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#akaashi keji x reader
tyga-lily · 2 days ago
At the Tips of Your Fingers
Pairing: Akaashi Keiji x f!Reader
Warnings: MINORS DNI 18+ Dom/sub dynamics (femdom), use of the Stoplight System, Anal Fingering/Anal Play, Femdom, Prostate Massage/Milking, Cumplay/Cumeating, slight degradation, Dumbification, Edgeplay/Edging, Face-Sitting, Oral Sex (fem!receiving), slight Overstimulation, slight Spit Kink, Aftercare.
WC: 4k
Sequel is found here.
(A/N: Reposted here from my previous account!)
Summary: He’s always been a pleaser, your Keiji, from the time you’ve known him in middle school to now, both of you in your mid-twenties. So thoughtful, dutiful, considerate and beautiful. Picture perfect. You wanted to ruin him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Akaashi Keiji was many things to you.
He was hardworking, insightful, dutiful, romantic, and more than anything he was so considerate of others, including yourself. Sometimes prone to overthinking and second-guessing himself, but Keiji was all of these things and more to you. And after last week, he was now also your fiance. There wasn’t anything you would change about him because no matter what, Keiji always left you feeling cherished and fulfilled.
But there was something…else you wanted from him, too.
It’s been brewing in your mind for the past month or so, after many tender, passionate nights between the sheets with him you felt like you wanted something but you weren’t sure what it was. It’s not like he ever leaves you unsatisfied. Quite the contrary, actually: the other night you joked to Keiji about feeling like a pillow princess on most nights, to which he only smiled sweetly and kissed the inside of your thigh as he slowly made his way to your core, whispering, “That’s fine with me, darling. I love pleasing you.”
The idea hit you like a crack of lightning one late afternoon, when you pulled him in for a steamy kiss after a long, tedious day at work. He’d pulled away, panting slightly, his hair mussed and his glasses crooked as he gave you a wobbly smile. “It’s, ah, good to see you too darling.” A pink blush was visible on his perfect cheekbones. His lips shone just a little in the light of your apartment.
He’s always been a pleaser, your Keiji, from the time you’ve known him in middle school to now, both of you in your mid-twenties. So thoughtful, dutiful, considerate and beautiful. Picture perfect.
You wanted to ruin him. You wanted to be the one to leave him utterly wrecked, breathless, writhing beneath you in pleasure, for once not having to lift a finger at the demands of the people around him. You wanted him to relax, to be spoiled for once.
As you kiss him goodbye and he leaves for work, you think about how to broach the subject with him, especially considering the idea you had in mind.
You wouldn’t consider sex with Keiji to be “vanilla” since the conotations of that could usually mean “normal” or “boring”, and Keiji was anything but a boring partner.
But now, with how tomato red his face is and how he violently choked on his tea, you wondered if maybe you guys were a little…vanilla.
You rub soothing circles into his back to help him settle himself as he finally clears his throat and turns to you. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…I was just taken off guard. You want to…to what?”
You stroke your thumb over his knuckles. “I know it seems completely out of the blue! But I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I just wanted to know if you’d be up for…well, to be frank, letting me milk you.”
Your friend brought the idea of prostate milking up to you a few months ago and how hard she had to get her boyfriend, Kageyama Tobio, to agree to it with her. When you called her a few weeks ago about how she brought it up to him, what she did, and the safety precautions to take, she was ecstatic to share the details with you. “Trust me, if anyone needs to get milked, it’s your man,” she’d said a few weeks ago. “He seems almost as pent up as Tobio, but if he’s comfortable with trying, I’m sure he’ll love it. It can get a little wet, though, so make sure you’re prepared for that, too.”
And you did prepare.
Towels, non-latex gloves (you weren’t sure if he was allergic and that was a hospital visit you’re sure neither of you want to experience), plenty of lubricant, some bindings if he felt comfortable to try that too - anything your friend recommended you get to make this go as smoothly as possible.
Keiji still didn’t say anything. His hands are firmly folded into his lap, his entire face, from the tips of his ears down to his neck, are red. He’s fiddling with his fingers, a nervous habit he developed in high school.
You don’t want to pressure him, so you decide to give him an out. “It’s just something that I thought of on my own, Keiji, and trust me when I say that if you don’t want to, you do not have to, okay?”
He’s silent for a moment. Then, quietly, without even looking at you, he asks, “…are you…unhappy? With me, I mean. With my…” He swallows. “My performance…”
You gently squeeze his hand. Your Keiji, so sweet, thoughtful, compassionate, but so prone to overthinking the littlest things. “Keiji.” You prompt him to look at you. “Trust me when I say I love everything about you. I love the way you make me feel, in and out of the bedroom. I’m more than happy with how you are in bed. This is all about you. I want to do this for you. You’re always doing what you can to keep me happy. You’re so kind and such a hard worker. I just wanted to do something just for you for a change.”
He hesitates. Squeezes your hand back. “You won’t feel…erm, neglected?” He peeks up at you from his lap. “If it’s all focused on me…”
You blink at him once, twice, then snort. “I won’t feel neglected. Trust me.”
A comfortable silence passes between you both as he thinks it over, taking small sips of his tea. You check your phone when it buzzes - it’s your friend, desperate to hear what he’ll say. Before you can type a response, Keiji pipes up.
“I’d be willing to give it a try this weekend.”
It’s a Saturday. The two of you refrained from sex during the week, again at your friend’s behest, to build up anticipation for today. If he’s ever uncomfortable, you both agree to use the color system to check his comfort levels: green if he’s okay, yellow if he needs a break or if something isn’t quite right but he still wants to go, and red to stop everything, no questions asked.
“What color?”
He’s doing alright so far. He’s on his hands and knees and you’re pressing gentle kisses to his back as you work your middle finger into his ass slowly, already one knuckle deep and slowly moving onto another. While initially tense, Keiji is more relaxed thanks to your constant reassurance and liberal use of lube. That, and you’re pretty sure the smooth texture of the glove is also doing something to him.
He takes in a steady breath. “Green.”
You move your finger around a bit as he squirms. “Can I go deeper?”
Keiji nods.
You smile a bit. “I’m sorry? I didn’t hear you, dear.”
He flushes at your teasing. “Y-Yes, you can go deep- ah!”
He arches inwards as you slide your finger into him more, reaching your second knuckle. Your free hand is gently running down his back, his side, down his thighs and gently squeezing his ass as you work him open. His cock twitches and you feel his hips stutter forwards a bit. You’d gotten him warmed up by sucking it for a bit just before you started, but you haven’t touched it again since. Not yet.
“You make the cutest noises, did you know that Keiji?” Your voice is soft as you coo at him, slowly moving your finger around him, pulling out to tease around his rim before going back in again as he writhes. “I love those whimpers you make. How are you feeling? Does it feel good, baby?”
He fists the bedsheets. “Yes…”
“Hm, I bet. Can you take the rest of it? My fingers aren’t nearly as long as yours, Keiji, so I think you can.” Your other hand grabs at his ass again - firm and toned from years of playing volleyball. “What do you think? Can I put the rest of it inside you, Keiji?”
You test the waters, curling your finger slightly. His cock jumps at the stimulation.
“Ah- yes! You can, you can, just…slowly, please.”
You push in a bit more, nice and slow, and once it’s fully in you let him get adjusted to the sensation. He squirms on the bed; you feel as he squeezes around your finger a couple of times and squeeze your thighs together at the feeling. Fuck.
“You’re so tight Keiji,” you breathe. Again, his cock twitches. “So far so good, you’re doing amazing for me, baby.” You sit up, moving to place a kiss between his shoulder blades.
You gently move your finger in and out of him, gently curling your finger and altering your pace, attempting to find what feels good for him. Keiji is a panting mess, squirming around your finger and occasionally bucking back against your hand. You work up to the point where the friction isn’t nearly as restricting before you apply more lubricant to your fingers and add a second finger to him.
Keiji is flushed up to his shoulders at this point, his arousal evident by the small puddle of precum leaking from his cock. You make sure to stroke his cock slowly, using his precum to reduce the amount of friction, all the while Keiji twitches and jerks beneath your touch.
You lick your lips. What a beautiful man.
One of the benefits of being with Keiji for so long is that you know when he’s about to cum before he does. When he starts unwillingly letting out those cute, high whimpers, when his moans become choppy and ragged, when his hips start to stutter. You give his cock the gentlest of squeezes as you stroke him just a bit faster, as your fingers work inside of his tight hole with just a bit more vigor.
Your thighs squeeze together. You weren’t expecting to be this turned on.
He can barely speak, but still tries to let you know. “Ah…I’m close, I’m close-”
“I know, baby. You real close? Are you gonna cum all over my hand, Keiji?” When he squeezes around your fingers, you groan. “And you get so tight when you’re about to cum too, Keiji, did you know that?”
His hips are starting to jerk forward.
You pull your hands away from him. Keiji gasps and cranes his head to look at you, his eyes wide and his face completely flushed.
You smile at him, faking sympathy. “But you know you can’t cum just yet. That’d be too easy.”
Keiji grasps the sheets so tightly his knuckles turn white, and you can’t help but giggle as you quickly go over to his face to give him a kiss on the cheek. “…that almost felt rude, you know.”
You remove the glove on your hand, running your dry fingers through his hair to mess it up more. “I promise you, Keiji, this will be more than worth it.” You give his ass a playful slap. “Get on your back for me, please?”
He obeys easily. Keiji rolls over onto his back, balancing himself up on his arms as he peers up at you, drinking in your figure. You weren’t wearing much yourself, only your favorite robe and a set of lingerie. “You look beautiful, darling.”
Despite him being naked, his face completely flushed, his legs preemptively spread to take your fingers inside him again and his cock hard and leaking precum, he still manages to make you flustered under his sweet, sincere words. You lean in, grabbing fistfuls of his hair as you both indulge yourselves in a deep kiss. Keiji brings a hand up to cup your face and he moans into the kiss, pulling you closer, more insistent than he normally is. You groan, pulling his head back with both hands as you climb on top of him, pulling away slightly to nip at his lower lip and gently suck on his tongue before pulling away. You’re both panting, looking at each other with hunger in your eyes.
Keiji licks his bottom lip. His hair is all over the place, his lips are shiny. He looks so…debauched would be the best word you could think of.
You make a decision.
“Lay down,” you mutter, quickly getting off of him to shed your robe and pull off your soaked underwear. He obeys without question, licking his lips again as he eyes you. You climb over his head, caging it between your thighs as you get settled over him.
You meet his gaze beneath you, slowly settling yourself over his mouth. You two have done this before, always at his behest. No words need to be exchanged between you.
Keiji immediately springs into action, his tongue lapping between your folds as you grind your pussy onto his mouth. You were already dripping by the first time you edged him, your slick spreading to your inner thighs as he drinks you down without preamble. He’s skillful with his tongue, teasing it around your hole, lapping at your entrance before sliding up to press it flat against your clit. You buck down against his face, a moan tearing from your throat. You reach back, frantically working to unhook your bra and toss it aside.
He’s teasing, fleeting, even as you’re practically riding his tongue for more, your Keiji knows what you like. He knows how to tease you, how to wind you up, how to slowly bring you up before allowing you to crest over that hill.
“Fuck…’m close, I’m gonna cum, Keiji don’t stop, don’t-”
It’s amazing how much of a panting mess you are. You grip his hair, tossing your head back when he moans against you and runs his tongue along your slit and when he finally closes his lips around your clit and gives it a gentle suck, you’re gone.
He lets out a broken moan when you rub down hard against his face, the grip in his hair harsher than normal, but you feel when he leans up into you, when he groans again and quickly runs his tongue over your clit, sliding it inside of you as you’re creaming all over his face.
“D-Don’t-” you can hardly make words at this point, your voice is shrill and high. “Don’t stop, don’t you dare fucking stop-”
He doesn’t.
You moan loudly, shamelessly, you’re not sure if your neighbors are home but if they are you can’t say you’d care much if they heard you or not.
(Part of you hopes they do, so they can hear how good your fiance makes you feel.)
Keiji, diligent and considerate, keeps going until you’re a shaking mess above him, when your thighs finally give out and you pat his head a couple of times, at last too overstimulated to continue. Your legs feel wobbly as you rise from his face, almost giving out once you kneel on the floor by the bed.
