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#tommy you deserve so much better than what dream put you through
gavin-screaming · 11 days ago
chills. fucking chills
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call-me-apple · 4 days ago
Dream & Sam: two flawed moral frameworks clashing
/dsmp /roleplay
What Dream and Sam’s conversation in the cell revealed is that the two of them have conflicting understandings of morality.
Sam has a black-and-white view of morality in which "good people do good things" and "bad people do bad things". He has firmly categorized himself as "good" in his moral framework and, as a result, everything he does is "good". Dream is firmly categorized as "bad".
Dream's view of morality is a grayscale. He judges a person’s morality by what motivates their actions and not the actions themselves and believes someone's placement as "good" or "bad" to be a matter of perspective.
It’s a difference that is perfectly demonstrated by their conversation in the cell which occurred on September 14th.
Dream: “I don’t think that I’m a bad guy.” Sam: “How are you not the bad guy?” Dream: “I think that there’s- y’know, good people do bad things. I think… y’know it’s just a matter of perspective-” Sam: “Bad people do bad things.” Dream: “...good- guys, bad guys.” Sam: “So what you did to Tommy: you were just a good guy doing a bad thing? Making a mistake?” Dream: *silence*
I don’t think Dream considers himself a good person either, just not a bad one (these moral labels mean very little to him), but there's no point trying to explain that to Sam. Dream understands others' beliefs and desires quite easily, and so, from that one conversation, he is able to clock onto Sam's black-and-white moral framework and use it to his advantage rather than try and change it.
Dream’s insistence on making the prison conditions harsh is something Sam has categorized as “bad”. So Dream points out that he can reverse those changes.
Dream: “Well then put it back like that! Put it- change it to your- the way you wanted. The way you wanted to do the prison. Make all the changes.”
In response to which Sam becomes suspicious and proceeds to question why Dream is only asking for better conditions after another prisoner has escaped. He changes the topic, but the conversation eventually circles back to Dream’s suggestion:
Sam: “I sealed it, Dream. There- there is no light even in the courtyard.” Dream: “Yeah. Well, that’s cause I said to. You can… you can undo it.” Sam: “I guess I could. *long pause* It’s-” Dream: “You could.”
Sam then goes on his tangent about how Dream deserves what's being done to him for being a horrible person and says he believes the prison to have always been intended for Tommy. He is, once again, deflecting from Dream’s suggestion.
Sam: “This was literally- this was literally the experience you wanted for the prisoners. You- you- this is- you’ve made- you made this bed. Literally. You- you- like- I- I may have built it, I may have engineered it but it was- you were the one that wanted these- *stutters* Do you know what you put Tommy through?” (emphasis is mine)
Dream is the one who commissioned the prison, yet Sam agreed to build it just for 64 diamond blocks. Dream wanted these conditions, yet Sam agreed to make them a reality.
By pointing out how his decisions can be undone, Dream pretty much tells Sam, without outright saying it: "if I am a bad person, and you are maintaining the decisions I made, what does that make you?"
If Sam reverts the conditions, he'll have to admit that he was wrong, that he did what the bad guy wanted, he did a bad thing and in his mind, only bad people do bad things. Sam refuses to entertain the idea that he may be a bad person, which would put him in the same category as Dream in his moral framework, and so, he deflects.
Questioning Dream’s intentions behind asking for better conditions, saying Dream deserves this, saying the prison was built for Tommy: all those things are Sam’s attempts to deflect and justify his actions because what Dream’s suggestion implies is against his moral framework.
In Dream's mind, anything done to Tommy is justified so long as it contributes to his goal. Sam believes his treatment of Dream to be justified because anything he does to keep the prison secure is good. Sam is doing the same thing Dream did, but refusing to admit it because it conflicts with his moral framework of “good people do good things, bad people do bad things”.
Dream and Sam's conversation in the cell is a massive piece of c!Sam characterization and a demonstration of how frail his moral framework is. A single realization can make his whole world crumble, and so, he refuses to self-reflect.
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wooloo-inc · 6 months ago
Hi! I hope you have a great day!
I have a request:
The idea:
-Reader and Dream are enemies,and Reader visits onces him inside the prison,after hearing about he has Schlatts book that can revive people. The Reader tries to bring it up while visiting him,but the alarms goes off and they get locked up together for a whole week.
How Sapnap,Awesamdude,Fundy,Technoblade and (platonic!)Ranboo would react getting the information they s/o are locked in w/their enemies inside the prison?
(You can make it angsty as possible,I just haven't seen any ideas where the Reader get stuck w/him.)
Thankyousomuch 💗💓💝💖
 angst is so fun to write
Warnings: death, suicide, blood, description of injuries, panic attacks, etc
. . .  
You always hated Dream. Since the day he showed up with that smirk of his, to the second he started hiding behind the gaudy white mask. You two always seemed to be on opposing sides. You knew from the moment you met him, that he was bad news. Not many understood your deep hatred for the green-clad man, until Punz spoke out about the bastard’s plans. When you all emerged from the portal, clad in armor to see the blood-soaked figures of Tommy and Tubbo; well you almost killed Dream yourself. 
You could feel his glare on your body as you smiled smugly at his downfall. You even had the honor of escorting the villain to the prison, wanting nothing more than to see him rot. You didn’t plan on visiting him ever, but with word of a revival book, you knew that you needed to. Plenty of people were losing their lives, some of your closest friends with only one life left. The book would be immensely helpful for saving those who didn’t deserve to die so young. 
So, here you are stripped of all your armor and items at the entrance of the prison. Awesamdude shows clear hesitation about allowing you into the prison, knowing of your horrible relationship with Dream. You turn down his offers at leaving, trudging through each effect of the potions the prison has to offer. And now you glare down at the lava, watching as it falls slowly down, revealing the cell of the monster. With a small whisper of ‘goodluck’ from Sam, you’re sent forward across the lava pit. 
The lava falls back down once you are inside, trapping you with him. He looks sly, even if his appearance is messier than ever. The orange prison suit weighs heavily against his shoulders, reminding him of what he has done. His white mask is nowhere to be seen, it must’ve been tossed along with the rest of his items. 
“So you do care about me.” He teases although the playful words don’t reach his eyes. 
“You know I could never care about you.” With a huff you lean against the obsidian walls, taking in the interior. For someone who used to have so much power, he has the bare minimum in the cell. A lone bed sits in the corner with a small chest across from it. He stares at a small clock on the wall, watching the time pass by slowly. He turns to look at you. 
“Then why did you come visit me?” 
“You know why I’m here.” 
It’s silent while he looks at your face. He knows why you’re here, many others visited after hearing about his possession of Schlatt’s book. A book with the power to bring back people from the afterlife. But, he didn’t expect you to show up. How unfortunate. Before you can utter another word, a blaring alarm sounds throughout the entire building. The obsidian walls shake briefly, pieces falling to the floor from above. Harshly, you grab onto Dream’s collar shoving him up against a wall. 
“What the hell did you do?” He laughs, his rough hands clamping onto your own. 
“I didn’t do anything, sweet-cheeks.” He laughs again, wildly as you call out for Sam. The guard doesn’t respond back right away, the alarm continuing to go off. A quiet beep mutters from your receiver in your pocket, the one object visitors are allowed to keep. The message sends a chill down your spine, making you reread it multiple times. 
Someone attacked the prison, you’ll have to stay put for now. I don’t want to do this, but you know the rules. You’ll have to stay with Dream for a week. I’m sorry. - Awesamdude 
He wants to throw up when he first hears the news
Sapnap just visited Dream in the prison last week, he knows first-hand that the man has changed so much
Dream has always been more cruel than the rest of the dream team, never hesitating to take the last strike 
He begs Awesamdude to let you out of the prison, fearing what Dream would do
You and Dream hate each other, always getting into brawls 
The masked man used to rant about wanting to see your blood spill onto the floor
Sam tries to convince him that everything will be alright; neither of you have weapons and you’ll be watched carefully by others guards 
Oh how Sam wishes that he could believe his own words to be true 
The lands were silent when the faint beeps of the receivers echo in the air 
y/n tried to swim in lava to escape Dream 
Karl and Quackity are quick to his side, as Sapnap collapses 
He can’t cry, only feeling a deep emptiness 
He will blame himself for letting you visit Dream, saying it should’ve been him 
Even though it wasn’t your last life, it still struck deep inside of him
The possibility to lose you to his old best friend, churns in his stomach and he retches 
You don’t lose another life while spending the rest of the week in the prison, but when you finally leave, you’re practically dead 
Bags sit under your eyes, burns and bruises across your arms 
You smile weakly at Sapnap, flinching when he tries to hug you 
His heart practically breaks when you return home and ask for permission to eat or talk 
Whatever Dream did must have been horrible, to break your spirit 
He will return to the prison, leaving you in the care of Bad, while he ‘talks’ to Dream 
He doesn’t want to leave you with Dream, not trusting the man one bit
Sam knows what he has done to Tommy, and fears the same happening to you
He wants to let you go, or even into another cell but the other guards won’t let him
‘It won’t be fair if they get different treatment just for being your s/o.’
‘The reputation of the prison will be ruined, they’ll know you’re biased.’
‘It is only a week, what is the worst that could happen?’ 
With a heavy heart, he delivers the bad news, nearly choking when you cry out for his name 
He tries to check in on you each day, but you respond less and less until the messages stop 
He can’t stop the negative thoughts from entering his brain and has to keep himself busy to avoid them 
When a week is over, the other guards have to hold him back from running into the cell 
He can see you laying on the bed in the cell, Dream sitting nearby
When the lava is gone, Sam waits for you to rush across the pathway but you don’t even move
Dream looks across the room, smiling darkly when he catches the guard’s gaze 
He stands and slowly walks over to the bed, barely letting his eyes drop from Sam’s
With little remorse, he yanks onto your shirt dragging your limp body behind him
In a smooth movement, Dream pushes your body over the edge of the cell, letting you fall to the lava below 
You don’t scream, cry or even fight while sinking into the fiery liquid 
The receivers don’t light up with a message, Sam sinking to the floor as he realizes you have been dead for days 
That is why you stop messaging him, that is why you didn’t respond or fight
Dream already killed you and was keeping your body in the cell 
The guards have to usher him away as the lava falls once more, Dream’s laughing filling the prison 
Sam didn’t even get to say goodbye
He didn’t get to say that he loves you 
If he doesn’t pass out from the news, he will throw up 
He feels sick and tries to convince Sam to let you out 
He thinks of threatening to break into the prison, but holds his tongue knowing you wouldn’t want him to get hurt 
Fundy will stay inside of your shared house, struggling to find any comfort 
He’ll wear your hoodies, or hold them while laying in bed, pretending that you are there and not trapped away 
He fears that he will wake up to see that you’ve died while in the prison 
He struggles to take care of himself, not knowing how you are doing 
Fundy already lost his father, he doesn’t want to see you go as well 
You don’t die in the prison, but that doesn’t make the situation any better
He greets you at the exit after the week, but you’re all shaken up
You barely speak when he guides you back home, simply holding yourself as your walk
He is afraid to leave you alone, but knows he can’t stick but your side forever
It is on a day like any other, weeks after the incident that he leaves you alone
Not even an hour after he leaves the house, his receiver chimes ominously 
y/n was killed by magic 
Memories of your suspicious actions, requests to visit the nether, and desire for spider eyes all come rushing back to him at once 
You created a harming potion to kill yourself 
He stops speaking to everyone, not even finding the strength to attend your funeral 
He struggles to sleep after your death, the bed cold 
He doesn’t get visitors often, especially nice ones
So when he sees Awesamdude outside of his house, he is guarded and ready to fight
The guard doesn’t pull out a weapon, bluntly giving the news to Technoblade
Even though he appears calm on the inside he is shaken to the core 
His hands are shaking slightly, gripping tighter onto his sword
The voices in his head are screaming, loudly overlapping each other 
Knowing that Sam won’t let you out of the prison, Techno rushes to the nether fortress taking his anger out on wither skeletons
The voices don’t quiet down as the week goes on, all agreeing on their worry for you
Philza has to practically drag him to the house to take care of himself, reminding Techno that you would want him to 
When the week is over, he is rushing to embrace you as you exit the prison
You sink into his grasp, holding on tightly to his cloak 
You’re practically sobbing while he walks you back home 
His red eyes burn darkly at the sight of blood and bruises lingering on your skin
Once home, he will get you a change of clothes and run a bath for you
He didn’t mean to walk in on you changing, an apology catching in his throat when he sees your back 
On the side of your shoulder is a smiley face, the wound a bright pink from irritation 
Dream carved his signature smile into your skin 
He drops whatever he has and runs forward, a stern hand holding you in place as he inspects the cut
Techno holds you tight, feeling horrible about what you’ve been through
He fantasizes about the different ways he could kill Dream as revenge 
It is possible to snap him out of his bloodlust state, but the thought will always be in the back of his mind 
No one touches his s/o and gets away alive 
Ranboo (Platonic): 
He doesn’t remember Sam or any of the guards telling him the news
In fact, he only finds out by going through his memory books
Written messily in dark ink is a newer note, that you are trapped in the prison with Dream 
He stumbles to his panic room, feeling his chest tighten and eyes burning 
Philza finds him later on, rocking back in forth in the corner 
Ranboo stays in Techno’s and Philza’s house for the week, not wanting to be alone 
He gets frequent night terrors, waking up from nightmares around your death 
Dream’s voice barely speaks in his mind the entire week, not a comforting occurrence to the hybrid 
He is waiting outside of the prison on the last day, wanting nothing more than to see you and Sam walk out 
It is taking longer than he expected, his tail swishing anxiously behind him
Tubbo reaches out to place a hand on his back, trying to comfort his friend 
Finally, Sam emerges from the portal, you walking behind him 
Ranboo doesn’t need to talk to you to tell something is wrong 
You are walking with a limp until you stop before the two
Sam apologizes flatly and returns to the prison 
Tubbo tries to start a conversation first, feeling awkward when staring into your abnormally dull eyes
“Why are you talking to me. You are not my friend.” You glare at Tubbo and turn your anger to Ranboo. “Dream is my only friend, he was there for me while you guys were busy building a hotel. My real friends would’ve been there for me.” 
You walk past the two, bumping into them on purpose
He can only watch as you walk farther away, unsure of how to even respond 
What did Dream tell you to make you act this way? 
Tears fall down his cheeks, burning his skin lightly as he cries 
But the pain cannot rival that of losing his friend
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helliontherapscallion · 6 months ago
(Y/n) and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week: Thursday (Part 1)
Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday (Part 2)     Friday     Saturday     Sunday
Spotify Playlist (collaborative)
Warnings: swearing, homophobia (f slurs and d slur), panic attacks, toxic friends, mentions of attempted suicide/getting told to kill yourself
Word count: 6,377
(A/N): ok, so I definitely got carried away with this, so I had to split Thursday into two parts. If I kept it in one part, it’d probs be like 10k-11k words long lmao
You woke up feeling strangely more refreshed than usual. Glancing at your clock, you saw that you actually woke up about thirty minutes before your alarm went off. You got a whopping twelve hours of sleep, a stark contrast from your recent sleep schedule consisting of no more than four hours a night. You felt like you could rule the world with how much energy you had. Sure, you felt anxiety pooling in your stomach like you usually did and you had a terrible dream about Haley rejecting you and getting completely outed to the entire school, but that did not stop you from throwing your covers off your bed and walking down the hall to the kitchen with the most confidence you’ve had since starting high school.
When you got to the kitchen, you saw a dead looking Uncle Schlatt slumped at the table chugging coffee and a chipper Philza trying to make conversation. Usually, you would’ve joined Schlatt in being dead inside, but today was different. You were filled to the brim with energy that you haven’t had in years. As you walked through the door, their heads turned towards you.
“Mornin Dad, mornin Uncle Schlatt!”
Your uncle merely grunted before going back to guzzling down his coffee. Your dad smiled at you, “well, looks like someone’s well rested.”
“Yeah, I got like twelve hours of sleep last night.”
“Glad to hear it, hun. You really needed it.”
“Glad to hear someone’s feeling well rested,” your uncle grumbled into his coffee. 
“Schlatt, don’t be such a downer all the time,” Philza rolled his eyes at your uncle. 
“Fuck you Phil, I’m a ball of fuckin sunshine. Ain’t that right, sweetheart?” 
“Yeah, Dad, I don’t know what you’re talkin about. Uncle Schlatt’s the heart and soul of this house. Even if he doesn’t live here.”
Schlatt gave a booming laugh, “suck it Phil. And that, (y/n), is why you’re my favorite niece.”
“At least I’m someone’s- wait. I’m your only niece.”
“Still my favorite niece!”
You grinned happily, that was better than nothing. “Love ya, Uncle Schlatt!”
Your uncle’s cocky grin turned more sincere and he diverted his full attention to you, “love ya too, kid.”
“Love each other quieter, you woke me up.” Wilbur’s tired voice complained as he walked into the room and slumped into his chair next to Schlatt. Schlatt clapped a hand onto his shoulder and rustled his hair.
“My man! How’s Sally, huh?”
Wilbur flushed red and started sputtering as Philza turned his confused gaze to his son. “Who’s Sally, Wilbur?”
You couldn’t leave your brother high and dry when he accepted you for being yourself so readily yesterday, so you quickly jumped in for him. “Sally’s just one of his friends at school. They’re job shadowing together for their project. Right, Wilbur?” You turned towards the flustered man with a somewhat forced smile and raised eyebrows. He looked at you with immense relief and nodded vigorously, his hair flopping onto his forehead. 
“Yes! We’re planning on job shadowing our band director, he said that it’d be a good idea if we want to major in music.” 
“Oh, why didn’t you tell me about her before! You should invite her over for dinner, I’d love to meet her!” Oh, your dad did not buy your terrible excuse for Wilbur, that man is like a bloodhound when it comes to sniffing out lies. Poor, poor Wilbur. 
Despite the blush remaining on his cheeks, Wilbur seemed to think that Philza actually bought his weak excuse. “I’ll invite her over soon. Does Friday night next week work?”
Philza grinned cheekily, “yes! I can’t believe you haven’t brought her over sooner if you’re close enough to job shadow with her!”
At this point, Schlatt’s face was cherry red with his almost failed attempt to hold in his laughter. “I’m not missin this. Me an’ Tubbs are comin over next Friday.” 
Wilbur still hasn’t noticed that they hadn’t bought it, you thought he was more perceptive than that. Eventually, Philza started to make breakfast and conversation lulled into a comfortable silence as everybody waited for Techno, Tommy, and Tubbo. Deciding to pull out your phone, you scrolled through your notifi- wait. Why did you have forty-two messages from Adrian and Sammy? Why did they make a groupchat with everyone except Annie? Furrowing your brows in confusion, you opened the group chat. What you read made your breathing catch in your chest and your skin blanch, it wasn’t a dream. Everything was real.
Sammy <3
(y/n) you fucking pervert
How could you do this to us????
Adrian <3
We’ve given you everything and yet you’re still a disgusting person. 
Fucking faggot
We thought we could fix you, but you’re broken
You’re always going to be
Sammy <3
And now, you’re gonna go to hell with all the other dykes and fairies.
It’ll probably be heaven for you, surrounded by perverts like yourself
You’re staying far away from Annie
Adrian <3
You’ve put her through so much shit and now this
We swear to god if you talk to her again we’re gonna make you wish you would’ve gone through with killing yourself freshman year
We’re leaking the pictures slut
You felt your anxiety melt away into betrayal. So they were yours and Haley’s stalkers? How dare they try to leak Haley’s pictures. They could leak yours, you didn’t give a shit if yours were leaked. You could learn to live with it, you always did after all the shit you put yourself through throughout the years, but Haley’s? She didn’t do anything. Even if her rejection was painful, you still deeply cared for her. She didn’t deserve that. You, however, did for not being normal. For making people around you uncomfortable with your presence. 
That was you guys?????
Why the fuck would you do that
I trusted you 
All of you
Sammy <3
We trusted you too dyke
But you’re a two-faced bitch
And to think we actually thought you were our friend
Were you only friends with Ann and I so you could get into our pants?
I’m disgusted
You’re a fucking pervert.
Adrian <3
We shouldn’t have talked you out of suicide freshman year
You fucking deserve it
Make Annie’s life easier and just swan dive off a roof
You’ll be doing everyone a favor
Listen, I don’t care if you leak my pictures.
Just don’t leak Haley’s
She has no part in this
I’ll leave you guys alone if you delete Haley’s pictures
Hell, I’ll do anything for you if you could release them after the final volleyball match today
It’s Haley’s time to shine and she deserves the attention as team captain
She’s worked so hard to get there all of high school and leaking my nudes would take the attention away from her
Let her have her moment
Sammy <3
For once she has a point
She probably manipulated the poor girl
Who knows what the fag would’ve done to her if we didn’t expose her
Adrian <3
Fine, we’ll delete Haley’s pictures and we’ll wait until after the game
But we’re leaking yours
You deserve it for what you did to Annie and Haley
“Kid, are you okay? You’re kinda pale over there buddy.”
Looking up from your phone, you saw everybody’s eyes on you. They each looked concerned, but Wilbur even more so. He was the only one in the room at the moment that knew about your panic attacks. He stood up from his spot and walked over to you with long strides.
“She just remembered the homework in stats that we forgot about. Techno asked us in the group chat about it, we were just about to go and see if he could help us.” 
“But Wilbur, I thought you took statistics last year.”
“No, that was algebra two, I’m taking stats this year,” that was a lie, he was in pre-calculus this year. “C’mon (y/n), lets go finish that assignment.” 
He grabbed your shoulder and hauled you into a stand before grabbing your hand and practically dragging you up the stairs and into Techno’s room. Said pink-haired teenager looked up angrily. “What’d I say about kno- (y/n)?”
Wilbur closed the door and locked it behind him. He dragged you over to Techno’s bed and sat you down on the edge before kneeling down to look you in the eyes.
“(Y/n), can I touch you? Is that alright?”
After you shakily nodded, he grabbed your hand and placed it over his chest. “Breathe with me.” Like yesterday, you tried to copy his movements, but it wasn’t working. Your panic attack was just getting worse by the minute. Techno pushed Wilbur aside and took his place kneeling in front of you and grabbing your hand, rubbing his thumb over your knuckles.
“(Y/n), can you tell me five things you can see around the room?”
When you didn’t move your wide eyes away from Techno’s face, he frowned and gently squeezed your hand. “You can get through this. What’re five things you can see around the room?”
You reluctantly tore your eyes away from his face and peered around the room. You hadn’t noticed that your blurred vision had tunneled until you realized that you couldn’t see anything in your peripheral vision. Your unseeing eyes flicked around the room. 
You tried to swallow, but you couldn’t do anything through the lump in your throat. With a shaky voice, you gasped out “I-I can’t breathe. I-”
“Deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Follow me.”
You tried to breathe with him, and you eventually got to the point where you could speak. Your eyes flicked around the room once again and slowly recognized your surroundings. 
“You… Wilbur… Desk… Window…”
“That’s good, just one more.”
Your eyes flicked around the room, “...Book.”
“Look back at me, you’re doing so good,” when you looked back at him, he had a small smile on his face. “Nice job. Now, four things you can feel. Can you do that for me?”
You shakily nodded and looked at your hands and around your surroundings. “Bed… Pants… You… Carpet.”
“Three things you can hear?”
“You… Birds… Breathing.”
“You’re almost there, I’m so proud of you. Two things you can smell?”
“Toast and… and burning?”
Despite his confusion about the sudden burning smell, he continued to smile at you. “Good, last one. One thing you can taste?”
You licked your lips before scrunching your nose slightly, “...snot.”
“Wilbur, can you go get her a few kleenexes and a glass of water?” Techno asked his brother without taking his eyes off you.
Wordlessly, he swiftly left the room. “Are you feeling better?”
You panted as you reached up to rub at your teary eyes, “yeah, how’d you know what to do?”
His smile turned slightly bashful, “I did some research last night. I’m glad I did, that was a bad panic attack. Can I- can I ask what caused it?”
You pulled out your phone and handed it to him, letting him scroll through the messages while you brought up your knees to your chest and rested your chin on your knees. You felt tired after that attack, however you had a little bit more energy than you usually did. Only a little bit more. It was probably because you slept for half the day and through the night yesterday. You watched your brother scroll through your texts with tired eyes. 
He was emotionless as he scrolled, making you somewhat scared about what his reaction would be. He probably hasn’t gotten to the whole “go kill yourself” or the stalking parts. Judging by his set jaw and labored breathing, he was pissed already and he didn’t even get to the bad parts yet.
