wanted."
What a crying shame that you had come with Paul. What a lost opportunity.
"What are you gonna name him?" Steve asked you with a mischievous grin.
Giggling, you looked down at the bear and tilted your head. "Huh. I don't know. How about you name him? You're the one that won him, after all."
"No, I think Mom should go ahead and name him," Steve said with a chuckle, before pointing at himself. "Dad isn't very good at names."
He was only joking, but you couldn't help but feel a tug at your heart. You wondered, if you were in some alternate universe where you were married to Steve instead of Paul, would Steve be as disappointed to learn that you couldn't have children? Even now, just as your friend, would he see you as less of a woman for it?
"You okay?" He asked, concern in his eyes as he rubbed your arm.
"Uh, yeah, I just..." You trailed off, before that panic grew in your chest and your vision blurred. "Sorry, I just-"
"Hey, is everything alright?" Steve pulled you over to the side, away from the crowds. "Is it what I said? I'm sorry, I-"
"No, it's not your fault, you were only joking- it's stupid," You shook your head, wondering why you were suddenly feeling so overly emotional about it. "I'm being stupid."
"What is it?" He asked softly, placing one of his hands on your back and rubbing it comfortingly.
"I can't- I can't have-" You choked whenever you tried to get the words out, like some invisible block was stopping you. "I can't even fucking say it, it's so stupid."
"It is not stupid," Steve assured you. "And you don't have to say it. Whatever it is, it's okay, I promise."
His comfort was what you had been craving ever since that day in the doctor's office. The day Paul looked down at you with disgust and betrayal on his face, as though you had chosen to become infertile. The day he drove you home before driving off again, staying out until the next day, leaving you to cry alone in your bed.
You couldn't help it. The dam broke open and you fell into tears, your face buried in Steve's chest as you tried to control yourself. Strings of apologies and sobs left your mouth, while he held you tightly in his arms.
"Shh, there is absolutely nothing for you to be sorry about," He swore, gently rocking you while stroking your hair. "Just let it out, baby. Cry as much as you need to. I'm here for you. Promise."
"What the fuck is going on here?" A cold voice called out, making you gasp and stiffen in Steve's embraced.
Quickly, you pulled away from him, wiping away your hot tears. "Nothing, Paul. I just... I got reminded of my parents, and... just missing home, is all."
Paul's glare burned into you, but not in the hypnotic way that Steve's eyes would. In the cold, brutal way that made you feel small and worthless. "Come on," He said gruffly, beer bottle in hand. "We're going home."
Steve didn't look happy when he felt you move further away from him. When Paul turned his back and began walking away, you pressed the bear to Steve's chest. "Here; take him."
He shook his head, "I won him for you, sweetheart."
"Please," You begged, meeting his eyes before whispering, "He'll only make me throw it away."
Frowning, Steve reluctantly took the bear, his concerned gaze never once leaving you as you walked away from and followed Paul to the exit, your heart heavy and your nose runny.
You began sunbathing with Susan a lot more often.
Part of you wanted to ask her whether she knew about Steve's side job, but you didn't want to expose his secret when it wasn't yours to tell.
"I'm loving these afternoons with you," She hummed with delight, a lazy grin on her lips as she faced the bright sky. "It's so much nicer to have a whore to partner up with, you know? Show these old crones what fun looks like, because God knows they've long forgotten."
You snorted at her words, shaking your head. "You're a riot, Sue."
"Speaking of riots; you didn't happen to hear Jerry and I last night, did you?" She asked, making you grimace.
"Oh God, Susan-"
"I just mean things got pretty loud!" She said with a laugh. "I was half-expecting you to come knocking, to make sure I was still alive. It's just that he learnt how to do this new thing with his tongue..."
Though you put on the disgusted act at how open she was being, you were secretly glad that her and Jerry had such a fulfilled married life. It meant she was less likely to hire Steve, which brought you some solace because she was your only real friend on Hibiscus Lane. You didn't mind knowing that Steve had slept with any of the others, but you'd feel a little off if you knew Susan was one of his clients. You weren't sure why, but you didn't really want to unpack those feelings in case something you didn't want to know about yourself came to light.
You told yourself you were only glad because you were rooting for Susan and Jerry's marriage. Yes. That was why. No other reason.
Losing track of time, you ended up still being out in Susan's front garden in nothing but a bikini when Paul got home from work. You had done well up until that point to hide your afternoon activities from him, and you knew he'd be pissed. And now, you were going to face the brunt of it.
"Oh, Lord," Susan said, sitting up. "I'm so sorry, Y/N, I didn't even realize the time-"
"It's fine," You assured her while Jerry also turned into the street, seeing as the two worked at the same office.
Standing up, you plastered on a smile as Paul parked in the drive before leaving his Porsche, his jaw clenching when he saw you standing there in a black bikini. "Hey, honey," You called out warmly, trying to at least give the neighbors the impression that you were in a healthy relationship. "How was work?"
He slammed the door shut before storming up the path towards your front door. "Get inside. Now," He ordered you gravely, making you stiffen.
"Has Victoria's Secret lost a model or is that just my gorgeous girl?"
You turned your head at the sound of Jerry's gentle voice, watching as Susan all but jumped into his arms.
"Who are you looking so pretty for, hmm?" He asked her teasingly, before giving her a soft kiss.
She looked up at him with so much adoration, it was like she truly believed it was he who had told the sun to shine that day. "The love of my life, of course," She replied melodically before he lifted her into her arms and carried her into the house, likely to give her another show of that new thing he had learnt to do with his tongue.
You turned back to your own house with a pit of dread in your stomach. Even though it was the same size and color and had the same layout as Susan and Jerry's house, it somehow seemed much duller. It was as though it was merely an exoskeleton giving the image of a happy home, but if someone was to look at it from the side, they'd see it was just a 2D piece of wood, like a stage prop.
Thankfully, Anita was out shopping, meaning she wouldn't have been there to egg Paul on or get involved in the inevitable argument.
When you entered your house, Paul was standing in the hallway, a grave look on his face. "Do you love to embarrass me?" He asked, looking you up and down with a grimace.
You felt scrutinized under his stare, like he was a critic of Michelin star restaurants who had just walked into a dingy diner on the highway. "No, Paul. Of course not. Susan and I were just-"
"Parading your body around for the entire neighborhood to see," He cut you off bitterly. "Like a cheap slut."
His words triggered something in you. It was an anger that presented itself immaturely, causing you to want to push his buttons.
Taking a step towards him, you tilted your head. "If I'm such a slut, then why don't you fuck me like one?"
He choked on air, absolutely abhorred at your words. "What?"
"Treat me like the slut I am," You ordered, stepping closer still and raising your voice. "Come on, Paul, do it!"
"What the fuck is wrong with you?" He asked, narrowing his eyes.
"I'm a slut, that's what's wrong with me!" You yelled, grabbing his hands and placing them on your breasts. "So fuck me like it!"
Paul grabbed your shoulders and pushed you to the ground, standing over you with a baffled and disturbed look on his face. "You're fucking insane, Y/N."
You winced at the pain that shot through your back, saying nothing as he stormed up the stairs.
Grabbing a dress from the laundry room, you put it on before leaving your house. All you knew was that you couldn't stand to be there any longer. You felt foolish, and pathetic, and unwanted.
But most of all, you felt frustrated.
You crossed the street and made your way down to number 99, where you knocked on the door. It opened a few moments later, and Steve stood there, slightly surprised to see you. "Hey, sweetheart. Is everything alright?"
"No," You answered truthfully, in no mood to sugarcoat things.
He frowned, concern growing on his face. "Anything I can help you with?"
"Please, Steve," You began desperately, never once taking your eyes off of his. "Please, fuck my brains out."
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jungwonenthusiast4 months ago
hii can i request bestfriends heeseung and y/n who have never done anything together but one night while having a sleepover things just go in that direction 馃憖馃憖馃憖 (using prompts 8 & 12 please馃ズ)
A/N: this is such a cute concept i love it (u didn鈥檛 specify who says what so i chose lol i hope thats okay, I also made hee a soft dom)
Warnings: oral (f receiving), fingering (f receiving), unprotected sex, cock warming
Word count: 3k
You tap lotion onto your face as Heeseung pulls his sheet mask off. He pats the remaining product into his skin.
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 even need that,鈥 you roll your eyes. 鈥淵our skin is already perfect.鈥
鈥淛ealous?鈥 he teases.
鈥淵es, I one hundred percent am.鈥 you admit and he chuckles.
You finish up in the bathroom and then plop onto your bed. Heeseung leans over you and grabs the remote on your nightstand. He clicks to Bojack Horseman as always then lays down next to you, scrolling through his phone.
You kick him in the shin. 鈥淕imme some space.鈥
He frowns and sprawls himself on top of you. 鈥淲hat, you don鈥檛 wanna love on me?鈥
You laugh and try to push him off. 鈥淚 feel violated.鈥
He rolls away, chuckling.
You鈥檙e scrolling through tiktok together when a video of someone joking about porn comes up. You cackle and Heeseung looks at you.
鈥淗ow do you know about that?鈥 he asks, wide eyed.
鈥淲hat do you mean?鈥 you ask awkwardly.
鈥淒o you watch porn?鈥 he asks and you turn away from him, giggling.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 a very private question.鈥 you say, covering your face with your hands.
鈥淪o you do!鈥 he exclaims and he鈥檚 blushing too.
You guys talked about sex occassionaly, only when you were sharing stories about hook ups though.
鈥淲hat kind do you watch?鈥 he says, only half joking and you punch him in the shoulder.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 an extremely private question.鈥 you say.
