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#hello thank u for looking at my drawings!!!
everafterkeiji · 3 months ago
Hello! Could you write anything about just sitting on their laps? with Ran,Rindo,Koko and Hanma?
this is very cute fnefjen thank u so much for requestingg this, hope u have a fantastic day and ily alwayss mwahh!! (*˘︶˘*).。*♡ Rindou's part was short sorry
Tumblr media
PAIRINGS: Koko, Ran, Rindou, & Hanma x gn!reader
GENRE: fluff fluff fluff, slight humor
Tumblr media
♡ 𝐊𝐎𝐊𝐎, at first was a bit hesitant because to him, this simple act of movement was about to impact on his heart. He'd have to make sure you were always okay with him pulling you in or just sitting on his lap when any other seat was taken.
- Obviously he was new to this, you could feel it through his quick paced heartbeat but smiling to yourself, you wrap his stiff arms to your waist and he looks at you, confused.
"Is this really okay?"
"Koko, you've been with me for six months."
- He gets used it eventually now that he's gotten past that barrier so he makes the most out of it.
- When you're reading a book on the couch as he peaks over to your side to read whatever you were reading but he's having difficulty with trying to keep up with his position so you turned to him chuckling. "Fine fine, I'll be right there."
- You fixate yourself on his lap, with your body turned to the side while you hold the book closer to the both of you as both his arms snake around your waist, pulling you closer while you were slightly flustered at how his hands began to caress your waist.
- Soon, he always finds a way to let his hands slip under your shirt just to rest his hands on your bare waist and hip. Most importantly, your stomach when his arms were around you. He loves to keep it there, often tries to tickle you which results to you falling off his lap and onto the couch and the battle continues on.
- He likes to rest his chin or his cheek on your shoulder and pouts for no proper reason. He just likes how warm and soft your clothes are that he's willing to fall asleep just like that, embracing you like a teddy bear that he'd never let go.
"Why are you pouting?"
"Just wanted to."
- When he's excited (this is so fvcking cute), his hands on your waist would tap your stomach or continously raise his both hands in a movement going up and down while his eyes twinkle in anticipation at watching a movie or when he receives good news.
- If you're facing him while still sat on his lap, he likes to roam his hands from your shoulder down to your thighs and he just closes his eyes and rests his head on your chest as you embrace him.
"You feel so nice, also is that a new body wash?"
- Loves to pamper kisses to your nape, neck, and shoulders. It throws you off how he does it dozens of times.
"You smell like caramel" *smooch* "Oh and cinnamon?" *smooch*
- I feel like Koko would be into you doing your own eyeliner so he's inviting you to do it to him and you get too hyper that you're bringing multiple colored liners.
"Don't move or flutter them open." You instruct him as he nods and closes his eyes with his hands on your hip while you start the process of drawing the line on him, following the natural shape of his eye but you suddenly stop when his hands cascade to your thigh.
"Oh sorry, did I move?"
- (DUDE imagine sitting on this mans lap while he's counting his STACKS)
- From my previous statement, he low-key tries to hide how cool you actually look when you're sat on his lap just counting the money he's gotten from his little tricks. He'd be really distracted because you just look so attractive that it loses his train of thought and he can't respond to you.
"Right, so that was the one you got from the alley last night?"
- Probably the best part of his day because he gets to joke about it around you while you help him.
"Koko, would you lend me a shit ton of money?"
"What's the purpose?"
"Just cause."
"Then no."
Tumblr media
♡ 𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐌𝐀 already knows of your consent so he didn't need to worry about it, he's just having fun anyway.
- When he's on his phone just scrolling through funny videos and he laughs at one of them right at the time you passed by him so he instantly pulls you to his lap and just goes, "Babe, look at this idiot."
- He always does this, pulling you out of nowhere and just nuzzles his head on your shoulder and smiles at your scent.
"Aww, is that perfume I got you on your birthday?"
- Loves to tickle you like no tomorrow. You hate it, he knows that but when he sees you all happy and laughing, catch him doing that until you're at rage.
"Shuji, stop."
"Shuji huh? Thought my name was babe~"
- He likes to minimize your options when you're looking for a seat, a cocky ass smirk and he's just looking at you until you thought of something.
"Well, it's only my lap." He says with a toothy grin as his expression drops when you sit on the floor and he instantly scoffs but ends with a pout which made you laugh.
"You think you're witty?"
"No but you sure do look cute while you're grumpy, Hanma."
"You're not helping..but really I look cute?"
- He, out of all the cute things to do, likes to bite your shoulder. It's unnecessary and a threat all at once because when you're focused on something and he just adjusts your shirt to the side then takes a bite of it like some apple.
"I really like that body wash you bought, you taste like it too."
- Afterwards he tries to apologize by replacing those barbaric ways by kissing your neck instead but soon, he falls asleep with his head on your shoulder making you sigh.
- On the other hand, he loves to have you falling asleep on him on his lap. He's too familiar with your habits before you doze off. It starts of with you sitting while you faced him, like an embrace. He was watching a movie that he knew you didn't like that much but you chose to stick by him. He was running his hands to your hair, something he loved to do and by then he's just whispering utter words when nothing exciting comes from the television.
"Love you, angel." He says, kissing your hair while he could feel your head drop to his shoulder and hears slight snores from you then he turns off the T.V and carefully lies down along with you before pulling the blanket to cover you both.
- He tries to avoid smoking when you were around so after he does smoke, he's making sure that scent doesn't stick to your skin when he kisses you again or when you were close to him.
- He likes to pat your thigh when you're sat on his lap, he does it when he's pissed off or just making sure you're not bored out in a meeting.
- Lastly, he loves having his hands on your bare waist, tracing the rim of it's shape with his index finger and falls in love all over again as he whispers,
Tumblr media
♡ 𝐑𝐀𝐍, this is another variation of Hanma. He tries to act so nonchalant about it but he just loves to see you get startled at how he pulls you down just like that.
- It's not even cute, this man follows you as you walk until he has his arms around you lifting you the plunging onto the couch like a wrestling move so you land to his lap and he's chuckling like a fool.
"I call that the cuddle tackle."
"Ran, that's how you beat people up."
- Another act of love he does is biting your shoulder.
"You little shit." You groaned, a hand to your shoulder while he laughs.
"It's called love language."
"I didn't know you were a dog, Ran."
"My little chew toy~"
- Despite his lean and really tall figure, he clings to you like a child. Slender arms with hands intertwined circling your stomach and an affiliative smile on his features like he wasn't an executive of a top gang.
- At first, he didn't want to get too attached knowing he really wasn't the ideal type of man for you, carrying a reputation that doesn't look too pretty for you but after a long night of frustration all he can ask is for you to embrace him on his lap. Biting the inside of his mouth, he knows he won't be able to stay that much away from you.
"I wanna stay with you." He whispers while you nodded. "I'll protect you."
- Back to the happy days, you better be ready to be a hairstylist. You're going to braid his Rapunzel ass hair for days.
- "Stop leaving braids to your hair when you're going to sleep." You bid, combing his hair still fixated on his lap. "Good morning to you too, angel."
- Style his hair, put clips on it—do whatever because he loves watching you, sneaking pecks to your lips as you french braid his hair into two.
"Ha! Gotchu."
Tumblr media
♡ 𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐃𝐎𝐔 feels a bit shy but he can't really complain nor deny how good it feels to have you with him in such a way.
- "Are you okay, Rin?" You asked him, sat on his lap. "Yeah why?"
"Cause you're not holding me?"
- When you tell him not to worry, he does listen—he really does but there's still that one second hesitation because he knows he's not meant or suited for this type of affection but even himself doesn't know he deserved it.
- He doesn't really like to be that intimate in public because there was always enough time to do it inside his room without limits or stares from people who judge you two.
- When their isn't a brawl or a worry in his mind, he slumps his cheek to your back and just lets his hand play with your own, tracing endless circles to your palm so you turned your body to him, placing your hands in his hair.
"What's on your mind?" You asked him, continuing to calm him. "No one else but you." He mutters, sighing in to your shoulder with how he's finally given up on trying to act so tough all the time.
- He's growing more confident as days pass so when you're in the kitchen just readying the table and he's already glued on your back, smiling in content.
"Look whose come around now." You joked to which he didn't take lightly as a smirk tugs on his lips. "Okay then let me take it back." He says before carrying you over his shoulders and throwing you on the couch so he tackles you into a fit of side pokes to your stomach while you laughed as you fought back by sitting up before hoisting both your legs on either side of him, tickling him as well.
"I hate mornings now." Ran said entering the room with a disgusted look with a coffee in as you and his brother look at each other then looking back at the other Haitani to say the same thing at the same time.
"Piss off, Ran."
- He likes to run his fingers through your hair when you're studying, still on his lap. He'd attempt to braid them or try to tie it as perfectly as you do but it just doesn't look as neat.
- He likes to peak his head over your shoulder, just randomly propping his head on it when he hears a reaction from you by a video you just saw. "Huh? What's that?" He'd usually say.
- He loves to feel that you're there beside him. It's often that he'd doze off at such a comfortable position but when your head lands to the pillow beside you, he can stir in his sleep when he feels how absent your body was so his eyes flutter to open, looking for you. He sees you've fallen to the bed so he smiles and turns off the light and coming to your side once again.
"Goodnight, Y/N."
Tumblr media
TOKYO REV : @strawberrieas @kwrg @raya-sano
OVERALL: @stesphy
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thewordfae · 15 days ago
Hello!! I just randomly found your blog and I’m in love you’re such a good writer🥺❤️ I saw your request was open can I request how and what jjk men will do when they’re are needy and horny but you can’t give them affection bc you have big exams coming up and you must study hard for it
Also I joined your taglist so you can tag me in any jjk or aot fanfic or drabbles <33🥰❤️❤️
Sorry if you see grammatical mistakes eng isn’t my first language :)
Tumblr media
characters: nanami, choso, toji, geto, gojo
warnings/includes: mdni, nsfw, slight smut, hinted age gap (legal), soft bf! jjk men, implied blowjob, cunnilingus, afab reader
notes: hi omg. first of all, you're too sweet and second of all, thank u for this request! i enjoyed writing it and my exams are pretty soon too so what a coincidence! lastly, i'm sorry this took so long. i have a lot of academic stuffs going on but i hope you enjoy it!
p. s. also this turned out lengthy than i expected. i really did go crazy over this.
Tumblr media
ꕥ Nanami Kento ‧₊˚
⸙. he'll be pretty subtle about it but also touchy? won't admit that he's needy or sometimes he's not even aware of it but he will be extra handsy with you. he will offer to massage your sore muscles while pressing kisses on your skin.
it's almost 12 in the evening yet you're still in front of your laptop, books and notes scattered on your side of the bed.
you're someone who value sleep very deeply, something about staying youthful and all that beauty facts nanami didn't bother to remember. he's surprised to say the least but he knows the struggle because before he was a full-fledged tax payer, he, too, was once a student like you.
he continues to watch you silently, admiring the way your brows furrow in concentration and sometimes biting your lower lip– he quickly looks away with a slight cough. he doesn't like where his mind is going but then he's looking at you again, a hint of blush covering his cheeks.
"you look pretty busy. want me to massage you?" he asks even though his hands are already on your hips, squeezing it while pressing soft pecks on the exposed skin of your stomach.
you giggle at the ticklish feeling, placing one of your hands to draw your fingers on his blonde locks. "thank you, baby but i know you're exhausted from work already. i'll be fine."
he shakes his head stubbornly, sitting up before completely swiping away the papers on your hand and placing it on the bed. "i insist, my love."
so you lay on your back with your shirt discarded (you're not wearing a bra, no. who needs bras when the capable hands of your boyfriend are there), sighing happily at the soothing touch of the man behind you. he's very efficient with his work and it makes you smile because he's so thoughtful until his touches turn into sensual groping on your sides. his fingers will occasionally dip into the bands of your shorts, pulling it down with every stroke of his hands.
"ken?" you call for him with a hint of suggestiveness in your voice and it makes him grunt, the realization finally dawning on him.
"you wanna go at it?" he asks, trying to make it sound as casual as possible to hide the fact that he's really turned on at the moment.
you don't disappoint of course. he doesn't need to hear your response when you shimmy out of your remaining clothes before presenting yourself to him, all flushed and bare.
"i love you so much." he whispers as he sinks into your pulsing heat, finally, your foreheads pressed together. right then and there, he showed you just how proud he is by rewarding you with the powerful thrusts of his hips, hitting your g-spot just right, making you lose yourself and drown in the scent of him– manly, utterly delicious and so him.
Tumblr media
ꕥ Kamo Choso ‧₊˚
⸙. just like nanami, choso will be subtle about his intentions. he will compliment you out of nowhere while lowkey insinuating you stop studying so you give him your attention: "aww, my pretty baby's studying? but you're already so smart!" "seriously, baby. and if you even fail, which i know is not gonna happen, i will just take care of you. make you my beautiful trophy wife."
"still studying, huh?" your boyfriend leans on the door frame of your shared bedroom, head tilted sideways as he watches you.
"more like stu-dying." you huff, leaning back on your chair and looking at your boyfriend over your shoulder with a tired smile on your face.
"you know," he starts as he treads behind you with purpose, ""you really don't have to worry about not passing the test, you're intelligent."
you sigh at his comment, throwing your head back so you can look at him upside down. "i love how you're so confident about that, cho."
the man shrugs, giving you a lazy smile before leaning down to press a kiss on your forehead. "well, what can i say? i have the most perfect girlfriend. i have no reason to doubt your intellect."
shaking your head with a laugh, you pull him infront you. "you think i don't know what you're trying to do, baby?"
choso only smirks, pulling your lower body almost off the chair and making you wrap your legs around his hips. "you just look so enticing when you're all focused. makes me want to act up and see just how long you can last without giving in to me."
"when you walked through that door, you already got me. what're ya' waiting for then?"
at the invitation, your boyfriend doesn't hesitate to grab you by the back of your neck and kissing you with so much fervor. you can feel it in the way he's pressing himself closer to you, the need to fill you up and hear you make the prettiest sounds as you relish in the ecstasy he gives you.
Tumblr media
ꕥ Fushiguro Toji ‧₊˚
⸙. he is surprisingly very mature about it. he knows how important your studies are for you so he tries to suppress his horny ass until you're the one who's begging him to distract you (read: fuck you) because you miss him and the way he feels inside you.
you've been stuck inside the study for hours, hunched over the table as you study all the notes and books you need for your upcoming examination. you didn't notice the lack of your boyfriend's presence as you were pretty occupied but now that the soreness in your body is finally hinting at you to take a break, you suddenly miss him.
yawning, you make your way outside of the room to go and look for toji. he insisted he leaves you alone while you're studying so as not to disturb you and distract you, knowing just how short your attention span is.
you finally see him on the couch, television blasting in the living room but the man who's supposed to be watching is asleep. his head is on the back rest, one of his arms is on his stomach while the other is thrown back beside his head and oh god– his legs are wide open in a manspread and the obvious print of his manhood on his sweatpants makes you drool. he looks so inviting.
as carefully and silently as you can, you straddle the sleeping man's lap before rolling your hips with enough pressure to wake him up. the stiffness of his cock rubbing on your clothed pussy makes you mewl and close your eyes in pure bliss.
you jolt in surprise, eyes prying open when two large, familiar hands grab your asscheeks. it makes you moan to see toji biting his lip, enjoying the way you move against him.
