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Deep inside of him he hoped that If Mr. Stark ever finds out he won’t hate him and he will help him, but that wasn’t possible. Mr. Stark was the good guy and as ex-good-guy Peter knows that the good guy’s work was to get rid of the bad guy, and Peter wasn’t ready for that. Tony cared about him. It would destroy him.
It’s almost been a month of this secret.
A full month of pain that Peter has to go through daily.

When Peter woke up he felt better. He actually didn’t feel like dying for the first time ever since May died. That morning Peter decided that he was gonna tell Tony.

For Peter’s surprise, Tony wasn’t in the kitchen when he got out of his room. When he asked FRIDAY where he was, she answered ‘the lab’ which was unusual because, well, it’s FRIDAY. That confused Peter. Tony stopped a while ago staying all night in the lab.

Peter took the elevator and when the door opened he was even more confused. Tony was reading a paper. Tony never uses paper. He thinks that it is dumb given that you can’t go two meters and don’t find a tablet or phone in his household. But he was reading papers. And using a pencil. Not a pen. A pencil

“Who are you and where is Mr. Stark?” Is the only thing that comes out of Peter’s mouth. Tony looks up and raises an eyebrow

“Well. You got me. I am an alien for another galaxy and Tony is on my native planet. What gave away my identity?” Tony says jokingly

“The paper? I thought you didn’t use those anymore” Peter said and Tony rolled his eyes

“I know. This, my friend, is the final draft of the Sokovia Accords. They told me to give it a final look before making them official and told me to use a pencil if I wanted to annotate something” Peter’s jaw dropped in disbelief

“Hey that’s my job! You usually let me do that! Not fair! I like correcting older people!”

“Yeah ok but this is, like, the final thing. As in 'official final super important’ thing. That and also last time you made all of your notes with a pen” Peter scoffed

“It’s not like they don’t have millions of copies”

“It was a glitter pen!”

“I had nothing else at the moment! And it looked good!” Tony gets back to the paper

“Tell that to everyone in the UN. Imagine me trying to explain why did Tony Stark used purple glitter pen in the accords” Peter raises an eyebrow

“The pen was yours”

“So? You have glitter pens too and use them on a regular basis. Mind your own business”

“Whatever. What have you written?” Tony sighs

“So far so good. This changes are good” Peter sits next to him

“You do notice that it’s literally the original document but they just clarified a bunch of unnecessary stuff and they explain everything as if they were trying to explain it to a nine year old?”

“Yep. It’s on purpose. We need the guys that think like nine year olds to understand that the accords are the best for all of us” Peter rolls his eyes “Don’t get sassy. You know that the world needs those guys even if you don’t like them”

“The world seems doing pretty well without them. We should just try to reach Thor and Dr. Banner. They’re the good guys. And I know that King T'Challa wouldn’t mind being an Avenger”

“You did” Peter’s jaw dropped

“Don’t make this about me! I am being serious! There are so many people qualified for the job and yet you want to stick with the ones that don’t deserve it!” Tony’s look changes a bit

“Listen, kid. The past is in the past. I don’t like them either. However even I am willing to sacrifice my ego for the greater good. The world needs them” Tony says more seriously. Peter just crosses his arms and Tony ruffles his curls “It’s not like you’re gonna meet them. Actually you’re not gonna do that. I forbid you to do that. I don’t trust them and I don’t want you with them”

“That’s great because I don’t want to be with them either. I don’t want to hurt anyone” Tony slowly turns to see him and then gets back to work. It’s time for Peter to tell him “The reason I came here is because I have to tell you something and-”

“Hey by the way, is there any chance that you can stay the weekends like always? If Rhodey is gone and Pepper is working It gets lonely in here” Peter sighed

“Not anytime soon. I’ll let you know if that changes”

“At what time are you supposed to be in school? I can’t drop you off today and you know how Happy is”

“I still got time. I-”

“Kid I know I don’t tell you this very often, but I am really proud of you kiddo. Since I’ve met you you’ve changed for the better. And I like to think that I changed too maybe? Everyone agrees that I was a mess before you came, including me. I really want you to know that I am glad you are here. And I am sorry if I got you in trouble” Peter’s eyes widened. Well fuck. That complicates things.