鈥淚 thought we were for lifers.鈥 he replies and you laugh.
If he were a female friend you wouldn鈥檛 hesitate to tell her all of this, but for some reason he made you shy. You still remember when you became aware that he was a guy. It was the summer before tenth grade when he grew three inches, his voice dropped, and his shoulders began to broaden. It was the summer you became more aware of his masculinity and ever since then, things kind of changed. Not for the worse, things are just different now.聽
You continue to scroll when another scandalous tiktok comes up. It said something about wanting to be dominated and taken control of.
You groan. 鈥淲hy do I keep getting these things?鈥
鈥淭he for you page gives you things that it knows you鈥檇 like.鈥 he remarks and you scrunch your nose at him. 鈥淲hat? I think it was pretty hot.鈥
You choke. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e a bottom?鈥
鈥淣o!鈥 he guffaws. 鈥淚 meant to be the giver in that situation.鈥
鈥淥hhh,鈥 you say, trying not to get too embarrassed. The thought of him doing that to someone drove you a little insane.
鈥淎re you?鈥 he asks and you shove him.
鈥淵ou weirdo.鈥 you accuse and he holds his hands up.
鈥淚 just think best friends should know these things about each other.鈥
You shrug him off and turn your phone off. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 trust my phone anymore, let鈥檚 watch yours.鈥
You scoot over to him and rest your head on his shoulder.
He scoffs. 鈥淚 thought you wanted space?鈥
鈥淎re you complaining?鈥 you tease.
鈥淥f course not.鈥 He fake yawns to get his arm around you and you cackle.
He taps a gentle beat onto your shoulder while scrolling through instagram. You can鈥檛 help but tense up in his embrace. He had been a bit more touchy than usual lately; random hugs, playing with your fingers, adjusting your clothes, and tying up your shoelaces whenever he could.
鈥淲ow I do not like this.鈥 he says at someone鈥檚 prom outfit.
鈥淢e neither,鈥 you frown. 鈥淚t鈥檚 kind of outdated.鈥
鈥淲hen鈥檚 our prom?鈥 he asks.
鈥淚 think in a month.鈥
鈥淲e鈥檙e going together right?鈥 he asks and your heart skips a beat. You figured that you鈥檇 go together but him asking you made you anxious.
鈥淵eah,鈥 you try to sound confident.
鈥淎re we gonna coordinate our outfits?鈥 he lightly squeezes your side and you squeal.
鈥淏ut we鈥檙e not going as a couple.鈥 you say and he rolls his eyes.
鈥淪o? It鈥檇 be weird to show up together with mismatched outfits.鈥 he says and you nod in agreement. 鈥淒o you have an idea of what you wanna wear?鈥 he asks.
鈥淚 think I wanna go more simple and do black.鈥 you say and he groans.
鈥淵ou always wear black dresses.鈥
鈥淎nd? I look hot in them.鈥 you defend.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e right you鈥檙e right.鈥 he accepts defeat and you giggle.
As the night goes on you slowly slump further into Heeseung鈥檚 side. At one point his arm goes numb so you scooch in front of him and rest your back against his chest. You鈥檝e gotten used to being so close to him, and at this point you just wanted more.
His arms are wrapped loosely around you as you watch Coraline on the tv. He reaches up to run his hand through his hair but instead punches you decently hard in the boob. You yelp and hold your chest.
鈥淎hh! Sorry sorry!鈥 he holds your shoulders. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry.鈥
You can鈥檛 help but laugh through your pain. 鈥淭rying to make me lose a boob or something?鈥
鈥淣oo, no I鈥檓 sorry, forgive me.鈥 he asks, sounding genuinely worried.
Sure you were exaggerating your reaction, but what鈥檚 wrong with having a little fun with him.
You elbow him in the side and he cries out.
鈥淩evenge.鈥 you say with a smug smile.
He waits a moment before grabbing your waist and flipping you onto your back. He鈥檚 always stronger than you would鈥檝e guessed. You yell as he climbs on top of you and begins to tickle your sides.
You kick around and try to push him off but he won鈥檛 budge.
鈥淕et off, I鈥檓 dying!鈥 you cackle from his relentless tickling.
鈥淵ou asked for it.鈥 he says.
鈥淚 thought we promised no tickle fights?鈥 you grab a pillow to protect yourself but he鈥檚 quick to chuck it away.
鈥淚 had my fingers crossed.鈥 he jokes.
You muster all of your strength and hook your leg around him to get him onto his back, a trick Jungwon taught you.
Without thought, you climb on top of him and pin his hands down. It take you a moment to realize what position you鈥檙e in. You both freeze for a second before bursting out laughing.
You fall onto your back, holding your chest.
鈥淲hat the hell was that?鈥 he asks, laughing. 鈥淪ome fifty shades of gray type of shit.鈥
You kick him in the shoulder. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry!鈥 you say through a fit of giggles. You try to push yourself up but your legs are bent in a way that makes it a little tough. Heeseung assists you and pulls you up into a sitting position by your waist.
You鈥檙e still giggling a bit when you feel his nose brush against yours.
鈥淗i.鈥 you whisper and he waits a moment before gently pushing his lips against yours. Your heart leaps into your throat but you try to stay calm as possible.
He pulls away (to your disappointment) and looks at you with wide eyes.
鈥淔uck, I鈥檓 sorry-鈥 he says and before he can finish your hold his face and kiss him back. His arms snake around your waist and he pulls you flush against him.
You can鈥檛 believe that this is happening. You wonder if all the things you鈥檝e fantasized about would happen tonight. Of course not, you鈥檙e crazy, you think. But you could already imagine with hands adventuring your body, touching you just how you like it.
Your fingers dip into the back of his shirt collar. You鈥檙e barely touching his skin, but it still feels so special.
His lips move to your cheek, then your jaw, then your neck. Your breath becomes increasingly ragged as his kisses become more open mouthed and messy.
He looks up at you. 鈥淚s this okay? Like do you want this?鈥
You nod eagerly and he smiles. 鈥淐ute.鈥 he says to himself.
He gently rests you onto your back and traces your waist before pushing your top up. He peppers kisses all over your stomach and ribs before getting to the band of your bralette.
You blush. 鈥淚 would鈥檝e worn something nicer if I knew this was gonna happen.鈥
He shakes his head. 鈥淚 like it, it鈥檚 pretty.鈥
You tug your shirt over your head along with your bra. He lets out a small gasp and you rush to cover yourself.
鈥淲ait, no no.鈥 he pulls your hands away.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e making me shy.鈥 you turn your head away and he chuckles.
鈥淪o perfect.鈥 he says before softly kissing your chest.
You let out a small moan while running your fingers through his hair.
He slowly runs his tongue over your nipples while rubbing your sides. You can feel wetness starting to pool in your underwear.
You instinctively swivel your hips, looking for some kind of stimulation and he smiles.
鈥淒o you need something?鈥 he asks teasingly and you feel your cheeks heat up.
鈥淵eah,鈥 you answer.
鈥淲hat is it?鈥
You shake your head out of embarrassment.
鈥淲ell you鈥檙e gonna have to tell me or I鈥檓 just gonna leave you like this.鈥 he says nonchalantly and you sigh.
You swallow your pride. 鈥淭ouch me, please?鈥
鈥淎ttagirl.鈥 he says and tugs your shorts off. 鈥淪how me how you like it.鈥
Your eyes widen. 鈥淗uh?鈥
鈥淵ou heard me,鈥 he says. 鈥淪how me first.鈥
You breathe in nervously before sliding your hand into your underwear. You circle your clit once and do your best to hold in a moan. He pulls your underwear to the side to watch you.
鈥淒o you think about me when you touch yourself?鈥 he asks. 鈥淲hen you鈥檙e home alone and it鈥檚 late at night?鈥
You nod sheepishly and he smiles. 鈥淲hat do you imagine?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not telling you,鈥 you blush. 鈥淚t鈥檚 embarrassing.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 be embarrassed. If you tell me, I'll tell you what I think about too.鈥 he suggests and you accept the deal.
鈥淚-I imagine my fingers being yours,鈥 you swallow thickly.
鈥淢hm,鈥 he encourages you while gingerly kissing your thighs.
鈥淎nd,鈥 you hesitate for a moment. 鈥淚 imagine your tongue on me, and you filling me up. What about you?鈥
He smiles. 鈥淚 imagine touching you like this,鈥 he rubs his hands down your thighs and reaches up to pinch your nipples. 鈥淚 imagine kissing you here,鈥 he kisses your inner thigh, 鈥渁nd here,鈥 he kisses you so close to where you need him the most and you quiver. He grabs your hand and pushes your fingers into his mouth. Your eyes widen and he smirks. 鈥淵ou taste good.鈥
You nearly cum just from seeing and hearing that.
鈥淚 imagine doing this.鈥 He lowers his head and licks a gentle stripe up your pussy. Your thighs snap around his head and he pushes them back open.
鈥淩elax sweetheart, let me make you feel good.鈥 he says before delving into you. Your back arches off the bed right away and your fingers find his hair. Goddamn he鈥檚 good.
He circles his tongue on your clit, hungrily but still gently.
鈥淔uck,鈥 you exhale and he smiles.
He pushes a finger into you with ease and soon adds another. You roll your hips against his tongue as his fingers pump in and out of you. You whimper as the overwhelming pleasure runs through your body.
鈥淥h my god,鈥 you squeak as your legs begin to shake. Already? You think.
His fingers stay at a steady pace as he messily sucks on your clit. You tug at his hair and he moans into you.