He’s a mess. He’s struggling to catch his breath, his chest rising and falling as he stares at you with glazed, starry eyes. His mouth and chin are both wet with your fluids. His hair is completely mussed. Idly, he licks his lips as he gazes at you.
He has no right to look so beautifully, filthily fucked out.
You give him a wet kiss, quickly running your tongue along his and sucking his bottom lip into your mouth before pulling away and sliding another glove onto your hand. “It’s your turn, pretty boy.”
Keiji swallows. He parts his legs as you approach the foot of the bed, liberally applying the lube over your fingers and stroking his thigh. His cock is practically leaking against his stomach, twitching occasionally as you bring your fingers back to his ass, teasing his rim before sliding in one finger, then easing in the second. His back arches at the intrusion.
You move slowly, experimentally curling your fingers inside of him. Your other hand alternates between stroking his thigh, fondling his balls, then finally wrapping around his cock and stroking it at a slow pace. Inside of him you’re curling your fingers slowly, not wanting to hurt him or make him feel uncomfortable. It’ll feel like there’s something there, you remember your friend telling you, like a bulge or something similar.
“Tobio says it feels strange to him,” she said. “Strange, but not unpleasant, but it usually works better if you’re jerking him off as well. It depends on the guy, and Keiji may not like it, but for some guys it can feel really-”
Keiji’s back arches. He squeezes down around your fingers and his cock is absolutely leaking. What caught you the most off-guard was the sound he made. The noise that came from him, he…
He almost sounded like you.
You pause momentarily and stare at him in wonder. That was the hottest thing you’ve ever heard.
“A-Ah…I’m…” He sputters and he takes in a few shuddering breaths. You can tell he’s embarrassed and somehow that makes it even hotter. “That was…I’m not sure…”
You move your fingers inside of him again, carefully stroking his prostate as you’re jerking his cock, and he whines again, bucking his hips up a bit. You lick your lips. “Was that good, Keiji? What color?”
You know he’s putty in your hands with how he’s moaning and panting around your fingers, but you also want to make sure.
“Th-that was…! Ah, green!” His hips are bucking up slowly, he’s panting so hard, there’s a small trail of drool leaking from the side of his mouth. You want to lick it up more than anything. “Good, it’s good, it’s-”
“I know it’s good. Don’t worry, I’ll keep going.” You have a slightly firmer grip around his cock and apply just the slightest bit of extra pressure on his prostate, otherwise keeping your pace the same. Your hand slides up to the tip of his cock, stroking around his head and sliding a thumb over his tip. “I should’ve filmed this,” you say, watching as a steady stream dribbles from his cock and pools on his toned belly. “I should’ve set up a camera so I can get all those cute little whimpers and get how desperate you sound. And look at the mess you’re making, Keiji, all over my hand…it might leak through the towel at this rate. What do you think, should we have set up a camera?”
He doesn’t answer you. You don’t expect him to, not with the high-pitched whimpers and whines and cries “yes, yes, yes” pouring from his mouth. Your thumb strokes the vein that runs along the underside of his beautiful cock.
“Look, Keiji,” you place a knee on the bed, stroking his cock the slightest bit faster. “Look at how messy you are, look at how much your cock is drooling, Keiji.”
Through his haze, he sits up a little bit, watching with an almost helpless look as he sees you stroking him, each stroke of your fingers inside of him urging more and more out of him. He licks his lips at the sight.
“Looks good, right? I bet you’re just a little too fucked out to care right now. Not much goes on inside that pretty little head of yours when I’ve got my fingers inside you, right? My precious pillow prince,” you coo. He squeezes around your fingers, more and more of his precum dribbling down your fingers.
“Oh, I felt that, Keiji. You getting close for me again? You like just laying back and being my dumb little cumslut? Not thinking about anything but when I’ll let you cum? Talk to me, baby.”
“Yes! Yes, yes, yes, oh god-!” His thighs are trembling. “I’m so close, I’m so close-”
“I know, Keiji.” You start stroking his cock in earnest, now, your pussy clenching around nothing as he keens. “Oh, you’re really close, aren’t you? Maybe next time I’ll fuck you for real. Next time I’ll buy a pretty blue cock and fuck you right next time, Keiji. I can’t wait to hear how you sound when I’m fucking you into the mattress like you do to me-”
He cums. Hard. The moan he lets out is delicious, and probably the thickest load of cum you’ve ever seen shoots from his cock and coats your hand, his stomach, some of his chest. His back almost completely arches off the bed and he squeezes tightly around your fingers.
“Good boy,” you coo, slowing down your strokes around his cock, slowly sliding your fingers out of him. “You’re so handsome, Keiji, so beautiful. You look so good, you did so well for me.”
Keiji’s a panting mess by the time you’re completely done with him, his eyes unfocused and staring up at the ceiling. You gently stroke and kiss his thighs and pull the glove off of your hand again, discarding it on the floor for now. You kiss up his thighs, along his hip, then slowly lick along his cum-coated stomach. Keiji sits up and gapes at the mess on his stomach, his eyes trained on you as you gather up some of his spend on your tongue.
Your eyes never leave his as your tongue slinks back into your mouth and crawl up to his face.
He licks his lips.
You trail two of your fingers along his bottom lip as you slowly slip your fingers into his mouth and urge it to open. He lets his tongue hang out as you bring your mouth to his, and he moans at the feeling of his own cum sliding from your mouth into his. You lick along his tongue then tilt his head back, letting your tongue hang out as the rest of it pools into his mouth before you close his mouth for him.
He does.
“Good boy.” You press a gentle kiss to his lips. “How was it? Did you like it, was it something you’d like to do again?”
Keiji allows his head to rest against your shoulder and he takes a couple of deep breaths. “I…would be open to doing that again. I just…wasn’t expecting this.”
You smile and stroke his hair, still straddling him. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you cum that hard. I wasn’t…too mean, was I?”
He shakes his head. “No, darling. You’re never truly that mean to me, anyways.” He gives you another kiss. “I loved it.”
You help him get cleaned up - running a finger along his stomach and sticking it in his mouth again for good measure - and once you both get showered, change the linens and wash the blankets, you’re cuddling together on the couch while waiting for your takeout to arrive.
He’s holding you close as you both watch a documentary about the ocean before he clears his throat. “Um…if you’d like to, darling…”
“Hm?” You give him your full attention. He’s blushing again.
“Maybe not exactly the next time, but…maybe in the future, we can try…” He fiddles with his fingers again. “Ah, using the…the toy you mentioned.”
You raise your eyebrows, surprised that he would bring up trying something new in the bedroom, before smiling and giving him a kiss. “Of course. I’ll even get a cute little maid outfit for you to wear for me as well.”
He looks scandalized, but his flush deepens. “Well, that’s…”
He doesn’t get to finish his thoughts since the doorbell rings, but you guess that he’d be open to the idea, given that you send him to answer the door with a hard-on in his pants.
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duckymcdoorknob · a day ago
I’m not sure if ur still doing emergency requests bc I’m new here but I have one,
My mom died when I was pretty young and my family had never really recovered since her death and as far as im concerned my house is always filled with fights, could u please do headcanons with the hq boys with s/o’s with toxic/abusive family members? (Include osamu pls 😭 he’s my biggest comfort character)
Of course my love.
Please talk to me whenever you need it I’m ALWAYS open.
I’m very happy that you’ve come to me today.
CW UNDER THE CUT: Toxic family, death,
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝑂𝑠𝑎𝑚𝑢 𝑀𝑖𝑦𝑎
When ‘Samu was met with a deluge of excuses, after wanting to pick you up for a date at your house for the umpteenth time, he finally became suspicious of your home life.
He soon faced the conflict of: Do I let them suffer but come to me? Or do I pry and take the chance of them lying to me?
With pain in his heart, he decided to take the first option.
It absolutely killed him to see you pretended everything was normal.
He had nothing to go off of. You always came to school happy as a clam, never showing any sign of trouble.
Maybe he was reading too far into this.
Or maybe not.
Osamu’s phone dings gently, the screen illuminating your name with a few heart emojis next to it.
“Yes sir, I’ll be home soon. I’ve truly tried my best this quarter, but I’m sorry to report that I did not meet your expectations. I know how hard losing mom was, so I want to keep things stress free at home. I will not disappoint you again.”
Oh this can’t be good.
When the next day comes, Osamu sees you leave the car that dropped you off.
You were visibly shaking, face flushed and eyes blearing, as if you were desperately trying not to cry.
He immediately made a subtle beeline to your side.
“Hi darling. Care to join me after school at home? I’ll send ‘Tsumu to the kennel for the day.”
“I really shouldn’t. My dad-“
“(Y/N) love, please. Your health isn’t safe at home. At least not your mentality.”
“I can’t, Osamu. ‘It’s not safe for me to leave..”
He cupped a hand on your cheek and nodded with a smile. “I understand. Please stay safe, dove.”
The school day passed and evening followed. Osamu was absolutely torn about how to address the situation.
He had vaguely explained to Atsumu and his parents, at least the extent of his own knowledge. He needed anyone else to help him figure out what to do from here.
Mid chat with the family, Osamu’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion as a gentle knock echoed from the door.
He went to open it and his eyes met your own leaking ones. A suitcase stood at your side, it’s handle in your trembling hand.
“ ‘Samu I can’t... I can’t take it there anymore you have to help me.”
He wordlessly pulled you into his chest, resting his chin on your head and rubbing your back.
“Everything will be alright, my precious love. You’ll stay here. We’ll figure it out, okay?”
You nodded as you wept quietly in his embrace.
To both Osamu’s delight, and your own, Atsumu had taken care to bring your bag inside and place it on the guest room bed.
He also brought forth three blankets and set up the television to stream a movie.
The three of you made your way to the couch, with you in the center of the Miya brothers.
“Say, (Y/N)? Do you want me to kick anyone’s ass? Cause I totally will.” Atsumu pondered our loud, not moving his head from the back of the couch.
You chuckled out a “no” and snuggled in closer to Osamu.
He plants a kiss on your temple.
“You’ve got me and ‘Tsumu in your corner. No one can get you here, and no one expects anything of you.”
“Take time to relax, you’re not going anywhere if I have any say in the matter.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐾𝑒𝑖𝑗𝑖 𝐴𝑘𝑎𝑎𝑠ℎ𝑖
Quiet, but attentive, Keiji picked up on your cautious behavior.
He noticed how every word that escaped your tongue was said ever so carefully.
How you would correct yourself if you said too much
How you’d stop talking the instant your opinion was challenged.
How you’d just give up.
But for why, he didn’t know. Could it be fawning? Maybe you’re just afraid of conflict.
He felt it best not to pry.
Since you basically tell him everything already, why should he be worried that you’re keeping secrets from him?
You are his partner after all. You said it yourself that honesty is the best policy.
In the near future, the day he heard it was the day he took action.
He had started by calling to check up on you, offering to video chat to do homework with each other.
Akaashi frowned upon receiving a text from you stating that you had “dropped phone in pool.” And that the “microphone’s busted”
He wasn’t born last night, he figured out that you muted yourself because he heard popping on the other end, instead of dead silence.
A lump rose in his throat as he watched your door swing open, and your phone falling from the force.
Keiji’s not entirely sure how it happened, but the call unmuted and he heard everything that was said on the other end of the line.
His heart sank as he heard a specifically selfish comment from your family member.
He didn’t know if he wanted to rush over to your house and kidnap you, comfort you over the phone right then and there, or punch your relative through the screen.
So, he acted upon what his burning gut told him: rescue you.
Rescue you, rescue you, rescue you.
Akaashi’s mind sang at him as his feet pounded mutely against the pavement.
He shot you a text, telling you to pack an a few nights of supplies in a bag.
Refusing to check the likely deluge of confused protests, he shook his mind off of them and kept running toward your house.
When he arrived, he texted you once again, not wanting to alert his presence to your family.
When you opened the door, he wordlessly grabbed your hand and walked with you back to his house.
The walk back was quiet but sincere, his fingers never Un-intertwining from your own.
Upon arrival at his place, he sat you on his couch and held onto both of your hands.
“My beautiful baby.” He muttered sweetly, “Would you like to tell me what’s happening? Or do you just want to forget?”
Hesitantly, your voice cracking with every few words, you explain how home life hasn’t been the same since the passing of your mother.
You explain how you don’t even feel like their baby anymore, just a person they have to take care of.