In the middle of his scrolling, Wilbur came back with a box of tissues, a glass of water, and a plate of bacon, eggs, and toast. When you hardly moved to grab them, he sat on the bed beside you and handed you a tissue. After cleaning up, you took the glass of water and started to slowly sip at it. “Thanks, Wil.” 
He wrapped an arm around you and pulled you close to him. When he looked over Techno’s shoulder at your phone, you saw his eyebrows furrow. “Tech, what’s-”
He was interrupted as Techno shoved your phone into his hands and stood up to start pacing around his room. “Read it yourself.” He sounded more monotone than usual. He was absolutely furious.
You watched Wilbur’s face as he read through your messages. Unlike Technoblade, he looked furious. His eyes were set ablaze as his entire face turned an angry red. “(Y/n), what the absolute fuck? Why didn’t you tell us this was happening?”
Shrinking in on yourself and pulling your knees closer to your chest, you murmured out a small “sorry.” You saw him quickly turn his head to you as his face softened. He pulled you into a full hug.
“This isn’t your fault. None of it is, it’s all their fault,” he spat with disgust. “How’d they even get your nudes? Did you send them to anyone?”
You leaned your head against his shoulder, “that’s the thing, Wil. I’ve never taken nudes before. They took them through my window. I deserve it.”
You felt him freeze up and heard Techno pause his pacing to stomp over to you. He tore Wilbur’s arms off from you and held you out at arms length by your shoulders. He looked the most angry than you’ve ever seen him with his furious eyes burning into your own and his mouth set in a firm frown. It was terrifying to see him that angry.
“(Y/n), you don’t deserve a single fucking thing that’s happened to you. You were manipulated and gaslit by a group of self righteous assholes. You. Do. Not. Deserve. Anything. That. Happened. To. You. Do you understand me?” 
Despite your fears of him, you were determined to protect your friends. “But I do deserve it though. I was a bad friend to them. I tried so hard, but I couldn’t be a good friend to them when they were always helping me. I’m just not a good person in general. I deserve it for not being normal.”
“Technoblade, that’s enough.” Wilbur cut him off with a firm tone, putting a comforting hand on your arm.
“No it isn’t Wilbur. It’s not enough until she realizes how fucking toxic they are. What they’re doing is gaslighting. You’re in a psychology class, you should know what that is. Give me the definition of it. Now.”
“It’s when someone manipulates another person for their own personal gain… I’d know if I’m being gaslit, and I’m not. They’re just telling me the truth, they keep me in check. I could put more effort into my appearance and personality. I could stand to lose a couple of pounds.” “How do you not- ya know what? Listen. Just listen. That’s the definition of being gaslit. They’re constantly putting you down and making you self conscious about every. Little. Thing because they need to put someone down to fuel their own damaged egos and they laugh at you when you show that you’re hurt by their comments. That’s not a healthy friendship, (y/n). It’s toxic. 
“Real friends would never, and I mean never, do that to you. Real friends would never tell you that you looked like shit when you’re as beautiful as Aphrodite. Real friends would never out you to the entire school when you weren’t ready. Real friends would never tell you to lose weight because they wouldn’t care about what you look like. Real friends care about your well being and they look out for you. They love you for you.”
You fell silent as you contemplated his words. Were they really that toxic? You were planning on being a psychology major in college, so why didn’t you notice that they were actually always against you? You learned in your class that manipulative people are naturally cunning and sneaky, but you couldn’t help but feel stupid. You thought that they were helping you when they were clearly toxic. It was right under your nose and you didn’t even see the signs. What kind of psychology student were you if you couldn’t recognize the obvious signs of manipulation? 
On one hand, you were filled with betrayal. But on the other hand, you felt molten hot anger overwhelm and swirl around your entire body like a cyclone absolutely decimating everything in its path with its violent winds hurling in a blind rage anything and everything without a care of the outcome. You felt the burning hatred of a thousand suns rise up from deep within your being, filling you with a hatred that you didn’t know you were capable of. 
They fucked up your entire life, not you. They were the ones with the ugly personalities, not you. They were the ones that needed to improve themselves, not you. They were bad friends, not you. They laughed at the pain they brought upon you purposefully. They completely humiliated you. They betrayed your trust. They took pictures of you without your consent. They fucked up your relationship with Haley. They violated Haley. They fucking stole her dignity from her with those disgusting pictures they took of her. They were truly vile creatures undeserving of any mercy. Not that you were actually considering being merciful, that would be too good for them. They deserved everything you were going to throw at them. You were going to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of your past self. 
You felt yourself practically vibrate with fury as you held Technoblade’s intense gaze with one of your own. “Those bastards fucking used me for years. Literal years and I thought they were there for me,” you gave a sardonic laugh, your voice shaking with anger. “I-I’m gonna fuckin kill them the next time I see their sorry asses. Make them feel what it’s like to get tossed out of a car. Make them feel what it’s like to constantly get beaten down.”
Techno’s hands gripped your shoulders in a vice grip as his eyes sparked with a crazed delight and he grinned widely at you, “that’s the spirit! You’re gonna rain hellfire upon them, beat their asses (y/n)! Fuck em up! FUCK! EM! UP!”
Wilbur, always thinking about potential consequences and the voice of reason, spoke up with hesitance. “As much as I love that you’re finally realizing that they’re toxic as hell and want revenge, you’d have to wait at least until tomorrow. If you did it today, you wouldn’t be allowed to go to finals. Besides, I don’t think that you should even fight them. You would be out- wait. They’re the ones that opened the car door and fucked up your back?” Seeing you nod, his face darkened in anger. “...(Y/n), you’re gonna fuck em up as soon as you can tomorrow. We’ll back you up if they try to gang up on you, we aren’t eighteen yet, so it’s still legal. ”
“YOU ARE NOT FUCKING ANYONE UP ANYTIME SOON, TECHNOBLADE.” Philza’s voice boomed from behind the closed door. Said door swung open to reveal your father’s angry form and your uncle’s intrigued, slightly proud form.
You three stared at the two for a while with gaping mouths, your previous intensity substantially diminuendos into a quiet shock. No one fucks with an angry Dadza. Techno was the quickest to get over the shock. “...How long were you standing there?”
Your father sneered. “Well, long enough to hear that you three are going to fight someone! Why the hell would you do that?” 
Your brothers looked at you in a silent question. Shaking your head, you answered in a small voice, “there’s just some people messing with me at school. They were just worried about me. We weren’t gonna actually fight someone, they were just talking about how it’d be nice to get some revenge for me. I was just about to tell them that I could handle myself and we didn’t need to fight.”
Immediately, your dad’s stiff stance relaxed slightly as his eyes pierced into your own, searching them to see if you’re lying to him or not. You felt a cold sweat drip down the back of your head at the intensity of his gaze, you hated when he did that. It always made you feel like he was staring right at your soul. Eventually, his gaze softened.
“Why didn’t you tell me? I could’ve helped you through it.”
“I didn’t want to bother you. Plus, it’s nothing I can’t handle by myself.”
“But you looked really panicked earlier hun. Are you sure you can-”
“I just forgot about my stats homework until this morning and I thought I wouldn’t be able to get it done in time, but I did! No worries,” you spoke a little faster than usual. You prayed that he wouldn’t see through your lie. 
“...Alright. Just let me know if it gets to be too much for you and I can talk with your principal about it. Now go eat something and get ready, you only have,” he glanced at the clock on the wall, “an hour before you have to be at school. Hurry up or you’re going to be late.”
Your dad turned around and walked down the hallway away from the room. Schlatt, however, loomed in the doorway for a while before he came into the room and closed the door behind him. You three watched him warily as he eyed you and your brothers.
“...Ya know, I approve,” after seeing your confused looks, he chuckled and spoke again. “I approve of you three fuckin em up. I heard part of your conversation, and those snot nosed brats deserve it for what they did to my favorite niece.”
You three stared at him with shock, making him laugh at you. “Close your mouths, you’re gonna catch flies.” He paused for a second before leaning towards you and whispering “now, you didn’t hear it from me, but the key to a good punch is following through with it. Don’t hesitate. Don’t tuck your thumb in, that’ll break it. Make sure you center your hit on your index and middle fingers, they are the strongest points of the hand. If you need to, go for the eyes, nose, and groin.”
“I-thank you Uncle Schlatt. I really appreciate it. Just- please don’t tell dad?”
“Of course not! I mean, if you don’t fuck em up enough I will. (Y/n), when you’re done, I want details.”
You saluted sarcastically, “yessir, will do!”
He gave a boisterous laugh, “you better. Now go get ready.” 
As he was about to walk out of the room, he suddenly paused and his hand shot to his pants pocket. He pulled something out before putting it into your hand and turning again to walk out of the room. “This is from Tubbo and Tommy. They were worried about you.” In your hand laid three of your favorite candies. You felt your heart swell at their innocent, caring natures. They were honestly some of the sweetest kids you’ve ever met. 
“Well boys, you get first pics!” You held out the candy to them.
Wilbur looked at you with knitted eyebrows, “but they gave those to you.”
“I wouldn’t have gotten through that panic attack without you guys helping me, so take this as a temporary thank you.” You watched as they glanced at each other before reaching out to grab a piece of candy.
“Alright, I’m gonna go get ready, you guys can take the bathroom before me. Love you guys!”
You went into your room and made sure your curtains were closed before turning to your closet. Humming in thought, you picked out a white button up and the nicest sweater you owned. You put on the collared button up then slipped the sweater on over it so that the collar poked out of the neck. You smiled at yourself in the mirror, feeling more confident in yourself than you’ve felt since you started hanging out with them. Fuck them, they always lied to you. You looked great in anything you put on. You felt elated and basked in the spectacular feeling of being able to like what you wore. 
While you waited for your brothers to leave the bathroom, you pulled out your phone and scrolled through your contacts before you stopped on one: Haley’s. The girl that stole your heart and relentlessly stomped on it until it was a red puddle at her feet. Despite the pain, you still loved her. She was your everything. Your thumb hovered over her icon, contemplating on texting her. You had to tell her that she didn’t have to worry about her pictures anymore. 
I know you don’t want to talk to me, but I have good news
You don’t have to worry about your pics anymore
I took care of it.
You don’t have to reply to this
Just know that I took care of it and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.
You sat on your bed staring at your phone screen waiting for her to open your messages. You stared at the ‘delivered’ icon at the bottom of your message, waiting for it to say ‘read’. You stared for about ten minutes before you gave up, putting your phone in your pocket and standing up with a sigh. She would see it eventually. Just as you reached your door, you felt a vibration in your pocket. You whipped out your phone and smiled at Haley’s face on your screen. She was calling you. 
Taking a deep breath to calm yourself down, you clicked the answer button, “hey Hales.”
“(Y/n), what’d you do?”
“I took care of it. That’s all you have to know.”
“I think I should know more. What’d you do?”
You paused for a moment before you hesitantly said, “I asked them to delete your pictures and they have to, it’s part of our deal.”
“...You found out who they were?”
“Yeah, but that’s not important. You don’t have to worry about it.”
“(Y/n), don’t tell me what to worry about. Who are they?”
“...Fine, it was Adrian Schnieder, Annie Lockhart, and Sammy McConnor. Ya know, you’re scary when you’re mad Hales. Remind me not to get on your bad side again.”
“It was them? You hang out around them all the time, I thought you were good friends. Why would they do that?”
Even though she couldn’t see you, you shrugged. “I dunno. I think they were just jealous. They’re assholes and I can’t believe I haven’t noticed it a lot sooner. I’m sorry they put you through that, you didn’t deserve what they did to you.”
“God (y/n),” she sighed out, you imagined that she was running a hand through her hair. “I can’t imagine how much that hurt you. You four were really close.”
“I know, but it was a long time coming. Like I said, I should’ve noticed that it was them. They’ve always been toxic as hell.”
“How’d you find out? What happened?”
“Did you hear about what they did to me yesterday?”
“Should I? If you’re not comfortable talking about it, that’s totally okay. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t wanna.”
“No, it’s fine. You’re gonna hear about it eventually, shit spreads like wildfire at Klinkver. Long story short, they outed me to the entire school and thought that I was only friends with them to get in their pants. They basically told me to kill myself,” you added nonchalantly. “But that’s not the important part about this. They told me that they were the people that took those pictures of you.”
“...(Y/n), how could you say that’s not important! They fucked up your life and all you care about is my pictures? What’d they say they’d do with yours?”
“I asked them to not leak them until after the match tonight so you could have the spotlight. You deserve it after all the hard work you’ve put in to get team captain. Zuri was hard to beat and you deserve the recognition for that.”
You heard her take a deep breath through her nose, “(y/n), for once in your life care about yourself over others. You’re gonna be exposed to the entire school and it bothers me that you’re being so nonchalant about that.”
“They’ve put me through worse. Besides,” you wove a hand in the air, “it’ll all blow over sooner or later when another person gets their nudes leaked. You remember how fast people forgot about Marlene’s nudes when May’s got leaked like a week later.”
“Still, it’s degrading to have people see you like that. No matter how fast they get over it, it doesn’t change the fact that they’ve seen you. You can’t come back from that sweetheart.”
You felt your heart skip a beat at the nickname. Even if she called almost everybody that, you felt special. “I don’t care if people see my boobs, it wasn’t even a clear picture anyways. It was hella blurry.”
Your door swung open for the second time today. There stood Tommy, his eyes peering innocently at you. “Dad wanted me to tell you to hurry up.”
You smiled at him, “thank you buddy. Let him know I’ll be down in a minute. Oh, and thank you for the candy, it really made me happy.”
He beamed brightly before he sprinted down the stairs. “Was that Tommy? Is he gonna be at the match tonight?”
“Of course, he and Tubbo are our team’s mascots after all. They would never miss a game, especially our final match.”
“I can’t wait to see them, but we need to talk about this. It’s more serious than you paint it as. How are you not pissed at those dumbasses? You trusted them and they betrayed you.”
“Oh, believe me I’m furious. Heh, I’m actually kinda shaking right now because of how pissed I am. But for now, I’m just gonna imagine their faces on the ball so I can keep my mind off them until tomorrow.”
“...Please don’t tell me you’re gonna do something stupid tomorrow.”
“I wouldn’t call it stupid per se, they deserve it for what they put you through. It’s more getting justice than being stupid.”
“(Y/n), I swear to god if you start a fight just to get back at them for me, I’m gonna slap you. Think about yourself every once and a while, they put you through so much. If you feel comfortable, you’re gonna tell me everything they did to you tonight on the bus coming home.”
“So we’re gonna sit together?” You tried and failed to stomp the hopeful tone from your voice.
Her laugh sounded angelic in your ear, “of course we are silly, you’re my best friend. I gotta go, my dad’s calling me. I’ll talk to you later!”
“See ya!” When you hung up, you danced around your room with joy. You- no, they- didn’t ruin your friendship with Haley after all! Oh, you felt like your heart was going to burst out of your chest with joy. Even if she didn’t like you like you adored her, you still cherished your friendship. Looking back, Haley and the team always had your back, they genuinely cared about you. They were perhaps the only ones you would fully trust in the future. 
“(Y/N), HURRY UP YOU’RE GONNA BE LATE!” Tommy’s voice outside your door shook you from your happy dance. “Coming!”
You ran to the bathroom and hastily went through your routine. Despite your rushing, you tried your best to look presentable. You were going to prove those snakes wrong, you were beautiful no matter what you wore or how you looked.
After running down the stairs with your bag, your dad stopped you before you could run out the door with your keys. “You look nice today hun.”
“Thanks Dad, I just wanted to dress up a bit for finals today. I’m honestly really pumped to play tonight.”
“That’s good,” he smiled at you before pulling you into a quick hug. “Just take it easy today, you need to save your energy for the match tonight... Listen, I don’t know what happened to you this morning and I don’t know exactly what’s going on in your life right now, but just know that I’m always gonna be here for you. Whether you need help with homework, advice, or if you want me to beat up someone else’s dad for you,” he chuckled, “I’ll do it.” 
You closed your eyes and leaned into his touch, happy with the contact. You two stood in the hall for a moment before he pulled away and told you to leave for school. 
The drive to the school was uneventful with your brothers mainly holding up the conversation. As you pulled into the parking lot, you realized that you needed to catch up on two full days of stats homework.
“Hey Tech?” He hummed, looking over to you.
“Sorry, but would I be able to maybe copy your stats notes from Tuesday?”
“Yeah, I’ll give em to you so you can copy it before school starts. We’d have to go to Mr. Mullins for yesterday’s notes though. We can just ask him about it before school starts.”
As you pulled into a space and moved to leave the car, a hand stopped you. “(Y/n), if any of those two-faced bitches bother you at all, let us know. Don’t deal with this on your own, we’re here for you,” Wilbur said genuinely.
“Yeah, if they say anything bad about you, it’s on sight.”
You laughed, “thanks guys, I’ll let you guys know if they do anything. We gotta get going though if Tech and I wanna get those notes done.”
In the school, you and Techno successfully got your notes done before the first bell rang. The rest of class went by without a hitch with you actually somewhat understanding mostly everything being taught. You even got a question right when you were called on! Turns out not feeling weighed down by toxic people helps a lot with concentration.
The only block you were dreading was the second block. You were sure that if you even glanced at Annie and Adrian, you’d go apeshit on them. Luckily for them, they didn’t show up to class today. They were probably comforting Annie after you “manipulated” her, you thought with an eye roll. Today was just another work day, so you pulled out your laptop and opened Google Docs. You saw Annie’s and Adrian’s unfinished and you were slapped in the face with inspiration. 
They were still expecting you to finish their essays, so you were gonna finish them alright. You were going to completely rewrite their essays all about how they were terrible homophobes and how LGBT+ people are always facing some form of discrimination amongst their peers, complete with attached screenshots of them calling you slurs over text. You’d even write a little note at the beginning that would tell your teacher that they didn’t write this, but they made you write it so you deserved the credit for it. You didn’t care that this would take a while, the satisfaction that you would get would be worth it. This was going to completely screw up their grades, this essay was worth twenty five percent of your overall grade. Mr. Todd was really laid back, so he only had a few rules in the classroom. First was to respect your classmate’s time and work, second was to clean up after yourselves, and third (“the most important one” he said on the first day of school) was that he would never tolerate racism, sexism, transphobia, or homophobia in his classroom. Your masterpieces you were writing would definitely earn them a failing grade, a good scolding from Mr. Todd, and maybe a visit to the principal’s office. This would be first in a long line of gifts you have in mind for them. 
At lunch, you were slightly stumped as to where you should sit. You didn’t really know anybody in your lunch period, so you just sat at the empty table Adrian, Annie, and Sammy left for you today and ate while working on your masterpieces. Finding sources was extremely easy for you, you remembered doing extensive research about discrimination when you first found out that you weren’t the straight girl you thought you were. Luckily for you, you still had the old Google Doc full of sources you wanted to save for later. Thank you, freshman you. 
Third and fourth block went by relatively quickly, you completely finished the work in both classes with plenty of time left for you to continue typing up the essays. You had gotten Adrian’s completely done and Annie’s thesis written. Oh, revenge is sweet. You weren’t even done with what you had in store for them. 
You had their parent’s phone numbers and you got Adrian’s boss’ number from Marlene, who worked with him as a waitress. Annie’s parents were total sweethearts that would be absolutely fuming if you showed them what she said to you. You weren’t sure about Adrian’s or Sammy’s parents, but you were going to send them screenshots anyways. If Adrian’s parents were as bigoted as he was, you still had his boss to fall back on. You could email the screenshots to the principal and the athletic director so that you could have something to rely on if Sammy’s parents had the same beliefs as she did. She valued cross country more than everything, so you could fuck that up for her. Revenge never tasted so sweet to you before, it felt like you were high with how giddy you were. Techno and Wilbur were going to love this. 
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dodo-begone · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Crotch Goblins
Pairing: Purpled x Reader, Ranboo x Reader, Tommy x Reader, Tubbo x Reader
Request: wait would it be cringe if i like. requested your take on the yandere kids
Word Count: 1.6K
Warning: yandere, fighting mentioned, stalking, fear of abandonment, anxiety, stealing, kidnapping, the egg
A/N: This is all platonic! Nothing romantic.
This poor child lives in constant fear of forgetting you. His memory issues are a big problem and it affects everybody he loves. And his anxiety definitely doesn’t help his situation; it only feeds his paranoia of losing you.
To prevent losing any precious memories of you, he’ll write down so much about you. He’d probably have books on books just dedicated to things about you he wants to remember. Another way to always remember you is to never be away from you! It’s much harder to forget somebody if you’re constantly around them!
If you allow it, he’ll fucking cling to you. He loves the attention and reassurance you give him. Aw yeah he's a poor memory boy and constantly scared of Dream and enderwalking. Please stay by him??? Pretty please??
He’ll occasionally come over to your house in search of your company. Though he won’t tell you that directly. It’ll be under the pretense that he’s very scared of something happening and wanted to stay with you for some comfort. Not all of that’s a lie though. He always goes to you when he’s anxious; you’re his safe place. You make everything right and good again. You found it rather endearing that he trusted and liked you so much. Baked treats would always be on standby for his visits.
He’ll occasionally come over to your house in search of your company. Though he won’t tell you that directly. It’ll be under the pretense that he’s very scared of something happening and wanted to stay with you for some comfort. Not all of that’s a lie though. He always goes to you when he’s anxious; you’re his safe place. You make everything right and good again. You found it rather endearing that he trusted and liked you so much. Baked treats would always be on standby for his visits.
He’ll slowly start to stay at your house for longer and come back quicker. Soon he’s practically living with you. You’re not bothered by it at first, and you don’t think about it after a while. The domesticity of the situation just feels right. Why would you disrupt something like this?? And he deserves some of this. After all, the dsmp isn’t a nice place, and especially not to Ranboo. Why don’t you just let him have this?
Tommy lives in constant fear of you abandoning him. Or worse, having someone take you from him. He’s lost so many loved ones already, and he doesn’t know how many more he can live through. You’re one of his most prized possessions, besides Tubbo and the Disks. Above Tubbo, but a close contender with the disks.
He’s gonna be clingy af. And he’ll do anything you want him to. By that, he really means anything he thinks you’d want him to do or something that’s “necessary”. Overall it’s just bad stuff. Be prepared for some warfare to happen just for you.
No thought, only fighting. Fights will break out over the silliest things. Like he wants attention from you? Fight! Someone getting too close?? Begone thot!! This is his friend! Not theirs! Back off.
After every fight, you’ll bandage his wounds while lecturing him. Not a single thing you say will be properly heard by Tommy. Your words would slur together in his ears, turning themselves into a beautiful song. Did you know your voice sounds really good? Oh yeah, you make the pain go away so quickly too. Your medical skills are just so fucking good, can’t you see?
There will be no question that he’d steal for you; he’d do it without question or request. If he finds anything that you might like or need? Yoinked as soon as the old owner isn’t looking. Finders keepers, after all. The smp is a dog-eat-dog world. And you deserve the fucking best shit man. If you find out it’s stolen, you’d return it in a heartbeat with so many apologies. You somehow found it somewhere and you didn’t know it was theirs. Wow you must like Tommy if you’re covering for him like that!
You’d be dragged around by Tommy on some days. All a grand tour to show you his creations, and he begrudgingly shows you some of the builds by the others. He feels somewhat inadequate when he eventually shows you his stuff. Like his multiple cobblestone towers. But you’re giving such nice compliments for each one. And they’re all so unique too. No two compliments are the same. He is a really good builder, huh?
He’s going to be protective of you. Not overbearingly so, but definitely is watching out for your safety a ton. With him having watched the lives of those he loves fall apart around them, he doesn’t want the same fate to fall upon you. He can’t go through that cycle again, and especially so soon. You’re so nice too. You definitely don’t deserve that fate.
Micheal took a liking to you really quickly. If Micheal likes you, that means that you’re a part of the family. He doesn’t care what you have to say, it’s just facts. You have a problem with it? Try bringing that up to Micheal. Want to tell him that you aren’t a part of the family? Exactly. So that means that you are a member.
Oh and you help him so much, which he’s thankful for. And it’s not just to a specific type of task either. You help with everything. Building, cooking, caring for Micheal, the whole biz. With you doing so much and putting so much effort into everything, that must mean that you love him like he loves you, right? Nobody does this much for somebody else without loving them. So the obvious answer is that you love him back!