鈥淧lease don鈥檛 stop.鈥 you beg and he obeys.
Your hips begin to lift off the mattress and he pins you down, keeping you in place. Your orgasm pours through you like sweet syrup, leaving you trembling under him.
He comes up to kiss you, letting you taste yourself. You wipe your juices off his chin with your thumb then lick it off.
He watches you in awe. 鈥淕od you鈥檙e hot.鈥
You pull his hoodie over his head and push him onto his back. Your fingers trace his shoulders, then his waist, and every muscle on his torso. You kiss him down to the band of his sweats before pulling them down along with his Calvins.
His cock springs up and hits his lower stomach. You slowly kiss up his shaft then waste no time getting him in your mouth. He hisses and caresses your hair.
He hits the back of your throat every time you bob your head but you don鈥檛 care. His head drops back with a tempting moan.
鈥淔uck you鈥檙e good.鈥 he says with a small smile.
You stroke the inches you can鈥檛 reach with your hand.
You wish you could imprint this image of him in your mind: his head lulling back, his adam's apple bobbing every time he swallows, his brows furrowing, his mouth parting open. You鈥檙e almost tempted to take a photo.
You take him all the way into your throat and swallow around him. The moan he lets out sounds better than a song.
You look up at him and watch him rake his hand through his hair. His abs contract every time you come down on him.
鈥淛ust like that,鈥 he purrs, sending heat straight to your core.
You feel so dirty with your spit dripping down your chin but at the same time, it feels so good.
鈥淪uch a good girl,鈥 he coos. 鈥淪ucking this cock so well.鈥
You nod at him and he smiles.
鈥淐ome here,鈥 he pulls you into a position where he can reach you better and squeezes your ass. He tenderly traces his fingers down your spine before slowly pushing two fingers into you. You whine on his cock and he smirks.
鈥淪till so wet.鈥 he says while slightly curling his fingers, you jolt and he chuckles. 鈥淔eels good huh?鈥
You nod and he pets your hair. 鈥淜eep going, that鈥檚 it.鈥
His fingers pick up the pace as your sucking and licking becomes more sloppy.
His moans become more desperate and when he expects you to pull off you keep your head down, taking his cum down your throat.
鈥淒id you just swallow?鈥 he asks you, still breathing heavy.
You nod with a smile and he pulls you into a passionate kiss.
He flips you onto your back, eagerly kissing down your body before lining himself up with your entrance.
鈥淔uck me please,鈥 you exhale and he smiles.
鈥淥f course,鈥 he pushes into you and you whine from the feeling. He stretches you out just right. 鈥淕od you have good pussy.鈥 he moans and you giggle.
He leans down to kiss you and you whimper into his mouth.
鈥淒on鈥檛 stop,鈥 you plead and he kisses your neck, sucking and nibbling to leave a hickey. 鈥淧eople are gonna see.鈥 you say and he smiles.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 the point.鈥 he says. "Don鈥檛 you want people to know how good you are for me?鈥
You blush and nod.
鈥淕ive me one too sweetheart.鈥 he says softly while leaning over you.
You rub up and down his sides while gently biting and licking at his neck, leaving a pretty red blush on his neck.
His fingers trail down to circle your clit while grinding his hips into yours. Your eyes roll back as he does so and he smiles. He can鈥檛 stop thinking about how captivating you are. He can鈥檛 take his eyes off you. Which gives him an idea.
He grabs your jaw and turns it to the mirror next to your bed. 鈥淟ook at yourself.鈥 he says.
Your heartbeat quickens, not used to seeing yourself in this state.
鈥淟ook how good you take it.鈥 he says and you can鈥檛 deny it, you look hot as fuck.
He looks at you watching his cock disappear in and out of your cunt. You drag your hands over your waist and go to roll your nipples between your fingers.
His fingers are so slick on your clit from your juices and everything feels so good that you can鈥檛 really believe it.
He grabs onto the headboard for leverage and he looks so fucking good like this. Ever since he turned your head to the mirror, you can鈥檛 look away. You only turn to face him when your legs begin to shake and the fire in your stomach starts to dance.
鈥淧lease don鈥檛 stop,鈥 you say with sparkling eyes. 鈥淚鈥檓 close.鈥
鈥淐um for me sweetheart,鈥 he says right by your ear. 鈥淏e good.鈥
That alone sends you over the edge.
You鈥檙e back arches and your eyes roll back as your orgasm surges through you. He moans into your neck as he releases into you. You鈥檙e still pulsing around him when he finishes.
He kisses your cheeks as you come down for your high. 鈥淵ou did so well princess.鈥
You can鈥檛 help but cling to him and he chuckles. 鈥淚 have to pull out of you eventually.鈥
鈥淚 like the way you feel.鈥 you whine and he smiles.
You opt to cock warm him. He lays on his back and pulls you on top to straddle him. He gently pushes into you as you lay on his chest and enjoy the feeling.
He strokes your back and kisses your shoulder for a bit before he starts to subdtley thrust up into you.
You give him a look and he smiles at you sheepishly. 鈥淲anna go again?鈥
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buckybarnesdiaries5 months ago
a place called home
Tumblr media
漏 credits to the author, i found it on google. if you own it, send me a message to add your @.
bucky barnes x reader. 鈳 masterlist.
Request by @dora-wolfram-blog: Hi <3 so happy to see your requests are open! How about ex Avenger reader who can manipulate the forces of nature and she comes to help Sam? (Idk maybe calling fish from the sea so his family can sell and earn enough money for the boat?) There she meets Bucky who she briefly met after endgame and they get to know each other? Domestic stuff is my weak spot so thank you so much luv u <3
word count: 1.206 words.
warnings/tags: none. bucky being a gentleman and sam a pain in the ass as always.
author notes: none of my stories contain reader鈥檚 body descriptions to be inclusive.
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Tumblr media
Saying that Bucky and you were friends wasn鈥檛 something exactly. You fought together a couple of times before you retired from superhero life. Like many of them, the war had finished and you chose calm over being a private agent. More or less like the ex-soldier, with the difference that he went to New York and you didn鈥檛 be able to find a home until Sam made you a call. He was quite the opposite of Bucky for you, connecting since the very first second you met. After he told you about his sister鈥檚 financial trouble, he offered you a roof to sleep under in exchange for your powers to control the tide and promote the movement of fish stocks. Of course, it was a hit, and you finally found peace in Delacroix. A celebration was inevitable, it was part of Wilsons鈥 DNA, but you weren鈥檛 expecting Bucky to show up with Sam; although he told you in your last call that they were working together. Or something like that.
As soon as your eyes laid on him among the crowd, you knew he had changed after more than six months without seeing each other. You couldn't help but feel happy for Bucky when you saw him smiling for the first time. He had a beautiful and innocent smile, seeming like a new man. Renovated, with want to live, enjoying playing with kids and talking to old men about war stories.
You had placed your back against an oak column, away from the crowd but close enough to check on everyone, in case they need help with anything. A beer was resting against your lips, doubting on continuing drinking, lost in your thoughts. There was something about Bucky going from one side to another, laughing unworried, that had fully captivated your attention. You weren't able to stop looking at him, chuckling when you saw one of Sam's nieces putting a magnet with the form of a crab on his left arm.
鈥淚 have that teen-in-love's face on camera鈥.
You frowned at Redwing some inches away from your face. As a response, you tried to slap it down. But your friend was faster than you controlling that thing.
鈥淗e looks good, uh?鈥
鈥淥h, shut up鈥︹ You replied by clicking your tongue and rolling your eyes, having a sip from your drink to put your eyes away to the sea.
鈥淗e asked if you'd be here鈥 Just saying鈥.
鈥淪hut up, Samuel!鈥 You implored, rubbing the bridge of your nose.
Tumblr media
As the night went on and the guests started to leave, Sarah asked you to take Jim and Jody home while she stayed there cleaning with his brother about the business. You were exhausted too, and she noticed it. And after saying your goodbyes, you headed to the parking where your car was stationed, carrying the younger Wilson onto your arms 鈥攑eacefully sleeping鈥 as his big brother was yawning loudly. At that point, you realized that it was going to be a tough mission to put them in the car.
鈥淲ait! Lemme help鈥.
The male voice coming from behind you made you turn around and before you could react, Bucky was taking Jody from your arms to his. You smirked softly in response, looking for the key in the right pocket of your jacket to unlock the car. The soldier tucked the younger in the back seat, placing the belt around him as Jim occupied the other side of the SUV.
鈥淚t's been good to see you鈥. You said after closing the door, staying outside in front of him.
鈥淪ame鈥. He replied, not knowing what else to say.
Puckering your lips and clapping the key on your palm, you nodded with your chin, feeling the nerves running through your veins. 鈥淕ood night, Bucky鈥.
鈥淕ood night, (Y/N)鈥.
You gave him your back, sighing inappreciably, to open the pilot's place and came in.
鈥淗e鈥 Hey, wait鈥.
鈥淪am told me鈥 you were tired. I might give you a ride back home. I can wait for him there鈥. The offering made you glance towards him, already sitting in your car but with a leg rest on the ground. 鈥淚f you want, I mean鈥︹
Of course he did (...). That son of a bitch had the audacity to push you onto the other. You bit your inner cheek, landing your eyes on the wheel. Yes, you were tired. You woke up at five to sail with Sarah, then you organized the party and cooked for it. You hadn't had a single second of rest during the whole day. And Sam took advantage of it, feeling like he was some kind of Cupido. And you had to recognize that it was also very considerate coming from Bucky.