Letting tears slip down your face as you continue to dump and dump on your boyfriend.
When you’re finished, he nods with a sympathetic smile and lays flat on the couch, resting your head on his chest.
“Why don’t we watch a movie, yeah? We can figure things out later.”
Tumblr media
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atzuums · 2 months ago
# “i want a baby”
ఌ includes: bokuto, suna, iwaizumi, atsumu, ushijima, sakusa, akaashi, kuroo, & osamu
ఌ pairing: character x fem!reader
ఌ warnings: none
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist: (open)
@eitai @beidouluvr @tsumomii @moonlightaangel @drageonix22 @kenmaslov3r @putmeinyourdeathnote @succulentmom @sakusasimpbot @ebiharachan @butterfliesroses @devilgirlcrybabiey @erinoikawa @omiikeii @toshibaddie1
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inumaaki · a month ago
how they react to you dressed up like a pet
Tumblr media
pairing: akaashi, kenma & kuroo x gn!reader
warning: mild n*fw, pet play, suggestive. 18+
Tumblr media
akaashi keiji
the idea came to you a week before your second year anniversary. you were having dinner with the team and excused yourself to the restroom, only to overhear konoha’s comment when you returned. “two years?” he snickered, patting your boyfriend’s back. “i don’t know how you do it, akaashi. i could never stick with the same person for that long.”
there is no doubt in your mind that you trust akaashi wholeheartedly, but even you can’t help the little whisper of insecurity pricking at your heart at those words. so, you decided to step it up a little on the day of your anniversary and surprise him with a bunny outfit, in an attempt to make your relationship more exciting. his eyes are wide, mouth agape, as his grip around the bag of snacks loosens. the room is quiet and his lack of words is gradually making you feel more self-conscious, so you wrap your arms around your body but fail to shield his eyes from the way the outfit perfectly hugs your curves.
“is this my gift?” he asks. you nod, eyes darting around anxiously as his remained trained on you. he drops the bag onto the floor and steps towards you, before letting his hands slowly run down your body. then, it makes contact with the fluffy plug inserted into your ass and he inhales sharply. your face grows unbelievably hot when he suddenly pulls your body flush against his and looks over your shoulder to examine your tail. “do you like it?” you murmur, already feeling his answer poking at your thigh.
kozume kenma
it has always been something that you’ve wanted to do, especially after seeing the cat gaming headset kenma would occasionally wear during his many online battles. so, when the opportunity came up, of course you grabbed it. with a swift click of a button and the cat ears headband that you borrowed from a friend who used it during halloween, you had finally obtained a full set ready to be displayed for your boyfriend.
it was hard to get his attention at first when you crept into his room, but when he finally hears the sound of a bell ringing next to him, his diluted pupils bore themselves into your playful orbs. the headset is instantly left abandoned on the table as he pushes himself to his feet and shoves you back against the mattress. he watches you like a predator about to swallow you whole, before crawling onto the bed to cage you between his arms.
“such a pretty kitten,” he murmurs, smiling when you practically purr at his words and melt underneath his touch when the tip of his fingers drag along your throat to fiddle with the bell hanging from your neck. “thank you, master,” you whisper, instantly sending blood rushing as he leans down to bite into the swell of your lip. needless to say, the headband can no longer be returned.⠀
kuroo tetsurō
with the tournament around the corner and his grades worsening, it is safe to say that kuroo is under a lot of pressure. his displeasure has not been subtle either with the seemingly permanent scowl painted on his face and the way he has been yelling a lot more during practice. having been in a relationship with him for over a year, you realize that the best thing to do is give him space. however, that proves to be rather hard when his teammates keep coming to you to complain about their “tyrant of a captain” and persuade you to help them. which brings you here in this situation that you have recklessly put yourself in, while dressed in a puppy outfit.
your fingers are dripping with lube when he returns home, only to interrupt your fourth attempt to push the tail plug in. you let out a soft squeak, plug falling onto the floor, before jumping to your feet with a sense of foreboding. a chuckle has you snapping your head up at him in incredulity. “you’re not mad?” you ask and he shakes his head, amusement creeping into his features, as his arms circle around your waist to pull you in for a hug.
“why would i be mad? this is the best,” he says, leaning down to rest his forehead against yours. he’s still sweating from training earlier, but nothing matters more right now than his arms around you. “i missed you,” you whisper against his lips, the pad of your thumb gently gliding along his cheekbones. “i missed you too. thank you for doing this,” he sighs, eyes closed as he leans down to kiss you. with his warm lips kneading into the flesh of yours, you let out a soft moan when his hands start to roam your body, before whining when he pulls away to pick up the tail plug. “now, why don’t you bend over for me?”
Tumblr media
©𝙞𝙣𝙪𝙢𝙖𝙖𝙠𝙞 — 𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙧𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩𝙨 𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙚𝙙
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thighridingsamu · 5 months ago
hq boys and your first time together
tsukishima kei x gn!reader, bokuto kotaro x gn!reader, kuroo tetsuro x gn!reader, akaashi keiji x gn!reader | pt.2, pt.3, pt.4, milestone event |
content warning: swearing, biting (tsukishima, bokuto), praise, reader and kuroo tease each other, one soft, affectionate thigh slap from kuroo, the faintest of dom/sub dynamic with akaashi, dry humping (akaashi), marking (akaashi), akaashi uses sweetheart
word count: ~1.2k
a/n: these are my opinions! you can headcanon them differently, this is just how my lil brain works when thinking of this scenario. these were made with the idea that the character and the reader have had previous sexual experience. feel free to request more characters (im willing to add your own little twist), i think that'd be fun!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think Kei would be surprised at the way he just absolutely melts at your touch. He always felt like the one in control when it came to bedroom activities, but with you, he's willing to follow your lead and command. His main goal is to satisfy you and make sure you get everything you want from him. He finds himself holding back his pants and groans so he can hear you clear as day. That way it's easier for him to remember what he did to draw out each reaction.
Your cheeks are flushed, a blissful look on your face that makes Kei groan quietly and hide his face in your neck. He keeps his hands moving across your body, exploring each and every inch. It wasn't overeager or desperate, instead firm and sure, succeeding at warming your body and bringing you closer to the high you'd been anticipating.
"Kei," you breathe through a moan, your hands finding purchase on his bicep and the nape of his neck. "Please, wanna hear you more. You sound so pretty."
This elicits a shiver and a moan from him, hips stuttering as he thrusts forward. He couldn't recall ever feeling like this before, body deliciously overwhelmed and sensitive as he moved inside you. And he hasn't even come yet.
"Fuck, I think m'gonna come," he whines, hissing when your nails begin to dig into his arm. "Tell me you're close too."
You moan in affirmation when his fingers press into your hip and teeth sink into the junction between your neck and shoulder.
Kei waits for a bit, helping you finally lose yourself in an orgasm, before spilling into the condom and letting out those pretty moans you were talking about.
I believe that Bokuto would be very.. composed the first time you get down and dirty? He's extremely observant and does a good job at reassuring any doubts you may have. Not to mention he really tries to make it as comfortable and enjoyable for you rather than him. This when he realizes everything truly isn't about him. m'sorry bo i love you ALSO,, PRAISE. KING.
"You feel so good, baby," Bokuto groans into your chest, licking over the indents of his teeth. He moves at a pace that had you teetering over the edge and tears slowly falling from how full and good you feel. "Want you to come nice and good from my cock. Can you do that?"
You whimper and try to whisper out a yes, carding your fingers through his hair. He groans again when you tug, deep voice making the knot in your tummy so much closer to snapping.
He picks up his face from your chest when you clench around him, the usual excited glint in his eyes shining. His ego inflates, proud of himself for being able to break you down so nicely, so well.
"That's it, good job. So cute like this," he whispers, a tight moan following right after as he comes.
I don't know why, but I feel like Kuroo really encourages you to ride him the first time you're together like this. He says he wants you to set the pace, and it technically isn't a lie, but he's mostly aiming for you to be presented above him. He likes to tease, have his fun making your cheeks red from sex and his words, but absolutely loses it when you tease back.
You'd never know how much Kuroo was holding back from the way his smirk seems to appear so easily. He'd been talking about how pretty you were bouncing on his cock, quick little quips leaving his lips every time you moaned especially loud.
"Sh- Shut up, asshole," you try and snap, failing as you throw your head back. The head of his cock hit the one spot that nearly has you seeing white. "Fuck."
One of his hands moves down from your hip to your thigh. You don't pay much attention when he rubs and massages your thigh, until he lays a firm slap. You whine and shiver from the contact, hands flying to his forearms to stabilize yourself.
"You shouldn't call the person that makes those sounds leave your lips an asshole." You click your tongue, the grip on his arms tightening. "Shit, you should see yourself from down here. So fucking sexy," he purrs.
"Oh yeah? You should see yourself, Tetsu," you manage to say. "You've never looked better."
He knows you're poking your own fun. He knows you're trying to get a rise out of him. And if he was in a more normal state, he'd scoff and say that was a pathetic comeback.
But fuck, Kuroo can feel the words send heat straight to where the two of your are connected.
He's red in the face and his bottom lip is between his teeth, fingers digging into your hips and subtly moving you faster and bringing you down harder.
Very much the opposite of Tsukki, Keiji is a bit accustomed to relinquishing control and following the lead of his partners. In day to day life, he didn't play an especially dominant role in any kind of way. But suddenly, with his pretty baby, he needs to be the one calling the shots (while, of course, making you feel the best he possibly can and more). He loves to sing your praises. It's soft and firm, like there's no other option to believe him. Really likes dry humping and getting you worked up during foreplay. HAND. GUIDER.
It feels too good, the way Keiji rolls his hips and presses his cock against you. His mouth is hot against your jaw and neck, teeth grazing the wet skin just enough to make you feel it but not yet enough to mark you up. Yet.
You barely process the way he takes your hand and puts it over his toned stomach, encouraging you to touch him. Your hand has a mind of its own as it sneaks underneath his shirt. The feeling of him draws a low moan from you.
"Why don't you touch a little lower, sweetheart? Don't be shy, my love." He hums when your hand travels down and over the bulge in his pants, taking your ear lobe between his teeth. "Just like that, yeah."
You're on cloud 9 when the clothes are off and he's inside you, expertly touching every spot on your body that just ignites that absolute need.
He lifts his head from your neck, kissing the blooming bruises before kissing your lips. He carefully removes one of your hands from his back, moaning blissfully when you touch the sensitive scratch marks you left behind.
"I want to see you when you come for me, my pretty baby," he whispers, placing your hand on his cheek. He kisses your hand so sweetly it makes you melt and whine.
Keiji smirks and kisses your lips once more, speeding up his pace to finally let you come undone.
Tumblr media
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mattsvn · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Making that tik tok prank of saying "thanks for the flowers" to your S/O.
Characters: Miya Atsumu, Sakusa Kiyoomi, Kozume Kenma, Akaashi Keiji, Matsukawa Issei, Bokuto Kotarou.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© MATTSVN 2021. All rights reserved. Do not repost, modify or claim as yours
Tumblr media
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akaashioppa · 2 months ago
Late Nights
pairings: drunk akaashi x reader
summary: Akaashi comes home drunk for the first time after going out with his old teammates.
warnings: a few curse words
w/c: 754
a/n: this is just a short story to put out. i want to get back in the grove of writing for akaashi :)
Haikyuu Masterlist Masterlist :)
“(Y/N)! Your husband is fucked!” Konoha slurred out, it was clear as day that your husband was drunk. Bokuto and Komi were holding him by his arms, his feet dragged against the floor with each step they took. Bokuto was back in town, the old teammates hadn’t seen one another in years. Akaashi hasn’t seen Bokuto in one year and 6 months. He kept in his calendar, Bokuto had a free week so he decided to take the boys out for drinks and clearly, Akaashi had one too many. 
Akaashi looked up at you, his cheeks were rosy and his eyes were all out of focus, “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to get drunk.” 
You laughed, you could barely make out the words he was saying.“It’s okay, you had fun.”
“Do you want him or do you need us to put him in the bed?” Komi asked, he was struggling to hold your husband’s dead weight up, although he wasn’t muscular like Bokuto, he had some height to him. 
“I got him, are you guys okay to drive, or do you need to spend the night?” You fixed your gaze to Konoha, he was the drunkest of them all. Unlike Akaashi he could actually hold himself up, but he couldn’t walk straight. He kept bumping into your wall. 
