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#second chance
thebsayraduka · 2 months ago
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Careful for lightning XD
Had another silly idea for the two Ganondorfs meeting X’D This time Second Chance Ganondorf is showing @growingupgerudo Ganondorf a neat lil trick ;3
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gunsatthaphan · 7 months ago
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Chris & Jeno in Second Chance ep6 - for anonymous ♡
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elevatormusic · 2 months ago
bl recommendations boys
alright so i’ve never actually posted any of my recommendations for bls on here so that’s what we are gonna do today.
just gonna do like my top ones from each country because there are so many that i’ve watched and forgot what happened so like here we go. this does contain a lot of spoilers so read at your own risk.
top 10 thai:
i was gonna do just top 10 in general but as there are so many fucking thai ones i think it’s best to just give them their own category. i haven’t actually watched many lately just because they have all been pretty repetitive and i got bored but whatever.
sotus. warnings: hazing. i won’t even lie to you, this isn’t even the best thai bl however idk what it is but i absolutely adore the singto/krist pairing (in the show, plz don’t ship real ppl). so here we are. classic enemies to lovers trope (my absolute favorite). so engineer students. one is a popular freshman (kongpob) and is getting hazed by the upperclassmen. the other is the leader of the hazing team (arthit) and ngl a bit of a prick at first. kong simply does not give a single fuck tbh and i truly love that for him. think like the perfect honor student decides to rebel against the system and ends up falling for the person he is rebelling against. they do have a second season (sotus s) that’s like working in the real world. it’s not as good but i still like it. and the one episode of our skyy which is extremely domestic and i very much love. you can watch on youtube (gmmtv)
until we meet again. warnings: suicide, death, homophobia. like it is very heavy in the plot so please be in the right headspace to be watching this one. nonetheless it is so so good. kinda complicated to explain but i’ll try my best. okay so it focuses on two different couples. korn and intouch are from the past and pharm and dean are from the present. so when korn and intouch were around it wasn’t accepted to be gay and their fathers were not having it (straight up homophobic af). basically a bunch of bad shit happens to them and after they die they are like reincarnated into pharm and dean. so basically pharm and dean like unravel everything of the past. but yeah the bitch is crazy good. also pharm is so adorable and i would die for him. you can watch on youtube (studio wabi sabi)
ingredients. okay so this is actually like an ad series. like they are straight up promoting a supermarket lmao. but it’s actually so so cute and soft and domestic and god i love it and them. also jeff and game have such great chemistry it’s beautiful (honestly my favorite thai ship). so tops (yeah my mans was named after the grocery story lmao) is a future chef and win is an aspiring singer. and they were roommates (plz know the meme thank you). yeah so they are roommates and the entire series they slowly fall for each other. and it’s just like so many good tropes shoved in there and man i love it. be warned the episodes are super short. also the acting skills on these two? bruh they are like the complete opposite of their characters irl and you would never know. trust me go look up interviews of them and you’ll understand. you can watch on youtube (centralfoodtv)
my engineer. i’m putting this one on here solely for ram and king. goodbye. no but okay so i’m not gonna lie i find one of the main actors in this kinda creepy lmao but it’s fine i can look past that. the show is actually good. duen is basically punished to bring bohn a flower everyday for a month. at some point bohn’s friends call him out and he finally tells deun he likes him which in turn deun turned that boy down so hard. but ya know bohn doesn’t give up until well he does and boom deun has feelings bitches. one thing that very much pisses me off about it though is that deun’s friends like forbid him to date bohn unless they agree which is like fucked? and actually none of their business but whatever. the real reason i put it on here tho is my boys. firstly i would straight up die for king. they are a side couple but by far my favorite side couple in any bl. king is outgoing and ram is a quiet boy. pretty much king tries to get ram out of his shell the entire time and he drunk confesses (you love to see it). we are supposed to be getting a season two that focuses on them so. you can watch on youtube (my enigneer official)
why r u. this would have been higher on my list if covid didn’t fuck with their filming time. basically zon and saifah were supposed to be the actual main couple but they couldn’t film all of their scenes and so it kinda became the tutor and fighter show. which don’t get me wrong the tutor and fighter storyline is really good too. i just love my soft boys better and wish they were the main as intended. yeah so the two main couples all hate each other lmao. tutor and fighter hate each other and zon and saifah hate each other. hey look another enemies to lovers. do we sense a pattern yet? it’s actually funny because they are actual sweethearts to everyone else besides each other. they pretty much all deny their feelings besides saifah (a king). the main reason i wasn’t as fond of tutor and fighter is because them mf are horny af and well i’m asexual and not into that. very angsty and like sorta love triangle which i also hate but it wasn’t really in your face so it was okay. zon and saifah become friends because sai has to teach zon how to play guitar. it progresses from there but as i said they didn’t get all of the scenes so we were cut short on how they actually fell for each other but they did do a special (three episodes i think) of just them two to make up for it. you can watch on the line tv app.
a tale of a thousand stars. warnings: death, heart transplant (idk just in case), guns. this one was a very refreshing one in the aspect they weren’t university students anymore. like finally dude. so this guy tian is a rich boy and he needs a heart transplant. he gets the heart from a teacher (from a poor village) that died. basically he finds out that she was the one that he got the heart from so he wanted to make up for it by going to teach at the village she was at. when he gets there the chief forest officer phupha is assigned to take care of him. they don’t get off on the right foot at first but eventually become friends. and they actually flirt so much like no hiding that shit. also they actually go about this by not freaking out about liking a dude which is super chill because so many thai ones love to say they don’t like guys just this guy as if bisexuality doesn’t exist but anyway. you can watch on youtube (gmmtv)
love by chance. warnings: blackmail, being outed sort of. saint my baby boy is dynamic af okay. but in this one he plays pete, the very polite and quiet rich boy. cute cinnamon role of a person will fight everyone for him. his pairing is with ae, the mf is a chaotic outgoing boy. pretty much complete opposites. there’s a scene where ae says he doesn’t think he’s too short just everyone else is taller than him and i think that sealed it for me. this one is very nice because they both caught feelings at the beginning of this bitch so like aye don’t have to wait until the end besties. did this one even actually have a plot except everyone being gay and jealous? idk i mean it was honestly just pete and ae being boyfriends so it doesn’t matter we stan. the side couple in this is a cute enemies to lovers thing. actually tin is a dick to everyone except pete. i think we are supposed to hate him but i refuse. i love that man so much and he deserves only good things. you can watch on youtube (studio wabi sabi) and the linetv app.