“Y-yeah. I am glad I am here too. And don’t worry about me. I am fine” His inside was screaming in pain. He couldn’t tell if his asthma was back or it was just a panic attack but he really wished it was just asthma

“God I am glad I left that out of my chest. It was eating my inside” You got to be kidding me “So. What were you gonna tell me?” Well now nothing

“I liked your lasagna” Peter said immediately. Tony smiled and rolled his eyes

“Thanks kiddo. It was my mom’s recipe” Tony said and Peter’s phone rang. He checked who it was. Happy

“Happy is calling. He is probably here already” Peter said disappointed on himself

“Go then. You know how Happy gets” Tony said and then returned to the papers. Peter kept staring for a second. He didn’t want to talk about it. Not even to Tony and specifically not now. If Peter tells him every hope that Tony has for him will die leaving him alone. Peter didn’t want to be alone again. He wanted his aunt and his uncle and his family back. He wanted to go back in time. But that couldn’t happen. That’s not physically possible. So Peter didn’t have lots of options left. Peter just wanted to end with his suffering, yet he isn’t going to do it because that scares him. Because he is a coward. He is the bad guy

That’s all he could think of. While he was at school he tried to focus but he couldn’t. He couldn’t help but think of the 'what ifs’ of the situation. He just wanted to be happy. He was happy before. Even though his family was a little dysfunctional, he was happy. Now he just wants to die. His life sucks and it’s his own fault.

After school he went out as Spiderman and it was actually a good day for the arachnid. He stopped a bank robbery and a guy that was in a car accident and almost got yeeted (or is it yoted?) over the Brooklyn bridge. Spiderman was the only thing that kept Peter alive. If not what else? It was the best thing going on with his life. He wished it wasn’t that way. He wished that Peter Parker was happy too. But most importantly, he wished that Ben won’t notice that he is past his curfew.

He snuck back in from the window, but he didn’t have his suit on anymore. He decided to take it off before going home. When he got to his room he laid down in his bed and sighted. He was a little worried about Ben now. He needs a new job and all he is doing is staying on the couch drinking. What’s up with that? Peter knows damn well Ben and he’s not the kinda guy that gets fired in the first place-

“Where the hell have you been?!” Ben yelled, kicking Peter’s door. He had the same shirt as two days ago and a bottle of wine in his hand. The image wasn’t pretty

“Decathlon practice” That was only half true. He was supposed to be at decathlon practice but he skipped it

“For two fucking days?! Do you think I am an idiot?!” Peter raises an eyebrow

“You told me I could stay on Thursdays at Tony’s! I was there!” Ben scoffs

“I didn’t say shit! Stop lying to my fucking face!” Before Peter could answer Ben slapped him. Ben slapped him “I’ve had enough of your bullshit! Don’t you think you’ve done enough?!” Peter was in shock. He didn’t know how to react. That was the last thing Peter expected “God you’re such a pain in the ass” Then he left the room and closed the door as loud as he could while he was doing it.

Peter just stared at the door with tears in his eyes. He knew that he deserved it. He deserved hell. He was the bad guy.

He is the bad guy

I am the bad guy

It’s all my fault

I should just die already

I am the bad guy

It kept going.

What once was only a slap in the face turned into beating.

Peter was sure that Ben was gonna kill him, but he didn’t actually care.

As a matter of fact Ben would do a favor to the world if he finally kills him.

And the days with Tony were the worst.

He had to keep all his scars hidden for his own sake because Peter was a murderer.

His way of dealing with it was that he would just lock himself in his side of the lab with his soundproof headphones and start coding. Yeah that’s something he does now. He codes like a boss. Tony Stark level coding and all of that. He got into it right after May died.

Nobody has noticed something is going on. Peter found May’s old makeup bag and his concealer techniques were good. But it wasn’t Mr. Stark’s fault. He didn’t want him to know anyways, right? That wasn’t something that Peter wanted


Deep inside of him he hoped that If Mr. Stark ever finds out he won’t hate him and he will help him, but that wasn’t possible. Mr. Stark was the good guy and as ex-good-guy Peter knows that the good guy’s work was to get rid of the bad guy, and Peter wasn’t ready for that. Tony cared about him. It would destroy him.

It’s almost been a month of this secret.

