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cry me a river | the hurting
Tumblr media
— summary: you can break something in two seconds but it will take forever to heal
— pairing: bts x reader
— genre: angst, mafia!au
— word count: 6.3k
— warnings: nothing too bad here, just more descriptive and less dialogue
— PART 14 / previous post / masterpost
“Y/N?” Seokjin calls again but this time you put a hand behind you, palm meeting the cold floor, and scoot off Leehyun’s body as if the touch that you feel against your face is causing your body to scream at you and turn away. He realizes that even in your current state, there is an underlying fright you feel towards his touch.
And perhaps it isn’t particularly his touch. It isn’t. Because when you scoot back and hit the foot of Hyunjin, they see you flinch. You stop moving to do anything, sitting still as if giving up, as if a fear has settled against you in which moving any more will bring you down a path that will cause you more grief and pain.
Hoseok had been frightened for a moment, afraid he had done something wrong when he reached out to you and you pushed him away while accepting Seokjin instead. But seeing you now, perhaps what you needed was just a moment of peace, someone to be put in your line of sight, someone familiar.
You asked Seokjin to save you, not from Leehyun because he’s already dead, but the fear of the unknown, the things that frighten you the most, the things only you truly know of, and as if your body couldn’t handle any more stress, it has forced you into a state where you can feel nothing.
“I’ll take care of upstairs,” Hyunjin states into the dead silence that had walked in. He doesn’t want to leave you but with how you are now, he knows anyone who reaches out to you will just cause your body more distress. If he can’t help here, he can help elsewhere.
Namjoon sends him a thankful nod before he takes off, footsteps hurried as they rush away. 
“Call Mingyu, let the Reapers know what happened,” the boss gives an order to which Jimin instantly reaches for his phone. You remain seated on the floor, staring blankly at nothing before you and Namjoon kneels down to take his blazer off to drape it around your shoulders, careful in his approach and making sure he doesn’t touch you in the slightest. He catches the sight of the gash on your leg, a small furrow in his brows at another scar that crawls up your right leg. Wherever you got that from, he’s sure that must have hurt but for now, you need medical attention on the one you’ve just received. 
Unfortunately, none of them can touch you now. You may look compliant but something tells him if any of them were to try, you’ll only be forced into a state that will have the horrifying memories crawl back up.
He can’t have that.
When he looks over your head to find Seokjin still watching over you, the two of them share a glance of conflicting eyes, unsure of what to think about all of this.
Seokjin can see the cuts you received from whatever happened during your lone moment with Leehyun. The guy must have had men coming at you, forcing you to fight against them on your own. He sees the red marks wrapped around your wrists and ankles, realizing Leehyun must have tied you up at some point.
Did you fight with your limps bounded by the ropes? From the looks of it, they must’ve been the really painful ones, the ones that hurt easily at even the slightest movement in order to prevent any sort of escape. Even under the makeup, he can see how tired you are, drained, as your eyes slowly blink.
You must want to sleep, your body desiring rest after a long, frightful day, yet at the same time you remain alert as if aware there are people around you and because of that, you can’t let your guard down just yet. Not until the alarms against your body finally disappears.
Ten years.
Ten years of your disappearance and here you are before them, left broken and tattered, the life of struggle so clear on your face. You’ve found people to remain loyal by your side but even then there will always be a part of you, a voice in your head that warns you to never trust again, that you can’t unless you want to live. To survive.
Is this all their doing? Does it have to do with something much darker? Much deeper? Or maybe it’s both.
Seokjin can only guess because you’d never tell them otherwise. He could try and ask your Reapers but with how deep their loyalty flows, he doubts they’d give him an answer either. And perhaps they don’t even have all the answers that will satisfy his questions. No matter who tries to understand you, there will always be no one close enough to understand everything about you. There will always be a part of you that you keep a secret.
There are questions swarming in his head, one too many to count. Because once a question has been made, there will always be varying questions that follow that, and then others that follow those ones.
Yet all of them begin with one thing; why did you kill your father?
There’s something more to what you’re telling, he’s sure of it. No one would kill their father just because they were bored. Even if something did happen to you to cause you to no longer feel any emotions, he knows you wouldn’t just kill your father just because it was convenient. You never desired power as much as the people Seokjin can name so it can’t be for the sake of that. Perhaps power helped, surely it did, but there’s something else there that he can only guess the answer to.
Yet he doesn’t dare to.
Mingyu comes in a minute later with Dasom along his side, and in an instant she’s right by your side, forcing Namjoon and Seokjin to make space for you.
They see the way Mingyu stands back, just observing and letting Dasom be the sole person to approach you. So if even Mingyu refuses to approach you now, they know it must definitely be men your body calls alarms to. All of this is Leehyun’s fault. The things he did, they can only imagine, but it must’ve been that bad if your body has forced you into this state and only allowing familiar feminine hands to touch you.
“Boss?” Dasom calls for you, her hand reaching out to you carefully as the rest of them watch with hawk eyes. When she holds your face and you do nothing to push her away, she takes it as permission for her to touch you. With a thumb lightly brushing against your cheek, Dasom frowns at the sight of the cut on your skin. “I’m here now,” she assures with gentle words. “If anything stings, if you can’t take the pain, just tug on my shirt, yeah?” She takes your hand so you can feel the hem of her shirt, letting your fingers take hold of it.
She leaves you be after a heartbeat, eyes scanning over your body, and begins to tend to your injuries with light approaches to make sure she doesn’t accidentally hurt you. Dasom doesn’t have the medical skills like that of a doctor but she’s picked up some knowledge ever since you first showed signs of being in this familiar state.
Mingyu gave her some basic tips, Yeonjun guiding her through, and for some time it had been only her and Yuna who could touch you and tend to you when you’re like this. Even sending you to a female doctor didn’t help because they had to be female, yes, but they also had to be people you were familiar with.
You’re smart, IQ excelling better than the average human, so even in this state, you understand whose hands are familiar and whose hands are foreign. That’s why when Lisa walked into your life and you allowed her heart to turn to you, Mingyu didn’t hesitate to let her join the team. She was younger but knowledgeable, a medic your father forced into this life.
“There.” Dasom pats the white bandage around your leg once she finishes and takes your hand which remains on the hem of her shirt. You tugged on it at least two times, obeying and compliant, and she gives you a small squeeze of care. “We’ll have Lisa look after you when we get back to the hotel, yeah? When do you want to return, boss?”
When they watch you, they hadn’t expected you’d reply but you do, lips prying open with a single word uttered out; “..home.”
It’s small, quiet, but they hear it.
You want to return home, home to where Korea is, where headquarter lies, where your mansion remains upstanding and tall. Home in the comfort of safety and no one has to look in otherwise the Reapers will take care of them. Home where the rest of them are, watching over you so you don’t have to worry about anything else.
“Alright boss, we’ll go home soon.”
“Home.” You tug at her shirt, a little more forceful than when you were tugging at them when her tending to you had stung. You shake your head, the features on your face marking with extreme distress. You don’t like the word soon. You’d rather go home now. “Home.”
It’s the only word you can say but Dasom understands. She understands your desperation in wanting to let her know that going home soon isn’t what you want to do. You want to go home now.
“Okay, okay,” she complies because there’s no other choice, not when they want your heart to beat as steady as possible. “Okay, we’ll go home. We’ll go home.”
Dasom presses a hand to the back of your head, bringing you forward to lean against the warmth of her hold. You let her touch you, let her hold you, and when your face is turned away and hidden against her shoulder, she injects something into your arm. In just mere seconds, your body relaxes and falls limply against her body.
Luckily Yeonjun came prepared to give you a serum that would force you into sleep. In this way, you won’t have to worry about anything. In this way, your body doesn’t have to go through any more stress than it already has.
When Dasom stands up with you held in her arms, she takes a moment to meet her underboss’s eyes first. Mingyu gives her a brief nod, appreciative of her presence and work before the both of them turn towards Bangtan.
“Thank you for upholding your promise,” Mingyu says and they both bow their heads before them.
Namjoon responds with only a nod, unsure of what else to say in this situation but his words aren’t needed when they turn, walking away without another word, leaving the rest of them to watch in silence.
It’s strange how quiet Mingyu is. He usually doesn’t say much in their presence, but it’s odd in the way that he isn’t saying anything about you or to you. He doesn’t react anything differently, his eyes don’t widen, he doesn’t shout at them for their failed part in not leaving you alone with Leehyun, nor does he even approach you with frantic worry. He cares for you deeply, that’s something they cannot refute, but for someone who cares for another as much as Mingyu does, his reaction is rather strange.
As if this side of you is something he’s seen before — or something he’s used to seeing.
Perhaps through all the things you’ve gone through, Mingyu has already seen it all and so all he does now is react accordingly. He doesn’t show unnecessary concern because he knows what’s going to happen to you afterwards, only acting when needed and knowing what to do as if on instincts.
If he can be so calm in such a situation, just how much has he seen?
“What’s wrong?” The sight of Taehyung looking uncomfortable catches Jimin’s attention and upon the question, the rest of them turn to find the gentleman staring at Leehyun’s body. The marks you left would be horrifying to anyone who isn’t used to gore and he wonders how you could have grown so violent to inflict such acts upon another human like this.
The last he remembered of you, a simple gun frightened you so much you trembled and couldn’t even close your eyes without wanting to tear yourself apart. Things are different now but even then he never knew you could change this much.
“I…” He turns from the body, hands balling into a fist with a look of displeasure and discomfort marking his features. He regrets something and hates himself for it. “I didn’t uphold my promise,” he says, a reminder that he left you alone to Leehyun when Mingyu made it clear to not ever do that. Taehyung understood the underlying warning in your underboss’s words but still, he failed you.
He looked away, had you go into a room with Leehyun, and lost sight of you. Whatever happened down the other end of where he and Yoongi walked in from, he’s sure it isn’t good. Luckily you didn’t look like you were triggered but the bruised markings decorated on your wrists and ankles let him know that you must’ve been bounded and attacked.
“If you’re blaming yourself for that then it’s entirely my fault for allowing Y/N to not let us follow her,” Namjoon states in a clear voice, his hand pressed upon Taehyung’s shoulder with a small squeeze. “Though in all honesty, something like this was bound to happen whether we intervened or not.” He knows because Mingyu didn’t berate them for their failed part of the mission.
Perhaps in his wishes of them staying by your side at all times, he also knew it would be an impossible task as you yourself would push yourself to the limit just for a completed mission.
And no one was allowed to stop you.
Namjoon turns at the body of Leehyun laying on the floor when a few of Hyunjin’s men walk in to clean up the mess. He begins to command out orders, pointing to the end of the opposite hall from where they came from, knowing something must be there from where you ran from. The place Leehyun brought you to probably has more bodies that you’d dealt with.
They tell him it’s a maze that only the boss and Hyunjin, as well as a number of trusted men know how to navigate through. Yoongi’s brows furrow at that, reminded of the way you ran towards them with no problem. Did it really take you one run-through of the maze for you to memorize the twist and turn on where to escape to?
Hyunjin returns to their side then and the seven of them are led through the area with his lead. The maze is indeed a place hard to navigate through especially if you’ve never been here before but you managed to make it to the exit high on adrenaline and panic.
At the end of the maze stands a door held ajar, the golden knob broken and barely holding on from the door, and when they step into the room, they find men sprawled on the floor under the dim flickering light of a simple lightbulb hanging onto a single string from the ceiling.
Ten men to be exact, all built with nothing but muscles, lay lifeless on the floor with no signs of a pulse on any of their bodies. Did you do this? It almost sounds impossible but the evidence lies right before their eyes whether they’d like to believe it or not. There is evidence of ropes on the floor, just like the one they found on the ground of the maze they just walked through, telling them that not only did you take care of these men but you did so with limps bounded.
“She’s incredible,” Hyunjin marvels at the sight of the room, “I never knew she was this…powerful.”
Neither did they.
You’re incredibly strong and smart, but it only brings them with more uncertainty as they think about how and why you could have possibly turned out like this. Some people give in to the suffering and pain they go through while others are forced to work on themselves, reaching levels higher than the average person who hasn’t been through any tough ordeal.
“Hyung..” They all turn at the voice of the maknae, instinctively alert at the call and unsure of who he’s specifically addressing, but they guess with the way Jungkook looks toward Namjoon that it has to be him he’s calling out for. His features mark with distress, a look of discomfort as he bites against his lower lip. “Y/N…something’s wrong with her.”
That’s the only conclusion they can come up with.
You were a gifted child no one thought to pay attention to — or rather they underestimated your potential all because you were born a girl.
You sit in your room alone, on the floor, as you wrap your arms around your knees, pressing them up against your chest with your chin propped up against your forearms. Everything is silent, just the way you’re used to, just the way you’ve been forced to your whole life.
Father was always good at picking up gifted kids, he brought the Reapers to life after all, but unfortunately for him, many of them betrayed him for his only daughter, the very person he hated the most in this life. He saw their potential, picked them up from the trash society that discarded them away, and forced them into his submission. You’re sure that if he treated them well, they would have given their loyalty to him instead.
But he didn’t and that was one of his many mistakes.
He had keen eyes for finding such talents and breathed life into their forms. He made them into the ruthless killers that they are today, able to serve you well without an ounce of hesitation in their bones. 
Just like how he made you.
It was your trauma and hatred for your father that brought you and the Reapers together to form an alliance. You saved them from their torment, promised them a better life so as long as they listened to your wishes and lived through the pain inflicted by your father. They saw you as their savior, a light in the darkness, and Mingyu was the one to make sure everyone’s lips were sealed and kept to themselves without caring to save you.
You didn’t care about being saved, you didn’t want them to save you.
You’re sure that during the line down the road of serving your father while secretly keeping loyalty to you, there were more than a few times they wanted to discard their words in hopes of saving you from your father. Perhaps it was their way of repaying you for what you had done, perhaps it was their sense of morals, but either way, you knew more than anyone that in the hopes of saving you, they’d only kill you.
You couldn’t be saved. 
Not by them, not by anyone. Because if they tried, everyone would die and your plans would all be for naught. Mingyu made sure they knew that and only kept the Reapers who understood that. Luckily everyone knew the rules and luckily no one struck out in the slightest temptation.
Father had keen eyes for gifted kids.
His only failure was not seeing your own potential because he hated you. That was his first mistake.
If he had used you well, he wouldn’t have died by your very own hands. He always saw you as inferior, someone too weak for the world, and forced you into submission when you should have been the one who stood by his side and worked with him.
He kept you as a puppet, giving out demands after demands, driving you into dangerous missions after missions, thinking, hoping, praying for the news of your death to come when he’s in the middle of filling out paperwork and his only response would be a shrug. But unfortunately for him, your death never came.
He should have seen the signs then but he was too blinded by his hatred for you to see.
Father should have known you were smart. How could a fourteen years old with no previous knowledge of anything escape the clutches of a thirty-something years old man who had all the experience in the world? Daejung was a powerful man not only for his strength but for his brain. If you were a simple fourteen years old girl, you would have never been able to see through his traps and escape the very first night you saw your chance.
Yet father never picked up on anything and only uttered the words “four days. you’re weak.”
Maybe in another life, if father were smarter he’d be able to use you to your full potential and when that moment comes, you’d have never been able to escape his clutches. But in this life, things are different and you’re glad for your father’s blindness.
Because in his ignorance towards you, you were able to build up a whole team of Reapers who only followed you, who would never betray you should a moment come, and who will follow you down a path of hell without hesitation. He never saw your plan of betraying him, never knew you were capable of gathering his own allies to turn against him, never thought you would ever shoot a bullet straight through his head.
He was aware of everything else around him except his very own daughter. But for the sake of pretending to be submissive to him, you hurt in the process.
How long since you woke from your broken state? How long since you’ve shut yourself from the world, from everyone including your Reapers? How long since you’ve last eaten, since you’ve last slept? You can’t tell with your blackout curtains blocking away any sunlight just outside the windows but you’re sure it’s been enough time.
Though you know your Reapers are concerned for you, they don’t knock on the door, don’t try to pry themselves into your life. They know not to do anything unless you let them in, until you let them take care of you again. But until then, they worry in their own times, brows furrowing when the food they’ve left outside your door is untouched, when your room remains closed and locked, when no sounds are heard during times when they’ll walk by quietly, knowing not to disturb you.
You don’t let anyone in, not even Yuna.
But if you aren’t calling for Yuna or Mingyu then it means that you’re alright enough to not have a mental breakdown. They have comfort in knowing at least that.
Bangtan has visited a few times, especially Hoseok. He doesn’t go near your door, hoping you don’t get triggered by anything, not wanting to upset you. Mingyu keeps any updates about you vague, only uttering the words “she’ll be okay” and nothing more, nothing less.
Hoseok accepts it even though he should ask more questions, even though he should know more. Because out of everyone who has shown concern, he’s the only one worthy enough to know even if that sort of information is something Mingyu can never reveal. You’ll get genuinely angry at him otherwise and that’s a sight Mingyu never wants to be on the receiving end of.
When Hoseok visits, he sits in the living room where you usually meet your guests. Sometimes he’ll sit alone, sometimes Mingyu will be there to converse with him. He’ll sit on the sofa sipping the tea that’s been prepared because in the Reaper’s manor, no one drinks coffee. Tea is the only drink that can calm your nerves down so they don’t need coffee in this house.
Ever so often his eyes will flick to the door as if he’s hoping for something. Will the door ever open to reveal the very person he comes to visit? Will you walk in and finally present yourself to him? And when you do, how will you look? Will you have bags under your eyes as a sign of your unrest? Will you conceal that with makeup or will you not care to put anything on because it’s annoying?
You mentioned before that putting on makeup is a hassle. You don’t like the way it feels on your skin and you hate the process of taking it off. It feels weird afterward, as if your skin isn’t clean. He knows that sometimes you enjoy decorating your eyes, experimenting with them, but most days you’ll leave your face bare as you roam around the house, liking the feel of nothingness on them.
That’s why you hate having to attend parties. Parties require dressing up and wearing makeup. You hate the way people eye you whenever you’re in the crowd trying to blend in. You can never blend in. Yoongi always told you you were like a butterfly among the moths, a bright beacon that attracts them, so how can anyone take their eyes off you?
You don’t like the fancy clothes, the dresses that reveal more of your skin. You hate the attention. You hate the crowd.
“I’m not too fond of these types of dresses,” he remembers you saying the other night. It made him smile because it sounded like you were complaining, as if what happened in those past years was nothing but a fever dream.
But he knows it isn’t a fever dream, not when he’s sitting in the middle of your living room reliving the events of what happened in London, waiting for your arrival and only becoming disappointed in the end.
Your game of revenge is a game that plays with your emotions, provoking you through and through, shakes your resolve, breaks your mind, and tears you down to the tiniest pieces. You hold yourself well in front of others, concealing everything that creates you, and that’s why your body forced itself to shut down and display an emotion of void; it knows you’re afraid of breaking down before others and it knows when you’ve had enough.
Your body is the only force that can stop you on your mission of revenge, but how much longer will he have to watch to finally see you too far gone? Will anyone be able to stop you then before it’s too late?
“You should head back.” Hoseok looks up at Yuna who will forever have that black blindfold around her eyes.
When she addresses him, she speaks to him in a manner different from when she faces the rest of the boys. She’s more guarded around them, voice always on edge, but with him, she saves him the effort and results in a less guarded expression.
Yuna reminds him of a loyal beast. She’s soft and gentle when she stands before you, addressing you kindly without even the tiniest amount of hostility. She trusts you completely and cares for you in the most tender ways. But when someone does you wrong, when she faces the people that aren’t good for you, she will bear her fangs and stand before you, guarding everything that you are without hesitation.
She knows who to let in and who to shut out and Hoseok is one of the people she puts a bit of trust in.
He guesses that must be because he’s one of the few people in your life that never went out of his way to betray your trust.
He’s thankful for it but a part of him will always be torn between you and the boys. It was wrong of them to put him in a situation where he had to choose but that’s why you left. You left not only for yourself but you left for him. Because you knew that if Hoseok had known anything that he didn’t know then, it would have caused a rift in the relationship and he knows you would have never forgiven yourself if that were to ever happen.
You left so he didn’t have to choose.
At first, it broke him. Your leaving made him hate the boys so much and caused him to distance himself away from them. He can’t count the many times he was almost tempted to have grabbed the keys of his car and ride into your driveway, demanding you back. He wanted to meet you again and ask for forgiveness.
But what did he have to apologize for? He wasn’t the one at fault and you knew that.
Only until a few months into the divorce did Hoseok finally forgive himself just a bit. He realized that even though you were forced to leave, you still did it willingly as well. If you saw him then you’d tell him to make up with the boys, that you wouldn’t want to be the reason their love fell apart.
So he reconciled with them for you. A part of him would never forgive them for what they did but he still loved them dearly and he knew that losing them would cause him more grief. So he returned to them before it was too late, all the while crying because even though he returned, his heart could never be filled to the brim. There was always something missing and that missing piece was you.
Hoseok stands from the sofa and walks off like a routine but rather than going past the door as usual, he pauses for a moment. Yuna turns to him expectedly, knowing he has something to say.
“Thank you for taking care of her all these years,” he says, and when he walks off again, Yuna can only look towards the floor, hating every bit of the situation.
You never told her much of the details of your relationship, just very vague snippets of your love life, but she does recall you calling for Hoseok at times when you dream. When you speak of him, you always tell her that nothing was his fault because even though he wanted to save you and mend the relationship, you wouldn’t have let him.
You were glad he never came after you, glad he stayed with the boys in the way you forced him to. Hoseok would have had to choose a side if you hadn’t left so you never regretted leaving for the sake of your healing and for the sake of his.
Yuna knows that if Hoseok ever knew about the truth about your father, he would have never let you go. Will he ever find out though? Will you ever allow him the privilege? And if you ever do, how will he take it? She knows he will only regret things more.
Yuna turns from him to walk down the opposite hall of where he is, only to freeze in place when she feels another presence.
“My lady?”
You stand still from where you are, dressed in a white nightgown as you stare at the back of the one man who trusted and loved you when it felt like the whole world was against you. Luckily Yuna kept her voice low so he doesn’t have a chance of hearing and turning around.
You don’t want him to turn around.
In your heart, Hoseok is the one that got away, the soulmate whom you loved at the wrong time, your tragic fate. Perhaps in another lifetime, you could make up and you won’t have to worry about any other factor. Perhaps in another lifetime, you can love again.
In this life, you don’t trust yourself to love again. If Hoseok still cares, if Hoseok still loves you, you know that even then you won’t be able to stay with one another. For one thing, he has the others and you’re too selfless to take him away from them even if you hate them for what they did to you. Because Hoseok did nothing wrong and he doesn’t deserve to be torn between a bridge. You can’t take his people away from him so you decide to suffer instead.
“I want..a bath,” you tell Yuna, words beginning to form slowly after going days without using your voice. Dasom told you you can only communicate in one-word forms when you’re in a state where your body has shut down and you can feel nothing. They’ve learned to understand you, a skill they’ve picked up because there’s no one else to put in the effort.
Your Reapers will always do all that they can to help you.
Yuna gives you a nod. “I’ll call Dasom,” she says.
You know she’s concerned and wants to ask you questions. Are you okay? How do you feel? But she leaves it be for now because you’ve come out of your room. You’re walking with a limp and you’re bringing yourself slowly back into the light.
That’s enough for her.
She just knows she’ll have to order someone to prepare your food later. But for now, she calls for Dasom and the two of them lead you back into your room. Yuna runs the water warm and Dasom helps you into the tub so you don’t slip on your unsteady legs. They remain by your side as you sit in the bathtub, lost in thoughts while Dasom runs her hands through your hair, scratching lightly for the shampoo to run white and foamy.
“Why was Hoseok here?” You ask them after a few moments of silence. Your voice is a bit rough around the edges as it tries to get used to speaking again after going silent for days.
Yuna hesitates to answer. “He..comes around often. Ever since we returned.”
“He was worried,” she says simply and you pull your knees further into your chest, the ripple of the water felt against your naked skin.
You never wanted any of them to see you in such a state but you guess it was better than breaking down uncontrollably, an intimate moment you rarely even show the Reapers except Mingyu. Your body probably understood that, hence it stopped you just as you begged Seokjin to save you.
You can’t believe you did that.
Leehyun triggered your senses but you can’t believe you actually turned to Seokjin and clung to him, asking him to save you. If only it had been Hoseok who grabbed you, maybe then you’d feel less uncomfortable and discontent with the fact that you showed such a weakness towards the people who never deserved it.
It leaves you bitter thinking about it.
Still, would you actually be more content with turning to Hoseok instead?
“Thank you for taking care of her all these years,” his words echo in your head when you decided to finally leave your room and take a walk, only to find out Hoseok had been here possibly waiting for your arrival.
If you had turned to Hoseok and asked him to save you instead, you don’t think you’d be able to take his reaction in. You remember the moment you stopped going to Hoseok all those years ago, when you stopped trying to rely on him. It was the moment you knew you had to prepare yourself for being alone again, when everything was falling apart and you didn’t want him regretting anything in the end.
You didn’t reach out to him, you didn’t ask for his help, and during your last moment with him, you asked him to let you go.
“I’m tired,” you said. And you remember the way he broke at those words.
In the end, he allowed you to go because those words carried so much weight to him. You were tired, tired of everything, and even though he wanted to save you, you weren’t going to allow him. So he stepped back and cried as you stepped away for one last time, never to return ever again.
If you had asked Hoseok to save you, if you had been selfish at that moment and turned to him rather than push him away, you don’t know what you’d do knowing you’d hurt him.
You don’t want to give Hoseok any false hope because you know you aren’t capable of loving again. If it takes only two seconds to break something then it’ll take a lifetime to heal and you know that you aren’t going to heal.
As long as you live to seek for revenge, you won’t heal.
You can’t have them both at the same time so rather than healing, you choose vengeance.
When Hoseok walks into Namjoon’s office as he usually does when he returns from his visit, he momentarily freezes in place at the tension that fills up the space.
The boys are all in the room, faces filled with grim. Taehyung’s looking at the floor, his eyes shaking from one place to another, not able to stay still while Jimin bites his lower lip and Jungkook fiddles with his fingers, a sign of anxiety running through their thoughts.
When he walks into the room, Yoongi looks away from him, not meeting his eyes, while Seokjin has his arms crossed against his chest, a small shake of his head when Hoseok eyes him with a question.
“What’s wrong?” He asks the room, moreso directed at the boss.
Namjoon meets his gaze with a look of distress and anger, ire and hurt flashing in his eyes as he holds onto a piece of letter with his veins popping into visibility. “Jungwon’s dead,” he utters. “He’s been dead.”
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sunshinerainbowsbts · a day ago
Bangtan Ranch | BTS Collab
Tumblr media
Do the dog days of summer have you down? Are you looking for an escape from the stress of everyday life? Find yourself yearning for endless blue skies and verdant fields, where excitement and adventure wait for you around every bend?
Come to Bangtan Ranch! Here you'll find all you seek. Whether it be something to get your heart pounding or something to help you relax, we offer it all. Vacation packages are tailored to meet your specific wants, and can include such activities as:
horseback riding
overnight campouts
couples massages
wine tastings and fine dining
And so much more! No matter what you desire, the Bangtan staff is here to meet all your needs. Check out some of our staff below!
Bookings now open for September 2022!
Tumblr media
A/N: I'm so excited to announce the Bangtan Ranch collab, hosted by me and @sugalaritae! This whole idea stemmed from the extreme thirst caused by Yoongi in the "That That" mv and the idea of him running a brothel like the Bunny Ranch. We hope you'll enjoy the amazing stories these authors have written - whatever you're searching for, you're sure to find it at the ranch!
Banner by @herecomesjoon
Collab Rating: M (18+)
Collab Warnings: sex work, mentions of past sex work, explicit sex
Disclaimer: NSFW; obviously none of us own BTS, they just inspire us. Summaries, genres, and warnings are subject to change between now and when the fics are posted. Each fic will have its own specific warnings.
Tumblr media
Heartbreak Hotel ↣ @thatlongspringnight
Pairing ↣ Kim Namjoon x Female Reader
Genre ↣ angst, smut, some fluff, non-idol!au
Summary ↣ When your boyfriend breaks up with you, with no warning, you’re left with no choice but to drown your sorrows in the one place you know you’ll find him.
Tumblr media
Hidden Heart ↣ @herecomesjoon
Pairing ↣ Kim Seokjin x Female Reader
Genre ↣ fluff, some light angst, smut, non-idol!au
Summary ↣ You left the city to escape. To get away from the pressures of your high paced job, of your family, and to forget the person that you thought you loved. You left to heal yourself, but what you found at the ranch wasn't the new beginning you were expecting.
Tumblr media
This Time ↣ @sugalaritae
Pairing ↣ Min Yoongi x Queer OC (to be named)
Genre ↣ strangers to lovers, a little bit of enemies to lovers, ranch!au
Summary ↣ This time Yoongi isn't going to let his fears dictate what happens. This time he's not going to put other's lives ahead of his own. This time he's going to do it right. This time things will be different. Except, sometimes you need to move on.
Warnings ↣ phone sex, mentions of depression, anxiety, heartbreak
Tumblr media
In Good Hands ↣ @sunshinerainbowsbts
Pairing ↣ Jung Hoseok x Female Reader
Genre ↣ smut, porn with the barest of plots, ranch!au
Summary: Once again, another partner has left you feeling unsatisfied. Maybe it's time to call in an expert. Don't worry, Hoseok knows exactly what you need.
Tumblr media
Wonderful Tonight ↣ @minttangerines
Pairing ↣ Park Jimin x Female Reader
Genre ↣ angst, hurt/comfort, sex work!au
Summary ↣ During a memorial, you take the time to rediscover yourself from before your life changed.
Warnings ↣ mentions of death, depression, cursing
Tumblr media
Untamed Hearts ↣ @sunshinerainbowsbts
Pairing ↣ Kim Taehyung x Female Reader
Genre ↣ angst, smut, hurt/comfort, ranch!au
Summary ↣ In need of some relaxation, and still reeling from your recent breakup, you book yourself a vacation at the famed Bangtan Ranch, with one goal in mind: learn how to ride a horse. Head wrangler Taehyung is more than willing to teach you, but he has a few other lessons in mind, too.
Tumblr media
Calling It Now ↣ @reliablemitten
Pairing ↣ Jungkook x Female Reader
Genre ↣ friends to lovers, grad school!au
Summary ↣ Jungkook has always been there for you, a steady friend and supporter. But when you cross the line, does he really return your feelings or are you just another client?
Warnings ↣ implied big age gap with an “off-camera” client, cursing, drinking, protected sex, unprotected sex (probably), oral sex, kissing, everyone is repressing their feelings and—unsurprisingly—that leads to angst and heartbreak
Tumblr media
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koosbabygrl · 2 days ago
|Greedy|↠ jinminkookxreader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary ↠ They can’t get enough of you, so why not share? Genre ↠ Smut||Fluff if you blink▸REPOST Pairing ↠ Jungkook x reader, jimin x reader, seokjin x reader TW ↠ Dom!jungkook, dom!jimin, dom!seokjin, sub!reader, established relationship, begging, consensual non-consent, degradation, fingering, punishment, nipple play, foursome, unprotected sex, protected sex, oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, lots of cum, deep throat, sloppy seconds (thirds?), triple penetration, tea-bagging, double-vaginal penetration, face slapping, butt slapping, impreg/breeding kink, name-calling, spitting, aftercare kinda Word count ↠  5.5k   
 please don’t copy, steal, plagiarize, re-post, or otherwise use without permission
Tumblr media
As you stepped into your apartment at the end of a long day at work, you had nothing on your mind except to order some takeout, take a nice long bubble bath, and crawl into bed. Your boyfriend, Seokjin told you he’d be working late tonight, so you weren’t going to be able to enjoy his delicious cooking, unfortunately.
You took off your shoes and walked to the kitchen. As you reached to turn on the light switch, you felt one arm wrap tightly around your waist while the other covered your mouth. Panicking, you tried to scream, but the grip on your mouth was too tight. You tried to twist and kick back, but the person who had grabbed you lifted you easily off your feet and began to take you to your bedroom, his hand still covering your mouth.
Every cell in your body was alight with terror. You struggled as much as you could but you couldn’t get out of this man’s strong grip. Eventually, he entered your bedroom and threw you onto the bed like a ragdoll.
You looked up, seeing his face for the first time and it was someone you recognized. Park Jimin. Suddenly, everything clicked into place. Your pounding heart slowed down and you relaxed. It was finally happening.
When Seokjin had suggested a foursome with two of his closest friends, you were only too eager to agree and so were they. They seemed even more excited about the prospect than you were, if that was even possible. Seokjin had confessed that they’d always had a bit of a crush on you. The four of you talked it out and had a very serious discussion about how things were going to happen. You all talked about your kinks, boundaries, limits, safe words, and everything in between.
You had agreed to this. The plan was that one or more of them would sneak up on you when you didn’t expect it and grab you and start the scene. This was all planned out, except for when. Truthfully, the discussion had happened a while back now and you’d almost forgotten about it. He truly got you.
“Jimin?” You said breathlessly. You wondered where the others were. Jin and Jungkook were supposed to be here too.
“Keep your mouth shut and take your clothes off,” Jimin said promptly. Anticipating your question he answered you, “I wanted a bit of time alone with you before Jungkook and Jin-hyung got here. They both said that was okay,” he raised his eyebrows at you, seemingly to ask if you had any problem with that. He was giving you a chance to safeword out.
“Okay,” you nodded, as you pulled off your clothes, still on the bed. You made quick work of your skirt and blouse, tossing them onto the floor. In a perfect world, you’d be wearing your favourite red lace set right now, but as it was you were wearing a mismatched white sports bra and blue bikini briefs. Hey, you didn’t know this was going to happen tonight and you just wanted to be comfortable at work. You took them off and tossed them down too.
“Good girl,” Jimin said, his signature smirk lighting up his face. This man was pure walking sex and the worst part about it was that he knew it. “I like it when a slut knows how to follow orders.”
You bit your lip, trying to stop yourself from smiling. You loved how he was talking to you, those words from a man like that had your pussy gushing already.
Jimin didn’t miss a thing though and was quick to call you out. “Oh, you like being my obedient slut?”
“I do.”
“Well, show me how good you can be. Get on your front. Face down, ass up,” he instructed with the authority of a man who’d done this plenty of times. Jimin had a bit of a reputation for sleeping around but you knew he had the kindest, gentlest heart.
You did as you were told, burying your head in the bed. This position was always slightly embarrassing in front of someone new. You buried your face in the bed, not wanting to look at him as he came towards you.
You felt a slight dip in the bed as he climbed on behind you, examining you like a piece of meat. You felt like an object and you liked it. He put his fingers on your already soaked pussy, spreading your wetness around.
“Jesus, you’re this fucking drenched already?” He asked, pushing a finger into your cunt.
It seemed to be a rhetorical question so you didn’t bother to answer, instead relishing in the fact that something was inside you. You writhed a bit, trying to get his finger to hit your sweet spot, when he pulled it out of you as quick as he could.
“I’ve never met such a desperate slut,” he admonished you and you were almost chagrined. Almost.
“I’m sorry, Jimin,” you said, trying your best to look back at him from your position.
