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Soft spot|Bakugou×Reader

Requested: Nope!

Warnings: Nah

A/N: It’s 12 AM on a Wednesday and this idea popped up.


At first, he treated you like everyone else. In his eyes, you were nothing but another extra, as he called you. But things changed after you made the simple gesture of standing up for him, after some older students began attacking him verbally. He never thanked you, but the manner in which he treated you had subtly changed since then. While he cursed other people and called them names, he seemed to avoid saying certain things to you.

Seeing the tolerating relationship between you two, people began suspecting something even more was between you. On several occasions, you were even asked if you were his girlfriend. Hell, even Deku asked you about it.

To be honest with yourself, he was attractive, and he definitely had the brains. The only thing that pushed you off, however, was his rather pompous personality. Things were, however, about to take a turn on a Thursday afternoon.

‘Alright, y'all,’ Aizawa said, during one of the homeroom hours he held for the 1-A students, 'I prepared an assignment that’s due next week. You will have to work with someone and make a presentation of three minutes on how the Hero system can improve its security. You cannot choose with who you work. You can be as creative as you want, but keep in mind that you must have a PowerPoint that holds all the information that you’ll present us.’

You sighed, just as the rest of the 1-A students. It was a pity- you had a particular strong friendship with Momo, reason for which you hoped that you could work with her.

'I put all your names in a bag, right here,’ Aizawa pointed at a black, small, leather bag on his desk, 'Half of you will pick out a piece of paper with a name on it. Whosoever name you got, that’s the person you’ll work with. All clear?’

'Yes, sensei.’ The group of students answered, in unison.

'Good.’ Aizawa nodded, as he picked a random piece of paper out of the bag, 'Let’s see… Momo, come take a paper.’

Momo did as she was asked to- she walked to the front desk and took a piece of paper out of the bag. Please let it be me, please let it be me., you thought.

'Ashido Mina.’

You pursed your lips. Not this time, you guessed. Momo looked at you and smiled softly. As she passed by your seat, she whispered a quick apology. You weren’t mad at her. You didn’t need her apology. You were very much aware that it was beyond her control to choose who she was working with that time.

Seeing how you wouldn’t be working with your favourite person in that class, you scanned your classmates, looking for other good options you’d have. Deku could be a great person to work with, due to his knowledge over heroes and his persona, maybe Tsuyu would be nice too… Bakugou. He had his knowledge on heroes and the hero system, but seeing how the amount of patience within him was equal to a peppercorn, you doubted how well he’s work with anyone.

Aizawa took another piece of paper out of the bag. 'Bakugou.’

The blonde boy stood up and walked proud fully towards the desk. He put his hand inside the bag and took a few moments to mix all pieces of papers inside, before eventually taking one out. He looked at the name on his paper and let his face visibly drop. He didn’t have the smallest ounce of anger on his face, but he did seem… frustrated, in a way. You almost wanted to laugh. It was Deku, wasn’t it?

'Bakugou,’ Aizawa said coldly, 'Who is it?’

Bakugou looked at the man irritated, regaining his composure. 'Y/N.’

You felt your entire body cool off as everyone looked at you. Really…? Did… Did I just jinx it?

'So… Bakugou and Y/N,’ Aizawa repeated as he wrote it on a piece of paper, 'Got it.’

'Don’t say it like that.’ Bakugou mumbled as he walked back to his seat.

By the end of the class, everyone had a partner. As everyone walked out class, you tried catching up to Bakugou. Finally reaching him on the hallway, you put your hand on his shoulder for a moment, as a request for your presence to be acknowledged.

'Hey, are you free this-’ You began, only to freeze at the look he gave you.

He turned his head to you with a ice-cold look. He brushed off your hand off his shoulder without saying a word.

'What?’ You asked.

'Leave me alone.’ He demanded, coldly.

You weren’t the type of person to give up so easily, but something in his tone and eyes made you rethink your choices. You shook your head.

'Alright then, mister bad mood. See you later.’

With that, you turned around and walked the other way down the hallway. You could live with a bad opinion on you. Or two, or three. It didn’t matter to you much- there would always be people who won’t like you, and it was okay. It wasn’t even like you and Katsuki had a relationship anywhere near close, so you didn’t miss out on much. All you had for each other was a slightly higher tolerance than with most people.

What you didn’t know as you walked down the hallway was that Bakugou remained frozen on his spot with pursed lips, watching you get lost in the crowd of students.

'You didn’t have to do her like that, you know.’ A familiar voice said, next to him.

Bakugou snapped out of his trance and looked at the owner of the voice, only to recognise the relaxed face of a blonde boy in his class who looked at him expectantly.

'I know you have everyone, but-’ he continued, but got interrupted mid-sentence.

'Do her like what?’ A redhead boy, Kirishima, said with a laugh, 'Don’t be stupid, Kaminari. Haven’t you seen?’

'See what?’ Kaminari frowned, as Bakugou looked at Kirishima in confusion, waiting for a more in-depth explanation.

'Bakugou,’ Kirishima said, calmly, 'If you really like Y/N, your current attitude won’t help, even if you do your be-’

Once he processed what the boy meant, Bakugou didn’t hesitate to silence him through planting a rather violent kick on his head.

Shut up! Who said I like her?’ He yelled in his usual tone.

Kirishima laughed dryly as he rubbed the back of his head. He joked lightly on a different topic, in the hope that he’d change the mood.

