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#It's kinda embarrassing for me to post this but I NEED TO FIND OUT
just-like-playing-tag · 2 months ago
Does anyone know where I can find those reaction gif that go like this:
in the first gif there's a young man, probably black, dressed in red an black, exiting through an heavy door. Off scene, someone tells him something; in the second gif there's a zoom in, and, as the door closes, the man's hand stops the door, keeping the door from closing.
I've just been looking for these gifs (literally) for the whole day and this is my last resource to find out if they actually exist or if I only saw them in my dreams
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bunny-xoxo · 2 days ago
Intern!Eren HC
warning(s): none
a/n: some Intern!Eren HC based off my CEO!Levi x secretary!reader post you can read here <- if you’d like :) I got one person requesting it in my inbox and that’s all I needed LOL :) I’d love to hear from you guys in my inbox! Hope you enjoy <3 I’m also gonna be posting more characters from this ~universe so feel free to send in thoughts or ideas !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m sorry but hear me out:
He’s very intelligent, right. He was well composed in his interview to be an intern, his resume was wonderfully organized full of all kinds of references and experience, he can hold a corporate conversation like nobody’s business, and he’s definitely got this natural charm working for him
But this man can’t work a photo copier for the life of him 😭
He doesn’t know the difference between business casual & smart casual (tbh who tf does)
He is always joking with boss Levi at the WORST times
He’s AWFUL at finding things pls
Someone will tell him to go grab more printer paper from the cabinets in the break room and he’ll just go and stand in there like 🧍
“Cabinets, cabinets... okayyy what one.”
^he definitely talks to himself like that ALL the time but more on that later
But anyways he’ll be searching through all the cabinets and just,,, not see it and he’d start freaking out like oh fuck they’re gonna fire me cause my dumbass can’t find the fuckin printer paper
He’d just come back like
“Um, uh, Miss Parker I couldn’t find the printer paper🧍.”
She’s an older lady in the advertising department of the company that just finds him so endearing pls
so she goes and just opens the first cupboard he looked in and hands it to him like “here sweetie, make sure to open your eyes next time.”
She’s so sweet but poor baby is so red and embarrassed 😭
It’s even worse when she asks him to load it and he just - breaks it
he accidentally pulled too hard trying to open the paper compartment and ripped one of the plastic front pieces off and is just holding it in his hand like 😰
He jus tapes it on w scotch tape and bolts out of the room once it’s loaded and then blames it on Jean when Levi asks why the hell the printer in the front office is broken
“Yeah no I have no idea sir, I think it might’ve been Jean, I mean I saw him in here last buttt, yeah no I really don’t know sorry!”
Queue Eren speed walking to the bathroom so he can collect himself abdjdjajdjf
But on the note of breaking things it’s totally happened more than once
I STRONGLY HC this mf as being clumsy a lil like he just never fully got used to his height after he had his growth spurt
So he has a habit of tripping over himself or hitting his head on cabinets and such
This also means long arms accidentally knocking these over 😭
His first day he reached across his lil intern desk adjacent to Jeans to answer the phone and just completely knocked off his stapler and it kinda came apart
So once he was done with the call he was like no biggie I can fix this :)
And then he spent the next 20 minutes trying to figure out how the hell to put it back together
Levi happened upon him at his desk with google up on his computer, “how to put together stapler”, and he was fiddling with it in his lap and Levi was just 🤨
Eren was so embarrassed and went beet red
But as soon as Jean started chuckling Levi was like “well help him? I’d rather not have a broken stapler and besides, it’d give you two idiots something to do.”
So of course jean was like ok 🙄 but now him and eren have been arguing and BOTH been trying to fix it for another 10 minutes
Levi comes over to check on them and he’s so disappointed he’s just like “give me the fucking stapler” and puts the pieces back together and hands it to eren like 😐.
But yeah, Eren has a tendency to break things LOL
Ok back to mans talking to himself
He can be forgetful when it comes to tasks he needs to do so you’ll often find him walking around the office muttering things to himself like “phone, phone. Listen to the voicemail on the phone.”
And sometimes he’ll sing it to himself instead of speaking it cause it he finds it keeps him entertained 🥺🤲🏼
He also has a bad habit of just humming at his desk period
Jean absolutely hates it, especially when the songs Eren’s humming get stuck in Jeans head LMAO
Levi implied he was proud of Erens work ~once and he almost cried, he had to excuse himself and Miss Parker thought he was gonna throw up
One time Levi joked about long hair not being dress code and immediately had to take it back before Eren and Jean had a crisis at their desk
But even with his little quirks and shenanigans he takes his internship very seriously and is highly knowledgeable about the core responsibilities of the job, which is definitely a reason Levi accepted his application in the first place
Eren is so punctual it’s insane, he hasn’t missed a single day at his internship and has never been more than a minute late
And he’s so cute always asking Levi what he could do better at the end of his day or if there’s anything else he needs from him
At some point Levi had to ask him to only ask it once a week cause he has other things to worry about too 😭
But Levi did admire his determination to improve
Eren may be a little silly but he’ll be damned if he’s gonna lose this internship <3
Eeeeek okok so this is officially a part of my CEO!levi universe LMAO any work that is based in this will be tagged appropriately! I’m also thinking of posting a pt.2 to this with reader 😏! Lemme know if you guys are interested! I’ll be having some more works come out with other aot boys in this universe too :)! Anyways yes I’d love any and all thoughts <3
requests are open
taglist: @plutowrites @armins-futon @peachysimp (if you’d like to be added to aot, hq, mha, or a mixture of those jus lemme know!)
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pinkandblueblurbs · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
if u saw me accidentally post this earlier no u didnt
this is a work of fiction. I do not condone real life teacher/student relationships.
A/n: this got kinda long bc i was having fun with it! :) also if u like lupin but hate snape I’d recommend reading the first portion of this blurb bc it’s purely lupin smutty fluff ;)
Remus Lupin x Fem!Reader x Severus Snape. Veritaserum, embarrassment, suggestive language/remarks/dirty talk, teacher/student relationship, light degradation, teasing. Hand kink just because.
You rush through the halls, careful to keep your mouth shut as you go, knowing if you were to open it the words that came out would be painfully truthful.
You finally make it to the DADA classroom, throwing the door open and quickly entering, spotting Professor Lupin sitting at his desk in his usual neutral toned suit. However now his top button is undone, his collar slightly askew, his tie loose around his neck, the man clearly not having expected any more visitors since classes ended two hours ago. He watches you enter with furrowed brows, obvious concern etched in his features at your frantic haste.
“Are you alright-“
“You look sexy” the words cut off his worried question before you quickly clamp your hand over your mouth, eyes wide. Remus stares at you, equally shocked, before giving a short laugh.
“Merlin, someone’s forward.” He quips, raising a brow at your promiscuity. Your hand drops from your mouth.
“Fred and George slipped veritaserum into my tea.” You explain, trying to ignore the heat rising to your cheeks. Remus clicks his tongue in understanding.
“Ahh, I see. You flatter me, my dear. I’m glad to know that’s how you truly feel.” He says with a grin. Your cheeks are burning by now, but you roll your eyes in response to his words.
“Are you going to help me, or not? I came here to get an antidote or something.” You grumble, crossing your arms. Remus nods as he rises to his feet.
“Yes, right, of course I’ll help. Come with me, we’ll fetch an antidote.” He offers, giving you a kind smile as he walks around his desk to you, then giving your shoulder a pat.
Your eyes flick down to his hand on you- his long, skilled fingers curled loosely around your shoulder- and to your chagrin you blurt out “I love your fingers.”
Remus chuckles and shakes his head in mock disappointment, saying “Gods, darling, are your thoughts always so filthy?”
“Yes.” You respond immediately, the serum forcing the words from your lips without your permission. Remus lets out another laugh.
“Right, okay. Let’s get that antidote in you, before you embarrass yourself any further by begging me to take you right now.” He quips, hand finding its spot between your shoulder blades to guide you towards the door.
“I’d like that.” Again, the words spill from your lips against your will.
“Shh” Remus chides, the sound shaking with a quiet laugh that comes out along with it.
He leads you through the halls, returning nods and smiles and waves to teachers and students he passes, you keeping your mouth clamped shut.
You eventually arrive at the potions classroom, Remus leading you right in. Professor Snape sits at his desk at the front of the room, greeting you both with a slightly raised brow, questioning your sudden entrance.
“Snape.” Remus greets cooly, tone flat.
“Lupin. Can I help you?” Snape returns in his usual monotone voice.
“Miss L/n here fell victim to a prank, and was given veritaserum. We’re in need of the antidote.” Remus explains. Snape nods wordlessly, standing from his chair and moving around his desk, waltzing by you to reach the cabinets against the wall of the classroom.
He retrieves a vial of liquid from one said cabinet before walking back over to you and Remus. Uncorking the vial, he gives the potion a swirl.
“Here, drink this. I will warn you, it does not taste pleasant. Please refrain from making sick on my floor.” Snape drawls flatly.
“No worries, I’d always swallow for you, sir.” You quip before you can stop yourself. Instantly panic floods your mind as you realize what you just said. Your eyes widen and your cheeks burn, your lips fall slack in shock. Remus is looking down at you with equal panic, and Snape himself looks stunned.
“You’d what?” Snape asks, tone low. Of course, you have no choice but to answer.
“I’d swallow for you, sir. I always swallow.” You repeat, burying your face in your hands in shame.
“Is that so?” Snape intones, which is far from the response you were expecting. He sounds almost... intrigued? You peek up from the safety of your hands, peering at his face, finding his brows raised in question.
“Yes.” You squeak out. The tiniest ghost of a smirk graces Snape’s lips.
“Hm. And I suppose Professor Lupin can attest to this? Considering how... close the two of you seem to be?” He adds, quirking a brow. You’re in complete shock now- struggling to process the continuous secrets being spilled from your lips as well as Snape’s obvious insinuation that he knows about you and Remus.
“Yes, he can.” You- or rather, the potion- responds. Remus- previously tense and rigid beside you, hand firm on your back- seems to relax, much to your bewilderment. He takes the vial from Severus, holding it out to you.
“Drink this, y/n.” He instructs, and you look up at him questioningly, confused by his calm reaction to the entire ordeal.
“We’ve heard quite enough of the truth, I think.” Remus says in response to your inquiring gaze. “Drink this, and make good to Snape on your word. Then perhaps he’ll let you swallow something else.”
taglist: @whizzbeesdukes @snapesdaughsjm @kyleed24 @woman-with-no-name @barneswidow @randomoutsiders @fandom-puff @spxllcxstxr @frecklesandfirecrackers @layaaaa @wholebigboxofyikes @fific7 @love-peachh @pandaxnienke @weasleyposts @sw33tgirl @amourtentiaa
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winternight-wonwoo · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
📢: Dad!Vernon // fluff // suggestive i guess??? but no smut in sight dw // 694 words
A/N: I wasn’t going to post this today, but I feel extra happy, so here you go!
Tumblr media
You’ve been sore since the moment you wake up that day, having spent a passionate night with Hansol the night before. With Hanseo being six now, finding time to be with your husband proves to be easier than when he was much younger. He has his own room now, though not far from the master bedroom you and Hansol are using.
Thankfully, Hanseo seems to be extra calm that day. He doesn’t whine as much, and he eats the food you’ve given him without complain even though you put in carrots that he always claims to hate.
Even more, every time you try to do something simple like putting away the dishes or looking for the remote TV, Hanseo is quick to help you, telling you he’s a big boy now and he should help his mom whenever he can.
Hansol watches his son in amusement as Hanseo walks to the kitchen to fill your empty glass the moment he sees it empty.
“Did you do something Mom tell you not to?” he asks, ruffling his son’s hair.
Hanseo shakes his head, pushing the button on the water dispenser. “No, I just don’t want Mom to get tired today.”
He leans on the fridge as he looks at his son confusedly. “Why?”
He shrugs, “I just think Mom needs to rest.”
Hansol laughs at the way his son is acting, it’s cute when his kid is speaking like an adult; copying the way you and Hansol talk without knowing the tone isn’t one that you’d hear a kid use.
Hanseo walks out of the kitchen, and Hansol follows him as the kid put the glass on the coffee table in front of you. He can see you squishing his cheeks a little, a gesture Hanseo usually refuses that he accepts readily before he sits next to you.
He’s sure something is up. But all of you were home yesterday for the whole day? If Hanseo breaks something, he’s sure he’d find out by now. What could possibly happen that his kid suddenly turns into an absolute angel in the span of a day?
Hansol sits beside Hanseo, nudging him a little with his elbow. “Dad’s kinda thirsty, can you help me get a glass of water, please?”
You look at Hansol weirdly, wondering what he’s doing. Hansol is never the type to order his child around, after all. But Hanseo just frowns, telling him he can get his own.
“Hey, what’s with the discrimination, little guy? You help Mom does everything but won’t help your Dad?” he jokes.
“It’s because you’re not sick,” Hanseo says, looking at his dad.
“And Mom is?” he asks, then he turns to you, a little worried. “Are you?”
You shake your head, confused as to why Hanseo would think you’re sick. You don’t think you’ve done anything that might indicate you’re sick to begin with.
“You’re not?” Hanseo turns to you, his adorable eyes looking into yours full of worry. “Are you sure?”
“Yes, baby. Why do you think I’m sick? Did I look sick?” you turn to him, TV long forgotten.
Hanseo is silent for a while, a frowning as he thinks to himself. “I… umm… I heard you screaming last night, I was going to see if you’re okay but the door is locked.”
You look at Hansol in horror, the guy has the audacity to laugh when his child is still explaining seriously as he fidgets in his seat. “I can’t hear you clearly. But I hear Dad’s voice, too, so I thought at least he’s there to help you.”
This has got to be the most embarrassing moment in your life, and you honestly just wish for the floor to swallow you whole.
“You’re okay?” Hanseo asks again as he puts his small hand on your forehead, a gesture he often sees you do when he’s sick. “But you feel really warm.”
“It’s okay, Hanseo,” Hansol says as he wipes his tears, stomach hurts from laughing. “Dad is helping Mom, alright? You don’t have to worry.”
You’re sure you would’ve hit Hansol with a cushion if not for Hanseo being there next to you.
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valeskakingdom · 18 days ago
Jerome met the reader at the circus ... They spend the evening together (well, maybe have sex)? And then the reader leaves Jerome (he gives her his grey coat, what a gentleman) and comes back the next day, only to find out that he killed his mother and is sitting in Arkham. A year goes by (like in the show, I guess?) and the next time the reader meets Jerome, he’s on the bus with the cheerleaders and of course Jerome remembers her! ;) Is that too much? ;-;
Requested by: @valeskaduh
So guys, here's the final part 2 of my one shot. Hope you like it as much as part 1!!
Wordcount: 3510
Here's part 1: "
Warning: mention of murder and violence
Credit: @gotham-swag
Tumblr media
It was late, something after midnight already.
You both, Jerome and you, still laid in his bed fully covered in sweat thinking back about what has happened before, all the feelings, the pleasure... Everything.
Your clothes laid strayed on the ground; your underwear laid next to the bed while your shirt and pants laid elsewhere in any corners of his room.
Jerome had wrapped is arm around your waist to comfort you whilst you rested your head on his chest listening to his heartbeat. It was even and slow.
"That was great, wasn't it?" Jerome broke the silence between you with a slight chuckle.
"Indeed," You chuckled "It was worth it."
"It was. Haven't met a girl that could give that good blowjobs."
"Jerome!" You slapped his chest in embarrassment widening your eyes, a strong blush went over face. You were a little shocked about his assertion, but otherwise you felt honored.
"No need to be embarrassed (Y/N)," Jerome chuckled caressing your side "You could see it as a compliment. I'd choose you over others."
" I feel...honored." You mumbled in embarrassment.
"You're cute when you're shy like that." Jerome smirked, sitting up and took a cigarette from his nightstand and lightened it to smoke.
You hummed saying nothing, just gave him a little smile.
You liked it how he called you cute, and that he liked your shyness. It gave you some hope that maybe that this,between you and him, could turn into something more than just a simple one off. All the sweet nothings he whispered into your ear, all the compliments and intensive kisses... That couldn't come just out of nowhere. You had the feeling something was special between you two; you couldn't say what it was though. All you knew was: you felt different in Jerome's near. It was like you two would know each other for ages.
While Jerome was smoking his cigarette off, his smoke spread through the room that you inhaled it. It didn't bother you, you were used to it from home.
You think took your phone out of the pocket of your pants to behold the clock: 00:37
Time for you to go, you needed to get ready in a few hours for your work.
"Anyways, I think it's time for me to go. Need to stand up early," You sighed grabbing your underwear to take them on "You know, work and such."
"Awww really?" Jerome gave you a little pout while admiring your body for one more time "I enjoyed the time with you."
Again he viewed you from head to toe, admired your curves and your flawless pale skin. His view was giving him chills again and he had the urge to touch again. He missed this feeling of your soft skin, this incredible feeling of him inside you making you moan, or the feeling when you dug your nails in his back because he pleasured you well.
"Me too," You giggled and pulled your pants up to buttoned them, then taking your shirt on "But yeah, I don't wanna be late. My boss becomes mad if anyone's late."
"How's your boss when he's mad?" Jerome asked with a certain leery undertone mixed with jealousy.
He looked at you frowning, his breathe became uneven, he kinda seemed to be upset like if you say a wrong word he's about to explode.
It confused you a little, but you didn't give a shit about it. You thought you maybe were just imagining this jealousy. How could he be jealous anyway? He didn't know you at all so he had nothing to loose when you go.
"Let's say you don't wanna mess around with him. He can be a little scary." You took your shirt on. Now though it wasn't as tight as usual anymore because Jerome tugged it from your body.
"Is he touching you?" Jerome gave you a stern look, his tone became rougher what confused you even more.
"Oh no. No, no, he's just yelling and he hears grudges." You turned to him "It's just annoying, that's all."
"Alright," He nodded standing up to take his boxers on "But wait, before you go..." Jerome walked to his wardrobe taking out a dark grey coat handing it to you "Here, it's cold outside."
"Thank you, but you don't-..."
"It's fine, you can keep it," Jerome smiled "See it as a little reward for the gorgeous night." He winked at you making you blush.
"Thank you." You smiled at him taking his coat on. You smelled his cologne, it smelled like any usual cologne but knowing that it was his made it special.
You both walked to the trailer's front door.
Jerome opened the door, you walked a few steps but turned around to face him. With a smile. You looked at his beautiful shining blue eyes for one last time. More and more you recognized that you liked him. You realized that you've never felt this huge amount of comfortableness and happiness. Sure, in an another relationship you've been happy, too, but not as much as with Jerome.
It was strange, very strange. You couldn't understand how you'd be so attached to a stranger. Maybe it was because Jerome was the perfect guy in your eyes and something gave you the feeling that you two belonged together?
"Well, then," you kissed his cheek quickly "See you around, Jerome."
"See you around, (Y/N). Hope to see ya again." One last time, he gave you this amazing smile before he shut the door.
With a little smile you walked out of the circus. You couldn't wait to visit the circus again to meet Jerome and have an amazing time together.
Days went by.
You couldn't stop thinking about Jerome - how kind he was to you, how good he treated you, and let's not forget about the sex, of course. The sex was amazing.
Though you still had his coat. You know you couldn't keep it, you wouldn't feel right about it.
Due to different circumstances, the circus was still in your city. On the one hand, you were curious about the reason why. Maybe there were some complications with travelling? Or maybe they did an extra show and had a lot of work to do to prepare for the show?
On the other hand, all your thoughts focused in Jerome. You were excited: you imagined to hug him, talking to him, laughing with him... Everything you wanted to do when you were able to see him again.
You made your way to Haly's circus with Jerome's coat.
As you arrived, everything seemed to be normal. The circus tent was still constructed, the trailers stood still on the same places as on the day where you visited the show, and the artists still walked around the yard.
You looked around to find someone you could talked to and who you didn't bother; then you saw the Ringmaster who was taking his rings to pack them into his case.
He was a tall colored man with some kind of clown makeup: red cheeks. white makeup was smeared around his face and a fake beard was glued on his upper lip. He was wearing a red suit and a black tophat.
"Hey, uhm...excuse me?" You hesitatingly tapped on his shoulder.
"Hm?" He turned to you with a grunt "The circus is closed for visitors. There ain't be a show today."
"Oh, I know but," as the Ringmaster was about to turn around, you grabbed his arm and turned him back to you "I was just looking for Jerome. He gave me his coat a few days ago and I wanted to give it back."
"Oh, haven't you watched the news? Jerome's in Arkham-..." You widened your in shock, you hoped you haven't heard it right.
"Wait, wait, wait...he's what?!"
Arkham?! Has he really said 'Arkham'?! The asylum where murderers, cannibals and other lunatics are living in?! What is he doing there?! Why is he in Arkham?! What has he done to be busted in there?! These were the thoughts that couldn't get out of your head. Jerome was a criminal? How could he?! He was so kind to me, so polite...was that all just acting? Did he play with my mind?
"He killed his mother with a hatchet. You might know her as the snake dancer." He sighed shaking his head slightly while he kept packing the rings in his suitcase "Let's just hope she didn't have a painful death."
"A-alright...t-thank you..." In shook and disgust, you slowly walk back to your car.
You couldn't believe what you've heard. Jerome was a killer: a blood-thirsty, psychotic and cold-hearted killer. You felt poor, you had the feeling you were about to throw up every minute. You slept with him and you liked even wanted to meet him again!
You were disgusted by yourself.
Now you just wished that you could have changed the past; that you've never slept with him, never let him kiss nor touch you...that you've never even talked to him! You just wished that as he bumped into you, that you ignored him or snapped at him that you and himwoukd have never dealt with each other - everything.
*1 year later*
It was a rainy and cloudy day in Gotham.
It was cold, your window panes were fogged through the high temperature difference between your room and outside. In your room, it was warm and comfortable while outside it was cold, almost as cold as in winter.
You were just sitting on the couch eating some sandwiches, drinking a Coke in the hope something new and excited happened in your life.
This day was bearing you down, you didn't know why though. Maybe it was just the weather? You had no idea. You just felt empty inside since last year. And you exactly knew why.
You still couldn't believe the fact Jerome was a killer. You couldn't imagine how an actual kind and smart boy with a gorgeous smile, ginger hair, blue eyes and some abs could grab a hatchet to kill his own mother. You just wished it was a lie and that reality played a bad game with you. For sure, you didn't know Jerome completely, you've just met him once but still you could say that this all felt so wrong.
It was the disgust that caused this feeling. You were disgusted by the thought that you allowed a murderer playing with your mind to get in your pants while he was about to murder something behind your back. You were disgusted by the thought that you imagined you and him being a couple, that you wanted to date him... You were disgusted by everything that included him because it reminded you of all this. When you just heard the name Jerome, you felt shivers down your spine and a feeling mixed of disgust and feeling poor.
One thing that confused you was: you couldn't throw his coat in the trash can. You kept it, it hung in your wardrobe and you smelled on it every day because his cologne was still buried in it, then you remembered the gorgeous night you had with him and all the feeling you felt...But then you remembered who he really was and what he has done right after the meeting of you which caused you to close your wardrobe fast and walking out of our room to quickly forget all that - day by day.
Full of boredom, you turned the TV on hoping something could entertain you there.
But then you saw this:
"Hello, Gotham City! We're the Maniax and I'm Jerome, the shot caller of our little gang. We're here to spread the message of wisdom and hope!"
You couldn't believe your eyes. It was Jerome with a bloody nose who cackled shortly, then shot a cop because he coughed and groaned in pain - he apparently disturbed his little show. He was back, he escaped out of Arkham.
Your body was shaking, your breathe was uneven - you were paralyzed.
You started panicking. No place felt safe for you anymore, especially not your little apartment. You needed to be with someone. You thought, when you're alone you'd be fucked. Maybe he remembered you and wanted to look for you? You remembered that he told you, he'd choose you over others. Of course, they could have been just words but now you never know... He was a psycho who might remember everything.
"Some people have no manners." He took a deeper look in the camera "You're all prisoners. What you call sanity, it's just a prison in your minds that stops you from seeing that y'all are a just tiny little cogs in a tiny absurd machine! WAKE UP!"
Jerome yelled in the TV what made you flinch and you curled up in your couch wrapping your arms around your legs tight. Your face was half hidden being your knees that you were still able to watch his little show - but with fear.
"Why be a cog? Be free like us!" Jerome started to cackle "And just remember, smile" he cackled squishing the dead cop's cheek while cackling louder.
Then you heard horns honking, the police was haunting him.
"Oh, time to go!" He crawled down do the ground taking a police head on and still held the camera tight "But dont worry, we'll be back very soon! Hang onto your hats folks, 'cause you ain't see nothing yet!" Jerome cackled insanely but you immediately turned the TV off.
You grabbed your phone fast to call your best friend (Y/bff/n). You needed to be with them. Being alone in a little apartment would just driving you nuts, especially when Jerome was out!
Your best friend was the only one who knew about Jerome being your one off as they knew that Jerome was a killer so they surely understood why you were so scared. You didn't want to risk anything - whether he'd remember you or not, you didn't want to be alone.
Your phone was ringing, you hoped they'd pick up the phone:
(Y/bff/n): hey (Y/n)! Wha-...
(Y/n): Have you watched the news?!
(Y/bff/n):, why? And why are y-...
(Y/n): Jerome's out of Arkham!!
(Y/bff/n): Wait what?! Are you sure it's the Jerome you're thinking of??
