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Little-Big Fights (3-3)

(Roman Sionis x Reader)

Warnings:Gramatical Errors, Swearing, Blood, Hospital, Bit of OOC Roman, Angst

(A/n): I want to thank you all, for reading this story and voting, or rebloging the last chapter. It really means a lot to me. 💜

Part-1 Part-2 Part-3


You took a deep breath and the finger on the trigger moved, you turned the gun at his leg and heared the shot. It didnt killed him, but he backed up, screaming and his weight started to pull him down from the pier…

In second, that Roman slowly started dissapearing behind the edge, you ran to him, laying on cold and ground. With one hand, you caught his arm and with second; the hurted one, you caught iron railing of the pier, hoping you won’t fall down with him. Storm, strong wind and rain didn’t made it easier for you. 

“Please don’t let me fall,” he was scared, looking in yours (y/c) eyes. 

“I won’t.” you shouted to Roman, trying to pull him up. The view was scary enough for you, so when Roman started to turn his head down you mumbled, “No, no, no, don’t look down honey.” He didn’t listen and looked underneath, just to see sharp iron debris, sticking dangerously from pier. His eyes widen from increased fear. You didn’t even realized you called him honey. Since it was raining and your arm was in pain, his hand started to slowly slip from yours. He was also too heavy for you, and you couldn’t pull him up without help. Roman saw the fear in your eyes, frowned and looked down again. 

“(Y/n), you need to let me go!” he shouted through the wind. You didn’t listen him, still trying to pull him up.

“Seriously, I don’t want to pull you down with me.” ha said and you tightened the grip around his arm.

“No, I can’t. I rather fall down with you,” you felt how you slowly started to lose the strenght in arm. Roman smirked, “I always loved your stubbornness, but this is not the right time for it (y/n). Just close your eyes and let me go,” Roman said while looking in your eyes fulled with tears. You were not ready for this. You were slowly letting him go, not becouse you wanted, but becouse you didn’t had the strenght to hold him anymore. 

Then you felt somebody kneeling next to you.

“Uh, can I help or is it personal?” Harley asked. When you heared her voice you sighed in relief, “Help would be appreciated now…" 

"Romy I know, you just tried to kill my friend, but it seems that my other friend is in love with you,” Harley started to speak to Roman and she gave him her hand. “I am not!” you said when you knew that Roman is safe as Harley started to pull him back on pier. “You are. Yeah, at first you shot him, which means that you wanted revenge, you got your revenge. And if you weren’t in love with him, you would let him fall,” Harley smiled and you frowned. Roman was already laying on pier and he screamed when you touched his leg. “And of course, Mister Queef Richards loves you too,” Harley said and you lifted eyebrows as you heard the nickname. “Who?” you asked and watched Harley laugh, pointing at Roman. “Oh..” you mumbled, looking at his wounded leg. “I mean, he has your ring, he didn’t wanted to pull you down with him. I would never ever thought that this man can love, but you,” Harley made a dramatical pause, catching your shoulder, “you have such a nice personality, that you are changing him to better person,” she smiled at you, pulling you to hug. “Thank you,” you said, “Thank you so much,” you smiled.

“I think you should check on him,” Harley said and then you turned back to look at Roman who held his leg in panic. You walked to him, still keeping some distance. 

“Thank you..” Roman frowned and mumbled. 

“You don’t have to thank me, I did it for my friend (y/n),” Harley said and dissapeared with Cassandra Cain-who watched all this from distance- in fog. 

After weird quiet of staring at eachother wounds you asked, “Did the bullet came through? Or is it still there?”

“It looks like it came through,” Roman said and groaned in pain. 

You kneeled down to him, “Give me your shirt." 

"What?” he asked and put down his suit. “I need to stop the bleeding,” you said with serious expresion and he nodded. You didn’t saw his body whole month, but you could say he gained bit of weight. This month you just fighted eachother, had big arguments over little things or big things. This moment was a welcomed change for you both, even when Roman was bleeding. 

You took his shirt, pushing it to the wound, pulling out your old phone.

“What are you doing?” asked Roman, “I am calling ambulance,” you said, refusing to look at his blue eyes. He tried to take your phone from your hand.

“And what are you doing?” you asked, pulling it away from his reach. 

“I don’t want to live without you. I can’t live without you,” he said and you tilted your head in disbelief. “No, just stop. You can’t be like this,” you scolded him and then sighed, “I’m gonna call the ambulance, there is no way that i am letting you die, after saving your life.”

“(Y/n), please,” Roman cried and you didn’t knew if its becouse of the wound in leg or in his heart. 

“No!” you shouted. After calling ambulance, you could not stand the fact, that he is crying and you hugged him. “Just stop crying, you know I hate to see you like that,” you pulled him closer and he burried his face in your shoulder. “She was right,” Roman mumbled and you pulled him away, “Who?” you asked. “Quinn. When she said I love you,” Roman said, holding your cheek. 

