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5.1.2020 // I think I was only productive for 8 hours in total this week. Featuring my semi-messy desk. My productivity isn’t as great as it used to be; I’m so used to working in actual coffee shops that studying at home has weirdly become a challenge. I’m thinking of creating a virtual coffee shop just so I can “see” other people and be inspired to work on my own things.

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today i emailed two researchers about sponsorships for the Society for Neuroscience (one said definitely one hasn’t responded yet), emailed the director of the center for behavioral neuroscience to get back to him about my internship, renewed my AAAS membership, applied for emergency assistance, contacted FAFSA about an issue, and started a neuro related scholarship. now to rewatch atla for the 4th time.

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i’ve been following the studyblr community since i was in like eighth grade, and boom five years later here i am actually making one (:

about me:

- my name is hiba + my main blog is @hibahibahooray

- she/her/hers

- 19 years old

- ISTJ personality type

- i’m a sophomore in college + i go to an ivy (easy to guess which one from the username)

- i can speak english, urdu, some spanish, and i want to learn arabic (i can read and write, but i don’t understand it) + korean one day

- currently a neuroscience major with a chemistry minor but i might add something else onto it as well


- ive wanted to go to med school my whole life but honestly a phd doesn’t sound that bad either……. maybe both ? lol that’s ambitious but hmm

- rlly just wanna come out of quarantine with some stuff done 

- change my learning from wanting to just get good grades to actually enjoying learning. bc last semester i literally made spreadsheets for my classes to find how many points i needed and which assignments i could drop to get the final grades i wanted (i mean it worked well seeing how i got a zero on a huge exam and still ended up with the A i wanted but it’s not fulfilling bruh)


- life sciences are rlly cool (especially neuroscience and anything about the brain but ofc im biased)

- music i listen to includes a mix of literally everything but currently i’m in love w agust d’s mixtape what an absolute icon

- i really like learning about drug structures and pharmaceutics and chemistry (hence the minor) but not enough to major in it hehe

- recently picked up art for fun/as a way to keep myself occupied during quarantine; i’ve posted some on my main blog which i’ve linked above

- i wanna pick up poetry but its hard to take the ideas that are spinning around my head and format them ya know ? hopefully i can figure it out tho

that’s really all but i hope this ends up being productive and i dont end up not using this account due to my dwindling motivation bc that would suck lol

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After a productive and happy Saturday, I was ready for Sunday, looking forward to staying focused and actually enjoying what I do and study. And I did.



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🌸 Studyblr 2020 Quarantine Challenge | 23/5/20 🌸


Today was cool! I started reading Edgedancer ( @onlycosmere thanks so much again for the rec, I would definitely have missed it!!! ) and am very much enjoying it!

I sometimes do this thing after I finish a book, where I wait a couple days before I allow myself to start the next one in the series, kind of to build up anticipation and to really savour that feeling of falling into a fictional universe. Tried to do that but it wasn’t really a good idea this time around. Since my life is so sedentary because of confinement, Words of Radiance really was the breath of fresh air and adventure I needed in my daily life. I’m glad I’m back in Roshar and will not be attempting any breaks between Edgedancer and Oathbringer!

I also watched some of the supplemental ressources linked with the first unit of the MOOC I started yesterday, including a really interesting lecture called “How the brain learns to read” about how neuroscience can support education. The most memorable parts for me were :

  • The brain is not naturally ready to learn how to read. The part of the brain we use to recognize letters is initially used to recognize faces, but as we start to learn how to read, that less esential function shifts to another part of the brain!
  • Learning cursive is beneficial to dyslexic learners! Was not expecting that and thought the opposite would be true!
  • Whole word based learning and letter recognition based learning do not sollicitate the same parts of the brain! The presenter seemed certain the whole word method was detrimental! As someone who has used a combination of sight words and phonics to teach reading, I would like to find more reaserch on wether using a mix of both is an effective teaching method, or not.

🌷 M3 W9 - Sat - Is your glass half full or half empty ? 🌷

Half full! Even on weird days! 😊🎉

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There are so many pictures I have taken the past few days that I haven’t uploaded. I may drop some in the next few days. I hope that you are doing well!


This picture was taken yesterday, when we explored two lakes close to our home. I haven’t explored nature  in months and we were so happy to finally stop working and go outside. The sun felt amazing.

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