“Komi here is our designated driver.” Konoha gave him a hard slap on the back, he roughly brung the man into a loving hug. Komi pushed him, he apologized for Konhoa’s behavior then kicked out of your front door uttering a few curse words at the blonde-haired man.
Bokuto placed your husband in your arms, you gladly accepted him. He was quite heavy but you somehow managed to hold him up. His arms were around your waist, his face was in your neck. You could practically smell the alcohol on his breath.  “Tell Akaashi I’ll come by in the morning to see him before I leave.”
“He’s going to miss you, ya know.”
Bokuto chuckled, “I think I miss him more than he misses me. There’s not a minute where I’m not thinking about him.”
You rubbed your husband’s back hoping that he was hearing this, “ “Thanks Bokuto-san. I’m sure he hears you… Can you lock the door on the way out?”
With the last goodbye, Bokuto left your house. You drug your drunk husband to the best of your ability in your shared room. He flopped down on the bed, his arms out to his side, his eyes closed. You started to undress him, it was already going on 3 in the morning. The quicker you got it done the quicker you could go back to sleep.
“Whoa, Whoa, women,” He shot up in the bed removing your hands away from the button of his pants. He looked at you, his eyebrows clenched with anger. “I have a wife.” He slurred out, he threw your hands away from his pants.
You let out a shaky breath, it was a relieving feeling, you thought you had done something wrong. 
“Keiji you’re not at the bar anymore, you’re home. I’m your wife.” He looked around the room, his eyes landing on you. With his shaky hand he turned on your lamp beside your bed, his eyes lit up when he saw you.
He smirked, laying back on his elbows, “Oh, hey sexy.” 
You giggled, “You are a lot bolder when you’re drunk.”
He pointed to his mouth, “I can’t control it.”
You shook your head, you helped him out of his jeans and shirt. You stripped him down to his boxers. He was already snoring and you were far from done with him
Forcefully you woke him up, you made him eat bread and drink a little water. He put up a fight but he didn’t win it.
“Go to sleep, Akaashi.”
You were now in bed with your back turned from him. He pulled you by your waist, your back was met with his chest and your butt with his clothed dick, he snuggled into your body getting comfortable.“I love you so much. I wouldn’t trade you for any other woman.” He whispered in your ear, “I can’t wait for us to have a family of our own.”
“Mhmm go to sleep Keiji.”
“Okay baby, I love you.” His face found its way in your neck, his breath tickled you making it hard to go to sleep. Although the last thing you wanted to do was sleep, you were too afraid he might have alcohol poisoning. He was never the one to drink, he never got drunk before at least, not to your knowledge. 
“I love you too. Good Night.”
tags list if you want to get tagged in future stories inbox me or comment. :)
@hyunsamour @fireworkpanda @ianmoone12345 @ang3lc4k3 @lillilwil @tenkomurasaki @saineysd @sadtrains @tatiquichi @elianetsantana @xstormiii @yoitsseulgi @ghostlyarcanum @srintarou @chscklvr @succulentmom @madsky1222 @cinnamonruts @thezslumpgoddess @xogiaaa  @premiyagi @momoinot @psycho-nightrose @aoinanase @tetsusatoru @gabisalabaj @allthat-jasss @izumikunmy @okaerin @cheezitcracker @chokeurmom @taytayy178 @AyeshaSara @knmsapplepi @chokerbaby @pewpewkatelyn@cherrytop05 @smexyair @kail-671 @keijier @inumakisimp27 @masster69 @savantsoulfinder @amisuh @wedontknowwhotfthisis @llamakenma @sabrinakishi @chiiitose @vicolangelo @mariaelizabeth21-blog1 @oklolkita @ririakaashi
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bunnys-babies · 2 months ago
Texting Them on Vacay
HQ x reader
warning(s): mentions of sex in Bo’s but nothing that’s no more than PG-13
a/n: FOR MY BABY ANGEL @plutowrites WHO’s FINALLY BACK FROM HER VACAYYY (ily and sorry this took AGES - big smooches)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist: @plutowrites (if you’d like to be added lemme know!)
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atsubaka · 3 months ago
What it's like dating them
w Akaashi, Tsukishima, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Tendou, & Kageyama
part I | part II | part III |
Warning: looking at these pics will make u feel so lonely </3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kuroo^ rip to aesthetic pics
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Iwa^ bc he's too good to let go of
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oi-oikawa-chan · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
with: timeskip! Akaashi, Atsumu, Kuroo & Suna
warnings: a lil suggestive again.  idk i daydream about kissing the haikyuu boys 24/7.
Tumblr media
✧ AKAASHI – he knew about the trend, and was waiting; expecting you to pull it to him. So when you did, he smiled and tugged you even closer to him. “Of course love, I do.” Still smiling, he caressed your cheek and captured your lips. It was you, who was caught off-guard and not the other way around.
✧ ATSUMU‘s eyes widened, by your bluntness and teasing smirk. He grinned and hovered above your figure, “Damn right, I do.” He was only about to give you a good night kiss then sleep, but what you said changed his plan for the night. “Tsum, what are you doing?” You giggled as he planted soft kisses on your cheeks, down to your jaw and neck. You weren’t expecting him to take it seriously. Atsumu gave you another grin before finally kissing your lips. “Ya started this, sweet. ‘M gonna hav’ta end it.”
✧ KUROO – his famous smirk was evident, “Are you trying to do the reverse psychology at me? Because kitten, it won’t work. Try another trick.” Your boyfriend even winked. He was expecting you to pout, but you smiled sweetly instead, “You don’t want kisses then? Okay.” His smirk? Gone. Kuroo didn’t let you turn away from him, his hands are quick to grab your wrist, “Now that is not okay, kitten. I want my kisses, and I want them now.” You smirk back at him, “So you do want to kiss me so bad?” He wrapped both arms around your waist, pulling you close as he leaned down and kissed you deeply, “Does that answer your question?”
✧ SUNA – stared at you with his usual deadpan expression, “But I don’t?” The audacity, really, when he was an inch away from your face, and was just about to kiss you. You raised a brow, “Oh?” Suna gazed at your lips. Now he wanted you to kiss him; you didn’t. Rolling his eyes, Suna tsked, and crashed his lips on yours. “I thought you didn’t want to, Rintarou?” He frowned, but he was kissing you again, “Weren’t you controlling me?” He’d admit it later, once you deprived him of his kisses.  
Tumblr media
note: first time writing like this, and for multiple characters... my brain lags.
Reblogs are love~
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sunkeiji · 3 months ago
# akaashi as the supportive college bf !
a/n: bc i’m scared for school to start >:(
series masterlist <3
Tumblr media
✫ brings you coffee
8 am classes are unfortunate, but seeing your boyfriend first thing in the morning most definitely makes up for it. you take your seat and set up your laptop as you wait for the lecture to begin. groggy souls flood into the lecture hall — not a single one with a sparkle in their eyes. you feel a warm hand on your shoulder (one that you could recognize anywhere, anytime) and turn around to see akaashi looking dashing as ever. he places the cardboard carrier with two cups of coffee on the desk in front of him, slipping his backpack off right away. he smiles at you as he places the hot coffee on your desk. wordlessly, he takes a sip of his coffee and nudges you to drink yours. of course, he has your order memorized. maybe 8 am classes aren’t so bad after all, especially when the flavorful coffee and love from the boy next to you provide all the warmth you need to feel alive.
✫ studies with you in the library until you've both completed your work
you’ve been sitting in the library with akaashi for over an hour now. the quiet clacking on keyboards and whispers from those around you fill your ears. you look up to see akaashi diligently working on his assignment, his glasses slipping off his nose slightly. you push them up gently, and he looks up at you. catching your wrist in his hand, he takes the opportunity to rub his thumb on the back of it.
“how much work do you have left? i only have this reading left,” he says. “but it’s like a thousand pages.” you laugh as he exaggeratedly rolls his eyes.
“i’m almost done with this problem set. look at it. why do i need to draw out 40 different chemical reactions?”
now it’s his turn to chuckle. he looks over at your work and sees that you’ve put a lot of effort in your work. even though you complain, which he’s well aware of, you always do your best, and akaashi loves that about you.
“you got this, angel. and once we’re both done, we can get bubble tea at the food truck. how does that sound?”
you nod, and he gives you a thumbs up for further encouragement. akaashi smiles to himself as he highlights his reading in an obnoxious yellow color — he’s proud of himself. he always knows how to motivate you and reward you for your hard work.
✫ walks you to your classes
without fail, the one thing akaashi always does for you is walk you to your classes when he’s free. whether it be rain or shine, or even if he has an exam to worry about that day. you love walking hand-in-hand across the scenic campus, but he loves it even more. he takes this time to ask about your day, to talk about his classes, to complain about the dining hall food or how loud his roommates were being. he feels refreshed when he takes in the crisp air and lets out all of his worries. and when you two finally reach your building, he lets go of your hand, places his palm on your head gently, and pats it affectionately.
✫ rubs your back after a long study session
“hey, you’ve been working on that for a while. what is it?”
you look to see your boyfriend peering over at your papers curiously. his eyes are tired, and you can tell that he hasn’t been sleeping well. it’s exam season — the most daunting time for a college student.
“hm? oh, i’m working on the practice exam my professor gave us.”
his mouth forms an ‘o’ shape as he gets up to stand behind you. his hands find their way to your shoulders as he looks over your head to look at the lengthy math problems in front of you.
“those look hard.”
“no kidding, keiji. i’m so nervous for this exam,” you tell him.
sensing the uneasiness in your voice, he starts to massage your shoulders. his hands work through knots that have tightened as you spent hours crouched above your desk.
“wanna take a little break? you’ll feel better if you do,” he drags out the last word knowingly.
when you say yes, he places his laptop in front of you and plays the show you two are watching together. his hands don’t leave your shoulders, the knots in your back loosen up. his hands are warm, skilled, and gentle. and after a while, when you sigh in relief, akaashi leans down to press a long kiss to the top of your head.
Tumblr media
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mrskurono · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
title: Crybaby || sub!Akaashi x fem!Reader
a/n: A softer contribution to my 4k for Femdom event! He my other baby <3
word count: 1.7k
tags: femdom, established relationship, mommy kink, mdlb dynamics, lactation kink mention, big dick Akaashi <3, voyeurism (use of a breastfeeding room on work time), handjob, premature ejaculation, multiple orgasms, mild overstim, creampie, hint of breeding/pregnancy, mildly unedited
character(s): Keji Akaashi (hq)
synopsis: Tenma thought it was weird when Keji asked if the faculty he was applying to had a room for breastfeeding women to go. Honestly at the time you were with him when Keji asked so Tenma thought nothing of it if his new coworker was just looking out for his fiancé’s comfort if they were gonna start a family. The ex tiny giant had no idea his coworker meant it for much different reasons.
Tumblr media
Rustling of fabric signaled Keji’s impatience. His big hands attempting to slip under your blouse to no avail. 
A nervous wreck like this and suddenly Keji couldn’t do anything for himself.
“Shhhh....Mommy’s right here. It’s alright Keji, mommy will make you feel better.”
The first few buttons are undone. Those same hands under the fabric of your shirt quickly. Needy pawing as  Keji tried to push it up. Clearly ignoring it was a button down. You smiled at his neediness even if it was clouding his mind.
“Mommy-” Keji’s tiny voice bubbled up in his throat. He was so close to tears. 
Best get your shirt unbunttoned as quickly as possible since you were certain his coworkers weren’t use to this kind of baby crying.
As quickly as the door had latched behind the two of you. Keji was latched onto your breast. A favor towards the right one when he was this upset. His lips pulling most of your nipple into his mouth with the deepest latch. Even his sniffling couldn’t stop him. Keji pressed his face into your breast and sighed heavily. 
The warm tugging motion of his mouth. Just in time with his tongue swirling over your very well worked over nipples. Keji’s hand reached up to find the other. Palming and kneading it gently. Soothing himself. You could feel him calming down. All save for one problem.
“Mmmm, is this what was upsetting you pretty boy?” You hand lightens a top his the bulge in his slacks.
Keji moans into your breast even with the slightest touch. Worse when you grip him through his pants and rub. His nursing picks up pace and Keji ruts his hips hopelessly into your touch.
