#incorrect arsenal quotes
batshitferalquotes · 5 days ago
Jason, taking off his helmet to reveal another helmet underneath: Does this answer your question?
Roy: I never asked a question.
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jasonsthunderthighs · 4 months ago
Roy: *Whispering through the window* Can I come in?
Jason: No, get out of here!
Roy: *Still whispering* Where is your dad?
Jason: Killer Croc killed him and you're next!
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incorrectarsenalfcquotes · a month ago
Kidnapper: We have your boyfriend.
Kieran: Which one?
Kidnapper: The blonde one.
Kieran: [glancing at the picture of him, Martin, Rob, and Ben on his bedside table] Again, which one?
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lithiumseven · a year ago
Somebody: *violently kills a person*
Roy Harper: *·゜゚·*☆* Oh Fuck *☆*·゜゚·*  
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fhoetball · a year ago
So... yeah..... we did it, @colorsofmyseason and I decided to run an @incorrectarsenalfcquotes blog and here it is!!!
Hopefully this will make y'all laugh (more than the clowns themselves playing football, yes)!
Show us some love, please... 👉🏻👈🏻
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charlottedelly53430566 · 10 months ago
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cindyjaynell96364402 · 10 months ago
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pattyfan10760138 · 10 months ago
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batshitferalquotes · 7 months ago
Jason: If I kill someone, would you tell on me?
Roy: No, but I'd use it against you all the time.
Roy: Like "Are you washing the dishes today or do I have to make a phone call?"
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jasonsthunderthighs · 4 months ago
Roy, at the door: Mind if I come in?
Jason: Not at all. Mind if I leave?
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incorrectarsenalfcquotes · a month ago
[watching Bernd and Marc argue]
Julian B.: This is bad.
Kai: I know.
Kai: I wish we had popcorn.
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batfam-bish · 3 years ago
Jason Todd and Roy Harper probably at some point
Roy: you need more potassium, maybe eat some yogurt for once?
Jason: yogurt is fruit sperm, and I’m not gay
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incorrectbatfam · a month ago
Roy: Jason says "I love you" weirdly.
Dick: How so?
Roy: Watch this.
Roy: Jason, I love you!
Jason: I'd kill for you.
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collectivefandomstuff · 6 months ago
At the Watchtower
Nightwing: ok people, we just got a message that the League is coming back in less than two hours which means that we have about an hour to come up with an excuse for every single incident that we’ve caused during the time they were in space and 45 minutes to figure out how to hide the giant marmot.
Impulse: his name is Nathan
Nightwing: that’s shockingly unhelpful
Wonder Girl: we could tell them that the UN did it
Arsenal: Which part?
Wonder Girl: All of it
Nightwing: That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard
Nightwing: Let's try it
Superman: So, while we were off world the united nations formed a new country, crashed the stock-market, destroyed five buildings in downtown San Francisco and "supersized a marmot"?
Wonder Girl: [stone-faced] Yes.
Impulse: Also the other things
Red Robin: They really took advantage of the fact that you weren't here
Batman: [Squints suspiciously at the part of the world map that now includes the country "United Republic of Nonya"]
Nightwing: [sweating nervously] So enough about Nathan- I mean us, how was your trip? Did you... did you meet any nice aliens or...?
Batman: What does "Nonya" mean?
Wonder Girl: [quietly] shit
Red Hood and Arsenal: [with glee] NONYA-
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jakascoo · 21 days ago
Jason: What did you two do? Kori: Roy: Jason: You’re not in trouble, I just need to know if I have to lie to the police again or not.
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tiger-in-the-flightdeck · 4 months ago
Tim: So how did you guys find out Roy was alive again?
Dick: Oh, it was really nice. He showed up at the Academy, and we had a big reunion, and there were lots of hugs.
Tim: Uh... Jason? Your face is twitching.
Jason: Do you want to tell him, or should I?
Roy: I think-
Jason: So there I was, working out, when I get a phone call.
Dick: Oh, this is gonna be fun.
Jason: It was the bank! Turns out there had been some unusual charges on our joint account. Someone's been making withdrawals. And hey, they have a picture from the ATM, did I want to see?
Roy: Listen-
Jason: It was this zombie fucker winking at the camera!
Roy: I thought it would be funny!
Jason: But I didn't find it funny, did I?
Roy: No, you did not.
Jason: What did I do?
Roy: You chased me down the street and locked me in a dumpster.
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homosnapeiens · a month ago
roy: *crying*
jason: i’d like to offer you moral support, but i have questionable morals.
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batshitferalquotes · 7 months ago
Jason: I got us matching friendship bracelets, and you say I don't care about our our relationship.
Roy: ...
Roy: These are handcuffs.
Jason: Ya cause we're partners in crime!
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batshitferalquotes · 8 months ago
Jason, drunk: So what's your backstory?
Roy, also drunk: Scoliosis.
Jason: That's crazy, I'm a Leo-
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incorrectarsenalfcquotes · 2 months ago
Kieran: Something brought you here. Call it what you will: fate, destiny...
Martin: Uhm, Mikel.
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