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#gen z problems
mycatsaidwhat · 2 months ago
things i’ve heard english majors say pt. 6
-i’d share the scene with you except right now it’s hastingly written dialogue that shows the characters as surprised as I am that I actually came up with something original 
-my writing is nothing but a vessel for long game jokes, like that’s all i have to offer 
-i can’t plot for shit but I do know character traits 
-trust me brain, I don’t like the fact that this story is living in your head either
-five drafts I’m gonna pass out
-i sure hate writing a lot for someone who loves writing 
-if Loki/Sylvie does go canon we‘ll have no choice but to hunt Feige for sport 
-Lin Manuel Miranda said Alexander Hamilton, more like Alexander Y/N
-the pepe silvia scene from it’s always sunny. That’s all. 
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gen-z-student-quotes · 2 months ago
Me: "If I ever need to defend myself, I'm kicking a bitch in the dick."
My friend: "On one hand, fair. On the other, that's a fate only the worst of the worst deserves."
Me: "Peen pain."
My friend: "Kicking them pedos in the balls, Erectile Dysfunction Man."
Me: "My favorite superhero."
Not the weirdest conversation in my gc, but it makes me chuckle.
- I've seen a lot of weird group chat conversations and this is definitely up there 🤠
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thegatheringofdaisies · a month ago
Tumblr media
don’t worry, one day we’ll meet. after all this has faded we will find each other. and it’ll be a friendship like the one we always imagined. one where there will be a mutual chaotic energy. nothing will be one sided. you’ll be my first choice and i yours.
two peas in a pod. by: @thegatheringofdaisies
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Gen z will
infiltrate terrorism groups
Physically assault law enforcement
Cyberbully country leaders
Flirt with known serial killers
Normalize crippling mental health
Make s*icide jokes in classrooms
Attempt to raid top secret government facilities and have a festival when it didn’t work
Not only pick up chemical weapons and throw them BACK
Proudly deface government property
attack racists for fun
Verbally abuse white supremacists
Joke about eating laundry detergent to the point where it was locked up on the shelves
Bark at pro b*rthers
Organize protest strategies on tiktok
But can’t make eye contact with the lifeguard at the top of the water slide
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Two minutes ago I was like, "How old am I? Should I be 22 this year right? No wait, I was born in 2000, we’re in 2021, so I’m gonna be 21."
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po-tato2 · a month ago
look alright i just want to have someone whose hair i can run my fingers through and who will kiss my neck and who i can try and bake pancakes for and someone who i can cuddle at night and someone with which casual intimacy is a given and someone to hold when it’s nighttime and storming and perfect in the moment because you’re together and your problems are a little bit further away. no i don’t need anyone, but I want someone, i want someone so bad, because humans aren’t meant to be alone and i just want someone to love and live with and smile at whenever i inevitably burn the pancakes because i’m ass at cooking. it’s crazy because we live in a love and touch starved generation yet somehow at the same time we’re pressured from all sides and told that we need another person to make ourselves complete. 
and its the simple things i want the most and maybe one day i’ll get them, but for now I can’t have them and it hurts and i get euphoric when a friend lays their head on my shoulder because physical affection is frowned upon between friends and you can’t touch someone if you aren’t together romantically and i’m sick of it despite the fact that that very thing is exactly what i crave. 
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teacher: as you can see, she g-
student 1: he!
student 2: his pronouns are he/him sir
teacher: what? i'm just saying that [deadname] had a wrong answer
student 3: that's not his name!!! you know it!!!!!!
teacher: okay, listen-
*the whole class starts shouting my name & pronouns*
student 4: sir!!!! it's basic human respect sir!!!!!
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mycatsaidwhat · 23 days ago
things i’ve heard english majors say pt. 7
-I love friends-to-lovers for a reason I am definitely avoiding getting to the bottom of 
-Is it the trauma we didn’t know we had preventing us from being able to write successful, passionate, two-sided love stories?
-having good title game is such a flex 
-everything I do is just a contortion to avoid writing plot
-your draft hints at “trauma makes us stronger,” .... that’s a little black widow, don’t you think?
-Avant garde is the best guard 
-to bad you can’t write a sport training montage. Those things are fucking orgasmic. 
-what horrible fun it is to be in charge of my own capabilities 
-you can definitely tell the difference between writing classes and lit classes, the lit ones have no trigger warnings before texts and writing ones have loads because they’re all traumatized in one way or another 
-you use sharpie gel pens? What the fuck? 
-okay real writers don’t share their word count. If you tell your whole history class that your book is at 40k words, one, most won’t know what that is, and two, every writer in the class will never take you seriously 
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gen-z-student-quotes · 2 months ago
"What else can I do now that I'm 17?"
Person 1: "illegal substances?"
Person 2: "laugh at 16 year olds?"
Person 3: "cry"
- every three person friend group I've ever met has this dynamic no one can convince me otherwise 🤠
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localtuna · 3 months ago
Me during the day : Ugh, I hate relationships, they are time consuming and I can't do them
Me during night : crying while holding the sack of pillows I arranged to make them appear like a human so that I can feel love.
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Teacher-what does soap taste like
Kid 1-[in the chat] just tried, not like it smells
Kid2- KALE !!!
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greentea7246 · 2 months ago
Yeah I have adhd
Dental problem!
On another note I just learned that I will be getting me wisdom teeth taken out in 19 days
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