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freyafaerie · a day ago
azriel x fem reader
Azriel falls in love with a girl who has a cat called Marmalade.
warnings: none
Tumblr media
It was odd. The first time he feel for her, he says the first time because it was in many moments when he felt his heart drop. His stomach fall. And his wings flutter. And she was just a girl who worked in a book store, yet she was so much more to him.
He saw you in the garden first, a blue dress on with a white shirt under it. The gardens had been lovely that day and the weather was pleasant enough.
You sat crossed legged on the park bench, a copy of ‘Heidi’ in your lap as your ginger cat Marmlade rubbed against your knee. He had walked up to you, knowing you worked at the book store. He had needed a gift for Rhys’s mother, it was Christmas soon and the endless amount Rhysand’s mother had done for Azriel was heart warming. She deserved a nice gift.
“Excuse me, sorry to interrupt,” he spoke sheepishly, feeling slightly guilty for interrupting your peace.
“No worries, what can I do for you?” You said, standing up and flattening out your dress as you lead him into the store.
“I need a gift for my friends mum, she’s raised me since I was quite little though and I need it to be a bit thoughtful.”
You smiled, nodding as he spoke, he was thankful for your kind manner it made him feel less like an idiot.
“Does she have any particular interests, or genres you know she likes?”
He nodded, “She loves sewing, and uh- romance I think.”
You nodded before turning around and picking up Marmalade as you led him into the romance section. His eyes flung around the store, noticing the paintings of cherubs with wings on the walls, smiling as he thought of how old the building must be.
“We actually got a book in last week, that I think will be perfect. It’s about a seamstress and a prince, it’s a human setting though, is that okay?” You stuttered the end slightly, knowing some Illyrians were sensitive about humans.
“That’s quite alright, thank you very much for your help,” he noticed a light blush on your cheeks as he thanked you for your service.
The fact that you had to raise your head quite a bit to look up at him, had the butterflies in his stomach fluttering.
“T-that’s what I’m here for, is there anything else you would like? Possibly for yourself,” he could see you playing with your fingers behind your back as you shyly gazed up at him.
“Quite possibly, is there anything about a pretty girl who works in a book store and an Illyrian shadowsinger?”
And to say you blushed would be an understatement.
Azriel came to visit the book store a lot after the first time. He found his visits like a little piece of him that no one had to know about, something that was disconnected from fighting and training.
You’re smile kept drawing him in, the crease in your eyes and your cheeks plumping as you laughed. He didn’t know when he realised that he began to look forward to the visits constantly. He could pin point a few movements. Whilst he was training, the tug in his chest as he thought of you. Family dinners when the conversation was very little, his mind drifting off to think about his next visit. Even when he had just left the store, he longed to go back in and blurt out his feelings.
But it was one visit that he held very close to his heart.
You were having a particularly rough day, a customer had gotten angry at you for not having the book they wanted. You had gotten pushed around on the busy streets of Velaris and worst of all, you didn’t know where Marmalade was.
Marmalade although only a cat, she was your housemate, workmate, child, and your precious little ball of fluff. She was not a cat who wondered very far from her owner and that fact alone made a fresh bubble of panic settle in your ribs. To not be able to find her was absolutely devestating.
Azriel entered the store a smile planted on his handsome face as he slowly made his way to where you stood, shelving books.
He slowly slid his arms around your back, kissing your head as you jumped in surpise.
“Good afternoon, love.”
“A-afternoon, Az.”
His actions of affection were not a new thing, he hugged you every time he saw you since that one time you flung his arms around him out of joy.
“Where’s that little bugger of a cat?”
And that was when you lost it, you couldn’t help it as the tears started and didn’t seem to stop. You couldn’t stop the panic and worry you felt over loosing little Marmalade.
Azriel was quick to turn you around, his hands cupping your face as his fingers delicately wiped the tears from your cheeks. He hushed your tears and pulled your head to his chest as he cradled you in his arms.
“What’s the matter, darling?” He murmured quietly, talking in a soothing and calming tone.
“I-I’ve lost Marmalade!” And that was when another round of tears came gushing out.
“Oh, love.” He was quick to pull over a chair and settle you in his lap as he let you blubber about the ginger cat.
“It’ll be alright, you know I’m sure Marmalade will find her way back to you very soon,” he rubbed his hand up and down your back as you nuzzled further into his neck, soft tears dripping onto his shirt.
“B-but what if she’s gotten lost,” you said, voicing your worries.
“Then we will find her, dove, she can’t have gotten very far if you had her this morning.”
You nodded into his neck, thankful for his reassuring words and relaxing touches.