“Why..Why are you doing this to me,” you said through tears, “Just one day without you and you nearly killed yourself. I dont want to think about things that would happen if I weren’t here.” you caught his hand on your cheek. “You probably wouldn’t get shot, I am sorry and I quite understand why you shot me,” he looked on your arm, worried. “I am so sorry, (Y/n).”

You lifted his chin and looked at bruises on his face, some of them were still bleeding. 

“Please, I’ll stop flirting with others, just please come back. I need you so much,” Roman said and put down ring from the chain. “I..I..Roman, I mean, are you sure? This month we were just arguing. I love you so much, but I can’t be with you, if you don’t like my presence,” you said, looking on the ring. 

“I am sorry for this month, (y/n), for everything. I didn’t gave you my attention, i was mean to you… I fully deserve this,” Roman pointed at his leg. You took a deep breath, you never saw him sad like this and it was breaking your already broken heart. “I.. forgive you then,” you said, taking the ring slowly from his shaken hand. When you had it on finger, you smiled through the tears and Roman kissed you and hugged you again. 

Sun was rising, but rain was still falling down on Gotham. 

“I love you so much,” Roman whispered in your ear, and you felt how his hands felt down and he felt down too, laying on the cold pier with closed eyes. 

Last thing he saw was the sunshine in your eyes. Your beautifull eyes fulled with tears. Your voice screaming his name. He didn’t felt the pain going through his leg. Everything was calm and dark… “(Y/n)…” he whispered

Then, he saw light. Lights were flickering against his face. He was still alive, slowly breathing, but still alive. Then Roman closed his eyes again. 

He heared you, singing a familiar somg to him, felt your hand tangled in his hairs. 

“(Y/n)?” Roman said, and he was surprised how weirdly his voice sounded. You smiled at him, giving him cup with water. “Roman, honey,” you caught his hand and sighed in relief, “How are you feeling?” After that, Roman remembered at his leg, looking down to it. 

“It hurts,” he said touching the cast. “I am sorry, i didn’t meant to shoot you that badly,” you said.

“No, dont be sorry,” Roman mumbled and sat on hospital bed.

“Doctor said you have to have it like two months maybe…” you sat next to your husband. 

“Two months? Wait what does it mean?” Roman looked on you, concerned.

“Well, it means you have to rest. I will take care of you,” you said giving him kiss on cheek. 

“Oh, i would like that,” Roman smiled. 

You missed this version of him. Of course, he could be brutal and cruel, but he could be also soft, but only for you. You cupped his face, which was still bruised and covered in blood, since doctors refused to clean him. Either they were afraid of him or they hated him. 

“Doctor also said you can go, when you wake up. Honestly, I just want to go, hospital is bringing me some old memories which I would like to forget,” you said and Roman wanted to get down from bed, but you stopped him. “No, no, no, wait here, don’t move,” you said and ran outside his room for something. “Where do you think i would go?” he smirked. Alone, in that room he was afraid too, but then you came back with wheelchair. 

“Looks like I’ve got new driver after all,” Roman smiled and you helped him to sit there. 

1 month later, Black Mask Club

You were standing in middle of the club, dressed in fancy dress looking on guests dancing under stage, having fun. At first if was hard to take care of the club, but you somehow managed it. After that, you came upstairs to Roman. His leg was slowly healing, but he was still in wheelchair. 

“Hey babe,” you came into dining room, where he sat, reading newspapers. 

“Hello, how are you cutie,” asked Roman, while giving you soft kiss. 

“Good and so is the club,” you said pulling the wheelchair to bedroom. 

“I have some news,” Roman said while you helped him to dress up to his pajamas. “Tell me then,” you smiled and opened wardrobe to find yours too. “I sold the warehouse, there was just lots of ugly memories and…” he didnt finished the sentence becouse you kissed him.

“I have some news too,” you smiled and caught his hand, slowly placing it onto your belly.

“Wait.. I.. I am.. I am going to be a father?” he asked, cupping your cheeks. “I am going to be father,” Roman laughed and kissed you. That night, you were both cuddling thinking about the name for baby.

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Gotham Lockdown 2020

Part 8

Summary: You are cooking up in more then one way, the old feelings of the Black Mask Club, 5 months into the the lock down.

Warnings: Roman & Victor take seperate showers…nothing explicit there, sexual unfulfiled chemistry betweeb Roman & reader.

Side story to Creative Fervor

Lyrics are from Heaven is a Place on Earth by Belinda Carisle. The lyrics are bolded and put in italics.

This, time Roman was truly asleep and Victor had not come upstairs. So after taking a very nice long and hot shower you acted on an idea you had the night before.

Pulling on one of Roman’s t-shirt and leggings, you went to your walk in closet and found one of your favorite dresses, heels…the works everything needed to complete the look. Putting it all on a chair beside the elevator you hurried back to Roman’s office.