he’s coming to me. warnings: death, indirect(?) murder. alright this one is like sifi shit which is not exactly common for thai. won’t lie it is very impractical being that mes is a fucking ghost but. who comes up with this shit and makes me enjoy it? in all honesty it’s probably because of singto. alright so mes couldn’t go into the afterlife when he died because his family is fucked up (you’ll see). so this guy thun can see ghosts. he starts as a little boy which is kinda weird but whatever we get the actual guy (college boy). so he takes mes out of the cemetery and basically they are roommates (again the meme). it’s actually pretty platonic for a good bit because again mes is a fucking ghost bro. and like he can’t really touch things all the time especially people so it’s very difficult. but they have this weird ghost human relationship but it works. i know i sound like i’m talking shit but i promise i’m not it is actually good. you can watch on youtube (gmmtv)
2gether. warnings: so many fucking straight people. okay so this one is pretty light hearted. tine starts off obnoxiously straight (lol okay). and so basically this other guy has a crush on him so he tries to higher a girl to act as his girlfriend and it just doesn’t work. so his only logical solution is “hey let’s get the hottest dude in school to be my boyfriend instead” like sir straight??? and you couldn’t find another way to turn him down? okay. so yeah fake dating trope begins for like the first half. and then plot twist sarawat has feelings for straight boy tine. so he tries to get him for real but tine’s friends are super annoying like i will swing at all of them mf. obnoxious straight friends don’t want their friend to be bisexual pretty much. anyways very good and they do have a second season that is very domestic we love. you can watch on youtube (gmmtv)
second chance. warnings: mention of death, serious injury. this one is actually a fairly recent one. i usually tend to stay away from high school ones just because like i feel weird watching them and they just usually aren’t good imo. however i gave this one a chance fully because of tong. he’s played side characters before and he finally got his lead role so i had to. anyways he plays paper. his character is just idk he’s a nice boy and he’s a smart honorable dude. his best friend is thong fah. basically he lost his father and he just has been having a hard time and paper has always been there for him (they are childhood friends). tbh thong fah liked him from the very beginning. i think paper did too but refused to admit it for a bit. they honestly are just vibing together as besties and then one day were like nah we are something more. idk it’s not all dramatic and shit like the other ones. it’s just very soft and pining and idk i really like it. fair warning there are not many episodes in this. you can watch on the linetv app.
top 5 korean:
okay let’s do korean next. i pretty much love all of the korean ones so yeah let’s do this. i do recommend to watch the movie versions of these if you can. they just flow better than the episodes do imo. but the shows are fine too like it’s the same thing. you can watch all of these on viki. 
to my star. warnings: fighting, blackmail. this is my baby. my favorite bl out of all of these. extremely domestic with a bit of enemies to lovers (my favorite two tropes). kang seo joon is an actor that gets in trouble for “fighting” and he has to hide out until everything blows over. his manager gets him to hide out in his rental place (that he is in fact renting to someone). that someone being a chef named han ji woo. hey look they were roommates. anyways they are complete opposite of each other too. seo joon is very outgoing and friendly. will talk to anyone and overall just a big puppy. ji woo is stern and very much keeps to himself. so ji woo pretty much hates him at first but my mans seo joon is persistent af and forces them to be friends. and then he gets drunk and kisses him which in turn makes him realize he likes him. and then shit goes down and things get a bit rocky but then the dummies figure out what’s going on and they make up and they are super cute okay. i love them with my entire being.
color rush. warnings: attempted suicide, death, and kidnapping. in this world a portion of the population can only see color in different shades of grey. those people are called monos and they can only see other colors when they meet their probe. so yeon woo is a mono that moves schools a lot when people find out (they have bad reputations for killing their probes). when he moves schools again he meets yoo han who turns out to be his probe. enemies to lovers baby. i use that loosely. basically yeon woo tries to avoid yoo han as much as possible because he never wanted to meet his probe. he doesn’t want to get obsessed with him and murder the dude like other monos do. but eventually with yoo han’s persistence they start to become friends and eventually date. and he teaches yeon woo about all the different colors while fully knowing it can be extremely dangerous. some dark shit does go down but for the most part it’s pretty upbeat.
where your eyes linger. warnings: fighting, homophobia. this one is cute and domestic. god idk how many times i said they were roommates in this list but they are fucking roommates. actually more than that, they share a bed. so rich boy han tae joo (i honest to god have no clue what his dad is a ceo of but whatever that’s a thing). he has a bodyguard (gang gook) who is also his best friend that is his age and goes to school with him. basically people aren’t exactly supposed to know he is his bodyguard but honestly everyone knows. so uh it has like a lot of sexual tension between them. anyways they don’t exactly admit it at first (especially gang gook). and then he starts dating this girl to prove them both wrong that they don’t have feelings for each other. which just backfired so hard and got tae joo jealous af.
wish you. oh my fucking god yeah i’m saying it again. they were roommates. why am i like this. so kang in soo (he’s pretty much playing himself) is a singer who gets discovered off the streets by a boy that works for a record company. said boy is yoon sang yi and he actually plays keyboard. basically he recommends him to his boss and the company takes him on. since he’s a rookie the company makes him stay with one of their people (yoon sang yi). so they live together and work together everyday and just hang out together like friends would. then yoon sang yi gets drunk and kisses him and it kinda freaked kang in soo out. and then shit goes down about his music career and they end up being all cute and making music together instead. very wholesome.
mr heart. warnings: blackmail (well like a loan shark but). yeah this one is def last on my list. don’t get me wrong it’s still good and i like it but def not as good as the rest. sang ha is just a smiley puppy dog in human form. his life is actually so hard too man i feel for him. he’s actually a runner (a sprinter to be exact) and he gets hired to help another student. jin won runs marathons and has a bunch of records but he starts to struggle so sang ha comes along to help him maintain his running. jin won hates it at first and is kind of a dick to him. but they eventually get along and like sang ha is very forward with his feelings towards him so it’s nice to see.
my little disclaimer on this. i haven’t watched you make me dance yet (but have heard it’s great). and light on me ( i’m not sure if i will because love triangles and i hate them). peach of a time is airing right now (it’s a crossover with a few thai actors). honorable mention to nobleman rye’s wedding (it wasn’t bad but i got a little bored).
moving on to other random ones that i wanna talk about. i’ll group them by country but these are just like ones that i’m not as invested in (meaning i don’t watch every bl these countries put out, i just kinda watch at random times). but i still have a few that i very much enjoyed. 
we best love: no 1 for you. warnings: blackmail (but it’s like for a good reason). back to college students boys. so zhou shu yi and gao shi de are mortal enemies. and by that i mean zhou shu yi considers gao shi de his mortal enemy. and gao shi de is simply in love. they have been going to the same school their entire lives and gao shi de beats him in literally everything. plot twist he did it because that’s the only way to get zhou shu yi’s attention. it actually takes place in college tho. and basically gao shi de “blackmails” him into being his servant. but they actually end up forming a weird friendship out of it. gao shi de accidentally confesses. zhou shu yi turns him down but then realizes lol he’s in love with that man. yeah so they have a second season (fighting mr 2nd) it’s good very different from the first. they do have a questionable scene in one episode but um yeah it’s pretty much a big load of gao shi de being trash at communicating. honestly who would’ve guessed zhou shu yi would be the good communicator. you can watch on wetv (but i think i watched them on dailymotion or something)
be loved in house: i do. it’s centered around a group of coworkers and friends in a design studio. the head employee that is pretty much over everyone is shi lei. he’s such a soft ball of sunshine that will fight for what he believes in and i love him so much. until the new director (yu zhen) comes along and takes over the shop. he brings with him a single rule which yeah is what it sounds like. they all gotta be single or they get fired. two of the coworkers are actually dating (were gonna get engaged literally that day lmao) so of course they have a problem with it. welcome enemies to lovers. and wait for it. roommates!!! yeah so they end up living together and they give each other a lot of shit. but then they start to get along and oh my god so many bed scenes. it’s literally just them sleeping but they share a bed so much in this series it’s very cute. but yeah they are quite bad at communication. and yu zhen’s ex boyfriend shows up. a bit chaotic at the end there but yeah very good. you can watch on viki.
history 3: trapped. warnings: guns, death. listen the history franchise is very problematic but this one actually isn’t bad. now i personally like the side couple more than the main but the main are still cute. police officer (meng shao fei) and gang leader (tang yi) fall for each other. i guess yeah another enemies to lovers. basically both of their mentors got killed at the same time years ago and they are both trying to find the murderer. and they get kidnapped together and have to work together. and yeah feelings and stuff. the side couple are of another cop and one of tang yi’s subordinates. they literally never hated each other. they were just vibing the entire time. i refuse to put history3: make our days count because of the ending but feel free to watch if you want to get your heart broken. you can watch on viki.