As he and the two boys walked down the hallway to their next classroom, Bakugou snorted. Like you. He didn’t even know why he tolerated you this much. Your Quirk wasn’t anything spectacular, your skills were just a little above average, and he’s seen girls who could be considered prettier.

Yet.. that once simple attempt to stand up for him while others took the chance to make him taste his own medicine did catch his attention. It was the first time he felt weak, and it was the first time he felt someone want to be by his side.

The rest of the day passed by rather quickly, as you occupied his mind through the rest of the classes. That evening, you were in your own room in the 1-A dormitory, completing an English essay that was due the next day. An unexpected light knock on your door made you jump.

For a moment, you looked at the clock. It was fifteen minutes past eight. Dinner was just an hour and a half or so ago, and most students preferred to be in their own bedrooms at the time, completing their homeworks. Who would bother visiting you?

You walked to the door and opened it curiously. You expected one of your friends to be there to ask you if they could borrow some school supplies or to ask you something regarding schoolwork, but that wasn’t the case this time.

'Eh… Bakugou. Hi,’ you greeted surprised as the boy looked at you with his typical frown, 'How can I help you?’

'May I come in?’ He demanded.

'Of course. Enter.’

You backed away, allowing him to enter before closing the door behind you. While seating yourself back on your desk chair, you watched how he threw himself nonchalantly. on your bed.

'So… what brings you here?’ You asked, trying to sound as friendly as possible.

'Whatcha writing there?’ Bakugou raised his head from your pillow, to get a little sight on your desk. 'The English essay? That was really easy.’

You smiled as you continued to write down the rest of the essay. 'Yeah. It’s not that hard.’

As you wrote, he didn’t say anything. He simply watched you write. You two didn’t get any moments to be alone, so you never got to truly know what the other was like when not under the influence of impressing others. He’s looked at you before, but he couldn’t remain and watch you for too long, in fear of someone noticing. It was in that moment Bakugou truly got to admire you for the first time.

It was then he realised how much he loved the way you looked when concentrating, the little tics you had while focusing, and how well you could use your time without getting distracted. He loved the way you talked, the colour of your eyes, and the way you always looked at things so optimistically. He loved the way how, even if you couldn’t do something in that moment, you always pushed your limits to become better. He loved you.

After a while, he got up from your bed and walked behind you, looking at your essay over your shoulder.

'Hey, watch out,’ he said as he pointed at a word on your paper, 'You forgot an h after the t.’

You analysed the word before turning at him with a smile. 'Thank you.’

At the sight of your smile, the corners of his mouth rised up inevitably.

Tch,’ he said as he grabbed a small chair and seated himself next to you. 'No need to thank me… loser.’

You smirked. 'Aren’t we all losers at something?’

He didn’t say anything, but he looked at you with a challenging gaze in his eyes, before resting his head over his arms on your desk. For the next ten minutes, neither of you said anything, except for the occasional moments when Bakugou would correct your mistakes on your paper.

Being honest with yourself, even if you knew that he was smart, you didn’t expect him to do so well in theoretical classes. He gave off more of a street-smart aura that had you assuming that he just memorized everything before an exam or test and then let it go once the testing was over.

'There.’ You smiled as you arranged your papers who were now full of writing, 'Essay’s done. At last.’

Bakugou snorted. 'At last.’

'Thank you for your help, by the way. Is there anything I can help you with in return?’

You locked eyes with him curiously, as he thought. He opened his mouth almost immediately, ready to refuse, but a better idea came to him.

'Are you free this Saturday?’ He asked, his smirk not leaving his face.

You felt how your face heated up, resulting in your cheeks turning as red as they could. What is this…?

'Ah… yes. I am. Why?’

’[Insert favourite movie]’s premiere is this Saturday in the cinema, isn’t it? I thought you wanted to see that movie.’

Seeing the offer, you couldn’t help but laugh. You couldn’t say that any of the girls in 1-A were interested in seeing that movie, and you didn’t know many people outside your classroom.

'Yes, I do want to see it!’ You smiled.

'Then… will you go out with me, Y/N?’ He asked.

The confidence he usually presented wasn’t there in that moment, and you could easily feel it. You felt how vulnerable he was in that moment as he waited for your answer, and you couldn’t understand why. Why would the king of confidence lose his wealth for a girl? Why would a king lose his wealth for a stranger?

'I would love to go out with you, Bakguou.’

You didn’t even know why you accepted. You knew how rejecting that he normally was with everyone. Yet… in that moment, it felt different. It always felt a little different, but now the sensation that he might’ve been more than the hot-blooded demon he was in and outside class.

Bakugou smiled broadly as he got up from your desk. 'This Sautrday at six, then.’

He paused a moment as his eyes lingered a moment from you to your completed essay, and then back to you.

'Good luck with your essay… and everything else.’

'Thanks. You too.’

You watched how he walked to the other side of the room and pressed the doorknob. Just before opening the door, he looked back at you.

'Hey, Y/N?’



'Goodnight, Bakugou.’

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We all talk about Shouto Todoroki being such a sweetheart and a gentleman who has issues with social interactions but I really like to remember these little things.


Bitch boy pushed our Kirisunshine™ away.


He fucking slapped Bakugo away in the OVA, like THE NERVE of this kid is amazing.

And my favorite one.


He slapped his abusive father’s hand away and told him to STFU.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in love with Shouto being a sweetie but I’m a sucker for rude Todoroki. He is a bad boy, rude boy that called a police chief a dog (even though the man was actually a dog, but you get me).

I love my asshole boy.

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