Will do anything in his power to convince you to move in with him, Ranboo and Micheal. Like really hard. He pulled all of the charms and stops. And there’s a very slim chance that you didn’t move in. Though you would eventually. There isn’t a chance in hell that you wouldn’t be living in that house by some point. You’d be moving in with or without your consent. Maybe one day you just woke up in the mansion. Oh hey why do you look so confused? You agreed to move in already silly, don’t you remember?
There’s no and, if, or buts about it; he’d get Ranboo in on it also if he wasn’t already. They’re platonically married after all. And the three of you are all friends. So it’s obvious that Ranboo would be in on it as well. If he isn’t, then he’d turn a blind eye to Tubbo’s behavior. Huh, yeah he didn’t notice that at all. Nope, nothing odd happening here.
Would absolutely get you to help him on every little task that he could. Especially with building and taking care of little Micheal. The builds would be little cottage core stuff. Such sweet and quaint things. Not too much or too hard, but very pleasing to the eyes and the feeling of accomplishment the two of you got at the end of the project felt incredible. Children can be such a handful too, so any help for Micheal will be much appreciated. Plus it’s so much fun to play with children, especially children in Micheal’s age group. The more time you spend with them, the less time you have to spend with anyone else. Which leads to a smaller chance of being taken from them.
This man? Oh he’s so fucking happy that you and him don’t have many relations outside of each other. It’s so much easier for you two. Since you two are so close, it’s easy to coerce you into living with him. Yeah it may be far from the rest of the smp, but that’s okay. It’s not like you had any friends there. It’s easier to stay safer so far away from everything. And you know what’s even better? Nobody would even notice y’all disappear!
Before y’all moved away, he always conveniently showed up at random times. It was always during times when you were alone or felt alone. Really helped you there; made you feel loved that somebody noticed and was there for you. Though it was odd how often he appeared at just the right moment. You wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth though.
He always knows what to get you. What your favorite flowers are, what food you like, what your favorite color is, your favorite gift items. He even knows your dislikes. Even the ones you don’t tell him. You know, anything a good friend would know.
If somebody even remotely offends/scares/harms you, they’re in fucking trouble. That? Yeah, that’s a valid reason to start a fight. He’ll beat them within an inch of their life and threaten to do it again if they even thought of hurting you like that. >:( Definitely got them to stop talking to you.
Since he’s working for the egg, he feels like the egg could maybe protect you?? Yeah he’s not completely under its control and he sees how crazy the other members of the eggpire are, but it can’t be that bad. The others are just praising it, talking about how it could make all of his deepest desires a reality. Not many people like going to the egg, and they wouldn’t be looking for prisoners there. So it should be safe for you. Well, safer than the outside world. And his deepest desire is your safety and love, so that should be easy to gain if he brought you to the egg, right?
There is no question: he’d kidnap you to bring you to the egg. Though it’ll be after a while of trying to persuade you to come with him for that. You heard so many horrible things about the egg, so it’d be better if you didn’t get involved with that. So if his attempts to get you to the egg fail, then some forceful measures will be used. It was for your best interest after all.
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lonely-lost-soul · 6 months ago
Where Loyalties Lie
(Technoblade X reader) 
Tumblr media
Request 3: Can we get a little angsty fic or headcanon of Techno trying to get the reader to leave L’manberg?
Requested By: Anonymous
     “Tubbo please take a deep breath,” You followed him around the rubble as he paced restlessly. 
     “I’m president of a crater (Y/n)!” The boy pulled on his ears with a loud whine, “What am I gonna do. I can’t believe Wilbur blew it up-” He felt your hands touch his own and gently pull them away from his oversensitive goat ears. “What am I gonna do? I-I’m a kid…” You frowned, moving to cup his cheek with your hand. He nuzzled into it desperately, welcoming the comforting touch of someone who he considered family. 
     “You’re going to get through it because you’re strong.” You told him, “and so brave little ram.” He flushed pink letting out a whine of protest especially because he was still surrounded by most of his friends. 
You watch as Quackity walked over to the both of you and placed his hand on Tubbo’s shoulder squeezing it, “We’ll rebuild. We’ll be right behind you Tubbo.” He smiled at the kid and you couldn’t help but smile over at him. 
     “Thank you both. Truly.” 
There was one thing that had you were worried you may come to regret, and that was not taking Technoblade’s hand as he fled from the country. You were close almost touching it, he looked like he wanted to beg for you too but one desperate cry from Tubbo had you pulling away. He looked heartbroken but at the same time, you saw understanding in his deep red eyes. 
Family came first. 
That day he pulled you close pressing a soft kiss on your forehead, “I’ll be back for you.” 
You murmured a soft I’m sorry, turning to find Tubbo to make sure he wasn’t injured or dying. The thoughts of the festival replaying in your head, you couldn’t go through that...not again especially because now Tubbo was officially on his last life. Tommy couldn’t fathom how you didn’t blame Technoblade for what happened that day, but to you, two things were clear: one was that Tubbo didn’t blame him which made it easier on your end to forgive him; two Schlatt was manipulative and overwhelming as fuck you can’t blame someone for something they were peer pressured into doing. Speaking of Tommy you ended up finding Tubbo and him in the rubble that day, the taller male was pressing cloth to Tubbo’s bleeding arm desperately, when you took over and Tommy seemed grateful. 
However, you had to push your possible regrets aside and focus on the new nation you’d help build, and build it you did. You worked endlessly for months on end creating a lovely new nation for people to live in, Tubbo had dubbed it New L’manburg. You felt his pride and happiness, he just loved seeing everyone together again and happy once again. Finally, the server felt somewhat normal after all that destruction, even if there was a Techno-shaped hole in your heart. Things changed rather quickly when Tubbo was, in your eyes, manipulated to exile Tommy by Dream. You had tried to argue for the boy saying that not only was he Tubbo’s friend but just a kid. You were shut down harshly by not only Dream but Tubbo as well, the look in his eyes was filled with so much loathing and frustration. It’s the first time he ever snapped and was harsh to you, you felt your own frustration bubble up in your chest. You turned on your heel and marched back up into your house, you were not going to put up with this behavior. When you slammed the door shut, and turned around to find Technoblade standing in your living room,  with your cat purring fondly on his shoulders; you almost screamed.
     “Heh- why are you scared it’s just me?” The hybrid complained his nose scrunching up, “Don’t be cringe- oof-” Techno grunted as you threw your arms around his waist, the man flushed to the tips of his ears and looked away from you, Taffy hopped off his shoulders disgruntledly, “Yeah, yeah, I missed you too.” He pet the top of your head tenderly and you looked up at him with a smile. 
     “What’re you doing here Tech? If Tubbo finds out he’ll have your head.” 
     “Then I guess we’ll just have to make sure he doesn’t find me then huh?” He mused lips, quirking into a smile, and you nodded in agreement. “Other than that just running some errands. I’m in retirement now you know. I have to say that ‘New L’Manburg’ is certainly a name.” He did air quotes around the name and you nudged him, 
     “Be nice.”
     “Boo Cringe. I’m a Blood God starlight. I don’t do nice.” 
     “Bullshit,” You punched him in the arm, “Tea?” 
     “Please.” He cracked a smile as you walked over to your tea kettle heating the water and grabbing some tea bags. 
     “So, you came here to run some errands huh? I almost thought you missed me?” Technoblade shuffled a little behind you, how could you read him so perfectly? It was complete and utter bullshit. You heard him click his tongue distastefully behind you and you couldn’t help but smirk cheekily,
     “Get off my back woman.” He stated gruffly as you laughed, “but I guess I do miss you a little bit.” You smiled fondly and softly cooed at him and he let out another scoff, 
     “A little bit?”
     “What is this interrogation? You a cop now?” You placed his tea in front of him and he took a sip,
     “Yeah, we’re gonna need to do a strip search. Drop your pants.” Technoblade choked on his drink, face turning the darkest shade of red you’ve ever seen from him. You howled with laughter sliding down in your seat beside the man. 
     “I changed my mind. I didn’t miss you at all, you’re a terror.”
     “You love me, admit it.”
     “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” He murmured looking at you with a sudden softness that was out of character for him. You didn’t notice the change but it was there, oh if only you knew how much of what you said was true. He did love you. He ran his tongue across his teeth and reached out to interlock your hands within his own. 
     “Come live with me.” 
     “I’m in retirement now. I’m going to get some turtles hopefully, maybe some other pets while I’m at it. There’s a lot of room...It gets lonely all alone you know. It’d be nice to have you there with me.” He watched hesitance flicker across your face again just like the day Wilbur blew up L’Manburg. Your thoughts went to Tubbo and how much he needed you, especially now that Tommy was exiled. However, you were also brought back to a few moments ago where Tubbo snapped at you for trying to help. You took a ragged breath and pushed his hand away, he frowned sadly bringing his hand back down to his lap. 
     “I need to be here for Tubbo. He’s a kid Tech...way over his head. Dreams sniffing around him like a dog looking for his next victim to manipulate. I can’t let that happen, not to him. I know he’s President of this nation and you hate him for that, but he’s my brother and I love him. He’s a tough kid with a lot of fire, but I can’t just leave him in the dust. I love you,” You reached up and cupped his cheek and Technoblade felt his cheeks burn at the implication, “but I can’t leave until Tubbo is safe.” 
     “I’ll convince you one day.” Technoblade shot back even though his heart ached, that you wouldn’t be coming home with him. But Technoblade wasn’t known for giving up. He was stubborn as hell, he’d win you over yet. You’d come home with him, he’d confess to you and he’d make you the happiest person in the world. You just...didn’t know it yet. 
     “I’m excited for the day you do Tech.” You snickered softly, you both were startled by harsh knocking on the door.
     “That’s my cue. See you soon Starlight,” Technoblade hummed slipping right out the window, you watched him go longingly. You shuffled towards the door and opened it slowly, on the front steps stood Tubbo who was rocking nervously on his feet. 
     “Hey okay?” Tilting your head to the side,
     “Is LR supposed to stand for little ram?”
     “No…I suppose not.” He murmured before clearing his throat and straightening his back, “I wanted to talk with you.” 
     “Oh?” You raised an eyebrow watching him nod his head sternly, you walked outside and closed the door behind you so you could lean on it. “Shoot,”
You watched as Tubbo swallowed thickly, “First off I’m sorry for yelling at you earlier. It wasn’t fair of me to snap.” He watched you nod a little urging him to continue, “however, I am the President now and you have to respect my authority.” Eyebrows furrowing together in frustration you opened your mouth to counter him but he held up his hand, “Dream has an idea of how to rule. He can steer me in a better direction-”
     “Pardon me?” You let out a disbelieving laugh, “A better direction? Tubbo, are you forgetting everything we all fought for, we fought him for independence. He killed us!” 
     “He might’ve changed!”
     “He exiled Tommy!” 
     “He deserved it!” Tubbo shouted back as your nose scrunched up, “He’ll steer me in a direction that you never could!” He snapped before realizing what he said, he slapped his hands over his mouth eyes widening to the size of saucers. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that-” 
     “Go home Tubbo.” 
     “(Y/n) please,” He reached out towards you and you held up your hand, 
     “Go reset the day. You need rest,” You frowned, turning back into the house “see you tomorrow.” Inside the house you shut the door on him and slid down onto the floor, you brought your hands to your mouth and swallowed thickly. A part of you wished Technoblade was still here just so he could tell you to get over yourself, he wasn’t skilled in the art of comforting others, but he could make you laugh. To keep yourself sane you reminded yourself that Tubbo was a child and needed you now more than ever, especially if he thought Dream was dishing out good advice. But you were hurt and a selfish part of you wished you could just go live in retirement with Technoblade and not worry about the new country forming, but you couldn’t ditch Tubbo. 
Running a hand through your hair you sighed loudly, one might wonder what exactly could Tubbo do to make you listen to Technoblade’s offer. Honestly, you had no idea if anything would make you do that unless of course they just started executing people or something ridiculous like that. 
Restless was how you’d describe the rest of your night, you tried to sleep but after a few hours of tossing and turning you gave up. You decided to make yourself a ‘healthy’ midnight snack, a small bowl of mac & cheese, you didn’t care, you were sad. You sighed softly scratching behind your cat’s ears, “It’s just you and me against the world Taffy isn’t it?” Her purrs rang in the air as she snuggled against your hand, distracting you just enough to swipe a noddle from your bowl. “You fat bitch!” You hissed as she ran off back up the stairs, you leaned back in your chair and sighed, literally nothing was going your way today. Just as you finished up your snack you heard a soft ping upon your window, turning to the sound you noticed your neighbor Phil awake in his house. He held up a hand and waved at you through it, and with a small smile, you waved back. He shuffled back into his home, I guess you both were insomniacs together, Techno knew how to pick a certain type of friend it seemed. 
You walked back up to your bedroom and slid under the covers once more, maybe you were wrong and things were going to get better. 
Months went by and nothing seemed to change much to your disappointment. Tubbo and you were still a little rocky, you had forgiven him for his harsh words but he always put Dream’s and even Quackity’s opinion before your own. When you came back from visiting Niki one day and saw wanted posters of Technoblade all around the country you almost had a stroke. You confronted Tubbo about it and only half answered you before running off when Quackity called him. That worried you, he normally didn’t like lying, especially not to you. 
The same day you were walking into the market to get some fresh fruit when a hand shot out from the wanted poster and pulled you behind it. You were held flush against someone’s chest who chuckled gruffly, you recognized that chuckle anywhere. “Techno! What’re you doing here?” You asked looking up at him with eyes filled with concern, “don’t you know you’re a wanted man?”
     “I think that just makes this all the more exciting.” Techno mused running his fingers through your hair, “Plus it’s not like anyone here can catch me.” 
     “Wrong I could catch you.” He dared to laugh in your face, 
     “Sure you could, and I’m half sheep.” Technoblade mused and he watched you huff cutely, “Don’t get all huffy at me you know I’m right.” You only waved him off, “seriously though I’m here to do some trading with Phil.”
     “Oh…” You gave a nod, “Will I see you more frequently then?”
     “You could see me all the time if you moved in with me.” Techno joked again and was surprised to see your face fall a little. Are you serious? Was he getting you to crack? “Starlight?” 
     “Ask me again in a few months and I might say yes,” You teased brushing the question off swiftly, Technoblade didn’t pry but he could tell you were almost convinced. Just what was going on in this country to make you want to leave your little brother? “Now shoo, go see Phil before he gives up on you.” You gave him a little shove and he stumbled off with a huff sticking his tongue out at you in the process. 
After that encounter, you didn’t run into Technoblade for another very long stretch of time. About a month or so after that encounter, Tubbo had shown up at your doorstep a complete nervous wreck. He begged you to help him, claiming he needed diamonds for an upcoming project and wanted you to acquire them for him. “Tubbo I don’t understand why I need to go on this trip? I have diamonds I can just give you. You know I don’t care.” 
     “But I feel bad about it,” Tubbo argued with you “please just do this for me.”
     “You know I’ll do anything for you. If you want me to get them this way I’ll do it. I should be back tonight is that okay? Do you need them sooner?” Tubbo looked relieved as he took your hands in his own, 
     “No tonight is perfect!” The boy chirped sounding more like himself than he has in months, you couldn’t help but smile. You ruffled his hair a little before kissing his forehead, 
     “Then tonight you shall have them, Little Ram.” 
Tubbo helped you gather the materials you needed for a trip down into the mines, Tubbo even gave you some fire resistance potions. You thanked him for the potions before putting on your armor and heading down into the tunnels. As you were down in the mine the concept of time was always an illusion, so when you finally found diamonds for Tubbo and you left the cave you were surprised to see the sun was just setting. You hummed softly to yourself walking back into New L’manburg excited to show off to Tubbo you couldn’t help but wonder what he needed them for in the first place. However, when you entered town you were greeted by a gathering going on at the center. Everyone seemed to be there clad in what looked to be butcher’s outfits, your vibe was immediately thrown off eyebrows furrowing in concern. Quackity was giving some sort of speech and that finally drew your eyes towards the podium, locked inside a cage was a fuming Technoblade. You rushed towards the group, pushing past Ghostbur and a blue sheep, and grabbed tightly onto Tubbo’s arm. 
     “Tubbo what the fuck is happening?” He tensed turning towards your face. It was no secret that you and Techno were friends, this wasn’t good at all.
     “(Y/n)! You’re back early!” He spoke nervously rubbing his hands together as Quackity turned towards you, 
     “Welcome back!” Quackity hopped off the podium with a smirk, “Fundy grab them.” 
     “Quackity hey wait a minute-” Tubbo started as Fundy roughly grabbed onto your arms pinning you in place, 
     “Ow hey! Watch it! Let go of me!”
     “Get your hands off them!” Technoblade snarled nostrils flaring grabbing the bars of the cage tightly. 
     “Quackity you said we’d leave them out of this!” Tubbo argued and your jaw dropped staring at Tubbo, “You promised!” 
He waved Tubbo off with a scoff, “they’re just as bad as Phil, Tubbo. She needs to be punished. We can't play favorites when trying to run a country. We’ll execute Techno then deal with the other traitors.”
     “Execute?” You choked, “you can’t be serious! Tubbo you cannot be serious, since when are you okay with public executions?” He refused to look at you, his hair covering his eyes, he only nodded his head in Quackity’s direction. 
     “Do it.” 
     “Tubbo!” You shrieked watching Quackity grin maliciously, moving over to pull the lever that would allow the anvil to fall and crush the man below it. 
What happened next was a cluster fuck, someone began trying to set off TNT, and Quackity pulled the lever. It fell rapidly towards Techno and he pulled something out of his pocket, in a flash of bright colors and bursts of light Technoblade was ripped apart and pulled back together again. He was alive, Technoblade really doesn’t ever die. He hopped on top of the anvil and jumped the bars of the cage, Fundy had long since lost his grip on you, he noticed Dream ushering him inside a cavern and he paused a moment. The hybrid turned towards you holding out his hand one final time, the world seemed to stop a moment and it was just you and him. His face held a desperate look in it, almost pleading you to take his hand within your own. You flashed back to the day Wilbur blew the country up, Tubbo called your name you glanced over your shoulder once towards Little Ram. You reached into your bag and dropped the diamonds you found for him on the ground, you grabbed Technoblade’s hand and squeezed it tightly. Technoblade smiled and yanked you forward, leaving a heartbroken Tubbo in your wake.
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lunaflower · a month ago
Dude, c!Tubbo, c!Jack and c!Wilbur in yesterday's streams really reminded me of how much its citizens really loved L'manberg. Like every single one, no matter what, had such genuine affection for that little country. It was never about politics, it was a safe haven, a home, a family. And yeah they were troublemakers and it started as a drug van, whatever, but it grew into so much more than that.
When I think of L'manberg I just can't help but think about Tommy looking on in helplessness during doomsday and saying goodbye to it, "Thank you L'manberg, thank you for everything". Or him saying that without L'manberg there's no point in the server. "It's like we were a family" he said to Wilbur. I can't help but think of Tubbo crying by the crater and singing the anthem, how quiet he was during doomsday, how even though he never wanted the responsability, he always tried his best to maintain peace while he was president. I remember him looking at the sky grid and saying that L'manberg deserved so much better than that. I think of "Fundy from L'manberg" and how in his nightmares Fundy dreamed of the camarvan and Wilbur and I think of how he hasn't really had anyone ever since L'manberg died. I think of Wilbur looking at the camarvan oh so fondly, and him admitting to Ranboo that he had lied to Tommy and that it was actually very special to him. I remember him offering up his life to Schlatt so that he wouldn't kill anyone else during the festival. How he wrote the anthem to honor Tommy. How he couldn't stand to see what his creation had become. I think of Niki fighting back against Schlatt and building a bakery and making a flag. I remember her contemplating how beautiful L'manberg was and I remember how devasted she was by Wilbur's death, how bitter and angry it left her. I remember Jack Manifold grieving Tommy after he died because he had been one of his closest friends back in the days. How quick he was to forgive Wilbur when he apologized. Him saying "I miss L'manberg. I miss when we were all friends". How he put on his old uniform and went to the crater during his birthday.
When I think of L'manberg, I remember how the characters never fought alone and how now they all seem to drift through the server, stuck in their loneliness and without a real purpose, and I'm gonna be honest, I get really sad. I sincerely hope they can be happy together again.
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strawberiitea · 4 months ago
What The Fuck Was That: A very spiteful attempt at analyzing "Meet the latest resurrected gentleman of L'manburg" because god is dead and I killed him
A lot of people like myself have been left very very confused by this recent stream.
Truth be told, watching it live was nerve wracking as fuck my dudes!
It felt like everything I thought I knew about this absolute bastard of a man who haunts my silly little analysist dreams was completely thrown out of the window in favor of either confusion, panic, rage, or somehow all of the above!
But never fear! After rewatching the vod a total of three times fueled with nothing but the burning rage and spite I have in my silly little Wilbur sympathizer heart – I now somewhat have my shit together!!
Today, I will be sitting down and trying to pick apart and analyze whatever the fuck that shitshow of a stream was for your absolute entertainment value.
So if you're still reading this god awful introduction and are ready to subject yourself to the horrid sights of Tea Using Her Brain™ —
Be my guest :)
This rage essay will consist of a total of four sections.
Our first point being,
1. Someone's a little TOO mentally ill
I think as a general consensus for not only this analysis, but for the entire stream itself – is that it's important to remember that Wilbur is still very very mentally ill.
And while he may not be nearly as self destructive or suicidal as he was back in Pogtopia –
Wilbur is still dealing with those effects.
Shit like extreme cases of paranoia, depression, self loathing, and the odd phenomenom of viewing your reality as a fucked up narrative designed to twist your suffering into a literary tragedy doesn't dissapear out of thin air!
Not only are those effects completely untreated – but he also has the added trauma of being stuck in a dingy death train station in complete and utter isolation devoid of any stimuli for a good 13 years of his life!
This Man Is Not Okay!
And despite how much he claims he's better and generally seems happier – It's pretty likely he's still riding the euphoria of being alive, and is possibly dependant on it.
Wilbur seems to be in somewhat of a state of denial – such as by pretending he's perfectly fine and dandy, creating yet another persona to hide from his crushing amount of baggage, avoiding confronting his issues and instead making apologies he himself doesn't fully understand, or, i dunno—
Baring second hand witness to the abuse and manipulation his younger brother went through by the hands of the man he now views as his hero, and dismissing it in favor for his ideals? perhaps choosing not to look into it?
Or is it the apathy and desensitization to not only his own – or his brother's – but everyone's trauma?
or maybe it's the refusal to see past his own theatrical ideology?
Say, remember how he said not to think too hard about things?
This newfound euphoria won't last forever! It's only a matter of time until Wilbur has that wonderful slap of reality where it all comes crashing down!!!!! :D
2. He's a mushy mother fucker
Moving onto our next point!
Now, you might be a bit confused by the title. Allow me to elaborate!
Essentially, Wilbur is straight out of Literal Hell, right? To paint a picture for you – imagine being stuck in your own personal limbo for 13 years in complete isolation and darkness, left with nothing but your own spiralling thoughts as company.
Sounds fucking lovely, I know.
Now, imagine you are suddenly pulled straight out of that limbo and back into the real world more than a decade later on your end, in a fucking blink of an eye. Needless to say, it must've been jarring as shit.
What I'm trying to say is —
Wilbur's still adjusting to Being Fucking Alive.
Not only that, but he's desperately trying to find any sort of direction in life – trying to get back on his feet seemingly as quickly as he can.
He's like the fucking equivalent of a baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time in life – only managing to consistently trip and stumble over like the utter fool he is.
And despite having a strict ideology – his thoughts and worldviews are still underveloped and have yet to inevitably change the more he adjusts to his new environment.
As of now, though? His mind is most likely just as fucked up and scrambled as it was on his final days.
His brain is just mfin scrambled eggs man.
3. Theatre kid morality: gone wrong
It's pretty apparent that Wilbur still holds a very very black and white mentality.
Comparing it to season 1, it was normal for the setting they were in! Everyone held those views, everyone played their roles of "good guy" and "bad guy"!
But comparing it to season 3? It's... tragically out of place.
Wilbur believes that true power is gained from violence. He recognizes the existence of meaningless decorative power, and he recognizes how broken and meaningless "government" on the server actually is – and yet, he is not self aware enough to realize that there are other forms of gaining power on the smp – such as charisma – and that his ideals are inherently flawed.
Not only is his moral compass incredibly skewed – but his entire perception of reality is.