filipino (pinoy):
my day. warnings: non con sex tape (by a third party). you don’t understand how much i love sky. nothing bad should ever happen to him okay. him and ace are actually super cute together. so sky interns at this food company that ace is the boss of. and like ace is literally so mean to everyone especially sky for no reason like idek why. there is sort of a love triangle which i didn’t like with a girl. tbh the girl was super annoying the entire time there wasn’t a need for her but i guess for the story. anyways yeah it actually isn’t that great of a plot but i look past it because i love ace and sky together. it used to be on youtube but i’m not sure where to watch now sorry (maybe try dailymotion)
gameboys. okay how do i explain this one without completely roasting them. okay it’s cute for sure but it’s also really cringe imo. it’s cringe to the point that you have to watch it. it is straight up two dudes that stream themselves playing games (think twitch irl). they literally set it in covid times so they never get to meet because of that so it’s long distance and the entire show has them talking to each other over video calls. in the least offensive way possible gavreel is the definition of a fuckboy idc what anyone says. honestly cairo lowkey is too but moving on. it’s very different so if that’s your thing go for it. you can watch on netflix.
like in the movies. warnings: internalized homophobia. how do i say this.. they were roommates. basically karl is forced to live in his uncle’s condo alone (family tradition thing idk). and he’s supposed to pay rent to said uncle every month by himself. he eventually can’t make a payment and gets his neighbor (vlad) to move in with him. he actually doesn’t like vlad at first because he makes a bunch of noise and gets drunk a lot (mans is just heartbroken okay). they definitely pretend to date in front of his sister so vlad doesn’t have to go back home to his homophobic mom. to be clear karl has the internalized homophobia. vlad is out and proud. you can watch on youtube (globe studios) 
seven days: monday- thursday. and seven days: friday- sunday. yeah this is a two parter. they are actually films instead of tv shows (i think i only have watched as a film). my favorite of the japanese bls by far. there is very little heat (probably why my asexual ass likes it) but they do have a few intimiate scenes. so sieryo is a popular freshman and he is known for dating whichever girl confesses to him first on monday morning. shino yuzuru is a popular upperclassmen that always gets dumped because he doesn’t turn out to be what girls imagine him to be. so he decides to give it a try with sieryo. shino basically thinks it’s kind of a joke and straight up thinks they are literally only going to date for one week. sieryo does it to find a person he can fall in love with in a week. they both catch feelings and get jealous so that’s fun. you can watch on youtube. 
given. i won’t lie i haven’t actually watched the live action of this yet but i’m sure it is good. i have watched the anime if you’re into that. so it’s about a band. everyone in said band likes a boy. queer band supremacy. satou is a quiet boy that keeps to himself. chance encounter with ritsuka uenoyama has him teaching satou how to play the guitar. turns out satou has the voice of an angel and he joins their band as the lead singer. and yeah they spend a lot of time together so ya know. you can watch on crunchyrole. 
his- i didn’t think i would fall in love. it’s a super short one. i think like five episodes. nagisa is literally a high school student that lives by himself. straight up man moved to the beach so he could surf. he’s pretty quiet and keeps to himself a lot. shun goes to visit his dad at said beach and ends up being left alone there for spring break. they meet and become friends eventually. so nagisa teaches him to surf and they hang out a lot and yeah turns out nagisa just liked this boy the entire time. very wholesome and cute. you can watch on viki. also this is based on the movie his which i haven’t actually watched yet but also on viki.
had to include one or two of course. i actually haven’t watched a lot of these. mainly because i haven’t found many that i like so plz leave recs if yall would like.
stage of love. this was actually my first one i watched and i very much loved it. bear with me because it’s been a while. but basically nguyen is like the perfect senior. he’s actually really straightforward with people and so a lot of people are a bit scared of him. but they also like him at the same time. bao is a freshman that is just trying to have a good time honestly. so he gets cast as the lead in the university’s play. nguyen basically comes around to help out and make the play good because he’s like super into theatre. and they rehearse with each other and one thing leads to another. they’re super cute together. i hope i accurately described that, it really has been so long. you can watch on youtube (ab studio).
you are ma boy. i feel like this one is pretty popular actually. am i making that up? idk but i’ve seen people talk about it. enemies to lovers again hello. it’s actually super cute like nothing extreme. just soft boys in a cafe. i really hope i’m getting the names right here because it is so hard to find how to spell the names without going to yt so uh. bach duong works at this cafe and one day nhat nam barges in to hide from his fans. basically they keep running into each other and eventually fall for each other. the plot is like idk was there a plot? they literally just found each other every episode and lmao that was it but it was still good. you can watch on youtube (dgtv)
as we know china has government censorship so these are bl but they also aren’t. like they don’t kiss or anything like that and they are referred to as friends. tho they did sneak in soulmate since you can use it as platonic lmao. so like don’t get your hopes up for a bunch of romantic shit. because it’s not in here. however if you read the novels (and all of them do have novels) you will get the actual gay shit.
the untamed. my beloved. warnings: so much death. i watched this 5 times in a row (5o fucking episodes okay) when i first found it. okay so it follows the story of wei wuxian and lan wangi. guess what? enemies to lovers. you will be confused by the first two episodes if you don’t read the novel first like most of us did. i recommend watching the show first actually because the novel is very confusing to follow. so it’s set in historical china. at the time wei wuxian and lan wangi are two of the best young cultivators in the world. they meet when they are teenagers and lan wangi immediately hates the man. he pretty much doesn’t speak to anyone besides his brother and uncle. like mans straight up hates the world. until wei wuxian comes along and forces his way into his life. complete opposites again. lan wangi is an honor student, goes by the rules, a model cultivator if you will. wei wuxian is actually good in school but hates it, is in fact the worst trouble maker, but is a fantastic cultivator. so it shows there progress to friendship of them fighting side by side and then big ass plot twist: wei wuxian dies and comes back to life uhh 13/16 years later (diff in novel and book). that’s when they actually start to go more towards the romantic side. like i said the novel is super gay and the show is toned down but iykyk. you can watch on like anything (youtube, netflix, viki)
word of honor. warnings: yeah bunch of death again. okay so it’s honestly the untamed but gayer. actually the novel is less gay than the untamed novel but god damn idk how the fuck this ever got past censorship. so it focuses on two kinda evil fuckers. zhou zi shu is the ex leader of an assasain group and wen ke xing is the leader of the ghosts and is in fact trying to get everyone killed. they meet and zhou zi shu immediately hates the man. but like wen ke xing falls hard and fast. zhou zi shu is basically hiding out for the rest of his days until he meets wen ke xing and his unofficial adopted son. they go on a quest to basically bring down the actual evil mf of this story. and it’s found family along the way and god i love it. the amount of times they said soulmate and wen ke xing just straight up openly flirting with this man is astonishing. it’s like one big i’ll die for you constantly happening. you can watch on anything too (youku, youtube, netflix, viki).  
heaven official’s blessing. warnings: yup death. this is anime. idk if the live action is gonna come about because the chinese government is cracking down on bl again so um yeah. the novel is super gay too. but okay it’s the world of gods and demons. xie lian is the scrap collecting god that keeps becoming a god and honestly everyone makes fun of. i, like hua cheng, would simply die for this ball of sunshine. hua cheng (aka san lang) is one of the main demon kings. pretty much everyone including the gods are scared of him except xie lian. he actually befriends him fully knowing who he is. meanwhile hua cheng has been in love with him for like his entire life. he literally waits 800 years to see him again. um anyways yeah they fight together because hua cheng lives to keep xie lian safe which is so hard. xie lian is lowkey the most powerful god fight me. you can watch on netflix.