Sitting behind his desk you found some very nice paper. Your stomach curled sitting in his chair but you shrugged it off you were on a mission. Though some past exploits filled your minds eye at what the two of you had done in there. It made your heart flutter.

Taking a breath, you wrote out the first invitation to Roman.

Roman, my beloved tonight I invite you to the special and exclusive reopening of the Black Mask Club.

Tonight there will be some limited entertainment at the Black Mask. Additionally, there will be an elaborate dinner to be served. There will appetizers, a very fine main course and it will end with an exquisite dessert.

Drinks and cocktails will be offered and open to request.

In order to attend, I wish to see you dressed in all of your glory. Choose one of your most beloved suits, glasses are optional but your shoes and socks are also to accompany and finish your attire.

You may come down to the club around the party time of three pm. Enjoy, your afternoon till this exclusive event.



You wrote one with the highlights of the invite for Victor. Happy with how they looked, you delivered the first invite to Roman. He was still sleeping away. You put it on his nightstand. He looked so wonderfully peaceful. This time you couldn’t resist and placed a soft kiss on his lips. Pulling back you ran to the elevator grabbing your stuff you headed to Victor’s floor. You had only been there a handful of times. You suppressed a giggle when you could hear him snoring. It did make it easier to find his room.

Spread wide across his bed, deep loud snores came from Victor’s sleeping form. Thankfully, some of his blanket covered him. You refused to imagine if he was actually naked under it.

You placed the invite on his nightstand. Hope he sees this, you mused. Then you ran off to the elevator.

Once downstairs, you brought your stuff to Roman’s office. Walking into the club you surveyed the area. You chose one of the medium tables and gathered some chairs around it. Quickly you hurried about, gathering decorations and transformed the table into a very nice display.

Climbing up on the stage, going backstage you lowered the screen then cued up one of the past performances to play. Roman kept them to watch at later times to see what could performances better.

You sat down on the stage. Phew, you sighed looking at the watch, an hour and a half had passed.


Roman, rolled over and waking up he realized your arm was thrown over him. He had grown used to it, something he never thought he’d ever want. Now that your arm wasn’t there he missed it. He was surprised to see you were not even there and your side had grown cold. Rolling to get out of bed, he finally saw the piece of paper. Throwing his legs off the side of the bed, he ran his fingers through his hair. Arching, his stretched as far as his body would allow and let out a very contented sigh. Grabbing the note, which he soon realized was an invite a smile spread across his face. You were so freaking cute.

Padding over to the shower, he shed his boxers and went into the shower. He turned on the water so it would be just the right level of hot. Standing there, it felt good to just have the water run over his body.

Grabbing his favorite of the washes, he soaped up his body. He liked it better when you did if, but he did sigh contently as he soaped up his hair. Images of the two of you in the shower brought a know of pleasure in his stomach.

Turning off the water, he grabbed a towel he wrapped it around his waist. Eying his reflection, he grabbed his razor and shaving cream.

Sometime later he smirked at his reflection, perhaps he’d sneak downstairs before the time. He was sure you wouldn’t mind.


Victor woke up from darkness which was more welcome then his usual nightmare. Stretching he sat up and saw what you left on his nightstand. When he saw, he had to admit he was glad his blanket was still covering him. Things could have been more complicated since he slept in the nude.

Scratching the back of his head, he snatched the paper. He chuckled while reading it. Oh…Little bird, he mused always thinking of something for them to pass the time.

Getting up he made his way to his bathroom. Turning the knobs, he first turned the cold water. He loved how the cold pin pricks of cold would was over him. Rolling, his shoulders he stretched with a satisfying groan. He gave him a shake them he finally turned the hot water on.

Sighing, feeling his body relax he began to wash himself. This should be lots of fun. He had already discovered how good of a cook you were so be looked forward to what kind of spread you would put out.

Wrapping a towel around his middle, went over to the mirror and wiped away the fog that had covered. Opening a jar, dipping his finger tips in just so he combed his fingers through his still wet hair. Happy that it was manageable he went to look through his clothes. Maybe he’s grab the suit he had taken from the tailor after making sure he got Roman’s suits.


Your music was loud, the kitchen smelled sweetly. You had just taken out the small cakes you had made. Once they were cooled you would decorate them.

You danced about the beat of the musics, occasionally signing loudly with the lyrics.

When you walked into the room

You pull me close and we start to move

And we’re spinning with the stars above

And you lift me up in a wave of love

At the moment, you had just out the finishing touches on the appetizers. You double checked the recipe, realizing it still needed a dash of something you danced over to the spice rack.

When I feel alone, I reach for you

And you bring me home

You sang on the top your lungs, wiggling and swishing got back to to your dish you sprinkled it on the food. The tossing your hair from side to side you grabbed the tray and then slid it into the hot oven. Dancing to the sink, you wash you hands and then dry them on your apron.

