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#iron family

“Hey have you seen Ash?” I asked a winter knight.

The poor knight nearly pooped a brick when he saw me approach, he shook his head. I stared into his eye to see if he was pulling a half truth, I didnt detect any lies, I sighed and walked away before I gave the poor kid heart failure.

Ugh this dosen’t make any sense, Ash dispears yes but he alwyas lets off a littel galmor. Where the heck is he?

I had a meeting with Mab and Mab requested Ash come, I don’t know what this is about but now my heart is racing. What if something happened to him? What if hes kidnapped, what if-

focus meghan, my brain snapped Mab would never risk such a war.

or would she..? the doubt was eating at me.

Suddenly I heard shouting, my soul dropped and i raced towards the garden where the shouting was taking place.

“you killed my son!!” Snapped an elderly fey.

Ash just stood there, accepting the accuasation. He didn’t have his sword and it didn’t look like he was going to use his glamor. Fool! What are you doing? Fight him!

“I…I’m sorry, I was….diffrent back then.”

“Excuse!” snapped Mab, “you took my order reaidly. Come on Iron knight man up to your choices.”

“There is no excuse. All i ask is…. please let me live. I have a queen to live for…. please…”

The old fey then knocked Ash to the ground and pulled out a dagger, “why do you get to live when my son didnt’ get to?? I’ll kill you!!”

My whole world slowed to a crawl, I bolted faster then I ever knew I could. Shoving people out of the way and I grabbed the blade with my hand. His dagger cuttig through my flesh. Burning and stinging filled my hand, i dind’t let go. I would never let go while my husband was on the line.

“Who the hell are-”

“Answer me this question, why blame Ash. Mab ordered it.”

“But he-”

“was following the orders given by his queen. Let me answer for you, you’re weak, you can’t fight Mab, shes too strong so you emotinal manuplaite my husband to get abousltion. is that not right”


I snatched the dagger from the old man and threw it on the ground, glaring at this old bastard.

“If you thretean my husband again…. I’ll kill you.”

The old coot spit on me and walked away, my anger simmering but not at the fool. I turned my head glacing at my husband.

“Ash, get over here…now.”

Ash slowly got up and approached me, getting behind me.

“Meghan I-”

“We’ll talk later.” I stated, tunring my attenton towards Mab.

“Well this was all fun but I’m-”

“We’re not done Mab.” I stated, “Not even close.”

The queen of darkness grunted, “Why can’t you leave well enough alone? Your husband is fine. We all knew what you would do, why bother?”

“Cause i need to send a message. You will not hurt my husband anymore.”

“Is that right..?” Mab Growled.

We glared at each other, for several mintues. Our Glamours building, her ice to my thunder. Ash backed up and a crowd gathered around us, However, I wasnt playing. I conjured up a iron tree and it impailed Mab.

“Gah!” The queen of darkness cried out.

“Listen here, listen all of you. There is a rule I’m estlablishing right now. a rule of iron. Do not hurt my husband! Ever, he is to be treated with the most respect. If any of you hurt him again…. I’m burning this court to the ground. Understand Mab?”

The iron tree woulden’t kill her, She was too strong for that. However, iron glamor would cause her intense pain. She was grunting and I could see tears forming in her eyes. I didn’t care, I didn’t have a single care in the world about her or her court she was going to get this message.

“I promise! I swear! I won’t do it again! Let me go!”

I undid the tree and let her go. Mab stayed there on the ground, wrthing in pain. 

“Let that be a lesson to you all. Drop your petty hate for my husbamd. I’ll burn the whole nevernever to protect Ash. Now get lost.”

I took Ash’s hand and we left. Glitch saw the whole thing and he was not happy.

“My queen?? Are you insane? You could of united the whole nevernever against us!”

I ignored him, Patching up Ash’s buirises.

“What if Titaina would see this as a threat?? What if-”

“What was I suppose to do??” I Snapped, “Let Ash die??”

