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#and he only reveals it on special occasions
haikyuu-boys-headcanons · 9 months ago
hehe, i’m back at it again with one of these long ass posts but this idea’s literally been in my head all day long so here you go !! obvious nsfw warning :)
tw: this whole post is just nsfw and embarrassing to read so read at your own risk >:)
𝙳𝙰𝙸𝙲𝙷𝙸 » during a super intense and loud session, his voice cracked as he asked you “does that feel goOD- good baby?” to this day, he still prays that you couldn’t hear him over the sound of your own moans
𝚂𝚄𝙶𝙰𝚆𝙰𝚁𝙰 » you were riding him and he went to slap your ass, but something went wrong either because you were riding too quickly or he was shaking too much, boy ended up slapping himself in the balls. you’ve never heard that boy scream that loud in your life
𝙰𝚂𝙰𝙷𝙸 » literally pulled out in the middle of sex to get up and rush to the corner of his room to flip around his childhood teddy bears. your just laying there with your tiddies and coochie out waiting for asahi to shield the eyes of mr. wiggles
𝚃𝙰𝙽𝙰𝙺𝙰 » you two were having pretty intense shower sex until tanaka did the number one thing your not supposed to do during shower sex; this muthafucker slipped while holding you. long story short, y’all were okay but just ended up having nasty shower floor sex??
𝙽𝙸𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙽𝙾𝚈𝙰 » this tiny ass 5′2 man was unconsciously humping your leg while you were both asleep?? his presumably pleasurable wet dream had turned into a sudden nightmare when you literally had to KICK him off you to stop the humping. bad nishinoya, bad!
𝙺𝙰𝙶𝙴𝚈𝙰𝙼𝙰 » came WAYYY too early inside you, but he was too embarrassed to say anything so he just... kept going. sadly, no one had warned kageyama of the intense effects of overstimulation. he was shaking and whimpering so badly behind you to the point where you had to ask him to pull out and bring him a glass of water to calm down
𝙷𝙸𝙽𝙰𝚃𝙰 » the first time you squirted on him, he just blatantly asked you these exact few words that left you feeling mortified: “did you just piss on me?” nuh uh hinata, this water fountain ain’t yours to drown in anymore >:( 
𝚃𝚂𝚄𝙺𝙸𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙼𝙰 » kei was hitting it from the back pretty hard this time, so hard that you were suddenly... on an angle? suddenly, now you two were much closer to the floor than before. the bed ended up collapsing, yes literally collapsing due to kei’s powerful thrusts. worst part is, nobody got to finish since kei dragged you to ikea to grumpily buy a new bedframe. but hey, he bought you ikea meatballs; that shit hits so different
𝚈𝙰𝙼𝙰𝙶𝚄𝙲𝙷𝙸 » one super duper intense night, he passed out the SECOND he came. no matter how much you flicked the temple of his forehead, yamaguchi was dead asleep. you had to literally slap him awake to get him to clean up, you ain’t risking a ranky stanky UTI puthy in the morning
𝙾𝙸𝙺𝙰𝚆𝙰 » kept calling himself a sex machine during the act. i don’t know if it was due to the 6 tequila shots he had beforehand or just his inner ego revealing, whatever it was it was about to make your pussy close
𝙸𝚆𝙰𝚉𝚄𝙼𝙸 » this one time, he kept going in at a weird angle which caused you to repeatedly queef for 7 minutes straight. every time you told him to pull out and go in properly, he laughed and kept going in at that one weird angle!! was your embarrassment a turn on for him?? maybe!! but were you mortified? absolutely!!
𝙼𝙰𝚃𝚃𝚂𝚄𝙽 » i’m sorry to have to be the one to announce this, but this man had the worst case of full blown bush you’ve ever seen. like, he didn’t even try to manscape or anything at all. you ended up begging him to trim just a tiny bit because you weren’t gonna risk choking on a pube whilst your going down on him
𝙷𝙰𝙽𝙰𝙼𝙰𝙺𝙸 » rubbed your left labia thinking it was your clit. and he kept doing that. the whole. fucking. time. even when you subtly moved his fingers towards your clit, he just kept going back to the left lip.
𝙺𝚄𝙽𝙸𝙼𝙸 » had the most dry and dull dirty talk you’ve ever heard. like, it’s not even dirty talk at this point; it’s just clean talk. there’s no passion when he talks! he uses the same tone he would use for anyone else at any other moment. to paint the picture, imagine riding kunimi and he’s just there with a furrowed expression like “yup, that feels really good”
𝙺𝚈𝙾𝚃𝙰𝙽𝙸 » tried to pull one of those unexpected anal scenes that he saw from a porno, without telling you beforehand. life lesson here; if you party at shit's house, don't be surprised if shit's at the party
𝙺𝚄𝚁𝙾𝙾 » you two were looking to get a little more kinky in terms of BDSM, so kuroo watched like 30 tutorials on youtube on how to safely tie you up so you won’t fall or anything. this bitch ended up tying rope knots that were practically impossible to undo, which resulted in you hanging from the ceiling for approximately 2 hours pussy-ass naked while kuroo tried to cut you down with a kitchen knife
𝙺𝙴𝙽𝙼𝙰 » wanted to spice things up with some dirty talk, like the real nasty talk they use in pornos but not the normal pornos; the shitty company ones with horrific acting. he really ended up announcing that he was going to “fuck your fucking fanny off, you twat”
𝙻𝙴𝚅 » got super excited while he was opening the lube since he hadn’t gotten to fuck you in a WHILE, which resulted the lube leaked everywhere and a giant 6′5 man slipping and hitting his head on the bed frame. worst part is; he had to go to the ER with a hard on that refused to go away
𝙱𝙾𝙺𝚄𝚃𝙾 » speaking of boners that wouldn’t go away, let’s not forget that one time bokuto took two viagras when you texted him to come over for a special occasion. he horribly misinterpreted the ‘special occasion’ text, because he showed up to your house with a huge buldge in his pants as your parents stand before him holding anniversary cards, completely horrified
𝙰𝙺𝙰𝙰𝚂𝙷𝙸 » wanted to make valentines day sex as romantic as he could, so he did the classic lighting candles and giving roses. everything was beautiful, until he accidently knocked one of the bigger candles over during missionary. this not only caused a huge ass fire in your bedroom, but he came right as the fire began to spread. boy was debating on whether his orgasm was to die for or not
𝙺𝙾𝙽𝙾𝙷𝙰 » had a nose bleed when he was going down on you and you both were immediately horrified, you thinking it was your period and him thinking he just ate coochie blood. yet as you went to go clean up, you realized his face had much more blood on it than your coochie did. to this day, he still blames it on your period 
𝚄𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙹𝙸𝙼𝙰 » threw you onto the bed and your head went through the wall. he didn’t even bother to ask you if you were okay, he just sighed and went “well, now i have to make a call to the construction guy. excuse me” and he left you and your concussed ass head sit there once again, pussy ass naked
𝚃𝙴𝙽𝙳𝙾𝚄 » during a blowjob, he held your head down right as he was coming causing the cum to shoot up your throat and somehow pour out of your nose. by the time he pulled out, he could barely breath from laughing at you. sure, the classic ‘milk shooting out of nose’ thing was funny at first until you got a sinus infection and had to breath out of your mouth for the next three days
𝚂𝙴𝙼𝙸 » always insists having sex in the most inconvenient places?? like he would pull you to side while grocery shopping and start grinding up against you as you pick which brand of cheese would be better??
𝙶𝙾𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙺𝙸 » he kept getting frustrated that his bangs were clouding his field of vision, so he irritably grabbed a hair tie and frantically tied up the sides of his bangs while he was fucking you. you immediately burst out laughing since he looked exactly like boo from monsters inc. 
𝚃𝙴𝚁𝚄𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙼𝙰 » got so drunk that he ended up fucking the couch. like he was just there on top of you, and his dick was just sliding between the folds of the leather couch. you decided to let him finish like that
𝚂𝙰𝙺𝚄𝚂𝙰 » had a really bad reaction to one of the products he used while shaving and ended up getting super irritated down there so he kept having to pull out in-between thrusts to itch his crotch. to make things worse, you joking suggested that he looked like he had syphilis and he got so disgusted at the idea of that thought that he literally had to pull out and take a breather 
𝙾𝚂𝙰𝙼𝚄 » drizzled ‘warm’ chocolate down your chest and was about to seductively lick it off until you screamed in pain and horror as the chocolate was literally burning your skin off. osamu panicked, obviously not knowing what to do if chocolate was burning his partners skin off so he just... frantically licked it off. you still had to go to the ER afterwards to get treated for mild burns
𝙰𝚂𝚃𝚄𝙼𝚄 » didn’t know what a hymen was until the first time he tried to have sex with you. no matter how much he tried to shove his schlong in, it really just wasn’t working + “yer puss is broken”
𝚂𝚄𝙽𝙰 » pinched your nipples so fucking hard to the point where you started crying. he thoughts these were tears of pleasure until you literally had to kick him off you. but hey, he gave you ice for your sore nipples and mcdonalds! what more could a girl possibly want :)
uh the end lol
also, this idea was inspired by the first haikyuu headcanon i ever read, “awkward sex moments” by @bbytetsu <3
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a-shy-blueberry · 27 days ago
We’ll Be Watching You
Tumblr media
A/N This was a request for my 300 Follower’s Event for the prompt Dom! Tamaki Amajiki x Exhibitionism, I strayed a little bit from that in my excitement but nevertheless, I think it turned out super well! Thank you to the anon that requested this! To @touyas-peach​, @katonshoko​, and @eikatslut​ for literally contributing so many ideas for this you. And an extra special shoutout again to @katonshoko​ for betaing! Literally saved my ass. And lastly thank you to the windstorm that knocked out my power and cell signal for 24 hours right when I started writing this so it was the only thing fun to do
Pairing: Amajiki Tamaki x F! Reader; Denki Kaminari x F! Reader; Bakugou Katsuki x F! Reader; Kirishima Eijirou x F! Reader
Genre: Smut
Summary: It isn’t often that your boyfriend Amajiki gets truly jealous but when Kaminari, Bakugou, and Kirishima can’t stop making comments about you, he makes a plan to show them just why you’re his.
Warnings: MINORS DNI, AGELESS BLIGS DNI, Aged Up Characters, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, M! Masturbation, Unsafe Sex, Public (ish) Sex, Creampie, Marking, Mirror Sex, Dom! Tamaki, Non Consensual Voyeurism.
Word Count: 2k
Tumblr media
It wasn’t often that you visited Tamaki at work, the shy hero was easily flustered by all the extra attention you brought with you, but it was always something that you enjoyed. You’d make an occasion out of it, dressing extra cute and watching as you drew the eyes of his coworkers, knowing fully well that your boyfriend caught every hungry glance directed at you and would make you pay for it later.
So of course, you thought nothing of it when you passed Dynamight, Chargebolt, and Red Riot, their eyes trailing to follow the way the edge of your sundress just barely covered your ass. Only flicking upwards to the tight bodice that accentuated your breasts. Their eyes watching you as you walked towards Tamaki. Watching as you gave him his lunch, kissing him on the cheek before sitting on his desk. Watching as you crossed your legs so your dress rose a little higher, chatting amiably with your boyfriend as you pretended not to notice the onlookers. Tamaki watched too. Noting the near-constant attention they were giving you, glaring at you every once and a while in warning as you adjusted your dress to reveal more of your thighs. But you’d just smile, patting him on the arm to assure him before wiggling to let the front of your dress fall just a little bit more. You could barely contain your excitement for how he’d treat you later. When you left, you kissed him deeply and pressed the length of your body against his, noting a certain bulge that had made an appearance before turning away. You were fighting a grin as you left, however, it was when you overheard Chargebolt, your composure nearly cracked. 
“How did Amajiki senpai end up with her?”
Tumblr media
Amajiki knew what you were doing, it had become a game of sorts to you, practically flashing his coworkers to rile him up. Normally he didn’t even mind, he knew you were gorgeous, it made sense that others saw it too. Plus the confidence boost, the comments gave you, was the sexiest thing to see; but this, this was driving him up the wall.
“Did you see her tits, please tell me you noticed?” Kaminari said. A play-by-play commentary of nearly every single body part of yours had been running out of his mouth since the moment you left.
“How the fuck did he land that piece of ass?” Bakugou added… For the fourth time 
Truly, it was becoming exhausting to listen to. But they were so loud that Tamaki could scarcely ignore them. 
At least Kirishima was better. Trying and failing to switch the subject.
“Really, she’s very sweet, and it’s so clear that they love each other a lot, so can we focus now.”
They had been going at this for an hour and Tamaki was on his last nerve. If they wanted to know why you were with him, then for damn sure they were gonna find out. There was also a bonus of giving you, exactly what you were aiming for earlier today. His mind was already formulating a plan. 
Tumblr media
Things were set in motion after he had texted you to come to the office after work. Of course, it was something you eagerly responded to. When you arrived he guided you into one of the integration rooms, all the while he had also coincidentally scheduled Bakugou, Kaminari, and Kirishima to sit in the corresponding observation room. They were not expecting to see you walk in, giggling as you dragged Amajiki in behind you. Quickly pulling your dress up, leaving you in just your underwear. You shed your bra soon after, before working on Tamaki. Getting his shirt off before he stopped you.
Bakugou and Kaminari could hardly believe their eyes, here you were undressing right in front of them, Kirishima shielded his eyes at first, trying to turn the others away but he went still when he heard Tamaki.
“It seems like my bunny likes being a little slut.” Tamaki said, leaning against the table grabbing you by your hips and pulling you in between his legs. “Did you have fun riling everyone up?”
All three of the men stepped closer to the class, breaths heavy with anticipation.
 “No~,” you shook your head, jutting out your bottom lip to pout at him.
“I think you're lying,” Tamaki said. Dipping his fingers into your panties, swiping them down your slit before pulling them back out, popping them into his mouth.
Bakugou craned his neck to see you better, your eyes kept flashing to the mirror, surely you didn’t know they were here.
“You’re so wet bunny, you must’ve liked the way they looked at you, didn’t you?”
Your legs felt weak, Tamaki guiding his fingers back to your clit, circling the tender bud as he continued to question you. Your head was swirling, hips jerking at his every touch, and you could scarcely comprehend what you were even answering. Your head came to rest on Tamaki’s shoulder as he continued his ministrations.
“I think as your punishment, I’m going to fuck you like the dirty slut you want to be,” he said. Guiding you to turn around, before standing himself, his arms coming around you. 
“I want you to keep your eyes on the mirror,” he instructed. His hands came up to cup your breasts, you watched as he swiped his thumbs over the stiff peaks, rolling the buds in his fingers before pinching them to earn a yelp out of your mouth.
Kaminari could feel his dick throbbing in response to your voice. The scene before him was like straight out of a porno, your innocent eyes looking straight towards him but not knowing he was there. All the while your boyfriend glowered behind you, playing with your tits, showing you off to them, and staking a claim. Denki palmed his growing length desperate for some kind of friction, he looked beside him. His compatriots similarly tried to adjust to their arousal.
“Eh fuck it,” he thought, unzipping his fly, lowering the waistband of his underwear to sit underneath his balls. Stroking his length, running his thumb over the tip as similarly as he could to Amajiki’s circles around your breasts. Kirishima glanced over, seeing Denki and freezing. This was wrong, you had no idea they were there, he couldn’t get off to this, but his dick was painfully hard, he finally snapped when Tamaki slipped a hand down to your cunt, fingering you at first through the thin fabric before sneaking inside. His other hand was still lavishing attention on your breast as he sucked on the skin of your throat, a budding bruise already forming. And yet his eyes never left the mirror, glaring straight through it.
Kiri looked at Bakugou and Kaminari again, both this time with hands wrapped around their cocks, stroking them steadily. He could scarcely believe the situation, sure he had seen instances where Tamaki took control and got over his shyness but he thought that was exclusive to hero work. Something like this seemed so unlike his shy friend, but the way he had complete control over you, looking straight at them was too erotic Kiri finally gave in, pulling his own dick out. The relief was immediate the second his fist closed around it.
They all raptly watched as Tamaki dropped his pants and boxers, lowering your panties next. He sat on the table behind him, scooting so just his knees dangled off, his legs spread comfortably before guiding you back. Positioning your thighs to rest over his own, your hands onto the table behind you. He settled you onto his length, spreading you out as he pierced into you, so the audience could watch as you took every inch of his massive cock. Tamaki held onto your hips as the two of you worked together to bounce you on his cock. The angle forcing you to stretch out for him more. Tamaki glanced at the mirror, knowing full well what lay on the other side, the thought of it fueling him, showing you off, showing just how well he could fuck you as you called for his name over and over.
“Ahh~ Tamaki,” you moaned as his fingers came around to play with your clit, spreading them into a V shape to trace the way your cunt split open for him, he spread your legs wider.
“Look at the mirror bunny, don’t you see how pretty you look all stretched out for me? I want you to keep watching,” you lifted your head desperately trying to watch but the pleasure was too great, you rocked your head back onto Tamaki’s shoulder, eyes fluttering shut as you continued to impale yourself on his cock.
Tamaki merely chuckled, taking his hand off your hip to guide your head back.
“You have to watch, remember” he reminded you.
“S’too hard Tama,” you whimpered, your hips gyrating on his cock, taking him deeper into you before he helped you lift off again, pounding you back down onto his length. You were so close, Tamaki bringing a hand to pinch your tits, rolling the sensitive bud as his other hand played with your clit.
You looked at the mirror again, you knew no one was there but the thought of someone watching the two of you sent you over the edge as you came, soaking Tamaki’s cock with your essence as he kept fucking into you.
On the other side of the mirror, the three men were similarly thrilled, all hesitation towards watching long gone as they masturbated to the sight of you in all your glory; cock drunk and moaning on Tamaki’s length, begging for relief as he continued to torment you. Spreading you wide open for their viewing pleasure. Looking up to emphasize his claim as he slammed up into you again. Biting down hard on your shoulder. The sight was too erotic to handle. They could tell you were close, the subtle shake in your legs as you approached your orgasm. The way your begging grew more desperate, jerking into Tamaki’s hand when he circled your clit. His hand returned to your hip, gripping you so tight, it was certain you’d have bruises the next day.
You were in agony. Your second orgasm was so close already you could taste it, you caught Tamaki’s eyes in the mirror and sobbed, begging him to let you come as he continued to lightly tease your clit, working you up closer and closer to that precipice but he was brutal, removing his hand entirely, moving to join his other as he fucked up into you harder than before. His cockhead slamming into your cervix each time, his hands working in tandem with your hips as he used you to chase his pleasure.
“Fuck bunny your cunt feels so good. You’re so warm and tight,” he groaned out. His hips stuttered as his release grew close. His hand returned to your clit, rubbing circles around the pretty bud. You keened into his touch, your body chasing that pleasure that only he could provide.
“That’s it, cum for me,” Tamaki said, and you shuddered around him, your inner muscles seized up around him forcing him over the edge as well as he continued to play with your clit, both of you working each other through your orgasms.
Behind the glass, Kiri, Kaminari, and Bakugou were so close, Bakugou moaning as he watched the way your chest rose and fell, the way your pussy was leaking Tamaki’s cum, he was so close, he grabbed his t-shirt, pulling it into his mouth and moved his hand faster. He was so fucking close as he stroked one final time and groaned as he came, Kaminari and Kirishima joining in as cum coated their respective chests.
Your head snapped, looking straight at the mirror. You turned to look at Tamaki, a knowing look in his eyes before slipping off of his cock, and strolling towards the mirror. You knocked on the glass, cocking your head a smirk on your lips.
“Are you going to join or what?"
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading! Likes, reblogs and comments are appreciated!
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notnctu · 6 months ago
jaehyun: the charming
Tumblr media
━ welcome home to housemating smut series :)
☆ click the link above to read background info about this housemate!
☆ GENRE: smut, pwp ☆ DETAILS: fem!reader, college!au, housemate!au ☆ WARNINGS: explicit language, nicknames, dirty talking, possessiveness, rough sex, praise kink, oral (giving and receiving), spitting, choking, unprotected (wrap up yall!!) ☆ WC: 4.1k ☆ SYNOPSIS: A harmless game of Truth Or Dare with your housemates reveals Jaehyun’s true desires and has him eyeing you the entire night.
☆ AUTHORS NOTE: this is the only part for jaehyun ! sorry for the long wait,, i started this during my writing hiatus and did not have much motivation to finish it since its been really difficult to write smut lately :/ regardless, i hope you can leave me some feedback if you liked it <3 doyoung’s part will be the next in the series once i get to it !
Tumblr media
“If you could kiss anyone in this room right now, who would it be?” Johnny beckons his drink to Jaehyun, who blinks at him with knitted eyebrows and a quizzical expression.
It’s one of those rare nights where all your housemates are home and Doyoung is actually out of his room to participate in everyone’s foolishness. All six of you sit comfortably in the living room as the fifth round of Truth or Dare commences. 
You share the large couch with Jaemin and Haechan, sandwiching you in between them happily. Doyoung, Jaehyun and Johnny are seated in their own respective chairs that circle the tiny coffee table in the center. 
And if your housemates could be any more distracting, Jaehyun sits laid-back without a shirt on and grey sweatpants that fit loosely on his legs, manspreading as if he has all the space in the world. His soft hair falls messily around his face from constantly running his hands through it and his abs flex without him needing to do much.
It’s hard not to stare, but no one in the room calls you out for doing so. They’ve all stared at you plenty enough times on other occasions, so it would be hard for any of them to give you a counterargument. Jaehyun simply looks good enough to devour, and he can say the same for you as he steals sly glances your way.
Every subtle connection of smoldering eye contact sends a thrill down your core, and the smirk paired with his dotted dimple has you swooning for him over and over. Jaehyun knows every way to drive you wild without needing to say or touch you.
It’s unbelievable how that man has only allowed you to see his intimacy once with the way he whistles whenever you walk down the stairs in a cute outfit or how often he compliments your butt just for the pure satisfaction of you having one. Despite having the highest body count in the entire house, he has great self control and never comes off as being too needy. 
And every time he is needy, he already has another girl in his room to satisfy him. So, this never gave you another opportunity to sleep with him as much as you wanted to. If you weren’t so bashful, you might’ve had enough courage to just walk into his room and ask. 
Nonetheless, here you both are: sitting across from each other during a slowly escalating game of Truth or Dare and eyeing each other every chance you can get.
“Shouldn’t you ask y/n that question?” Jaehyun mumbles, finding Johnny’s question rather ridiculous since the ratio in the room is 1 girl to 5 guys and finds no curiosity to know how bad of a kisser the rest of his housemates are. “I think you’d rather know her answer than mine.”
You clear your throat when every attention is drawn toward you, expecting you to give a truthful response when it isn’t even your turn. “What if I didn’t pick truth?”
“You want a dare?” Jaemin rests a hand on your bare thigh and turns delightfully toward you with a dark mischievous gleam in his eye.
Gulping, you try your best to diffuse the situation. “It’s not my turn.” 
“I’ll give my turn to you.” Jaehyun smiles and proceeds to gesture toward you to speak.
