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I just need to know how the First and Second user of One for All knew how to transfer One for All because as far as I’m concerned it’s by DNA and only by DNA.

So with that in mind, there is no heterosexual explanation of how the First and Second user knew how to transfer One for All.

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Hey y'all I’m back from my depression spike here to bring you a hc I thought of at the asscrack of dawn

Sero ALWAYS goes outside barefoot

Like he’ll just walk into grass totally barefoot and then lay there not giving a shit

Sometimes he’ll just lay in wet grass after it rains and then wash off IN HIS CLOTHES with a hose and then shake like a fucking dog

At this point when he walks back into the dorms with his bangs covering his eyes and his wolfcut stuck to his neck and grass stains on his shirt and pants they just don’t ask

They already know.

It’s a habit from when he was little like he’d go out in literal storms and lay on the ground

sero x nature my favorite rare pair

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About bnha 303… Such a mess?

This chapter of mha feels so… WEIRD. I don’t really know how to explain it, but the whole atmosphere is somehow off-putting.

First of all, I don’t like the premise of these “top 3 heroes” teaming up to fight Touya. I do get the point of gathering every last bit of manpower they have to make a move against the league (not that they can do anything more than regroup and collect themselves right now), but on a narrative standpoint I can only see a missed opportunity. I’d have much more appreciated for Hawks to take his own path in chasing after Dabi, because these two characters are foils and their development is a game of mirroring. If from now on Hawks works alongside the Todorokis, I fear his personal confrontation with Dabi might get lost, meddled with all the family affairs that have to be dealt with. We got Touya, the son and brother, who definitely needs to be faced by his own relatives, and we got Dabi, the villain product of a messed up childhood, who has way too much in common with Hawks, another neglected kid who’s also a “hero” standing on the other side. Both parts of Touya’s self, his past and his present, have different characteristics and can be reconciled with different approaches, by different people. Or at least this is how I see it.

I guess in this chapter Hawks is the main “wrong” element to me. He just doesn’t seem right. He looks almost unbothered, uninterested. As if everything happened didn’t really get to him. Yes, he does think about his parents and he shows some kind of emotion, mainly guilt, which is not to be really expected from him since they f*ed him up real bad and they deserved to be pushed away, however he’s comparing himself with Shoto… He sees Shoto as someone “cooler than him” because the boy tries really hard to acknowledge his past and he’s dealing with it head-on. While I can appreciate Hawks having a little bit of self loathing (very much needed at this point) I think his guilt is definitely misplaced. He clearly still sees himself as above everyone else, especially Dabi. Why isn’t he comparing himself with Touya? Why isn’t he empathizing with Touya, who’s arguably way more similar to him than Shoto? I don’t know why Horikoshi’s framing things like this to be honest. Hawks needs to understand he’s not always in the right just because he’s a hero. Why doesn’t he show a bit more disappointment towards Enji? Apparently he is even preparing Endeavor’s public speech in order to soothe people’s complaints! He’s acting like he doesn’t really care about anything he has come to discover and his behavior, all touchy and space invading, shows a completely lack of boundaries (much like his tongue, sharper than ever). The guy literally asks if Endeavor burned Shoto like it is some kind of very light and trivial inquiry… What if Shoto said yes? Would have even mattered to Hawks at this point? He is acting just like an agent of power doing damage control to keep the status quo. And yes, I know he has been raised to be exactly that, but what about his experiences with the league, with Twice? What about Dabi’s horrible past? This things really didn’t make him rethink even once about his moral compass?

I don’t know what I’m even saying at this point. Maybe I completely misunderstood Horikoshi’s plans for this character.

Considering the other elements of the chapter, I feel very uneasy about all the attention around One For All too. I don’t know if having all these supposed heroes know about such a powerful weapon is something desirable, especially for Deku. He’s already been devoided of agency by inserting the element of the vestiges inside himself. He risks to end up like a tool for the strongest pursuer and nothing more…

The only sweet element of this confusing set-up is Bakugou actually showing in front of everyone his concern for Deku, to the point his friends need to restrain him. He definitely grew up a lot… And I really appreciate the type of person he’s becoming, especially since it wasn’t easy for him to come to terms with his complexes (and he still has work to do obviously)

So well, that’s all. Maybe after the official release I’ll say something more if I the translation provides other nuances. I’d really like to know what other people think about this… So feel free to comment and reach out if you want!

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The Todoroki siblings finally meet their lil nephew! (aka Hato who is my dhawks lovechild oc) 💙

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An AU Where…

Iida has an old typewriter, it is his most beloved possession. People ask to borrow it if they have an important letter to write.