“I didnt say-”

“They were going to kill him Glitch! A fey pulled out a knife and was going to stab him! What would you have me do? Sit there and take it, dose a fey not stand strong?”

“I… you’re correct my queen. I’m sorry I misspoke. I’ll show myself out.”

Without my lietuinat to hound me it was just me and Ash.

“You don’t have to patch me up. I can do it myself.”

“Don’t be stupid! With that buirsed shoulder you can barely lift your arm above your chest..”

I slowly put Salve on his wounds. He didn’t even flinch, Which would be a good thing if I didn’t want him to at least feel something from all of this. He nearly died, did it not matter to him.

“Meghan?” Ash mumered.


“Why… did you save me?”

“What? Whats that suppose to mean? Ash, we swore to never adanbon each other.”

“I…. Mab said it would be better if i died. That… i was preventing your-”

I wasn’t hearing any of this, I tilted his head towards me and kissed him. Kissed him as hard as I could, kissed him with such a feavor he had no choice but to match. My kiss had one purpous to show him how loved he is. To show him that that winter court bullshit isn’t going to happen anymore, that he’s not going to be treated like that. 

When I pulled back for the first time in my life Ash was the one blushing.

“I love you.” I said firmly and out of instict, “I love you and I’m not losing you. You should concider yourself lucky. I almost killed everyone there.”

“Meghan you can’t-”

“I almost killed them Ash.” I said sternly, “I don’t care what anyone says I will protect you. For you are my husband. I love you.”

For the first time in a few hours he smiled, a good honest smile. All that sadness from being in the winter court popped like a zit and for the first time in a few hours his glamor was up to acceptable levels.

“Thank you Meghan. I… really mean that.”

I finally put the last of the salve on Ash’s burises, “Mab better pray you heal up.”

“I will Meghan.” And then he rested his head on my shoulder.


“Just… for a little… Hold me.” ash mumbrered so quietely it honeslty felt like i thought it rather then heard him speak.

I wrapped my arm around him and held him close. He was my knight, but a knight needs the help of his queen. It didn’t take Ash long to fall asleep, We both fell asleep on the medical wing floor.

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Crying over the idea of Tony leaving Rhodey his workshop. All of his suits. His deigns. His bots. His AIs. “You were with me when I made them, remember?” Tony writes him, “you were only one that could help me with the bots. There’s no one I trust more than you with this, Rhodey. Do whatever you want with it. It’s yours. Just please… no matter what DUM-E does, don’t donate him to a school lab.” Rhodey just breaks down crying about this. 

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Five times Rhodey cried

Rhodey doesn’t cry much. Nearly never, in fact. It’s not like he’s emotionally stunned or anything like that, he just doesn’t show happiness or sadness or anger through crying. It’s not like he doesn’t feel or shows all those emotions. It’s just that he’s an Air-Force man, and he’s been building towards that his entire life. He’s professional and obedient, and he’s seen and been through worse. He couldn’t cry when he’s on tour, so why cry when Bambi dies?  His family and Tony tell him he’s weird, but his fellow soldiers get it. 

When he does cry, it’s only during big, life changing moments, when he knows his life will never be the same and he’s glad for it or mournful for it or both. 


The first time Rhodey cried (”that he remembers,” Jeanette likes to tease him) was when he got his ROTC acceptance letter. His mama was the one to bring it to him, grinning from ear to ear while she handed him the letter. 

When Rhodey touched the envelope, he was nervous. “It’s a small envelope,” he hesitated. 

“So?” Jeanette encouraged him, “you’re the top of your class. The Air-Force will be stupid to reject you.” 

“Maybe they just went for someone else,” Rhodey tried to excuse, “probably a lot of people applied and MIT is hard to get into, so-” 

Jeanette grabbed the envelope right from his fingers, and Rhodey scrambled to get it back, “Jean, give it back!” 