"hello to you too, princess." he grunts under his breath, his head now inching towards you and planting several kisses on your jaw. "you done with studying?"
you shake your head no and you immediately sense him tensing underneath you before he stops you from moving entirely. "we can't, princess. you have to study, remember? i promise i'll fuck you however long you want but you gotta focus."
you whine at him, pulling his hands off your body so you can go back to humping him. "i'm taking a break, toji. i miss you."
understanding what you mean, he kisses the side of your head before guiding your hips back on and forth on top of his crotch like what you were doing, but this time, it's more precise and more satisfying with his help.
let's just say the both of you ended up going for a two-round love making before you have to go back to studying and when you're finally back in the study room, he's the one on your chair and you're on his lap and warming his cock the way he likes it.
Tumblr media
ꕥ Geto Suguru ‧₊˚
⸙. this man is very supportive. he will cook you food and deliver it to the bedroom so you don't have to leave and can eat still while studying, will do the chores for you and will even help you study but don't let that fool you. he's more or less doing it for himself so you can finish early and won't have to pull an all-nighter because trust me, he will make his advances during night.
you just got out of bath, finally fresh and kind of rested after spending almost an hour in the tub. a sigh of happiness emits from you, seeing the bed all neat and pristine, all thanks to suguru.
your boyfriend had been nothing but helpful all day and you giggle at the thought of him. he's so attractive, especially when he sits you on his lap while teaching you everything there is to know about the subject you're struggling at.
"oh hey, sweetheart." said man smiles when he steps foot inside the bedroom, eyeing you up in and down with nothing but the towel wrapped around your body.
"hi, baby." you coo, the sudden urge to be all over your pretty boyfriend engulfing you. acting out of that urge, you run towards him, burying your face on his exposed chest.
"what's gotten into you?" he laughs but he curls an arm around your waist anyway. secretly, he's enjoying the way you're rubbing your cheek on his pec. not receiving your affection for almost the entire day, he's bound to get needy.
"thank you for today." you finally look up at him, a sweet smile on your face, small hands rubbing his back up and down.
"it's nothing, that's the least i could do for you," he kisses your lips quickly, "but if you really insist on thanking me, i have an idea how you can show me your gratitude."
dating suguru for years, you absolutely know how his mind works by now so without another word, you slide your hands down his chest as you lower yourself on the floor, kneeling infront of him.
you can see the excited grin on his face and it makes you smile while tugging his sweats down with one hand. his member springs out now that it's out of its confinement, hitting your cheek in the process and wetting the skin with his precum.
"god, you look so beautiful." he groans appreciatively, gathering your hair up in a ponytail with the use of his hand.
you don't reply to him, too eager to please your man but if you're asked who's the beautiful one in this very room, without a doubt, you'll answer geto suguru in a heartbeat.
Tumblr media
ꕥ Gojo Satoru ‧₊˚
⸙. gojo satoru is gojo satoru (derogatory). he will be an absolute menace and will prance around the house half-naked with nothing but his sweats hanging low on his hips with no boxers. he's the type to entice you to giving him attention by giving you head.
as much as you want to ignore your boyfriend, you physically can't. not when he's in between your legs, lapping at your cunt like it's his last meal.
"'toru... i really have to finish this." you pant, fingers curling into his white hair, toes curling and body squirming.
"then go ahead, baby." he lifts his head a little to look at you while laughing, his chin and the entirety of his lower face drenched with your slick. "tastes sweet as always."
how can you when he's distracting you the best way he knows will break your focus away from your notes? the hand you have on his hair tightens when his tongue continuously flicks at your clit. "fuuuck, 'toru! if you keep this up, i'm going to cum." you sob, lips quivering.
he almost feels bad. almost. he's been trying to gain your attention since this morning but you won't even look at him longer than a minute. walking around the house in nothing but his sweatpants, groping your butt cheeks when you pass by him, massaging your boobs while you were in the shower– he did everything! to say he was fed up is an understatement. not because of you though– if anything, he's more annoyed with your school for taking you away from him.
he notices how your moans turn whinier and higher in pitch, indicating you're close so he pulls back. a petty jut of his lower lip while looking at you through his eyelashes. "that's payback for not playing with me!" he childishly huffs.
"satoru, i swear to god! i am skinning you alive!" you almost shout, glaring at your boyfriend.
"if you really want to cum then come hop on my dick, baby. all you have to do is say it." he places one last kiss on your nub, making you mewl softly, before standing up and trudging towards the bed, completely ignoring you.
the thought of killing him has never been more appealing than now but first, you need to cum. like right fucking now. you can think about killing or forgiving him later, depends on how well he dicks you down.
Tumblr media
花 ‧₊˚ taglist: @resonancesoul @nanamiswhore @missroro @thedarkroseofficial @moirdior @fiona782 @bubbleteaproduction @cryformekitten @qudvxnkanx @linibambinii @sianakento @dilftaroooo @getomybeloved @sukunas-left-nut-sack @ainshawty
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en-hale · 2 months ago
Hello! Can i please request a heeseung smut where he's tired from practicing so y/n helps him loosen up 👀 then when they're about to come together, hee hugs her and praises her.. Thank u in adv ❤❤
Author's Note ⑅ stop this is so fucking soft. I tried not to go overboard and write an excessive amount of words, so I was able to stay under 2k! Please enjoy, this is proofread but lmk if you see a mistake.
tittle ⑅ Good to Me
pairing ⑅ boyfriend!hee x fem!reader
warning ⑅ 18+ content/smut(oral (m receiving), unprotected sex, hair pulling, grinding, praising, spitplay, gagging), cussing, read at your own discretion
word count ⑅ 2k
"Urgh.." Heeseung groans. He plops down onto the couch as you come out of the bathroom, drying the last layer of dampness in your hair.
Heeseung stretched his legs out and laid his head back. His neck was red and covered in a thick layer of sweat, beads dripped from his forehead and his chest expanded in and out as he took large gulps of breath.
You sit beside him, only wearing a bra and black shorts.
"Are you okay?" You ask, in hopes that he'll give an actual response.
"It's just a lot going on right now," He huffs.
You give him a pout face, rubbing his tummy atop his soaked flannel.
Even with Heeseung sweating and drenched in a tint of red, he was still attractive. His adam's apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed, his eyelashes fluttered as he closed his eyes, his lips were plumb, glossed with a coat of spit from how often he licked his lips.
You lay the towel around your neck and scoot closer to him. Heeseung sits his hand on your knee and draws tiny circles. He uses his other hand to grab the remote and turn on Law and Order, a show he got obsessed with after you introduced him to it.
"ugh, this again?" You whined. Heeseung lets out the best smile he can.
"it's not my fault I'm obsessed, it's all yours." He teased. Each time he opened his eyes it looked like it strained him. The finger that was tracing your knee moved slower and slower. Heeseung licked his lips out of habit before fluttering his eyes close.
"Maybe you should go to bed," you pat his tummy.
"No," he turns to you and wraps his arms around your waist. You laugh as his wet body engulfs yours.
"Ewe, you're all sweaty," you try pushing him away playfully, but deep down, you don't mind feeling his heat on your body.
"I know you like it." His sleepy voice teased. You giggle in his ears, but seconds later he leans back onto the couch.
Missing his warmth, you rest your head against his chest, propping your feet up on the couch.
"I thought I was sweaty," he mimicked in a high-pitched voice.
"You are," I retort back. "But, you also smell really nice." Even through Heeseung's sweat, you could still smell the faint scent of cologne and a potent whiff of men's deodorant.
He huffs, wrapping his arm around you once again, and pulling you close.
You exhale a sigh of relief. Nothing beats the feeling of being in his arms. You feel protected, safe from the outside world and all things that made it worse. At this very moment, it was just you and him, nothing else.
"Do you want me to give you a massage?" You ask after a little while. You feel Heeseung's chin move up and down above your head. You pull yourself off his chest and lean over him to start at his shoulders. You gently use your thumbs to press into his tense spots, receiving a sigh of pleasure from Heeseung. You do this for a while before moving down to his arms, then chest. You have him sit up to get his back, and then move onto his hips, moving them gently in slow, smooth circles. Heeseung's voiced hitched in his throat.
"Does that feel good baby?" You tease in a low voice. Heeseung chuckles, licking his lips once again. You move back to the front of him and push him back onto the couch, getting down on your knees and spreading his legs apart.
You put both hands on each of his thighs and rub simultaneously, starting in the front and working your way up closer to his groin, already feeling a hard-on grow.
You like teasing Heeseung. You like the faces he makes when his body went into pleasure. You enjoy the way his lips got wetter as he grew more excited.
You press small kisses on his thighs, the thick fabric of his pants made it difficult to feel the warmth of his skin, but you knew it was there.
You keep going and felt Heeseung's hands fall over yours. You made eye contact with him as you suck and licked at the fabric, teasing him to no end.
Heeseung leans over and rubbed at your back, gently following the curve of your spine. You continued kissing at his thighs, loving the way his heavy hands felt against your back muscles.
He traced up and down your spine before running his hand up to your hair and holding it back so that it didn't fall in your face.
"Suck me, baby," Heeseung begged. You smiled against his thigh. Your favorite thing ever was sucking him off. It seemed that he couldn't get enough of your slick mouth and how much saliva it produced.
Heeseung lifts your head as he pulls down his pants and underwear. His member shoots up and bounces back and forth, already hard from the little actions you made. You can't help but laugh as you watch it jiggle like jello.
"What?" He blushes. He notices you looking at his cock and swivels his hips so that it jiggles more.
You slap his arm, "quit it!" It makes you giggle harder.
He chuckles before biting his lips, "this is not even how big it can get..."
You raise an eyebrow, "Oh? How big can it really get?" You trace your hands up his bare thighs.
He takes in a large breath, "put it in your mouth and see." You smirk before placing the tip of him between your lips and circling slowly. He slides his fingers into your hair again, letting out breathy moans as you swirl and swish around his cock.
You've been practicing for a while now trying to fit all of him, but each time he touched the back of your throat, you felt your eyes water as your gag reflexes kicked in. But now more than ever you wanted to try again.
You wrapped your hand around the base as you suck the rest, licking and kissing against him. Heeseung grabbed at your hair, pulling it into a messy ponytail. With a sudden urge, you move your hand out of the way and take all of him. Heeseung lets out a beautiful moan that made your bottom half tingle.
"Good girl." He whispered. "You're doing so good baby." Heeseung massaged his fingers on your scalp, but seconds later you feel the burning sensation in your eyes and feel yourself retch against him.
Heeseung moans again "Shit baby, that's it." You feel him push you back down around his cock, creating another gag for your throat.
"Such a good girl." He moaned. You leap off his cock for a breather, letting the tears fall down as you spit, letting it slide down his shaft.
"One more time baby, please," he begged. You can't say no to his whiny voice so you're back on it again, bobbing your head up and down, leaving a white ring around his base. You go for all of it again, successful at reaching the bottom, but inevitably choke. He wasn't lying when he said that he hadn't grown all the way, cause now it seemed like his cock wasn't just touching the back of your throat, but going down it.
Heeseung breathing was now hoarse.
He squeezes his hand tighter around your hair. "Gag on my cock." He's able to croak out, and you do, feeling his legs tremble against your face. You pull off quickly.
"No Heeseung, don't come." You command, spit dripping down your chin.
He leans down to kiss you again, wiping away the tears that had fallen.
"Come here," with swift force, Heeseung grabs you by the hips and throws you on the couch.
"Turn around." He demands, and you don't decline. You turn on the couch and rest your arms against the backrest, spreading your legs and giving your ass a little shake before Heeseung stands behind you.
He slaps it, hard. "Yes baby, shit." He cusses. You feel his large hands take hold of your hips as he moves your shorts and panties out of the way to rub his tip against the outside of your folds. You can't help but moan at how good it feels.
"Fuck, you're so wet," Heeseung says seconds before pushing all of him into you. You feel yourself stretch against his cock and can feel the warmth envelop you all over.
Heeseung waste no time, thrusting into you over and over. He was so deep that you could feel his pelvic bone hitting with each thrust.
Your moans have turned into cries as the pleasure was unreal. He hits your g-spot at an exceeding pace, making your mind fog and your body numb.
Heeseung takes all of your hair in one hand and gently pulls it back. "Does that feel good baby?"
You manage to wobble out a yes, all other words are stuck in your throat. Heeseung smacks your ass a few times, earning a loud moan out of you.
"I'm close baby," he says. You feel him thrust harder and harder.
"No, no don't come yet!" You shout out. You feel Heeseung's hands tighten around your hip and hair, an aggravated groan escapes his mouth. He slows his pace as you grind and wiggle your ass against him. He took a deep breath and stopped your movement with both hands. "If you keep moving like that I'll be close again."
He withdrawals the entire way and you push him to sit down.
You climb on top, "I want to see you come," you whisper in his ear. "You're so hot when you come." You can hear Heeseung's breath grow louder as you spoke. You guide your hands on his cock and slip it inside you with no problem.
You wrap your arms around his neck and press close into him, grinding your hips down. You can't help but whimper each time you move against him, loving the way he sounds in your ear, desperate and breathy.
He ushers your hips up and down, slamming against him hard.
"Fuck, I'm close again baby," You lift off of him and hold onto his shoulders.
"Heeseung, open your eyes, I want to see you come." He opens his eyes slowly and his mouth falls open. It makes you start to ride him harder, driving your motivation through the roof.
"Come, baby.." You beg. His breath begins to hitch, but he's able to pull enough strength to slip his hand in between the two of you and rub against your erected clit.
You squeeze against his cock, feeling yourself pulsing fast. You're right on the edge. "Come with me, baby. Let it out."
Your voice washes away as you grind hard on him. Your eyes never leave his as you hold onto his shoulders and ride out the orgasm you feel arriving.
"I'm coming, I'm coming." You moan out repeatedly. Heeseung wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you in.
"Good girl, keep coming," You feel Heeseung thrust into you a bit as your orgasm takes over, wrapping your body in a wave of euphoria as your hips moved on their own.
"I love you so much, baby." He whimpers out. "God, you're so fucking perfect." His grip tightens.
"Come in me Heeseung." You whine out. He lifts your head up and plants his lips on yours hard. You swallow his wave of moans as he shudders in pleasure against you, crying out your name.
You continue to grind slowly against him as you both kiss out your high.
"That was amazing," Heeseung said when he was finally able to catch his breath. You nod in response.
"You're so fucking beautiful baby." Heeseung leans up to kiss you again. You rock against him, still able to feel his hardness.
"You're still hard," you mumble out. Heeseung kisses your cheeks and chuckles.
"I know," he sighs. "Like I said, It's been a long day."