these next few are shows that have bl couples in it but they aren’t the main couple. but i have to add them because i love the couples. and if you’re like me you can just skip to their scenes only.
skam (norway). warnings: bipolar, depression, homophobia, more warnings for the rest of the show so look them up first. how it works is each season focuses on a different couple. the characters are in every season but the bl couple’s story is in season three. i’ve watched the first and second season of this as well and you don’t need to watch them to understand season three if you don’t want to. but if you do wanna watch, it actually is a really good show. they bring up real life problems people have. so isak is gay but he kind of refuses to admit it to himself or anyone else. he tries to fit in by having a girlfriend until even comes along. even is a very chaotic bisexual pretty much does whatever tf he wants all the time. they meet at a club event hosted by their friends. and they keep meeting because of their mutual friends. they both have girlfriends at the time but they eventually break up with them and get together instead. so their story revolves around yeah homophobia but also on even being bipolar. and the effects of that to an individual, relationship, and his loved ones. it’s a deeper one so like be prepared. there are also other countries that made adaptations of the show as well if you wanna check those out. i only watched the bl seasons in these but i very much like the france and belgium versions. i won’t lie it took me so long to find how to watch these the first time so just like google it. 
love is science (taiwan). warnings: slight homophobia but not terrible. i will tell you right now i have no fucking clue what the plot of this show is outside the bl couple. straight up i have skipped every scene that doesn’t involve them. but their story doesn’t have anything to do with anyone else. so mark starts as lowkey homophobic. not in the sense that he was saying a bunch of rude shit. but in the sense that he’s never been around gay people before and straight up did not know how to act. like thinks of gay people as stereotypes sort of way. and yeah that’s how he meets ou wen. they meet because of clients and they end up seeing each other like every other day. mark does apologize for how he acted at first and they do become sort of friends. then mark finds out who ou wen’s boss is and tries to get ou wen to help set them up. ou wen agreed because he’s straight up in love with the man and hates seeing him sad. later on mark is over the whole boss thing and realized nah he actually has feelings for ou wen. the show is still going on right now so like idk everything but i applaud mark for skipping the whole gay panic and just accepting the fact that he’s bisexual. mark- clueless straight to confident bisexual. ou wen- confident gay to panicked gay real quick. you can watch on viki.
alright besties that’s my list for now. i tried to put everything i remembered in this but i may have forgot some good ones idk. i’ve watched most of these a long ass time ago so like. as for all the warnings: i tried to remember as best as i could but i may have missed some warnings so please do look it up before actually going into any of these if you need to. 
but yeah these are obviously all my opinions so don’t take it to heart if you disagree with it lol we all have our own opinions. i may add more or do a part two later on but idk this is it for now. this took me so long to do btw so lmao i hope some of yall actually watch them.
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absolutebl · 27 days ago
I have a somewhat specific recommendation request. I'm looking for angst or action or something that isn't a romcom (I love them but I'm full up on sweet and sugary with terrible sound effects). But I'd like to avoid unhappy endings or ambiguous endings. Basically Angst with a Happy Ending?
Oooo, what a challenging question. A bit dark & gritty even? 
This is not something I personally watch for but it IS something I track. Or can figure out. So time to get out the big old spreadsheet. 
Tumblr media
So I think you're thinking like Manner of Death? What about Until We Meet Again? Does that qualify? One of the couples doesn’t have an HEA. Imma assume you’ve seen that one. Everyone should have seen it by now or I’m a total failure as a blogger. (That no sound effects rule is a good one, helpful.) On the flip side, what about Light On Me? That’s high angst, but I guess it’s a bit bright and a little romcomy. Humm...
I think I need to divide this into two. I’ll do the high angst one here and the action ones in a different post. Okay? 
This is in order of my personal preference, so highest rated at the top. But remember this isn’t my favorite kind of BL so take my judgements with that codicil in mind. 
Japan could easily own this category. With Japanese BL half the time I'm like: were is all this angst coming from or is it just general ennui over the state of the universe? They so emo. But Thailand had a surprising number of offerings and Taiwan just does gritty SO WELL. 
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We Best Love (Taiwan) 
Specifically the second season, but I think of this BL as a package deal and would never watch season 1 without season 2. There’s a tiny hint of romcom but not really because its such an aching pining seme meets tsundere uke dynamic (and that’s never gonna be gentle) and it’s higher heat Taiwan at the helm, so it’s bound to have an essential grittiness to it. It’s GREAT. I love this BL. 
Tumblr media
A Tale of Thousand Stars (Thailand - YouTube) 
I have to assume most people will have seen this but it’s gotta be at the top of this list. High angst, check, lots of drama, check, little bit of action even, check. Also great cast, killer acting, and a good story. It probably should win this category. But also, most of you will have seen it. If not, what are you doing on tumblr? Go watch it, ya chump. 
Tumblr media
Love Sick 1 & 2 (Thailand - Netflix & Youtube)
It's a massive buy in since the HEA comes after what? 50 episodes? 100? It seems to go on forever. But if ya want a gritty high school coming of age soap opera, it's there waiting for you - ready to take over your life for DAYS. 
Tumblr media
Given (Japan) 
Japan’s recent classic BL entry adapted from the wildly popular yaoi manga series. An angst filled high school BL about the boy with the magic voice and tragic backstory, and the other boy who is fascinated by both. The singing is... NOT good. But the rest of the music is okay. 
Tumblr media
Dark Blue Kiss (Thailand - YouTube) 
Look it ranks for this. It’s a highly dramatic long term relationship between a bad boy and a good boy, full of miscommunication and trying to stay in the closet and all kinds of unnecessary obstacles but it’s TayNew so do we care? No we don’t. And it has a lovely ending. 
Tumblr media
HIStory Obsessed (Taiwan - Viki) 
This one starts off with the uke lead being killed in a car accident and then rebooting his life. The first time around he was obsessed with this seme and gave him everything but was betrayed. The secodn time around he’s not gonna let that happen again. But fate’s a bitch because the seme just becomes obsessed with him instead. It’s all push/pull drama, classic yaoi tropes, and trauma avoidance tactics, but it ends happily. 
Tumblr media
The En of Love: Love Mechanics (Thailand - YouTube)
Messy cheating disasters and the origin of YinWar. Part of the reason I love these two is they aren't particularly sweet with each other. That said, this is still a Thai uni BL, so there's very much THAT element which might not be what you are looking for.
Tumblr media
Life: Love on the Line (Japan - Viki)
This is probably the best installment for this category. It’s a truly great BL and the only reason it’s not one of my favorites is I don’t like high angst and this much tortured self-reflective trauma. It follows high school sweethearts through their early romance, co habitation, and then (basically) divorce and eventual reunion. It is the very definition of hard fought and high angst and if that’s what you want, you’ll love it.
Tumblr media
Second Chance (Thailand -  Line TV)
High angst Thai BL pulp with a slightly confusing story and way more drama than is called for but elevated by some solid acting and good kisses. It’s enjoyable. It’s also being put onto YouTube right now. So you might as well watch it. I was just thinking about a rewatch myself.
Tumblr media
Follow My Sunshine SAU VẠT NẮNG (Vietnam - YouTube)
Neighbors and best friends edge around becoming more than that complicated by the usual high school issues and seme is a disaster bi. Stay all the way through the credits for that happy ending, okay? Don’t forget. 
Tumblr media
Theory of Love (Thailand - YouTube) 
Also ranks, although I will assume you have seen it. It isn’t all that gritty, but it is VERY angsty. In fact this is the angst to beat all angst. If you just wanna watch the gay boy cry, SUFFER, and pine for his straight best friend.. then this is your jam. I’m not wild about this BL, but it fits the brief. 