When the night falls down


Originally posted by jupiter2

I wait for you and you come around

“And I certainly do that.” His voice was rich and deep in your ear. You let out a scream and turning you are greeted by a chuckling Roman.

“You are such a beast.” Holding yourself on the counter, you were able to reach up and turn down the music. Getting back down, you could feel the solidness of his body. You could’t resist the shiver of pleasure rippling through you as he kissed a special place on your throat, you closed your eyes at the wonderful sensation.

You licked your lips as you turned to face him. “Roman, you…

Shhh…he silenced you by putting a finger to your lips. “I missed you and what I just saw…” mmm, he made a soft sound. “Was worth sneaking down to see you.”

“What did you see?”

He gave you a half smile, the easily be lifted you up onto the counter. His hands snaking warm paths around your middle as he held you. “I saw enough.” He kissed you then, you should remain firm, you still have the main dishes to make but his kisses were more delicious. You moaned and melted against him.

With your heart racing, you broke the kiss. You were breathless, when he kissed you deeply, like that he did that to you. “Roman, please I still have so much left to do.” You rubbed your hands up and down his torso, he dragged your hands to where his belt sat on him. You bit your bottom lip. “I’m serious.” You looked into those blue eyes that did so many things to you.

He then brought your hands to his lips, he placed a kiss on your knuckles. “Y/N,” he exhaled. “As you know, I always take what I want, when I want it.”

You nod. “I do.”

“But I can see from the condition of this kitchen,” there were bowls and food and dustings of spices and herbs left and right. “You are quite busy making this special.” Then he leaned in raising his eyebrows, “Victor will also be attending this exclusive opening?” He asked good naturally.

You nodded. “I wanted it to feel like old times.”

“My baby girl, always thinking.” He brought your hands down.

You shrug, “I try.”

“But baby…” His voice, grew deep and velvety once again. “I want to pick up where we left of.”

Now you were the one who drew closer. “Believe me, we will.” And you placed a very seductive lick on his throat.

He exhaled a little harsher. “My little minx.”

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Roman’s father shows up.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Tagged: @theblackmaskclub​, @im-just-one-of-the-avengers​, @obiorbenkenobi​,  @hoefordarkness​, @whyisgmora

Warnings: Language, shitty dad


Originally posted by dailydcheroes

The best part of Roman’s day was seeing you smiling from your desk when he walked in. You had done your best to recreate the makeup style he had given you during the tour. The imperfections of it, proof of your inexperience, endeared you all the more to him.

Roman spent the first day teaching you the ropes—an excuse to be by your side, perched on the corner of your desk or hovering over your shoulder. Seeing you seated in the chair across from his desk inordinately pleased him. You sat there with your legs crossed, the curves of your calves exposed. He couldn’t look away.

Tuesday, Roman’s father stormed into the office. You leapt to your feet, trying to intercept him. “Mr. Sionis is—”

I am Mr. Sionis,” he declared, “the proprietor. I’ll see my son when I please.”

Barging through the double doors, Charles Sionis startled his son. Roman glared at him, glimpsing your distressed face over his father’s shoulders before the doors swung shut. Irritation spiked through him.

“Father, to what do I owe the displeasure?”

“You fired James.”


“You didn’t consult me!”

Roman’s brow creased. “I get to choose my secretary.”

Charles raked a hand over his face, his own frustration boiling over. “You can’t hire every bimbo you want to screw—”

Roman leapt to his feet, rolling chair smashing against the wall behind him. “Don’t you fucking dare call her a bimbo.”

Charles arched a manicured eyebrow. “What do you even know about this woman?”

“She isn’t your fucking lackey, for one.”

Inhaling sharply, Roman’s father said, “If you’re going to inherit this company, you must learn to make compromises. Until you can be trusted—”

“I can run this company better than you!”

“Not until you learn—”

“There’s nothing you can teach me,” Roman snarled. “Now get the fuck out.”

“I will not—”

You opened the door, poking your head in with an apologetic smile. “Sir, you have a phone call from one of our distributors on line two.”

Straightening, Roman flashed you a smile. “Thank you, honey.” He turned to his father and waved him away. “Let me work.”

Lips curling, Charles backed up to the doors. “We’ll continue this later.”

Roman looked him in the eyes, his own hard. “No, we won’t.”

Charles stepped past you. You shut the door, offering him another smile. He looked down his nose, appraising you.

“Yes,” he muttered. “I suppose you’ll do as a charity case.”

The sweet expression slipping, you quipped, “Your son has done more giving me this job than any of your fundraisers have for those jokes you call charities.”

Inhaling sharply through his nose, Charles swept past you. A pleased smile pulling at your lips, you opened the doors to Roman’s office and stepped inside, letting the door shut.

“There’s no one there,” Roman said, phone in hand.

“I made it up,” you answered.

God, Roman could kiss you. “You’re so much better than James.”

“I’m good at my job.”