Bewildered, you’re looking to Doyoung to protest about such unfair grounds of switching the rules. However, he doesn’t say a word, shrugging it off like it’s not a big deal. “You’re all unbelievable.” You scoff sarcastically.
“C’mon, it’s just a friendly game. Everyone wants you to go.” Haechan clicks his tongue out of impatience, the anticipation practically suffocating the whole house.
“Ask me when it’s my turn.” You stand your ground and send Jaehyun a quick glare. 
The tension drops instantly from the stiff atmosphere. Haechan’s groan erupts beside you as he sits back against the couch with his arms crossed. 
“Okay, buttercup. I’ll answer Johnny’s ridiculous question, but know that I have a good one for you.” Jaehyun leans forward to rest his elbows on his knees with his hands clasped together loosely. “I’d kiss y/n.” 
Your breath hitches, but no one else is actually surprised by his answer. “Yeah, I’d kiss y/n too if this was my selection pool.” Doyoung remarks with a roll in his eyes.
“I mean,” Jaehyun sits back coolly in his chair, hands stretched behind his head and every muscle flexed in view. Every movement has your mouth watering at his impressive body on display. “Even if we were playing with other people, I’d still choose y/n.” A dimple smile causes your heart to beat rapidly.
Johnny scoffs, “if we circled up all your flings, you’d still choose y/n?” 
Jaehyun ponders the hypothetical for a second, but his eyes land back on yours and every hesitation disappears. “Yeah. She has the softest lips.” He says, very matter of fact.
Your fingers unconsciously graze against your lips briefly, before you clear your throat and shake away the power of his arousing words. “Okay, okay. Let’s move on?” 
“Okay, y/n. Truth or Dare?” Jaehyun picks this open opportunity to bring the attention back to you. Your housemates wait patiently for your choice, with eyebrows raised in the thick tension that this simple game has built up.
With shifty eyes and a dry throat, you mutter. “Dare.” 
There is a notable sparkle in Jaehyun’s dark lustful orbs. “I dare you to kiss the person that you think is the hottest in this room.” 
“Well, it would be difficult to kiss myself.” Rolling your eyes, the edge in your tone is enough to make the rest of them snicker. 
“I’m done after this round. It’s always the weirdest twists whenever we play games like this together.” Doyoung crosses his arms, throwing a small fit at the request. 
Johnny smirks, “because you know y/n wouldn’t kiss you?” 
Doyoung’s mouth opens to protest, but he falls short of a defensive response. He takes his defeat and slumps back against the chair, pouty and grumpy. “Just get it over with and kiss Jaehyun.” 
With a turn of events, you get up from your spot on the couch. Jaehyun follows your every move, your stare never leaving his own. Like a lost puppy, you lead him into thinking the kiss would be for him. However, you lean forward and hold Doyoung’s chin gently, planting a soft kiss on the equally shocked boy. 
“I think Doyoung is the hottest because he treats me with the most chivalry.” The sweetness that taints your mocking words has Doyoung turning red and Jaehyun turning into stone. The charming smile that lights up your darkest parts is gone, and Jaehyun blinks back at you with a tight jaw. 
Jaemin and Haechan read the room too well, excusing themselves before the tension reaches its peak. Doyoung gulps, glancing between you and Jaehyun, and awkwardly makes his way back to his room. Johnny chuckles at the abrupt end of the night, patting Jaehyun’s shoulder lightly before also heading up to bed. 
Every next move is crucial. With your weight barred on your left leg, you cross your arms with as much attitude as you can to push Jaehyun’s buttons further. “Jaehyun, if you really wanted a kiss, you could just ask me without wasting a turn.”
“Where’s the fun in that, buttercup? You clearly like testing your limits.” His voice drops at the end of his sentence. Jaehyun stands up, approaching you slowly. “But if you want my attention, you could just ask me without trying to make me jealous.”
His boldness catches you off guard, leaving you a bit speechless to formulate a proper explanation. Your hesitation gets caught in your throat when Jaehyun lightly places his hand on your waist. “It’s late, we should probably get to bed.” His raspy baritone cadence rumbles your chest.
Fingers graze his arm softly, but he pulls away before you can get a hold of him. “Are you actually going to sleep?”
Jaehyun walks to the bottom of the staircase, motioning you to walk first. “No, I’ll be up thinking about you.” A smirk finishes his sensual taunt and you cautiously head up the stairs. 
He follows directly after you and a whistle escapes his lips. “Have I given you your daily ass compliment yet?”
“Got one this morning.” With each step, Jaehyun is quick to match. 
“Well, you look amazing everyday.” He meets you at the top of the steps and when you’re ready to part back into your room, he stops you. “Where’s my kiss goodnight, baby?” 
You can’t possibly count the numerous times you’ve rolled your eyes being around him. “In my room, if you dare wish to enter.” Though your statement was clearly sarcastic, Jaehyun raises an questionable eyebrow. 
“I’ll only come if you let me in.” His innocent eyes do not match his sinister tone and his hidden innuendos. 
“I guess I always go into your room, it would be nice to have a change.” Taking his hand, you lead him down the hallway. The doors of your other housemates are oddly closed, but you figured they wanted some privacy. His warm hand feels rough against your palm and your heart drums as you two inch closer to your bedroom.
Jaehyun gently closes your door and examines your room as if he’s never been inside. “Don’t be a stranger.” You say, dropping his hand and sitting at the edge of your bed.
“Do you leave your underwear drawer open for all your friends to see?” He snickers, his pinky holding your special red lace panties up in the air. Your eyes go wide as you quickly yank the material out of his possession and shove the cabinet closed.
“I wouldn’t have figured you were the nosey type.” You grumble, but he takes this close proximity to pull you into his bare chest. His firm hand gives your ass a soft squeeze.
“It was quite obviously on display.” His dark whisper sends a chill down your spine and butterflies to swirl in the pit of your core. The faint smell of his body wash suffocates you all around and his sultry stare has you melting in his hands. It is so difficult to resist him, you want everything that is Jung Jaehyun.
Your words are quite possibly caught in your throat, but the hesitation does not show in your expression. Lightly, your fingertips trace the outline of his biceps and his dark stare follows every drag. Admittedly, Jaehyun will find any excuse to grab your attention. Call him possessive for no good reason, but something inside him bubbles with envy whenever your other housemates even leave a lingering stare.
Although he’s not the type to be vocal about it, his facial expressions speak volumes. May it be his competitive nature, but he can’t let the others have you. You have unknowingly become off-limits to the rest, but frankly, you don’t care all too much. Your prize is already in front of you.
“Are you going to kiss me or do I have to wait all night again?” With every will, you try your best to control the nervous tremble in your bold rhetorical question.
Jaehyun wastes no more time; soft lips crash into your own and you feel like you’re floating. Only he can make you feel this way. Hands in hair, the tug on his fresh locks has him moaning through the kiss. Jaehyun loses himself in you, rubbing his semi-hard cock against your thigh and gripping your ass harshly in his hand.
Every drip of saliva is swapped in the mess of your connected mouths and you’re reminded of how rough this man enjoys to be. Your knees buckle at the thought of him and Jaehyun is quick to hold you up, placing you strategically at the end of your bed. 
Pulling away, he stands in front of you with the largest dick print against his sweatpants, along with a small wet spot. There are no bashful words exchanged as the room is filled with heavy breathing and sultry looks. Jaehyun guides your hand to his waistband, silently waiting for you to free him.
Looking up at your beautiful boy, the neediness of release almost ruins his perfect charming look. Hair is tousled wildly across his eyes and his bottom lip escapes underneath the top row of his pearly teeth. He just looks so fucked out already, you can’t imagine how much he was holding back earlier.
You pull down enough of his pants for his dick to spring up right in front of you, not expecting the lack of underwear. Your small gasp cause him to chuckle, pushing the back of your head forward toward his hard cock. “Surprised?”
“You weren’t wearing underwear the entire night?” You question him as your hands cup his balls. A sharp intake of breath is his only response before he can compose himself. 
Through gritted teeth, Jaehyun stutters, “Like you were?” He throws his head back when your warm tongue flicks against his throbbing red tip. Every vein in his arm and neck pops on display as he grabs a hold of your hair.
“You wouldn’t know.” You snicker, running your tongue up and down his shaft. Jaehyun looks back down at your piercing eyes and his dick right above your cheek.
A smirk grows devilishly, “I’m about to find out.” Pushing your shoulder back gently, your back lands comfortably on the mattress. Your heart is racing as Jaehyun gets down on his knees, situating himself in between your open legs.
“May I?” He asks, warm hands on your inner thighs as he patiently waits for your answer.
“Yes.” Jaehyun pulls your shorts down to reveal your favorite comfort cotton panties that have faded from their original color. Naturally, you grow embarrassed and quickly slap your legs closed before Jaehyun can process. 
He blinks at you questionably, quite taken aback by the abrupt motion. “Are you okay?”
“Let’s just say I wasn’t completely expecting to sleep with anyone tonight. I’m not quite prepared down there.” Your gaze drops and you anxiously fist your sheets in your sweaty hands.
Jaehyun nods, understanding your implications. “I don’t care about those things. You are…” landing a quick peck on your bare knee, he rubs reassuring circles with his thumb. “.... the prettiest baby ever. And if you’d let me, buttercup, I want to make you feel good.” 
He has always been suave with his words, as if he knows the handbook to get butterflies fluttering in your stomach. Slowly, your legs open back up before him and the slightest groan rumbles from his throat.
The wet patch on your panties is hard to ignore and he’s mesmerized, to say the least. He peels down your underwear and uses his thumb to spread your lips. Leaning forward, Jaehyun lightly licks at your erect clit and your twitch in response is enough to feed into his ego. 
He dives hungrily, eating you out until your eyes roll to the back of your head and your back is arching off of the bed. He flattens his tongue against you, pushing in and out of your dripping hole in a rhythmic motion. His nose is deep in your skin, intoxicated by your arousal, and his eyes are drinking up your uncontrollable reactions.
It’s as if electricity shocks through your lower half. The pleasure that comes with every lick and sweet suckle has you panting for more. His name echoes from your tender lips while Jaehyun inserts two fingers to stretch you out. The initial ache subsides into an indescribable pleasure; it’s the feeling of being full of anything mixing with the sensitivity of tongue against clit that has you practically on the verge of release. 
Jaehyun isn’t going to give it to you that easily. The moment your moans grow bolder, your legs begin to shake, your hand putting a little more pressure on his head, he pulls away and gets up. A desperate sigh crushes your chest as the build up leads to dissatisfaction. Jaehyun wipes his chin with the back of his hand, his two fingers glistening before being shoved into your own mouth. 
“That’s my good girl, give yourself a taste.” His hot words cause you to flood a bit more, the feeling of wetness pooling at your core. However, you two toy each other with no end as he is provoked by the way your tongue sensually swirls around his digits and how your hips keep squirming closer to the edge. “How badly do you want to get fucked?”
His firm hand holds your moving hips into the bed and you’re aching to be filled with his dick. He’s so hard that it slaps against his abdomen, red tip and spewing precum. Nonetheless, his self restraint is quite strong as he notices the defeat in your expression. Enough teasing, your body wants him endlessly. 
“Jaehyun, I want you to give me all that you got.” At the end of your request, he enters you slowly with a breathy moan. The stretch is much more than his two fingers, causing you to squirm and wiggle. Inch by inch, Jaehyun fills you to your brim and pauses for you to adjust to his size. 
“Fuck, it’s been awhile since we’ve slept together. I almost forgot how tight you are.” How could this man possibly smile with so much innocence while saying such foul things? The next action causes you to go a bit dizzy as he spits down at your clit and rubs it lovingly with his thumb. You practically see stars on your mundane ceiling. 
He starts moving his hips, deep long thrusts pulling out to only sharply fill you up again. Jaehyun is relentless as every thrust forward has you moving more and more up the bed. Your legs are pressed against your chest, folding you over to hit your sweet spot. When his tip grazes upon the greatest feeling ever, your grip on the sheets grows tighter and he’s smirking at how your mouth hangs open in pure ecstasy and shock.
“You’re so good at taking my cock.” He pants, moving faster than before. “My baby hasn’t been fucked properly in a while, has she?”
You’re at a loss for words at every drag and push. Regardless of you wanting to speak, no words seem to make its way out. Jaehyun narrows his eyes at you, dark grin and a menacing taunt in his low voice. A chuckle begins his sentence, “I know… it’s hard to talk when you feel so good right, buttercup? I can feel you getting more excited down there.”
Placing your legs around his waist, he leans down over you. His sneaky hand travels up your torso, giving your boobs a light squeeze through your shirt. Then, he wraps his hand around your neck gently and carefully, only applying enough pressure to drive you wild. 
He breaks his rhythm, reverting back to the previous slow pace. Something about the way you feel around him, hot and tight, needy and wet. Jaehyun just loves how your body reacts.
The feeling of soreness occupies your lower half and you’re more than certain it’s going to be rough tomorrow morning. Every thrust is agonizing, yet powerful enough to be felt in your guts. Jaehyun never fails to leave an impression.
Through your moans, you manage to stutter out his name. “Please, harder.” Jaehyun picks you up, hands supporting your butt and pressing your back against your door. Placing your legs down, you’re standing up right facing him with a confused expression at the change of location.
For a brief moment, his lustful glare is warm and friendly. It’s the same look that greets you in the car when he drives you two to campus. It’s the one he often looks at you with across the dinner table, usually accompanied with his robust laughter. Jaehyun looks at you as if he’s only ever seen you.
However, his next words are far from romantic and his hand finds its way to your throat, pinning you up against the cold door. “I want them to hear how good I fuck you.” Them. The rest of your housemates. Knowing that the house is far from soundproof, Jaehyun wants everyone to know how enthusiastic he makes you feel. 
“But--” As you begin to protest, he drives his hips up and nestles into you. His free hand grips your waist steadily as he barely pulls out, fucking you deeper until you feel him at the pit of your stomach. There is no ability to hold back your pleasure, moans just naturally fill the room and bounce off every wall.
“Cum for me, I know you’re close.” Jaehyun has no intentions to stop, the feeling of both releases being at the tip of your tongues. “Be the good girl that you are and cum for me.”
The small bubble inside of you is ready to burst. Jaehyun sucks on his fingers to coat them with saliva and reaches down to stroke at your clit. Like a switch, your internal light bulb explodes and every spark of electricity fuels your every vein. 
Your orgasm electrifies you, causing every limb to shake uncontrollably and sporadically. Jaehyun keeps thrusting up, helping you ride out the intensity of your high. 
“There you go, baby.” A small kiss on your shoulder, he pulls out and the emptiness is felt immediately. Getting on your knees, you take his cock in your mouth to help him finish. He rests his fists on the door, hovering over you as his abs flex beautifully under the fluorescent light. Hollowing out your cheeks, your throat invites him deeper and this causes him to mindlessly thrust into your mouth. 
Jaehyun sounds breathy above you, whining about how close he is to cumming. Silence in the room has been replaced with his heavy pants and soft groans, the sound of suckling and slick saliva droning out anything else.
“Fuck, y/n.” He says, as he holds your cheek in his palm and maintains eye contact with you through his brown locks. The view of his dick being swallowed up in your mouth is more than enough to drive him to his edge, strings of cum coating the back of your throat from his release. The saltiness immediately hits your palette.
Jaehyun tosses his head back until the satisfaction dissipates. Slowly pulling himself out, he moves quickly to find you a tissue. For a moment, neither one of you speak as he silently dresses himself and you wipe the remaining spit off of your lips.
He helps you up from the floor, lightly dusting off your bare knees for you. And he says something to break the slightly awkward atmosphere, “are you kicking me out like you do with the rest of your hookups?” Jaehyun laughs, wide smile and dimples deep in his soft cheeks. The glow in his skin radiates in the dimness, he’s a sight that’s too difficult to look away from.
“Did you want to stay?” Tossing on a pair of fresh underwear and pajama shorts, you have a vague memory of Jaehyun holding you after your first fuck together. 
Though Jaehyun is your friend before anything else, he responds like every other hookup unsure about the next steps. He shrugs, turning around and tapping his back for you to hop on. “I’ll take you to the bathroom to wash up.” 
Jumping on his back and wrapping your arms around his neck, he carries you down the hall to the shared bathroom. “You didn’t exactly answer my question.” Your voice is barely above a whisper, knowing how embarrassed you are going to be the next morning when facing the rest of your housemates.
“I know you’re just going to come into my room anyways, right?” He sets you down and the door to the bathroom swings open to reveal an equally surprised Haechan. 
“Shit, you two scared me.” The dramatic boy rests a hand on his chest to calm his startled heart. “You might want to air out the bathroom before doing anything in there.” Jaehyun and Haechan share a laugh as you groan, irritated by the putrid fumes that cursed the poorly ventilated bathroom.
“You’re so gross.” You say, punching Haechan jokingly on the arm.
“Says you.” Haechan pauses to poke at Jaehyun’s bare chest, “and you. We are never playing Truth or Dare ever again.” 
“Don’t hate the players, hate the game bro.” Jaehyun snickers.
Haechan pays no more attention to the two of you, back turned and hurrying into his dark room. “I do hate the game now!” He yells in a whisper, shutting his door to end the conversation. You sigh out of relief that Haechan didn’t press for more details or jokes.
Housemates, you never know what adventures you’d run into with them. Nonetheless, you don’t mind and getting to see a shirtless Jaehyun parade around the house is always a treat.
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heli0s-writes · 19 days ago
are you praying to me is most definitely super hard blood ran out of his brain feeling like a god steve. it’s the side most people don’t see the slow grown bedroom confidence absolutely
a/n: SO this was supposed to be super passionate and romantic... but then steve came out of nowhere like THAT, ready to corrupt. 1.2k words. title is from miyavi’s holy nights (but here’s this awesome cover by lisa remar).
warnings: i’m a heretic. steve’s a bad boy. explicit smut. 18+ only please.
brooklyn after dark masterlist
Tumblr media
holy nights*
It's been a long session.
Steve is slick from head to toe, hot, panting breaths pushed through his chest, all the covers and pillows long kicked off the bed because he can't stand being touched by anything other than your skin. 
He's sure there's still a living world out there past the suffocating smell of sex and the sounds you make—clawing at the headboard, shivering his name—but that world’s for much later. That world is for a Steve who isn't out of his mind, who isn't buried inside of you.
He’s in rare form tonight, feeling slightly out of his body riding a high he wasn’t expecting. It’s not like there’s any special occasion—no birthday, anniversary, no Steve attempting an egregiously poor bet with a suggestive favor on the line just because he wanted the excuse to make your tummy flutter.
The excuse to sleep with you for the first time.
You just… came over.
Walked in with a paper bag of summer fruit and when he helped you load them into the fridge you thanked him with a quick peck to the cheek. And then you kissed him again, on his temple, and then he kissed you back in the same places innocently—cheek, temple—and decided that the juice at the point of your smile after biting into a ripe strawberry would have been nice to taste.
It was fresh and sweet, like the way you giggled with surprise into his mouth, and the sound of your laughter and how your fingers curled into his hair was good enough reason as any.
You’re shy, so he played it slow. Dangled a more intense alternative on the tip of his tongue, lapped at your cupid’s bow playfully until he heard confirmation. He walked you into the countertop, caged you in with his arms on both sides of your waist, letting his forehead rest on yours, and by the time he let you have it, let you kiss him like it was your idea in the first place, and he felt you mold your body against his, he saw the end.
It’ll be trumpets and fanfare and the heavens parting. It’ll be exactly what he’s been aching for.
It’s a remarkable thing, being love with you—you being in love with him—that makes him dangerous. That reveals something depraved inside his sainted heart—the glorious dichotomy of a man like Steve.
He’s going to rip you free from sweetness. He wants you somewhere sacred and dark that’ll make you forget the world, too.
You whine his name from beneath, thighs shaking.
He only tuts, “Don’t pull away,” and places a splayed hand between your shoulder blades, gazing at how you sink low with his touch. He presses lightly, like a suggestion, and you fold to it, flattening your upper body to the mattress, elbows tucked to your sides, fisting at nothing in an effort to devote yourself to him.
Shadows are curling over your muscles, candlelight making the sweat on your back glisten like starlight. Your hair is a collapsed mess of halo, a damp shroud that shifts when you turn your face to the side.
And, lord, he has to catch his breath.
On all fours with your pretty, pretty face, so wrecked and open and starved for his approval because new relationships are desperate like that. Beneath conventional acts of affection lies reckless desire like a curbed animal, knowing exactly where the other person is by scent alone, waiting for their hand to unclasp the restraints.
And he’s done exactly that.
Kiss-stung lips and wet lashes, the glassy quality of your eyes as you give him your best effort at attentiveness. He doesn’t know if you quite realize how much he loves seeing you with your guard down, pushed to your limit and struggling to keep up—to make him proud.
You whimper when he takes his time with stroking your spine, pressing his thumbs to the dips at your lower back and rolling his hips in lazy circles, wiping the sweat off your cheek, shushing gently in your ear because it’s still a delicate balance of trust and control.
He digs his fingers into your hips, holding you in place while he works himself deeper from behind, hissing as he watches how you tremble. He’s still inside you when he stretches one of your arms, then the other, up past your head, maneuvering until both your wrists are clamped beneath his palm.
“Shh,” Steve coos as you jerk with the new angle he’s dragged you into, spine flexed like a cat stretching, “I know, baby, but you need to stay. Don’t pull away from me.”
You squirm by way of reply, but nod faintly, feverish.
“Stay here,” he curves over your back, shifts his legs until he’s got more leverage and licks up your ear. “Keep me, here, in you, just like this.” 
He smirks, “Oh?”
“Oh my god…!” It’s a small shout, and it makes Steve’s spine light up as you rub your face further into the pillow.
“Praying to me, sweetheart?” but doesn’t stop those tiny, hard circles, doesn’t stop melting into your body, his dick pulsing as it grinds against your walls. “You can keep doing that,” he urges, “I like that.”
He’s breathless, same as you, but he nudges at your face with his nose, gets in with a clever angle to mouth at you, landing on your jaw and lips and everywhere between. He wants to taste his own name from your tongue, wants to savor the delirium in your sloppy kisses, the pleasure like agony that prickles across your brow.
“I’m so hard, baby. So deep in you. I want you addicted to me, baby. I want you all mine.”
You drily sob out something broken, a tiny echo of affirmation as he keeps licking at your teeth, fucking into you like he could break through. He’s really abused your pussy tonight, maybe gone too far, especially for the first time together, but every time you climax like this, Steve feels like he’s witnessing a miracle and what can he do but worship it, seek it out again?
Especially when you’re just… letting him?
He can’t help but groan softly, his chest fluttering when you yelp at another orgasm, and Steve liberates your wrists to hold you close, sucking on your neck and jaw, weathering the sudden knock your shoulder gives him when you shudder almost violently.
And you’re unbelievable like this. Turned on your side, glowing and gasping in his arms, so vulnerable and helpless and—yes, god.
“Gonna come again,” you murmur, voice watery and body limp. Even the leg hooked behind his waist is dead weight, but he only grips your ass, angles your hips right.
