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#PLEASE LET ME HAVE YOUR KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fabulouslygaybean · 24 days ago
im begging everyone in this fucking building to please not yell at a janitor for doing their job, thank you very much <3
#@the grown ass men who started yelling at me for cleaning the men's bathroom#like. boo hoo you can't wait 5 minutes for me to replace the toilet paper and clean the messes yall made. cry me a river.#also. if theres a janitorial cart wedged in the door? dont go in there!! wait or find another bathroom or at least ask to come in!!#cleaning gets done 20x faster when theres no one in the stalls or at the sinks. i wont be in there for as long and yall can go in faster#but no one seems to get that and they just barge in?#i come in for work only during dance recital weekends so i 100% understand if you're in a hurry and need to go in#ill always let ppl in if they're in a hurry but like. most ppl there have plenty of extra time to wait like 5 more minutes#its just annoying#also like. why cant people teach their kids to clean up after themselves#if you spill water from the sinks then please try and wipe it up with paper towels if you have the time#please pick up your paper towels if you miss the trash bin and dont leave them just laying on the floor#its just very very basic things but it improves the bathrooms for both the people using it and the people cleaning it#but people just let their kids fuck up the bathrooms and then complain when it takes longer for me to clean up their messes#i have so much respect for janitors who do this on a daily basis holy shit#delete later#i think im gonna sit down for lunch soon bc i haven't eaten anything today and im super lightheaded so ill probably be back for a bit soon!
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munku-collar · a month ago
You said to send cats stuff for your to talk about so:
Any Munku-dad headcanons?
Ahhh yessss! Munkustrap is a wonderful father!! He has lots of experience kitten rearing, and it’s something he really enjoys. He’s learned all he knows from the older queens in the tribe, because they took on the role for him and Tugger after Grizabella left, and they taught him well. He knows when to be stern, when to let things slide, and can stay calm enough most of the time to sort problems out. He still defers to their wisdom on occasion when there’s something even he can’t figure out, but for the most part, Munkustrap is a tom you would have no problem leaving your children with for long lengths of time, which is such a blessing for Demeter. 
Munk adores and cares for all the kittens in the Junkyard as often as he can, but even though he will deny it, Jemima is his favorite. She may not be his in blood, but she is in heart, and that’s a lot more important, he would say. Jemima was only about a week old when Demeter joined the Jellicles, and Demeter is the first to admit she’s not exactly sure what she’s doing most of the time. Jemima is her first kitten, and she didn’t have any siblings growing up, and her mother died years ago, so she didn’t have any guiding hands beyond instinct and intuition. And she does a good job, tries her best, asks for help when she needs it. She might ask too much, honestly, instead of trusting in herself. She worries often that she’s doing something wrong, that she’s not a good enough mother, but Munkustrap, and Jennyanydots and Jellylorum assure her she’s doing just fine.
Munk takes special joy in helping raise Jemima, especially since he and Demeter got together. It makes him happy to be able to help both of them, after hearing about what Demeter had been through, and he just, sort of fell in love with them both the moment he met them. Honestly, he took one look at the tiny kitten in her arms, said, “Is anyone going to father her?” and didn’t wait for an answer. He just felt this sense of responsibility different even from how he feels for the rest of the kittens and the tribe(because he does feel responsible for each and every one of them, and does everything he can to take care of them all.) And it’s great, because Jemima turns out to be a daddy’s girl too, 100% and always has been. They just have a really sweet and special connection, and spend lots of quality time together. Jemima loves her mother too, of course, but she’s undeniably closer to Munkustrap. Demeter points it out one day, and Munkustrap denies it at first, but in the end he admits it, and has a hard time hiding his proud smile. Demeter shakes her head fondly and rolls her eyes.