(Y/n): he was in the TV...he's planning something... Can stay with you? I can't stay alone. It's driving me nuts. I already have the feeling he's eyeing me from several corners.
(Y/bff/n): Of course! Come over now. We'll get your stuff later.
(Y/n): Thank you! I'm on my way already! See you!
You hung up, immediately taking your jacket, your phone, your keys and some shoes.
You ran out of your apartment, locking your door and walked straight to the next bus station.
You were in a hurry. Outside you didn't feel well at all. You felt being watched, being haunted. You had the feeling Jerome was everywhere and that he just waited the perfect moment to catch you. Everytime someone was walking past you, you felt shivers down your spine and you were scared that any person was a member of 'the Maniax' and kidnap you and bring you to Jerome. You walked faster to the bus station to arrive your best friend's home as fast as possible. You turned your head to the left, to the right, to see whether someone was haunting you. No one did though. It was just your mind.
As you arrived station, the bus came immediately.
You entered the bus as it stopped and chose a seat in the back.Everywhere around you cheerleaders were gossiping, laughing, squeaking about any boy who kissed a friend and such. You instead kept quiet and looked out of the window.
After a few minutes of driving, the bus stopped through a red car from the fire service that blocked its way. Its horns were honking and you could hear someone was getting out of the car.
You saw a ginger guy dancing out of the car on his way to the entrance of the bus. Your heart stopped. Was it Jerome? Was now the moment where you life will end?
He knocked at the door with something, the cheerleaders started to scream.
Something bad will happen now was what you thought while your pulse was running, your sweat was dripping down your forehead, and your hands were shaking. You wanted to cry, you wanted to crawl back in a corner and hope everything will be fine.
Suddenly the door opened, strangers in white suits with guns entered the bus and put us all in handcuffs that were sticker on chains while they pointed their guns at your heads. But for an unknown reason they went out immediately after everyone in the bus was handcuffed.
Cheerleaders were screaming louder, some even started to cry, to son, and to beg for mercy. You instead kept quiet. You couldn't scream. You were in shock and panic, in fear, some tears were already streaming down your cheeks while you tried break free - you failed.
"I want you all to know," you suddenly heard a familiar voice that paralyzed you in shock - he was here "this was a very difficult decision for us. It was between you and uhm... senior citizen bingo party. In the end we decided to skew a little younger. Youth won the day. Sorry." Jerome walked through the bus eyeing each cheerleader girl and pointed his gun at their heads.
With every step he did, you could hear a clicker-clacker caused by his shoes.
Your heartbeat felt like it could explode every minute. You had the feeling you would die soon. More and more tears streamed down your face, you were sobbing in fear, your hands shook uncontrollably. You just wished, you'd come out here alive.
Then Jerome stopped walking, he was eyeing you in surprise and excitement.
"(Y/n)?!" He bended down to you in astonishment completely around him that all the cheerleaders around him were crying and sobbing, and so were you "My, my, my, look at you. You've grown up in that time we haven't seen each other. How you're doing?"
You said nothing, you were just confused about his behavior.
What was wrong with him? Just a few minutes ago he was about to kill us and now he's behaving like an innocent child?! Was what you thought as you just gave him a confused look.
You were still scared though, maybe again he was just playing with your mind as one year ago just to get you?
"It's so good to see you (Y/n), you know that?" He sighed with a smile on his face leaning his elbow against the seat in front of you to lean his head against his hand "I really couldn't stop thinking about you when I was busted in this dirty old shack. The night in my trailer with was marvellous! I still know each part of your body in brought me many good nights in my cell." Jerome chuckled dark.
You didn't know what to say. Was he about to kill you now? Was it all just a trick again? Do you have to feel honored now that he thought about you every night and jerked off your body?
You stared into his blue eyes, you could tell he was planning something new - and this time it included you.
"Yeah," Jerome kept staring at you with his grin in his face "Anyways, what's new in your life?"
"U-uhm...p-pretty boring...," You sniffed "Nothing has r-really changed since l-last y-year." You stammered feeling odd about having a normal conversation in such an actually dangerous situation.
"Hm..." Jerome hummed flicking his tongue "You know, actually I wanted to splash gasoline all over the cheerleaders and burn them that you are here... I take you with me and THEN I continue my plan." Jerome uncuffed your hands taking them tight and ran with you out of the bus, the other cheeleaders started to scream and cry again and again begged for mercy.
As you and Jerome stood in front the open entrance of the bus, he softly wiped some hair strains behind your ear. With his thumb he caressed your soft skin and wiped all the tears and smeared mascara away.
Jerome smiled at you admiring your face for a while. He looked deep in your eyes, then down to your lips. With a finger snip your fear was gone, the feeling of uncomfortableness faded slowly. Your breathe was uneven though, his personality changes scared you still. Your hands was still trembling, your knees weak. But something told you that you didn't need to be scared of him anymore. He at least safed you.
"From now on, doll, you're mine."
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in a post you mentioned hades trying to be a dad to nico. what would be your take on hades trying to have a family dinner with Hazel and Frank and Nico and Will?
Omg this sounds so delightfully awkward and 100% Persephone’s doing . She's like “yeah, it'll be good for your kids and a normal mortal parent thing to try” and Hades isn't too thrilled, but he also trusts his wife (what a fool). 
(also here is the OG post for anyone who wants it)
So, firstly, Hades definitely has a favorite child and it's low key Nico. My guy just let Hazel chill in the Fields of Asphodel to keep her mother from eternal torture. Like. Pluto. My guy. If there had been a time for nepotism that had been it. He very clearly cares about her in the series and feels bad for literally everything that’s happened for her (and for some of it there wasn’t even much he could do), but uhhhhh yeah. Nico seems to me to be the favorite lol.
With that in mind, my guess is that he has NO idea Frank and Hazel are dating. Not a clue. Even when Frank arrives he’s just inwardly like “Why is this Mars boy here??? Why did Persephone allow this??? I don't understand???” and eventually Frank grabs Hazel’s hand or something and Pluto is just like “wait a fucking minute” and poor, poor Frank looks over to see Pluto staring at him and slowly moves away from Hazel.
Meanwhile, Will is being the demigod if the hour bc he knows Nico is hating this and trying his best to make everyone comfortable by making small talk with Hazel and Frank, complimenting the food, being super respectful to Persephone and Hades, etc...
Frank is kinda frozen in his seat bc “...if we eat this do we have to stay here?” (No, Persephone got special food outside of the underworld for this occasion, but she understands the concern). Hades actually summoned several famous dead chefs to cook for them too, so the food is delicious. 
Nico is just sitting there like “Remember the last time I brought my crush down here AND YOU TOOK HIM HOSTAGE?! We aren't doing that again, right? Right?!” and Will stops his attempts to charm everyone to be like “wait, what?”
And while it is suppeeerrrr awkward I think it’s only fair I give each of them a highlight of the night. Here they are:
Will’s is when he’s telling Hazel he’s been meaning to get to know her a bit a better and that they should be friends. Hazel agrees and says she needs an inside man bc Nico doesn’t tell her ANYTHING happening in his life. Nico objects, but Will is already off telling stories and most of it is just gushing over Nico, not really noticing Nico getting super embarrassed. Hades finally interrupts to tell Will quite bluntly that he likes him and is happy he’s dating Nico (and also to please, please stop talking)
Frank and Will hit it off bc Frank was saying how he was hoping to be Apollo’s kid bc of his love for archery and Will is like ‘Hey, maybe I should have my little sister visit you in Camp Jupiter for awhile bc that’s her thing’. Frank says he wishes he could go back and forth easier but obviously that’s a hard trip and seems unfair to ask Hazel or Nico to shadow-travel them. Hades calmly interjects he will find a way to provide safe/quick transportation between camps. Frank is obviously shook and super grateful bc that’s actually a huge deal so he’s stammering out endless thanks that Hades accepts (and asks him to also please, please stop talking)
Nico is pretty pleased as is that Hades complimented Will (even though he would never admit to wishing for his dad’s approval), but he’s extra pleased when during the conversation Hades slips in a small anecdote that featured his mother and little Bianca. Nico had actually never heard the story before. Apparently his first word had been Bianca’s name and she had been so happy that she sobbed for an hour. Bianca also had been the one to choose his name, which Nico hadn’t known either. He cautiously asked who had named Bianca and Hades admits that he did (only after Maria had said no to literally every other name he suggested).
Lastly, Hazel. Hazel had been pretty set on ignoring her father throughout this process. Part of her was also a little secretly bitter about hearing how involved Hades had been with the di Angelos. She knew Maria had gone to the Elysium too - which she knew she should be happy about, but it was such a stark difference compared to her own family that it hurt to think about. She had to work really hard to remember that Pluto had visited her quite a bit growing up and obviously felt super bad about the curse she was under. However, she did notice that Hades seemed to be making a smidge more effort to actually talk to her throughout this disaster dinner. At a few different points someone might accidentally almost talk over her and Hades very pointedly went back to Hazel to make sure he heard whatever it was she had been trying to say. Then, at the end of the dinner, he pulls her aside and apologizes that he couldn’t be more involved in her life once she came back. Hazel’s like ‘yeah, I know you had to keep your distance to keep me from getting sent back to the dead’ and Pluto kind of awkwardly hugs her and is like ‘yeah, enough time has passed that we’re probably in the clear now sooooo would you like a chauffeur like your brother?’
Hades’ highlight (he can have one too) is actually after the dinner. Obviously, both kids thank him for the food and his godly presence. That’s to be expected, but what he hadn’t expected was the random abundance of offerings the next day and to get prayers from both of his kids thanking him again. He’s like “idk it was just dinner-” but they must have sensed his tomfoolery bc they finish the prayer off with “thanks for caring about us” and Hades is like “oh... no..... fuck, they know. They were only supposed to know this subconsciously wtf they figured it out-” but he’s actually super relieved and happy about it bc he really does care about both of them and he’s glad to know they’re on the same page with that.
Persephone calls the dinner a success and suggests this be a weekly thing. Everyone else is like “ummmm maybe let’s make it an annual thing?” and Hades is just “I wouldn’t mind that, but do the boyfriends have to be there?” and so now the end result is they have dinner together twice a year (one with boyfriends and one without). It gets less awkward as time goes on and Persephone definitely tricks them into having more than the two a year. One time there was even a food fight. Also, Hazel and Nico once got into a heated argument on who took the last biscuit that ended in the dining room being destroyed. When all is said and done, they all secretly enjoy the dinners.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: ok this took me kinda long (due to my upcoming finals bc i really need to study) and now i’m h word LMFAO
warnings: f!reader, 18+, post-timeskip, oral (f. receiving), squirting, fingering, tongue fucking, praise, iwa is quite talkative, no proofreading 
word count: 1014
masterlist | previous round | next round
©️ kaashikoi 2021
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
iwaizumi places you down on the counter, watching you wincing at the sudden contact with the cold marble beneath your rear, still coated with iwaizumi’s cum from before. ”that’s cold, haji“ you pout, wrapping your arms around his neck, causing him to lean his forehead against yours. “you’ll get used to it” he smirks, caressing your sides with his hands. “what do you want for breakfast, baby?” you ask him, trying to wiggle out of his grasp, but he stills your movements. “if you don’t mind, my breakfast is sitting right in front of me.” he whispers, pressing a chaste kiss to the tip of your nose when you blush. “haji!” you whine, feeling heat rising into your cheeks as he smirks and begins to plant kisses down your throat to your collarbones.
you lean your head back; giving him more space as you close your eyes, enjoying the soft lips of your husband trailing down your upper body; his hands toy with your soft breasts, kneading them as he sucks one of your sensitive nipples between his lips, eliciting a soft whimper from you. iwaizumi kneels down in front of you, spreading your thighs apart as he eyes your glistening folds. “you’re already so wet, and i barely touched you” he husks, leaning closer to your core; you can feel his hot breath fanning against it.
prodding yourself on your hands, you arch your back in anticipation, feeling heat creeping up your cheeks as you proceed iwaizumi’s words and he pulls you closer to the edge of the countertop to get better access. it’s quite embarrassing for you to be in this position, sitting completely exposed in front of your husband while he looks up to you with a husky gaze, pupils dark and lust-dilated.
iwaizumi suddenly presses his nose against your pubic bone; ripping you from your thoughts as he slowly begins to kitten lick your clit, causing you to tense up and attempting to close your thighs out of reflex, but iwaizumi grips your thighs, securing them nicely next to his head and preventing them to crush his head as he suddenly adds more pressure on your clit, flicking his tongue against it and feeling you clench around nothing. you let out a shaky whimper, biting your lip and throwing your head back; already feeling your liquids gushing out of your needy hole.
your husband’s tongue travels down to your entrance, greedily lapping your juices and you feel him groaning against your wet folds. “fuck, you taste so fucking good” he rasps, voice muffled by your core as your breath hitches because of the sudden vibration. “h-haji,” you whimper, one hand grips his head, trying to find leverage in his hair. iwaizumi focuses his movements back on your clit as he starts to suckle on it, causing you to let out a cry, arching your back as he watches your shaking torso while he tries to maintain eye contact with you, even though you are too occupied with the different sensations that overcome your body. “i could do this all day” iwaizumi moans into you, feeling his dick growing hard between his legs, but he’s too occupied with your pleasure to do something against it. with his face buried in your cunt, he laps and sucks your folds, eliciting a strangled moan from your throat that causes your arms to suddenly give out and letting your torso crash on the countertop. both of your hands find their way into iwaizumi’s hair, scratching his scalp as he flicks his tongue around your clit, before he inserts his tongue into your clenching hole to tease you, as one of his hands travels up to your breast, groping it and rolling your sensitive nipple between his fingers. lewd slurping noises and your cracked moans fill the kitchen as you feel the coil in your stomach getting tighter and tighter, your thighs crushing your husband’s head since he is too occupied with your breasts to hold them open and causing him to press his face even more against your wetness, his nose pressing against your clit while his tongue thrusts into you. you mewl loudly, legs shaking as iwaizumi resumes to lick your clit, kissing it in between, moaning at the taste of your juices. “god, i love your body,” he mutters, sucking at your clit and inserting two fingers in your cunt, curving them to meet your sweet spot as he starts to furiously thrust them into you, feeling your velvety walls wrapping around them before your abdomen and legs starting to twitch heavily and you wail. “m-makin’ a mess!” you whimper before you roll your eyes and clear juices staring to gush out of your cunt; iwaizumi holds you with one hand to prevent you from falling of the kitchen counter while he uses his other hand to fuck you through your orgasm, still lapping at your clit until you finally come down from your high and whimper because of the overstimulation before he pulls his finger out and parts from your wet folds, watching the string of saliva and your cum disappear before he licks one last stripe from your hole to your clit in an attempt to clean you up. your whole body shakes as you try to catch your breath, chest rising furiously as iwaizumi stands up and scoops you up in his arms. “you’re so hot, y’know that?” he mumbles against your hairline, pressing a kiss to it afterward as your cheeks flush in embarrassment. “that was so uncomfortable” you giggle, wiping the sweat off your forehead and wrapping your hands around iwaizumi’s neck, kissing him softly; tasting the remnants of your own juices on his lips as he carefully bites your bottom lip before he ends the kiss, leaning his forehead against yours. “now i’m perfectly satiated” he grins, causing you to giggle as he carries you to the fridge to grab some real breakfast.
the only problem left is iwaizumi’s hard and aching cock, but as the good housewife you are, you know what to do next.
Tumblr media
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Starstruck (3)
Pairing: Chris Beck x Reader
Words: 5051
Warnings: Masturbation. Caught in the act kinda thing. Oral (female receiving). Penetrative, unprotected sex (wrap the shlong before you king kong). More science-y, kinda romantic talk. Fluffy Beck. 
Summary: It’s the holidays and everyone’s gone for Christmas but you’re still stuck in school because you need to retake your final since the professor was nice enough and didn’t want to fail you. It just so happened that there is a sciences expert living in the same house as you, one that you’ve never spoken to before. Things get interesting when he offers to help you out, but what’s in it for him?
Prompt: “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”
A/N: We’re going to pretend that part 2 wasn’t posted two years ago. God I’m so happy I finally finished this. Chris Beck will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope you liked my rendition of one soft college space nerd. You can catch up with the two other parts here and here. Please let me know how I’m doing in the comments. This isn’t beta’d btw.
Read Previous Part Here
Tumblr media
Had it not been for the exam you were terrified of, you would have probably allowed yourself to enjoy every minute you spent with Chris a little bit more. True to his word, Chris was available to answer any and all of your questions, no matter the time of day. He even convinced you to go out with him a couple of more times when he saw how stressful your days were. Between memorizing formulas and solving chemistry problems, you were sure this was the worst week of your life. 
But then you remembered how much Chris made you laugh and you realized that had it not been for this exam, you wouldn’t have been able to spend time with him. And you hated how absolutely adorable he was, just the right amount of dorky and sexy. When the day of the exam arrived, Chris walked with you to the professor’s office, telling you he was sure you were going to pass it and that you just needed to trust yourself. He was about to walk away when the door of the office opened and out came your professor, Dr. Daniels. 
“Hey Chris, I haven’t seen you since your undergrad years. How long has it been?” Chris shook his hand and you could only stand there awkwardly as they struck up a conversation.
“I think two years maybe, I’ve been meaning to email you actually. But we can talk about that later.” Chris smiled before turning to you and wishing you good luck.
“Oh you know Y/N?” Dr. Daniels pointed to you and you nodded at the question. 
“Uh yeah we live in the same house.” You wondered why Chris didn’t tell him he was helping you out but you didn’t think too much of it.
“I tell you, if you’d asked him for help, then this would have been the easiest two hours of your life.” Dr Daniels said to you, laughing and watching as you looked at Chris for a moment before turning back and responding to him.
“Actually, Chris here has been helping me out for the past week. I’m really lucky I found him.” You refused to look at Chris after your little comment, afraid you’d said too much in front of him. 
“Oh well in that case, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Come on in, the quicker you start, the quicker you can finish and enjoy your break with Chris...and I’ll see you later.” Dr. Daniels motioned for you to step inside his office before walking behind you and nodding at Chris. 
“Yeah, it was nice catching up with you.” Chris waved at him, his eyes never leaving you as you set up your calculator and pencils on the desk. You looked back just in time to see him smiling at you before shoving his hands in his pockets and walking away. You took a deep breath before looking down at the exam packet, writing your name on the blue book and flipping the first page to begin your nightmare of an afternoon.
Two hours later, you put everything in your bag and stood up, reluctantly walking to Dr. Daniels desk before turning it in.
“So, how are we feeling this time around?”
“Honestly, I’m not sure. But I think it’s better than last week. Once again, thank you so much for giving me the chance to do better. I can’t begin to tell you how much of a difference this makes.”
“Please, it’s nothing. I don’t understand why, to this day, they allow students who aren’t going in the field to take this level of Organic Chemistry. It makes no sense to me so anything to help you out and get back at the school.” He chuckled, flipping through the pages of handwriting before placing the blue book on top of his pile of exams. “I’ll email you your grade by the end of the night just so you don’t have to worry about it during your break. And good luck with everything else, it was a pleasure having you in class.” 
“Thank you so much Dr. Daniels. Enjoy your break and Merry Christmas.” 
“Merry Christmas.”
You exited his office, quietly shutting the door behind you before turning around, only to bump into someone. “Oh sorry I didn’t s- Chris! W-what’re you doing here?” You stared at him like he grew a second head, not sure why he was standing right outside the office.
“I got us hot chocolate to celebrate you acing that final!” He handed you your cup and walked ahead of you. You stared at the cup in your hands then back at him, amazed that he was somehow still single. 
“Oh wow thank you, you didn’t have to.” You took a long sip of the drink, wanting to hide behind your up for a little.
“Of course I did. So umm, do you have any plans tonight?” Chris cleared his throat before looking at his shoes.
“Not really no. Dr. Daniels said he’d get my grade by the end of the night so I was just going to spend the rest of my day on my bed, trying not to cry because I probably didn’t do well. No offense to your impeccable tutoring skills.” Humor was your defense mechanism but Chris didn’t think what you said was funny, stopping abruptly before turning and facing you.
“Listen, you understood everything I explained and you did good in there. Give yourself some credit. And since you’re doing nothing, then I think we should go have dinner and watch a movie.” He rambled through that last bit and you blinked confusingly at him before nodding in agreement. Chris continued to walk, opening the door of the building for you and waiting until you exited before following behind you.
“I- sorry, I meant to ask you to dinner, n-not force you into it. If you don’t want to go that’s fine I just-”
“I was hoping you’d ask.” You cut him off, reaching for his hand and intertwining your fingers. It took Chris three seconds to look down and smile at you before tripping over his words again. You sighed in relief and patted yourself on the back for the moment of bravery. 
“Great t-that’s great. You’re really great.” You couldn’t help the giggle that escaped your mouth, and it only worsened when you noticed him blush.
“I’m sorry I promise I’m not laughing at you...I just think it’s adorable that you’re a genius who managed to say ‘great’ three times in a row. No other adjectives in your dictionary right now?” Chris’ embarrassment was more evident now and you hated that you couldn’t stop teasing him. He looked so cute trying to hide from you and you wanted to see him blush again.
“Well, I would be capable of using other adjectives to describe how happy I am right now had it not been for a certain pretty girl who actually agreed to go out with me…” Whatever you thought he would say, that was the last thing that came to mind and you pretended you weren’t jumping up and down in your mind because did he really just call you pretty?
“What’s the matter Y/N? Cat got your tongue?” There was a hint of flirtation in his tone and you rolled your eyes at him, knowing fully well that he could see your reaction to his words. You walked in silence the rest of the way, occasionally catching each other staring before giggling and clasping your hands a little tighter. When you did reach the house, Chris was first to walk in, telling you that he had no patience for the rest of your house mates. No one was in so the two of you sat in the living room and played cards. 
Neither of you watched the time and you only noticed how many hours went by when you heard the familiar bell of the church on campus strike six times. You were hysterically laughing at Chris telling you about how he had to scrub down his friend during a Chemistry lab one time because he tripped and spilled some random chemical on his hands. It wasn’t acidic thankfully but they still had to follow protocol and Chris made sure his friend would never let it down.
“Oh god is that the time already? Listen, we should go get dressed to make it in time for the last showing of the night.” Chris collected all the cards and stood up, pulling you along with him and guiding you upstairs.
“I’ll be ready in fifteen.” You reached your room and ran inside, afraid you’d do or say something stupid about how much you enjoyed the day. Shutting the door, you frantically ran around your room, trying to decide on something cute to wear. You finally paired a long-sleeve shirt with a skirt only to see Chris’ NASA sweatshirt lying on your couch. Picking it up, you took a deep breath and walked to his room to give it to him. When you saw the door was open, you knocked softly and walked in, looking around to see where he was. 
Maybe he went downstairs to grab something...
Leaving the sweatshirt on his chair, you turned around to leave only to find an almost naked and incredibly wet Chris standing in front of you and drying his hair. You tried so hard to not let your eyes go below his neck but you couldn’t, watching as a few droplets of water rolled down his chest, almost as if they were inviting you to go and lick them off. 
When you did finally meet his eyes, you saw a faint blush take over his cheeks and neck.
“Did you need anything?” His hands dropped from his head and he looked around to see if you might have left something in his room by accident.
“I uhh, there was this thing- I mean I found your ummm….s-sweatshirt…I had your sweatshirt and I just wanted to return it.” You looked everywhere else but him, silently waiting for him to kick you out of his room or call you out for going inside without his permission.
“Thanks,” Chris could tell how much you were affected by him and he wasn’t a vain person, not really, but he felt so proud of the hours he spent in the gym because to have you looking at him like that was a dream come true. He could tell how embarrassed you were and decided to end the awkward moment, moving aside and continuing to dry his hair. 
“I’ll see you in a bit.” You whispered before, quite literally, sprinting out of the room and into yours. The door was slammed shut behind you by accident and you hated how shamelessly obvious you were in front of him. Waiting for a few seconds, you moved around the room to try and even out your breath. You felt a sudden chill go down your body and you didn’t realize what you were doing until you were laying down on your bed and pulling the skirt down your legs. Shutting your eyes, it took seconds to conjure up the image of Chris in nothing but a towel, his hair wet and dripping down his impressive chest. You bit your lower lip and moved your panties to the side, sucking on your fingers before reaching down to your slit.
You slowly circled your clit, applying enough pressure to get you wet before inching your middle finger inside your aching core, sighing as you pictured Chris’ hands instead, his blue eyes taking you in as he brought you pleasure. Spreading your thighs a little wider, you increased your pace and imagined his cock teasing your entrance and coating himself with your juices. You knew you had to be quick because the last thing you wanted to do was miss spending more time with him. Throwing back your head, you moaned his name over and over again as you felt yourself reaching that little high. 
But before you could let go, you heard a swear in the form of a vague whisper coming from the direction of the door, eyes widening in horror when you looked up and saw Chris standing there and staring at you. You didn’t know what to do, reluctantly removing your hands before sitting up and grabbing a towel.
“STOP!” Chris wanted to apologize when he saw your body jump at the loud command, but he wanted to make sure you didn’t wipe your hand anywhere. He carefully approached you, not wanting to frighten you anymore with his presence. You watched him like a hawk, knowing this road only had one end.
Chris stood beside the bed and leaned down, looking at your heaving chest before gently taking your hand, not giving you a chance to react as he pulled it to his mouth and started sucking on your fingers. You moaned at the filthy reaction, your eyes incapable of focusing on anything but the way he rolled his tongue around your wet fingers. 
