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Can I prompt hugs 35 for our Guardians in the Marvellous Ladies AU?
35. Cuddle Pile
(Warning: Character Death)
Zari wasn't sure how long she was hovering in space before the Waverider appeared. She was still gripping Mary's body when they finally got her in the airlock. It didn't seem right that this was what was happening. Her mentor, the woman who'd raised her, called her a daughter, lying dead on the floor of the cargo bay.
"I've got her," Eve's voice was gentle in her ear as she pulled Mary away from her. "Are you hurt?"
Zari shook her head. The abilities she's had were gone along with Mon-El, but she was fine with that. There were some scrapes and cuts. But the real hurt was inside. Mary wasn't opening her eyes again. There would be no more hidden smiles or care masked by sharp words.
Lily bent down next to her. "Mary-"
Eve shook her head. "No pulse."
"She gave her exo-suit to me so I could breathe," Zari whispered. "She had everything and she gave it me."
"Because she loved you," M'gann said, coming up behind Zari. "I read her mind during the battle when things looked dire. She was thinking of the three of you. How she'd failed to keep Mon-El from getting to you. That she would do anything to make it up."
"She called us her daughters when we were leaving," Lily murmured. "All three of us were, that's what she said before running back to you."
Zari rubbed at her eyes. "She said I didn't owe him a thing. That he never counted as family. And then she said she would do anything for her children before she gave me the suit."
Lily wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. Zari sniffled, leaning on her shoulder. Mary had died for them.
"I am Fern?"
Zari looked down to see Baby Fern climbing up the leg of her pants. Beneath her fronds, her dark eyes were full of care and concern. She smiled through her tears and picked the little plant creature up to rest on her shoulder.
M'gann sat down behind them and hugged them. Miranda was next into the pile, her hand stroking Zari's tangled hair in a soothing motion. Had she done that for Jonas when he'd been upset. Zari glanced over at her, and Miranda gave a small sad smile before glaring at Axl. The rat groaned before hopping in, for once not making a comment about 'mushy crap'.
Eve and Irma followed too. Zari looked around at all of them. She'd only had Lily for years. Them against the universe. But in the past few years, she had found friends who became a family. Even if they'd met trying to steal something, they were still a family.
"Hey," M'gann looked up. "Get in here."
Leslie looked over at them with a frown. "Seriously."
"Oh yeah," Lily nodded. "You're M'gann's family, so you're a part of this."
"Whatever," was the reply, but she still walked over to sit by M'gann and join the cuddle pile.
Grief was burning in Zari's veins, but something else was filling it too. Not in replacement, but in a harmony. Love and care for everyone here. People who had come looking for her when she was in danger because she meant something to them.
Zari met Irma's eyes and gave a small nod of thanks.
Mary was gone, and she would have to process that.
But she would not be alone.
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unorthodoxica · 10 days ago
Chapters: 20/20 Fandom: Danny Phantom, Young Justice Rating: K+ Genre: General • Mystery Characters: Danny Fenton, Richard Grayson/Robin Summary:
When they heard the fateful words “Recognized: Robin-B01” nothing could have prepared them for the web of secrets which would unravel as Daniel Fenton and Richard Grayson search for answers. Rated K+ for themes action, themes, and occasional language. Definitely not your typical DP/YJ crossover.
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incorrectyj · 12 days ago
wally: don’t worry everyone, we’ve got everything we need to defeat this guy.
m’gann: the power to believe in ourselves?
wally: what, no.
wally: we have the power.
wally: let’s smite this dude.
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meloncut · 13 days ago
Interview #2
[Who do you think is the most attractive person on your team?]
M'gann: *Blushing* Connor, of course.
Artemis: Wally.
Roy: Robin.
M'gann: Wait, you've seen him without his mask on?
Roy: Me and Wally both have, same with Kaldur.
M'gann: Aww... I wanna see.
Connor: M'gann.
Kaldur: Roy.
Roy: Thanks dude.
Kaldur: Anytime.
Robin: Superboy.
Robin: Have you seen his jawline and cheekbones?
Wally: I know, right? And his muscles?
Robin: Definitely the best looking out of all of us.
Wally: He's on my DIF list.
Artemis: "DIF List?"
Roy: We all have a 'Dudes I'd F*ck' List. My first option would be Batman, sorry Robin.
Robin: My first would be Superboy or Kaldur. Those muscles are only a plus.
Wally: Dude..
Robin: I'm sorry, Wally.
Wally: Don't talk to me..