A full month of pain that Peter has to go through daily.

But it was fine. Peter deserved it. He was the bad guy and that is what bad guys deserve

“We’re running out of food” Peter says thinking out loud while checking the fridge. Ben wasn’t home yet so Peter took the opportunity to get out of his room for just five minutes. And as a matter of fact they were running out of food. Ben stopped going grocery shopping weeks ago (Now he just goes alcohol shopping and calls that ‘groceries’). Ben also hasn’t got a job so the money is another issue. Everything they had is going to every bottle Ben buys. Peter really has to figure out what to do because they also have to pay rent, and taxes, and go buy some decent food, and all of that, and Ben doesn’t seem to care enough anymore.

“What the hell are you doing?” Peter’s eyes widened as he turned around. He did feel his spider senses going off but he totally ignored it. He didn’t realize Ben arrived. Before Peter could answer Ben already started the shitshow “It’s your fucking fault!” He yelled and kicked Peter in the stomach; it made Peter gag. There was nothing there and it hurt more. “She’s gone because of you ! You were supposed to die and she died for you! You don’t give a damn about it though, because you’re a selfish little prick who don’t deserve to live! She was everything to me and you took her away. That’s all you do, is take and take and take and you never stop!” Ben yelled, kicking him and bringing him up to slam him in the wall. The words hurt more though and he started to cry. He could take a beating, but Ben’s words hurt more than anything.

And the thing was he was right. Peter could’ve saved her. May would be alive and they’d be happy and everything would’ve been okay if he just hadn’t froze. Ben said other things but Peter had a ringing in his ear blocking everything out “Go to your goddamn room! I am tired of your fucking face!” Peter immediately got up as he could and ran to his room to then lock himself in. He looked at himself in the mirror and tried to stop crying but he couldn’t. In times like this he really wishes he was Spiderman and not Peter. Spiderman is a superhero that doesn’t fear anything. Peter is just human. He bleeds when he falls down, and he crashes and breaks down.

Ben’s words in his head were like knives in the heart. It was like he built Peter up and then made sure he falls apart, but he is only human. But he is the bad guy. He is the villain of the story. The guy that children fear. He was a monster. The least he deserved is to be treated like a normal person. But god did it hurt. That night Peter tries to clear his mind coding in his laptop. A drone design. Something basic but fun. While he was doing that he got a call. It was painful to answer

“Hey Tony” Peter said with his fake happy voice

“Care to tell me why the hell are you not here?” Tony says more jokingly than mad

“What do you mean?” Peter asks confused

“Oh my god. Parker how dare you? I thought that we had something special!” Peter raised an eyebrow and Tony scoffed “It’s Thursday. Why are you not here?” Peter’s eyes widened. Holy shit he forgot about Tony

“I had to pick something up from the department. I am on my way” Peter lies immediately and Tony just laughs

“It’s fine if you forgot. If you still want to come just tell me when you get here” Peter rolled his eyes

“No can do. I like surprises and you know that. I’ll swing by eventually” Peter said and then hung up. He immediately put everything that he wanted to bring in his backpack and put on the suit. Minutes later the Spiderman was swinging towards the Stark tower.

The fact that he went to spend the night with Tony doesn’t mean he forgets.

He is the bad guy.

He is the bad guy.

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Title: I’m a little lamb who’s lost in the wood
Collaborator: camichats
Card Number: 4049
Link: On AO3
Square Filled: S4-Myths and Legends
Main Pairing: Happy Hogan/Tony Stark
Rating: Teen
Major Tags/Warnings/Triggers: Forbidden love, Mentions of: alcoholism, drugs, suicide
Summary: Tony was annoyed by his guardian angel. And then he went and fell in love with him. Happy was still kind of annoying. 
Word Count: 2,002

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To even suggest that anyone outside of the Iron Man movies cares more about Tony than Rhodey, Pepper and Happy is ludicrous. They are the MVPs. The Iron Fam TM. They are all that matter. Add whomever you like but they’ll always be the core four. 

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Prompt #20: “did I ask?”
Fandom: Spider-Man (MCU)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Characters: Happy Hogan & Tony Stark
Words: 230 
Summary: Over the phone, Happy tries to talk Tony out of recruiting a spider-kid. 


