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tinadwt · 7 months ago
dream team photoshoot
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ssavanessa22 · a year ago
Okay so would you guys like it if I wrote a enemies to lovers plus family fic with Spencer Reid and a prosecutor.....
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verpaso · a year ago
Did I get it right. By th way
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frauggietheperson · 4 months ago
reblog if you fully and intentionally are referring to aspec people as well when you use the word queer to refer to the community
clarification in tags
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xenosagaepisodeone · 4 months ago
the elephant in the room when it comes to the "we must protect our children" objections by conservative politicians is that they are not referring to living, breathing children, but a platonic concept of "a child" that children are coerced into emulating through abuse kneaded by both the state and their parents. The lack of rights children possess is to render them unable to object to what adults claim to do for their own good, which oftentimes are merely just means to maintain them as property than help them as people. The idea that teaching 6th graders very basic, very clinical sex ed is child abuse stems from the fear that their parents lose some control over their child's autonomy by having the child know things (which, statically, also makes them more likely to tell someone when they are being abused by an adult. Interesting) that the parent has not sanctioned as a part of their person. Conservatives accuse everyone else of child abuse not because they care that a child is being hurt, but because hurting children is only their god given right.
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injuries-in-dust · a month ago
It's during the darkest times that even a little light shines all the brighter. Have some good news in these trying times.
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harryshouseparty · 6 months ago
remember when tik tok was just a song by kesha
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shikai-the-storyteller · a month ago
There is something so deeply cathartic about being one amongst nearly 50,000 people watching Phil build a memorial for Techno in his Hardcore world. Something about shared grief. Something about humanity. Something about love and friendship and the legacy it leaves behind.
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abusivechildhood · 6 months ago
how can someone feel so much and feel so empty at the same time?
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creekfiend · a month ago
I used to be so smart. I was so clever and I was so capable of engaging in discussions and spinning ideas out with people and considering concepts and comprehending hypotheticals I was so SMART I was so GOOD AT WORDS I could put words together for hours and I didn't run out of them. I didn't know more things but I could think... I could think. I had space inside for so many thoughts and concepts. I was so clever
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tinadwt · 2 months ago
okay. i have a thousand drafts. they are all reblogs. i could either a) post privately and then like two days later post normally and then it shows up as posted two days ago and doesn't spam the dash. OR b) i can queue like 50 a day and i'm just posting random things with no context that happened a month ago
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byelair · a month ago
Tumblr media
as the world caves in
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psychastria · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
simran, full of emptiness
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lild3m0nn-bpd · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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perfectfeelings · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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20o1 · 18 days ago
August will be filled with hope.
August will be filled with love.
August will be filled with trust.
August will be filled with peace.
August will be filled with positivity.
August will be filled with healthier connections.
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justpastryvideos · a year ago
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