Tumblr media
Irresistible Love: Secret of the Valet & Irresistible Love 2: Uncontrolled Love (China)
You didn't put quality restrictions in place so yeah, this one qualifies. This is an early Chinese BL with the whipping boy trope. Young very rich kid basically decides this other kid belongs to him, convinces his family to adopt said child, and they enter a 20 odd year master/servant dynamic. As they get older it gets sexual, but so much drama happens. They do end up together but it's rough going and very hard fought. All the triggers.
That said this is classic Chinese BL of the kind they just don’t make anymore so almost worth watching for that.
Tumblr media
My Gear & Your Gown (Thailand - YouTube)
There’s a point with this BL where I’m not sure i’m judging it fairly because my expectations were so high. Believe it or not this is a GMMTV offering. It’s a messy angsty story of two boys who fall in love and then just go all over odd about it, the pacing is way off but the angst is way high and it does end happily. 
Tumblr media
A few more obscure ones in case you’ve seen all the ones I suggested: 
Does the Flower Bloom? (Japan) -Super atmospheric and a little slow about a talented artist and recent orphan in deep depression who falls unexpectedly in love with a much older man. It’s been a while sicne i watched this one but I am 90% certain it ends happily. 
Junjou: Pure Heart (Japan - YouTube) - High school crushes (or something) reunite unexpectedly because of work. Start an affaire.
Innocent (Taiwan - Gaga) - This one tackles mental health and a long term relationship, high heat.
Light (Taiwan - Gaga) - Every trigger you could possibly want but also very high heat and well acted. It’s about an undercover cop and a rent boy plus it’s Taiwan, so the very definition of gritty.
Together with Me (Thailand) - And only this one installment of the KornKnock saga. The series before and after don't count. It's a crazy-town plot line... erm, would we call it a plot line? Anyhoozle, but it is hella angsty so basically it qualifies.
The Yearbook (Thailand) - Atmospheric, slow moving, sad, and pulp level quality this is a story of parting and the reuniting, I disn’t enjoy this very much but it does rate to your specs.
So Much In Love (Thailand - Line TV)- Okay, so this is a pretty classic Thai BL pulp and it has all the expected issues, but it also didn't have the budget for sound effects so that's not one of them. I actually like the main story line, it's paranormal and rather original. It's a mess, and acting is all over the place, but the leads are good, and it does end happy.
* I gave you links/sources when I have them, otherwise you’ll need to search grey sites. 
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Pairing: (Dark) Andy Barber x Reader.
Warning(s): Non-Con; Dub-con; Slow-burn(Maybe); Possible Defending Jacob spoilers; Possessiveness; Grief; Angst; Obsessive toddler(😛); Not proofread; Any other possible warnings will be added in the future chapters.
Summary: Follow Andy’s journey after the horrible accident that turned his whole world upside down.
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Safe to say that the tea party left the stuffies bored while Y/N was amused seeing the little girl fawn over a car while wiggling in her momma’s lap, staring at the car.
It went along with the occasional “Look momma! Car! Car! Carrrrrrrrrrr!”
It went to the point where Y/N had to gently admonish her, telling that it’s rude. The little girl pouted hearing that but kept staring at the car, her stuffies and the tea party long forgotten. After trying to get Ada resume the tea party, Y/n gave up and said that they need to get inside, mentally hoping that they had not weirded their new neighbor out. Little Ada just huffed at her mom and stood up, grabbing the arm of her stuffed bunny.
Y/N suppressed a chuckle, seeing the toddler’s behavior and gather all the stuff they brought outside while grabbing the toddler’s free hand with her other hand. With that, they made their way inside while Ada kept looking at the car, with the packers and movers’ movement catching her eyes momentarily.  It was at that time did she see the man who drove the car she was currently obsessed with. The man’s smile widened looking at Ada and Ada’s face brightened immediately with a smile. 
He waved at her as she was being led inside and Ada’s smile widened to a toothy grin and she waved back at him with the stuffed bunny still in her hand, causing the man to chuckle softly in adoration. 
The next day, Y/n decided to meet the new neighbor and try to welcome him to the neighborhood. Her decision was partly contributed by little Ava who kept on talking about the neighbor’s car leaving Y/N to roll her eyes at her daughter. Having heard enough of the girl talking about not just the car, but also the neighbor whom she apparently saw before they went inside the house, Y/n decided to just welcome the man to the neighborhood by giving him some baked goods. After announcing that she’s going to make some cookies for him, little Ada insisted that they should make choco-chip cookies for the pretty man. Pretty man - her exact words. 
Y/N chuckled, shaking her head and started getting to work with Ada as her little helper. Might look barbaric for outsiders seeing a little girl help her mother but Ada mostly ended up smuggling off some of the choco-chips and the dough to eat them. She did try to help her mother in the beginning but ended up throwing the flour on herself and on the counter while trying to mix the ingredients. 
After pushing the tray of cookies into the oven to bake, Y/N hoisted the little girl into her arms and carried her to the bathroom to clean her up and then dressed her into clean clothes while the toddler chanted cookies. After making sure that all the chores are done by the time the cookies are baked and the mother-daughter duo were presentable -  first impressions - Y/N stored a few cookies in a jar for themselves and the rest were packed in a tupperware. Little Ada even made a cute drawing for the neighbor, one which involved him and his car with herself and her mom on it too,  with a caption on the top of the paper stating “Welcome to the neighborhood” which of course she wrote taking great help from her mother. Y/N wasn’t entirely sure of giving the drawing to their new neighbor, but Ada almost threw a tantrum when her mother tried to talk her out of it. 
Having everything ready, Y/N held her daughter’s hand in her and the tupperware box filled with baked goods in others and walked out of the house with the toddler clutching the drawing in her free hand like her life depends on it.
Locking the door, the mother-daughter duo made their way towards the house beside theirs which finally got someone residing in it. Stopping on the porch, Y/N rang the doorbell and waited while Ada kept looking at her mom and at the door.
“Coming!” they heard a voice holler from the other side of the door and a moment later, the door was opened and a man in his late thirties stood in front of them, on the other side of the door. His head has fluffy brown hair and the beard adorning his jaw was trimmed with his sharp nose sitting on his face, but Y/N thought that the most beautiful feature of his were his blue eyes. He, for some reason, looked stunned looking at her and the same could be said for Y/N when she looked at him.
It was her who broke out of the reverie first by clearing her throat, a bit making him to break out of his.
“Hi! I’m Y/N and this here-” she started, looking down at her daughter who was now hiding behind her legs while peeking out to look at him shyly “-is Ada. We’d like to welcome you to the neighborhood!” she chirped, handing him the box of cookies.
He smiled at her and took the box from her, thanking her and introduced himself “I’m Andy” holding his hand out and Y/N shook his hand.
The two of them felt a soft zap shoot through their bodies from their hands as soon as their hands connected and their breath hitched, looking at each other.
Clearing his throat, he looked down at his feet and then up at Y/N and then down while Y/N looked flustered. He then tilted his head to look at Ada and her mom pulled her from behind her legs and gently nudged her towards Andy. Andy immediately knelt down as Ada stood in front of him, coming to her level, but still towering over her. 
“Hi there, little angel” he cooed looking at the little toddler in front of him.
“Hi” she mumbled shyly and thrusted the folded paper in her hands in front of her, giving it to him. He took it and unfolded the paper and smiled staring at the drawing.
“Welcome to the neigh... to the neigh... neigh...” Ada frowned, forgetting the word.