He rolled his eyes and sighed. “I should’ve known. Pathetic sluts like you are always so desperate to get something in their pussy.”
Jimin continued, spreading your wetness up and down with his fingers again. “Now tell me, which holes am I allowed to use?”
You’d talked about this extensively of course, but you appreciated that he was asking you again, giving you the chance to change your mind now that you were actually here.
“All of them,” you said, confidently.
“Perfect,” he said, giving your ass an approving smack. “I think I’m gonna start with that pretty mouth of yours. On your knees on the floor, slut. Now.”
You didn’t have to be told twice. Jimin had sat down on the edge of the bed, with his legs wide. You could see the bulge at his crotch. You got between his knees and began to undo his button, sliding his fly down, revealing a pair of black boxer briefs. You were somewhat surprised. Jimin had always struck you as a tighty whitey guy.
“What are you waiting for? I know how bad you want a cock inside you, doesn’t matter where. Now here’s your chance.”
You smiled and kissed the tip of Jimin’s pretty pink erection before proceeding to lick his shaft all the way from the base to the tip. Jimin groaned with obvious arousal and you felt positively giddy. You took him into your mouth properly and began to suck him off, taking him deeper and deeper until he was practically hitting the back of your throat. With your lack of a gag reflex, cock sucking was something you’d always been good at.
“Fuck,” Jimin said above, “That’s good. Jin told me about how good you were with your mouth but damn.”
You were pleased. His moans of pleasure had you dripping onto the hardwood. The fact that you were causing those moans only turned you on more. You wanted to pleasure him. Just as your jaw was getting sore, a certain hitch in his breath made you believe he was close. You redoubled your efforts, bobbing yourself on his cock so he’d cum in your mouth.
Jimin, however, had another idea. He grabbed you by the hair and abruptly pulled you off his cock. You glared up at him, annoyed, but he just smirked down at you.
“I know you’re a cum hungry whore, but not so fast. You haven’t earned it,” he said, while stroking his shaft. “I’m gonna finish all over your face. Make you look nice and pretty for when Jin and Jungkook arrive.”
He did exactly as he said, finishing on your face. His cum hit you right in between the eyebrows, like a perfect bulls-eye. Jimin used his slowly softening cock to spread it around your face, purposely messing up your makeup in the process.
Right on time, you heard people entering the room from the door behind you and you twisted around to see your gorgeous boyfriend, Seokjin, and his equally handsome friend, Jungkook. You could only imagine the mess you looked right now, naked, covered in Jimin’s cum and your own saliva. Your makeup was a mess and probably your hair too.
“Jimin-ah,” Jin said in mock irritation. “You’ve made such a mess of her already.”
“Just breaking her in a bit,” Jimin replied.
“I think she looks great,” Jungkook said, brightly. You made eye contact with him and both of you blushed slightly. You knew him the least, and he was also a few years younger than you so being in this state in front of him was particularly embarrassing.
“Have you been a good little whore for my friend, princess?” Jin asked you, eyeing the fluids on your face, neck, and chest.
“I think so,” you said, glancing over at Jimin.
“She’s been okay,” Jimin said, dismissively and you pouted at his words.
“Hey, none of that,” Jin admonished, as he gripped your chin tightly, forcing you to look up at him. “No pouting.”
“I bet I can get that pout off her face, hyung,” Jungkook said, mischievously. You looked at the bunny-faced boy. “I bet her pussy’s barely been touched. Jimin-hyung is selfish like that. Isn’t that right?”
You nodded, hoping to convey the pathetic desperation you felt. You looked over at Jimin and he scoffed.
Jungkook crouched down to your eye level and took one of your breasts in his hand, rolling the nipple between his fingers, “How about this?” Jungkook proposed, sweetly, “I’ll let you ride me, but you have to promise not to cum, okay? Can you be a good girl and do that?”
“I can,” you said, eagerly, looking up at him and then to Seokjin. There was comfort in having him here.
Jungkook got back up and laid down on the bed, pulling his cock out and giving it a few strokes. You climbed on top of him, taking his erection in your fingers and lining it up with your entrance, before fully sheathing himself inside of you.
Both of you moaned at the same time and slowly you began to bounce on his cock.
“Fuck yes,” Jungkook said, watching your tits bounce as you rode him faster and faster. He reached up to grab them, squeezing tightly as he did so. You slowed down and yelped in pain. Jungkook did it again, grabbing your nipples and pinching them this time. Again, you let out a shriek of pain and pleasure.
Jin walked over and stood beside the two of you, undoing his belt and unzipping his pants. He pulled you by the hair, forcing you to look up at him, “You’re so fucking loud,” he admonished, “Do I have to stick my cock in your mouth to get you to shut the fuck up?”
“I’m sorry,” you said to Jin, insincerely. Truly, the thought of taking Jin in your mouth while Jungkook was in your pussy gave you a heady rush.
“I bet that’s exactly what you want,” Jin said, as if reading your mind. He knew you too well at this point. “How about I make you lick my balls instead?”
You opened your mouth wide and stuck your tongue out, letting him place them on your tongue. You licked them as best you could, while looking up at him.
“I’m gonna need you to do better than that, slut,” Jin said, and you took the opportunity to take his balls in your mouth completely, still massaging them with your tongue. “That’s better. That shut you up didn’t it?”
You said nothing, because it wasn’t as though you could, you could barely even breathe. You just moaned with him in your mouth. A few seconds later, he removed himself so you could finally get a lungful of oxygen.
Jin let you take a few gulps of air before sticking his cock in your mouth, he pushed himself straight to the back of your throat, knowing you could take it. Jungkook was thrusting up underneath and having two cocks inside of you at once was an amazing feeling.
Just then you felt someone behind you, obviously Jimin. He pushed you down slightly, and you felt him spread your ass cheeks apart with his hands. “Guess I’ll use the one hole you have left,” he said, “Lucky me.”
You felt him spread the warm lube on your asshole, and then push one finger in, pumping it a few times. He removed it and you heard him rip open a condom packet, and roll it over his hard erection. He put the tip of his cock right on your rear entrance and he pushed in slowly, giving you time to adjust to his thickness. Once he was all the way in he stilled inside you, “You love having three cocks inside of you, don’t you, you dirty whore?”
You moaned with Seokjin’s cock in your mouth, your eyes rolling back. Jimin began pounding into your ass while Jungkook was doing the same to your pussy. Seokjin was straight up fucking your throat. The gagging sounds you were making were obscene. You truly felt like you were their little fucktoy, to be used as they pleased.
As they continued hammering away at all your holes, you felt your orgasm rushing up on you. You couldn’t have stopped it if you tried. You came all over Jungkook’s cock, shrieking around Seokjin’s and getting pounded by Jimin’s.
As soon as you came, Seokjin pulled himself out of your mouth, and gave you a smack across your face.
“Didn’t Jungkook tell you not to cum, you pathetic fucking slut?”
Before you could answer, Seokjin slapped you across the face again, while Jimin slapped your ass.
“Useless whore can’t even follow simple instructions,” Jimin said while pulling out of you.
“Get off Jungkook’s dick and clean up your mess, slut. Lick all your filthy cum off of it,” Jin said, harshly and you complied without complaint. You got up off of Jungkook on your shaky knees and moved back, then leaned down and began cleaning up his cock with your tongue, your face burning slightly with embarrassment.
“That’s right,” Jungkook said, with a mischievous smile on his face, as he watched you licking him up. You were meticulous in your duty, licking every morsel of cum off of him. Once you were done, you sat up and looked around at the men shyly.
“Good girl,” Jungkook said, and you blushed at the praise. “But you still need to be punished. I think since you wanted to cum so badly, you should cum over and over again.”
Right when he said that, Jimin grabbed you and pushed you down on your back on the bed, holding your arms down so you couldn’t use them. Jungkook then grabbed your thighs and forced them apart, holding them open. Evidently, they had discussed this particular punishment in advance, since Jin appeared holding what you recognized as your own vibrator.
“No!” You protested, struggling against the strength of the two handsome men who were holding you down, but it was no use.
“Disobedient whores get punished,” Jimin said, simply. He grabbed both of your wrists in one hand, holding them together over your head. With this free hand, he reached down and gave your pussy a harsh smack.
You screamed and tried to bring your legs together, but Jungkook easily kept them apart, keeping your wet cunt exposed for all of them. Jimin gave your pussy another smack, and then another, until you were sobbing out an apology.
“I’m s-sorry,” you said, with tears running down your temples and into your hair, “I’m so sorry, please stop.”
Jimin pinched your clitoris between this thumb and his forefinger, “Who the fuck said you were allowed to tell us to stop? Hmm? Don’t you know you’re our fucktoy? We decide when this is over.” That wasn’t technically true, of course, you could safeword out anytime but what he was saying had you gushing.
“Yes, you’re r-right, I’m sorry,” you cried, and Jimin let go of your clit, finally giving you some relief.
Jungkook was still holding your legs apart. He was staring at your drenched pussy when he had an idea.
“Instead, how about Jimin-hyung and I fuck this pussy together?” He asked, his eyebrows raised.
You felt a mixture of fear and arousal at the thought of it. Could you take them both? Jungkook’s cock was thinner, but it was long, whereas Jimin’s was shorter but thick. The thought of them both pounding your pussy excited you like crazy.
You looked up at Jin, wondering if he’d protest but he just smiled instead.
“Go ahead. That’s what whores are for. We’re not done here until we’ve properly abused all your holes. They can both take your pussy and then later I can fill that dirty cunt until it’s leaking out all of our cum.”
You shiver at his words, eyeing him sensually but also making sure to give him your soft and obedient eyes he loved so much. A soft hand brushes over your cheek, your attention quickly turns to Jimin who demands your attention while biting his lower lip. “I’m going to need you to sit on Jungkook’s cock facing the opposite wall and then I want you to lay back onto his chest while he sits back on the pillows. Do you think your pretty pussy can take the stretch? Hm?”
Wanting nothing more than to please them all, you nod without hesitation and do exactly as he’s asked without missing a beat. Jungkook had been eagerly waiting the entire time, eyes glazed over and sense heightened from the smell of sex in the air. As he makes himself comfortable, you feel exposed while Jimin and Jin run their hand over their cocks slowly. You can tell they’re hurting, their red and weeping tips making you hungry.
Jungkook’s hands on your hips draw your attention and looking back at him you see his eyes are totally focused on your ass and nothing else. You get into place and straddle him all the while looking right into Jimin’s eyes. “Like this?,” you tease earning a low warning growl from him. You turn away from his intimidating glare letting Jungkook line himself up to your slit before pulling you down. He doesn’t wait until you’ve caught your breath, already on his second stroke when Jimin makes his appearance.
“Now lay back.” Jimin pushes on your chest softly and Jungkook’s hand supports your back. Soft kisses are placed over your shoulder from the man whose length is still buried deep inside of you, and you adjust your legs so they are not stretching in an uncomfortable way. Jungkook’s lips distract you, nosing along your jawline and ear lobe distracting from the fact that Jimin is crawling up the bed between your thighs. When he presses the head of his cock onto your clit you jolt. You start to wonder if you really could do this, if your body was able to take two men at once. “I think I’m going to need help,” you whimper, alerting Jin. He locks eyes with Jimin and with unsaid words Jimin already knows what to do. He licks two of his fingers and brings them down to the hood of your pussy where he begins to rub it in slow circles. At the same time Jungkook moves once again and the squelching sounds you hear in this position are embarrassing. You’re so lost in the feeling that when Jimin slips in a finger to join Jungkook’s dick you squeal.
“Hush, whore. I know you can take this. Right? You want to be our good girl, don't you?”
The truth was you wanted nothing more than to be used like the horny little bitch you were, and if that meant being stretched by two cocks, so be it. You feel his finger finesse your opening, your arousal making it easy for him to slip in an entire finger. Jin’s cock was quite large and girthy so this wasn’t too bad. But when he slips in another you have to bite your lip to hold back your cry. You can feel this like nothing else, your tears slipping down and lip bleeding from the new feeling. The men immediately detect this, rushing to ease your pain. Jimin kisses you slow and deep while Jungkook massages your nipples. Just when you think you’re about to throw in the towel you hear Jin’s voice low and gravelly voice in your ear.
“If you can do this for me, I’d be so pleased with you. I can already tell your cunt wants it. Look how your body responds, how your nipples pebble and cum coats Jungkook’s dick. I bet you could take three cocks, couldn’t you, princess?”
It’s all you need, his praises urging you to widen your legs and relax your hole. Jimin senses this, his second finger now fully fitting inside of you. The burn is insane, but you’re so turned on by the fact that your boyfriend loves it you can’t help but to want to please him. “That’s a good girl,” Jungkook whispers along the shell of your ear, his tongue and teeth biting the flesh while his hips begin their torturous rhythm once again. You can feel Jimin’s thick fingers rub against you while you’re being thrust into and suddenly it’s not enough.
“P-please. I need more. I want more. Fuck me like your dirty cocksleeve. PLEASE!”
A wicked grin appears on Jimin’s face and not needing more permission, he puts the head of his cock at your entrance and leans forward. One hand holding him up, he kisses you deep, shoving his tongue so far inside your mouth you almost gag. In this exact moment, Jimin pushes the head down and slides it into you at a slow, excruciating pace. The feeling is too much and even Jungkook groans behind you. Jimin swallows your cries as he feels himself getting deeper and deeper.
You pull away from his kiss, a guttural cry escaping you. You have never felt so full and it aches just as much as it feels incredible. The three of you are motionless for at least two minutes until Jimin’s tongue on your neck brings you back to reality. He makes a move to pull back and the three of you moan.
“Fuck, baby. You’re doing so good.” Jin rewards you with his words, his cock so thick in his hand he could cum at just the sound of your voice. He’s holding on to his last thread of sanity while watching his best girl get ruined by his two friends. He’s never seen anything sexier in his life. The palm of his hand is soaked and he chuckles under his breath at how easily he’s coming undone. He doesn’t remember the last time he lost his composure so quickly.
Jimin and Jungkook have already gathered their stride. You’re sandwiched between them, a pathetic sobbing mess with drool falling out of your mouth, the feel of two cocks destroying your needy pussy. It amazes you how quickly you’ve adjusted and are taking them both without so much as a complaint. “That’s a good girl, so sloppy...f-fuck…”
Jimin is losing his mind, your fucked out face making him want to go faster. Jungkook behind you lays with his eyes closed, his hands busy on your breasts. He barely had to move, his older friend’s hips doing the work for him. You feel amazing on his body, your hands reaching up and back, fingers buried in his locks while begging him to fuck you. He was in heaven.
“Jimin, I bet this baby would love it if you spit on her mouth. She’s already drooling all over my chest. Let’s give her a taste of her own medicine.”
Before Jimin even demands it, you open your mouth, tongue hanging out like a filthy prostitute. You loved every minute of it. Jimin isn’t so kind when he sees your shamelessness. His hand comes up to squeeze your jaw and it actually makes you panic for a moment. When you check to see if you’ve upset him, his eyes make you cower in fear. He leans right up to your face and opens his mouth, his tongue against your bottom lip as his spit falls freely into your own. The warm liquid seeps down your tongue and into your throat. When you go to swallow, he sharply thrusts and you choke.
“See that, Kook? This bitch doesn't play nice. I think she needs to be taught a lesson.” Jimin’s hips start an unforgiving pace, while Jungkook holds your head back by the hair. The tug feels good against your scalp as do the countless sensations you’re being assaulted with. A bite on your shoulder has you reeling, your legs shaking with the way your orgasm is so close. They never said whether or not you could cum and you become hesitant to release.
“Can I...can I c-cummm? Please?” You’re begging now, unashamed and desperate. “No.” comes the voice of your boyfriend from somewhere in the room. At this point you don’t even know where he is or what he’s doing but you can’t focus on that now. You almost yell back and demand to cum, wanting to complain that he’s being unfair because honestly you really weren’t going to be able to hold it back even if you tried. And then you do, the force of it so powerful it rocks your body. You shake uncontrollably while the men above and below you follow right behind, and you feel it. You can feel every ounce of semen filling you, the gush unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.
If you thought Seokjin would give you any kind of reprieve after the assault on your pussy at the hands of his younger friends, you were wrong. You had barely had a chance to get your bearings together when your boyfriend commands the boys to remove themselves from you and leave. It was only you and him now. As you lie on the bed, face flushed and sweaty, he makes his way up the bed and between your legs. He sits back and watches you catch your breath admiring the way your breasts move up and down with the action. You’ve never looked more stunning. He can see the semen leaking out of your holes, the image making him even more hungry than before. Watching you get fucked by his friends had been pleasurable and erotic, but when you all came together, he almost lost his own control. Swiping a finger over your swollen and sensitive cunt, he brings the dirty finger up to his mouth and kitten licks over the cum.
“You’ve done such a wonderful job, baby. I am so very proud of you. Do you know what would make me even prouder?”
Barely able to talk, you watch him silently, the last of your strength stolen from you with the orgasm you had moments ago. It was obvious what he meant, the tent in his pants and lust in his eyes giving you all the proof. “Jin, I don’t think I ca-”
“You can, and you will. Now open up this greedy hole. This is my pussy and although I was nice enough to share it, I get to ruin it last. You’re going to be the best girl for me, I just know it. Let Jinnie push his cum deep inside of you...feel my cock bulging from your stomach...you’d love it, being my dirty bitch...wouldn’t you, baby?”
Whatever argument you thought you would present was completely overridden by the determined look in his eyes. Before you can protest, he turns you on your belly and lifts your hips up off the mattress. The position he places you in causes the cum inside of you to leak out drawing a sharp hiss from Jin. “Fuck, this looks even better. Let me fill you up more, baby. I wonder...if you got pregnant...who do you think the father would be?”
He chuckles sadistically as he presses your neck down harshly. You don’t feel much since your body is already spent, so when he presses himself into you and thrusts forward, you almost scream at the intrusion. Impossibly, you felt fuller, the added girth of your lover’s dick sloshing around the semen inside of you causing the sound to be heard loud and clear in the air. He wasn’t being your soft Jin, no, he was fucking you like a dirty, cheap, whore, and the more you thought on it, the tighter you squeezed.
“Shit, baby. This turns you on, huh? Fucked by three dicks and your sloppy pussy is still begging for more?”
He continues to onslaught without stuttering and you wonder how he had so much self-control when he had obviously been turned on prior to taking you. Already so close to orgams, you whimper out in oversensitivity when his fingers come around to run your clit. His touch lingers somewhere between pain and pleasure, so you roll your hips back against him, the slapping of the back of your thighs against his pelvis getting you even closer to the edge. His forceful thrusts jolt your body forward making it hard to keep your chest off the bed. You fall forward completely and Jin follows, the weight of his body welcome. He doesn’t stop drilling himself into you determined to cum at the same time as you do.
“Tell me you’re close, baby, I can feel you sucking me in. You ready for my cum, slut? Hm?”
“Yes! Fuck! God, yes… I want it… I want it!”
Grabbing your ass, Jin spreads you wide and gets up on his knees, his relentless pace ripping cries from your lips. You’re drooling all over the sheets below you, your lower back already in pain from the flexed position you’re in, but it all feels so good and all you can focus on is the orgasm hovering within your grasp.
“Then fucking cum, whore and take my cum. Wanna feel this dirty pussy milk my cock….”
His word held a command you couldn't explain and like the obedient slut you are, you cum. When you feel him swell and release along with you, a guttural cry escapes you, body convulsing with several orgasms. You’d been used so many times that the oversensitivity made this so much more intense. You feel when he releases inside of you, the grip he had on your hips ensuring you didn’t pull away as he coated every inch of your spent hole. After a few more thrusts you begin to feel the hot semen sliding out of you and onto your inner thigh. When Jin had finished, he fell to the side of the bed allowing you to also fall down on your belly. Your entire body felt like a heavy weight and your arms felt like noodles. There was no way you’d be able to get up and clean yourself up so you were glad when Jimin poked his head back inside.
“Sounds like this poor baby needs to be loved.”
You looked at him as he made his way over to your naked, exhausted body, a damp washcloth in his hand. As he reached out, about to wipe up the mess that was all over you, really, you recoiled slightly.
Jimin froze, a smirk threatening to break out on his lips, “You’re not feeling shy now are you? After all that?”
You realised how silly you were being and shook your head, relaxing and allowing Jimin to use the warm cloth to clean you up as best he could. He was surprisingly gentle and you appreciated the fact that he was being so sweet with you now that everything was over.
“You don’t need to do this,” you said softly, your eyes closing despite themselves, the lull of sleep so close to overtaking you.
“Of course I do,” Jimin replied, simply.
Jungkook bounded back into the room just then, holding a glass of water for you. As tired as you were, you hadn’t realised you were also extremely thirsty. You sat up and took the glass from his hand, drinking half of it in a few gulps.
“Thanks,” you said, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand when you were done. Jungkook looked pleased with himself and gave Jimin a look. It seemed the younger boy was competitive about this as well.
You laid back down and Seokjin pulled you close to him, giving you a kiss on the temple.
“Are you alright?” He asked. The concern in his voice was endearing, considering how he’d been talking to you for the past couple hours.
“Yeah I’m good,” you replied, snuggling into his broad chest, the place where you felt safest.
“Good,” he said.
“Good enough to do it again sometime,” you mumbled into his chest.
Seokjin bit back a laugh, “Damn, I didn’t know you were so greedy,” you heard, right as you fell asleep.
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ahundredtimesover · 9 hours ago
The Light of Dead Stars (07) | KSJ
Tumblr media
Pairing: Seokjin x (f.) Reader; side Seokjin x (f.) OC; side Reader x Namjoon
Genre/Tags: arranged marriage, fake romance, boss/workmate aus; angst, drama, fluff, smut; slow burn
Chapter Warnings: Foul language (18+)
Chapter Word count: 9.9k
Series Masterlist | Muse Moodboard | Setting Moodboard
Tumblr media
Status: Ongoing
Series summary:  Your unconventional arranged marriage with your company’s President, Kim Seokjin, is necessary, practical, and simple - both your families benefit, and he minds his own business and so do you. But when a slip-up causes his parents to believe that you and he are in love, you have no choice but to pretend you are, especially with the trip to France for his brother’s wedding coming up. When you get back to Seoul, things start to change, and Seokjin is faced with the most difficult decision he has to make.  
Tumblr media
“Do you want some tea?”
It definitely wasn’t what Jin was expecting after telling Seri that they have to end things, but it’s cold and he’s having a mini-heart attack so maybe something calming might help.
“Sure. Chamomile would be great,” he replies.
He sits on the three-person couch in her living room that opens to the kitchen and her bedroom and watches her prepare his drink. Seri’s quaint apartment used to make him feel comfortable and cozy; now, it’s just suffocating.
She places the cup on the coffee table then pulls a chair from the kitchen counter to sit in front of him. She watches him blow the steam away before sipping. He always has this little smile that he makes after the first sip; it’s one of the details she’s noticed over the years and it’s definitely something that she’s going to miss.
“I’m sorry that this is hard for you, but you don’t have to worry,” Seri says, catching Jin by surprise. “I, uh, I guess I should’ve seen it coming.”
“Hey, why are you apologizing to me?” He exclaims. “This is on me, it always was. I always thought everything was okay between us, that things were easy because they just were, without realizing that you always had to compromise, that you always had to adjust and understand.”
“And I had to because we were each other’s secrets, Jin. That’s how it worked; it’s how it always worked. And I used to think it was okay - that you kept me around as long as you did because something was just pulling you back to me, that there was something keeping you around. And I realized it’s because I let you,” Seri explains. “You say you haven’t been fair to me and yes, that’s partly true, but I haven’t been fair to me, too.”
Jin looks at Seri in shock, unwilling to believe that this is how it’s going. He didn’t expect her to fight back, but he expected her to ask more, to demand answers. “Fuck, what’s happening,” is what he manages to say.
“What, you didn’t expect it’d be easy up until the end, huh?” She teases. 
“It isn’t easy, Seri. I’ve been unfair to you all this time and you don’t deserve the way I’ve been treating you.”
“Why, how are you treating me? A secret? Of course, that’s what we are, and I agreed to it. You think I would’ve managed if word got out about us, about the mere assistant cozying it up with the Chairman’s son?” She presses. “Sure, I was a 25-year old when it all started but I wasn’t naive, and I’m not naive now. At the end of the day, you treated me well, way better than anyone I could think of who wouldn’t keep me a secret. You’re a good man, Jin. I hope what happened to us doesn’t take that away from you.”
“Am I, though? I couldn’t.. I couldn’t do anything for you, for us. I took 5 years of your life and–”
“I took 5 years of yours, too,” Seri interjects. “We were on-and-off for a time but we just always found our way back to each other and I used to think that meant something but I never demanded more and I never expected you to do more, and that says something, too, doesn’t it?” 
“I love you, Jin, and I know for a fact that at one point, you loved me, too,” she replies. “But if it was really enough and you wanted a future life together, then you would’ve introduced me to your parents and gone public about us but you never did. And that’s on me - loving you so much that I chose to be blind to all the signs. I knew what I was to you, and I wasn’t someone you were going to fight for.”
“But that doesn’t change anything, does it? Hearing what you wanted from me and not being able to do that… I’m sorry that I wasn’t better to you, that I let this continue on,” he mutters, the guilt multiplying at hearing what she’d been thinking.
“I took what I could get,” she manages a smile. “You’re a hard man to forget, Kim Seokjin. Anything from you was already much more than I could ever dream of. You take care of me in a lot of ways and I just… I knew the dream was gonna end at some point. I’m lucky it even lasted this long.”
Jin covers his face with his hands. It would’ve been easier if Seri was angry or even more hurt, but he realizes that would just serve him so he’d feel vindicated somehow, that she could express her anger towards him and he’d feel he’s paid his dues. The fact that she’s as understanding as this - which in hindsight is how she naturally is - somewhat makes it harder for him. Now he has to hate himself even more.
“You don’t have to hate yourself, you know? I know that’s what you’re feeling,” Seri pulls him out of his thoughts. “In all the years that I’ve listened to you talk, I noticed you always do that, and you don’t have to. You’re the last person who deserves that kind of hate. I don’t, so why would you?”
“I feel like I deserve it because I screwed up.”
“Because you agreed to a marriage with a woman who let you keep me, right? And then you fell for her.” She catches Jin off guard, his wide eyes telling her so, but she keeps going. “That's why it’s so hard for you, isn’t it? Because it’s your wife who’s made you realize what’s been missing with me all this time.”
“How… how did you know?”
“You never cooked for me, did you know that?”
“I, uh… I never did?”
“No,” Seri giggles. “And that’s fine; I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it as much since everything tastes good to me and food is just… food. But it’s more than that to you. And ___ appreciates that. I don’t know if you noticed but you’ve mentioned it a few times, cooking for her. I guess that’s one way I knew.”
“See, I didn’t even realize it. I’m so–”
“I told you once I love the fried chicken from the stall near the office and you used to buy it for me every week until I found a new favorite. I told you that I’m allergic to seafood so every time we used to go out then, you always made sure with the chef that the food was safe for me to eat. Whenever I was craving for something, you always got it for me,” she narrates. “We never had enough time, that's why everything was quick and simple, but that doesn’t mean you never cared. You always did, it’s just different with her, is what I’m saying. You feel like yourself with her; you get to be yourself with her for more reasons than just me being a rank and file staff in your company. You laugh more freely, you get to express your care in more intimate ways than just buying food from the nearby restaurant. She lets you do that, and I’d be the selfish one if I said that doesn’t make me happy.”
Seri takes his hand, knowing he’ll need more convincing that things are okay, that he doesn’t have to blame himself for things he doesn’t have control over. She couldn’t control her feelings for him, that’s why she kept coming back, that’s why she kept letting him pull her along for 5 whole years. It’s the same way with him and how he couldn’t control his feelings when it came to you.
“I honestly didn’t know how much longer we would’ve gone on with the arrangement, and I don’t mean just you and me being a secret, but going on with this affair when your wife is so difficult not to like,” she continues. “I hate to think that this might be hard for her, too.”
“She, uh, she doesn’t know how I feel, actually,” Jin sighs. “There’s this man she’s loved for years and I think she’s waiting on him and I honestly don’t know where that leaves me.”
“Well, that kinda makes me feel better,” she chuckles, immediately correcting herself. “Not in the way you think; I want you to be happy, Jin, more than you know,” she takes his hand again. “But it’s different if she was already waiting on you, you know? I feel like letting me go makes you more free to explore what you truly feel about her, and that means you could be more sure.”
It’s what appeases Jin somehow, and he didn’t expect that Seri would be the one to make him feel a tad bit better about the situation. And she’s able to make it even more sense for him. He wants to be free enough to know just how much he feels for you, and that would allow him to do more, be more for you, and give you the leeway to make whatever decision you have to make. It’s not a sure shot, this whole thing with you and him. But he feels it’s more genuine than anything.
“I guess I’ll have to thank you, too, then,” he finally smiles. “Come to think of it, you know me just as much as Yoongi and my brother do.”
“That’s a badge of honor I’d gladly wear,” she giggles. “But that also means that I know you didn’t mean for things to happen like this. You’re a lot of things, Kim Seokjin. An asshole isn’t one of them.”
The words sound familiar, and it’s a breath of fresh air to hear it from Seri this time.
“Thanks. That’s actually a compliment.” 
He breathes a sigh of relief, and Seri takes the opportunity to tell him something, too.
“Since I was sort of expecting this at some point, I’ve also decided on resigning from the company,” she says, catching Jin by surprise again.
“What?! Seri, this shouldn’t keep you from working there and–”
“It just isn’t for me,” she cuts in. “I haven’t been happy professionally because doing support work doesn’t allow for the creativity that I’m craving. I really just stayed because it was the only way I could see you everyday, even if it was just at the lobby or the elevator. Pretty silly, isn’t it?” She chuckles. “So in a way, this is freeing, too. I chose to hold off on other things and that’s on me, so you don’t have to feel sorry at all. And this isn’t a swipe at your company, okay? So don’t stress about that, too.”
“I’ll try.”
“You will, and that’s the only thing I’ll ask of you.”
“So you’re really leaving, huh?” He says as he turns over his phone once you start ringing him. Seri sees it and smiles.
“There are a few places I’m eyeing around Seoul so yes, I’ve really thought about it.”
“What do I tell her?” Jin asks, as his phone rings again.
“I’m afraid that’s all on you now,” she smiles. “Just don’t screw it up, okay?”
“I hope I won’t,” he smiles back. “Thank you again and I’m going to miss you.”
“I’ll miss you, too. Maybe I’ll see you around? And happily with your wife, yes?”
“I hope so.” He returns her hug and looks at her one last time before he runs to his car, the biggest sigh of relief escaping his mouth. 
His smile grows when he sees your text messages, asking if he’s okay since the rain is pretty bad and Mrs. Kang had said he’s out. The feeling of being able to feel for you with no guilt is different, and he can’t deny the feeling of excitement of finally being able to imagine what life could truly be like with you; he just hopes that in your heart, there’s a space for him somewhere.
And on a rainy Saturday evening, at least there’s one heart that’s soaring. 
Back in the apartment that Jin had just left is a heart that’s breaking. But things need to break sometimes, Seri thinks, otherwise the cracks would be left unnoticed, and that’s not a way to love and be loved. At least in breaking, she gets to rebuild; at least in breaking, there’s a chance for her to feel whole once again.
Tumblr media
“Shit!” You yelp, caressing the toe that you stubbed on the table after the almost-shock of your life.
“Are you okay?” Jin asks worriedly on the other end of the line. He decided to call you to answer your multiple texts asking if he’s okay since the rain had worried you and he might be out driving.
“Yeah, just a little accident but I’m in one piece,” you chuckle. “But you, are you okay?” You wonder. “I can imagine it must’ve been hard for both of you.”
“I feel better than I imagined,” he sighs. “Yeah, well, things came up on her end and I’ve been too busy, too. We decided to just end things than let it drag on.”
He hates lying, especially to you, but he doesn’t know what to say that doesn’t involve telling you how he feels. 
“Oh, okay then. I’m sorry I’m not there for you right now,” you say, and he can already imagine your pouty face.
“Don’t worry about it. You’re with your family and that’s what matters so just enjoy there, okay?” He says. “I’ll message you when I get home.”
“Okay, be careful!” You yell before hanging up.
“Is your face always that miserable after a phone call with your husband?” Hoseok asks with an arched brow, the bitterness from the situation no doubt still making him a little cold towards Jin; you wonder how he’ll react with the news.
“No, I never am,” you say, giving him room next to you on the couch. “He and his girlfriend broke up, actually. So I’m just more sad for him.”
“Are you really?” your brother turns to you with unbelieving eyes. 
“Uh, why wouldn’t I be?” You furrow your eyebrows. “She’s a woman he cares about and who makes him happy.”
“Is that something he said or you just assumed because he’s been sneaking around with her for the past 5 years with no real intention of actually getting together?”
“I shall rephrase by saying that yes, I would assume because they’ve been a pair for 5 years and that means something. I can’t imagine what having to let her go feels like for him.”
“You would if you’d actually do it yourself, you know? Since there’s a man you’ve been waiting around for for 5 years yet it’s only left you with a broken heart.”
“You really don’t like any of the men in my life, don’t you?” You pout.
“Aish, come here,” Hoseok pulls you into a hug that you immediately drown in. “Jimin and Jungkook are the only men I trust to not break your heart. I trusted Namjoon, too, but every time I feel like he’ll come around, he just always puts something else above you. And I hate seeing you second to his dreams all the time.”
“You know I’d never ask him to give that up for me,” you reason.
“I know, and he knows that. And maybe he’s subconsciously taking advantage of that, knowing he’s disappointing you but never enough for you to let him go. And that’s not fair to either of you - your love for each other is holding you both back. That’s kind of sad, isn’t it?”
“When you put it that way, it does,” you sigh. “I just don’t know a life that isn’t me loving him, you know? I’ve loved him for years and I feel like it’s all I know.”
“Correction - what you know is loving him from afar; there’s a difference. Sure, it’s still love, but it’s not the kind that can sustain you; it’s not the love that makes you happy, that makes you free,” Hoseok, your ever-wise brother says. “Love should make you feel free, not bound to a promise that you don’t know when will be fulfilled, or if it even will be.”
“He said we’ll talk about it though, when we meet again.”
“Didn’t he say that the last time, too? And then what happened? He asked you to run to Italy with him on a whim just because?” Hoseok reminds you.
“We didn’t expect to see each other. I mean, I wasn’t sure it was right to see him on a trip that my husband’s family paid for,” you shrug. 
“Things still should’ve been clear for both of you then. Did you still want him when you saw him? Did he still want you when he saw you? What did you get out of seeing him then? Another promise?”
Your mind is going hazy and suddenly you’re unable to properly think. You know your brother means well; it just hurts a little bit, but he also makes so much sense. 
Your sullen face tells him that there’s more on your mind but it’s all too much right now. Hoseok knows how much Namjoon means to you, and you have all the reasons to love the man; no one else has sacrificed as much as he has for you, and that will always mean the world to you, to your friends, and to your family.
But love’s intensity changes over time, so does its meaning. It doesn’t mean it stops being love, though, but it could diminish, and for fear of the unknown, people tend to hold onto what they believed was the best of that love, even if it was once upon a time ago. 