When he saw that you weren’t going to push him away, he let go of your hand and kneeled on the bed, trapping your body between his arms as he leaned down and captured your lips in a heated kiss. You melted beneath him, all shyness flying out the window as you felt his hands explore your flushed skin. You moaned into his mouth when you felt him slip his hands beneath your shirt. But Chris misunderstood and immediately pulled away, searching your features for any sign of discomfort before he asked if he could take your shirt off.
“ this okay?” He whispered, stopping his exploration of your skin to not distract you. Your eyes fluttered open and looked into his, and he smiled to himself when he saw how dilated your pupils were.
“Oh god yes please Chris.” 
That seemed to be all that Chris needed to hear because not a second later, he was fisting his hands in your shirt and dragging it up your body until it was off. He couldn’t help but let his eyes roam over the expanse of your newly exposed torso, licking his lips in anticipation when he could see your nipples poking through the thin material of your bra. He returned his attention to your eyes, smiling when you sighed as he slipped his arms behind your back to unclasp your bra. When he pulled the straps down your arm and threw the undergarment behind him, your breathing picked up and he thought it’d probably be better if he slowed down a bit.
“Relax Y/N, if you want me to stop I c-” He slowed down and was about to move away from you when he felt your hands grab his wrists and pull him back. 
“No, n-no keep going please. I just- make me nervous.”
“Why baby? You didn’t look nervous five minutes ago when you called out my name as these little fingers sank into your sweet pussy.” He shouldn’t have teased you about what he saw but he couldn’t pass up at the chance, the look on your face making him grow harder in his jeans. 
“Chris...please.” You turned away from him, nuzzling into the arm next to your cheek and biting down on his skin to distract him. 
“Tell me honey, what were you thinking of? I’ll give you anything you want, anything you want from me. But I wanna know what you were thinking of. Please.” Chris leaned down and nipped at your jaw before leaving a trail of kisses down your throat, biting down on your shoulder when it took you a little longer to respond to him.
“I- I thought of your fingers touching me, m-making me...oh god, making me cum. And...and I pictured you teasing me with your cock as you spread my thighs open and f-finally...finally- please, oh fuck please…” You shivered when you felt him slowly easing your panties down your leg before settling between your thighs.
“Finally what baby?” Chris looked up and held your gaze as he bit into your inner thighs, smiling he saw your hands fisting into the sheets beneath you.
“F-fucked me until I forgot my name.” You blinked down at him, gasping when he raised an eyebrow at your choice in words before he leaned down one more time and kissed your skin.
“Well why didn’t you just say so sweetheart.” His mischievous smile made you nervous and you threw your head back as soon as you felt his tongue lick at your slit. You moaned and bit into the pillow when his lips closed around your clit and violently sucked at the engorged nub, and you swore you could feel him smirk when your hands shot to his hair and pulled on it.
“C-chris...fuck oh my god your mouth! Feels so good, so” Your back arched off the bed almost painfully and Chris reluctantly shut his eyes and dove into your cunt, humming in approval and moaning at your taste the harder you pulled at his hair. He let go of your legs and pushed down on your thighs before moving one hand to replace his tongue. He looked up and saw bliss taking over your features, using the moment of distraction to spit on your cunt before easing two fingers into your fluttering walls. 
Your eyes shot open instantly, looking down at him just as he descended on you again and licked at your clit while his fingers thrust in and out of you. You couldn’t focus on one specific sensation, the different stimuli pushing you to that familiar fluttering in your stomach. You were already so close before and feeling his fingers replace yours drove you over the edge. 
“Go on baby, let go. Cum for me, let me taste this sweet cunt drenching me. Please baby I want you so fucking badly it hurts. Be a good little girl and cum on my fingers so I could finally fuck you like you want.” Hearing him whispering those filthy, unhinged words to you broke you apart and you fell to the bed again, thighs shaking violently as you gushed around his fingers and on his tongue. Chris continued to suck on your clit, wanting to prolong your pleasure for as long as possible. With a slight graze of his teeth against your little bundle of nerves, you screamed his name and unintentionally shut your thighs around his head. 
Chris kissed your slit one last time before he eased his fingers out of you, rubbing the muscles of your legs to calm you down as he filled his eyes with your flushed skin. He bit his lower lip when he saw your stomach fluttering and your legs slightly shaking, squeezing your calves once before moving off of the bed and stripping off his clothes.
“C-chris…” You finally managed to open your eyes, smiling hazily at him as you touched yourself and watched as he took his clothes off. He was down to his boxers and waited a moment, laughing when he saw you pinch and pull at your nipples while you whined for him to hurry up.
“Aren’t you a greedy little thing?” Chris winked at you when he took his boxers off, his chest expanding with pride when he saw the look on your face. 
“Fuck me…” You spread your thighs wide open when he moved to sit between your knees, unable to hold back from reaching to him and grasping his heavy cock in your hand. “We- we don’t...fuck that’s it baby. Your hands are so warm...we don’t have to do anything you- you don’t want.”
“Chris please, need you. Want your- your cock in me, stretching me...fucking me. Hard...please.” You were speaking in broken sentences and Chris had to hold back from coming right then and there. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he allowed you to pull him closer to your cunt.
“Wait- wait...we need a-”
“IUD...I have an IUD...and I haven’t been with anyone in a long time. Unless you want one. I didn’t mean to make it seem like-” 
“Fucking hell you’re going to be the death of me baby. I was tested after my last time, can’t fucking remember when that was to be honest. Are you...are you sure? I can go grab a condom right now.” Chris didn’t take his eyes off of you once, hands gripping your ass as you maneuver yourself closer to him and swipe the head of his cock against your clit.
“Please...wanna feel you with nothing between us. Oh god Chris I just- I want you. Now. Please, fuck me. F-fuck me.” Your desperate pleas made him twitch in your hand and he nodded at you, looking down and watching as you slowly pushed the head of his cock in your cunt.
“Fuck...oh baby you’re so big. You’re stretching me Chris...already feel so full. Fuck, I- I need…” You weren’t sure what you were asking of him but Chris seemed to understand what you needed, leaning down and molding his lips with yours as he inched into you. He felt your nails digging into his back and groaned when your cunt clenched tightly around him. “Oh sweet fucking god Y/’re so tight around me...squeezing the fuck out of me. Fuck baby that’s it...take it. Take my cock in that little pussy, you’re so perfect. Made for me...made to take my cock.” He nuzzled into the crook of your neck, kissing and licking at your damp skin as he finally sheathed himself fully inside of you.
You were both breathing heavily, and you whimpered when he continued to swear against your neck. You could tell he was having a difficult time holding back, the thought of how patient he was making your heart skip a beat. When you finally relaxed your muscles enough, you scratched the back of his neck and begged him to move.
“Sweetheart...I- can I move?” 
The whispered plea drove him mad with lust and he pushed up on his elbows to look at you, never once breaking eye contact as he pulled out and bucked his hips back into you again. You sighed his name and threw your head back, focusing on the way his hard dick twitched inside you as it slid against your walls. You could feel the tip of his cock hitting that deep, soft spot inside you over and over again, knowing that you were somehow already close to coming again. 
“You’re amazing baby, fucking exquiste. Like heaven...heaven and my dreams. Oh god, I’m- you’re clenching so tightly around me...could feel this cunt sucking me in deeper. Shit, are- are you already close again?” He could feel the familiar tightening of your walls and hissed when you nodded at him.
“Ok...fuck, could you wait for me darling? Please...wanna cum with you, feel you milking me dry. Please baby I’m begging here. Wait for me, fuck, wait for me.” You couldn’t deny him his request even if you wanted to, and you opened your eyes just in time to see his eyebrows furrow in focus. You parted your lips and groaned his name like a mantra, telling him of how hot and hard and thick he felt, whispering how much you wanted him to cum in you, to fill you up and keep fucking you until neither of you could move.
“Baby...oh god, baby you’re fucking amazing. Beautiful...perfect. Oh fuck, I- I’m…”
“Cum with me Chris...please, want to feel you cum in me. With me. Oh- oh please-”
As soon as you looked down and saw where you were joined, the thread uncoiled, and you threw your arms around Chris, pulling him closer and gasping his name as he picked up the pace and fucked into you harder, the sound of slapping skin filling the room and making you wish you could scream his name.
He bit into your shoulder as he felt your walls flutter around him, growling and shaking above you as he felt his balls pulse and signal his release. He came deep inside your pussy, his rhythm faltering the harder you squeezed him and pulled him in. He could feel you whimpering beneath him, and he smiled when you crossed your legs across his back to keep him inside you once he started to slow down. 
You weren’t sure how long you remained tangled in each other’s arms and when Chris tried to push off of you, you shook your head and begged him to stay.
“Not going anywhere baby...fuck, I don’t think I’ve ever cum this hard. You’re...something special Y/N.” Chris leaned down and kissed your lips, smiling against you when he felt your hold tighten around his neck. He parted and hissed when your cunt clenched around him once more, unable to hold back from chuckling at the sweet sensation. He slowly eased himself out and leaned back on his knees, watching as his cum leaked out of you and rolled down your thighs.
“Fucking hell.” Chris inhaled deeply before reaching down for his shirt to clean you up.
“Wait no you’ll get it dirty.”
“Who cares?” He shrugged as he softly cleaned his mess, apologizing when he became a little excited and rubbed harder than he should have. Throwing the shirt away, he pushed you to the side before rolling next to you, moving you into his arms and looking up at the ceiling as you drew patterns on his chest. 
“Did you know that in ancient times, the seven musical notes were assigned to the seven heavenly bodies in various symbolic arrangements? Kepler basically precisely calculated these long imagined Harmoniae Mundi...he noticed that the ratios between planets’ extreme angular velocities were all harmonic intervals. And more recently even, Molchanov has shown that the entire solar system can be viewed as a ‘tuned’ quantum structure, with Jupiter as the conductor of the orchestra.” You blinked up in confusion at Chris, eyebrows furrowing when he looked down and smiled at you.
“Sorry...I didn’t mean to ruin the moment.” He blushed under your gaze, scratching his hair when your confused expression turned into an amused one.
“No no, you didn’t. I like listening to you talk about things you’re passionate about. I’m just surprised because you’re suddenly talking about harmonies which has nothing to do with your area.” You rested your chin on his chest and watched as he laid his head back in thought.
“Well, I was really interested in our last conversation and I read up on some stuff and I found all of these theories that connect music and geometry and space and the planets playing in tune and- god you’re going to think I’m stupid.” Chris shut his eyes and rubbed at his face, hoping to somehow hide from you until you let it go. 
“No never...please, what were you going to say?”
“I wanted to impress I thought I could learn about harmonics and rhythms and I found all of this stuff about Kepler’s theories on planetary orbits and how he found the answer through geometry and musical spheres and...what?” He saw the way you were looking at him and blinked shyly, hoping that you wouldn’t think he was a complete weirdo. 
“That might be the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for me.” Chris’ expression grew softer at your confession, shutting his eyes when you leaned over and kissed his cheeks. 
“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Chris said as you pulled your head back to take a better look at him. What you saw in his eyes should have terrified you but instead, you felt your heart beat in comfort at his exclamation.
“So are you…” You nuzzled into his neck, twirling his hair around your fingers as you breathed his scent in and kissed his jaw. You were just about to doze off when a chime came from your phone. God, you knew the notification sound immediately, and you also knew who was emailing you so late in the afternoon.
“Oh god, I can’t check.” You shook your head and groaned when Chris leaned over and grabbed your phone. 
“Unlock it for me baby and I’ll check. I’m sure you did well.” He tried to put you at ease, kissing your forehead and whispering more assurances to you as you unlocked your phone and handed it to him. Scrolling through your apps, he found the Outlook app and clicked on it, opening the email from Dr. Daniels and reading through the email. You took in his face and cursed how well he was able to hide whatever emotion he was experiencing. 
“I think,” Chris said as he shut your phone off and placed it on the nightstand again, not giving you a chance to say anything as he rolled you underneath him and kissed your neck, “that we should forgo going out tonight, and stay in to celebrate. Properly celebrate your B+.” He laughed when you squealed and smashed your lips with his.
“Thank you thank you thank you, oh god I can’t believe I passed.”
“I knew you would sweetheart.” Chris fell back on the bed when you pushed him down, shutting his eyes and moaning in pleasure when you straddled him and left a trail of wet kisses down his scruff to his chest.
“Music and science aren’t the closest friends can hardly blame me for not thinking I did well.” You whispered as you slowly pushed your hand between the two of you and took hold of his hardening dick.
“They might not be friends...but they are bedfellows...oh fuck.” You laughed at the remark, continuing your descent and kissing just above his happy trail. You smiled when you felt his hips buck against you, his fingers tightening their hold around your arms as you scratched his abdominal muscles. 
“In more ways than one obviously.”  
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storiesforallfandoms · 29 days ago
that makes it all feel complicated ~ machine gun kelly
word count: 1423
request?: yes!
“Colson baker x female reader. The reader and colson have been dating for awhile and one day colson takes her to meet Pete but when colson introduces her to Pete her and Pete are acting like they’ve known each other for years when colson asks how they know each other they and they both reveal that they dated, later on while hanging out with Pete the reader notices how colson is looking at Pete and he reveals that he’s jealous but she reassures him that she only has eyes for him. She’s a comedian.”
description: in which he finds out his best friend is his girl’s ex, and he starts to feel a little jealous of their connection
pairing: machine gun kelly x female!reader
warnings: swearing
masterlist (one, two)
Tumblr media
The excitement building up to Colson’s SNL performance was coursing through everyone’s veins, including yours. Colson was practically skipping to his dressing room before his soundcheck. You giggled as you followed him. You had never seen him so excited for a performance before.
Before he reached his dressing room, he exclaimed and bounded into the arms of one of the cast members. As you got closer, you recognized the face of Colson’s best friend, Pete Davidson.
“Man, it’s about time you’re on the show,” Pete said once his embrace with Colson ended. “I’ve been trying to get you on here since the album dropped.”
“Dude, this has been my dream for years. I can’t believe it’s finally happening.” Suddenly remembering your presence, Colson turned to you. “Oh, Pete, this is my girlfriend, (Y/N). Babe, this is Pete.”
You tried to hide your knowing smile as Colson introduced the two of you, but it was nearly impossible when Pete was already chucking at the irony of the situation.
“Hey Pete,” you said.
“Hey (Y/N). Good to see you.”
Colson looked between the two of you. “You two know each other?”
You gave him a confused look before realization crossed your face. Pete mirrored your confused look as he looked between the two of you. “ don’t know.”
Before either of them could say anything else, you quickly said, “Pete and I used to date. Like forever ago, way before you and I got together.”
Colson’s eyes got so wide you were sure they’d pop out of his head. Pete’s face got red with embarrassment, realizing he had dropped the ball on the situation. You took Colson’s hand and dragged him into the dressing room, politely excusing yourself from Pete. Colson seemed to be in a daze as you closed the door behind you. Every ounce of excitement seemed to melt away and you immediately felt bad.
“You never told me you dated Pete,” was the first thing he said when the door closed.
“I never thought of it,” you said with a shrug. That wasn’t a lie. You really hadn’t thought to tell Colson. It wasn’t like the two of you spent much time with Pete, considering the fact that Colson had only just introduced you for the first time.
“He’s my best friend, how could you not think of it?”
His anger made you back away a moment. Realizing this, his face softened and he sighed. “I’m sorry. It’s none of my business, I shouldn’t be so mad.”
“You have every right to be annoyed with me,” you said. “But I really didn’t think to tell you. We dated years ago, before Pete was even famous. It honestly slipped my mind that we even dated because it was so long ago, even though you are friends with him.”
You knew it was a lot for Colson to take in. Before he could say anything else, the producers of the show knocked on the door to tell Colson it was time for his soundcheck. You took hold of Colson’s arm to stop him before he left. “I’m sorry I never told you.”
“It’s okay babe,” Colson said. “I get it, but you’re mine now and I know nothing will change that.”
You smiled as Colson gave you a quick kiss and started making his way to the stage. You followed behind, trying to get the excitement back that you were both feeling before your encounter with Pete.
The run through of Colson’s first song went perfect and they didn’t feel the need to go through it again. The second song on his setlist was my ex’s best friend, and of course, this was the time Pete had arrived to watch him.
“Aye, you know my ex So that makes it all feel complicated yeah”
“I’m sorry if I caused anything between you and Colson,” Pete said to you. “I genuinely didn’t know you hadn’t told him.”
You shrugged. “Don’t worry about it. He was shocked, but he seemed alright after getting the news.”
“You walked in my life at 2am Cause my boy’s new girl is your best friend”
“You two are perfect for one another,” Pete commented. “I’m sure you don't need to be told that, though.”
You chuckled at his comment. “I hear it almost every time we post online together. Plus, I know it’s a cliché, but I knew from the moment I met him that Colson was the one for me.”
Pete smiled. “I’m glad my boy found himself an amazing girl, and you found someone you deserve, too.”
You smiled back at Pete. You were glad the two of you hadn’t had a bad break up. It had been years ago, as you told Colson before, but you had both decided you just weren’t right for one another. You friendship had grown apart after Pete’s career started, but you still held no ill will towards Pete.
“Now we’re in the backseat of a black car Going home And you ask me Is it wrong if I come up with you?”
Colson found himself glaring at his best friend as his girlfriend laughed at something that was said. He was trying to focus on the song, but it was hard when the information (Y/N) had told him earlier was running through his head.
Of course he trusted her when she said the relationship was long over and there was nothing between them, and he believed that she genuinely forgot to tell them. Even though he trusted her and Pete, he still felt jealousy building up inside of him. He couldn’t help but see the two of them in a different light with this new knowledge.
“Hey Kells?” came a voice through his earpiece. “You’re uh...kinda off there?”
Colson realized he had stopped singing all together. He shook his head, trying to snap himself out of his own head. “Yeah sorry. Start over?”
You were watching with slight confusion as Colson started the song over. You could see he was trying not to look at you and Pete, but his eyes kept glancing over towards the two of you every so often. It didn’t take you long to realize what was going on.
“That was better, right?” Colson asked when he finished the first part of the song and Blackbear’s voice started singing on the track.
“That was good,” the producer confirmed. “Do you feel like you have to run over it again?”
His eyes glanced towards you again. You started to approach the stage and held a hand out to your boyfriend. “Quick break, I’m stealing the rockstar.”
Neither of you waited for an answer as Colson almost immediately stepped off the stage and followed you to a more private area. Once you were away from everyone, you crossed your arms. “Are you upset over Pete and I?”
Colson looked down, but you took his chin in your hand and tilted his head up to look at you again. “Colson, look at me. Are you upset?”
He sighed and shook his head. “I’m not upset...but I am jealous.”
“Why? I told you we’ve been long over and there’s so far from being anything there between us.”
“I know, and I believe you, but I just have this feeling of jealous in me seeing you two together. It’s like I’m looking at the two of you in a different light, and I can’t help but think...well, Pete’s known you longer and knew you before I did. What if he’s better for you than I am because of that?”
You cupped Colson’s face and looked up into the blue eyes you loved so much. “Colson, baby, it doesn’t matter how long I’ve known Pete or if we were together before I was with you or anything like that. I love you, you know that. You said it yourself earlier - I’m yours and nothing will change that.”
Colson nodded and rested his head against yours. “I know, I was being stupid.”
“You were being very stupid,” you teased. “But I am here to remind you of that I’m yours whenever you need the reminder.”
Colson smiled and gave you a quick kiss. You smiled back and grabbed his shoulders, spinning him to face the stage again. “Now, stop being stupid and go sing.”
You heard him chuckle as he raced back to the stage. You watched him go with a smile on your face, feeling so lucky to be able to call that adorable dork yours.
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mana-sputachu · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
It’s march 25 already in Japan, so , HAPPY BIRTHDAY IORI! <3 I worked on this thing for a month now and i hate it with all my heart orz but i really wanted to do something unrelated to the tournament and focused on his music career instead, like... a moment during a photoshoot with his band. Speaking of, i’ll threw some Iori headcanons at you while we are at it - it’s A LONG ASS POST, be warned, so i’ll put it under the cut. You’ll find the text-less version of this drawing either on my twitter or pixiv!
Pinned post (with commission infos and where you can find me)! And now... the headcanons!
Following the “Iori and Kyo are completely opposites, from the family crest to their tastes in food” thing, if Kyo is still in highschool/a dropout then Iori probably used to have the best grades ever and be the best student without even trying too much (in my hcs he has a degree because I want my asshole son to feel a c c o m p l i s h e d, ok.). He probably didn’t even like to study that much (unless it was a subject he was interested in), it was just… easy for him, I guess. Dunno, he always gave me the idea of being more or less a nerd - both school nerd and games/comics/books/whatever nerd (i’ve read a couple fanfic where he was. Also, if you come from a franchise with characters that are straight based on JoJo, Rocky Joe and horror movies characters, it’s kinda fitting lol). AND MUSIC NERD, of course. Needless to say, in my hcs he chose a music school (i’ve checked and there are a few in Japan). A few hc I saw floating around years ago stated that his father sent him money sometimes to make him change his mind about his duty as Yagami heir, so I can see him using that money mostly for funding his goal instead, while having part time jobs for normal expenses (some ff and hcs I came across through the years went from him working at a grocery shop to being a bouncer, so i just like the idea of him starting to work in a grocery shop and then working as bouncer so he can work in the evening and going to school in the morning. Plus, he would be good as a bouncer, being so intimidating, so he would probably made more money this way and probably work only during weekend nights). I also… always imagined Iori to be the kind of guy that, once he has a goal in his mind, he does EVERYTHING to achieve it (that’s why he’s still chasing Kyo to beat him, bless his heart). So i always imagined him looking for a part time job once in Osaka (i have certain hcs for a crossover thing where the whole KoF is set on Tokyo, but that’s another story) and renting a super small apartment that he will later leave and buy his own fancy apartment, once his musical career finally start to go well - and no, i don’t care if a lot of people like the idea of him living in that bunker you can see in the KOF Kyo manga. He strikes me as someone that enjoys fancy things (i mean, he dresses well. Edgy, but well), and in the KoF R mahnwa there's a scene where we can briefly see his apartment, and it's fancy AF (almost tacky, lol, but i noticed it's a bit of a thing in certain mahnwas… the KoF ones at least).
Speaking of music… his official profile states that his fave music genre is jazz, but then he goes around dressed like a goth/alternative musician (a thing I highly approve), something that even other characters pointed out to him in some of the games (i think one was SvC).. So my hc is that he discovered jazz when he was a kid, and it became his Linus’ blanket, the genre he would listen to when he needed something that gave him comfort in his life (and given the childhood he probably had, he listened A LOT of jazz); he probably listened other things too, while he was alone and his father was not around. Once he was out of the Yagami household, and finally free to do whatever he wanted, Iori started to explore other genres, from ‘80s to metal, synthpop, new wave, and starting playing metal/alt rock, but with jazz still being his 'comfort zone'.
While it’s implied he’s a guitarist/bass player, I always liked the idea of Iori being also a very skilled vocalist. I admit in my hcs he’s mostly a frontman vocalist rather than a guitarist during concerts… seriously, he has the personality, the look and the charisma to be one. I can only imagine someone like him what kind of stage presence can have, AND the vocal range. With a voice that deep, my music maniac self went crazy. He's still a guitarist/bassist (and probably plays piano too, according to a panel in the KOF 2000 mahnwa… that I would gladly link if I could find it online. I can post it later tho, as I have it saved.), he just… strikes to me as a vocalist more. And… FORGIVE ME FANDOM FOR I DO NOT LIKE KUNIHIKO YASUI’S SINGING VOICE. I can’t, really. For my hcs I have some “voice claims” that fit my tastes for Iori’s voice - Serj Tankian being my absolute fave. But also Miles Kennedy (Iori’s singing Blackbird??? Chef’s kiss), or Juha Kylmänen (he used to have long, red hair, just sayin’…), or, if you want even more deeper voices, Whiplasher Bernadotte or Peter Steele. And for a japanese alternative, Klaha or Seiji/Seth, no questions. Also, the way he dresses, visual kei is the first thing that comes to my mind, not jazz, lol. Yeah, i’m a VK obsessed, but COME ON. *points at Iori’s fashion tastes* I realize this is quite a different idea from his canon role, but… can’t help but LOVING the idea of him being a singer. \o/
I honestly like the idea of his band being a major. SNK never gave much details about anything this, and a lot of fanwriters seems to think of him as a casual musician at best, but let’s be honest: if he can be so obsessed dedicated to the idea of kill someone he hates, he can’t really be any less dedicated towards something he loves. Therefore, if he has to be a musician, he sure as hell would strive for the fame - not for the glory itself, but I can see him wanting to share his songs with as many people as possible. Say what you want, but he’s probably the kind of songwriter that likes to write meaningful, personal songs (except when he’s drunk and starts to put DIE KYO into a song), love songs sure but also a lot of very personal stuff: I love when bands, esp asian ones, have a specific concept they stick to, expanding it with lore too, and I can totally see this nerd doing something similar - writing songs where he talks about his childhood and traumas (even if he may no be super clear and open about it), or fight with the monster inside his head (his Orochi alter ego, but also the monster that his childhood and his father created), everything paired with a dark, alternative fashion and a horror concept for the mvs (yes I love thinking about this stuff, don’t @ me, also this goddamn pandemic gives me way too much time to think about stupid things, it’s the only thing that is keeping me sane through this). Not to mention… if he risks to die young because of his family curse (I doubt SNK will ever kill him but that’s beside the point), why just accept it and be miserable when you can make the best out of it?