“You haven’t been playing with yourself have you....”
He shakes his head, nipple still in mouth with a groggy reply, “....n-no.”
“Mommy said you could play with yourself when you need to baby.”
“Only you....want, you.”
A sigh leaves your parted lips. He was a handful. These long work hours made him even needier. And as you slipped his cock out of his pants. The thick uncut cock hardly able to have your fingers curl around it was a testament to that handful. 
Slipping back his foreskin. Revealing the glistening precum leaking from poor Keji’s cock. You click your tongue with a little shake of your head.
“So needy.”
Moaning into your breast, as your slow strokes start Keji refuses to let his lips leave your breast. Nursing with every intent like he wanted something to come out of it. Fingertips gliding over his slippery and sensitive cock head, you hum softly as Keji’s hips rut slightly into your hand. Enjoying the sight of his glistening cock expose itself with each shift of his hips. Not so much fucking your hand as he was fucking the nothingness but the feeling of his foreskin peeling back and forth over his swollen gland.
“Do you need mommy to keep your cum for you baby?” You mutter softly into the mop of black curls, “Do you want mommy to have all your cum?”
Keji nods, eyes closed tight and hips still rocking to the slight motion of your hand around his cock, “Please....please keep all my cum safe mommy. I don’t want it. I can’t keep it please- I-”
“Shhh, that’s all right,” You slip the tip of your index finger inside the extra of his foreskin. Watching delighted as Keji breaks away from your puffy nipple with a choked moan. How sensitive was his cockhead. Watching him writhe and twist his fists up in your shirt at the mere tease of just your fingertip made the tingle between your legs worse. A very viable wet spot on your panties for sure. Your baby was so needy. But it was ok you needed him.
“M-Mommy-” His weak plea distracted you from your thoughts. Before you even knew it thick bubbles of cum were oozing out from the tip of his covered cock. Staining your fingers with milky whiteness and Keji’s death grip on your blouse let you know he was cumming without wanting to.
When you pulled your finger away. Creaminess following and staining his still throbbing cock, you frowned and clicked your tongue, “You had an accident....and it didn’t look like you finished all the way.”
Keji hid his face in your chest. Pressing so hard against your breast you wondered if he could breath. The poor thing, so prone to cumming before it was time. But as you watched the two meager beads of cum roll down his purple cock head you knew there was far more left inside him.
Gently you ushered him off of you. Stricken with fear that he was in trouble. It was when Keji’s half lidded eyes landed on you pulling your bottoms down and resituating yourself on the oversized chair did he see what you wanted. With legs spread and propped up on either arm of the chair. You took the cum stained finger and drew it along your soaked slit.
“Mommy’s gonna save the rest of your cum ok?” Your question far more like a demand. Fingers swirling around in the mess of juices clinging to your cunt lips, you spread them wide and see Keji’s eyes widen as well, “I need you to put your cock in mommy ok baby. I’ll take care of the rest.”
Nothing made him more excited and nervous than your most intimate parts. Keji rarely made it to feeling your cunt around him and now you were inviting him right here and now after he thought he was in trouble. So when you beckoned him over Keji swallowed hard and couldn’t stop staring at the wetness between your legs. All exposed. And here he was twitching with his cock still hanging out of his pants and precum already drooling from his foreskin.
“Come here baby.” You usher him closer. Keji lined his hips up. His own hands held tight above his waist line, as he watched you reach down and guide him closer. Keji sucks in a deep breath when you rub just the tip of his cock against you. Smearing his cock in your juices and streaking your cunt with the little cum still clinging to his cock.
“Mommy-” Keji mumbles drunkenly at the sensation of you peeling his foreskin back. Revealing his sensitive head that sends a tingle right through his entire body when you let his cock brush against your clit, “M-Mommy more-”
“Shh, it’s coming,” You coo softly at him.
Pressing his tip against your entrance you don’t have the leverage you do at home. So you encourage him to push as well. Not one take the lead Keji timidly leans in until you pull him closer. Thick and sensitive cock delving into you so slowly that it takes you no time to adjust to his size. Keji bottoming out in you before you know it.
“That’s a good boy, yes you are, so big inside mommy,” Your breathing deepens a little. It had been so long since you’d felt him inside you. Keji looking like he was going to loose his mind as he knelt before you in the chair. Cock stuffed inside you and black curls clouding the rim of his glasses. 
“ ‘s much-” He gurgled, tears brimming on his lashes as Keji could hardly keep his eyes open to look at you, “Mommy- ‘s much. It tingles-”
“Your doing so good. Baby move your hips a little yeah?” You sweet talk him as you caress his face. Urging him to move but really you see it’s simply too much for your poor baby.
Keji’s cock resting only half way inside you. As a good mommy you take it upon yourself to help your baby. Reaching down and feeling the slickness coating his cock and navel. When Keji feels your fingers curl around his base he hides his face in your neck. Leaning into you as you lean up into him.
Slow and stead you begin jerking him. Much like before he came. This time the tip of his cock resting inside you in the safest place possible for your poor baby. Keji’s hot breath against your neck. Whines and wordless pleas jumbled up with moaning. Keji unable to even move his hips as the sensation of his already twitching cock now gets the duality of your hand and your cunt milking him.
“There we you can give mommy all your cum. Mommy will keep it safe....fill me up baby boy. I know you can. Can gimme all your cum just like you should.” String of praise falling past your lips as the stroking quickens. A clear tense to Keji’s body when you do so. Swearing on your life you can feel his cock swell inside you. It just doesn’t seem to be working yet so you press your lips to his ear and rut your hips into his as your fingers feverishly pump his cock, “Give mommy all your cum, fill mommy up, so my breasts will get nice and full and you can drink all of mommy’s milk. Your cum is safe with me- You can-”
“Mommy!” Keji gasped. He didn’t even mean to be so loud. Nothing in him could stop it though. Grabbing onto your waist for dear life as another orgasm rippled through him. Keji inadvertently rutting his cock in you as everything in him told him to bury himself inside you. He didn’t understand why but he didn’t care. Needing to pool all his cum inside you as the twitch and tighten of his balls last every last drop of cum deeper inside you than you anticipated.
With Keji’s heavy panting you weren’t surprised when he just leaned off of his body weight into you. The clear feeling of cum seeping out around his cock as he slowly softened inside you. The poor thing, this stressed and sensitive. You raked your fingers through his black hair and hold him close to you as you savor the feeling of your sweet baby’s cum defiling your deepest parts, “That’s right. All your cum is safe with me...mommy will keep it all for you. Don’t ever forget that my sweet baby boy.”
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inumaaki · 24 days ago
perverted things hq boys do Part 2 with atsumu or anyone u like <3
perverted things hq boys do (part 2)
Tumblr media
pairings: atsumu, akaashi & kenma x gn!reader
warning: mild n*fw, obsessive behavior, stalking, harassment, non-consensual nudity. 18+
part one here
Tumblr media
atsumu miya
atsumu has a reputation of serial dating, perhaps even sleeping around. despite that, he does pine for you. so, until the day he can finally have you, he will continue to satisfy his cravings by going out of his way to involve himself with people that seem to increasingly look more and more similar to you. it’s just a coincidence, he tells you, when his date shows up with a new hair cut that creepily resembles yours. but his efforts to transform his partners are always futile, because it doesn’t matter how much they look like you when he takes them from behind, or sound like you when they’re moaning his name, or even smell like you when he practically douses them with your favourite perfume. he just can’t shake off the dull realization that no one would ever compare to you.
akaashi keiji
akaashi worries for you, so much that he’s willing to sacrifice his precious time just to make sure that you’re safe. your safety is his top priority. you don’t know how to take care of yourself. you need him, which is exactly what he tells himself when he installs a tracker on your phone. because who else is going to protect you without him watching over? you’ll understand, he’s certain. after all, he has a perfectly logical reason as to how he knows your schedule by heart, or why he’s crouching outside your window while you sleep. all you need to do is hear him out.
kozume kenma
kenma likes to play innocent. it’s hardly a challenge with his quiet and reserved nature, so he succeeds tremendously in fooling you into thinking that a guy like him would not have any interest in lusting over others, let alone pursuing a romantic relationship. what you do not know is that you’re already his lover, at least in the eyes of the numerous friends he has made online. you don’t see the sly glint in his eyes when he initiates photos together, nor do you see the person he becomes when he’s behind a screen. it’s only a matter of time until he figures out how to anonymously reach out to you. and when he does, kenma is convinced there won’t be anything better than watching your face twist in horror when you unlock your phone, only to find yourself staring at a video of his hand vigorously stroking his hard cock and spilling hot cum all over photographs of you.
Tumblr media
©𝙞𝙣𝙪𝙢𝙖𝙖𝙠𝙞 — 𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙧𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩𝙨 𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙚𝙙
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adoringhaikyuu · 8 months ago
when you hang out with their best friend/teammate without them | 2
Tumblr media
characters: suna, akaashi, tsukishima
request: can we get the when you hang out with their best friend/teammate without them for suna akaashi and tsuki?
warnings: nothing, just some kissing and a few possessive boys
notes: ahh my first request!! i’m happy that i wrote something that someone wanted more of haha <3
part one | part two
Tumblr media
akaashi likes to have his shit together and he often overthinks things
which is why after concluding that if he finished all his work in one go he’d have more time to hangout with you, he decided to do exactly that
you offered to stay with him while he worked but he knew that you’d end up distracting him (not in a bad way or anything) and that he most likely wouldn’t finish his work on time
so you were temporarily banned from his place until he was done
but you were bored and pouty so you complained to bokuto, knowing he would understand your over-exaggerated reaction
he texted you immediately ‘whaaattt ?? i’m coming over right now!!!’
he showed up ten minutes later to your house, snacks in hand, ready to keep you company and playfully complain about your boyfriend and his best friend 
he insisted on sending him snaps of the two of you pouting at the camera, ‘how could you abandon this cute face, akaashi???’
his arm was wrapped around you and his face was smushed against yours but honestly he didn’t mean to make akaashi jealous, he was just being himself, completely playful and dramatic 
akaashi wasn’t planning on opening the messages since bokuto was always spamming him but when he took a five minute break, he opened them just in case they were important today 
when he saw his best friend practically cuddling you, his brows furrowed and a scowl made it’s way onto his face
since you and bokuto weren’t exactly expecting a response from akaashi, you went on to do other things, showing each other tik toks, and just chatting while you waited for him to finish up. 
it was about ten minutes later that you both heard the doorbell ring. you and bokuto both turned to each other, confused.
“did you order food?” you asked.
“no, i was gonna ask if you did? cause i’m starving––”
“well then who’s that...” you muttered to yourself as you got up to answer the door, bokuto cowering behind you, mumbling about if it was a murderer, phone in hand, ready to call the cops. you can imagine your surprise when you opened the door to find your boyfriend standing there, a scary serious look on his face. 
you blinked in shock, but before you could say anything, bokuto stepped in front of you. “hey hey hey! took you long enough buddy! i was keeping y/n company while you banned her from your house. how could you do that by the way––ow!”
your eyes widened as akaashi smacked bokuto’s head. “shut up bokuto. you can go now.”
bokuto pouted dramatically, “aw what?? we were about to order food,” he turned back to you. “right y/n?” 
suddenly the boy was yanked back and out of the house, a yelp jumping from his throat abruptly and akaashi was standing next to you. “you have food at your own house, why don’t you go there.” he shut the door without another word and turned to face you, ignoring the whining on the other side of the door. 
“what––what are you doing here?” you looked up at him, confused and slightly in awe as he placed his hands on your cheeks and tilted your head to look up at him, his thumbs rubbing your skin gently. 
“wanted to be with you.” he gave you a small smile but you responded with an adorable confused pout.
“but what about your work––”
“i’ll just do it tomorrow, it is saturday after all.” 
“hey when i said that you still insisted on working.” you pursed your lips and narrowed your eyes curiously. “was it because bokuto was here?” 
he looked away, “i have no idea what you’re talking about.”
you laughed. “you know you’re a terrible liar when it comes to me.” 
he slid his hands down to your arms and placed them around his neck before gripping your waist under your shirt. you gasped softly at the feeling of his fingertips against your skin and he smirked down at you. he leaned in until his lips were grazing yours. “again, i have no idea what you’re talking about.” 
before you could even think of a response, his hands were pulling you flush against him and his lips were on yours, taking your breath away. you moaned into the kiss and he groaned, his fingertips digging into your skin as he slid his tongue into your mouth expertly.
just as you got lost in his touch, you heard a small voice from outside. “so are you guys gonna let me back in?”