To him, life is some sort of "Narrative" he and the people around him have to live up to. He views the world in fancy archetypes and literary titles – He is a villain, Dream is a hero, Eret is a traitor, Quackity is his rival. L'manburg is his unfinished symphony, he has to obey his Chekov's Gun, and he needs to tell a story.
It's not only his entire ideology, but it's also a coping mechanism.
Why accept that you're broken and in pain, when you can turn your anguish into a performance no one will ever forget?
4. Funky ass contradictions
Hoh boy, here's what you've all been waiting for.
Essentially, Wilbur's been constantly contradicting himself throughout the entire stream.
He's been making consistent contradicting statements all in the same confident tone, thus making it incredibly difficult to analyze and understand.
There's a lot of different opinions regarding his contradictions – ranging from bullshit like "manipulation" and the possibility that he was straight up lying.
Allow me to throw my own two cents in –
To put it simply, Wilbur is very conflicted as of now.
The biggest example of this is his conflicting feelings about Dream. Logically, Wilbur should and would hate Dream for what he did to Tommy during exile – even so far as to expressing wanting to disembowel him.
However, that hate towards clashes against how he views him. It's possible Wilbur could feel like he owes Dream some sort of gratitude. I mean, why wouldn't you be eternally grateful towards the person who saved you from your personal hell? Not only that, but while Wilbur may not necessarily like Dream – it's evident that he respects Dream.
Remember how I said Wilbur's headspace was equivalent to scrambled eggs? That heavily applies regarding his contradictions. If his thoughts are scrambled, his speech wouldn't be any better now, would it?
Revivedbur tends to think out loud. He says whatever is on his mind, generally has a bad brain to mouth filter, and has difficulty properly articulating himself and what he means, thus resulting in something completely different in what he says.
A big example of this is the comments regarding L'manburg;
“Tommy, I’ve made an oath of not lying now that I’m alive again. So I’m gonna come clean to you with the truth. Uh…one thing, I didn’t actually care about L’manburg, I just cared about – you know, sticking it to the man. Actually, I cared about L’manburg for the sole reason that I could use it to stick it to the man. You ever sticked it to the man, Tommy?”
While I wasn't able to find all of the transcriptions, I found the most important one.
Wilbur never cared about L'manburg? Absolute bullshit. Wilbur loved that nation with every fiber of his being! he cried for that nation! He bled for that nation!
Truth be told I had to think about this quote for days, despite having the answer all along.
Wilbur never cared about L'manburg's land, he cared about the people and what it stood for.
He never cared about the van, he cared about the fond memories of his brother tied to it. He never cared about the walls, he cared about the effort of a friend joining a cause. He never cared about the land, he cared about the people who built that land.
It didn't matter what land it stood on, its name, or even its flag – it was the people who put their heart into it.
Wilbur never blew up L'manburg, Wilbur only blew up its remains.
So this is where I come back to – "Revivedbur has difficulty properly articulating himself and what he means, thus resulting in something completely different in what he says." –
“Uh…one thing, I didn’t actually care about L’manburg, I just cared about – you know, sticking it to the man. Actually, I cared about L’manburg for the sole reason that I could use it to stick it to the man. You ever sticked it to the man, Tommy?”
"I never cared for the land L'manburg was on, I cared about the ideals it stood for. I cared about challenging an oppressive authority for our rightful and deserved freedom. Actually, I cared about L'manburg for the sole reason it was a revolution."
Take that with a grain of salt. But I think this is closer to what he actually meant.
“L’manburg was a tool. It was a great tool, it worked, you know. It divided so many people, man (. . .)”
I'm bringing this quote as another example of Wilbur's silly little scrambled eggs brain. But this. This was the one that stumped me.
L'manburg was a tool, huh? Tool for what? "Sticking it to the man"? Well, we all know what that's supposed to entail.
It divided so many people? Well, Wilbur created a side in the first place – his side – or perhaps he is referring to the electoral fallout?
I think this line specifically is an example of not only his poor wording, but his tendency to speak out loud and say whatever he has on his conflicted mind through his awful filter.
I think this line might be from a place where he was negatively thinking about L'manburg in the moment.
It's no secret Wilbur lost hope and declared L'manburg dead in his eyes down along the line – who's to say he wouldn't switch back to a similar mindset with his jumbled headspace?
 “I’ve seen it all, you’ve had your little strifes – this isn’t the first, right, Tommy. Tommy, do you remember when you got sent into exile? Yeah, I remember. I was there, Tommy. I was there. I was there – I was in the cage of that little ghost’s fucking head. Every single step you and me took – look at me, Tommy, look me in the eyes – every single step me and you took, I was there – I was there! I had no control of what was happening, I’ve no idea what was being said, but Tommy – I’ll tell you what – if I was there, and it wasn’t that stupid shell of a ghost instead of me…I would’ve struck down Dream right where he stood. We would’ve disemboweled him. We would’ve disemboweled him together.”
“Tommy, I’m not – I wasn’t blind, I saw what he was doing to you, Tommy. I saw. I saw what he was doing to Tubbo – I saw what he was doing to me. (. . .)”
So I'm gonna be going back to his views on Dream for a moment.
These lines strike me as genuine. Not only because it was confirmed that Wilbur really was angry at Dream's treatment of Tommy – But there's also something I haven't mentioned regarding this;
Y'all ever notice how Wilbur switches his tone – actually, his entire demeanor – depending on his genuinity?
A big example of this is the contrast of how Wilbur acted around Tommy most of the stream – with a loud, cocky and confident persona. But the moment he was alone, he switched into a quiet, somber, burdened man.
"He's a good kid. He's a good kid."
It's about the little things, innit.
“But you know what, Tommy? I wasn’t there. I wasn’t there, was I. We had Ghostbur. Ghostbur was there instead, right. And you know what the issue is, you know what the issue is? After seeing Ghostbur interact with Dream, I realized that no, Dream is not the enemy – Dream is not the enemy!”
“This world was not supposed to be inhabited by a people of this caliber – Dream is the hero! Dream needs to be let out of here! Dream’s not in prison for being a horrible person, Dream’s in prison because he dared to try and stop you all. He dared to try and stop you all from gaining all this power, because the minute I was gone, there was a vacuum, there was opening, and everyone just seeked to get in there! And Dream was the only one who stood up to them and told them not to, Dream was the only one who held my seat for me. He held my – he kept it warm! He kept my throne warm, and you guys didn’t like that, so you threw him in prison! And if Dream died instead of me, I would be in there right now.”
“So Tommy, you should thank that I wasn’t alive to attack Dream when we got exiled! You should be glad we had little, passive Ghostbur, because now Dream’s in there, and I’m out here, baby.”
And this is where he switches again, and the contradiction occurs. I've already went through this above, but I'll point out that Wilbur seems to have a very flawed thought pattern here.
This is where his flawed ideals of literary titles kick in once more. Wilbur seems to believe that Dream took his place as the story's villain – therefore "keeping his throne warm."
He also makes incorrect assumptions he genuinely believes are true. Such as his belief that by some logic, he was supposed to end up in the prison; and that the events that occurred he deemed as necessary and ultimately "the best route" – as he's out, and Dream's in. Or the insistance that he and Tommy would've been exiled together.
It's just another example of his flawed thought process and how jumbled up that silly little mentally ill noggin of his is.
And while I can sit here all day trying to rationalize and pick apart quote after quote like a madman, I'm pretty sure you've got the gist of it.
Wait. Holy shit you read all of that? Damn. Poggers.
Take this with a grain of salt!! This is just my silly little interpretations of this god damn nightmare of a stream. I'm open to any add ons!!!
That being said. I am going to lie down. Holy shit. Holy shit it's done I can rest.
You've come far, dear traveller – take a them as a reward.
Tumblr media
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quackszie · 5 months ago
i’m tired and i’m pissy so i’m gonna go on a quirky tumblr rant 😳 /j, before i go to bed.
i think it’s really fucking stupid how the majority of this fandom treats c!tubbo. i don’t speak about him often but i’m just as much of an apologist for him as i am tommy, and i think it’s weird how this fandom has decided to treat him. most of the “hot takes” about his character have either been 1. saying he’s a bad friend to c!tommy, saying that he didn’t care about him since the beginning/he’s replaced him & that he’s done nothing to hurt him. or 2. saying that c!tommy has been a bad friend to him, he deserves to leave tommy behind and/or that he’s been through a lot more than tommy and he deserves better than him, and it’s just ,,, holds head. god i’m sick and fucking tired of it.
i’m just gonna say it here and now; the reason most people don’t like c!tubbo — the reason most c!tommy apologists don’t like tubbo is because he “exiled tommy”, and yea, from an outside view you’d think that that wasn’t fair and you’d hate him for it, but if you were to watch his pov you would see that he was being manipulated by dream into exiling tommy: it isn’t something that he did — it isn’t a conscious decision he made with the intent/purpose to hurt c!tommy because he fucking hates him, because that’s something people like to throw around, because after he’d exiled tommy, he outwardly showed regret and said he’d missed c!tommy multiple times; that doesn’t sound like something somebody would do if they hated somebody. my memory isn’t the best but he had a scene with ghostbur, iirc, where they were speaking about guilt in the nether and c!tubbo spoke about exiling tommy once again, and they were using the blue as a metaphor for guilt and were throwing it into the lava, and tubbo threw,, so much blue into the lava, man, and if that doesn’t tell you how awful he’d probably felt about exiling c!tommy, i don’t know what was. people in this fandom tend to portray c!tubbo a lot worse in the exile arc for tommy angst purposes, but he wasn’t a cruel fucking dictator — he wasn’t “just like schlatt”, he didn’t fucking exile tommy because he hates him, man’s was literally just a child who was shoved under copious amounts of stress and a position of power when he was a fucking minor and was manipulated into exiling his best friend because he was told it was for the best for his country. and, another thing i see people hating on c!tubbo for is for “replacing tommy with ranboo”, and i’m just shevwjwbjwh,,, sigh. he didn’t replace tommy with ranboo in canon, he was grieving his best friend when tommy was canonically fucking dead, and ranboo was one of the only people that was there for him when he basically didn’t have anyone else — when his best friend was gone, you’re gonna look at me and tell me you wouldn’t get close to someone under those circumstances as well? and, even before tommy died in the prison he’d still been stuck in there with dream for awhile — he’d still been away from c!tubbo, so no!! fucking!! shit!! he would get close to someone else when his best friend wasn’t around, ranboo was the only person he’d probably had at that time!! that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about c!tommy anymore, it’s the complete opposite, and god damn it he’s full in his rights to not know how to behave around c!tommy, to be standoffish around him; this is the second fucking time he’s thought his best was dead only for him to pop up like nothing happened, it’d be surprising if he was completely normal with him after that.
how people treat c!tubbo in this fandom is bullshit, because it’s either 1. saying that he’s the awful one in clingy duos friendship, or. 2. saying tommy’s the awful one in their friendship, and it’s like ,,, god damn it guys, can’t we have the fucking middle ground. c!tubbo and tommy aren’t awful to each other. sure, they’re codependent on each other, but it’s natural for them to be regarding everything they’ve been through — everything they’ve been through that’s left each other being the only one the other can rely on, but that doesn’t mean either of them are fucking awful to each other — are cruel to each other. people putting clingy duo against each other was prominent in the exile arc the most and it’s been something that’s continued on ever since and,,, can we just fucking acknowledge that c!clingy duo are traumatized kids, and they’re going to have arguments, they’re going to hurt each other, but that doesn’t mean one is the victim and the other one is the tormentor — that doesn’t mean one of them is awful to each other, it just means they’re kids and they’re going to make mistakes and putting them against each other when, in canon they’d probably punch you for doing shit like that isn’t gonna get you anywhere, man /hj.
this rant was mostly about people painting c!tubbo as the evil one in their relationship because he’s the one i’ve seen people do this shit most frequently, but it’s both of them as well, and it’s just . i just. bonks you all on the head. clingy duo canonically love each other /p, and you’re gonna be an apologist for one of ‘em and not the other? doesn’t add up, chief.
tldr: c!tubbo isn’t the evil one in clingy duos relationship — there isn’t an evil one in their relationship in general, you’re just an asshole /nm
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samnook · 7 months ago
So you know the whole "I'm pretty much Tommy's dad bc Phil should not be allowed near children. Ever." Hc abt Wilbur? What about an AU where revivedbur reveals Tommy's legally his kid? (Phil giving wilbur custody so he can leave on adventures w/ techno) (I also hc that Wilbur was 19 when Tommy, who was 2 got adopted.)
Revivedbur comes back, and the moment he sees Jack and Nikki again, instead of the heartfelt reunion Nikki thought she was gonna have with her long lost best friend, Wilbur, instead they both get a look of utter disgust and hatred.
They try to be heartfelt, and nice, but he just gives them curt answers and hums. He, instead, turns his back to them, with a question on his lips. He asks them, "What happened on January 26th, hm? I heard it was quite interesting." His posture straight, arms folded behind his back, like back when he was president. Of course, in true Wilbur fashion, he looked down at them, when glanced at them over his shoulder.
Jack and Nikki just mention the bombs that day. They dont mention the assassination attempt on Tommy's life, at all. Wilbur, of course, just scoffs and glares at them both.
"I don't like liars, you two. I want to know. What the everloving fuck did you do on January 26th?" He turns around to face them.
"We don't understand what you mean, Will? That's- That's what we did!" Nikki stammers, feeling judged and uncomfortable under Wilbur's harsh gaze. He takes on a mock surprised look.
"Oh? Hm, well, care to tell me why Tommy was so close to the bomb site that day?"
One step closer. They flinch, dread pooling rapidly in both of their stomachs.
"Care to tell me why when I asked both him, AND tubbo why he was there he says it was because you, Ms. Nikki, led him there?"
Another step. Wilbur's voice gets louder, and more angry at the second. Jack glares at the ground when he hears that both Tommy and Tubbo snitched. His clenched fists don't go unnoticed by Wilbur.
Nikki tries to save face with the spruce wood excuse that she gave Tommy. Wilbur clearly isn't buying it.
"Alright, I'll just cut the bullshit right now." Wilbur sighs, stopping Nikki's rambling. "I know you tried to kill Tommy. And I know you're still trying,"
"So let me make this clear." He starts, his hands falling to his sides. "Leave my baby boy alone, or else I'll make doomsday look like child play. Do you understand me?"
Nikki growls under her breath, and starts recounting the tales she's told herself and many other people many times. "Everything on this server that happened hes always been involved, and he's ruined the lives of everyone here! He started wars, and left us to rot in them!"
Wilbur is silent, until he's not. "Who started the revolution, Nikki? Do you know?"
"Everyone originally in L'manburg did, right?" She replies, quiet. "Wrong. I did. They just followed me." Wilbur asks again. "Who started the pet war?"
"Tommy did!" Jack butts in. Nikki nods her head. "Also wrong. Sapnap did." Wilbur sighs.
"Disk war?"
The answer is immediate. "Tommy." The reply is as well. "Also wrong! Dream did when he took Tommy's disks."
Wilbur starts listing names. "Schlatt; Manburg v. Pogtopia. November 16th; Technoblade and Dream. Doomsday; Also Technoblade and Dream, with my father this time!"
"Where, in that timeline, does Tommy seem to be the cause?" His voice is quiet. "Well-"
"Save it. I'm just going to ask; why do you despise him so much, when it is me, technoblade, and dream, who put you through everything? When it is us, that deserve your hatred?" Wilbur asks, waiting for Nikki's answer.
"He's rude. He's selfish, and loud. He screams and he hurts people just so the center of attention would be on him. He acts like he has every right to- to wear your coat, to mourn you, he acts like hes entitled to so much, it isn't fair!" Nikki rants, clutching her hair.
"Tommy's rude, because being nice got him stepped on and bullied. He's selfish, because being selfless got him robbed. He screams because screaming makes people remember he's there." Wilbur clenches his own fists. "Tommy hurts, because he doesn't know how to not hurt. And oh, oh Nikki" Wilbur coos, his expression turning stone cold.
"I believe my child does have the right to wear my coat, and mourn me after my passing. Especially when a good 7 or 8 years of his life revolved around me entirely."
Nikki froze, hearing those last two sentences. 'My child? 7 or 8 years?'
Wilbur ignores her thinking. "None of those things are excuses. But they are reasons. Explanations. Tell me, do you think killing him will fix that?! Do you think more abuse and suffering will fix what those very same things caused?!" Wilbur yells, clearly pissed off. Jack is smart, and keeps his mouth shut. "HE ISN'T A DOG, YOU DUMBASSES! MORE DISCIPLINE WON'T MAKE HIM BETTER! TOMMY, MY TOMS, IS A HUMAN CHILD." Wilbur screams, trying to get his point across.
A long silence follows
"Why do you keep saying that?" Nikki breaks it. "Why do you keep referring to him as yours, or your child?"
"Because he is my child, nikki. I have legal rights to him completely. For a good portion of his childhood, he was also under the impression that I was his father emotionally as well. It didn't change much, just his first word."
"Then why do you call him your brother?" Jack asks, awkwardly. "Because, Manifold, I was young, and terrified of being considered a dad. I was 19 when Phil brought Tommy home. I think I'm more open to the role, nowadays. I still see him as a little brother, but in more ways than one Tommy is my pride and joy." Wilbur hums.
"Hes the one thing I've had that's been mine completely, with no competition, and he stuck by me until death. For that, I'm willing to do anything to protect him. The fact remains that I will personally kill the both of you, should you go after Tommy again. I'm sure a few others share my sentiment."
With that, Wilbur leaves.
Uhhhh I hope you liked? I've been thinking of Dadbur some reason HAHA. Its just,, a cool concept to think abt
*takes a deep breath* *screams*
dadbur is MWAH CHEFS KISS and him confronting jack and niki? amazing spectacular show stopping jaw dropping stunning off the charts. now we just need a follow up where he and tommy see each other again and perhaps start the road to recovery and closure so ty for giving me permission to add onto your amazing idea in le dms!
n e ways
Being yanked back from the hazy void of what could be called Death was an experience he never wanted to inflict on anyone. Not even his worst enemy. Well. Maybe not entirely. Wilbur flexed his fingers. He was so used to feeling cold. Now he was back and he was angry. The freezing winds whipping around him barely had any effects, not when the white hot rage that raced through his veins threatened to burn him up from the inside.
He remembered it all. Memories flickered past like minnows in a stream, each one worse than the last. They blurred together, too fast for his mind to comprehend completely but one thing stood out loud and clear. Tommy’s name.
His precious baby brother. Oh god. What had he done?
Wilbur collapsed, trembling hands clutching at the gravel beneath him in an attempt to keep his face from colliding with the ground. He ignored the cries of concerns around him. The sound of flapping wings and the feel of feathers wrapping themselves around him made him sick.
Pushing his father off, he struggled to stand.
“Where is he? Where is Tommy?” He demanded.
Phil looked taken aback. Of all things he had expected his son to say, it definitely wasn’t that. A simple “hello” or even a “thank you” would have sufficed. He shook his head crossly. Of course Wilbur would be worried about Tommy. The rambunctious child had been his whole world.
“Not right now son,” He answered, trying to keep his tone as light as possible. “He’s fine, he can take care of himself. Helping you get back on your feet is what matters.”
“No!” Wilbur was surprised at how loud his voice was but he honestly couldn’t care.
Hazel eyes met sky blue ones.
“No.” He said again, softer this time.
Phil frowned. This wasn’t the Wilbur he had been expecting. This wasn’t the Wilbur he wanted back.
“What do you mean no?” Another voice piped up.
“Fundy,” Wilbur finally tore his focus away from the man who had lost the right to call him “son” years ago. “I want you to know that I never hated you. I’m so proud of you. I’m sorry for not being there and for not saying those words sooner. And Eret?” The king looked up at his name being spoken, surprise written on his face. “Thank you for taking care of him when I couldn’t.”
With those final words, he left the ritual site. He didn’t dare to look back. He didn’t think he was strong enough. He hadn’t even given the people he addressed proper time to form a response.
Seeing Jack and Niki later down his journey on the Prime Path did little to soothe his mind. He didn’t know how long he stayed there, eyes ablaze and chastising them harshly for what they’ve been doing and are still planning to do. Wilbur eventually left them too. They stood rooted to the spot, shellshocked.
After his talk with Niki and Jack, he had made his way over to where he knew Tommy’s dirt shack was only to run into Captain Puffy. They had traded small pleasantries, her welcoming him back and him thanking her for her kind words. It wasn’t long before the conversation topic inevitably turned to Tommy.
“How’s Tommy doing by the way? Ghostbur’s memories told me that you’ve been a positive influence for him but they’re still blurry.” He asked, tipping his head slightly.
“Oh I’m so glad you asked!” She clapped excitedly. “He’s been doing way better nowadays. Sam’s been a real help with that. They’re building a hotel together, would you like to go see?”
Wilbur had accepted immediately.
The sight they had came across had to be the strangest one he’s seen to date. There was his little brother, his gremlin child, doubled over in laughter at something his old acquaintance Sam had said. Tommy’s shrill laughter could be heard for miles around. Sam’s bright smile made the scene even more heartwarming and for a selfish minute, Wilbur wished he was the one in the man’s place.
Stop. He’s happy now. He has people who care for him. You’ve been out of the equation for so long. Don’t be surprised that this has happened. He deserves good people in his life.
“Look who’s back!” Puffy waved, doing the speaking for him. He shot her a grateful look. She gave him a thumbs up in return.
“Wilby?” Emotions warred on Tommy’s face, one never settling long enough for him to be able to pick it out and give it a name.
There was so much to be done. So many wounds to try and fix. He had also played a hand in his little brother’s spiral, he knew that. And as much as the thought hurt, he was going to have to be ready to accept it if Tommy didn’t want anything to do with him ever again.
Not trusting himself to answer without choking on the emotions that were now welling in his chest and making their way up into his throat, he simply opened his arms.
It only took Tommy three seconds before he was tearing through the gate and tackling Wilbur in a hug. Words spilled out of the both of them, clashing together in a bittersweet symphony that shouldn’t be working together so well yet did anyways. It had always been like that between the two of them and it would continue to be so.
“I’m never leaving you again. Never.” Wilbur murmured into the mop of fluffy blonde hair. The arms around his torso tightened.
“Damn right you aren’t.” Tommy sniffled. “If you die again I don’t think even the afterlife’s gonna be able to save you from my rage you prick.”
“I don’t doubt that one bit.”
He would’ve liked nothing more than to stay in the embrace for the rest of the day but all good things came to an end eventually. They reluctantly parted. By now, the sun had started to set and the entirety of today’s events were starting to catch up on him. A yawn escaped his mouth before he could stifle it.
Tommy didn’t hesitate to drag him and Puffy back over to Sam, declaring that they should have a sleepover at Sam’s place to celebrate.
And that was where Wilbur found himself hours later. Tommy had fell asleep some time ago, snuggled close to Puffy’s side. He had just finished wrapping a warm blanket around the two when Sam walked back into the room, carrying two steaming mugs of hot chocolate.
“One hell of a day innit?” Sam said, using one of Tommy’s favorite words at the end.
Wilbur tried his best to shove down the wave of jealousy that rose through him at that.
“Yeah.” He said at last, letting a strained smile rest on his face.
They soon fell into a homely sort of silence, the only noise in the room being the crackling fire that burned away cheerily in the hearth. It wasn’t long before Wilbur started feeling restless again.
“So how’d the whole hotel thing come to be? I know Tommy’s er, financial situation isn’t the best at the moment and you’re not someone who would take up a task like that without some form of payment.”
Sam laughed. “Funny story actually.”
“We have time.”
“Alright,” Sam wiped away at some of the redstone dust on his pants.
“It was supposed to just be another normal day for me. Patrol the perimeters of the prison, go give Dream his daily meal of potatoes and water, go back home to my base to continue the project I was working on. On the way back, there was Tommy running at full speed towards me and shouting something about a hotel he wanted to build. With the way he was going you’d think he was being pursued by the most nightmarish mobs.”
Wilbur snorted. “Some things never change.” That made Sam chuckle.
“Yeah. Anyways. He wanted my help to build his hotel because he wanted there to be a place for people to go if they ever lose their homes. No sides so no betrayals. Neutral grounds. He’s a good kid. I told him I’d consider it but who could say no to those excited puppy eyes?”
“He used those on you too huh.” Wilbur snickered.