I have very cheesy hcs about Iori’s band and how they met (they were attending the same music school. ALSO the band’s name is probably something that reminds of the moon, it’s Iori after all...), and that he actually cares about them and considers them friends. I mean, we know Iori is capable of having somewhat quiet, civil relationships with some people even in canon (Chizuru, who i ship him with, and Athena mostly, but we can also add Yuri and Shingo thanks to both The King of fantasy and KoFG), but when I started playing KOF ALLSTAR (is someone else here playing it?) I've noticed the drawing on this option card: now, the way the game lore presents Iori, you would never imagine him doing something that cheesy like writing his name on the recording studio’s wall, don’t you think? So this  makes me think he actually likes playing with his band and them as persons. I could also being reading into it way too much, but isn’t that kinda the point of headcanons? :D But it’s canon that i loves music way more than the rest, so I just love to think he’s happy and relaxed when he can make music with his band, and actually likes his bandmates because they’re not tied to Orochi or the KoF in any way, they’re like… a breath of fresh air in his existence that usually revolves around those things, whether he likes it or not. The most embarrassing thing about this hc is… I loosely based them on Trapnest (from Ai Yazawa’s Nana), so they are named Ren, Naoki and Takumi. The latters are even similar to the original in their appearance, but attitudes and personalities are different. It’s borderline stupid, I know, but honestly SNK will never tell us this stuff (but we will always know what they like to eat and boobie’s size for the girls, you know, the important infos /s), and this hc of mine is SO OLD at this point I’ll just stick to it, who cares lol.
YT channel and web show for Iori and his band, anyone? During this pandemic I binge-watched A LOT of k-pop funny compilations on YT, finding a few more groups I like (last but not the least, BTS. Yeah, them. They’re adorable, honestly), and suddenly imagined Iori and his band having this kind of compilations made by fans, hell maybe their web show on their YT channel, much like RUN BTS or 2NE1 TV. Yes it's weird for a rock band, but honestly I would pay good money to see something like that for my fave rock/metal&j-rock bands (and Mana is already doing something along the line on his channel, THERE’S A REASON HE’S MY FAVE SINCE 2003). Anyway, since I have these kinds of fluff hcs about Iori and his band, I like to think they have this kind of funny content too, from their own YT channel/show to the funny compilations made by fans, not to mention videos from tv shows appearances and the likes, with funny captions and all, the twitter threads like “Iori as cat: a very important thread”/”Smiling Iori to cleanse your TL”/”XYZ Records DROPPED PICS OF IORI WORKING OUT, HOW ARE WE FANDOM?” made by fangirls and so on. And the best thing is (well, for me), it would show sides of him that he usually would hide around Kyo and others during tournaments. Now, I'm not the biggest Kyo fan (I used to straight up hate him back in the days thanks to KOF Zillion, where he’s portrayed as this saint-like saviour even by villains, with a cardboard flat personality. Only years later I discovered he has, in fact, a personality and an annoying/childish one too. BUT I definitely welcome it after the mess that Zillion!Kyo was), nor I like him shipped with Iori (sorry fans, don’t hate me pls), but I absolutely love the idea of them being forced to get along, especially if it’s Kyo that for once takes interest in knowing Iori outside their feud. So I DEFINITELY enjoy the idea of Kyo binge watching all the content he can find about Iori and his band, from MVs to the funny fan made compilations, just to understand what kind of person Iori is when he’s not chasing him. And discovering that wow, he’s talented! And also probably thinking things like “wow, so he’s actually capable of laughing without sounding like a psycho? And… to smile without being creepy?”, “So he DOES HAVE some kind of sense of humor that doesn’t involve laughing at me slipping down the stairs, that’s kind of cool actually”, “Wait, so he actually LIKES his bandmates and doesn’t actively try to kill them?!”, “OH MY GOD HE KNOWS MIYAVI?!” and so on. Not to mention, the feud Yashiro and CSY have with him would be even more fun, tv shows would invite both groups just because they know Yashiro’s reaction to Iori’s presence would make the share skyrocket. Like, can you imagine Kyo discovering that Iori and his band do lives on YT (or the japanese equivalent of V-Live, if they have one), and quickly creating fake accounts just to annoy him asking questions like “But what about Kyo? Have you finally surrendered to his supremacy in battle?”, only to be answered with a chill “Come on Shingo, stop, I know it’s you”. And actually being left to wonder if he really sounds like Shingo. Also, I once came across this fanfic and now I’m amused by the idea of a lowkey rivalry (less childish than that story tho) between Iori and Benimaru as who has more magazine covers and photoshoots, so during tournaments you would see them exchanging smirks and cryptic messages like “I had 6 in the latest months” “Only 6? I had 10 but guess being a musician will help on that aspect too”. It’s pretty much Legolas and Ghimli in that LoTR scene where they count every kill they made, but make it Iori and Benimaru counting their magazine covers. And just go on like that, a smirk, a growl, a phone call to a manager to try and get more photoshoots done, lol.
He has a twin sister. Let me explain: according to the lore, Iori has a younger sister that was apparently born as a joke, but then she became kinda canon(ish) thanks to The King Of Fantasy (we can see her here, but Iori mentions her more during the story). I also kinda talked about her more in this post and this one too, where an anon gave me some more infos. Now, KOF Zillion (clearly the source of some of my weirdest hcs) at one point shows us Ioriko Yagami, Iori’s cousin and headmaster of the Yagami clan… except she is identical to Iori because she’s in fact Miss X, Iori’s fake identity in Gals Fighter and SNK Heroines, here she is standing next to Iori in one of KOF Zillion covers. I said multiple time that the italian translation of Zillion is very “”creative”” to say the least, but once I even found a french translation when she was also addressed as his cousin (or something similar), but the name was Yuki (either way, always very creative names I must say)... so from here, it comes my idea of Iori’s twin sister. He has canonically a younger sister, we don’t know how she looks aside that small panel, so unless SNK will give us more infos (AHAHAHAHAHA yeah, sure) I am free to think my hc may work. I mean, nothing would change in his clan hierarchy, she just looks like him and it’s younger by a few minutes, that’s all. In my hcs she has always been a bit more carefree and outgoing than Iori and not as good as him in martial arts, but still an exceptional fighter that tries very hard to cheer up his grumpy brother. Also, all the twins shenanigans. And Kyo having a crisis because THERE’S TWO YAGAMI NOW, THEY’RE MULTIPLYING LIKE GREMLINS! But unlike Iori, she really doesn’t care about the feud between their clans and she would really like to stop it (she’s very afraid for Iori since he may risk dying very young because of his family curse). Also also… I need to find a better name for her, Ioriko is boring as hell and there’s already a Yuki in the lore, but I don’t have any idea so I keep using the former. Izumi was also an option.
He has his own cats. I often read fanfics where Iori just casually feeds strays, and while is an absolutely adorable image that I love and approve of, I like the idea of him being a cat dad SO MUCH. So yes, I have ideas for his cats too: a chubby, quiet one named Mochi, a white naughty one named Tofu, and very small female calico with a bunny-like tail named Yuffie (she’s based on my bestie’s old cat, I absolutely adored that kitty. Also my bestie is the one that, almost 20 years ago, introduced me to KoF. Pretty sure she never imagined what kind of fangirlish monster she would have turned me into). He’s also probably the kind of cat person that actually talks to his cats, replying with “I know, I KNOW” everytime his cats meow at him. You know, like every respectable pet owner would do.
He collects collars. I once read in a fanfic that his collar was a symbol of him being tied to Orochi, and while it can make sense, I think he would absolutely refuse to wear any kind of symbol that could remind him of his curse (as if he could forget it anyway). Since he’s edgy and wears edgy, I just like the idea of him having a wide collection of collars and chokers. Being a musician, it also makes even more sense he has a lot of stuff he could use on stage.
He also collects moon related stuff. You may think it’s only because of his clan, but between the moon of his jacket, some of his most famous quotes (“Remember me when you look at the moon!” anyone?), the necklace, THE GODDAMN PRINT ON HIS CLOTHES IN HIS XIV OUTFIT (seriously, I once looked at it because I was drawing Iori, and his shirt has a moon print on it, obviously), seems like an obsession. He probably also has a playlist dedicated only to songs with moon in it (Fly me to the moon, La Luna, Hijo de la luna, and so on… no really i can list 200 other moon related songs, i’m a human jukebox). He also collects cat stuff, because COME ON. Kitty slippers and kitty hoodie? He owns it. Cat shaped stuff of any sorts? He’s already sold. His amazon wish list is probably 90% moon and cats.
Thanks to some fanart I saw on pixiv, I like the idea of Iori being able to cook. I imagine he had to learn once he understood he couldn’t live off pre-made ramen or eat out everyday, especially before becoming a famous musician. He’s pretty stubborn so he probably kept trying until he became good at it, and who knows… maybe enjoyed it too. Cooking is pretty relaxing, after all. Also, probably all his yeast-based doughs must be super soft cause i can see him literally PUNCHING them while kneading cause he just imagines Kyo’s face in it: “Everytime I make pizza I imagine your face on it and PUNCH IT. It raises amazingly and the pizza is super soft, you should try it, Kyo.”
He talks in a very polished way. I don’t disdain him swearing (it’s Iori, after all), especially if he’s angry, but sometimes I come across stories where he talks like he’s in a gang or something, while he’s quite polished in games too (he quoted Shakespeare in a SNK vs Capcom, come on…).
He speaks at least english quite decently. Since i hc him as a major singer, at least one of his band members need to talk english if they make tours outside Japan, so he’s probably the “official” translator for his band… and probably often ending up regretting his life choices and being embarrassed AF, just like poor BTS’ Namjoon.
He wears eyeglasses. This is an hc of mine he shares with Jin (Tekken), since they both have a demonic alter ego they can’t fully control (they have SO MUCH in common, and i’m so grateful for the KoF x Tekken collab KoF ALLSTAR gave us. I dunno while lots of fan thinks Iori is more similar to Kazuya, why you would compare anyone to Kazuya to begin with tbh, ew): the idea behind this is that they would suffer from headaches before they discovers the real causes, but then keep using them because glasses kinda help them with the dizziness and headaches they may still have (and also because they look cool AF).
His red hair and blue eyes are natural. It has never been clear if they were a consequence of the Orochi curse or not (various manwhas depicted Iori’s ancestors like that even before the curse), everyone in the fandom seems to have a different opinion about it. I just like the idea of those being natural traits (albeit weird, but it’s not like Athena or Kasumi or Kula have normal hair colors, so). Also his eyes are always blue and turn red only during the Riot. This is canon but it seems everyone likes to portray him with red eyes constantly, and… i just don’t dig it lol.
I have detailed hcs for his relationship with Chizuru (who I ship him with), that go beyond the simple “she pops up during KoF 96 to convince him and Kyo to collaborate with her). Making those two to collaborate requires patience and effort, so I just like the idea of her introducing herself to them some time prior to the tournament to talk to them. Plus, Maki is still alive at this point, I don’t use the “canon” years anymore since SNK doesn’t do it either anymore lol. But i’ll probably make another document for their story, lol.
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maniacwatchestheworld · 29 days ago
The DA Y/N OC Hunger Games Part 4
Part 1 | Part 3 || Part 5
Sorry for not having gotten around to this for the last few days. There was really no reason for it. Lately my brain has just been a pile of useless, non-productive mush. So I just haven't gotten anything done at all these last few days... Which isn't good, I suppose, but that's just what happens sometimes when you have a bad brain. And a bad brain is indeed what I have. IN ANY CASE! That's not what you're here for! You're here for murder! Soooooooo...
Do you know what time it is? Showtime? Murder time! Time for round 4 baybee! Y'all ready for this? No? Well TOO BAD BUCKO! It's back to business for us! So here we are! The results of round 4!
Tumblr media
In a fit of frenzy, Alice @chelseareferenced​ creeps up on ??? ( @youraverageauprocrastinator​ ) and kills them dead!
WOOF! What a way to start off the round amiright? Fresh off of getting her revenge and snapping Dark’s neck, Alice decides to keep the murder spree up by killing ??? (youraverageauprocrastinator) here! And what a shame too. They never did figure out how to feel about all of this... And now they never will. Because they're dead. Forever. RIP. u.u
Y/N ( @dormats-town​ ) wonders how far they could throw their pitchfork. Athena (Post-WKM) ( @withjust-a-bite​ ) just wants it to end already...
I suppose that Athena (Post-WKM) here is just watching Y/N “Abe Slayer” (dormats-town) figure out how to stabby stab people real good with their pointy. Very difficult job for the both of them, I'm sure. Athena, I just hope that for your sake that Roses here isn't using you for pitchfork throwing practice (as a target). So long as no one is trying to stabby stab you, I think that's a thing to be massively grateful for! Is there really any need to sulk around if that's the case...? (I mean yes, but shhhhhh!)
Daffodil ( @shattered-da​​ ) feels sorry for Lillian ( @indic0lite​ ) and frees them from the trap.
Well isn’t that nice! After making some friends, Daffodil still finds time out of their busy, busy day to help Lillian out! Are they friends now? Maybe! I have no idea! At the very least Lillian probably owes Daffodil their life. So play nice you two! And don’t you both go off murdering each other! That would be very sad. Huh. A Daffodil and a Lilly... How quaint. (I have no idea if Lillian is alright with going by ‘Lilly’ or not, but I mean... Flower friends! ALL THE FLOWER FRIENDS! ... Please...?)
Y/N ( @purple-anxiety-blog​ ) tries to kill Seth ( @who-killed-the-da​ ), but Seth retaliates and kills her instead.
After hating this place and looking like she could snap at any second, Braidy decides that it’s finally time to take fate into her own hands and to start doing some murdering! ... Only to immediately fail and die at the hands of the bikini-clad, magical scepter-wielding Seth... I guess she was listening to me and my suggestions from last round... Hm... Sorry about that! My bad! I should probably not give suggestions on who or who not to kill ever again! (Still probably gonna do it anyway tho.)
Dee looks for someone dumb enough to believe them.
Dee, I don’t think that that’s possible. No one here is dumber than you after all! We both have the bad brain baybee! Not even the two idiots right below your action here are too dumb to fall for any tricks you may come up with!
William feels strong enough to handle anything. (Actor) Mark is only looking out for himself.
But Will! Can you handle the narcissistic bastard sitting right next to you who’s seeking to ruin your life!? History says... No. No you can not.
Wilford Warfstache can't wait to kill again...
Uh... Yeah. That makes too much sense for him, really. Sooooo... Uh... People better start running before Warfy decides to do a little more stabby stabbing! I mean, he just killed his temporal bud for having a higher kill count than him! And they were supposed to be friends! Who knows what he’d do to you!
Lillian ( @indic0lite​ ) is looking particularly erratic today.
I mean, after being trapped and almost dying... Yeah, that’s fair. That might cause a little mental (and physical) scarring. You know what? You deserve a break! So go ahead and take the rest of the day off, dear!
Gray ( @without-celine​ ) looks for their next victim...
Jesus Christ! You haven’t even killed anyone yet and yet you’re already clamoring to do some good ol' fashioned murder! Calm the fuck down in there, Damien! We should really stop him, shouldn't we?
Dylan ( @the-mirror-realm​ ) swooshes the air with their sword. Y/N ( @ask-the-mirror-da​ ) is being adorable as always. Rosie ( @lostanddrowned​ ) doesn't care much for this place.
I mean, why would you care about this place...? Who actually wants to be here, right? Don’t we all just want to leave...? Maybe all of this violence amounts to nothing and merely serves to reflect our own relentless desires for self-indulgence. After all, who would revel in violence and death like this? Especially the death of their own characters... NAH! I kid! I’m having a great time! And I know that many of you out there are having a great time too! This isn’t going to be over until it’s over! Besides, you don’t need to worry about anything when you can woosh woosh a sword everywhere! ... Or at least watch someone else woosh woosh their sword in the air! Woosh woosh is fun. Don't you deny!
Celine finds some leather scraps, just enough to patch together some rudimentary clothing. It looks rather caveman-like.
Okay... So Celine has decided to go all savage up in here... Fair enough. Valid way to spend your time. Besides, it’s not like she has a brother who would be embarrassed by or judge her for dressing up like that anymore!
In a fit of frenzy, Veridia ( @ask-the-femaleda​ ) creeps up on Athena (Post-WKM) ( @withjust-a-bite​ ) and slaughters her!
And Veridia’s snapping in round 1 finally pays off! Sorry to see you go, Athena. You made things very dicey for Lillian for a second there and could have been a genuinely terrifying contestant. Better luck next time for both of you! Maybe you should have stuck around Roses and their pitchfork...? At least then your death may have been less gory...? They may have done some stabby stabbing to protect you!
Seth ( @who-killed-the-da​ ) calls arcane fury down on Wilford Warfstache, their ancient scepter beaming with an inner rage. At first, it seems nothing happened, until a light breeze blows Wilford Warfstache away like a pile of old dust.
... Huh... That’s certainly an... Interesting way for Wilford to have gone out... Welp... I guess that Wilf is kinda terrifying forever and always, so it's better that someone dealt with him sooner rather than later (before he earned himself a higher body count)! And as a bonus, that’s one more terrifying sociopath out of the competition! Seth's been very busy lately, haven’t they? They’ve gone from having 1 kill to now having 3! In just one round! Thus usurping Damien’s spot at the top of the murder leaderboard (which he had been sharing with Alice since the start of this round) and claiming the seat for his own! Oh how the tides shift, amiright? And so the bikini-clad, meek cutie’s reign of terror goes on, I suppose!
And that’s round four! Seth is somehow proving to be a very formidable contestant! They do say that you should always be weary of the nice ones... >.> Though there are plenty of tough competitors still out here! Who knows what can/will be happening next? Who lives? Who dies? Who goes on to share these stories? To find out, tune in next time for the next round of the DA Y/N OC Hunger Games!
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darksideofthecocoamoon · a month ago
Tumblr media
A/n: I’m finally posting this siren!Timmy fic! The word count came out shy of 3.5k so I hope you enjoy! Also I made the divider myself and im kinda proud! (Admittedly I may have overused the divider but sue me im proud)
Summary: As she watched the waves, someone else watched her, biding his time.
Pairing: dark!Timothee Chalamet x reader (although honestly I never straight up say it’s him so 🤷🏽‍♀️)
Warning: smut, non-con/dub-con, somnophilia, manipulation, kidnapping. 18+ only or get blocked. As always let me know if I missed a warning!
Tumblr media
She loved the early morning at the beach. Hardly anyone came by, especially on weekdays. She had the damp sand and soft crashing waves all to herself nearly every day, watching meditatively as morning breached the horizon.
As the sky stained blood red and burnished gold, she had no idea of her steadfast admirer. His head rested comfortably on his folded arms as he regarded her with a wistful hunger. He had been waiting long to do more than just observe. But he had to wait for the opportune window of time. Soon he’d be able to see her brown skin up close, smooth his hands over it before tangling it in the coils on her head. Sometimes, her soft voice singing songs to the waves and the fresh sun carried over to where he treaded water, resting against a rock’s craggy surface.
Soon he’d sing to her.
Tumblr media
The last thing she expected to bring home from her routine morning beach walk was a man.
She had found him lying naked near the shoreline, legs tangled in fishing netting. He was disoriented and weak.
“Are you okay? Can you hear me?” Unfocused eyes roved in her direction, barely able to remain open. He groaned and coughed. She drew closer, concerned and placed a hand on his chest. He shivered at the touch but attempted to roll towards her.
“Sir? Sir! What’s your name? Is there anything that hurts?”
His eyes finally met hers and she got her first view of the glassy shade, like the glint of sunlight reflecting on clear water. She couldn’t look away, even brushed a curly, dark lock of hair out of the way so her view of them was unobstructed. The moment broke as he opened his mouth. A painful, raspy noise came from his throat that sounded like gargled gravel.
She gave him a pitiful look. “Oh man, you poor thing! Did you swallow a lot of seawater? Sand, even? Man I need to get you to a hospital.” She said, pulling out her cellphone. Before she could hit the emergency button, he sat up abruptly, immediately flying into a dry coughing fit. His hand flailed out to clamp her wrist as he tried to compose himself. Her phone tumbled to the ground with a soft crunch as she reached to steady him. He finally stopped, ending it with a deep, exhausted breath. He looked wven worse than before she found him.
“Let’s get these nets off you and then we can get out of here, hmm? How’s that sound?” He made no efforts to respond, only leaning his tired head onto your shoulder as he dragged in breaths. The poor thing was practically sagging his dead weight into her. She unknotted and untangled, ripping clumps of seaweed away and snapping dry-rotted rope until his legs were free enough for him to bend his knees.
“Ok, let’s get you standing. Up ya go,” she said, securing one arm around his back as he clasped the other for support. As he straightened, the ropes all fell to a garbled heap at his feet. Her eyes snapped to his revealed form and away just as quickly, embarrassed that that was her immediate reaction instead of something more dignified subtle.
“Um! Just wear this for now, okay? Hope you don’t mind purple,” she said, taking the blanket scarf from her shoulder. “Ok how am I gonna do this. Maybe like a toga? Oh yeah like that super easy one I did for that frat party,” she murmured to herself, fixing the large scarf with the help of two well-placed hair ties. It wasn’t too much help. The man looked like he was near six feet tall now that he was at full height and the blanket barely covered all of his bits.
She made the mistake of looking in his eyes again. They were trained on her through a haze of unclarity. His gaze was flickering but she could tell she had all of his attention. He began to slump again and she felt guilty having her mind diverted to the gutter.
“Shit,” she cursed herself as she dove for him to prop him up again. “Here you are, seconds from passing out and I’m—. Nevermind that. My car isn’t far but I’ll help you every step of the way.”
As she half-carried him over the sand, she didn’t even notice his foot subtly kicking sand over her phone.
Tumblr media
On the ride to her apartment she found quickly that not only couldn’t he respond to her, he couldn’t understand her.
“How do you feel? What’s your name? How’d you end up here?” All questions she had asked and got no reaction from him except for an apologetically, confused look.
She took him home and got him cozy. She led him to her bathroom and turned on the shower. As she grabbed clothes for him, she took a second to collect herself, finally having a moment since the whole ordeal began. Finding a beautiful man stranded on a beach, rescuing him like a damsel in distress, this sounded like a fairytale or the beginning of some modern fantasy romance movie. She was lucky to have found him when she did, who knows how long it would have been before someone had stepped foot on the beach today? It wasn’t a good day for it, overcast weather and winds that turned the waves into choppy walls death-rolling in on themselves. But she hardly ever missed her morning walk along the sand. Good thing, too. She may have saved his life.
The bathroom door swung open suddenly, startling the shit out of her. The man stood in the doorway in all his bare glory, dripping a puddle onto the floor with the spray of the shower still pounding full force behind him. What was with this man and being naked? Where was his modesty?
“Boy! What the hell are you doing?!” She practically squealed, heat returning to her face as she tried to look only above his shoulders and to not touch his slick skin as she squeezed past him and the door frame. He made no moves to give her space to press pass. She gulped as she made it by, her breasts ghosting past his arm on her way inside. As close as she was, she caught the faint rumble of a moan from him. Ignoring that was probably in her best interest, her face and body was aflame as it was.
“Do you not know how to shower?!” She asked incredulously as she stopped the water and grabbed the towel from the counter that she had left out for him. She held it out to form a makeshift curtain and hide his lower half from her (admittedly, wandering) eyes. His head only tilted to the side, eyes flitting over the plush fabric she held outstretched and over her face. He looked to be trying to figure something out. “Wait… do you not know how to shower?”
His bright eyes only gazed back at her, uncertain.
She sighed. Then, steeling her resolve, she stepped forward and began dragging the towel over his sopping skin.
“This is fine,” she muttered to herself. “Imagine you’re drying off like an old man or something. An old wrinkly man that smells like old people and jesus marry and joseph doesn’t have an absolutely massive dick even at a semi—,” her voice had tapered to a pathetic whimper by the end and she dropped the towel and looked away. It’s fine. Legs didn’t really need to be dry. She squeezed past him again, snatched the clothes up from her bed and shoved them in his hands.
“Put these,” she said tapping the pile, “on your body,” tapping his shoulder that time. Then she turned and sped-walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. She breathed a small breath of relief at the physical barrier between them. It would give her a chance to calm herself.
It was quite some time before he came out of her bedroom, to the point where she was worried he didn’t know how to put on clothes either. Honestly, did she have some kind of extreme amnesiac on her hands? She had been searching for her phone to try and Google the symptoms but hadn’t found it yet. Probably on her nightstand in the room he was taking forever to cover up his nudity in. Oh well, she’d get it later. It’d be better to get him something to eat for lunch. There was no telling how long he’d been out on the beach. She grabbed a storage container out of her fridge of leftover seafood bisque from the night before. Finally, as she put a couple generous helpings in a pot to reheat on the stove, he emerged. She almost wished he’d get back out of her sight. He looked adorable in her sweatpants that stopped above his ankles and a free t-shirt she had gotten from a college event. He shuffled over the carpet to her, playing with his fingers and looking up at her from under his impossibly long lashes.
She guided him to the dining table and sat him down. Her favorite blanket was on the couch and she retrieved it to wrap around his shoulders. He sniffed curiously at the air and licked his lips, eyes falling hungrily to the pot slowly steaming on the stove.
“I hope you like seafood,” she commented as she ladled out a good bit into a bowl, giving him a deep bellied spoon to eat with. She sat next to him, as he gave a tentative first taste of the bisque. She laughed as his eyes widened animatedly before he dove back into the bowl with gusto.