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drewswrld · 10 days ago
dating (ooc) rafe cameron
a/n: hello! so for this lil ramble rafe is not a murderer nor is he crazy.
what to expect: kook golden boy rafe, charming, a lil bit cocky and unbelievably loyal to his friends and family
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
high school bestie rafe has always had a crush on you
almost always has his hand in the back pocket of your shorts when you two are out together
“ pretty girl ”
swears he can’t fall asleep without you
puts his baseball caps on you knowing he’ll never get them back
let’s you drive the truck only around tanneyhill’s driveway
is bffs with your family’s dog
has an album of you in his camera roll (and your dog)
keeps hair ties on his wrist for you
sunday brunch with the family
no one holds your drink but him
raps to slim shady while driving and dedicates it to you (every time)
date nights on the yacht
begs to lie in your lap while you draw circles on his back when he’s upset
“ you’re so tiny ” “ rafe, you’re 6'3 ”
drunk rafe = overly affectionate rafe
likes to watch you get ready, he finds it therapeutic
brings flowers for your mom/guardian whenever he picks you up from your house
“ i think you forgot something ” kisses when you first see him are mandatory
“ you’re so pretty ”
hypes up your posts by commenting like a valley girl 'OMG u look so smokin girl! #whatababe'
sends tiktoks of puppies
long stares at you when he thinks you’re not watching
looks for you in the stands at his swim meets and makes :3 when he sees you
he keeps his hand on your thigh when he’s driving
anytime you get the teeniest bit dressed up he’s looking at you with the biggest heart eyes in the world
he compliments you constantly but won’t take any thanks as he says “ reminding you your special has become as easy as breathing pretty girl, so please don’t thank me for breathing ”
sleepy rafe just wants to hold you and sit in silence
you're the first one he wants to see when he's upset
you're always wearing corresponding outfits when you go to grand events
he knows your closet like the back of his hand
counts your freckles when you're lying down together
his feet hang off the end of your bed when he's in it because he's so tall but that doesn't stop him from sleeping with you
" call me crazy but i swear god sent you to me to save me from myself "
" miss world "
when he's bored he's doing whatever he can to get a reaction out of you (80% of the time it's dirty and he's horny)
when you're tired he instantly picks up on it and has you lay on him to fall asleep
one minute you’re fighting and the next he’s grabbing your face and making out with you
your flaws are pure perfections in his eyes
" you should carry my babies " " rafe cameron i swear to- "
Tumblr media
a/n: since i’m taking soo long to actually get any blurbs out i’m leaving y’all with this <3 let me know what you think!
request me here
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rrazor · 6 months ago
hq boys post wisdom teeth extraction
tags: fluff, soft boyfies lol
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsurou wakes up and immediately the first thing he tells the professionals around him is that he wants to see his girlfriend because he knows you’re waiting for him and “i love her so much 🥺🥰" he says it a few more times and everyone laughs at how doped up he is both from the drugs and you. when you walk in to take notes on how to take care of him afterwards, he just stares at you as he holds you hand with the SOFTEST LOOK on his face like 🥺😍☺️❤️💕💖💝🥺🥰💖💝☺️
tetsu cannot stop looking at you and u almost have to plead with him to watch where’s he walking like tetsu pls we don’t wanna have to come back to get your front teeth done sweetie 🅱️lease!!!!!! other than that he is pretty easy to reason with it as long as you promise to kiss every part of his face once in a particular order and if u mess up, unfortunately, you’ll just have to start over again sigh it makes his heart go 💥💥💥
bokuto kuroo offers to drive him back home and brings you along to support and comfort him. he helps kou get into the back with you but he refuses and goes “kuroooooo, she’s too pretty, I dun wanna sit next to her ☹️” LMFAO kuroo rolls his eyes and just sits him down and buckles him in despite his protests HA
kou is super nervous and keeps looking over you when he thinks you aren’t looking like 🥺😊 and you decide to play along and ask him how he’s feeling and if he’s in pain and he shakes his head and goes “‘m okay, you’re really pretty though 🥺😍” kuroo snorts in the front seat and you’re trying rlly hard to not laugh at how cute he is so you take his hand and kou lit rally thinks he’s gonna pass out when you call him handsome and ask him out before kissing his cheek. he starts crying as he says things like “kuroo!!!! the pretty girl is my girlfriend now!! 🥺❤️😭💖💕😭😭🥳”
akaashi you’re already by his side by the time he wakes up but he doesn’t remember jack so he goes “hello, have u seen my girlfriend? she looks just like you. can u tell me if u see her? I would like to see her—she’s my everything 😊🥰” UGGHH KISS HIIMMM
he doesn’t remember who you are until the medication wears off but you manage to convince him that you’re gonna take him to his girlfriend so you can take him home 💀 and he spends the whole car ride really pretty quiet until you ask him why he’s so fidgety and then he softly tells you “i… can’t wait to see my girlfriend 🥺🥰💕 she said we’d go on an ice-cream date after🍦i hope she’s not mad that it’s been so long 🥺❤️💗” AHDHJANAA like a little happy babyyyy 🥺😭
oikawa tooru’s procedure finishes earlier than expected and has a dental hygienist watching over him as they wait for you and for some reason he starts to sing, but it’s really out of tune because of all the cotton in his mouth and the dental hygienist is just standing there, taking it. you can hear him down the hall as you walk into his room and he’s so excited to see you!!! “did you hear me sing for you, babe? i didn’t want you to get lost in this maze 🥺🥰” “yes, i did, tooru, tysm you don’t have to sing anymore 😊😇💕”
tries to pull you into his lap as the dentist goes through the aftercare procedures and whines “pleasssseeeee, it huuurrrrrttttts i just want cuddddlllleesssss 😭☹️🥺💕” you opt to sit on the edge of the chair as he buries his head in your back 🥰
iwaizumi YOU try to flirt with hajime because he doesn’t remember that you’re his girlfriend and he’s all like stop!!! i have a girlfriend! 😡 AHAHA so you decide to ask him about his lovely girlfriend and he gets the softest smile on his face omggg and he starts going on about how hardworking you are ❤️, determined 💘, beautiful 💖, how nice you smell 😳
when you tell him its you he doesn’t believe you!!! like stop u r trying too hard, stranger!!! 😠 It’s not until you bring up a photo of yourselves and stick it next to your face does he go all soft again like babe i missed you 🥺 there was this weirdo trying to flirt with me, i’m so glad you’re here 🥰 and you tell him that the weirdo was you and he’s like “no, you’re better than that” LMFAAOO THANKS HAJIME 😭
matsukawa his mom is there to pick the two of you up and he’s holding your hand as he turns to you, super concerned and goes “babe, we forgot my teeth 😞” HWJJCKWJSJEF 💀 he’s all pouty and its sooooooo cute LMFAO WHAT DID HE THINK A REMOVAL WAS??? but you play it cool and squeeze his hand and say “i didnt forget you though 😊” he nods like a little kid and says “yeah” and tries to pull you into his lap so that you can cuddle but his mom is right there and you’re tryna be a good passenger and stop him from unbuckling your seatbelt: issei, we can cuddle when we get home!!!!
this giant dude just looks at you all 🥺 and BEGS like “babe please, just a little, i just want to hold you 🥺💕” he tries to guilt trip you like “c’mon, babe, you forgot my teeth” 😭😭😭 STFU u somehow make it back to his place and he tackles you into the couch and promptly falls asleep in 2 minutes flat 😴 his mom thinks its hilarious and thanks u for taking care of him ☺️❤️
hanamaki straight up asks you if you have a boyfriend. you say yes and he gets REALLY SAD OH MY GOD and is all “oh ☹️🥺” but then you cup his cheek and hold one of his hands and start telling him what your boyfriend looks like and how he has cute strawberry hair and pretty eyes and how handsome he is and talking about his cute little eyebrows and how good he is at volleyball and takahiro is like…. 🧐🤨 is that…… me??? but then he’s like wait it couldn’t be and gets all sad again 😭
you can’t take how sad he is and tell him it’s him!!!!! you give him some kisses as an apology 😭🥺💖❤️ and he’s all really?!!? 🥰💖💕💝🥳💕as he pulls you close to rest his head on your chest. he asks you to talk about how much you love him again 😭🥰🥺 refuses to remove himself from you
kyoutani he’s got this super angry expression on his face and everyone stays a good ways away from him 😬 when you come in, you get the same 😡 but then he chills because you’re wearing that one dress he went out of his way to buy for you when you were window shopping together that one time and he’s like …..suspicious why is she wearing her dress 😒 HAJFKAKSW KENTAROU
but THEN he sees the bracelet he got you for your one year anniversary and takes a whiff of you (um 😷) and NOW he’s all WAIT…… connections r being made—he gets super handsy 😳💕 really likes it when you kiss his forehead 🥺 and glares daggers at the dentist with his head on your chest, arms around your waist as you stand next to him and listen to what the aftercare instructions are because he’s all like grrr my girlfriend!! no touch!!! 😡🤬
daichi omg daichi is SO SHY and BASHFUL like he looks at you all 🥺🥰 and when you look towards him he immediately looks away but it’s so obvious because his ears are red and you can see his blush high on his cheekbones 😭🥺💕 you ask him what’s wrong and he’s stuttering trying to ask if you have a boyfriend and you’re like yes 💔
his face FALLS and it hurts but then you show him your matching engagement rings 💍 like “we’re fiancés, dai 🥰❤️” and he almost cries as hard as when he heard you say yes 😭💖💕 he’s so EMBARRASSED when you show the video back to him 😭 suga and asahi clown him 🤧
sugawara fella wakes up, looks you in the eye and is like “they’ve rebuilt me, babe✨” what? “the technology!!!” ??? “they made me better than i was before: better, stronger, faster 🤖💪🧠" LMFAO thinks he underwent some experiment like no we just fixed your teeth 😌
when you tell him so he gets a little dejected and asks you if you’d still love him without any upgrades with his lips pursed and his cheeks pink as he plays with your hands 🥺💗 like OFC KOUSHI!!! 🥰🥺❤️ really sweet and giggly on the bus ride home—holds you close and draws circles on your skin as he talks about the strangest things 🙈💖
kageyama no inhibitions so tobio is very attached to you!!! when he wakes up to see you next to him, he grabs you in his half-asleep state to leave slobbery kisses all over you like some dog before he falls back asleep again 💀 he wakes up twenty minutes later to see that you’re gone (had to wash off his spit 😬) and he panics when he doesn’t see you 😭🥺
he gets up to try to look for you and the second you come back, he hugs you and is all ☹️ telling you “don’t go too far, i wanna always be able to find you 😠🥺” you rub his back and pinky promise to stay close by and he’s so relieved he falls asleep standing 😴💕 like …..thanks 🤧 asks if he can play volleyball and pouts rlly hard when the dentist says no 😭💔
atsumu atsumu is loopy af and he wanted to go to the washroom so the poor staff had to hull around this 6’2”, 80kg man around but then you walk in just as they’re about to turn the corner and the moment he sees you, he’s goes “BABIEEEEE, I loOoove yoU! 😍” in this super adorable, high pitched sing-songy voice and makes OBNOXIOUS kissy faces at you but it looks so funny because his mouth is full of cotton 😭😭🤧🥴 the nurses tell you he’s a keeper but then he promptly slips and nearly falls on his face trying to walk over to you unassisted 🙄
the walk to the car is SO HARD because he clings to you like a baby koala and whines when you try to get him to loosen up so that you can get better leverage to support his weight like atsumu pls we’re almost there, just let go for a bit and he’s all puppy eyed like “don’t 🥺 ya 🥺 love 🥺 me 🥺 baby???????? i jus’ wanna be close to ya 💔💔💔” JAJCJJWNCMS he denies all of it when he sobers up
osamu all this fool remembers is that he has a girlfriend and that she looks EXACTLY like you but his brain synapses aren’t working like they used to 😔 so he doesn’t remember that YOU are literally his girlfriend so he just sits there and goes all “you look so much like her….. i miss her sm 😢🤕😞” with this faraway look in his eyes AS IF YOU WERE DEAD 💀 THE DISRESPECT
he rlly wants to hold your hand and touch you but like u aren’t his girlfriend right??? but you tell him u are after rolling ur eyes and show him some photos of the two of you as proof and he’s all “oh!” 😳 and he smiles so broad you can see his little dimple on his left cheek 😭💖 because he can FINALLY hold your hand 🥰 no filter so he whisper-begs for kisses throughout the entire time the dentist talks you through his surgery and how to care for him and you’re so embarrassed JAJCJKAKDSS “pls, pls can i have a kiss” you give him one “can i have one here now” “what about here” “pls another one pls” 🥺🥺🥺 at least he’s polite JAJCNKAFB
suna rin remembers you and right when he wakes up to see you next to him he says, “hello, wife 💖" and waits for your response but like wtf do u SAY like you’ve only ever heard him tell you he loves you that ONE time he thought u were ASLEEP!!! and you haven’t even talked about anything beyond dating yet!!! is it the anaesthetic that’s making him say this or is he just fooling you??? 💀😵 a few minutes later, he sighs and goes “you’re supposed to say ‘hello, husband ❤️’….” 🙄🥱
show him the video after the anaesthetic wears off and he’ll sit there looking at you like “….well? i’m still waiting? 😐” ugH modern romance am i right HAHDJKAKSKAA
ushijima wakatoshi thinks you’re another nurse even though you’re dressed nothing like them and he asks you when his girlfriend is coming and if she knows he’s done with the procedure and also “have you met my girlfriend? she is very beautiful and very kind. you must meet her ☺️” he asks the same questions to the dentist who comes in to talk to you afterwards and they’re looking at him like ?????? “isn’t this your girlfriend, ushijima-san?”
wakatoshi just goes 😯, looks at you and says your name so softly and in the sweetest way possible and tells you he missed you and he loves you and he wants to go get curry from that one restaurant later and the dentist tells you they’ll be back later as you sob 😭😭❤️💕❤️😭💖
semi eita thinks you’re one of the office receptionists when you walk in and asks you if you, his girlfriend 💕, had been notified that the procedure was done and you’re all uh yes she does, she’s coming soon!! he nods very cutely and thanks you, handsome smile on his face at the thought of seeing you 🥰 he turns around to look at the window and you just stand there all 😶 he HUMS softly as he waits and it’s that one song he played for you on his guitar HAJXNJSW 😭🥺💘❤️
he turns back around thirty seconds later like “babe?? is that you?? you got here so fast 😍🥺💖😚” as if it wasn’t you THE WHOLE TIME 💀 melts when you kiss his cheeks tenderly 🥰 plays with your fingers as he softly looks into your eyes!! 😍
tendou really wants to get his wisdom teeth back like just because you pulled them out doesn’t make them yours, sensei 🙄 LMFAO the dentist gives him his teeth afterwards and he holds them out for you and you’re like “tysm for your bloody, gross teeth, satori 🥰😬” “AWWW you’re welcome 😊 aren’t they cute? ya think our kids will be this cute? 💖”
many thoughts: 1) oh god oh GOD he wants to have KIDS WITH YOU!! MARRIAGE??!? 😵❤️ 2) y does he think his molars r cute and y does he hope your kids will look like nasty teeth 😭💀 he’s rlly adamant about you lazing around with him. keeps showing u his teeth for some reason but gives the cutest smiles and hums when you feed him his fav chocolate ice cream 💗💗💗
goshiki he tries to flirt with you but its so funny and endearingly awkward because he’s got all the gauze in his mouth and he isn’t that good at it and he’s on the verge of tears half the time and you dont know why??? you ask him and his brows are all furrowed, pout on his lips and says “just wanna be your boyfriend pls 🥺💕” “yeah?” “yeah,” he nods. “i promise to do my best 🥺”
when you tell him you’re already dating, he starts to cry and is all like i have to tell all my friends 😭 tsutomu cries to the dentist like “sensei, y’know, we’re boyfriend and girlfriend 😭❤️” he quiets down when you brush through his hair with your hands ☺️
terushima you walk into his room after he’s done and ask the dental hygienists how he’s doing and he looks at you all confused like 🤨 and asks the hygienists who you are. they think you’re married for some reason and say “that’s your wife!” and you’re so EMBARRASSED but also super happy on the inside HAHA he straight up goes “DAAAMMNNN, I did alright, huh?! when we bustin’ outta here?!” 🤪😜🥴😘 as if he could actually differentiate between left and right, up and down 😔
just in case, he asks you if you’re his wife at the same time the dentist asks if the two of you will be okay from here on out and you nod to the dentist’s question but yuuji thinks it’s for him so he lays back down with this satisfied look on his face like HELL YEAH alright, alright, alright 😌🥰🥴 and does those little nods SIDJAJJDJSJFJR HAHAHAHA
sakusa omi lets you play with his bangs and hands as you wait for the dentist and he LOVES IT softest smile on his face!! RIDICULOUSLY CLINGY!!!! he does NOT want you to leave him at all, will not let you go to the bathroom even though you’re like “omi, please, the dentist is busy with another patient right now, i’ll be back soon before we go through the aftercare stuff” “no” “omi, i have to pee” “do it here” and now it’s you who’s all 🤢
gets really defensive and protective when the dentist comes in and just shoves his head in your chest because he doesn’t want to look at them LMFAO death grip around your waist 🤧 when you show him what he said about you going to the bathroom he demands you delete it “omi, i didn’t know u loved me that much 🥰🥺💕” “…………..🤐”
hoshiumi kourai insisted he was fine on his own “nothing is impossible for hoshiumi kourai, national athlete 😤” when the dentist asked if he needed someone to watch over him and the dentist is 🤨 ok sir and leaves after he falls asleep. when he wakes up, no one’s in his room and he has to use the washroom and he’s like i’ll do just it myself 🙄 he tries to stand and promptly collapses to the floor. he CRAWLS around on his stomach and makes it out of his room just as you walk in and you’re like KOU whY are you on the FLOOR like a ROACH 😭😭😭
it’s like you’re reenacting some dramatic romance movie as kou groans around the gauze and makes poor attempts to stand up, holding onto you LAKDSHLASKAHD 💀💀💀 asks you to get on the floor with him because he honest to god can’t get UP so that he can cuddle with you as the dentist and his assistants stand two feet away 🥰💕 tries to fight the staff when they get too close to you trying to help him get back to his bed HAJJFKAKDMAD
extra: kita shinsuke (lol) when kita finishes his wisdom tooth extraction, he looks at you like this and doesnt remember who you are; he thinks you’re here for another patient and doesn’t say a word to you because his grandma taught him not to talk to strangers.