He kissed your head, “Do you want to go look for her?”
“Y-yes, please.”
So the two of you set out on your journey to find Marmalade. It was cold so both of you had several layers as well as warm coats, gloves and you wore a white beanie.
Azriel made sure you were warm enough before they had left the store, suggesting more and more layers of warmth every time you said you were ready to leave.
You walked hand in hand through the snow as you both cooed the cats name, walking through the streets surrounding the book store eyes scanning for any sign of a ginger cat.
“Marmalade!” You both yelled simultaneously, not letting go of each others hand as you searched.
“I-it’s been an hour, Az, what if she has been stolen?”
He didn’t have the heart to tell you that nobody would want to steal Marmalade as she was not the friendliest cat. He instead tried to pry that thought from your mind as he guided you through the streets.
“That will not have of happened dove,” he said as he pulled you into his side.
“Marmalade!” He called again, hoping some how the cat would come.
And then you saw her.
The little pit pat of Marmalade’s ginger paws scurried along the pavement as a larger brown cat intertwined her tail with his.
“Marmalade! There you are.”
Azriel watched as you ran forward patting and kissing the cat and lightly scolding her as if she were a child who lost their parent in the supermarket.
He caught up to you, kneeling down as he reached to pat the other cat who accompanied Marmalade.
“Who’s your friend Marmalade?” You questioned as you scratched the top of her head.
The two cats nuzzled each other, as the brown cat licked Marmalade’s ear.
“His name is Rufus, and I told him he should’ve stayed at home today, but he had a thing for defying my orders,” Azriel statement with a slight chuckle.
“He’s yours?” You asked, eyes wide with surprise that the cat intertwined with Marmalade belonged to Azriel.
“He is mine, and I’m hoping that you will be too soon.”
And once again, to say you blushed, would be an understatement.
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sunrisinqsky · a day ago
if wings can heal to the extent of full use again/if people have the power to heal wings completely, why the fuck can’t Illyrian women’s wings be healed in a way where they can use them again
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amaranthas-whore · 2 days ago
so we know illyrians are canonically poc now,
when feyre shapeshifts into her illyrian form is she a poc too? will she need 2 actors lmao
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feyre-a · 3 days ago
Cass won of course
But apparently nyx wasn’t as far behind as you would expect
Oh cauldron knows nyx is going to destroy cassian when he’s a bit older
I want to see cass defeated
Might bring down his ego a tiny bit
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fangirlofacotar · 3 days ago
I always imagine this scene like:
Our dear Cassian (in place of Frozone) asking none other than his dear mate Nesta (in place of Frozone’s wife) for his weapons (just like Frozone is asking for his Super Suit) beacuse Velaris is in danger!!
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toremyheart · 4 days ago
since acotar is a retelling of beauty and the beast i just realized lucian is lumiere... like i know it’s not based on the disney movie but come on y’all his power is literally flames!! anyway i was listening to be our guest when i realized that and couldn’t not share
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flowerflamestars · 5 days ago
Effloresce snippet
Nesta had risen to Cassian’s hopes like the sun, punishing light in a room full of Illyrians, command held easy.   She told them it was genocide.   She told them a smaller, more personal war was coming, and she’d like their help.   She explained a plan precise as it was secret, tarnished braids shining lowly, the glow of her unreal eyes, red slash of her mouth like glory- too fine a creature to be among his kind, too ferocious a warrior to be wasted anywhere else.   In whispered secrets, the stories bastards passed between each other when they had nothing else to give, there was this: hearts-blood red for love given true, vermillion echoing their savage wind, red, red, always red, to call down the wrath of sky.   His people despised outsiders- but they liked Nesta Archeron immediately.   High born, but not human. Not High Fae either, and just like that, worthy of trust.   Rhysand had set out to humiliate her, and done nothing less than place a sword ready in her hand.
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houseofwind · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Azriel at Nessian’s shenanigans:The audacity of these people. In front of my SALAD!!! *flies at top speed away from House of Wind* QOTD: What was your favourite scene in ACOSF? ⚠️ Comments will contain SPOILERS for ACOSF ⚠️ . . TC: @arinbelle . . Follow me: @_court_readers_dreamers . . Hashtags: #nessianedit #nessian #nestaarcheron #cassian #batboys #azriel #illyrians #valkyrae #acourtofthornsandroses #acourtofmistandfury #acourtofwingsandruin #acourtoffrostandstarlight #acourtofsilverflames #acotarmemes #sjm #feyreandrhysand #feyrearcheron #elainarcheron #rhysand #nightcourt #throneofglassseries #crescentcity #bryceandhunt #emerie #gwynethberdara #rowaelin
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lucien-stan · 5 days ago
This is something that has been bothering me for ages but when Illyrians or Peregryns fly carrying someone else then how do they hold them?? Like I simply cannot picture how it would work.