“Mhm. I finally agreed to help him and told him to give me half a stack of diamonds as payment. Got them way quicker than most people on this god forsaken server would ever give him credit for. A deal’s a deal so we began construction immediately the next day. Puffy had mentioned something about how much Tommy loved Animal Crossing so I spent the previous night fiddling around with a couple of devices and boom. Sam Nook was born.”
“I’m surprised less people have tried to teach Tommy this way. Using a method that wasn’t bloodshed or betrayal. He’s learning to be a kid again and learning lessons he should’ve been taught as a child.”
Wilbur winced. Had he failed that badly? Noticing his look of dismay, Sam held up his hand in a placating gesture.
“You’re back now. I may not know the entire history between the two of you nor do I think I ever will, but the bond you’ve forged once upon a time isn’t as rusted as you think. There’s still time to patch things up. He still misses you, you know. When he would tell me about you. Don’t give up just yet.”
The man’s words surprised him. Wilbur hadn’t been expecting such a message. He didn’t deserve to have hope. Not after what he’s done. Shaking his head to clear himself of the self-pitying thoughts, he raised his head and met Sam’s ruby red eyes.
He sees his own fiery determination reflected in his friend’s eyes. Yes. Sam would now be considered a friend. He had helped Tommy through so much and had let Wilbur into his home. Even offered him advice and allowed a ray of hope to break through the dark clouds.
There, surrounded by warmth and people he knew cared for him and who he would learn to care for again in time, Wilbur felt something inside of him solidified. It was now or never. He had been given a second chance and there was no way in hell he was going to throw away his shot.
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favefandomimagines · 5 months ago
How Dare You? (t.s.)
Tumblr media
Summary: your ex fiancé leaves you for another woman but he was quickly replaced and runs into you four years later.
AN: i’m on a tommy shelby kick for some reason so enjoy this piece of work that I have no idea what it is. very inspired by my tom holland fic ‘why?’
I also have baby fever so that’s why i’ve posted like four things that have to do with babies lol 
It came as quite a shock when the news broke that Tommy left you. Or rather told you to leave. He was so enthralled with you from the very beginning, that no one understood why he’d tell you to leave. 
Then as you were saying your round of goodbyes, you told them exactly what he had told you. 
“Darling, it doesn’t make sense why he’d say that to you.” Polly commented as you stopped by the shop when Tommy wasn’t here. “He, uh, met someone else. Told me that she had something different and that he fell out of love with me.” You explained painfully. “Who?” Polly asked. “That new barmaid at the Garrison. Grace I think it was.” You answered. 
Polly’s nephew had done a lot of things in his life but she was considering this to be the worst. “And he just told you to leave? Without any regard for where you were going to go or if you had any way of taking care of yourself?” She questioned. “Seems that way, yes. He doesn’t care about what happens to me. I guess I was just a placeholder until someone better came along.” You spoke. 
“Now don’t say that about yourself, Y/N. You are a wonderful woman who accepted Tommy for who he is. The second Grace gets a taste of his life, she’ll run for the hills and he’ll regret ever letting you go.” Polly told you. 
After you said goodbye to Polly and the rest of the Shelby’s, you hopped on a train to London to start a brand new life. A life that wouldn’t consist of the insecurities that came with being in a relationship with Thomas Shelby. 
Shortly after you arrived in London and got settled, you found out you were with child. It came as a surprise because you were always under the impression you couldn’t have children. Your mother didn’t have the best of luck when she was trying to get pregnant at first until she had you. 
You came from a family that was very well off and was higher up when it came to status. Which was why it was interesting to your parent’s circle of friends that you ended up with the notorious Thomas Shelby. Your family, however, were always the kind to support your decisions. But they couldn’t lie and say they weren’t happy to see you home. 
But having a baby out of wedlock was still very much frowned upon. Thankfully, you had a childhood friend who claimed to be the baby’s father whenever anyone asked. His name was William and was the definition of a perfect gentleman. 
Neither of you had romantic feelings for each other so this was an arrangement that didn’t overcomplicate anything. He was there for you and was happy to do so. 
Luckily, Ada Shelby was still in London and she had helped you during your entire pregnancy. But you made her promise not to tell Tommy or John or Arthur. Not a single Shelby other than Polly was allowed to know. 
You gave birth painfully and with Ada by your side. Your son, Oliver, looked exactly like his father. Especially the eyes. The piercing blue eyes that had haunted your dreams for months. But now you had a new blue eyed boy who craved and needed your attention. 
As you were raising Oliver, you quickly realized that he may have gotten his looks from his father but inherited your personality. He was a spitfire and had loads of energy. 
William became a godsend on days when Oliver wouldn’t stop moving. You could only keep up with him for so long before you tired yourself out. For four years, William was by your side helping you raise Oliver. But still, nothing ever came of it and both of you were okay with that. 
Which was why when you received a letter from Polly, asking you to bring Oliver for a visit,  you immediately asked William to accompany you on the trip. 
“Alright, love, we have all of your toys and your blanket. Are you excited to meet Aunt Polly?” You asked the young boy as you boarded the train. “Yes! She has treats, right?” Oliver asked. “Only if you’re good.” You replied. 
William could see your apprehension as the train began to move. “Are you nervous?” He asked you. “Terrified. I don’t want him to meet Oliver. He doesn’t deserve to meet him when he told me to leave. I’m praying we just visit Polly without having to run into him.” You answered. 
As far as Oliver was concerned, his father was exploring America and was going to be gone for a while. But you made sure that Oliver knew his father loved him. Even though you didn’t really know if he did. 
Oliver was fast asleep when you arrived at the train station, William carrying the small boy in arms as you grabbed the small bag you brought. “So this is where you ran off too?” William asked as you walked the streets of Small Heath. 
“Yes, it is. It’s more than how it looks. Now, I need to warn you about Polly. She can be very intense.” You told him. The three of you arrived at the betting shop, Polly having told you Tommy would be out of town for the days you were visiting. 
You opened the door and saw the woman sitting at her desk. “I’ve brought you a surprise.” You announced, the woman looking up at you. “Oh, let me see him!” She spoke, quickly getting up and approaching you. 
“Polly, this is your great nephew, Oliver. Oliver, this your Aunt Polly.” You said gently. “Do you have treats?” Oliver asked her. “For you, my dear, of course.” Polly replied. “And who’s this?” She asked, looking at William. “I’m William ma’am, it’s an honor to meet you.” William introduced himself. 
“He’s been helping me with Oliver. He’s just a friend.” You added. Polly nodded her head as she looked from you to William. 
The three of you sat down at the desk while Oliver sat on the floor playing with a toy train that you packed for him. 
“He’s been asking about you.” Polly said. You let out an annoyed sighed as you massaged your temples. “She left him. Apparently, she had been spying on him the entire time. Trying to take down the family. We can now say that Thomas Shelby has been fooled by a pretty face.” She added. “After what I’ve heard, he deserved it.” William interjected. “I like him.” Polly commented. 
You smiled at her before you spoke. “John and Arthur can’t know about Oliver. They’d just tell Tommy and it would be so confusing for him.” You said. “He won’t hear it from me. And Ada won’t speak to him.” The woman told you. 
The door to the shop swung open, alerting the three adults and the four year old. Once you made out who it was, you quickly stood up and picked Oliver up off the ground. 
“Y/N?” Tommy questioned. “We were just leaving.” You muttered quietly. “Who is this?” The man asked. “Tommy,” Polly scolded. “Who is this?” Tommy asked again. 
“Take him outside please.” You whispered to William, handing him the boy. He gave you a nod before moving past the intimidating man. “An answer, Y/N.” Tommy commanded. 
You gave him an incredulous look upon hearing those words. He had the gall to demand answers from you after what he did? 
“You don’t get to demand anything from me anymore, Thomas. It’s been four bloody years.” You sneered. He hated how his full name sounded coming from you. Even when he was telling you to leave, you still called him Tommy. 
“Who were those people? Your new husband and your child?” He asked, clearly irritated at the thought of you being with someone else. “How dare you? How dare you get upset if I moved on from you? You gave me no other choice when you kicked me out and told you didn’t love me anymore, leaving me with nothing.” You replied. 
“If you must know, that’s William and Oliver. William has been my friend since we were 12. And Oliver is my son. He’s four.” You added. 
You could see Tommy was adding up numbers in his head and you could see the realization form on his face. “H-He’s mine?” He asked. “Technically, yes. But the only thing he gets from are you are his looks. Other than that, you are not his father. I don’t think you ever will be.”  You answered, pushing past him. 
But he was quicker than you, grabbing your wrist gently, stopping you from exiting the shop. 
“I have a son? And you felt the need to keep it from me?” He asked. He wasn’t angry at you, he was angry at himself. He had hurt you so bad that you didn’t even want his child to know him. 
“Yes. Because I was not about to subject him to the same heartbreak you put me through. That boy saved my life and I’ll be damned if he has to feel an ounce of what I felt when you said you didn’t love me.” You said quietly. 
Tommy slowly let go of you, letting you leave the building. He watched as you left, taking your child from William. 
“I’d be surprised if you ever saw either of them again.” Polly said, Tommy forgetting she was even there. 
But the woman was right. He didn’t think he’d get another chance to get you back. 
A few months after your visit to Small Heath, it was Oliver’s fifth birthday. William had gotten engaged and you strictly told him to spend time with his future wife. You loved the girl so you held no hard feelings towards her. 
It was just going to be you and Oliver but you wouldn’t have it any other way. You were very fortunate enough to get him some presents so as you were setting those on the table for him to open after dinner, there was a knock on your door. 
“Stay here, darling. And no peeking.” You told Oliver, who was standing by the table. 
You opened the door and saw Thomas Shelby standing at your doorstep. “Can I help you?” You questioned. “I know I don’t deserve it but can I please meet him?” Tommy asked you, his voice softer than the last time you spoke. 
“Tommy,” You started. “She left me. If you didn’t already know. She had been lying to me the entire time just trying to bring down me and my family. I told her I left you to be with her and three days later she told me everything. But by that point it was too late and you were already gone. A temporary moment of temptation and weakness made me lose the one person who has been by my side for years. I gave you so many reasons to leave and you never did. I took you for granted, Y/N, and I love you.” Tommy finished. 
You looked at him for a moment, trying your best to keep up your poker face. “And I can’t keep going knowing that I left you alone with our child. A child I haven’t met.” He added. 
“He thinks his father is in America. I didn’t have the heart to tell him anything else when he asks about his dad.” You spoke. “Did he know that day that I was his father?” Tommy asked. 
You wanted to say no. You wanted to say that Oliver had no inclination that Tommy was his father but that would be a lie. Because every night, Oliver slept with a framed photo of his father on his nightstand. You hated Tommy for what he did to you but your son needed to know that he had a father out there. 
“I think so. I never told him about you but he has a photo of you that Ada gave him. I didn’t want to take that away from him because he deserved to know his father loved him.” You finally answered. 
“I do. I do love him and I love you. And I want to be apart of both of your lives again. I need to.” Tommy said. “I hope you understand the severity of the situation you just put me in, Tommy. Oliver is right inside.” You told the man. “I-I know and I don’t deserve even a second of your time but I needed to tell you how sorry I am for what I did.” He said.
You looked at him for a moment before peeking back inside at the young boy. Who was trying to sneak a peek at his presents.
“Okay. Y-You can come in.” You said quietly. Tommy’s head snapped up, wanting to make sure he heard you right. “Are you sure?” He asked. “Yes. No matter how much I hate to admit it, he needs his father. Especially on his birthday.” You replied. 
“Mummy, can I open my presents yet?” Oliver’s voice came from inside. You wiped the tears that snuck away from your face before plastering a smile on your face. “Actually, darling, mummy has a very special present for you.” You said, stepping back in the house. 
Tommy followed you and watched as you moved aside for the boy to see him. “Look who came home for your birthday.” You commented, kneeling down to Oliver’s level. 
“Daddy?” The boy questioned. “Your daddy came home just for you.” You said. Both you and Tommy were anticipating Oliver’s reaction. The little boy smiled and ran to his father who didn’t hesitate to scoop him up in his arms. 
“You won’t be leaving again, will you?” Oliver asked. “No. I won’t be leaving again, I promise.” Tommy told him. “Okay, love, let’s have supper and open up your presents.” You said to him. 
The evening went well. Though it was awkward for you, Oliver had no problem telling his father about all of his adventures. Though once he was fast asleep in his bed, cuddling the new teddy bear you got him, you and Tommy were left with many things unsaid. 
“Thank you for letting me stay.” Tommy announced as you stood at the counter cleaning the dishes. “Oliver deserved to have his father here on his birthday. Even if you were away for the first four.” You replied. “You did so well with him. He’s just like you.” The man said. 
“My mother said the same thing.” You replied. “But there’s no denying he’s the spitting image of his father.” You added. 
Tommy could see that the whole evening was a bit emotionally exhausting for you. But he had been looking for you for months and thinking about you and his son since he saw you. He couldn’t leave without you. 
“Y/N, do you still love me?” He asked. “You really aren’t beating around the bush, are you?” You replied. “Because I love you. I-I said I stopped loving you that night but I didn’t mean it. Grace was new and the thought of new sounded exciting but hurting you and putting you through that pain wasn’t worth new and exciting.” He continued. 
“Of course I still love you, Tommy but I don’t know if I can trust you again. Especially with my son.” You said. “I will do whatever it takes to gain to your trust. Even if it takes my entire life, just please come home.” Tommy said. 
This wasn’t the kind of decision you could make on a whim. You had to think about if you were ready to uproot your son and your life and start over again. 
“We will come for a visit and we will see how it goes before I decide to take Oliver away from his home.” You answered. “That’s all I need. I promise you, I will never hurt you again.” Tommy replied. 
“That’s a big promise to make, Tommy. And if you break it, you will never see me again.” You said with a steady voice. Tommy knew you meant it.
You were the butt of every joke for so long from your parent’s friends and he knew he was asking you to be put back in that position. Not only that, but he had hurt you in the worst way possible and he was asking a lot of you to go back to that environment. 
“I won’t, I never intend on breaking another promise to you.” He told you. Tommy could tell that you so badly wanted to believe his words but you had been burned by them before. You weren’t so keen on trusting a single word he said. 
“You can trust me now.” He said. “Can I? I put all of my trust in you before only for it to be crushed.” You told him. “Yes, you can trust me. When you come home, I’ll prove it to you.” He said. “This is just a visit, Tommy. It’s going to take a lot for me to not only trust you with me but with my son.” You said. 
Tommy nodded his head at you before you turned back to the task you were doing. He should’ve known it wasn’t going to be easy getting you back, but he had to take what you were willing to give him. Because you were right, it wasn’t just about you anymore, it was about your son too. And Tommy planned on stopping at nothing to make his family whole. 
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hangezoeenthusiast · 4 months ago
You're Not My Dad Anymore (Part 3 of Papa)
Part 1 Part 2
word count: 1012
person: c!schlatt, c!quackity, c!karl, c!sapnap
warnings: fighting, cursing, bruises, blood, yelling, alcohol, cigars, grave
synopsis: you were loved, you were cherished, then someone left, and other people replaced that person, and you didn't like that.
(This series is kinda hurting me to write, because one, i have school, and second, my dad was a drunk and hurt my mom, he's not a drunk anymore, but he is still kinda a bad person, don't ask, or do, i really don't really care :/)
It was morning. You were walking along the path with Tubbo, talking about random stuff, when you got a little surprise. It was Schlatt, drunk off his face, looking like shit.
"Oh my goodness, seriously, in the morning?" you thought. Ever since that little moment downstairs in your own home, Schlatt throwing a glass behind you, bruising you physically, you've been offish.
“Schlatt seriously has a big problem.” said Tubbo. You were concerned, he was drunk more than he was sober, even during important meetings.
You were also scared of him, scared about what he was going to do to you, or your papa, or someone else. He came home drunk almost everyday, but he didn't do anything to you. He would just mumble to himself about random stuff, imaginary friends surrounding him, talking to him while drinking whiskey and smoking cigars.
“Dad, hey Dad, come over here!” you yelled. You didn’t catch his attention, and he straight up ignored you.
He was dragging his legs while he walked, his hands fumbling with nothing but the beef bottle in his hands. He was going to the big cobblestone tower that had a view of the whole place.
While being drunk came with a lot of disadvantages, there was one advantage of being drunk for a certain peoples.
While he being drunk, distracted, Pogtopia snuck in. They had gotten into Manburg, and beforehand they had planned a certain something. They were going to overthrow Schlatt in his tryanny.
So they snuck into the place, with no sign of a break in, gathered all their items that could help and invaded the nation.
Arrows fired. People bleeding. People throwing water on themselves as to not burn to death. All of these challenges and more, and it all lead to something great. Pogtopia won the war, Manburg turned back to L’Manburg again, Schlatt defeated by his own drunkness.
Everyone was here, the badlanders, to Dream and his little crew, to even Technoblade, who swore not to be involved in governments. Everyone saw how Schlatt was a terrible leader, and that he didn’t deserve to be one.
You all was gathered around Schlatt, holding his beer bottle, not fully aware about what’s happening. Schlatt knew that he was defeated, he just didn’t want to accept it.
He was whispering under his breath, saying how Quackity and Tubbo were traitors, horrible, horrible things when he saw you. His daughter, looking horrified about what he did, and what he looks like, and what he has become.
He became overfilled with sadness, he failed his own daughter, had hurt her physically over a stupid bottle of beer, placing marks on her. His own boyfriend who he had hurt, physically and mentally. He failed everyone who had ever loved him, if anyone actually loved him.
When he was saying his last goodbyes and “fuck yous” to everyone around him, his last words that anyone would every hear was...
“I’m sorry Y/n, I failed you.”
He did indeed fail you, he had hurt the ones you loved, especially your papa who was with you for the most of your life. You were in despicable awe on how he said I’m sorry to you even when he hurt you.
When it came down in the end with Schlatt, there was five moods you felt with him.
The first was happiness, the fluffy moments where he would make you laugh, make you a stupid nickname, or even doing the most simple things with him.
Angry, where he would come home drunk, threaten you to give him beer, him drunk in the morning, finding out that he hurt Quackity that time you found him with his wings banged up, covered with blood.
Sadness, because you figured out that he wouldn’t change for the better after he threw the glass at you.
Denial, because you thought Schlatt was a good guy, wouldn’t do anything harmful or damaging to anyone, wouldn’t scar anyone.
The last was acceptance, acceptance that he would stay the same, him being drunk every single hour of every single day, of every single week, and so on. That he would keep on apologizing to you after he threatened you physically. That he would never be your dad again. That your dad died as soon as he started hurting your papa.
You regretted accepting him into your life, for letting him date Quackity. For telling him that he was your dad.
So when he had the heart attack, and passed away, you accepted it. He was a bad person, well, at least his real personality didn’t show up until everything was going to shit. After his burial, even though he didn’t deserve it to the likes of the others, you visited him.
You went to his grave, and crouched over it. “Why Schlatt, why did you do that to papa? What was the motive, do you hate him, did he do something wrong, did I do something wrong.”
You put your hand on top of his new gravestone that was just placed a few minutes before. “Dad, I mean Schlatt, you don’t know how much shit you caused, I mean first, you casted out Wilbur and Tommy, that was a stupid idea, then you turned L’Manburg into a dystopia, and you hit papa, you threatened me, the ones you loved.”
You sniffled, “Schlatt, you majorly fucked up, but for some reason I still love you.”
You started to get up from your place, starting to walk away from this place for the dead, “Schlatt, I’ll still love you, a part of my heart goes to you, but I can’t love you because of papa, the things you did, I can’t accept.”
“That’s why I’m never coming back to your grave. I’m sorry.” You walked away from Schlatt’s grave with despair. What you didn’t notice, and what no one else would notice for a long period of time, it was Schlatt, who had pale skin and see-through. After you left, he spoke quietly to himself, “I love you too little Y/n.”
(This part was kinda rushed, a little bit bad)
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lillian-nator · 4 months ago
please do more backyard au hcs this sounds lovely
PEOPLE AND AGES - Tommy (5) Kindergarten - Techno (11) 6th grade - wilbur (18) Senior - Tubbo (4) Kindergarten - Schlatt (19) Just Graduated, goes to Community college - SapNap (7) First grade - Punz (13) 7th grade - Dream (12) 8th grade - Gogy (15) Sophomore - Ranboo (6) Kindergarten - Fundy (15) Freshman - Niki (16) junior - Puffy (17) Senior - Purpled (5) Kindergarten - Big Q (14) 8th grade - Karl (13) 7th grade ----------------------- SPECIES AND RELATIONSHIPS (put into friend groups) - Tubbo (Ram, Schlatt's son) - Tommy (Racoon) - Ranboo (enderman, kind of a street kid) - Purpled (Purple Sheep, Dream and Puffy's younger brother) - SapNap (Demon, Bad's son, Punz's baby brother)
- Techno (Piglin) - Dream (Ram, Puffy's younger brother) - Punz (demon) - Gogy  (Mooshroom) - Big Q (Duck) - Karl (Parrot hybrid)
- Wilbur (Blue Jay) - Schlatt (Ram) - Puffy (sheep - Schlatt's cousin) - Niki (fish? mermaid?) - Fundy (Fox) ----------------------- I think that Philza minecraft just slowly keeps finding kids in his backyard, and he slowly grows very attached to all of them Just like every afternoon his backyard is FLOODED with kids And he doesn’t understand why he’s the house everyone goes to, but he’ll feed them He just slowly finds himself being really endeared by each of them ------------------- And before he knows it, Phil’s warning SapNap and Ranboo away from the water, and balancing Purpled and Tommy on his hips And he knows all their allergies And all their favorite foods And he’s keeping track of the high schoolers grades, bringing Dream, punz, and techno to their games  ----------------- CARPOOL SOCCER MOM Mr. Philza Minecraft --------------------- Dream: Basketball Punz: Football Techno: Baseball Puffy: Softball Small children: Baby Soccer -------------------------- - Phil keeps track of all of boys'  games and practices. Because goddamn it, these kids deserve some sort of parental guidance - Dream, purpled, and Puffy don’t have present parents - Puffy had to step up to the plate - Ranboo’s a street kid - No one really knows if he has anyone - Bad just chilling in hell ---------------------------- Schlatt is really working himself thin, but he tries hard, he really does And everyone can see how much he loves Tubbo Sometimes Phil will wake up and see schlatt passed out on their couch. He got off at midnight But as soon as he gets home from work, Tubbo is immediately in his Dad’s arms Schlatt animatedly talking to the boy But you can just see how much love he has for his boy He’s just a bit too young to bare the burden alone ------------------------------ And the thing is, is that all of these kids are so like, independent Like Phil just needs to feed them And tend to the youngest ones every so often ------------------------------- I think it’s like musical chairs To see who’s sleeping at Phil’s house in the morning Like - who’s on the couch? An air mattress? Guest bed? Sharing a room with one of his kids? All of the small children like to pile around SapNap, who is also a small child, cause he’s warm Punz also always has children flocking him ------------------------------- Punz is also that teen who throws the kids in the pool he cant go into the water himself, prefering to lay on the grass and in the sun, but he does love just chucking kids in ------------------------------- Phil drives a beat up mini van. It’s baby blue It's always filled to the brim with passengers very dirty many crumbs has balls just thrown in it all the time Footballs, basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls it fucking smells, we all know it does Phil owns like 4 of those kid car seats despite only having one kid in that age group ---------------------------- Also if you couldn't tell Niki basically lives in the pool she's a fish hybrid so its a salt water pool instead of chlorine because its better for Niki --------------------------- Tommy, Tubbo, purpled, Ranboo, and SapNap play baby soccer its the best part of this au It’s so adorable, and Tommy picks at flowers the entire time Sometimes. Ranboo will come and entertain him for a little. Try and get him back in the game. He gives up when Tommy sits down tho Ranboo will more often then not join Tommy cause mmmm grass Tubbo is insanely competitive as a little kid we been knew though When he gets older Tommy gets really into it But as a baby He just chases bugs Plus he’s a raccoon hybrid, so shiny ------------------------ HE HOARDS SHIT UNDER HIS BED IS A MESS he as in fucking baby racoon Tommy whats the word for baby racoon small baby kit Phil 1000% calls him kit BABY RAMS ARE CALLED BUCKS FUCKING EVERYONE CALLS TUBBO "BUCK" THATS SO CUTE IM LOSING MY SHIT Things go lost? Go check tommys room Bermuda Triangle of a bedroom Very much like - Phil has to have a talk with him about it And he’s like “ I know you feel like you have to take them Kit, but they’re not yours” “If you want it, just ask me and I’m
sure we can figure something out.” Tommy also loses interest as soon as he gains it tho Tommy chitters at them They nod liek they understand and go “Uh huh, sounds mighty interesting Kit,” And then they pick him and let him climb around them -------------------------------- So much rough housing like SO much they're hybrids man Tommy also teethes ok. Chews on shit when his canines grow in so does Techno, and SapNap, and Punz (Punz and Techno's canines already grew in though, but they still chew on shit) The rams Rub their heads against stuff Head Itchy ------------------------------- A lot of Phil’s days off are just spent by the babies, just who are growing in hybrid traits He scratches Tubbo, sapnaps, and Puroled heads They’re all growing in horns Gives Tommy things to chew on Purpled. Never gets full horns. They are always little stubs just barely sticking out of his hair. His ears looks more human than ram too. Just for some reason never really grew into his hybrid traits And purple eyes He gets so upset about it too, when Tubbos horns outgrow his, because he’s older He’s a bit different. But it’s like being brunette in a family of blondes. It’s not unheard of He just is tearing up and Phil is just like “oh Bud, come ‘ere” They're like 8 And Tommy just gives Purpled the biggest hug, because Tommy is a sweetheart as a kid ------------------- I think that even the older kids wrestle Like obviously Dream, Techno and the rest of the middle school gang do Because they’re so fucking competitive Dream is so quick to just. Grab someone and wrestle them to the floor No warning But like, you’ll catch Wilbur and Schlatt jumping at each other Or Wilbur throwing Fundy over his shoulder Or anyone just man handling gogy ------------------- Phil gets to a point where he calls them all his kids And asks where they are when they aren’t At his house ------------------------ Puffy bringing them (Dream and Purpled) over after school. They go outside and play. Puffy sighs and collapses at the dining table. Phil silently hands her a coffee. “I’ll keep em busy” he says “you get some homework done” She looks up, and puts her head in her hand, “Dream has basketball practice in an hour” Phil just pats  her on the back. “I got it.” ----------------- Also let’s talk about how much food Phil needs to buy Like even if it’s just lunch That’s like 15 growing boys He can afford it, He just has to watch out for allergies He buys so many fucking snacks man Whole damn store He goes through like crates of those little chip variety packs Tubbo only likes the crunchy Cheetos Tommy likes barbecue Niki likes salt and vinegar Punz likes Doritos He knows which ones they all like I’m just imagining Phil calling out for the kids And they’re like lining out of the kitchen Oldest to youngest so that Phil can help the little ones They can eat anywhere in the yard, but Ohil has the little ones eat at the picnic table They’re all dripping wet from coming out of the pool, and he needs to make sure they eat their fruit and popsicles, they have tons of popsicles. ------------------ Phil totally takes Dad tax Like a chip from every plate And a tatertot from each breakfast very dad of him to do ------------------- Not not Phil kissing each of their foreheads goodbye And “drive safe” And “have a good day" ------------------ He’ll still pick up Texhno And Dream and Punz, right by the armpits And tucks them into bed ----------------- Tommy when he gets wet He loves swimming but the poor baby: his fur It’s hard to get him in the water but once he’s in it’s hard to get him out Because he feels all heavy and sticky afterwards ------------------ Adventures in the woods TOMMY IN HID NATURAL HABITAT Small boy makes hidey hole You may be asking Does. Does Tommy crunch on the leaves He does Like on ever y single one Carefully -------------------- All of the little kids And even technos group Just bonk heads Because of the goats They all just do it Sometimes softly Sometimes roughly Techno always does it roughly tho Rough houser Dream doesn’t mind Makes it feel like he has a
herd Feeds a primal instinct for ram playmates Feeds a primal instinct for ram playmates - Small boy And puffy has outgrown it But a young piglin brute? Perfect playmate. ------------------------- AND THATS THE AU YOU'RE WELCOME
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blueeyedgeorgie · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
A/N: This is IF Tommy and Dream escaped together 
Word count: 2.4k+
Pronouns: They/Them _________
Their breath was shaky as they spoke. At this point, Y/n was frozen in place. It had been such a normal day, Y/n had gone deep in the forests with Callahan to collect materials for some building. But when they returned, havoc was among them. People were running around in a panic, the prison was destroyed. Destroyed-Just the sight of the prison put Y/n in panic. All they could do was run, they needed to find someone, anyone who would explain what happened. It had taken minutes, but felt like hours. Finally, they had located someone-Tubbo.