Tumblr media
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yourtaletotell · a month ago
Let Me Tell You About Love ⇜ Wanda Maximoff
Tumblr media
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader.
Summary: After your brother leaves to Norway, leaving his fiancée behind, you find yourself in the position of picking up the pieces of your sister-in-law's and also best friend's broken heart.
A/N: This one-shot is special for the person who is most special to me. The person who can stand my outbursts and who even while living her own chaos tries to help me with mine. I am very grateful that every day she has the patience to stand me. Thank you for being in my life. Happy birthday, you deserve the whole universe @abimess love u meu bem 💜💜
Warnings: Fluffy.
Words: 4,557.
Your phone started buzzing a few times, but whoever it was, everyone knew that you didn't answer your phone during meetings. Already bored with the meeting, you couldn't stand to see the suggestions that the shareholders were showing you. On the other hand, Tony was loving it, refuting every graph with arguments. They wanted to propose taking one of your best projects out of circulation just for the sake of the company's image, but you didn't give a damn and neither did Tony.
For what seemed like the tenth time, your phone buzzed again, but your secretary came in just in time, drawing everyone's attention. "Miss, your brother is trying to call you, he said it's urgent."
Your heart raced, a small pain appeared in your chest, you stood up to apologize and left the meeting room going to yours. You took the phone out of your pocket and sat down in your chair. On your phone, there was a notification that your brother had tried to call you more than 6 times, that's when the worry grew.
The phone on your desk rang, as you put it to your ear your secretary said: " Miss, your brother is on line 2."
"Thank you, Kate." You just told her.
When she hung up you called on line 2, your heart stopped a little as you heard your brother panting.
"Andreas, what's going on?" You said quietly.
"Hello little sister, damn, very hard to talk to you, huh?" he said with difficulty due to his breathing. "I'm flying to Norway now."
"That's right, I got a spot on the ski test on the team, and I'm going there." The excitement in his voice was audible.
"But Andreas, you're getting married in two months!" You snapped out of shock and shouted, slamming a hand palm down on your desk, knocking over a picture frame.
"I know, I know, fuck, you need to tell Wanda for me." He gave a brief pause, as if seeming to remember he had a fiancée. "I need you to talk to her, I don't know when I'll be back and if I'll be back. I want her to be happy."
"Wait, what? You didn't talk to her?" You shouted again, feeling the blood boil in your veins.
"That's why you're the best sister in the world. I have to go, I'll call you when I land!" And he hung up.
You took a deep breath, taking in all that history, left your phone on the table, and ran your hands through your hair. You lifted the picture frame from the desk, looked at the picture, and felt your heart ache again. You called your secretary's desk, who answered promptly.
"I need you to find out where Wanda is."
When you arrived, you asked not to be announced by the ladies in the store, you just asked them to close the store for a moment and that you needed to talk to the bride, and they did.
Wanda was already looking at the 4th dress, she was in doubt whether to be bold or simple. Natasha wanted her to wear one that left her back bare and with a plunging neckline on her breasts. Natasha watched Wanda look at herself in the mirror, Wanda thought she looked wonderful in the dress, but knew that Andreas would never accept her wearing that.
Natasha heard two soft knocks on the door, got up and went to open it. She gave you a wide smile, but you didn't return it as you usually did. You bowed your head in denial, and she understood what was going on. She opened the door for you to enter, and when you did, your heart squeezed in your chest. Wanda looked beautiful, her eyes sparkled, and her smile was radiant.
Natasha tapped you lightly on the shoulder and left the room, closing the door and leaving you alone with Wanda. Wanda turned to check the direction of the noise and cracked a big smile at you, however, she soon ran behind the white curtains.
"Y/N! Get out of here, you'll jinx me!" Wanda shouted, sneaking around the curtain, she was yelling, but you could tell she was laughing. It didn't take long for her to lose her laughter upon seeing you serious. "What happened?" she snapped out of the curtain and walked towards you. "Is Andreas okay?"
You moved closer, trying to ignore the choking feeling that moment caused. You didn't want to do this to her, and at that moment you could have sworn you would kill Andreas with your bare hands.
"I don't know how to tell you this..." You confessed, lowering your head, trying to look everywhere possible that would give you the strength to be able to tell Wanda. "He called me, from the airport. He got a test spot on the Norwegian ski team."
Wanda stepped back, with a sad smile, her eyes filled with tears. She denied it with her head several times.
"He has no plans to return...he said he wants you happy." You said with a failing voice. "I'm sorry Wands."
Wanda then started laughing sarcastically, at the same time you noticed tears in her eyes, but quickly the laughter turns to crying. You noticed that her knees weakened, so you held her in your arms before she fell. Her crying was uncontrollable, so you held her tightly in your arms.
You ran your fingers over the contract papers, you looked over them as you jotted down a few things on your Post-it note. Tony was on the other side of the table doing the same when your phone rang, but he answered it.
"Phone from the most boring person in the world, this is Tony, the most beautiful and interesting, what can I do for you?" You took a pencil from your pencil holder, and threw it at Tony, who just stuck his tongue out at you. "Oh, hello Romanoff, long time no see?" You frowned at Tony who pointed the phone and moved his lips saying it was Natasha, you rolled your eyes. " Shadow Moon Pub, the one near the company?" Tony looked at you now seriously, he moved his lips saying Wanda. "No problem, we're coming over."
Tony hung up the phone, holding it out to you, you took it, and he stood up and put on his blazer. You looked at him, who turned to you.
"Wanda is drinking too much at the Shadow Moon Pub, Thor called Natasha to warn her." Tony said, picking up your belongings. "I know you're without a car today, come on, I'll give you a ride."
You stood up quickly, grabbing your phone and your purse. You needed to sign the contract urgently, but Wanda was more important at this moment. You quickly left the room, being accompanied by Tony. You two and Tony's two security guards were the only people there. The walk from your floor to Tony's car was done in complete silence, when you got into his car, he huffed and looked at you sideways.
"What's wrong?" you asked, sighing.
"I don't know, I was just here thinking about something." He staggered, but as he felt a pinch on his arm he yelled and continued, "It's just, we all knew this was going to happen right? Well, it is your brother."
"I know, but still, I thought he had changed." You confessed, looking out the car window. "He promised me he wouldn't do that to her."
"Andreas isn't very good at keeping promises." Tony said, listening to you agree with an almost inaudible sound. "And yet, you let him date your-"
"We're here." You cut him off, unbuckling yourself from your seatbelt as he stopped the car and opened your door. "Keep the car on, I'll go get her, and you drive us back to my place."
Tony didn't say a word, just nodded. You got out of the car and headed for the bar, the security guard at the door waved to you, knowing you from other nights, he opened the door for you and made you cut in line. The bar's atmosphere was chaotic, there was loud music, loud conversations, it was like a nightclub.
You looked around until you noticed Wanda dancing on a table. Thor, your friend and the owner of the bar, was trying to get Wanda off the table by the hand, but she didn't seem to mind. You walked over to the table, as if by coincidence of fate, in time to catch Wanda, who lost her balance as she came down from the table. When she turned to protest, she gave you a wide smile.
"Well, if it isn't my hot ex-sister-in-law who is my best friend." Wanda said fumblingly, so close to your face that you could smell the alcohol. "Wow, you are so beautiful."
You signaled to Thor who nodded, looking around, you saw Wanda's favorite jacket and her purse, you signaled to Thor who picked up things for you. You waved goodbye from afar, wrapping your arms around Wanda's waist, who seemed to say a few things, but you understood nothing.
"I want to stay some more." Wanda said, making a pout as she walked out the door of the bar.
"No, let's go to my place." You said, directing her to Tony's car.
"Then you go to my place." She said, whining.
"Okay." You agreed.
You carefully placed Wanda in the back of the car, but before you could get out, she pulled you by the arm, causing you to fall down sitting on her side.
"I want you right here next to me."
The morning sun was invading Wanda's room, illuminating the whole place, not even the curtain was able to hold the light. The light was not so strong, but enough to wake Wanda, who slowly awoke and felt her head hurt. Now awake, but still not opening her eyes, Wanda tried to remember where she was and how she got there. She remembered the few flashes of that night.
Shadow Moon Pub ... 7 rounds of shots ... loud music ... you ... her naked in front of you ... ice-cold water.
Wanda cringed at what little she remembered, she opened her eyes, but soon regretted it as she felt her eyes hurt from the light. She took a deep breath and realized that there was a smell of coffee coming from outside the room, it was her room, she was home. Sitting up slowly, she leaned back against the headboard and looked around. You didn't seem to have slept next to her, as the side of the bed was organized, she looked around again and noticed a glass of water, a pill and a little note next to it.
'Take this pill, Miss Trouble.'
Wanda smiled when she recognized your handwriting, she took the pill, and with the help of the water she swallowed it. She waited a while until she realized that the pain had gone enough to let her get out of bed. Wanda realized that she was dressed, in a large blouse and panties, nothing else. She took a deep breath and left the room, following the smell of coffee.
You were too distracted by the music to notice Wanda leaning on the kitchen counter. She watched you dance with a smile on your face, and you sang along to the music as you stirred something in the pan under the stove. She noticed you put the ingredients on the plate and turned to the sink.
Noticing Wanda's presence, you didn't startle, you just smiled at her. You took the plate with what looked like a loaf of bread and a cup of coffee, held it out to Wanda and placed it in front of the woman. It took a few minutes before she realized what you had made: Grénki. It was a recipe that Wanda had once mentioned to you that made her happy, it was a breakfast her grandmother made when she was little.
"I can't believe you did that for me." She whispered looking at you and with a big smile on her lips. "Thank you."
"No need to thank me." You smiled back. "Are you feeling well?"
Wanda brought the coffee cup to her mouth and as she took it she closed her eyes, sighing. Then she looked at you and just agreed with her head.
"Try that soon, I need to know if Google is as trustworthy as it appears to be." You confessed drawing a giggle from Wanda.
She took the piece of bread into her mouth, took a bite, and as she felt all the taste present there, she let out a satisfying groan.
"God, this is perfect." She said with her mouth full and went back to chewing.
You laughed and watched her. She was beautiful when it was dawning, she was natural without all the makeup she put on to get through the day.
"Tell me something." Wanda said, catching your attention, you just smiled at her, and she continued. "What happened last night?"
"Mmm... Let me think..." You made a serious face. "You paid the entire pub bill, you threw up from your elevator to your bed, you didn't want to shower."
Wanda made a horrified face, pulling a laugh out of you. She realized what you did and slapped you on the arm with a straight face.
"Sorry, but you needed to see your face." You kept laughing even though Wanda slapped you several times. "Okay, I'll tell you the truth." You said holding her wrists behind her back. "You couldn't walk, I had to carry you from Tony's car to your bed, then I gave you a bath and dressed you. You laid down on the bed and slept."
She sighed, letting out a low laugh and leaned her forehead against your shoulder. Wanda stayed like that for a while, until you started to feel your shirt get wet. She was crying. You released her wrists, wrapped your arms around her body, tucking her into a hug.
"Why did he leave me?" Wanda whispered, without the strength to hold you.
She kept crying for a while longer, until your phone started ringing, causing her to let go of your arms and pull away. You saw her walking to her room with her head slumped, your chest aching to see her like that. Your phone rang again for the second time, and you picked it up and noticed that Tony's picture appeared.
"Where are you?" he said as soon as you answered.
"Hi to you too, Anthony." You said, sighing. "I'm with Wanda, she's not feeling well..." He was about to tell you something, but you cut him off. "Look, I know I was supposed to sign the contract with you today, but she's not okay. I can't leave her like this."
"I was going to tell you to take a few days off until everything is okay, dumbass." Tony said, making you laugh. "I take care of everything here, let me know if I can help with anything."
"Thanks mate." You were about to hang up when you remembered something important. "Hey Tony, I actually need a favor from you."
For 6 weeks, you did everything in your power to cheer Wanda up. With Tony's help, you booked an empty movie theater just for you, so that she would be comfortable to cry or laugh without feeling uncomfortable. You took her to spend a day in your apartment that was under construction so that she could destroy a wall, and what started with screaming and crying ended with her laughing. Today, you were painting your apartment, but you intentionally got paint all over Wanda's face, and she knocked you over with a bucket of paint. Consequently, you had to go to Wanda's apartment to shower.
"Y/N, Natasha asked me to call you to a party tomorrow." Wanda shouted behind the bathroom door for you to hear. "She said the party isn't a party without you."
Wanda tried to speak naturally. Even though the three of you have been friends for a long time, Natasha and you had been on a few dates, and as much as Wanda wouldn't admit it, she was jealous of you. She was trying to convince herself that the jealousy was a friendship thing, since you were her best friend....
"A party?" You shouted from inside the bathroom.
She heard the shower turn off, and stepped away from the door, waiting for you to come out. She waited for you until the door opened, and you came out wrapped in your towel. Wanda looked you up and down, feeling your mouth go dry. Her heart raced, and she felt her cheeks get warm. She was paralyzed. Her thoughts were all scrambled.
"Wands." You called out to her, but she was babbling something disconnected. "Wanda, a party?"
"Y-yes." She stammered, trying to look you only in the eyes.
Everything about you looked so beautiful, your lips seemed so irresistible right there at that moment. All Wanda could think about was what it would feel like to be able to kiss you. Or your body on hers....
"What time?" You asked, noticing the look on Wanda's face, and smiled. "What time is the party Wands?"
"Sex-I mean six!" Wanda shouted wide-eyed. "The party is at six!."
"Okay," You said smiling, you approached Wanda, held her waist with one hand and kissed her cheek. "I will only go if you go as my date."
Wanda looked you in the eye and agreed with her head slowly. You looked at each other for a few minutes, she leaned in to bring her face closer to yours, alternating her gaze between your eyes and your lips. You squeezed her waist lightly, bringing her body closer to yours. Your heart seemed to race out of your chest, and Wanda's was not far behind. Her hands went to the nape of his neck. His lips were millimeters from hers, but the moment was ruined by the ringing of Wanda's phone.
Natasha's party wasn't exactly a party, it was just a reunion of friends. You alternated between giving attention to your friends and to Wanda. But she seemed different tonight. She was distant, didn't engage you in conversation, and turned away whenever you tried to touch her. Everyone noticed, including Natasha.