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Kaminari, internally: Wait, is he into me? Quick, make a bad joke and see if he laughs.

Kaminari: Did you hear the one about the skeleton who couldn’t go to the party? He had no BODY to go with.

Kirishima: Haha that’s really funny

Kaminari, internally: Okay that wasn’t a fair test - that joke’s hilarious.

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My guilty pleasure are red-haired manga/anime characters.

I thought I was done with them at the ripe old age of 34, but then he appeared.

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Oh, hi;зззз

Really wanted to distract myself from my main project (probably global news about the Secunda is postponed, but I’m still doing it~) and decided to do something new;з  feel depresso so now this is my new comfort character*з*

 The desire to draw Hawks has been around for a long time, and although I do not draw from anime or manga as often as I would like I was very interested to know how he would turn out in my hands. I’m still worried how recognizable he turned out, but I’ve tried quite a few new drawing techniques and hope you would like it too~~

 Thank u so much and have the very best day;***

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Hello I wanted to let u know Uraraka is babey and I love her 💕😭✨!!!

jsjsjsjs so I stole my friends tablet to make an ochako doodle :) idk which saturation I like better but I’m happy overall!!!



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Mh, this is one of the few things in BNHA which I am not happy about and that I still consider a festering wound. Unfortunately for Hawks, Twice is my second favourite character of the saga and even if I knew what was going to happen, his murder still makes me feel wobbly and sad. Twice is a character I really relate to, and before the incident I was pretty neutral to Hawks. This is due to two factors: a. a friend of mine hyped him so much and I was expecting him to be more present, or at least to have a fundamental role (which to this day I think he had only in regard to being the counterpart to Touya as for hero/villain and for Endeavour in terms of N2 Hero) - but this happens to me a lot (if I hear a lot about a character before I am familiar with them myself, I tend to love or hate them, no in between); b. I liked how he has been introduced through him being smart and sassy during the billboard convention about the Hero Rankings. However, I had been introduced to Twice way before that, and since I got this deep into BNHA and cemented my character preferences Twice has been very high up. Therefore, I did not consider the extent of how much I would dislike Hawks’ character after the murder. 

Hawks, as my friend put it, may as well be a ‘tragic hero’. He comes from a terrible background, a sad childhood, a runaway childhood and no parent to rely on. Only a dream, and the Hero Commission. Hawks, in a warped way, has been raised as a hero to atone for his fathers’ crimes. And while I do think this is very much tragic and heartbreaking, I cannot put myself into the position to feel anything for him but a slight discomfort. This is due to three factors: his relationship with the League, his past and him being excused from such a blatant act like murder (with no sound grounds) just because he is a hero. I do understand that he has been raised to exactly make choices like this, but at the same time my thinking goes straight to the point Toga makes: aren’t villains humans too? Did Hawks had to kill Twice?

If we reason with a logic by which the Heroes had a lot more chance to win this confrontation with the PLF without Twice, it might seem like Hawks made the right choice. However, there is a big but in there. Hawks saw himself constrained by his conscience and upbringing to make such a drastic choice, because as much as Dabi, he thinks that killing Twice is the only way he will be able to help the cause of the Heroes. I quoted Dabi here because besides of symbolism of lightness and darkness and how Hawks and Dabi come from opposite background and end up on opposite sides of the front, I think what they have in common is desperation. Touya was so desperate to show the world who Endeavour really is behind the curtain, that he thought the only way to effectively expose him, while also inflicting the max damage to hero society was to broadcast his abuse to the whole world to see. The same can be said for Hawks: Takami Keigo did not know any better than to trick and afterwards kill Twice in an attempt to give himself and Heroes the biggest advantage in the fight. 

This is all to say, that while I see how Hawks is not a bad individual, and that his choices have to do with the terrible childhood and then his salvation by this goddamn festering society, I still cannot forgive him fro Twice’s murder. This is purely selfish, because for me, Hawks had not a lot of relevance in the beginning, but he was just a pawn for the Commission, and Endeavour (and the fact that he, as much as Izuku does with All Might, idolises Endeavour to an unhealthy amount even after everything that has been said is testimony to that), after killing off Twice became a character which I do not care about, but that will probably cause trouble in the long run, especially in his parallels with Touya ( will Endeavour choose to help him to atone for Touya because he might see him in his place?), and that I really do not appreciate. However, as I said, my opinion of him is mostly driven by my strong feelings towards the League, so it might not be very objective. 

I hope this is not too long, and thank you for asking :^^.

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