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Spider-Man Reviews Teil 149

“Enter: Dr. octopus!”

Amazing Spider-Man 53

Autor: Stan Lee

Zeichner: john Romita Sr.


Spidey liest Jonahs letzteb Artikel und ärgert sich sehr das JJ ihn als den Bösen in Foswells Tod darstellt.

An der Uni ist Harry sauer da peter nie da ist und er seine Anruf beantworten muss. Prof Warren lädt ihn und Gwens in eine wissenschaftliche Austellung ein.

Dort geht peters spinnesinn los doch er sieht keine Gefahr. Eine neue Abwehrwaffe soll vorgeführt werden doch Doc Ock ist im puplikum und will sie stehlen. Peter nütz die ablekung und wird zu Spider-Man. Er kämpft sich mit Ock quer durchs museum und kann ihn ohne Beute in die Flucht schlagen.

Auf der flucht entdeckt Ock den Spinnensender den peter angebracht hat und kommt auf eine Idee. In Coffebean treffen sich Peter und Gwen später mit den anderen und werden von Anna und May überrascht die sagen das sie ein Zimmer vermieten.

Später macht sich Peter auf die Suche nach Ock und findet ihn in seinen Stuhl sitzend. Doch peter ist vorsichtig und greift mit einer netzkugel an. Zum glück den ock ist ein explosiver Dummi an den der Spinnensender begestigt wurde. Durch den netzball explodiert er und Ock denkt Spidey sei tot nun will er erst mal entspannen.

Peter schwört sich ihn zu finden und ahnt nicht das Ock an Mays tür klopft wegen den Zimmer.


Hier geht tante May Doc Ock blödheit weiter und wird bald ein neues Level erreichen.


Story: 3

Zeichnung: 3


Gesamt: 6

Held: Spider-Man


Nebenfigur: Jonah, Gwen, Flash, Harry, Prof. warren, MJ, May, Anna

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“Just friends”


Originally posted by fluturojdallandyshia

Loki was always quiet and mischievous. He knew how quiet he needed to be to get by something and he knew just how he could get by it. Loki always knew that when he did tricks he could do them to anyone but his one best friend, (Y/n).

(Y/n) is a young asgardian. She is a year younger than Loki, but still they are great friends. She knew of every single trick Loki had. She even helped him with a few. She was different then most women of Asgard. Of course she was. If not, how would she and Loki be best friends? If it wasn’t for her being different (in a good way) then they probably wouldn’t have been best friends.

Years and years ago, when the two were just young children. (Y/n) and Loki were playing around in the flower garden of Asgard. The morning dew was slowly drying and they were laughing and having a good time.

(Y/n) was running from Loki. Most of the morning they had been playing tag. Luckily, with her short legs she ran quick. She thought she was quick enough to get away from him, but was not. Just as he was a finger tip away Loki fell. Luckily, he caught himself with his hands. Saving himself from getting hurt too much.

(Y/n) stopped when she notice Loki fell. She turned back around and went straight to him. His hands had been scratched up from the rocks he had caught himself on. (Y/n) helped him up as she examined his palms.

“Do you trust me?” She asked Loki. Loki gave her a slight nod. Not sure what to expect. (Y/n) took his hand into hers. She mumbled quietly as her (y/e/c) eyes turned into a beautiful gloomy purple color. Loki felt some heat travel from her hands to his. The tiny aching feeling soon left. She did that to both of his hands.

When she was done she let go of Loki’s hands. Her glowing purple eyes turned back into the normal (y/e/c) eyes.

“Your a witch?” Loki questioned his friend. Y/n shook her head. Her (your hair type) (y/h/c) hair fell in front of her (y/e/c) eyes. She tucked her hair behind her ear as she sat on the grassy ground. Her dress was luckily a darker color, so luckily you couldn’t see any grass stains form as she sat down.

“My mother is a healer. I guess I just carried the gene as well.” Loki nodded as he studied her quietly. “You do not speak of your mother often.” He said softly. He sat down beside the small girl he called his friend.