“I’ll take that as a compliment!” She giggled, because the man was enjoying it if his slurps and groans were anything to go off of. The tragic way he eyed the bottom of the bowl prompted her to quickly get up and refill it. Luckily, it seemed pretty easy to read the silent man she’d found. He ate the second bowl more slowly but with the same amount of enjoyment, smiling around each spoonful he brought to his mouth.
“Well, I’m glad you clearly like seafood. It’s my favorite to cook with and it’s my specialty really. I made a crawfish étouffée the other day that was to die for! Glad I didn’t have to share it with anybody,” she giggled. He grinned reflexively. “You don’t get what I’m saying at all, do you? Just smiling ‘cause I’m smiling like a baby? Well, unfortunately for you, you can’t tell me to shut up and I’m just fine hearing myself talk.”
They continued on like that as he finished his second bowl, her rambling on as he listened intently, watching her talk but offering no signs of comprehension. His eyes would drift to the gold hoops in her ears or get distracted by the rings and bracelets on her hand when she embellished a story with gestures. Any time that she felt unsure where to take her one-sided conversation next, he would smile a devastatingly gorgeous smile at her and she would be prompted to talk again to gloss over her flustered feelings.
As the stars finally dotted the sky outside, she urged him to her living room. He held onto her like a child, trusting and overly familiar, as she guided him around her space. His large hands coasting down her arms, nimble digits fingering the jewelry around her wrists and across her knuckles. Gently, she separated his hands from her and he regarded her with a pout that could have easily made her cave. She pulled out the bed from under the couch cushions and his eyes went wide and he stepped back like he had never seen one do that before.
She got him set up there with blankets and pillows. It was hard not to join him when he got all settled, he looked so small and soft. Cozy in her clothes and in her indulgently thick knitted blanket that positively swallowed him. He looked up with eyes like a baby seal, innocently wide. She found herself getting lost in the sea foam hue, unconsciously taking a step towards him before catching herself.
She cleared her throat. “Well, good night! I’ll be just in that room if you need anything,” she said, pointing to her bedroom. Then to another door, “if you have to pee there’s the half-bath. I’ll leave this lamp on so you can see a tad bit. Is that okay?”
He looked back at her blankly from his little blanket burrito/nest. After a beat or two he smiled at her. She snorted at the clueless action.
“Right,” she muttered, then went back to her own bed in the adjoining room waving awkwardly at him over her shoulder. His small smile grew darker as he watched her walk away, an impish gleam entering his eyes in the pale moonlight.
That night, she dreamt of the most beautiful sound she had ever heard, an intoxicating song that dragged her deep. She dreamt of the man in the living room, singing such alluring things in her ear in a language she didn’t know, as their bodies pushed and pulled together like the moon and tides. She dreamt of being held tight, of warmth, of shining lights dotting her vision behind closed lids as pleasure washed over her. Her moans mixing with the achingly beautiful melody that never stopped.
When she woke she couldn’t remember much of the dream, just hazy blues and greens and pale light, the echo of a lullaby and the ocean eyes of the man that slept on her couch.
Tumblr media
She found herself in an odd routine over the next few days. Waking up disoriented, body heavy and limbs loose. Mouth dry, sheets damp from sweating in her sleep. After a shower that felt more glorious than ever before— had they fixed the water pressure or something? It’s like her body craved the feeling of the droplets sluicing down her skin— she’d get up and make breakfast for her and her guest. Seafood was his absolute favorite. He’d gobbled shrimp and grits up before looking from the empty bowl back up to her with those seal pup eyes. He’d slurped up a scallop alfredo like he’d never eaten before. He’d torn into fried catfish sandwiches with a heady moan nearly every bite. She came to hate that moan. It was doing way too much for her imagination.
His fascination with her jewelry never waned, always trailing the precious metals with his sea glass eyes before following suit with his slender fingers. Once, he even went so far as to nuzzle into the thick band of a modern take on the Egyptian bib necklace that she had splurged on for an authentic Nefertiti costume, his nose and soft lips ghosting reverently against it and her skin. He even had the audacity to look up at her with innocent, questioning eyes when she pulled back from him, her heartbeat cantering wildly in her chest and heat flaming her cheeks. She was getting too attached to him. She hadn’t left her house since she brought him home, but indulging in his little fixation and catering to him were her new favorite things. Their one-sided conversations didn’t feel awkward anymore as she guessed what he’d probably say or ask next in response. She wondered how often she was right.
The nights were markedly different though.
The dreams… the dreams began to grow darker in hue and in tone. By the fifth day she was drowning in inky indigo, body leadened by the ever-beautiful foreign song. Her mind’s eye conjuring the man who slept on her couch each night. The man’s dark curls clung to his sweaty forehead and his sharp teeth glinted in a stream of moonlight as he rutted between her legs. Pleasure and pain mixed as he continued to piston into her. Warmth flooded her inside and out as he stilled deep in her and for the first time, she heard words she could understand.
“You’re mine.”
She jolted awake, greedily sucking in humid air. She took in her surroundings with horrific confusion. It was early morning, so early the color of the sky had barely started to lighten at the familiar horizon of her favorite spot on the beach. She sat naked in the damp sand, well naked of clothes anyway. She was dripping in her few expensive pieces of jewelry, extravagant purchases with the unexpected fat paycheck or a family heirloom. Weighing against her chest was the heavy bib necklace he had loved before. Chandelier earrings hung from her ears, an embossed silver cuff circled her bicep, and rings adorned each of her fingers. Her grandmother’s wedding band and her mother’s ruby engagement ring were among them. For some reason that brought comfort, and she began to calm down a bit. She was about ten feet away from where the shoreline was rhythmically being washed with the foam of the early morning tide. She shifted uncomfortably at the feeling of something dripping out of her, and with a gentle swipe from her fingers she found sticky, white cum.
A chuckle at her side caught her attention. There was the man who’d been on her couch these last few days, smirking at her and leaning casually back on his hands as he regarded her. Unabashedly nude with a semi-hard dick, glistening from their juices sitting next to her like he was poised to watch the show.
“H-how.. what even, I—.”
He shushed her, sliding a soothing hand down her cheek and neck. “I told you. You’re mine.”
“You can talk? All this time?”
He hummed agreement as he nuzzled his face into her neck.
“And... all those dreams...”
“Didn’t you love it? Made you cream for me every night. The way you’d writhe under me as I sang to you, so desperate for my cock. It was everything I imagined it would be. The way humans reproduce is so much more satisfying. And effective.”
Her breath stopped altogether. No. No, no, no. How could she have gotten this so wrong? She hadn’t seen any signs or red flags that he was the type to… and while she slept, no less? How many times had she woken up dazed and achy but then easily distracted by the man splayed out next to her? He had seemed so innocent and otherworldly. She’d even thought that maybe he wasn’t exactly human...
“But now we need to go home.”
Panic flooded her at his matter-of-fact declaration.
“What?! Go?! I’m not going anywhere with you!”
That smug smile was back on his face and it suited him too well. A mocking meanness that was as cruel as it was alluring. He got to his feet, towering over her.
“We can do this the easy way or the hard way, sunshine. And I’m kind of hoping you pick the hard way.” Before she could even think of what the hard way could entail for her, he began singing. The same foreign words but a different song.
There was a tugging in her chest that made her stumble to her own feet, following like a lost puppy as he began to back towards the gentle waves crashing in. When they were a mere foot from it, he stopped and she fell out of the thrall. Quite literally. Sand bit bitterly into her palms and knees and she cried out at the sting of it.
He laughed at her expense, watching as her disorientation frustrated and angered her. She glared at the man. She’d treated him with hospitality and care, had even developed a crush on the wide eyed gazes and syrupy smiles. But it was all a trick to lure her away with him. And that song? His voice? What was he? It didn’t matter if she was naked, she was getting away from this man. She scrambled to sprint away, but deceptively strong arms scooped her around her middle. The ground was completely swept from under her as he carried her high, her back to his chest. She felt the rumble of mocking laughter against her naked spine. This must have been the hard way he so desired. She thrashed against him but it was no use.
“Let’s go home, sunshine.”
He dragged her backwards into the ocean kicking and screaming, laughing at her the entire way, until the water muffled both of their noises.
The sun finally began to rise over the eerily silent beach.
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scarlet-fantasies · a month ago
🤬 With them? at school I didn't cuss for 2 years and I said " fuck " out loud when the teacher was outside, everyone was so shocked so it made me think what would they say 💀
Hi sweetie,
Yeah people were like this with me too. So then they asked me to say the word again so I did, it made some girl’s day. I thought it was weird. Any-who let’s go ahead and answer this question. 
oh my I made this too long I’m sorry.
From —->Prompt
Q:Hearing their gf curse for the first time
:: Eren::
He’s not opposed to it. Since he found it kinda funny but more so cute because you were mad.
I think the way he heard you curse was because some teacher was just being horrible and unreasonable so it made you upset.
“Gosh, he’s such an ass.” You’d say annoyed.
This made him laugh a little after seeing you pout looking at all the work in front of you. You just looked like a little kid to him so he just couldn’t help it.
After that incident he’s gotten used to it. So, sometimes you’ll curse at him. Especially when he’s teasing you and just being a jerk.
“C’mon I know you liked it otherwise you wouldn’t have been moaning.” He’d wink, with a smirk on his lips as he corned you once again.
“Your annoying.” You were embarrassed cause he not only caused you to moan but Eren made you moan loud enough for his brother to hear from next door.
“Babe, it’s good that he knows you’re mine.” Although his brother didn’t have a crush on you Eren still worried seeing you get along with his brother a little too well.
“Besides everyone should know that this cute ass belongs to me.” He’d say, bringing you close to him before smacking your ass hard.
Which of course hurts due to his hands being large and rather rough, plus he was hardly ever gentle.
“Ow! Fuck you!” You’d blurt not actually towards him but at the pain, which he knew judging by your reaction. 
“Sorry.” Covering your hands over your mouth now realizing what you said to him.
His brow raised whilst lips twisted into a playful smirk, “When and where?”
“Ewww, you’re disgusting!”
Eren honestly gets turned on when you say “fuck you” to him or in more extreme measures if you say “fuck me”
All I can think of is Gordon Ramsey but he gave me the idea. 😂😂
I was watching the show the other day lol.
plus some asked me something similar to this so I’m adding it.
I’ll provide a convo as an example:
“I have to do this all over again.” You’d realize disappointed.
“Aw babe it’s alright.” He’d smile.
You only shook your head try to fix the mistake you made on some project, still calm yet disappointed.
“May I can fix it—-oh wait I can’t. Damn, fuck me.” You say now feeling out of options on how to fix your project.
When he hears you saying this he can’t help but take it the wrong way and think of the way you’d squirm for him. omg eren!
He gets so turned on—-like you didn’t notice at first but through many times of you doing this you realized why he goes quiet mostly cause he told you at some point to not use that phrase around him.
“Y/n don’t use that phrase.” He’d grunt, scratching the back of his head whistle you were busy.
“Why, you haven’t had a problem with it before? I mean you curse too.”
“No babe, it’s not that. I just don’t want you to say that.”
“What, ‘fuck m—“ You’d say again a little confused only for him to cover your mouth.
“What’s so wrong about saying it?”
“I mean it’s not like-“ You stopped yourself after seeing Eren’s eyes flash with a hint of seriousness or rather frustrated look. But it wasn’t like he was mad at you he was sexually frustrated this time.
“Ohhhhhh—-Oh my gosh, Eren, I’m so sorry!” You say waving your hands in front of him frantically. You had no intention of turning him on, yet you did.
“It’s fine-“
Though the more you thought about the idea you thought it was stupid you apologized. “Wait a minute that’s means every time I said that, you were thinking of. . .“ 
And now it was your turn to be embarrassed.
Of course he only laughed seeing you so surprised. “Y-you pervert!” You’d say hitting his chest repeatedly til he caught your hands and held them. Making sure you wouldn’t hit anymore even if he was still laughing which made you annoyed. He of course hugged you from behind not wanting you to use your hands again.
“I’m never saying that ever again.” You’d say while still being his arms. You averted your eyes, your cheeks still red as you didn’t want to look at him.
“Hmm, too bad I think it’s a habit of yours now. You say often when you make a mistake.” He’d tease putting a kiss to your head still thinking you’re cute, despite the fact that you turn him on by saying that.
“Ugh, f***k me!” You’d say once again, annoyed by what he pointed out. Only to realize what you said and put your hands over your mouth now not trusting yourself around him.
Your blushed only deepened when he didn’t laugh but you were sure he was smirking.
“I’d like to, but I’m not sure you’re ready for that.” He’d tease, putting a kiss to your cheek while making his hug tighter.
“S-stop talking about it!” You’d squeak only to make him laugh.
he looks at it differently than Eren.
tho kinda the same
just some things change.
like for one thing I don’t think he curses as much as his brother does so his gf probably doesn’t curse a lot either.
(not saying Eren’s would do it lot tho either, cause that would be annoy)
anyways he’s just not the type to really curse, especially not in front of you.
He has this thing about not cursing in front you.
“Zeke you can just say it.”
“In front of my cute-little-sweet-n/n? I don’t think so.” He’d tease just to make you annoyed. 
n/n is nickname btw.
Now going on to the first time you did.
Well it was probably because you worried.
or more or so afraid.
Zeke brought you to see a horror movie with him and your friends, and after getting back you were still scared. You didn’t want to tell him that but tbh he may have already taken the hint. Seeing as you went up the stairs first but where pretty slow at going up the steps as you seemed rather catious.
A smirk made it’s way up to his face as he realized the moive did get to you. So Zeke, being the horrible boyfriend he is--decides to scare you!
As you’re going up the stairs he shuts of the light switch you switched on which makes you turned to him a little confused.
“Zeke why did you turn the lights off? We can’t really see in the dark.” You’d say confused, yet beyond paranoid.
“Who said I turned them off?” He asked, pretending to be confused.
You swallowed hard before stating, “Zeke, stop lying.”
He could tell you seemed a little worried and unsure yet not afraid enough. But he was almost there he just needed something.
“Did you see that?” He asked looking around like he saw something.
“See what?” You freak, just a little.
“That over there.” He pointed. And if the world wasn’t on his side today, that would be a lie because not long after the wind screamed
“Oh my gosh—shit!” You’d yell worried and ran down a few steps causing you to bump into your boyfriend’s chest.
Of course he couldn’t take the joking anymore and just started to laugh which made you mad caused you realized what he did.
“You ass!” You’d say being upset while he laughed and shook his head.
“You’re swearing a lot. Is that when happens when you’re scared?” He teased now ruffling your hair.
But of course the weather only got worse so thunder cracked.
“I’m no—Ahhh!” You scream, jumping in his arms as he held you like a baby.
You only buried your face into his chest not wanting to move because you were paranoid still.
“Aww don’t be scared.” He’d laugh before stroking your hair and carrying you up the stairs.
“I’m not scared. I was just surprised.” You’d huff not wanting to admit it.
“Alright, you weren’t scared. But I’m not a fan of the profanity.” He joked while walking up to his room with you in his arms.
“You’re the one that’s trying to make me die!” You defended.
“I was only playing, but I could punish you.” He grinned wiggling his eyebrows at you, setting you on the bed before taking his jacket off and pinning you down on the mattress.
“Zeke please, at least turn the lights on.”
“Admit you were scared.” He whispered, planting kisses on your neck, making you shake at the feeling but you didn’t want to give up your composure not yet.
“Zeke I-“
“You what baby?”
“I-I I’m not afraid.”
“We should work on honesty while we’re here to.” He winks before unbuttoning the buttons of your shirt.
Overall you better know what your getting into with Zeke.
Now if you curse randomly out of no where he doesn’t really mind but he’ll act like he does.
So even if you don’t say it very often he will look at you and try to scold you about it.
But he’s only teasing you.
He’ll always say, “Language babygirl.”
Or even things like “Badgirl”, or a simple “Baby” and he’s giving you the look of you’ll pay for saying that.
Though you always ignore that fact and just laugh.
But be aware that he would punish or really pleasure you when he wants.
Just cause it gives him the excuse to and he wants to see you blush.
He’d even warn you in front of people just to make you feel awkward.
“Babe, punishment~” he’d somewhat whisper making your face go red.
Sometimes he will laugh if you curse cause again when your mad he finds it cute.
Like he just can’t express how cute it is too him.
But overall it’s just a way for him to tease you.
Tumblr media
:: Previous Post::
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leviiattacks · a month ago
heyyy there, saw your requests are open. and i'm wondering maybe you could do a timeskip where everything is done and levi finally opened his tea shop. then there he met reader, and he treats them differently from other customers. thank you, hope you're having a good day.
Tumblr media
author note :: this was kinda rushed as is most of what i post. the reader is a writer just bc i thought it would be cute and also ISTG. i wrote this entire thing thinking leviolas was such a cool name for a tea shop then googled it and saw it’s also the name of a spider so... ++ btw i have not yet double checked or proofread this because i wrote it at 2am but yeah it’s definitely not great :-) word count :: 2.4k??? somehow???
Tumblr media
you’re sweet like honey when you first order from leviolas. you’re the same when you ask the owner for extra napkins and you remain exactly the same when you return with the intention to stick around for a writing session with a black tea by your side
something about you is attractive. that’s what levi thinks of you when you first walk into leviolas
you’re just incredibly wholesome poking your head around looking at all of the handmade pastries and confectioneries in admiration
you think the homely decor is cute and reminiscent of cottages in the countryside, the view outside the windows is beautiful and the scent of coffee alongside tea is heavenly
the pastries are beautiful and you find yourself eyeing the macrons pretty frequently. just EVERYTHING about leviolas is cute :-(
but one particular thing is especially adorable to you
and that would be the owner
when you hear his name for the first time you’re a little shocked
levi ackerman to be specific captain levi ackerman, the high ranking official who aided in paradis’ independence and freed the nation from the grip of titans
you read about him a year back in a paper or two and vividly recall the valiant title he held as humanity’s strongest soldier
he still holds the title that’s for sure but now he happens to own a tea shop
it’s slightly unusual it’s not every day you see a soldier retire and live such a plain life but you suppose the simplicity makes levi happy
honestly, if you had been through hell and back like him you too would wish to spend the rest of your days in the company of tea leaves and sweet cakes
today is a day like any other you’re sat by one of the windows and contemplating sitting in the outside seating area
the sun is shining and lands uncomfortably on your face at this angle and you may as well make your way outside
but before you can a shadow looms over you and a broad chest leans over to cover the window with dainty curtains
“you looked bothered by the light.”
oh god.
it’s him.
he’s standing there looking at you with an unreadable expression and all you can do is open and close your mouth not knowing what to say
humanity’s strongest soldier
levi ackerman
also known as the really really really attractive cafe owner you’ve been crushing on for the last few months now
seeing him up close is much more different to looking at him from the comfort of your seat or whilst you order
he’s normally got his back turned whilst collecting orders or another worker collects them as he prepares the beverages
that’s why the unexpected interaction has you nervous
you can always tell when he’s made your drink because he honestly has a way with tea leaves and you kinda want to gush about how much you enjoy it
but, no, no, no.
you’re panicking just looking at him
soft black strands of hair stick to his forehead, his undercut is oddly satisfying to stare at and he smells of pine trees which again is refreshing
“ah hahaha thank you for blocking the sun out!!”
why the fuck did you ha ha????
this is so awkward.
putting on your best front you beam up at him hoping your toothy smile doesn’t look stupid
then again it probably does because who the hell has a good toothy smile
levi’s gaze lingers on you but if he has anything else he wants to say he doesn’t make it known
instead he firmly nods and turns away
you’ve messed up,,
only!!! you manage to mess up even more....?
without thinking your hand latches onto the back of his blue button up and your face burns up realizing what it is you’ve done when he stiffens to a stop
as quick as your hand has grabbed onto his shirt it lets go and you awkwardly laugh again
“i’m sorry i didn’t mean to hold onto you so hard i was just...wondering if you could let me in on your secret.”
the random sentence is one you’ve made off the top of your head because you don’t have any real reason for holding onto him
but thankfully for you the saccharine of your voice is enough to sway levi
when he turns to see you with the same smile eagerly awaiting his answer something sparks in him
his chest feels a little funny but he ignores it
“secret?” he questions
“yeah!! your tea!! you’re really good at making it and aaaahhhh” you sigh contently thinking back on it.
“i remember when i ordered rose tea one time. you made it beautifully and the taste was infused so delicately it was incredibly soothing.”
hearing you ramble passionately about what he loves to do makes his chest feel funny again
he doesn’t know what the hell is going on exactly
but the only way he can explain it is his heart somersaulting and flipping despite him not wanting it to
despite that, it’s quite enjoyable
Tumblr media
it’s probably got something to do with your kindhearted demeanor or the way you always manage to give him a smile when you waltz in
but levi finds himself fighting to touch you more and more as the days pass
your collar is always haphazardly done and he wants to lean in and fix it
sometimes you’ll have an eyelash on your face and he wants to lean in to swipe it away with his thumb
occasionally he stares at your hair and wants to sort it out. half the time it’s all over the place from the wind
he wants to lean in and smooth it out.
all he wants to do is LEAN IN but he sees no valid reason to
he’s lucky he’s always able to catch himself before his thumb reaches your cheek (you’re very oblivious and never notice how close he really gets)
ever since your first encounter at leviolas a few months back he’s been dragged into your world of books and lively stories
it doesn’t take you long to break out of your shell and you’re always telling levi something new
he doesn’t speak as much as you but when you coax out a story or two out of him he’s always earnest
you’ve learnt a lot through the conversations
you’ve learnt about his lost comrades, the horrible things he had to see on the battlefield, how he hopes he’ll live happy with what he has left
there are certain conversation topics he skips entirely and you respect his boundaries
you and levi are sat by a window and a comfortable silence floats between you two
it’s been four months
four months since you asked what his secret was
come to think of it he never told you what it was
he’s intently staring at you as you drink the lemon tea he’s just made you and his stare is a little too intense
feeling nervous you pick up your cup hoping for something to occupy yourself
recently the butterflies in your stomach have been increasing in number but you know it’s wrong to fancy levi
you don’t know why you think that but it’s the fact that you’re sure you’re not his type
he probably likes organised people, dependable people, funny people
not you.
you’re just an irksome author who spends your days writing in his shop
honestly he finds you annoying he has to. you’re always hanging around here
however, you do remember the one day you did choose to write in the park he thought you had died or something. that made you feel a little sad because he can’t really help but automatically worry if his routine is broken and you happen to have accidentally become part of his schedule
no, like levi’s literally said he has your name in his planner and whenever he thinks of a new thing to make you he’ll write it down with your name next to it
but still,, you’re convinced he has to find you annoying
there’s no reason for thinking it but you DEFINITELY think it’s correct
absentmindedly you haven’t even noticed levi still staring at you
looking up at levi he’s clearly worried about something
humming in response telling him to continue he does
“i like someone.”
“...i’m not sure they’d return my feelings, that’s why i mentioned it.”
you smile at him warmly and you feel your heart sink, obviously he has to like someone. it’s probably someone in the corps, someone strong, someone capable. you’re not any of those things.
“well, you need not worry. if a man as good as you fancied me i’d be over the moon. i’m sure they would too!”
keep optimistic, don’t let him see you upset.
levi’s cheeks grow bright red and he bashfully tries to hide his embarrassment by covering his face with his hands
you laugh when he doesn’t budge and stays in the same position 
“c’mon levi, confess they’ll accept you have nothing to fear.” you coo persuasively
finally letting up after a few seconds he lets his arms drop to his sides.
“would you date me?”
the question takes you aback and you stare at him startled
soon realizing the idiocy laced in the inquiry he quickly retracts his statement
“nevermind, that was stupid.”
ignoring him you still want to answer
“uh well, i would. i have thought about it on occasion.”
he’s blinking rapidly trying to process what you’ve just admitted.
“you’ve thought about...?”
“dating you. yes i have.”
“and why the hell would you do that?” you can’t tell if he’s mad at you
“you’re capable, respectful. you’re considerate and quiet. i mean it you’re an amazing man really. also your tea!! imagine getting to drink it every day.”
you really have to add in the part about his tea because you know he loves it when you compliment it :-)
“ok, you drink my tea every day already.”
his short uninterested response stings and the dam of regret bursts open 
you shouldn’t have said all of that.
you and levi sit in an awkward silence for what feels like an eternity. you don’t dare look at him and your course of action is too drink your tea as quick as possible before dismissing yourself.
but before you can set your plan in motion levi breaks the ice.
“let’s date.”
you freeze and your eyes grow to the size of saucers
what did he just say???
he has to be losing his mind
“but levi what about the person you like?”
his eyebrow cocks upwards and an amused expression stretches across his face.
“i was talking about you.” he confesses boldly
this is a fever dream, nope, nope nope. you can not comprehend that this is your reality.
pinching your arm you hiss a little when you feel the pain
okay so, you’re definitely not dreaming...
“i, you, me. like me?” the sentence is a jumble of words but you manage to sputter out something that makes sense
“yes. i like you.”
he’s being so blunt you can’t tell if he’s being serious but when you remind yourself that this is levi you relax, a blunt straightforward confession is meaningful coming from him 
you get all blushy and flustered and you let out another one of your awkward hahahahaha’s but it’s a good hahahahaha
cautiously testing the waters he grabs your hand from across the table intertwining his fingers with yours
the gesture is adorable. the buzzing sensation that travels through your laced fingers makes you giggle to yourself giddily
“leviolas suddenly a matchmaking agency now? ;-)” your joke is dry and unfunny and levi rolls his eyes at it 
“you’re not funny.”