Munkustrap has taught several of the kittens in the yard important skills like pouncing and scenting for danger, what to eat and what not to eat, and the importance of communication. He’s an expert at breaking up squabbles too, whether it be with a simple phrase, or if he has to be a bit harsher, and raise his voice. Sometimes he’ll just pick up the arguing kitten closest to him and hold them up high, and refuse to put them down, and eventually the argument dissolves into giggles instead. He loves teaching them all little songs too, and encouraging creativity. He’s been there for first steps, first dances, and first songs. He beams with pride every time a new kitten decides to perform their first dance. It’s just entirely satisfying to him, seeing them achieve new things, watching them grow up. It makes him feel like he’s done something amazing, even though he’ll always downplay his involvement. 
And the kittens love him too, obviously. They’re always clinging to him, playing with his tail or asking to be held, fighting over the most coveted spot in the junkyard, which is right between his legs when he stands, and he rarely denies them. Honestly he hardly notices them half of the time. He’s that used to it. Grizabella was never really affectionate towards him and Tugger, except on rare occasions, and it’s something that still sort of bothers Munkustrap. He would never think of denying a kitten the chance to cuddle, of making them all aware of his love for them. 
Sometimes he gets exhausted dealing with them though, and needs to step away, take some time for himself. On the rare days Munkustrap is actually angry or in a bad mood, everyone knows to behave. Getting in serious trouble with Munkustrap is the last thing on anyone’s list. He’d never hurt anyone when angry, but he’s undeniably a little intimidating, thanks to his size, and it’s always startling to see someone who is often calm and affectionate feeling entirely the opposite. He retreats to his den or even his owner’s house in times like that, not wanting to put anyone off or scare them with his bad mood, but he always comes back recharged, in his usual demeanor, and things continue as normal.
In short, Munkustrap’s relationship with children is just one of the 90000 reasons he’s the world’s best man.  
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vy2gumi · 2 months ago
I hate new people in my house get out stop commentating on what I eat or don't eat get out
#Jason I don't need you making jokes I don't need you goading your gremlin children who have no boundaries into joining#why do they all hang in the living room please I have people#I hate people seeing what I'm making bc they make fun of me for my safety food but they're always in there and they follow you around#and I try to explain it makes me uncomfortable#but their. humor. is riling each other up#so they think I'm ok with it too#no! you're genuinely making me upset!#and mom will never back me up. men first n all#you'd think she'd have learned this with the last asshole but no#why don't they. go to their rooms. like. they're all bunched up in the living room. or if I leave for 5 seconds the child will bust into#here if I don't lock my door up no knocking or anything#like. leave me alooooooone I'm too grown to deal with your shenanigans small one#y'all are. too much for me I am literally drained after 10 minutes with y'all please just let me be aloooone#it's mostly just me being ill watching mom be this. cute little wife and mom to this new family when she was shit for us growing up#low key resentment n all but also i HATE PEOPLE LEAVE ME ALOOONEEEEEEEEE#ANS THEY DONT WANNA SEAL WITH THEIR OWN KIDS#THEY JUST MAKE ME DEAL WITH IF WITH NO CHOICE#THEY DONT ASK ME THEY JUST GOT 'amber eill do this' LIKE NO I WONT? YALL GONNA PAY ME TO BABYSIT YA KIDS?#god this is nothing like when dad and stepmom got married and me Rae n Jax became sibs#then again we were all already familiar with one another long before our parents started dating#and we actually get along and respect each other's boundaries#and they're not all mean as shit#I feel like I'm home when I'm with them#here I feel like a stranger in my own fucking home#I should've ran over there today and 'accidentally' got trapped over there with the weather going bad
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berna-di-angelo · 3 months ago
love seeing spine bender insta stars