“Because my mother died.” She quietly spoke. Loki almost didn’t hear what she said, but luckily he was close enough he did. He looked at her in shock. ‘Then who is the women she lives with?’ He wondered to himself. He found himself staring at her and apologized. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be pressing you with so many questions.” He apologizes as he stands up to leave.

“Loki!” She calls out. Loki turned back around facing the beautiful 8 year old. Just a year younger then him. “Promise me we will always be friends. No matter what may happen in our future.” She proposes as she stood up, dusting off her gown as she walked over to him. “I promise.” He promises, giggling as (y/n) made him pinky promise. “Good! I’ll beat you to the castle!” Y/n shouted as she zoomed pass him. Running as quickly as she could to the huge golden castle. With the roll of his blue eyes he giggled. “No you won’t!” He challenged.

Both of them raced to the castle with smiles on their faces. Enjoying these moments they had together. They never that these moments were going to end. But when these small things ended, each of them felt like something was missing. They just couldn’t figure it out.

(A couple years later! they are now older teenagers)

(Y/n), head of the healers. The child of queen (y/m/n) and of King (y/d/n). (Y/n) never knew she was adopted. She knew that her mom was a healer, but she would have never thought she would be some type of “royal”. He father was the leader of a kingdom not to far from Asgard. When her mother found out she was pregnant, she knew what she had to do. She was only a young woman. She couldn’t care for a child while the kingdom was at war. So she did what any parent who was trying to protect their child would do. Save them.

“We have to take the child to Asgard as soon as she is born!” Y/f/n said as he stared at his wife. She nodded as she rubbed the bulging baby bump. She was almost ready to have the baby. They were just waiting. She wasn’t very old either. Just at the ripe age of 21. Her father prince (y/f/n) was 25. “We will do what we must to protect our grandchild.” Y/m/n mother said as she walked into the small cabin, which was hidden far in the wooden forest.

They were hiding there. Trying to stay as far as they could from the growing war between Kingdoms. Luckily a friend of theirs let them stay there in the small two bedroom cabin. It was enough shelter to house them until they got to Asgard to keep they can keep their child safe.

“I think the baby is coming.” Y/m/n said as she felt her water break. Y/d/n started to freak out. He wasn’t quite sure what he should do. How he could help or anything. He just was completely freaking out. But that is why y/m/n mother was there to help them. She too was a healer. It was a family trait for the women mostly. Though there had been a few men in the family that were healers.

After a few hours of being in painful labor. Y/m/n gave birth to a beautiful Baby girl. She had a little bit of (y/h/c) hair on her small head. Her skin was a soft smooth (y/s/t). Her eyes were Iike her moms/dads a beautiful (y/e/c) eyes. They were all happy with the small moment of happiness they had right here. But soon they happiness was torn down by the sound of men screaming. Y/f/n jumped up ready to protect his family in the small wooden cabin.

We need to leave for Asgard, now!” Y/m/n mother demanded her son-in-law. He nodded grabbing their bags; they had yet to unpack their things. Besides the things they had needed for y/m/n to have the child.

Y/d/n grabbed all their belongings and put them onto the carriage hooked onto the two White Horses they had with them. He carried y/m/n and laid her carefully into the carriage. She held the small baby girl. They named the baby girl (y/n). They dressed her in a small thick onesie and a blanket to keep the baby warm as they went through the cold night. Y/m/n mother rode in the carriage as well making sure that the two were safe and doing just fine.

Hours later they made it to Asgard. Just briefly though. Unfortunately y/m/n mother didn’t make it through. She sacrificed herself to save her daughter, son-in-law and grandaughter. She knew that they had to make it to Asgard before the army had reached them so she fought as hard as she could to keep the few guards that had almost reached the horse and carriage. But as she was protecting them she was murdered. She was stabbed by one of the guards long sharp silver sword. Y/m/n cried silently as that was the last moment she saw her mother.

When they arrived in Asgard hours later. Y/m/n and y/f/n ran into the golden shimmering castle. With the baby carfully in y/f/n arms. A letter written for y/n to read one day in y/m/n hand.