“but you still like me.” you tease
“yes. i still like you.” he admits
Tumblr media
a few days have passed since then
you and levi have been the talk of the town 
humanity’s strongest soldier finally found his flame???
the chatter and rumors spread like wildfire, both you and levi aren’t fans of being in the spotlight but nothing negative has been said so there’s no complaints so far
levi places a cup of tea in front of you, it’s a herbal kind because you’ve been complaining about a headache
today you’re explaining why you dislike the plot of beauty and the beast and how there’s so much wrong with it. from the weirdly toxic relationship to the power imbalance. levi stands listening attentively whilst waiting for you to take a sip of the tea
just as you’ve paused to take a large breathe and prepare yourself to continue explaining how unbearable that book is levi uses it as his chance to say what he’s been wanting to 
“drink up before it’s ice cold.”
following his instructions you interrupt yourself and take a gulp of the herbal tea
your eyes glimmer in approval. it tastes of strawberries and you’re delighted already feeling your mood slightly raise in response
“it’s GREAT?? what did you put in it?? it doesn’t even taste medicinal.” once again, you’re fawning over his tea
“so levi ackerman, what really is the secret to all these perfect cups of tea?”
and without a seconds hesitation he responds.
“i was making the tea for you. that’s the secret.”
it takes a while for the gravity of his words to sink it but when the meaning does you cup his face in your palms and peck him everywhere. he whines a little but you can tell he enjoys the attention
you find that you’re more than happy you’ve found a home in levi and his shop
and levi’s more than happy he’s found a home in you and your books
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𝐓𝐎𝐍𝐆𝐔𝐄 𝐓𝐈𝐄𝐃 | first time seeing her headcanon & drabble
Tumblr media
→  PAIRING - dream x streamer!oc/reader, (platonic) george x oc/reader, (platonic) sapnap x oc/reader
→  SUMMARY - seeing people you met on the internet for the first time in real life can be quite scary and go wrong easily, but even more scarier it would seem to suddenly realise you’re in love with your best friend. Thankfully neither of these things occur and seeing her for the first time is a memory filled with laughter, teasing and joy.
→  OTHERS - my book tongue tied features both x reader readable content and a story I can’t wait to tell you more about, if you’re interested and you enjoyed this, maybe give it a read and you’ll fall in love with Daisy just like Dream did! [book tags] streamer!reader, gamer!reader, friends to lovers, slow burn, unrequited feelings (at first), mutual pining, best friend george, best friend sapnap :)
→  RATINGS - [for all ages]
→  WORD COUNT - 2.7K
→ TAGLIST [OPEN] - taglist post here
©ttakinou2021 - do not repost
Tumblr media
⚅ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🎮 ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⚅
when he first saw her, she was 4 and he was 7 so he never really saw her as anything other than a little sister for a really long time
like probably until she was 18 and George was 21
it was the year she was moving away
which is why they’ve been a bit kinder to eachother anyway
since she was homeschooled after it happened back in 2014
the thing she was the most sad about was not being able to go to any sort of prom her whole life
but since George knew her
he knew it was really just the “~Fairy tale feeling~” (as she described it) that she truely wanted out of the prom experience
and the getting asked by someone probably
so his mother let George use their backyard for setting up a sort of “goodbye party” for him and her.
he told her to dress up over the phone
excited squeeky noises
he opened the door and she looked really dressed up
pretty outfit and everything
“lol, way to overdress, loser”
he was for sure just wearing sweatpans and a dresshirt
she practiacally had to drag him over to the garden bc he was lowkey kinda embarrassed annoyed
Drabble: You’re my Best Friend - Queen [990 words]
“Could you stop running so-”
“Gogy, look!” She stopped him from speaking, pointing all around the well decorated garden with a fascination in her eyes that almost made George soften his attitude for a second.
“Everything’s so pretty,” She muttered, her mouth hanging open in awe.
“I know, stupid I’m the one who set everything up,” George mumbled, pulling her along towards the trampoline that was filled with blankets and pillows.
The garden really was a sight for sore eyes, not only was the trampoline decorated with pretty fairy lights, but the rest of the garden was also decorated, either with lanterns or other decorative items she wasn’t even aware George had owned.
“You got the fairy tale feelings and everything,” She spoke, her hands grasping tightly around his arms.
“You should become an exterior designer or something,” she mumbled, continuously walking away from George, who was trying to lead her to the trampoline, to admire some piece of decor in the garden.
“Will you just get into the trampoline,” George groaned, pulling her towards it with determination.
“Damn boy, buy me some dinner first,” She muttered.
“I did, dummy” he grumbled, “it’s in the trampoline already.”
That seemed to convince her alright.
Halfway into a shitty rom com neither were really paying attention to, instead just making fun of the main characters while eating.
“OooOh, I aM a pRiViLeGeD wHitE dUdE aNd aLL mY lOvE LiFe pRoblEmS ArE be beCAuSE I aM iNcaPabLe oF tHe cOncEpt oF a MisUndErStanDing” George mocked as he watched the two main characters have their big break up fight on screen.
“You would be such a bad love interest, dude,” She chuckled taking a big swig of the thermostat that was previously filled with hot coca by George’s mother.
He stared at her in disbelieve, but ultimately decided to just let that statement rest, continuing to think about whether or not he should see that as a compliment or not.
Half an hour later she let herself slump into George’s shoulder an agonized groan leaving her body.
“Ugh, Movie over. Dancy time.”
George scuffed, as he turned off the beamer, “Yeah right. Don’t be greedy you got a movie and hot chocolate.”
“But I put on a dress!”
“That was your mistake.”
“Come on, pleassee! I know you set up a speaker by the table! You’re just putting off the inevitable.”
She was convinced and after over 10 years of friendship George had learned that nothing he could possibly do or say now would stop her from putting on a song.
As the melody started to fill their ears, she slung her hands around his neck with an eager grin, George just sighed in defeat but placed his hands on her hips nonetheless.
Oh, you make me live.
“Seriously?” George groaned even though there was a small smile on his face.
Instead of answering, she just started to slowly sway around, singing the lyrics while leaning her head back, choosing to ignore George’s disapprovement.
It’s you, you’re all I see
George watched as she danced almost by herself, while he would just let himself be pulled around by her. In a way, he thought, this moment right here must have probably been the best visual representation of their friendship.
Oh, you're the best friend that I ever had
He couldn’t believe this would be one of the last times they’d see eachother, suddenly realising how much impact her moving away would have on their friendship and most of all on him.
I've been with you such a long time
He almost couldn’t remember a day when the two of them didn’t see eachother, resulting in him always being ready for her to just jump out of a corner and annoy him with stupid memes she had filled up 90% of her storage with. He wondered what that would be like after she wouldn’t live in England anymore.
You're my sunshine and I want you to know
George felt like this was supposed to be some revelation moment, like he was supposed to feel something completely different than what he was feeling as he looked into his best friends’ eyes and for the first time in his life George really saw his best friend.
That my feelings are true
The way she decided to just mutter the words she didn’t know and always sneakily glance back at him to check if he saw and the way her fingers tapped on his shoulder blades in perfect sync with the beat of the music. 
He finally noticed how she did her hair and wondered if she always did it like that. Biting the inside of his cheek he took an even closer look at the girl in his hold, the way her nose and her lips looked, the way her eyes were formed and the small moles on her skin.
“How ridiculous,” he thought.
That he only now realised how undeniably beautiful his best friend was. I really love you
But more importantly he realised, that he loved being annoyed by her loud and rambunctious nature and being the one she would always find comfort in when she needed it, even if he pretended to be annoyed by her, the thought of being the one scolding her for doing something stupid for the rest of his life thrilled him so much more than even ever thinking about how breathtaking she looked in his arms.
He chuckled, catching her attention as she tilted her head to the side, but George didn’t say anything and instead just pulled her into a hug, continuing to sway slightly.
She gasped at the sudden physical affection, that she definitely wasn’t used to from George, so she squealed with excitement and hugged him back even tighter.
She was right, he would never be the love interest and he never wanted to be if it meant he could be her best friend.
Oh, you're my best friend
⚅ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🎮 ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⚅
the two of them first met when she moved to america in 2018
not really knowing anything about buying houses or moving Dream made the offer to let her stay at his place until she would find somewhere she would want to live in.
as mentioned in this chapter 
he was kinda unprepared and really really startled by how pretty she was
after his initial;
wHAT THE FUCK- moment (he screamed that in his head like he screamed at sapnap when he found out he yelled at bad lol)
but he was gonna be smooth about this
ladies man dream mode activated (tommy take notes I-)
Drabble: Just My Type - The Vamps [700 words]
“Uhm,..Clay?” She asked, seemingly not finding another way to start a conversation with him than to blatantly ask his name.
They’ve been standing here for almost 3 minutes now and all he really did was trying and failing to subtly check her out without her noticing him doing so, causing her to believe she might have been at the wrong house, or he accidentally gave her the wrong address.
“Yeah, yeah that’s me,” he replied rather quietly while rubbing his neck.
How on earth could it be that he had suddenly lost all ability to have a conversation? 
She seemingly didn’t face the same problem anymore. With the reassurance that this was in fact her best friend of over 3 years was more than enough for her to let the feral energy she had been saving up the flight here (and their whole friendship long) finally out.
“You really are so much taller than I expected you to be!” She cheered, throwing herself into his arms with a big grin on her face.
That seemed to calm him down quite a bit, hugging her back with just as much enthusiasm as she did.
“You’re so much smaller than I expected you to be,” he mumbled into her shoulder before letting her down onto the floor again.
“And do I look like the boy of your dreams?” Dream asked, taking a step back and stretching his arms out so she could admire him in all her glory.
“Mhm, yeah sure, Dream Boy, if it makes you feel any better.” She gave him a light punch in the shoulder, before allowing herself to enter the house, dragging the suitcase she had after her.
“Can I put my stuff somewhere?” She slipped off her shoes, looking around his house.
“Uhm, yeah, just why don’t you just give me that,” Dream took her luggage and began to walk towards the guest room, “and you can go take a shower or something. It’s the second door right there.”
She tilted her head to the side, a small smile spreading over her cheeks before it turned into a sly smirk.
“What, you saying I smell?”
Dream almost dropped the bags.
“Wh-what?! No! I just- I thought because of the long flight and all that- I didn’t try to like offend you I-”
“Okay, Clay. Okay,” She just shrugged, making her way over to the shower without letting him finish.
After putting some clothes of his on the sink for her he made some finishing touches in the spare room, changing the bedsheets and cleaning out whatever he had stored in the closet before.
“You always leave the door unlocked when your showering?” He asked as soon as he heard her slightly damp feet walk over to him.
Continuing to dry her hair she hummed in agreement, “Yeah, should probably break that habit now that I have a roommate, huh?”
She chuckled lightly as she let her still slightly wet her fall onto the hoodie Dream had put on the sink for her.
“You always walking into the bathroom when girls are showering?” She asked in return, a small smile on her face as she walked towards him.
“Only when I’m planning to join,” he smirked in return not planning to back down.
“Why didn’t you?”
“Didn’t want to scare you away on your first day.”
“Think you can get rid of me that easily?”
“Hopefully not, I like how your shampoo smells,” he whispered as the two of them continued in their intense staring battle, standing so close to each other that the scent of her shampoo really was the only thing Dream could smell, completely overtaking his senses to the point he was scared of getting dizzy. 
And when neither wanted to back down only after another few seconds, she got bored and hastily turned away from him, slapping him in the face with her damp hair in the process.
“Thank you very much. It’s tropical mix,” she spoke as she walked over to her luggage and began to calmy unpack her things as if nothing ever happened.
He stared at her in disbelieve before a small grin spread over his face.
Yeah, this was gonna be fun.
[August, 2018] FRIENDZONE ERA
⚅ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🎮 ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⚅
Sapnap first seing her was probably the funniest thing ever
it was something like mid 2018 when the four of them would be playing Minecraft and suddenly Sapnap would just stop whatever he was doing and be silent for a minute or two
“You okay there, Sap?”
“...Do I know what you look like?!” Sapnap practically screamed into his mic, his question directioned towards her.
She took a moment for that one
“wHAT?! Well, has Clay seen you?”
“I live with him, dude.”
“I wanna see you too, how unfair.”
And because she didn’t really want to make a big deal out of it
and she probably would have trusted Sapnap with a picture of herself the most anyway-
she was like okay
Drabble: Mmm Yeah - Austine Mahone [580 words]
“I’ll send you a picture of me, okay?” She smiled a little to herself as she scrolled trough her gallary, suddenly realising she really didn’t have any good pictures of herself.
“Ok, damn, I’m kinda nervous,” he chuckled, to which the other two qucikly guys qucikly replied with disbelieve.
“Wh-what why would you be nervous, Sapnap?” George spoke sounding almost disgusted.
“Yeah, it’s not like it’s gonna change anything between you two,” Dream agreed.
“And also, she’s kinda ugly,” George muttered, more so just because he felt like he hadn’t offended his best friend enough today.
“Well- I mean she’s not ugly but regardless it won’t make a difference how she looks, you’re still best friends,” Dream tried to reassure him.
“What do you think I look like?” She asked, wanting to fill the silence while she continued to scroll through her gallary.
“Uhm, like dark brown hair maybe? Brown eyes?” 
She just hummed as she continued to scroll, neither confirming nor denying his claims, but George wasn’t feeling patient today and he was also a little annoyed at how little his comment about her appearance bothered her.
“Why are you scrolling so long?” He laughed in disbelieve, the other two chiming in with him.
“Willl you just chill, I wanna make a good first impression.”
“Just- just send- like what picture are you on right now?” 
“RIght now?” She asked slighlty annoyed that her facereveal was being rushed, “Right now I’m on a picture that says ‘oh no oh mama! I forgot to water my baguettes.’ and there are like dehydrated baguettes growing out of the floor saying ‘hydrate us Ryan.’”
There was a small silence afterwards, like the calm before the storm, before the three of them burst out laughing.
“thE FUCKING WHAT?” Dream wheezed, so loud he could be heard through her microphone screaming through the walls.
“What- why do you- what do you?” George tried to speak, but he was truely at loss of words this time. 
What was wrong with his friend?
“Okokok, guys! Guys, I found a picture,” She tried to get back to topic and send a picture into the groupchat. 
The guys went silent after that, each one of them looking at the picture of her.
“No way! Is that you? Did you just send me some random picture of a porn star?”
“SAPNAP, WHAT THE HELL?! I AM CLOTHED!” She screamed into the mic in disbelieve.
“Whatever. That’s not you,” Sapnap spoke.
“He’s in denial,” Dream muttered through a small chuckle.
“In denial of having an ugly friend,” George answered, which was once again ignored.
“It is me, but thank you, damn.”
“No, no way that’s you.”
“It is, dude, believe me!” She laughed in disbelieve, “Like actually, wait actually I’ll turn my camera on.”
Looking into the camera she was kinda disgusted by how greasy the dim lighting made her seem, before she adjusted her position a bit to resemble the way she looked in the picture. 
Unsure of what to do now, she just awkwardly threw a piece sign at the camera before taking a sip of the water bottle that was previously standing off screen.
Sapnap took a closer look. 
It really was her and to be honest he felt kind of stupid now.
“ pretty,” he muttered.
She just looked at the camera with a slightly stoic but on the inside totally paniced expression, before turning it off again.
“Damn, okay, Sapnap, shoot your shoot man,” George teased him.
“Wha- I’m just saying!”
⚅ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ authors note ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⚅
this time i thought i’d feed into your guys’ george need, since my last one for george was so short :(, but yeah this is a “story unrelated chapter again” I guess, but for all those who’ve read, you know dayscia ? ifuckingloveulikehaveanamazingday, bub ajhdah- but also daisy and her are the same person, i just won’t mention her name so people who like reading x reader more can hopefully enjoy some of my content too! also people who didn’t read it I love you too, sorry just got excited hehe.
While on that topic! Do you guys want an [x Reader] only Masterlist (with a taglist)? bc I don’t want people to get annoyed when I tag them in chapters they really don’t wanna read! Honestly just send me your preferences! If someone would text me like “I want to be tagged in posts that ONLY start with a T” i’d be like Okay! lemme write that down real quick, so yeah! If you wanna talk to me guys just do! Love you all! Thanks so much for reading!
▬▬▬▬▬▬ taglist ▬▬▬▬▬▬ 
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Tumblr media
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kuroolongtea · a month ago
chapter 16 — intimate.
Tumblr media
🎀 your relationship with iwaizumi seems to finally set itself straight, but what comes out of that, exactly?
PAIRING: bad boy!iwaizumi x f!reader
SOUNDTRACK: “sugar” by brockhampton 
THE PLAYLIST: youtube || spotify || apple music
SIZE / FLAVOR: 5.1k || fluff
CONTENTS: profanity, alcohol, mild violence, depictions of minor injuries, someone throws up but it’s very tame LOL
NOTES: more cliché cheesy kdrama stuff, yay! i’m posting this at 4am so i’m sorry if things felt a little off towards the end (and also for being late OTL). my brain is completely fried but i hope the content of this chapter will make up for writing quality—or lack thereof, i suppose ldkjnlskd
m.list || << prev ... ch. 16 ... next >>
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The inside of Iwaizumi’s apartment catches you off guard, as it’s surprisingly… clean. You’re not sure what you were expecting of his place, but it probably wasn’t something so tidy and sleek. You let your eyes linger on the living room walls’ smooth grey paint, admiring the white glow of the recessed lights bouncing off of them. 
Once more, Iwaizumi hoists you up higher on his back so you don’t slip as he shuffles out of his shoes at the entryway. He quickly, but carefully, walks over to the large, L-shaped couch, which is a few shades darker than the color of the walls. The thick cushion dips under your weight when he gently lets you down onto it, turning back around to look at you.
“Wow, somebody’s got taste,” you remark, eyeing the minimalist design of his black coffee table.
“Well, I do still try to save a lot of my money, believe it or not,” he replies, taking his jacket off in front of you. “And if I’m not gonna blow a bunch of it on a huge apartment, I might as well make the most of what I have.”
“I can’t believe I’ve never been here before,” you comment, trying to remember exactly how long it’s been since you two have met.
“Wait, seriously?” he asks, also surprised. Now that you mention it, you’re right. He definitely would’ve thought you’d come over at least once or twice.
You’re not sure why, but the response bugs you. 
Is it really that hard to keep track of who has or hasn’t visited his apartment before? Surely, he remembers that Hana’s probably been here more times than he can count, with their previous relationship and all. You can’t help but narrow your eyes bitterly at the thought of her, the memory from last week still stinging like a semi-fresh wound—which doesn’t go unnoticed.
“Are you still pissed off?” Iwaizumi asks, taking a seat on the cushion adjacent to yours. 
The question takes you by surprise, so much so that you almost shake your head by default. But you two have had quite a rocky past few weeks, and that’s not something you just forget. Not even if he looks annoyingly attractive in the slightly hazy lighting of his living room through your half-sober eyes.
“Well duh,” you answer, rolling them at him. 
Iwaizumi’s bottom lip juts out and he looks up, as if thinking hard about something. A few seconds later, he glances back down at you.
“Punch me.”
You blink at him in astonishment.
Did you hear that right?
“Punch me,” he repeats matter-of-factly, following it up with a grin. “It’s how men say hello, anyway.”
“I’m not going to punch you, idiot,” you say and shake your head. “Unlike you, I don’t—”
“Yeah, yeah, you don’t resort to violence or whatever,” Iwaizumi mimics you, having heard this a billion times now. “But if you always keep shit bottled up inside, you’re bound to explode sooner or later.”
You stiffen at this assertion.
“I am not,” you huff. 
“Aren’t you tired of being nice?” he asks, cocking his head to the side. “Don’t you just wanna go ape shit?”
“Man, shut the fuck up,” you groan. It’s hard to resist the laugh that leaves your lips. “I don’t think I need to punch you when you already got punched once tonight.”
“You can slap me then,” Iwaizumi offers with a shrug, as though satisfied at your consideration for him. “One-time offer, you might wanna take it.”
He chuckles at your hesitation and obvious internal frenzy.
“Just do it,” he says, rolling his eyes. “You’ll probably feel better, and I will too.” 
“I’m too sober for this,” you finally exhale with a grimace. “Two shots for each of us first.”
Iwaizumi merely smirks at you before getting up to retrieve the alcohol.
He returns briefly with four shot glasses that sit a bit too comfortably between his fingers, each filled to the rim with dark liquor. Your nose scrunches at the sight—and smell—as he sets them down on the coffee table.
“I can’t believe you’re making me do this,” you sigh, reluctantly picking up one of the glasses. What a night.
“Might as well,” he responds nonchalantly, but you could’ve sworn you saw the edges of his lips twitch upwards into a small smile as he tossed his head back to drink at the same time you did. The two of you waste no time finishing the second round, the glasses clinking against the table’s surface as you set them down.
“Alright, get over here,” you direct, rubbing your hands together and trying to ignore the burning sensation in your throat. Iwaizumi leans in towards you and raises an eyebrow at the crack of your knuckles, subtly entertained. “Ready?”
“Hit me—uh, slap me—with your best shot,” he chuckles, staring straight at you. Almost straight through you.
God, he’s so frustrating. If you didn’t know any better, you might not be able to fight the urge to just kiss him right then and there.
You take a deep breath, hesitantly digging up the painful (and embarrassing) memory of your confrontation at the club. Despite Iwaizumi having carried you almost the entire way home, and you sitting on his nice, expensive couch, your faces a few inches apart, it really isn’t hard to bring back every awful emotion you felt that night. The loud music still rings in your ears, the smell of alcohol and cigarette smoke still lingers on your clothing, the sight of Hana draped over him—
A loud slap is heard in the quiet of Iwaizumi’s living room as your hand finds its way across his cheek—opposite the one of where he was punched at the bar earlier. You gasp intuitively at the sound, and you’re already reaching for his face before you can stop yourself.
“Shit,” you squeak, ignoring the tingling in your palm. “Did that hurt?”
“Just a little,” Iwaizumi grins.
God, why does he look so damn amused? 
“You’re such a softie,” he smirks, and you shoot him a glare in return.
“I’m gonna kill you.”
He raises his hands in feigned defeat, and asks, “How d’you feel?”
“Surprisingly… a little better?” you admit after a short pause. “We’re still not even, but consider it a start.”
“Yeah, yeah,” he says casually, getting up to walk away from the couch. “Well, now we gotta take care of the places you got hurt first.”
It takes you a second to process what he’s said, because you’d almost forgotten about your ankle completely. Before you can object, Iwaizumi has already made his way back to you, opening what you assume is his first-aid kit. You instinctively shrink towards the wall, trying to put as much distance between you two as possible.
“I can do it myself,” you protest, but he’s not having any of it. 
You’re not sure exactly why the thought of Iwaizumi tending to you is so terrifying—maybe because of his gruff nature, you know it’s bound to hurt. It could also be because you want to stay mad at him, but the task feels impossible after he’s just coaxed you into slapping him. You wonder if he took that into consideration already, which is why he proposed it in the first place.
“Don’t be fucking difficult,” he growls, extending two muscular arms to drag your body towards him by the legs, though still careful not to put any pressure on your ankle. 
Heat floods over your face at the sound of your own familiar, scolding words being thrown back at you, and you finally stop squirming, allowing Iwaizumi to pull you towards the edge of the couch as he sits on the mahogany flooring.
“Be good,” he mutters, pulling out a large roll of bandages from the box along with an ice pack he’d retrieved from the kitchen. You watch him inspect and undo the clasps of your high heels with impressively nimble fingers. 
“So this is your area of expertise, huh,” you observe as he gently rubs the bone on the side of your ankle, trying to gauge how bad your sprain is.
“Guess so,” he shrugs, though visibly more relaxed after doing so. “Turns out it’s just a tiny sprain—you might even be back to normal tomorrow since you only slightly rolled your ankle.”
“You made it seem like such a big deal earlier,” you point out, but also relieved at the reassurance. 
Iwaizumi doesn’t say anything as he wraps your foot up anyway, propping it up on the coffee table with the ice pack resting on top. Maybe he just gets worried easily when it comes to you; it’s always safer to assume the worst, after all.
He moves from the floor back onto the couch, turning you so that you’re facing him as he places the box of medical supplies back onto the table. Iwaizumi’s eyes flit down to your cheek, an unreadable expression washing over his face while he presses his lips together firmly. 
Taking a q-tip and dipping it into some water, he starts by cleaning the small streaks of dried blood on your cheek, and you can’t help but wince once he reaches the skin around the cut from where the flying glass shard had grazed your skin earlier. You shudder involuntarily, remembering the fear and panic that overcame you at the sight of Iwaizumi being attacked, causing him to recoil.
“Did I hurt you?” he asks, pulling away and taking a new q-tip.
“No, you’re good,” you assure him as he leans in once more to clean the wound, applying an ointment over it. Despite your apprehension just a few minutes ago, Iwaizumi is… surprisingly gentle with you. Frankly, you wouldn’t have expected it from him at all considering his usual roughness.
“Y’know,” he starts, peeling open a new bandage. “Kinda funny how the roles are reversed now. You’re usually the one taking care of me.”
“Yeah, well, you’re always the one protecting me from perverts and stalkers and druggers and—” you trail off, and laugh, “wow, things have really gone downhill since I met you.”
“Told you so,” Iwaizumi mutters, carefully smoothing out the small bandage against your cheek with his thumbs. “This is why you probably would’ve been better off without me.”