Tumblr media
so suna is a lazy boy, we know that
and he likes to nap a lot
sometimes he’s just so tired that he forgets to text you before he naps
and today you’re supposed to hang out with him but around 3pm he stopped answering, so you knew he was taking his usual afternoon nap and if you went by his place, he wouldn’t be able to answer the door
so you decided to go out and get some snacks on the way to his house, planning to take your sweet time and let your boy rest
by coincidence, you ran into atsumu at the shop and he insisted on staying with you... and eating some of suna’s snacks 
it’s about a little while later that you make your way over to suna’s place, texting him to make sure he’s awake
when suna opened his door, the subtle smile dropped from his face when he realized you’re not alone. he raised a brow and looked over to his friend, “i don’t remember inviting you.” 
you pursed your lips, scolding your boyfriend’s bluntness. “suna–”
atsumu shrugged, a grin on his face. “i was keeping your girl company and thought i’d be a gentleman and walk her over here.” 
suna raked his eyes over atsumu lazily, clearly unamused. “yeah thanks. you can go now.” 
the blonde pouted dramatically. “oh what? come on, you’re not gonna invite me in?” he put his arm around you and gave you puppy dog eyes. “come on y/n, convince him for me?” 
you managed to turn for a split second to realize how close he had gotten to you before you were pulled out of his arms and into the warmth of the house. you blinked and suddenly you were under suna’s arm, facing a wide-eyed atsumu. 
next thing you know, the door was shutting in his face. you turned to suna and he simply shrugged and took the bag from your hands. “you brought snacks,” he smirked. “you’re the best.” he put it down on the table and tilted his head as he looked down at you curiously, trying to seem nonchalant, but his narrowed eyes gave him away. “why were you with him?” 
you tried to hide your smirk as you answered him. “went to get you some snacks while you were asleep and ran into him at the shop.”
his eyes reduced down to slits as he watched the playful look in your eyes. “why?” you smiled. “were you jealous?” 
he walked over to you slowly and slid his hand up to your neck, gripping it softly but firmly as he tilted your head up towards him. he made a show of trailing his eyes down from yours to your lips and keeping them there, making your breath hitch in anticipation. 
“less talking, more moaning.” he pressed his lips against yours possessively and had you melting and giving in immediately. whatever he wants, he gets. you knew that better than anyone.
Tumblr media
if you don’t believe that tsuki is a dry texter or that he would leave your ass on delivered for several days––i have some news for you
so let’s say it’s a saturday afternoon and while normally you hang out with tsuki basically every weekend, you also know that he was in a pissy mood earlier so you let him cool off
you text him after a little while, asking if you could come over in the middle of your usual tik tok spam and he opens the text, only to leave you on read (only seeing the tik toks, not the actual message)
you just brush it off, thinking he’s still in a mood and decide to find someone else to hangout with
that person just so happens to be tadashi
you two had gotten closer ever since you started dating tsuki so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for you to spend time together
it’s just that normally it would you, tadashi and tsuki
so you can imagine your boyfriend’s surprise when he opens snap to see you and his best friend smiling on your story
he frowns but tries not to let it get to him (spoiler, he fails)
when an hour has passed by and you still haven’t texted him or anything he gives in and messages you first, a blunt ‘when are you coming.’ 
you take that as a sign that he finally wants you to come over and since you and tadashi were ready to wrap things up, you make your way over to your boyfriend’s house
almost as soon as you knock on the door, it’s pulled open and you look up to see tsuki looking down at you, his brow raised. it’s silent for a few seconds and you tilt your head in confusion, why did he look annoyed?
before you could say anything he spoke up, “tadashi’s not with you anymore?”
you shook your head. “no––oh i’m sorry should i have invited him?”
he scoffed only confusing you further and without another word, he took your hand and pulled you into the house. still silent, he took your jacket for you and put your shoes away as well. you smiled up at him when he stood up straight and you could see the slight blush he was trying to hide.  
he walked ahead to sit on his couch and you followed, choosing to sit with a little space between the two of you, since he hadn’t seemed to cool off completely yet and you knew how much he valued personal space. little did you know, you were only making things worse. 
he stared at you, brows furrowed and you stared back, eyes curiously wide. “why are you all the way over there?” 
you smiled and got up to sit in his lap, feeling satisfied as he opened his arms up for you to get settled. you kissed his cheek and looked at him. “i know i saw you yesterday, but i missed you today, you know?” 
he rolled his eyes, “yeah sure.” 
“don’t roll your eyes at me,” you laughed. “you’re the one who didn’t wanna hang out with me.” 
he paused. “what are you talking about?”
“i asked you if i could come over and you left me on read.” you played with his hair mindlessly as you spoke. “but it’s okay, i know you get cranky sometimes.” you smiled fondly but he was serious as ever.
“i didn’t leave you on read?”
“yeah you did.” you tilted your head. “i thought you did it on purpose.” he frowned and you took your phone and scrolled through your conversation, before showing him the text you’d sent hours before. he read over the text and blinked a few times before looking away. he tightened his hold around you slightly. 
“i’m sorry... i didn’t see.” 
you put your hand on his cheek and made him look up at you. “aw baby is that why you’ve been so moody since i got here? you thought i didn’t wanna spend time with you?” 
he swallowed as he looked into your eyes, the vulnerability he was trying to hide in his gaze telling you everything you needed to know. “tsuki, you know i always wanna be with you.” you smiled and pressed your lips against his for a gentle kiss which he clearly appreciated. his hand gripped your thigh firmly as his other arm pulled you closer to him to prolong the kiss. 
when you pulled away, he looked up at you. “do you could stay over tonight?”
he tried to keep a nonchalant and unbothered exterior but once you agreed and gave him that precious smile, he couldn’t stop the small smile that spread on his face, even if he tried. 
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mattsvn · 3 months ago
Texting Haikuu characters that you can't sleep.
Kenma Kozume, Sakusa Kiyoomi, Suna Rintaro, Akaashi Keiji, Sugawara Koshi, Tendou Satori, Aran Ojiro, Ushijima Wakatoshi.
No warnings.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kkusuka · 5 months ago
Have I told you I hate weak y/n’s that get pushed around by fangirls? No? Well, I hate them 😊
Let’s have Oikawa, Atsumu, Akaashi, Semi, and Terushima react to their normally calm gf, beat the dog shit out of a fangirl that tried to intimidate her for dating said men above. Reader just has a soft smile before cocking her fist back and boxing her shit before holding up the fangirl and looking to the rest like “You wanna end up like her? No? Then know your place~ ☺️”. Then she faces her bf with a sweet smile and says something affectionate like “I brought you lunch, dear. I made it just how you like it 😄” before kissing his cheek like she didn’t go Muhammad Ali on a bitch
Tumblr media
Oikawa Tooru<3
Oikawa’s had more than a few less than pleasant experiences with women
Considering he’s always been surrounded by them, from his sister's friends in middle school and being swarmed by them in High school and college- having women around him was nothing new
And for the most part, they were all pleasant
Giving him little gifts and food- that he always gave to you- and just telling him how much they loved watching him play
All things he can deal with before talking to his favorite girl, you
Though, there have been instances of some bold woman who just never get the hint
Whether it be drunkenness or some weird dream of having Oikawa to herself or just blatant disregard of his relationship
And right now just happens to be one of those times- but now you got a firsthand view of the madness.
Whoever this was clearly didn't understand relationships or personal space for that matter
She had a hand on his chest and was just blubbering about how she would be the best wife for him and would make life so much easier- much more than you do for him- and that was just what you saw from the ten seconds you were in earshot
He would normally laugh it offend continue seeking out autographs but he seemed to be locked in an iron maiden
“I promise! Forget about your girlfriend, she’s useless anyways!” and finally a perfect chance to make yourself known
“Tooru, I have your lun-” you attempted to grab him away, him shooting a pleading look to save him before your wrist was snatched from his arm and tugged away and shoved to the side then pushing your body away from the two
“Back off bitch!”
Now,  you were normally a pretty calm person, you knew how to deal with the women and you have been for years.
But you stand by the fact that it was never ok to put your hands on someone- no matter the situation.
But at that moment, you could care less about your silly reparations and breathing methods, that lady put a hand on you and pushed you
You could hear Tooru telling her to keep her hands off you but you just looked around and made sure that everyone saw what had happened, you don't need to be arrested anytime soon
Grabber her arm you detached her from your boyfriends and in the next second your fist was connecting with her face, watching her wither on the floor you turn to your boyfriend who’s now coming towards you
“As I was saying, I have your lunch.”
Atsumu Miya<3
Another guy who’s constantly surrounded by women
Although he is far less appreciative and nice to them, and he makes it a point to be abundantly clear that you are the only woman he will spend the rest of his life with
Something that wasn't too popular with a few specific fans
Every blue moon someone will find his phone number and blow it up with loving messages or try and get his address
The worst it’s been was someone finding his apartment number and thankfully being too far away to come by themselves but they did send some inappropriate images to his PO box and that led him to create an even thinker line between fans and himself
Thankful, the whole of them understood and respected his boundaries
Buuuuut there are always people who go the extra step
Like whoever this is crowding your boyfriend after a win against the Alders with a giant poster of him and a …. Thong
If you were the slightest more stoic you would have held in the laugh that started it all but it seems crazy is crazy no matter how you provoke them
That lady heard you laugh and the flood gates opened, in a split second her hand was on your cheek then she was on the floor holding what you could hope was a broken jaw
You didn't even realize you punched her until a shooting pain went up your wrist
Though before you had a chance to return to your lovely boyfriend, who was standing in the same spot shell shocked (and slightly turned on)  hand grabbed your ankle the flung you to the ground
It was, for lack of a better term, a catfight
She was hitting you and you were hitting her and she was screaming random shit about how awful you were to her precious Atsumu- seriously this lady was insane
Nevertheless, security arrived, and let’s just say that you were in much better condition than she was, who knew you could fight so well?
Though you weren't allowed to come to the next game and had to apologize to the heads of the Volleyball association, Tsumu was proud of you and the internet was on your side- so it was kind of a win-win
Akaashi Keiji<3
He surprisingly doesn't have a swarm of fangirls around him
But it’s much much worse, you’d rather have a mob of girls around him than the four specific psychos that never leave the poor guy alone
Everywhere in school at least one of them is watching the two of you, in class, at lunch- no matter where you try and eat- you swear you even saw one at the boba show you pass on your walk home with him
The worst part?
He thinks it’s funny.
It is hilarious to him that you try so hard to keep them away full knowing he would never leave you for the likes of them. It’s just too cute how you puff up your cheeks and huff about them and honestly, it's a breath of fresh air considering how much everyone kisses up to him
Well- he likes it when they are at a distance
On the off chance they get close to him, it's a different story. They truly are intolerable, and they away try bad-mouthing you to him like it was supposed to mean something that they don't like you
And they only ever do it when you’re away- cowards they truly are. And since they’re always watching, as soon as you left to buy the two of you lunch, one of them was on him in an instant
She was annoying and all she could say was ho you were a ‘poison’ in his life and he had to leave you as soon as possible
He didn't even realize you were there until a hand grabbed the back of her uniform and flung her off him. And from the looks of it, falling on the ground really hurt
“I’m a poison? That’s all you could come up with?”
You didn't even have to say another word, she was already out of sight
Not missing a beat, you handed him his lunch and started talking about the latest episode of the volleyball anime you loved.
Semi Eita<3
First off- a total power couple
Not only are you willing to beat a bitch, but he’s also ready to hype you up while you do it
It’s not confirmed you have, but there are rumors that you fought more than a few girls who were less than pleasant. And it’s not like you do anything for rumor control, you just laugh and turn the other way
Still, even with the rumor mill running rampant, some girls still try and shoot their shot
But this girl has to be the boldest woman on planet earth
Not only was she flirting with an openly taken man, but she was flirting with him as he held his arm around your waist. She even looked at you as she spoke to him, the audacity of people these days
“You like music? That’s crazy, I do too!” you wanted her to shut the fuck up as soon as possible.
What pissed you off more was that he knew exactly what he was doing, and he was letting it happen to spite you.