They ran to the throne room. The Asgard guards surrounded them. Protecting the allfather. The guards held up their swords, ready to kill the two strangers. They didn’t even notice the small newborn in y/f/n arm.

Drop your weapons!” Odin demanded as he walked over to the guards. He seen the small infant in his friends arms. “My friend!” His voice boomed, startling the small baby making her squeal just a bit. “Has the war begun?” His voice deep as he spoke. The guards stood down. They backed away, but were still in the room in case Odin needed to be protected.

Yes, the war has grown heavy on my kingdom. We came to seek safety for our new child.” Odin nodded as he walked closer. He looked at the small child. Smiling when he noticed the little baby girl smile back up at him. “I guess you thought you would stay here with your child?” He questioned as he gently took the child into his arms. Carefully rocking her in his strong arms. “No, we just want her safe. We need to go back to our kingdom and try to get this bloody war to end.” Y/f/n explained.

Y/m/n stood quietly. She knew what they were doing was keeping the child safe. But a mother never want to just leave her child. No matter what she never wanted to leave her. She watched as Odin carefully held the baby in his arms.

I will protect her. I know someone in my palace who is willing to care for her.” What Odin said was reassuring to y/m/n. She nodded as she handed Odin a letter. On the front was what was needed to be said. She couldn’t say anything.

Her voice was broken. If she would have talked she would have been sobbing in front of everyone. She kissed the top of Y/ns head. Walking backwards as she teared up. “Thank you, for keeping her safe.” Y/d/n said as he gave Odin a greatful smile. Odin nodded as y/f/n stared at the child.

“I wish you luck my friend.” Then y/ns parents left. They left her to keep her Safe. Safe, that’s all that mattered was her being safe.

Y/n was leader of the healers, but when she found out she had been lied to her whole life. She had gotten angry. Yes, she still did her job. But she was upset about being lied to. She wouldn’t talk to her adoptive parents. She was upset they had waited until she was so much older. She just wished that they would have told her the truth. That she really wasn’t their child. She just thought for the longest time, ‘my whole life I lived a lie.’ Which is why she ran away.

Nobody knew when or why she ran away. She didn’t tell anyone. That’s what everyone thought. Yet, y/n had lefted her best friend a note telling him where she was going, and when she was leaving.

It was night time. Everyone in Asgard was asleep. Y/n (a night owl) was packing a bag. She was leaving Asgard. She couldn’t stay in the place where she lived a lie. She had given the note to Freya to give to Loki the night before. So she though maybe she would’ve left before he read it.

Y/n was almost to where the byfrost opening was. Her bag was packed on her back. She was dressed in a silk emerald green dress. She wore golden boots, that was what most Asgard Soiders wore. She had a lot of training with her adoptive father. He taught most people in Adgard how to fight and protect themselves. She had her sword on her back and her daggers in a holster underneath her dress on both her thighs. A long with a dagger in each boot of hers. You would’ve thought she was going to battle the way she was dressed.

She was about to get the byfrost keeper to open it up when she heard running coming towards them. She looked over to see Loki. He was almost there when she had already went through the byfrost. She couldn’t stop herself before he had came fully into view.

“Where did she land?!” Loki demanded the byfrost keep. “Midgard.” The man answer quickly. Scared he looked at Loki trembling. “Take me to where she is!” He demanded, his voice echoed in the large room.

The man nodded opening the byfrost and letting Loki go through. When Loki went through the Byfrost and landed in a small town. He was quite sure where he landed. It was dark. So it was either early morning or late at night. He tried looking around for his best friend, but he couldn’t find her. Until he heard a crash.

Rushing toward the noise he watched as y/n landed right beside a vehicle. The impact from where he had landed made the car shake violently. He wondered why he had landed before her. But didn’t pay much mind to it. He rushed over to her trying to stop her from walking off.