Stepping around the desk, Roman put his gloved hands on your shoulders, looking into your eyes. “Did he say anything to you?”

Your smile faltered, your gaze darting away. “He called me a charity case.”

Anger boiled through Roman’s veins. “Ignore him. He’s the biggest asshole in the world.”

Placing your hand on his lapel, you murmured, “I overheard the conversation you had with him.”

“You’re not a bimbo,” he said.

“Not that, although I appreciate you defending me. I was thinking…your father made it sound like you might not inherit the business.”

“Empty threats.”

“Are you sure?” Your fingers curled around the lapel as you looked up at him. “If he’s so concerned about appearances, he may cut you off.”

“He wouldn’t dare.” Even as he said it, the words sounded hollow.

“It seems to me that he’s the Prada-wearing devil, and you’re his poor lackey.”


You withdrew your hand, his chest trying to follow it. Disengaging yourself from his grasp, you backed away, frowning. “I overstepped.”

“No, no.” Inhaling shakily, Roman raked a hand through his hair. “My father is…I’m not myself around him.”

“All I’m saying is that he shouldn’t be able to deny you your birthright. You don’t want to be Andy.”

Roman stared at you, the realization dawning slowly in his mind. Behind the imprecise makeup and timid exterior, you possessed a sharp mind, the kind whose point could do more damage for him than any knife. Mischief gleamed in his eyes.

“What was it you said Andy should have done at the end of the movie?” he asked.

You matched his grin. “Rise through the ranks and usurp.”

The worlds we could conquer, Roman thought. King and Queen of Gotham.

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Cherry Garcia

(Roman Sionis x Reader x Victor Zsasz)


a.n: okay so lmao i’ve never seen the notebook cus i couldn’t make it three minutes into la la land but i used it cus it’s the stereotypical love film men fear xd

summary: underground crime in gotham is an everyday thing for roman and victor, but seeing you on your period is a horror story in itself.

(credit to gif owner)

for @oneandonlyizabelle

warnings: language a lil bit, mood swings (idk lmao)


It was almost like watching a nature documentary. And here we have the wild female in her natural habitat, whilst two frightened males observe her from afar.

That much was true.

Content with your hot water bottle flushed to your stomach, you glued your eyes to the television in front of you, displaying some rom-com that you had gotten way too involved in. Unconsciously, you took a mouthful of the tub of icecream against your hip, though most of it had melted from the permeating heat you derived comfort from.

“Don’t you dare leave him!” you screamed, waving your spoon at the screen, like you had some choice in the matter.

Roman shot a glance at Victor as the pair watched you from the shield of the kitchen island. Both had drew a complete blank on how to handle you. Sure they could launder money, they could flay faces, they could sell drugs to their heart’s content: but looking upon you, the groans of pain that mingled with your mood swings…

This was like nothing they had ever seen before.

Your relationship with the pair was still, so to speak, in its early stages, however both had decided that it would be a crime to let you go.

The old phrase of two heads are better than one was certainly not applicable in this situation.

“Should we go and talk to her?” Victor whispered, hoping the voices on the movie overpowered him. “She looks kind of distressed.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Roman sighed. “Yet in a way I never thought possible, I fear for my life.”

The unpredictability of your current state had shaken the two men to their cores. Neither dared approach you, for fear of which side they would be met with.

The next second they looked up, you seemed to be crying wholeheartedly upon realising that you had reached the bottom of your Ben and Jerry’s pot.

“Oh baby-” Roman couldn’t help himself. Gathering his confidence, he made his way over to you, seating himself on the side where the empty pot did not lie. “Don’t cry, hey. Tell me what’s wrong, please.”

“What’s wrong?” you laughed, the beginning of the storm. “Are you fucking kidding me? Look at this!” You presented him with the root of your sadness before bringing it back down, tossing your head back against the couch in despair.

“What… you ran out of icecream? Is that it? Well why didn’t you say so? I’ll go and get you some right away.”

“Oh wow. Just any excuse to be away from me isn’t it?” you snapped, immediately after his offer. Roman paused, half way from standing up, but decided he’d be better seated.

Mentally panicking, Roman cast a desperate glance over to Zsasz, who cautiously approached as back up. “W-what?”

“You’re always the same,” you carried on, making sure to look him dead in the eyes. “You pull all these missions and tell me it’s for ‘business’ but I know that you just can’t stand to be around me.” You turned to Zsasz, who stood awkwardly beside the arm rest. “You too. You’re both as bad as each other!”

“Baby,” Victor pleaded kneeling down beside you. “You know that’s not how it is.”

“Oh don’t you dare patronise me!” With that you were on your feet, discarding the pot but keeping your heat source flush to your body. “I know I’m right so don’t try and tell me I’m not! I’ve seen you kill people: I know how to do it, and don’t think I won’t just because you’re my boyfriend.”

Smiling slightly, unable to help himself, Roman rose to meet you, placing his hands gently around your arms. “I know you can kill us, baby, I know. C'mere.”