"Tubbo!" They pulled one another into a hug, both were exhausted. They treated one another as family, Y/n being Tubbo's older sibling figure. "What happened?!" "I'm sorry Y/n, but Dream escaped prison."
It felt like a slap in the face to receive this news. The color in their face disappeared. This was bad news. "No... no, this can't be true.... I... how?"
"Something to do with Ranboo. Tommy and Ranboo are gone too. No one knows where they are."
Y/n took a step back, feeling their breath shorten. This couldn't be happening. Everything had gotten good,  they were safe. They were safe from Dream. It felt so amazing, but now... everything was going to hell. If Dream was out of Prison, what were the chances he'd come after Y/n? They had known each other since the very beginning, they were friends, but soon it had turned into something toxic. He had manipulated them so much, to the point Y/n was broken down and suffering from a bit of PTSD from everything.
They could still remember the night before Dream planned to capture Tommy and kill Tubbo. They were hiding away in Dream's lair, where he planned to keep future items and belongings of members.
“Please don't do this, Dream.” They were on the brink of tears, “this isn't going to end well.” “This isn't going to end well for Tommy, Y/n.” Dream turned away from the portal, looking at his friend. “Why are you crying? We're friends, aren't we? I said you'd be safe.”
“I'm not crying over my safety,” Y/n stepped closer to Dream, looking up at him. “I'm crying over yours, I don't want you to get hurt.”
The blonde man made a 'tsk' noise, his hand shot up to Y/n's face, grabbing their chin. His green eyes stared down into their e/c ones. A look of disproval was on his face. “Crying is a weakness, Y/n. I thought I taught you better than that.” He wasn't wearing his mask, Y/n was one of the few people to see his face. The only reason they had seen his face was a way to get Y/n to trust him. “Everything's going to end well. Tommy will end up in prison and Tubbo... he'll most likely be dead by sun rise.”
“What?” Y/n froze at the mention of Tubbo. Dream could tell he had just struck fear in them. “Please, not Tubbo. Please, Dream.”
“I'm sorry Y/n...” He now cupped their face with both of his calloused hands, dragging his thumbs under their eyes to wipe away a few fallen tears. “It has to happen.”
“No,” their voice cracked as their eyes watered more. “Please no.” They pulled away from his grasp, tumbling a few steps back. “I've done everything for you. I put the TNT in the community house, I helped you build this hellsite, I did everything. Why? Why can't you do this one thing for me?” Tears were falling as Y/n raised their voice. “Why? Why do you need to kill Tubbo, my brother!" Y/n froze, that was the first time they had called Tubbo their brother, it felt good to say it.
his face showed no emotion as he watched Y/n. His lips parted, only mumbling a few words coldly; "Go home, Y/n. You're tired. You need rest."
“No! You don't get to push me away or order me to do something when we talk about something I want or that I care about! You can't do this to me!”
His gaze grew cold, his eyes beginning to glare, "Go home, Y/n."
"Fine," In one motion, he unsheathed his sword, beginning to walk towards the portal behind him. "If Tubbo is such a problem, I'll get rid of him now."
"No!" Y/n practically threw themself at Dream, grabbing onto his arm to stop him. "I'm going, I'm going. Please, I'll leave. i'll go home and sleep."
Dream smirked down at his friend, putting his weapon away. "Good. Get a good night's rest, you'll need it."
Y/n nodded, keeping their head down in embarrassment. It was cruel to think he could control them so easily. Right as they got to the portal, Dream had called for them one more time. "Oh and Y/n... If you think about spoiling my plans for tomorrow, I promise you I'll make sure Tubbo is dead before I go for Tommy. You know I always keep my promises."
Y/n winced at the thought, barely nodding. This was humiliating.
With Dream out of prison, there was only one thing Y/n planned to do; protect Tubbo. For the rest of the day, the pair walked around with Y/n holding a grip on their sword, constantly looking over their shoulder. Dream was a good fighter, better than Y/n no doubt, but they still needed to at least try and keep Tubbo safe.
When the day had come to an end, Y/n was still on their toes. Of course, Tubbo could tell, so he did the one thing he could think of. He took them up the highest hill, just to watch the sunset. It was one of their favorite things to bond over, they were both busy people, just being able to sit and catch up with each other was something nice.
"You know..." Tubbo picked at his pants as he spoke, he was a bit nervous to bring up the next topic in mind, but it had to be done. "You've never really talked about what was going on between you and Dream. Before he was in prison and everything. Tommy and I would see you and him together, but we understood why."
"You wanna know something, Tubbo?" Y/n sucked in a breath of air, they knew they had to talk about this eventually. "My role was to serve, that's all he needed me for. Yet..." they paused, looking into the sunset. Was it going to be a smart idea to say the next few words in their mind? "I still love him."
"What?" Tubbo's mouth fell agape. he felt something in his stomach lurch, his older sibling had fallen in love with his enemy. "I... I don't understand."
"I don't expect you to," Y/n could look Tubbo in the face, not right now. "I don't really understand it. I fear that man with half of my heart, the other half lives for that rush when I see him. He's like a drug, I'm willing to do almost anything for him. I live for his approval, I love when he says I've done good or tells me I deserve a reward, stuff like that."
"God, I'm so sorry, Tubbo. I really am. I... I don't know what's wrong with me." Y/n shook their head, realizing what they just said. "That... that was fucked up, I shouldn't have said that. Especially to you, you're just a kid, you've gone through enough trauma already. You don't need your sibling scaring you like this."
"No, it's... it's not okay, but it's whatever. I'm just happy you feel okay opening up to me about this. I'm gonna be honest here, Y/n... I'm not really sure what to say to any of this. It feels kind of like you've fallen in love with the enemy here."
A moment of silence followed, neither knew what to say. An unusual tension summoned, it felt strange. Normally, both Tubbo and Y/n were very comfortable around each other, but after Y/n's confession... it all seemed so strange.
Instead of breaking the silence, they sat there. Both kept their focus on the sun, watching it disappear from sight, the sky changing colors as the light left the sky. It had taken a while, but the sun had finally disappeared from sight. The pair sat there, staring off in different directions. The sky was filled with stars, it'd be impossible to see if they were closer to town than they already were.
"I... " Y/n paused, they didn't know what to say. There was so much they could say. "I think I'm gonna go to bed." Standing they muttered a brief 'good night'.  They could hear Tubbo say 'night' to them as they walked away.
This would be the first time Y/n would be alone since they heard of Dream's escape. Honestly, it was going to be hard for Y/n to fall asleep tonight. They already knew they wouldn't feel safe in their own home. As they walked, they could still remember the time when Dream had convinced them to tell him all of the secrets of their house. He knew every passage, every hidden item, any secret entrances.
"This is where I keep my iron and armor," They opened a chest, revealed stacks of iron bars sitting by two chest plates. Dream loomed over them from behind, he glanced into the chest for a brief moment before turning to walk somewhere else.
For the past hour it had been like this; Y/n showing everything there is to show in their home while Dream inspected. Y/n wasn't too sure why they were doing this, but Dream found it important. Whatever seemed necessary in his eyes, Y/n had to comply; it was just the rules.
"Don't you think I've shown you enough?" Y/n chewed on their bottom lip as they spoke, they were a bit anxious to hear his response. It wasn't a good idea to go against him, but at this point, it felt like Y/n had shown him enough.
The dirty blonde paused, turning on his feet to face his friend. "Are you trying to tell me I'm wrong for trying to protect you?"
"What, I-... no..." "I'm only trying to protect you, Y/n. There's going to be people who will want to hurt you, I can keep you safe if I know where your belongings and materials are. I can keep you protected if I know where all the entrances are to your home. Don't you want me to keep you safe?"
Y/n muttered a sheepish; "yeah," as they kept their head down. Moments like these always made them feel so weak.
"And just remember..." Y/n could feel their gaze point upward, Dream had placed a hand under their chin, forcing them to look him in the eye. "I'm never wrong, I know what's good for you."
Their house would no longer be known as a safe space for Y/n. As soon as Dream was imprisoned, Y/n had changed a lot about their house-but there was still a good chance of Dream finding a way to break in. When their home came into view, Y/n picked up their pace. Even if their home wasn't technically safe any longer, it'd still be better than standing out and alone in the dark.
With the door closing behind them, Y/n let out a sigh. Hopefully, they'd be able to find some way to get their mind off of Dream. They made their way through their home, putting away items and even turning on a bit of music as they did. The music was loud enough for Y/n's footsteps to drown out as they walked, loud enough to even drown out the sound of opening and closing chests, putting their belongings away.
Something seemed off, it looked like a few items were missing. A few pieces of armor, enchanted items, and even weapons. Y/n shook it off, they were just overthinking. It was normal for them to accidentally overcount in their stock.
Y/n had placed a few more items down into the last chest, a few apples and carrots they had collected earlier that day. It seemed like everything was going to be okay... until it wasn't.
Just as Y/n closed the chest, the music stopped. They froze. Y/n was supposed to be the only one here, the music shouldn't have stopped by itself. But it did.
There wasn't much they could do, they could run and hide-he'd find them. They could escape-He'd catch them. They could fight-he'd overpower them. What was the best option? Running would make him mad, fighting would make his blood boil-hide. Y/n would just have to try and hide.
Quickly they scanned over the room, chests filled with items were stacked. The room was like a maze, there had to be some chest they could slide into. As they moved, they stayed quiet, one little noise could ruin their chance of safety. The room was big, if they weren't careful they would get lost. Step by step, row by row, they passed by the chests. Every few seconds, they would glance over their shoulder-looking for him.
Just as they went to look over their shoulder for the hundredth time, they froze. Y/n's blood turned cold-the door opened. Heavy footsteps echoed through the room, the sound f metal dragged on the floor. He had a weapon.
"Y/n. I know you're in here..."
Should they run? Should they hide? Should they scream for help and pray someone will hear them?
Holding their breath, Y/n listened to the steps. One wrong move and it was all over for them. Sooner or later, they began to move, trying to stay silent as they listened for Dream's footsteps.
"Come out, this can be so much easier. If only you didn't act like this."
Y/n held their breath as they kept their pace up.
"You know I would never do anything to hurt you. You make me happy; and even more happy to you feel the same, right?"
They could feel their heartbeat rise.
"I know you better than yourself. I know you're in here."
Their pace quickened, listening to him.
"Luckily, it's only going to be me and you soon."
Faster-they were almost there.
"And before you know it-"
Their pace quickened, at this point Y/n was sprinting. Within seconds, they launched themself forward... only to land into someone's arms. An ax clattered to the ground as a pair of arms enveloped Y/n. Dream grinned, looking down at the person in his arms. Everything was going to plan.
"I missed you."
"I missed you too."
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findingjoynweirdstuff · 6 months ago
Dream SMP Recap (March 14/2021) -     The Plan
Tommy tells Tubbo and Ranboo about his plan to kill Dream and they establish a space to stake out the prison. 
While they plot, though, an old friend makes his return!
Captain Puffy
- Tommy walks over to look at the prison. He has a plan to kill Dream.
- He briefly greets Sam Nook and shelters him from the rain
- First, he heads over to Snowchester to explain to Tubbo and Ranboo what’s gong on. He makes it there and looks in the mansion. Foolish sees him, having thought he was dead.
- Tubbo and Ranboo come over and explain the manor house. To discuss business, they go to the execution room.
- Tommy asks Tubbo about getting married without him. Then Tommy opens up to Ranboo about feeling lonely about Ranboo stealing his best friend.
- He then tells the both of them that he died in prison and Dream is planning on breaking out. When he was dead, he spoke to Schlatt and Wilbur. Tubbo asks if Schlatt’s changed his ways.
- Tommy explains that time passes faster in death.
- Someone made an explosion on the top of the prison, Technoblade owes Dream a favor and might be a problem, Tommy wants to stake out the prison.
- Tubbo asks why it’s different now. Why didn’t they just kill him to begin with? Tommy tells Tubbo that he’s only planning on reviving Wilbur. The revive book wouldn’t be used for good.
- Ranboo agrees with Tommy. Tubbo asks why they wouldn’t want to revive Wilbur — Tommy tells them that Wilbur’s different now and can’t be let back. Tubbo still has doubts about the plan.
- They decide to make a space near the prison to observe.
- Tubbo leads them to his detective room
- Tommy tells them that Sam has failed his job and went against his orders to not let anybody else visit. Ranboo and Tubbo ask who else has visited since — Tommy doesn’t know.
- Tubbo shows him the evidence.
- They go back to Tommy’s house and Tommy reads Puffy’s message.
- The Egg comes up in conversation. Ranboo thinks it’ll solve itself.
- They go into the Nether to gather resources
- They spot Punz on top of the Eggpire meeting room and briefly speak with him. Ghostbur also shows up.
- Tommy asks if Ghostbur remembers him being dead and speaking with him. Ghostbur says the last time he spoke with Tommy was a couple days ago.
- Tommy asks about Wilbur, not Ghostbur. Ghostbur’s been away, he doesn’t remember.
- Ghostbur points out how everything is red. He likes it, red’s a good color. Like blue but wrong.
- Tommy asks Ghostbur if he wants Wilbur to come back.
  Ghostbur: “The world needs structure and order, and he was good at that.” Tommy: “The world needs less villains, and he was a villain if I’ve ever seen one.” Ghostbur: “Sometime’s the line’s a little blurry… A villain is just a hero you haven’t convinced yet.”
Tommy: “No, but he started as a hero, and then he was the villain. I don’t think we should bring him back ever.”
- Ghostbur loves being able to walk around, he loves being able to touch things
- Tommy tells Ghostbur that he spent months with Wilbur, and Wilbur can’t come back. Ghostbur asks about the time conversion in Limbo.
Apparently in the afterlife, Wilbur spent a month explaining hemorrhoids 
- They show Ghostbur the prison
- Ghostbur asks why Tommy doesn’t want Wilbur back again. Tommy says when they were trying to bring him back, he still thought there was some “brotherness” there
- Ghostbur points out he spent a lot of time with Schlatt, and Schlatt’s “the bad guy.” Schlatt and Eret.
- They say there are a lot of other bad guys out there, like Dream. Ghostbur says Dream was nice to him, though.
- They ask about Tubbo and Ranboo’s marriage (they got married for tax reasons initially) and they also bring up Michael.
- They introduce Ghostbur to Michael.
- Eret points out that he tried to revive Wilbur a while ago in chat. Ghostbur doesn’t remember.
- They head to the McPuffy’s and encounter Connor on the Prime Path. He gives Ghostbur his stabbin’ knife back. Ghostbur asks if Connor has his Chekhov’s Gun.
- They introduce Ghostbur to Sam Nook
- Sam Nook tells Tommy that Awesam gave him specific orders to keep Tommy away from the prison for his own safety. He says he might have to report this to Awesam, and he won’t be pleased.
- They continue building the tower
- Ranboo tells Ghostbur he hasn’t seen him in a while. Ghostbur’s been sleeping. The resurrection was stressful — he got a glimpse of the other side. He’s back because Tommy needed him, and he heard it through the grapevine.
- Ghostbur asks why they’re trying to break into the prison again. Ranboo explains that they need to kill Dream, or else a lot of bad things — even things Tommy doesn’t know about — might happen.
- Ghostbur says that Dream was a bad guy, but then they were friends. Ranboo explains that Dream tends to manipulate to gain power, and they need to get rid of him because he still has power.
- Ghostbur asks what the worst he could do is — Ranboo says he could bring back the “villains” in this story.
Schlatt? Mexican Dream? 
- Ghostbur asks if bringing back Wilbur is off the table. Ghostbur is scared. Not scared of Wilbur, but scared of going back to nothing. He likes being here.
- Ranboo never knew Wilbur, only Ghostbur. But it seems like Ghostbur is Wilbur’s good intentions.
- Ghostbur’s read Wilbur’s memoirs (though they’re destroyed now), and explains that Wilbur started out with good intentions.
Ghostbur: “Now more than ever, I think it’s really important we have a leader.”
- Ghostbur is willing to help, whether that means keeping Ghostbur or bringing back Wilbur. Ranboo doesn’t know what would be best, though.
Ghostbur: “History is written by the winners.” Ranboo: “Yeah, and he…technically won.” Ghostbur: “But he lost, everyone hates him.” Ranboo: “I don’t think that everyone hates him. I don’t really hate him, I mean it’s like hearing about a historical figure.”
- Ghostbur leaves to get snacks, leaving Ranboo to ponder. Tubbo never told him much about Wilbur. He doesn’t know — he doesn’t think they need a leader.
Ranboo: “Because if someone rules everyone, then when the leader becomes corrupted, then — well, we see what happens.”
- He doesn’t think anyone really wants Wilbur back, so why is it even a question? All they know is that they have to kill Dream. The only person who might want Wilbur back would be Phil.
- If they can get rid of Dream, then everything will be good! If Dream comes out of prison, the voice might come back too. And the one thing Dream will want is revenge against the people who put him in the prison in the first place.
- Ranboo needs to be involved and not stand idly by. As the person with three lives, he has the upper hand.
- Ghostbur returns with snacks! He also gives Ranboo some blue
- Ranboo goes back to his house and looks at his vault, where he has an extra set of maxed Netherite armor. The others need new sets prepared.
- Puffy sees the Red Banquet decorations being set up in the Egg Room
- As she walks around on the surface, she talks about how Tommy is making an effort to better himself with therapy
- She’s heard a rumor today about her “duckling,” Dream — that people are plotting to kill him. 
- Dream has done wrong, she says,
“But, more than anything else…murder…is not a proper consequence to another murder. Two wrongs don’t make a right. And although I’m not a Dream apologist — believe me I hold him more accountable than most — there’s a reason that I haven’t visited him. And…it’s because I don’t think, right now, he deserves it. But…as much as he’s wronged Tommy, as much as maybe Tommy thinks this will help him in the long run, in some way, shape or form…I think it’s gonna hurt Tommy more than anything. I think, ultimately, Tommy’s gonna feel guilty for this and we don’t — I don’t know how he’s gonna handle it! I don’t know if Tommy’s meant to be the one to go through something like this again, even if it results in Dream’s death.”
“See…the thing about morals is, everybody has different ones.”
- She says Dream needs to pay, and the walls of the prison aren’t secure enough to contain his chaos. She doesn’t think it’s as impenetrable as Sam says it is.
- Dream is stuck in prison, but he’s still the topic of discussion on everyone’s minds — which Puffy sees as the jail not doing its job.
- Everybody has now seen how they’ve reacted to Tommy’s death, including the people who didn’t care, and they now have to come to terms with that.
“More than just therapy is coming to the Dream SMP."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Upcoming Events:
- Quackity’s business opening
- The Red Banquet
- Eret’s lore stream
3/8 - Ponk’s preparations, Michelle is brought to Snowchester
3/9 - Ponk’s last warning to Foolish, Hannah gets trapped with the Egg
3/10 - The Eggpire’s attack on the Temple, Sam rescues Hannah
3/11 - Nothing much happens
3/12 - Tommy exits Pandora’s Vault
3/13 - Nothing much happens
3/14 - Tommy plans to kill Dream, Ghostbur returns
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Tumblr media
“everything disappears, even the memories you gave me last night.”
*★ punz x reader (smp / angst)
*★ warnings: violence (strangulation)
*★ word count: 2784
*★ A/N - i’m back! this fic was written for @dreamcatcherrs​​ ‘s 5k follower event! i’m very happy to write a fic for this event because her blog was one of the reasons i decided to start my own(人´∀`*)please check out her blog (though i’m sure most of you have) and check out everyone else’s writing submitted into the event! my prompt for this fic was “I’m not ready to get hurt again.” ∠(*゚∇゚*) 
Tumblr media
the only thing a mercenary is loyalty to is money.
it’s harsh, maybe, but it was just part of the job description. punz knew what he signed up for the very first time dream paid him some diamonds for his work. of course, back then, it could’ve been argued that dream was justified in his actions. eventually, though, punz realized that dream may have lost his mind and decided the ends, whatever his intentions were, justify the means.
dream was a friend to punz first and foremost, but tommy paid him better. friendship meant little to punz, and he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t swayed but that nagging voice in the back of his mind that was telling him that what dream was doing to tommy and tubbo was wrong, but that was far from something he was willing to admit.
one person knew him better than anyone, though.