I'm gonna use some biblical imagery because angels exist and Christians like to make art:
Here's the answer I think SJM wants us to imagine:
Tumblr media
Like. Bridal style, carrying them effortlessly into the skies. Now, fine. Whatever. Personally, I think this goes against aerodynamics and would not be a very reasonable way to carry someone.
Let me offer an alternative:
I call this one "tired toddler style"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fucking- reverse piggy back ride
Tumblr media
Basically a hug with legs but if you let go you plummet into the earth below and meet your untimely end. And there's lots of potential for digging your face into an illyrian's neck and breathing heavily in fear and ooooh don't they smell good and now I feel calm and they can whisper in my ear and yeah I think my idea is much better
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illyrianet · 5 days ago
Hi everyone, we just wanted to give a quick update regarding Nessian month for those of you who may have seen or been involved in any discourse surrounding it this afternoon. 
For starters we would like to apologize to anyone who was upset or hurt by our announcement - we truly were not aware of a potentially conflicting event and we had no malicious intent. Our decision to make this event a month long was only done to give people more time and flexibility to create and share content. That's also why we decided that will be no set schedule to the prompts, just a list of prompts that anyone can do whenever they want throughout the month. 
We issued out an apology to those heavily involved in the discourse. One of them responded and things were smoothed over with our head admin. Therefore, we will still be holding Nessian month as planned. Everyone is welcome to participate as much or as little as you want. Our intention at Illyrianet has always been to create and maintain a positive space to discuss all things SJM, so if you choose not to participate in Nessian month all we ask is that you not attempt to interfere with the event in any way. 
Again, we're sorry to anyone who was hurt today, it was never our intention. If you have concerns, as always, reach out to one of us.
-The Cadre 
@vanserrasvalkyrie @starbornvalkyrie @oversizedbats @booksandlewks
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illyrianet · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Since A Court of Silver Flames has been released for five months now. Ilyrianet has come together and decided to dedicated an entire month to our favorite Valkyrie queen and her Illyrian general. We need your help to do so.
Below is a link for you to submit prompts. You minimum requirement is one prompt and the max is five. If you have more feel free to submit another prompt. You can submit any trope/genre you'd like. If it has a Trigger Warning or is NSFW please state that when submitting
Prompt submission is here.
The form will close next Wednesday June 16. Will have the chosen prompts out no later then June 18.
Unfortunately, we cannot promise every prompt will be used. You never know when another Nessian event will come about.
▪︎What is it?
Nessian month is a month where we will celebrate Nesta and Cassian daily. You may submit headcanons, fics, art, edits. 31 prompts will be listed for you to choose from. There will be no set schedule on the prompts.
▪︎What do you mean by set schedule?
We mean you will be welcome to pick and choose whatever prompts you want for whatever days you'd like. There won't be July 1st- necklace.
Key details:
▪︎When posting please @ us and use the hashtag Nessianmonth [this is what we will follow.]
▪︎Prompt submissions: June 8-June 16th 2021
▪︎Nessian month: July 1st -31st 2021
If you have any questions please reach out to any of the cadre, @vanserrasvalkyrie @oversizedbats @booksandlewks @starbornvalkyrie We can't wait!
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nikethestatue · 6 days ago
(Somewhat of a crack) Theory, but not really
But hear me out!
Nyx is 3/4 Illyrian. Feyre was 100% Illyrian and Rhys is 1/2 Illyrian when Nyx was conceived and that makes him almost fully Illyrian. He even has wings all the time, unlike Rhys. 
Of course I don’t think that he will be living in a training camp, but he will definitely received Illyrian training. And with 2 uncles, 1 aunt and his father all completing the Blood Rite, there is no way that he wouldn’t either (barbaric as it is).
So, in about 28 years, which is like 15 minutes in Fae time, there will be a High Lord’s heir who is almost entirely Illyrian, and who will most likely bring Illyria fully into the fold of the Night Court. Because of course Illyria isn’t Cassian’s or even less so Azriel’s responsibility, but the High Lord’s, and that’s who they typically complain about and resent. Hopefully, Nyx will also be able to bring some more progressive ideas into Illyria, in regards to women, Blood Rite rules, and everything else, and potentially will be able to enforce clipping and SA reporting rules as well. (Perhaps will Emerie’s help, since she is Illyrian, a female and a Carynthian)
And rightfully, that’s who should be handling Illyria, and hopefully unifying it. The Illyrian Heir of Night Court.