Reluctant as you were, the feeling of Roman’s robe covered arms enveloping you was a great relief to the whole-body ache you found yourself in.

“V come here, I want you too,” you almost whined. From Roman’s side, you reached out to Victor, opening and closing your palm as a signal that all was safe. Hesitation dispersed when Zsasz saw that pitiful look upon your face, and he was embracing you from behind faster than his legs were prepared for.

Stood together in the centre of the room, the three of you made an odd sight, your shorter form sandwiched between two of Gotham’s most wanted. Roman’s hands rested upon the small of your back, drawing small cirlces upon the clothed area, whilst Victor managed to place his hands upon the hot water bottle, all three of you benefitting from its warmth.

“What was all that about, doll?” Roman ventured to mutter into your hair.

“Girl problems,” you grumbled, nuzzling into his soft torso. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“You’re right there, hon,” Victor chuckled.

“Well,” Roman reassured, “whatever it is, just know that we will do absolutely anything to make you feel comfortable, okay?”

You nodded. “That sounds nice.”

“What does?”

“Me being able to control you.” Victor chuckled, though Roman gulped, realising the implications of what he had said.

“What would you have us do?” Victor questioned. The two held their breaths, waiting for some treacherous demand, you possibly producing a list of old enemies you wished disposing of.

What you in fact responded with, was far, far worse.

“I want you to watch the Notebook with me.”

“The Notebook? What’s that?”

“It’s a film, Romy. It’s about love.”

“Don’t you wanna watch a horror movie or something?” Roman attempted to bargain. “You always enjoyed watching them with us.”

Unexpectedly unwedging yourself from their grasps, you once again crossed your arms over your chest, surveying them with a look of utter fury.

“You say that again, and I’ll turn your life into a horror movie.”

“Sorry baby, sorry,” Roman quickly recovered, coming to your side once again. “Let’s watch-” He swallowed hard. “-the Notebook.”

With a devilish smile, you planted a kiss upon his cheek.

“Come on then boys. I haven’t got all day.”


hope you enjoyed.

requests are open:)))

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Harley’s athleticism shown in Suicide Squad: is sexy,all athletic stuff she does is for male gaze, she barely uses it for fight

Harley’s athleticism shown in Birds of Prey: is mostly used for fights, shows she’s so high skilled she can do backflip in roller skates, shows she’s also creatively skilled (her throwing phone on Montoya’s face with a front handspring), not used to make her sex symbol

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Work in progress 🤗

Im gonna post today or tomorrow 3 Chapter of Little-Big Fights (Roman Sionis x Reader). I wanna thank all of you, who voted or read and rebloged this short trilogy-fanfic 💜That’s gonna be a lot of Angst… And Fluff of course 🤗😇

Part-1 Part-2 Part-3

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Blood and Kisses

Summary: You encounter an ex. & you date Roman Sionis

⚠️Warning ⚠️: Abusive slaps, Torture, Blood & Implied Smut! I also make a silly reference to Ewan McGregor!

Dedicated to @theblackmaskclub 💪🏻we may have had horrible ex-boyfriends but we can’t let them still rule us! Any of you who has horrible exes…let Roman save you reading this!

Life, was looking up. On most Fridays and Saturdays, you sang at the Black Mask club. Sure you were singing for the guests, you actually sang for your boyfriend and owner of the Black Mask, Roman Sionis.

At the moment, you happily swung a few shopping bags from your hands. Roman, had told you to go shopping and have fun! Zsasz, waited for you. Leaning against the car he waited, he was able smoke. Something, Roman found disgusting, well unless it was occasional cigar.

You, were almost done. One more stop, you wanted to grab something for Roman. You had your eye on something special.

“Hey there you are!”

You knew that voice, you froze. It felt like you were filled suddenly with ice. It was a bright, sunny summer day in Gotham. You, turned and saw your ex lumbering down the sidewalk. You tried to walk faster.

He grabbed your arm and pulled you around to face him. “You stupid bitch, I’ve been looking for you everywhere.”

You bags went flying. “I left.” You said in a weak voice.

“Did I tell you that you could?” He back handed you.

You called out, dazed you tried to make eye contact with the occasional passerby. Nobody seemed to care. “No.” You wilted in his hand. “Can’t you just leave me alone?”

“I love you, I never wanted you to leave.”

You glared at him. “You don’t treat people like that if you love them.” He back handed you again. You screamed.

“Look, I’m sorry.” He paused. “But it looks like you have been losing your way…..what the fuck!”

He let go of you. Your legs turned to jelly, you collapsed amongst your shopping bags. Looking up, you saw Victor turn him around and punched him hard in the stomach. When he fell to his knees, Zsasz bent over him. “Want to hit someone? Hit me. But it will be the last you do.” He said, in a tone you had never heard him use.

Your coward of an ex ran.