“(Y/n)!” He shouted trying to catch the young girls attention. Wherever they were wasn’t very busy. A few cars were parked on the side of the road. The highway stretched for a long ways. A few houses on each side of the rode. Not to close together yet not far apart. Fields were on the side of the road as well. That’s where Loki had landed in the soft green pastures. A street light illuminated the side walk y/n was walking on. She was too much in her own mind to hear Loki’s voice calling for her.

“Y/n!!” He yelled louder. She stopped and turned around looking at Loki confused. “Why did you follow me?” She questioned her best friend. “Because of the promise we made when we were children. I will always be your best friend! I am here for you! Not for you to just run away!” He exclaimed as he searched her (Y/E/C) eyes for any hint as to what she was doing here on Midgard.

“My parents are here.” She spoke softly to Loki. “I want to find them and I want to meet them. To see if I’m like them. If I look like them!” She raised her voice just a touch. Loki nodded as he took her hands into his own. “You need to breathe.” He said as he looked at his beat friend. He loved (Y/n), he wants what’s best for her. What’s best at this moment is for her to take a breathe.

Breathing in then out she looked at him. “See, better. Now where are we at?” He asked as he looked around the road they standing beside and around them. “A small town in Virginia, called Altavista.” Y/n answered without missing a beat. “Okay, now do you have a plan? Or are you just going to run around drawing attention to yourself?” Loki said, making her completely understand where he was coming from. “Okay, I understand where your coming from, Loki. But these people. They’re my parents. My real parents. They’re my family. The only family I have.” She explained looking at him with a face that showed so many emotions. Pain, anger, sadness, and happiness.

“And I guess I never was your family?” Loki asked looking at y/n. He was hurt. She was looking for people who had left her. People that could protect her. People that thought leaving her with Odin would keep all the pain and suffering away.

“Loki, I di- I didn’t mean it like that.” “No you meant to say that you don’t really think I’m your family. That I have not been there for you for your whole entire life. That I have not protected you from everything you couldn’t handle. I have been there for you when you were hurt. We take care of each other! And that is what I’m trying to do! Protect you from getting hurt!” He exclaimed as his emotions started to seep into his voice.

“What are you saying Loki? That I don’t care about you?! Because I do! You are my family! You are my best friend! Your are my parner and crime! You are my only friend actually!! I love you!” She exclaimed as she let out all her emotions. Luckily nobody had heard the two scream. (Don’t know how though). Tears were streaming down her face as she sobbed. “I just want to be excepted.” She cried as she fell to her knees. Her emotions were too scattered to try and keep fighting. “Back to Asgard.” Loki mumbled under his breathe as he pick her up. He held her as they went through the byfrost and back to Asgard.

“Leave us!” Loki deamaned the byfrost keeper. The man nodded quickly leave the two. Loki sat Y/n on the stairs and sat beside he still holding her as she cried softly.

“It’ll be okay.” He whispered. “I except you.” He whispered as he kissed the top of her forehead. “And I love you, more than you will ever know.” He whispered as he rubbed her hair out of her beautiful face.

“Even while crying you are so elegantly beautiful.” He whispered as he look her over. He could see a light blush appear on her cheeks. “I really do mean it. I really do love you. More then friendship wise as well.” She giggled as she moved the stray hair out of Loki’s face.

She lean forwards and kissed him. Loki didn’t really know what was going on. It caught him off guard. But when she pulled back from the kiss. He pulled her back into one. The kiss was soft and passionate.

“I’ve loved you since I healed you in the garden. I knew there was something about you. There was something about you I knew that I needed when I got older. Something to anchor me down. Something that would help me be a better person. If you weren’t in my life I honestly don’t know where I would be at. I really don’t.” Y/n rambled off quickly as she stared into his lovely blue eyes. “Well, why don’t we go back to the castle. We will make a plan to find your birth parents. Together, we will find them. If they aren’t what you had expected then we can come back home.” Loki suggested as he stared at the (y/e/c) eyed girl. She nodded getting up off the stairs. Then her and Loki walked hand in hand to the castle to make plans to find her birth parents.


Originally posted by loptrlaufey

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