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#obey me friend

Oh!!! Thank you so much!

I’m glad you enjoyed it! ♥️🙏

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“Why do you hang out with me?”

“Because you look like you need someone to talk to.”

A girl with charming, blue eyes says to her with a smile on her face. “Not to mention that you sitting by yourself here is just going to make you look more sad.”

“Is that supposed to be an insult or something else?” A purplenette questions, her white eye staring into the bright ocean blue, curiousity shown in it, but it also showed slight annoyance that matched the irritated expression as they see the smile never fading on the girl’s face, despite how she tried to seem intimidating in order to get the other to leave her alone.

Blue eyes that shined like the bright blue sky you would see on any kind of day, with warm pink colored hair that matched the color of a pink rose. The length of it long and wavy, her bangs moved away from her eyes yet their still is a truffle of it in the middle between them, her lips a nice shade of pink as well.

On the top of her head as an accessory is a red colored top head with a big white bow attached to it. As for her outfit, the purplenette thought that it was a little bit odd of a design for it being in a modern era. Though she can see that it must be what made her unique nonetheless.

With the top hat included, the girl wore a steam punk vest in a salmon color with a pastel pink long sleeve shirt with ruffled wrist cuffs and pink pinstripes, a salmon colored burlap skirt that reaches down to her knees, white stockings and brown boots with a bunch of gold buckles on them for some reason. While her nails a nice shade of colored blue on both hands, her skin clearly shows how pale and fair her skin is.

Clearly it shows how she’s the complete embodiment of purity and light, unlike herself. She tries to hide, to stay away from others by keeping up her walls, to make it look like she didn’t care what others say despite the fact that deep down, she…

“Wow, your…”

The purplenette instantly realizes that the pink haired girl had gotten close to her face, catching her off guard. She was so shocked that she couldn’t move, let alone say a word despite how much her mind screamed at her to push the other away.

“Your eye… It’s such a beautiful shade of white… It’s the exact same color of the moon.” She says with a huge grin on her face.

“S-So?” The purplenette squeaks out. “Y-Your no different… Your eyes are a much more brighter color then they should be.”

“But no one has white eyes like you.” The pink haired girl then thought back on her words quickly before Song could even rebuttal. “But then again, other than you there’s no one I know that had white eyes anyways!” She says with a cheerful, loving voice and closes her eyes as she let’s out a light giggle.

The purplenette then gave her a deadpan stare with narrowed eyes as her shock behind to slowly subside, trying to stop the heat that began to spread across her cheeks as the pinkette opens her blue eyes, her smile widening more.

“Y-You know your going to cause a scene here, right?” She asks the oblivious girl, wanting her to get out if her face since she didn’t want anyone getting ideas, for both of their sakes!

“Hm? But I wanna look at your eye more!” She says grinning still, abd gently moves her hand and gently moved the strains of hair that hide the eye from sight, making the purple haired girl tense up immensely at the touch. She wasn’t able to move her hand fast enough to slap the pinkette’s own hand away from her, but even if that’s true the other had grabbed it with her free hand just in case she tried to do it.

“Wow…! Now that I can see it more in the light it looks so much more prettier! It looks more like a white diamond crystal now!” She says excitedly, her blue eyes sparkling brightly like the ocean shined with the sun light.

The purplenette found it hard to avoid looking at the other sense not only is she holding her in place, but it seemed like her blue eyes were also making her struggle to make her face the other way.

‘And yet she says that she’s jealous of my eye… She’s completely hopeless…’ Song thought to herself with a sigh… But nonetheless she smiles as her friend rambled.

Because even if she acts like a child, Song knows that Mala can be smarter than she let on.

And she doesn’t know what she would do without her only trusting friend.

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Love you too 💕💕💕

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“W-Well… that’ll be kinda hard… I’m used to talking down about myself, honestly… But! If it’s what you want then… well… I can give it a shot,” he gives a little smile. “Huh? What’d you forget…” he begins, trailing off as he sees the bracelets. His eyes widen, hand shaking as he reaches out to take his. “Whooooa–! T-These are real friendship bracelets?! I’ve seen these in anime, and in the human world… I never thought I’d ever have someone to wear one with…” He immediately puts his on, smiling and a little teary-eyed as he looks it over. “I love it! Thank you so much, I… I’ll be sure to make you something in return! You’re my best friend, after all, so you’re totally worth it!”