Andy smiled at her and said “Thank you so much, little Angel! Oh, the drawing is so pretty. Thank you so much!”, gently booping her little nose.
Ada immediately smiled at him and said “You so pretty!” gaining some courage with their ongoing interaction.
“Thank you! But you are more pretty” he cooed after chuckling.
He then looked at Y/N with a smile and stood up.
“Forgive me. Where are my manners. Please, come in” he invited.
“Oh, no. That won’t be necessary. We don’t want to disturb you. We just wanted to give you-” Y/N started, but Andy cut her off, saying “Please, I insist. It’s getting a bit lonely here, anyways.”
Ada too looked at her expectedly and voiced out “Mama, go in?”
Y/N smiled at her and then looked back at And and nodded her head. Andy immediately moved to his side, letting the two of them in.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Astina training the wolf duke (。→∀←。)
Why is it so funny? ꉂ ꀞꀞꀞ(ᕑᗢूᓫ∗)˒˒
Hillarious wolf moments part III. (΄◞ิਊ◟ิ‵)
Webtoon name: The lady and the beast (그녀와 야수)
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Second Chance
Tumblr media
drarry | 2k | Auror!Harry, Ex-Auror Harry, Criminal Draco, Getting Back Together
Read on Ao3
Summary: Harry and Draco spent one long, perfect year together after the war, then the Ministry came calling. Three years later Harry finds his way to Draco’s door.
Excerpt: It isn’t hard to find him, not with Harry’s access to DMLE data and his disregard for restrictions on retrieval. There’s not many things his Alohomora can’t open these days, and he finds Malfoy’s file with the same Accio that saved him from a dragon. The folder is so fat with reports that the bindings are giving way, and it takes a night for Harry to make his way through it all.
He waits for two days until he decides to visit; it takes that long to find his nerve, and to write his letter of resignation.
It’s a smart townhouse in Bath, all creamy stone and elegant Regency symmetry. A smartly dressed man leads Harry from the door to a wood-panelled study full of books. And there, sitting at a desk filled with parchment, is the achingly familiar figure Harry has been thinking of for the last three years.
“Potter,” Draco looks up and smiles, but it’s an unhappy thing. “Have you come to arrest me?”
“I might have. I read your file.”
“Seems it’s harder to stop being a bad sort than you’d hoped, Potter. It turns out that bad is the only thing I’m good at.”
“You’ve been protecting me,” Harry says, and it feels like entering the area with a red rag.
Read on Ao3
Inspired by this prompt, and beta read by the lovely @slytherco ❤️
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With nothing better to do, I was reading the comments on the official Second Chances video on YouTube, and HOLY CRAP DO PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO COMMENT~~
Tumblr media
So what your telling me is that 1. Nini becomes Olivia Rodrigo 2. Ricky goes off with 'that blonde girl' 3. AND We never saw E.J and Gina's kiss......WOW
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Second Chances
Title: Second Chances
Pairings: Implied Marcus x reader, really Marcus and Missy having some Daddy Daughter Talks
Word Count: 2400
Rating: T
Warnings: Awkwardness?
A/N: A request about Marcus dating again that came during the Sinful 666th Follower Mini Celebration and I went a little off-book with it but I really liked the end result.
This could be read as a "Many Years Later" after the Events of "We Can Be Heroes" peek into their lives within the universe of The Strongest Member of the Team. It's not my planned "after" releases, truer epilogues are still coming.
Marcus Moreno Masterlist
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Tumblr media
He snapped his eyes over to Missy and realized what he was doing as the syrup pooled over her waffles, down her plate, and was escaping to the table.
“Shit, sorry Miss.”
She was old enough that he could curse now and he would be the first to admit-- it was liberating. He grabbed a towel, dampened it under the faucet, and lifted her plate, began cleaning it up and she just stared at him, shaking her head at him, arms crossed over her chest, “Spill.”
“Hm?” He looked up and her and then at the table, wondering what he had spilled now.
“No,” She gave a sharp exhale, “What’s going on? You’re distracted.”
“Uh...well.” He sat down across from her and pulled off his glasses, rubbing his eyes, “I, uh….wanted to talk to you about something.”
Missy’s eyes widened, “Please say this is not like the period conversation.”
Marcus’ look of horror matched hers, “God no! No!....You’re good on all that, right?”
“Right!” Missy nodded enthusiastically, “Really right! Super good. We never ever have to have that conversation again.”
Marcus seemed relieved, letting out a Whew, and then re-settling his glasses, “No, I Thinking about...something different.”
Missy’s eyes narrowed.
He was acting weird.
He had not acted this weird in….
She had a guess.
Nearly a year earlier…
“We have an X-Box.” Missy whined, she didn’t like socializing.
“They don’t just have X-Box, it’s arcade but a lounge? They have couches.”
Missy snorted, “This sounds like an arcade. Why is it not an arcade?”
“I guess it kind of is…” Marcus shrugged, “An old friend of mine owns it, he’s got a great eye for this stuff. It’ll be fun. Besides our daddy-daughter dates have been overwhelmingly chosen by you recently, I get a vote.”
“You voted for laser tag!”
“No you voted for paintball and I negotiated laser tag because we had press photos in the morning.” Marcus corrected, pointing a finger at Missy.
When they got to the door of the Game Lounge a man vaguely her dad’s age walked over to him and hugged him, “Marcus! I was wondering when the cat would drag you in! It’s been an age!”
“Rav!” Marcus smiled widely, patting the other man’s back, “How have you been?”
“Can’t complain, really.” He gestured to the building, “This place is a lot less chaos than the moving arcade. I’ve got my nephew running it these days, I just...I like the schedule now.”
Marcus’ hand fell onto Missy’s shoulder, “I get it.”
Ravi smiled at Missy, “Hi...Missy I take it?”
“You took it.” Missy nodded and Rav shook his head at Marcus.
“Extra dose of her mom?”
“Oh some days I’m shocked this isn’t a clone.” Marcus leaned over and kissed the top of Missy’s head which she violently fended off, swatting at him with gangly teenaged arms.
Ravi laughed, “Yeah I see it really profoundly in the glare….well, the Morenos play for free. Give me a moment, I have a conference call starting in ten or I’d show you around myself but I have someone who can give you the proper tour. One moment please.”
A woman emerged and for the first time in longer than he cared to admit Marcus’ breath caught in his throat when he saw her and he tripped over his own two feet when she asked for their two special VIP guests to follow her.
She was dressed casually-- torn jeans, well worn Converses, and a Ninja Turtles shirt which prompted them both to admit, at the same time, that Rafael was the best turtle. Then they smiled at one another like idiots.
That was the first moment that Missy suspected she was going to have to make sure her dad didn’t totally mess this whole situation up.
“This is about her, isn't it?” Missy’s face was serious as if she’d been puzzling it out and Marcus sighed, nodding.
“It is.”
Missy cocked her head to the side, “Are you…”
Her eyes narrowed.
He was nervous.
But he didn’t seem upset.
His fingers were really fidgety and he kept rolling his wedding ring around and around.
Missy chewed on her lip, “ feel guilty. Why do you feel guilty?”
Marcus put his left hand over his face and wiped it down slowly, “Guilty. Nervous. Should have known better than to try and hide it from the new team leader of the Heroics.”
Missy blushed a little and she asked, “Are you ok?”
“I’m….good. Really good actually.” Marcus placed his hands flat on the table, “Miss you know I’ve been seeing---”
“Is this the birds and the bees talk?” Missy looked panicked, “Because we are good, I don’t need to hear it, I really don’t need to know why sometimes I have sleep overs at abuelita’s house because I can just ---”
“Yeah you don’t have to finish that sentence.” Marcus shook his head sharply, and then looked concerned, “But what do you mean you’re good with that talk because we haven’t had that talk and--”
“I go to a public school! We have health class!” Missy put her hands over her ears, “Please stop talking!”