Natasha approached you, took your hand, and led you to where there was a small improvised dance floor. She took your hands, turned her back to you and put her hands on your waist. You didn't understand anything and just let yourself be carried away by the moment.
"I wonder if Wanda is watching you now," Natasha then whispered for you to hear.
Wanda looked as if she could rip Natasha from your arms at any moment, and destroy her in a matter of seconds. Her eyes teemed with rage as her arms were crossed and below her chest. She had a very serious expression and an even worse look on her face. Wanda didn't seem to pay attention to Pepper's subject, as her eyes were fixed on you.
"She is." You replied to Natasha.
Natasha still had her back to you, with her butt resting against your thighs, she kept leaning on you, until you felt someone pull you by the arm. Wanda was red and angry, she squeezed your wrist with her hand and looked seriously at Natasha.
"I want you to take me away." That was the only thing Wanda said to you.
You didn't have time to answer as she proceeded to pull you out of Natasha's house. You just looked back and said a dull goodbye to your friend, who just raised her thumbs from her hands as if celebrating something that was about to happen.
The way to Wanda's place was silent, you could hear her heavy breathing, but you didn't dare look at her because you knew she was angry with you. When you arrived at her house, she got out of the car quickly, and walked to her apartment you followed her in silence until she walked in and pulled you into the apartment.
"What's your problem, Wanda? What's going on?" You asked letting go of her hand.
"I don't know, I have to ask you that." She shouted. "You were about to fuck Natasha in front of everyone."
"If I didn't know you, I could swear you're jealous." You replied, quietly approaching.
"Why don't you guys assume there's something going on?" She said taking a step back.
"Why are you so angry about it?" You asked, still approaching.
Wanda was silent, staring at you angrily, until she walked over to you, held your face in her hands, and sealed your lips to hers. You didn't have time to react, once you heard a noise from the door that made you separate. As soon as the door opened, your brother appeared, he seemed happy to see you. His hair was longer, he had a bit of a beard, and he had bags in hand.
"How nice that you two are here, and I can tell you both." Your brother said, approaching. "I screwed up, leaving you behind, Wanda." He approached, leaving the bags on the ground and taking Wanda's hands. "You are the best thing that ever happened to me, I could never be happy without you. I came here to call you to come with me, to live in Norway." You turned away from the two, looking at your brother in disbelief. "I want our lives to start over there. I love you and I know you love me equally, that our lives are happier together." He had tears in his eyes, and Wanda looked in shock. "And I know that you would like to have a fresh start, so I am calling you here now to come to Norway with me. I know you must be mad at me, and that everything that happened was too fast, but I want you to give us a chance again."
You were in shock but said nothing, and neither did Wanda. You looked at her, expecting some answer or some denial, but she said nothing. You looked at them in silence. To you that was the answer to everything. You said nothing, walked away, and left.
Some things are impossible to explain, love, for example. The way love appears and transforms itself is something that no scientist or doctor can explain. Not even philosophers and psychologists have been able to write in words human behavior and what justifies love. Poets, musicians, writers try to say what love is, but no one will ever know how to describe in exact words what exactly love is.
Wanda knew that she loved Andreas, but she knew that this love was not what she deserved. She deserved more, she deserved someone who would treat her for who she is, and who would try to please her and make her feel happy, who would listen to her silence. And with just a hug, make her feel at home. She felt all this with you.
She knew before that, before Andreas, but she just tried to ignore the fact that being with you sometimes could be wrong. Since you and Natasha already had something. But she never tried to take the risk of confessing to you.
When Andreas became interested in Wanda, you warned him that if he hurt her, you would destroy every single hair on his head.
The two months she spent with you were the best days of your life, making her smile and trying hard to make her smile was the best thing you ever did. Every smile she gave you was an achievement, an achievement that made you happy.
When Andreas came back, you felt afraid because she didn't react like you thought she would. You thought she would reject him, but she didn't say anything, and you didn't want to wait around, so you went on your way.
You moved into your new apartment, you packed up everything and organized your new apartment. However, whenever you looked at the wall painted by you and Wanda, you felt a pinch in your chest. But you didn't want to go after her. You began to ignore her calls, Natasha's and even Andreas's.
You were working with Tony finishing making a file for the new Prototype, When a commotion started on the floor. You heard an exalted voice, but ignored it.
"Y/n!" The voice shouted.
You then saw your secretary walk through your door with a slightly confused look on her face, and she just nodded for you to go check it out.
You walked out of the room towards the central hall of the floor, where there were a few tables, you noticed Wanda standing in the middle of the hall. She was wearing a red dress, which matched her hair, she didn't have that much makeup on, she had her hair done, and she looked breathless.
"Look, it was hard to come to you, but I'm here to talk." Wanda said breathlessly. "I wanted you to understand that, since the beginning, I've always felt something...that I tried to hide it from me, from you, from everyone, but it turns out that every time I looked at you with Natasha I went into a panic." She confessed taking a few steps towards you. "And maybe Andreas was the closest thing I ever had to you, but I fooled myself into an idea of a person who doesn't exist... the person I want is you." she paused and moved closer. "You make me feel unique, you make me feel new, you make me feel safe. " She stopped in front of you, you noticed tears in her eyes. "Please give me a chance, I don't want to be just a friend to you, not then, not now, I need you."
You looked around trying to hold back a smile and noticed that all your employees were looking at Wanda, with a slightly frightened look, but you could see a few people admiring. She didn't appear to care about it, and neither did you. So you gave a smile and approached the woman, wrapping your arms around her waist.
"Look, I'll tell you something." You said seriously and with a pause that to Wanda seemed a long one. " You didn't have to do all this, but since you are here... I also liked you from the beginning, however you seemed out of my league." You confessed letting out a sigh. "That's why I was with Natasha.... But good thing you're here, given all the points you've made, I think I'll give you a chance."
She threw herself into your arms, holding your face in her hands to give you a kiss. The kiss that you two had waited for so long, a kiss that proved to be the seal that you two were meant to be.
Love is not defined in words, love is defined with actions. Love is defined by that feeling of safety, when you are with a person, no matter who they are, no matter where they are, you are safe.
Love is there, you just have to want it.
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minyoongisthirdhusband · 2 months ago
BTS: Favorite Place To Kiss You
summary: where bts likes to kiss you aside from your beautiful lips ^-^
a/n: ive been reading SO MUCH kuroo x reader its actually inspired me to write so maybe i’ll write actual scenarios instead of hcs hope u enjoy babes 
unedited sorry for any mistakes 
simple and cute on ur cheek 
no matter ur height its easy and accessible 
when your mouth is preoccupied he’ll just land a smooch because how can he not 
its also a greeting !!
when he gets home from work, instead of saying hello he gives you a peck on the cheek 
also the type to hold your face between his hands and gently kiss both cheeks before kissing you on the lips
hes so sweet asklad
hands and wrist area 
our boy has a thing for hands tell me he doesnt and i will bite you 
his favorite form of simple affection is holding hands so hes like well why not kiss them too
when hes driving and you’re holding hands over the dash he will press a kiss to the back of your hand 
or when you hold his face which you do often because how can you not look at the face he will turn his face and kiss your palms and the inside of your wrists 
thought super hard about this and temple/jaw is what ive decided 
hobi is always moving so a quick peck to the temple is expected 
hobi is also a FLIRT so a very, VERY soft and sweet kiss on your jaw just to get you flustered 
kaksdjaskl he totally would get really close without doing anything just to watch you squirm before kissing you on the jaw 
he does it a lot and your ears still turn so pink hes obsessed 
oooo shoulder 
this man looOOooves back hugs so shoulder 
actually shoulder And upper back area 
its such an underrated place to love and he recognizes it 
he especially loves it when your back or shoulders are uncovered and he can feel your warm skin beneath his lips 
im super duper in love with him so watch me ramble
jimin will kiss you anywhere and everywhere 
like as long as its appropriate in that moment he will take advantage of it 
if his lips can reach it they are THERE 
his go to is probably the forehead
but his actual favorite?
neck 10000%
he is also a flirt and the neck is such a flirty place to kiss
its also very intimate and he craves deep intimacy at any given time
loves to hold you, lips just pressed to your neck and to hear and feel you talk
literally anywhere on your face
loves to grab your face and pepper you in kisses all of the place
is happiest when doing this and hearing you giggle (i hate that word but its what you do sorry)
underrated flirt also and loves to get you flustered
and cmon whats more flustering than being kissed a million times all over your face 
oh also ur arms but less about kissing and more about BITING 
will lean his face against ur arm while youre doing something and then slowly bites you
not hard its very loving 
another forehead kisser what is up with these maknaes and their foreheads 
yall know the video of jungkook standing over namjoon and kissing his forehead from the behind (idk how else to describe this u get it tho)
yeah hes so into that 
it gets ur attention and jungkook looooves having your attention 
it also takes like thought and process not just a quick smooch 
he has to grab you, pull your head back and Then kiss you 
after he kisses you he loves to hold your face and just look down at you 
boyfriend jk brainrot
whew loved writing this and thinking about it haha i am SO touch starved. depression has her claws in me rn and its made me good at my hobbies again??? like i can write AND draw??? wack 
ALSO also also whenever yall put cute little comments in the tags when u rb i lose my mind i love it so much thank you for that 
reblog, comment, like, feedback, any interaction is appreciated <333
have a good day/night and happy reading 
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nemeseos-noctua · 7 months ago
Hello! Can I request Albedo's and Xiao's to their s/o being an absolute simp for them? Like they would jump into their arms the moment they are home, stare at them lovingly but turn away blushing when they are caught or they would constantly write/draw about their lover?
Tumblr media
𝐅𝐄𝐀𝐓𝐔𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆: albedo, xiao (separate) x gn!reader
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: albedo’s is serious while xiao is a bit crack, not proofread, written at 3am
𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄𝐒: cm’ere. i guess u are my little pog champ 🙄
Tumblr media
honestly? he’d be quite flattered
he finds your not-so-subtle glances endearing, along with the way you rush up to him with your arms outstretched for a hug the moment you enter his camp
it feels good to know he’s not the only one who has fallen hard
“Albedo!” A new voice pierced through the roaring winds of Dragonspine as the alchemist’s head shot up, eyes darting for the source as your figure came rushing in from the winds.
“[Y/N]—“ Albedo instinctively held his arms open, stumbling back with a grunt as your chest met his, the warmth from his own body mixing with the coldness of yours.
he’d lecture you a bit for coming up to dragonspine unsupervised, but alas, he can’t stay mad at you for too long
he enjoys the nights and days he can spend with you at his camp <3 usually nobody visits him anyways so it allows for some quality time between the two of you!
he also finds it quite amusing how you stare at him when you think he’s focused. trust me, he’s aware of the fleeting glances you send him almost every five seconds
he, however, will not tease you about it... but he does bring it up in day-to-day conversation, so don’t be surprised when he mentions the stacks of drawings he found that were all of him
(he doesn’t talk about the way his face exploded with an uncharacteristic blush, though)
conclusion: albedo is equally in love with you... it’s just, he’s a tad bit more subtle about it ;)
his sketchbook being filled with drawings of you: i sleep
Tumblr media
xiao does not... know how to react
what is he supposed to say? “thank you mortal”?
well, to be fair... you are much more than ‘mortal’ to him
but still! what is he supposed to say?! he cannot form words, his heart is the only sound he knows for he short circuits upon finding the letters you send him daily
(the way verr goldet smiles at him whenever she gives her your letters drives him mad. does everyone know of your relationship with him?!)
however, he (begrudgingly, only because verr goldet is delivering it) takes your letters and reads them atop the rooftop in a comfortable silence
he reads your letters once—then twice, then three times, then oh boy look he’s been staring at it for hours
and when you finally return from your endeavors? he is lowkey excited. like. on the outside he’s “oh, you’re back”. but on the inside he’s like “i missed you...”
he (reluctantly) opens his arms up for you to run into when you return. it’s like... ‘you know what. you are my little pogchamp.’
he’s definitely aware of the way you stare at him, but he gets a lil confused when you look away when his eyes meet yours. he’s always been told his eyes are piercing, so are they perhaps too rough for you to gaze into?
eh. whatever. his thoughts are more focused on the paper he saw sticking out of your bag. was that a drawing of you and him?
(are you sure you’re the simp here? xiao’s face turned redder than bob the tomato when he saw the drawing)
wow. is THE adeptus xiao in love? please. disgusting.
hug him again pls. 
Tumblr media
— constellations!
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simplyxsinned · 19 days ago
Genshin boys (Kaeya, childe, diluc, albedo, xiao) with artist s/o
Specfically one that paints as a hobby, can be typically found outside in the sun painting hehe
Or maybe one shots where u squish their cheeks (then u can pick whichever ones out of the ones I mentioned I don’t mind)
Tumblr media
Genshin character with a s/o who paints!
Tumblr media
A/n: how about face painting? (face painting in Diluc and albedo’s part!) testing out these text gradients :D
Genre: fluff
Characters; Kaeya, Childe, Diluc, Albedo, Xiao x gn!reader
Tumblr media
He found you interesting and that's what attracted him to you. from there on, he started courting you! Bringing flowers to your doorstep, popping in when you're painting and asking you to draw him :> It's okay if you refuse to he'll just sit down and draw beside you (he's secretly drawing you duh) After he finishes, he proudly presents his work to you! chess puffing, smiling brightly at you like a dog who just caught a dead bird for it's owner, you can almost see his invisible tail waging.
When he first met you painting the scenery of flower fields in qingce village. He finds himself enchanted by your beauty then fell in love with your personality, I mean how could he not you’re so fun to be with! He doesn’t mind you roping him into your painting sessions, in fact he loves it. My man just wants to spend time with you, and maybe his entire lifetime <3
Just imagine him sitting beside you focused on his paperwork while you draw him. And when you catch im dozing off, you'd paint with your fingers using his face as your new canvas, gently tracing over his skin, not forgetting to bop his nose finishing your masterpiece ehe
He occasionally lets you sit on his lap while you two work on a piece together, he gets to feel your body warmth despite the cold in dragonspine and complete his work so it’s a win-win situation for the both of you! Sometimes he peeks down to see your focused face forming in a pout and chuckles to himself wondering how you two ended up together.
While he's busy napping under a shady tree after all the demon conquering he had done for today, you took this as a chance to sketch your lover. After you finished your sketch, you got bored. So you started scribbling on his face! He looked so cute and peaceful like this, snickering to yourself wondering how he would react to seeing his face littered with your wonderful doodles. surely he wouldn't get mad at you right?
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading <3
Tumblr media
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delugguk · 2 months ago
hello~ thirsty ass fellows 😬 i really like dirty talking so! much! like imagine jk f*cking u with his fingers while he whispers in ur ear talking about filling u up with his c**k later, and probably his come... impreg kink maybe??? lol idk u want to make this a drabble but yea hehe
Hii sorry it's late asf 😭
two fingers already got you like a mess. What was making all of this hotter was the fact that he was fingering you with his tattoed hand... You hold onto his tattooed arm feeling how big and strong he has gotten.
"Look how wet you are" he says under his breath slapping your pussy making you jump "ugnh jungkook-"
"Yeah baby?"
"Please fuck me already, I need you" there was a desperate tone in your voice that he could not resist.
"Desperate for my cock huh?" he smirks. "You're taking my fingers so well.. and my little princess doesn't feel like its enough huh?" another light slap to your pussy, his head goes close to your neck leaving a wet kiss making a trace up to your ear.. he leaves a soft sensual whisper, "can't wait to feel my cock mmh?" His deep voice made your body shiver, he was so hot. His fingers went deeper adding a third this time, you leave a loud moan.
