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I high key headcanon that Hawks, because he grew up training to be a hero his entire life, actually has no idea how to flirt or interact with women. So many people are like “he’s a suave, sexy bastard” and I’m here like “he’s 23 and still has yet to lose his hand holding virginity. Also, legitimately flirting with him will make him explode in flusteredness. He may be a grown man but I assure you that on the inside, he’s a 13 year old boy.”

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okay i’m about to ramble here, because i love that we have someone (aizawa of all people!!) acknowledging in canon that toshinori is actually very intelligent

i’ve noticed that often, toshinori gets portrayed as a goofball, someone who isn’t that smart, and just wanted to discuss how, even though he is a fool sometimes, he’s one of the smartest characters in the bnha universe. just looking at his ultra analysis stat block:


toshinori has a 6/6 rating for his intelligence stat. for comparison, other 6/6 intelligence characters are:

  • principal nezu (who literally has an intelligence boosting quirk)
  • momo yaoyorozu (who is so good at utilising her quirk because of her in-depth understanding of material science, chemistry and physics)
  • all for one (dude is old as fuck (lots of experience), extremely emotionally intelligent (which he uses to be manipulative), and tactically brilliant)
  • we don’t know david shield’s official stats, but as he is a nobel prize winner, it’d be a safe guess to say he is also 6/6

toshinori also outranks sir nighteye (5/6), aizawa shota (5/6) and recovery girl (5/6) for intelligence

next up, we have one of the few things we know about young toshinori: he went to college in the states. that alone doesn’t qualify intelligence, but what we can infer from two heroes does


it’s not a stretch to say that dave was almost definitely a STEM major - he goes on to become a world renowned, nobel prize winning scientist. his inventions are used as support items for heroes globally. dave almost definitely majored in either physics or engineering

what’s notable, is that toshinori is taking at least Some of the same classes as dave, which we know from when dave comments about them both being late for their lecture again. dave is smart, already an accomplished inventor at 21, implying that they’re likely both enrolled at a high ranking university

toshinori is therefore capable of meeting academic requirements for a high ranking and competitive university, and is also shown to be mathematically and analytically gifted, based on his (probable) major

next up is toshinori’s tactical abilities. it’s almost a shame that all might could solve almost every problem with a punch or two, because the few times a fight gets tough, toshinori is shown to be very smart and tactical. look at the usj fight, for example:


toshinori identified the nomu’s quirk (shock absorption), used an educated assumption to figure out its weakness (there must be a limit - apply too much force over a short period of time and it cannot cope), and quickly switched tactics to apply his deduction, which turned out to be true

now let’s look at the kamino ward fight:


brute force alone was never going to win the fight. afo, as mentioned before, is incredibly emotionally intelligent, and uses that against toshinori. and toshinori, also incredibly emotionally intelligent, is able to compartmentalise these revelations, whilst still leading all for one to believe he was compromised by this

toshinori feints a “final attack”, plays into all for one’s ego, and all for one’s expectation that toshinori will fight honestly (as in, he wouldn’t use deceptive tactics), then brings home the final blow when all for one believes the victory is his


toshinori yagi, though sometimes a bit of a goof, is an incredibly intelligent person. he’s well educated and highly analytical, he’s very emotionally intuitive, and he’s tactically brilliant. don’t underestimate how smart this man is

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Let’s talk about Kurogiri




So, we all know that Kurogiri is a Nomu created from Shirakumo’s corpse.

His quirk, Warp Gate, is an artificial quirk created by a combination of other (unknown) quirks with Cloud, Shirakumo’s quirk, being the base factor.

The fog surrounding him, his head and hands, is due to his quirk. Is this fog though part of his body like Tokoyami’s head and Ojiro’s tail, or similar to Hagakure’s body?

Are these parts of his body always covered in fog? What about the rest of his body? What we know is that the metal brace he has on his neck is there to protect a (vital) part of his body that can not generate his protective dark fog. Does that mean that the rest of his body, excluding his head and hands, is normal looking, aka does he have human skin, aka does he still have Shirakumo’s skin?

We know that Kurogiri is Shirakumo. They used his body and quirk and then added a few other quirks to create a new one. But is this all they did to him? We all have seen what the other Nomu look like no?

Here are some photos;


They all look weird and freaky, but for most of them it is very visible that they were made with a human body (or should I say corpse) as their base. Their bodies have muscles and curves, basic human anatomy, they understand human speech–or at least they are able to follow commands–and the High-End Nomu can actually even think on their own, retaining their original personalities.

There are four categories; Lower-Tier, Middle-Tier, Upper-Tier and High-End.  
The Lower-Tier Nomu serve as foot soldiers and can overpower minor Pro Heroes. These Nomu are light in color and generally possess one or two Quirks, as well as enhanced physical strength. They usually need a voice command from a designated keeper to perform an attack.
The Middle-Tier Nomu are more powerful than the Lower-Tier. These Nomu have coloration in their bodies.
The Upper-Tier can contend with top Pro Heroes. These Nomu are black in color, possess the Super Regeneration Quirk, and are even stronger than Middle-Tier Nomu. According to Garaki, those in the Upper-Tier are at least as strong as ten average people combined.
Completely outclassing the other types of Nomu are the High-End, possessing stats beyond those of the Upper-Tier Nomu, with superior strength and possessing up to six Quirks. They can even overpower the top Pro Heroes. The more advanced High-End Nomu all have the ability to think on their own and retain their original personalities.
They all appear to have impressive deductive skills, as Hood was able to quickly figure out Endeavor’s limitations on his Quirk, and Woman instantly deduced the nature of Eraser Head’s Quirk and disappeared out of his line of sight.
To create a High-End Nomu, Kyudai Garaki carefully selects the most battle-crazed Villains. However, obtaining the most suitable candidates and preparing them to become High-End is an immense effort, since the artificial Quirks transplant involves complex surgeries and at least three months of stabilization time. Without All For One’s power, the production of the High-Ends is tremendously arduous and difficult.

