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#head cannon
Ben head cannons?

Oh god I have alot :’) here are just a few:

  • Is around 12 or 13 years old
  • Glitch’s when he sneeze’s
  • Can’t take a physical form but can move through wifi and power lines
  • Can call other devices without needing a phone, the number just comes up as “unknown”
  • He won’t admit it but he misses physical contact from others
  • Can shock people through their devices
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SO fast thought cuz you're the first person I thought of to say it to. We're going to see those dudes that beat Josh up again. Idk when and idk why but I refuse to believe they beat Josh up just for shits and giggles. We're going to see those assholes again and they're gonna be the catalyst for SOMETHING i just haven't figured out what yet

I feel like they’re homophobes who are targeting gay people. I feel like it’s no coincidence that the guy pretended to be gay to lure out a guy, make him start to like him, then betray him and beat the shit out of him and humiliate him. Cause he could have easily lured out a woman that he and his friend could have robbed/assaulted. Plus they took his keys but didn’t steal his car? Like nah something else is going on here!!! I think this might lead into a big storyline of these guys assualting gay men and Josh has to team up with Athena (and maybe even Hen) maybe to help find them. I feel like this is going to be a big story line for the rest of the season possibly 🤔

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• Dick looks like John smith from the disney movie when he has blond hair..(imma post a pic in a hot sec I know this isn’t a head cannon it’s just scary)        

 • Tim was an e-boy for a hot second on Tiktok the lil mascara heart and everything

•  Damian likes watching children’s cartoons though he’ll never admit it

• Jason has a myspace that you can still find to this day..somewhere.                       

• Bruce has a small box of all of his children’s report cards and school accomplishments..other than Tim..Tim needs a whole box to himself

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Ghouls with kits? And with animals? I feel like Rain has a fish tank, Mountain has a gecko and Dew has a snake..

Let’s start with animals

Rain: It is true! Rain does have a fish tank he has a really big one that he keeps that has a couple of axolotls in. He just loves their derpy little faces and the way they can be social. If he could he would totally get a tank big enough that he could be in there with his babies. He also keeps a couple of Marimo balls in there. The one is huge and he has kept for a good long while. The other smaller one was gift from a sibling who said his “ball needed a friend”. All the plants in his tank are alive as well! He has a completely bio-reactive tank that he manages, he loves watching his babies in the tank and has even been caught reading to them or playing for them on occasion…

Mountain: This is a ghoul who much prefers plants to animals. He has a prized rose garden going that he doesn’t let many people into. The hips he grows from his roses (those that produce hips that is) are some of the sweetest and most flavorful you will ever have. He doesn’t use any fertilizers that are chemicals either. As he can, he makes sure that Rain gets good earthworms for his babies as well.

Dew: I’m not going to sugarcoat it. He hates snakes. They don’t get along. He has a beloved cockatoo. A galah to be precise. They often times can be heard fighting, but they do love each other. Dew actually taught the bird to free fly too so they can sometimes be seen outside. He is a responsible bird owner and feeds the bird home cooked food that is comprised of mostly fruits and veggies that the bird can eat. He also likes making the toys that his friend will destroy, he likes hiding nuts in there, that are in their shells still so his friend has too work for it. The bird has a filthy mouth and will swear like a sailor, it makes his owner so proud to hear.

Aether: Now Aether doesn’t have any pets per say, they have him. He loves all animals and when he started feeding the stray cats outside of the church, he didn’t expect to be adopted. The cats all love him and treat him like a kitten (he isn’t complaining). Part of the reason he doesn’t have a pet is because he has many, but also because he didn’t want to bring a cat into the ghoul dormitories when there are easy pray animals. He doesn’t want his friends upset so he just keeps that risk down. Maybe one day!