“You’re being ridiculous! You’re mourning something before you even know the answer! If you stopped struggling, and let me open the letter, you could mourn for real!” 

“Kids,” their dad said, exasperated, “Jeanette, give Rhodey his letter back.” 

Jeanette sighed, “only if he opens it.” 

“I’m going to open it,” he tugged at the letter.

Jeanette handed it back. Rhodey sat down, grabbed the letter opener, and prayed under his breath-

“I got in,” he muttered, shocked, though suddenly he didn’t understand why, and then he was crying, “I got in!” 

His family whooped and cheered and gave him a group hug and Rhodey could only laugh and cry, happy that the thing he’d been building towards his entire life was going to happen. 


If you asked the public which of them cried during their first time, they’d probably say neither. Tony’s friends would probably not hesitate before knowingly saying “Tony.” Rhodey’s family and Jarvis will say “both” being painfully aware of the pining on both ends, and Rhodey’s army buddies will playfully rib him about crying during sex, but only Rhodey and Tony know the answer is just Rhodey, and Tony will never let him live it down. 

In Rhodey’s defence, it’s before the sex, not during, and he tired was of the repression DADT forced him into and he it wasn’t his fault that his family and Tony’s affectionate touches made him unprepared for no one even hugging him for a month, and he became a little tocuhstarved when he got his first leave.

His first stop after he got his leave was Tony, because he was closer, and because Rhodey knew his family could likely survive without him for a few more days, but Tony was probably already dead.

It was more quiet than he expected it to be. The Air-Force changed Rhodey, and they both knew it. It took awhile before they found a topic which didn’t land them in awkward silence. They talked about Tony’s inventions, Tony’s trips across the globe, Rhodey’s new friends, the letters he got from Tony and his family. It was nice when he could see how excited Tony became as he rambled and it was nice that Tony laughed at the same jokes Rhodey’s friends made Rhodey laugh at. But it wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t carefree, and there was this tension between them, until Rhodey let it slip, “I missed you.” 

Tony seemed surprised by this, hadn’t expected the admission. They both were more men of actions rather than words. But then Tony’s gaze turned soft, and he was getting closer to Rhodey. Rhodey noticed how Tony grew a few inches while Rhodey was gone, and it makes him sad that he didn’t get to see it. Tony got closer, and Rhodey was suddenly thinking of something else because Tony was really really close, and Rhodey truly did miss him. 

“I missed you too,” Tony admitted, fingers softly touching Rhodey’s chin just a bit to angle him up, just a bit to drive Rhodey insane, just a bit so that their lips touched. 

Kissing Tony differs from any other kiss Rhodey had. It’s slow and gentle, but still somehow… all consuming. Life changing. Purely amazing. Maybe Rhodey would look back at the kiss one day and realize that technique-wise, it was terrible, but in that moment, kissing Tony was everything. 

He’d been pining for Tony ever since he first told him he was brilliant, and after enlisting, he found out that the saying about absence making the heart grow fonder was true, because he’d spent most of his time missing Tony. It felt so overwhelming, Tony’s fingers grazing his nape, his breath against Rhodey’s lips, Tony’s hip bone biting into his hip. It’s everything he missed, and everything he wanted, and it was so overwhelming, but so good. 

When Tony pulled back, Rhodey was breathless and had tears in his eyes, and it wasn’t because the kiss was breathtaking or tear-bringing. Tony was. 

Tony ruined the moment, of course.

“Aw, honeybear, are you crying?” Tony teased, “didn’t know I had that effect on you.” 

Tony was still chuckling when Rhodey shoved him down, when Rhodey muttered, “yeah, yeah,” and kissed Tony again. 


If Rhodey made a list of all the things most important to him, his family, his job and Tony would tie for first place. Well, sometimes depending on the week, if Rhodey was frustrated at Tony or DADT, those last two would be knocked down a few grades, but his family was always first place, no matter how annoying his baby sister was sometimes.  

