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You weren’t dead. She knew you weren’t, she could still feel you there, but you were gone. Missing. Disappeared. Lost in the realm. She’d spent day and night working to get you back, to find you, at least communicate with you. But all her work felt hopeless, like she was doing nothing no matter how much hard work she’d put into it. She needed a voice of reason, someone to bring her comfort. The only person she could think of who could do that was you. You constantly left Hope voice mails. Some encouraging, soft, reminding her to eat and sleep when you knew she was too busy working to see her phone. Sometimes it was drunken in the middle of the night, proclaiming your love for her and how much you value her. She saved them and listened to them, even more so now. She wasn’t sure what she’d do without you, what she’d do if you never came back.

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this is what i already think of them

  • scott is one of my favorite avengers. i’ve only seen 10 minutes of him in the movies, but still. i love him. he saved the world! like scott’s sort of the comic relief character but he brought countless people back to life! and every scene he’s in is so funny. what an angel
  • i like the wasp too! haven’t seen much of her, but the scene in endgame where they’re both tiny is cool. i’m excited to see them in the ant-man movies.
  • carol is….. oh my god. how do i even describe….
  • she’s amazing
  • basically a goddess
  • i love her so much
  • and the cat? also great. can’t wait how to see how she claws out nick fury’s eye 
  • “the last time i trusted someone, i lost an eye” the punch line of this joke came five years later and it’s incredible. who knew the gruff 70-year-old dad had a flair for the dramatic
  • i’m also excited to see captain marvel because finally. FINALLY we get a friendship between two females
  • there’s gamora and nebula, yeah, but they’d spent a lot of time being enemies and…. straight-up trying to kill each other
  • which is another reason why black widow is gonna be good
  • also! in superhero movies, there are so many little boys. you’ve got peter in iron man 2, the little boy in the amazing spider-man 2, and harley in iron man 3, for some examples. even though these are good characters…. where are the little girls?? like where marvel
  • and then you’ve got monica rambeau, so, finally
  • to be honest, all three of those movies are probably gonna be great

so those are my thoughts, which nobody asked for, but were a lot of fun to write

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“Terrible punch or terrible idea?”

“Terrible idea, Scott. If y/n joined us, they’d be put in the same danger we’re in. What if they get hurt? Or worse?” Your mother worried about you day in and day out, now even more so that you were older, pushier, smarter. When you were little, she could get away with the occasional white lie, she could get away with excuses, and you believed them. Now none of that worked. All she wanted was to keep you away from the life both your parents lived. She couldn’t imagine letting you go off on your own facing immense danger, let alone let you actually do it. Your father, on the other hand, had other ideas.

“If they want to, they’ll find a way. Would you rather them be by our side and safe, or go behind our backs because we said no?” Scott defended. He knew how you could be, just as stubborn as your mother. Ever since you were little you found a way to get what you wanted, you were smart enough to do so. When you couldn’t reach something you climbed. When you were told you were too little or too weak, you proved them wrong. Who’s to say you wouldn’t do that now? Scott feared you’d take one of their suits and leave, go off to help, leaving one of them defenseless, the other scared out of their mind, trying to save not only you, their baby, but everyone else as well.

“I’d rather have them home, safe, as far away from this stuff as possible.”

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Today we are rewatching “Ant-Man and the Wasp” and the only thing I actually remembered about it was that I’ve seen it in cinema with my friend last summer (last – counting from summer 2019 – remember: little time-machine) and then I walked him home and we chatted about the last episodes of “Steven Universe” and we had a very nice time (even though the weather was incredibly hot and I later realized that I had got a bloody corn). Well, actually I’ve already had a post about this movie here and I guess my opinion about it didn’t change: it’s pretty cool and funny and action scenes are still inventive. The only thing I’d like to add is that after “Infinity War” if you watch with a week gap, not a month-or-so this movie feels so small and unnecessary. It feels too humorous and light after the tragedy we were through. Even though (spoilers!) the after-credit scene was connected with the Thanos’ snap it still doesn’t feel important.

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Working in the same lab as Hank Pym and Tony Stark was very stressful.  Hope, Rhodey, Janet, and Scott had to be extra careful not to say or do anything that would piss either of them off.  One snarky comment from Tony would send Hank over the edge.

To be fair, the project they were working on was very ambitious.  They were trying to make a hybrid of the Iron Man and Ant-Man technology.  An Ant-Man suit with the armor capabilities of an Iron Man suit.  They had a design concept drawn up on a whiteboard that was labeled to Hell and back, and another whiteboard full of equations just for the materials to make a prototype out of.

Rhodey propelled her rolling chair over to the table and looks over the notes again.  “Is there any way to make a less dense version of the titanium-gold alloy?”

“What if we tried layering sheets of graphene?"  Hope pinched the bridge of her nose. 

Janet hummed and wrote down an equation, muttering to herself.  She brought a tablet closer to herself and set it down with a sharp exhale.

"Graphene could work.”

Everyone looked up.  The six of them made eye contact, and then they all sprung into action.

“FRIDAY, send up some graphene, please."  Tony ran over to a third whiteboard and started writing rapidly.