Swiss: Ah the lovable multi-ghoul. Here is your snake boy. He loves a good spoop noodle. He ended up winning a Boa constrictor in a cards game one day and fell in love. He ended up with the egg and got the egg to hatch. Now his love is around 8 feet and still growing. He is so proud. The relationship he has with his snake is one that could be concerning if you didn’t know Swiss; you see he would do anything for that snake. It is not uncommon to find them cuddling in Multi’s room; snake wrapped around him. Despite the size of his scaly-boa, the snake is very gentle and loving.

The ghoulettes: These lovely ladies live together and Cumulus keeps spiders. She loves a good creepy crawly. On the other hand Cirrus likes her carnivorous plants. They also keep and breed crickets and flys. Like it or don’t like it, they are responsible and only breed what they need. However they are crafty and so it turned into a side hustle for those siblings that had pets that needed bugs for food. There is nothing like coming home to the crickets chirping… ahh.

Now let’s talk kits. I’m assuming you mean how they do with kits. If this is wrong feel free to send in a new ask!

Rain: He gets nervous around kits in general but is very soft and they all love him. If he visits someone with kits either the kits have him, or if we have a baby around the kit will be in his arms and he will happily hold and care for the little bundle while there. He is not afraid to change diapers either, he is proud to say he has only thrown up from a smelly diaper once!

Mountain: The gentle giant! The older kits love him, they can climb on him and use him as a jungle gym and he lets them. The first time he gets a foot to the nose or an elbow to the ribs though and he’s done. This big guy is able to have them all settled down and napping in no time. The younger kits like how gentle he is and love a good mountain hug. It isn’t uncommon to see him with a kit on his lap or in his arms asleep.

Dew: No. Nope. Sorry. He will not be around kits more then he has too. They are gross and loud and take all his attention. Everyone is supposed to pay attention to him not the little rug-rats running around. Best keep the two separated. When he does let the kits close they can have fun, but mostly he is a big softie. He will happily hold a kit who is cold or sick. Just don’t say anything about it.

Aether: Somehow, all the kits call him “Uncle Aeth”, don’t let it fool you though he loves it! This is a ghoul that will get down on the floor and roughhouse (carefully) with them. That said he is strict, the kids don’t get away with much around him. It only takes a look most the times for the kits to settle down and behave when they need to.

Swiss: Swiss has fun with kits for a short while. Sometimes he brings the snake with him too. His snake is so gentle and used to kits that there has never been a problem. He is careful though, he always keeps watch. The kits love the time with his pet. After a while though he can’t handle the noise. One moment Swiss and his pet are there and the next they are gone. Sometimes he returns alone after about 20 minutes, other times he doesn’t. Everyone is pretty understanding though.

The ghoulettes: The Mama Bears. These ladies are amazing with kits. They can sit and craft with them for hours. They love telling stories or making music with them. Once the kits can sit up, the kits will be on their laps and happily pounding away at the keyboards. Everyone gets a turn and no one usually has a melt down over it.

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  • Momo invites everyone round hers for a sleepover party type thing
  • Her sleepovers are always the best
  • The rape grape is NOT invited
  • Jiro and Kaminari playing rock music in the background
  • Everyone brings snacks but Uraraka and Froppy always bring the best ones
  • Kirishima bringing all the spicy snacks because he knows they’re Bakugo’s favourite
  • Mina and Momo doing each other’s and whoever else will let them’s hair and make up
  • They braid Aoyama’s hair whilst he’s sleeping and he gets annoyed because it’s all frizzy in the morning
  • Kirishima getting red eyeliner (“Katsukiiiii do I look pretty??”-“ You always look pretty, dumbass”)
  • Todoroki and Midoria making blanket forts, Sero, Tokoyami and Dark Shadow help
  • It’s destroyed every 5 minutes by Bakugo either running around chasing someone or punching it down on purpose
  • They don’t mind coz it’s still so cozy
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How do you think Arthur/Joker would react to a married woman, who is unhappy in her marriage, telling him that she wants him. (Asking for a friend ;) ) Disclaimer: I am VERY happy in my marriage!

Ohh! But just in case someone wasn’t…

I don’t condone cheating but life happens babes

A little naughty so WATCH OUT!