You’re exactly where he wants you.
Your bottom lip goes between your teeth, eyes so far glazed over he probably doesn’t even register as corporeal anymore. Your pupils are blown out dark before you blink them into the back of your head, lids squeezed shut, lost to the living world.
“Gonna come,” you repeat hysterically in tongues, “gonnacomegonnacome— gonna—”
Hallelujah, heaven on high, Steve’s seen the end—and it’s all his.
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devildomsgod · 3 months ago
Asmo Made Me Wear It
Tumblr media
gn!reader x Satan
Smut; It's hard to hold yourself back when you discover your boyfriend wearing a thong.
Sub!Satan, rimming, read the title like "the devil made me do it" pls lol
Tumblr media
"S-satan, what the hell," you burst out laughing after discovering the thong wrapping around Satan's hips after he lifted his arms and so the shirt which was previously hiding the secret.
The demon instantly pulls his shirt back down, slowly turning his head to you with deep red cheeks.
"You didn't see that."
"Oh, hell yeah, I did, baby," you laugh while getting up from Satan's bed, leaving your book on his nightstand before making your way over to him, "mind telling me why you're wearing that? Any special occasion I missed?"
Satan tries pushing your hands away as they wrap around his waist, your crotch grinding against his ass.
"A-Asmo made me wear it," he presses out, his eyes closing while trying to stay composed, determined to keep you from seeing the thong fully.
"Oh, Asmo, huh... remind me to thank him later."
Satan whimpers through gritted teeth as your lips begin trailing over his neck, your hands slipping from his tight grip to finally trace the outline of the tanga cutting into the soft flesh of his hips.
"N-no, mc-" before Satan could finish his protest, you pulled the low-waist jeans from his hips, exposing the piece of lingerie fully. It's deep red silk, twining over his thin hips to disappear between his round cheeks. The thong makes his ass look more peachy than usual, irresistible to your desires. A piece only Asmo is capable of choosing.
You put your hand on his shoulder, slightly bending him forward. Satan has to support himself on the bookshelf before him as your hand gropes his ass, the silence on his lips replaced with a yelp when you slap his cheek roughly.
"Take your shirt off and get on the bed, kitten."
Satan complies wordlessly, quickly getting rid of the jeans that were still hanging around his calves while stumbling through some book-towers before settling on his rough mattress, shirtless. Your tone made his cock twitch in the embarrassingly revealing tanga, though he doesn't even want to admit that to himself.
"On your hands and knees," you correct his position, smirking as he quickly follows your order, eyes avoiding you.
You follow him, your fingers tingling in anticipation as you settle behind the demon, getting a perfect view of his lingerie. Satan hisses as you put a finger under the string and pull on it teasingly, his hips following your pull, trying to lessen the pressure.
"You're such a cutie, even in this position, Satan," you mumble as your hand leaves the thong and instead pushes against his inner thighs, making the demon spread his legs a little wider. Your boyfriend's grip on the sheets tightens when you begin kissing over his cheeks, your lips and teeth leaving a trail of burning desire on his ass before your tongue finally inches closer to his clenching hole.
Satan gasps as he feels your saliva through the thin strip of his thong, right over where he needs you most. Your name falls from his lips like a desperate plea to go easy, but you're already fully caught in pulling the thong down his legs, exposing the desperately clenching ring of muscle to you. You let the tanga rest around Satan's thighs as your hands spread his cheeks roughly, your lips finally caressing his hole.
An unexpectedly loud moan falls from the demon's tongue as you begin eating him out, your kisses like prickling blasts of pleasure, and Satan can't keep his arms from giving in as your tongue enters him, thrusting mercilessly.
He doesn't even notice the high-pitched whines filling the room, mind, and body fully under your control, and he'd be a fool to think you'll ever let him wear normal underwear again.
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zomblez · a month ago
. ˚◞♡ ⃗ 🎐*ೃ༄ Things That Make The Genshin Boys Flustered . ˚◞♡ ⃗ 🎐*ೃ༄
If there’s any you’d like me to add let me know and I will ! <3 Make sure to follow and share so I stay motivated to make more !! Send in your requests as well :)
characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Xiao, Venti, Kazuha, Albedo, and more if you request them !!
when you pay that little extra attention to him
like if you’re at the bar on the barstools watching Venti preform while Diluc washes some cups and someone slips and falls and you look over at him to make sure he saw what you saw he thinks that’s so cute
or if you’re having a conversation with someone even if it’s across the room and you turn and ask about his opinion on it he finds it very endearing
he knows he can be a bit awkward to make small talk with but once he gets comfortable with you he’ll start giving you a little extra conversation too and try to make more eye contact with you ( even though that makes him kinda nervous doing it to you )
when you’re wearing little details that he loves
Kaeya is actually very observant so if he sees you wear a type of sweater or earrings when you’re very excited to go somewhere he’ll take note and get excited too when seeing you wear it again
if you have a signature outfit or something you only wear on very special occasions he will go on and on about you to everyone when you’re out wearing them
“Oh look they got their little gloves on today,,” “haha look how cute they are walking around town right now”
but of course this is only when he’s admiring you from afar, if you’re in close contact he’ll probably tease you about it
this being said however, if you wear some thigh-highs or some slightly revealing clothing he will notice immediately and will have to put everything into what he has to control himself
your laugh I stg
he loves your laugh so much and will try to do anything in his power to make you laugh all the time
sometimes if you’re laughing really hard he’ll stop his own laughing to watch you and take it all in because it’s so cute
he probably will remember your laugh at random times of the day and start smiling so much
it keeps him light hearted and he swears that your laughter could probably fix anything
if you ever apologize for your laugh being too weird or loud he would probably sit you down and lecture you until you give in
if you still refuse his sweet talking he’ll probably wrestle you till you give up lol
making eye contact tbh
if he’s a little spaced out from a long night and doesn’t even realize he’s been staring at you and you look over and give him a soft smile his heart would probably die
this probably happens a lot considering he likes to look over at you to see how you’re holding up or to see your reaction to something someone said or did
if he ever looks over and you’re already smiling at him and looking into his eyes he’ll probably turn away very quickly and scoff but his face is probably a whole new shade of red
he likes it especially if you’re talking to someone maybe in the Inn and you brag about him just a little bit and look over at him
“oh yeah for sure, Xiao is especially strong :)”
Holding on to his shirt <3
When he’s taking you through crowds or whenever you get nervous and you reach up and grab onto his sleeve or bottom of his shirt :)
It makes him feel important and he wants to protect you and be strong for you so this makes him very happy
he’ll try to play it off but he’s probably got the biggest smile and his face will be turning red
may archons have mercy if he gets out of the arranged napping spot like the Windrise tree or on a couch and you sleepily tug on the end of his shirt
he’ll get back down and watch your sleeping face so carefully thinking only the sweetest things about you
feeling your presence really close
if he’s working on something and he feels you slightly looming over his shoulder he’ll get to nervous and will make a mistake somehow
he’d try to play it off and sound composed by saying something like “Hello Y/n.” but as soon as you say “Hello Albedo.” so so close to him he’ll have to stop what he’s doing
when he feels you watching him paint and you complement him on it and sound so genuine and really try to convince him it’s the best you’ve ever seen it makes him put his face in his hands
“Albedo that’s so good. No I’m serious! It’s actually so so good!”
seeing him worked up as you’re getting to him makes you smile real big and your smile just pushes him over the edge
subtle hand contact
picking something up he dropped and placing it into his hands that are perfectly bigger than yours and feeling your fingertips brush against his hand makes him so nervous
if you’re trying to see something over a crowd or from wherever he’s looking and you put your hand on his shoulder to support you as you go on your tiptoes he’ll have to turn his head a bit away from you :,)
if you really want to make his heart explode grasp his hand in both of yours when talking about something you’re passionate about or when complementing him, this will make him have to face you >:)
if he can, he’ll try to interlock pinkies with you in moments <3
If there’s any you’d like me to add let me know and I will ! <3 Make sure to follow and share so I stay motivated to make more !! Send in your requests as well :)
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banditobale · a month ago
Tumblr media
It was a quiet morning, but not for Sonic's racing mind, filled with thoughts of his decked out bodyguard, of his adorned—and adored—right-hand man. He almost regretted gifting Lancelot this new set of armor, thinking he would only use it for special occasions. Never did he predict Lancelot would replace his former suit. Because every time Sonic so much as glanced in the knight's direction, catching a glint of those golden highlights, a gleam of those ebony plates—
Oh. He was a goner.
As the sun's early rays greeted the knight, reflecting a heavenly glow off his well-defined snout, Sonic's breath hitched.
Lancelot's ear flicked, catching the almost imperceptible noise. Ever-present, always at attention, he turned toward the hero, raising his visor to reveal striking crimson eyes. "Did you say something, my king?"
Chaos, Sonic thought. He needs to be banished for being this handsome.
He internally stomped on his butterflies. "Ah," he uttered, "it was nothing."
Nothing... Except for the fact that he was the king's favorite.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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merakiui · 6 months ago
[1] Bittersweet Secret
Tumblr media
yandere!xiao x (gender neutral) reader art credit - 4x3_boom on twt cw: modern au, yandere, kidnapping/captivity, unhealthy behaviors/relationship, obsessive/possessive thoughts  note - to celebrate reaching a follower milestone and xiao’s birthday, I present to you my very first big project: a yandere!xiao story set in modern times! please enjoy and thank you very much for following me and enjoying my content! 
[𝔹𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕖𝕣 & 𝒮𝓌𝑒𝑒𝓉]
If Xiao were a flavor, he would be bitter like the darkest coffee. In a cup that’s cracked one too many times, he remains in the epicenter of all of the damage, tainted in such an undesirable taste. He’s always been a bitter person, having scorned those around him for living in peace while he suffers under the weight of his own cursed existence. In a way, it’s just jealousy that he projects onto the world, but it never fails to make him itchy with regret and negativity.
He has a secret. It’s the biggest he’s ever kept—something so flavorful and wondrous that anyone with enough sanity would deem it horrid. Not right, by their standards. Unlawful. Disgusting. Devilish. All of these bitter words overpower the sweetness of such a secret and it has become bittersweet as a result. Even so, he holds onto the sugary taste as much as he can.
Without it his quaint, glass heart would shatter and he would be left to pick up the pieces of something that’s irreparable. 
It’s unhealthily dependent, the way he practically wakes and goes about his life in a mental rush—wanting nothing more than to finish work and return to his beloved secret. If he were blessed with the option, he would free himself of his work life—opting to remain at home with the object of his desire. But work is necessary to live a comfortable life and this daily separation grinds on his fragmented composition. Every day new cracks form along the old mug, but now he has a reason to keep it in pristine shape. A broken glass is far from useful and deserves to be discarded; it should not be praised and loved. Trash is trash. Candy is candy. And sugar will always remain sweet. No matter how many times it’s soiled and blackened in rot, it will taste the same. 
Or so he’s come to think.
The door shuts and locks with a smooth click when he steps inside the quiet apartment, taking great care in removing his shoes. His sock-clad feet tread softly against the hardwood floor and he takes a moment to observe the spotless interior. He feels a little better now that he can relax after a long day, comforted by the fact that all of his tireless commutes are worth the effort.
“I’m home.”
The monotone announcement has a gentle firmness to it that cements the obvious point and he goes through his apartment in search of his wonderful secret. When he reaches the closet, his heart stutters and he feels a strange sense of giddy relief. It doesn’t warrant an extreme physical reaction, but he does take a moment to breathe—to actually take note of the emotion he’s experiencing.
Xiao opens the door to reveal his secret, who’s hiding within the dark expanse of his closet. Clothes are hung from hangers to obscure the person he’s been keeping here. Your wrists and ankles are bound and a cloth gag prevents you from yelling out. Once he’s finished observing you, he holds up a small bag and your tired eyes track the item with mild interest.
“My boss told me it’s good to celebrate important occasions with your loved ones, so I got this for you. You don’t have to eat it, though. It’s probably too sweet.’s not like we’re loved ones either,” he explains, setting it down so that he can remove the bindings. They fall around his precious secret like heavy snow, temporarily liberating you of your confinement to his dark, cramped closet. The gag comes off next. “But that’s why I came home later than usual, if you were wondering.”
You blink back at him, eyes wide and lashes crusted with hours worth of quiet tears that have since dried up like a desert. He nudges the bag, hoping you’ll consider it. When you reach for it with trembling hands, he moves back to watch—to give you enough space to adjust. He hopes you won’t develop claustrophobia as a result of this recurring treatment, but it’s the only place he can think of to keep you. For the sake of fostering this bond and for your own survival, you’ll have to battle your phobias. It’s the only way to please such an odd man and his unsteady moral compass.
Inside the bag is a colorful box with a bakery sticker on the top. Yellow string is wrapped around it, a decorative touch that’s ignored as soon as it’s unwrapped and opened. Sitting on a flower doily is a small strawberry shortcake, a sugary dessert that’s fit for two people. For two lovers. For Xiao and his secret.
“Oh.” The word slips from your lips in a sigh. At the very least, you can trust him to be honest with food. “Thank you. I like it, but what’s the special occasion?”
“Something about an anniversary?” The statement sounds more like a question, as if he’s genuinely confused about what he should be celebrating. Xiao takes a moment to think before nodding. “No. Or...yes, actually. Our anniversary. Two months.”
Two long, horrific months. Hearing him confirm the time practically slaps you in the face, and it’s a cruel reminder of your shrunken reality. It’s unbearable; you would’ve thought it was longer than that. And to celebrate such an occasion with a delightful snack—it spoils the initial sweetness of the cake and turns your stomach inside-out. You’re not even sure why he bothers with this sappy stuff or what drew him to you in the first place. You hardly knew him before he kidnapped you, having rung up his items at the convenience store many months ago.
Your bond had been formed in passing, through kind words and even kinder smile. 
As you sit at the table, toying with your fork and meeting his point-blank stare, you weigh his personality on your own internal scale. He’s not exactly violent and he doesn’t force himself upon you. You feel more like an unwilling roommate than a captive, save for the part where you’re bound and thrown into a closet every morning. And he treats you to healthy meals and a soft bed, barely speaking or acting upon carnal lust. But this relationship is not normal. For however long you remain missing to the outside world, it will never be an ordinary relationship.
“Your boss...” you mutter, easily broaching the subject with a curious tone. “Are they nice?”
Xiao pokes at the cake with his fork, taking an experimental bite for himself as he sits back in his seat. The taste is as he thought: overwhelmingly saccharine. You’ve noticed he’s not a man of many words, thus forcing you to learn his physical habits if you wish to place an emotion onto his usually unenthused tone. When he wants to mull over his answers, he gains a far-off look and he tends to lean away, almost as if he has to separate himself from a response that matches his current thought process.   
“He is,” he finally says with a curt nod. “He’s an agreeable person.”
“Agreeable, huh? Are you friends?”
“I would say so, yes. But I’m still just his assistant so probably not.” He twirls the fork in his hand, somewhat emotionless. You find the contradiction to be a normal thing in your relationship, in which he says one thing and then switches to the exact opposite. As a result, you can never determine his honest opinion. “Are you sore? I know that closet isn’t comfortable.”
“Just a little,” you admit around a fluffy morsel of cake, to which he nods in understanding. For a second, you were hoping he’d promise not to put you inside that small space again.
An awkward silence settles between the two of you, and he has no intention of breaking it. Xiao watches you while you eat, noticing how your expression goes through a range of many emotions. Perhaps you feel the same emotions that have driven him to the brink of restlessness. Deep inside, he knows it’s not true—knows that his lucidity should be a warning. It tells him to stop—shouts at him that what he’s doing is wrong and that he’ll have to face the consequences if his secret comes to light. But he snuffs that voice of reason whenever it becomes too loud, drowning it out in what he believes is a mutual connection. 
“Why don’t you ever smile? I’m just wondering because I’ve never seen you smile once since you brought me here. Am I that unbearable?” 
Your attempt at a self-deprecating joke does not land as it should and he shakes his head, mumbling, “There’s nothing to smile about.” 
“I don’t think that’s true. Everyone has something that makes them smile. Like good food or family and friends.” Gesturing to the cake, you add, “Sweet things make people smile.”
“Sweet things?”
“Like cake and candy. Even sweet people.” Sighing, you shake your head. It’s pointless to explain this to him; it’s not going to get you anywhere other than another verbal dead end. “I guess everyone has their own reasons for why they do things. It won’t kill you to smile, though.” 
“Is there anyone you’re close to?” you ask, hoping to revive the conversation before it falls flat again. 
Even if he’s difficult to talk to, you realize you hardly know anything about him. You’ve come to realize that it’s better to learn about your captor rather than shedding copious amounts of tears at the unfairness of it all. Useless actions serve no purpose here; you’d be wise to use your words to the best of your ability. You’ll need to know everything you can in case you happen to escape, which is something you’re going to do. You will escape. No matter what happens, you’re going to find a way out of this nightmarish situation. 
“I’ve known my boss for a while, so I guess that makes us close. Maybe.”
“Well, it’s always nice to be on good terms with your employer. I don’t think my boss liked me much,” you say, sheepishly releasing a hollow laugh as memories resurface. 
Another thing you’ve noticed about Xiao is that he tends to ruminate for long periods of time. You can’t help but wonder what he thinks about and the way in which he views the world. Surely the eyes of a criminal differ from those of a normal person. Or perhaps both are similar; that is something you may never come to understand. 
“A-Anyways...” Your eyes dart around the kitchen. “We should celebrate our anniversary, if that’s what we’re going to call it. And I was thinking you could let me out of the closet for the rest of this week? I’ll be good! And I’ll cook and clean. You won’t have to worry while you’re at work because I’ll be here waiting for you.”
It seems like a shot in the dark and you’re almost certain he’ll decline. Who would so easily trust the words of a captive who wants nothing more than to be let free? You don’t know if Xiao intends to surprise you or if he’s just foolish, but he says something you never would’ve thought you’d hear from him.
“Really?” You’re so shocked that you bolt upright in your seat, slamming your hands upon the table. Disbelief flashes in your gaze for a brief moment before it dissolves into an excited smile. “Thank you! I’ll take great care of the house while you’re out. You can count on it!”
Xiao examines your cheery expression and yet there is no smile to be found on his face. Despite this, though, he still thinks the sight before him is nice. Gentle and unassuming. Kind and bright like a sweet light that has enveloped him warmly, chasing away dark thoughts and even darker recollections.
Somehow your smiles are sweeter than the cake sitting on the table, and it’s a flavor Xiao’s come to enjoy. Ironically enough, he’s never cared for overly sweet things. Whether it’s food or a benevolent gesture, he finds them to be difficult to stomach. He does not deserve the goodwill of others, nor does he want it. If the world suddenly became enveloped in one flavor and everyone had gained a sweeter edge, it would make him sick. Too much sweetness is suffocating; it’s like a rot that spreads from organ to organ until everything has blackened away into pain and sorrow. Therefore he is not fond of sweet things. 
You, on the other hand, are an exception. Rather than having a composition solely of sugar, you have many flavors. He has yet to taste all of them, but he’s certain they’re there. Hatred for the injustice and fear that comes with kidnapping. Sadness for being locked away. Bitter from living in a world that’s been closed off. And sweet from the bottom of your heart. He can tolerate such overpowering flavors if it means you’ll remain at his side, safe and sound.
Perhaps it’s his own selfish nature that compels him to keep you in this depressing cage, where nothing can get in and nothing can get out. Xiao has never coveted something to this extent, nor has he ever hung onto the words and actions of a single person. Your meeting was fateful—a minute thing that has no deeper meaning, but to Xiao it’s the only reason he’s alive. You’ve succeeded in chasing away the storm clouds that have hovered over him his entire life, snatching his hand and pulling him into the glorious light. 
When he’s in this light with you, he can experience the wonders of sugary dreams. The sweetness of one human being is enough to blot out the rotten, horrid stench of bitter trauma. And in order to treasure this feeling—to accept it and hold it close as though it’s a baby bird with a fragile wing—he must protect it with his life. 
-- -- -- --
When Xiao clocks into work the following day, a new flavor awaits him. Standing tall and proud with an air of childish defiance, this man is smiling so eagerly despite the early-morning drowsiness that plagues the office. It’s a grin that’s far different from the one his secret wears, yet he can’t understand why. His boss beckons him over and he has no choice but to obey, passing cubicles and listening to the noisy tapping of fingers on keyboards. The man has an irritating familiarity to him that makes Xiao cringe. 
“Xiao, I would like you to meet Ajax. For the next three months, he will be working here as an intern. I would appreciate it if you could show him around the office and acquaint him with your fellow coworkers. If you don’t mind, I’m making temporary changes to your workspace to ensure he will get the most out of his time spent here. Although I do apologize for not having asked sooner. I assume you are content with these developments?”
He wants to object and say that this Ajax person isn’t his responsibility. He’d rather go about his workday alone and unbothered. But this is his boss and he’s staring at him with such a hopeful, encouraging expression. Xiao complies with a silent nod. If he can put up with this much trouble, he’ll surely be rewarded when he returns to his secret. It’s just a small bump in his normally calm life; he’ll live.
Ajax is still grinning as he bows in an exuberant greeting. “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Xiao! I’m in your care from here on out!”
Xiao recognizes this flavor at once. It’s hard to miss when it’s so overwhelmingly sour. Like the content of lemonade that’s more lemon than sugar—it’s harsh and sharp. The type of taste that nips at the tongue and grabs, pulling and ripping until flesh is torn and blood is shed. As if he just ingested the most vile thing on Earth, his nose wrinkles and he almost makes an undesirable face in front of his superior. 
He releases a soft breath. Inhale and exhale just like he was taught. “I’ll show you around…”
Like an excited puppy, Ajax brightens to a blinding degree and joins him at his side. “Lead the way, coworker!”
The sour flavor engulfs him and he’s left to wallow in it.
next chapter → [bitter & sour]
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doctorgerth · 6 months ago
In the Mood
Part One | Part Two
Tumblr media
a/n: I had two ppl request more characters for this and I couldn’t resist 🤧 also added some personal favs; why is Denjiro’s so soft plz help me I love that man
featuring: Mihawk, Shanks, Benn, Doflamingo, Rosinante, Crocodile, Smoker, Denjiro, Luffy, Usopp + gn!reader
summary: signs that the guys are in the mood to schedule you a dick appointment 🍆
warnings: NSFW; more horny men
Tumblr media
MIHAWK ➠ His voice softens; speech suddenly slow and sensual. His ravenous gaze paired with his sultry tone easily reveals his desire for you. The cherry on top? Bits of Spanish slips off his tongue, especially endearing names that he only calls you on special occasions. He might even pull you close and whisper in your ear exactly what he wants to do to you. In Spanish of course, because he can’t help but to laugh and be even more turned on by your dumbfounded expression and how urgently you’re pulling him to the bedroom, begging for your next Spanish lesson. No matter how fluent you may be.