Zsasz, turned you. “Oh…Y/N damn it. Who the hell was that.”

You shook. “My ex.”

He just shook his head. He offered you his hand. You took it. “Let’s get you back to Roman.”


When you got back to the club you tried to get Victor to forget about it. “Roman, doesn’t need to know.” You tugged at his arm. “Let me, at least go and clean up.” He shook his head.

“No, Roman needs to know.”

Roman, looking as magnificent as always was sitting in the middle of then club watching the rehearsal. He was reclining in his chair munching on some popcorn.

He turned towards you two, you immediately stepped behind Victor. You didn’t want Roman to see the blood or most likely the bruises. “Roman, needs to know what?”

Victor, stepped aside you couldn’t hide.

“What the fuck!” Roman bellowed. His eyes grew huge. You tried to hold up a hand.

Whispering, came from the girls and a few of the guys. He turned to the hushed voices. “All of you stop your whispers. “Get out of here.”

They moved slowly away. “What did I fucking say? Get out of here now!” They all finally left and it was just the three of you.

You, try and turn away, trying to gather yourself. You had not wanted this kind of baggage with Roman.

He turned back to the two of you, he took a breath. “Baby, why are hiding?” He looked at Victor.

Victor, you looked at you. “Y/N, I need to know too.”

You took a breath and tucked some hair behind your ear. You took a step closer.

“Y/N, what the fuck happened to you.”

He closed the distance between the two of you.

“Oh baby, what the fuck?” He wrapped his arms around you and kissed the top of your head. “Tell me what animal did this.”

“My ex, he found me.” You began to shake and cry in his arms.

“I was waiting for Y/N to get done shopping. When I heard her scream. I looked over and saw this asshole back handing her.”

He looked down at you. “Oh baby.” He kissed the top of your head again. “Baby, look at me.” You slowly do, your eyes were watery. “I can’t let him think this was alright.”

“I..I..never wanted you to deal with this.” You shook a little.

“Baby, you’re my girl. I care about you.” Don’t you worry about anything. Victor and I can handle it. Any idea where he could be?”

You nod. “He always goes to McGregor’s Pub in northern Gotham.”


“There he is.” Victor pointed to your ex stumble out of the bar around three in the morning.

“Go and get that fucker.” Roman, sat forward in the seat to look. You were curled up sleep beside him. Vivd shades of purple smattered across your face from where he slapped you. Easing back, he took more of your head back into his lap. He gently brushed the hair out of your face.

In very quick order, Victor and one of Roman’s other goons grabbed him and stuffed him in the car ahead of the one Roman sat in. They sped off to the docks. Victor dusting his hands off got behind the wheel and began to drive you and Roman to the docks.

“Is she still asleep?”

“Yeah.” He whispered. “I was gonna wake her once we got there.”


“I’ll see you inside boss.”

“Baby…baby wake up.”

You stirred, your eye lashes flittered, a smile spread across your face but then you winced.

He smiled down at you. Gently, he caressed your cheek with his gloved hand. “We got him.”

“You do?” You sat up, turning towards him.

He smiled and nodded. “I’m about to go in there handle things, would you like to come in and help make him suffer…or do you want to wait out here. The last thing he wanted was to force you into something you didn’t want.”

“I’ll come with you.”

“That’s what I want to hear. Let’s get in there.”

Opening the door, he slid out and offered you and hand which you took and slid out yourself.

As he straighten his suit jacket he watched as you straightened your dress, a girl right after his own heart. “I wore this so I could look good for you.”

“You caught me looking?” He rose an eyebrow.

“Yes.” A flush of pink filled her cheeks, he liked that much better then the purple.

“Well, baby you look dynamite.” He offered his arm.


“You look just as amazing.” And you kissed his cheek.

“Thank you.”

When you walked in you relinquished his arm so he could do whatever he wanted to do. You stood back to watch. Looking ahead of Roman, you saw Alex hanging from the rafter of whatever this place was or had been.

“Hello, Alexander Thompson. Usually, when someone ends up here it’s because they personally offended me.” He drew closer. “Today, it came to my attention that you like to hit women.”

You could hear Alex scream against the duck tape that covered his mouth. It made you smile. You drew closer yourself.

“In this case, you hit my girl.” Roman, grabbed him by his hair and ripped off the duct tape, probably took some skin and hair. He screamed again.

“I don’t even fucking know who you are man.” He whimpered.

“I am Roman fucking Sionis.”

Looking past Roman, you saw the fear spread across his face it was delicious.

“And no one fucks with me.”

You came up to Roman’s side. “You will have to show him what happens when someone fucks with his girl.”


You smiled and shrugged. “After I ran away, I pulled myself together. I met him and now well, he’s gonna make you pay for all the beatings and….” You swallowed hard. “The time you raped me.”

“You love me. You will always love me.”

Roman reached into his pocked, he took out a knife which he slid open the rubbing of the metal echo through the empty room.