"fuck.. look at you so desperate mh?"
-while softly biting your ear..-
"imma need you to wait a little more princess, I promise to fill this little greedy pussy later.." His lips travel through your skin placing some delicious hot kisses..
"and maybe I'll cum inside too mh?"
at this point you're squirming under him, "yes baby, fuck"
"you'll like that huh?" a smirk draws his face. "to have our babies inside of you..." his fingers goes up and down your slit, teasing you.. so slowly. "My cock filling up your pretty pussy, saving my cum all up inside of you.. grow a little bump, carrying our kids.. fuck you'll look so hot pregnant"
You both never actually mentioned having kids but now that he was talking about it..
You feel so close to your high now, you start fucking yourself into his fingers.
"Yes, yes! Jungkook please fuck me" your plead turned him on so bad.
"Fuck- you are so greedy today, I could give up now and fuck you raw but the way you're dripping right now.. shit. I bet I could just slide right in"
You keep moving so he takes his fingers out and starts to tease and slap your clit all over again.
"Jungk-" you wanted him to fuck you NOW, it was getting frustrating his slaps making you go crazy. "Please!"
"I can feel your walls pulse through my fingers and they arent even in.. fuck. such a greedy pussy.."
"Please, please fuck me baby I want it"
"how bad do you want it?"
"so fucking bad please" you even closed your eyes with a pout, moving your hips up and down to find some sort of friction with his fingers, practically begging at this point.
"Fine baby.. just keep behaving like this and you'll get what you want.. just wait a bit more.. shit."
The moment he introduces his fingers back to your pussy you squeeze your walls tightening around it.. his last straw
"fuck, I told you to- don't miss beha- agh fuck it, you're getting it now"
finally what you deserved.
SORRY THE ENDING ITS SO BAD $*@&#& I didn't know how to end it! this is also my first time trying impreg kink?? 😳 idk if its good so I apologize .... let me know how was it , anyone that's reading this.. thank you !
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cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc · 8 months ago
Matching minecraft skins!
Request: okay okay, hear me out...asking the dream team (maybe extra smp members👀) for matching minecraft skins?? only if you have time!!
Pairing: Dream, GeorgenotFound, Sapnap & BadBoyHalo x Reader (separate)
Summary: Asking the Dream Team if they want to wear matching skins :3
Author’s note: this made my heart meeelttt  (´^ `♡) thank u so much for requesting this! (i might make a part 2 this is so cute) - enjoy!
Author’s note pt.2: Sorry this took so long, school stuff came in the way :(
- You and Dream were in a discord call together playing games when the idea suddenly popped into your head
- “Clay, do you want to wear matching minecraft skins?”
- He loved the idea
- Aggressively grabbed his phone and went to twitter
- “does anyone know a good minecraft skin artist? i need some help here” 
- After a few minutes he found one and commissioned them 2 matching skins
- The next day he woke up and he got a DM saying the skins were ready
- He hopped on his computer and sent your skin to you
- After both equipping the skin you two decided to join the SMP 
- “Hello everyone! Look! We match!”
- Tommy and Quackity started making fun of you immediately
- Bad and Tubbo found it very cute
- Overall, a very cute and wholesome stream (❁´◡`❁)
- You were just scrolling through your phone when you saw something absolutely adorable
- It was a fan who made matching minecraft skins for you and George
- You texted him and asked him if he wanted to wear them
- he responded quite fast
- He loved the idea
- You both equipped it and went into a server 
- He made screenshot and posted it to twitter
- It went completely viral
- Tommy, being the child he is, called it gross
- Tubbo replied agreeing with him and Will told them both to shut up
- Dream was very jealous and asked George if he wanted to match as well
- George just replied with “No”
- Sapnap wouldn’t let him forget it for weeks
- It’s now one of his most liked tweets ever
- You were hanging out with Nick at home when you saw fanart of you and him with matching outfits
- You showed him and he started smiling
- “We look really good in those clothes together, babe”
- An idea sprung into your head
- “Wouldn’t it be fun to have matching minecraft skins?”
- He gave it a thought for a second and got very giggly
- “Oooh~ That would be so cute, let’s do that”
- After searching for a little bit you found a skin that perfectly matched each other
- Sapnap got giddy with excitement
- “C’mon we have to put them on!” He tugged at your am and sped to his computer
- You jumped on a different computer he had and both equipped the skins
- After fooling around in game you guys decided to call Karl and Quackity to see their reaction
- They both picked up and Sapnap told them what you two did
- Karl found it very cute and really wanted to see
- Quackity started fake crying and accusing him of cheating
- Real talk, they thought it was cute
- He loves it when people draw fanart of you and him together
- He stalks you two’s shipname hashtag 24/7
- So when you asked him if he wanted matching skins he was estatic
- He already knew what artists to go to and basically threw his money at them
- When the artists were done he called you and told you to check Discord
- He sent you the file and you both equipped your skins
- When he first saw you with the skin he melted
- “Muffin! You look so cute!!”
- He decided to ask some people for their thoughts 
- He asked Skeppy first
- Bad idea
- “How could you, Bad?!”
- “I’m in a relationship!”
- “I thought we had something!”
- Queue a lot of bickering from both of them
- He asked Dream and George what they thought
- They both thought it was very cute
- “Hey Dream, do you wanna do this together?”
- “Hell yeah”
- They both pulled up in matching skins they next day
Thank you for reading! Make sure you take care for yourself and your friends/family if you haven’t already today ! (♡ ⸂ ◡ ⸂♡)
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leviathans-watching · 24 days ago
getting overwhelmed by yelling/fighting (alt endings - lucifer & belphie) [repost]
Tumblr media
anon ask: I really liked the overwhelmed ones! Could I request an alternate version where reader is overwhelmed and goes to him / his study or he reassures reader after or something? You can do what you want with it, I’m just curious how you think Lucifer would handle it
anon ask: belphie alt ending for the overwhelmed fic? that made me cry and made me so happy,, its truly so comforting 😭 -💜 anon, since im around here more often than id like to admit bc im shy :,) but i still wanna have a known signature for when i come around just to send love 💜💜💜
includes: lucfier x/& gn!reader ; belphie x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: 1k | rated t | m.list | mammon | levi | beel
warnings: yelling, fighting, and general assholish behavior (not towards you), crying, you getting overwhelmed, discussions of safe spaces, belphie using his power to put the others to sleep
a/n: thank you and thank you for requesting!! i’m glad you’ve been liking them. my inbox is open to chat, leave feedback, or req so u should come say hello !! and 💜 anon thank you! and I look forward to hearing form you hehe. and i'm reposting bc I'm was shadowbanned when this was first put outI
reblogs are much appreciated hehe
Tumblr media
the brothers have devolved into another one of their fights, and it’s really stressing you out. exam week is right around the corner, so tensions are running high, and their poor attitudes is helping no one
“can’t you just shut up?” belphie groans, interrupting levi, who’s excitedly describing his new game. to who, you’re not sure, but belphie’s harsh words make you look over.
“what?” levi asks, frowning.
“just- be quiet for once, you know? some of us are trying to sleep here.”
this makes levi scowl. “if you wanted to sleep, you should be in your room. not down here. and anyway, you didn’t seem to have a problem with beel’s long-ass explanation of the restaurant he went to last week.”
“hey,” beel says, “don’t bring me into this.”
“oh, levi.” belphie’s tone is acidic. “always diverting whenever someone criticizes you. you really are just a pathetic otaku.”
“guys,” asmo tries futilely. “can we like, not?”
“stay out of this, asmo,” levi snaps. “you’re always putting your nose where it doesn’t belong.”
their voices are loud, and the room’s acoustics are making them magnified to an even higher level. you’re just as tired and stressed as they are, and you’re about at the end of your rope.
“don’t talk to asmo like that!” satan interjects, and soon, the room devolves into squabbling and yelling, everyone’s words mixing together into one, giant mess. it hurts, and you want out of there, but you’re afraid moving will draw their attention onto you.
covering your ears and squeezing your eyes closed, you pray for someone to help you.
“what is the meaning of this?” lucifer booms, his voice cutting over everyone else’s. you wince and squeeze your palms tighter against your head. you lose track of what’s going on for a moment, the voices in your head pleading for it to stop drowning out everything else. your breath is shallow, and you know you need to calm down, but you just can’t.
“excuse me,” you say, almost inaudibly, rising to your feet. pushing your way out of the room, you just follow your feet, not even knowing where you’re going.
you end up somewhere you always feel safe- lucifer’s study. his cloak is draped over the back of his seat, and you don;t even hesitate to place yourself in his chair, throwing it over you.
you’re far enough from the living room to not be able to hear the yelling, thankfully, so you just try to calm yourself, practicing the breathing methods you know. time passes, and while you can hear the tick-tocking of the grandfather clock, you’re not registering how much time actually passes.
“mc, there you are.” lucifer’s voice reaches your ears, and you sti up slightly, open your eyes.
“hey,” he says quietly, temper all but gone, worry replacing it. distantly, you feel bad for making him worry. “how are you feeling?”
“better,” you say, and he nods.
“that’s good. do you need anything?”
“a hug?” you’re half joking, but he surprises you by striding forward, carefully leaning over you and wrapping his arms around you. you lean into it, not one to pass by such a rare experience, moving slightly so you can better hold onto him. “sorry for freaking out.”
“don’t apologize,” he instructs gently, brushing his hand over your cheek. “i can understand getting overwhelmed due to this house. i get overwhelmed sometimes and i run the place.”
“really?” you hadn’t expected that. he always seems to put together and in control.
“yes, really.” a moment passes. “i’m… glad i found you in here. i’m glad you came to my office.”
“it’s safe,” you murmer, and he stills slightly.
“that makes me happy. i hope i and my space continues to be such for you. not that i want to you be in a situation where you need a safe space, but if the need arises, i’d rather have you somewhere i know is safe as well. is that selfish of me?”
“i don’t know,” you hum. “but i don’t really care. thank you for being my safe space.”
“of course, my love. of course.”
“what is the meaning of this?” lucifer booms, his voice cutting over everyone else’s. you wince and squeeze your palms tighter against your head. you lose track of what’s going on for a moment, the voices in your head pleading for it to stop drowning out everything else. your breath is shallow, and you know you need to calm down, but you just can’t.
“belphie started it!” levi insists, but belphie doens’t respond. miraculously, it’s quiet.
“belphegor?” lucifer prods, and you crack en eye open, curiosity overtaking you. he’s staring at you- eyes wide, and one by one, the others follow his gaze to you.
“mc?” someone asks, stepping forward. you flinch, and barely a second passes before you feel a powerful surge of magic go through you, though it doesn’t do anything.
the brothers aren’t so lucky. the magic, which you identify as belphie’s has put them all to sleep, save for belphie, who’s still staring at you with wide eyes.
“what did you do?” you whisper and he looks around, as if only now realizing what he’s done.
“i just reacted instinctively,” he explains. “they’re not hurt, just asleep, and they’ll be alright in a few hours.”
“but why?”
“you flinched,” says belphie as if that explains anything. “and i- i just did it. let loose my power without thinking.”
your laugh has a hysterical edge to it. “well at least they’re not hurt.”
“who cares about them,” belphie suddenly bursts. “are you okay?”
all of your overwhelmed feelings come back to you at once, making you physically curl in on yourself, if only slightly. “i don’t. i’m not.” you flounder for words. “it was too loud.”
“the noise?” belphie repeats and you nod.
“i’m not great at situations like that.”
“i’m sorry,” he says falteringly. “then it’s my fault you were hurting. are hurting.”
“yeah,” bephie insists, resigned. “it is. i started the fight, putting you in an environment that would hurt you.”
“you didn’t know,” you murmer, but he skaes his head.
“i shouldn’t have had to know.”
it’s quiet for a moment.
“is there anything you need?” belphie steps over satan, who’s slumped on the floor. “anything i can do to make it better?”
“i don’t know. i’m better, now,” you say, but he doesn’t seem appeased. “i’m just a little wrung out.”
“understandable,” belphie says. “just- let me know.”
“i will,” you promise. “but really, you being here, and it being quiet it already helping.”
“if you’re sure,” belphie agrees dubiously. “i can sit with you, if you’d like. we can go somewhere else so they’re-” he gestures to the rest of the brothers, “-not in the way.”
“that sounds nice.” you offer belphie your arm and he helps you up, hand lingering just a moment longer than it normally would. you don’t mind, though. the contact and warmth is nice, and he seems to get that, it the way he wraps his hand around your upper arm is any indication.
Tumblr media
© leviathans-watching - all rights reserved. please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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masnmounts · 10 days ago
hi bestie, i know you have one with mason when he talks with your bump, but i was wondering if you could do one with him and wren? when the reader is waiting for their little baby boy and the two of them (mason and wren) are talking with her belly, maybe wren is 5 years old.
thank u luv :)
ANOTHER BABY MOUNT???? low key didn’t think i’d do another baby but WELCOME BABY TEDDY he’s not actually here yet but u get the gist
wren’s best friend - mason mount
Wren was sitting in the middle of the living room floor, a doll set in front of her while she clumsily brushed its hair but she kept sneaking glances up at you and Mason. The two of you had settled on to the sofa, you pressed against Mason's side while he had one arm wrapped behind you, his fingers running through your hair, his other hand was resting where it usually was in these positions.
On the bump that held your second child. His thumb brushed gently over the material of your shirt, eager to feel your little boy kick again. He was less active than Wren had been when you were pregnant with her. She'd kicked constantly at the sound of his voice but it seemed Teddy was well and truly a mummy's boy. He only ever seemed to kick when you were speaking.
"Mummy?" You jolted slightly at Wren's voice, blinking a few times to push away the sleepy fog that had been taking over your mind.
"Yeah, baby?"
"Can I feel your belly?" Her tone was almost shy and you let out a little laugh, shuffling and patting the space next to you.
"Of course you can." Wren was quick to drop her doll and clamber on to the sofa, sitting herself in Mason’s lap as the two of you shuffled into sitting positions. Mason wrapped his arms around her and settled his cheek against her shoulder as he watched her reach out, fingers pressing gently against your now bare stomach.
“He’s big.” She giggled, her hand sliding along every part of your bump, her gaze set on it.
“Bet he’s gonna be bigger than you.” Mason mumbled in her ear before moving the two of them a bit closer. “Talk to him.” You watched the way her nose scrunched and smiled at her.
“Like you always do?”
“Yeah, he likes it. He gets all excited and tries to come see us sooner than he should.” Mason’s hand had joined Wren’s and you watched the two of them, your gaze darting between them, wondering if Teddy was going to end up looking just like his daddy too.
“What should I say?” Wren tilted her head to look at Mason but he just shrugged his shoulders slightly.
“Whatever you want. I like telling him about my day, he likes when I talk about football.” Mason wiggled his eyebrows in your direction but you lifted you hand and lightly pinched his thigh.
“No football talk around the bump, Mount. It’s banned.” He pouted playfully at you but Wren had turned back around, both hands now settled on your bump.
“Can I tell him about what I did at school?” She asked, moving Mason’s hand out of the way so she was the only one holding your bump.
“Of course, talk to him about anything.”
“How will I know he likes it?”
“You’ll feel him kick.” Mason gently brushed her hair back from her face before running his hand along her arm, thumb soothingly massaging her arm. Wren looked slightly alarmed and yanked her hand back.
“But that’ll hurt you.” She argued, her eyes wide but you just shook your head, taking her hand again and pressing it flat against your stomach.
“It doesn’t. He just does it when he’s happy.”
“You were a terrible little kicker.” Mason told her, gently patting her leg as you gave her an encouraging nod.
“Go on, tell him about school.”