“No! Not about that!” Marcus calmed her but then added, “But I don’t think you and I are done with that talk-- but not for today.”
Oh we are done with that talk. Missy privately resolved to never ever have the rest of that particular talk with her dad but she took a deep breath, “Ok. You were talking about you and your girlfriend.”
“I was.” Marcus took a long sip of coffee, buying himself time to phrase this well, “I….I want to talk to you about something before I talk to her.”
Missy looked worried, “What?....You aren’t….breaking up?”
Was that why he looked guilty? He knew you liked her. He didn’t want you to be upset?
Marcus chuckled and sucked in some air, “No….the opposite. I…”
He stared at his wedding ring.
He had never taken it off.
And blessedly understanding that she was his girlfriend had never asked him to.
He folded his fingers to show it to Missy, “You know Miss, your mom and I eloped. We didn’t have a wedding-wedding, we just went to the jewelry store and picked out our wedding bands-- but she picked mine, and I picked hers. Little compromise-- kind of like a wedding there, we got surprised by each other’s pick.”
His band was titanium-- if it’s been in space it can go on your hand and survive the shit you do.
“Your mom picked this because it’s titanium-- doesn’t fully interact with magnetic fields. My powers don’t mess with it. She thought that was funny-- like a reminder, the powers don’t mess with the marriage.” He spun it again, “And I...I never took it off. Not when she died. Not when we had the funeral. Not ever.”
Missy stared at it, “Why?”
“Widowers don’t...the marriage isn’t really over. You fulfilled your promise-- you loved someone until they died, but you don’t have to just forget about it all. You are still married.” Marcus looked at Missy, she was listening, “And I….I mean, you know. I’m a giant dork, I was never planning on….any of this.”
He swept his hand to indicate the house.
Missy was confused, “The house?”
“No, I always thought I’d have the house and the family….honestly once I met your mom I didn’t think I’d ever feel that way about anyone else.” Marcus leaned his face on his hand before looking over at Missy-- she was doing the same thing.
Sometimes he saw a lot of himself in her, as much as he saw his wife.
“Miss, I’m...I’m really happy. I...I want to know how you feel, about me. Dating.”
“I told you to ask her out, I like her.”
Marcus gave a small huff, closing his eyes, “Do you….love her?”
“Do you?”
“I do.” He confirmed, “I...I really do.”
Missy was staring at his ring again, “Is that why you feel guilty?”
“Part of it, yeah.” Marcus admitted, “I … I have times where it just feels like I’m...letting your mom down.”
Missy shook her head, her face sour like she had sucked on a lime, “You know she wouldn’t feel that way. She wouldn’t. That’s silly.”
Marcus was floored by her sometimes. Of all the kids in the world he would constantly believe that he had the best of the bunch.
“I know but it doesn’t stop me sometimes feeling like it was my job to only love her, just her.” Marcus shrugged, “I know she wouldn’t feel that if we could ask her, she’d tell me it was fine. But knowing something and feeling it are different.”
Missy reached out and patted Marcus’ hand, “Are you….do you think it bothers me?”
“That’s one of my questions, yeah. Does it bother you?”
“No, I’m the one who told you to ask her out. I like her. And she likes me, I like it when she’s here. I like it when she’s here when I don’t have to wear headphones to bed--”
“And that’s not a conversation we are having right now.” Marcus blushed a furious red, a beet red, and he choked on the coffee he was sipping, “But I...I….”
He cleared his throat, “I want to ask her to marry me, Miss.”
Missy choked on her orange juice, “I was not expecting this.”
“What were you expecting?”
“Going on vacation together? Letting her move in?”
“How have we not had the birds and the bees talk and you’re thinking I’m going to ask my girlfriend to mov--”
“Again, we do not have to have this conversation--”
“Alright well let’s return to the topic at hand,” Marcus took another sip of coffee and said, “I...I would never ask someone to come into our house if I wasn’t thinking of marrying them, Miss. I would never move someone into your life like that if I didn’t think they were going to be my partner for...the next fifty years.”
“So when you hit 96 you’ll be open to dating again?”
“Don’t be a wise ass Missy Moreno.” He warned but then walked back his tone, “I...This is not me asking someone to marry me, Miss. It’s me asking someone to marry us. We both have to be on the same page. If you aren’t ok with it, I won’t do it. Pure and simple. You’re my first girl. You come first.”
Missy looked around the kitchen, “You wouldn’t….sell this house right?”
Marcus’ brow furrowed, “Why would you be worried about that?”
“Because...because it was the house you got with mom. You...would you want to get a new house, with her?”
“Suppose you’re going to ask if I’m going to have new kids too?”
Missy’s eyes widened, “Ew, you’re a million years old.”
“You were thinking of having other kids?”
Marcus steepled his fingers, tapping them together in a soothing motion, “Missy, I haven’t taken off this ring. Did you know sometimes, I’m out on a date--”
“God please remember we don’t need to have certain conversations.”
“Stop saying that!” Marcus closed his eyes, found his zen, re-focused, “--I’m on a date with her, taking her to dinner, and someone sees my ring and just calls her Mrs. Moreno. They assume we’re married. I asked her immediately if she was offended or if she wanted me to take off the ring to avoid confusion-- and asking her that question terrified me, I knew I didn’t have it in me to take it off if she asked me to. But she said to keep it on. It was something different. Something she understood was a huge part of my life. She wouldn’t ever ask me to pretend it wasn’t there or hadn’t happened...wouldn’t ask me to take off this ring any more than she’d ask me to take photos of your mom off the wall.”
Missy hadn’t known that.
It made her smile.
Marcus smiled back, “I wouldn’t sell this house...unless you couldn’t handle another woman moving in here, in the house we had with your mom. I…”
He reached out and put both of his hands over his daughter’s, “I love you, Miss. Forwards, backwards--”
“Inside out.”
“Inside out.” He tapped her hands, “Did you know we were thinking of a second baby when your mom--”
Missy’s eyes widened, “You were?”
“Yeah.” Marcus nodded, “Yeah, we...we had always planned for you to have a sibling or two. We wanted it for you. But we were happy with just you. If you were all we had we would have been thrilled.”
Missy let her fingers play with his wedding ring. She had done that when she was younger, “So the plan is to have a sibling?”
“No. I’m saying I’m thrilled if you’re the only kid I ever lay claim to Missy. You’re more than enough. You’re more than awesome. You’re everything. It’s like the rest-- if you could not handle another baby in this house, you are my first girl, my best girl. Nothing touches the space in my heart that belongs to you, sweetheart.”
Missy abruptly stood up from the table.
Marcus was panicked-- he thought that she was going to say the thing he was incredibly nervous she would say. He was nervous she would say she couldn’t handle a step-mom or a half-sibling. Nervous she would say that she….hated the whole idea.
But it was the opposite.
Missy felt she was too old to let her dad see her cry when he told her he loved her and she had to stand up and take a little walk while she fought back that reaction.
“I….would the game room have to be a nursery?”
Marcus’ head shot up.
He replayed the question in his mind.
Then he smiled, “Let’s not go re-decorating for a baby that’s not remotely been conceived…”
“No conception talk, gross.” Missy crossed her arms over her chest and then tapped her foot impatiently, “Let’s see the ring.”
Marcus leaned back in his chair, “Don’t have one...I was hoping if you were good with all of this...maybe you’d like to help me pick it out?”
