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I have huge respect for people who’ve gone through dark times but still have a heart of gold.

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give me all you’re love me now

‘cause for all we know

we might be dead by tomorrow

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thank you for the ask 💕

I think that “Heart” is under appreciated. It’s such a good episode, one of my favorites. Everyone is in love and Sugar’s party is amazing. Love Shack is one of my favorite “group” performance because we can see them hanging out outside the glee club and having so much fun! Klaine and the girls singing and Santana dancing with the boys, I love it so much.

Another episode is “Shooting Star”. This episode is so sad and I think that’s it’s so good and people don’t talk enough about it. I experienced something like that in my school a couple years ago and I think that they did an amazing job with the characters emotions and reactions. Heather was particularly good in it because it seemed that her fear was real. Sam was genuinely scared and when he wanted to go after Britt my heart just couldn’t take it anymore, I cry every time I think about it. And Sam hugging Blaine was so cute. Everyone was horrified including Tina, who wasn’t even there, we could how much she loves her friends when see said that she wanted to be there with them… I love the scene when Kitty was crying and hugging Unique and apologizing. The episode it’s really good.

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A Day in the Life of My Heart Failure

A Day in the Life of My Heart Failure

By Aimee Rodriguez Zepeda, as told to Danny Bonvissuto

I didn’t have the typical feeling people describe, like trouble breathing. Instead, I was tired. I was 39 with two kids in grade school and two in high school. Feeling run down seemed pretty typical for women like me.
I went to my primary care doctor. I thought I was just going to tell her I was tired and ask if she could suggest a good B12…

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Golf le Fleur again “cut heart” sneakerheads with Converse One Star burlap

Golf le Fleur again “cut heart” sneakerheads with Converse One Star burlap

If I say what collab version of this year Converse To wake up the most sneakerheads wave, EACHSHOES will answer without hesitation BST collab with Tyle, The Creator. Launched steadily from last year to the present, the Converse x GOLF le FLEUR * is attractive with a strong and gentle appearance. The two previous BSTs impress with bold color schemes in a monotone or two-tone style. The wavy flower…


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practicing kindness to develop heart in good direction

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“It’s hard for all of us

We don’t know who we trust

Not even the ones we love

They don’t know

Try to numb this pain

‘Cause we don’t wanna get hurt again

Left alone out in the rain

They don’t know”

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Study reveals high fat diets may over-activate destructive heart disease protein

Study reveals high fat diets may over-activate destructive heart disease protein


Updated: Mar 02, 2021 11:24 IST

Washington [US], March 2 (ANI): Consumption of a high-fat diet may be activating a response in the heart that is causing destructive growth and could lead to a greater risk of heart attacks, according to new research.In a paper published in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, researchers looked at the effect of feeding mice on a…

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i like to think that we are stars in the sky. lighting up the world beneath us, letting people admire us from so far away. we look perfect. so subtle, so magical.

but up close,

we are billion light years away from each other.

we are an illusion in this starry night.

filled with light, but will never be close enough. Just light years away from being forever

-why did the universe make us so close but so far away

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