So of course he cried when he got a new addition to his family. 

He was pacing in the waiting room, concerned and nervous, but mostly excited. He was happy, and he couldn’t sit still for it, no matter how many times Tony pulled him down to sit next to him. 

When Lila’s wife finally called for him, he basically ran to the delivery room. 

He found Jeanette there, seeming exhausted, but happy with the new-born baby girl in her arms. When she noticed him, she grinned, mentioning for Rhodey to come closer. “Jim, meet Lila,” she said, tilting the baby so Rhodey could look at her beautiful face. 

“Can I…?” he asked and Jeanette nodded, handing Lila over to Rhodey carefully. 

The weight in his arms and the way the baby’s face was squished against his face, felt right, felt nice. He already knew this would be one of his favorite things to do whenever he would babysit for his sister. “Hey, baby girl. I’m your uncle. I’m going to spoil you rotten.” Lila yawned and grabbed his finger, and suddenly tears overwhelmed his eyes, and he felt a sob coming. 

“She’s a fast learner,” Tony pointed out (since when was he beside him?), and then he looked at Rhodey’s face, smiling fondly when he told Jeanette, “Rhodey’s about to cry his eyes out.” 

Jeanette laughed, “oh my god.” 

Then the dam broke, and suddenly Rhodey was weeping, sobs making his entire body shake. 

“Maybe I should take Lila away,” Tony suggested, and Rhodey could only tearfully nod. To Jeanette’s surprise, once Lila’s was in Tony’s arms, Rhodey, instead of running out of the room to cry in private, hugged her tightly, whispering, “I’m gonna be the best babysitter, you’ll see, me and Tony, anytime you ask, I love Lila so much already, Jean, she’s gonna be such a smart, beautiful, amazing girl. I love her. I love you.” 

Jeanette didn’t question it, only hugged him back, and whispered back, “love you too, big brother.” 


Rhodey didn’t cry during the three months Tony was gone. Tony wasn’t dead, so there was no reason to, right? Right. He’d get him back home and everything’d be okay again. No reason to cry. He wasn’t going to cry. There were a lot of times he really wanted to cry.

It was only when Rhodey got Tony back home safely and Tony showed him the arc-reactor that suddenly Rhodey felt it all. Something about the scars around Tony’s chest, and the thought of an engineering marvel inside Tony’s chest, the idea that something so scary, so untrustworthy was keeping his love alive… Rhodey just felt it all. The exhaustion from looking for Tony, the weight of the rumors that could end his career, the frustration at the endless sea of lifeless sand, and that-

“I could have lost you,” he said, surprising both of them, and then he gathered Tony in his arms and let out a tiny sob, “I was so close to losing you.” 

Tony hugged back, “shh, Rhodey, it’s okay. You didn’t lose me. I’m right here.” 

“I almost lost you,” Rhodey said again, “I nearly believed I lost you. I could have lost you.” Rhodey sounded like a broken record at that point, but he didn’t care. 

“Shhh, everything’s okay. You didn’t lose me. I’m right here. And from now on, we’re only riding together. You’ll never lose me again. Right?”

Rhodey only weakly nodded against Tony’s shoulder, trying not to think of Tony’s corpse on a operating table after a surgery gone wrong, but focusing on him being alive, and with him, right now. 


It’s not something Rhodey advertises, but before Rhodey settled on the more realistic career of being in the Air-Force, Rhodey wanted to be a superhero. He admired Batman and Superman and Captain America and told his parents that when he was big he’d be rich like Batman and have a flying suit that had super strength like Superman and Captain America’s superpowers. The only evidence of that dream was in the Rhodes family picture album and Tony’s screen saver of him in a Captain America costume (no matter how much Rhodey begged Tony to change it). 

So, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that War Machine was a dream come true. 