“Letting him go doesn’t make you weak or unworthy, okay?” Hoseok says as he hugs you tighter. “It just means you’re choosing yourself, and you always, always come first.”
Tumblr media
For the first time in a while, you couldn’t wait to get back to Seoul from your parents’ house in Gwangju. After your quick conversation with Jin last night, you haven’t spoken much to him. You wanted to give him today to iron out his feelings or to give him space if he needs it, while assuring him that you’re just there if he needs you. 
Hoseok takes the train back to the capital with you before doing last minute errands and then heading to the airport for his evening flight back to Tokyo. As the creative director for a fashion magazine based there, he’s always busy and rarely has time to visit your parents, so he does as much as he can whenever he’s here. 
You appreciate his wisdom; he’s always been the headstrong and emotionally mature one among the 3 of you growing up, and you and your younger sister, Miyeon, are incredibly lucky to have Hoseok on your side all the time. 
But he’s honestly making you think too much, asking questions you’re not yet ready to face, such as what Jin breaking up Seri would mean to you and to your grand plan of separation after some time. You did say that the divorce was a way for him to be rid of you so he could be with his girlfriend, but now they’re over, it’s not like he could actively look for anyone. You’re his wife, after all, the only woman he spends a substantial amount of time with.
And what about Jin’s healing process? How does he get over something like this? Where does that leave you? 
There was also, of course, the question that shook you a little, although you tried to not let it show. 
“Shot in the dark question,” Hoseok had asked. “Do you, by any chance, feel something more for your husband?”
No was the safest and immediate response, and you wouldn’t be completely lying. Jin is a lot of great things - handsome, brilliant and hardworking, funny in his own ways, adorably annoying sometimes, and incredibly caring. He’s comfortable and freeing, and it’s those two words that scare you a little because of how you’ve never really felt it before. 
This is a man who happens to be your boss and the President of your company yet it’s comfortable to be with him. Clearly, all the times you’d talked about food and every other mundane and deep thing in the world, all the times you’d done things out of habit with and for him, tell you exactly that. 
This is a man you were arranged to marry yet it’s freeing to be with him. Because in between all the moments that you share, the trust and honesty and safety let you feel that you can do anything, that you can be anything, and he just makes it extra fun and worthwhile.
But these are questions you aren’t ready to face yet. You don’t know the whole story of Jin and Seri and even if you did, that’s 5 years of memories to get over, and you can imagine just how hard that must be. You don’t want to confuse him, nor be confused yourself, so you’ll let him heal and move on however he likes and give him as much time as he needs.
Wanting to give him a bit of comfort, you make him dinner - mul naengmyeon and some boiled pork belly. You got some hotteok on the way back, too, and you hope it would cheer him up a little. 
He messaged earlier about spending the day with his family. Geonhoo and Ji-hoo wanted to watch a movie and then go to the arcades so he, Taehyung, and Hyun-a played games to get them their stuffed toys. 
Jin had said that he’s too tired to stay over at his sister’s place and wanted to go home instead and when he opens the door and smells the broth, his face lights up, even more when you look up at him with a bright smile on your face. 
“Hi,” you say, walking up to him.
“Hey,” he replies, mindlessly pulling you in for a hug. 
You’re quite surprised but you hug him back. He’s not really an affectionate person as far as you know, so this might mean that he really needs care and support right now. You caress his back and hear a satisfied sigh leave his lips before he turns to look at you.
“Sorry, that was so sudden. I should’ve asked,” he chuckles shyly.
“It’s fine. I can imagine that it’s been a tough 2 days, and no need to ask, okay?” You say shyly this time.
“Okay,” he pinches your cheeks and then looks over you. “Did you make me dinner?”
“Yes,” you say excitedly, pulling his hand towards the kitchen counter. “I made your favorite and bought hotteok, too. What do you want to drink? We’ve got some soju, whiskey, wine?”
“Just juice is fine,” he smiles. 
You nod and serve him. You both start dinner and talk about your respective weekends with your families. You don’t want to ask about Seri, not wanting to sound intrusive, but during a long beat of silence, he feels you constantly glance at him and he brings it up himself.
“So, uh, Seri and I decided to end things,” he says, thinking of just letting this idea stay and linger. 
“I’m so sorry. You said something came up on her end. Is she okay?”
“Yeah, just… things. But she said she’ll be fine.”
“Will you be?” You ask, wanting nothing more than for him to feel better already, even if you know that’s not possible right now.
He nods in response. “I’ll be okay so don’t worry about me.”
“I’m here if you want to talk though,” you place your hand on top of his. “I can make your favorite food or buy you some. Maybe watch sports on mute with you or maybe, uh, go golfing or fishing with you or something.”
He laughs at the last bit, given how much you complain that his hobbies are so boring and take too much patience that you just don’t have. You used to tease him that he’s a “rich man” who can find other “rich men” to do those “rich people shit” with and he was always amused at how you said it.
“Nah, I don’t want to bore you with my hobbies,” he teases. 
“Yeah, I’ll probably be a terrible companion so you can ask Yoongi or Taehyung for those,” you chuckle. “But really, anything else is fine with me. I’m your wife and your friend and I’ll be here for you.”
“Hmm, we’ve come such a long way, huh?” He says.
“Yeah, and to think we used to not mind each other much,” you respond, recalling your ‘more like housemates than spouses’ status for a time. “But you deserve to be happy more than anyone I know, so do what you need to move forward, okay?”
The irony isn’t lost on him and it actually hurts Jin more than anything. Seeing you try to be his friend is what he needs and doesn’t need at the same time. He wants you to hold him but he can’t tell you he’s breaking because of you and not because of the woman he left behind. He didn’t think that all the wrong decisions he made months ago would catch up to him this soon.
“How about you, are you feeling better? Physically and otherwise?”
You’re quite unsure how to answer. On one hand, there’s the looming thought of Namjoon that you’ve been questioning again since your brother brought it up last night. And then there’s him, the man you’re married to, and where it would leave you now that he’s no longer with Seri. 
What about the plans of divorcing? Who would you both run to now when he’s single and you’re not quite sure where you stand in Namjoon’s life? Do you even want to divorce with Jin? Are you mistaking this feeling of comfort and freedom for something that’s natural, or something that really isn’t? You have a habit of seeing something that isn’t there anyway, according to Hoseok. What makes this any different? 
“A little,” you settle for that. “My brother and I were just talking about Namjoon and stuff and he agrees that I do need to talk with him soon and see how things will be for us moving forward.”
“Do you think you two would work out?” Jin nervously asks. 
“There’s a kind of love that you just can’t shake off,” you sigh. “It’s consuming in a way and sometimes all you need is that one moment when you’re given a choice and then the decision is clear as day, like a coin flip - you know what you want the moment it’s up in the air. Like sometimes I think back to him asking me to run away with him was his moment of telling me he still wanted me, you know? But that’s what I choose to believe even if my brother or Jungkook thinks otherwise. There could still be a chance for me and Namjoon, I think; it just depends on what and how.”
You hope you’re being vague enough. You’re not in the business of dumping all your feelings and emotions about him to Jin when he’s the one in pain right now.
Jin, on the other hand, breaks even more. But he manages a smile that seems enough to assure you. And you both leave it at that. There’s him, hoping for you, and there’s you, hoping for someone else.
Tumblr media
You remove your coat and hang it in the locker room of the lab where one of the teams is finalizing the recipes for the company’s new line of plant-based “meatballs” to cater to a wider market. You’ve been working on this with them, as Kim Foods Inc. aims to expand its clientele through various ways - one is through the fusion of other flavors, and another is through healthier options. 
There’s even a collaboration project with a vegan vlogger coming up, something you and Seokjin worked on after that one night you were on social media for fun, and your teams have been in contact with her for a while. There are lots of things happening and there’s that giddy feeling of how food just excites you. You could even say that the trip to France intensified that feeling, as you and Jin found yourselves exploring alleys and still being surprised with the new flavors and presentations of the dishes you discovered.
You’ve got a lot on your mind, as you have to go through the reports and presentations of the different teams when Jimin spams your group chat and asks to meet everyone for lunch in an hour. 
“Work gossip,” he says, “and I need all of you there.”
You meet him in a nearby cafe with Jungkook, who literally just got out of bed, and Dara, who truly looks like a different person because the research institute she works at has a strict dress code. 
“So what’s the gossip that Kook and I, who do not work in your company, somehow may be interested in?” She asks.
“Seri turned in her resignation today,” Jimin says. 
“What!” All 3 of you whisper-yell.
“And she’s using her leaves so she’ll be at the office for just a couple of days until she’s gone for good,” Jimin continues then turns to you. “What happened? Did you scare her off or something?”
“Yah!” You smack his arm, frowning at his accusation. “Of course not! But uh, maybe it has something to do with their breakup.”
“They broke up?!” The 3 of them whisper-yell this time, and you flick each of their foreheads for being too loud. 
“Yeah, uh, just last Saturday,” you sigh. “I didn’t wanna say anything yet since Jin was a little vague about it but I didn’t think it would lead to her resigning. She’s been in the company for over 5 years.”
“So? People her age don’t usually stay in one place for that long anyway,” Dara says, turning to Jimin now. “But do you know why? Does it have anything to do with the breakup? Do you think it has anything to do with the breakup?”
“I would assume yes?” Jimin shrugs. “ l mean, I’m sure it was hard to see her boyfriend with his wife, especially after VP Kim’s wedding. Our friend over here and Mr. President looked like a happy couple. I’d be intimidated if I were her.”
“Thanks for acting like I’m not here,” you frown. “But wait, how did you even know?”
“___, it’s like you and Jimin didn’t become best friends because he’s the company flirt,” Jungkook laughs, and you nod because it’s true. 
“Correction, I’m the company flirt and company matchmaker and company best friend. Everybody goes to me for anything and everything. That's why I initially doubted that Jin-Seri thing because nobody knew, including me,” he explains. “But anyway, Aecha’s from their team and we’re buddies whenever Sales has its monthly meeting with the VP’s management support and she told me. But she doesn’t know why. Apparently, all Seri said was that it was ‘time to move on.’”
“Well, if they broke up then that’s probably why,” Dara says. “What did Jin say?”
“He just said something came up on her end and that he’s been busy but shit, I hope it’s not because of me,” you groan, covering your face with your hands. “I tried to be so careful during the wedding but she’d like, just be there. There was even a time when someone was saying how good Jin and I looked together and for sure, Seri heard it.”
“Hey, why are you the one stressing about it?” Jungkook nudges your knee. “Of course you had to be all couple-y with him. There were hundreds of guests there; it’d look shady if you weren’t. And did you ever think that maybe she’s the one going after you both that night? Like, taking the knife herself and stabbing her heart! Sometimes people want it to hurt all at once rather than slowly, you know?”
“I don’t know her enough for that,” you sigh. “What if I talk to her and ask? Just to make sure it wasn’t because of me.”
“No, that’s the second stupid decision you’re making if you really do it,” Jimin scolds. “The first was letting him keep her, obviously. ___, just stay out of it, that’s their issue. It’d just be sus since you and Seri never interacted like, the VP’s office doesn’t have much to do with product development.”
Obviously, he makes a lot of sense. You just want to clarify things with her just in case, although you’re also not quite sure what that would do. 
“Also, if you do talk to her and she says it has something to do with you, what would you do?” Dara counters. “It’s not like you can do anything. Plus, Jimin’s right, we were all there. You and Jin looked like the happy couple you’re supposed to be. I’d have a hard time believing you were faking it, if you even were.”
Your friends are right. It’s not your place. It would just cause more drama if you spoke to her, so you do the most sound thing - ask your husband instead. 
You’re jittery all throughout the afternoon after lunch. Jin has multiple meetings and you learn he’d be free by 5PM, so you enter his room and not mind that Yoongi is there, too. You know that your husband has been confiding in him and if anything, he might even know.
“Hey, do you want to grab dinner tonight? I’m suddenly craving some—”
“Is it because of me? Why she’s resigning?” You interject, wanting to know right away. “Did I make her feel uncomfortable during the wedding? Was it something I did? Maybe I said something that—”
“___, where is this coming from? Why are you worrying about this?” Jin frowns. 
“Because it can’t be a coincidence that you both break up and then she resigns right away, unless it was a bad breakup and in that case, you were probably hurting more than you led on and are probably hurting more now and—”
“___, look at me,” he says, cupping your cheeks so you’d calm down. “That was her decision, okay? No one made her do it.”
“Then why did she? I hate to think it was because of me, I mean—”
“It was her parents,” Jin blurts, and Yoongi’s eyes widen in shock and anger behind you where you don’t see. “I mean, she had to go home to Ulsan and take care of them, that’s why she had to resign.”
It’s one of the biggest lies he’s ever made and he’s making it to you. 
“Is that why you had to break up?”
“Uh, partly. I mean,” he glances at Yoongi who’s already shaking his head to not make things worse but Jin can’t turn back from this, so he continues. “It’s been hard either way since I’ve been busier and, yeah. We can’t really do long-distance with our situation so… that’s why.”
“Ah, shit. I was so worried. I didn’t want her to feel bad after the wedding because of how we looked,” you breathe a sigh of relief. “I kept thinking when I found out from Jimin that she resigned because of me, that you guys broke up because of me and I can’t have that, I won’t be able to stomach that.”
Jin can’t hate himself any more than he does right now, but one thing he realized that he can’t stomach is seeing you stressed and anxious about it. He doesn’t want you to blame yourself; he realizes it’s how he always felt. His initial reaction when it comes to you is to calm you down, to make sure you breathe, to make sure you’re able to just live and enjoy without worries. That’s what he wants for you. That’s what he wants with you, and if he needs to burden himself right now so you don’t, then he will.
“You’re okay, it’s okay,” he assures you, hugging you because he needs the comfort, too, especially with Yoongi’s look of disapproval that’s burning him to the core.
But you hug back, tightly even, completely forgetting that his secretary is there witnessing this display of affection, that is, until he clears his throat.
“Oops, sorry. This hugging thing is new,” you try to explain, although you’re unsure why. 
“Are you embarrassed?!” Jin makes light of it. 
“I’m embarrassed for Yoongi, actually,” you chuckle, but don’t think much of his stoic expression. “Anyway, I just wanted to make sure. So, uh, are we still good for dinner? What did you say you’re craving?”
“Curry,” Jin responds. “And, yeah. We can head out at 7, is that okay?”
“Sure! I’ll see you here, then. Bye!”
You leave a completely flustered Jin in your wake who collapses on his seat when the door closes.
“You fucking messed up,” Yoongi says, and it’s the curse word that he rarerly says that lets Jin know he’s done the worst possible thing - lie to you, and brush this whole thing under the rug only because he’s scared of what he feels, of what wanting you means, and not being with you at the end of the day because of it. 
Tumblr media
It’s on the way home later that evening after dinner when Jin tells you that he’ll be heading to Japan for a few days. 
“Work?” You turn to him, confused. 
You checked your shared calendar earlier, which has actually been very helpful, and he didn’t seem to have any trips coming up.
“Partly. I’ll get some work done but it’s more of a leisure thing” he says. “I like to do that on my own, remember?”
“Right, and just walk around and eat whatever you see. It’s a relaxing thing, you said,” you smile. “Golfing and fishing not doing it for you?”
“Nah, I… I just need to be away for a bit.”
He hopes you don’t think he’s pushing you away. He doesn’t want to, but after you left his office earlier, he shared the most intimidating and most silent 5 minutes of his life with Yoongi, who basically expressed his sheer disappointment with a burning look. 
“I just told you not to screw it up, and what the fuck did you do?” His friend had said. “What if the lie comes back to bite you? You kept saying that you haven’t been fair to Seri, and now lying about why she resigned is fair? Make it make sense, Jin. You’ve never been this messed up.”
And it was true. Jin isn’t used to this. He had one serious girlfriend who left him and he never dared to try again. The dating scene isn’t his thing; he’s somewhat lucky that Seri even took an interest way beyond his looks and his money. In fact, if he didn’t have those, he doesn’t think he’d even get a conversation going that isn’t about business or the stock market. 
But more than the socializing, it’s the basic management of emotions and issues that he seems to suck the most at. He tried and failed at those things; now, he’s a 35-year old man who can’t seem to say the right things and who can’t seem to make the right decisions. You both lied to his family, and now he’s lying to you, when it’s his feelings for you that got him deeper in this web of lies he finds himself in. 
“What are you gonna do?” Yoongi had asked.
“I don’t know. I need space to figure it out,” Jin replied. “I need time to lessen the anger I have for myself. Maybe if I leave for a bit, I won’t be so tempted to tell ___ everything.”
“But isn’t that what you need to do? Tell her everything? How do you think you’re going to resolve this? By staying away?”
“She doesn’t want me, Yoongi,” Jin almost banged his head on his desk. “She’s still in love with Namjoon; she’s waiting for him to come back. Or ask her to run away again, I don’t know. But she doesn’t want me and I want to be with her. So where does that leave me?”
“I don’t know, but definitely not where you are right now, because where you are is a mess, Jin.”
He’d never agreed with his friend more, but honestly, Jin doesn’t know what else to do but to just stay away for a bit. All he wants is to hold you, to be held by you, but he can’t ask that of you without making you feel like some rebound. He knows you’d comfort him however you think you need to, and he wants that, but he can’t fall into it knowing that you don’t want the same thing, that it wouldn’t mean the same as it would mean to him. 
“I understand.” Your voice takes him out of his thoughts. “I’m sure you need time to just get away and get over things, move on from them and all.”
“I’ll be back better,” he smiles at you. “I know I had a lot of baggage coming from that relationship and I don’t want to keep carrying it anymore.”
There’s something about the way Jin speaks that’s different, like there’s certainty but something more that you can’t quite pinpoint, even with the tinge of sadness in it, as if he’d wronged you in some way even if you think there’s nothing he should feel sorry about. But he’s been through a break up. Anyone who does is bound to feel all kinds of different emotions that they may not yet fully understand. And you’ll support him in whatever way, even if he’ll be a few hundred miles away. 
“So that’s what this trip will be about? Ridding yourself of that baggage?” You ask.
“Yeah, pretty much. I know it’s still an unconventional marriage and you’re still waiting on someone,” he says, his heart aching at the words, especially as you look at him and take it as fact, “but I’m still your husband, and I have a feeling I haven’t been a particularly good one.”
“Don’t be silly,” you scoot closer to him. “You made sure I had an amazing time in France and not once made me feel uncomfortable, especially during the wedding the other week. And you took care of me when I was sick, even if you may have overreacted just a tiny bit,” you chuckle. “I don’t know what your standard of a good husband is, but you’re my standard, all things considered, at least. I mean, you’re my first and only one so far but that still counts.”
“You know, you’re actually pretty good at comforting me,” he teases.
“Oh, please. I make you smile, I make you laugh,” you wink at him. “I make you happy. I’m fucking amazing, Jin.”
You’re both laughing now as you tease and tickle each other until the car stops and you’re back home. He opens the door and helps you out. You both walk up the stairs and stand by your doors, almost unwilling to say good night and separate.
But you do it first. 
“You have an early flight. Rest well, and then message me when you get there, okay?”
“I will. You’ll be bombarded with voice messages, that’s for sure.”
You giggle, but he doesn’t miss the sparkle in your eyes. “I’ll be looking forward to them. Good night, Jin.”
He smiles, stopping himself from walking over and hugging you. “Good night, ___.”
Tumblr media
It’s been 4 days since Jin left for Japan and he seems to be having fun. He’s been treating your message thread like his personal food blog because of all the photos he’s been sending, complete with restaurant or street market or stall details, description of the plating and the taste, and his rating. Those are pretty much all he’s been sending, as well as voice messages every night just narrating how his day was, as if all he wants to do is talk while you listen and you like it; you like hearing his voice, even if sometimes you can hear him chewing and it’s probably a midnight snack he’s munching on. 
It makes you feel close to him and somehow, that saddens you a little because while he talks a lot about his trip, he doesn’t talk about how he’s feeling, and you think that he’s trying to mask or cover up whatever it is that’s underneath with all these food explorations and fun experiences because he doesn’t want to talk about it. 
And now he’s away and it’s today when Jimin finally gets you to admit that you’re missing your husband a lot more than you expected you would.
“I don’t know, maybe because I know he’s sad and I’m not there to make him happy or something, you know? That’s normal, right?” You ask your best friend over lunch at a nearby restaurant. 
“Hmm, seems like a romantic type of thing,” he shrugs. 
“No, it isn’t,” you argue.
“Is it different from how you miss Namjoon?”
You think a little. “Sort of. I mean, Joon isn’t here and he’s not here. Jin isn’t here but he’s here, that sort of thing.”
“Wow, how poetic, ___. Keep that up, you’re becoming like the man who left you and I don’t like it,” Jimin rolls his eyes.
“Yah!” You smack him. “Take me seriously!”
“I am! You’re the one who’s like, I miss my husband but no, it isn’t a romantic thing,” he mocks you. “I actually have the answer. You miss him differently from how you miss Namjoon because you’ve accepted that man being away; it’s become a fact of life at this point. He belongs out there in the world, in the wild, but you’re here. And you’re missing Jin, your husband, because whether you want to admit it or not, you’ve come to like him being next to you, like, that’s where he belongs.”
You sigh, knowing that Jimin’s right. You hate that all your best friends always make sense. And as per their consensus, you’re supposed to be the smartest one of the bunch.
“Is it so hard to admit that? Why are you being so dramatic?” 
“I don’t know. I don’t want him to misinterpret anything,” you pout.
“Is that really it? Or are you afraid that if you do so much as show affection that isn’t for show anymore, it might actually feel right? And that somehow scares you because why? That’s what I don’t understand. He’s not with Seri anymore. There’s no other person to worry about.”
“Me! I’m who I should be worried about,” you state. “He just got over a breakup.”
“And you think you’ll be a rebound?” Jimin arches his brow. “Now why would that affect you so much if you don’t care that much?”
“Duh, self-respect,” you roll your eyes.
“Okay then. Don’t tell him you miss him, be casual when he gets back, don’t comfort him by hugging him and shit. Easy,” Jimin challenges.
“But I want to hug him! We’re on that level already!” You whine. “And I want to make him his favorite food and maybe watch him play golf or something if it’s gonna relax him.” 
“Ugh, where’s Dara to smack you when we need her?”
“Hey!” You pout. “I’m… I don’t know. I don’t think I like him but I miss him, I’m happy when he’s around, I enjoy myself when I’m with him.”
“Maybe you don’t like him yet, or don’t want to admit it or whatever, but you’re at least on that track. And let yourself continue on, why not?” Jimin turns to you, holding your hands this time. “I know you’ll say Namjoon but he’s a distant star at this point, and you don’t know when or if he’ll come back. You have a husband who clearly cares about you. Whatever it is Jin feels, I don’t know, but I don’t think it’d be a long shot to say that he’s on that track, too,” Jimin continues. “And if he isn’t, he’s bound to. He’s free now, ___. Don’t be the one to hold him back from you this time.”
Tumblr media
Osaka has always been Jin’s favorite place to go to in Japan. Even if his meetings are mostly in Tokyo, he makes sure to spend at least a day in the port city. He’s been here so many times yet there’s always something new to discover. On this trip alone, he’s gone bar hopping, on market eating sprees, and restaurant tours, allowing his time to absorb and appreciate the dishes to give him the peace he needs. 
Merely sending you photos of all he’s been devouring has worked. The nightly voice messages help him process his day without hearing much from you because he knows that hearing you respond to him will make him want to just pack up and go back home. 
That’s what he realized he likes the most - not just you, but how you are to him and how he is with you. 
When he was still the Vice President, he barely interacted with you; the VP’s office is tasked more with externals after all. As President, he has more involvement with the products, and that means more direct interactions with product research and development, your department. It wasn’t until then when he’d taken notice of you - how you were whenever you engaged with him, and that brilliance and competence, of course. There was always an air of confidence and playfulness, which he thinks is natural to you, and this showed even more when you got married. 
You have such passion for life but you also don’t take it too seriously. And that’s how you are with him - you care, but you like to tease him, to make fun of him, to rile him up and make him laugh, and you let him do the same with you. It’s what he misses the most - your jokes, your silly comments, and your reminders for him to eat and to rest well. 
And so not giving you a chance to actually talk with him has worked for the most part. It’s the fourth day since he’s been away, and while he’s survived all this time, he still can’t get rid of that crushing feeling of missing you. Being away has helped somehow. He’s becoming a little more forgiving of himself; his conversations with strangers bring to light important things, and there’s Yoongi too, surprisingly.
“Is the trip serving its purpose?” His friend asks over the phone, the only person Jin actually converses with due to work matters.
“I guess. Well, I hate myself less,” Jin admits.
“Yeah, I hate you less, too.”
“Gee, how comforting, Yoongi. I really don’t miss you right now.”
“I do. And I’m sorry for being harsh,” the younger man sighs. “I just hate seeing you like this. I should’ve said something when you and ___ decided on this arrangement and then lied to your family about it. It just didn’t seem right, like, something not good was bound to happen and now you’re here.”
“Why didn’t you say anything then?”
“It wasn’t my place.”
“And now it is?” Jin chuckles.
“It still isn't. But I also kind of don’t care because whether I acknowledge it or not, you are my friend, and I don’t want to see you lose ___. I know she makes you happy, and it’s something you haven’t been for a long time.”
“That’s incredibly validating but also incredibly scary,” Jin sighs. “I miss her so much. I keep thinking about her the whole time I’m here. Have you seen her? Is she doing okay?”
“Well, you asked me to pick her up from work everyday so yes, I do. And she’s fine. She asks about you a lot. Kinda weird for your wife to be asking me, your secretary, how you’re doing. Don’t you talk to her?”
“I send her voice messages but I don’t talk with her,” Jin explains. “A stupid part of me thought that maybe out here, I could sort of feel less for her but no, I don’t. And speaking with her will just make all the feelings even more real.”
“Well, are you gonna come home soon, at least? I doubt that feeling less for her is going to work.”
“I’ll probably be here for another few days,” Jin says. I–” 
Jin checks his phone to see you calling. It’s the first time you even tried, as you’ve been quite busy at work, too, and you aren't even the texting and calling type. 
“Wait, she’s calling. I’ll call you back.”
Jin picks up the phone after a few rings. “___, is everything okay?”
“Yeah, it is. How about you? You good?” You answer.
“Everything’s okay and yes, I’m good. I’m full every day and I’m really enjoying just going around.”
“You’re coming back, right?” 
There’s a tremble in your voice that makes him worry, especially as you ask the question again. There’s fear in there, and nervousness. You’ve been waiting for a man to come back to you and now Jin is the one who’s away, not calling, not bothering to talk with you, and he hates that in his desire to make sense of his feelings so he won’t make any more mistakes, he does just that.
“Of course, I am,” he says, trying his best to assure you, but his panic sets in, as he doesn't want you to think that there’s a reason why he doesn’t want to be next to you.
“Okay, good,” you sigh in relief. “I just wanted to make sure. And uh, imissyoukbye!”
You hang up and Jin suddenly feels dizzy. Did you just… say you miss him and then hang up?
He feels his ears heat up and a smile graces his face. He calls Yoongi right after.
“I’m leaving tonight. I’ll send you my flight details. Have me picked up at the airport. Bye!”
Tumblr media
It’s 1AM by the time Jin arrives home. He’s quite exhausted; he woke up early today for a trek and went from one market to another. The earliest flight tonight only had economy seats and he took it, and it felt so uncomfortable for his long legs that he barely got to sleep. 
But whatever he had to do, he did, because he wanted to get home to you right away. He couldn’t get that sound of your voice off his head, as if you were worried that he wasn’t going to go back, even if that was impossible. 
But he gets it. He’s been left behind before and that feeling stayed with him. It’s why he never took anyone after his ex seriously because he was scared he’d be left again so he’s usually the one who leaves, and that’s similar to what you’re feeling with Namjoon, and Jin hates to think that even for the briefest moment, you thought that he wasn’t gonna come back, too.
He’s here now, though, and he gathers the confidence to knock on your door and gently open it to see if you’re still awake. 
He’s surprised to see that you still are, tucked under the covers while a baseball game is playing on mute. That’s his thing, but he supposes at some point, you’d be taking up each other’s habits, too.
You’re alerted by his presence when you hear him calling you, and you turn to him with surprised yet questioning eyes at his arrival.
“You didn’t tell me you were coming home tonight,” you say, sitting up. “How was your flight?”
“Good, and well, I wasn’t supposed to come home until this weekend but uh, I just decided a few hours ago that I should.”
“What? Why?”
He thinks if he couldn’t be honest then, then he should be now.
“You said you missed me and I did, too,” he says shyly, looking away. 
You think it’s absolutely adorable; you just want to squish his bread cheeks until you’ve milked the cuteness out of them.
“So, uh, all you needed was my embarrassing declaration, huh?” You nudge his knee, as he’s now seated on the edge of your bed. “You should’ve told me, I should’ve said it sooner.”
Jin laughs and covers your face with his large hand, trying to keep you from seeing him flustered. 
“Anyway, why are you still awake? And watching baseball on mute?”
You shrug. “Couldn’t really sleep. And I was waiting for your voice message.”
“Well I’m here now,” he smiles. “What if I wash up first and then stay with you until you fall asleep?”
You nod and smile. “Sounds good.”
Jin takes a shower and returns to your room with an empty space next to you. He lies down and turns to his side to face you, smiling and looking satisfied.
“I’ve been away for days before. Why are you missing me now?” He asks.
“Yah, don’t let it get to your head,” you playfully smack his arm. “Also, do remember that the last time you were away, which wasn’t long ago, you came back to me being confined in the hospital so…”
“So it means that you kinda lose your shit when I’m not around? Is that what you’re trying to say?” He chuckles.
“You’re annoying, you know?” You flick his forehead. “But it’s just different, I guess. This wasn’t for some work thing. You left because you were sad. And that made me worry a lot about how you’re feeling, if you’re less sad than the day before, if you’re able to find what you’re looking for, so that uh, I’ll know if you’ll be staying longer or not.”
There’s that sadness again, and the more he knows about you and Namjoon, the more it makes sense to him. That fear of being left behind, of hoping and being disappointed - that doesn’t go away. 
“I’m sorry I wasn’t calling,” he sighs, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. 
“It’s okay, you’re more bearable when you send voice messages because then I can just pause you.”
“Yah!” He whines, lightly pulling that same strand of hair. “I was about to say you’re being sweet for worrying about me.”
“I’m kidding,” you laugh again. “You don’t have to apologize since I don’t like calls either. But the voice messages are fun since I can play them over and over again and just laugh at how dramatic you are sometimes.”
“I’m glad I get to make you laugh, then.”
“You do, and I know I make you laugh, too, so I’ll go ahead and believe that you missed me as well, otherwise you wouldn’t be home right now,” you say, your heart surprisingly beating hard.
“Okay, Ms. Know-It-All,” he grins. “I missed you, too. So can we sleep now?”
You nod and pull the covers over both of you. The space in between is still there, but it also seems like there isn’t any. With your hand over his, you wish that the littlest of comfort you can give him will be enough.
Tumblr media
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allthelovefromstylesxx · 18 hours ago
tropes with each bts member (happy ending version)
wc: so short, like 500 words idk
pairing: bts x reader
a/n: this is so random, but these are the “tropes” i think i would have with each bts member, however i wrote it in second person, so if you stumble across it, i hope you enjoy!! i’ll be making a sad version too, because i am inherently a sad bitch and must wallow in angst at least once a day
Seokjin: best friend’s older brother
“we shouldn’t be doing this, Jin.”
“of course not.” *leans down and kisses you*
*pulls away from him, and lightly slaps his chest* whisper yells, “Jin!” but then you giggle and you pull him down for another kiss*
Taehyung: soft enemies to tolerable acquaintances to friends to lovers
“you know, your attitude sucks and you’re so fucking pretentious.”
*you cross your arms as you pointedly stare up at your arch nemesis. but taehyung only thinks you look cute all riled up bc of him. not that he would ever tell you that ofc. not ever.*
“you’re no ball of sunshine yourself, sweetheart.” *smirks down at your flustered face before he pats your shoulder and goes on his way.*
*you glare at his back until he his out of your sight (finally)*
Jimin: strangers traveling
“The whole point of me traveling was to take a solo trip and be by myself and reflect, but I’m glad I had the pleasure of meeting you along the way.”
*jimin chuckles before pulling you into him, and leaves a soft kiss on your lips*
Namjoon: frequent art museum goers
“You know, I love the Monet collection in this museum, but nothing compares to my favorite piece of his.”
“and which one is that?”
“Branch of the Seine Near Giverny (Mist).”
“I’ve never seen that one.”
*smiles over at him* “Oh, you must. I’ll have take you to see it, sometime.”
Yoongi: work colleagues to lovers
“good morning.”
“don’t talk to me.” *stares grumpily ahead*
“who pissed in your cereal this morning?”
“Careful y/n, you wouldn’t want someone to accidentally poison your coffee.”
*yoongi grumpily walks away, you trailing after to tease him more*
Hoseok: strangers in a shopping mall to lovers
“You’re not seriously thinking about getting that one, are you?”
*glares over at the strange man side eying the outfit you tried on* “and who might you be? The fashion police?”
“No, I’m simply someone looking out for you. Here, try this color on instead, it should go better with your complexion.” *sticks out hand to shake* “I’m Hobi.”
Jungkook: childhood friends to strangers to lovers
*little boy with round eyes shyly approaches you and sticks out his hand, which is holding a dandelion*
“I saw you scrape your knee, so I picked this for you.”
*years later*
“Jungkook, what are you doing here and why on earth do you have a bunch of dandelions in your hands?”
“well, I used to pick them for you when we were kids in order to cheer you up, so that’s what I’m doing now.” *sticks hands out with dandelions towards you* “I love you, and I’m sorry.”
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imnotlauriane · a day ago
Tumblr media
CHAPTER 3 (8k words)
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The next few days that go by happen without anymore disturbances taking place in the coffee shop, which isn't a bad thing, it gives me time to really get used to everything without feeling bad about my mistakes, which become fewer and fewer, much to Seokjin's delight and pride.
Taehyung and Jimin haven't come by and there's still no sign of Namjoon, it lets me know that he probably only said what he did to be nice, which is fine, he's allowed to continue on with his life without me being in it, it just disappoints me a little, I'm not sure why though.
"Good morning Y/N- Goodness, was that your stomach? I can hear it grumbling louder than the chiming of the bells, please go eat something before we start the day" Seokjin exclaims as I make not even five steps inside the large room to head to the break room.
I pause and stare at him as he quirks a brow at me, a finger pointing at his own stomach before pointing at mine. "Food, now".
I purse my lips, mind begging for me to refuse the offer as much as it's begging for me to accept it, my eyes sheepishly meet his as he keeps staring at me before I finally decide to flee to the back to get out of sight.
"Y/N! You're going to get food, right? You won't be allowed to work unless you've eaten something!" he shouts from the front, my gasp his only answer as I change my trajectory to head to the fridge instead of my locker, he can't keep me from working just because of that!
That's not fair!