What happened after this you blame solely on the alcohol the party was providing and not on the fact you wanted to clock this girl the moment you saw her
It was just that suddenly your drink was in her face
Then her drink was in her face, and she was running to the bathroom, maybe she should listen to rumors more often because you don't think strawberry daiquiri will come out of a white crop too so easily
Terushima Yuji<3
He’s an ass
But he’s your ass, somehow
He’s a manwhore and an attention-whore, mix that should have been shot before it could grow into something more
By now you're used to the girls slipping him their numbers and hitting him up on every social media site possible and you remain happy to say he doesn't respond- probably too busy dicking you down to care about any of them
Plus, less than 1%  of them actually approach them in public, and they just happen to be the most insufferable people on the planet.
Desperation doesn't even describe it
Of that 1%, at least half of them try to touch him, running a hand on his arm, tugging at his clothes, maybe even a strand of his hair, all you can deal with because he knows what’ll happen if he even entertains their advances
But for some reason, the only thing that sets you off is when they mention the tongue piercing.
It invokes a rage unknown within you, the second the metal ball’s mentioned you see red. And he fucking loves it, you could be three prefectures over and the second the girl mentions it, you magically appear at his side like you’d been there the whole time
All of a sudden you’re all over him, disregarding this girls words as she tries to bring the conversation back to her, going as far as grabbing your shoulder, and since she touched you first- you had the green light
Your arm pulled back and your fist connected to her cheek
And like nothing ever happened you turned back to the blond
tags: @diamond-3 @rinsangel @heyheyitsne @angelalje @monisi @crystal-lilac @sadpotato10
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pies-writes-and-more · 4 months ago
Haloo, I found your blog really amazing <3 hope you have a lovely day. Anyways, can i request these boys reaction: Sugawara, Tsukishima, Akaashi, & Oikawa when s/o suddenly shed a tear/cry in their sleep. As for pronoun, GN pronoun is fine. Thank youu, once again have a lovely day.
Tumblr media
pairing: tsukishima kei, akaashi keiji, oikawa tōru, & sugawara kōshi, all with a gn!reader
warnings: brief mention of blood/being hurt in Sugawara’s, brief mentions of cheating in Oikawa’s, soft angst but lots of comfort
a/n: thank you so much for the prompt @chester-cheese! I hope I did this in a way you were looking for! Sorry for taking so long on this but I wanted to make sure I had something good written for them all! Enjoy! Note: gif below is not mine, credits to the original creator Edit: I originally wrote this with the word “princess” in Oikawa’s and that’s my mistake! I’ve corrected it now!
haikyuu masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tsukishima only realized you were crying because he had gotten up to pee. He cursed himself for drinking so much water before bed because now he knew he was going to have a hard time falling back asleep. But as he crept back into his room, just about to take his glasses off again, he heard the soft sounds of you sniffling in the darkness.
Tsukishima's brow creased in worry as he walked into his room slowly, closing the door behind him, "Y/N?"
You didn't answer, just soft whines escaping your lips, getting louder as Tsukishima tiptoed closer. He sat himself on the bed, nudging your shoulder slightly, "Oi, why are you crying? What’s wrong?"
It wasn't until he saw you that he realized you were still sleeping. He felt a little bad for how harsh his words sounded, especially as he watched you writhe in your sleep with tears streaking down your face. He crawled in under the covers, wrapping his arms around you and tugging you closer to him. His fingers rubbed your back slowly as you quietly cried yourself in your sleep, while Tsukishima laid there unsure of what to do.
He had never had someone crying in his bed before - hell, he had never had someone in his bed before you came around. He wasn't sure he wanted to wake you, but would it be worse to keep letting you dream?
Tsukishima finally decided that he would rather have you get angry at him for waking you up than continue to see how tortured you looked in your dreams, so he took your shoulder and shook on it. He shook you more and more until you finally seemed to snap out of it, a little sound of shock coming from your lips.
“Kei?” You called out, your eyes widening in the dark as you caught sight of him in the glow of his digital clock nearby.
“Obviously, who else would it be?” Tsukishima mumbled, glad you couldn’t see how red he was getting from hearing his name from your lips.
Tears built up more in your eyes as you quickly wrapped your arms around him, clinging to him like he was a ghost and you were trying to make sure he was real. Tsukishima sat there as you sobbed into his shoulder, blinking in shock as he tried to rub your back comfortingly... though he didn’t know what he was comforting you about.
“D-Do you still love me?” You squeaked out between whimpers, looking up at him desperately.
Tsukishima normally would’ve flicked your head and told you to go back to bed, his ears and cheeks burning from embarrassment. But that’s if you would’ve asked him that without your tears and sobs. You were looking for an affirmation, practically begging him for one with that sad look in your eyes. Tsukishima cleared his throat awkwardly, never having been the best with words but finally managed to get out, “O-Of course, dummy, why would you think anything different?”
He wished he had been able to say it nicer, because you were crying and his partner crying should warrant something nicer than that shouldn’t it? But you seemed more than content with his response, hugging him tighter and burying your face in his chest. “P-Promise?” You whispered.
Tsukishima swallowed hard and held onto the back of your head with one hand, the other snaking around your waist and keeping you close to him, “Ya. I promise. Don’t let that dream asshole version of me tell you different okay?”
You couldn’t help but let a little laugh out, your breath shaky as you tried to stop your crying, “But you’re an asshole in real life too,” you pointed out, looking up at him.
Tsukishima rolled his eyes but knew you weren’t wrong, even as he gently flicked you in the head, “Yeah well, I’m more of an asshole to everyone else. Cause I love you and stuff.”
It wasn’t the most romantic way of putting things but your smile was growing and that’s all that Tsukishima wanted. He held onto you as the two of you slunk further into his bed, him asking for details about what this alter ego of him did so he could make fun of him.
“-then you said you wouldn’t ever love someone like me... that it was all a joke,” you explain to him softly. There was a part of you that was almost expecting him to agree, to say that that wasn’t just a dream and that he really did feel that way.
But Tsukishima scoffing actually made you relax this time around, poking at your forehead gently, “What kind of nonsense shows have you been watching? Do you really think I’d leave the best thing that’s ever happened to me?” He asked you so gently, you knew he was being genuine. “What a little prick, making you cry like that,” he sighed, reaching up. to pinch the bridge of his nose. “Next time if you see him, tell him he’s an ugly bastard.”
You giggled as you curled up closer against him, “Tsukishima, it’s your face.”
“Yeah well he’s probably uglier with that attitude of his,” he smirked, pressing a kiss to your forehead as you laughed some more. “I love you, Y/N, don’t you ever let some fake version of me forget that okay?”
You nodded and he whispered some more insults to tell your dream version of him as the two of you drifted off to bed, smiles on both of your faces.
Akaashi’s most hated sound in the world was the sound of you crying. There was always something just so utterly heartbreaking about it. Babies crying, he could tolerate after a while, walk away and move on with his life. But you? No. Absolutely not. That shit needed to stop because he couldn’t bare the thought of you crying and him not being able to help.
But how do you help while someone is crying in their sleep? Akaashi woke up almost immediately hearing that quiet whimper leave your voice. His immediate thought was that you were scared of something - had a bad storm happened overnight? Did someone break in? Were you hurt?
“Babe?” Akaashi whispered harshly, letting his eyes get used to the darkness in their room. “What’s wrong?” He glanced down at you, surprised to find you still partially asleep, curled up with your face buried in the blankets.
“You left,” you whined between sobs, your cries becoming louder as you slowly woke yourself up.
Akaashi’s forehead creased as he scooted himself closer to you, wrapping you up in his arms and tugging you a little closer to him, “I’m right here, darling, I promise,” he murmured to you, pushing your hair from your eyes to see if you were really awake.
Tears were rolling down your face faster than Akaashi could wipe them away, his hands fumbling around on the nearby bedside table for the tissue box to bring to you.
After a while, you properly woke up, blowing your nose and wiping your tears away through muffled sobs, “’m sorry, Akaashi, I didn’t mean to wake you,” you whimpered, more angry at yourself for getting so worked up over a stupid dream. “It was du-dumb, you can go back to bed,” you hiccuped as you tried to wipe the last of your tears away.
Akaashi paused but still sat there in front of you, reaching out and cupping your cheeks in his hands, “I’m not just going to go back to bed while you’re still crying, baby. Do you wanna talk about it?”
You sniffled a little as you tried to remember the now fuzzy details - most of the dream didn’t even make sense and you prefaced your description to him with this. You tried to insist that it was just a stupid dream that really didn’t mean anything but Akaashi’s pressing stare still cut through the dark, his hand gently massaging your thigh as if to coax the story out of you.
So you told him. You told him about how he gave you that sort of glossed over bored look you had seen in him when the two of you had studied together, barely offering a wave as you tried to chase him through an airport.
“I’m leaving,” dream Akaashi had told you, “Volleyball’s too important to just pass up.”
“Couldn’t you have told me before you left? How long are you going to be gone? When will I see you again?” You had begged him for questions, trying to hold onto his hand but he looked at you so dismissively, you let him go.
“I won’t be coming back. Too many opportunities overseas. Don’t contact me anymore, okay?”
Dream Akaashi had faded away so quickly, but you still remembered the sinking feeling in your stomach, the way you tried to run after him for a proper. explanation but he just seemed to move too fast for you.
It was a really stupid dream when you tried to think back on it. The airport didn’t even really look like an airport, more like a mall, and Akaashi’s eyes didn’t light up like they normally did, and you were pretty sure you had been walking on the ceiling for a bit of it. “I told you it was stupid,” you told him after explaining, avoiding looking at him.
Akaashi stayed quiet for a moment, wondering why it sounded like you were talking more to yourself than you were to him. “Just because you feel like it was a stupid dream, doesn’t mean you can’t cry about it,” Akaashi shrugged, moving to sit beside you now. He took your head and pulled it onto his chest, hugging you tightly, “It sounded awful.”
You begged your eyes to stop crying but you felt your tears starting to build up again, feeling Akaashi’s touch against yours, his soft voice comforting you, “Please don’t go,” you begged him quietly as you clutched onto his shirt. 
“Why would I want to be anywhere besides right next to you?” He whispered, pressing a kiss to your head and rubbing your shoulder gently. “Don’t worry, angel, I’m never leaving you.”
The two of you sat there for a while, Akaashi’s fingers trailing up and down your skin as he gently tried to coax you back to sleep. He could hear your breathing start to slow as your eyelids got heavy before he gently helped you onto your back and wrapped his arms around you again.
“I love you, Y/N,” he told you quietly, kissing your shoulder gently. “That won’t ever change, I promise.”
Oikawa’s first instinct when he had heard you crying was to reach out for you. He knew you sometimes had short nightmares, often times just needing a hug before you’d doze right back off to sleep. Maybe it was because you felt safe in his arms, or maybe you just needed a reminder that he was there, but it always worked.
Except for tonight. Tonight, you pushed him back, crying harder as he tried to comfort you, a frown on his face as he slowly realized what was happening, “Y/N? Baby? What’s wrong?” he asked, nudging you.
You were still mostly asleep, trying to fight him in his own bed as he tried to pull you close, crying out in response when he tried to shake you awake.
“G-Get away from me!” You whined, your eyes shooting open after a moment. The two of you sat there for a moment, staring at each other as if trying to decipher if this was really happening.
“Are you awake now?” Oikawa asked worriedly, rubbing the back of his neck as he watched you.
“Yea,” you whispered, but still shifting away from him when he tried to reach out to you. 
“Baby,” Oikawa’s eyes widened as you tried to avoid him, his shoulders dropping slightly, “W-What’s wrong? Did I... Did I do something?”
Your nightmares weren’t anything new this time around. One of your greatest fears when you and Oikawa had first started going out was that he would end up leaving you for one of his fans. He was a goodlooking star player, with plenty of people fawning over him... and you were just an ordinary human being. What was so worth keeping around about you?
Dreams about him cheating on you, or breaking up with you for someone else, were always in your subconscious. But this time was worse. This time lasted longer, and the part where you’d normally wake up, after confronting him, never happened. Instead, dream Oikawa just laughed in your face when you asked him why he would cheat on you, sneering down at you when he asked, “Why would you ever think of yourself as anything more than a toy?” 