鈥淚'd appreciate it鈥 actually鈥. You ended up agreeing, stepping out to give him the keys and ceding your seat.
The ride was silent between the two of you, hearing some quiet indie music playing on the radio while you fought against your brain to stay awake. Luckily, it didn't take him too long to reach Sarah's house 鈥攁lthough you were barely keeping your eyes open at this point. Again, he helped you with the kids, walking indoors and following you to their respective rooms. You tucked Jim and Jody on their beds, making sure they were comfy before placing a kiss on their foreheads and wishing them a good night. Bucky had rested his back against the wall, in front of the elder鈥檚 room, just waiting for you. And you could swear that you saw him briefly smirking because of the tenderness in your actions.
After closing the last door, you waved your head to urge him to follow you downstairs to the living room. With an exhausted sigh escaping your lips, you let your body fall on the sofa, curling on a side of it to give Bucky some space. You couldn鈥檛 help but yawn, turning on the TV by using the control remote.
鈥淚t鈥檚 good to have a home to come back鈥.
鈥淵eah鈥 After all the shitty situations we鈥檝e been through鈥 We deserved a rest, don鈥檛 you think?鈥 You replied grabbing a cushion from the floor, using it as a pillow over the armrest. 鈥淪orry, I鈥 I鈥檓 deadly tired鈥︹
鈥淐ome here, that will hurt when you wake up鈥.
Bucky didn鈥檛 hesitate on beckoning to his arms, taking off his boots heel against heel to place both legs over the coffee table. You didn鈥檛 resist, knowing it would be comfier by his way. Sitting up, you lied to the opposite side, being wrapped instantly and snuggled against his warm body. Shameless, you rest your head on his right forearm, practically laying over his lap. But you felt good. You felt like it was a good reward after a long day, rolling down your eyelids and focusing on the caresses in your hair you didn鈥檛 know you needed.
For a moment, your mind wandered and fantasized about this last hour being part of your real life. Putting your kids to sleep and then cuddle with your husband till falling asleep. Smell Bucky鈥檚 strong and edgy scent. Your hands scratching his back. His fingertips stroking your scalp. Your legs laced (...)
Oh, God, Sam. What did you do?
Tumblr media
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avintagekiss245 months ago
Tumblr media
鈥攂elated; bucky barnes
pairing: mob!bucky barnes x black!reader
word count: 4738
warnings: 18+ ONLY, smut, sex, rough sex, anal sex, biting kink, choking kink, spanking, pain kink, vaginal fingering, mean bucky (my fave), ring kink cuz i love it when boys wear rings
squares filled: @buckybarnesbingo Y3: Birthdays ; @badthingshappenbingo Biting ; @star-spangled-bingo N1: Taking Charge
request: bucky barnes + "pay attention to me or i'll make you" + anal + choking + spanking + biting + pain
author note: it's been foreverrrrr! i'm so sorry! i had to work myself through a little slump! hopefully this makes up for the almost two months we've gone without a fic! this is story #2 for my 5k celebration, all fics will be tagged #5k...holy god. this was formatted in the beta text post editor on desktop, if anything looks weird, that's why :)
gif by @pedropcl ; line divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
James Buchanan Barnes is possessive.
One of those massive hands around the back of your neck as you walk casually through the streets. Fingers wrapped around your wrist, or shoulder, or hip in a tight grip. He pulls you in close鈥 right into his side as shopping bags hang from the tips of his metal fingers.
Bucky Barnes wants every man on the streets of Greece to know that you are his.
Not that you mind; quite the contrary. You just smile and giggle when he throws his heavy arm around your shoulders and hooks the crease of his arm right underneath your chin. Slip your hand into the back pocket of his loose dark jeans (giving that little tush of his a squeeze). Slink your arm around his little waist and breathe in his scent鈥 heavy and woodsy鈥 as the two of you stroll.
After all, he鈥檚 just as much yours as you are his.
All of his friends, Sam, Steve, Clint, all see the change in him. The little soft spot for you that blinds him entirely鈥 turns him in a mushy puddle of emotions and puppies and rainbows. Very different from the Bucky they grew up with, but a Bucky that the three of them have come to enjoy. It鈥檚 a change of pace from the enforcer they know.
The two of you don鈥檛 talk about his work鈥 in fact, it鈥檚 the reason why you鈥檙e in Greece to begin with. A late birthday present to make up for the fact that his 鈥渨ork鈥 just happened to be the waiter at the restaurant he chose to take you to for your thirty second birthday. Come on babe, he chuckled as you scowled back at him over the rim of your wine glass, watching as he stained his white napkin red with his bloody knuckles, you know what they say, kill two birds with one stone鈥 not funny?
Two weeks, two nonrefundable, open ended tickets, and five grand in bikinis, shorts, and shoes later, you鈥檙e getting some much needed Greek sun on your deep brown skin.
He鈥檚 even letting you call the shots for a change. Letting you wake him up at the ass crack of dawn to have breakfast鈥 a spread of breads, cheeses and fruits on the balcony of your room as the sun rises. He doesn鈥檛 say a word as you drag him through the city, stopping at each little boutique and shoe store. Sits patiently as you try on every dress, every skirt, and every silk top in the entire country it seems.
Bucky even bit his lip as you gazed at engagement rings鈥 hinting that princess cut is your favorite as you held your hand up into the natural sunlight as one adored your finger. Smiling over at him and wiggling your eyebrows all the while as he narrowed his eyes and plastered a fake smile on his face.
Today has been like all the others, a lazy day spent on the beach, a quick nap underneath an umbrella, a concoction of too much sun and too many margaritas going straight to your head. Now, you鈥檙e kinda sleepy and kinda drunk, but most importantly hungry鈥 and Mykonos sounds like a great place for dinner. Despite Bucky鈥檚 objections (you鈥檙e too tired and too drunk to handle a ferry), you鈥檙e dressed in a cute little flowery sundress, him in an out-of-character white tank top, open pale blue and green striped button down and khaki chinos鈥 you forbade him from bringing anything black鈥 and you鈥檙e flip flops are slapping against the cobblestone street towards the ferry.
鈥淒rop your attitude,鈥 You say, glancing over your shoulder as he pays for your tickets, 鈥淵ou owe me.鈥
鈥淵eah, yeah, that excuse is wearing thin, girl.鈥 You stumble a little with the motion of the ferry as you step onto it, having to grab onto the railing to steady yourself before Bucky grabs hold of your wrist, 鈥淲ater only for the rest of the night.鈥
His voice is low and borderline threatening as he presses his lips right against your ear, and you know not to press him any further. You like to stick your toes right up against his line and that鈥檚 what irritates him most about you (always what he loves most), but you and he both know you鈥檇 never dare cross it.
Bucky pulls you behind him, hand around your wrist, that possessive trait rearing its head as male eyes fall on you as the two of you pass by. He finds an empty spot, away from the crowd, and plops down on the bench as you step up on the lower rung of the railing and stare out over the sea.
Within twenty or thirty minutes, the ferry pulls away from the dock and you can鈥檛 wipe the smile from your face. The sun sets off in the distance, the bright lights of the city turning into little pinpoints. Small droplets of the cool, salty water splashes up in your face as the wind and the ferry whips it up. You keep glancing down at the phone in your hand as you broadcast your current view to your instagram, laughing softly as hearts and emojis explode on your screen.
You lean forward, tilting your phone and smiling wide, waving into the camera before you shout out how much you love it here. The words are barely out of your mouth before an arm wraps around your middle, a wide, hard chest pressed into your back, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 enough,鈥 he reaches with his metal arm, grabbing your phone, ending your live feed, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e too drunk to be hanging off the side like that.鈥
鈥淚 am not,鈥 you struggle against him lightly as he sets you on your feet, 鈥淲hat is your problem?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 annoyed.鈥
鈥淲ell, duh. Why?鈥
He slips your phone into his pocket and crosses his arms over his chest, sharp blue eyes piercing into yours, 鈥淧ay attention to me,鈥 he says low, eyes dropping down your body real slow as he drags his bottom lip between his teeth, 鈥淥r I鈥檒l make you.鈥
So that鈥檚 what it鈥檚 about. Bucky Barnes feels neglected between all the shopping and beach days and margaritas. Jealousy is cute on him.
The words though, they strike you right to your core鈥 feel them down to your bones. A hard swallow pushes through your throat as your lips part, big brown eyes softening as your breath starts to rush a little harder. You hate to admit鈥 not really鈥 you love this Bucky. This is work Bucky, a man you rarely get to see. Slightly scary, anger brimming just below the surface. Jaw tight, eyes hard, head tilted just a bit. He鈥檚 menacing, and it makes your lips twitch into a small smile.
Shrugging defiantly, you cross your arms over your chest, 鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 pay much attention to me on my birthday.鈥
鈥淣ot true.鈥
鈥淣ot true?鈥 you nearly shout, eyes going wide, 鈥淚 ate alone while you beat the hell outta our waiter behind the building! I had to wait two hours for my slice of cake!鈥
鈥淗ow is that my fault?鈥
You scoff, 鈥淥h, I dunno, maybe because our waiter was spitting out his teeth in the alley out back鈥 all thanks to you.鈥
鈥淚 have to work. You know that.鈥
鈥淣ot,鈥 you hiss, 鈥淥n my fucking birthday.鈥
He knows he鈥檚 wrong for that shit, so he stands there, huffing quick before he cocks his head again and just blinks back at you鈥 unamused. He won鈥檛 apologize, it鈥檚 just not in his nature, but his usual attempts to make you happy after he鈥檚 fucked up aren鈥檛 working; so he鈥檚 at a loss.