SHANKS ➠ He’s usually easy to read when he’s in the mood because he’s pretty much always dtf. Shanks utilizes all the normal signs like being (extra) handsy or looking at you a certain way, but the biggest giveaway is when he gets super flirty and starts dishing out suggestive jokes/pickup lines. The key is to get you thinking about sex with him, and when his hands are all over you, eyes lingering on your lips, his own curved mischievously like that, it’s hard not to think about boning that man. Also definitely does the eyebrow wiggle, because he’s a big dork. A big horny dork. 
BENN ➠ Opposite of his captain, Benn takes a more subtle approach when letting you know he’s in the mood. Aside from whispering his desires into your ear, he likes to spontaneously give you a massage. It’s sweet; a domestic exchange that hardly ever raises suspicion from those around you. But what they don’t notice is when those sinful hands ghost over sensitive areas, letting you know there’s some other places he has in mind to give special attention to. Benn is secretly a tease, and you squirming under his affections only makes him want you more. 
DOFLAMINGO ➠ Puts that long, sinful tongue to work. Whether he’s licking your neck, the shell of your ear, or even his own lips, you can tell he’s horny by the tongue wag. He’s shameless in the way he states his lustful thoughts, no matter if you two are alone or are around others. Also does not shy away from simply showing you. Man spreads like a slut to put his hard-on on display for you, brows cocked with a devilish grin on his face that challenges you to do something about it. Will pull you into his lap or pin you against the wall and grind himself against you, just so you can feel what you do to him. 
ROSINANTE ➠ Unlike his demon brother, sweet Rosi gets a little embarrassed when he’s particularly needy for you. Will suddenly pull you close and bury his face in your neck in what seems to be an adorable attempt to hide his embarrassment. At first it’s really cute and innocent, but when he starts kissing all your sweet spots, teeth and tongue grazing your soft skin, and muttering weak whimpers of your name, then you know his true intentions. Will use his powers to his advantage if he verbalizes his desires, just to be sure no one overhears his rather explicit declarations of how badly he wants you. 
CROCODILE ➠ He is noticeably, and purposefully, not smoking around you. Thus, his hands and lips get a bit restless. Smoking is good stress relief, and when he’s without, well, he has to put his lips on something to keep him occupied. Because when he’s in the mood, he’d much rather have you between his teeth. He also gets really teasey as he will push your buttons until you’re at your limit and he challenges you with a suggestive, “Make me” or “Well, what are you gonna do about it?” The man is manipulative, but sometimes in the best ways. 
SMOKER ➠ His gaze lingers. When in the mood, he’s at war with his mind as he tries to think of anything else other than taking you right then against the nearest surface. It’s far too evident in the way he stares at you intensely, hardly listening to your words as he’s fixated on the way your lips move, mind clouded with images of you putting those lips to work in intimate ways. Smoker’s eye contact is usually pretty intense, but the way it lingers on your exposed skin, pointed gaze like a compass needle aiming right at the areas of you he wants to give his full attention to, has you ready to bend over his desk for him.
DENJIRO ➠ Denjiro is known for staying composed, easily suppressing his true thoughts on any matter and putting on a poker face. When it comes to you, however, he doesn’t hold back. Whether he chooses not to or just physically can’t is still undeclared, but when he wants you, boy does he show it. Literally cannot keep his hands off of you as they roam your figure, tugging at your clothes, playing with your hair, fingers toying with your lips - he stares at you dreamily and gets a little pouty as he begs for your touch, lips desperately chasing yours like kissing you for the first time all over again.
LUFFY ➠ For this captain, it’s all in the way he kisses you. Luffy’s kisses are typically soft - loving pecks to your cheek or forehead here and there and playful kisses with wide smiles between them. Even when alone, he keeps his lips on yours in heavenly motions, taking his time in moving with you, exploring you. But when that slick muscle slips past your teeth, and there’s a sudden urgency in the way his lips move against yours, he doesn’t have to verbalize how much he wants you. You can practically taste it.
USOPP ➠ Gets super flustered. A blushing, stuttering mess who can’t even look at you because he might pop a boner right in front of everyone. You two have had to develop secret signals for when he needs a little assistance, because he’s sure as hell not going to come up and tell or show you that he is horny when you two are around others. But if you’re already alone, he is a little braver as his strong hands embrace your figure and he whispers something sweet such as an “I need you” then pulls you close to him for a searing kiss.
Tumblr media
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angry-geese · 8 days ago
Hi there~ I'm not sure if you're requests are still open or not but if it's not too much trouble I'd like to request a smutty Gojoxfem!reader. Where Gojos a Dom and reader-chan is a bratty sub. Usually listens to what she's told, but one day she dresses in a very revealing outfit that Gojo adores(probably one he bought her) and starts acting up in nearly every way that she knew would make Gojo jealous, turned on, angry, etc, while out on a date somewhere. Whenever they get back Gojo has had it at that point and has to discipline her, questioning why she was acting the way she was today, to which she replied that she just wanted more his attention only on her, and that she enjoys they way he handles her whenever he's provoked or really jealous, how territorial he gets, and stuff like that. If that's not too much to ask! ><
Of course! my requests are basically always open lol <3
After Dark
Gojo Satoru x Reader
Warnings: nsfw/mdni. shameless smut. some crack. dom/sub dynamics, alcohol usage, petnames, established relationship, minor praise kink (gojo calls the reader a good girl), fingering, edging, oral (masc receiving)
Word Count: 2.7k
jjk masterlist
Gojo only sends you a text with an address for a restaurant, and a short "wear something pretty".
There's really only one outfit he can be talking about. A short, strapless dress. Black, made of a silky fabric that hugs your body in a way that'd make any man drool. It was a gift. From him of course. Gojo has an eye for such things, and you'd be lying if you said you didn't like how it looks. Generally you don't dress in such a way. That's not to say you don't like it—it's quite the opposite. When you're spending most of your time fighting curses, pants and comfortable shoes are your friend. It's hard to fight in heels, and even harder when you're worrying about your dress riding up.
It feels like this is the first day you've had off together in a while. Not that it's the fault of either of you. If you aren't out dealing with curses, and the other more mundane parts of Jujutsu society, you're sleeping. Work consumes most of your time. It's not uncommon for you to pull all-nighters, or spend days away from home. Though you should consider yourself lucky. Gojo, by far, has the worse end of things than you.
You joke that he's been ignoring you. How cruel of him. Leaving you home all alone, all by yourself. He hasn't had time to take you out on a proper date in a while. His most recent job lasted two weeks. Two weeks across the country, away from home, and unable to fuck his girlfriend.
He took it harder than you. And by harder, he was much more dramatic about it.
Tonight's different. It's a special occasion. You have the night off together, and you're finally getting time to celebrate it. Your phone is off for the sole purpose of not being bothered. If someone needs your help, they can find you in person. And if it's that bad, you're certain you'll see it happen before someone can call you to help.
The restaurant is rather fancy. Reservations only. Having just opened, the two of you haven't had the chance to visit it yet. And though it's a normal night to anyone else, the place is packed.
Gojo has picked a spot for the two of you at the far end of the patio. It's a secluded part of the restaurant, far from the other tables. Not only is it quiet compared to the rest of the place, but it has a nice view of the Tokyo skyline.
You're not sure if he's had this planned from the start, or if it was luck that he chose such a nice seat.
The waitress comes by and hands you your menus. You pick what you want to eat, and Gojo orders a bottle of wine. She leaves, returning a moment later with your wine, and two glasses of water.
Despite the special occasion, he's distracted, and constantly checking his phone. If it were any other night you'd shrug it off. He's a busy man. You both are.
The two of you talk about nothing in particular while waiting for your food. Conversation drifts from the topic of work, to your plans for your day off.
Maybe it's the wind. Goosebumps raise along your shoulders. You shiver. You're certainly not dressed for the weather. The sky, however clear, is not warm in the slightest. You wrap your arms around yourself to help warm up.
“What's the matter?” He asks.
“It's cold,” you say, “I’m not dressed for this weather.”
Really, you should have brought a jacket. He offers his, and you gladly take it. It’s heavy with the smell of his cologne.
Gojo's mind still seems to be on other things. His gaze drifts over to the skyline. You notice his mind wandering, seeing how outlandish your conversation can get before he finally notices, and responds with anything other than a "huh".
"Yeah Nanami was talking about going bar hopping with us again," you lie. Nanami knows better than to go out drinking with the two of you. The last time he tagged along, he blacked out, and woke up two towns over wearing a shirt that wasn't his. He hardly drinks anymore.
"Oh neat," Gojo says, checking his phone once again.
You roll your eyes, downing the last bit of wine in your glass.
"I'm breaking up with you," you say, seeing if this would catch his attention. “I found a curse I like, we’re running off to Malaysia together.”
"That's nice…" he says, before pausing, and saying a soft "hey! Wait!"
It works, if only momentarily. He looks up from his phone, over the frames of his glasses. He doesn't believe it for a moment.
"We're married." He says. "It'll take a lot more than a breakup to get rid of me."
"Divorce then," you say. "Or maybe I just have to kill you. Maybe I’ll poison your dinner. I'll get one of those flowy robes that widows wear. And I’ll get over your death suspiciously quickly after moving in with my best friend aka my secret lover.”
“You don't cook.” He says, rolling his eyes. Despite his obvious attempts to keep a straight face, there's little he can do to hide the smile that tugs at the corner of his lips. “And I’d track you down no matter which country you run off to.”
It might be your third glass of wine making you braver. You should really slow down, and switch to water. But he’s paid for the whole bottle, and you know he won't drink it all himself. Gojo’s a lightweight, and he’s driving, so he sticks to water.
The lights in the restaurant are hot, and make your head spin. You shrug off your—his—jacket, laying it across the back of your chair. You’re fairly tipsy by the end of dinner. The bottle of wine has slowly emptied, now resting about half full.
He’s not shy about the way he stares down the front of your dress when you lean forward to grab a roll of bread. You’re not wearing a bra. The cold air has made your nipples hardened, leaving them visible through the thin fabric of your dress. The beautiful sight, combined with your obliviousness to it, is almost enough to make his cock stand to attention. He’s not subtle about how he shifts to hide his growing erection, or how his gaze drifts to your glossy lips.
The waitress, who is now looking on in rather well-concealed horror, simply asks if she can get you anything else. In your slightly drunk state, you want dessert. The rice pudding they serve looks rather good. Gojo isn't going to wait any longer. He's not certain he can. He slides a few bills to the edge of the table. Enough to cover the bill twice over. He simply thanks the waitress for her time, and adds an extra to cover the tip.
“But I want dessert!” You whine.
“Let's get you home, Mochi,” he says, standing, “you should sober up.”
You can do little to protest as he’s pulling you to your feet.
He's silent the entire ride home. Which is uncommon for him, considering he can talk all day and say absolutely nothing. You kick off your heels, shoving them under the passenger’s seat. They're hurting your feet, and in your sobering, but slightly tipsy state, walking in them is going to be a hazard.
When you finally pull into the parking garage for your apartment, he shuts the engine off, but doesn't get out. You’re stopped by the sudden pressure of his hand on your thigh.
Sobering up isn't a gradual process. It, rather unfortunately, seems to happen all at once, leaving you well aware of how warm the car has gotten. As your gaze turns to him, it stops on one thing; the poorly concealed outline of his hardened cock. Your throat feels dry. You move to sit in his lap. There's hardly enough room in the driver's seat for the two of you. Slowly his hand creeps higher, under the hem of your dress, palming the growing wetness between your thighs.
“No panties either?” He clicks his tongue. “You really were waiting for this.”
You only nod. His fingers find your clit, circling around the bundle of nerves. The movements of his hand are too slow to get you anywhere fast. And he's making a mess. Out of the both of you, and his nice pants, and the seat of his car.
“You’re enjoying this, aren't you?” He asks. “Getting fucked in public. Where someone could walk by and see us?”
Your teeth sink into your bottom lip, trying to stifle your own moans. Don't want the neighbors to hear, do you? The parking garage is mostly empty, and dark, and though the windows of his car are tinted, there's still a chance of getting caught. The thought makes your blood run hot.
He brings you to the brink of orgasm, leaving you on that edge, tetering, but never allowed to fall down the other side. The groan of frustration you let out is far from quiet.
“I didn't say you could cum yet.” He says. “Bad girls don't get to cum. If you want to, you’re going to have to work for it.”
“Says the man currently humping my leg.”
His eyes widen. He clearly didn't expect that.
There's a loud smack as his hand comes down on your ass. The sting is enough to make your eyes water, though it's not entirely unpleasant.
“You wanna be a brat? Huh? I thought I told you what happens to brats around here?” He says. “Go inside. Kneel in front of the bed. Keep the dress on. I'll be inside in a minute, so I don't suggest wasting any time.”
“The next words out of your mouth better be worth it.” He says. “Every extra word is another strike on your pretty ass.”
The way your eyes widen with fear ignites a small, sadistic fire within him. Not wanting to walk to your apartment barefoot, you quickly tug on your heels.
The sight of the empty hall draws a sigh of relief from you. None of your neighbors seem to be up. The two minutes it takes to get to your apartment seem to stretch out for hours. Maybe it's the alcohol still in your system, but you fumble with your keys more than usual.
Your apartment is dark, and exactly how it was last left.
You kneel, hands folded neatly in your lap.
He comes in hardly a minute later. His sleeves have been rolled up to his elbows, exposing the muscles of his forearms. His hands work to loosen his tie, letting it fall loose around his shoulders. He walks past you, completely ignoring your kneeling form. You know better than to turn your head to look. The mattress dips under his weight as he sits. Though you don't see it, you hear it, in the soft creaking of the bed frame.
“Come here.” He pats his lap. There's nothing tender about the action. His eagerness is hardly concealed by his calm demeanor. He's been waiting for this.
You crawl into his lap, your arms looping around his neck. He’s discarded his tie, and belt. The top few buttons of his shirt have come undone. His hands find your hips, greedily groping the perfect curve of your ass. The outline of his growing erection is hardly concealed by his pants.
“What do you say if you want me to stop?” He asks.
“Red,” you say, your voice sounds small.
Red to stop, yellow for caution, green to continue.
“Good girl,” he coos. “Color?”
There's a loud smack as his hand comes down hard on your ass, staying there for a moment to help quell the sting. There's not a lot of force behind it, but it stings, sending a shock of pleasure up your spine. Your face buries in the crook of his neck. The soft whimpers that leave your smaller form are like music to his ears.
“Count them.” He orders.
“Two,” you say, your voice wavering.
Another smack!
His free hand trails up your leg, finding the growing wetness between your thighs. Two of his fingers circle your clit, toying with the bundle of nerves. Not steady enough to get you anywhere fast. It feels like his only goal is to work you up beyond the point of return. You’re practically drunk off the scent of his cologne, gripping onto his arms to steady yourself.
“Good girl,” he coos, “and how much time did you waste?”
“Five,” you say, swallowing hard, “five minutes.”
Though you don't see him pull his hand away, you certainly notice the absence of his hand. Your cunt feels empty without him.
“Get on your knees.” He says.
Slowly you slide off his lap, kneeling between his parted legs. He wastes no time in freeing his cock, giving his already hard member a few pumps. He’s not the most intimidating in size, but he’s certainly not small. His cock is pretty, like a pornstar’s. The hairs at the base are white, and unruly. The head is a ruddy color, and leaking precum.
The part of his cock you can't fit in your mouth, you work with your hand, stroking in time with the bobbing of your head. His head falls back, mouth slightly open. The warm feeling of your lips is almost enough to make him moan. The salty taste of precum fills your mouth.
One of his hands finds the back of your head, shoving you down further on his cock, making you gag. His pubes tickle the tip of your nose. Your eyes water. Your thighs squeeze together in a desperate attempt to get any bit of friction.
“Go ahead,” he says, “touch yourself.”
Your hand moves to your aching cunt, toying with the bundle of nerves. If the situation were any different, you’d be embarrassed at how wet you are. How your cunt glistens in the low light of the room, how it drips down your clenched thighs. Normally, your movements would be too erratic to get you anywhere fast, but with how worked up you are, it's enough. Your own orgasm creeps up on you sooner than expected, threatening release at any moment. Getting off—especially now, without his permission—would be a bad idea. Gojo gives no warning that he’s about to cum. His grip on your head tightens, forcing you to stay there, and take all of it. It's not the most pleasant feeling as he cums down your throat, especially without warning, and you have no option other than to swallow.
Your own orgasm rolls over you like a wave. Unexpected. Leaving your legs shaky. You’re certain you were able to conceal it, and play it off, though the dark look in his eyes tells you otherwise. Your mouth releases his cock with a soft pop! An apologetic grin spreads across your face. He wipes away the drop of cum on the corner of your mouth with his thumb, the digit briefly dipping into your mouth. The feeling of your tongue swirling around the digit is almost enough to make him hard again. Almost.
You sit back, as staying on your knees for so long is getting uncomfortable. You wipe away the spit and cum that drips down your chin with the back of your hand, taking care as to not stain your dress. Not that it’ll stay on for long.
“I wasn't too rough?” He asks. Gojo grips your chin in his hand, gently guiding you to tilt your head up. The action is oddly tender. His hands are warm, and you find yourself leaning into his touch.
“Nah,” you say, “I like it when you get all territorial like this. I just want your attention, really.”
This draws a soft laugh from him. “I guess I haven't been the most present recently. Sorry, Mochi. I’ll make it up to you.”
“You better,” you say, though you’re mostly joking.
Your hands work to undo the back of your dress, the front of which has become stained with cum. It’ll be a pain to get the stain out. Though you suppose he can just get you a new one. The silky fabric pools at your feet. You need a shower. Though you feel better now that you’re free of that garment.
When you look up, Gojo’s eyes have shrunk down to pinpricks. His gaze is predatory, taking in your small form entirely.
“Get on the bed,” he says, “I’m not done with you yet.”
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mggswhorificlover · 6 months ago
summary - reader wants spencer's attention and gets it the one way she knows how to, leading to a long night, leading to soft aftercare
tw - smut, spitting, spanking, face-fucking, oral (male and female receiving), overstimulation, fingering, breeding kink, choking, squirting, slight subspace, subdrop, aftercare, dom!spencer
wc - 4,164
Tumblr media
decisions made in the past lead to things you could never think of. making the decision to wake up. making the decision to turn right instead of left. making the decision to tease your boyfriend.
and that very decision lead you to where you are now.
you remained face down in the bed, your back arched up as high as it would go - more like as high as spencer deemed it to go. your heart had been racing all night, really, you never got a break.
you and spencer had been in a committed relationship for almost two years now. spencer had become very dominant in the bedroom, and you truly didn't mind. you had all the proper precautions to take if necessary. you had discussed a safe word and hard boundaries. he wanted to let you know that you were safe with him, while in bed or otherwise.
spencer knew your body. he knew it, arguably, better than you did, which is why you were okay with submitting yourself fully and completely to the gorgeous man. he knew when you couldn't take anymore and when you needed to be loved on rather than spanked.
but earlier out with the team you had been a bad girl.
you were impatient, teasing spencer by letting your hand rest dangerously high on his thigh. you wore a dress that revealed more cleavage than most of your outfits. the thing that made spencer break was when you excused yourself to the bathroom, only to come back and place your panties, which were wet with your arousal, in spencer's lap with an innocent smile.
in an instant, his hand was on yours as he muttered some excuse to leave promptly. you couldn't deny the excitement that coursed through your veins at the thought of what he would do to you once you got home.
you sat in the passenger seat of the car, your thighs pressing together in attempt to relieve any tension that had been building since you saw him in his stupidly hot suit. he quickly brought his hand to your thighs, spreading them apart once more.
"no," he barked. "you've been a brat all night. you don't get to reward yourself. you'll see what happens to brats when we get home."
"i don't know..." you trailed off, wanting to push his buttons even further. "i think no matter what you do it'll be a reward for me."
"just wait until we get home to test that theory," he said in an eerily calm voice, his hands still separating your thighs.
in your mind, you had won. you had his attention on you just like you had practically begged for all night.
you barely got him to yourself nowadays. you were always on a case and when you weren't on a case you were out with the team or he was with derek. you hadn't had any adult, alone time in a little over a month, and you were getting needy. you had worn the outfit in attempt to just make spencer skip the dinner altogether, opting to just stay with you instead. turns out, he didn't really care about that either.
so, really, your brattiness was reasonable.
your loving dom wasn't giving you the attention you wanted so you got it yourself. no biggy.
"i want you to go inside," he growled as he put the car in park, "and strip for me. when i get in our bedroom you should be in position in wait. got it?"
"yes, sir," you nodded as you unbuckled your seatbelt, turning to get out.
"oh, and princess," you smirked at the nickname before turning around. "don't you dare touch yourself."
"y-yes, sir," you nodded once again as you made your way inside, leaving a trail of clothing once you closed the door.
you slid your jacket off first, placing it on the third step of the stairs and placing your heels on the top of them. you laid your dress down in the hallway and your bra once you walked into the room. you positioned yourself by kneeling in front of your full-length mirror, your gaze turned towards the floor in wait.
after what felt like ages, you heard the door creak open, followed by the footsteps of your boyfriend.
"what am i to do with you?" he questioned to himself.
you turned to see him standing over you, his pupils blown wide with lust from the sight of you so vulnerable... ready... submissive... his.
"did i say you could look at me, pet?" he barked as he bent down to grasp your chin firmly, opening your mouth for him to spit inside of it. "swallow, sweet girl," he grinned maniacally as he watched you gulp. "that's right."
he looked at you as if he were contemplating his purpose in life. with such intent and thought you knew you were in for it.
"get up," he rasped as he dragged you up by your chin, walking you over to the bed as he sat down. "bend over my lap," he ordered.
who were you to disobey?
"alright, princess," his hand trailed over the curve of your ass, squeezing the fat of your thighs once he got low enough. "i'm gonna spank you as much i feel necessary for your behavior tonight," he began. "i want you to count each one for me. follow the rules and use your safe word if necessary, alright?" his free hand came up to stroke your hair tenderly.
"yes, sir," you rasped. "i understand."
"one," your hips wiggled around before he grabbed them, grounding them to his thighs to keep you still.
"t-two," you numbered off, feeling the slight sting from his ring he wore on his pinky on occasion.
his lashes became harder and more frequent until he eventually let up, which was about after a total of 10 swats. by the time they were done you had tears and mascara streaking down your face.
"good girl," he praised as he admired the red marks left behind on your skin, some of them already bruising. "on your knees for me."
you quickly shuffled out of his lap and onto the floor, trying your best not to irritate the skin on your ass as he made his way in front of you. he undid the buttons on his shirt as well as his buckle, pulling his hard cock out and stroking it a few times before slapping it off on your cheek.
"open wide," he commanded before slamming his length into your mouth, not giving you a chance to get used to him before he thrust at a rapid pace. "fuck," he groaned. "this is what happens when my little slut decides to be a brat all night."
the sight before you made you wetter than you had been before. his head was thrown back in pleasure as his thrusts continued. tears were pricking the corners of your eyes, threatening to spill over while his hands flew to the back of your head, forcing his cock down deeper than before.