Kurogiri though does not belong to any one of these Tiers and for the most part does not look like them either, but rather he shares some qualities and attributions with a few of them, making him sort of a combination of them, yet he is completely different making him in fact a totally new Tier.

Some of the similarities he shares with them, that I have taken note of, I have written in bold and italic up above, here is a mini list of them;

  • possess one or two Quirks: Kurogiri has one Quirk that was created by multiple other ones
  • all have the ability to think on their own: Through out the series it has been made obvious that Kurogiri is his own person, he can act upon his own thoughts and opinions and can control his actions, even though he does go by a main order; to protect and serve Shigaraki
  • deductive skills: Similarly to what I was talking about above, he can make his own decisions, he has his own thought process and is able to deduce things for himself, as he is not following orders 24/7

Other thing have been hinted, concerning him having fragments of Shirakumo’s caring personality, but he unlike the High-End Nomu has not fully retained his original personality

There are also a lot of differences between him and the other Nomu, for example most of them possess enhanced physical strength, they are much stronger than the regular human being as they have been designed this way so that they are able to fight against heroes. Kurogiri though is actually very weak for a Nomu.

Here are his stats;


Kurogiri has no similarities to the Middle and Upper Tier Nomu, that we known of, so he is weak enough to be a Low-Tier Nomu yet intelligent enough to be a High-End Nomu. Why is that?

They could had easily made him a High-End Nomu, could they not? Would that not be better for them?

Is it perhaps, intentional? Well the obvious answer is yes. All For One had Kurogiri made for Shigaraki, so that he could be some sort of mentor and caretaker, so maybe the reason he seems so human like in comparison to the other Nomu is because of this. They needed a loyal mindless servant that would be human enough to care for another human being. 

But that doesn’t answer why he is so weak does it?

Actually, it does.

It is most likely that Kurogiri is the only one of his kind, perhaps even the first-and also the last, if he really is the only one. So perhaps All For One and Kyudai Garaki were not sure enough if perhaps in the future Shirakumo could ‘awaken’ and take control of his body, so maybe they made him weak enough so that if that ever happened they would not have to face a High-End Nomu, or just an overly powerful Nomu, or to have to get rid of him, as Warp Gate is a very rare type of Quirk, making Kurogiri invaluable for the future operations of the League of Villains.

Here is another question!

What would happen if Aizawa erased Kurogiri’s quirk?

At first I was not completely sure about what I was thinking when this question came to mind. I thought ‘wait hasn’t Aizawa already done that at the U.S.J incident?’ The answer was no, no he did not. ‘What about some other times where he could have like the Forest Training Camp Arc?’ Another no since Kurogiri himself was not there, but just used his Quirk to teleport them from the forest to their base. So in conclusion, Aizawa has never erased Kurogiri’s Quirk.

The question still stands, what would happen if he did?

Would the only difference made be that the fog around him would disappear? And lets say it does, then what? Does he, like I asked before, have Shirakumo’s skin, does he just look like the grown up version of him? Or is he very, very deformed. Does he look like the other Nomu do? Brains out and all?

Maybe the only thing that would happen is that Kurogiri can not use his Quirk while Aizawa’s is activated and his body is not affected at all.

Or maybe something completely mind blowing happens! What that is, I do not know. 

I don’t know how Quirks work 100% and since Kurogiri is an even more complex case of modified human bodies in a completely different and unknown universe my brain can not accumulate any more information to form into theories.

But what if, perhaps, Aizawa just used his Quirk on Kurogiri and he went back to normal? Is something I thought about.

But also what if by just simply doing so, Kurogiri turns back into a human corpse? Is something I also thought of, for some reason.

What if the modifications done to Shirakumo’s body are all based on the use of the Quirks that were used to create Warp Gate? But maybe that doesn’t really matter anymore or even make sense since Warp Gate is now it’s own Quirk.

My question will remain unanswered unless Horikoshi plans on doing something similar in the series or perhaps the bnha experts can help me again and share their own opinions :)

And that concludes everything I had to say!  


So I was wrong and Aizawa has actually erased Kurogiri’s Quirk in chapter 254, thanks to @bookwormsid1015 for reminding me! I don’t know how I forgot (probs cause I was crying my eyes out while readeing it)

It was an interesting theory to delve into at 4am even though I already had the answer lol 🙃🙃

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Bold of you to assume that Dabi doesn’t buy new clothes and then tear them strategically so that he can sew them up again.

On a side note, my grandma does alterations as a side job and has for decades. This involves taking measurements and tightening/loosening the attire in certain places to make it fit better. The league is likely filled with formerly homeless individuals, providing food, shelter, and a goal to work towards. These people also need clothes. But it’s not like one size fits all, and improperly fitted clothing can cause problems out in the field. So imagine this: Dabi does the alterations and makes accommodations for mutant quirks and such. Eventually he winds up making clothes himself because he knows what it’s like to have to wear specific fabric or a specific style of clothing (he currently wears nonflammable fabric and he designed his coat to not chafe too much against his burn scars, also the reason why his shirt collar is so low, so it doesn’t catch on his staples). Twice, who takes measurements frequently for his quirk, helps Dabi with the measurements for the sewing and often assists with the alterations themselves. Toga learns a lot about costume design and replication from Dabi and Twice. Eventually Dabi even makes a little cosplay outfit for her after finding out about a certain anime character she adores (Toga loves that outfit and keeps it very clean and maintained).

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