“So what, then, boss, you’re just gonna show up at this guy’s apartment without warning? I think most people would freak out a little if Tony Stark appeared in their doorway. And how do you plan to spin it if other people see you there?”

“Cool your jets, Hap. Says here he’s an exceptionally bright student, so I can just say I’m there to offer him a grant.”

“Wait, student? This is a college kid?”

“Highschool, but close enough.”

“High—wait—he’s a minor?”

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Spider-man x Vigilante!F!Reader

Warnings: language; injury detail; mind stuff; hostage situations

Context: you’re a vigilante, a surprisingly young vigilante, and you’re one goal is to save your city from criminals and bullies; you and a certain Avenger keep missing each other. Will the two of you ever meet or will you continue to tip-toe around one another?

A/N: (y/h/t) = your home town and (y/m/n) = your mum’s name


Originally posted by fragilefiller

“I can’t hear you, (y/n),” Peter’s voice crackled, static beginning to fill your ears, “you’re - ‘eaking u-”

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Prompt #14: “you better leave now”
Fandom: Spider-Man (MCU)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Characters: Happy Hogan & Peter Parker
Words: 350
Summary: Peter has a weird habit of sleeping on the ceiling. 
Author’s Note: My first Fictober prompt that isn’t at all canon-compliant. After FFH I can’t help but think that Happy and May would actually be cute together, so I had fun imagining what life would be like if he moved in with the Parkers.   


If Happy had to choose the weirdest thing about having a spider-kid for a pseudo step-nephew, Peter’s occasional habit of sleeping while hanging from the ceiling would be a top contender. He’d yelped the first time he witnessed the absurd sight.

“It’s like having an oversized bat in the house.” He’d told May. “It freaks me out.”

She’d laughed and said he’d get used to it. But even after he’s been living with May for three months now, Happy is still completely thrown off when he peeks into Peter’s bedroom one morning to wake up the overslept teen.

“Peter?” He says quietly.

The kid’s there, stuck in the upper corner of the room, obviously deep in dreamland as his mouth hangs wide open. It’s still creepy as hell. 

Happy increases his volume.

“Hey, c’mon, you better leave now or you’re gonna be late.”

Peter offers a muffled, unintelligible response and a dismissive wave of the hand.

“What was that?” Happy asks.

“Go ‘way. Sleepn.”

Happy huffs and exits the room, coming back with a broom in hand.

“Peter.” He begins prodding the inverted spiderling with the soft end. “Hey. WAKE. UP.”

Extracting no response, he starts whacking the kid a little harder.

“OW!” Peter opens his eyes and whips his head around. “Happy, what the hell??”

“Get up—argh, I mean get down, Peter. You’re gonna be late for your college visit.”

The kid rubs his eyes. “I will, just give me a minute, I’ve only had a few hours of—HEY!” He glares at Happy after receiving another well-aimed whack and crawls to the other side of room. “Happy, this is child abuse.”

“That’s convenient.” Happy stops wielding the broom. “Because if I’m remembering correctly, yesterday you insisted that seventeen is basically an adult.”

Peter finally drops to the floor. “I’m down, you happy?”

“Well, actually—”

“Don’t answer that.” The kid puts up his hand, looking dangerously disgruntled and in no mood for punny jokes. “Just get outta my room so I can change, geez.”

“I’d be happy to.”

Peter groans as Happy shuts the door behind him.

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Prompt #13: “I missed this”
Fandom: Spider-Man (MCU)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Characters: Happy Hogan & Peter Parker
Words: 750
Summary: When Peter calls, Happy will always pick up. 


No one told Happy that Peter had been dusted. He’d heard it through the grapevine after Tony returned alone.

The kid’s aunt had been dusted, too. In some sick way, Happy was grateful for it. Grateful she didn’t have to suffer her nephew’s loss.

In the first several months after The Blip, Happy and Pepper were so busy smoothing out mess after mess that he’d scarcely had time to think about the people they’d lost. There was little time to feel sorry for themselves while they were talking with the Avengers about possible world-saving solutions, tracking the uptick in crime, and directing money into various charities and memorial funds.

But after five months, Happy began to accept that the new world might be permanent, and they may never get the dusted individuals back.