“We’ve been through this already and it doesn’t work like that,” you sigh with a roll of your eyes. “Can’t get rid of me now—you owe me at least three weeks of emotional compensation.”
“Sure,” he says with a small smile.
“Not to mention we still have a score to settle,” you continue stubbornly. 
“And why do I feel like this score is never gonna be settled?” he hums while putting the remaining materials away.
“Probably because it won’t,” you retort. “You’re the one who decided to act like a total shit head.”
“Mm, true,” Iwaizumi looks away with an expression that says ‘guilty as charged’ written all over his face. 
“But… ” You clear your throat and glance at the cut on his lip from the attacker’s assault earlier. “Sorry for slapping you though.”
“It’s fine, I asked for it—and deserved it,” he says, waving his hand at you. “It doesn’t matter how many times Hana tried to explain herself to me, I shouldn’t have fucked around with her just to get you to hate me.”
He pauses for a moment and adds, “Not that I wanted to, but still.”
“Well I mean it worked,” you say pointedly. “And what do you mean ‘explain herself?’”
Iwaizumi raises an eyebrow at you, but doesn’t elaborate.
“Nevermind,” he says. “It’s not important anyway.”
After closing the lid of the first-aid kit, Iwaizumi glances back at you, his eyes landing on the little bandaid on your cheek as you try to figure out what he meant just now. His lips tense, clearly holding back a laugh.
“What?” you ask.
“Nothing,” he grins. “You look a bit funny all patched up, like you just got into a fight. Kinda like me.”
You open your mouth to say something about how you most definitely do not look like him, but pause once Iwaizumi pulls his phone out of his pocket after hearing a small buzz. He quickly unlocks it, tapping the screen a few times before staring at it intently, as though reading through something important.
“What is it?” you ask nervously.
But when Iwaizumi looks back up to meet your eyes, you already know the answer. You see the same look of disbelief on his face you saw three weeks ago in your living room, the day he found out he’d gotten an interview. 
Yet he says it anyway.
“California,” he breathes, like he can barely believe the words that are coming out of his mouth himself. “I’m in.”
The world feels like it stops.
“Congrats!” you squeal excitedly, pulling him towards you and throwing your arms around his neck. Your heart is pounding against your chest, and you’re certain that his is too. 
“Thanks,” Iwaizumi murmurs, saying the word carefully, like he’s afraid he’ll wake up and find that this is all just a dream. But once you let go of him, the sheer joy and thrill in your eyes tells him that it’s not. This is real.
“Told you you’d be fine,” you remind him confidently, but pause before asking, “so does that mean you’ll be leaving at the end of the semester?”
“Yeah,” he nods. Noticing a tiny piece of hair which had been caught on the edge of your bandaid’s adhesive, he plucks it out before smoothing the ends down once more, just to be safe. For some reason, the way your face is only a few inches from his now makes him almost hesitant to celebrate the good news. 
“Looks like you’ll have to give me my emotional compensation before you leave then,” you grin, trying not to give in to the disappointment that your time together is now limited, and that the countdown has already begun. “Make the most of it.”
Realizing that you still want to be with him, despite knowing your inevitable parting, Iwaizumi finally cracks a small smile in response.
“We got time,” he murmurs. He runs his thumb along your cheek briefly before patting the top of your head, and you can’t help but stare at his lips, which feel so… close. “Whatever you want.”
Heat rises in your cheeks as you wonder if you’re imagining the distance growing smaller and smaller between you two.
Your pulse races.
“Say, do you still like me?” you ask, tilting your head to the side.
“What, since like forty minutes ago?” Iwaizumi chuckles as he peers down at you.
“Yeah?” you say, batting your lashes. “Just wanna double check, I mean, I did hit you. Wanted to hear it again.”
“You really love making me repeat things, huh?”
“Simple question, yes or no?”
Iwaizumi’s breath hitches, your faces now only an inch and one bad decision apart.
“Yes,” he answers as his chest tightens at your smile, so sweet and so enticing. 
The tips of your ears are burning at this point, but you don’t plan on backing down any time soon. 
“For emotional compensation, why don’t you start by kissing me then?”
Despite the obvious tension in the air, Iwaizumi still blinks in surprise at your boldness. The muscle in his jaw clenches at the question, and his fingers follow suit by his side.
Taking a deep inhale, he shakes his head and says simply, “You’re drunk.”
“Sober enough to know what I want,” you enunciate with perfect clarity, and grin at his look of skepticism. “No, seriously. I’ll do a cartwheel right now.”
“Not on that ankle you’re not,” Iwaizumi finally laughs, absolutely enamored with you, no matter how hard he’s tried to hide it all this time. His expression softens when you giggle, and he slowly brings a hand up to your chin, tipping it up towards him like he did earlier—but this time, there’s no motorcycle helmet to shield you. 
“If I kiss you right now,” he begins, his words steady. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold myself back.”
You lean in towards him and let your eyes flit down to his lips, and back up to meet his gaze before whispering, “What if I don’t want you to?”
At first, Iwaizumi thinks, maybe this isn’t a good idea. Maybe he shouldn’t kiss you, let you fall in deeper, let himself get lost in you when it’s certain that he can’t stay by your side for long. Maybe he should reconsider, when there’s still a chance to back out. It’s not too late.
But your voice cuts through his thoughts, and right to his heart.
“Just kiss me, Hajime.”
And, just like that, his lips had found their way against yours before he knew it, all inhibitions flying out the window as he finally closed the painful distance between you two. Your eyes had fluttered shut as he tilted his head to the side, his lips—though slightly rougher than yours—soft and tender. Excitement like electricity crackles through your body, your heart on the cusp of bursting in the same way that fireworks would on a dark, silent night.
You think you’re going to melt under his touch when his hand finds its way to the nape of your neck, just barely pulling you closer. His lips glide against yours before parting, as though asking for permission to keep going, which you grant in a heartbeat. You can’t help but smile into the kiss as his tongue brushes against yours, both of your breaths hot and tinged with flavors of vanilla, oak, and caramel from the liquor. 
The happiness in your stomach travels up to your heart as it pounds with excitement, fluttering with disbelief, before washing over your cheeks in waves of warmth. Your fingers run lightly through his hair as he caresses your face with surprising care and you give his bottom lip a small bite just to tease him. Even Iwaizumi can’t help the small chuckle that escapes his mouth, to which you giggle at in return, before he leans closer and kisses you again. This time, deeper, and more fervently, hinting at what might’ve been weeks—no, months—of pining and hidden affections buried deep inside him. 
Your teeth clack together awkwardly in the heat of the moment, but Iwaizumi wastes no time in taking the opportunity to slip his tongue back into your mouth, the hot, wet, and heavy sensation becoming almost too much to bear. His brows crinkle together in fervor, as do yours, and you think you’re going to pass out. Your stomach lurches with exhilaration, as if threatening to—oh no.
“Wait,” you gasp, out of breath as you pull away from Iwaizumi. 
“What, are you regretting it now?” he smirks with half-lidded eyes, though slightly afraid that he might’ve come on too strong.
“No, I—” you stop and inhale deeply, looking up at him with dismay. “I think I’m gonna hurl.”
All the alcohol you’d consumed earlier in the night suddenly catches up to you at once, as if triggered by the two extra shots you took just now. And, oh man, they are not messing around.
Iwaizumi’s face contorts as he processes your words with realization.
“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” he groans, swiftly standing and picking you up in his arms bridal-style while still being careful of your ankle. “Hang in there for like, twenty seconds. If you yak on my carpet or my furniture, I’m gonna kill you.”
You give him a little punch in his arm, but stay still cooperatively as he carries you to the bathroom, taking deep, steady breaths for as long as you can… which doesn’t last very long. The second Iwaizumi gingerly puts you down on the wooden floor, you find your head in the toilet, your body relieving itself of every bad decision you’ve made tonight.
“Yeaah, that’s it, let it all out,” Iwaizumi encourages, holding your hair with one hand as you experience true regret for the first time in a while. He pats your back gently and rubs your neck, grimacing at the sound of another round coming.
“I’ll be right back,” he says. You nod and wave him off before gripping the edge of the toilet seat again, but he reappears in an instant with a cup of water in hand. 
You’re not sure exactly how long you spent in the bathroom, but you do know that, by the end of it, Iwaizumi had forced you to drink copious amounts of water and rinse your mouth with mouthwash before letting you sleep. It may have been a pain to do so in the moment, but he’s right. Tomorrow’s version of you will be thankful for staying hydrated. And now, to just get some rest… that’s all you want, really.
Iwaizumi’s brow twitches as the vein he’s yet to name after you throbs in his forehead. You look so at peace, sprawled out on his mattress while he stands there at a loss, still wearing the latex gloves from when he’d quickly cleaned the bathroom after tucking you in. He could’ve sworn it only took him a few minutes to disinfect and refresh everything, and yet you’re already passed out like a rock—leaving no space for him on his own bed either.
He sighs.
This scene looks oddly familiar. 
Iwaizumi yawns and rubs the back of his neck, his own fatigue and soreness finally catching up to him after such a long day. He considers sleeping on the couch outside, but also doesn’t think that letting you sleep by yourself for the night is a good idea, for fear you wake up and need to throw up once more. He really doesn’t have any choice but to share a bed with you yet again, well aware that he should probably be prepared to get groped and harassed in his sleep. 
Well, maybe if you’re passed out cold, you’ll have mercy on him this time.
Groaning, he pulls up a small garbage can and places it on your side of the bed, before walking back around. He stares at the tiny space on the mattress you’ve left for him, already occupied by half of your arm, and can’t help but shake his head with a faint smile.
He really is just powerless before you sometimes.
— ✧ ✧ ✧ —
“I said I’m sorry,” you whine lightheartedly, pinching Iwaizumi’s arm as he locks up his motorcycle. The sun is bright in the blue sky, but your smile is brighter.
“You’re a nightmare to sleep next to,” Iwaizumi mutters as you try not to giggle at the sight of his dark circles. “Nobody in their right mind is going to want to marry you in the future.”
“Well, you can,” you joke with a small cough.
Iwaizumi squints his eyes at you tiredly and you laugh. 
You’re in a much better mood than usual; in fact, you can’t remember the last time you felt so truly happy, with no more ambiguity regarding your relationship with Iwaizumi weighing down on you. The two of you had talked about what happened last night (granted, it was at 8 a.m. in Iwaizumi’s bed), and, even though you were disappointed that he made it very clear he didn’t want a relationship, you respected his decision. Knowing that your feelings are reciprocated seemed to be enough for you—long-distance is difficult, and it’s understandable that not everybody wants to, or can, commit to that.
Of course you don’t want him to leave, but there’s no use dwelling on the inevitability when you could use your energy to make the most of your time left together instead, even if it’s as friends.
Well, maybe friends that flirt with each other, but still friends nonetheless.
Because Iwaizumi didn’t feel comfortable letting you stay by yourself in consideration of your safety, he decided to let you tag along as he runs his Saturday errands (not that you would’ve wanted to be apart from him anyway). And after letting you freshen up after an eventful night, today’s first plan of action is… visiting his parents.
Even though you and Iwaizumi aren’t exactly dating per se, the idea of meeting his parents is still nerve wracking. According to him, his mother would be the only one home, but it doesn’t seem to ease the tension in your shoulders at all. Perhaps it’s because you don’t really know anything about her, except that her health isn’t in the best condition.
You hope she likes you.
Iwaizumi raises an eyebrow at your poorly hidden anxiety, and gives the top of your head a small tap. 
You two make your way up the steps to the house, and Iwaizumi unlocks the door to walk in first.
“I’m home,” he calls, taking off his shoes upon entering while you follow suit. You trail behind him and can’t help but notice how tidy and modest everything is, rays of sunlight bouncing pleasantly off the cream colored walls. 
Iwaizumi pokes his head into a bedroom as you wait patiently, not wanting to intrude.
“Hajime,” you hear a kind, gentle voice say. Iwaizumi’s cheeks lift into a smile before he turns around, beckoning for you to come in with him. You comply and carefully enter the room, greeted by a warm, citrusy scent. 
A middle-aged woman sits on the bed, her back leaning against the headboard. She puts her book down and takes off her reading glasses at the sight of you, and you give her a polite bow.
“This is my friend,” Iwaizumi discloses, glancing back at you as she gestures for you to come closer, “and this is my mother,” he says to you.
“Hello dear,” she smiles, her eyes twinkling with a tender excitement.
“Hi,” you respond shyly as you take a seat in the stool beside her, introducing yourself in the process. 
“How are you feeling?” Iwaizumi asks his mother. It’s rare for you to hear him speak in such a gentle tone.
“Just a little tired, but nothing to worry about,” she hums, waving a reassuring hand at her son. “Thought I’d take it easy today.”
“That’s good,” he nods. “I’m gonna take a trip to the pharmacy, but I’ll leave her here—” he tilts his head towards you, “since she rolled her ankle yesterday.”
“Oh!” Iwaizumi’s mother looks over at you with a concerned expression. “Is everything okay?”
“I’m fine,” you reassure her quickly, flustered at the sudden attention directed at you.
“I just don’t want her to walk around too much today,” Iwaizumi explains. “But I’ll be back soon.”
You and his mother both nod at him as he exits the room, and you suddenly feel nervous realizing you’ve been left alone with her.
“So you must be the one who’s been taking care of my son,” the woman says with a smile. She’s already had an idea of who you are the moment you set foot into the house—it’s never difficult to detect the seemingly small changes in her own son over the course of a few months, after all. “Thank you.”
“O-Oh, no, I haven’t done anything,” you laugh modestly, and also a bit awkwardly. You probably shouldn’t mention that you’ve actually been in a cold war with her son over the past three weeks and also just slapped him last night (well, in your defense, he asked for it). “You know him, perfectly fine with taking care of himself.”
This time, it’s her turn to laugh with a glint in her eye.
“Unfortunately, I know exactly what you’re talking about,” she chuckles. The sound makes you relax. “That’s probably why our relationship has gotten so… distant in the past few years.”
You hold your breath, uncertain of how to proceed. Would it be overstepping to ask her what she means? Or rude to seem like you don’t care? 
Luckily, the woman makes that decision for you.
“Hajime’s always had a tendency to shoulder all his burdens by himself, even more so when he started all that fighting,” she murmurs, gazing through the window beside her bed. “And I couldn’t do much to help him either, since my health was very poor back then.”
“I’m sorry,” you say, realizing how difficult things must’ve been for her. But she shakes her head.
“Don’t be,” she replies thoughtfully. “It’s partially my fault for not knowing how to communicate with him properly. He just doesn’t want me to worry but, before I knew it, years have gone by and I barely know anything about his life anymore.”
You’re quiet upon hearing this, and can understand the feeling she’s described with very well. 
“Hajime might be a little rough around the edges, and his walls can be built up quite high,” she muses, gently taking your hand and glancing at you. “But he’s a good man, and has a kind heart. And… I hope you can be patient with him.”
Well I’ve heard that before, you think to yourself as Oikawa’s face flashes through your mind.
Her eyes almost take your breath away—they look just like her son’s, but warmer. Despite the soft lines showing in her face, you realize that Iwaizumi’s mother is absolutely beautiful. 
“Of course,” you breathe, still enchanted. Something about her aura makes you feel welcomed and at home. You feel safe.
Looking slightly relieved, she leans back against the headboard and continues making conversation with you, and you recognize that your anxiety from earlier was completely groundless. Iwaizumi’s mother is quite possibly the loveliest and most pleasant person you’ve met, and you’re thankful to have even had the opportunity to be in her presence. She just seems so genuinely excited to get to know you, and cares about your relationship with her son—making it quite obvious that she hopes the two of you will stay in each other’s lives.
Meanwhile, on his way to the pharmacy, Iwaizumi feels his phone vibrate in his pocket. He pulls it out to read the new message he’s received, a wave of relief washing over him.
[10:39] Private: Your proposal has been accepted. 
Just as he begins typing a response, his screen goes grey while a separate incoming call interrupts him. Normally, he’d be irritated, but this is a call he’s been anticipating all day.
Fucking finally, Iwaizumi thinks, immediately pressing the green “Accept” button.
“Hey,” he speaks into the device, and hopes he’ll get some good news.
“Hey,” the familiar voice responds, and Iwaizumi clenches his jaw at the next sentence. “I’ve got the information you wanted.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dracoismydaddyhuh · a month ago
bloody hell, you’re perfect.
Ron Weasley x fem!reader
Tumblr media
Author’s note: This is so cheesy. I’ll post it anyways. This is the longest fic i wrote so far so i’m kinda proud of me. 
Warnings: Mention of mother -nothing much, you can switch it to dad or responsible, insecure reader, kiss, cheesy confessions. really cringe.
*this header is not mine, credits to the owner.
YN was lied on her bed, just contemplating her thoughts while Ginny was dressing up for a Slytherin party. She was ranting about something that didn’t catch her friend's attention. This was the first party they were invited to, well first-party YN got invited to. She wasn’t popular, people didn’t use to take second glimpses at her. She was used to it. Being almost hidden. It all changed once she met Ginny, the girl was the extreme opposite. She would always catch eyes no matter where she went, once YN started hanging out with ginny she got some recognition. She wasn’t just the “that one girl that sells her resumes”, she was still that, but now she was also “Ginny’s friend”.
It didn’t make her sad, YN was glad to be remembered as ginny’s friend since it was the greatest thing that occurred with her for a while. Even though she didn’t truly know the reason the ginger girl took an interest in her.
“So what do you say? Yes or No?” Ginny said sitting on the edge of the bed playing with the hem of her dress. 
YN frowned, she clearly didn't know what the Weasley girl was talking about. Causing Ginny to roll her eyes and repeat her question once again. “Can I help you to get ready?” She suggested doing her best charming look.
“But I’m ready. I was just waiting for you.” She shrugged.
“You what?” Her jaw almost fell to the floor. “No way you're going with uniform!”
“What is the problem though.” YN stared down at her clothes, after all, they were still at school, uniform seemed the most suitable choice. 
"It's a party! Go in a dress, pants, and a t-shirt, I don't know. Just don't go with the uniform." She said as it was obvious.
"I couldn't care less about it, as long as I'm not naked..." She shrugged once more but got up and looked for something in the wardrobe. If dressing something else will make Ginny more pleased than whatever, why not.
"Ok, I'll go with this. You will do my make-up though." She muttered as she looked at ginny waiting for her to turn around so she could get dressed. 
"No need to repeat! I'll just get the things I need." She twirls her heel and got some make-up stuff.
"Just don't fuck up my face, okay?" YN said, placing the straps of her dress up and resting on her bed again. 
It was a nice dress, her mother had sent it to the year before, no particular reason she said.
"Oh, my beloved. I'll make you so lovely that all boys won't take their eyes off of you!" She said with a playful smirk on her face as YN chuckled.
"Oh please!" YN said in a high pitch, finding amusing the idea of someone being whipped by her.
"I'm serious! Now could you please close your eyes?"
"Yeah, whatever." YN slightly nodded and closed her eyes.
Ginny mumbled about gossip, school, quidditch, Harry Potter, and the golden trio.
"I have been suspecting that Ron fancies Hermione." She casually said, not knowing how it made her friend's heart a little sour. 
"Oh, really? Why?" She tried to hide the melancholy on her voice, it didn't matter who Ron goes out with. But she desired to know everything about it anyways.
"Just the way they look at each other. I just feel some tension between them. I think it's so adorable. I hope they get together, they would be such a cute couple. Don't you think?"
"Hm, Yes. Sure. Great. Great Couple." And suddenly her hands started to sweat. She just hopped Ginny didn't assume much about it.
"Anyways, I just finished. I think you look pretty with your hair down, but if you want me to do something I can." She said while organizing the little mess she did.
"No. I'm fine. Let's go, it started an hour ago." She spoke while walking to the door, Ginny following behind her. 
Parties were something new to YN. She felt somewhat uncomfortable looking at so many unknown faces. Soon enough Ginny got into some conversation with a Hufflepuff girl that she never saw before. Even though she felt weird, just standing there listening and nodding to a conversation she didn't even understand what was about, she felt obligated to stay there. It wasn't like she knew anyone else. However, she couldn't handle it after some time, so she left to get something to drink. Trying to act like she knew what she was doing. 
She awkwardly looked at the drinks and tried to get anything that didn't have alcohol. 
"Oi!" Ron greeted her with a wide grin. He got some water and YN did the same.
"Oi!" She said, trying to look cool, sipping her drink while looking at him.
"Oi!" He said again. Doing the same thing as she did.
She shifted her weight to her right feet, thinking about something to say.
"So, Are you enjoying the party?" YN asked, raising a little her voice.
"Yeah. Hmm, you look stunning tonight." He whispered to her, so she could hear. The music was too loud and the idea of him yelling compliments to his secret crush didn't look appealing. 
"Thank you. You don't look bad either, Ron." 
Both of them were unaware of how their little whispering could make them so frustrated. 
"I was thinking that... Hm, maybe... Actually..." He was growing more and more upset, trying to finish the sentence without looking like a complete fool.
YN raised her brown and smirked, encouraging him to go on with whatever he is trying to say.
"Well, I was wondering that maybe you would want to go to a calmer place with me? If you don't want to, that's fine. And I won't do anything creepy, don't worry." He breaks eye contact and looked at his feet.
"Sure." She holds his hand and took him to the corridor, straight to the astronomy tower. She didn't know where all the courage came but she wasn't complaining.
"So, do you want to tell me something or-" She gave up finishing her sentence and just admired the starry night. 
"Oh Yeah, right. I have to tell you something." He said, walking next to her, quietly questioning if he should or not hold her hand.
"Yes? My attention is all yours." She said, standing in front of him, patiently waiting for him to get out of his chest whatever is making him so nervous.
She liked him, a bunch. Still, the last thought that would pass through her mind is that he likes her too. Of course, there was a small voice telling her that perhaps, the long stares, the owls through summer, the help with homework -that you didn't need to but was cute to see him trying to explain the subjects, she just secretly wished that it symbolized something. 
Nevertheless, on her head, the boy would never see her that way. Why would he fancy her anyway? She was one year younger, didn't looked bad but there wasn't anything interesting about her, she wasn't funny or too smart, and above it all insecure. Why would anyone fancy her? 
"I... I think you are nice." He said scratching his head. 
"Thank you. You are nice too." She politely said. 
"No. Nice is not the word... You are like..." He was doing hand gests as if he could make a spell to show her what he truly meant.
"I'm like?" She frowned, not quite understanding where this conversation was leading to.
"Ugh, You are so much more than you think you are. You are like, someone that makes me happy when I get sad. You break my heart every time I see you cry 'cause I know that you deserve nothing other than happiness. You are someone that takes my breath away when you look at me with those wonderful eyes. For Merlin's beard YN, I like you since 2nd year when you comforted me after failing one test." Ron said it all at once. Just taking it all out of his heart. Not thinking about the right words or dramatic impacts, just speaking all he has been hiding. 
YN felt like she lost control of her mouth, She forgot that there was a boy in front of her, visibly nervous and waiting for an answer. She was just quiet. 'Is he serious? Is this a sick joke? Ron Weasley fancies me?'
Ron cleared his throat, taking the silence as a rejection. "If you don't feel the same way it's fine. Really! Just, could we still be friends? You're like important to me so... I don't wanna lose you or anything." He said already stepping towards the exit, completely embarrassed. 'She likes you back!' said Hermione. 'You should confess' said Hermione. Of course, she doesn't like me back. Stupid night. He cursed under his breath.
"Wait." YN raised her voice and hugged him from behind. Doing her best to not let him go.
"I fancy you too. I just never said anything cause I thought you didn't like me back. I thought you liked Hermione." She whispered, feeling embarrassed that her confession wasn't as pretty as his and wondering if he could feel the love he deserves. He immediately turned when she said the last phrase. 
"What? It's you that I admire." He cupped her cheeks. "Bloody Hell, YN. You are perfect." He smiled at her, making her mirror his grin as well. All this overwhelming feeling was about to make her cry. 
"Oh, Ron. Stop. You are the perfect one here, I feel like I could stare at you for hours and never get bored. I feel like there isn't anything more interesting than you." She whispered. Afraid that she would scare him away with her thoughts.
Ron leaned closer to her face while she slowly got onto the tip of her toes. Forgetting about anything else. Forgetting that there is anything more than them in this world. "Can I kiss you?" He gently caressed her cheeks with his thumb, not daring to do anything before she answers.
"I never kissed before, Ron." She shyly said. It seemed right to tell him.
"That's okay. Can I kiss you?" He asked once again, now looking into her eyes. She nodded, closing her eyes and anxiously waiting to feel his lips against hers.
And when it happened it was a new feeling that she could never get tired of. It felt weird at first, she was worried she would do something wrong and didn't know what to do with her hands. But after she felt Ron smiling against her lips, all the insecurities were gone. She smiled too, and just enjoyed the moment. Feeling one of his hands on her cheek and the other on her waist, gently pushing her towards him, she felt confident enough to place her hands on his shoulders and play with his hair. YN was convinced that she never felt more loved than at that very moment.
Later, she cursed the world for making its moments pass so fast. Ron must've heard her thoughts cause even though the kiss was over he stayed there, holding her.
"It's getting late." She said after some time of infinite love words said through naive touch. 
"I know." He whispered. But he stayed, and she stayed too.
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pikaflute · a month ago
hi, sudafed cleared my sinuses long enough to think so here’s a giant post about most of my charles headcanons
OH btw here’s my 4 hour and 23 minute playlist for Charles. Enjoy. Yes I know I’m insane:
General Headcanons
He was born November 24 1965. He’s currently 56, but I usually write him in his late 40s in most fanfic and content I make. So there’s this middle aged man....