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Can I just say I see y'all talking AB how soft that Mammon hc earlier is and like you have no idea how important Mammon having crow friends is to me 😤 like tf that’s so cute.

I’ll have to make a big post with the rest of my crow-centric Mammon headcanons bc I could genuinely talk about this all day.

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Family Support: Anahita x Asmodeus x Shekynah ♡Obey Me ♡

Shekynah and Anahita were in the auditorium, practicing their dance moves after a rigorous study session.

The sisters often came by to dance as they found it relaxing, and also they felt their blood circulation was better.

Asmodeus had heard music blasting through halls of the auditorium, and went off to investigate.

He was astounded to such elegant, refined moved the sisters were pulling off, and quietly uploaded it onto his Devilgram profile, tagging the sisters.


They’d found encouraging messages from the students in RAD, and burst out crying.

“Wonder who uploaded the videos?” Shekynah mumbled.

“Darlings, that was beautiful!!!” Asmo squealed, beaming brightly. “I just had to do it!!”

Anahita hesitated, then smiled, “thank you, Asmo. But in our culture, dancing is considered to be a….bad….job.”

Shekynah nodded, “Our elders believe that those who work in the red light areas are good for these things. Mum and dad never supported us in our interests, so we both do this when no one’s home.”

Asmo frowned, “Honestly, your parents need to their heads out of their asses. Trust me, you’re welcome here, and I will back you up, my queens.”


Some tooth rotting fluff I wrote

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@primal-interstellar gave me 2 coupons for my birthday to cash in for her to draw whatever I wanted. I asked for a drawing of my MC and Barbatos but did not expect her to do this MUCH for it. I literally cried and screamed upon receiving the art, I’m so happy to have her as a friend and she’s an amazing art so everyone go follow her!!!

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#was talking to a friend abt advanced higher english and i genuinely think this poem got me my grade it still makes me feel wild with#anger and grief#how culpable was he when he broke our tribes complicity!!!!!!! fuck!#and the verse on bloody sunday#'that wednesday/everyone held/His breath and trembled'#and 'we were braced and bound like brothers in a ring'#its the only work ive seen that Understands you know?#condemns all of the killings during the troubles without taking sides while ALSO having empathy for the irish catholic community and all it#went through#bc most poems etc are written by outsiders to the conflict who dont understand colonialisms role in it all#the fact that is undeniably englands fault and yet english people are always the quickest to condemn#because they think they arent complicit they think its an opportunity to congratulate themselves on how good and civilised their own country#is#but it also doesnt cut the people who bombed protestant pubs any slack#bc those are working class civilians and killing them did absolutely nothing#and how culpable was he? heaneys friend who broke curfew to drink with protestants? did he deserve to die for doing that?#and questioning 'our tribes complicity' and the fact that people obeyed those curfews knowing it would make it easier to single out#protestants to kill bc only protestants would be out#its so powerful#but AGAIN he talks about bloody sunday and how 'coffin after coffin' seemed to float from the door#and it was the british army that killed those people THATS how you condemn a conflict without taking sides
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Fuck these dumb orange skulls. I just want to level up my baby snek Levi UR card my cursed friend.

Send help. I’m going to cry

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I don’t know how to thank you because I feel as if saying “thank you so much” is… Not enough.

I just want you to know that I’m so glad I read this and I’m grateful too. I really am. Its something I’ve been needing in a while now, and finally getting a message like this makes me feel like I want to try again because someone out there supports me.

I want to hug you so much but all I can do in the end is say “Thank you” and just hope you know how much I appreciate it. I’m sorry im getting repetitive in my words… Im a little soft and illiterate because of your sweet message. ❤️ I’m so glad I met you.


Originally posted by alj4890

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Part of me wants to be Asmos best friend and the other part of me wants to peg him….I’m very confused rn.

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