(name) pressed a chaste kiss to the bandage that they had just stuck onto punz’s cheek. he smiled at the feeling of (name)’s lips against his skin, wrapping an arm around their waist to pull them closer so he could rest his head against (name)’s chest. “i think it’s hilarious that you still ask me to kiss your wounds to make them feel better,” they said.
punz let out a quiet chuckle. “how else are we gonna make sure i heal all the way?”
he can’t see it, but punz knew (name) rolled their eyes in that moment. he doesn’t mind because (name) follows that up by kissing the top of punz’s head.
a man who proudly proclaimed his lack of loyalty to any person melted against (name)’s gentle touch. what punz did to deserve (name), he still doesn’t know; but he knows that their love for him was unconditional, so he gave (name) his unconditional loyalty in return. punz was another villain in the eyes of many, a person on the wrong side of history, but so long as (name) remained there for him, he didn’t care. the words of a history book were nothing in comparison to the sweet nothings (name) would whisper into his ear.
“what’s got you so scuffed up, hm?” (name)’s question came after a few peaceful moments of silence. a part of punz wanted to lie to them, some lasting part of his heart that cared about morals wanted to shelter (name) from his wrongdoings, but he knew that (name) was no fool. punz had done much worse, yet (name) always let him crawl back into their arms.
his words were muffled by (name)’s shirt, but they could hear him say, “i’m back in business, apparently.” dream had been punz’s main client since the beginning, yet punz helped put the man behind bars. tommy did pay him better, yes, but that was only a one time payment. dream had consistently supplied punz with rewards for his work, and punz nearly expected at least a short vacation from mercenary work after dream was put into the prison.
that’s why he raised a brow when bad showed up at his doorstep with a stack of diamonds and a smile so sweet it had to be fake.
“the eggpire hired me as a mercenary,” punz explained. he paused and waited for a reaction from (name), but they don’t budge. “bad’s paying super well. i guess i’m just supposed to go follow them around as they ‘gently coerce’ other people to listen to the egg.”
(name) pushed him away just enough so punz had to look up at them. he bit his tongue at the sight of (name)’s worried expression, but he expected it. “the eggpire? i swear to god, the highest paying people in this realm are all lunatics! is there really no one sane who will hire you for work?”
punz knew (name) was being serious, but he can’t help but laugh at the sentiment. the pout (name) made afterwards made him stifle another laugh. “i’m serious, punz!” (name)’s hands moved to firmly grasp his shoulders in an attempt to make him listen. “listen, you know i don’t judge who you work for, but i’m worried. that egg is fucking weird and i have a really terrible feeling about it. bad and ant have become annoying at best and despicable at worst!”
he nodded. “babe,” he cooed, “i agree with you a million percent. but, money’s money, y’know? trust me, i was super wary about it when bad came to hire me, but he said i don’t actually have to get near the thing. not that i think that egg is any match for me, anyway.”
still, despite punz’s reassurance, (name) looked at him unconvinced. there were times when he worked for dream that (name) would get worried about him, but that was only because punz would have to go fight battles in a war. seeing how concerned (name) was for him to be working for the eggpire was unsettling, but such was nature of his job.
“listen, (name).” punz reached up to cradle (name)’s face in his hands. they leaned into his touch instantly, a warm feeling surging through his heart. punz wasn’t worthy of this trust, this love, yet he knew he held (name)’s heart in his hands. a heart that beat for him and him only; punz wanted to protect it with his life. “i’m going to be careful, okay? the second i feel like some weird shit’s happening, i’m out of there.”
shivers were sent down punz’s spine as one of (name)’s hands traveled from his shoulder, up his neck, and to his cheek. “... do you promise?”
he pulled (name) down so he could close the distance between their lips. punz’s touch was gentle, but firm— like he was trying to prove to (name) that they could depend on him.
“i promise.”
Tumblr media
(name) was worried.
punz was changing in a way that was much too similar to the way everyone else in the eggpire changed.
it started out small. punz kept coming home way later than normal. that wasn’t that strange; there were a million reasons punz might’ve been coming home late, and (name) was likely just paranoid.
then, he became noticeably less affectionate. (name)’s heart sank deeper and deeper every time they gestured to punz for a hug and he just ignored them. sometimes he would tell them he was too tired, and other times he told (name) they needed to stop being so clingy. the harsh tone he took was so foreign to the way he normally talked to (name) that it made them sick to their stomach.
(name) regretted not forcing him to quit much earlier. all the red flags screamed at (name) that punz was slowly but surely losing sight of himself, but (name) couldn’t find it in themself to approach him about it. their relationship was built on trust, and punz promised them that he would quit working for the eggpire if he felt something was wrong. (name) didn’t want to doubt him, because he had never let them down before, but there was a first for everything. it wouldn’t be his fault; the egg was an entity beyond understanding and its influence on (name)’s former friends was terrifying. they had to bring punz back into reality before he was too far gone.
anxiously, they waited on the chair facing the front door for punz to arrive home. it was so late into the night that (name) had lost count of how many hours they had waited for him. they nearly fell asleep, only to jolt awake at the sound of punz opening and closing the door behind him.
the only light in the room was provided by a dim candle that was near its end. even through the darkness, (name) couldn’t miss the blood staining punz’s hoodie, the crimson color a harsh contrast to the stark white fabric. (name) rushed to his side, gasping, “punz! fuck, you’re covered in blood! are you injured?”
their hands reached out to him, but before (name) could even touch him, punz grabbed their wrists tightly. his touch was rough; calloused hands that used to gently travel (name)’s skin now being used to hurt them. he didn’t say anything, but his glare spoke a thousand words and cut into (name)’s heart enough to make it bleed. punz was much stronger than them, and (name) struggled to wriggle out of his grasp.
“punz? punz! you’re hurting me, let go!” (name) finally broke free from his grasp, but only because they felt punz loosen his grip as (name) pleaded. stumbling backwards, (name) felt tears burning at the corner of their eyes. punz had never done that before. he always handled (name) like they were as fragile as glass, even though they reminded him again and again that they weren’t helpless. though, (name) was starting to feel like they were wrong. helpless was the only word to describe how they felt as punz continued to glare at them.
they had to take a few deep breaths before they could talk again, and punz remained silent the entire time. (name)’s voice trembled, “punz… i don’t understand why you’re acting like this. you promised you would quit if things started to become weird.”
still, punz offered no response, so (name) was forced to continue. “i… i don’t think you’re thinking clearly anymore. i think that the egg got into your head, and now you’re acting really harsh. b- but, it’s okay! you just need to quit working for bad, and—“
“quit? what the fuck are you talking about?” punz interrupted (name) with a loud tone of voice that (name) had never heard from him before. it was angry and uncaring, nothing like the way punz would talk to them normally. it was terrifying. “i can’t quit, i have a job to do. i need to ensure the egg’s success.”
(name) looked at punz incredulously, their heart unwilling to believe the words he just spat from his mouth. “what the hell are you talking about? you’re a mercenary, you care about money! not some stupid fucking egg—“
a loud thud was heard as (name)’s body crashed against the wall. punz’s hands were latched to (name)’s neck, pressing just hard enough the (name) struggled to breathe. they tried to push him off, but he had always been stronger than them. “don’t disrespect the egg!”
wheezes and strained pleads for him to release them were all that could escape (name)’s throat. their hands clawed at punz, but he didn’t budge. “my job is to protect the egg. i have to make sure it succeeds. that’s the only way.”
(name)’s vision was going blurry and punz’s grip on their neck was only getting tighter. his words were laced with venom that (name) never could have imagined that they would be on the receiving end of. “i should kill you for trying to make me lose sight of my role!”
memories of the brighter past flashed across (name)’s mind. punz used to hold their hand when they went out together. he used to cuddle (name) so gently as they laid in bed together. he used to kiss (name) so passionately and so sweetly that they were convinced he could do no harm to them even if he tried. yet, through (name)’s blurry vision, punz was unrecognizable. eyes that were once an ocean for (name) to get lost in now burned red with a passion for something horrifying. with their last breath escaping their lungs, (name) weakly cried, “punz, you’re killing me!”
punz released his grip on (name)’s neck and they dropped to the ground, coughing and gasping for air. for the first time in months, punz was strong enough to fight back against the egg’s influence— but, at what cost? he stared at his hands with disgust and horror before falling to his knees next to (name). it was the most terrible thing punz had ever seen; (name) clutched their chest, desperately heaving for air in between strained sobs— and, it was all punz’s fault.
“(name)!” punz screamed, and his voice broke. he reached out to (name), wanting to help them sit up, but the second they felt his touch, (name) reacted violently. they pushed punz away, crying and kicking until punz was too far away for him to touch them.
“don’t touch me! don’t fucking touch me!” their voice was hoarse— something that would take days to heal, at the very least. punz froze, tears rolling down his face and into the ground. he didn’t deserve to weep for something he caused, but he couldn’t help it. “what the fuck is wrong with you!? you were going to kill me!”
he wanted to say no, that he would never, but the feeling of his hands strangling (name)’s throat was too fresh in his mind. had he held onto them for a few moments longer… the thought made punz sick to his stomach. so, all he can do is beg for forgiveness. “(name)... i’m sorry. i’m so, so sorry. nothing i say or do can ever make up for what i just did. i… i hurt you.” punz couldn’t stifle the sob that leaves his throat as he came to terms with his actions. he’s pathetic. too weak to stop the egg’s influence. to weak to save the only person in the world he swore to protect. “i’m so scared, (name). it’s in my head. i can’t think clearly anymore. i’m losing control. i fucked up. i couldn’t see how bad it was.”
excuses. (name) stared at him; a man on his knees begging for the forgiveness he didn’t deserve. it wasn’t his fault, (name) tells themselves— but, they respond to themselves harshly, but, he still did it.
weakly, (name) sobbed, “you broke your promise.”
a broken promise broke both of their hearts. punz never thought of himself as evil, but he would never be able to think of himself as good ever again. good people don’t hurt the people they love. good people protect them.
but, all punz can do is hurt (name).
he knew the truth, but he didn’t want to accept it. this clear state of mind was likely temporary. punz wanted to live in a fantasy where he was still lucid and he never hurt (name) in the first place. he crawled as close as he could to (name), careful not to touch them, and begged. “i know i did. i’m so sorry. i’m so fucking sorry. i won’t ever hurt you again. i won’t. i can’t.”
(name) looked down at punz. he was truly lost, even when he had the chance to come to his senses. unconditional love and unconditional loyalty— the two things they valued the most were now damaged. beyond repair? (name) didn’t know, but any shot they had at healing their relationship would need punz to be in control of himself.
and, they both knew that he was already too far gone.
with great hesitance, (name) slipped their hand into punz’s. he was too afraid to hold them tightly, even though that’s what his heart was screaming at him to do. instead, he brought (name)’s hand to his lips and pressed a kiss to the back of their palm. he savored the warmth that had been absent from his life for months.
“... can you promise me that you won’t hurt me?”
(name)’s words crushed him. punz froze, knowing the only answer but not wanting to accept the truth. he just wanted to kiss (name) over and over and forget about the rest of the world. he wanted to hear them say how much they loved him until their love drowned out anything else.
silence is the answer. (name) removed their hand and stood up, their whole body still trembling. “if you can’t promise me, then i need to leave.”
punz knows (name) is right. he doesn’t want to risk hurting them ever again, and if that meant going to ends of the earth to keep himself out of (name)’s sight, punz was willing. but, it still hurts. it’s so painful that punz can’t help the tears that fall again. his mind screamed at him for being pathetic, useless, and every other harsh term under the sun. he despised himself.
he couldn’t bring himself to look at (name) as they walked past him and to the door. their last words to him haunt his nightmares, even when he eventually succumbed to the egg’s influence once again.
“i’m not ready to get hurt again.”
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lonely-lost-soul · 8 months ago
Under the Floorboards pt. III
(Technoblade x Reader): Pt. I, Pt. II, Pt. III, Pt. IIII
Tumblr media
     From that day on Tommy stayed with you and Technoblade in your collective house, Technoblade tried to establish some ground rules but Tommy being Tommy refused to listen to any of them. He was dead set on building a cobblestone tower as well as taking all of Technoblade’s golden apples instead of eating the golden carrots that were graciously given to him. Other than that, things seemed to be going okay for your little found family. Well, that was until Technoblade and Tommy got wind that a man named Dream was sniffing around the area. 
 Dream was an enigma to you, after hearing Tommy’s stories about the man you could only come up with two conclusions about him. One was that you had no idea what his motivations were in the first place and secondly you wanted to beat his ass for what he did to Tommy. As... unique as he could be at times no child deserved to be exiled and manipulated, it was disgusting. He was a sixteen-year-old boy who got caught up in too many wars and too much violence, you needed to protect him. So long as he was with you and Technoblade that’s what you planned on doing. That was what you silently vowed to yourself, even if Technoblade didn’t share the same sentiment. 
 Now, it seemed you were coming increasingly closer to voicing those feelings to the man himself. Tommy was shaking a little besides you he tried to look strong as Technoblade frantically told him to hide and splashed him with invisibility potions. He looked over at you next and grabbed your shoulders, he actually looked scared, which meant he wasn’t messing around. 
          “You need to hide too. God- there’s nowhere that he won’t check.” Technoblade mumbled, his brow creased, and he closed his eyes. “He CAN’T know about you! No one other than Tommy can, they’ll hurt you and-” Hesitantly you put your hands on his cheeks,  
         “Take a deep breath…” You said tenderly as he opened his eyes to lock with your own. “We’ll be okay, splash me with invis and I’ll stay by Edward, hopefully it’ll mask my particle effects.” He gave a worried nod; you pecked his lips tenderly to reassure him as he splashed you with the potion. Just in time too because a knock on the door sounded, for once Tommy was absolutely silent. You watched as a man who rivaled your boyfriend in size came through the door, your eyes widened at the white mask covering his face there was an almost haunting smile painted on it. You pressed your tongue against your teeth and watched him give a wave to your boyfriend. Even without seeing his face you could tell he was smirking coyly at him. Never one to be intimidated Technoblade gave him a casual greeting and their conversation about Tommy’s location began. You had to cover your mouth with your hands at one point to stop yourself from laughing as Techno began talking to ‘chat’ instead of talking to Dream. You watched as the masked man grew more and more angry at Technoblade’s antics, he began speaking about a favor and Techno reminded him that he believes in full reciprocity. At the end of the interaction, it took all of your strength not to punch Dream directly in his stupid masked face. Why the fuck did it sound like he wanted to murder a child? If Dream ever laid a finger on him again, he was personally going to feel your wrath. The potion wore off almost as soon as Dream disappeared over the hills, Techno immediately turned to Tommy anger written all over his face.
         “Where you eating my gapples that ENTIRE time?!” Tommy sputtered out an excuse about absorption and you watched Techno open the window and beckon Dream to come back. You gave Technoblade a look and he scoffed at you, 
          “I won’t let him hurt you again Tommy. I promise.” You swore looking down at him, and his face turned a little pink. Tommy cleared his throat and shook his head,
          “Thanks, Ms. Blade but I’m tough enough to fight him head on! Have no fear!” He pointed to himself with his thumb a proud smile adoring his face. You gave a little laugh and nodded in agreement, 
          “You definitely are. Thank you for reassuring me.” You hummed and his smile only seemed to widen, 
          “I’m more qualified to protect your girlfriend than you are it seems Technoblade.” 
 Technoblade looked unamused, his eyebrow twitching in distaste. “Tommy I literally hate you so much. You’re a nerd.” 
         “Play nice both of you.” You scolded them, “We have to work together and at least pretend to get along or it’s going to be a very long partnership.” They both nodded reluctantly, and Techno sighed tiredly, he ruffled your hair. The rest of the night was spent gathering some more food in hopes it would stop Tommy’s gapple eating tirade, it obviously wouldn’t but it didn’t hurt to try. After that all three of you turned in for the night, as both you and Technoblade were getting ready for bed he decided to speak up about the plan for the next day.
          “Tommy and I need to make a trek into L’manburg to find Phil and try to get my stuff back. I don’t want to leave you here alone considering what just happened today, but you also can’t come to L’manburg.” 
        “Bubs you know I’ll be fine here alone did we not just have this conversation?” You pinched his pointed ears, and he made a sound of protest. “I’ve got fighting skills, after all have you not been training me in the art of war?” You teased with a smirk, “I got this Blade.”
          “Okay, okay, okay.” He leaned forward and kissed you and you kissed him back without hesitation. You felt him squeeze your hand fondly before pulling away from you. “When we get back home, we’ll have a date night okay?” Technoblade whispered softly pressing his forehead to yours. 
          “Gonna be a bit hard with the raccoon boy snooping around.” You teased eyes sparkling in delight, 
         “I’ll send him on a quest for something or other. So, it’ll be just us, I swear.” The soft look on Technoblade’s face made your heart squeeze in your chest. He brushed your hair behind your ear, “I’ll make you dinner, and we can watch a movie.” 
          “Well don’t take too long then.” You sent a teasing wink his way and he smiled fondly back at you. You kissed him again pulling him down into the bed, you both bounced with a laugh. His pink hair hung down and framed his face gorgeously, his glasses slipped down his nose. You pushed them back up with your index finger and he went cross-eyed, “I’ll be looking forward to it.” 
 The next morning rolled around and after breakfast both boys reluctantly packed a bag with important things they needed for the day. Stepping outside with the two of them, Technoblade gave you a farewell kiss and you watched them disappear over the hills. They were most likely going to go cause problems for other people on purpose. Finally alone, you decided to check up on the nearby villages to see if they had any interesting trades that you and Techno could exploit. You slung a bag over your shoulder and placed a good portion of emeralds inside of it, you placed a few potions inside of the bag as well. As a precaution you also grabbed an axe and a sword, you had to be ready for anything after all. Shutting the door behind you, you started your trek through the snow-covered woods you heard the snow crunch under your boots and began to hum softly to yourself. You paused a moment and raised an eyebrow as you caught sight of a blue sheep wandering by, tilting your head to the side you approached it. 
        “Well, hey little guy.” You murmured reaching out and running your hand through the sheep’s soft wool. 
         “Oh, um excuse me!” A voice spoke from behind you, you jumped with a yelp as soon as you spun around you were met with a fully transparent man. He had a yellow sweater with a big gash in his torso, and a beanie resting atop his head. You tilted your head up and locked eyes with him, they were almost completely white.
 He was a ghost.
          “That’s Friend! She doesn’t really like others petting her but it’s okay because you didn’t know.” The ghost smiled; it was contagious as you felt yourself smiling back at him.
         “My bad, my names (Y/n). What’s yours?” 
         “Oh! I’m Ghostbur! It’s nice to meet you miss, I’ve never seen you around here before. Are you new to the SMP?” He tilted his head floating around you, almost as if to get a better look at you. You focused more on his name, Ghostbur, which means this was Wilbur Soot, ex-president of L’manburg, and ‘brother’ of Tommy and Technoblade. 
 You cleared your throat and rubbed the back of your neck. “No, I’ve lived in this area for a while, but I’m a wandering adventurer. I trade with the villages around here for interesting collectables stuff like that. I don’t do much of that now though.” You watched the ghost’s eyes widen a little,
          “That’s so cool!” He praised, “I bet you have a ton of cool stories.” 
          “Yeah, there’s been a few close calls, but I’ve made it back alive and well- oh shit no offense.” You winced a little and he laughed shaking his head, 
          “No worries it’s okay! I’m fine with being dead you know, no one really liked who I was alive, so this is better for everybody.” He puffed out his chest a little and a big smile spread across his face, that only caused you to frown. You reached out to try and touch him and your hand went right through the man, you both seemed to shiver at that, and he looked at you in shock. 
      “I’m sorry to hear that...that must be really hard.” Wilbur’s jaw dropped at your response, he floated around a bit awkwardly. If he wasn’t floating, he would’ve been shuffling on his feet in a nervous manner. 
       “N-No it’s…Wilbur was a horrible, horrible man.” He took a deep breath and began to throw some sort of blue substance on the ground in a rapid manner, you watched as he began to mutter and breath heavily. 
        “Woah, woah, woah I’m sorry don’t freak out!” 
         “I’m not, I'm okay see, see I’m fine and happy. Very happy with everything that’s going on so no worries okay! Here.” He tossed the blue substance at you and you collected it with a weary smile, “Have some blue it’ll make you feel better.” You thanked him quietly and you both stood there a bit uncomfortably that was until thunder rumbled overhead. “Oh no…I melt in the rain.” 
         “Here why don’t you come with me.” You smiled softly, “I know a place where you can wait out the storm.” 
          “Aw thank you.” Ghostbur clapped, “Friend can come too right?” 
          “Of course.” 
          “Good. Then lead the way.” He chirped as Ghostbur followed you back the way you came, now before you get too mad at yourself you should know that Technoblade had informed you that during his ‘execution’ Ghostbur had visited him at his home. If he didn’t share that information with you, you’d be never revealing Technoblade’s base. As the house appeared over the mountains the ghost looked over at you with a bright smile, “Oh! That’s my friend Technoblade’s house, do you live with him?”
         “I do.” You smiled fondly and watched his smile grow excitedly, “He’s helped me out quite a lot.”
         “That’s wonderful! Technoblade usually never helps people unless he likes them or if they can do something for him in return. You must be very special, are you two together?” He only had to glance at you for a moment before laughing excitedly, “You are! That’s wonderful!” Ghostbur chirped, clapping his hands as he phased through Technoblade’s door, officially safe out of the rain, turned snow. You had let Friend inside as well and Ghostbur continued talking “Tell me how you met, please, please, please.” Seeing how excited the ghost was you melted, he won your heart just like Tommy. However, you had to keep in mind his alive self-did blow up an entire nation and that couldn’t be just brushed away like he seemingly was trying to do, you can’t erase the past. You can only accept what happens, learn from it, apologize and grow. However, you didn’t see the harm in sharing how the both of you met so you began to retell the tale to Ghostbur, the entire time he had an almost bittersweet look on his face. 
         “I was married once...her name was Sally. She...left though. But I still had my son, Fundy and we did the best we could together.” Ghostbur said fondly his eyes softening,
         “I’m sorry...that must’ve been really hard for the both of you.” 
         “It’s alright! She was a salmon, so she was going to swim away eventually.” 
         “Like- like an actual salmon?”
The silence that stretched into the room was deafening, you cleared your throat deciding not to dwell on the fact that the ghost in front of you very likely fucked a fish. You hoped to god she was some sort of shapeshifter, in fact that’s what you were going to believe. You managed to break the silence by asking about Fundy, and the way he gushed about him was nothing less than fatherly. It was sweet and you listened intently to him, Fundy seemed like a good kid, a bit quirky but you were dating a blood god so who were you to judge? Eventually the snow outside stopped and the sun began to peek out from behind the clouds. Ghostbur glanced out the window and decided it was time for him to head out with Friend. It was about midday and you were almost sad to see him go. 
 Alone again.
You still had hours to kill before Technoblade and Tommy reappeared, so you figured it was about time to start doing some chores. 
         “Ghostbur what’re you doing here?” Fundy murmured softly, looking over at the ghost with an exhausted expression. His ears were pressed back against his head, talking to the man who was once considered his dad always made him exhausted. Wilbur, or Ghostbur now, really was pitiful.
         “Can’t I visit you every once in a while!” Ghostbur hummed a smile plastered on his face as Fundy frowned. 
         “Preferably not. Plus...I’m a little busy right now I’m meeting up with Quackity and the Butcher Squad to talk about Techno again.” 
         “OH! Technoblade! I just spent the loveliest morning with his girlfriend, she was absolutely wonderful! She asked all about you and just adored Friend-”
         “Rewind, Technoblade’s what?” Fundy’s jaw dropped to the floor and he felt a hand on his shoulder, the young fox man stiffened. He looked to the side and saw Quackity besides him, Ranboo was next to him but Tubbo stood a little ways away. 
        “Yeah Ghostbur. Do continue.” Quackity grinned, his missing tooth sticking out from his last encounter with Toothpick. Ghostbur wilted a little bit and his eyebrows creased on his forehead, he fucked up didn’t he? 
        “I-um nothing actually I misspoke.”
        “Did he misspeak Fundy, cause to me it sounds like we have new leverage against Technoblade.” Quackity laughed a crazed look in his eyes, “Once again Ghostbur I have to thank you for the great information.” 