With a pout, I open the fridge, something that Seokjin has forced me to do every day only to freeze when I see it filled with too many containers to count, did he add more this morning? It was almost empty yesterday!
I spot an easy to eat bowl of a variety of cut fruits and grab it before making my way to the table just as Seokjin enters the room, his eyes falling on what I chose with a nod of the head before going to the fridge to grab something for himself, after which he comes to sit in front of me, a familiar sight now.
I point at the fridge after taking a bite of a fresh and sweet strawberry. "Do you intend to feed an army today? Why is it so full of food and prepped meals?" I ask before taking another piece, this time an pineapple, it has me cringing a little with how acid it is and Seokjin chuckles before sliding a bottle of water my way.
"I am indeed feeding an army today, as I have for the past days" he answers simply while pointing at the two of us, something that has me confused, he means the two of us... for all this food?
"But I don't eat that much, Seokjin" I mumble, feeling guilty about it, how long must it have taken for him to make everything?
He sighs and stares at me with a light smile. "That's exactly what I intend to change, dear, you don't eat nearly enough and I can't bear watching you starve yourself, that won't happen while you're under my care".
Unsure of what to say to that, how he could see through me that easily a little shocking to me - because is my hunger really that obvious? - I decide to simply continue eating in silence, the fruits' weight settling in my stomach and making me feel better even though his words weigh heavy on my mind.
Is this what I was doing? Starving myself? Or was I simply continuing what my mom already started?
Habits are hard to break after all, I've been eating more often this week only because Seokjin, who I have to remind myself is my boss at times, doesn't give me any other choice. It's either eating food or eating food with him supervising me and he won't have things any other way.
At this pace I won't be able to skip meals anymore and that's worrying, food is expensive and I don't feel comfortable spending a lot on that, eating is already a lot to adjust to for me.
All my life was spent having the strict minimum and all of a sudden, this man appears and forces me to eat more than I can handle, how am I supposed to deal with that?
"Thank you Seokjin" I eventually mumble, because while it's making me uncomfortable to depend on him that way, I can't deny that it feels great to have a filled stomach, that's not something I got to experience often before and I can see that I have a lot more energy than I used to have, which is more than needed for working here.
The man smiles and reaches out over the table to pat my hand and just like that, we continue to eat in comfortable silence, smiles shared and bites traded until we're both done eating, after which he then grabs the empty containers to wash in the sink.
"No need to thank me for that, dear, it's the least I can do and it's a pleasure. Now, I need to use the bathroom so could you please open up in the meantime? I won't be long" he asks and I nod, walk to my locker to wear my apron neatly and then suddenly go off running out of the room, which makes him chuckle and shake his head.
With today being Friday, there's definitely an ease that has taken place as I walk around the shop to make sure everything is perfect and ready to welcome customers before I head to the door to flip the sign to open, a routine that always makes me happy, I love doing that step.
It's sure going to feel weird tomorrow when I wake up with nothing to do, my first weekend off work almost feeling wrong since I'm so used to always being busy once I get started, but Seokjin was firm on that one, he's not going to have me work seven days a week, oh no.
Would it be weird if I ended up coming back here to talk with him anyway? I have nothing to do at home, no one to talk to and it's really boring, I'm not a big fan of the silence as it only reminds me of what I've lost.
I've grown used to Seokjin's presence during the week, there's something soothing and comforting about him that I wish I could have at home as well, he reminds me of my siblings sometimes and that's a feeling very dear to me.
It takes barely a minute before the door finally opens, bell chiming and echoing in the room as a body enters inside and when I look at them, ready to welcome and serve as I have for the past days, it's to freeze when a dimple smile graces my eyes.
"Namjoon! You came!" I chirp, unable to hide my excitement when I see the tall man towering over the counter in front of me, his elbows propped on it as he gazes at me with a pretty eye smile that makes my heart tingle.
"You remember my name" he muses with a pleased chuckle before sighing softly. "I'm sorry I couldn't come sooner, this week has been busier than I expected and kept taking me all over the place. Today's a day off so I figured I would come here to keep my promise" he explains and I hum, eyes looking down at his outfit to see that indeed, he's not dressed the same as last time.
Not quite casual but far from sporty, he looks very elegant right now and I have to force my eyes back to his own to avoid blushing at the sight of his covered biceps, did I see wrong or is his shirt stretching a bit too much around his arms?
"It's okay, I was wondering if maybe you wouldn't come after all but that gave me enough time to get better at making coffee, Seokjin says I'm getting really good now so I think I'll be able to handle it if you ask for a special kind" I muse with pride, I can't help it when I look up at him eager for a praise.
He grins, a chuckle leaving him that sounds like a soft melody, it wraps around my heart tightly and keeps a hold onto my very soul. "Really now? That's great, that means I won't be poisoned by mistake, right?" he asks and I shrug lightly, head tilting softly with a giggle.
"I wouldn't be so sure about that but I'll do my best so it doesn't happen" I respond jokingly, cheeks blushing when his eyes crease into a smile as he hums, chin resting on one hand causing my heart to fail me, he looks so handsome like this.
"I'm ready to take the risk, my fate is left to your capable hands. What would you recommend I get?" he asks next and my smile drops a little, my heartbeat getting faster as I suddenly feel the pressure of performance, can I really recommend something that he would enjoy? I don't even know what he likes, coffee has such a wide range! Why did I act so confident?!
Namjoon smiles widely at me, amusement flashing all over his face. "I'm just kidding, I wanted to tease you a little but you really didn't disappoint with your reaction. I don't expect you to know what I would like, especially not when you're still learning" he assures me after a moment and I heave a sigh of relief, oh thank goodness!
"How about... a cappuccino? Have you learned to make this one?" he asks with a tilt of the head and I nod with determination, I'll show him that this week has served well, I learned a lot.
"I can make it! You won't be disappointed, I promise" I chirp before turning around to use one of the coffee machines under his endeared gaze, he could get used to this if he were to come more often.
I grab a cup and get started on my very important task, this will be the best coffee he'll ever have in his life, I feel that urge to impress him for some reason and while tensed at the prospect of maybe failing right in front of him, I also feel quite comfortable because I did make cappuccinos often during the past few days so I know that I can do well if I take my time.
I finish up the order with attentive care just as Seokjin joins my side with curious eyes and I smile at him before turning towards Namjoon to hand him the cup that reveals a perfectly well made cappuccino, just as he wanted.
"Be careful, it's very hot" I warn him with a blush crawling over my cheeks when his fingers brush over mine as he accepts the drink from me, a weird feeling taking place in my stomach as I blink quickly, why does it feel like I have living creatures fluttering in there?
Unaware of the eyes burning a hole in the side of my face, I observe intently as Namjoon takes a sip of the drink, eyes closed to better enjoy it before he hums in satisfaction, this is even better than he expected.
"Wow, this is very good, Y/N, probably the best cappuccino I've had so far, you have no reason to be nervous if this is the kind of coffee you can make" he muses with a happy glint in his eyes, dimples poking out when my blush deepens at the praise that I was unconsciously waiting for.
But that dimple smile is short-lived when an arm wraps over my shoulders to pull me into a body. I look up in surprise to find Seokjin staring at me with a wide smile that has my heart stuttering in my chest.
"I've trained my Y/N well, she has a natural talent for this. With enough patience and guidance, she'll become even better than I am" he gives me an even greater praise and I feel my whole face light up with joy under his warm eyes, does he really believe that?
He chuckles at my expression and ruffles my hair without messing it up too much before releasing me when the front door opens to a woman coming in while talking on the phone for what seems to be an important call, she slides a note for her order on the counter and he gets started on it with expert hands, how could I ever become better than him?
I bring my attention back to Namjoon as he continues sipping the drink while looking around him to take in the shop, the calm music in the background really easing the mind into relaxing.
Sometimes I'm left to wonder why this place isn't more popular but then again, maybe it's for the best if there's only two of us to serve the customers, I don't think we could handle an endless stream of customers without any breaks, the pressure would be too big for me.
"This place looks great, I love the ambiance, it's very relaxing. I guess I'll have to come here from now on because I won't be able to forget your coffee, there would be no point in me going anywhere else and just to see you, it's worth the detour" he eventually says with a grin as his eyes land on me again and I look down to hide my blushing cheeks.
"That sounds good to me, I'll make your coffee whenever you come here" I murmur back and he lets out an appreciative hum, body lingering at the counter for a few more seconds before he grabs his cup to walk to a nearby table to give space to the next customers walking inside.
I stare at him as he opens a bag to take out a book and when he makes himself comfortable to start reading, I'm left speechless, because how can a man look so perfect?
I shake my head and focus on work to receive the next orders from the customers waiting to be served and proceed to grab the food along with the simple coffee order to which I add milk and sugar as requested.
While Seokjin makes them pay since he was already working the cash register when I bring over the orders, I turn around the clean the machines and counter surrounding them, eyes falling on Namjoon to see if he's still reading, the pull he has on me stronger than I would admit but when our eyes meet, I startle and focus back on the coffee machine with heated cheeks.
I hear him chuckle while I try to act normal, I can already tell that he's going to be the death of me if this continues, he keeps making me shy and I'm not used to that, I was only ever exposed to my brothers during most of my life so I don't know how to behave now.
An arm brush against mine softly and I look up to find Seokjin staring at me with a glint in his eyes that I can't recognize. "Who was that guy? You seemed to know each other pretty well" he asks, voice oddly sweet and scary at the same time, it makes me gulp a little, is he mad?
"You mean Namjoon? He's the man who brought me to work on Monday, the bike courier I told you about, remember?" I tell him with a hushed voice, he looks a little intimidating right now but he simply hums before getting started with making a smoothie.
"I see" is all he says and he doesn't ask anymore after that, mind focused on his task, I can tell that he has more questions on the tip of his tongue but he seems intent on not going through with asking them aloud and it makes me a little concerned, is he okay?
Why do I get the feeling that he's bothered by Namjoon's arrival? He's not usually like that, even when I entertain small conversations with customers coming in, but maybe it's just him feeling protective since I work for him and we've spent a lot of time together this week, my brothers would probably react the same were they here.
The door opens again and when I turn around to greet whoever just came in, it's to find Jimin, the pink haired man giving me a brief look before walking around Namjoon to sit at a table a little further away to start working.
Already feeling a cold sweat running down my back at what is coming for me if I take too long once more, I get started immediately with an espresso americano, something I practiced doing until I would know the recipe by heart just to avoid getting screamed at again.
Once sure that it's well done so that he won't have anything negative to say about it, I carefully but quickly make my way past Namjoon's table and to Jimin, the former's perfume following me for the few steps separating them before dissipating just as I set the cup down in front of the man before I'm quickly turning around to leave him but a hand grabs my wrist and I pause, a shiver traveling through my body at the sudden contact.
I slowly turn my gaze to Jimin and find him looking down, teeth biting on his bottom lip before he releases me with a deep and nervous inhale. I anxiously wait for him to do or say something, aware of Seokjin staring with a worried frown on his face, something Namjoon notices that in turn worries him too.
Jimin eventually looks up to look me in the eyes and what I can see in his orbs has me a little taken aback, is that... regret?
He scratches the back of his head bashfully before opening his mouth. "I'm really sorry about last time. I reflected on my behaviour during the last few days and came to the conclusion that I was an absolute ass. I was having a really stressful time and I shouldn't have taken it out on you like I did".
I can't do anything else but gape at the man who looks down upon seeing my reaction, that's... not what I was expecting from this, not at all.
Reaching out to his bag at my silence, he grabs what appears to be two tickets and hesitantly hands them to me.
"It's for an event I'm organizing for a friend... Equine-assisted therapy, it holds many forms of treatments depending on the needs but in each of them, the therapists will use horses to help people with physical and mental health and that sort of thing... It's not very well-known so they do this once in a while to share the word about what they do and they even allow you to ride a little if you want to. I received two extra entries to participate but... I won't have the time then so you can have them as my way of apologizing, if you would accept" he mumbles and after a moment of being unable to move, I eventually accept the two pieces of paper with a confused mind.
Equine-assisted therapy? It's the first time I hear about that but it sounds really interesting, I've never seen horses in person so I guess it could be fun? And he said he's organizing the event? Is his friend one of the therapists then?
"You don't have to keep them if you don't want to, you can just give them to someone else if you'd rather not go but please don't throw them in the trash, my friend is working really hard so I would hate for two possibilities to help people to go to waste".
"I... won't get rid of them, this actually looks pretty fun" I let him know in a whisper and he relaxes a little with a nod of the head, he looks relieved that I accepted, a soft exhale leaving him before he tries a tight smile.
"I'm glad. Again, I'm sorry for my behaviour last time, it won't happen again, thank you for the drink" he ends our conversation on that note, his gaze falling back on his laptop as he sips the coffee, it's enough to send me back to the counter where Seokjin waits for me nervously.
I reach his side and take in a shaky breath, I feel as if I just survived a natural disaster that should've buried me underground and my heart is still beating so fast, that was really nerve-wracking.
Namjoon can't help himself when he stands up to join us by the counter, his gaze falling on the strange man who has now fallen focused into his work before staring at me again just as Seokjin asks the questions he's been wanting to ask ever since he saw Jimin stop me.
"What did he say? He wasn't mean to you again, was he? He didn't insult you?".
I shake my head and glance at the pink-haired man. "He apologized for last time and gave me these, in an attempt to be forgiven I guess? Apparently, they're for an event about equine-assisted therapy, he said he helped organize it for a friend but he can't go, hence why he let me have them" I explain, watch as Seokjin's eyes widen while Namjoon purses his lips in unease.
"Did something happen with him?" he asks, he doesn't like being left in the dark about this and it shows on his face so I decide to tell him even though Seokjin makes a face not to.
"Well, on Tuesday, he said he was really stressed about something, I was new so I didn't serve him his coffee fast enough because I didn't recognize him as it was my first time seeing him and I guess it kind of threw him off because he usually gets it right away with Seokjin. He got mad and yelled a lot and I did end up burning myself but... well I guess it's all behind us now, he did apologize and gave me these tickets, he seemed really regretful and said he wouldn't behave like that again".
Namjoon frowns and bites on the inside of his cheek before nodding his head. "At least he did the right thing and apologized, I hope he'll take that as a lesson and not let his emotions get the better of him again, it wasn't your fault".
"You can say that again... he went all hulk on me and said that I should've reconsidered hiring her, all of that because he didn't get his coffee fast enough! I was just about ready to kick him out if he didn't stop sputtering all this nonsense" Seokjin mumbles before sighing when I rub his arm to comfort him, it's all over now, there's no need to get angry again at Jimin, I think he scolded himself enough for months to come.
Namjoon makes a move for one of the tickets to have a look and Seokjin does the same so I hand one to each so they can read the text on it, maybe one of them would like to come with me?
"So there's equine-assisted psychotherapy, hippotherapy and therapeutic riding... that's interesting, I remember hearing briefly about hippotherapy but I didn't know it was one out of different treatments, do they allow you to ride the horses there?" Seokjin asks and I nod my head, that's something that I'm really curious about even if I don't know if I would be brave enough, aren't horses really tall?
"Jimin said that it's possible, yes. There will be drinks, food and activities happening, I guess it's going to be a bit like a small festival? I really want to go but... well I don't want to go alone, I've never been around a lot of people all by myself, it makes me a little nervous" I let out with a sigh.
"When does it happen?" Namjoon asks while turning the paper around to try and see if the information is written somewhere but Seokjin finds it first.
"It's a two days event, on Saturday and Sunday... in two weeks" he reads aloud before sighing sadly at the end. "I was going to offer to go with you but I can't during that weekend, I have to go see my mother" he apologizes with a frown, he looks really disappointed about it.
I try to force a smile to not show that I too am upset that he can't, I don't want him to feel bad about it, he should enjoy seeing his mother, not worry about me.
"It's fine, Seokjin, I can go by myself... it can't be that bad, right?" I say, a little hesitant about the whole thing but my wish to go is stronger than my nerves, I really want to see those horses and see what the event is like, I've never gone to something like that before.
"In two weeks? I happen to be free during that weekend, would you like me to accompany you?" Namjoon offers all of a sudden and I turn to stare at him with wide, hopeful eyes.
"Would you really? It wouldn't bother you to go with me?" I ask, watch as he shakes his head with a pleased grin.
"I would love going with you, I was hoping to ask if you were willing to see me outside someday anyway, this seems like a great place to meet up and spend time together" he admits sheepishly, words that paint my cheeks with a deep pink once more, he really has a way with colouring my face.
Seokjin ticks his tongue and sets the ticket on the counter before walking away without so much as a word and I observe with concern as he walks into the kitchen with long strides. He's really been weird ever since Namjoon got here, does he not like him?
"So, what do you think? Shall I go with you?" Namjoon asks to get my attention back on him and I nod, a smile forming on my lips despite my concern for my boss who has been a warm comfort to me throughout the week. "I'd love that, please".
Satisfied with my answer, he hums and takes his phone out of his pocket before handing it to me. "Might I have your phone number then? So we can stay in contact without having to rely on me coming here while you're working" he asks and I get to see the cutest smile on his face when I nod my head while taking the device form him.
Seeing as he already brought me to the new contact page, I fill in my information easily and then give it back when I'm done. I watch as he taps on the screen for a moment with a shy smile on his face and then feel my phone in my back pocket vibrate as he puts his own away.
I don't normally keep it on me during work but I forgot to put it in my locker this morning, I'm kind of glad I did, Seokjin doesn't mind anyway since he knows that I never get distracted from work so it's not like I have to hide it from sight.
I'm about to take it out so I can see what I got, most likely a message from Namjoon but he stops me with an awkward scratch to the back of his neck, a shy pink to his cheeks that has me raising an eyebrow.
"You can read it once I'm gone, I need to go anyway" he tells me before taking out his wallet, something that has me frowning at him. "Namjoon, this was on me, remember? I won't let you pay for the coffee" I warn him but he simply smiles and shakes his head.
"It's fine, you can always treat me another time, I want to pay for the first coffee you made me" he says, eyes smiling as he tries to give me an opportunity to see him again.
I roll my eyes with a smile before reaching the cash register to make him pay and after a long and slow walk to the front door to extend the goodbyes that has me giggling and him chuckling, he finally walks out of the building and away from the shop on his bicycle.
Knowing that now I can look at my phone, I unlock the screen to find a message coming from an unknown number that can only be him.
Unknown: Hello Y/N, this is Namjoon! Don't hesitate to contact me if you ever need anything, be it when you need to talk or if you want to do something together, I'll always be happy to hear from you :) PS. I also wanted to let you know that I find you very beautiful, have a good day at work!
My breath hitches strongly at the last sentence, a blush crawling over my neck and cheeks as my body heat increases and I quickly hide my phone in my pocket, heart fluttering and shy, did I read this right? Did he really write that?
That's why he didn't want me to read it in front of him... was that... is he flirting with me? Is what I always saw in the movies with my sisters happening to me in real life? It's never happened to me in all of my life, how am I supposed to react to this?
Remembering Seokjin's earlier reaction that still doesn't make much sense, I shake my head to clear my mind and walk to the kitchen to see him smashing some flour over the counter, the white particles creating a cloud before settling down, he looks angry.
I clear my throat to make myself known and bite on my lips when he pauses without looking up at me. "Seokjin... is everything okay?" I ask him softly as I step inside the room to stand in front of him on the other side of the large counter, senses still attentive in case someone comes in the shop.
Still without giving me any attention, he resumes moving his hands to make what appears to be bread, still in the uncooked stage. "Yeah, I just forgot to make a new batch of bread for the display baskets" he mumbles quietly, nothing like his usual behaviour towards me.
I hum lightly and look at the way he moves his fingers to knead the dough, there's visibly a lot of strength that goes into the action, his muscles are not just for show.
"Can I help? I know that you've never seen me in the kitchen but I'm not too bad when given a task" I offer, not liking at all the perpetual frown I can see on his face but he simply sighs and shakes his head in a clear rejection.
"No, it's fine, you should stay at the front in case someone needs you, I'll be okay on my own" he answers and I stay still a few seconds, just staring at him as he keeps working in silence, am I actually hoping for him to change his mind?
"Okay, well... do tell me if you need help, or anything at all... you know where to find me" I make sure to let him know before leaving the room sheepishly, this leaves a bad taste in my mouth, he's usually so bright and attentive but this... I'm not used to this Seokjin.
I thankfully don't have time to focus on this weird situation when as soon as I reach the display cases to remove finger prints from the glass, new customers walk in to get their lunch time dose of coffee.
I put aside my concerns with Seokjin to focus on the endless flow that starts coming in, the time indicating that people are now hungry for food and in need of liquid energy.
I do become a little overwhelmed because I have no time to breathe in between each customers but I do my best anyway, I want to handle this to the best of my abilities to allow Seokjin to continue with his own tasks.
And I'm also a little unsure about bothering him, I know I shouldn't let that keep me from seeking his help but I want to give him some space.
I do notice Jimin staring at me with a frown from time to time, it doesn't help my current nervousness because is this all bothering him? Am I doing something bad again? Can he see that I'm slower than Seokjin?
My nerves start getting increasingly overwhelming as I try to follow the pace that has taken place, five more orders given to me when a group walks in to have a lunch here making me sweat a little because I'm still not done with the previous customer's orders which is quite literally a list for a group at their work most likely, this is starting to not go so well for me.
It's when that thought settles in the pit of my stomach that a shadow quickly walks past me and to the kitchen, so fast that I wonder if it was only my imagination.
I make the customer pay once all the food and drinks ready and then get ready to serve the five customers who've already been waiting for a moment, which they assure me is fine but I can't help but feel like I should already have started on their orders by now, I know Seokjin would've.
I get started with their drinks after putting the sandwiches in the counter oven, head spinning the more I turn to find what I'm looking for, every orders mixing together in my mind and making me turn confused.
It's while I grab some ice that I notice Jimin walking out of the kitchen with a angry look on his face, a guilty looking Seokjin walking behind him and past me to ask the orders that are left to be taken care of to get started on them.
While seeing Jimin there has me turning confused because - did he fetch Seokjin for me? - watching said man here is a huge relief for me and as he organizes each orders to be complete, it also brings order in my mind so I can finish properly what I started, it's amazing how quickly things become easier when he's here with me, it lets me know that I still have much to learn.
We get through the rush in silence if not for the occasional little requests and once no more customers walk in, I slump against the counter behind me, a hand to my slightly pounding head, that was a lot.
I hear him come over before stopping in front of me and when I look up to meet his gaze, I feel so shameful, I wish I could've had things under control when he came to join me, I just wanted to make him proud but it was a failure, wasn't it?
"Why didn't you come and get me when the rush started, Y/N? Me not needing your help in the kitchen doesn't mean that you don't need mine here, what were you thinking?".
I look back down in shame, eyes burning with tears that I don't want to release, he's scolding me with good reason, I tried to do more than I could handle.
"I'm sorry, Seokjin... I didn't want to bother you, I really thought I could handle this by myself at first but then I got pulled into the pace and couldn't find a way out anymore, I'm sorry" I mumble weakly, hear his sigh echo in response, a sound that breaks my heart because I know that sound, I know it by heart.
"No, it's... it's okay, I should've paid more attention, I'm sorry that you had to take care of most of it all by yourself" he apologizes too, his voice tired, I can't do anything else but wait for his verdict as we stay in an awkward silence.
He eventually sighs before walking away to have a round in the seating area and I purse my lips, he's mad at me, isn't he? I must have messed up badly this time, I feel really bad about it.
I follow him with my gaze until it falls on Jimin who has resumed working on his laptop, did he really head to the kitchen to get Seokjin for me or was it only because the noise and my inexperience were bothering him?
He suddenly looks up to see me staring at him and I hurry to hide behind a wall separating the area behind the counter from sight from the seating area, head hitting against it silently as I inwardly swear, I didn't realize I was still staring at him!
As if to make things worse, it is a few seconds later that I hear the sound of feet coming over until they stop nearby and when I look up again, it's to see Jimin standing in front of the cash register with an eyebrow quirking at me.
I sheepishly make my way to him, I guess I didn't really show him my best either, I must be disappointing everyone today. He settles his belongings on the empty counter and gets his card out to pay, I guess he's leaving for the day.
"You know, this week is your first here, don't try to do more than you're able, that rush earlier was too much, you're not Kim Seokjin, you don't have his experience. Ask for help, if I know one thing about him, it's that he wouldn't get mad at you for doing so" he tells me as I select what he got here on the machine, card swiped before I hand it back to him without daring to meet his gaze.
To hear that from a customer... I sigh and nod my head, he's right, I could've done better and that included letting Seokjin know that I needed his help, which I didn't do. I'll learn from this mistake, I won't do it again, I don't want to worry everyone like this, it makes me feel awful.
He leaves soon after that, a small smile given to me before he gathers his things and I turn to Seokjin when he comes back with a few dirty dishes, dishwasher filled before he washes his hands and then he's glancing at me.
"You can go to the break room and get something to eat there, I'll take over in the meantime" he demands and I nod before doing as told without a word, I don't dare say anything that could make things worse.
I enter the room and close the door behind me and then make my way to the fridge that I open to grab the kimbap that he now makes regularly after I shared my love for it and once I'm sat at the table, I start eating slowly, my appetite weak despite today's hard work.
It just feels so wrong to see Seokjin looking like this, he's always all smiles and laughter, he lights up a room and makes everyone feel good, so having him so quiet and almost avoiding me feels like a dark cloud is covering my head to hide me from the sun.
I exhale for many long seconds, a slice of food between my fingers that I can't find the will to bring to my mouth. I can't keep acting like this all day, I disappointed Seokjin so I need to do better to show him that I'm not giving up but it just feels like all my willpower left me.
The sound of the door opening but not closing fills the empty room and I hear him take a seat in front of me, I look up to find him gazing at me with a serious look on his face that worries me.
"You can go back home earlier today, I'll stay here and close alone" he informs me, words that have my breath hitching in my throat, a quick glance at the clock showing that it's barely one in the afternoon.
"But... it's so early, Seokjin, I can't do that" I tell him, confused and afraid of the reason why he would tell me to go in these circumstances, did I really mess up that badly? Is he that mad?
"I know, Y/N, it's okay. I won't need your help so just go back home, leave when you're done eating, I'll handle the rest here" he replies simply and I freeze, his sentence bringing me back to when mom decided to kick me out of home and away from my siblings.
I won't need your help anymore, nor do I want to see you ever again. Get out of here before I get back home after work, leave and never come back.
Feeling panic surge within me at the connections that my mind can make, I grab the hem of my apron tightly to fight back the tears threatening to spill. "Is it because of earlier?" I ask with a trembling voice.
"Because I wasn't good enough? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so careless, I know I'm not as good as you, I won't do it again, I promise... please don't kick me out, I'll work hard, I really will" I plead, tears finally managing to roll down my cheeks, a sight that has his eyes widening, my words not the response he had expected from me.
"Kick you out? Y/N, I'm not- you've done nothing wrong, dear, nothing. If anything, I'm the one who did bad today, I'm just ashamed of myself, nothing that happened was your fault, I promise. I'm only allowing you back home now so you can rest sooner, you look exhausted" he hurries to assure me with a soft voice, eyes worried as they follow my fingers as they wipe my face.
Did I get it all wrong then? He's not getting rid of me? I allow my mind to slowly differentiate the two situations, the one with my mother not the same one as here. Seokjin isn't kicking me out like she did, he's just concerned about me, I breathe in and out slowly to calm down under his careful eyes.
"Okay... I-I'm sorry for panicking, I'll take my leave like you asked then, I'm not hungry so I'll just go now" I mumble before standing up from my chair with a bow to then head to my locker, heart in shambles as I try to recover from the shock his words gave me, I would've been destroyed if I couldn't come back here next week.
I clumsily try to remove my apron, fingers fidgeting with the knot that won't come undone, it's stupid at this point when I start crying silently, fabric pulled in whichever way hoping for it to magically work until Seokjin sighs, the emotions that clash within me obvious in my posture and behaviour.
He stands up and grabs my hands to make me let go before undoing it himself, after which he moves me by the shoulders before pulling me into a hug, arms warm as they close around me to keep me close and safe.
I tense for a moment at the unexpected action but when he starts rubbing soothing circles on my back, I allow myself to relax, fingers letting go of the fabric of my apron to fall by my sides.
"You're okay, Y/N. You have a place here for as long as you want, you hear me? You've been doing a fantastic job this week and you've been a very good help to me, I'm not letting you go so easily" his whispers against my hair as I sniffle softly into his chest.
His words help settle the last of my worries and I nod, soul enjoying his touch for a little bit longer before he steps back to smile down at me, his thumbs serving to take the tears still rolling on my skin gently.
"Now, you head back home, you take it easy for the rest of the day, okay?" he asks, his voice finally shining some light on me again, dark clouds dispersing to lighten the burden over my heart. I make a noise to let him know I will listen to him and he nods before ruffling my hair softly the way he likes to do to praise me.
"Ah, before you leave, let me just get something for you" he suddenly mumbles before grabbing the kimbap I barely ate on the table and to the fridge and I watch his back from my locker, mind confused as I set my apron inside before grabbing my bag.
When I turn around, it's to find him lifting a grocery bag with a pensive hum before nodding to himself, as if to make sure that it's not too heavy, and when he sees me ready to go, he gives it to me.
Confused, I take it from him and have a look inside to see many different types of food, a few meals piled up on top of each other, the bag is pretty heavy but it's also surprising that it's not heavier than that.
"You bring that with you and eat well during the weekend, okay? They'll spoil if I leave them here, I'll bring a bit of what needs to be eaten soon back home too but I need your help, I can't eat everything all on my own" he says with a wink that has me gaping at him, he can't be serious, he's giving me all this?
"If you're worried about not finishing it all this weekend, put some meals in the freezer, they can last for longer that way and you can have them whenever you feel like it" he adds at my hesitation, it's clear as day that he really wants me to accept the food but part of me feels selfish for accepting so easily.
I turn to gaze at his own fridge which also has a freezer and I'm just about to point at it when he chuckles and turns me around and towards the doorway instead.
"Don't make me repeat myself, Y/N, take them and eat well, I don't want you looking sick when you come back on Monday. Do that for me, okay?".
Mouth into a thankful pout, I bow lowly at him, unable to believe that someone can be this nice to me. "Thank you, Seokjin, that's very kind of you" I let out, he has no idea that this is going to last me for days, I didn't have that much food left at home so he's doing me a huge favour.
He steps closer and hooks a finger under my chin to straighten me up with an eye crease. "I take care of my people, Y/N, you are my people so it's only natural that I do this, don't worry so much" he muses before leading me to the front of the shop and towards the exit door.
"Now get going! The longer you stay here, the later you get to rest and that would go against the reason why I'm letting you go so early" he teases me and I purse my lips before smiling at him bashfully, I'm really glad that we get to part in a better mood than earlier.
I get going and wave at him, feeling much better about this coming weekend that will have me alone for the first time in days, it's surely going to feel weird, but at least I won't go hungry, all thanks to this amazing man.
I start walking on the sidewalk, thankful for this miracle that I was given that is to work with Seokjin, I can't see myself going anywhere else, not when he's quickly starting to feel like family.
Tumblr media
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dreamescapeswriting · a month ago
BTS Reaction || Sex In The Kitchen [M] [Request]
Tumblr media
⤜Copyright: © DreamEscapesWriting - June2022
There was something you had always found incredibly hot about Jin in the kitchen. You didn't know what it was but just seeing him cook for you always seemed to turn you on more than it should have.
"Baby?" He chuckled when he felt you holding him from behind, your hand slowly making its way down his stomach and toward the briefs he was wearing. The outline of his cock made your mouth water as you palmed him slowly,
"S-Shit, right now?" He chuckled as you pushed the briefs down and dropped to your knees in front of him, smirking up at him as he eyed you up closely. His cock beginning to hurt with how turned on he was seeing you like in front of him.
"Keep cooking," You didn't mean for it to come out as bossy as it did but Jin nodded and whimpered as you took his cock into your hand, giggling a little as you began to rub him slowly. Licking your lips as a bead of arousal leaked from the tip of his dick,
"You have no idea how often I've thought of doing this," You mumbled before licking him from the base of his cock to the tip, tracing your tongue all over the pearly white drop of precum.
"F-Fuck," He mumbled breathlessly as you looked up at him, 
"I've imagined it a lot too," You smirked a little before undoing the strings of your nightgown and letting it drop to the floor so that you were sitting naked in front of him, his cock twitching a little as he watched you.
"Cute," You whispered before taking his cock into your mouth, he grunted at the sudden warmness of your mouth and closed his eyes. Abandoning all thoughts of cooking as you continued to move your mouth around him. Alternating between sucking him off and tracing your tongue around the tip of his cock.
"So good...A-Always so -ugh fuck - good," He mumbled out not being able to form a full sentence as you pushed yourself down to the base of his cock, swallowing around him as hips stuttered a little at the feeling. The taste of him coated your tongue but it was like you could never get enough as you continued to suck on him.
"Who knew you liked sucking cock so much?" He smirked, his words only encouraging you to take him back into your mouth and suck him off faster, taking in long drags of air to prevent your gag reflex. Listening to the way he moaned above you, was now going to be the thing you played on repeat in your head for months to come.
You were never going to get enough of hearing your name fall from his lips over and over again,
"J-Just like that," He moaned out as he rolled his hips,
"You want to cum baby?" You cooed as you pumped him in your hand, making him look down at you with complete lust in his eyes.
"You wanna cum down my throat,"
Y-Yes! F-Fuck fuck yes!" You smirked taking him back into your mouth and sucking harshly, using your hand to cup and play with his balls until e grunted and finished suddenly inside of your mouth. You smirked swallowing every drop before pulling off and looking at the food which was now burning in the pan. 
"We should start over, we kind of burnt breakfast," You reminded him but Jin turned off the oven and grabbed you by the hips, 
"I have a better idea." He smirked before kissing you deeply.
Tumblr media
As soon as you felt your boyfriend behind you, you let out a whine. 
"Yoongi," You trailed off slowly. You'd been needy all morning and he'd been sleeping right up until you decided to start cooking,
"Yes?" He questioned, kissing your shoulder softly, you said nothing else you pushed your hips back against him and let out a whimper to find him hard. 
"You're wearing my shirt," He praised as he ran his hands down your waist and slowly pulled up the shirt to reveal his favourite panties on you.
"I'm really wet and I'm gonna die if you don't do something about it," You told him with a smirk, he didn't even think twice before pulling you over to the kitchen table and sitting you on top of it. 
"I'm starved." He smirked, pulling you to the edge of the table and exposing you to him. Your whole body burnt to be touched by him and you watched as he wasted no time with teasing you. His tongue slid over you, between every fold, lapping up your arousal as if it was the last meal he was ever going to have.
"Oh god," You cried out as he began to swirl his tongue over your clit, sucking harshing as you jerked your hips up involuntarily. Every time you moved his grip on your waist would tighten and he dragged you into him, delving his tongue deeper inside of you as your head rolled back against the wooden table. 
"Don't give him all the credit, it's me that's going to make you cum," He hummed against your clit making your body shake. He once again took your labia in his much and began sucking on it, moving his tongue with precision over every inch of your sensitive flesh. He could never get enough of making you moan out the way that you were.