And you鈥檙e enjoying that. A little too much if you ask him.
But alas, it鈥檚 not fun to fight on vacation, and you have taken far too many liberties when it comes to his tolerance for attitude. It鈥檚 been fun鈥 and you鈥檙e just drunk enough to push him one last time.
You move slow, walking right up to him, so close that each inhale pushes your tits into his body. The smirk quirked up on your lips grows as you peer up at him, eyes bouncing between his as you place your hands on his forearms still crossed over his chest.
Bucky lifts his eyebrow as you push up on your tiptoes and push your chin forward to bring your lips close to his, 鈥淎nd just how are you gonna make me pay attention to you, James?鈥
He inhales deep, pushes it out real slow as he tilts his head even further. A smile spreads on his face and you just know that this is the last thing his work sees before he rearranges the bones of their face. This is exactly why his clients pay him as well as they do.
Thick fingers are wrapped around your wrist again, nails digging into your skin as he starts to pull you behind him. He weaves you through bodies, you nearly having to jog to keep up with his strides. Laughter bubbles up in your chest, a little shriek escaping as he pulls you down some stairs to the lower level of the ferry. Once your feet hit the last step, Bucky whips you around his body, sending you spinning and laughing until you bounce into an old, rusty metal barrel.
The smell of salt fills your nose and lungs as you inhale, covering your face with your hands. Your skin is hot, lips slightly numb as you dissolve into laughter again. He鈥檚 right, you鈥檙e a little too drunk for this.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 think we鈥檙e supposed to be down here.鈥 You mumble, brushing your wild hair out of your face.
鈥淚 could give a fuck,鈥 he answers, stepping up to you, grabbing your face in his hands, 鈥淵ou鈥檝e been testing me the entire time we鈥檝e been here all over some stupid shit.鈥
Another giggle pushes through your lips as you bat your eyes, 鈥淚 wouldn鈥檛 dare, Mr. Barnes.鈥
Bucky sucks his teeth as he drops his metal hand around your throat and squeezes gently, the rings on his fingers cool against your skin, 鈥淚 was stupid, okay? But don鈥檛 put on that little innocent act, girl. You鈥檙e trying me, and I鈥檝e had enough.鈥
A smile cracks onto your face, teeth sinking into your bottom lip. You wrap both hands around his one wrist and slip them up his arm, feeling the soft metal as you continue to goad him, 鈥淵ou got some proof, big man?鈥
The tip of his black and gold thumb prods at your lip, pushes just inside. You wrap your tongue around it and suck gently, keeping your eyes on his all the while.
Bucky laughs, deep and earnestly, 鈥淧roof, she says. She needs proof.鈥 He glances around before he spins you quick, facing you away from him as he lifts your dress to reveal your pink satin thong.
You squeal loud, pushing and slapping at his hand as he grabs a handful of your ass, 鈥淏ucky! There鈥檚 people!鈥 you laugh, 鈥淥h my god!鈥
鈥淜eep your voice down,鈥 he warns, wrapping his metal fingers around your throat again, 鈥淯nderstand?鈥
A jolt of electricity flashes through you as you wiggle in his grasp. He tightens his grip around your neck as you wrap your fingers around the edge of the barrel, swallowing hard.
鈥淭hat requires an answer, honey.鈥
The chill in his voice, added with the slow circles and soft tickles of fingertips against the back of your naked thigh sends a pang through your belly, 鈥淚 understand.鈥
He chuckles soft and with a quick peck on the cheek whispers, 鈥淕ood girl.鈥
Bucky curls his left arm around your chest, hooking your chin in the crease of his arm as he grips your right shoulder. You grab on to it with both hands, out of instinct, eyes wide and skirting around for any signs of other human presence down here. Bucky turns, moving you with him to eye the steps quickly again before that flesh hand sweeps around to the front.
The soft material of your dress falls over his hand as he rubs your stomach鈥 his rings catching and snagging your skin. That hand pushes downward, over your thighs, gripping and kneading the soft flesh before he grabs the hem of your dress and pulls it upward, exposing those expensive panties again.
鈥淏ucky,鈥 you hum, his name trembling on your lips with the vibrations of your excitement, 鈥淏aby.鈥
He rucks your dress right up鈥 right up around your waist and pulls the slack behind you, pressing his body into yours to keep it in place. The dark stubble adorning his cheeks and chin cuts into the side of your face as he nuzzles in, humming to himself soft before he kisses the corner of your mouth.
Those fingertips start to trace the hem of your thong鈥 slowly. Back and forth, back and forth. From hip to hip. Your eyes flutter. Fingers grip the soft black metal of his arm a little harder. Legs go to jelly as another hard swallow passes through your throat.
鈥淎in鈥檛 got all that mouth now, do you?鈥 He whispers, fingers slipping just inside the silk of your panties to tease the delicate skin underneath.
When he slips his hand in鈥 all the way in鈥 cupping hot skin, fingers dancing between folds and teasing a wet slit, an influx of air fills your lungs. A gasp, small and clipped sounds in the back of your throat as his fingers start a rhythm. You melt into him, head resting on his shoulder as your hips push forward to meet greedy fingers.
A naughty finger pushes in quick, and then a second鈥 all the way to the black and silver rings dressed on them. His arm tightens around your neck as he presses his lips right against your ear, 鈥淵ou need to apologize.鈥
He fucks his fingers into you, withdrawing slow, and then pushing back in鈥 each time the edges of his rings stopping him from going deeper. You can鈥檛 help but purr as you continue to grip his arm with both of your hands.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 think鈥斺
鈥淎ll I want to hear,鈥 his words clip yours, each one slow and drawn and deep, 鈥淚s I鈥檓 sorry for testing your patience. I won鈥檛 do it again.鈥 He curls his fingers, the pads stroking that sweet little spongey spot, making you clamp your legs closed around his hand, 鈥淟et me hear you.鈥
You can鈥檛. You won鈥檛. Too stubborn and too drunk to give in to him, wanting to win just this once.
If there鈥檚 one thing James Buchanan Barnes does not like, it鈥檚 hesitation. It鈥檚 dangerous, he always says. You think too long, you get hurt. Predators don鈥檛 hesitate.
Well, you like being his prey.
Only a few seconds pass before Bucky tuts in your ear, seemingly disappointed in your obstinate behavior, but you both know it鈥檚 just the opposite. His cock pressing into your ass tells you so.
The fingers disappear. The arm choking you just right pulls away and your dress falls back around the middle of your thighs. You huff, wiping quick at your forehead and pushing your wild, curly hair out of your face again.
Your hands find your hips in irritation but he slaps them away quick as he sucks his teeth, 鈥淵ou must really want this spanking, girl. Keep it up.鈥
That you do鈥 keep it up. Huffing again. Crossing your arms over your chest like a petulant child. Brown eyes cut back at him over your shoulder to find sharp blues already on you. A smirk on his face.
Metal fingers curl around the back of your neck, pushing you forward gently until your thighs press against the old metal barrel again.
鈥淟ean forward, kitten.鈥
Voice as smooth as silk while you do so, gripping the rusted edges for balance. Your dress is yanked up again鈥 rough this time鈥 and twisted around his Vibranium hand. Then there鈥檚 warm, the warmth of skin against yours. Gentle brushes of fingers and a palm rubbing slow circles, then pinching and grabbing soft鈥 prepping your skin for what鈥檚 to come.
He pauses for just a second, no doubt to scan your surroundings and then pulls his hand away. You lung forward with the slap he levels to your behind within a fraction of a second鈥 the sound sharp and heavy.
There鈥檚 another, and then a third in quick succession before he鈥檚 massaging your skin again. Real soft and sweet. Tears burn at the back of your eyes at the sting that radiates through, all the way to your bones but the molten heat deep in your belly spreads like a fire. Each breath is hard and shaky, heart thumping against your chest but it鈥檚 so good.
Bucky switches to the other cheek, skilled fingers sweeping over your canvas of skin before he cracks you鈥 one, two, three.
You squeal with each one. The thud of those heavy rings around his fingers send a quick, new shockwave every time, building on the one before it. The tips of your fingers go red from holding on to the rusty old barrel as tight as you are, but your brain? She鈥檚 fuzzy and warm, and drifting up into the clouds with each swift slap.
Bucky is a methodical man. Three for the right cheek, three for the left, three right in the middle. His hand sneaks around your hip, giving it a squeeze before it comes back around and drops to the inside of your thigh. Grabs the meat of it鈥 digs his fingernails in just to hear you yelp. Cups your cunt in his palm, feeling the heat and the wet鈥 makes him groan all low and dirty.
He bunches your hair in his hand, tugs you up by it. Spins you around to face him before hoisting you up and settling you on top of the barrel.
鈥淵ou want me to fuck you so bad, don鈥檛 you?鈥 He growls, ripping at the button and zipper of his jeans.
You just hum in response, wrapping your legs around his waist and throwing your arms over his shoulders.
Bucky grabs your chin, forcing it up before he squeezes your cheeks, 鈥淗uh? Answer me.鈥
Damp eyelashes flutter as hot air escapes from parted, hot lips. He leans in real close, cock pushing right at your slit and kisses you hard as he slips his arm around your waist. He breaks away quick, sloppy and loud before pecking your lips once, twice, three times again.
鈥淵ou want me to fuck you, girl?鈥
The weight of his words are felt right down to your core, a shiver passing between the two of you. You let your heavy head fall back and your eyes close as Bucky nuzzles into the side of your face, his pretty white teeth skipping along your neck, nipping and nibbling.