"What shape are we cutting it in?"  Scott and Rhodey took their notes and tools to the welding table, Janet followed them with the new calculations.

"Dad, where did you leave the test suit?"  Hope picked up and shuffled all the papers and pens around the tables in her search.

Hank frowned and started searching, too.  The plain, gray suit had no weapons or other features Scott and Hope’s suits had.  And it was no longer where they left it.

Tony put the graphene sheets onto the welding table and they started cutting them into the measurements they had all memorized in the hours they were working.  Once they were cut, they were handed to Scott to drill holes for screws, and then handed to Rhodey to put the screws in.

"Hope, can we get the suit?"  Tony asked without looking up from his task.

"No, we can’t find it."  Hope called back, moving to a different table to look.

"What?"  Janet stopped her own task and went over to help look.

"Where’d you put it, Stark?"  Hank yelled over.  Now Tony was stopping what he was doing.

"What do you mean?"  Tony asked and took a few steps over.  "I left it right on the table like always.”

“Well it’s not here, so you didn’t put it on the table like always.."  Hanks voice was very accusatory. 

Everyone froze.

"Henry, calm down,” Janet placed a hand on his shoulder, “we’ll find it.”

Hank crumpled a paper and threw it to the side.  “I am calm, but Stark was the last one who had it.”

“What are you trying to say?"  Rhodey stepped up to Tony’s side. 

Dad!“  Hope hissed and put a placating hand out before turning to Rhodey and Tony.  "He’s not trying to say anyth-”

“I’m saying to misplaced my technology!"  Hank yelled.  Scott sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"Everyone here has handled that suit and you’re singling me out?"  Tony’s voice was exasperated.  "You’re unbelievable.”

I’m unbelievable?"  Hanks scoffed.  Hope looked liked she wanted a glass of wine with a shot of vodka.

"Henry, stop!"  Janet tried again to deescalate, in vain.

"Yes, you are!"  Tony slammed his hand on the table.  "You blame me whenever something goes wrong-”

“Because whenever something goes wrong, it’s your fault!"  Hank snapped.

"Why do you hate me?!"  Tony yelled.

Hank was taken aback, at a loss for words.  Nobody said anything, so Tony turned and stormed out of the lab. 

Rhodey stepped forward.  "What the Hell, Pym?”

“What do you expect me to do?"  Hank crossed his arms. 

"Go apologize to him."  Hope said dully. 

Hank looked absolutely offended.  "Why would I-”

“You’ve been treating him like shit ever since we got here."  Scott was turning the graphene in his hands.  "And he didn’t do anything to provoke you.”


“Go apologize."  Janet ordered.

Hank looked like he was going to argue, but the looks the others were giving him made him sigh and walk out of the room.

Scott bent down and picked up something the size of a Lego figure.  "I found the test suit.”

- - -

Tony was standing in the kitchenette of the Avengers Compound, staring out the window with a glass of water in his hand.

Hank took off his glasses and cleaned them with the hem of his shirt before sighing and walking out into the open.

“Want a drink?"  Tony didn’t look away from the window.

"No."  Hank said quickly.  He hated talking to a Stark.  "I want to … apologize.”

Tony snorted.  “Which one put you up to this?”

Hank sighed and leaned against the counter.  “All of them.”

Tony exhaled sharply with a small smile and took a sip of water.

“I …"  Hank also hated apologizing.  "I hated Howard.”

“So did I."  Tony set the glass down.  "Why are you taking it out on me?”

“I’m not-” Hank was quick to defend himself, but then he remembered what the others told him and the stern look of his wife.  “I’m sorry.”

They stood in silence for a minute.

“You know, dad hated you, too."  Tony said thoughtfully.  "I can see why.  And I also see why you hated him."  He looked over at Hank.  "You’re both assholes.”

Hank actually found that funny.  God damn.

“I’m glad both of our kids think that."  Hank said sarcastically.  Tony threw his head back and laughed.

"I knew Hope would agree with me!"  Tony’s smile was wide as he grabbed another glass and started filling it with water.  "Her and I would have been such great friends when we were kids."  He said as he handed Hank the glass.

"Yes, you would’ve."  Hank accepted the water and took a drink.

They drank their water in a peaceful silence for another minute or so.

"You know,” Tony looked like he was trying not to laugh, “I think I did put the test suit on a different table.”

Hank shook his head with a smile.  With no venom at all, he said: “Damn it, Stark.”

Happy birthday, my lovely friend @bijulesohara

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My choice to replace Evangeline Lilly as Hope


Originally posted by classicmoviescenes

Status Post #9258: So, as you all know, Lilly has shown her true colours when she made very insensitive comments on social distancing and the coronavirus on Instagram two weeks ago. As a result, I have no respect for her after that and I do not forgive her after she made an apology post after those comments.

Because of this, I would like to see Emma Stone replacing her as Hope for future MCU films starting with Ant-Man 3, of course and would be a great opportunity for Stone to finally a superheroine after playing Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man duology (fun fact - one of the scrapped films for the ASM verse was going to be a female-fronted film focusing on an alternate universe or a resurrected Gwen as Spider-Woman, before the arrival of alt!Gwen as Spider-Woman aka Ghost Spider in Spider-Verse).

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