Your head was starting to feel dizzy with every overwhelming pleasure he was giving to you, you were moaning out mercilessly from every touch of his mouth.
"Taste so fucking good, my good fucking girl." He moaned out causing you to squirm in his grasp, bucking against him as he began to massage your clit with his fingers,
"Look at you, squirming and so close when I've barely done anything to you," His mouth went to work on you again and soon you were wiggling and moaning his name out so loud you were sure your neighbours were going to complain. Again. Your fingers laced into his black hair as you bucked against him,
"Please...Yoongi, Please..." Your words come out in chokes as he continued to rub you faster, his tongue plunging in and out of you mercilessly.
"You wanna come baby?" You nodded eagerly as he chuckled darkly, his fingers on your clit getting faster as he watched your uncontrollable hips bucking.
"Please, please, please!" You begged as the pressure started to feel too much for you to hold back any longer.
"Cum," It was one word and you were undone by it all. Cumming around his tongue as your toes curled against the table, your whole body ached as you cried his name out.
"Good girl," He chuckled as he carefully kissed his way up to your lips, pressing kisses all over your face as you let out small whimpers. 
"Go and get a shower, I'll make us some food," He ordered before kissing you softly.
Tumblr media
"Have I told you how beautiful I find you when you cook?" He asked as he teased you from behind, your legs trembling a little from feeling Hoseok's cock at your entrance. He'd been telling you all morning how he was going to fuck you while you cooked and now he was proving his words to be true. 
"N-No, tell me." You begged as he slowly eased into you, taking his time as you cried out his name. The two of you had sex before but every time was like the first and there was no "getting used" to his size.
"So beautiful, the way your eyebrows knit together when you concentrate on the task," He moaned out as you squirmed beneath him, he kissed you softly as he held you on him, running his hands over your arms as he soothed you gently.
"When you let out little curse words when you accidentally overcook something," He pulled out before thrusting deeper inside of you, your cunt tightening around him as he filled you up completely. 
"Hoseok!" You moaned out as you gripped onto the edge of the kitchen counter, his hand holding onto your hips as he slowly began to move inside of you,
"And you're all mine,2 He whispered as he continued to slowly fuck into you, your whole body burning as he used his free hand to massage your clit.
"All mine," He whispered again, fucking slowly and deeply into you. Each touch of his hand-winding you up tighter as the pleasure made your whole body feel as though it was on fire. You squeezed around him and squeezed your eyes shut, completely forgetting about the pancake that was left to burn inside of the frying pan.
"J-Just like that," You urged as he continued to fuck into the same spot over and over again, your mouth hanging open as you got lost in the feeling of him inside of you.
"S-Shit...Yn," He whimpered as his hips began to turn into desperate bucks to try and fill you up,
"C-Close," You both moaned out at the same time as you turned your head around, kissing him deeply and ignoring the pain in your neck you got from the angle. A few more thrusts and you both came undone, your orgasm exploding around you as you gripped onto him tightly, his thrust turning into needy bucks as he filled you up with his cum. Hoseok moaned as he pulled out of you, smirking as he watched everything drip onto the floor below your feet. 
Tumblr media
Namjoon didn't know what it was but after your first time together he had become addicted to you like you were his own personal brand of coke that he would never be able to stir away from.
"Open your mouth for me, nice and wide." He whispered as he looked down at you, you were on your knees in front of him. He'd walked down to the kitchen to find you had made breakfast for him after spending your first night at his place. 
"Good girl," He moaned out as you opened your mouth wide for his cock, taking as much of him as you could into the back of your throat. You couldn't fit him all in but you were going to do your best to please him. You would never get enough of hearing him come undone because of you. Hearing him moan your name out or call you a "good girl" was too addicting to let go of.
"J-Just nice and slow," He whispered as you began to move your head around him, moving your tongue up and down his length as you kept your eyes on him the entire time. His lips parted as he moaned your name out breathlessly. 
"Taking it so well for me," He praised and that was all it took. Something inside of you flicked and you clenched around nothing. You began to move your head at a faster pace, sucking him off while your gingers rubbed your clit beneath you.
"Look at you, touching yourself just from pleasing - ugh fuck -" You continued to take him to the back of your throat, holding yourself down on him and holding back the tears that were beginning to form in your eyes. 
"Oh shit, t-that's a good fucking girl." He growled out as his cock throbbed against your tongue, his eyes locking with yours as you continued to take him into your mouth. Gagging just a little as he thrust into your mouth your knees shaking as you could feel your own orgasm fast approaching you.
"S-Shit...Shit," He hissed out before spurting his cum into the back of your throat. The taste was hot, salty and sweetly bitter but you swallowed it all. Sucking him clean as you pulled away from him with a small pop. 
"So hot," He moaned out before suddenly grasping you and putting you onto the table where the two of you spent the remainder of the morning.
Tumblr media
"Jimin? What are you doing?" You giggled as you felt your boyfriend grinding against you. It was your first time staying over in his apartment and he'd not left you alone for more than a minute at a time. And had convinced you that the two of you needed to "Christen" every inch of his apartment with your bodies.
"I need you," He mumbled against your shoulder as he pressed kisses against your baked skin,
"I'm trying to cook,"
"I'm needy," He chuckled as you felt just how needy he was as he pressed his cock between your thighs, you moaned out almost dropping the spoon you were using to stir your food.
"F-Fuck, Jimin." You moaned out as he continued to push himself between your thighs, 
"I need you too," You whimpered before he bent you over the kitchen counter and smirked,
"I can feel how much you need me,"
"Just d-do it, please Jimin." You mumbled as he rubbed the head of his cock at your entrance, you were burning with how desperate you were for him so you rolled your hips backwards and moaned out as he slipped into you.
"Oh shit," He grunted as he held your hips tightly, keeping himself pressed deep inside of you as you clenched around him. Even though you'd done this all weekend long you could never, ever get enough of him.
"Move," You begged as you tried to roll your hips, Jimin smirked down at you.
"You're just as needy as me,"
"S-Shut up and move- Oh fuck yes!" You cried out as he began to thrust deeply into you, his thrust at an insatiable pace as he looked down at you moaning your name out.
"Feels so fucking tight for me." He grunted as he moved one of your legs up onto the kitchen counter, hitting you in the deepest parts of you you never knew he could reach. You began moaning out curse words in different languages as his pumped never ceased. Your orgasm built up inside of you as he lent down to rub his thumb across your clit.
"My good fucking girl," He praised as he pressed a kiss to the back of your neck, thrusting roughly as you shattered around him cumming suddenly at the nickname. His cock continued to drive in and out of you like a man possessed, his hands cupping and rubbing your breasts roughly until he grunted. Stilling inside of you as he finished into you, your eyes fluttered shut as you felt him filling you up, slowly pulling out and giggling when you felt the familiar sensation of his cum leaking and dropping onto the floor below.
"You're cleaning that up." You warned him as you pulled your leg down from the counter and headed in the direction of the bathroom.
"We haven't done the shower yet! Wait for me," He smirked as he rushed after you.
Tumblr media
You'd barely had time to register what was happening until you felt Taehyung kissing your neck, collarbones, shoulders and down to your breasts. Sucknig and licking your nipples as you panted and wriggled around beneath him. 
"So fucking beautiful," He told you as he looked up at you, tugging on your nipple with his teeth as he pushed two fingers into you, stretching you out as you cried out his name. The two of you had fantasised about kitchen sex many times before and now he was finally acting out your dreams.
"You're soaking," He groaned, looking at you as you rolled your hips up to meet him, trying to cause some kind of friction between his fingers and your throbbing pussy,
"I need you to make me cum, please," You moaned out as he kissed his way down your stomach until he reached your cunt. He smirked pushing his fingers deeper inside of you before dragging them out only to thrust them roughly back into you again. Your hips bucked uncontrollably as you cried out his name over and over again. Your moans were addictive enough to make him want to edge you all day long. He lowed his head as he gently scraped his teeth over your clit, ducking on it harshly as you cried out his name. You were already dripping down your thighs and he lapped everything up, eating you out as a man starved.
"Holy fuck," You moaned out as your pleading to cum turned into whining that got louder the longer he ate you out at the table. He pressed his thumb against your clit, curling his fingers until they hit the spot that made you cry out in pleasure.
"S-Shit! Shit! Shit!" You screamed before arching away from the table with a sharp cry, cumming around him as he continued to thrust his fingers in and out of you. Smirking as you slowly came down from your high and trembled from the force of your orgasm,
"All good baby?" He asked as you whimpered some kind of reply to him, too lost in your post orgasm to even think straight.
Tumblr media
"They're not awake," Jungkook whispered before biting down on your ear making you moan out and roll your hips backwards to meet him giggling when you found how hard he was beneath the little shorts he was wearing.
"They could wake up," You reminded him. The two of you were staying at the dorms while your new apartment got redecorated and the night before he'd been so horny he wouldn't leave you alone. You'd been ready up until the boys walked in and you knew they'd listen out to you for the rest of the night.
"I'm desperate Yn," You smirked a little at how needy he sounded right now, he was practically one step away from begging to be inside of you and the thought alone was turning you on more and more.
"You wanna be inside me?" You questioned, putting on a soothing voice as you moved your hand back behind you to rub him through the shorts he was wearing. It was risky since the two of you were in the kitchen making breakfast for everybody else,
"Please," He whispered, moaning out as you continued to rub him through the shorts,
"Tell me how much you want me." You whispered before dropping him and getting up onto the counter, slowly spreading your legs in front of him. He licked his lips as he saw just how wet you were for him,
"S-Shit, please...P-lease, I'll just stay still, you don't e-even have to move...F-Fuck," He reached his hand out and stopped before you moved it closer for him, rubbing his thumb along your sensitive clit as you moaned his name out lowly. 
"I-I think you deserve it for being a good boy last night," You whispered. Jungkook had already pushed his shorts down before you finished your sentence and he was settling himself at your entrance.
"T-Thank you," He moaned out before pushing into you, your lips finding his before he would moan out too loudly and wake one of the members up. The last thing you wanted was to have them wake up and find you like this, though the thought alone made you clench tightly around Jungkook.
"M-move," You begged as you bucked against him, moaning louder as he began to pull out of you only to thrust back into you roughly burying himself deep inside of you over and over again. 
"Holy fuck," You cried out a little louder than you wanted but you were past the point of caring as he fucked you slowly but deeply, the pleasuring clenching all of your muscles as you squeezed around him.
"Look at that," He moaned out as he looked down between you, transfixed on the sight of disappearing in and out of you as he grunted loudly. 
"J-Jungkook," You mumbled as you suddenly felt yourself finishing around him. It wasn't an explosion it was a shattering feeling inside of you that had you moaning his name out and dragging your nails down his back as he moaned out. Coming inside of you as he quickly pulled out of you and glanced over at the door when he heard footsteps approaching you. 
"G-Go to my room," This time it was him giving the orders and you practically sprinted in the direction of his room.
Tumblr media
tagline:  @lyoongx @mitzwinchester @rjsmochii​ @taestannie @sw33tnight @sweeneyblue1 @agustdjoon @jin-from-the-block @acciocriativity @mwitsmejk @taeechwitaa​ @justbangtanthingz​ @stillwithlix​ @kookiekuu​ @lolalee24​ @hopeworldd-2​ @totallynoanalien​ @yubinism​ @ethereallino​ @heyjiminnie​ @aerastus​ @tinyoonsblog​ @cherrybubblesandvodka​ @kimahnjung98​ @halesandy​ @snigdha-14
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ggukkieland · a month ago
📕BTS Fic Reads - 2022 June
Happy to share these fics read, reblogged, and commented on. I think June was a good collection and I might have read some of these fics at least twice over the years. Some of these have been in my drafts since 2020 😭 but I enjoyed reading again because I finally get to scream about these fics.
💌 Thank you to all the authors! I am, once again, amazed at the quality of fics and stories we get. I wish I can do more to show my appreciation. Lots of love!   💌
Tumblr media
Note: if link doesn’t work, click on author link and go to their masterlist
🥕 Ongoing - most recent chapter [as of date this list was posted]
🥕 Completed - drabbles | one shots | series
🥕 S - smut | F - fluff | A - angst
Mostly Mature, 18+ only please
I read different members, different genres so please take note of the tags, description per fic
Don’t forget to reblog/comment on author’s work, too 😊
[around 70 fics]
Tumblr media
🥕 [Ongoing Series]
↬ Seokjin
The Platonic Collection @joheunsaram - drabble series [10/?] | 33k+ | best friend au, turned fwb, idiots to lovers, childhood friends | s, a, f
Whims & Inconsistencies @hisunshiine - series [3/?] | 12k+ | victorian era, historical au, best friend’s brother au | a, s, f
↬ Yoongi
Better Than Sex @yoon-kooks - series [2/?] | 9.3k+ | producer au, producer!yoongi, producer!reader, studio neighbors | s, f
↬ Hoseok
Blood on the Dance Floor @btsqualityy - series [10/?] | 20.5k+ | choreographer!hoseok, established relationship, assistant choreographer!OC (Bora) who is obsessed with Hoseok, thriller, fatal attraction au | s, a, f
↬ Taehyung
Love: Undercover  @lolabangtan - series [1/?] | 7.6k | CEO AU, CEO!Reader turned Secretary, Office AU, fake identity, humor | f, a
True Love @jjkeverlast - series [3/?] | 8k+ | Our Beloved Summer au, exes au, enemies to lovers | f, a
↬ Jungkook
Devil that I Know @euphoricfilter - series [5/?] | 51.8k+ | strangers to lovers, supernatural au, historical au, demon!jungkook x human!reader | implied s, f, a
Gone @borahaerhy - series [8/?] | 33.1k+ | best friend au, to enemies to lovers, high school au, slow burn, childhood best friend, falling out, common friend Aria goes missing, mystery/some police drama involved in the story | a, f
Her @/jungk0oksthighs   - series [5/?] | 20.8k+ | best friend au, tattoo artist!jungkook, friends to lovers, unrequited (jungkook) | f, s
Hotter Than Hell @chateautae - series [3/5] | 85k+ | demon au, human!reader, supernatural au, fantasy, enemies to lovers, road trip, fallen demon au | a, f, s
Stay with Me @jungk0oksthighs​ - series [10/?] | 30.9k+ | exes au, co-parenting, divorce au, unplanned pregnancy, single dad!jungkook | a, s, f
Take Care of You @kookiecrumb​ - series [2/?] | 10.6k+ | housekeeper!reader, idol!jungkook, friends to lovers | f, s, a
The Prince with the Ugly Heart @daydreamindollie​ - series [15/?] | 108k+ | Beauty and the Beast AU, fantasy, royalty au, florist!reader, prince!jungkook, feat. taehyung as the little bro of OC, slow burn, magic au | f, a
The Things I Never Told You @angelguk​ - prequel drabbles [4/?]  +series [2/3] | 23.2k+ | best friend au, idiots to lovers, mutual pining, ANGSTY PINING | s, f, a
↬ Multi/OT7
Taehyung x Reader | Jungkook x Reader
And They Were Roommates @hoseok666​ - series [6/?] | 70.5k+ | strangers to lovers, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, college au, tsundere!jungkook, slow burn, roommate au, unrequited love (jungkook who rejected her confession), unrequited (for taehyung but it hasn’t ended yet so let’s see 👀) | a, s
Cry Me a River @minniepetals​ - series [12/?] | 90k+ | poly au, mafia au, arranged marriage au | a, slight f
Tumblr media
↬ Themed Series
Public Enemy @explicit-tae - themed series [4/7] | 33.9k+ | mafia au, different OCs but one universe, related to one man/scenario Shin who recently passed away (cheater and had several girlfriends who are the different OCs in the stories), some yandere tendencies, manipulation from the mafia men, some OC played the game, some 🤷🏽‍♀️, shady bangtan | a, s
Jungkook - OC is the high school sweetheart of Shin, mafia boss!jungkook,  yandere tendencies (he’s been watching OC), appeared when Shin stood her up on a date
Jimin - camgirl au, student, art major!OC, mafia!Jimin, client!jimin, sex worker au, manipulative Jimin, club owner!jimin
Namjoon - detective!reader (the one investigating the case of Shin’s murder), detective!namjoon (but shady and part of the mafia group)
Taehyung - hitman!taehyung, OC is as crazy
Hoseok - established relationship (who doesn’t know about his job
Seokjin - doctor x intern!OC (also one of Shin’s girlfriends
Yoongi - sister of the detective (namjoon’s story) investigating what happened to her sister
Tumblr media
🥕 [Completed Fics/Series]
Tumblr media
A Dicking but with Feelings @mimithings97​ - drabble | 3k | established relationship (new), boyfriend au, humor | s
Give and Take @ddaenggtan - one shot + drabbles [Backseat Memories]  | 13.5k+ | humor, strangers to lovers, mechanic!namjoon, car repair shop owner namjoon, rich!namjoon (but not really the point of the story), boyfriend au for the drabbles, post-grad au | f, s
Moon Child @adonis-koo​ - one shot | 16k | part of the themed series Fright Fest, supernatural, werewolf au, a/b/o dynamics, soulmate themes, OC is an omega but underappreciated in her pack, alpha!namjoon is actually a gentle giant 🥺 | f, s
Scent of a Woman @sahmfanficbts - one shot | 10k | hybrid au, parfumerie au, boss-employee, slow burn, pining, leopard hybrid!namjoon, human!reader, social hierarchy themes (hybrids are superior species), rich au, hurt/comfort fic | a, f, s
The Take Home Test @versigny - one shot + drabble  | 11.3k | college au, fuckboy image, stranded/snowed in, sort of unrequited, armpit kink (this fic is famous for this! I swear it’s not going to be weird), established relationship (for the drabble) | s, f
Twisted @softlysugas​ - SMAU | completed, with written parts | CEO AU, humor, mixed bags scenarios, strangers to lovers, waitress!reader, enemies to lovers, tsundere!jungkook, rich au | f, s
Not so Silent Night @farfromsugafanfic​ - one shot | 3.3k | quarantine romance, neighbor au, slight enemies to lovers | f
Tumblr media
Every Year @another-army-spot​ - one shot | 15.6k | rich au, heirs (they’re both from high society), chef!seokjin, childhood friends, timing was never right | f, a, s
Headlines of the Next @prolixitae - one shot | 36k | thriller, action, mystery, crime au, coworkers au, exes au (they’re in good terms), detective au | a, s
Lacuna @magicalsalamander​ - one shot | 21k | childhood friends, bestfriend au, falling out, turned enemies to lovers, idiots to lovers,  law students/ lawyer au, werewolf au, slow burn, coworker au, mutual pining, soulmate au (themes) | f, a, s
Night Drive @minimonojoon​ - drabble | 3k | friends to lovers, wedding au, they’re the best man/maid of honor, they’re the best friends of the wedding couple trope | f (cute)
The IKEA Test @yoon-bug​ - one shot | 9.1k | established relationship, boyfriend au, lawyer!reader, kind of controlling OC (Seokjin is the dom in the sheets though), cute | s, f, slight a
Tumblr media
The Seven Year Itch @jimlingss - one shot | 5.2k | humor, established relationship, marriage au, husband au, divorce themes (but it’s not angsty! More of talks about divorce x 7-year itch) | f, tooth-rotting fluff
White Lily Support Group @army-author​ - one shot | 21.5k | hurt/comfort fic, christmas au, soulmate au (their soulmates are gone), first Christmas after a tragedy, friends to lovers, themes of healing, featuring taehyung (he’s a kid in this) | a, f
Blue Side @minyoongone - SMAU | ongoing (but the part it stopped feels complete) | humor, neighbor au, missent messages, mistaken identity, CEO AU, biker!yoongi, brokenhearted yoongi and OC who chatted thinking they were chatting with their exes, e2l vibes in the beginning | a, f
Carpool @leewriting​ - one shot | 17k | enemies to lovers, neighbor au, fighting over parking - became carpool mates, prank themes, bet dare themes | f, a
Unexpected Lovers @jjkeverlast - two shot [2/2] | 19.8k | artist!yoongi, fake dating of sorts, OC pretended Yoongi is her bf in a club but overheard by family friends, wedding au (bring the date), not clear why yoongi agreed to the fake dating but he went with it | f, s, a
What am I to You? @tayegi - one shot | 5.3k | idol au, established relationship, yoongi not so expressive with his feelings, OC feeling insecure, break up themes | a
Tumblr media
It’s You @94hixtape - one shot | 5.3k | roommate au, one night stand (of sorts), heartwarming | s, f
Washed Ashore @alilbihh​ - drabble | 3k | humor, pirates au, tooth-rotting fluff, enemies to lovers (enemy captains who make out behind closed doors) | f
Who’s the Boss @yoonpobs​ - one shot | 4.6k | boss-employee au, CEO au, assistant!reader, valentine’s day au, sort of enemies to lovers (one-sided on OC’s part), tooth-rotting fluff | f
Make it Right @smoochooks - two shot [2/2] | 40k | dancer!hoseok, drummer!hoseok, enemies to lovers, ballerina!reader, friends to lovers, idiots to lovers, slow burn, mutual pining, eventual established relationship, some LDR themes, punk meets ballet | f, a, s
Tumblr media
Control @jungblue​ - one shot | 5.6k | established relationship, boyfriend, humor,  blindfolds, lack of control for Jimin (femdom in the beginning), soft dom!jimin in the end | s, slight f
Gauche @taesthetes - drabble | 1.4k | college au, strangers to lovers, one night stand au, but this is the morning after drabble, clumsy OC, humor | f (really cute)
Now or Never @goldenjulychild​ - one shot | 26k | fwb au, summer road trips x heartbreaks/being free from unrequited love/angst, idiots to lovers too, artist jimin, college au | s, a, f
Oneirophrenia @bratkook - one shot | 10k | established relationship, break up au, songwriter/musician au, flashbacks/memory | a, f
Otherworldly - Coraline AU @sinning-on-a-sunday​ - series [3/3] | 42k | horror au, thriller, supernatural, coraline au, multiple universe (parallel universe but a dark version), established relationship (with the real Jimin) | a, s
The Secrets Trilogy @avveh - series [3/3] | 47.9k | coworker au, secret identity (nerd timid jimin but a BDSM dom), secret relationship | s, a, f
We’re Not Really Strangers + Hell-ish @jtrbluv​ - one shot + follow up one shot (can be read stand-alone) | 16.4k | humor, college, mutual pining, feat. the card game “we’re not really strangers”, confessions, established relationship for Part 2 | f, a
Would I Choose You @crystaljins - series [6/6] | 36k | action, humor, superhero au, side kick!reader, enemies to lovers, unrequited love themes, friends to lovers, roommate au, discrimination about superpowers | f, slight a
Tumblr media
Come Back Home @another-army-spot - series [3/3] | 27.4k | exes au, co-parenting, falling out, single dad au, single parent!reader, unplanned pregnancy, artist!taehyung, parenting au, college/graduating taehyung (they were teen parents), OC worked | a, s, f
Dick on the Go @jeonggukingdom​ - one shot | 20.7k | humor, crack fic, neighbor au, best friend au, childhood friends, bet dare themes, sex shop au | s, slight f
Farmer Boy, I Love You @strawberrynamjoon​ - one shot | 35k | small town vibes (really cute), slice of life, farm au (farming au), slow burn, slight enemies to lovers, neighbor au | f, s
Golden Lotus @flowerwrites06 - series [3/3] | 24.4k | gods au, god!taehyung, goddess!OC, fantasy, reincarnation themes | f, slight s
Imitation of Art @rmverse - one shot | 9.6k | artist/photographer taehyung, friends to lovers, mutual pining, really sensual and artistic vibes | f, s (also part of my previous reading list but I’ve never done a review so adding it now)
Little Blue Shop on the Main Street + The Red Room in the Back @thewanderingalis (deactivated) [ao3 links] - two-shot [2/2] | 13.6k | strangers to lovers, antique shop au, fuckboy image, college au, heartwarming, established relationship for part 2 | f, s
Petal @jiminiesfavouritecolourisblue​ - series [4/4] | 10.7k | mafia au, sort of starcrossed lovers, a bit of action, bittersweet situation, soulmate au, mutual pining, sort of childhood acquaintances (he’s always protecting her but would never talk to her) | a, f
Pulse @rohobi - series [11/11] | 84.7k | action (medical), medical drama, doctors au, exes au (sort of), fwb au, falling out, mutual pining, break up themes, reunion of some sort as coworkers, emergency scenarios (seriously this is like Grey’s Anatomy), single parent!reader, unplanned pregnancy, tsundere!reader, heartwarming really | a, f, s
Sonder @yslkook​ - one shot | 3.4k | exes au, mutual pining, exes who reunited, second chance au(?) | s, a
Moonstruck @jungkxook - one shot | 7.4k | werewolf au, arranged marriage, needed to marry to protect human!reader, mating, virgin!taehyung | s, f
Tumblr media
10 Things I Hate About You @leviackermanscleaningbuddy - one shot | 4.9k | long-standing enemies to lovers (rivals since they were kids), some confessions about (nice) stuff they did for each other (secretly), mutual pining, college au | f, implied s
A Night at the Mall @bunnybubae​ - one shot | 8.6k | best friend au, mutual pining, mall au, security guard!jungkook, sleepover of some sort (but make it the mall where Jungkook is assigned to guard the night 😅) | f, s
At the End of the Day @starshapedkookie​ - one shot | 13.3k | best friend au, vacation au, beach au, mutual pining, longing | f, s
Blight @kpopisthereasonihavenolife​ - series [12/12] | 87.9k | fantasy, action, a bit of hurt/comfort too, enemies to lovers, magic au, witch!reader, reluctant familiar!jungkook, dragon!jungkook, shifter au, school theme (school of magical beings), memory themes (one chapter Jungkook had memory loss) | f, a
Every Corner of my Mind @whatifyoulivelikethat - drabble | >3k | the one that got away, unrequited love (JK pining), sort of exes, reader left | a, f
Half a Cookie and the Shirt Stays Off @oreomonsterhunter​ - drabble | 1.4k | hurt/comfort fic, established relationship, boyfriend au, sort of LDR (he goes on tour), idol!jungkook, baking cookies shirtless (is this a warning lol) | f
Hellblazer @jungkookiebus - series [3/3] | 16.2k | supernatural, demon!jungkook, demon hunter au, constantine au, enemies to lovers (of some sort since OC hunts his likes), soldier au, angel au, plot twist/mystery | a, s, f
Officially Yours @personasintro​ - one shot | 4k | arranged marriage, fake dating/marriage, divorce au, friends to lovers | f
Past Midnight @tae-bebe​ - one shot | 10.5k | college au, strangers to lovers, friends to lovers, humor, meet cute (OC is his roommate’s friend who sleeps over sometimes and he tripped over her in their kitchen lol), music major!jungkook, a bit of surprise with OC’s background hmm, When Harry Met Sally vibes (their banter) | f
Rebound @yoongiofmine​ - series [3/3] | 14.7k | rock band au, strangers to lovers, rebound au | f, a, s
Red @taestefully-in-luv - series [3/3] | 44k | hurt/comfort, exes au, break up au, established relationship (some parts), unplanned pregnancy (yes, with the ex turned fwb), themes of grief, themes of second chances | a, f, s
Rubies are Red @btsmosphere​ - drabble | 3k | hurt/comfort, mafia, rivals, enemies to lovers, gender neutral | f, slight a
Sore Loser @haliiimede​ - one shot | 9.5k | gamer au, established relationship, streamer!jungkook, pro-gamer reader (valorant), bet dare themes, sub!jungkook | s, f
Switch Lanes @rmverse - one shot | 16.6k | strangers to lovers, college au, reader had unrequited feelings for taehyung (fwb), breakfast talks in coffee shop vibes, good guy + hottest f*ck formula | s, f
The Philosophy of Good Luck @kidguk - one shot | 7k | tattoo artist!jungkook, tattooed and pierced Koo, roommate au, meet cute (she got a tattoo of ‘his face’ without recalling why), tooth-rotting fluff | f, implied s
Keep Driving @ugh-yoongi - one shot | 6.8k | best friend au, road trip au, college au though they just graduated, mutual pining | f
Labs @bts-bay-bee - one shot | 3.4k | college au, uptight!reader, enemies to lovers, some degradation | s
The Snack Thief @astralkoo​ - one shot | 6.4k | neighbor au, snack thief!jungkook, noona!reader, sort of fwb-ish (some past hook ups), sub!jungkook | s
Until my Last Breath @iamjungkooked - one shot | 13.4k | werewolf au, human!reader, childhood friends, falling out of some sort | a, f, s
Tumblr media
Hoseok x Reader | Jimin x Reader
Two in One @here2bbtstrash​ - one shot | 12k | best friend au, OC thought JiHope are gay, threesome | s
Tumblr media
posted: 2022 July 16
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pinkrecs · a month ago
pinkrecs’s bts yandere fic recs
Tumblr media
[POSTED ON JULY 12th 2022]
note: this is most (honestly just checkout all of these authors’ masterlists--there’s more great gems) of my favorite yandere bts recs! please show much love to our wonderful authors. the yandere genre does contain triggering themes (ex: representation of toxic relationships, possessive/obsessive behavior, non-con/dub-con, violent behavior, etc). read at your own risk + check out the author’s notes. ENJOYYY ^^
i would love to give each fic a detailed comment on how i love it but i lack the words and writing capabilities to do that. so hope a short spoiler-free comment will do (sorry). GO GIVE THESE FICS A LIKE, REBLOG, OR COMMENT!!!!
- death valley by @bangtangalicious 
↳ gang + rocker + fightclub au + ot7 x reader. my brain is dizzy & fucked (in a good way) after reading this. each member gets their own time to shine and the characterizations of each member are crazy. this fic is a messy ass rollercoaster and the smut is scrumptious too!!
- gumiho cisswap bangtan x reader by @bloodsweattearscatharsis
↳ gumiho + cisswap au + poly ot7 x reader. its obvious from the title since the author mentioned that they haven’t made a title for the fic lol. honestly, go give this a read because the dynamic of ot7 is quite fun and i LOOVEE the suspense that from each chapter. all of them could run me over anytime and also HOT WOMEENNNNN ayyyyyyyyy go read bc it needs more luv
- house of serpents by @smasmashie
↳ mafia au + ot7 x reader. every character in here needs to go therapy but also not because i need to see more drama unfold. ot7 seems to care for the mc but their actions shown are... uhmm... questionable. but that makes this fic good though! reading each chapter like it’s the morning newspaper 
- in your dreams by @voidswan
↳ idolverse au + vmin x reader. GOD THIS WAS INTENSE, i was shaking, gasping, and throwing uppp!! vmins are menaces in this one but god you can’t help but want more D: i’m like the mc--who’s a moth attracted to the flame.
- lilies of the valley by @girlmeetsliv3
↳ a/b/o au + poly ot7 x reader. each relationships between the members and towards reader is mysterious and there was underlying tension of meeting the pack’s expectation. in some way, it gets uncomfy at some parts yet that is what keeps each chapter an enjoyable read.
- lovesick by @angelicyoongie
↳ soulmate au + ot7 x reader. mc is very unlucky gal... not only having one BUT SEVEN yandere as soulmates lmaoo.. and the soulmark inflicts on both people if one of them gets hurt. that’s rough damn! i’m still unsure if all of them know that all of them are sending her letters. keep notifications ON for this fic 
- nephilim by @royallyjoon 
↳ cult + supernatural au + poly ot7 x reader. it was defintlely chilling while i read this. while there’s some sense of normalcy, the larger control of the cult makes keeps us feeling uneasy. 
- on the first day of christmas, my true love gave to me by @forever-once-gone 
↳ ceo + christmas au + poly namkook x reader. namkook is crazy and unhinged when they show their true colors. jungkook is very VERY sweet tho i cant hate him rip
- strangers by @bestaez
↳ strangers from hell au + ot7 x reader. i haven’t read watched the kdrama so i can’t compare between the two. this is definitely interesting as we can see SOME insight to how ot7 plans it and covers up their tracks to avoid getting caught. i hope the mc can get the tf out that apartment and we can see the reasoning for these actions of ot7 in future chapters
- school f*cking sucks! series by @sluttyandere
↳ high school au + maknae line x reader. all characters are of legal age btw! sucks to be mc because she just getting snatched from each guy like that. and she’s the class president but kinda powerless since two of them control her status at the school. all three of them are massively wicked and im kinda digging it LMAO
- thou shall not steal by @xherxx
↳ mafia + spy + enemies to lovers au + poly ot7 x reader. as the author mentioned, this fic is on the lighter side of the yandere spectrum. i love the mc in this fic. a girlboss icon actually. adored every interactions between the mc and each member. it’s a VERY pleasant read lol
- where three stars meet by @girlmeetsliv3
↳ poly sope x reader. this felt like a movie to this. i could picture everything in my head and sope was quite mysterious in this. and the little details placed throughout the story makes it enticing to continue reading. 
- “why you look so pretty when you cry?” by @minniepetals 
↳ mafia au + poly ot7 x reader. the way ot7 brings hopes up for the mc before crushing them down so she breaks and realizes that her only option is them is tragic for the mc... yet it’s a whole serve!
MISC (aka idk where to categorize these lol):
- never ever after by killingpeach (AO3)
↳ fairy tale au + ot7 x oc. each member is based on a character of well known fairy tales. for the mc to leave the story, she must make the member of that fairy to fall in love with her for “the end” to happen. i love the author’s versions of these fairy tales. each time the fairy tale ends, ik the oc is like: “i won... but at what cost??”
- seven princes of campus series by @bibbykins 
↳ college au + ot7 x reader. this series includes various fics with each member and their s/o and is more on the softer side of yandere! each couple is cute and the build up of how each became to be to great!
- tatemae; 建前 series by @99liners
↳ trophy wife au + ot7 x reader. this series includes various fics with each member and their s/o. the gaslighting and manipulation is wild in these fics y’all. and each time, the ending of the fic makes think like: damn... these men not seeing the pearly white gates of heaven
- the tarot series by @flowesona​ 
↳ ot7 x reader. this series includes various fics with each member and their s/o and “each inspired by one of the major arcana tarot cards.” i love this concept and each plot is easily able to get into. 
- desire by kyoigi (AO3)
↳ demon au + jikook. demon jimin is hot yet creepy at the same time. and the way jimin goes through his inner turmoil before realizing his feelings for jk + jk starting to piece everything together?! just scrumptious 
- mused obsession series by @sombreboy + @chimoona
↳ photography + model au + jikook. the way jimin falls into jk manipulative and obsessive nature is crazy yall... and how they show their devotion towards each other? fucked up yet i can’t keep my eyes away from it!
- photos of you (and where I should be) by korknight (AO3)
↳ photography + rapper au + yoonkook. jungkook is risking it ALL for yoongi! down MASSIVELY bad yet jk gaslights himself into his actions are good for yoongi. 
- watching you, watching me by mellifluous_kim (AO3)
↳ idolverse au + yoonkook. THE TWIST? you knew my jaw FELL to the FLOOR?!? it’s a must-read because everything is not what it seems D:
- carnal by @kosmosguk
↳  vampire au. mc folded that quick... honestly same here too! just immaculate *chefs kiss*
- contact by @gorehsk
↳ alien au. pure filth and i love it.  