Arthur would be a little shocked. 1) why him? 2) He doesn’t want to get beaten up by an angry husband. But then he gets a little relaxed about the idea. Decides to show you a nice night, makes you dinner, candles, a movie. As long as you want to stay out and worry your man, assume of course he’s even at your house.

Arthur is still nervous, even in his own home. You put him at ease with a little teasing, oral play, and finally bedding him. But he will wake the next day missing you by his side after the activities.

Joker… well the moment you confess he gives you a devious grin and motions for you to walk into his place. “Well… come on in, doll.”

He leads you into his lair, asks if you’d like something to drink; his shit eating grin never leaves his face. As soon as you’re settles he cups your cheeks and attacks your lips with his. 

Joker crawls on you, half straddling, humping and kissing. Best way to calm him down is to give in and let him take the lead. His kisses become coherent; a pattern forms and you get into a groove. 

Then Joker asks, “Whats your wildest fantasy?” And tries to help you live it out. (which can be a continuation of this post if you tell me it)

He’s open to keeping you close or letting you wonder back to your little house. But he hopes you call him again, soon.

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How do you think Arthur/Joker would react to the reader pulling a gun on him?

Arthur would be scared. He’d freeze up and not know how to react, looking around like a little puppy until shock sets in and a laughing fit begins. 

If you were just kidding he’d be a little shocked, but laugh at it later. Probably makes a suicide joke.

Joker would smack it out of your hand automatically, if he was close enough. If not he’d throw something at you and run, fast. 

And if you were kidding he’d laugh it off, but trust would be hard to rebuild after that stunt.

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La squadra but they're rappers 😗

Melone: Babyface XD (kill me)

Risotto: Dr. Dre

Ghiaccio: DMX

Prosciutto: Snoop Dog

Pesci: Criss and Cross (Criss Cross)

Formaggio: Post Malone

Illuso: Ice Cube

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Could you do one where reader loves horror movies and they convince Arthur to watch one?


Arthurs everyday life is filled with horrors most don’t encounter; from experiences at work, to threats coming home, and his own mind messing with him at times. So when you asked Arthur to watch a horror movie with you he was averse to it. 

You’re quick on the defense. “Dude! Artie! There are like SOOOO many ways to do horror! Ghosts, Space, Sci-Fi! I need to show you them! PLUS the ones so funny you feel bad for laughing, or the ones so bad you can’t stop laughing.” He smiles at the idea. He’s had some dark thoughts, slowly getting darker. Arthur is beginning to find something appealing in horror. 

So he sits down, with the promise to turn off the movie immediately if he needs. You monitor his reaction through jump scares and high tension on the screen. He seems invested more than scared or worried. 

Then when you ask him what he thought he surprises you. “I really like the killing. You know, sometimes an asshole just… deserves it.” He snaps out of his daze when he his eyes make contact with yours. “I mean, would you dig up their bones on a dare?” The two of you laugh.

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Scout and his obsession with Tom Jones (or Spy and his gifts to his son)

As we know from the comics, he and his ma’s wealth is in Tom Jones memorabilia.

I would assume that along with baseball he has a few framed Tom Jones posters in his room.

Spy has probably gotten him Tom Jones stuff for his birthday (each year getting him something better than the last)

Scouts favorite gift was probably a signed, limited edition poster addressed to him by the man himself

(Spy probably threatened Time Jones to do it, or payed him a very large sum of money)

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Headcannon: Medic is forced to sleep

This man goes late into the night working and is very likely to stay awake all night long, buried in his work.

Engineer or heavy probably see his light on and have to coax him to bed

If that doesn’t work they will probably find a way to transport him to his bed forcefully

(Heavy would simply pick up the doctor and carry him to his bed and Engie would set up an exit teleporter in the docs room and set an entrance teleporter in the lab and ask for the doc to help him ‘test’ it. Medic would be pushed into it)

The doc would be asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

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