"only thing your mouth is good for, yea?" he groaned as he pulled on your hair. "only good for pleasing me when i want you to. you're my little fuck thing," you moaned around his dick in agreement, the tears now streaming down your face before he yanked you off of his cock. "lay down on your back on the bed."
you got up as quickly as you could, quickly admiring the quick bruising of your knees from kneeling on the hard floor before laying on the bed. you saw him take off his shirt and pants, leaving him just as naked as you.
"hmm," he paced to the bed slowly, making you wait even more before he finally ran his hand along your face. "what did you do wrong bunny?"
"i-i was impatient with you," you mumbled. "i teased you," you listed off. "i was mouthy," you poured, looking down at your hands to avoid his disappointed gaze.
"you're right," he agreed. "you misbehaved a lot tonight, princess," he ran his hand along your hair once more. "so you'll take whatever i give you and be grateful for it."
"i'll take whatever you give me and be grateful," you nodded, eager to do anything and everything he wanted.
he ran his hands down to your clit, rubbing it side to side gently, just how you like it. you immediately cling to his arm, keeping his closer to you as you pressed a kiss to his shoulder.
"that feel good?" he asked, "you like it when i touch you like this?"
"yes, yes. i like it so much," you moaned at the relief flossing through your veins. "please, sir."
"please what?"
"mmm, please let me cum!" you shouted, feeling so close to the edge from such little stimulation. "pleaasee?"
there was a split second when you thought he would grant you an orgasm. a split second when you felt that euphoria flood over you. then, in an instant, it was gone along with his hand.
"fucking hell!" you shouted at the frustration. you had been so close only for him to take it away.
"hey," he barked, grabbing your face and squeezing your cheeks together once more. "what did we say about you taking what i give you?"
"that i'll be grateful for it," you muttered underneath your breath, squeezing your thighs together to try to get that pleasure once more.
"exactly. and grateful little sluts like you don't get to complain," he reprimanded you, finally releasing your face as he slammed his fingers into your pussy at a relentless rate.
"oh my god!" you yelled, sucking on his shoulder to try and ground yourself.
"yea, you like being treated like a little whore, huh? you like me slamming into your tight little fucking pussy," he groaned into your ear. "i own this pussy. i use it when i want where i want."
"it's your pussy; you own me," you mumbled into his skin, your pussy tightening around his fingers.
"such a good play thing for me," he chuckled, curling his fingers to hit that special spot inside of you. "so eager to take whatever i give you."
"whatever you give me," you repeated back, not knowing what else to say as you felt that familiar feeling building inside of you quickly before he yanked his hand away.
instead of saying anything, you learned your lesson, you just whined from the loss. the feeling of his hand now gone entirely from your pussy.
"please, sir," you whined into his shoulder, your nails digging into the skin.
"not yet, princess," he kissed your cheek. "you're still in trouble for earlier. making me hard in front of all of our friends isn't cute, bunny."
"mmm," you kissed his skin once again. "'m really sorry, sir."
"i know you are," he laughed. "but that doesn't get you off the hook. your punishment isn't over yet."
"mm'kay," you sighed.
he finally, for the first time that night, brought his lips to yours as he crawled on top of you. he took your bottom lip between his, pulling away gently as you started grinding your core against his leg. he allowed you to do this, surprisingly, and only smiled against your lip at the feeling of your wet center on his leg.
to help you out a bit, he started grinding his leg against you, quickly building up the tension in your core once more. he could tell you were getting close when you began whining into his lips, your hands wringing the hair on the back of his neck.
and then he snapped his leg away. you bit down on his lips gently, not because you were upset - although you were, but because you were surprised from the sudden action. so this time he let it slide.
"i know, princess," he grinned once more at your disappointment before trailing kisses down your collarbone.
"'m so sorry, sir," you repeated once more. "'m sorry, 'm sorry," you continued on before his lips met with your center, you groaned out in pleasure.
"fuck, your pussy is so wet for me, so pretty," he blew over your core, your hips bucked up to meet his mouth once more, he let out a laugh at your eagerness.
"feels so good," you praised, your hands finding their rightful place in his hair and gently pulling it, he let out a groan into your pussy as he began eating you out like you hadn't already eaten dinner. "please, sir! please! 'm so close!" you ground your hips against his face.  he entered two fingers inside of your pussy and curling them as he had earlier that night.
"let go, bunny," he smiled against you as you shouted in pure ecstasy, your hips grinding faster as his lips continued their attack on your clit.
"ugh, yes!" you moaned out. "thank you, sir. thank you so much," you said over and over like a mantra, too dumb to be able to say anything else.
"good job," spencer praised as he began kissing up your body, worshipping every once of it. "so pretty for me. my dumb little bunny," he smiled against you as his lips circled your breast, his teeth barely grazing your nipple.
"thank you, sir," you repeated once more. it was when you shifted your legs once more that you realized how painfully hard he was. "use me."
when spencer looked into your eyes he saw them glossed over, a look on your face that only reflected your devotion for him. he connected your lips once more before pulling back.
"use me to make you feel good, sir," you asked again. "please?"
"you want me to fuck you, princess?" he asked, a devious look in his eyes.
"mhmm," you nodded eagerly. "i want you to fuck me really hard, sir."
"m'kay bunny," he replied with a grin before slamming his long member into you.
"ugh!" you moaned out at the feeling of being stretched so much but so, so good.
he didn't give you time to adjust before he started ramming into you quickly. the tears that were once in your eyes were returning from the pressure you felt. your pussy clamped around his dick, his hips stuttering inside of you.
"fuck, princess," he groaned into your ear, his hands wrapping around your throat. "i'm gonna fill this pussy up. use my little fuck toy however i please. let everyone know you're mine; let you remember who you belong to, who owns you."
"yes, yes!" you cried out. "please fill me up! need it, please!"
he pulled out of you quickly, flipping you over onto your knees before slamming into you once more. his hands drew your hips as high as they could go into the air, pushing your chest down into the mattress, consequently muffing your cries. he got so deep inside of you, you were able to feel him hitting your cervix as the tears flew down your face. the slaps he gave on your ass made the marks he made earlier sting once more. he grabbed your hands, pinning them behind your back after he gathered them into one of his.
"my dumb whore loves it when i'm rough with her, yea?" he groaned out. "when i get so fucking deep in her she can barely speak?"
"yea, yes!" you agreed, unable to do anything but.
"fuck, princess," spencer's hips stuttered as he slammed into you even quicker, his hands reaching up to circle your clit rapidly. "i want you to cum, bunny. cum with me. gonna fill you up, make you a mother, make me a fucking dad. shit!" he moaned as he felt your pussy clench around him once more, signaling your orgasm nearing you.
his pace continued quickly. before you knew it, you were cumming all over the sheets.
"fuck, yes!" you shouted, your squirt soaking spencer's dick as he came inside you.
"just like that, bunny," he laughed out. "keep going," he ordered as his hand continued to run at your pearl, his thrusts fucking his cum back into you.
when you squirt one more time over his dick, his laugh echoed in the room as your cry was muffled by you shoving your head into the pillow.
"so good for me, princess," he praised as he tried to pulled out of you, you whined, reaching up to grab his hand to stop him. "shh," he cooed. "i'll be right back," he pressed a kiss to your back before pulling out of you, chuckling when he heard your whine from the stimulation.
when he returned, he noticed you were in the exact same position. your face was turned to the side but still pressed into the sheets, your ass remained in the air, the slaps and bruised prominent. he walked over to the bed, dining his hand along your spine as he sat down beside you. when you saw he was there, you looked up at him and smiled.
"hi," you said groggily.
"hi, y/n," he smiled, his hand now running through your hair. "ready to get cleaned up?" he asked kindly.
"mm-mm," you shook your head the best you could. "'m tired, wanna sleep."
"i know, bunny. but we need to get you cleaned up first. what if you took a bath, yea?" he asked.
"with you?" you questioned, your eyes wide with hope.
"of course, bunny," he pressed a kiss to your forehead as his hands wiped the still wet tears from your face.
he took your arms and helped you sit up, guiding you to your feet so he could walk you to the bathroom. he set you on the toilet as he started on the bath for you, being sure to add your favorite bubbles, bath salts, and essential oils to help you relax. when you were both done, he guided you to the tub, helping you step inside with your wobbly legs.
he admired you as he began washing your face, smiling slightly as you winced from the spankings you received earlier meeting the warm water. the mascara that stained your face, the rosiness that remained on your cheeks - all the more reason to love you more. the way that even after being ruined you still looked so beautiful would always remain a mystery to him.
but the thing that had puzzled him since the day you agreed to go out with him was how he managed to get a girl so perfect. you were perfect, even in your imperfections. the way you were so patient with him in the beginning stages of your relationship, letting him reveal his past to you when he was ready. you let him make the first move in the physical touch department, knowing how he was sometimes uncomfortable with it. you were so overwhelmingly you that he couldn't imagine how you could love him.
"getting in?" you questioned as he sat on the side of the tub, just looking at you.
"yes," he kissed your hairline. "i'm getting in."
you scooted forward in the tub so he could fit perfectly behind you. his arms wrapped around you perfectly; you were made for them. your head lie against his chest, his chin resting on top of your head.
you sat there in silence with each other, knowing you didn't need anything but each other in that moment. it was comforting, just the presence of one another. the warmth of your lover pressed against your back as you relished in the rare moment you had alone with one another. you missed these moments, you barely ever got them anymore.
"what's wrong, bunny?" spencer questioned upon hearing your sniffles. you didn't realize you were crying until he pointed it out.
"'m sorry," you apologized, quickly wiping the tears from your eyes.
"you don't need to say sorry," he pulled back to look at you, tears still flowing. "really bad subdrop, huh, bunny?" he asked sweetly, his hands cupping your face.
"mhmm," you nodded, closing your eyes and sniffling once more.
"you did so good for me, y/n," he pressed a kiss to your lips. "my special girl, always taking care of me."
you smiled at the sentiment, taking a deep breath to try and regulate your emotions.
"i love you, bunny," he said. "so, so much."
"love you, spence," you smiled against his lips. "feel floaty."
"i know, honey," he kissed you once more. "let's get out so we can get you hydrated, yea?"
"yes, sir," you agreed, trying to stand on your own but failing, falling down back into the tub and pouting.
"it's alright," he mumbled, standing up himself and quickly drying off and getting dressed. "here," he placed his hands under your arms and pulled you up, letting you put your body weight on him as you got out.
he grabbed a soft towel and dried you off, you placed your hands on his shoulders for balance. then he grabbed your fluffy robe and wrapped it around your body.
"alright, can you lay on your stomach for me?" he asked as he guided you into the room, you nodded your head as you crawled into bed. "good girl," he praised.
he reached into the drawer by his side of the bed, retrieving the special lotion for your wounds. he lifted the robe up enough for him to tend to you. running the lotion into your red, bruised bottom, he heard you whine softly, probably trying to muffle your discomfort, from the contact.
"i know, sweetie, i know," he murmured. "i'm almost done."
once he was done, he quickly ran to the kitchen to get you some chocolate and water. when he came back into the room he helped you sit up, guiding the water to your mouth slowly to help you drink.
"good job, honey," he pressed a kiss to your cheek. "chocolate? it'll help keep your blood pressure up," he offered.
"mm'kay," you nodded, leaning your head on his shoulder as he fed you the candy. when you were finished with it, you finally spoke up, "'m sorry i was a bad girl," you mumbled.
"you weren't bad, sweetie," he corrected. "just a bit impatient, is all."
"mm-mm," you disagreed.
"okay, why were you a 'bad girl' tonight?" he indulged you.
"'cause i just wanted your attention. we never get any time together anymore 'n' i miss you a lot. you only pay attention when i'm a bad girl," you explained to him.
spencer felt his heart crack at the reveal. you were only acting that way because he didn't put enough attention on you, the girl he's truly in love with. and he punished you for wanting his love and attention and now he felt like a dick.
"oh sweet girl," he whispered, his hand bringing your face towards his. "i'm so sorry. i didn't even realize why you were acting that way. i should've asked you why, or maybe just paid more attention," he sighed, looking into your glazed-over eyes. "i'm so sorry, bunny."
"no, no," you pressed your hands to his face. "don't say sorry. i shouldn't have been bad."
"you could never be bad," he smiled at your devotion.
"whatever you say," you smiled as he kissed you once more.
"let me take this robe and get you some clothes to sleep in, alright?" he whispered softly.
"can i sleep in your clothes?" you asked shyly, as if spencer could ever say no to you.
"of course you can," he felt his heart swell as he went off to grab you a pair of his boxers and an old sweater of his.
when he returned he helped you out then on, you lifted your hips and raised your arms to aid him. he snuggled in behind you, wrapping his arms around your torso much like he had when he was in the bath with you. you turned around to face him one last time to press a kiss to his lips before nuzzling into his chest. his arms shifted to move around your shoulders and waist, your leg thrown over one of his own.
having your breathing lull him to sleep was a tune he would never get tired of playing. nights like these, cuddled up with one another, safe in each other's grasp, were the reason he knew his decision was the right one.
the decision to buy the ring. the decision to make the plan. the decision to propose tomorrow. the decision to spend the rest of his life with you.
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favoniuscodex · 6 months ago
imagine this... diluc doesnt usually say i love you, it’s reserved for extra special moments. when he has to leave for a longer trip and he says “i love you,” but you don’t say it back, what ensues?!? love ur writing💜💜💜
word count: ~0.8k warnings: soft... soft diluc a/n: oops i refreshed this and lost the initial copy ;;; pain
“i’ll miss you,” you promise your lover as your arms slink around his neck. his fiery red locks brush against your skin and you let out a soft sigh of contentment upon feeling him this close to you. diluc, however, longs for more contact as he wraps his arms around your waist, pulling him in closer to you. departures for business aren’t uncommon for the wine tycoon, but each goodbye is more harder than the last as the two of you progress in your relationship.
“i’ll miss you too,” diluc murmurs petulantly before burying his head in the crook of your neck, breathing you in. you swear he warms his hugs with his pyro vision and have accused him of doing so on multiple occasions. each time, diluc denies your accusations, yet the tips of his ears turn pink with embarrassment, revealing his lies. diluc simply wanted to ensure that nobody was able to give you a warmer hug than him and it worked as it constantly lured you into cuddling with your boyfriend in hopes of feeling his warmth once more.
yet, your personal space heater would be departing for the next two weeks and diluc certainly isn’t happy about it either. you can tell in the way he presses soft kisses up your neck, along your jawline, and finally, one against your temple. he reluctantly takes a step back, knowing he can’t escape his duties any longer and almost winces as your arms fall down to your sides, away from him. if diluc was able to, he would rest in your embrace forever. he takes your bare hands in his gloved ones, rubbing his thumbs against your palms as he stares into your eyes.
“i love you,” diluc states and, despite the sadness that lingers whenever he departs, a soft smile appears on your face. after all, diluc was often reserved in his usage of those three little words. typically, he only echoed them back to you if you said them first, but the seriousness in his eyes lets you know that the words are not just a proclamation of his affection, but a promise as well -- a reassurance that he will fight celestia themselves just to return home to you.
and yet, the words don’t fall from your lips in return and diluc blinks blankly at you, his soft expression contorting into one of confusion. had he said something wrong? instead, your smile only widens as amusement shows in your eyes, yet diluc fails to understand why you look like you’re on the verge of laughter. do you not love him back? why won’t you say it back?”
“say it back,” diluc grumbles and laughter finally escapes your lips at his grumpiness over you not saying it back. “please.”
“no,” the single word falls from your lips and you can almost see diluc’s heart beginning to shatter it. his hands fall from yours as he begins to walk away, causing your eyes to widen. instinctively, you reach out and grab one of his hands with both of your own before he can escape.
“wait, you’re not supposed to leave,” you cry out and diluc looks back at you with confusion, rejection swirling in his ruby irises.
“you wouldn’t say it back?” diluc says and he sounds like a kicked puppy. your heart cracks a little at his tone and you let out a nervous laugh.
“no, no, i just... you never leave unless i say it back, so i... figured if i didn’t say it you wouldn’t...” you trail off, glancing away from diluc. sure, you had a plan to keep him here, but it had only spooked him off. diluc takes a step towards you and places a hand underneath your chin, gently guiding you to look back at him.
“i love you,” you promise. “more than anything or anyone.”
diluc’s eyes search yours before closing the distance between the two of you by capturing your lips in a kiss. an arm slips around your waist once more as he pulls your body flush with his, while his other hand wraps itself around the back of your head, stabilizing you as he deepens the kiss. the intensity takes you away as his lips move against yours like his life depends on it. 
his method of kissing is a far cry from that of when you first met. no longer do your teeth clash together nor do your noses bump against each other. instead, the two of you mold into one and, as diluc finally pulls away with a flushed expression, you can’t help but feel incomplete without his fervent kisses against your lips. your eyes dart down to his lips, watching as the trail of saliva between the two of you breaks.
“i love you, too,” diluc swears breathlessly. “but please, darling, don’t do that again.”
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dourpeep · 5 months ago
ok ok think about a masc s/o wearing something feminine and revealing for the first time 👀. Plsss any of the genshin characters with this prompt
Because that's what I do HA
There's just something about the vulnerability of wearing something cute and lacy just for your honey that's 👌👌👌
Without further ado! I'll do a big lineup since this is my first ever ask ;>>
Something New
Characters: Albedo, Diluc, Scaramouche, Venti, Xiao, Zhongli (sorry Kaeya not feeling you today man)
Contains: ((NSFW 18+ Themes)) character x masc!reader a little citrusy. Like lime on the citrus scale, to be specific.
It's embarrassing, but he's spent a few afternoons wondering about your form
Not in any particular way, but more in the sense of the way that the sight of you brings joy to him
As well as a few other feelings, but that's besides the point
At first, he's left speechless
Pretty green eyes look owlishly, taking the time to process the suddenness of you clad in much less than he's ever seen you
The blush on his cheeks is a welcome reaction
He'll want to draw you, if you don't mind, starting fresh in a new sketchbook as he observes the way the light looks on your skin, the way your eyes seem to shine so bright (he's sure his are the same)
It's rare, really, that Albedo is taken by surprise. But with you-surely you're an exception. Never before has someone taken him and turned and twisted all he's known, falling in love, igniting his mind and heart like you have...and now, sitting before him with the sunlight gently filtering through the window.
In his eyes, you've always been a work of art
Seeing you in something like this is like recapturing a work of art in a different medium, new, yet not. It brings out a different feel but doesn't quite change the subject
He'll end up spending a few more afternoons thinking about this
Perhaps he’s coming home after a long day at the tavern, wild hair mussed
He’s tired and ready to bathe and head to bed—until he sees you in something pale, cute, and lacy, that is
The flush on his cheeks no longer is due to fatigue
Diluc is a gentleman, so he steels his frazzled nerves and takes a moment to gather himself. Only, it takes a bit longer than he'd like
For a while you consider getting up until-
"Come here."
His voice is tinted with the rasp of desire. Quickly you look up at him only to meet bright red eyes. You nod, yet only admire the way he looks, his form draped in the darkness. He beckons you to come.
Once you do stand before him, he'll take his time in drinking in your form, still gloved fingers tracing along the way the revealing clothing hugs your body and reminds him of how alluring you are
His wandering hand settles on your waist, thumb circling over skin kisses by meager candlelight
Tonight, he'll take you slow, to show his full appreciation for you, should you wish for it
He'd watch from the doorway while you adjust your new outfit, unaware of his return
Lips in a grin, he waits for you to turn, to anticipate when he'd be back, just to see the look of shock on your face when you've been caught (though, to be fair, it was meant for him to begin with)
From there, Scaramouche joins you where you stand
He's a tease, knowing the way that you effect him and how he effects you
A finger slips beneath a strap, lifting it from you skin before letting it go with a satisfying snap
He smooths his hand over your skin, turning it to gooseflesh with the way he lingers. Scaramouche is a blunt man. With the way his gaze bores into yours and the way his fingers curl to tilt your chin up, it's apparent he's only waiting for you to give the word.
What a bastard
He'll definitely want to see how well this new outfit of yours would look paired with a few marks
Oh boy, of course he's ecstatic
Perhaps, he'll suggest, you might be open to a few other outfits that immediately came to mind the moment you appeared before him in that?
Venti will pull you close and cup your cheek, eyes narrowing to match the mischievous smirk on his lips and will slyly remark how he'd prefer you au natural over anything
That's a half lie, he thinks that this look is particularly appealing
Feeling shy? Expect to be showered in kisses and lots of praise
He wants to make sure that you're completely comfortable because fun isn't fun unless everything is in the green
He circles around you, admiring the way your body looks in what you're wearing, admiring the delicate lace. With a grin, he takes you into his arms and kisses your shoulder from behind, voice a murmur in your ear.
"Mind if I take a closer look?"
It's safe to say, he wasn't expecting this at all
If you're still pretty early in the relationship, he'll politely look away and mutter about being more careful next time until you take your hand in his
But once you assure it's fine, his eyes will rove over you, noting how your pulse has quickened (just like his)
He likes it, he'll tell you, and it only further cements the way he seems to intensely stare
One arm around your waist and resting on your lower back, he'll lift his other to play with a strand of your hair in attempt to give himself time to quell the sudden feelings bubbling within him
"When did you get this?" He plays with your new outfit, lingering on the way it fits your body just right. Xiao's eyes meet yours, half lidded as he flicks from your face and back down. (please tease him)
Considering the fact that he still has yet to patrol the marsh for the night, he'll pull you into a kiss. Might as well sooth any desires while he has the ability to take his time as to not have a mind muddled later, right?
Pleasantly surprised, for sure
While he loves how you normally dress, it's always nice to change things up and he'll offer up enough praise make your blush brighter than the sun
Overall, Zhongli loves to take his time
He'll draw out each touch, each word, relishing in each of your reactions as well as pay exact attention to the way you look right now in this moment
The way that he admires you is hypnotizing, ironically
Taking your hand in his, he'll press a kiss to the back of it, eyes searching yours
"You look lovely, dearest." It's hard to not melt at the purr of his voice. Zhongli will admire the time it took to choose your outfit, the way it compliments you, and the softness of the material. He's utterly enthralled with how you look in something so delicate.
Speaking of seeing you in this sets off a fire in his belly, definitely good to save for special occasions
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castillon02 · a year ago
Geralt has a network of people who don’t mind trading with Witchers. They set things aside for him sometimes: herbs that he’s bought before, books or armor that he’s asked after. In return, he makes room in his saddlebags for metals the smith can melt down, books for the bookseller’s cart, and monster organs that can be added to an herbalist’s potions. 
Business. An exchange of goods and coin. Nothing to do with the way Ensa’s eyes light up at copper and silver, with the way Broc’s hands rub together upon seeing a rare text, with the way Tusson smiles and leans closer when Geralt starts pulling eyes and tongues out of his bag. 
Those smiles are for his money and his wares, not for him. He’s worth nothing to them if he’s not buying or selling. 
(Ensa makes bells with some of the metals Geralt brings her. The hammer of her profession has taken some of her hearing, she says; he tells her when the bells ring true, and she tells him the latest gossip, updates on which nobles have money and monster problems. She’s in Kaedwen, one of his first and last stops on the Path.)