She had to take a few more circles around the kitchen so he didn’t see her choking back tears...of all the dads in the world she would frequently think she got the best of the bunch.
A/N: Call it being with my literal sociopathic, evil, and abusive Mother In Law today but I craved fluff and humor. Wasn't intending this to land this way but it veered into more Missy and Marcus and I liked it.
Like I said, could fit within the "post" Strongest Member of the Team world but can totally be read independent of it.
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Anyone else listen to Second Chance and just wait for E.J. and Gina’s part? Because it’s currently my favorite thing rn.
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This Week in BL
April 2021 Part 4 
it’s my birthday week! *raises a glass of pink milk* 
Being a highly subjective assessment of one tiny corner of the interwebs.
Tumblr media
Ongoing Series - Thai
Second Chance Ep 4 - oh noes my babies are all so sad! Teen angst for the win. Tropes included: crying in shower, a very significant hand hold, & striped shirts. (At this point over half the cast has been in stripes.) 
Love Machine Ep 1 - not gonna lie, I barely made it through the first half, this is a short run LOW budget experimental web series and it’s not good. Dropped.  
Lovely Writer Ep 9 - I like it when LW gets serious because there are fewer dumb sound effects, but oof Aey, poor baby. How many Aeys have I known over the years? Rejected, broken, angry, lonely, and lashing out. On a different note, I haven’t see the “sex drug made us do it” plot device since 1980s Johanna Lindsey. Props to that cocktail rearing its ugly head. (yeh yeh) ZOMBIE TROPE ALERT. (Is this the point where I remind the world at a-play doesn’t have to hurt? Well, it doesn’t! Toys, prep, and lube people. Sheesh.) Anygay, zombie trope is put safely back underground. Please don’t let it rise again? (I KNOW, I’ll stop now.) So this was a rough episode, especially the back end. (Okay now I’ll REALLY stop.)  Seriously tho, BL doesn’t do a massive coming out family drama scene often. I liked LW’s handling of this one. Hard to watch but compelling. 
Close Friend Ep 1 (OhmFluke) - very cute snapshot into a LTR featuring an overworked music producer and his student BF. That’s the chassis for this whole series, each one has to do with the song & is a portrayal of that song’s message. Essentially, the theme of this one was remembering to make time for your partner. I enjoyed that. OhmFluke gave us easy casual familiar affection and a kiss, but no BL tropes, just romance. 
Tumblr media
Fish Upon The Sky Ep 3 - Pi is a total spazz & the ghost story bit was... well, it was something wasn’t it? Lots of tropes: fixing his clothes, wound tending, drag baby around, piggyback, head in lap, hand hold, and ending on a drunk kiss. I just noticed Pi uses guu/mueng with Mork, but Mork’s a year older. (So I have a new entry onto the linguistic brats list.)  So rude and presumptuous. Also I gotta say this, don’t wear watches when you’re working on a cadaver, mmky boys? 
Y-Destiny Ep 4 - look MaxNat have great chemistry, this ep had loads of great tropes (e.g. cheek kiss, rooftop, public claiming via phone), it’s not their fault I’m just not wild about these characters. I do like Nuea’s wanna-be idol wardrobe though. And Sun is sporting the red bag version of Tharn’s black bag that I wanted so bad in TT2. (I wonder if I can score a knock off when I’m over there?) Regardless, I basically grinned all the way through this installment, so that’s another thumbs up from me for Y-Destiny. Who knew I’d come around? Man would I love to see these two get their own series. 
Brothers Ep 12 - teacher/student exposed! But the power of boys on phones will overcome all. No KhunKaow for me, so of course I found this ep tragically disappointing. 
Tumblr media
Ongoing Series - Not Thai
HIStory 4: Close To You (Taiwan) Ep 6 - MuRen is officially a yaoi manga character in the flesh. H4′s outright mockery/subversion of tropes “don’t touch him he’s mine,” + “touch my lip & think of kissing” makes the fact that other (way more damaging) tropes are being blithely utilized without critique almost - dare i say it? - insulting. YongJie is trash but I’m the one who feels like trash because I want to forgive him. How aptly abusive & dysfunctional we all are. I don’t know whether to applaud H4 or start drinking. (Maybe this is the show I should invent a cocktail for? Who am I kidding? This is totally a jello shots show.) 
Friend or Lover (Taiwan) Ep 2 - I thought this was only a microfilm but turns out it’s a web series. It’s cute. I’m enjoying it. 
My Lascivious Boss (Vietnam) Ep 3 - subs take a while to drop but it’s still better than average. I like a secret identity trope, I love a grumpy/sunshine pairing, and the side couple is great but this ep was slow. With only 6 total (I assume) they better get the main couple together next ep or the improved quality of this series will be sacrificed on the alter of pacing issues. 
Word of Honor (China) Ep 28-30 - slowed down to focus on bad guys ( Scorpion...yawn again). Then baby gets kidnapped, other baby goes crazy, and old friends turn up. We end on DOOM because mathematically this was an episode 11. All boxes checked.
Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding (Korea) Ep 3-4 - how is this show SO DAMN CUTE & weirdly wholesome at the same time? Another one of those: Will Korea resolve this satisfactorily in 4 short eps? But I seem to say that half way through every Korean BL. These days, I have complete faith. Warm fuzzies for everyone. 
Tumblr media
Stand Alones
Color Rush movie is the same as the series. There is a stinger at the VERY end (untranslated) but which I’m assuming has something to do with the missing mother. Is this a possible indication of a 2nd season? Hopefully someone will eng sub the stinger and post it out into the universe. So yeah, Color Rush movie = To My Star style, sadly, not Wish You. That said, I did enjoy watching with different subs. The first version I watched was fan subbed, and they were better on English colloquialisms. Viki’s subs are better on Korean colloquialisms. 
Tumblr media
Breaking News 
Bunch of new press on Thailand’s I Told the Sunset About You 2 AKA I Promised You the Moon. Here’s a master post on the subject with all the links you could ever want. It will start airing May 27th 8 pm (Thai time) on LINETV.
New Thai Bl Golden Blood got a teaser trailer. Stars familiar side dish Gun Napat (Techno from LBC) as a rich kid who needs a bodyguard. Yeah, it looks to be the Thai version of Where Your Eyes Linger which is FINE. I love me a bodyguard romance. DO EETTT Thailand. Trailer contains ALL the tropes: dry his hair, piggyback, cooking together, and more, plus good smooches. It looks GREAT. Also cheeper to make then KinPorsche and it might get funded due to of residual enthusiasm. Also GOOD TITLE. 
Close Friend got another teaser trailer this one for Talay & Yoon (no subs). 
Taiwan has a new BL coming out... eventually. Looks to be a new franchise like the HIStory series with different couple(s) each season. It’s the first Taiwanese BL from a major in-country network. The first installment is titled Be Loved in House: I Do (seriously Taiwan, could we talk about your titles?). It stars a familiar face, Aaron Lai from HIStory: My Hero. It’s a grumpy/tsundere boss/employee office-set BL with some forced proximity to push them together. (Nods to Japan.) No release date, but (unlike Thailand) Taiwan usually doesn’t make announcements without content & serious intent. 
Tumblr media
Taiwanese BL NOVEL Miracle dropped a trailer, no subs or translation. According to YouTube comments it was supposed to be part of HIStory3 but MODC took on its slot. Still it’s kinda fun to see what might have been.
Next Week Looks Like This:
Tumblr media
Some shows may be listed later than actual air date for International accessibility reasons.
Upcoming 2021 BL master post here.
Links to watch are provided when possible, ask in a comment if I missed something. 
Tumblr media
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