- rose gold by @sweetwolfcupcake 
↳ idolverse au. jin is quite eerie in this fic. he’s subtle with his yandereness and  calculated with his actions.
- the baron by @therealmintedmango​ (AO3)
↳ historical au. jin is charming and no one can suspect a damn thing. a fun read!! 
- the lost, the found, and the treasured by @forever-once-gone
↳  reincarnation + royalty au. so well-written!! there’s small details in the story and by the end... you see piece together. seokjin waited for a long time and i could see why (even though it’s quite haunting). 
- ash and cinder by @chimchimsauce 
↳ cinderella au. a cinderella retelling with yoongi as our prince. great fic with the yandere twist!
- beloved by @bang-tan-bitches
↳ historical + empire au. this fic was a RIDE. mc is a supportive sister yet she unknowingly attraction of yoongi. his desire is eerie and attractive at the same time. 
- beneath the world by @nomnomsik
↳ yoongi is down bad... and his notebook ���😭
- control by @taeyohonic 
↳ idolverse au. damn a twisted universe of bangtan. yoongi’s character is a massive dick in this one
- exitus acta probat by @bang-tan-bitches
↳ mafia au. can he also snatch me away pls too
- lineage by @kosmosguk
↳ royalty au. god the twist? you gotta read this, it’s a masterpiece.
- the man in the moon by @worldwidemochiguy
↳ lowkey reading was comforting in some sort. like i was soft for yoongi’s character by the end :3
- the music of the night by @bestaez
↳ phantom of the opera au. i was smiling near the ending but then that had to happen lol
- angel by @worldwidemochiguy 
↳ best friend au. hoseok is affectionate, sweet, and insane in this one. 
- forbidden fruit by @deepdarkdelights
↳ organized crime au. mc’s lack of fear has gotten her into some trouble... but it’s jung hoseok--it’s alright!!
- may the odds be ever in your favor by @yandearest 
↳ hunger games au. this fic is incompeleted but the author left spoilers for the ending. i highly suggest checking out this fic--it’s very well written!
- orgasms on the verge of a nervous breakdown by @sluttyandere
↳ high school + party au. wow this was quite a lot to handle. pls note there’s non-con. in conclusion: trust nobody
- toska by @chummywchimmy
↳ a/b/o + werewolves au. hoseok is sweet and all but lord that bird gift LMAO. 
- a dangerous game by @chaoticpuff17 
↳ mafia au. joonie does not know how to give up... prayers for the mc
- deviant by @jkeuphoriadreamland + @chimoona
↳ this fic is one of the most memorable fics i read. namjoon is so cunning and cocky piece of shit. 
- fôret de cauchemars by @kosmosguk
↳ sleep psychiatrist au. i massively agree that this fic is one hell of a rollercoaster. thrilling and creepy!!
- lady of the night by @deepdarkdelights 
↳ victorian + time travel + jack the ripper au. this joon lives in my mind to this day. enjoyed the mc figuring out what the hell is happening while scolding namjoon’s misogynistic ideas.
- let the villain win by @lemonjoonah 
↳ author au. let me tell you that joonie’s character will have you memorized and shocked!!
- moonstruck by @lovelyspring7
↳ mafia + florist au. this is fic did what it gotta do... and IT SERVED!!! 
- used to disappointment by @girlmeetsliv3
↳ nerd au. gosh i would also feel like a disappointment if i was in school with namjoon. but joonie is caring in this one (?)
- apothic by @jiminstonic
↳ zombie au. zombie jimin is sweet towards for the mc, but his actions went a lit extreme... ig that’s what he gotta do? slay?
- arte factum by @lolabangtan
↳ artifical intelligence + sci-fi au. fuck me up android [email protected](31!!!! he’s a little bit eerie but we can OVERLOOK that :D
- charming by @bangtans-apollo
↳ cinderella au. *chefs kiss* prince jimin needs a therapy session because he’s very overbearing and possessive. you never know when he gotta explode!
- curiosity brought it back by catslullaby (AO3)
↳ CURIOSITY DID BRING IT BACK!!!!!! one of my all time favs. the way mc decided to make jimin jealous and she got what she wanted! but she also bargained more than what she can afford lool
- neighbors by @jkeuphoriadreamland
↳ neighbors + stalker au. toxic? yes. hot? yes.
- otherworldly by @sinning-on-a-sunday 
↳ coraline au. i am ashamed to say that i’m not mad at the ending. i would bend my knees for other jimin.
- porcelain by @deepdarkdelights
↳ dollmaker au. i’m not just screaming at jimin, i’m also screaming at the grandma.
- spirited away by @out-of-jams 
↳ spirited away au. i already watched spirited away and this fic takes it as inspiration to create something different as it own. jimin is supposed to be someone we can rely on... but the writing has good job of conveying the gut feeling of something that isn’t right :D
- the owner by @shumidehiro
↳ ghost au. i like the mc in this! love that she is respectful to the spirits and i can see how ghost jimin holds his resentment from.
- treasure by @sombreboy
↳ faerie dragon hybrid au. that took a dark turn but who can’t resist jimin? lets be REALLL
- daffodil dreams by @sombreboy 
↳ murder suspect + therapist au. the way tae and mc are attracted towards each other is kinda in push and pull in way. and when they give into each other, it feels conflicting since it feels right but wrong for the two to be together. a thrilling read!!
- devotion by @sweetbunnykook 
↳ childhood friends au. the yearning?? the tension?? and when it blows up between the two, it’s completely worth it in the end. beautifully written!!
- dura lex, sed lex by @go1denjeon
↳ law au. tae is so mysterious in this fic. you know what you’re for when you read this, you just don’t know when tae decides to reveal his true colors. in hindsight, he acts like ordinary citizen yet ill think we’ll see more of his true colors in later chapters.
- like chalk and cheese by @helenazbmrskai 
↳ tae def helped the mc bring out the craziness in her. it’s refreshing read from most yandere fics as we start to see more of the roles reversed. 
- poison apple by @jooniyah 
↳ moneylender au. this is one of more darker fics. mc doesn’t give up nor so does tae. his character is crazy and im impressed how she keeps her sanity still. 
- purple people eater by @therealmintedmango (AO3)
↳ alien au. ik the title of this fic sounds crazy and the fic is. tae is adorable in the fic (besides the shit he pulled in the end). 
- the phantom by @darkestcorners
↳ paranormal + parallel universe/time travel au. tae’s character in this is fucking scary actually. i probably been dead by now if i was mc in that situation. 
- the treachery and reprisal by @min-hoax
↳ tae got ISSUES. and jimin??? my gasp was so damn loud at the end. that’s it. 
- violets: memories [part one] / violets: realities [part two] by @emoboijk 
↳ stalker au. tae and mc are unhealthy for each other but they still got feelings for each other... love how mc friends are there to support her :D
- brother knows best by @cosmostae
↳ stepbrother au. jungkook is so hot and goodass smut. gulity-pleasure fic :D
- cardio by kaiseuphoria (AO3)
↳ personal trainer au. jungkook is so sweet but so insane all at once??&!6? this fic is a perfect mix of sweetness and creepiness. 
- cruel intentions by @explicit-tae
↳ mafia au. the first chapter was just recently out and i’m glad the mc got out of the situation. but since it’s the first chapter, i wonder when is jungkook going take her and the baby back? eagerly waiting for the second chapter!
- deception by @kthyg
↳ gang au. this fic is interesting in a way that mc likes jk long before jk likes her. jk gotta manage his anger and sort his shit out first. 
- flower petal by @royallyjoon 
↳ empire + reincarnation au. this two together is tragic. mc did what she gotta for everyone’s sake and that ended up... not so well many years later...
- forever afterthough by sorvette (AO3)
↳ fantasy + vampire + werewolves au + implied poly ot7 x reader. god this was a RIDE. the progress between the mc and jungkook is sweet and i enjoyed their bond together. writing felt like a kinda like dream because this is so well written!!
- play date trilogy by @worldwidemochiguy
↳  the inner turmoil within the mc between leaving and staying lets me know that jk got her bad... honestly same tho
- polarity by @darkestcorners 
↳ best friend’s boyfriend + college au. YOU GUYS WILL NOT GET IT UNTIL YOU READ THIS FIC. like i would smash my head everytime so i wipe OUT my memories and reread this fic all over again. the plot twists, the mind games, and how realistic this setting is in this fic got me fucked in all sorts of places. without being physical, jk uses all types of tactics to overtake mc’s mind. this is a must read. 
- taking over you by @go1denjeon
↳ idolverse au. love the mc’s approach this situation. jk’s character in this fic is actually fucking sick and twisted. at some parts, i just got very uncomfy and got the chills. 
- the crimson shell by @angelicyoongie 
↳ mermen au. do not think this is your friendly mermaid au. merkoo in this fic his claws, spikey teeth, and clicks his mouth to communicate. poor mc in this, she went through SHIT
- the friendly ghost by @darkestcorners 
↳ ghost au. ghostkoo is very sweet. he could never do wrong--until the end RIP :D
- to obtain the flower / primrose [sequel] by @mingshits 
↳ empire au. who knew that mc’s actions toward jk during childhood could leave a result like this lol? this fic was a whole serve, def must read. each time mc takes one step, jk is FIVE steps ahead her LMAO
- you by @whoretan 
↳ college + stalker au. the first chapter recently released and i’m invested on what’s going to happen to the next chapter. everyone’s motive in this fic is somewhat unclear and the mc here is quite unreliable. can’t wait for shit to happen 
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jadedjjk · a month ago
red room | masterlist
Tumblr media
— warnings should have not been ignored but turning a blind eye might be the only key to saving your dwindling modelling career.
Tumblr media
pairing: ot7 x f!reader
genre: model au, photography au, smut
warnings: dark themes, exploitation, blackmailing, manipulation, dubious consent
note: more warnings will be specified in each part and the plot may change along the way.
Tumblr media
× lenses | photographer!jungkook — one
     ❝ another angle sweetheart ❞
Tumblr media
× property | manager!namjoon — two
     ❝ we’ll take care of you ❞
Tumblr media
× layout | editor!seokjin — three
     ❝ do it again ❞
Tumblr media
× design | stylist!jimin — four
     ❝ i’ll always dress you perfectly ❞
Tumblr media
× setup | technician!yoongi — five
    ❝ the lighting needs to be adjusted ❞
Tumblr media
× image | model!taehyung — six
    ❝ our chemistry is unmatched ❞
Tumblr media
× duty | assistant!hoseok — seven
    ❝ everything is ready ❞
Tumblr media
© jadedjjk 2022. All rights reserved. | cr: @mahoneysuga​
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sourkoo · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
requested: yes.
pairing: bts x fem!reader
rating: 18+
genre: smut, pwp.
content: unprotected sex, creampies, cock-warming, overstimulation, sub!jimin, baby-making, taehyung has an impreg kink, clit slapping.
word count: 4,2k.
disclaimer: this isn’t edited. it’d take me hours to edit every single thing i posted on my other acc. sorry. i’ll edit this one day.
note: i know you're all a bunch of cumsluts<3
check out my masterlist here.
Tumblr media
"Baby...?" The contrast of Seokjin's voice calling out your name in a whisper and the silence of the night outside your bedroom window makes your blood coil. Shutting your eyes tight and staying completely still you hope he thinks you're asleep, although it's obvious you haven't been able to shut your eyes for more than a few seconds for the past thirty minutes. "Are you awake?"
'Just let me warm my cock inside your pussy. We will sleep, I promise.' he said after you made yourselves comfortable under the sheets. 'We will sleep' your ass. You know what he's going to say now, you should've seen this coming if the stretch of his cock snuggled inside your cunt is anything to go by. He's hard as a rock.
"Seokjin, go to sleep or I swear to God I'm going celibate." You warn and hear him huff, the air hitting the nape of your neck, and only now do you realize that he's hovering over you.
"I'll make you cum. It’s gonna take less than ten minutes," You open your eyes for the sole purpose of rolling them, smirking and imagining his handsome face as he pleads—oh, how you wish you weren't the little spoon so you could see him. "I promise."
"Your promises don't mean a thing." You groan and hear him sigh in defeat, allowing his body to go limp behind you with a soft thud.
You wish you could tease him more, but maybe your leaking cunt is the exact reason why you can't fall asleep and someone's gotta fix that.
You press your ass against his groin and clench your walls around him, hinting at him to do all the work by himself. He hurries to lift your leg with his thigh, stopping just to give you a peck on the cheek and whispering a little ‘thank you’ in your ear. You laugh at his eagerness before your laughter turns into quiet whines when his fingers find your clit, rubbing it before pinching it softly.
"I'm not wearing a condom; do I pull out or…?"
You know he’s been thinking of cumming inside for a long time, but even if you've been on the pill for as long as you can remember, you’ve never wanted to risk it. “Just fuck me. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”
Without wasting any more time, he pulls out until only the tip is aligned with your hole, slowly thrusting in and making you both moan in unison. Your walls give in and allow him to thrust deeper, filthy sounds coming out every time his hips collide against your ass.
Sure, the position is a bit uncomfortable, but you can feel him in so deep that you don’t care about the consequences it’ll have on your body in the morning.
His fingers work on your clit at an agonizingly slow pace, barely grazing it as to not overstimulate you. He moans wantonly in your ear, making you shiver at how good he sounds, he must look just as good, eyes shut tight, nose slightly scrunch and those beautifully plump lips breathing out labored puffs of air.
He's fucking you slowly and you feel him in so deep, your walls closing in on his cock and making you feel every vein. He’s fucking you so good, so hard, just the way you both like, and you can’t bring yourself to tell him to pull out, even when you feel his abs flex and his cock twitch.
“Cum inside me.” You moan. “Fill me up, please.”
“Fuck, you’re a dream come true,” he says, flipping you on your stomach and taking a hold on your hips, fucking you harder and faster.
You feel your slick dripping down your inner thighs, making lewd sounds every time Seokjin rams into you. You’re both gasping for air, moaning, whining, whimpering, groaning. The position you’re in has him hitting your g-spot with each thrust.
“Gonna cum— fuck, I’m gonna cum.” He says between gritted teeth, his voice low and breathless as he fights the fatigue to keep chasing after the sweet climax.
Your walls keep clenching around him, sucking him in and throbbing. With every thrust of his hips, your moans get louder and louder. Your hands grip the sheets at your sides as you begin to feel something in your lower stomach snapping.
“I know, baby, I know. Just let go, I got you, baby,” he says, mustering up the strength to keep up the same speed so you can reach your high. His fingers find your clit and rub it as fast as he can, triggering your orgasm. “Fuckfuckfuck. Shit, baby, I’m cumming.”
His hips move in short yet deep strokes as he focuses on his undoing, moaning in your ear and digging his nails in your hips. You’re just lying there, letting him use your body and begging him to cum, and just as the stimulation on your g-spot becomes too much, you feel him bite down on the skin of your shoulder, groaning as he spills his cum directly to your womb.
You’re both gasping for air, his chest pressed against your back as his lips peck the spot on your shoulder where he bit you. He pulls out carefully to not overstimulate you and groans at the sight of his cum leaking out of your hole.
“Any regrets? I think not.”
Tumblr media
Running out of condoms can lead to one or two things: going to sleep horny and frustrated, or fucking raw and dealing with the consequences later. You aren’t on the pill and you know very well this could lead to not-so-unexpected but still unfortunate pregnancy, so why don’t you and Yoongi give a fuck about it?
Baby? Baby comes second, fucking comes first.
“You’re gonna let me cum inside you, hmm? Let me stuff you full of my cum?” Yoongi’s voice is low and demanding as his hips pound on you like he’s got something to prove. “Filthy girl, I bet you want me to knock you up and show everyone how you let me cum in your sweet pussy.”
You mewl at his words and clench your walls against him. God, you want nothing more than to get so full of Yoongi’s cum that there will be absolutely no way you won’t end up pregnant with his baby.
“Fuck, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” He laughs. “I’m gonna fill you up so much you’ll be dripping with my cum as you walk. You’ve always looked amazing in white,” he smirks and bites his lips, groaning as he sees his cock disappearing inside your cunt.
He leans away from you and one of his hands squeezes the plump flesh of your thigh while the other goes down to play with your clit, teasing your folds and gathering your slick before his thumb starts working on your clit again. You run your nails down his back as his pace gets quicker, your tits bouncing as he’s practically slamming in and out of you.
“I’m gonna cum, baby.” he groans. He looks at you in the eyes and you see how much effort he’s making. “You sure ‘bout this? I can still pull out, but I’m not gonna last forever.”
You nod so hard you get dizzy. “Wanna feel your cum.”
Yoongi groans at your words, placing his hands on your hips and using them to fuck you harder. Your head is pounding but you’re desperate to get your climax, and you can feel Yoongi’s is close too.
He curses through gritted teeth as he feels your walls clamping around him, basking on the feeling of you coming undone under him. “You’re a fucking sin. Fuck.” He leans his head on your shoulder and stills his hips, letting out a shaky breath as he shoots spurts of hot cum in your cunt.
How will you go back to using condoms when you’ve already experienced this? the answer is: you won’t.
“I’m gonna start birth control,” you say as you gasp for air.
“Fuck birth control, let’s make a baby.”
Tumblr media
“Baby, we shouldn’t be doing this here.” You can detect the panic in Hoseok’s voice, making you roll your eyes. “I’m serious!”
“Then why are your fingers still fucking me?” It’s true, he’s acting like you’re sinning by asking him to fuck you in your old bedroom at your parent’s house but he has a whole hand up your cunt. Hypocrite. “If you don’t want to then stop.”
Please don’t stop, please don’t stop.
He looks at you ashamed and resumes his job scissoring his fingers inside you to prep you for his cock. You smirk and push him up, your lips finding his in a passionate kiss to swallow down your moans, his tongue dancing with yours as his fingers rub your g-spot. He bites your bottom lip before leaning away from you by a couple of inches, his breath mixing with yours.
“Turn around.” He says, pushing his fingers out of your wet cunt to let you position yourself in front of him, your knees on your old pink bed covers and your head resting on the soft pillows.
“Should I… Where do I cum? I don’t wanna do it on whatever this is.” You turn your head to look at him and laugh at how his face is completely serious as he points at the cartoon character on your bed cover.
“Uh, mom does the laundry so I guess you should cum inside,” you say, resting your head back on the pillows and wiggling your ass to make him take a hint.
The truth is, you and Hoseok never use condoms, he’s always had the control to pull out in time. That and the fact you’re in birth control is enough to keep you from using those damn pieces of rubber.
“Baby, you’re offering yourself as a cum dump… that’s hot.” he groans and you whip your head back to look at him with your eyebrows furrowed.
“Do not call me a cum dump!” Oh, but you are. There is nothing you want more than to let Hoseok cum inside you again and again.
He looks down ashamed and hurries to dip his thumb in your entrance as his index finger plays with your clit, making sure you stay wet and ready to take him. You relax under his touch and let out a soft sigh. He begins rubbing the head of his cock over your folds and then you finally feel him filling you up, the tight fit making you both moan out.
He thrusts into you slowly, his dancer’s hips moving in smooth and deep thrusts. He rolls his hips and begins to move faster when you start clenching around him, both of you a moaning mess. Sex with Hoseok is always incredible, relieving, and loud.
“Shit, ‘m gonna cum already.” His words surprise you; he has great stamina and he sometimes spends hours fucking you. “Sorry, I got too excited when you said I could cum inside you. Fuck.”
Your laughter runs short as his index and middle finger find your clit, taking you by surprise, your back arching and your thighs trembling. He’s fucking you faster and harder now, determined to make you cum before he does. That mission proves to be easy when your whole body starts shaking underneath him, cumming faster than you usually do.
His hips work tirelessly and you can tell he’s pushing his head back, moaning loudly as his climax begins to explode. “Holy shit, baby, I can feel your pussy throbbing. Oh, fuck.”
His pace doesn’t falter, milking your orgasm for as long as he can. You feel his cock twitch a couple of times before he spills inside you, hot cum sending butterflies to your stomach.
Tumblr media
You and Namjoon went from talking about nature and life to talking about sex; specifically, ways to make sex more intimate. These conversations aren’t rare between the two of you, you’re both comfortable talking about anything and everything with each other, sex being a very much recurrent topic.
“You know what I think it’s intimate?” You begin, balancing an anti-stress ball in the palm of your right hand. You have his full attention, you always have. “Cumming inside. That’s like– a whole ‘nother level, don’t you think?”
He takes his time to answer. “Yeah. Yeah, I agree,” you feel the bed dip as you guess he’s sitting up straighter against the headboard. “We should, uh, we should have that kind of intimacy too, don’t you— don’t you think?” He sounds nervous, which is rare of him, he’s always confident in the words he uses and you know that very well.
“Very smooth, Joonie,” you smirk and throw the ball away, turning around and crawling to where he is. You look at his eyes with a smile on your face, the kind of smile a high school girl gives to her long-time crush. “But okay.”
He looks surprised, taking a second or two to close his eyes as your lips find his, groaning and then cutting the kiss short by leaning away from you a few inches. “Really?” You roll your eyes and nod.
His lips crash on yours and now you’re the one who’s taken aback, but you kiss him back with as much fervor as he does.
Neither of you wastes time to take off your clothes and position yourselves, his hips between your legs as your arms rest on his thighs, one of his hands on your hip, and the other lining up his cock on your hole. He pushes himself in and you both moan at the same time, so connected you feel the pleasure at the same time in the same way. You open up your legs a bit more to give him space, his hips thrusting out and then slamming into you.
You could say that Namjoon knows your body better than you do, that he knows exactly where to hit to make you feel like your head is on the clouds. Sex with Namjoon is not always earth-shattering like in porn or erotica, sometimes is short and messy, and that doesn’t mean it’s bad, you both know everything about each other, every kink, every whim, every sweet spot. You experimented with everything except letting him cum inside, and your stomach flips at the thought of finally having him the way you’ve always wanted.
His pace is relentless, as it always is, but this time you can see the fierceness in his piercing eyes. He’s determined to make you cum as fast and as hard as you can. You know exactly what that look he’s giving you means. His pubic bone hits your clit with every thrust and you feel him so deep inside, your toes curl and you cry out.
“You gonna cum, baby?” His deep voice wakes you up from the cloud of pleasure he’s put you on, only now noticing how your thighs are trembling and how your nails are digging on his forearms. “You’re such a masterpiece. I can’t believe you’re gonna let me paint you with my cum.” Poetic sex is also very common with Namjoon and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
You cry out his name and his thrusts hit deeper inside you, his cock rubbing your g-spot each time. You feel yourself cumming, your mouth repeating his name like it’s the only word in your dictionary. He stills and groans in your ear, spilling inside of you and letting out a sigh of disbelief.
“You know, they say intimacy is the key to love.”
“Who says?”
"I say.”
Tumblr media
You’re only human, you’re only human and you bet that every single dom out there would bend their rules for Park Jimin too.
Park Jimin and his angel face, Park Jimin and his sparkling puppy eyes, Park Jimin and those pretty pouty lips of his. Just Park Jimin in general.
“I can’t cum again. Please, I can’t cum again,” he cries as you sit on his twitching cock. You comfort yourself on the fact that he’s begging— maybe you’re not going soft on him, you’re torturing him by fucking yourself on his cock after all… kind of.
“You can and you will,” you say as roll your hips, smirking at his desperate whines. “You've said it before—no safe-word, no stopping.”
He huffs and he hides his hands under his lower back. He knows he’s not allowed to fuck you, not allowed to move or attempt to thrust his hips up. He’s too sensitive and your heart swoons knowing he’s only doing this because he loves being good for you.
“You’re gonna cum one more time, alright? Just give me one more. Show me you’re a good boy. My good boy.”
“But I’m not wearing a condom,” he says, voice wavering as you hush him up.
You begin to move your hips up and down on his cock at a fast pace, not wasting time on torturing him since he’s been so good all evening, doing whatever you ask for.
He whines as he realizes you’re gonna let him cum inside you and suddenly you can feel him gain strength. “Are you letting— ah! Are you letting me cum inside you?”
You nod and he throws his head back with a moan. Your hips work fast, aiming to make you both cum as fast as you can. You place your hands on his chest to bring you closer to your edge, feeling his cock twitch inside of you, and you make an effort to push off your orgasm, determined to make him cum first.
Pride overwhelms you, Jimin’s hips are still and he’s biting his lip to resist the urge to touch you or help you ride him. He’s such a good boy.
Jimin lets out moan after moan, whimpering and whining about how good it feels. “Baby, ‘s so good!”
You smirk, pleased with his obedience, and start playing with his nipples, pulling and flicking the perky buds, bringing him to the edge of his orgasm, feeling his cum painting the walls of your cunt and making you feel whole.
You ride off his orgasm until your hips stop moving, leaning down to place a kiss on his plump lips.
“That felt so good— what can I do for you to let me cum inside again?” You try not to laugh, but he looks so hopeful you can’t help but chuckle. His eyes go wide in a second. “Wait, you didn’t cum.”
“Eat your cum off my cunt and we’ll be even.”
Tumblr media
“I’m cumming— Fuck, I’m gonna fill you up as many times as it takes to get you pregnant.”
After a year and a half after your wedding, and a lot of begging from Taehyung, you decided you were ready to become a mother. You thought Taehyung, being the romantic that he is, would light up candles and spread red roses all over the bedsheets, but instead, he ripped off your clothes and practically told you you’ll be leaking his cum for the rest of the week; and it’s only Monday.
You’re arching your back as he pounds on you from behind, one of his hands on your shoulder and the other on your hip, using it to keep up with his rough pace. “You’re gonna look so beautiful, your stomach round and your tits full of milk. Carrying our baby,” his words are dirty but they still make your heart flutter as you envision his words— innocently, of course.
His cum leaks out of your pussy and he pulls out of you, looking at the mess and groaning at your fluttering hole. He gathers some of his cum with the tip of his soft dick and pushes it inside of you again. You can feel how he’s not hard anymore yet he resumes his thrusts with a growl.
“Gonna fuck you till I’m hard again and then I’ll cum inside you some more.” His thrusts have no mercy and you’re begging, crying out his name and grabbing the sheets in tight fists. “I’m gonna make sure you’ll get pregnant tonight, you hear me? I’m gonna cum inside you over and over again, and you’re gonna go to sleep just like that; cunt full of my cum.”
You whine as you cum for the third time, your arms giving out and your head falling against the pillow. Taehyung readjusts your hips to keep ramming into you with all the strength he has. You’re drooling on the pillow and you keep begging, at this point you don’t even know what you’re saying, the only thing you want is for him to cum inside you again.
His cock twitches and spills whatever cum he has left. The noises your pussy makes every time he thrusts into you are so loud, you’re sure you’re leaking everywhere.
“You’re creaming all over my cock, baby. I’m never using a condom again.”
Tumblr media
“How can you not have a condom?”
Jungkook is currently on a world tour and you pretty much called your boss and pretended to be sick to catch a plane to a foreign country just to visit him. You did this out of love, you did not expect to have sex or anything, but as soon as you crossed his hotel room’s door, he said hi and pushed you down on his bed without saying another word.
“Why would I have condoms if you’re not around? Who else am I supposed to fuck? My hand can’t get pregnant or give me a STD!”
Part of you is still very much annoyed, but another part feels loved and irreplaceable.
“You’re a fucking dork,” you say, letting out a sigh and trying to accept the fact that you got your panties wet for nothing. “You’re lucky you’re cute.”
He smiles widely, showing you his bunny teeth and then looking down at you with piercing eyes all in 5 seconds. “What if I pull out? I fuck you, make you cum, and then I spill on your tits or something.”
“Has anyone ever told you you’re the epitome of romance?” You chuckle and kiss his lips as you weigh the options.
You trust Jungkook to pull out before he cums, but you know you could still get pregnant with his precum. “Okay, but you gotta pull out in time.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
He buries his face in the crook of your neck and his mouth wastes no time in tasting your skin; sucking, biting, and licking until he has you whimpering.
He leans away, helps you out of your clothes, and then gets up from the bed to get rid of his own. Laying you down and spreading your legs wide apart, his fingers gather your slick as he looks at your glistening folds with his mouth open, his tongue peeking out of his plump lips like he’s planning to get a taste.
His tongue licks up a fat stripe from your entrance to your clit and then back to your entrance where he sucks and tastes as much of your slick as he can. He lets out a painful groan before he pulls away with one last wet kiss on your clit.
He takes his cock on his tattooed hand and jerks it a few times before lining it up to your entrance, wasting no time in thrusting in. You both moan at the same time, staring at each other’s eyes in disbelief.
“Holy shit, I’ll never be the same.”
You want to call him dramatic, but the feeling of every vein and ridge of his cock is something you don’t ever want to miss out on again. His thrusts are sloppy but consistent, his eyes are screwed shut as he breathes in through his nose. You know he’s trying his best not to cum already.
He positions you higher up, your ass resting on his meaty thighs as his cock rubs your g-spot easily. His fingers find your clit and draw messy figures on it, making you squirm underneath him. He’s groaning and whining and you’re no better than him, practically screaming with every thrust he makes. He slaps your clit and you clench tightly around him as he resumes his task of rubbing it, more insistent this time.
“You have to cum, baby. I’m not gonna last much longer.” You’ve never seen him so out of control, he always knows exactly what to do and when to do it, but now he looks as helpless as you. “Your pussy’s so good, my God.”
“Cum inside,” you demand. You don’t know if it’s because you’re horny or because you’ve dreamt about him filling you with his cum countless times before, but it doesn’t matter now. “Shit, I want your cum.”
“Don’t play with a guy’s emotions like that, ____” He opens his eyes to look at you and you stare back at him, showing him you’re serious. “Fuck, are you kidding me? Holy shit, I love you.”
You close your eyes and hold your orgasm until you feel him getting dangerously close to his. Then, and only then, you let yourself go, everything feeling so much more intense as he cums inside you for the first time.
He takes a second to slow down his thrusts, ravishing on the feeling of your cunt full of his cum. “Best. girlfriend. ever.”
ㅤㅤ𝟐𝐎𝟐𝟏 © 𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐊𝐎𝐎 | all rights reserved — do not copy,
Tumblr media
ㅤㅤㅤmodify, re-distribute or translate any of my works.
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smasmashie · 4 months ago
Masterlist ✨
Buyers Beware: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Pairing: OT7 x reader
Summary: AU where whatever you write on your skin shows up on your soulmate’s too. Except when all seven members of BTS happen to be your soulmate… well, that presents a small challenge. Legally speaking.
Tags: Soulmate AU, fluff, comedy, possessiveness, polyamory, fluff, domestic bliss, slow burn, chaotic bts, chaotically whipped bts, moderately paced self-indulgent brainrot
🔞 House of Serpents: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Pairing: OT7 x reader
Summary: Straight-A student by day, Kim Namjoon’s personal toy by night, you didn’t live a terrible life. At least not until you met his six equally depraved “friends.”
Tags: Mafia AU, PWP with some plot, shameless smut, sugar daddy, possessive behavior, power imbalance, dub con, oral, overstimulation, moral bankruptcy, 5-way betrayal, yandere jimin, yandere jungkook, morally ambiguous characters
No Relation to Morals: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Pairing: OT7 x reader
Summary: You are a genius, a billionaire, a morally flexible business magnate And by absolutely no fault of your own, also roommates with a demon. A few demon(s).
Tags: Demon AU, Soulmate AU, eventual smut, fluff, domestic bliss, polyamory, slow burn (demonically), overprotective BTS, chaotically whipped BTS, demonically petty BTS
Bang & Burn: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Pairing: OT7 x reader
Summary: After a few unfortunate run-ins with your bike, elite espionage agency BTS decides to flag you as "capture or kill". Or fuck. Or marry. (Terms and conditions will probably apply.)
Tags: Spy/assassins AU, slow burn, eventual smut, annoying namjoon into apoplexy, chaotically armed BTS, intense pettiness, friends to enemies to lovers, morally ambiguous character, chaotically whipped bts, polyamory
Day in the Life: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Pairing: Hyung line x reader
Summary: You have seven kids. Four husbands and three toddlers. So yeah, seven kids.
Tags: family AU, domestic fluff, EXTREME domestic bliss, seokjin is in a constant state of stress and overwhelming fondness, polyamory, protectiveness, established relationship, crack, slow burn
✨✨ One-Shots:
🔞 Combative [Assassins AU, Jungkook]: Fuck Jungkook or die. That’s it. That’s the story. #sex pollen #fuck or die #enemies to enemies
🔞 Captive [Corporate AU, Namjoon]: You’ve got your shit together. Smart, sharp, god complex. And then Managing Director Kim Namjoon decides to take you down a couple pegs. #namjoon has a humongous dick #AU where namjoon has a driver’s license. → discussion
🔞 Entrapment [College AU, Jungkook]: Jeon Jungkook doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed, but that doesn’t preclude him from having plenty to teach you. #strangers to enemies #jungkook has a horse cock
🔞 Perverse [Soulmate AU, Namjoon]: You can hear Billboard Singer Kim Namjoon's thoughts. This is something of a problem. Especially as most of them are about your ass. #overstimulation #edging #orgasm control #literally
🔞 Tightrope [Mafia AU, Rap line]: You run logistics for three of Korea's biggest crime lords. Sometimes, this translates into the three of them domming the absolute shit out of you. #is rapline trying to kill you or woo you #read to find out #brat taming
🔞 Obliged [Royalty AU, Maknae line]: Three emperors are in need of a prince. Sadly, you're the last woman alive. #breeding kink #maknae line plays 4D chess
🔞 Possess [Magic AU, Seokjin]: As a prank, upperclassman Kim Seokjin tries to spike your drink with an aphrodisiac. To retaliate, you spike his with a truth serum. Tired of all the squabbling, Professor Min switches your drinks. #enemies to lovers #just kidding it’s enemies to enemies #sex pollen
🔞 Entanglement [ABO, OT7]: Don't go into the forest, they said. Don't feed the wolves, they said. Definitely not during mating season, they said. (OT7) #stuck in the wall #gang bang #marathon sex #obviously #somnophilia
🔞 Wicked [Pornstar AU, Jungkook]: You think you can best the greediest fuckboy in the game? No, amateur. You can’t. #lovers to enemies #jungkook has a big dick #jungkook is a big dick
Hexed [Guardian Angel AU, Jimin]: As punishment for excessive tardiness, you’re sent to earth to babysit some singer or another. No one thought to mention said singer is the devil incarnate. #jimin is an ass #but sassy #demonically so #sex pollen
🔞 Duplicitous [Daechwita AU, Yoongi]: You must fuck two Yoongis to stay alive. One of them is an emperor. The other one is a jackass. #mean yoongi #yandere yoongi #sloppy seconds #competitive overstimulation #bondage
Entitled [Billionaire AU, Taehyung, Jimin]: Some shit-eating idiot stole your parking spot. As it happens, the shit-eating idiot happens to be the two wealthiest men in Korea. #competitive proposing #enemies to lovers #this is actually just fluff
✨✨ Half-baked Trash:
Professor Kim Namjoon
Puppy hybrid Jungkook
note: if fic is not linked, it has not been posted yet
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ressjeon · 5 months ago
titillating touches | mlist
Tumblr media
come visit Blissful Hands for a place to relax and for you to let go of all your stress under the care of our top-tier masseurs who don’t hesitate to attend to every need of their clients with complimentary treatments! with an extended range of carefully developed techniques that are sure to satisfy all, whether you’re looking for a familiar treatment or venturing into something new, Blissful Hands opens its doors to take the best care of you!