Robin: Dude-
[I think we should cut to a commercial break, Dan-]
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meloncut · 14 days ago
Interview #1
[Who do you think is the most-level headed person on your team?]
M'gann: Well, if I had to choose anybody, I think it would probably be Robin or Kaldur. They think ahead, and manage to keep their emotions in check.
Artemis: Kaldur.
Conner: Robin.
Roy: Me.
Wally: I would have to say...Wolf.
The Team: ...What?
*Wally gestures to Robin and Kaldur*
Robin: *Cackles* They think we're stable?! I can barely stop myself from screaming every few seconds.
Kaldur: *In physical pain* I'm trying not to laugh, it hurts.
Robin:*Drops to the floor, laughing.*
[I think we're done for today...]
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incorrectyj · 15 days ago
dick: how many people with powers does it take to change a light bulb?
artemis, mumbling sarcastically: more than seven apparently
m’gann: oh, cool! i love jokes! we’re supposed to respond, how many?
dick: this isn’t a joke! WE’VE BEEN STUCK IN THE DARK FOR SIX HOURS
kaldur, trying not to go insane: i made the right choice by staying here i made the right choice by staying here i made the right choice by
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theirdecay · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
@likeablur​ sc
❛   you gave me your word but that didn’t matter.   ❜
Tumblr media
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themartianwitch · 23 days ago
Butterflies; moments from a neverending metamorphosis.
M’gann bends Conner's elbows and wrists into zig-zags. Even with her clothes shifted, the cuffs of her white sleeves hold the dirt her gloves took from his bootprints. It’s not her real uniform, she reminded him; Earth clothes are harder to clean, apparently. The sparring room floor casts her human skin in an unearthly glow. It suits her. Her freckled cheeks beam as white as her smile as her hands press his spine straight.
She steps back, prepares to clap. “Now it’s 'float like-a but-ter—'”
“I don’t float,” Conner states, lightly. Somehow. Somehow, it feels light to say.
“Neither do the Bumblebees!” M’gann fake-pouts, expression giving it away.
"Except you," Conner answers, another fact.
M’gann hops back over to him, lays a finger on his lips, and then brings it to her own. “That’s a se-cret,” she fake-whispers. 
Conner drops the pose and takes hold of her hands. M'gann gasps for real. “I thought you wanted to help with my routine!” she then laughs. “Karen said if we can’t teach it, we don’t know it.”
“We've done enough maneuvers. Besides, you got it." Conner's hands move to her waist. He spares a look up to where he knows is a surveillance camera. M'gann's face flares red. She's in her own form—one of them—but all the same, Conner turns to put his back to the camera instead of their faces. M'gann's gasping lips are easy to find, and she gulps at the air his kiss pushes into her mouth. A satisfied hum rings through his ears and his mind. She’s there now, too, a warmth like the sun. 
[Just float me,] he thinks to her.
Conner peeks out from the kiss to watch both their name rings blip out of the floor screen. In the air, he's not Superboy.
He's more.
 Conner's feet leave the ground like they always do. His eyes stay to the sky, ears as tuned out of the crowd as possible. The noise still finds its way into his head. Rapid-fire shots—cameras. Oohs and aahs. 
His leap reaches its apex. He’s far off the ground, far enough for now, but in another second he’ll be down. He breathes in, braces himself—
His drop stops.  Conner's stomach lurches, his toes clenching inside his costume's red boots. The flap of the cape against the backs of his arms makes a chill even as it curls around him.
[In position,] Conner relays back to M’gann via the psychic link, as if she didn’t already know.
[Acknowledged,] M’gann answers back, the voice in his head still hers despite her form.
To her, he’s barely a thought. He’s being suspended, not controlled—all the same, he raises one knee just to prove he can. 
Superman, he reminds himself. The voices below echo the thought. Superman? Superman! 
Conner turns his chin up higher than the setting sun and squares his shoulders. Think Superman thoughts. 
Down on stage, M'gann greets Carol Ferris in Martian Manhunter’s voice, cool and concise. Good luck, Conner would say—if it mattered. She's got the act down. 
And nothing he says still matters to her anyway.
The crowd is still all flashbulbs, blurry speckles for heads; looking down, all that Conner can see clearly is himself. The blue tights fit him better than he ever thought they would, even before he knew he’d never grow. 
He’s thankfully too high up for the press to read age on his face, much less a grimace. So much for ‘Superman thoughts,’ Conner grumbles to himself as he lets his jutted knee slump. 
The press can’t read his mind either. He’ll think his own thoughts.