(Geralt finds a few scrolls written during one of the Conjunctions stashed in a troll’s cave, and when he shows them to Broc in Novigrad, Broc shoves a book of armor diagrams into his hands along with a hefty purse. Hmm. Witcher gear must be out of fashion at the auction houses.) 
(Tusson gives him live herbs from their garden and asks him to plant them at a crossroads. “Propogation is good for business. More places to harvest from.” Eventually, the ingredients for Swallow flourish around all the crossroads in Aedirn. Easy healing for Witchers passing through; easier pickings for herbalists who live there full-time.) 
(Useful. He’s useful to them. At least they don’t mind being useful to him in return.) 
Jaskier gives him gwent cards, sometimes. (“Won it off my comely companion from last night. Strip gwent, Geralt! You should try it.”) 
Pastries, other times. When they encounter a baker, Jaskier usually pulls a spare coin from his boot and buys whatever’s apple-filled---Geralt’s favorite, because then he can share half with Roach. (“I got one for Roach too, of course. What do you take me for?”)
Mostly money isn’t involved. 
Instead, Jaskier does things like steal all but one of Geralt’s hair ties for a week and return them when they’re dyed black enough to suit his fancy. (“Now they’ll go with the rest of your outfit!”) Like anyone cares how a Witcher looks, least of all the Witcher in question. 
Jaskier sees winter cress on the path and says, “Oh, those match your eyes!” He spends an hour weaving an elaborate flower necklace, only to give it to Roach for a snack when they’re going through a bog.
When there’s enough light to write by, there are stories scribbled on spare parchment, tales that Jaskier modifies with increasing ridiculousness, trying to lift the stern shield across Geralt’s face and get him to reveal an amused twitch of his lips, a mirthful crinkle around his eyes. (“Oh, Sir Fair, I fear that your penetrating log---your banquet-sized sausage---your hip-heaving halberd---aha, there it is!---I fear that your hip-heaving halberd will leave me spoiled for all other polearms.”) When Geralt leaves for Kaer Morhen, he finds them stuffed in his saddlebag with a note saying that he can use them for kindling if he wants. He brings them to the keep instead. 
Once, Jaskier spends ten minutes staring at stag beetles fighting on a log before noticing that Geralt is staring at him, and then he abruptly begins a stag beetle dialogue, underdog challenger versus heavyweight champion, and he leaves room for Geralt to voice the underdog if he wants.
(“And what do you have to say in the aftermath of your stunning upset victory?”
Geralt sighs, finally gives in, and says his most satisfied-sounding, “Hmmm.”
Jaskier dedicates the resulting beetle battling poem to him in order to commemorate the occasion.)
Black leather. Apple tarts. Poems. A Witcher’s life hasn’t prepared him for this kind of economy. What’s the value of a flower necklace, braided and eaten? 
On the path from Kaer Morhen, Geralt sees an ammonite poking out beneath the melting snow, the curl of its shell perfectly preserved, and stops Roach so he can pick it up. It’s not anything special. The land around Kaer Morhen used to be a sea, long ago, and the rock-wrapped bones of her old inhabitants are everywhere. 
He slips the ammonite into his saddlebag. Still plenty of room for Ensa’s future bells when he finds them, and some people haven’t seen this part of Kaedwen.
As he crosses the Mahakam Mountains, one of the region’s massive vultures wheels above him and drops a primary feather right in his path. Tusson bought most of the monster parts from his saddlebags, but even if they hadn’t, a feather is hardly a burden. He stores it in one of his longer potion vials. There’s a joke he might make about songbirds versus scavengers.  
In Novigrad, Broc hands him a small purse in exchange for the books Geralt took from a bruxa’s lair, and then he slides a little pamphlet across the counter to him. 
It’s a copy of Jaskier’s beetle battling poem. 
“Not a coin, but I thought I would toss it to you anyway, seeing as you’re in the dedication. I particularly liked the allegory about getting your muse to speak to you.” Broc winks at him. “Never hurts to invest in young artists.” 
Broc has never winked at him before, not in twenty-odd years. Geralt stumbles through his thank-you. Jaskier is clearly a terrible influence. 
A terrible influence that he might just run into again, given that he’s near Oxenfurt. But that’s all right. Geralt has made his preparations, the way he always does with monsters, with merchants, and now with bards. 
The next time Jaskier gives him something useless, Geralt will be able to reciprocate. 
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sugawaraxo · 10 months ago
warnings: suggestive content, oral (female receiving)
characters: katsuki bakugou x reader
request: if I could possibly get Bakugou eating out a shy reader for her very first time, and she's really nervous (kind of scared even) but Bakugou's really soft about it? May be uncharacteristically soft for him, but I love to see that :) Thanks so much <3
a/n: i’m a todoroki simp but writing this made me so soft please, maybe i love bakugou 
bakugou is your first serious boyfriend. you’ve had a handful of flings and been through a few talking stages within your lifetime, but none have ever gotten to the point that you and bakugou are currently at. the two of you have been together for six months, and it’s been the most fulfilling six months of your lives. you understand each other in ways that not many other people can, which is what makes your bond so special. you’re not afraid to admit that you’re completely in love with bakugou, and neither is he. his typically hot-headed, short-tempered nature dissolves by tenfold whenever you’re around and its quite precious really. he’s extremely calm and patient with you, which is why he’s so understanding of you being reluctant in terms of sexual interaction. 
there’s been countless occasions where the two of you have gotten awfully close to getting intimate with one another, but you always seem to stop it before anything gets too escalated. bakugou is fine with it, at least you believe he is. he never complains or asks why, just kisses you and tells you he’ll wait for whenever you’re ready. you appreciate him for that more than he’ll ever know, but part of you still can’t help but feel guilty for never letting things go any further. you know he wants it, you can tell by the glint of disappointment that flashes in his eyes whenever you lightly push him away or tell him ‘not today.’ the truth is, you’ve never actually been touched in a sexual manner before and quite honestly, you’re scared to be. you’re embarrassed to tell him that because most people let their partners touch them intimately with no question, but for some reason you get extremely nervous just thinking about it. it’s not even that you don’t want him to, you just can’t help but overthink everything when it comes to sexual situations. but you’ve reached a point where you’re tired of feeling so worried over something that shouldn’t be this terrifying. so, as you’re laying on bakugou’s chest in bed, his hand lightly grasping your chin as he tilts your head back to kiss you deeply, you decide now is the time to open up. 
“bakugou.” you sigh softly, pulling away from the kiss.
“hmm?” he hums, eyes focused on you. 
“you want to touch me don’t you?” you ask genuinely but the question catches him off guard. he chokes on a laugh and tries to mask the small grin tugging at his lips when he realizes how serious you are. 
“i mean, of course i do. but why are you asking?” he quirks an eyebrow at you.
“i don’t know, we’ve been dating for half a year now and haven’t really done anything. i want to and i can tell you do too but...” you trail off, that familiar feeling of embarrassment coming back to bite you.   
“but what?” his eyes narrow in confusion.
“i’m scared to.” you mumble, burying your face into bakugou’s chest in order to avoid eye contact. you feel him place his hand on the back of your head and begin playing with your hair. 
“that’s ok you know. i think everyone’s at least a little scared for their first time. but just know that there’s no pressure for you to be ready anytime soon. and if you are ready, i’ll make sure you feel more than comfortable with everything.” 
you look up at him to meet his gaze. he flashes you a kind smile and your stomach churns a bit. something in you is telling you to just go for it, so you do. you lean upwards to attach your lips to bakugou’s. the kiss is timid, slow, but progressively develops into something a bit more passionate. you readjust your position so that you’re now straddling your boyfriend’s lap and he lets out a low noise that closely resembles a groan. you feel a tingling feeling in your core, inadvertently causing you to rotate your hips against bakugou’s. you both let out breathy moans at that, swallowing each other’s noises within the kiss. bakugou’s hands find their way to your hips, resting there while yours tangle their way into his hair. you’ve made out with bakugou plenty of times, but something about this feels different. feels better. just when you thought you couldn’t get anymore worked up, bakugou’s tongue slides against your bottom lip. you know exactly what he wants and gladly grant it to him. his tongue pushes past your lips and into your mouth, not too much to make it awkward but enough the make your hips jut against his just a bit harder. at this point you both are evidently aroused, bakugou’s hard-on is pressing up against your throbbing center and the only noises filling the room are both of your soft moans. you never want if to end, but unfortunately, it does. 
“lay on your back.” bakugou says weakly after disconnecting the kiss. you look at him hesitantly and he whispers a comforting ‘it’ll be ok’ before placing a kiss on your forehead. the gesture calms your nerves and you do as told, lying on your back as you wait for what’s to happen next. 
bakugou moves in between your legs, hovering over you slightly. he trails his hands tenderly down the insides of your thighs before resting them on the hem of the pajama shorts you’re currently wearing. you tremble at the touch and bakugou looks at you with concern.
“we don’t have to go all the way today, but i still want to make you feel good.” he says sweetly. you’re so tempted to let go and just let him, but you can’t seem to shake the nerves. 
“i’m still nervous.” you admit shyly. 
“is there a reason why?” 
“what if you don’t like what you see? like, i don’t know, what if i gross you out?” you question and bakugou frowns. 
“y/n, you’re the single most beautiful person i’ve ever seen in my life. i love you idiot, a lot. there’s not an inch of you that i don’t, or won’t like. i promise. ok?” 
you could almost cry at how genuinely heartfelt bakugou’s words are and you feel every ounce of anxiety escape your body. 
“ok, i’m ready. and i love you too katsuki.” you smile. he returns your smile before placing a soft peck to your lips, trailing kisses down from your lips to your neck, then your collarbone. his hands are resting on your sides as he sucks a bruise onto your skin. you let out a quiet moan that bakugou can’t help but grin at before he begins pulling your shirt up your body. you take the hint and lift yourself up a bit, aiding him in lifting the shirt over your head. he follows suit, pulling his shirt off as well in an attempt to help you feel more comfortable. your eyes graze over this curves and dips of your boyfriend’s defined body and his do the same to you. you hadn’t worn a bra underneath your shirt so your bare torso is fully on display for bakugou to see. 
“fuck, you’re so pretty.” he mutters under his breath. you intended on thanking him for the compliment but him reaching down to attach his mouth to your nipple prevented that. you can’t help but let out a moan of his name which shoots a wave of pleasure straight to his member. he continues to alternate between sucking each nipple for a few more moments before kissing his way down your stomach. the foreign feeling forces you to arch into his touch. bakugou is obsessed with how responsive and sensitive you are, its making him painfully turned on. 
he places a kiss on the hem of your shorts before linking his fingers there and lightly tugging, insinuating that he wants them off. you lift your hips, allowing him to pull the fabric off your body, leaving you in nothing but your underwear. he kisses up and down the inner parts of each thigh before pulling away to look at you. 
“are you sure this is ok? i really don’t wanna do anything you’re uncomfortable with.” he asks, wanting to reinforce that you’re truly fine with all of this. 
“i’m positive, i’m ready katsu.” you reply. 
he places another kiss to the inside of your right thigh before pulling your panties to the side, revealing your dripping wet folds. you gasp at the cool air hitting your sensitive area and bakugou groans at how wet you are. 
“holy shit.” he breathes before pressing a gentle kiss to your clit, testing your reaction. your eyes meet his in anticipation, waiting for something more to happen. then finally, he licks your folds at a teasing pace. your hands gain leverage in his hair, tugging at the blond locks. he continues licking your swollen clit, circling and massaging the nub with his tongue. he’s clearly done this before and you’re not quite sure how long you’re going to last. 
he shifts his attention from your clit to your hole, teasing the ring expertly. your grip on his hair tightens and the two of you moan in perfect unison. then bakugou’s tongue dips inside of you and the feeling is almost overwhelming. 
“fuck, you’re so good at that.” you groan. he looks up at you with a smug grin, his tongue still languidly tasting your insides. you find yourself moving your hips against his mouth unintentionally, but you can’t help it. it feels too good. but what you don’t know yet, is that it can feel even better. 
he removes his tongue from your hole and replaces it with a finger and you let out a loud string of obscenities. he reattaches his mouth to your clit once more, sucking while simultaneously fucking his finger in and out of you. he’s hypnotized by all the sounds leaving your lips, almost cumming in his pants as he listens. 
“mm, your little noises are so hot.” he mumbles against you and you can feel your arousal increase at the praise. he adds another finger, curling both upwards and you swear you begin seeing white. between bakugou sucking gently on your clit as he also massages your spot with his fingers, you know you’re pretty much done for. 
“nngh, katsuki. fuck, i’m so close.” you moan as you toss your head back, clenching your eyes shut. 
“yeah? i’ve wanted to make you cum for so long, cum for me pretty girl.” he moans against you. 
with those words, you’re a goner. your back arches off the bed, pressing deeper into bakugou’s touch and you’re completely overcome with pleasure. your grip on katsuki’s hair grows dangerously tight as your orgasm surges through you. he keeps his fingers inside you, fucking you through your high until you’re limp around the digits. 
“oh my god.” you sigh once your vision has returned from your dizzying climax. 
“was that ok?” bakugou questions, laying down beside you.
“ok? that was more than ok. it was amazing.” you reply, unable to contain your huge smile.
“see, there was nothing to worry about idiot. told you i’d make you feel good.”
“that you did.” you laugh. “seems like you need to feel good too.” you point out, acknowledging his very noticeable erection. 
“it’s ok, i’ll go take care of it.” he shrugs. 
“you could do that...but um, i think i want to help you.” you say hesitantly. 
“are you sure?”
“mhm” you nod. 
“then i’d love your help.” he smiles before placing a sweet kiss to your lips. 
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river-fics · 2 months ago
Yknow that yandere hawks fic, where he punishes the reader, but they’re innocent? (Amazing btw) would you consider doing an Aizawa or Shinsou version?
Mmmmm I'm kinda out of ideas for the innocent darling hc.... Idk if this one will be good but I'll try my best!
Unlike the other yanderes Aizawa lets you go outside freely
But he keeps a tracker on you at all times
You don't know about the tracker, but you've given no reason for him to reveal it
One day Aizawa checks your movement, to see you in a fancy restaurant
He knows there's no special occasion today, so there's no reason for you to spend 30 minutes there
He trusts you, but he's too pissed to really think straight
He heads to the apartment you share, your last location
He barges in without even saying 'hello'
Aizawa's relationship is based off his presence and abandonment
The moment he enters the apartment he's grabbing your things and throwing them out the window
You're trying to stop him, asking what's wrong
He doesn't say a word, knowing this will shatter you
Him kicking you out with no closure
He won't let you leave forever, no, he knows you'll wait by the door everyday
He'll welcome you back within a few days, once you've learned he's the only man you need
He's grabbing you by the throat and tossing you out the door
You're crawling back to him, but he slams the door in your face
He walks to the fridge to grab something to eat after all the work
Only to see untouched boxes of food from his favorite place
The exact restaurant you were at for 30 minutes
You were picking up food for him and he punished you for it
He's throwing open the door and carefully pulling you inside
He spends an hour brining all your stuff back up to the room
He's apologizing, telling you how it was his fault
Sadly, the damage is done
You don't go outside anymore, you hardly go out to grab mail
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one | rose red
Tumblr media
(passion, love, infidelity)
part one / part two / part three
1/31: killing moon’s garden
Pairing: Bonten! Ran x Brother’s Girlfriend! Reader
Warnings: infidelity, mentions of guns, drugs, and violence, a vague Mitsuya x brick cameo, straight up Rindou slander (is for the sake of the plot, please)
Length: 4,2k
Tumblr media
There were thorns in Haitani Ran’s thoughts. They curled around his mind with prickled vines, piercing his tongue with saccharine sin, saturating his thoughts with tantalising temptation.
It’s quiet, the hum of the city below melting into the faint symphony seeping from the main restaurant of the hotel where Bonten had held their weekly meeting just a few hours earlier. You and Ran were alone, seated across from each other at a private table overlooking the oceanic lights of Tokyo. A set of lit candles flickered between the pair of you, and a bottle of champagne waited patiently in a bucket of ice to Ran’s left. If Ran had ever planned a date for you, this would be it. But it wasn’t a date. Never would be.
You shifted slightly in your seat, letting out a tiny huff as you adjusted the thin ebony silk draped over your shoulders in a pathetic effort to keep the night chill from nipping at your skin. Your eyes travelled from the delicate watch on your wrist to the blank screen of your phone, where minute grey text foretold your approaching disappointment.
Rindou was late. Very late. You wondered if he was even coming. Of course, you understood that the life of a Bonten Executive was tough, unpredictable, that Rindou’s time was not his to give to you solely, freely. But tonight was meant to be different, special. It was so special that he’d forgotten the reason behind the occasion and had summarily invited his brother along for the meal.
Not that you minded, returning Ran’s wide smile with a muted grin of your own. Ran was as much a part of your life as Rindou was, and held an equally precious place in your worn-out heart. You looked over your messages to the younger Haitani once more, all read, no replies. “Shall we get started? I think Rindou’s been delayed,” you suggested, inwardly wincing at the glimmer of disappointment in your voice.
In that moment, Ran hated, actually hated, his brother. The faint gloss of your eyes betrayed the carefree lilt of your words as you mumbled over the menu, phone now faced screen down and eyebrows tightened with frustration. Even upset, you were beautiful, a divine vision clothed in swathes of vivid red and black. Your dress was new, Ran noted, a classic cut that hid more than it revealed, teasing him with glimpses of your soft skin whenever you shifted in your seat. Ran examined you over the top of his menu, order already committed to memory. How could Rindou do this to you? Again?
Ran had been surprised when Rindou had invited him to dinner with you. Wasn’t it your anniversary? You had just graduated from university too, surely that was something you’d like to celebrate with Rindou, and Rindou only? Ran was relieved he’d come though, and inwardly grimaced at the thought of you waiting alone for Rindou, waiting and waiting, abandoned for another wild night out with Sanzu.  Ran fought the frown that threatened to darken his face. It wasn’t like you were some unknown woman, a random fling that Rindou had picked up for momentary pleasure. You were Rindou’s girlfriend, and Ran’s friend. You were a reminder of their Roppongi days, the girl who had lived next door, the girl who had followed them to the top.
Back then, you’d been nothing more than another little sibling, an added ice-cream on Ran’s snack runs, an added peal of laughter to his joy whilst he teased Rindou. You had always been there, a few years younger than the boys, yet so much older in spirit. Ran smiled at you, remembering the late nights and early mornings you’d shared, sneaking out of your apartment to patch them up after fights, to dye their hair when they’d grown bored of blond. He’d watched you grow up, grow older, grow into yourself. Silently, he’d witnessed his notoriously near-sighted brother finally see you for the blessing you were, watched as your puppy-love evolved into mature devotion to his brother’s happiness. At the cost of your own. Ran’s gaze drank in the solemn mien of your face, the habitual downward curve of your lips. When last had he seen you smile? Not in the last few months, at least. Not whilst Rindou ran rampant through the streets of Tokyo, chasing after a coked-up Sanzu, leaving you behind in his wake of blood-stained shirts and forgotten dates. Rindou was a fool. A damn fool.
“Ran?” your voice tugged him free of his thorned thoughts, and he blinked back into reality. A waiter stood silently to one side, patient as you recited your order to him. Ran did the same, handing the waiter his menu without consulting it a second time. “Is everything alright?” you asked, “you seem distracted.” Violet eyes softened at you. “Not at all, my sweet. I was just admiring your dress,” Ran crooned, resting his jaw on a propped up hand, smiling slightly at the fluster that graced your face. Heat simmered beneath your skin at the silk of Ran’s gaze and you picked self-consciously at the sleeves of your dress. “It’s new, from an upcoming designer in Shibuya. Mitsuya Takashi. Have you heard of him?” Ran scrunched up his nose, the name ringing distant bells. “Yeah, I think so. I might have hit him with a brick once.” “Ran, what?” There it was, the ghost of the smile he missed so dearly. He waved away your shock. “It was nothing serious, happened during a fight with Toman, must have been ages ago.” You sipped at your water and Ran’s eyes traced the droplet that slipped from your scarlet lips over your jaw and down your neck. “Tenjiku?” Of course, you knew their history, it was yours too, after all. Ran nodded, leaning back to loosen the knot of his tie. “I didn’t like Tenjiku,” you commented, “it was too violent,” you huffed. Ran laughed. “It was a gang, princess, of course it was violent,” he cooed. You pouted, then remarked. “I would never have thought Mitsuya was a delinquent. He was a part of Toman, then?” “Yeah, one of their captains actually,” Ran perked an eyebrow at you, “Why, are you interested in him?” his tone was light, teasing, but thorns lay beneath his tongue. You scoffed, losing yourself in the swirl of water at the bottom of your glass. “’Course not,” you bit the inside of your cheek, “besides which, it’s really fucking obvious that I’m a ‘kept woman, isn’t it?’” your crimson manicure fluttered around the term with distasteful air quotes. Ran frowned. It wasn’t obvious actually. Ran had always chalked it up to your background, to the life you lived before the brothers had clawed their way to the top. You dressed quietly, and had paid your own way through university, refusing any offers from either Ran or Rindou.
“What do you mean, doll?” You raised your eyebrows at Ran. “I mean, no woman fresh out of school would be able to afford this kind of dress, Ran. Not unless she was some kind of glorified sugar baby.” Ran bit out a laugh, hoping that you were making a joke. But you were silent, your mouth set in a straight line, the glimmer of your eyes dull. “Sweetness, no,” Ran tried to reassure you, long fingers sailing across the table to wrap around your hands, “you know it isn’t like that. We just like to spoil you, that’s all.” You gave a slight tug, pulling away from Ran’s hand, but his grip was firm, warm, and your fingers remained woven with his. “That’s all it ever seems to be though,” you murmured, looking at where Ran’s pale fingers traced patterns into your skin. Your eyes flickered to his, and you were surprised to see concern in the depths of his lavender gaze. You swallowed down the lump in your throat, your words quivering as they staggered over the white tablecloth. “You know, I never wanted all this,” you confessed, “The clothes, the jewellery, the gifts, all of it. Of course,” you hurried, “I really love all that you’ve given me, all that Rin has given me, I’m really grateful…” “But?” Ran prompted you. “But,” you took a deep breath, “but, if I could give up everything, everything I’ve ever received, just to spend some time with you and Rin, just us, none of all of this,” you gestured to your surroundings. “Would you?” “Would I what?” “Would you give it all up, for us?” Ran tilted his head. Your nod was enough to set his heart racing. “In a heartbeat, Ran, in a heartbeat,” you admitted. His other hand closed over your palm, squeezing your fingers gently. “Oh, princess,” he sympathised, “you shouldn’t have to miss us like this.” You shouldn’t have to miss Rindou like this. For fuck’s sake, you were his girlfriend. His girlfriend, who now sat across Ran, blinking back a year’s worth of tears. You dabbed cautiously at your wet eyes with your napkin, squinting at the inky spots of mascara that marred the porcelain cloth.