“Hello little baby,” Her voice was soft, almost a whisper and you shared a look with Mason over the top of her head, heart squeezing with joy at the sight. “I’m bigger than you so I had to go to school today but it was okay because I got to draw pictures. I made a picture of our family and you were in it but you had to sit on the floor because daddy said you won’t be able to play on my trampoline until you’re older but don’t worry about it, I’ll keep it forever until you can have a go.”
Wren leant further forward, Mason’s hand moving from her waist and instead resting against your thigh where he gave a comforting squeeze. The two of you watched her trace patterns across your skin with one hand.
“Daddy said he’s gonna build us both a treehouse and then we can live in there together, can’t we, daddy?” Mason bent his head to bring it level with Wren’s both of them only inches away from the round of your stomach.
“Yeah you can, we can all hide in there when we don’t want to do the dishes like mummy asked.” You flicked his ear at this but Mason just softly batted your hand away. He pressed a soft kiss against your belly, his mouth tilting into a smile. “Hey, little man, think you can be a good boy and say hello to Wren?” Wren watched intently, eager now to feel her little brother kick.
“If you say hello to me then I’ll let you be my best friend, even over Raffa and you can share all of my toys. And I’ll even let you play with my favourite doll.” This had your mouth tilting into a grin, a little laugh falling from your lips. “He’s not doing- Oh!” Wren jumped a little and Mason laughed watching her pull her hand back, her gaze locked on where you could all see Teddy’s little kicks.
“Put your hand back.” Mason was gentle when he pressed both of their hands over the part where you stomach kept moving. “See, he likes it when you talk to him.” Wren made an excited cooing noise and then immediately started talking again, her smile so bright it took up her entire face.
“Hi, Teddy, I can feel you saying hello! Don’t kick too much because you might hurt mummy and then she will cry. I can’t wait for you to be born so we can play together, I’ve been practicing holding my dolls and feeding them and mummy said if I’m careful I can help her. She said I can help her put you in the bath but I hate getting in the baths and I think you will too.” Teddy had given a few more kicks but had settled down towards the end of Wren’s rambling.
“I think he’s going to have a nap.” Mason told her, his own hand still massaging over the left side of your bump, always attuned to making sure you were comfortable.
“Goodnight, little baby.” She dropped her voice to a whisper and kissed your stomach. “I love you.” She turned her head to Mason and nodded it a little towards your belly. “You have to say it, you always say it before I go to sleep, Teddy will like it.”
Mason did as he was told, pressing another kiss to your skin and you couldn’t help brushing your fingers through his hair, content with just sitting back and watching your little family. You had to fight back the happy tears at the two of them whispering together.
“I love you,” Mason then pressed a kiss against the side of Wren’s head, nose nuzzling against her soft hair. “And I love you too, princess.”
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violettelueur · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳ featuring : fusiguro megumi + gojo satoru from jujutsu kaisen
↳ warnings : grammar issues
↳ form : headcanons
↳ published : 14 march
↳ pronouns : she/her
↳ request : hiii could u do headcanons for gojo & fushiguro with a s/o who openly talks about how she dislikes children but the moment she’s put in the same room as one she acts all motherly & children absolutely love her? thank you ☺️☺️
↳ barista’s notes : hello everyone~ so i just finished watching the recent episode of Penthouse : war in life season 2 (it’s a kdrama) and i am pissed and angry at so many everyone on that shows is just a whole mess ʕ ᵒ ᴥ ᵒʔ but moving on from that, i hope you enjoy your cup of classic black coffee (jujutsu kaisen request!) and order a coffee again when we open ʕ •ᴥ•ʔゝ☆
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fushiguro is someone that is neutral about children in my opinion like he doesn’t hate them but he doesn’t have baby fever, you know?
So when you inform him that you didn’t like children, he will be a little surprised but is completely understanding.
So when you and him were babysitting a sorcerer’s toddler, for the time being, he was sort of worried that you weren’t going to take it really lightly...but he was so wrong.
In the beginning, you did sigh since you weren’t really looking forward to the whole chore but that didn’t mean you were going to be like that for the whole time being.
Fushiguro is really shocked when you would play with the toddler like it was your own like sometimes you would twirl around while saying “whee, whee” with the child in your arms since it giggled when you did - it helped it stop crying when it was about to.
When he would try to take the toddler away from you since he knew your arms were tried, you would slowly back away at first before handing him the child with some hesitation.
There would be times when you would read to the child with the books that the sorcerer has given you and he’s really surprised at how patient you are since the toddler would immediately flip the page before you finished reading it or it would keep open to one page to admire the animal drawings.
The way you would look at the child and smile at it causes Fushiguro to really question if you really disliked children - because your actions say completely.
When it’s time for the child to take a nap, you and the child would be sleeping on his bed and it’s holding onto your fingers to keep you anchored - Fushiguro has like 1000 pictures of it (rip phone storage).
When it’s time for the baby to go back to the parent, you’re sad since the day felt so quick but when the parent turns back and walks away you would wave at it and the toddler will cutely wave at you back.
“You say you don’t like children, but you seem to actually do,”
“What are you talking about?”
Okay, now Fushiguro is really confused.
Tumblr media
I have no idea what Gojo’s view on children will be - he probably is at first “ew kids” before taking a second to think about it and say “if it’s with you then I don’t mind”
But you respond with, “ha good luck with that, I don’t even like children”
Overall, Gojo finds the whole situation quite funny since he doesn’t really care about if you like children or not - you both are quite busy as people/sorcerers, so you both wouldn’t have the time.
However, when you and Gojo are at a dessert place and you see a child wanting something but the mother can’t afford it, you just walk towards them and ask if you could pay for what they both want.
Of course, the mother would reject but you would just crouch down and ask the child anyways because you know they can’t resist the small cake on the display.
Gojo is really surprised since you turned really soft-spoken - since you literally yell at him 24/7 when he is annoying - and you also have a gentle smile on your face, like the one where a mother looks at their child.
You would also point at a lot of the dessert at the display with an excited expression and the child would do the same since you want the mother and child to enjoy their day without any difficulty - kind of like “Wah look at that cake, isn’t it pretty?” “How about this ice cream, you can even make it look like a bear!”
Once your order what the family wanted, the family will obviously thank you since the mother was really struggling since she had just bought groceries for the week.
The child will thank you with a big smile to which you would reciprocate back since it’s nice to see the child happy once again - Gojo is still in a trace by the way.
Gojo is really quick to think of many scenarios with you and him as a family since this little act of kindness makes him realise that you really do care for kids - but he will tease you for it.
“So~ you said you don’t like kids but how about we start a family aye~”
“No way, if they’re your kids, they’ll be so irritating”
“But you love them anyway~”
Tumblr media
© violettelueur 2021 : written and published by violettelueur - do not steal or repost
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tobesolonely · 9 months ago
apartment 41
Tumblr media
hi y’all! this is my very VERY late submission for @meetmeinfleetwood​ ‘s “To Lovers” challenge (thank u miss sadie for even still accepting this LOL) but here is some good ol fashioned strangers to lovers with the line, “will you stay the night?” . :D enjoy everyone!
warnings: mentions of alcohol, intoxication, smut :)
word count: ~5.2k
my ko-fi! thank you :)
There were many things you loved about living on your own. You loved that your apartment was always clean. You loved that at the end of a long day, you could come back and brood in peace. You loved walking around in nothing but your underwear without the fear of anyone seeing you. You did things when you wanted, how you wanted. As a self-proclaimed introvert, there was nothing you loved more than living by yourself.
However, during slightly inconvenient moments like these, you wished you had someone else in the apartment with you.
You swore you’d been trying to get your favorite jar of pasta sauce open for at least the past ten minutes. It had been a long day at work, and at the moment all you wanted to do was heat the entire jar of sauce, boil a bunch of pasta, and call it a night. You were growing beyond frustrated–– you even contemplated just breaking the jar open. Ultimately, you decided against it lest you be met with a mouthful of glass.
Feeling defeated, you pick up your phone in frustration and hurriedly punch in your father’s number. The phone rings twice before he answers. “Hello? What’s up, hun?”
“Dad, what should I do if I can’t get this jar open? Like, it’s seriously glued shut,” you set it down on the counter probably a little too hard considering it was a glass jar. “I’m so hungry.”
“Did you try running it under hot water?”
You did.
“Hm. Try getting a good grip on it with a dish towel or something?”
Of course, you did.
“Well, I’m not driving over there just to open a jar for you,” your dad pauses. “You have neighbors, don’t you? Why don’t you knock on one of their doors?”
“Isn’t that weird?”
“No weirder than asking to borrow a cup of sugar.”
You thank your dad for the suggestion and hang up with him shortly after. He was right. You just needed someone to quickly open the jar for you and then you’d be back in your apartment, secluded from society until the next morning when you went into work. Besides, you’d been in your apartment for roughly three months now and you didn’t have a relationship with any of your neighbors. You figured now was as good a time as any to at least meet the person who lived directly across from you.
You slide on your slippers and clear the few steps it takes to reach your neighbor’s door. A faded ‘41’ was on their door, and a cheeky mat that read, ‘Did you call first?’ was at your feet.
You tried racking your brain for any memory of what your neighbor may look like, but you were drawing a blank. You were more to yourself than you initially thought you were and made a silent vow to become more social from this point on. You situate the jar of pasta sauce under your arm before placing two firm knocks against the door. Moments later, the door is flung open and you’re met with the smell of something delicious cooking, and a handsome, tall man donning a dirty apron.
“Hi, is everything alright?” he has a concerned look on his face as he looks over the top of your head and into your apartment.
“I— This is a little embarrassing,” you mumble, feeling your body grow warm. “I live by myself and I’ve been trying to get this jar of pasta sauce open for at least twenty minutes and I can’t. Do you think you can?”
His mouth slowly turns upwards into a smile before finally nodding, reaching out his hand to grab the jar of pasta sauce from you. “It’s pasta night at your place too, hmm?” His tongue is poked out of the corner of his mouth as he focuses on the task at hand.
“Yeah,” you reply. “I’m just gonna heat up the entire jar of sauce, boil some spaghetti noodles, and call it a night.”
The pop! of the jar causes you to jump slightly. “That doesn’t sound like very good pasta.”
You retrieve the pasta sauce from him, quietly thanking him. “It gets the job done.”
Your neighbor hums in agreement. “‘M sure it does. If you ever wanna taste some really good pasta though, y’know where I’ll be.”
“I do,” you nod. “Well, thank you again. I’ll let you go back to making your pasta sauce that is just way better than mine.”
He lets out a loud laugh. “I appreciate it. It wasn’t any problem at all, I’m here most evenings if you ever need help opening anything else, uh…” He trails off.
“Y/N. Beautiful name. I’m Harry, by the way.”
You look down at the dirty hallway carpet, a wide smile on your face. “Thank you, Harry. It was nice to finally meet you, by the way.”
“You too. Have a good night.”
You give him one more smile before turning on your heels and walking back inside your apartment, gently shutting the door. You quickly look out the peephole and catch him just as he’s closing his door, a dimpled-grin on his face.
Tumblr media
It was Friday night when you finally got the chance to speak with him again. You were sitting on your kitchen stool nursing a glass of wine and waiting for your frozen pizza to heat in the oven when you heard someone coming down the hallway. As you had been doing all week since your interaction with Harry, you set your glass of wine down and shuffle over to your peephole, eyes scanning the small amount of hallway that was visible.
Harry comes into view seconds later, four overflowing bags of groceries precariously balanced along the length of his arms.
“Fuck.” You hear him mutter to himself. He attempts to reach in his pocket for his keys but once he realizes he can’t do so without setting at least one bag of groceries down, he lets out a loud huff in what you assume to be annoyance. You scuttle to your shoe rack and slip your shoes on before quickly flinging your door open.
“Hi! Need help?”
Harry jumps and you both watch as the contents of the bag he was getting ready to set down spill at his feet. “Now I do,” he’s already picking his groceries off the floor. “You scared the shit out of me. Also, were you watching me?”
Your face grows warm. “I heard someone coming down the hallway so I wanted to see who it was.”
“Oh, really?” Harry questions, pausing to look up at you. “You came out of your place so quickly, felt like I was bein’ watched or something.”
You know he’s teasing you but you can’t help but feel a little embarrassed that he caught onto what you were doing so quickly. Instead of dignifying his statement with an answer, you bend down and begin helping him pick up his spilled groceries. His hand grazes yours lightly as you both reach for a can of black beans, now slightly dented. It lingers for a moment before he retracts it to retrieve a different item. A quick, side-eyed glance reveals that his cheeks are tinged red.
“What are you making for dinner?” You ask him, standing up and dusting off the knees of your leggings.
“Uh, veggie chili. S’one of my favorites–– hey, is something burning?”
Your eyes widen and you abruptly turn away from Harry without so much as a goodbye, hurrying toward your kitchen that was starting to grow foggy from smoke produced by your oven. You were so preoccupied with helping Harry gather up his spilled groceries that you had totally forgotten you had a frozen pizza in the oven and if the smell was any indication of its current state, it was most likely inedible at this point.
Reaching for the oven mitt you kept next to the knives on the counter, you open the oven and fan the smoke out of your face, holding back a gag from the burnt smell. Your fire alarm immediately goes off once you open the oven and Harry appears a second later, a concerned look on his face. He looks around for your smoke detector and once he sees it he stands on his tiptoes to turn it off. You set your now blackened pizza on top of the oven and turn on the microwave fan. Harry’s already opening windows around your apartment, fanning the air with a throw pillow from your couch.
“Thanks,” you mumble, a wave of embarrassment washing over your body. You feared that Harry probably thought you were the most incompetent person on this planet–– first, you couldn’t get a jar open, and now here you are nearly setting your apartment on fire. “Guess I should’ve set a timer, huh?”
“Yeah, ‘spose you should’ve,” he replies. “It’s okay, though. ‘M about to get started on dinner, you can join me? If you’d like, that is. Maybe you’ll have a new recipe so you can stop eatin’ all this frozen shit.”
“Leave my frozen foods out of this,” you playfully scold him, crossing your arms over your chest. “Thank you for the invite though, that would be great, actually. I’m gonna get this cleaned up and then I’ll be right over?”
“Sounds good,” he neatly situates your pillow back on the couch. “I’ll see you in a bit, Y/N. Door will be unlocked.”
Once Harry’s gone, you move into action, quickly tossing the pizza into the trashcan before running to your bathroom. You try to remember if you brushed your teeth earlier that day but you can’t, so you brush them again just to be safe. You hastily examine yourself in the mirror before deciding you weren’t going to do anything more, not wanting to come off as trying too hard. You were almost one hundred percent certain Harry was just being neighborly–– nothing indicated that he found you attractive, so you didn’t want to make it too obvious that you found him to be the most stunning man you’ve ever seen in your life.
Locking your door, you clear the distance from your welcome mat to his in five steps flat, and take a deep breath before letting yourself in.
Tumblr media
It didn’t take long for you to realize that Harry had more skill in the kitchen than an everyday home-chef did. He all but floated around the room, chopping with ease and finesse. The two of you had settled into a comfortable silence as he worked and you watched. Billy Joel played softly over his Bluetooth speaker, and he’d occasionally stop what he was doing to take a sip of his wine and look over his shoulder at you, almost as if he was checking if you were still there because you were being so quiet.
Your head was starting to grow fuzzy as you finished your third glass of wine that night, so you make the (responsible) decision to cut yourself off for the night. “Can I have a glass of water?”
“Course y’can,” he replies quietly, not stopping what he was doing. “Give me just a second and I’ll get ya––”
“Oh, I can get it myself. Just tell me where the cups are.”
Harry stops chopping and turns completely to face you, an amused look on his face. “You’re plastered, aren’t ya?”
“No? Why do you think that?”