#girl please i beg of u stop#you’ve discovered the secret 5th element u can beat avatar now#y’all are so fucking funny too btw like#‘let her do the photoshop she wants’ NO ? literally contributing to body dysmorphia felt by everyone at this point even kids#u getting a procedure? i’m sorry but if you’re being an ‘influencer’ you HAVE TO be open about it y’all are literally destroying minds#literally i mean it#just bc oh no u wanna look pretty everyone gotta be pretty i wanna be adoredFUCJ YOU then#if i could end u i would#most girls don’t even know how natural bodies are supposed to look like at this point filler this filler that all hidden behind curtains#y’all make me fucking sick#i get hiding idk scars and shit like cool okay but really do u wanna change your entire form w photoshop#and ‘influence’ people i -#🔫bye literally im tired#every day i come to another realization that idk how a body part is supposed to look like .. like naturally what is considered normal averag#healthy even#should i have a circle spine are my lips too thin are my pores normal what do legs look like exactly like fuck you fuck you for contributing#to this toxic mindset like we’re not deep enough in shit y’all also do this ?? lmaoo#i will forever hate ‘efortless beauty’ looks and i will forever hate all of u#go be extra at least we know what’s up#anyway i’m angry again bc i saw this girl on insta lookin like a fuckin centipede w that spine#...... god this is sickening i hope y’all know that most of u are the reason eating disorders are this common
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themexicansrule · 4 months ago
i really love it when people who haven’t seen me in a long time just flat out say “you honestly look really good these days”
#1:16#📽#🥲#thxs#i just hate myself#and covid helped me hate myself a lot easier and work gave me a lot of pointers ... which is terrible but I’m just despressed so I take#and take and take and take.... but why do people think .... it’s .... nice to compliment weight loss? the more I work with my kids#and eating disorders and having my own issues- the more I don’t understand the encouragement around it#please don’t comment on my body ... don’t take notice on how I used to look or how I do now ... don’t remind me of my flesh and bones#because that’s all I’m aware of and then that’s ALL I’m aware of if you even so much as say — hey you look different _#I look different because I am different because I’ve tormented myself for god knows how long and I’m trying to be good but shit like that#makes me not what to~ especially from work .... and just to keep ranting because I feel especially whiny ~ my kids are truly suffering#I want to cry for them each night because each week I feel like I’ve let them down but just... my kids keep trying to literally die#one was baker acted and one ran into the streets last week#another one -pretended- to wrap a toy around her throat and i full on cried in front of all of them because#I can’t take it... i know what it’s like to want to kill your self but fuck... being in the flip side fucking sucks and it feels so helpless#I want them to know that they have me and the people around them there but especially me but then I think— you’re not a therapist#how are you supposed to help them but honestly my therapist did help me and all I wanted was someone to listen#so I hope I can be someone that listens#because I really really want them to make it
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loving-ricciardo · 7 months ago
dude is this even a question? Daniel. 100%. like he is such a sweetheart with kids also we could spoil our kids together and make them bath in money and sheeps 😌
Preach 😔✊🏼
If you have to pick one driver to be your baby daddy who would you pick 👀👀 (and why 😁)
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bakatenshii · 7 months ago
gonna be honest here, a person of a specific descent giving others the 'all clear' to use a word rubs me the wrong way. Whilst i dont see an issue with rat-suki's url given her explanation, it's more than fine for others to not be as long as her use of one word is not used to make other assumptions. I'm chinese but I have been called a rat before by white kids because of my 'beady' eyes and unfortunate buck teeth. Am i not allowed to speak on this 🤨 don't gatekeep words and people's emotions
Hi love! I‘m with you on that; I don’t agree with gatekeeping speech at all. I could be misunderstanding this message but it seems like you’re accusing me of giving an all clear for using a word— a noun—, when I never in my post did that. I’m not sure where you’re getting that idea?
I simply stated my opinion that: we should never jump to the conclusion that the derogatory connotation of a word is inherently the definition meant. I said we need to understand the context before we accuse someone of using it in a racially-charged way. I will stand by that statement.
Just as you are allowed to feel that way and speak on it, everyone else is allowed to express their own feelings and thoughts as well— we have no right to police other people’s feelings. I’m very sorry that you’ve experienced such discrimination, and I hope you don’t let that define you.