Ran gulped and patted your hand awkwardly. What should he do? His fingers tingled, desperate to wipe away the diamonds that fell from your eyes, to curl you into his arms like he used to, when you were just kids, when there was nothing but friendship between you. Ah, that’s right. Maybe that would make you feel better. He released your hand from his grasp, his chest tightening at the muted whimper that fell from your lips at the loss of contact. Fuck, did holding your hand really mean that much? Were you really that alone? Quickly, Ran opened up the side of his jacket and reached into the inside pocket. He smiled when his fingers brushed over the velvet box nestled in the silk.
“Here,” he placed the red box in front of you and tapped the lid, “I know I missed the ceremony, but I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten about your graduation.” You looked suspiciously at the box, then back at Ran. “I didn’t want to make a big deal of it,” you shrugged, averting your eyes. “But you worked so hard, sweetness, so allow us to celebrate a little?” Ran gave you a closed-eyed smile, his startlingly white teeth bright against the blurred night. He gestured towards the champagne and you nodded, watching as he smoothly picked up the bottle and began to open it. His movements were deft, careful to not let any of the bubbly liquid spill as the cork broke free with a pop. He poured each of you a generous glass, handing you the delicate stem of the drink to a toast. The golden tinkle of your glasses clinking sounded like stardust, and the champagne fizzled over your tongue in a burst of sour sweetness. You put your drink back down after a heavy sip and confronted Ran’s gift.
“Can I open it?” “No, you’re only allowed to look at it,” mirth danced in Ran’s eyes and you found yourself sticking your tongue out at him, the action a nearly-forgotten relic of your past. You opened the box, gasping softly at the sight within. There, like a drop of blood on fresh snow, lay a bracelet with a single charm. A rose. Crimson glittered at you in intricate waves of ruby, bordered by silver. “Oh, Ran,” you breathed. The man across from you chuckled. “It’s not entirely appropriate, given what you just said. But when I saw it, I knew I wanted you to have it.” You traced the silver chain with a shaky fingertip, then looked up at him. “You chose this? You, Haitani Ran?” Ran pouted into his champagne, stealing a sip before answering. “Of course I chose it? Do you really think my taste is that bad?” He faked offence. “Ran. Your hair was dyed in stripes for years, horizontal stripes, may I add?” you teased, and Ran’s heart skipped a beat at the light that had returned to your eyes. But as quickly as that spark had flared to life, it faded, and your lips fell into a downward curve. “I didn’t think you’d choose something for me yourself, I thought you’d get one of your assistants to pick a present,” your voice wavered, but then you looked into his eyes. “Thank you, Ran.” He shifted in his seat, not wanting to meet your gaze. Then he stood and shuffled over to your side of the table. “It’s my pleasure, princess,” hesitant fingers reached to pinch your cheek, another memory of your shared youth flooding his mind. He dropped to a crouch beside your chair, grabbing the box as he sank onto his haunches. “Shall I put it on?” he asked, drinking in the sight of you above him, the smell of your perfume making his head spin. You nodded and gave him a small smile, the genuine expression casting your face into heavenly light.
You had really become a beautiful woman. Long gone was the awkward teen with the too-long sleeves and slumped shoulders that used to trail after the Haitani brothers like a lost puppy. You had bloomed into a goddess, with all the grace of those old American movie stars from the films you’d watch with Ran until the youth of the morning. Back then, the pair of you had been nothing but cheap imitations, putting on fake accents and spinning giddily around Ran’s room in poor mimicry of the Hollywood stars of the 1950s. You had both been clumsy then, tripping over each other’s feet, snorting with laughter at each other’s awful recitations from your favourite scenes, often earning a litany of curses from Rindou for waking him up with your revelry. Ran paused, enchanted in your presence, bewitched by your soul, staring up at you with the reverence of a proselyte before their idol.
You gazed at each other for what felt like eternity. You were trapped in the violet storm of Ran’s eyes, the intensity of his stare rolling over you in electric waves. Had Ran always looked at you like this? Like you were the world and he was your moon, like you were a lighthouse guiding him home to the shore. Eventually, your purple haze was blinked away and Ran returned to fiddling with your gift.
“Your hand, my dear,” he teased, his palm upward to receive you. Gooseflesh crept over your skin, rippling in a shiver from where your hand met his to the very base of your spine. You watched in silence as he fastened the chain around your wrist, making sure the clasp was secure before returning your hand. You held your arm up to catch the light, your mouth parted in wonder at the glittering scatter of red that burst from the charm. “I love it,” you sighed, unaware of how close Ran’s hand was to resting on your knee. “I’m glad,” Ran bounced on his heels, “I wanted to get you something special, something you can keep close, that you can personalise,” he hooked a fingertip around the chain and traced the silver string of metal. “You can add more charms, you see,” you nodded, peering at the empty loops in the chain, shuddering when Ran’s fingers brushed over your skin. The request toppled from your lips before you could think, before you could rein in the wild words that galloped from your tongue. “Will you add to it?” the question is small, almost whispered, and it falls over Ran like rain over parched earth. “Of course, sweetness. Anyone can add to it, all they have to do is give you a charm.” You shook your head. “No. No one else can add to this, I’ve decided. Only you can,” you looked down to him, “that is, if you want to?” For once in his life, Ran was speechless. This was not just about a bracelet, about some sweet little gift he’d given you. This was about you and him. Only. He pressed his lips to the top of your knuckles, kissing you chastely before smiling up at you. “It would be an honour, princess.” He cradled your hand in his, rubbing his thumb over the back over your hand, his other hand on his knee.
“Ran?” there’s blood in your voice, pained and red. “Yeah?” he frowns at you, startled to find tears once again threatening to spill from your lashes. “What am I doing?” “What do you mean, my sweet? You’re having dinner with me?” you shook your head, your grip on his hand tightening almost imperceptibly. “That’s the problem, Ran. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so, so happy to have you here,” you wavered, “But Rin was meant to be here too. Tonight,” you exhaled, “tonight is…” “Your five year anniversary?” Ran finished for you. You blinked at him. “Yes, but? How? Why do you remember?” you asked him. Ran shrugged. “It’s important to you, why wouldn’t I remember?” You clicked your tongue. “It’s not important to Rindou, clearly,” you looked at the empty chair beside you. Ran’s other hand closed over your knee and gave you a reassuring squeeze over the soft cloth of your dress. Ran frowned as he watched you wind your fingers into the scarlet fabric, your fist clenched.
“Hey, Ran?” he hummed to confirm that he was listening. “What if I did give it all up?” Ran’s eyes snapped open and his spine straightened. “What? What are you saying?” A single tear slipped from your eye, trickling down your cheek with a diamond shimmer. “I’m saying that I’m tired, Ran. I’m tired of being Rindou’s plaything. You would think I was some kind of doll, the way Rindou dresses me up and parades me around, only to forget about me the moment his back is turned,” you sniffed, “I’m not a toy, Ran. And I’m not a problem that can be solved with money, either. I’m a person, and I’m tired of being treated like an object.” Ran’s thumb stilled, caught midway in tracing his initials over your hand. “Do you want to leave my brother?” The tears washed down your cheeks in crystalline waves, and when you nodded in reply, a sob broke past your lips in a choked gasp. There was no hesitation now, and Ran folded you into his chest in the space of a heartbeat, cradling you in his arms as you slid off your chair into his embrace. With your face tucked into the crook of his neck, you wept, a deluge of tears soaking into his suit jacket whilst he whispered sweet comforts into your ear. “That’s it, let it all out,” he cooed, “I’m here, I’ve got you.”
Eventually, you pulled away with a hiccup and a sniff. You flashed a watery smile at Ran as he offered you a napkin, and let him scoop you back onto your chair with a kiss to the temple and a pat to your knee. He draped his jacket over your shoulders, and you caught the glint of his gun nestled in the holster beneath his arm. You dragged yourself back together, wiping what was left of your makeup away with the napkin. Ran still crouched before you, both of his palms resting on your knees, their warmth seeping through the skirt of your dress. “There’s my girl,” he caught one of your hands in his, his grip on your fingers gentle and steady. You blinked away the blurs in your eyes. “Thank you,” you mumbled and Ran chuckled.
“You’re gonna break his heart, princess,” he commented. Your lip wobbled and you opened your mouth to speak, but Ran held up a finger to silence you. “That’s not a bad thing. The brat deserves a little pain after the shit he’s put you through,” he tapped the back of your hand with the tips of his fingers, “But I have to say, I’m a bit cross with you, sweetness.” Your face fell. “Why? What did I do now?” you pouted. “Why didn’t you call me? Or message me? I could have helped, you know?” “How? By beating the shit out of Rin?” you giggled. “It worked before, why wouldn’t it work now?” Ran deadpanned. “It worked before because he was a middle-schooler, Ran, not one of the top dogs in the biggest gang in Japan. You can’t just go around beating up the other Bonten Executives,” Ran looked unconvinced. “I can if they’re my idiot kid brother, especially if they’re my idiot kid brother,” he raised an eyebrow at you, oddly serious.  The truth in his tone shuddered down your spine and you frowned at him. “Would you really?” you pressed. Ran cocked his head. “For you, yeah,” he admitted. “But Rindou’s your brother?” “And you’re just as important to me as he is, maybe more so, now that I know he’s been treating you like this.” The confession poured from his lips like wine from a bottle, rich and red.  His words curled around you in the comfort of his jacket over your shoulders, in the smoky sandalwood scent that sparked heat between your ribs. Ran took your hand, the one blessed with the silver shine of his gift, and placed another kiss to your knuckles.
“Ran,” you breathed his name like air, like it was all that kept you alive. Your skin burned beneath his lips. You shivered as he turned your hand over, chastely kissing the inside of your wrist, the blood beneath racing at a speed faster than light itself. “Yes, my sweetness, my pretty girl,” Ran murmured his saccharine sighs into the silken skin of your pulse, lips never leaving your sensitive wrist. “Thank you,” you whispered, as soft as candy floss, sweet as spun sugar. Ran raised a brow at you, drinking deep on the sight of your parted lips, your glazed eyes. “For what, princess?” “For always looking after me,” your fingers shakily curved over his cheek, cupping his face in your hand, “You’ve always been so kind to me, so caring, despite everything else,” your eyes flickered to where his gun hung, tucked below his arm in its leather holster. You gulped, swallowing down the sob that threatened to return to your treacherous tongue. “You’ve,” you wavered, “you’ve never forgotten me, never stopped taking care of me,”  you traced your thumb over Ran’s unblemished cheekbone, your gaze fixed to his, losing yourself to the soft lavender of his eyes.
“So, Ran, thank you,” you repeated, the meaning of each word resounding with truth, a truth that poured from the depths of your chest, your ribs tight with emotion. You stared at the man kneeling before you, honoured that such a man should look at you with such adoration, affection. You loved Ran, loved him like the sea loved the sunrise, like the clouds loved the dusk. His presence gave you power, gave you potential, the promise of a life passionately lived, loved. But Rindou had stolen your heart, snatched it away with calloused hands and loving candour.
But he hadn’t held your heart as you held his. You had cradled Rindou’s heart in your chest, carefully, devotedly, whilst yours had fallen from Rindou’s back pocket, lost to the grime and grease of a dark alley covered in blood. And so, you decided to leave Rindou’s heart on that untouched table for three, bleeding between the cutlery set for an empty seat.
Ran’s long fingers intertwined with the hand that held his face, his long lashes fluttering over his porcelain skin, his lips shifting to softly kiss the palm of your hand. He looked up at you, his eyes melting from violet to a darkened indigo.
“It’s always been my pleasure to take care of you, pretty girl,” the smooth lilt of his voice deepened as he rose from his haunches to his feet. You craned your neck back to look at him, his shins knocking gently against your knees, his figure framed by moonlight. Ran leaned down over you, one hand gripping the back of your seat over your shoulder, whilst he traced over your cheek with the knuckles of the other. Your breath hitched at his touch, and you forcefully blinked your gaze away from his bewitching eyes. He was too close, his breath tickling your skin, his lips just a gasp away from yours. You tried to turn your head away, but he caught your chin with steady fingers, maintaining that dizzying eye-contact beneath lowered lids.
“Sweetness, look at me,” you shivered at the thorns lacing his voice, but complied, your stomach turning over itself as his name fell in a whisper from your lips. “Ran…” Ran’s fingers ghosted over your skin, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear before trickling down to the back of your head. He brushed his nose over the curve of your cheek, his lips achingly close.
“Will you let me take care of you once more?” his question curled around you like barbed wire, entangling you in a vine of thorns, pricking your skin and ensnaring your heart in red velvet petals. You gave in, nodding ever-so-slightly, closing your eyes and letting Ran claim your red lips for his own.
Tumblr media
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uwuwriting · a year ago
Tamaki, Todoroki and Shinsou  in a secret relationship....and how they got caught.
Request: Hello I love your blog and since your requests are open I would like to request Tamaki Todoroki and Shinsou being in a secret relationship for a long time and how they got outed. If you could write something similar for Semi, Akaashi, Kenma and Sakusa from Haikyuu you would be a blessing. I love you!!!! - anonymous
Awww of course I’ll write for the Haikyuu boys as well. I’ll write later this week or the next and since its almost midnight here HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHINSOU!!!! I have a special soulmate au as I usually do for my husband!!!! I’m sorry I’m not getting to those soulmate aus quicker 😣😣😣😣. Love yaa.💖💖💖💖
warnings: fluff
Amajiki Tamaki 
Tumblr media
-He’s so shy omggg.
-How did you manage to get him into a relationship???
-He loves you to the moon and back. 
-Would do anything for you. 
-You two were in the same class all through out high school and during your second year he asked you out. 
-Okay not exactly. 
-You were studying in the library together during a really bad storm when the lights went out. 
-Loud lightning followed and you jumped out of your skin. 
-You were terrified of lightning and being paired with complete darkness you were petrified. 
-Now Tamaki had had a crush on you since early last year and seeing you so terrified and vulnerable he pushed through his anxiety for a split moment and wrapped you in a hug, stroking your hair soothingly as he tried to calm you down. 
- “I-I’ll p-protect you. I-I w-won’t let a-anything h-hurt you..... ever.”
-That’s how your relationship began basically. 
-He comforted you and kept you safe, shielding you from your fears. 
-Everything else is history. 
-Now you are both third years in your respective hero studies with a bright future in front of you. 
-Your relationship has been kept a secret mainly because both of you don’t like making your private lives public. 
-Only Nejire and Mirio know. 
-Surprisingly they have kept it a secret. 
-Fatgum has a suspicion that Tamaki has someone in his life, someone really important. 
-So important he had called in one time claiming that he had an emergency and wouldn’t make it to the agency. 
-When Fatgum asked, Tamaki began stuttering and mumbling about someone really close to him being sick and needing help. 
-In reality you were on your period and had awful cramps.
-You were feeling like death, curled up in a ball on Tamaki’s bed and refusing to move. 
-You had begged him to go to his hero study but he claimed that you were more important, not going to the agency for an evening wouldn’t mark the end of the world. 
-Then Chisaki happened and Tamaki was badly injured. 
-Your agency was stationed outside so you couldn’t help him or know what had happened. 
-You had a broken arm after the fight and was being escorted to the ambulances when you saw Tamaki being carried on a stretcher blood running down his cheek as his arms and whole body was covered in bruises, cuts and so much blood. 
-Your feet moved on their own accord, sprinted through the crowd ignoring the calls of the medic until you reached your boyfriend. 
- “Tama? T-Tamaki baby wake up.”
-Fatgum saw you touch Tamaki’s cheek with your good hand and how, when the boy weakly opened his eyes, he placed his own hand over yours. 
-Tears were running down your cheeks as you looked at him, following the medics as they placed the stretcher in the ambulance. 
-They told you that he would be fine and that you should find another medical team that could take care of your arm. 
-Everything fell apart though when you saw Mirio and Sir Nighteye. 
-Everything was a mess but Fatgum noticed how you would always look back to Tamaki’s ambulance as it drove off. 
-In the hospital you didn’t leave Tamaki’s room, insisting on getting your bandages changed in his room refusing to get your own and leave his side. 
-Fatgum was happy for him. 
-Especially when he went to visit and found Tamaki holding you close to him. 
-Your head was over his heart as he gently massaged your back, tears falling down your cheeks once again. 
-Then he kissed your forehead and Fatgum knew that this wasn’t a moment he wanted to interrupt. 
-When he did visit along side Kirishima he didn’t lose a bit before he asked about you. 
-You were surprisingly not beside him deciding to visit Mirio again to see how he was coping. 
- “So... what’s her name hm?”
- “W-Who?”
- “Your girlfriend!!”
-Tamaki burst into a deep blush as he tried hiding his face in his hands. 
- “Come one I’ve seen how she looks at you and how you kissed her OH so lovingly on the forehead the other day was the cut-”
- “Y/N! H-her n-name is Y-Y/N.”
-Kirishima is standing there, jaw almost touching the floor when you open the door and peek inside. 
- “Oh! I’m sorry.... I-I’ll come back later....”
-Okay now Kirishima is already kind losing it because he didn’t expect his shy senpai to have a girlfriend. 
-So when Tamaki lets out a very low, slightly above a whisper, “But bunny....” he freaking snaps. 
- “WHAT!!!!”
- “Kirishima we’re in a hospital!”
-Get ready to be bombarded with questions....poor you.
-At least you get to sit next to Tamaki while you are being interrogated. 
-They insisted on that saying that they wouldn’t keep Tamaki away from his girl...Tamaki is burying his face in your hair....shy baby.
Todoroki Shouto
Tumblr media
-Okay so your relationship is a secret because of his dad. 
-He wanted to shield you from his toxicity. 
-Plus Shouto knew that his dad would force you two apart and he couldn’t let that happen. 
-So you are his little secret. 
-Only his mom knows about you.
-Shouto took you to meet her after your one year anniversary.
-He loves you so damn much he could die. 
-So seeing the two most important women in his life interact and get along he melts. 
-As you say your goodbye to Rei she hugs you, thanking you for taking care of her baby and that your secret will be safe with her. 
-Then she moves on to Shouto as you wait in the hallway. 
- “I like her Shouto. She really loves you. Please take good care of her.”
-Boy falls in love with you all over again I swear to god. 
-Now you spend a lot of time in his dorm. 
-When I say a lot I mean it. 
-You remember how Shouto managed to remodel his room in an afternoon during their first day in the dorms. 
-Yeah that’s what he does for your dates. 
-Since you can’t risk going to outdoor dates very often since it’s very easy for a paparazzi to spot the son of Endeavor.
-Especially if he is holding hands with someone else. 
-Natsuo actually warned you about that and he was the one to suggest dorm dates. 
-He had taken his girlfriend out on a diner date and the next day they were all over multiple tabloids accompanied by multiple calls from Endeavor. 
-All Todoroki children hide their s/o’s......even Fuyumi. 
-Anyways back to Shouto. 
-You spend so much time in his room that you tend to leave some of your clothes there. 
-You change into his hoodies in his room so forgetting your shirt there is a usual phenomenon.
-Plus you do the dirty so.... scattered clothes.
-Now Todoroki is friends with Momo.
-And Momo is friends with you. 
-And she has seen your closet on multiple occasions. 
-She knows your see where I’m going with this?
-Todoroki was struggling with some chemistry problems and you were out doing your hero studies. 
-You had apologized to him multiple times and had suggested Momo as the perfect tutor. 
-That’s why Momo is now alone in his room as he is making tea in the kitchen, looking at what seems to be like one of your favorite sweaters. 
-You had gotten it during Christmas and wouldn’t take it off for a week straight. 
-You had basically brainwashed them by how often you wear it. 
-Why was it in Todoroki’s room though?
- “Todoroki-kun why do you have L/N-san’s sweater?”
-He froze.
-You had stayed the night last Monday and you had been wearing that sweater. 
-He remembers it vividly since he was the one who took it off.....along with your bra.......that he threw somewhere in the room.....AND MOMO COULD FIND AT ANY MOMENT.
-Momo was starting to get worried because well....he had been standing at the same spot for a solid minute staring at absolutely nothing. 
-Standing up she went to shake his shoulder when her eyes caught a bright red fabric peeking out from under the desk.
-Brushing past him she crouched down and grabbed the fabric revealing the red bra. 
-Todoroki snapped out of his shock state the moment Momo reached for the bra strap. 
-He couldn’t stop her though....
- “T-Todoroki-kun.....” 
-And as if things couldn’t get any worse, his phone started to ring as your photo appeared on the screen your name replaced by a heart surrounded ‘babygirl’.
-Todoroki groaned at well everything. 
-Momo was blushing like crazy STILL holding your bra. 
-You two had a lot of things to explain. 
Shinsou Hitoshi
Tumblr media
-I’ve said this before. 
-You never meant your relationship to be a secret. 
-At least not in the beginning. 
-You two just never acted like a couple and people assumed that you were just good friends.
-Then you heard Aizawa scaring a boy who had made Mina cry his special trainee while you were one of his FEMALE students?
-A secret it is.
-Aizawa is a protective dad and you can’t change my mind. 
-You have a collection of hoodies you have ‘borrowed’ that you wear only inside your or his dorm. 
-And while you sleep. 
-Falling asleep surrounded by his scent is heaven. 
-Aizawa has caught you twice wearing his hoodies.
-Once when Shinsou got turned into a baby and once when you went to get water and he scared you shitless. 
-Aizawa knows about yalls relationship. 
-You can run but you cannot hide child. 
-You had a box full of Polaroids from your dates. 
-He knew how happy you were when you two took photos that’s why he bought you a Polaroid. 
-Now you can print your photos and decorate your room. 
-Shinsou is an insomniac.
-We’ve been knew. 
-So on the rare days when he feels kinda sleepy but he misses you so badly he can’t really fall asleep he’ll sneak in your dorm and have an impromptu sleepover. 
-You don’t complain of course. 
-You love to snuggle up to him.
-Also this boy loves wrapping you up in his arms.
-Snuggles snuggles snuggles. 
-Irrelevant information: he has you saved on his phone as kitten and your contact photo is you hanging upside down from the ceiling wrapped up in his capture tool. 
-He had tried teaching you to use it and you somehow managed to climb on the bookcase trying to remake that scene from Tarzan but the cloth got caught on the ceiling fan resulting in this hilarious photo. 
-Back to your sleepover.
-He falls asleep like in the blink of an eye.
-Your sleep that night is the best both of you have had in a fat while. 
-Plus the fact that its the weekend lets you enjoy each others warmth for as long as you like. 
-Being friends with Mina and Kaminari is a ride. 
-Sero and Bakubro and maybe Kiri in some occasions are damage control but they get tired and let you take care of the children. 
-You had promised to go out shopping that morning, a plan you totally forgot when Shinsou tapped your window last night. 
-Giving Mina a spare key to your room was the worst decision you could have made considering you were in a secret relationship. 
-When you didn’t show up on time the two idiots waited for an hour before they made their way to your room.
-Using the spare key she pushed the door open letting out a long “Y/N-CHAAAAN!!!” which scared the soul out of your bodies. 
-You let out a startled scream that woke Hitoshi up who without missing a bit pulled you under him shielding you from whatever made you scream. 