Harry laughs. “You can’t hear yourself stumblin’ over your words, but I can. Jus’ stay right there and I’ll get your water. You want ice?”
“How do you know how to cook so well?”
“Culinary school,” he responds coolly. “Ice?”
You’re not sure if you are as drunk as Harry says you are, but you were currently finding the fact that Harry went to culinary school the coolest thing ever. “A chef? No way! What kind of chef?”
“I’m a Sous Chef. Gonna give ya a bit of ice.”
“I can’t believe I live across from a chef! No wonder you were giving me shit for eating canned pasta sauce,” you take the glass of water from Harry’s outstretched hand, thanking him. “Even your water tastes better than mine!”
“I think you’re just pissed, Y/N,” Harry responds, eyes crinkled from smiling. “Do y’like cooked carrots?” Your nose wrinkles in response to Harry’s question and he mutters something about how he’ll leave them out before turning back towards the stove to check on his food.
“How old are you, Harry?”
“Just turned twenty-seven. Yourself?”
“I’m twenty-four!” You exclaim, a little too excited. “Where are you from?”
He turns to look at you, eyebrow raised. “England. What gave it away?”
“Your accent.”
He hums, a small smirk on his lips. “Where are you from?”
“I’m from here. Just moved back home from my college town but didn’t wanna move back in with my parents, so here I am.”
“No roommates, you said?”
“Nope,” you pop the ‘p’, taking a big gulp of water. “You don’t either, do you? I just realized I haven’t heard or seen anyone else since I’ve been here.”
“I do not. I had a roommate when I first moved in but he ended up gettin’ engaged and moving in with his fiancée, so it’s just me for now. I think I like livin’ on my own better, though.” You watch as Harry reaches into his cabinet and retrieves two bowls and starts spooning your dinner into them. He sets the bowl in front of you and hands you a spoon, nodding at you to try it.
You bring a spoonful up to your mouth, blowing a few times before shoving it into your mouth. Your eyes widen at the amazing flavor that fills your mouth, and your eyes diverge to his. “This is incredible!”
Harry looks down at his bowl of food, a shy grin on his face. “Thanks, Y/N. Glad you like it.” He grabs his glass of wine from behind him and moves around to the other side of the island to sit next to you.
“Are you a vegetarian?” You ask, mouth full.
“Somewhat. I’m a pescatarian,” he shovels a spoonful of the chili into his mouth. “More wine?”
“I better not,” you reply, mind still fuzzy from all you’ve drunk throughout the night. “This is seriously so good, Harry. You’re cute, you can cook, you’re nice… you’re like, a triple threat!”
“Callin’ me cute?”
“C’mon, you know you are,” you answer boldly. “I’m just stating the obvious.”
“Thank you, Y/N,” he takes a sip of wine. “You’re a pretty big looker yourself.”
“Are you flirting with me?”
“You flirted with me first.”
“So what if I did?”
Harry lets out a quiet scoff, going back to eating his food. After a moment he says, “I wouldn’t mind.” You smile to yourself and continue eating, bringing the bowl up to your lips and tipping your head back so you could get every last drop of Harry’s veggie chili. He gets up to get another helping of food as you get up to place your bowl in the sink, lifting your sleeves to wash it.
“Don’t worry about it,” he says as he brushes past you, going back to where he was previously seated. “I’ll clean up later. Do y’want some dessert?”
“I think I will take some more wine,” you grab the bottle from the center of the island along with your glass, pouring a generous amount. “This is good. Nothing like the cheap bottles I get from Target.”
“I’m glad you like it. Thought I’d pull this one out tonight, always pairs well with dishes like this…” He trails off. “Anyway, yeah. Glad y’like it.”
You and Harry finish off the bottle of wine no more than thirty minutes later, having by now situated yourselves on his couch. He turned something onto the television (you think it was Iron Chef), but neither one of you were paying any attention to it. Harry was asking about what you studied in college, how you like your current career and your favorite things to do in your free time. You were asking him about England, his family back home, and why he chose to go to culinary school.
He has a way about him that captivates you— just completely pulls you in— and you never want to stop listening to him speak. Harry leans close to you when you talk, almost as if you’re telling him a secret that he doesn’t want to miss out on.
“I think ‘m jus’ as drunk as you are now,” Harry whispers, letting out an adorable giggle. “Goin’ into work tomorrow is gonna be a proper pain.”
“No one told you to try and outdrink me!” You yell, tucking your knees under your bottom. “Now we’re both drunk, what good does that do?”
“Think it’s more fun this way, don’t you?” Harry lets out a little burp, his face flushing. “Wanna help me clean the kitchen?”
“What happened to cleaning it later?” You stand up from the couch, wobbling slightly before catching your balance.
“Well, I didn’t think we’d get drunk off our arses and sit here talkin’ til one in the mornin’, did you?” He stands up as well, his hand moving to rest on the small of your back as he scooches past you.
“There’s no way it’s that late,” you retort, checking the time on your phone. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to overextend my stay. I’ll help you clean this place up and then get going.”
Harry swats a hand in front of his face, shaking his head. “Overextend your stay? Of course y’didn’t, more than happy to have you here. Do you wanna wash or dry?”
“I’ll wash since I don’t know where anything goes.” You move to the sink and roll up your sleeves, moving the small number of dishes in the sink all to one side so you can fill the other side with water. Silence falls over you again as you clean the dishes from dinner and soon enough you’re done, drying your hands on your t-shirt.
“Thank you, Y/N. We make a good team, huh? Got that done quickly, didn’t we?” He folds the dishtowel in half neatly and hangs it over the handle of his oven.
“Yeah,” you yawn, slipping on your shoes that had been discarded earlier in the night by the door. “I’ll get out your hair and let you get to bed, then. Thank you for having me over and for cooking that delicious dinner, I enjoyed it. I owe you.”
“If it’s frozen food, don’t worry about it,” he jokes, moving to open the door for you. “If you want to cook me something, though…”
“How about I take you out for dinner? I stay out of the kitchen, and you’ll get something edible and halfway decent. A win-win?”
Harry laughs. “‘M lookin’ forward to it. Goodnight, Y/N.”
Tumblr media
“I couldn’t decide between Italian or sushi but since you’re a pescetarian, I figured sushi was our best bet.”
Harry looks away from the menu and at you, clearing his throat before speaking. “That was really thoughtful. Surprised you remembered considering how loaded you were.”
“For the last time, I was not that drunk,” you defend yourself, gently kicking his calf from underneath the table. “By the end of the night, you had way more than me!”
“Maybe so,” he replies nonchalantly, looking back at the menu. “Let’s not forget who can handle their alcohol better, though.”
You let out an indignant hmph, and get to scouring the menu yourself. You didn’t eat sushi very often so you figured you’d probably just get whatever Harry got.
“Let’s do sake bombs.”
Harry raises an eyebrow. “Sake bombs? Are you tryin’ to get me drunk again?”
“They’re fun! Just one?”
Harry shakes his head at you and grins before waving over the waitress, asking her politely for two sake bombs. She comes back a few minutes later with the alcohol and chopsticks balanced precariously on a tray, setting them in front of you and Harry respectively.
The waitress stands back and says, “Ichi… ni… san… sake bomb!” The two of you pound the table until your shot glasses fall into the cup and then you throw your heads back, chugging down the cocktail. When you finally finish chugging your drink and look back up at Harry, he’s staring at his watch as if he’s been waiting for you to finish for ages.
“Oh, you’re finally done? I was startin’ to grow old,” he teases, taking a sip of his water. “Do you know what you wanna order?”
“You’re annoying,” you reply, narrowing your eyes at him. “But I’m gonna get whatever you get.”
“Really? You don’t have any preferences?”
You shake your head. “I don’t eat sushi very often so I honestly don’t know what I should get. I’ll try anything, though.”
“You really did pick this place just for me, didn’t you?” He has a teasing tone to his voice, but his gaze has softened.
“I told you I owed you, didn’t I?”
At this, Harry just gives you a small smirk and signals the waitress over once again to order for the both of you. While you wait for your food to come, you fall into easy conversation with Harry again. It seems like you can talk about anything under the sun with him–– no topic was off-limits, and nothing was awkward. He had to have been one of the most interesting people you’ve ever met in your life. He was well-traveled, knew several languages, and loved to sing and write music in his spare time. Although you felt your own life was rather boring in comparison to his, he made you feel just as accomplished and interesting as he was.
“That was good,” he tells you after you’ve both finished eating, wiping his mouth with his napkin and slouching in his chair slightly. “Think ‘m gonna need to unbutton my pants here in a second.”
“Me too,” you answer with a laugh, making eye contact with the waitress. You mouth, ‘check, please’ and she nods, reappearing at your table with the check. As you’re digging in your purse to pull out your wallet, Harry reaches over and grabs the check before you can even look at it. He reaches in his pants pocket for his wallet and slides his card in before you’ve even looked back up.
“What are you doing?” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Did you forget that I’m the one that owes you?” He shrugs.
“You can make it up to me another way. Don’t worry about it,” his voice is low and gravelly. The waitress comes back to collect the check from Harry and after he receives his receipt, he reaches into his wallet to place a cash tip for her on the table. “Ready to get home?”
Home. You know he only worded it that way because you live directly across from him, but you would like going “home home” with Harry, at least for tonight. There was no denying the sexual tension between the two of you was electric–– anyone who was paying attention to the two of you could probably sense it. You wordlessly nod and follow Harry out of the restaurant, intertwining your fingers with his when he holds his hand back for you to grab.
He stands on the curb and expertly hauls a cab, opening the door and gesturing your in ahead of him. Harry’s hand moves to rest on your leg as he makes small-talk with the taxi driver, asking him if he was having a busy night and how much longer he thought he’d be out for. Harry pays the cab fare and wishes the driver a good rest of his night before all but dragging you out of the taxi.
“What’s got you in such a rush?” You ask Harry, a teasing
“Oh? Did I misread the situation? I thought–– this is embarrassing, never mind…” his tight grip loosens on your hand but you pull him back into you, laughing at how adorable he was.
“Harry! I’m joking, I know what’s going on,” you rub your thumb across the top of his. “I was just messing with you.” You see him visibly let out a sigh of relief.
“Don’t mess with me like that, Y/N!” You’re still standing outside of your apartment complex in the dark, as close to one another as you can be without completely melting into each other. He releases his hand from your tight grip and places it gently on your face instead. “Is it okay if I kiss you?”
“Please,” you reply breathlessly, standing on your toes. Harry cranes his neck to meet your lips and presses them to yours softly, pulling back only when the both of you are near gasping for air.
“Was that nice?” He asks, thumb caressing your face. Your noses are pressed together and you just nod, still too breathless to speak. “Maybe we can take this inside, then?”
Tumblr media
Once inside Harry’s apartment, he nearly rips off the new shirt you bought specifically for your date with him, discarding it by his door.
“Careful with that,” you mutter, wrapping your arms around his neck. “I just got that today. Tag is still onnit.”
You feel Harry laugh into the side of your neck, walking your backward towards his couch. “I’ll cover the cost if it’s ruined then, how’s tha’?”
Harry sucks harshly on your neck, causing you to let out a low moan. “I guess that’s fine.”
“That’s fine?” Harry mocks you, guiding you onto the coach. You hum in agreement as you sink further down into the couch, letting out a sigh of bliss as he peppered kisses along your breast.
Your movements are needy— desperate. Neither one of you were trying to hide how badly you wanted to fuck the other. Harry smashing his lips onto yours once more, his breath warm and tongue salty from all the sushi he had earlier consumed. He attempts to pull his own shirt from his body while not breaking the kiss, and you let out a satisfied hum when he succeeds. Now you’re both shirtless and the only thing stopping you from fucking each other proper is being still fully clothed on your bottom halves.
“Can we get these off?” You ask, tugging at your own bottoms. Harry helps you pull down your tight jeans, struggling slightly to get them off your sweaty legs. Once your jeans are off your underwear follows immediately after, carelessly strewn around the room like the rest of your clothing.
“Y/N…” Harry hungrily takes the sight of your body in, eyes darkening with lust. “You might be the death of me, did ya know that?”
“I do now.”
He sucks on his index and middle fingers and lowers them down to your core, slipping them inside you with ease. You hadn’t realized how wet you were until Harry was knuckles deep, curling his fingers tantalizingly slow inside of you. “Do ya?”
You bite down hard on your lip, nodding at Harry’s rhetorical question. “Obviously.”
He flips the two of you over, so that you’re now straddling him and he’s laying below you. “Take what you want, then–– oh wait, condom?” You nod and move as Harry digs around in his pants, pulling out his wallet.
“Don’t tell me you’re one of those guys that keeps a condom in their wallet.”
He rips it open with his teeth in one swift motion and unbuckles his pants, giving himself a couple of quick strokes before sliding it on. “What if I am? Was quick and effective, wasn’t it?” He rests his hands on your hips and pulls you back on top of him, connecting his lips with yours again. “Now you can take what you want.”
Your hands move up to grip Harry’s shoulders as you slowly sink onto him, wincing at the stretch and burn an unfamiliar partner sometimes brings. You make eye contact with Harry as you take a moment to adjust to his size, noting how his grip on your hips gets even tighter.
“S’big,” you mutter, rolling your hips slightly. Below you, Harry squeezes his eyes shut. “So big.”
“Tell me how badly you want it.”
“You already know. Don’t feel like being teased.”
Harry juts his hips up to meet you slamming down onto him, groaning out loudly from the pleasure the added motion brings. At one point he situates himself so he’s sitting straight up, using his left hand as a support for him to rest back on while his right hand is tweaking at your nipples. He’s letting out a slew of curse words, letting you know it felt just as good for him as it did for you.
“Ridin’ m’cock so good,” he says under his breath, bringing the hand that was playing with your nipples to rest in between your legs. Whenever you slam back onto him you feel him not only deep in the pit of your stomach but also on your clit, bringing you maximum pleasure. “Don’t be so quiet, let me know when ‘m makin’ you feel good, love.”
“I’m already close,” you admit, feeling a bit embarrassed at how it took Harry doing next to nothing to work an orgasm out of you. Well, not literally–– but it felt like it. “Feel s’good inside me, you’re so big.”
Harry lets out a low moan from your words, throwing his head back in pleasure. It hits the arm of his couch with a quiet thump but his pace doesn’t falter in the slightest. “You’re gonna make me cum if ya keep strokin’ my ego like that.”
“You asked for it,” you reply, changing your move from riding to grinding as you were starting to grow fatigued. “I’m close.” You remove your hands from his shoulders and let them roam the expanse of your body, wanting nothing more than to receive maximum pleasure.
“Can feel ya squeezin’ ‘round me,” Harry says, taking his lip in between his teeth. “Know you’re about to come, pet.”
"Harry..." you warn, your movements growing more desperate and sloppy. You weren't normally a selfish lover but your head was so clouded from pleasure, all you could think about at the moment was your release. Harry leans his head back on the couch again and now uses his two free hands to bring you to orgasm–– one is rubbing circles on your clit and the other one is gripping at your breasts as you use your last bit of strength to swivel your hips on him.
You're coming undone not ten seconds later, loudly moaning out the man's name who laid under you. You don't slow your movements, knowing he was right behind you.
"Y/N, fuck, 'm gonna come-" he lets out a low, guttural moan, coming immediately after announcing it.
The sounds of you trying to steady your breathing are the only sounds that fills the room as you both come down from your respective highs. Harry runs his hands along your bare body, eyes hooded from the orgasm that just wracked his body. As you’re beginning to uncurl yourself from Harry, he grabs your hand, pulling you back down.
“Will you stay the night?”
You didn’t know what sleeping with Harry meant for your relationship going forward, but you were glad you knocked on Apartment 41. 
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