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feast-for-the-worms · 9 months ago
per chase is :)
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embers-burning-bright · 9 months ago
deleted tumblr off my phone last night only to boot it up again on my desktop and remember Exactly Why i deleted it
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words-writ-in-starlight · 11 months ago
im reading the heartstriker books rn, and i love how julius is like "maybe we should be nicer to each other?" literally any dragon "how dare you say that you moron. idiot" julius *continues being nice* the same dragon, 2 hours later "actually, julius is right and i will fight anyone who disagrees" its so good
God, the running theme of “Julius converting his attempted murderers to Being Nice” is absolutely my favorite part of that entire series.  Chelsie Heartstriker’s entire existence is a very close second, and Ghost is a very close third.
I’m not sure if you’ve gotten to this point yet (although you probably will have by the time this gets spat out of the queue) but I need to write some Stuff about Chelsie and Xian.  Let Chelsie Be Soft!!!!  Let Chelsie Get Laid!!!!  Let Chelsie Be Nice!!!!  Chelsie’s gonna roll up to the DFZ and offer her services as a bodyguard for hire the first time she has a crisis, and Julius is going to stealth-call his brother-in-law on Marci’s phone and snitch on her to the whole entire Golden Emperor.  You KNOW that Xian decides real fast who his favorite in-law is, and it is Julius “Too Nice For You To Notice That He’s Already Taken Over The World” Heartstriker, who believes that Chelsie deserves a sabbatical lasting at least, oh, say, six hundred years.
Technically Fredrick still works as Julius’ assistant because he wore Julius down, but he’s being paid...a lot.  A lot.  And also he’s been terrorizing all his potential replacements to the point that some more progressive dragon clans have started sending their uppity young whelps to intern as the Peacemaker’s personal assistant, because they know that the Crown Prince of China the Shade of the Heartstrikers Fredrick will whip them into shape and knock their egos down a peg before he kicks them out of the DFZ.  Julius doesn’t even meet most of Fredrick’s potential replacements.  He’s been trying to hire someone to take Fredrick’s place for years--he hears about Opal turning down the job as a priest of the DFZ and literally calls her personal number to ask if she wants to work for him, totally legit, he swears to any god she wants that he’s not looking to collect mortals, he just needs someone competent who won’t be cowed by dragons or gods so that he can stop having Fredrick as his nonconsensual PA.
#dfz#dfz series#heartstriker series#julius heartstriker#fredrick heartstriker#julius tries to appeal to a higher power re: the fredrick thing (chelsie) and fails utterly#chelsie: 'julius stop trying to fire fredrick you need the help'#fredrick (not looking up): 'yeah julius i'll think you don't want me around anymore'#julius (tearing his hair out a little bit): 'I JUST WANT THE CHINESE DRAGONS TO STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT'#'YOU'D THINK I HAD YOU BOUND IN MY OFFICE IN CHAINS AND MAGIC PLEASE LET ME HIRE SOMEONE ELSE'#fredrick: 'no. you have a meeting in forty minutes here's your phone and the forms. i'm getting lunch with chelsie.'#julius (despairing): 'thank you fredrick. have a nice lunch and say hi to his majesty for me chelsie.'#GOD i love chelsie and xian so much!!!!!!!#i especially love chelsie 'just because we're talking again doesn't mean we're back together' heartstriker#vs his imperial majesty qilin 'i am going to create a magical hurricane so that i can stay in bed on vacation with the love of my life' xia#GET YOU A MAN WHO CAN DO BOTH#also listen. listen. xian is literally so thrilled with his kids once he gets over the initial shock.#fredrick can do Anything He Wants#he wants to work as an assistant in the dfz? awesome. the golden empire is building a consulate.#see also: god save you if you even look crosseyed at felicity because f clutch is absolutely goddamn ruthless#and they have diplomatic immunity#a queue we will keep and our honor someday avenge#Anonymous#asked and answered
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