 “Catch me!”
By the time M’gann can look, Conner is already off the ground. He smiles at her as his leap takes him past her, reaching its peak over her head. M’gann opens her arms wide and casts a telekinetic net beneath him. Conner drops into the space, body bobbing up and down on a wave.
M’gann’s body glows in the moonlight, sinews and all. Conner kicks himself over to her. M’gann’s red eyes dart away as soon as his arms hook around her neck, but she takes him into her telekinetic hold.
Her skin ripples against the undersides of his arms. She pushes herself up by his shoulders and gives him her waist as it turns human-shaped, giggles as her form becomes the right size for him to envelop. 
[Well…] M’gann turns back towards the horizon and points a still-white finger out towards a bright red spot beside the moon. [There it is.]
Conner presses his cheek into the smooth, bare skin of her head. [Don’t tell me you’re homesick.]
[If I were homesick, I’d go inside.] M’gann giggles aloud. [But… this is one of those years when it’s brighter.]
Wolf lets out a faint but full-throated howl below, and a slow breeze tickles the back of Conner’s neck. At this height, their yard becomes the cliff, the shore, and the sea, their roof a spec barely bigger than Mars.
[It’s always a… strange feeling, seeing it from here,] M’gann says as she thumbs at his knuckles. [But it’s... a strange feeling that I think I should feel.] 
M’gann’s only answer is a hand under his chin and a kiss pressed to his cheek.
[Not alone,] Conner fills in as he threads his fingers into hers. He holds her hand out where he can see.
His—her—their shield shines.
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incorrectyj · 23 days ago
their once-a-week dinner night turns into a movie/sleepover night
kaldur comes earlier than everyone else, only to place extra first aid kits around the cave because SOMEONE will get hurt and he isn’t about to get chewed out by someone in the league for a team member getting injured over a sleepover
roy joins game/dinner night too, only because he claims “you need some sort of supervision or someone might end up dead”
he secretly loves dinner night and always has a lot of fun but will never admit it
“just admit that you like spending time with us” “over my dead body”
they all have matching onesies of their mentors that they wear
the bedrooms always look like they got robbed by an overly shedding chicken afterwards
m’gann cooks two batches of dinner because she knows one won’t get eaten
everyone HATES doing the dishes after
they’ll trade chores just so that they don’t have to do it
“if you do the dishes for me tonight, i’ll fold your laundry for a week” “make it two and we’ve got a deal”
there are a lot of competitions using the gaming consoles dick personally installed
zatanna holds the title of “just dance queen”
“hey wally, can your science explain how i’ve been totally crushing you” “i KNOW you rigged it somehow, i’m just not sure how at the moment”
they’ve broken 4 remotes
conner is accountable for 3
in addition to the remotes, friendships have been broken as well over mario kart
zatanna may be good at dancing, but she’s AWFUL at karaoke
kaldur can do a perfect rendition of careless whisper and everyone was shocked the first time they witnessed it
wally and dick have a whole new world memorized with choreo
they can switch between roles too and it’ll still be flawless
once everyone is done with games they play a movie to wind down
although there have been many arguments about which movies are best, they can all collectively agree on disney movies
everyone ends up sleeping in a random place in the cave
wally has been found sleeping on top of the fridge
conner has been found sleeping in the showers
someone waking up early and frantically trying to get everyone up because they made a huge mess and they have 10 minutes to clean it up before red comes down
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tcookies · 24 days ago
I hope we get to see the SuperMartian wedding 'cause I've been rooting for this couple since Season 1 and I just need to see some happiness before all the sad shit hits the fan.
If not, at least give us a SuperMartian baby at the end of the season. That baby is gonna be so op and will probably go flying out of the womb (or phasing out??) kicking ass.
Tumblr media
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DC Comics/ YJ || TikToks/Vines #29
If you come from YouTube: congrats you found my Tumblr!
If you come from Tumblr and want to watch the other 28 parts here is the link to them
I only own the editing here!
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incorrectyj · 29 days ago
m’gann: imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you’ve lost throughout your life.
zatanna: it would be nice to get my sense of purpose back.
dick: oh wow, my childhood innocence! thank you for finding this.
kaldur: my will to live! i haven’t seen this in fifteen years!
wally: i knew i lost that potential somewhere!
artemis: mental stability, my old friend!
conner: guys, could you lighten up a little?
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incorrectyj · a month ago
m’gann: i’m not sure how many cookies it takes to be happy but so far it’s not twenty-seven
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