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#eating disoder mention
0kcal-fairy21 hours ago
Tumblr media
5 kg/11 lbs difference. Still huge though鈥
Edit: I can鈥檛 reply to the comments, idk why.
I鈥檓 49,6 kg/108 lbs
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emptyshwatyhatestmblr2 days ago
i need to stop assuming every skinny person suffers from an eating disorder
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sarventesbitch15 hours ago
fuck fear foods and safe foods, whatre some foods you cant resist no matter how much you want to? i all they weak foods
personally mine are sushi and pizza, i cant get enough of those two despite the calories
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sad-ftm-boi-1997a day ago
I am legit at that broken point, depressed, cutting, suicidal, sad, eating disorder came back and I'm an alcoholic so all that's left is drugs? Hahaha I wish.
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amihererightnoww2 days ago
I want to eat. I dont think people understand that I want to eat. But I also want to be that tiny girl you see at a cafe with a black coffee and a pastry only half eaten. I'm not there yet. I need to get there first. For half of a danishes sake
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thisismeselfloathing2 days ago
is there any ana gc that鈥檚 currently active?? i rlly want to be in one
dm me if there鈥檚 one you can add me on snap or insta or anything !!!
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