It first happened several weeks after Tony healed from Palladium poisoning. Rhodey took a break from his job and War Machine to just be with Tony, hold him a little too tight to remind him that Tony almost died but he isn’t gone, and make up for their fight. Then duty called, and Rhodey didn’t hesitate when he got in the War Machine armor. 

“You look so good in it,” Tony sighed and leaned up to give him a kiss, “proud of you, honey. Go kick some ass.” 

Rhodey smiled and almost shrieked in delight when he was flying again, almost having forgotten how good it felt (granted, the last time wasn’t so great, but now he had free will so it was better than ever). 

When he got back, Tony was already dragging him to the living room, excitedly talking about the news, and how it was nice to keep track of Rhodey and then Rhodeyy saw the headline of the news. “Superhero War Machine resurfaces” it read. 

“You’re famous now,” Tony teased, but then he took a double take at Rhodey’s face and asked, concerned, “Rhodeybear, are you alright? Does this trigger the fight for you, or something?” 

Rhodey, mostly not hearing him, could only say, “I’m a superhero.” 

Tony smiled, “course you are, babe. I was only joking about the sidekick thing.” 

Rhodey’s grin grew, “I’m a superhero!” 

“Yeah, I kno-” but then Rhodey was throwing Tony in the air and laughing happily and Tony was too stunned to finish his quip. 

“I’m a superhero!” he felt like shouting that from rooftops. 

“Hon, I thought you knew,” Tony shook his head, still winded even after Rhodey put him down, “why is this such a big deal?” 

“It’s a huge deal, Tony!” he said, cupping Tony’s face, his eyes brimming with tears ready to be shed, blurry vision on his husband, “I’ve got everything I ever wanted.” 

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No. 12. I Think I’ve Broken Something “Broken Trust/Bones”

Morgan is secretly a vigilante, she is angry when Peter tells her parents, what she is getting up to, behind their backs.

AO3 Link

Morgan knew, from a young age, that she wanted to be a superhero.

Like her parents, her brother, and her uncle.

With her wit and puppy dog’s eyes, she was able to convince Peter, to let her use his lab to build her own Iron Man suit, without informing her parents. He’d laid down multiple ground rules, that she had to agree with, but it didn’t stop her from ignoring a few.

Using the suit and going out to fight crime, was Peter’s strictest rule.

She was allowed to build a suit, ‘yes.’

Using it, however, was a strong ‘no.’

She couldn’t use it, in his mind, until she told her parents what they’d been doing, behind their backs.

The closer Morgan got to that day, the more scared she became.

Which was why she decided to go behind Peter’s back.

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Tony died only he didn’t really, while he’s ‘dead’ his family has his funeral, where his sons have no idea they’re holding out for a hero miracle

Actual summary 

Pepper tells Steve that Tony’s body is in Wakanada, being worked on in hopes they can bring him back, Steve and Rhodey takes it upon themselves to make sure that Harley and Peter will be okay while Tony’s dead, while also not telling them about everything whoops.
does that make sense? who knows, anyway its cute and sad but the series will get happier

AO3 [X]

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Happy FFWF!!! 💕💕💕💕✨✨✨✨

I have many! But I won’t tell them all because I’m going to save some for fics 😉

I’ll tell one though! After Endgame, Peter got closer to Tony’s side of the family. He has family nights with Pepper and Morgan on weekends and calls Happy when he’s hurt. But sometimes when he’s awake at night and just missing Tony, he calls Rhodey. He calls Rhodey and sometimes they talk about Tony and fond memories and sometimes they just stay quiet, just being there and supporting each other that way.

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A few lines from the last chapter of Broken Symetery.

“Had he gone on a drinking binge and gotten black-out drunk? The last time he had done that was when he had gotten back from the battle with Thanos on Titan. After losing the kid. But then Pepper had talked some sense into him and he hadn’t had a drop since-

Oh my God. The kid.

Suddenly the image of the bloody bathroom came flooding into Tony’s mind, along with the god awful noise that Peter had made when Bucky removed him from the apartment.”

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