Tumblr media
DISCLAIMER: i do not own any of these images and the models in these banners do not, in any way, reflect the all-inclusive features of the readers portrayed in these works.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🧴type of massage: effleurage 
🧴masseur: kim namjoon 
🧴attendant: @ilikemesometaetaes​
🧴appointment: summer 2022 
🧴packages: smut, romance, strangers to lovers, comedy/crack?, fluff?
Tumblr media
🧴type of massage: hydrotherapy
🧴masseur: jung hoseok
🧴attendant: @dreamescapeswriting​​
🧴appointment: session concluded
🧴packages: smut, angsty, fluffy ending, strangers to lovers
Tumblr media
🧴type of massage: candle wax
🧴masseur: kim seokjin
🧴attendant: @chemicalpink​​
🧴appointment: session concluded
🧴packages: smut, a bit of angst, fluff, estranged friends to lovers
Tumblr media
🧴type of massage: swedish/thai
🧴masseur: park jimin
🧴attendant: @jimilter​
🧴appointment: session concluded
🧴packages: smut, angst, fluff, established relationship
Tumblr media
🧴type of massage: hot stones
🧴masseur: min yoongi
🧴attendant: @xpeachesncream
🧴appointment: session concluded
🧴packages: friends to lovers, ex-fwb, mutual pining
Tumblr media
🧴type of massage: aromatherapy
🧴masseur: kim taehyung
🧴attendant: @aquagustd
🧴appointment: summer 2022
🧴packages: angst, fluff, smut, strangers to lovers, failed wedding
Tumblr media
🧴type of massage: shiatsu
🧴masseur: jeon jungkook
🧴attendant: @ressjeon
🧴appointment: TBA
🧴packages: smut, light angst, fluff?, strangers to lovers
Tumblr media
to book a session, please reach out to the specific spa attendants in each category above. once your sessions have concluded, kindly leave a review of your experiences, thank you!
Tumblr media
host note: this collaboration wouldn’t have happened without my talented friends helping me along the way. to Ash who prompted me to start one when we blurted out to one another that we're both writing masseur fics, to Allannah for the collab title and for our individual banners later on, to Marinette for helping me with the collab summary and for the rest who are amazing people that have been hyping all of us, thank you so much for doing this with me, i love you all ♡
Tumblr media
© all rights reserved. do not copy, modify, translate, or repost. all individual stories belong to the perspective writers mentioned in this post.
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minniepetals · a month ago
cry me a river | the broken
Tumblr media
— summary: once someone's been taught to stay quiet their whole life, how do they learn to scream and shout for help?
— pairing: bts x reader
— genre: angst, mafia!au
— word count: 11.1k
— warnings: implied sexual harassment/abuse, implied forceful age-gap relationship, mentions of predatory acts/character, mentions of memory suppression, resurfacing of suppressed memories, implied forced submission, gaslighting, manipulation, mentions of breaking, mentions of toxic family relations, toxic power dynamics, suppressed emotions, brief mention of miscarriage, violence, slight gore
— PART 13 / previous post / masterpost
“Will you help me with the zipper?”
The light-colored champagne dress you wear fits you beautifully, just as everything does, yet tonight you seem to look a bit more elegant and dignified, the lighter color creating a more pure and soft look as compared to the darker dresses he’s gotten used to seeing you wear. This is part of the play. After all, in order to seem innocent before Hwang Leehyun, you have to look the part.
As he helps you with the zipper, Taehyung doesn’t know how to feel about you dressing up for a man like Leehyun.
You give him a small thanks before turning to the vanity mirror and taking a seat in order to fix your hair and makeup. The first thing you do is brush through your hair while Taehyung stands on the sideline, watching you. You bring a fancy hairpin along your hair, holding it up into a low bun, then turn towards the makeup kit to begin patting your face down.
The beauty comes along and when you reach a certain step, you frown slightly at the eyeliner in your hand.
You’ve always had Dasom handle your makeup and playing with eyeliner is something you have yet to get used to. But she did always mention using a sharp-lined corner as a guideline to help you through in case she wouldn’t be around to help you.
You look around before putting a leg up against the vanity, rolling your dress up to take the knife you had hidden against your thigh, and Taehyung watches with slight confusion as you line the edge of the knife along your eye.
He meets your eyes in the reflection of the mirror when you use the knife as a guide to create your wings, your gaze intense with a fire he has yet to get used to.
He’s first to rip away from the contact, feeling rather flustered at how..hot that was.
“Shall we get going?” When you stand up and hold your hand out for him a few minutes later, Taehyung has to take a moment to take your appearance in. No matter how much time has passed, your beauty will always shine bright, but in the past months he’s met you again after a couple of passing years, you only seem to shine even brighter.
“Don’t get too carried away now,” you say and he realizes he got caught staring.
Taehyung clears his throat as he takes your hand and leads you to the door, not entirely fond of the fact that this is all for the sake of a sick bastard.
“As expected you are…” the second Leehyun sees you, he can’t help but fall into a slight daze, “..beautiful.” He speaks with a sighing breath as if he can’t believe what he’s seeing before him, and Taehyung’s stance straightens at those words, his eyes hardening at Leehyun.
Perhaps this is why you didn’t allow your Reapers in on this mission. Would they be able to hold themselves back for their boss? Even he’s having a hard time restraining himself.
Leehyun reaches out to lightly brush a strand of hair to the side and when he leans into you, you can feel Taehyung’s hold of your hand tightening. “I can’t wait to become a family,” he whispers, and perhaps to others, he truly adores his future daughter-in-law in an innocent way but to you and Taehyung, those words only bring chills down your spines.
“Father, Y/N.” Hyunjin steps in to the rescue, allowing his father to back away at the call of your names. “The guests have all arrived, we should get going.”
“Right.” He seems a bit disappointed at the moment ripped away from him but the three of you do not care for it as you turn to stand by Hyunjin’s side.
Taehyung takes a second to look at Hyunjin, who gives him silent words of reassurance, before he takes his leave from the potential newly made family. He walks away to join the room full of guests, blending into the crowd with cautious eyes staring at his surrounding.
“I don’t think you would have been able to hold yourself back if you were in my position,” he says the instant Jimin pulls up to his side, offering him a glass of champagne.
“Well,” Jimin hums, “it was bad enough just listening in on the conversations, I can only imagine.”
“He’ll die soon enough,” Yoongi speaks up with eyes staring straight towards the fancy door that hides the three of you from the eyes of the guests.
Soon enough they open with the sight of Hwang Leehyun with a proud grin on his face, the one that hides his sinister self, hidden from the public to see. And hidden from the eyes of Leehyun and his men are the men of Bangtan blended in with the crowd, watching with steady eyes as he opens his mouth with a prepared speech at hand.
“I thank you for coming here on short notice..” he begins and his voice trails off for Hoseok as he walks about discreetly, watching the room to see if anything is amiss.
There are two guards by the entrance door, three men upstairs keeping an eye on the room, and a few more in the room, dressed in black suits with earpieces connecting them to one another for communication purposes.
If anything happens, you’re the last person they’ll think to harm, especially with Hyunjin and Leehyun by your side so he doesn’t need to worry about your safety for the beginning portion of all of this.
You’ll be alright…for now.
“I ask that you protect her well,” Mingyu’s voice echoes in his head. “Whatever you do, do not stop her, however…save her…if it so gets to that point.”
In the beginning, he couldn’t understand what those words meant. They lied heavy with great responsibility and although Hoseok knew he would have obliged them without Mingyu having to say it, now that he understands the context of things, it only makes him sick to the stomach.
The things you went through when you left them can only be left to their imaginations and for your sake, Hoseok hopes you can keep strong.
He saw how much you’ve changed, the strength in you different from how it was during the three years he got to know and love you. You have a sort of strength that seems almost impossible to break, your thoughts and mind plagued with only the desire to seek revenge for those that have wronged you.
But even the strongest villains in the world can break down and fall apart.
What if something goes wrong down this line? What would happen then?
“Please welcome my future daughter-in-law,” he hears Leehyun say, and you come into sight, a dignified beauty beyond compare.
You’re beautiful, glowing brightly under the chandelier lights, and he knows that everyone else in the room is thinking the very same thoughts. When you grace them with a smile, you only shine brighter, and before they can approach you with congratulations and introduce themselves, they have to take a moment of breath to take your beauty in.
You’re beautiful.
Hoseok looks around the room to find Namjoon who stands from afar, his stare blank. To anyone, he looks as if he holds no emotions on his face, but Hoseok knows better than that.
He’s mesmerized yet at the same time, worried.
They all share the same thought, he realizes, when he finds the rest of them.
Leehyun will die tonight but what price would you have to pay in order to reach that goal?
Will you be alright?
“How long until the wedding? Will you hold a formal party or will there only be a private signing of papers?” When the question is asked, you take a glance at Hyunjin, who chuckles lightly in response.
“Our Y/N here is shyer than she seems so for her sake, we’ll keep the process private and quick.”
“And besides, the quicker the process, the faster we get to be family.” You don’t know why Leehyun agrees to Hyunjin so quickly but when he lands a hand on your shoulder, you can only think about how uncomfortable you’re feeling.
The guest at hand laughs with ignorance. “You’re lucky such a beauty will become a member of your family.”
“Yes, indeed I am.”
You discreetly glance over at Hyunjin when his father squeezes your shoulder as he continues speaking to the guest as if you were the one he was presenting as his potential wife.
It’s irritating.
Hyunjin reaches over to take you back when someone calls for his attention.
“May I have a moment with you?” They ask, and Hyunjin hesitates with a glance your way, enticing a chuckle out of the guest. “Come on now, Hyunjin, I know you’re eager to marry such a beauty but you’ll get her the rest of your life so let me steal you for a moment, yeah?”
You give Hyunjin a small nod to let him know that it was alright to leave your side, and although he continues his debate in his head, he’s eventually dragged off away and out of sight from you, leaving you to converse with more guests with Leehyun by your side.
“Are you tired?” After a few more minutes, he asks you the question which causes you to look up with a small huh. Leehyun grins your way, an innocent smile, but you know better than that. “You don’t do too well with crowds, do you? I think you should take a break. Here, let me get you out of here.”
He takes your hand without hesitating another beat and your heart quickens slightly as he begins dragging you off.
You feel eyes on you, alerted, but you signal Taehyung with a shake of your head, letting him know that he shouldn’t follow you.
If you’re going to do this properly, you can’t expose your weakness just yet.
He can’t stop you. None of them can.
And so you’re led to a door with a guard just outside, opening it for you, and Taehyung watches as the door closes with you and Leehyun on the other side, left alone together.
He bites his inner lip, anxious.
“Water?” Leehyun offers but you shake your head politely, remaining stood by the door as he walks further in to take a seat on one of the fancy comfortable chairs in the room. “Is it draining?” He asks after taking a sip of his drink. “I know you aren’t someone who likes staying in the presence of a crowd much, especially when you’re at the center of attention.”
Why is he speaking to you so casually? As if nothing about him is wrong?
No, this is how it’s always been, hasn’t it?
“I can endure it,” you answer him and he chuckles lowly in response.
“That’s right. You’ve always been so good at enduring things.” Your finger twitches at those words so you keep them hidden behind you, keeping the beat of your heart steady. “When this is all over, we’ll finally be a family, just the way I hoped many years ago.”
Many years ago.
Those years…you never want to remember anything from it.
“You can’t leave me now, Y/N,” he says and you keep silent. “Hyunjin seems to have taken a liking to you and he’s a bit more observant than he was then but he doesn’t have to know. Everything can still be kept a secret between the two of us.”
You never did try to conceal anything. Back then you didn’t care whether you were hurt or not. All you knew was surviving and if that meant letting others hurt you, you did what you had to do. Hyunjin was the one who found out on his own and in turn, as a sincere apology for his ignorance, he left the country and took his father along with him.
He was and has always been a sincere man, unlike his father. Even though you knew he cared for you in some ways, he never did anything to force you to do things for him. He could have done anything and everything with you if he so wanted but he didn’t because unlike everyone else around you, he was human.
He had morals he abided by and always treated the people around him with respect.
If you had spoken up about your struggles then, perhaps you would have gotten hurt less.
“Have you taken a liking to Hyunjin as well?” Leehyun tsks lightly as he stands from his seat, walking slowly over to you with a small shake of his head as if liking your soon-to-be fiancé isn’t ideal. “That’s kind of a shame. You’ve always been a good little girl, haven’t you? You’ll listen to me still, won’t you, pretty girl?”
You stare at the ground, hating every bit of this, every little nickname he gives you, that glint in his eyes, everything.
“Eyes on me when I’m talking to you,” Leehyun commands in a tone that threatens to resurface your buried memories. He holds your chin up to force your eyes to meet his. “You’re not thinking about telling Hyunjin everything, are you?”
Your brows furrow.
“He’d never believe you, you know. Why would he? I could just tell him you came onto me.”
“Hyunjin’s my son. Why would he believe you over me?” 
He doesn't understand anything, does he? Years ago he threatened you like this as well, though years ago it didn’t matter much because you didn’t care to tell anyone about anything. You were already far gone, not able to trust strangers.
Hyunjin could have saved you sooner than he did but you kept quiet.
Once someone’s been taught to stay quiet their whole life, how do they learn to scream and shout for help?
Hyunjin came to earn your trust when he proved his good heart by leaving the country for you, but even then you remember being in a state in which nothing mattered. Whether you were hurt or not, you couldn’t care about anything but pleasing your father and becoming stronger than you were then.
You endured through everything with a blank heart, mind falling into a state you aren’t be able to recall memories from. You remained quiet for the longest time.
Still, his tone threatens to shake your core. You can feel something building up inside of you, something not so good. It’s as if all the weights you thought had disappeared are all coming back up at the same time.
Father’s face reappears in your mind, his threatening gaze so dark and cold whenever he looks your way. All you ever were to him was a puppet in the making. He wanted you to grow up loyal and obedient only to him, to become strong and powerful, and if gaining strength meant enduring through all the things others did to you, he didn’t care to bat an eye your way, even as you were thrown to the wolves.
He threw you to the wolves.
So of course he never cared what the wolves did to you in return. All he cared about was you returning to his side, whether that meant alive or not. He didn’t care for your survival, for your life or death.
If you came back with strength, that just meant feeding you to more wolves until you grew strong enough on your own.
Until you returned to bite the hand that fed you.
It’s a wonder he never saw your betrayal coming.
“We should return,” you say against the silence that befalls the room, making up an excuse. “If we stay here for any longer, the guests will wonder where we’ve gone.”
You turn to put a hand on the doorknob when Leehyun’s hand takes over yours. You restrain yourself well to not flinch at his touch, only retracing your hand back silently. He watches you while your eyes remain still before you, and when he opens the door, Leehyun holds your shoulder once again.
You hate every bit of this.
“Mr. Hwang.” Not even two strides out the door and someone approaches him.
You recognize the voice and when you look up, it’s indeed Namjoon who had decided to walk up to the two of you with Jungkook by his side, acting as a bodyguard more than an important figure.
Leehyun grows surprised at the sight, not expecting a man like Namjoon to have come to London, not to mention his son’s engagement party. He speaks up, bringing him into a conversation as you stay there, silent.
You can feel Jungkook’s piercing gaze on you, a silent question on the tip of his tongue as if wondering if you were alright and if Leehyun had done anything to you.
You weren’t alright, not alright at all. He didn’t do anything but it sure feels as if he did. You hate the touch of his hand on your bare shoulders, his skin burning against you like touching the spike of a porcupine but being forced to not flinch away.
Every part of your body screams to push him away as it prickles with disgust, a tremor waiting to reveal itself but you know how to handle it, you know when not to show your weaknesses before others. You’ve been taught your whole life to conceal all that you feel after all.
What more is a few minutes?
When father was around, he instilled the practice well into your head, engraving it as if a burning metal pressed hotly against your skin, the mark there to stay forever. 
That’s what Leehyun’s touch feels like; a hot iron burn that will remain forever even if he does manage to leave you alone.
Hyunjin, where’s Hyunjin?
Hyunjin isn’t anywhere in sight so despite the fact that there are two people here who are on your side, you know they can’t do anything to rip Leehyun’s touch off you.
The voices spoken between him and Namjoon fade in and out as your eyes shake, looking around for something, anything, when you catch the sight of a hand held out to you, grabbing your attention back forcefully from your moment of frantic.
You look up to find Namjoon right before you, his hand held out expectedly as one would when meeting someone for the first time. “It’s nice to meet you, miss Y/N,” the words slip easily from his lips.
Despite the fact that the two of you were wed once upon a time, no one knows of your relationship. You were kept a secret for the longest time. Mother’s pregnancy was announced the moment the two red lines appeared on the stick, her eyes bright with delight and hope, you remember the maids saying. But her happiness and joy were forcefully ripped away from her when the doctor congratulated her on the news of carrying a baby girl.
It wasn’t what mother wanted. It wasn’t what father wanted. It wasn’t what anyone wanted.
The congratulation that left the doctor’s mouth was the very reason his tongue was cut off and later killed by the order of your mother.
She wanted to get rid of you the instant she knew of your gender but she kept you. A part of her probably hoped you’d grow up competent, prove her wrong, prove the world — father wrong, that you’d be her pride and joy and she wouldn’t have to care about your gender.
Meanwhile, father was already letting the world know that her pregnancy was a fail, that she had a miscarriage. You were deemed a mistake before he even saw you, but he allowed the only thing mother had left to keep to herself with promising words of not wanting to have anything to do with you.
The birth was risky and mother grew severely depressed, affecting even more of her health, until eventually her blooms wilted away and the last thing you saw of her was her disgusted eyes filled with hatred towards you.
You ruined her. Your very own mother.
Father was heartless but he turned you into his little puppet to hold and manipulate the strings of. You followed his every word whether willingly or not. After all, a puppet has no control over its own strings. They only do and say what the puppetmaster wants them to. You were no exception.
He kept you a secret until the end, only sharing you with the people close to him but even then, he never cared to pay you any attention unless it was to use you as a pawn.
That’s why you grew to shy away from the crowd, hating every bit of attention on you. Yoongi told you that it could never be, that no matter where you go, eyes will always follow you, it’s only inevitable. Your beauty is like the bright light for the moth, he said, meant to attract attention no matter what you do.
You held onto his words dearly and keep them still because he’s right. You will never be able to truly blend into the crowd as you wish and you let that fall to your advantage once you learned to manipulate others in the same way father had.
Like father, like daughter.
You may hate your father but no matter what anyone says, the two of you share blood and a part of him will always be instilled in your veins.
You hate every part of the truth.
“..It’s nice to meet you,” you finally say after a heartbeat, holding your hand out to shake Namjoon’s hand.
You linger a little longer, grip tighter than it should for a casual handshake, hoping, praying, in your silent cry, for him to hold onto you just as tight and yank you out of Leehyun’s grip. It’s a silent plea you don’t realize you’re doing when your ex-husband watches you attentively. Anyone would think nothing of it but you see the slight furrow between his brows, the way his mouth protrudes in just the slightest unnoticeable way.
You want him to take you away, to save you.
But before anything can happen, it’s you who forces your hand away from his first as if waking from your moment of daze, remembering what you’re doing and why you’re here.
You can’t forget your revenge for a moment of peace. Peace has to come after the storm, not before, otherwise the fight and the war will be for naught. You can’t get caught up with a small glimpse of hope. You’re already here in this room, held against Leehyun, you can’t back down now.
Revenge revenge revenge.
This is all for the revenge.
Namjoon can sense something is wrong, wondering whether you can still keep yourself upright for the sake of the mission, but when you retract from his hold, he squeezes his hand that’s held in mid-air after you left him, returning it back to his side.
“I didn’t know you were the daughter of the Grim Reaper,” he says, keeping up the font of your father still alive and striving well and not six feet under or burned into crispy ashes. He isn’t sure what you’ve done to your father’s body and he doesn’t really want to know.
Something about the relationship gives him a bit of suspicion but he can only base that on what he’s seen. What he’s heard tells him a different story. You’ve never smeared your father’s name before him, even in death, in fact, you tell him he’s treated you well throughout your life but what if all of that is a lie, just as a lot of things about you? You feign your smile before others, picking up an arrogant aura, fake the way you welcome each and every attention that falls your way when you walk into a room.
What if what you’ve told them about your father has also been a lie?
“Father has always been overprotective about my identity,” you tell him, something that sounds so believable yet so false at the same time.
What if you got rid of him not because you were “bored” but because you were forced to? Because that was the only way to freedom you’d ever earn? Because there was no other choice? What if everything about you in those three years they spent with you were all nothing but lies?
No. You’ve always been truthful and honest.
He can still remember looking into your eyes and always seeing the sincerity in them, how nothing in this world felt real except the sincere eyes that you always gave him. He didn’t believe in anything but your eyes were the only thing he knew that could never lie to him. Anything else, anyone else would but you…you never lied to him.
Yet as he stands here now, he thinks that perhaps he had been naive all along. There was always a part of you that you’d hide from them after all, no matter how much they tried to edge you on, reminding you that they loved and cared for every part of you so that you would be willing to open up. They shared their secrets, their deepest insecurities with you. But before he could ever cut open your heart and see what was inside, he broke the ties between you and the rest, divorcing you all too soon.
“That reminds me,” you look at him with a small smile, as if you were that shy little girl who always hid behind him whenever strangers were to try a spark a conversation with you, “I hope you can still keep this a secret. The people here don’t truly know of my identity but because you’re from Korea, it’s a whole different story. So for the sake of my father’s wrath and to conceal his kind heart, I ask that you not mention any part of meeting me and announce it to the world.”
What if the reason your father kept your identity a secret is not because he loves you so dearly but because he hates everything about you?
He wants to doubt the sincerity you held for him in those three years he cared for you. Still, Namjoon says, “Of course. You have my word.”
“Thank you, Mr. Kim.” When you give him a small bow of a nod as a way to thank him, you don’t allow your head to look back up so he’s left with only seeing your hair which conceals any emotions on your face.
You suddenly feel so small, as if the acting is beginning to take a toll on you and you’re starting to believe in this fantasy. As if Namjoon indeed doesn’t know you, as if you’re still that hopeless, pure little girl who’s been shut out from the world, as if you will indeed marry into the Hwangs and be trapped in a cage with the keys lost to the sea.
You wish Mingyu was here so that his presence can calm your racing heartbeat. You wish you could hear him with an intercom connecting his voice to your ears. You wish he could remind you to breathe, that you needn’t worry because he’s watching every step you make, that if anyone were to put you in harm’s way, Dasom’s bullet will pierce right into the skull of their heads.
You want to feel Dasom’s sniper watching you, you wish Yuna’s lingering gaze never left, and plunge yourself into drinking all of Yeonjun’s tea to end all the nerves that are screaming at you to break away from Leehyun’s hold.
To breathe.
To run away and find your safe place; in your Reaper’s safehold.
But you can’t because you’ve shut them out, told them to not interfere with your plans, to not stop you no matter what happens.
You don’t realize the Reapers are still watching you through Bangtan’s gaze, still ignorant to the fact that Mingyu had walked into their headquarters and dropped his head before Namjoon, asking them to protect you until the end, to save you if necessary. You don’t realize their protectiveness has been asked of to be replaced by Bangtan.
You don’t see Jungkook’s watchful gaze on you while Namjoon has Leehyun distracted in a conversation that falls deaf to his ears, careful in making sure Leehyun doesn’t mistake his watchful gaze on you and hide you away in response.
You don’t see the way the corner of Jungkook’s lip twitches, or the way he tries not to fiddle with his fingers in anxious thought of how this night will end but fails miserably. You don’t realize Jimin’s anger when he sees you held against Leehyun, standing by and watching with Yoongi as they recall the voices of conversations exchanged between you and Leehyun through Taehyung’s hidden mic.
You don’t see the way Taehyung rushes into the crowd, eyes scanning for a familiar figure to force him to return to your side otherwise he may snap and ruin the plan you so forced your Reapers away for.
But something goes wrong when he catches sight of the said man he placed his trust in to keep you safe. Hyunjin stands with a lower subordinate by his side, who whispers unheard words into his ear. Something’s wrong when he feels Taehyung’s gaze on him and looks up, his eyes hardening with a warning on the tip of his tongue.
Taehyung feels his mouth drying and when he snaps his head back at where you should be standing with Leehyun, Namjoon and Jungkook, but all that’s left are Namjoon and Jungkook without the other two figures in sight.
His eyes scan around the area, flashing with alarm as the words of Mingyu repeat in his head; “Don’t ever leave her side, no matter what. Don’t ever leave her alone with Leehyun.”
He knows you more than Taehyung does, probably knows every little secret you hold dearly within the thick walls you’ve built around yourself. He’s witnessed what you’ve been through, understands your responses and how to react to them, knows how to deal with every situation he’s faced with.
Taehyung doesn’t know anything. He has a clue but clues are useless and right now you’re missing, out of sight, and he feels as if the storm is coming sooner than it should. At a fast pace at that.
“Where’s Y/N?” He quickly asks the two boys who were last seen with her. The big boss gestures to two doors that lead away from the room where the party is held and grows irritated because he remembers all the doors in this house during his time here and that door does not lead to a private room. That room leads to a hallway into the unknown. “Why would you leave her out of your sight? I look away for one second to find Hyunjin and—”
“She asked us to let her go,” Jungkook cuts him off, his brows furrowed as he nips at his lower lip, a habit he does often when he’s anxious. “When Leehyun began to lead her away, she shook her head when we tried to stop him.”
They’re not supposed to stop you, they’re not supposed to do anything when you don’t give an order to. This is your revenge after all, your mission, so anything you say takes top priority but for once Taehyung wishes they hadn’t listened to your stupid demands and stopped you right then and there.
He understands Mingyu’s dilemma to a certain extent now. He might not know everything but he knows enough to understand that your underboss had every right to worry.
But right now he doesn’t have time to worry, to snap at the boys for letting you go. Right now he needs to find you and fix the situation before anything gets out of control.
“They’re filing in,” Hoseok’s voice walks into the intercom. Taehyung looks around to find him somewhere beside Seokjin, his voice discreet as if he were conversing in a friendly conversation with Seokjin rather than all of them. He doesn’t approach them for suspicions of their activity. “There are more of them now than there were minutes ago.”
The only guards, besides a few of them to avoid suspicion, should be Hyunjin’s people. He guesses this was what was exchanged between Hyunjin and the person beside him then.
Something’s definitely out of place.
Taehyung looks across the room to find Hyunjin making his way towards in, eyes meeting his as he speaks. “They’ve caught onto us.”
Four words simple enough to bring a shuddering rain crawling against their skin.
Namjoon keeps calm like the leader he is, knowing how to deal with situations like this due to experience. He can feel their gazes on him once the dreaded words leave Hyunjin’s lips, looking towards their alpha leader to give them direction and lead them to do what he thinks would save them from the situation. 
He turns to Taehyung and speaks. “Find another way in that leads through those doors and take Yoongi with you.”
“Do you know what I hate the most in this world?” Leehyun speaks calmly under the flickering light of the cold basement where he led you to after following a maze you probably won’t be able to remember the way of. The men he walked past stand just outside the door, leaving you alone with him once again. 
But this time there’s no one you can run to if something goes wrong, there’s no safety in knowing just outside the doors, you can cry for help and the crowd will look towards your call, glaring confused stares at Leehyun’s way.
It reminds you of a place you haven’t been to in a long, long time; the White Room.
Where you were held against your will, crying and begging for someone to help but the only people who stood outside were the guards who fell deaf to your cries. Even if the doors didn’t keep your screams in, you know they wouldn’t have helped you either.
It’s a bit different though, in lots of ways. This room is darker, lit up only by a flickering lightbulb held up by a string just above your head. You aren’t alone either, the perpetrator is here with you, keeping his watchful gaze on you, and you’re held bound by itchy ropes that are so bulky any movement against them forces prickling needles into your skin, sat on a lone wooden chair.
It’s cold though, in the same way the White Room had always been.
“I’ve told you before, haven’t I? You’re a smart girl, go on and repeat those words to me,” Leehyun prompts you and to anyone, it sounds as if he were speaking to someone precious, a gentle nudge towards a child who needs to be reminded of the rules she just broke while remaining stern. You hate how he treats you.
Still, you chant out the words as if under a spell. You can’t ignore him for some reason, as if remembering how you were with him years ago, unable to disobey anything that he says or does. Your body remembers even if your mind tries to forget.
“When people touch the things that belong to you.” It tastes bitter against your mouth but you give him nothing to read on your expressionless face.
Just as they always were years ago.
“That’s right,” Leehyun nods. He crosses his arms against his chest. “So what happened?”
“I held Mr. Kim’s hand.”
“I let him steal my attention.”
“...” You hesitate for a moment, just a split moment because you know Leehyun hates it when people don’t answer him right away. “I allowed you to fall into my foolish traps. Made you believe in my lies and hid behind the protection of your very own son.”
“My very own son.” You aren’t sure the exact moment when he realized it but perhaps in the process of thinking you held him wrapped around your finger, he was the one who had control of everything. You were foolish to think you could easily execute your plans without any mishaps. “Did you come to London in the hopes of taking your revenge on me?” He asks. “Are you here to kill me?”
The anxiety is felt clearly along your body. You aren’t sure why you’re like this when you thought you’ve trained yourself well enough to face your opponents but you guess trauma will always return to you and remind you of how you dealt with things no matter how much time has passed. You’ve returned to the doll that you were before father died.
At this moment right here, you’re the same person you were when you were with Leehyun years ago; obedient, robotic, dull, and blank.
Habits are scary.
“..Would it upset you if I said yes?” But unlike those times, the emotions are clear and you’re unable to repress them in the way your body did then. You can feel the heavy weight sitting on your chest, something constricting your airway in order to make it harder to breathe, and the slight little trembles against your body which you’ve always done so well to hide.
He laughs and you remain still. “What happened to your father? Did you get rid of him?” He asks rather than answering your question. He knows your answer and you know his. “You hold your head up high now, flirt easily, acting arrogant and mighty.”
“I killed him,” you answer fluently.
He laughs again, this time with a bit of a surprise, as if he can’t believe the girl he knew then would have been capable of killing her own father. You always followed your father’s words as if they were law, never going against him no matter what he asks of you, like a trained puppet. When did you escape from those strings? When did you gather the courage to leave?
Or perhaps you were the one playing with his strings all along, pretending to be a good little doll for the sake of catching him off guard and killing him when he least expects it.
“I see,” Leehyun nods, his laugh fading away as he thinks about it. If you’re capable of killing your father, a ruthless and merciless man, then you’re capable of killing him. Still, Leehyun wants to see your skills and wants to witness just how powerful you’ve become.
He takes three long steps back, arms uncrossing to be held behind him, eyes watchful as he calls for his men to come in. Ten muscular men walk in ready at the command of their boss while you remain sitting on the chair in the middle of the room, limps bound by strong ropes that cut through your skin whenever you make even the slightest movement.
“Why don’t you show me your skills then, sweetheart? I want to see how this little girl could have possibly taken down the Grim Reaper.”
It isn’t a request, it’s an order.
And when the men draw in on you, you have no other choice but to comply with Leehyun and give him a show.
You force your body back to push the chair onto the hard floor, causing it to collide and break into pieces, allowing your body to no longer be bound by the chair.
Someone swings a weapon your way but you duck right on time, headbutting him the second you’re given the chance. Someone else reaches for your arm and forces you to jump, you manipulate your body to fall against another man as you kick your feet forward at the man who wanted to take your arm.
Your hairpin falls from your hair, forcing the sight of your clear vision to fall a bit hazy, distracted by strands of hair, but you pay it no mind as you snatch the hairpin from the floor with your teeth, getting a bit of your hair in between. Leehyun marvels at how it turns into a sharp weapon of some sort.
Your body moves fluidly like the leaves against the wind, like the tide meets the beach, crashing against the enemies, manipulating every movement while using his men at your disposal. 
He grows irritated at how weak they are against a smaller figure, a girl, who still has her hands and legs tied.
You use the sharpness of your hairpin to take the binds off your ankles when you get the chance, allowing your feet to then kick freely at whoever tries to come at you. They don’t stand a chance, and Leehyun realizes the person your father tried so hard to train is now laughing back at him.
He called you useless, weak, incompetent, but the person he sees now is anything but.
How had your father thrown such a sparkling gem away without knowing your potential? In those years he knew of you, you held some skills your father forced you to take but now he realizes a lot of things you’ve been hiding in those years. Even back then when you were less skilled than you are now, you did everything your father asked of you perfectly. Whatever mission he asked of you, you finished it and came back in one piece. Whatever person he asked you to take down, you returned just as well.
Your father created a monster.
A beautiful, powerful monster.
Did he ever realize your strength before he died by your hands?
When his men lay dead on the floor, your chest heaves hard as you stand in the middle, a cut on your face, a long gash along your leg, and although you should be falling down exhausted, you remain standing as you stare down at him with eyes that could very well belong to a beast.
You still have your hands tied behind your back, hairpin held against your teeth.
Perhaps this is your way of showing him your strength has yet to reach its maximum level.
For a moment, he’s genuinely afraid of the one before him. And when you force yourself to hurl at him, he doesn’t have time to think before the sharp hairpin stabs him right against his side, allowing a cry of pain to leave his lips.
You don’t keep the hairpin in, forcing it out because you know pressure against a wound helps to keep the blood in. You want it out.
When you see Leehyun’s legs giving out, you take that opportunity to kick the doorknob off the door with a harsh and forceful kick, opening it with a loud bang, and without a moment of hesitation, you run and run, trying to remember the path Leehyun took when he brought you in here.
Along the run, you take a big leap, jumping to allow your hands to rope from underneath your legs in order to be held before you rather than behind. You take the knife that had been hidden under your now torn dress, cutting the stingy rope and returning the hairpin to hold your hair back in place.
Your dash is mad while your eyes frantically look around, trying to calculate every movement, recalling the memories of what you saw when you followed Leehyun down here. You can hear the thunder of Leehyun’s feet just behind you and know that getting lost will risk you your life.
You can’t die now, not yet. You still have people to kill and although you told Hoseok dying is trivial and you don’t care how or by who, you don’t wish to die at the hands of a predator. Not here, not in the maze of his basement. 
So you allow your brain to work, eyes snapping at every new corner that has a fork in the road, taking the turn you think you remember until eventually, you hear a call. Two calls.
“Y/N, where are you?!”
It’s Taehyung and Yoongi.
You never thought you’d ever say that you would be relieved to hear the voices of your ex-lovers again but here you are, body almost giving in at just the sound of their voices. But you know better than that. You know you aren’t safe just yet.
Luckily your brain hadn’t failed you and luckily you find the familiar silhouettes of your ex-lovers as you run and run, unable to slow down at any given moment. For now, they are your safety net, for now, you aren’t alone.
You run towards the warmth of their presence, letting out a breath of relief, when a hand snatches your hair and pulls you clean off your feet.
You let out your first yelp of pain as you go down and before Taehyung and Yoongi can take another step forward, you feel the head of a gun to your temple and watch as they visibly freeze on the spot.