-It was purely on instinct to save and protect you hfqpirhfhsod so cute!!!!
-Mina was left staring at the scene in front of her while Kaminari was calling Sero begging him to come to your room. 
-I don’t know how they didn’t attract dadzawa.
-You would get your ass whooped. 
-Shopping was long forgotten as the whole Bakusquad came one by one in your room waiting for the tea to be spilled. 
-Mina and Sero were angry since they have tried time and time again to hook you up with multiple of their friends, Bakugou didn’t care but he approved, Kaminari and Kirishima were threatening Shisnou if he ever were to break your heart. 
- “I love her you dumbasses I’m not going to hurt her!!!”
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nateezfics · 5 months ago
ATEEZ headcanon: giving them a lap dance
A/N: got inspired earlier when I watched a video on YouTube. The video is under the influence choreography by Nicole Kirkland. Do watch that if you want before or after reading this!
He would be so caught off guard when you suggest giving him a lap dance
But mostly aroused
He’s more than willing to let you try it out on him, because how in the world can he turn down a lap dance
You’re not brave enough at first and it takes so long for you to build up the courage that he forgets you ever even suggested it
You decide to give him a dance for like an anniversary or something because a special occasion would be a good enough time to do it
You’re nervous as hell, all dressed up in your best lingerie
He’s made it himself comfy on the couch, still in his nice attire from your date night
He looks a sight — black slacks, shirt unbuttoned at the top, legs spread wide
He’s so hot and your resolve wavers a bit, but you turn on the music and walk over to him
He watches you so intently, every move, every little sway of your hips
He doesn’t even fight the urge to touch you
He’s bringing you into his lap right away and you just wing it and decide to grind on him to the beat of the music
Looking in his eyes and seeing the desire in them gives you a confidence boost
So does the tent in his pants, but you really want to finish the dance, so you try not to focus too much on that
You’re all over him — your hands on his chest and teasing the opening of his shirt, lips on his ear, and crotch grazing just above where he needs you most
It’s all so exhilarating and you both get so caught up that you don’t notice when the music finishes
Absolutely will flip you over and fuck you senseless right there
He’s breathing so hard, breath loud in your ear as he kisses up and down your jaw
“Fuck, baby. You’re so damn hot,” he’ll say as he dry humps you just so you can really feel how hard he is
He will return the favor tenfold and will go down on you until you’re both breathless
He just wants to show you how grateful he is for tonight’s little treat
Doesn’t want to mess up your pretty lingerie, so he’ll just pull your panties aside and fuck you while enjoying how delectable you look
You don’t even tell him that you want to give him a lap dance
You want it to be spontaneous, so you’re waiting for the right moment
There’s so many moments you want to do it, because damn it, this man is fucking fine
Your perfect opportunity comes when he’s away at the studio and texts you saying he’ll be late again tonight
He’s been visiting the studio a ton lately, more so than usual, and you can literally imagine how tired and worn he looks at the moment
He’s been stressed and you think that this would be the perfect stress reliever
You get yourself ready and pick out a nice bra and panty set just before throwing on some sweats and heading to the studio
He’s hunched over his desk, face in the computer when you walk in
He turns to look at you with wide yet sleepy eyes, but smiles when he sees you
It takes a little bit of coaxing to get him to take some time away from what he’s working on
You turn him away from his desk and put some space between you before turning on some music and beginning the dance
His eyes, once bleary and tired, turn sharp and pointed as he watches you slip off your sweats to reveal what lies beneath
He’s polite and allows you to do your dance without interruption, leaving his hands at his sides even as you began to dance over his lap
Eventually it all gets too much and he buries his face in your neck as his hands grip your hips to bring them down against his hard on
The song hasn’t quite finished yet, but he’s already peeling off your panties so he can stuff his fingers into you
Has you like this for a bit, working you up like you have him, saying things like
“You’re going to give me a heart attack doing things like this without warning” and “You’re so damn good to me, baby.”
Slips his cock into you and let’s you ride him in his chair all while he gropes your ass and whispers dirty things in your ear
He thinks you’re joking when you tell him you want to give him a lap dance
Laughs you off which only makes you want to do it even more just to spite him
You pick a random evening, one where he’s actually home at a decent time
He’s in the kitchen looking for something to eat when you walk up from behind and start feeling him up
He whirls around, mouth dropping open at the sight of you in lingerie
He doesn’t even have time to ask what’s going on because you’re pulling to him to the living room, pushing him into the couch
He just falls into the cushions, looking up at you with wide, curious eyes
Kind of like a lost puppy
He’s so confused when the music starts as he’s still trying to process everything
He curses when you start to dance provocatively, body looking so divine in the lingerie
He swallows hard when you hop on the couch and straddle his lap, grinding and moving over him, hands all over him
He’s very touchy
Hands all over your form — hips, ass, waist, chest, arms
You have to admit, you almost get side tracked when his erection grazes against your core, but you’re determined
He’s trying so hard to pull you all the way down on his lap, but you’re resisting to give in
You tease him with feather light touches and judging by the low groan from him, he’s getting a little fed up
You don’t care and turn yourself around to shake your ass against him, biting back a moan as he grips your ass with both hands
He finally reaches a breaking point and pushes you forward until you’re on the floor on your hands and knees
There’s the sound of pants being undone and soon you feel his cock prodding against your clothed core
“You know I don’t like to be teased, darling,” is all he says before pushing aside your panties and thrusting into you
You’re dancing around the house being silly
Yeosang is on the couch playing on his phone, but every now and then watches you as you dance around the living room to the beat of the music coming from your speaker
It’s all just shenanigans until a certain song comes on
Your whole mood changes instantly because this song is that kind of song
You begin to sway sensually to the slow beat
At first you’re just feeling yourself, not caring about your boyfriend sitting on the couch, but then
An idea hatches in your brain
You saunter over to him, bending down over him while your hands run up his thighs
He looks away from his phone and at you
He’s looking at you like ma’am wtf are you doing
You wedge yourself onto his lap, rolling your hips in time with the music
You hold his chin with your hand and keep your eyes locked with his as you mouth the words of the song
They’re some filthy lyrics
And at first Yeosang blushes a little because this just so random of you
But he relaxes and gives you all his attention, even widening his legs more so you can sit more comfortably
You look a mess
You’re in a pair of gym shorts and one of his hoodies
But you’re still turning him on immensely, cock hardening in his sweats
He interrupts your little performance by running his hands up your waist, slipping them under the sweatshirt
You moan as his hands massage your breasts and you sit on his lap fully, moaning again when you feel his erection press into you
Your movements stop as you bask in the feeling of his hands on you
He smirks
“Don’t stop, baby. Keep going. You were doing so well.”
You try to keep going, but his hands keep touching you all over and soon you’re pleading with him to fuck you
He’s the one who asked you to do it
And of course you agree
It’s something you have yet to do and you’re both excited to try something new in the bedroom
You get ready, dolling yourself up
Hair, make up, a sexy lingerie set, and some heels
You look stunning
He pulls you close, kissing down your neck while his hands roam over you
You have to push him away because you can’t do this yet
Not before you do your dance at least
He surprises you when he gets a camera ready
He says he wants to video the whole thing so he can save it for later ;)
You’re a tad nervous to be recorded, but once the music starts and you watch him as he reclines into his seat, your nerves fade away
You’ve got a whole floor routine put together, and you grow in confidence when you notice how he watches your every move intently
You crawl to him, rising between his thighs as your hands climb his torso to tease at the buttons on his shirt
He smirks and beckons you closer
You hop into his lap and straddle him, hips circling over his groin
He chuckles smugly when you stutter when you feel his erection
He reaches behind you and pulls your hair and you arch backwards
His free hand runs up your body from your tummy to your neck
You manage to gracefully roll off his lap and back into the floor
You go back to your earlier place and begin to undo his pants
His hand goes to your cheek, thumb stroking it sweetly as he watches you
You free him from his pants and stroke him
He groans and his head falls backwards when you take him in your mouth
“Ah, fuck, baby. You’re so damn hot.”
You tell him you have a gift for him
When he asks you why you got him a gift, you tell him it’s because you just want to cherish him
He’s a little confused when you ask him to sit on the edge of the bed before running into your closet
He just waits for you there
So cute
He quirks an eyebrow at you when you come out of the closet in a silk robe
He asks you what this gift is exactly
He still hasn’t caught on
Until it dawns on him
He blushes as his eyes rake over your form
You walk to him, hand threading through his hair
He looks up at you, so beautiful and so amazing
You bend down and kiss him before telling him to sit back and enjoy
You discard the robe and he swallows as it falls off your frame to reveal your lingerie
He just kind of sits still as you dance
Until you throw one leg up on the bed over him, rolling your body so sensually it has his mind reeling
He grips your thigh firmly as he looks up at you, eyes now dark
A moment later he leans forward and begins to leave kisses on your thigh while his hand runs along your skin
You grip his hair and shudder at the feel of his lips
You dance on him some more before you push him backwards into the mattress
He falls onto his back, hands at your waist as you crawl on top of him
You grind down into his hard erection and you both groan out in bliss
The friction is euphoria
“You’re the best, did you know that?” he asks you after you’re impaled on his cock
You giggle and lean down to kiss him as you roll your hips
Kind of like Yunho, he sort of plays it off as a joke
But with a twist
He says that you can give him a lap dance if you let him give you one
So that way you can see who’s better at being sexy
Of course he has to come through with the shenanigans
But you’re down for the competition and hey
It’s still going to be fun for you both ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
You’re both in your apartment
Neither of you are really dressed sexy at all
Unless you consider sweats sexy
But you give him the dance first, sitting him down on the couch and putting on a sensual song
You just freestyle it, winging your way through the motions
You make sure to keep your eyes on his as you dance
He’s unwavering until you began to strip down to your underwear
You crawl into his lap, hands tugging at his hair and pulling his head back
You kiss up and down his jaw and neck as you roll your hips to the tempo of the song
You whisper filth into his ear and smirk at the way he squirms under you
You sit up straight and continue with some slow movements over him, hand sliding down to grope his clothed hard on
He moans just as his eyes lock with yours and fuck
You feel your panties grow damp
He must’ve noticed a change in you because he glides the pad of his finger over your panties, grinning at the wetness
He dips his finger past the fabric to plunge into your hole
You moan, body freezing from the sudden pleasure
He gloats
“That’s cheating,” you say in a pout
He laughs as he begins to finger you, now adding another finger
“Don’t worry, feel free to get me back when it’s my turn to dance”
He winks at you
You’ve been taking this dance class recently
And normally you’d show your boyfriend all the choreo you learn when you get home
But lately you’ve refrained from showing him any of the new moves
He doesn’t really think much of it
Until you tell him how complex this new choreo is
And how sensual it is
Naturally he perks up at the word sensual
You decide to keep the new dance a secret until you’ve fully mastered it
You get yourself all dolled up one night and decide that’s the best time to show him
You sit him down in a chair and he asks you if this is the “sensual” dance you had mentioned before
You say yes and tell him you wanted to master it before showing him
He sits back in the chair as he watches you turn on the music from your phone
He’s pleasantly surprised as soon as you start dancing
The choreo is hot and he can’t help but blush a little at the sight of you moving so beautifully
He gets so into it, leaning forward to watch you closely
He gasses you up and cheers you on, telling you how amazing you are
Finally you began to dance on him, and he just laughs as he grabs your hips
He adores you and you’re so beautiful it has him straining in his pants
He sings along to the song so
He raises his hips to meet yours and smirks at the noise you make
He lets you finish your routine before he lifts you in his arms and carries you to the bedroom
He lays you on the bed and as he kisses down your stomach, he praises you endlessly
“You did so good, baby. You were wonderful. My gorgeous, talented, and sexy little girl. Now let me reward you.”
He ravishes you all night, high off of you
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hanazuma-inactive · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
defrost (nsfw) kaeya x top!male reader
pronouns: he/him
warnings: ice play!! slight degradation, orgasm denial/ edging, top male reader, bottom kaeya
a/n: this was edited by @kamihara, she really outdone herself in this one, professional kaeya simp lol
“to think such an honourable knight such as you, the cavalry captain of mondstat, is now begging to cum. how shameful of you,” you let out a low chuckle as a provocative smile broke out on your lips, “i wonder what citizens would say if they saw their beloved and oh so admirable kaeya in this position?”
as a captain of the ordo favonius, you were a bright figure to the people of mondstat. a person who aided in saving the city from destruction, one of the heroes that defeated storm terror. of course, other knights had nothing but respect for you as your skill and talent was nothing short of impressive. many looked at you with a high regard due to your strength and position, this meant that many were intimidated by your presence and therefore fear approaching you.
however, there was one person who disregarded this and stuck by you anyways, kaeya alberich, the cavalry captain. out of everyone in the knights of favonius, you were the closest with kaeya. you enjoyed his company a lot, he was an interesting person who knew how to keep a conversation going, and while you're with him you could never find yourself feeling bored. he was as charming as he was cunning.
kaeya found himself enjoying your company too. the two of you have done lots of things together. going on missions, getting away with “knighty” duty, babysitting klee, and drinking at angels share. you know, all the fun things in life.
kaeya was a secretive person, and while you were curious about him, you respected his boundaries. perhaps this was the reason why he drew you in, besides his blaringly good looks of course.
there was no doubt that the man was attractive from head to toe. his silky navy blue hair fell down his shoulder with grace, his fringe complemented his smooth, flawless sepia toned face. his periwinkle eye held the sheen of a crystal, glistening as his long eyelashes framed it with poise. the diamond shaped pupils his eyes possessed could leave you in a trance forever. his open white shirt left his cleavage on display, contrasted with the black corset around his slim, slim waist. his slender legs brought him around with confidence and charisma.additionally, the intricate accessories he wore suited his personality well. all in all, kaeya was a pretty little thing.
all of this lead up to you harbouring romantic feelings for the cavalry caption. how could you not feel anything? he was perfect in every way.
the sound of kaeya’s voice snapped you out of your thinking. “y/n, any missions today?”
“nothing for you i don’t think, i gotta help jean with the paperworks though.” you sighed at the thought of a mountain of paperwork.
“great, well i’m off then you have fun doing whatever.” kaeya smirked at you, poking fun at your dread.
he started to turn around and walk off but you had other plans.
“wait. kaeya-” you speak quickly.
“hm?” he hummed out.
“angels share? 9pm?”
a quizzical look washed over his face before he masked it with one of his cunning smiles.
little did kaeya know you had more in mind than just drinking with him tonight. today would be the day when you finally told him about your little crush on him.
night quickly arrived after a day of working with jean. you were pretty exhausted but still excited about what's about to happen later tonight. when you entered the bar, Kaeya was already waiting for you at the counter talking with the bartender, charles.
“ah, i see mr.l/n is here too. Your usual today as well sir?”
“yah that’d be nice, thanks charles.” you said as you took a seat next to kaeya
“you got it.” charles said as he left to go get your drink.
angel's share was the place you and kaeya loved the most. the kind of noisy background with people chatting. cyrus and jack talking about their gains for today, six-fingered jose still playing his lyre, the song was getting a little old but you didn’t mind, in fact if he changed the song you probably wouldn’t be used to it.
“so, what’s the special occasion for today? you usually don’t invite me to drink on weekdays.” kaeya said while swirling his drink and glancing over at you.
kaeya’s eyes always amazed you. you didn’t know the name of the grey-ish color but you could gaze into them forever. his smooth skin glowed under the dim lighting in the bar. you loved everything about the man, his dark blue hair, his perfectly shaped body, and the fact that you could see a little bit of his clothing. what kaeya said on the first day when you guys met was true, you did feel something for him.
“hm? can i not invite fellow knights to share a drink once in while without a special occasion.”
“well, not wrong there but…you seem like you have ulterior motives for tonight from the way you’re dressing.” kaeya said, smirking at you.
it was true, you purposely chose one of your best outfits today for kaeya, you wanted to impress the man not only from your combat skills, but also your looks. there was no secret you could hide from kaeya. he knew you too well and he always looked right through you. it could have just been kaeya’s observant nature but you like to hope it was something more than that.
“you’re right there, you really do know me too well, maybe i need to start hiding things from you a little huh?”
“you can try but i highly doubt it’ll work in your favour, mr.honorary knight.”
both of you looked at each other with a slight smirk as charles arrived with your drink. after drinking for a good while you could tell kaeya was getting a little tipsy. his movements were unstable, he shaked a little while walking and his eyes started to become hazy. what better time than right now to reveal your true plans for tonight, you were gonna fuck the shit out of the beautiful man. you wanted to hear him scream your name in pleasure as you break him, over and over again.
“why don’t we go somewhere else? y’know, somewhere more, quiet” you suggested while scooting closer to kaeya.
“i wouldn’t mind that.”
as soon as you heard those words you immediately got up and left with kaeya. your plan was going perfectly and the best part is about to come soon. kaeya wasn’t stupid, he was an adult afterall and he knew what you were trying to do. dressing up all sexy like that, getting drinks, going somewhere more “private”, what else could it have been.
the two of you arrived in your house and headed straight for your bedroom. kaeya has been to your house many times for many reasons and he knew where everything was so he didn’t trip or fall.
you placed a light kiss on kaeya’s lips while he laid on your bed.
“wait here~ i’ll be right back.”
this was where things would get, interesting
you opened your fridge to grab a small wooden bowl. the content inside was covered by a small white cloth. after grabbing that you went to grab some rope from a drawer you hid them in because you didn’t know what to say if someone saw those items in your house.
after bringing the items back you put them on the side and pushed kaeya down.
“what’re those?” he asked
(its a surprise tool that’ll help us later.)
“don’t worry about it sweetheart, just lay back and let me do the work alright?”
you brought a blush to kaeya’s face with your flirty words as he gave you a small nod, signalling you consent and approval. you kept invading kaeya’s mouth over and over again, you’re tongue so skillful kaeya was sure this definitely wasn’t your first time. the kisses ended after a while leaving both of you panting and a half an erection in your pants. wanting more, you began to take off kaeya’s uniform. his skin is so beautiful, you could also see his well defined body, just the perfect amount, not too buff, not too skinny. you licked your lips a little bit and looked up at kaeya with a smirk. when you put your mouth onto kaeya’s pink nipples, he squealed a little out of surprise but soft moans soon began to escape from his mouth.
“a-ah~ didn’t know you had this in you, honorary knight.”
“oh i know a lot more tricks that can make you feel good~” you teased.
as you continued to suck on kaeya’s smooth skin, you decided to spice things up a little bit. kaeya yelped as he felt a slight pain around his nipples. you remove your mouth to see a bite mark around it.
“to mark you as mine~”
“tch, you cocky little bastard.”
seeing the tent building up in kaeya’s pants, you decided to take them off and grant it some release. after you took off kaeya’s jeans you saw a small stain at the top of his boxers, showing that he felt good earlier.
“alright... this is where the fun part begins.” you said as you grabbed the ropes you initially put on the floor.
“restraining me? go ahead, let’s see if the honorary knight is all talk or he actually has something up his sleeve.” kaeya taunted
not liking his attitude, you forcefully tied kaeya’s hands behind his back and pushed him to the end of the bed facing you with nothing on but his boxers. now, the mighty kaeya alberich, is at your mercy.
“alright, we can do this in two ways. one, you listen to me, second, i don’t think you’ll like what’ll happen,”
kaeya raised his head a little and looked you dead in the eyes.
“i choose the second option”
you knew kaeya was the bratty type and it’ll only add to the fun to tame him. after hearing his choice you pushed kaeya back to where he was before and uncovered the bowl you had prepared earlier on the side. the bow was filled with medium sized ice cubes and it was till now that kaeya finally realized what you were trying to do.
“ice cubes huh? bring it on.”
“you asked for it~”
you grabbed one of the ice cubes and started to rub it on kaeya’s pecs, making circular motions and slowing moving towards the center where his nipples are.
“f-fuck that’s cold.”
you saw kaeya’s cock twitch a little when you first reached his nipples and you knew he was feeling good. moving on with your plan, you rested the ice cube on kaeya’s nipples and lifted his boxers where his cock is still covered but his asshole is exposed to you. right after that, you grabbed the lube that has been sitting in your nightstand and spread them on your fingers. without mercy you put 2 fingers into kaeya, trying to find his pleasure spot. sooner or later when kaeya started to let out tiny moans you knew you hit your target.
“feels good huh baby boy~”
“y-yah, and so what o-oh fuck~”
kaeya was sure feeling it, to a point where he started stuttering.
the constant teasing got kaeya close to his limit. he couldn’t hold it any longer. but you’re not gonna let him cum that easy are you? of course not, he needed to be punished for what he did earlier.
“a-ah y/n i’m gonna cum i’m gonna cum so hard- wait why'd you s-stop?” kaeya asked
“you decided to be a brat earlier didn’t you~? bad boys get punishment.” you said with a smirk on your face.
kaeya stayed silent, not a word coming out of his mouth, head hung low feeling embarrassed.
“to think such an honourable knight such as you, the cavalry captain of mondstat, is now begging to cum. how shameful of you,” you let out a low chuckle as a provocative smile broke out on your lips, “i wonder what citizens would say if they saw their beloved and oh so admirable kaeya in this position?”
“maybe~ if you begged a little i might reconsider, don’t you think so, pretty boy?”
kaeya finally lost his composure at this point, all he wanted was to cum from your touch.
“fine... i don’t care anymore.” kaeya growled.
“p-please y/n.” kaeya looked up at you with pleading eyes. “i want to c-cum, i want to cum so bad. i should’ve been a good boy from the beginning… i promise i’ll be obedient from now on, j-just please, let me cum…” kaeya begged
“that’s what i thought.”
satisfied with kaeya’s begging, you decided to grant him his release. you added another ice cube to the other side of kaeya’s chest while stroking his dick through his boxers. of course you didn’t forget to keep teasing kaeya’s prostate while you were at it. all these different stimulations made kaeya lose his mind. the male came through his boxers all over the place. semen spilled on his own stomach and chest followed with moans so loud the entire mondstat could hear him.
after he settled himself down a little, kaeya waited for you to untie him. you exchanged a kiss with him while you were doing so, smiling at each other thinking about what just happened. neither of you cared about the mess that you made because you guys were tired. listening to the birds chirp, you fell asleep with the dark blue haired male on your bed.
the two of you woke up in the afternoon to the noises of mondstat. you woke up a little before kaeya and from your point of view he was literally a sleeping beauty. you stroked his hair a little bit, causing him to wake up.
"y/n…good morning handsome."
"right back at you."
both of you giggled a little while holding hands.
"hey kaeya?"
"yes y/n."
"i've been meaning to get this off my chest and i don't think there will be a better time to say it than now."
"well go ahead, i'm all ears."
"you were the only one that ever stuck with me in the knights, everyone was afraid of me due to my strength except for you. you listened to me, you talked to me, and if it weren't for you i probably would've quit the job at the knights already." you took a deep breath and let out the words kaeya were waiting for.
"kaeya alberich... will you he my boyfriend?"
kaeya gave you a small scoff as a reaction and a light kiss to your lips.
"what reason do i have to refuse such a perfect man?."
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