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Penny was on her way to the bathroom when her legs gave out, and she hit the floor with a thump.  Hands pressing against the carpet, she turned to look at the bed, as if she’d find any answers there.  Her bottle of water was sitting on the bedside table, mostly empty, and the fruit basket was where she’d left it.  The only thing different was her…she felt…bad.  Sick.  Her head was spinning and her legs felt like spaghetti after her aunt had cooked it for too long…mostly mush.  Opening her mouth, she blinked, trying to right the world as it moved around her, her hotel room fading in and out of sight.  “Ha…Happy?”  she called, lifting her voice as much as she could.  It didn’t work…she could barely get her voice above a whisper, and tears sprang to her eyes as a jolt went up her spine.  She was scared.  Something was wrong.  

Taking a deep breath, she swallowed hard, then gathered her resolve.  “Happy!”  This time her voice came out as more of a cry, but still, she didn’t hear him get up.    

Reaching out, she managed to get her fingers to wrap around the power cord to the lamp and pulled, flinching at the sound it made when it crashed to the floor.  She heard Happy sigh but she couldn’t get up from where she’d leaned over.  Couldn’t push herself back upright as her elbows, then forearms came to rest on the carpet.

“Kid?  What the hell are you doing in here?  You know the walls are thin…”  Happy started with a groan, and then she heard him inhale sharply.  “Kid?  Hey…”  The man moved faster than she’d ever seen him move, dropping to his knees at her side, a hesitant hand on her back.  “Penny?  What’s going on?  What’s wrong?”  He pressed his fingers to her neck and she felt her pulse race, heart pounding uncomfortably.  Slipping a hand under her head, he pressed the back of his hand to her forehead.  “Penny?  Talk to me, kiddo,”  he murmured, voice soft and urgent.

“Something…something’s wrong….water…the water…”

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Fandom: Iron Man/Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing: Tony x Pepper [Pre Relationship]
Rating: T
Words: 976
Notes: Written for fictober-event, prompt #14 You better leave now

Read @ AO3

Tony wondered how he’d managed to piss The Boss so badly, that he had been sent to retrieve the information. No, scratch that, he knew. It was a damnable prank war that ended with The Boss getting pelted with water balloons.

Fuck his life. Teaches him not to challenge Rhodey ever again. Oh who he’s kidding, he’d probably do it again in a heartbeat. Except, he’d probably release his spy bugs and prevent the pranks from directly affecting The Boss.

Because he, should never – ever – leave the comfort of his lab. He’s not built, nor has the temperament for information retrieval. It doesn’t help that he’s going to meet with the woman he’s half in love with in a high end bar for drinks. He rubs his faces with his hands and grimaces, Virginia Potts is SWORD’s best. She’s of average height, but she looks delicate and always so elegant, beautiful too. Bright blue eyes, copper hair and skin like peaches with cream. And he’s been nursing a serious infatuation since she walked to his lab to test a new gun.

He shakes his head, heads for the bathroom and splashes cold water on his face. He’s not going to fuck it up. He’s not going to give The Boss the satisfaction. So, he changes to a nice suit and tie, combs his hair, dons his equipment and heads out the door.

The bar is not full, but it’s not entirely empty and he manages to grab a table in the corner from where he can see everything. Just because he prefers making fun tools, doesn’t mean he’s an idiot damn it. Orders a martini extra dry and waits.

Vir – no, she’s Pepper for the mission, walks in twenty minutes after him. Seats herself at the bar, she’s lovely and he can’t help but to stare at her, she’s wearing a form fitting blue dress and her hair is down. Fuck. Pepper begins to look around, until she spots him. They flirt from a distance for a while, until she decides to walk to his table.

He stands, she grins and leans forward to whisper in his ear. “Hello there, handsome. May I join you?”

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Spider-man x Vigilante!F!Reader

Warnings: language; injury detail; mind stuff

Context: you’re a vigilante, a surprisingly young vigilante, and you’re one goal is to save your city from criminals and bullies; you and a certain Avenger keep missing each other. Will the two of you ever meet or will you continue to tip-toe around one another?

A/N: (y/h/t) = your home town and (y/m/n) = your mum’s name


Originally posted by marvel-is-ruining-my-life

It was time. Everyone knew it.

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