鈥淚 want you to fuck me,鈥 you whisper after mere seconds, finally submitting in this cat and mouse game, 鈥淏ucky, please.鈥
That鈥檚 all he needs鈥 all he wants. For you to submit, after letting you have the reins for one day too long. He sinks into you slow, spreading you open with each inch, biting down into the side of your neck as he bottoms out. His teeth dig in a little deeper, a little harder as he starts to move, rocking back and forth almost succinct with the waves of the water.
You鈥檙e moving with him too, meeting each of his thrusts with your hips. You keep your legs tight around his waist, feet dangling and bouncing against the back of his thighs. A trail of hot kisses are pressed along your neck and down your shoulder before traipsing back up鈥 teeth grazing along your jaw.
Long fingers skip up your side and between your bouncing tits to only wrap around your neck again. They squeeze, gently, as his pace starts to pick up, hips shoving harder and faster鈥 that old barrel starting to scrape against the wood floor.
The force makes you louder, moaning with abandon as if the two of you are all alone on this little ferry. Bucky makes quick work of you, shoving metal fingers into your mouth鈥 giving you something to suck on to keep you quiet.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 a good girl.鈥 he growls, voice gritty and low.
He鈥檚 punishing after that. Each snap of his hips thrusting you backward, the barrel you鈥檙e on top of tipping back and then slapping down on the floor. You yelp with each one, your mouth going slack around his digits as your hands fall to the edges of the barrel for some semblance of balance.
It鈥檚 obscene, the way you can hear your fuck. The wet of your cunt. The squeak of his cock plunging into tight, slick muscles. The heavy thud of his hips pounding into yours. The slap of your flip flops falling to the wood floor as he鈥檚 quite literally fucked them right off of your feet. It鈥檚 filthy鈥 crude鈥 and so very Bucky.
You鈥檙e back on your feet before you know it鈥 before you realize it. Spun back around, Bucky鈥檚 hard chest and stomach pressed into your back. He grabs both of your hands and places them back on the barrel, his metal hand staying on top of yours, fingers gripping fingers.
Eager hips wiggle back into his as you hiss and sink your teeth into your bottom lip, groaning low. Your head drops when you feel his cock push through your ass cheeks鈥 wet cockhead pressing against your hot rim.
He starts to fumble around behind you, each passing second making you more and more impatient. There鈥檚 a soft click, and then a light suction sound鈥 something squeezing.
鈥淏ucky,鈥 you hiss, pushing back into him again, 鈥淗ur鈥斺
The word breaks off right in the middle as he levels a quick smack against your hip鈥 a warning. Then your ass cheeks are pulled apart, wet, slimy fingers sliding and prodding at your quivering rim. He brushes slow strokes, circling, pressing his fingers gently as he preps your little hole for what鈥檚 to come.
鈥淲hat kind of freak brings lube to dinner?鈥 you smile, gasping as he pinches the inside of your thigh.
You lurch forward when he grabs the back of your neck and yanks you back into him, lips right against your cheek, 鈥淭he kinda freak that was gonna fuck you in an alley after dinner. Now shut that mouth.鈥
He鈥檚 pressing again, this time harder, his cockhead popping into you with force. You grunt with the initial intrusion, Bucky stopping his assault to allow you time to adjust to him鈥 but that doesn鈥檛 last long. Your mouth goes slack again. Eyes slam shut, head falls forward as he slips in, deeper and deeper and deeper until his stomach is flush with your ass.
He wiggles鈥 so you can feel him, feel him tickling the deepest part of you. Slaps at your ass again, quick, fingers glancing off your skin and leaving behind a hell of a sting. Then he鈥檚 fucking you again, slower this time, savoring the tight, glove-like hold your body provides.
Metal fingers grab at the hem of your dress again, tugging it up before they push back into your panties, finding a swollen, hot nub. Pinching and rubbing smooth circles against it, flicking and thrashing at the bundle of nerves before he shoves his fingers back into your cunt. They curl, those fingers, and pet your insides with surgical precision鈥 only James Buchanan Barnes knows how to fuck you like this.
The heel of his palm slams against your clit as he fingers you rough and fucks your ass with gusto. Sleazy sounds gurgle up in your throat, the slapping of skin and the waves crashing against the side of the ferry, the rush of the wind filling your ears. Bucky pulls you flush against him and slithers his tongue just beneath your ear before his teeth grab a hold, tugging soft.
Teeth keep nipping鈥 along your jaw, your cheeks, ears, neck. He fucks into you hard as he shoves his flesh hand into the neckline of your dress, gripping your tits. Pinching and kneading hard, thick nipples, mumbling sweet nothings all the while.
Your stomach churns, muscles tensing and flexing as synapses start to fire off in quick succession. Quick goosebumps pop up along your skin as your stomach tightens and you can taste it it鈥檚 so close. Bucky knows it, feels it as your walls constrict around his fingers, your asshole tightening around him. Vibranium fingers keep rubbing, keep fucking into your pussy hard, palm slapping against your clit, adding more and more pressure until the coil snaps.
It鈥檚 hard, and sudden鈥 your body freezing as your orgasm consumes you. Bucky clamps a wet hand over your mouth as you mewl and bite into his palm, your hips thrusting forward with each wave of your release. He pulls his fingers from you to slap at your jumping clit, pressing the pads into it before he rubs quick little circles and then slaps at it again.
He drops his hand to your chin, yanking it up as you nearly cry, mewling and trembling with your release to kiss you hard and sloppy as you come. He kneads your tits with his mammoth hand as aftershocks flash through you, your used body jerking at random. Within seconds, there's a cloud of warmth in your ass. Rough grunts in your ear, growing louder with each spurt of his cock, your hot muscles milking him.
You let him use you, let him fill you up full of his silk. Grab his hands and lace your fingers with his as he empties long ribbons in you. Pull his arms around your waist and hold them there as he rides it out, his head falling to your shoulder. The two of you stand there, resting against that old barrel, breathing hard, skin sticky and balmy. Salt from the ocean in your nose.
Bucky鈥檚 the first to pull away, glancing back at the stairs before he pulls himself gingerly from you, leaving your body empty, a dribble of his come slipping out with him. He catches it with his fingers, drags them up the back of your thigh and between your ass cheeks before he shrugs out of his collared shirt and white tank top.
He cleans you up sweet with the tank top. Keeps his arm around your waist to steady you as he wipes at your thighs and your hot, sticky, puffy cunt, shushing you soft when you jump and whimper at the contact. He flings the messy tank top over the side of the ferry and rubs your hips and stomach real slow, murmuring into your ear all the while.
Diligent fingers then rearrange your thong鈥 and cop a little feel, cupping your sensitive, swollen sex, giving it a little pinch so he can laugh when you shiver and squeak. Bucky pulls your dress, tugging lightly to get it back straight around your waist before smoothing it over your ass and thighs鈥 even pulls at the top, making sure your tits are sitting pretty.
You can鈥檛 even open your eyes, overcome by alcohol and sleepiness and a post sex high. He fumbles with your fingers as your head lulls on his shoulder, a soft hum vibrating in your throat in your murky haze. Bucky lifts your arm by the elbow, sliding his hand up your forearm until he鈥檚 cupping your hand in his.
鈥淥pen your eyes, baby.鈥 You groan in protest, causing a chuckle to rumble through his chest, 鈥淐ome on.鈥
So you do. You always do whatever this man wants you to do鈥 and there, right on your finger sits that big princess cut engagement ring you teased him with days before.
鈥淗ow about we skip dinner and find a church, huh?鈥 he whispers, kissing your cheek soft and sweet.
You glance at him over your shoulder, eyes wet as a smirk tugs at the corners of your mouth, 鈥淎nd if I say no?鈥
鈥淵ou just can鈥檛 help yourself, can you?鈥 He laughs as you adjust in his arms, pushing up on your tiptoes to cup his handsome face and kiss him on those pretty pink lips, 鈥淭hen I guess I鈥檒l have to fuck some sense into that pretty mouth of yours, won鈥檛 I birthday girl?鈥
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harrystylescherry6 months ago
Tumblr media
a/n: god do i love sex...also this isn鈥檛 proofread or edited at all
warnings: choking聽
what is is: some good old fucking
word count: 4k
let me know what you think :)
You were so sexually frustrated you could鈥檝e cried.聽
It had been like that all day鈥攖he past few days, actually. It was absolute torture. Harry had been beyond busy with the Grammy鈥檚 coming up in the next few days, constantly in rehearsals, constantly tired, and the kind of stressed out that didn鈥檛 warrant a sexual release. You on the other hand, were going through some kind of hyper sexual phase. This happened every few weeks or months; you were horny all the time, always wanting to be touched, always all over Harry. Then it would fade and you鈥檇 be normal again. Usually, it wasn鈥檛 a problem since Harry was always more than happy to help his girlfriend get off. But now, he was too busy and too tired鈥攕o you were suffering.聽
Sure, you could鈥檝e taken care of yourself, but lately, it had become severely underwhelming, anticlimactic, and slightly disappointing. The releases just weren鈥檛 the same. You needed someone else鈥檚 hands鈥攜ou needed Harry, but as of late, he was never in the mood.聽
Because you didn鈥檛 want to do anything he wasn鈥檛 comfortable with, didn鈥檛 want to pressure him into doing something he didn鈥檛 want to do, you hadn鈥檛 even tried to tease him or entice him. Instead, you had straight up asked him, 鈥淪o, do you think you can fuck me today?鈥 or 鈥淎re you by any chance in the mood to get head today?鈥澛
Unfortunately, each time, his answer was the same. He would laugh at your bluntness and then apologize because, no, he was not. Then you would groan and whine dramatically about how you were sure if he didn鈥檛 touch you soon you would absolutely die鈥攖hen Harry would laugh again, kiss you on the forehead, and go about his day. It was absolutely infuriating.聽
It was day four of your withdrawals and you were sure that your sanity was hanging by a thread. You couldn鈥檛 concentrate on anything鈥攏ot on the emails you were meant to be answering, the call you had with your mom, the tik toks you were scrolling through, the zoom call you had, or on the book you had started reading as a last resort (it was something from Harry鈥檚 collection and so not your vibe but you just wanted some kind of distraction). All you could think about was getting railed. It was all you wanted. Forget the kissing, the foreplay, the fingers, all of it鈥攜ou wanted to be filled. Was that too much to ask?