(not a human-turned Fae pretty 2nd sister of the High Lady or a pretty 1/4 nymph former? priestess--neither one of who have any connection what so ever to Illyria).
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feyre-a · 7 days ago
Training with cass exhausts me, no matter how long i’ve been doing it
He really can get me to work up a sweat
He might be an illyrian baby but there’s two things cass really knows how to do: training and fighting
Oh and drinking
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thegirlwithwngs · 8 days ago
I just found out illyria actually existed?? It's what is now known as the Balkan in Europe.
OK. But think about how the batboys are described and now think about what people from eastern Europe look like
Tumblr media
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flowerflamestars · 8 days ago
Effloresce Snippet
Ruby bright, blood ran down Rhysand’s neck. A knife that could slice air in the right hand- Cassian had the faraway wisdom to be glad it was Elain holding it, not Nesta to whom the wind would listen, Nesta, who probably would have taken off his damned head.  “Elain,” Feyre sounded like she was choking. “Rhys wasn’t- no one is going to hurt Nesta- what are you doing?”   Elain ignored her, pressed harder, blood welling. Rhysand, frozen in place, wasn’t even looking at her- over her head, to Cassian, as though to ask: why?   Cassian shook his head.   “You’ll get our people out.” Elain was velvet, a High Fae courtier speaking in a human voice.   And Rhys, sky fucking drown him, demurred. Look down her arm, ignored the blade like even bleeding, these women weren’t a threat. “It will take time, to evacuate.”   Nesta laughed, an entirely different sound than before. Storm wild, the sound of it moving up Cassian’s spine like a caress. “You don’t have time. You did this- Feyre didn’t get there on her own.”   Rhysand, who’d lost all ability to back down when he aught sometime in the last fifty years. Rhys, who’d absolutely play chicken with a curse that would destroy him and his- he was probably hoping it would helpfully boil Keir’s blood as it worked its way to him.   “The curse can kill you,” Elain crooned, “Or I can slit your throat and watch the crown pass to Archeron hands. Your choice.”   “A curse,” Feyre whispered, eyes flying between her sisters. “Nesta, please, what is she talking about?”
Lush bravado, Rhysand’s smile. “Always good, to have deadly allies.”   And just like that Elain turned the blade in her hand- starry, gleaming, released Rhysand and handed it bloody to Nesta, handle first.   Even braced for it, Cassian wasn’t prepared. Nesta continued the motion, angry and hectic, his dagger spun sure in her grip, keening to the air.   Did she know she could shape the wind? That Cassian- because Cassian- that the very storm would listen to her, in true need, star steel singing in her hand?   “I don’t understand. What crown? Is this about the Queens? You can pledge for clemency- if you’re really the one running all those trade route, the Lords owe you- they can”-   Steady, deadly, Elain in her lace and silk, the scent of her rage more Lucien’s fire than her own skin, Elain who said, “High Lord, would you like to say it?” Rhys, Cassian thought it, Cassian roared it in his head, barriers down, walls crumbling- I won’t forgive you- Feyre won’t forgive you- don’t- don’t- don’t- Rhysands mouth twisted.   “We have a deal, your sisters and I,” He told Feyre, charm laid thick over the grimace. “For the preservation of House Archeron. Isn’t that right, Banfhlaith?”   Nesta bared her teeth.   Like a call and response he couldn’t quite control, Cassian gave into the burning urge to slide closer, to guard even for a second, her back.   He loved his brother. He’d served faithful the Night Court for five centuries- half a millennia and never once, not for a second, anticipated a real future.
What loomed, endless, in the sky of Nesta Archeron’s eyes.
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So I know the fandom sort of gave up on Ezriel more or less but this still works:
So I had a headcanon that, say, on Starfall, the Archeron sisters decide to play a prank
So they’re going somewhere and they have to be taken via flight but Feyre says she wants Azriel to take her, Nesta asks Rhys and Elain asks Cassian
So of course the Illyrian babies begin fREAKING OUT BECAUSE WHAT DID THEY DO
And Cassian is near a mental breakdown because Nesta literally chose RHYS over him and he’s on the verge of a breakdown
Anyway they arrive and none of the Archeron sisters talk to their respective partners and this is driving the Illyrians MAD
Feyre is completely ignoring Rhys through the bond and now this has descended to chaos levels of panic
They get home and the sister claim they’re going to the town house for a ‘girls night’ and Amren, Mor, Gwyn and Emerie are all bunking at the town house
And the Illyrian babies are just DYING
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