He has hazel eyes. Sometimes they look green, sometimes brown. Sometimes they’ll be white but that’s when he’s using his magic so mind your business
Gear brand over his heart >:)c
:) i think he has piercings and tattoos, a skull (dead man teehee) on his upper arm, a tattoo of a date (the date pickles and him first met TEEHEE) on his left arm also has a tattoo on his arm of the day he “died” on his right. had his ears pierced when he was a teen.
Has a sweet tooth so hard. Smuggles in treats into the drawers of his desk just to snack on during the day and has a mini fridge just filled with ice cream and also sorts of other goodies. He loves brownies and cookies the most
Likes to work out and keep himself in shape. it takes his mind off of stressful things like work and the boys, and just take his morning practice sparring and doing various exercises in the mordhaus gym. 
he’s uh also very flexible so he does yoga a lot when he exercises. don’t. look too deep into that
cannot cook to save his life. he almost burned mordhaus down trying to make himself a sandwich
he can play guitar! he used to play it more often when he was younger but he rarely has the time to play it nowadays. when he does get to play it, it’s usually in private (and mainly songs by dethklok), or it’s to show off to a certain lead guitarist that yes he is playing that solo wrong
he’s ambidextrous but prefers using his right hand. he’ll use his left hand to spar in order to go easy on his opponents because hes a smug cunt
he’s 5′7 but intimidation factor adds a couple inches doesn’t it
has a scorpion named princess as a pet. he lets her sit on his desk sometimes and it scares the shit out of dethklok which makes charles laugh on the inside
hes also a cat person. one time toki brought a cat home and it settled on charles’ lap and he almost cried
loves to be a smug asshole and relishes in it. will not take shit from anyone, especially from some asshole who is trying to pull one over on him
he has no idea how social media works at all. will print memes out to show to dethklok, he’s very fond of cat memes specifically (i can has cheeseburger type beat)
he has no idea what any internet memes means he isn’t going to start learning. he is going to misuse internet phrases. are you boys, ah, finding the imposter? [cue five groans from dethklok]
knows a lot of languages. not a comprehensive list but: french, swedish, norwegian, spanish, italian, japanese, chinese, german, russian and korean
is very competitive. scarily competitive. once he starts losing in smash or mario kart all hell will break lose
very bad at showing emotions or affection, when he gets compliments he gets all red and quiet and mumbles a thank you. 
weird about being touched as well and will usually avoid it unless it’s with someone he trusts
speaking of, his love language is acts of service :)c
hates being called charlie or chuck, unless the right person calls him it ;)
he’s autistic. was nonverbal for most of his life and only talked to certain people, or anyone at all. he stims with his hands and uses his pens to fidget.
has a collection of novelty socks. he likes the ones that have polka dots or stripes
sleeps with a garfield plushie he had since he was younger. it helps him with the nightmares
when any of the boys need help sleeping (usually toki or pickles), he’ll sleep with them in his bed. after dying he had trouble sleeping some nights, so dethklok returned the favor and all piled up in his bed and helped him sleep. he didnt have nightmares after that night
hes nearsighted, and prefers to wear glasses over contacts
lactose intolerant, hes still eating mac n cheese and paying the price
metalhead but pretends to not be just to mess with his boys
crippling addiction to match 3 games. also loves to play minecraft.
overly self sacrificial. puts ones he love needs before his own, results in himself being very isolated and distant from those he cares about because he’s afraid of hurting them
his favorite colors are black and purple
coffee kinda guy. black coffee or bust
has a lot of cute novelty mugs to put his coffee in. he ones from places where dethklok tours, dethklok official ones (the only two that aren’t adorned with spikes), some cat themed ones, a couple that have ties and math references, and one from his boys that says “most brutal manager”. he drinks out of that last one the most
he has a couple of grey hairs and wrinkles, but he keeps them because they remind him that he’s human. also pickles said old men were hot but you didnt hear that from me
likes to play chess but he can never find a good opponent. all the klokateers are too scared if they win and dethklok is too distracted to ever play with him or they end up losing to quickly if charles plays against them
really wants kids. he babies his sister’s sons and daughters a TON (uncle charles always brings the best gifts :) ) and also treats toki like his own son in a way. toki doesnt mind, he really appreciates the love
speaking of, toki does call charles dad once and it makes charles cry for like. a week and a half
his favorite dethklok song is the gears :)
he likes to collect knives as a side hobby, his favorite of his collection is a sleek black one with skulls on the handle
he has a motorcycle and likes to drive it around sometimes to just be alone with himself. it’s all black with a red gear on it
lightweight but only if he drinks the amount dethklok drinks. can hold his alcohol fairly well if he drinks like a sensible human, prefers brandy and wine
he can smoke cigars to be sexy for me and me ONLY
likes to read in his spare time. he likes mystery novels and science fiction
he has soft spot for cheesy sitcoms, they’re his guilty pleasure
his favorite youtuber is lockpickinglawyer. yours should be too
usually sleeps in only his boxers but will wear a shirt if its’s cold. he tends to sleep on his side (also wants to be the little spoon when cuddled but he will never admit that)
takes vacations sometimes away from the boys despite his worry that something will go wrong (it will!). many of his vacations are usually going to visit his family and going to the shore with them, or travelling to somewhere new for a change (cue charles being a yakuza substory on his one vacation per year)
he can sew pretty well. learned from his mom and used to sew the whole his sister use to put through her soccer uniform.
can also do makeup, and usually does it for one of the boys of there’s no one else around to help
bites his lip when he’s nervous. which is a lot
likes chococat and gudetama. he’s a man of tastes
laughs really loud if you catch him off guard. he snorts sometimes too. he’s embarrassed by it, but i think its’ cute
loves law and order obviously 
he likes men
has a lot of pent up rage. very good at compressing it. sometimes
as high priest, he stays up very late trying to decipher the ancient prophecies that dethklok needed to fulfill. he doesnt sleep very much when he starts out because he misses home, so the band makes him come back (or else)
also as high priest he becomes more intune with magic granted to him after he died and he mainly uses his magic to protect his boys when they go back to being a band. also to fuck with them
the band he managed before dethklok was a band named savior who said they were a metal band with a unique sound, but that unique sound was actually just being a christian metal band that were bad at playing music. they also treated charles like shit and blamed him for them doing so poorly with sales and shows. had an unfortunate “accident” with a tour bus after charles had enough of their attitude towards him.  he denies he had anything to do with it (he did.)
He’s the baby of the family. Spoiled rotten to the max. He doesn’t admit it though but whenever he comes home you know he abuses the “:)c im the favorite” card
He has 4 older sisters: Caroline who is a high school civics teacher, Cynthia who is a librarian, Callie who is a coach for a soccer team, and Charlotte who is a lawyer/manager who manages Ladyklok, which gets awkward (and funny) when Abigail starts dating the lead singer Natalie
charles is actually one of the tallest in his family. his dad is 6’1 and his older sister Callie is 5’11. cynthia is 5’6, caroline is 5’6, and his mom and charlotte are 5’5.
his mom is a doctor and his dad is an accountant. his mom’s name is giovanna and his dad’s name is elijah
caroline is the oldest sister, followed by cynthia, callie, charlotte then charles.
Charlotte and Charles are sworn enemies since they were born on the same day a year apart and basically have the same job. They do love each other though
His father calls him Charles. Caroline and Cynthia call him Charlie. Callie calls him Chuck. Charlotte calls him Charles (derogatory). His mom calls him a whole slew of nicknames that she made up when he was young (she calls him cheese ball and he turns red)
caroline has a wife (lauren who is a chef) and two kids (evan and shelby)
cynthia is dating a coworker (viola)
callie has a husband (john who is a stay at home dad) and they have three kids (brenda, melissa, and jeff)
charlotte is dating ladyklok (and abigail). this is a weird flex on charles i think.
He had a race car bed when he was like 5
He also was also one of those kids at family game night. He almost killed Cynthia over a game of monopoly
Always got to lick the spoon first after his mom baked brownies
He grew up in North Jersey (derogatory) (also yes im projecting state shot)
He’s also Italian (derogatory)
He got bullied in middle school for a little bit but once his older sisters found out, oh boy did all hell break loose
Was in band in high school. He played flute (DONT TALK TO ME I LIKE PROJECTING), he was of course a soloist and incredibly smug about it
Took gymnastics as a kid. Can do a backflip on command. Also very flexible.
First manager gig was helping his sisters sell girl scout cookies. They raked in a lot of profits when baby bro was behind the scenes. His cut was eating thin mints for free
Loved Star Trek when he was a kid
Was incredibly gifted, and taught himself to read at a young age. didn’t talk that much though
was always sick when he was little. he would always get sinus infections and colds if someone even sneezed weird
was in mock trial in high school. one guy on his team was a jerk to him so charles made it a point to be this poor kid’s nemesis
was on the student council, treasurer of course.
was also in nhs, and he was treasurer there too
was that kid who insisted on doing the group project by himself because he didn’t want to wait on anyone to finish their part
was super rowdy as a kid, always got into trouble but his mom was a little lenient of punishment (hes a mommas boy)
when he was like super young he bit people cause he was just a little monster (charles' sisters: mom charles is biting again. charles, biting one of them: im not :/ sheesh)
wanted to be a lawyer since he was 7
put his own siblings and parents on trial and would win every trial and would always get the last cookie or a higher allowance
he shared his room with his sister Charlotte and they would set up a pillow fort on one of the beds and stay up late reading together 
loved going to the beach as a kid, his mom still has his collection of shells from the beach
on the boardwalk, he would dominate at claw machines anad carnival games. he won a bunch of plushies from himself (and his sisters obviously)
his dad and him have a super close bond. they watched star trek together and also like to watch how the stock market would do. his dad was also sometimes the judge in charles’ mock trials at home
they were very supportive when he came out as gay, he was also the first of his sibilings to come out of the closet
Got his masters in business management at rutgers and a JD (law degree) from seton hall law.
Started college when he was 18 (1983) and ended college when he was 26 (1991)
Wasn’t a party guy. Never got invited to many, but he never went unless a certain redhead was in town
Sustained himself off of ramen, coffee, and SSRIs to get his masters (hey man i feel ya)
Did weed like three times. Three of those times were because of, you guessed it, a certain redhead
Speaking of, his first time having sex was in his dorm with Pickles. Pickles also kicked him off of the bed (those beds are fucking tiny) while they slept, and almost burned Charles’ dorm down trying to make toast the next morning
Absolute did not do essays until the night before. Bad habit that made it’s way into Dethklok managing when he’s forced to write a legal brief before 12 am.
Loved calculus 2 for some reason. Nerd
Had a mullet. Pickles thought it was hot (still is) while Charles would rather die than remember anything about that horrid hairdo
Also went through his goth/emo phase while in Law School. He stuck out amongst the sea of sweater vests and polo shirts
Was in a band with his fellow college bandmates. The band was called Habeas Corpses and he was the lead singer who also played guitar. Their sound was kind of similar to TWRP’s first two EPs (The Device and 2nite). they had a grunge aesthetic, and yes charles dyed his mullet black (with a purple streak), for the band.
his bandmates were all fellow law students. dillan was on drums, margaret was their bass guitar, and nick was their keyboardist. all three of them also got tutored by charles while in law school. they are still best friends and write to each other sometimes
Was on the debate team, but uh kicked off due to be very competitive (he threatened to punch the opposing debater)
Was also in the chess club, also kicked off for being too competitive (lunged at a kid for cheating)
After being kicked from the two previous clubs, he joined fencing, his very competitive nature made him the best in the state
nick (the guy in charles’ band) was charles’ roommate the whole time they were in college. they may or may not have had a brief relationship before they realized they would be better as friends
nick also has a nes and charles loved to played zelda and wrote an entire guide for himself because he’s was that into the game (nerd)
occasionally would be found sleeping in the library on campus
wanted to be an RA but the resident association at his schools thought he was a little much. charles took this as a compliment
worked out a lot between studying and classes. a lot of jocks underestimated him because of his size but charles was just :) [casually lifts something heavy]
a lot of fellow classmates thought he was super cool cause of the leather he wore, and how cool and quiet he was, too bad they didnt know he was a huge nerd
tried skateboarding. once.
had a cadillac that barely started and drove like a piece of shit but that was charles’ baby
pickles tried to have sex with charles in said car btw, charles almost killed him for even daring to suggest to tarnish his beautiful baby
has damaged his back permanently because of all the books he used to carry around in his crappy back pack
did some modelling for one of his friends in college. he was very attractive and got some other modelling job through it. he tries to hide that from the boys in the future because he thinks it’s embarrassing
Relationship with Dethklok
Pickles - he’s known the drummer the longest out of any other member, and if you couldn’t tell by now, he had a brief relationship with the drummer back in the 80s (and maybe also still has a crush on him :)). charles respects and admires pickles’ talent as a musician and sometimes they play together when they have time alone. he tries to be there when pickles has a relapse in either emotions with his family or something else, but still tries to maintain a distance because he thinks that pickles doesn’t feel the same as he did in the 80s. (he does btw). nothing could break the bond these two share. not even death
Nathan - understands nathan’s quiet nature (nonverbal kings!) and strive for perfection in everything dethklok creates because he is the same way. their similarities allow them to connect on a level that allows nathan to open up about his feelings that he likes to lock away. nathan also gets charles to open his feelings up and actually care for himself for once in his damn life. charles also helps nathan with the depression he develops after charles dies and how to deal with it despite it being not brutal. nathan wants to give back and he does by becoming one of charles’ closest friends (and maybe even lovers hehehe)
Toki - charles has taken it upon himself to be toki’s father figure after seeing the way toki’s family has left him for essentially dead. ever since toki joined the band, charles has made it a point to be there for him whenever he needed it. even if it meant spending late nights reading to toki or sleeping over in toki’s room to help him sleep, he’ll do it. he blames himself for toki’s disappearance but toki assures him that he did the best he could. toki calls him dad a lot after doomstar. it makes charles cry.
Skwisgaar - unstoppable asshole meets immovable object. skwisgaar sees himself above everyone else like he does with the other dethklok members but with charles, skwisgaar knows that charles isn’t intimidated by him nor will he bow to the guitar god in anyway. this develops a game of cat and mouse between the two, with skwisgaar trying to no subtly push charles’ buttons and to see what makes him ticks, while charles resist him at every turn with a smug ‘:) is that all you got’ and it delights him to finally see the guitarist squirm under pressure.
Murderface - at first the two are very. distant to say the least. murderface used to see charles as unemotional robot and charles was fine with that and accepted the distance. overtime however, and especially after charles died, murderface warmed up to charles confiding in him things he hasn’t told the band, mainly things about his insecurities because charles is ‘fucking smart with crap like this’. and charles helps him and is happy to see him work out his problems and not bottle them anymore like the rest of his bandmates. charles also enjoys murderface’s company as a friend as well. and….he’s gonna help murderface the most with the whole traitor stuff too.
Abigail - mlm and wlw hostility. but seriously they’re good buds. he sympathizes with having to deal the moronic actions of dethklok on a daily basis and also thinks she’s really intelligent and overall fun to hang out with. they take lunch breaks frequently together and like to make fun of people at dethklok dinners together as a fun activity together. abigail will bully his ass once she finds out she’s dating charles’ sister and WILL bring up those baby pictures to get a higher raise thank you very much
Knubbler - can you say coworker besties! like abigail, he gets along because they both have to deal with dethklok being, well dethklok, but with knubbler, charles can relax a little more. the two cause problems on purpose just because they can. the two are also close friends and knubbler tries to get charles to relax for once in his life, and despite charles protests and objections, he sometimes caves and hands out with his friend (maybe boyfriend OOOOO who knows)
Sex Headcanons (IM SORRY)
um maybe he can have a giant dick (10 inches for me), it do be swinging though
daddy kink (everyone stay on this side, ill take care of him….come to daddy ;)c)
likes to do roleplay. he has a lot of costumes prepared for when his partner wants to do a scene with him
likes to bite and be bitten during sex. after a very long night, he’ll be covered in bite marks, it’s kinda hot
no gag reflex ;) he likes to deepthroat but good luck trying to get him to go down on you without him teasing
remember how i said he was flexible like eight times? yeah he uh, uses that a lot to his advantage. likes being fucked in weird positions because of it
the suit stays on during sex
he likes topping because he likes to be in control of everything he does all the time, but really wants to be told what to do sometimes and will let those he trusts do that for him
he has a dick piercing i know it
he's a very busy man, so he relies on his huge collection of toys he keeps in his bedroom and office
really good with his hands. as soon as those hands are on you, its game over
he loves to do it on his desk, makes him feel powerful. when he gets blown under his desk, it really takes all of his willpower to not cum immediately
really sensitive in weird places, specifically his ears
he likes to cuddle after sex, hes the little spoon :)
likes to be tied up, sometimes he’ll get tied up under his suit
mating press and riding are his favorite positions, giving and receiving
size queen, likes large toys and well ;)
has a private room that he sometimes goes to relieve stress, it has a fucking machine that he likes to use often when his job gets too stressful
he’s sucking people off at the klokateer glory hole, he’s uh, very good at what he does
likes to be spanked and like to spank
uses collars and leashes
maybe the klokateers can fuck him, if they’re good ;)
likes cum on his face but doesn't seem to realize that means he’ll get cum on his glasses and will need to clean them
he can wear a chastity belt :) for me
likes being came in but will still complain about being gross after
pretty much up for anything, he’s not picky, he just wants to be in control and get off
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cloudy-leonhart · a month ago
Heard you were looking for Bertholdt requests... could I get just general Bertholdt relationship headcanons?
You didn’t specify if it’ll be modern or canon so I’ll go modern <3
tagging @bertlebear bc she’s a Bert simp and o forgot to greet her a happy 400 & she deserves to wake up to bert headcanons <3
Tumblr media
I think he’d be perfect boyfriend material, he’s very mature and can play childish time to time.
He’s a little awkward on the first few dates, but it’s okay, he warms up to you after 4 dates or so.
I believe that you guys own a pet cat. He named his cat snickers. Yes, the candy bar.
Favourite thing to do?? Go to a bookstore and read a bunch of books while drinking coffee you got from Starbucks.
Favourite time for both of you? Tickle time. Both of you know where your tickle spots are, so sometimes you guys would start a tickle war outside and tickle each other mostly at work.
You guys have little 3 am talks when you both can’t fall asleep, sometimes you guys go to stargaze on your roof or sometimes you just hold each other and tell each other I love you’s.
He doesn’t really consider big events as dates, like dinner or a movie, he thinks every single time you ask him to come over is a date, whether it’d just be you and him baking, or watching a movie or just goofing off, he really likes to cherish his time with you.
God the thoughts this man has on the daily about you. He thinks you were some kind of gift god sent him, he can’t help but imagine your soft lips intertwining with his, your gentle hands caressing his face. Your fingertips wiping away his tears whenever he cries.
God he loves you so much. You don’t even know.
He’s kinda the type to like forget he had a valentine’s date with you, genuinely because I feel like he’s a forgetful person. You kinda have to find the right day to tell him. It can’t be too advanced (like week’s advance) or too close (a day before event). 2-3 days before event is good.
pls pls pls, hug him while he’s asleep, he gets frequent nightmares and he hates waking up alone. He just softens when he realizes your arms around him. He hugs you tight, afraid to let go.
You and him, and his cat are like family, Snickers is both your guys’ baby.
His favourite names to call you: the classics, baby, babe. sweet girl. bunny. mama cat.
Your names to call him: papa cat. prince. darling. sweet.
he’s a grower not a shower— he’s a fair size, 7-8 inches perhaps? 9 when hard—
He’s a switch, definitely, he can either break your back, or make you feel like the baddest bitch in the world, he’s tall, topping a tall man can probably make you feel confident.
He prefers morning sex, he loves seeing your scrunched up face in the morning light, some how the sun rays just hit you so perfectly and you look so angelic under or on top of him. He just can’t get enough.
He doesn’t like trying too many new things, I mean he’ll try it with you, just making do a lot would overwhelm him.
So far his kinks are, praising, mirror sex, hair-pulling.
No bc I would want him to whisper how much of a good pet I am while he pulls my hair. IM SORRY. IM GETTING AHEAD OF MYSELF.
One time you wore a bunny suit for him and he frothed over his mouth. Like pls, you couldn’t leave the bed for like a day bc he kept wanting more.
When you guys have intimate sex, not just a rough fucking. He’s very gentle about you, he knows to ask for consent when he’s going near spots you’re insecure about.
If you allow him, he leaves trials of soft kisses around your insecure area, explaining that you are the most beautiful human being he’s ever set his eyes on.
You guys probably do sleepy sex, you guys curl around each other and he just lazily thrusts into you, still tired, he’s got a dazed look in his eyes as you try to get more friction from him.
You guys probably end-up just cock-warming.
His guilt pleasure is wanting to have a threesome with Reiner and you.
He feels embarrassed thinking about it and sometimes you tease him about it.
He’s a little shy when it comes to eating you out, he doesn’t want to accidentally bite you or anything, sometimes you have to guide him, and that’s okay!
He moans so breathily, you can sometimes barely hear his moans tot he point where you have to check if you’re doing something wrong.
He bites his lip when he’s about to cum lmfao, he doesn’t like cumming inside of you even when you tell him it’s okay, he feels like it’s a crime to cum inside when you’re both not married.
his aftercare is probably the best, if you have post-sex cravings, he will get it for you. Anything you need, he’ll do it.
He rubs your hips with his thumbs when he’s nervous trying out things, then you either calm him down or probably tell him that it’s okay to quit.
positions I think Bert would do: link, link.
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idolcandy · a month ago
Me as a writer challenge!
I was tagged by @draconess-tania, thanks so much this was fun! And thank you for your kind words, they mean so much.
What fandom/character do you like to write for the most?
How do you cope with writing blocks?
How often your inbox is open?
What is the post you found the hardest to write?
What topics are the hardest for you?
Do you find it hard to say no to a request?
How many requests do you have in your inbox right now?
What topics do you don’t want to write about?
What Tumblr writers do you like the most?
How long the requests usually stay in your inbox?
Do you prefer to answer the requests or to write your own ideas?
What are your top 5 most popular posts?
Smut, humor, angst or fluff?
What are the works you liked writing the most?
Name some ideas your working on now.
My answers are under the cut
1. What fandom/character do you like to write for the most?
MCL easily, I very rarely write for anything else, I just feel very comfortable writing for this world and characters. I really enjoy writing Castiel actually! He isn't who I write most often, but I think he's complex and layered which makes him a good avenue to explore a lot of different emotions and themes.
2. How do you cope with writing blocks?
I don't fight it too much because I don't have the time and sit and do nothing. Ideas will come; I frequently write snippets of ideas or dialogue or dreams in my notes app. Forcing it does nothing for me.
3. How often your inbox is open?
Always! Because this isn't a writing-only blog I don't get a lot of requests, they only come when I ask for them. But people can request things whenever.
4. What is the post you found the hardest to write?
Probably The Detective Gets His Confession, a Cas/Nath fic. It was a request and I think it was the hardest because it was the first time writing this pair and also because the prompt required a jealous action and it took me time to find what that would be and how to write it without going too far because neither character is the crazy-jealous type.
5. What topics are the hardest for you?
I've written some things involving mental health and I find it difficult because I often draw on my own feelings and there's also the need to keep things sensitive.
6. Do you find it hard to say no to a request?
Yes, very! I rarely deny requests. I have written requests for ships I don't really care about and that's fine, but there've been times where people have selected a prompt from a list that I find uninteresting. It's easy to write about a ship you don't care about because things can come together well and be interesting with an interesting plot or scenario, but an uninteresting scenario is a tough request. I very rarely ignore requests though.
7. How many requests do you have in your inbox right now?
None currently!
8. What topics do you don’t want to write about?
I'm not comfortable writing about any sort of sexual violence.
9. What Tumblr writers do you like the most?
I love @centralsaints' writing. I'm always so excited when I get an AO3 notification that there's been an update or something new. the things that follows can fuck me up in like two lines.
10. How long the requests usually stay in your inbox?
Usually not more than a few days. When I ask for requests I have already set aside time to write them, so from the moment I get that first request I start writing.
11. Do you prefer to answer the requests or to write your own ideas?
I usually prefer to write my own ideas. But I think requests are a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone and write new things, things you wouldn't have come up with yourself. Plus requests are great for when you want to write but don't currently have an idea.
12. What are your top 5 most popular posts?
God, I don't have any popular posts! I'm pretty sure my most popular post on tumblr is Drummers Get All The Guys a Armin/Cas fic. My most popular fic on AO3 is Fragments but that's because it's a long drabble series so of course it has the most hits. My post popular single chaptered fic for MCL is Banging a Cas/Lys fic.
13. Smut, humor, angst or fluff?
I've written all types but I rarely write smut, I'm pretty sure I've only written it twice. I write fluffy, slightly humourous things most frequently but I like to do some angst too every now and then, I enjoy writing some death and murder!
14. What are the works you liked writing the most?
The first thing that came to mind was When Dare Reveals Truth which is a rewrite of HSL ep33 with the spin the bottle game. I enjoyed thinking of dares and embarrassing truths for the gang and I love doing pieces with the whole cast there because you get to have them play off each other.
15. Name some ideas your working on now.
One thing is a piece of original writing that's inspired by a dream I had where seeds kept falling out of me. Yeah.
The other thing is my UL Lys route that I kinda totally abandoned for a while there
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