Apparently, it was.聽
You heard the front door of the house open and close. You heard him toss his keys in the small bowl next to the door before he kicked off his shoes.聽
When he entered the living room, you didn鈥檛 look up, knowing that looking at him a little sweaty and tired from rehearsals was enough to make you audibly whine.聽
鈥淗ow鈥檚 my girl?鈥
鈥淗orny.鈥 It was out before you could stop it.聽
He laughed softly. 鈥淗ow 鈥榖out hungry?鈥 He held up the big brown bag in his left hand.聽
鈥淔ood will fill the void temporarily.鈥
鈥淚 thought you would鈥檝e taken care of that by now.鈥 He said as he started to unpack the sushi from the bag.聽
You groaned. 鈥淚 told you it鈥檚 not the same!鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, I just鈥斺
鈥淗aven鈥檛 been very horny lately, I know, I know.鈥 You slouched and sighed. 鈥淪orry for being so bratty, I鈥檓 just鈥n pain.鈥
鈥淗orny pain.鈥澛
鈥淢aybe later I can help you out.鈥
You waved a dismissive hand at him. 鈥淣o, it鈥檚 fine. I don鈥檛 want a pity orgasm. And honestly, I think of past the point of fingers being enough.鈥
鈥淥h.鈥 You could see the blush dust across Harry鈥檚 cheeks.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 fine, really. I鈥檓 good.鈥
鈥淚f you say so.鈥 Harry said before dropping a chunk of wasabi into his soy sauce.聽
So, turns out, you weren鈥檛 good.
Dinner had finished a little while ago and you and Harry were sitting on the couch, watching King of Queens reruns. You were scrolling through your phone and he was answering emails on his laptop.聽
Purposefully, you had put a good two feet in between your bodies, knowing that having to be close to him without being able to touch him would just drive you insane. When he leaned over and squeezed your leg almost absentmindedly, your whole body tensed as a pang of need shot through you. You let out a small breath when he returned his hands to his keyboard.聽
A few minutes later, he scooted closer to you, which caused you to scoot further towards the end of the couch in order to keep your distance.聽
Harry grabbed your ankle and gave it a small yank. 鈥淗ey, c鈥檓ere. I haven鈥檛 been near you all day. I missed you.鈥
When you looked over at him with the intention of protesting, the words died in your throat. He was looking at you so sweetly, with a small furrow in his brow that showed his need to be close to you.聽
You sighed before locking your phone and dropping it on the cushion next to you. His smile was wide when you scooted over to him and settled your head on his chest and threw your legs over his now empty lap. He wrapped his arms around you tightly and kissed the top of your head.聽
When he brushed his fingers over the back of your neck, you whined softly, the most innocent of touches being too much. He kissed your hair once more before resting his chin on your head so he could watch the show. You ran your finger over his collarbone which was unintentionally exposed by the old, ratty, stretched out Ramones t shirt he was wearing. You traced the bit of the swallow that was showing and let out a long sigh. The warmth between your legs hadn鈥檛 gone away at all. Instead, it was growing; you knew what was under his shirt, what his bare torso looked like and just imagining it was enough to make you ache.聽
鈥淵ou okay?鈥 He asked as he ran his right hand down your leg in a way that was meant to be comforting鈥攊t was not.聽
鈥淢hmm.鈥 You said as your eyes fluttered closed.聽
When his laptop dinged with an email notification, he leaned forward slightly. 鈥淥h, sorry, love. This is important. Just give me one second.鈥 He said as he dropped his arm from around you.聽
You pulled your legs from off him and set your feet on the floor as he pulled the Mac onto his lap. You rested your chin on his shoulder blade and ran your palm flat over his toned back. When he let out a noise signaling it felt nice, you took the opportunity to dip your hand underneath his t shirt and scratch over his skin. When he let out a soft moan, you felt the spot between your thighs pulsate. You groaned loudly and dropped to your shoulder behind his body. You laid there limp, disappointed and frustrated.聽
鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong, babe?鈥
鈥淣othing.鈥 You dragged the word out.聽
鈥淚 told you I could鈥斺
鈥淚 swear I鈥檝e never been this sexually frustrated in my life. I think I鈥檓 going to cry.鈥
Harry laughed sweetly. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry!鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 not your fault.鈥 You mumbled.聽
鈥淐an you scratch my back again?鈥
鈥淔ine. But don鈥檛 make any even remotely sexual noises or I will literally have a breakdown.鈥
After readjusting your position so that you were sitting on your heel, you moved your hand back to his back. As he answered the email, he gave you direction and visibly tried to not let out any kind of sigh or sound that would indicate that it felt good.聽
He closed the laptop and turned to face you, causing your hand to drop from his back. 鈥淵our turn.鈥 He pushed himself back and laid down on his side. Once he propped a pillow underneath his head, he motioned for you to join him. 鈥淐鈥檓ere. Lay down.鈥澛
You bit your lip before plopping down next to him, your ass hovering precariously close to his front. He pushed your side so that you would lay on your stomach and you obliged, scooting around to get comfortable. When your head was resting on your folded arms, he hiked your t-shirt up as far as he could, accidentally exposing your boobs in the process, but he didn鈥檛 even seem to notice. You let out a soft sigh when he began raking his nails over your back, hitting your favorite spots and sending small chills down your spine. Again, warmth blossomed between your legs and you were sure that all it would take to get off at this point was fifteen minutes of this.聽
He rubbed his palm over your warm skin before leaning down and placing a soft kiss on your shoulder blade. When he placed another a little bit lower, you moaned quietly. His hand moved to your hip鈥攁nd just when you thought he was going to make a move, he pulled you back into spooning position and wrapped his arms tight around you and pulled you close to his chest. He placed a kiss to the top of your ear.聽
鈥淚 love you.鈥
鈥淚 love you too.鈥 You said before trying to focus on the show.聽
You were simply going to have to come to terms with the fact that he wasn鈥檛 interested in fucking you. The thought repeated in your mind when he yawned and adjusted his body to get comfortable. In doing so, he had rubbed his front against your ass, but there was no sign of a boner. It was a sad realization.聽
You knew it wasn鈥檛 that Harry didn鈥檛 find you sexy or wasn鈥檛 turned on by you. Usually, the two of you probably had sex more than the average couple did and you were always making fun of him for getting hard during moments that didn鈥檛 make sense to you, like when you were brushing your teeth together in the bathroom, or you were laying on the couch reading, or when you came back from a run completely drenched in sweat and smelly. It wasn鈥檛 a secret that the mere thought of being with you turned Harry on鈥攈e was just going through a bit of a sex drive drought, which was absolutely fine.聽
It鈥檚 not like it had ever happened to you before. Of course there were times, stretches of days (usually when you were experiencing PMS), where you weren鈥檛 in the mood. Sometimes you just wanted to be cuddled, and sometimes even though you wanted to want to have sex, wanted to be turned on, you just couldn鈥檛. So, you understood the situation Harry was in and honestly, if you were in his position, you probably wouldn鈥檛 be in the mood to have sex either. If you were him, you would want to be cuddled, coddled, comforted and taken care of in order to relieve whatever stress you could.聽
Suddenly, you felt a little bad about all your whining. It wasn鈥檛 his fault he wasn鈥檛 in the mood and you really hoped it hadn鈥檛 sounded like you were trying to guilt him into giving you what you wanted or trying to make him feel bad for something he couldn鈥檛 control. You knew that Harry knew you were a complainer and didn鈥檛 mean anything by all the whining, but you also knew that if you were on the receiving end, it wouldn鈥檛 exactly make you feel good.聽
You sighed softly before twisting around in his embrace so you were facing him. You placed a soft kiss to the corner of his mouth and then to his lips which he returned softly. 鈥淪orry for being so whiny.鈥 You whispered.聽
He smiled. 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay, baby.鈥 He kissed you once more before moving to lay on his back.聽
You tucked yourself into his side and he scratched at the skin of your shoulder as he pulled you closer to him. When you saw that his t-shirt had ridden up to expose the lower half of his stomach, you started to lightly scratch the area.聽
For whatever reason, being scratched was one of Harry鈥檚 favorite things. Sure, you loved having your back scratched, but that was about it. Harry, on the other hand, often asked for you to scratch his arms, his back, would lift up his shirt and signal for you to scratch the entirety of his torso鈥攅ven the palms of his hands and the insides of his wrists. At first you thought it was odd, but now it was a natural action whenever the two of you were laying down or he needed to be relaxed.聽
Since his arm was thrown across his stomach, instead of disturbing him and moving up to his chest, you dipped your hand underneath the band of his sweats and trailed your nails over his hip. You ignored the way that Harry鈥檚 body tensed, assuming that it was a ticklish spot and moved to the outer side of his thigh. When he changed after dinner, he had forgone boxers so there was nothing in your way.聽
When you scratched up the inside of his thigh, he let out a breathy groan, which took you slightly by surprise. Despite the warmth that blossomed between your legs, you ignored the sound and continued to run your nails over his skin. His breathing started coming out ragged, while his grip on your shoulder tightened. When you dragged your nails up the inside of his groin, he let out a long moan and you felt his dick twitch against the side of your hand.聽