The sight of you is alarming; the tight straps of your dress fallen over your shoulder, one of them snapped into two, a cut on your cheek, disheveled hair, the skirt of your dress torn to reveal your legs where one of them has a gash along your skin. You ran without shoes, heels long forgotten somewhere along the line, the soles of your feet shattered in cuts and swollen red.
You wince at Leehyun’s forceful fistful of your hair, teeth clenching tightly, and the two before you almost wince along with you.
“Should I just end it here?” Leehyun says, his lips so close to your ear it brings a chill down your body. You hate how cold it is here. “You came to kill me, didn’t you? So why don’t I bring you along to hell with me? We belong together after all. You’re mine.”
You scoff at those words, shaking your head in order to keep his lips away from your ear but he forces you back in an instant. “You’re sick,” you spit his way. “I was and will never be yours.”
“Darling, what did I say about talking back?” He grits his teeth as he says so, suppressing a fit of anger that takes in the form of his ripping your hair. You let out a strangled noise that causes the two the urge to do anything to take you away but they know one slight movement can potentially have the trigger pulled and they can’t risk that.
“You were always a good little girl,” Leehyun says, still trying to keep this relationship sane. “What happened to that, huh? You were mine to hold and do anything to. Why can’t you obey me in the way you had then?” He turns his attention to Taehyung as if recalling something, eyes flashing with anger and resentment towards the younger lad. “If it hadn’t been for your little bodyguard and Hyunjin, I would’ve had my way with you long ago.”
“That’s precisely why I never left her alone,” Taehyung grits out, eyes hardening as he levels his glare down at him.
“She’s mine to own, not yours.”
“She’s not a possession for you to make claims to.” A voice reaches them from the back and you can physically feel Leehyun freeze up against your back when a click is heard. Hoseok holds his gun right at the back of his head, no amount of hesitation in his eyes were Leehyun to do anything to you. “Get your hands off her,” he demands in a threatening growl and it almost triggers some lost memory your past self had once held so dearly to her heart but you do well to repress it back.
Someone else appears from the shadows; Hyunjin. He takes a step from behind Taehyung and Yoongi, a gun leveling his father’s way while the rest of them follow along, completely trapping Leehyun.
“Ah..” He realizes his defeat and lets the grip on your hair go, causing the tightness to finally release from his hold.
Hoseok watches as you scramble to your feet, a little limp in your legs taking hold when you stand either from the weakness or the gash, or both. Yoongi helps you stand tall and he hates the sight he sees before him. You look terrible.
It’s fortunate they got here in time otherwise Hoseok would never forgive himself. He remembered the second Taehyung realized the change in the air, Hoseok’s heartbeat accelerated hard against his chest, breath shortening, and before Seokjin can realize the change in him, he remembered to remain calm and not let the situation take the best of him.
He was angry at the things he heard through the device Taehyung held hidden against his clothes while with you in person, hated every moment Hoseok had to sit there, listening to the vile things Leehyun said and your voice whispered in turn, feigning interest. If he were in Taehyung’s place, he knows he would have never been able to hold restrain.
Perhaps it was best letting Taehyung go after all. For a moment he had been afraid, they all were, because they know how Taehyung is with people. He doesn’t like the crowd, avoids parties, and prefers his own personal space. As a hacker, he had no reason to leave his lab but it was because his face was less known to the public that forced him to take up the mission of being by your side.
The rest of them were more at risk of being found out, their faces more known whereas Taehyung was a secret.
He did a better job than Hoseok expected. Even through the intercom, he could feel Taehyung’s frustration and anger building up the longer he stayed by your side having to witness everything firsthand. He restrained himself even though Hoseok could tell he wanted to punch Leehyun many times, and during moments when the two of you were left alone in the guest room, Taehyung held himself together as he saw you. 
You were the victim but you held onto yourself well, projecting a font that doesn’t slip as easily as his anger does.
At night it’s a bit easier to see your more vulnerable side but even then you hold yourself together. In your mindless state, you silently yearn for a familiar hold only your Reapers can provide.
Hoseok wonders why you never cry for help, why you never scream or shout. Even in the years he was with you, you cried silently as if afraid a peep of sound will have punishment forced upon you. He hates your silence.
Hyunjin offers his gun to you but you shake your head, taking ahold of your knife instead.
Hoseok wants to give Leehyun a good, solid punch in the face for all the things he’s done to you but he knows he can’t do that. This is your fight after all, your battle, and it’s up to you whether you want to kill Leehyun with your own hands or if you want to ask Hyunjin to do the honors instead.
He’s in no place to kill him himself. So Hoseok keeps his gun pointed at the man, eyes watchful as they give you space.
You’re in control.
When you look at Leehyun, the old man’s eyes are silently begging for help, for your mercy, but you can only laugh at those words echoing into your ears.
“It will do well for you to apologize now,” you say into the silence, offering him a false chance. “Why don’t you apologize, Mr. Hwang?”
His eyes tell you he’d rather fall off a bridge and into a hot active volcano than level himself below you and ask for your forgiveness. He gets off power after all, and if that’s taken away from him, he’ll grow angry and throw a tantrum like a child would if they couldn’t get what they wanted.
He knows you won’t give him your forgiveness and he knows he will die anyway. That’s how this world works. Once you have bullets on the verge of piercing through your skull, you have no chance left to run no matter how much you beg.
But he falls shameless either way, in hysteria, because fear of death takes priority over the shameful feeling of apologizing to someone younger than you. He falls to the floor, crawling on his knees, begging for mercy with a chant that repeats again and again in your ears like a mantra.
You stare down at him as he worships the ground you stand on, head bowed forward in a shameless position, pleading and begging for you to spare his life. He has no shame, throwing away all his dignity to bow to you like a god in front of his son and Bangtan.
“Please Y/N. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”
“Please, I…I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”
Why is that flashing in your thoughts right now? The sight of you leaning your head down in a shameless manner, the night you tore the ring off your finger?
Namjoon falls into your line of sight. He watches the scene unfold silently and you wonder what he’s thinking about. This is the first time you’ve had someone bowing and pleading before you and you feel absolutely no sympathy for him. But even you understand the difference this situation is from yours.
You had no idea what you were apologizing for because you had nothing to apologize for. Nothing was your fault yet you felt like everything was your fault. But for Leehyun? He has no idea what he’s apologizing for because he has everything to apologize for.
Everything is his fault yet you know he feels as if nothing is his fault.
It irritates you.
You hate the sound of his begging, the annoying voice, those annoying words that repeat over and over again without any source of sincerity behind them.
“You…you don’t even know what you’re apologizing for, do you?” You ask the pitiful man before you, anger and ire building up. You feel like a ticking bomb that will explode at any second. “You’ve never shown me any mercy so why should I show you mercy?”
“Th-that’s because..” Leehyun looks up, frantically searching for an answer when something pops into his head, and the begging stops as his eyes twist into something sinister. You’ve seen that before, an expression you’ve met and encountered with so many people throughout your years of surviving in this world. “That’s because you never stopped me,” he says and you blink at him, brows knitting.
He sits up as if a realization had hit him, his eyes sick and dark while the boys keep their eyes on him to make sure he doesn’t do anything rash, guns still readily pointed at him.
“That’s right, you..you never stopped me so why is any of this my fault? Did you ever beg me to stop? Did you ever scream for help? Now that I think about it, you must’ve liked it, didn’t you? You enjoyed it just as much as I did. You never went to your father for help, you never told anyone anything about the situation. If you really hated it, you would have done something but you didn’t.”
Ah, he’s really doing this. Trying to twist the situation, trying to gaslight you, even though he knows he only chose you as a victim because you wouldn’t do anything to go against him.
A silent little doll who only listened to the words of her father. If your father tells you to fight back, you’d do it. And if your father tells you to endure it, you’d let others hurt you. Leehyun was just a coward who wanted someone who would listen to his words without fighting back and you were the victim he preyed on.
A silent doll whose voice box was broken, unable to scream for help. He used that to his disposal.
“No one would believe you,” you hear his voice echo repeatedly in your head, the same words coming in and out in every situation he placed you in. If you had emotions, if you wanted to scream for help, he’d remind you over and over again that he could just manipulate the situation into letting others believe you came onto him instead, that you were a dirty little slut who would go for anyone.
You never called for help.
You didn’t care to call for help because you didn’t know how to call for help.
In the moment when you’re with him, your body felt nothing, lifeless, a corpse of some sort, the socket of your eyes void of light as if you weren’t human at all. But even then you understood to some extent that Hyunjin would believe you. He was the only one who would believe you, were you to open your mouth and let the words ring out.
You didn’t know him and he didn’t know you, but you shared a connection with how powerless the both of you were against your fathers, both forced into a position that almost required you to fall bound into an engagement. 
Hyunjin always treated you kindly no matter what. He never forced you to do anything, never stopped looking out for you. Your suspicion of his kindness was confirmed when he moved away with his father, leaving the country for you.
If you knew how to speak then, you would have told him “thank you” and you would have accepted the kindness and warmth he always wanted to provide you with.
“When you decide to let your thorns be known to the world, I hope you can come after my father and kill him yourself. I will wait for you until then.”
He was kind to the end, prepared at any moment to kill his father for your sake, for his sake, for both your sakes.
As if understanding just how sick and manipulative his father is, Hyunjin steps up with fierce anger flashing in his eyes, ready to tear his father down. But you stop with a look, shaking your head, telling him in your silent manner that he doesn’t have to fight his father for your sake.
“Come on, Y/N,” Leehyun takes a step forward, approaching you as the others fit into a defending stance in an instant, watching him closely without doing anything unless you signaled otherwise.
This is your fight, you’ve told them, and they aren’t allowed to meddle unless you say so.
Leehyun holds a hand out to your face, his finger gently grazing against the skin of your cheek while you stand there, not doing anything.
“Be a good girl, won’t you? Tell your people to leave. We’re fine, aren’t we? If you’re unsatisfied with something, all you have to do is tell me and I’ll fix it. You know I’d never do anything to hurt you. You’re my obedient little girl, aren’t you…princess?”
As if on cue just by that small little nickname, your pupils dilate and something flashes before your eyes, the buried memories slowly but surely resurfacing back into your mind.
“Hello there. You’re very pretty, aren’t you?” An older gentleman who looks the same age as your father watches you with eyes that confuse you a bit. You don’t like it but who are you to act up?
“It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Hwang sir,” you bow your head before him in a respectful manner, polite and quiet.
“Yes…it is indeed.” He touches your hand in a gentle manner and brings it up to his lips, pressing a kiss on the back with eyes never leaving your face.
It’s weird. You feel strange.
Not the good kind of strange. Not at all.
“Keep calling me that,” he grins as he pats the top of your head with his other hand. “I quite like you calling me sir.”
“Sir,” you take a step back, retreating your hand, “your son and I–”
“No one has to know,” he says as he grabs your hand again with a little more force this time. The smile he gives you causes you to stare in slight horror, his words echoing in your head.
No one has to know.
No one has to know.
Who are you to refute that? Not when you’re taking a glance at your father and he does nothing to approach you from where he stands. You know he can see Leehyun and you know he knows what’s going on. 
He does nothing to move and tell you to get away from the man. Instead, he only looks away as if he doesn’t care.
He doesn’t care one bit.
‘Endure it,’ you hear the words without it needing to be said aloud, so you turn back to Leehyun with obedient eyes, no longer trying to force your hand away, and letting him in.
If father doesn’t care, why should you?
“What a good girl you are. You’ll never do anything to go against me, will you?”
“Such a good little princess.”
“You’re so pretty.”
“If you tell anyone about this, no one will believe you, you know that?” Whether Hyunjin cares or not does not matter. Nothing matters.
Just endure it.
Endure it.
“Does your father even love you? That’s alright, I can share my love with you instead.”
“Do you let Hyunjin hold you like this too?”
“Hyunjin doesn’t hold me like this.” Hyunjin doesn’t dare to do anything to hurt you. Even then you aren’t sure how to trust him. He shows you goodness by not doing anything to you but how do you trust when trusting only leads to your break?
“Of course he doesn’t. If he does, you’ll let me know, right?”
“...Yes sir.”
Endure it. Obey his words. Keep quiet. Keep quiet.
“What a good girl.”
“It’s alright, just a little longer.”
Stop it.
Stop it all.
Something shakes your core, your stability, your foundation, and your emotions. And all of a sudden, you feel something you’ve never felt before. All the emotions spiraling into one single wave, rushing down your body, building up so strongly and forcibly you tremble on sight, knife stabbing into his skin without warning.
Leehyun shouts in pain at the sudden intrusive pierce and when his hand reaches out to force you away, you pin him down by the legs, ignoring the pain shooting up on one side as if possessed by some sort of demon.
The boys all watch in horror when you carve your knife into Leehyun’s skin like a force working on its own, eyes staring widely with sealed lips like a silent killer who holds no emotion for her victims as the knife goes in and out. In and out. In and out. 
And it isn’t you anymore.
It isn’t you.
Die die die die die! Your thoughts repeat over and over and over. You hear his scream loud and clear as your arms work the tool into his body, the blood oozing out and painting your cheeks, your dress, your thighs, everywhere. It’s like a scene straight out of a horror movie as the rest of them watch on, eyes widened in shock at the sight of your merciless self stabbing the man even as he no longer cries and lays on the floor, clearly already dead.
The guns point down, arms releasing tension on them but they can’t take their eyes off you.
You thought you’d kill him slowly and painfully, so he can feel every little pain with his eyes wide open. You thought you’d give him a slow death, one where he’d suffer the most in the same way he had hurt you and made you suffer and endure.
But your body acts impulsively as the memories resurface and all you can do is continue on the action until someone has to rip your arm away, forcing your body off the man with the knife thrown far away from your grasp.
“Y/N, stop.”
You push Hoseok’s hands away, head spinning, eyes falling into a blur and it seems as if everyone in this room is against you and is out to harm you. Your mind falls clouded as the world falls all at once, emotions becoming unstable and suddenly you know you’re panicking.
Where’s Mingyu?
Where are the Reapers? Why aren’t they here?
It’s hard to breathe. Can you breathe? Ah, how do you breathe again?
The memories horrify you as they fall back vividly and suddenly you remember all the times when you were left tortured as a kid, screaming, looking around for help but no one makes a move. No one helps no matter how hard you cried and begged.
No one’s on your side.
No one’s on your side.
Endure it, they tell you. You have to endure it all and everything will be okay. You just have to…you just have to endure it.
“Y/N!” Someone grabs ahold of both your shoulders forcefully.
“Y/N!” Seokjin shouted, ripping you from your state of panic.
Seokjin, it’s Seokjin.
You’re safe with Seokjin.
“I’m here, I’m here,” he repeats in a soft, soft whisper. Enough for you to hear. “It’s alright, Y/N, you’re safe now. No one’s going to harm you, I’m right here. Breathe, just focus on breathing, don’t focus on anything else right now.”
As your vision narrows in on him, his face clearer with each blink you make, you remember the familiar face of your eldest lover.
Seokjin’s safe…right? He loved you once.
He loved you once.
Ah, but he left you too, just like everyone else in your life. But you don’t really have a choice, do you? He’s the only one in your sight, the only one safe for now.
With trembling hands, you grab onto his white dress shirt, the blood on your hands dirtying it with red as you look up at him with pleading eyes, and two soft, barely audible words escape your lips.
“..Save me.”
Your eyes turn blank, dull, a void walking right in, and the shaking disappears as you stare at nothing before you, as if your soul has just been snatched away from your body, the light in your eyes no longer in sight.
“Y/N?” Seokjin calls your name cautiously but you don’t hear him. You can’t hear anyone, not even yourself as your body falls into a state of void.
You feel nothing, like a lifeless corpse living in the body of a human.
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jamaisjoons · 7 months ago
once upon a fantasy | mlist.
Tumblr media
Once upon a time, in an ordinary forest, and within an unassuming thicket of trees, lies a mystical entrance - one blanketed in moss and overgrown with leafy foliage; an entrance that has long since been forgotten by the unyielding of time. However, should an unknowing traveller stumble upon it, should an unaware person enter it, the entrance would work its magic and transport them into the Enchanted Forest that bordered the fabled kingdom of Far Far Away, a realm rife with wonder, magic, and fantasia. Within the land of Far Far Away anything is possible: Knights and Princes break the curses that afflict their Princesses, the Big Bad Wolf and the Gentlemanly Fox fall in love, Royal Bastards and Court Maidens become Crown Princesses, and of course, captive Princesses find their freedom. But most importantly, regardless of the lives they lead, they live Happily Ever After.
It happens once upon a time; it’s felt twice upon twin beating hearts. The forest welcomes you to its world of myth and whimsy, where fables untold and long unspoken seek to enthrall and enrapture the unsuspected. Are you brave enough to trifle with the creatures found within? Are you kind enough to love the men and women whose curses and wishes are bound by the light of the moon? If you think your heart strong, come forward, come in. Each world has been curated by an author of magic, willing you to join the adventure.
Welcome to Once Upon a Fantasy! A collaborative event between a set of truly wonderful authors in celebration of all things fantasy, fairytales and romance hosted by yours truly! 
⟶ AO3 Masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⁂ oath in the moonlight
⤑ pairing: crown prince!namjoon x cursed maiden!reader ⤑ genre: angst ∴ fluff ∴ smut ⤑ tropes: royalty au. fantasy au. strangers to lovers au.
❝ Namjoon is running - from lots of things. From his parents, from his responsibilities as Prince, from the ever looming requirement to choose a Crown Princess before his father's advisors challenge his right to the throne. Namjoon is running, and he is running directly to you - a maiden cursed to walk between the moonlight, a maiden cursed to love only in the dark. ❞
⏤ Based on Swan Lake; As Narrated by @jamaisjoons​
➵ Read Here
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⁂ what time is it mr fox
⤑ pairing: fox!seokjin x curvy!reader ⤑ genre: angst ∴ fluff ∴ smut ⤑ tropes: hybrid au. fantasy au. forbidden lovers au.
❝ Castle Fox chimes thrice every night. Curious as to why you’re the only one stirring awake, you decide to investigate. You regret to not doing so sooner. ❞
⏤ Based on The Tale of Mr Fox; As Narrated by @inkedtae​
➵ Coming Soon
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⁂ the bedroom hymns
⤑ pairing: faerie prince!yoongi x princess!reader ⤑ genre: angst ∴ fluff ∴ smut ⤑ tropes: faerie au. royalty au. fantasy au.
❝ Being the only daughter of the Wicked King has kept you living in a sheltered life. Never once you were given the chance to see the world beyond the walls of your father’s old castle, and yet, it had never stopped you from hearing all the dark rumours of your father’s indiscretions which had left you to continue living in the shadows.
When the war comes, your father sends you to live in his castle by the sea for hiding and he left you with a new rule set in place. You are left with a set of keys, one which would lead you to travel through the thousand magical doors inside his castle, but you are to never leave through the front door or to step foot through the golden door at the end of the hall. The magical doors become your escape, giving you the chance to see the world that you had never seen before. Until one day, your life changes as one of the magical doors leads you to the Fairy Prince. The story is about the Fairy Prince, the sheltered Princess, and the encounter that shall lead you to lose yourself in the throes of passion, before revealing your father’s deepest and darkest secret of all. ❞
⏤ Based on Bluebeard; As Narrated by @yoonia​
➵ Coming Soon
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⁂ fermata
⤑ pairing: emperor!hoseok x court musician!reader ⤑ genre: angst ∴ fluff ∴ smut ⤑ tropes: royalty au. fantasy au. childhood friends to lovers.
❝ All your life, you and Hoseok swore you would marry. As children, it was easy to believe - no child ever really pays attention to their title. As adults, you find it harder and harder to believe he will find a way to convince his father to let him marry a lowly court musician. Ever the optimist, Hoseok remains undeterred, promising he is more in love with you than he as ever been. When Hoseok refuses an arranged marriage, the scorned princess uses her father's magic and learns to mimic your voice, your song, even your demeanour. Under her spell, Hoseok falls deeply and quickly. Heartbroken, you leave the kingdom. But when you learn that Hoseok has fallen deathly ill, it seems only you could be the one to save him ❞
⏤ Based on The Nightingale; As Narrated by @yeoldontknow​
➵ Read Here
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⁂ the truth untold
⤑ pairing: high lord!jimin x royal bastard!reader ⤑ genre: angst ∴ fluff ∴ smut ⤑ tropes: faerie au. royalty au. fantasy au.
❝ For the last couple of years, the Autumn court has been waging war against the other fae courts until they all surrender to the rule of the faerie empire that the Autumn court is trying to build. In the Winter court, you have lived a harsh life as the High Lord's bastard daughter, one devoid of love and affection. When the Autumn court demands up a bride from the Winter court, for the first time in your life you are being seen as useful and being offered as your sister's replacement. There's no telling what the Autumn court will do to you once your deceit is discovered but all you can hope for is that your new husband is more forgiving than the icy royals who you've lived beside your entire life. ❞
⏤ Based on The Princess and The Pauper; As Narrated by @opaljm​
➵ Coming Soon
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⁂ splintered hearts
⤑ pairing: knight!taehyung x cursed princess!reader ⤑ genre: angst ∴ fluff ∴ smut ⤑ tropes: royalty au. fantasy au. slow burn au.
❝ Taehyung knows little of the beast that lurks in The Black Forest; the stories his parents told him as a young child long forgotten in his memory. To this day, the village’s skeptics do their best to dismiss that such a beast even exists, that is, until the details of the Duchess' untimely death are revealed. When the Duke sets a generous bounty for the head of this monster, Taehyung knows it will be impossible to turn down this quest. He anticipates the hunt to be lengthy, tough at times, and even just a bit frightening. Though nothing quite prepares him for what he finds in those woods.... you. ❞
⏤ Based on Beauty and The Beast; As Narrated by @kookdiaries​
➵ Coming Soon
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⁂ to find the sheep
⤑ pairing: werewolf!jungkook x village girl!reader ⤑ genre: angst ∴ fluff ∴ smut ⤑ tropes: werewolf au. fantasy au. childhood friends to lovers.
❝ Reluctant to lose each other, you and your childhood love, Jungkook, plan to run away together when your parents arrange for you to marry a wealthy suitor. However, a beast that hunts in the shady outskirts of your village causes distress among the community by killing one of your own members. Seeking revenge, the people call upon an infamous monster hunter who brings knowledge that the roaming wolf, whom the village maintained an uneasy truce with, may in fact be any one of them. A series of attacks continue to spring up with each passing moon, striking pure fear and panic. As the nights go by, you soon discover how the creature is relentlessly pursuing not just anyone, but you. ❞
⏤ Based on Little Red Riding Hood; As Narrated by @kimtaehyunq​
➵ Coming Soon
Tumblr media
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euphor1a · a month ago
When they’re embarrassed for coming early
↬ fandom: bts
↬ pairing: members x fem!reader
↬ genre: smut, fluff (kinda?), established relationship
↬ rating: 18+ (minors dni)
↬ warnings: profanity, messy sex, dom/sub undertones, tit fucking, handjob, cum eating, praising, use of pet names, dry humping, marking, ass rimming, unprotected sex, cream-pie, oral (m! receiving), hair pulling. uhh let me know if i missed something
↬ navigation
˗ˏˋ꒰ 🌺 a/n ꒱ this is a repost from my old account 📑;; and i couldn’t possibly choose something filthier to start off my new journey with this blog 😋! enjoy <3
Tumblr media
The sinful sight in front of his eyes is enough for him to loose control and come right now. But desperately wanting to prolong the pleasure, Namjoon groans and growls, cursing under his breath. “Fuck! Fuck, baby. That feels so good— oh god!”
Breathing uneven, your hands squeeze your breasts harder to cage his cock in completely. His eyes are starting to droop, lips parted as he moans out in ecstasy. As you start moving harder against him, eager to please your giver boyfriend for once, Namjoon hisses. “Damn it— slow down baby, I— fuck I’m so close.”
“I want your cum all over my boobs,” you purr, his throbbing cock sliding in and out of the valley of your tits. Brows furrowed and chest heaving, he cups your cheek in his warm and calloused hand.
“But, baby—” Namjoon stops dead in his tracks when he feels your tongue lapping at his leaking tip. He whimpers your name, hands turning into fists as waves of his intense release crash down onto him.
“Yes! Fuck, so good,” you stop moving once you feel the thick ropes of his seed squirting over your chest and neck. While he tries to recover, you use your finger to gather some of his cum from your skin and start suckling on it.
“I can’t believe I came so fast. This is so embarrassing,” Namjoon mumbles under his breath, his face flushed. “What have you done to me, baby?”
Tumblr media
He knows damn well that he’s not gonna last long. Not when you’re giving him the most innocent looking eyes while jerking him off.
“Jagi, oh shit! You’re doing so well for me,” Jin mutters, his head thrown back against the headrest of the gaming chair. It’s not his first time getting a handjob from you, but it certainly feels a lot different than the previous times — your shyness gone completely.
“Only for you.” You flash him a soft smile, rubbing your cheek against the hardness of his dick. Jin bucks up his hips when you gently squeeze his shaft while keeping up the pace. The feeling of your small, delicate yet skillful hands around his glorious girth is euphoric. He growls, shuddering when your tongue darts out to fondle with his balls.
“Fucking hell! If you keep that up, I’ll make a mess sweetheart.”
“What if I want that?” you wink at him, right hand rubbing on his pink tip and spreading the pre cum beads. A grunt escapes him, it’s too much, and he’s not sure how much longer he can delay the inevitable.
“I’m gonna cum!” Seokjin warns, his voice breaking when he feels himself twitch. He bites down the plump flesh of his lower lip, falling back with a moan as his orgasm hits. You hum appreciatively, the milky white warmth of his release splattering over your hands and face, some of it trailing down his length.
When he finally opens his eyes, he groans at the sight of you covered with him. “Jagi… I’m so sorry.” You immediately notice the way his ears turn red, head hanging down.
“I liked it soooo much. Why are you apologizing, hm?” you mewl, “I love you.”
Tumblr media
Yoongi’s hands are warm yet rough on your ass as your grind on him shamelessly, desperate for some friction. The wet material of your cotton panties stick on your skin uncomfortably, but you’re way too lost in the feeling of his hard dick pressing into your clothed cunt to actually care.
“Fuck, just like that, keep grinding on me.” He grunts, loving the way you’re whining and moaning. Your fingers are digging into his shoulder, eyes hazy from the lust surging through your body. It’s filthy — the fact that you were too needy to undress and think properly, deciding to hump him instead like a horny teenager.
“Good girl.” Yoongi mutters, giving your ass a firm squeeze. You gasp whenever your clit brushes against his rock-hard cock, the friction so delicious that it makes your hips stutter.
The throbbing of his member increases with each grind of your hips. He concentrates on holding in longer, but it only pushes him closer to the edge as you keep chanting his name like a prayer.
“Fuck! Kitten, are you close, hm? Are you gonna come for me?”
“No— not yet…” you shudder, leaning down to cover his neck with your marks. Yoongi groans, reaching his peak sooner than he expected. You whine when you feel his cum soaking your panties and dripping down your inner thighs. He recovers in record time, looking at your dazed state.
“Oh my god, what a fucking mess. Ugh, I’m sorry, kitten.” He shakes his head, embarrassment coloring his voice.
Tumblr media
“My love, you look so pretty, taking my cock like that.” Hobi groans, capturing your lips in a heady kiss. He’s a bit sensitive tonight, every sensations heightened.
“Harder, please,” you moan, pressing your face on the pillow. He swallows nervously, knowing that he won’t last long if he gets rougher with you.
“Later, baby. I don’t think that I can keep up if I go harder right now.” Hoseok sighs in relief when you mumble ‘okay’. He draws his hips back and forth, relishing the way you squeeze him impatiently.
“Please,” you whine again, “Fuck me.” A low growl rumbles in his chest, a switch flipping inside him. All restraint gone, his thrusts get more and more powerful, coaxing a string of incoherent words from you. The sound of skin slapping against skin gets louder, drowning your noises.
“Yeah? You want me to fuck you that bad?” Hobi hisses, his orgasm building rapidly with each clench of your inner walls. “Fuck, I’m gonna come, babe.”
“Come in me.” you push your ass back, ready for him to fill you up. He presses his forehead on your back, his thrusts turning sloppy.
“I’m sorry, love,” Hobi lets out a wanton moan, his hips stilling as he climaxes, his seed shooting inside you in spurts. He reaches down to find your clit, rubbing it in tight circles while whispering apologies.
“Please don’t say that, I love you.” you whimper, reaching your own peak soon.
Tumblr media
He’s over the moon, to say the least. The fact that you’re eating his ass just because he had mentioned it once during intercourse, makes him realize exactly how keen you are to please him.
“Mm, it feels so amazing— fuck baby. You’re amazing.” Jimin’s airy voice rings through the air, your heart swelling from his praises. Tongue guided on the rim of his butt and hands pumping his length, you’re determined to make him see stars.
He spreads his legs more, giving you more space to get comfortable on the bed. Jimin can’t help but moan whenever your tongue presses inside him, hands squeezing his cock and trying to stimulate him as much as possible.
“Jimin-ah~” you hum seductively, moving to his balls as you increase the pace of your hands. You spit on his member once more, earning a grunt from his cherry lips.
“Fuck baby, I’m— I think I’m about to come. Oh no.” Jimin whines breathlessly, bucking up his hips to meet you halfway. You keep up your work, eyes watching him convulse under your touch.
“You can come, you know?”
“No! I want to— oh fuck—” his body shudders as he reaches the pinnacle, painting your hands and his own stomach white with his cum. He turns red soon after, his voice broken. “God, this is so embarrassing.”
“I think the word you’re looking for is sexy.”
Tumblr media
“So tight and wet for me, fuck!” Taehyung groans, starting to move slowly. It’s been so long since the last time he saw you, touched you, loved you like this. He cradles you in his strong arms, snapping his hips feverishly against you.
“Tae!” you whimper, wrapping your legs around his waist as he pounds into you. The feeling of being stretched out and getting impaled by him is overwhelming for your sensitive cunt.
“I missed you so much baby, so fucking much.” He grunts, touching your foreheads together. Taehyung is delirious, the warmth of your velvety walls squeezing him too much to handle.
Your moans only fuel him more, his hands gripping on your hips with a bruising force as he dives inside you. Before he can register what’s happening, bliss overtakes his senses.
You whimper his name when Taehyung finds his release deep inside you, the process of him filling you up somehow triggering your own orgasm. Your walls clench around him desperately, earning a growl from him.
“Fuck, I’m so sorry, baby. I’m so sorry. Can’t believe that I couldn’t make you come before I finished. Shit.” He hides his face in the crook of your neck, face heated up from embarrassment.
“It’s— it’s okay.” You manage to croak out, holding him tightly. It doesn’t really matter to you, not when you have him in your arms.
Tumblr media
“Fuck, babygirl. You feel so good, taking my cock so well.” Jungkook moans, his hands holding onto your hair as you bob your head up and down, trying your best to control your gag reflex. You’re a drooling mess, but you don’t care.
He hisses when you try to take him deeper, choking on his length, which causes tears to gather in your eyes. Jungkook swears that he’s about to come at the feeling of your throat closing around him, gritting his teeth in order to avoid the embarrassing situation. Your hands start stimulating his base where your mouth can’t reach. It’s clear that your intentions are to get him undone asap.
“Damn it, baby, slow down! I’m not gonna last long if you keep squeezing me like that.” He falters when he feels you hum, the vibration making his stomach tense.
Forcing your jaw to open wider, you set a steady pace, hands and mouth working in unison. Jungkook groans and growls, pulling on your hair to keep himself grounded. A few tears cascade down your cheeks from the uncomfortable burn on your scalp, paired up with the numb pain of your jaw.
“Ugh, I’m coming, fuck!” Soon enough, you feel the hot, milky loads of him cum hitting your throat, and you swallow obediently, feeling victorious.
Pulling out with a loud, popping sound, you rest your face on his thighs. Jungkook straightens up on the couch after a few moments, pulling you up to drop a kiss on your forehead.
“I didn’t expect to finish so early, babygirl. But you did so well. I’ll make it up to you later, okay?”
Tumblr media
˗ˏˋ꒰ 💌 author’s notes ꒱
thank you so much for reading! i really hope that you enjoyed this 🥰! i apologize if there are any grammatical errors or typos :<<<
i feel kinda weird and embarrassed reposting this akdjkdj (even though i’m the clown who wrote this a few months back) 🙈🙈!
either way, reblogs and comments are highly appreciated! support your local writers and keep them motivated 🌷✨ you can also send feedback through asks ^3^
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ahundredtimesover · a month ago
The Light of Dead Stars (Series Masterlist) | KSJ
Tumblr media
Pairing: Seokjin x (f.) Reader; side Seokjin x (f.) OC; side Reader x Namjoon
Genre/Tags: arranged marriage, fake romance, boss/workmate aus; angst, drama, fluff, smut; slow burn
Series Warnings: past toxic relationships (emotional/psychological abuse, cheating); “approved” extra-marital relationship (Jin and OC are in an unconventional arranged marriage & this is not an infidelity au but if the perception of it between the MCs is triggering, please skip this one!); foul/explicit language; alcohol consumption; mentions of injury and non-serious sickness; fighting, tears, and drama; explicit sexual content (specific warnings stated per chapter) (18+)
Word count: ~143k
Muse Moodboard | Setting Moodboard
Tumblr media
Status: Ongoing
Series summary: Your unconventional arranged marriage with your company’s President, Kim Seokjin, is necessary, practical, and simple - both your families benefit, and he minds his own business and so do you. But when a slip-up causes his parents to believe that you and he are in love, you have no choice but to pretend you are, especially with the trip to France for his brother’s wedding coming up. When you get back to Seoul, things start to change, and Seokjin is faced with the most difficult decision he has to make.
A/N: I came across Dead Stars by Paz Marquez Benitez again recently (a 1925 short story written in English and a classic in Philippine literature), and I was reminded of how I’ve always wanted to capture a fraction of the essence of that story ever since I read it in high school. But I sort of flipped it on its head and came up with this! My hand also slipped so lots of things happen. And given that I finished watching Business Proposal before I started writing and since I have no knowledge of the food production industry or the corporate world in general, several terms and elements were taken from that show (but it’s a completely different story). So please, don’t mind the inaccuracies! Jin has also been a menace 😈 recently so this was incredibly fun and satisfying to write. I hope you enjoy! 🥰🥰
Tumblr media
Love–he seemed to have missed it. Or was the love that others told about a mere fabrication of perfervid imagination, an exaggeration of the commonplace, a glorification of insipid monotonies such as made up his love life? 
**Out every 11PM KST
Prologue (2.3k)
Chapter 01 (9.4k)
Chapter 02  (9.7k)
Chapter 03 (9.8k)
Chapter 04 (8k)
Chapter 05 (10.6k)
So all these years–since when?–he had been seeing the light of dead stars, long extinguished, yet seemingly still in their appointed places in the heavens.
Chapter 06 (12k)
Chapter 07 (9.9k)
Chapter 08 (08/20)
Chapter 09 (08/24)
Chapter 10 (08/28)
Chapter 11 (09/01)
Chapter 12 (09/05)
Epilogue (09/09)
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