“Shall I start?” Roman slid you a look.


“Spectacular. Victor, hold this asshole.”

Roman, went closer. “I’m tired of you wagging your tongue. Give it to me.”

Alex, just shook his head, his mouth sealed. Roman, hit him with the butt of the knife that he held in his fist.

Alex’s mouth popped open and Roman grabbed his tongue, he whimpered. He tried to wiggle free. “That’s not a good idea.” He warned. He looked at a henchman that was nearby. “Get a new piece of duct tape ready.” Tape was ready in moments.

“Not sure, if you wanna see this.” He looked at you.

“No, I’m ready.”

“Alright.” In very quick move, he sliced off half his tongue. Blood sprayed some of his suit jacket, the red a sharp contrast to the white. Made you inhale sharply, your heart picking up speed.

The henchman came over shoved Alex’s mouth shut. Taped it and then added more tape. He was howling behind the tape. He hung over him. “Well we won’t be hearing from you anymore.” He smirked dropping the bit of tongue on him.

Still smirking, he looked over at you. That’s when you saw that some of the blood had splattered across his handsome face.

The sight made a knot of desire hit you hard. It stole your breath.

“Wanna have some fun?” He offered you the blood knife, your fingers tingled. There would be no turning back. You nodded, taking it, you moved the knife from one hand to the other, you enjoyed seeing how the red contrasted your skin.


You tilted your head to one side. “Where should I use this?”

He whimpered.

You slashed his cheeks, making a little a X on each cheek. “Fuck you.” You spat in his face. “Here you go.” You handed Roman his knife back. He closed the knife and put it back into his pocket.

“Nice….Wooo!” He gave a cheer.

He pointed, at the henchmen with the duct tape, go and get the car started. You are driving us back. The man nodded. “Victor, you can do whatever you want. And then clean it up.” He shed his gloves, dropped them

He offered you his hand, happily you took it. He pulled you close. “You are amazing.” And he kissed you. Finally breaking the kiss, he smirked. “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

It didn’t take long, but you two were back at the car. The henchman, opened the door for you two, when you neared. “Thank you.” You said sweetly. Then you slid in.

Roman, followed you afterward he leaned over and pushed a small button the wall of the car. A small divider went up. “He can’t hear us?” You pointed to at it.

Roman, nodded. “Now, get over here.”

Within a breath you straddled him. “Fuck, watching you.” Your lips met and hungrily your tongues met. Your heart was threatened to beat against your chest.

You pulled back looking at him, seeing the blood. “Damn, Roman that was so hot.”

“Show me.”

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ZsaszSionis SFW 9 AND 14?

9 - Any pets? Or plants?

Absolutely no pets for these two since Roman is too self-obsessed and Victor is too apathetic to care for a small creature. There are some plants but Roman certainly doesn’t keep them alive, that’s the cleaners job.

14 - Who is the highest maintenance? Does the other mind?

Oh god it’s not even a contest. Roman is incredibly high maintenance in both a physical and emotional sense. The physicality, Victor doesn’t mind, but sometimes the emotional maintenance can be a lot and Victor has had to train himself to deal with it. But he’s willing and happy to do so because of his possessive nature when it comes to Roman as he feels he is the only one worthy of doing so.

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Watching…Son of Gun with Ewan🥵🥵

Plays a convict who then escapes…and well stuff happens..anyhow… I feel a fic or two with him. Brendan Lynch… @darling-i-read-it (what did you think of the movie?) I saw your one fic..gonna read it again!

Don’t worry I am not getting drawn away from Roman (new single shot with him up soon! While a new installment of Gotham Lockdown is being drafted.) Dan or Elmont! Just have tonset up a fic with this character.


@mrs-sionis @theblackmaskclub @ladyofhellhounds have any of you seen Son of Gun??

And since I do have time 🥺😁 (good and bad about that!) I will be getting back to Joe, Charlie Sisters, & Abe) @kat-o-combs @darknessisafriend @ridiculousnerd @alwaysinsanire @soulsdontbreaktheybeeend

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ROMAN SIONIS IN THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! also did not intend for it to be this long…


Originally posted by theislandofewan

It’s been 273 days since society collapsed.

Y/n woke up, fixing her eyes to focus on her little temporary living situation. In reality, it was the employee’s break room of an abandoned amusement park, but she has been calling it home for the past week. Even if she had something to call home, she was never fully safe.

It all started when a science lab in California exploded. In the said lab, there was a man-made contagion that essentially turned people into zombies. These zombies were fast and ruthless and will take every opportunity they have to turn you into one as well. The country was in a state of emergency for a week until they got to the government and then everyone was left on their own.

Y/n was in class when it happened, the massacre of the government. She was in her last semester of university and was so close to getting the degree she’s been waiting her entire life for. Her university, however, was right next to Washington DC, and everyone there had to either fight the incoming zombies off or run like hell to save yourself.

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