You pulled your bottom lip between your teeth and looked up at him. His eyes were closed, his brow was slightly furrowed, and his mouth was barely open. 鈥淪orry.鈥 You whispered.聽
When you went to pull your hand from his pants, he grabbed your wrist and pushed it back down. 鈥淧lease don鈥檛 stop.鈥
You obliged silently and once again began to trail your fingers over his hips, down the insides of his thigh and up over his pelvic bone, purposefully allowing your fingers to brush against his hard on. You licked your lips when precum dripped across your knuckles.聽
Harry grabbed your chin and tilted your face up so he could kiss you. He wasted no time in slipping his tongue into your mouth. You moaned against his lips while wrapping your hand around his cock and slowly sliding your hand up and down. He groaned harshly into your open mouth and tightened his grip on your jaw.聽
He pulled your hand from his pants so he had easier access to you. When he ran a delicate finger over your loose shorts, you released a needy whine and he smirked. 鈥淭hat bad?鈥 He asked and you rolled your eyes before forcing your lips back on his.聽
鈥淔uck.鈥 He mumbled against your lips when he pushed your shorts out of the way to find you hadn鈥檛 been wearing any underwear either. You were dripping, easily coating his fingers as he slid his pointer and middle along your folds. When he stopped them at your center, your hips bucked greedily. When he pushed them in, you fisted the collar of his t-shirt and cursed.聽
Your sounds were strangled and unfinished, unable to catch your breath as he curled his fingers in and out of you. 鈥淔uck.鈥 You whispered into his mouth. 鈥淚 want to ride you. Please.鈥
鈥淵eah?鈥 He slammed his fingers into you hard and you gasped.聽
鈥淏aby, please.鈥
He placed a long kiss to your lips before pulling his fingers out of you. You sat up quickly and pulled off your t-shirt before standing up so you could drop your shorts. Before you could turn back around to face Harry, he had grabbed your thighs and pulled you close to him. He kissed your lower back, right above your ass before massaging it and biting it softly. 鈥淔uck, you look good.鈥 He whispered when you turned around.聽
Your eyes raked over his naked body鈥攁 sight you had missed more than you thought possible and it had only been a couple of days.聽
Before you could make a move, he had grabbed your hips harshly and pulled you onto him. You settled your knees on either side of his hips as he hurriedly took your nipple into his mouth. You placed your hands on the back of the couch to stabilize yourself while leaning into his mouth. One hand stayed planted firmly on your ass while the other pulled at your other nipple. You whimpered when you sat down and your clit came in contact with his shaft.聽
He sighed as he moved to suck your other nipple into his mouth and you began to move your hips, reveling in the way his tip slipped between your folds and then nudged at your clit. You gripped at his hair when he started kissing your neck, biting and sucking the soft skin. When you leaned down to kiss him roughly, his hand on your ass moved to align himself with your center.聽
You slid down slow, a desperate moan falling from your lips. Harry cursed before biting harshly onto your bottom lip.聽
鈥淪low, baby. Go slow.鈥 He whispered, knowing you wanted nothing more than to rock your hips quickly against him, your body begging for an immediate release.聽
You rolled your hips slowly, fighting the urge to buck them harder each time your clit rubbed against his skin. Harry鈥檚 hands on your hips helped guide your speed while his eyes were trained on your chest. When he finally looked up at you, he cursed.聽
鈥淵ou look so pretty like that.鈥 His right hand moved to massage your breast and his praise tightened the knot in your stomach. 鈥淟ook at you; just like that.鈥澛
You dropped your forehead to his and struggled to keep your hips rhythm.聽
鈥淕ood girl. Fuck, keep going. That鈥檚 it.鈥澛
A strained moan left your lips as you dropped your face into his neck. Your orgasm was growing quickly and with each bit of praise, you found yourself closer and closer to becoming undone. The friction was too good and Harry鈥檚 cock inside of you felt like too tight of a fit. Each movement felt like it could be the one that brought you the release you needed and it was becoming too much.聽
鈥淔uck, I wanna come.鈥 You said into Harry鈥檚 shoulder.聽
鈥淐ome on, baby.鈥 Harry wrapped his arms tight around your waist and held you as close to him as he possibly could.聽
You pulled harshly at his hair as you began to feel your orgasm overtake you. 鈥淥h, god.鈥 It was loud and desperate as your hips moved frantically over his. 鈥淔uck, Harry.鈥澛
He held you close as you shook against his body and rode out your orgasm. When you slowed down your movements, he released his tight grip.聽
After you placed a kiss on his neck, he tugged softly at your hair to get you to sit up so he could see you. He slipped his tongue into your mouth while your fingers tangled in his hair.聽
鈥淲ant another?鈥 He asked.聽
鈥淪tand up.鈥
He slipped out of you as you stood up and waited for instructions. He cupped your face in his hands and kissed you again before turning you around to face the couch. Knowing exactly what he wanted, you kneeled onto the cushions and leaned forward to rest your hands on the back of the couch as you arched your back for him.聽
鈥淔ucking hell.鈥 He whispered before slapping your ass harshly. He brought his hand down hard one more time before gripping your hips and pulling you back slightly so he could guide himself in. The both of you moaned in unison when he slid in slow.
As he began to thrust harder and faster, he gathered up your hair in one hand and pulled it back which forced you to arch your back further. His other hand stayed planted on your waist while he moaned.聽
You could hear that his moans were becoming more desperate and his curses were coming out unfinished. He pulled out of you quickly. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e too good. Fuck鈥攜ou feel too good.鈥 He squeezed your waist. 鈥淐鈥檓ere.鈥澛
When you turned around, you kissed his jaw and then his chest.聽
鈥淥n your knees, on the floor.鈥 He commanded against your lips.聽
You walked around the coffee table and settled yourself on the carpet鈥攕oft enough to kneel on, but rough enough to give you rug burn on your back.聽
You stood on your knees and Harry pressed his chest against your back. He placed his open palm on your stomach and held your jaw with the other. He tilted your head to the side so he had access to your neck and began to suck hard on the soft skin and moved down your shoulder before biting it softly.聽
He moved the hand that was on your stomach down and nudged your thighs a bit further apart. When he began tracing circles over your clit, you leaned back into him and let your head fall back onto his shoulder. He kissed your temple and moved his other hand from your jaw to around your neck. When he applied pressure, you let out a breathy moan.
鈥淧lease fuck me.鈥 Your voice was soft and slightly strained.聽
鈥淛esus.鈥 He whispered. 鈥淪ay it again.鈥
鈥淧lease, Harry. I want you to fuck me.鈥
He removed his hand from your clit momentarily so he could push his cock back into you. As soon it as it was in, his fingers were back tracing circles over the small bud and his other hand was tight around your neck.聽
His thrusts were slow paced and it was agonizing. A new orgasm began to build slowly between his cock and his hands, but you wanted it faster.聽
You reached back and dug your nails into his thigh. 鈥淢ore please.鈥
Harry cursed as he sped up his movement and tried to hit as deep as he could. He sped up his fingers on your clit and knew you were satisfied when your chest began to rise and fall quickly and his skin started to sting where your nails were dug in so far they were sure to leave marks.聽
鈥淥h, fuck. Harry鈥鈥檓鈥arry鈥斺
鈥淐ome on, love. Be a good girl and come.鈥 His voice was thick and raspy in your ear鈥攎ore than enough to send you over the edge.聽
Your body lurched forward as a strangled moan flew from your lips. It was more intense than the last since your clit was already so sensitive.聽
Harry followed you down, unrelenting with his hand and his thrusts. Your body shook between his and the floor as his named mingled with the curses you whispered harshly. Harry kissed the back of your neck and then the side of it, right beneath your ear and your writhed underneath him. Your hips bucked against his hand and with every movement, you tightened around his cock.聽
As you came down, you reached back, rested your hand in his hair and scratched lightly at his scalp.聽
He slowed down his movements and burrowed his face in your neck. 鈥淐an I come? Please, baby.鈥
鈥淢hmm.鈥 Your approval was soft as he pebbled kisses over your neck.聽
Harry moved his hands to your waist and held onto you tightly while your hand stayed in his hair. His groans were drawn out and his moans were short and needy, while yours were delicate and peppered between whimpers.聽
鈥淔ucking hell, I鈥檓 gonna come.鈥 Harry bit hard into your shoulder as he released inside of you. As his cock twitched inside of you, he sighed and released your shoulder. He kissed the bite and then your back before pulling out of you and rolling over onto his back.聽
When you went to get up, he quickly pulled you on top of him and moved you so that you were laying directly on top of him, your chest pressed against his. He leaned up and kissed you gingerly before brushing your hair away from your face.聽
鈥淒on鈥檛 ever let me think I鈥檓 not in the mood again鈥攅specially, if that鈥檚 what I鈥檓 missing.鈥 His smile was wide and sleepy.聽
鈥淭rust me, I won鈥檛. That was absolute torture.鈥
The two of you giggled quietly.聽
鈥淚 love you, baby.鈥 He trailed his finger down your cheek.聽
鈥淚 love you too.鈥
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