You stayed quiet for a moment, curling up in the sheets as you tried to tell yourself that it hadn’t been real - that it was all just some sick joke your mind had played on you. But Oikawa was sitting there, patiently waiting for you to respond to him, with that perfect face and that perfect personality, with a whole line of people waiting for this relationship to fail.
“I see that look in your eye, Y/L/N Y/N,” Oikawa’s somewhat playful and somewhat tired voice shocks you from your sleepy anxiety spiral, your eyes looking over to his. “You better stop that.”
“Stop what?” You asked quietly, wanting to pretend even for just a moment that your boyfriend wasn’t capable of reading you as well as he did. 
“Stop thinking, even if it’s just for minute, that I would ever want anyone besides you in this bed next to me. Or in any bed for that matter,” Oikawa smiled, sitting in front of you with his legs crossed. “Ever since knowing you, I’ve always known I’d be with you forever.”
You wanted to thank him for trying, but the picture in your head of catching Oikawa with someone else still made your chest feel like an elephant was sitting on it. You knew this was dumb - OIkawa had never done anything to make you feel like he’d be unfaithful. He even brings you into all of his pics with his fans so they’d know he was loyal to you and you only. You knew he was going to get tired of reassuring you all the time, of comforting you. You were really just making this relationship a self-fulfilling prophecy - so scared he would leave you, he would leave you for being so unsure and so anxious all the time.
“Y/N, did I ever tell you about the first time I saw you?” Oikawa asked suddenly, starting to move next to you. He hesitated, glancing at you for permission first and when you nod, he takes your hand in his, sitting next to you.
“When we met in the library,” you offered as an answer but Oikawa surprisingly shook his head.
“That was the first time I talked to you,” Oikawa let out a laugh, leaning his head back against the wall behind you two. “But the first time I saw you, you were eating lunch with your friends. You had a piece of rice on your cheek, and were stuffing your face like mad,” he laughed some more and you could feel your whole body heat up in embarrassment.
“Y-You never told me that!” You whined, whacking his arm in retaliation. “That’s so embarrassing, no wonder you didn’t come talk to me.”
Oikawa smiled down at you, pressing a kiss to your forehead, “Actually, it was that moment I got too scared to talk to you. Iwaizumi said he knew you from some mutual acquaintances, and offered to introduce us, but I practically ran away. He beat me up later for being a wimp,” Oikawa snickered, reaching his arm to rest around you. “I know you think that one day I’ll meet some fan that’s better than you. But honestly, I’ve never seen anyone shine as brightly as you. People are attractive, sure. I’ve always had attractive fans, but ever since seeing you, it’s like all of them look the same. You’re just so different, just the way you laugh and talk and the way your eyes sparkle when you get excited,” Oikawa’s eyes softened as he talked about you, his other hand intertwining with yours. “I know you get nervous, but I don’t mind telling you how much I love you over and over again if it helps you sleep better.”
And it did. Listening to Oikawa talk about literally anything, even if it was embarrassing things he’s noticed about you, made your whole body relax. There was something about his tired voice that made you fall asleep faster, hugging to him as close as you could get.
Oikawa watched you for a moment, just making sure you weren’t going to start having bad dreams again. Eventually he snuggled down next to you, pressing a kiss to your nose as he whispered, “Good night, my love. I love you more than I could ever express.”
Sugawara knew you had had a really rough week. Your extracurriculars were getting busy and your grades had been taking a hit because of it. You were stressed and exhausted, just wishing that the whole world would slow down. So when you fell asleep during your weekly movie night, Sugawara knew he couldn't wake you up.
He pressed a kiss to your forehead as you dozed off, tucking you into the blanket more as he got up to start cleaning up the room. But as the night dawned on, and Sugawara started to climb into bed next to you, his eyes widened in alarm noticing that you were silently crying into the sheets.
“B-Babe? Are you okay?” Sugawara asked, rushing to the side of the bed and kneeling in front of you. It wasn’t until you didn’t respond that Suga realized that you were still sleeping. You were shifting uncomfortable in the sheets, tears staining all around you as you cried your way through a bad dream. He felt his heart panic just a little, looking around the room for some sort of help (even though they were in his room and there was no one to help obviously), as he tried to rub your arm gently.
“S-Suga,” you whimpered, clutching the pillow under your head as you cried some more.
Sugawara felt his heart break, hearing just how upset you were saying his name. “Babe,” he whispered harshly to you, while patting your face gently, attempting to get you to wake up. When that didn’t work, and you started to cry more, Suga shook your shoulder quickly, “Y/N, wake up for me, please!”
When your eyes fluttered open, you jumped seeing Sugawara so close to you. Your eyes flickered over the room around you, the confusion in your eyes dying down as you realized it had all been a dream, “S-Suga,” you blinked back some more tears as he crawled into bed with you, hugging you tightly to him. “I’m sorry, I didn’t... I’m okay,” you whispered shakily.
“Don’t apologize, love,” Suga demanded quickly, squeezing you tighter. “I’m just glad you’re okay. You sounded so upset... Was someone hurting you?” He asked with a frown, wondering if it was possible to beat up someone from someone else’s subconscious.
You held him for just a second longer, burying your face into him as just staying there for a moment as if making sure that he really was there and not just another dream. You pinched your arm slightly before looking up at him slowly, your eyes flickering over his face to make sure that he wasn’t bleeding anywhere.
“N-No... I dreamt that you got hurt. Really hurt,” you whispered softly, wiping your eyes on your sleeves. You could vividly remember how awful it had been, the blood, the fact that you couldn’t feel a heartbeat. Then it was like his body was floating away from you, you couldn’t grip onto him no matter how hard you tried. “I wasn’t sure if you were going to wake up... Please be more careful, okay?” You asked him softly, Suga giving you a smile as he realized how worried you were about him.
“Of course, babe, I’ll be the most careful guy you’ve ever known!” Suga announced, making you crack a small smile because when Suga got chaotic, safety was often the last thing on his mind. “I promise I won’t leave you like that, darling. We still have to grow old together. I still have so many things I wanna do with you - like go to the beach, travel the world, maybe even go to Mars!”
You let out a small giggle, Suga handing his nearby water bottle so you could clam yourself a little, “M-Mars?”
“Ya! How cool would it be to go to space together?” Sugawara grinned, pressing a kiss to your forehead. You knew what he was doing - Sugawara was awfully good at distracting you when you were distressed, but you let him because you wanted nothing more than to get the picture of your hurt boyfriend out of your head.
After a moment of Sugawara just talking about all the things he wanted to do with you, he glanced down at you, tilting your chin up slightly so you were looking at him, “Hey. I’m not going anywhere okay?” 
You nodded slowly, noting how serious he looked in the dim light, “I’m sorry, Suga... I didn’t mean to... I kept us up,” you sighed, glancing at the clock.
“It’s alright, baby, I just want to make sure you feel safe going back to bed,” he told you with a shrug and his Sugawara smile. “I bet you’re going to have the best dream ever tonight,” he told you softly. “All about that balance you know? If you had a really bad dream now, it must mean there’s good things up ahead for you. To balance it out.”
You knew it didn’t make any sense at all, what your boyfriend was saying, but you smiled and nodded because he honestly just made you feel so safe and everything he said always made you feel better. The two of you laid down next to each other, whispering about future plans some more as you both slowly drifted to sleep. 
And maybe Suga was your lucky charm, or your guardian angel or something. Maybe he spoke things into existence because he turned out to be right - you did have the best dream after, because you dreamt of you and him tying the knot, and getting to spend the rest of your life together.
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can you write height difference kissing headcanons for tsuki, kuroo and akaashi?
HQ Boys with a shorter S/O
A/N: So I made it height difference headcannons in general but kissing headcanons are included I hope that's okay but please enjoy!!
Tumblr media
↣ He is a little shit, when he sees you on your toes stretching to reach his lips he’ll get on his toes making himself taller and it harder for you to reach just to be a tease
↣ Tsukishima enjoys seeing you struggle to reach things so sometimes if he seeing you reaching for something on the top shelf he will sit back and watch but he does eventually come to help when he’s done having his fun
↣ Tsukishima will use the top of your head as an armrest and thinks it's absolutely adorable when you huff or complain about it
↣ Tsukishima sometimes will slouch down and plant a kiss on your forehead but don’t mention it or he’ll get all embarrassed with a slight blush and tell you to shut up about it
↣ Makes short people jokes but won’t let others joke about your height
Tsukishima had the biggest smirk on his face as he watched you reach for the top shelf trying to grab a bowl for your cereal. You let out small huffs of frustration as you stretched towards the just barely out of reach shelf. Tsukishima let out a small chuckle as he walked over to you leaning his arm on top of your head.
“If only you weren’t so tiny… maybe you’d be able to reach” he said with a heavy sigh
“Well I’m gonna make myself a bowl of cereal” Tsukishima went to grab a bowl and prepared himself cereal, specifically the cereal you had placed out for yourself. He took a large spoonful and turned to you and laughed upon seeing the pout on your face.
“Kei” you whined dragging out his name
“Yes darling what do you need… use your words” he said walking over to you standing close. You could really see how tall he was standing next to you as you looked up to him.
“Please grab a bowl for me” you said, grabbing the edge of his shirt standing on your tiptoes to wrap your arm around his neck with a pleading pout on your face. Tsukishima wrapped his arm around your waist while the other grabbed the bowl from the top shelf. He gave you a quick peck on the lips before turning to walk away.
“You finally leaned down to give me a-” you said smiling bright but was cut off by Tsukishima
“Shut up brat”
↣Kuroo loves it when you wrap your arms around his neck to pull him down to your height for a kiss
↣ Will pat you head slouching down to meet your face with a smirk and ask ‘ how’s the weather down here’
↣ If your ever mad at Kuroo over something he will put things he knows you need in places out of your reach so that you’re pretty much forced to talk to him
↣He loves coming up behind you when he sees you reaching for something, he’ll push himself up against you hand on your hip and reach over you grabbing what you need for you. He doesn’t have to help you that way he just likes seeing you flustered
↣ Will lift you up to his height or higher to give you kisses.
You were standing in front of the mirror fixing your clothes when Kuroo came up behind you wrapping his arms around your shoulders and placing his chin on top of your head.
“What are you up to, kitten?”
“Just getting dressed, how do I look?” you asked looking at Kuroo’s reflection in the mirror
“As beautiful as ever” he said before turning you around to pepper kisses on your face as he held you close.
“My small kitten always looks good” he mumbled to you emphasizing the word small.
You rolled your eyes and laughed pushing him off to fix your hair.
“What? I can't give my baby some kisses?” Kuroo said, holding his hand to his chest, faking an offended look.
“Of Course you can,” you said as you turned to him.
You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him down towards you. You slowly leaned in placing a long kiss against his lips .
“You always can” you mumbled before feeling Kuroo lift you up bringing you to his height kissing you again. You let out a laugh kissing him back, unable to hold back the smile that appeared as your lips touched his.
↣ He’s so sweet if he sees you on the tip of your toes trying to reach him for a kiss he’ll bend lower to make things easy on you or pulls you closer lifting you a little giving you easier access
↣ Akaashi gives nose kisses, he’ll crouch down randomly and place the sweet kiss on the tip of your nose
↣ If your ever standing like in the kitchen cooking or something Akaashi will come behind you and rest his chin on top of your head
↣ Akaashi usually places things on lower shelves when he knows you’ll have to use something soon
↣ He enjoys going grocery shopping with you because its time spent together and he grows a smile on his face whenever he hears you asking him to grab something off of one of the high shelves.
Akaashi simply enjoyed your presence. He loved being next to you simply because he adored the difference in height between the two of you. You were in the kitchen cooking dinner when Akaashi came up behind you wrapping his hands around your waist as his head came to rest on your shoulder.
“Smells amazing angel” he mumbled in a soft voice, breath tickling your neck.
“ I’m glad you think so, it's your favorite.” You smiled while stirring the food.
Akaashi kissed your shoulder then stepped back to admire your small figure as you made your way around the kitchen moving pots and pans around.
“You're the cutest you know that?” he said in almost a whisper leaning against the nearest counter.
“ I think I might be in competition with you for the cutest award” you smiled, turning to him, spoon in hand.
Akaashi smiled down at you and bent over to your level, placing a kiss on your nose. You smiled, scrunching your nose with a giggle.
“I think you might've just won the competition Angel” Akaashi smiled down at you giving you one last peck on the lips before standing up straight
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