        “You’re welcome…” He murmured weakly, as Quackity stepped besides the ghost. 
        “Get your weapons boys, it’s time to pay the Technoblade household another visit.”
Hey guys! Pt. III is officially up! Technoblade’s livestreams huh? :) 
Also friendship with Tommy ended Ranboo’s my new favorite child.
As always I love your feedback thanks for reading! 
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creativeashproductions · 5 months ago
Back to the 118 // Evan Buckley
IN WHICH: Buck meets the firefighter he replaced as the reader transfers back to the 118. The reader never expected to fall for a co-worker the first day back at the 118 after two years spent at the 155 in Los Feliz.
Warnings: Swearing, sickness, hospitals, health issues, pregnancy, angst and a shit ton of fluff
Words: 5.9k
A/N: So this is obviously a modern au for jatp to fit in the 911 universe. To make this work, Buck replaced Reader instead of Tommy after many failed probies. Eddie then later replaced Tommy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your e/c eyes scanned the outward appearance of the first firehouse you’d worked at fresh out of the Academy. The place that had become a second home from the increased tension-filled house your parents still lived in. A place you had escaped as quickly as you could for a dream career. A career your parents hadn’t been proud of in the beginning, with the danger that came with being a firefighter paramedic.
“You the new recruit?”
Your eyes fell from the building to the male individual standing near the open bay the engine and ladder truck both used. The male in question must have joined the 118 after you transferred to the 155. The stranger towered at least six feet minimum with blue eyes and short blonde hair with the slightest wave.
“Flint!” The excited voice of the only other female paramedic called out. You only saw dark navy before you were pretty much tackled.
Hen and Chimney had equally taken you under their wings when you initially joined as a rookie. You’d been the second female firefighter-paramedic at the 118 and the youngest by far. As if you’d summoned him, you felt the arms of Chimney sandwich you against Hen.
“Flint?” The stranger parroted, blinking his eyes at the rather unusual scene of Chimney and Hen wrapped around an unknown girl.
“What are you doing here?” Chimney questioned, stepping back. Hen scoured your entire form for any differences that had occurred.
“Y/N decided to come home,” Bobby spoke from a few feet behind the reunion with the beaming smile on his features. His lips pulled into a smile directed at the first recruit he’d taken on his first year at the 118.
“Bobby!” You grinned, meeting the father figure in the middle of the distance between you two. Bobby wrapped you up in his arms tightly, a certain lightness cocooning the Captain as he took in his friends.
“You’re back here?”
“Everything is squared back at home now, thankfully, and while I loved working with the 155, it wasn’t home. This will always be home.”
“Buck, this is Y/N Patterson. She worked her first two years with the 118 before transferring to the 155 in Los Feliz. Y/N, this is one of our newest members, Evan Buckley.” Bobby gestured towards the previously nameless firefighter.
“Who would leave the 118?” Buck questioned, unable to come up with a valid reason to leave the family at 118.
Buck’s opinion didn’t stand with his only workplace after successfully becoming a firefighter solely was the 118. Never had he worked in another firehouse. He’d been a fire marshall and volunteered his time in the Austin wildfire, but he always came home to the 118.
“Family issues.”
Tumblr media
2018, Firehouse 118, Los Angeles
A fresh-faced, albeit dirty from sweat and soot, jumped down from the engine truck’s high steps. The synchronized slam of doors sounded from your colleagues and friends Hen and Chimney. All three individuals famished for the casserole Bobby had premade during the slow morning.
“Baked Mac n’ Cheese.” Tommy breathed from his position by the driver side. Tommy Kinard was a stoic man towering over six feet. He was always a gentle giant after you’d bonded after a hard call.
“Clean up, and I’ll have it in the oven. It’s Chimney’s time to make the salad and Flint’s turn to set the table.” Bobby spoke with barely a glance to the ground ahead of him. 
Your Captain jogged towards the stairs, whereas his team made their way to the locker rooms for a well-deserved shower. You and Hen split away from Tommy and Chimney to the women’s locker room that had gotten an upgrade.
Well, before you joined the Academy, the locker room had been used as a glorified game room, all thanks to the misogynist Captain from hell. Hen often had over the years mentioned how lucky you got with Bobby being your first Captain.
“Chimney better not put those onions like he did last time.” You spoke from under the stream of warm water. Nothing beat the warmth of a shower near the end of your shift erasing the evidence of your job.
“Man needs to learn the complimentary salad to the main dish.” Hen piped up from across the shower room.
You and Hen had both showered and redressed in a fresh uniform in under five minutes, the dirty one placed in a laundry bag. You’d managed to beat the boys to the upstairs by a few seconds. Enough to set half of the able before Chimney began to making his salad of choice.
“Looks great, Cap.” Tommy complimented the gooey homemade pasta Bobby religious made every third Thursday. He alternated between pasta recipes with the odd new recipe every once in a while.
“What are you waiting for? The bell?” Bobby quipped to the unmoving bunch of hungry individuals. His words started the boisterous meal time preceding the end of shift.
“So, we’re halfway through dinner and Amber-” Your phone interrupted the disaster date Tommy had begun telling. He continued as soon as you waved him to go ahead while you took the call.
“Hello?” You breathed into the phone.
“Hi, sweetheart.” The warmth infused in your mom’s voice soothed the ruffled feathers from the call you’d come back from, “How are you?”
“I’m good! We just finished eating. My shift is almost over, and I’ll have to go straight to the store for groceries-”
“Y/N, we found him.”
The him was easy to figure out given your brother had run away from home three months prior with only his dreams in mind. You’d spent most of your off time, sometimes even during shift out on a call, to scan the environment for Luke. You became a regular in questioning hospitals and homeless shelters.
“Where was he?”
“His band had been about to play at some big venue last night.” Mom’s word choice concerned you. Her voice dripped with sadness instead of the typical disappointment and annoyance on anything to do with Sunset Curve.
“Mom, what’s going on?”
“A few nights ago, the boys got hotdogs-”
“Streetdogs.” You interrupted with evident anger in your tone at the mention of those death dogs Luke consumed. You can’t even give a number to how many times you had told him how unsanitary and dangerous the food is.
“Something was wrong with the food. They got ill fast. Alex and Reggie are being kept for observation but will be found with a few days of rest.”
“What about Luke?”
“He tried to call 911; he was weak and fell. Y/N, he hit his head. He’s in the ICU in a coma.” Emily Patterson’s voice cracked as soon as she acknowledged the current state of her youngest child.
The colours of the world dulled as soon as your mind clicked that Luke was in the hospital. Your little brother had put himself in danger all because he had a big dream. Your mind flashed through your life growing up with him.
You remembered talking to your mom’s growing bump when she was pregnant with Luke. You remembered five-year-old Luke unable to settle unless you sang to him. Your voice was nothing special, but it soothed the little boy when he had a nightmare. You could vividly recall teaching Luke how to play the guitar when he was thirteen; the brunette a complete natural at it.
“What’s his prognosis?”
“Too early to tell. The doctor is hoping Luke will be in a general room after tomorrow if the swelling goes down. I wanted you to know as soon as possible.”
“How’s Dad?”
Emily hesitated from her position by a hospital bed. Her brown eyes carefully scanning the male sleeping soundly in the bed.
“Your father had a heart attack last night. That’s why I haven’t been able to tell you sooner. He’s currently sleeping, but he’ll have a barrage of tests later today-”
“I’ll be there as soon as my shif-”
“No. Don’t drop anything. I can keep you up.”
“Excuse my language, but there’s no way in hell I’m staying away from my family. I’ll take a few days off. I’ll see you in a couple hours.” Your thumb tapped the red circle on the bottom of your screen.
The 118 didn’t bother pretending they hadn’t been watching your form during your phone call. Bobby felt like something had drastically changed in a few minutes you’d been busy on the phone.
“Everything okay?” Bobby inquired from his position at the kitchen sink. His hands in the sudsy water to scrub the empty pan.
“My brother and my father are in hospital. I’m gonna need some days off.” You informed your boss with a look of utter defeat coating your expression.
Those few days transitioned to transferring to the closest firehouse to your childhood home and the hospital. The medical bills from both your brother and father had begun to overwhelm your mother with the current single source of income. Emily didn’t ask you for anything, but you started renting the home you’d bought for extra money.
It was a silent agreement that you paid rent as a cover to helping with the bills piling up.
Tumblr media
Present Day, Firehouse 118
Buck followed behind the welcoming group to the girl that seemed larger than life. Buck was impressed by the sacrifice you’d made for the good of your family. You’d willingly given up the family of the 118. Buck didn’t know if he could do the same.
“Welcome back.” Hen cheered on her guidance to the heaven everyone called the kitchen. Your department issue duffle bag dropped out of the wall on the top level.
Your eyes zeroed in on the spread of your favourite foods prepared by the only person aware of your return. It was only one look of gratitude towards the father figure before everyone dug in.
A few changes had occurred since you’d last sat at this table. Tommy Kinard had left the 118 for the 217 shortly after your departure. He’d been replaced by the ready to impress Buck. One thing that hadn’t changed was the delicious food Bobby made.
Your eyes found the sole empty chair at the long table, “Didn’t you say the house took on two new recruits since I left?”
“Buck took your position when you left. We had a revolving door of firefighters before Buck permanently joined.” Chimney supplied with a mouth full of lettuce and grated carrot. Hen whacked his arm for his lack of manners.
“You’ll meet Eddie on the next shift. He took the day off. It’s his son’s first birthday since his mom died.” Bobby informed you with that pinched wrinkle between his eyebrows, “He joined after Tommy left.”
“Well, I can’t wait to meet the entire team.” You replied, looking past to the circular table behind Bobby’s spot. Sam and Ryan both waved happily upon catching sight of you back at your unspoken seat.
You listened intently as Hen shared the changes Denny had gone through in the time you’d been away. Chimney was ecstatic to point out the faint scar on his forehead.
“You had rebar go through your skull, and you’re completely fine?” You questioned, floored by the pure luck Chimney had.
“Oh, it was nasty. Went in from the back of the skull to the front.” Buck spoke enthusiastically, recounting the scene. Chimney deadpanned a look at his younger coworker, “Oh, sorry.”
“It’s like you never had it happen.”
“Doc was shocked at how positive the outcome and healing was. I was back at work within a month on light duty. I beat my record getting in my turnout gear.” 
“And yet my little brother was comatose for two months.” You grumbled under your breath. None of the people could make out the words, but the grimace on your face was enough to show them it was personal.
In true 118 fashion, the bell rang throughout the firehouse with the disembodied voice declaring the type and location. Yoru e/c eyes found Buck climbing into the driver’s seat where Tommy had once commandeered. It was odd not having the man who’d became an older brother to you.
“How’re your parents?” Hen questioned, sitting diagonally from you. Her fingers repositioning the radio on her chest.
“Dad’s recovering pretty good. Mom’s started attending her knitting club again.” 
Buck’s eyes raised to the rearview mirror to meet yours in interest, “What happened?”
“ dad had a heart attack a couple years ago. He took a long time to recover with the further stress that caused it.” You piped up, understanding the news would come out at some point, “My little brother was in an accident that left him in a coma. Life was just as messy after he woke up.”
“He’s okay?” Chimney questioned, “I know we’ve never met them, but it really gutted you.”
“Well, physically, he’s fine, but emotionally he’s upset. He was in a band, and when he came out of the coma, he found out some devastating news.” You continued to explain, but unfortunately, or maybe, fortunately, you’d come to the scene.
It was a little known place most teenagers discovered as a hang out spot just on the edge between your county and the next. The location was the infamous spot of cliff jumping; you knew because this was something you’d recklessly done in high school.
“He’s over here!” A blonde male of average height called from the edge of the cliff. His blue eyes were bright even from this distance, matching the detailing on his swim trunks.
Surrounding the edge with the boy was a group of teenagers his age, all in different versions of swimsuits. You found the scared brown eyes of a beautiful girl you vaguely knew from the few shows of Sunset Curve you had watched. Her dark blonde hair plaited out of her face. Her face clicked as Carrie Wilson, Bobby’s sister or cousin.
You jogged towards the edge of the cliff to look over. It was easily between fifteen to twenty feet from the edge of the cliff to the water. You recognized Hen crouching by your side, looking at what you were looking at.
On the rocks was a prone body of a teenage male with bruises already forming on his face from where you could see. His thick shoulder-length hair laid still half in the ponytail and around his head.
“Head trauma.” You murmured to Hen, scanning from a distance, “I can’t tell much from this height and angle.”
“Either a broken tibia or fibula. Spinal injury is definitely a concern.”
“Okay, his name is Willie Young. He’s eighteen years old. His sister Kayla was dared to jump off by doing some kind of flip. Willie took her dare and didn’t jump far enough or tripped over a rock.” Bobby listed having been talking with the group of teenagers all shook up.
“I can rappel-” Buck began to speak before you cut him off firmly.
“It would take too long, and the angle is difficult. Nobody rappels down it; the cliff isn’t stable enough. It crumbles pretty easy, and the unofficial name of this cliff is Devil’s Dive.” Your eyes found Carrie’s tear-filled once and the utter devastation in who you pegged as Kayla.
“How do you know that?”
“Because I’ve jumped off this cliff for years as a teenager. You’re looking at the resident champion of self reckless endangerment at Devil’s Dive.” 
Hen, Chimney and Bobby each stared, shocked at your revelation of stupid teenager decisions.
“Then how are we gonna get down there,” Buck questioned, staring at the unconscious teenager lying on the rocks.
“Easy, I can jump from here into the water and climb onto the rocks to where Willie is. I have the experience of how and where to jump safely.” You spoke to your Captain with complete confidence in your abilities, “You can lower down the kit, radio and backboard by a rope. There’s a mansion beyond the trees that you can ask to borrow a boat from the owner. He’s eccentric and questionable but nice enough.”
Bobby nodded his head to your plan. You unbuttoned your uniform shirt to strip down to the department t-shirt with the emblem on your chest and across your back. You kept the boots and emptied your pockets of anything. The butterflies fluttered in your stomach at the height of the cliff you hadn’t jumped from in years.
“I’ll jump where-”
“Excuse me?” You scoffed at Buck’s assumption he could follow you.
“You’ll need another pair of hands to roll him on the backboard. I don’t have anyone waiting for me at home. This is kinda what I do. Bobby cleared it already.” Buck shrugged with a half-smirk on his handsome face.
With a roll of your eyes, you quickly gave Buck a rundown on how to jump correctly before you tossed yourself off the cliff. The cold water momentarily shocked your system as soon you submerged under the water. You swam to the surface before swimming towards the rocks. Willie hadn’t moved an inch.
“Whoa! That was so cool!” Buck cheered once he’d appeared on the surface of the water, “No wonder you used to do that!” 
His excitement both annoyed and amused you, “Eh. I was just an idiot kid who thought they were invincible.”
The two firefighters lifted themselves onto the rock formation, where blood stained the rock. While Buck retrieved the backboard and essentials from the rope, your hands moved across Willie’s body, checking for breaks. You caught the c-collar Buck tossed without looking. You quickly but gently put the collar on Willie.
“Hi, Willie. My name is Y/N, and I’m a paramedic. I’m gonna check you over for injuries.” You informed the teenager closely. You’d only just opened his eyes to flash a light on them, “Buck let Bobby know Willie’s pupils are reactive to light and the same size.”
“Got it!” Buck called out from the open medkit, “I’ll splint his leg.”
“W-what happened?” Willie wheezed sluggishly. His brown eyes were unfocused.
“You got hurt trying to jump off the cliff. You’re in good hands, Willie. I’m a paramedic with the Los Angeles Fire Department. This is my coworker Buck.”
“Perfectly safe, but you did give her a scare. Willie, can you feel this?” Buck questioned, gently touching his right foot. Buck and you both gave a sigh of relief as Willie confirmed he felt it.
 “Okay, we’re gonna roll you on to the backboard. On three: one, two, three.” You counted before rolling Willie on his side with Buck. Willie’s cry echoed around the surrounding as you settled him on the board.
“Need a ride?” Chimney asked as a very nice boat floated towards the three people on the rocks. Hen and Bobby helped load Willie onto the boat, “Mr. Covington agreed to let us use the boat if we don’t get blood on the seats.”
“Can you call my boyfriend?” Willie sluggishly asked when he was loaded into the ambulance on the cliff. Kayla sliding into the seat in the back of the ambulance with their items.
“Alex is meeting us at the hospital.” Kayla told her older brother, “You absolute idiot! You should have just let me jump!”
“And let you be in the back of the ambulance? Dad would kill me if I had let you do it.” Willie scoffed. Their conversation was silent as Chimney and Buck closed the back doors of the ambulance.
Bobby, Buck and you climbed into the fire truck to follow the ambulance to the closest hospital. Hen and Chimney rolled the gurney to the doors with Kayla hot on their heels. You’d just turned to head back to the truck when you saw three teens loitering near the entrance.
“You’ve got to be kidding me.” You grumbled, marching away from Bobby and Buck to the teen who was supposed to be in class.
Luke had been forced into private tutoring to catch up to his friends in his grades, meaning every afternoon. The watch on your wrist confirmed Luke was definitely supposed to be with his tutor at the community centre.
“Luke!” You shouted, stomping right up to the wide-eyed teen.
Luke’s Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat as his older intimidating sister caught him like his hand was in the cookie jar. You didn’t give Reggie or Alex a second look while you gripped Luke’s ear to tug him away.
“Ow!” Luke whined from the angle you dragged him at.
“What the hell are you doing across the city? You’re supposed to be in your session that our parents are paying a great deal for.” You snapped, crossing your arms in your wet t-shirt.
“We need every chance we can to-”
“Make it big in the industry.” You parroted the past discussions on Luke’s dream as a band, “Do you remember how I got mom and dad off your back? An agreement that you finish high school on time. Not dropping out.”
“So many musicians have dropped out! Green Day’s frontman dropped out his senior year to focus on the band. Several others like Elton John and Kurt Cobain!” Luke enthused, gesturing with his hand to emphasize his words.
“Luke.” You warned, “It’s either catch by with a tutor with some time dedicated to your band, or it’s a military school.”
Luke’s hazel eyes minimally widened, “They would-”
Your stoic expression stayed the same as the energetic seventeen-year-old bounced in his spot across from you. 
“There’s only so much I can do before you lose everything. I know you feel anxious after what all happened, but music isn’t going anywhere.” You reached to squeeze Luke’s hand in yours, “So, I’ll clear it with my boss to have you ride the bus to the station. You’ll have your tutor sessions with my supervision, so I know you’re attending.”
“Y/N!” Bobby called from next to the firetruck, “We gotta go.”
“I’m guessing the Alex that Willie is dating your best friend?” You questioned with one raised eyebrow. Luke nodded in response, “Let mom know you had to be there for Alex. She’ll let skipping your session go this once.”
“Thanks!” Luke chimed, lunging to hug you. Your mouth barely opened before he was racing towards a jittery Alex and a grinning Reggie.
Reggie lifted his arm to wave with his flushed cheeks a darker red colour. You found Reggie’s crush on you to be absolutely adorable. He was a friendly kid.
“He looks good for a kid who was in a coma not long ago.” Hen breathed as the teenager entered the ER with his best friends beside him.
“Oh, he healed quickly. He was crushed after he fully recovered from his head injury.”
“That was your brother?” Buck inquired, and he was just as focused on your features as he had since he first met you. 
“Yeah! He was in a coma for ten months when he was sixteen. He’s spent the last two years catching on on school to graduate with his friends. Well hopefully. He’s dead set on dropping out.” You heavily sighed, leaning your temple on the glass window, “He was supposed to be at a tutoring session. I’ll be chaperoning to make sure he goes.”
“If you need to have them at the station, send me a schedule, and I’ll make it work. Luke’s just as much family as you are.”
The rest of the shift was smooth sailing as Buck followed you around with the sole purpose of getting to know you. The friendship came naturally to the two of you. He didn’t hold back with you like he did with others. Fridays off became hangouts that varied from just Buck and you to spend it with Eddie and Christopher.
Everyone could see Buck had developed feelings for you and vice versa. Unlike the man Buck used to be, he was cautious. He wanted to do this right. And Buck did. With the help of Christopher, he asked you out.
Tumblr media
Months Later
Buck’s eyes fluttered open in the dim lighting of your new home’s bedroom he often found himself in. Before, you had alternated staying at his apartment or yours before a significant change happened. Luke moved in to finish his senior year with the help of your tutoring, as agreed with your parents. That led to you giving up your former home, the one that coincidentally Buck’s sister Maddie had rented from you.
“Luke! You better be awake!” Your voice came from the main floor of the home. Your voice alone seduced the firefight to leave the warm sheets.
His bare feet pattered down the hardwood floor stairs into the kitchen coated in all different kinds of breakfast food. Waffles to imported maple syrup to bacon spread across the counter.
“Morning,” Buck grumbled, stepping up behind you to tug you against his chest.
Unlike Buck’s softer footsteps, your little brother tore down the stairs like a stampede of elephants. Luke wore a vintage band shirt modified sleeveless; you’d be getting a voicemail about dress code violations. The chains hanging off his black jeans.
“You have to hurry, Lu. Buck and I can’t be late. He needs to get to his apart-”
“I don’t see why he doesn’t just move in. He’s here almost every night. He helps buy groceries.” Luke’s hazel eyes stared at the plate he towered food on.
Buck raised one eyebrow in response, “You just moved in. You should be settled before we make-”
“Dude. Your lease is up in like a month; just move in already. No feathers will be ruffled. Besides, the band’s taking off now that Nick got his dad Ryan to check our music out.” Luke sprouted with a beaming smile at the good news his new band received.
After Luke had recovered from that coma, he’d woken up in a world where Alex, Reggie and Bobby, no Trevor, now continued the band. Then when Alex and Reggie couldn’t go on, the rhythm guitarist betrayed Luke. He stole every song he could get his hands on and proved successful.
“Ryan Evans, right? His sister’s some bigshot on Broadway? Sharpay, right?” You questioned recalling in the early 2000s the success of Sharpay and Ryan in some kind of Disney films based on them.
“You’re about to be the sister and brother-in-law of a certified rockstar.” Luke’s attempt at smirking made him look like a chipmunk with full cheeks of food, “I don’t need a ride. Alex’s picking me up.”
“Straight to school, Luke. You’ve got two weeks left before you can leave that behind.” Buck pointed his coffee cup in the direction of the passionate musician. Luke returned a smile of acknowledgement.
The kitchen was quiet as Luke shoved as much food in his mouth in such little time while you watched. In a flash, he’d stuck his dishes in the dishwasher before sprinting out to the van beeping continuously.
“Think we can have you moved in by tomorrow? Your one-bedroom place will be a little cramped for five people.” You simply spoke as you rinsed your coffee cup out. You could hear the wheels in Buck’s brain turning as he thought.
“Five people?”
“Yeah. Luke, Albert, me, you and baby Buckley.”
The entire home went completely still as the announcement bled into the house you’d made a home. One hand resting against the smoothness of your belly. That hand covered by the calloused one of Buck’s. His blue eyes gleaming in utter adoration and excitement.
“Baby Buckley?” Buck marvelled, turning you to face him with tears running down your cheeks, “You’re pregnant?”
“I am. I guess we’re giving Maddie’s daughter a cousin.” You grinned, wrapping your arms around his neck.
“Now I’m obligated to see your parents regularly, and I still grimace at the first introduction.” Buck winced, recalling the foot in mouth syndrome he’d developed.
Buck had never been as nervous as in this moment. Not when he had to tell his parents the first time he got kicked out of college. Or when his teenage self sat beside one of his flings waiting for the results of a pregnancy test. Not even on his first date with Abby. 
“You’ll be fine.” You soothed the anxious man standing by your side on the doorstep of your childhood home. The door opened, revealing Luke standing with a grimace, “Oh Mom, made you wear that.”
Luke had been stuffed into one of the only long-sleeved shirts he owned by your mother. It was a magenta maroon hued corduroy shirt and set off his chocolate hair perfectly. Apparently, your mother hadn’t been able to get him into a pair of pants that weren’t skinny, black or ripped.
“We’re meeting your boyfriend, not the damn Pope-”
“You wouldn’t be wearing that if the Pope was involved.” You retorted, stepping to tug the younger Patterson into your arms. The only thing you adored about your little brother was he never denied a hug. Physical touch is his love language, so he never went through a phase.
“Lucas, don’t let them freeze on the front porch!” Emily shouted from within the Patterson home. Luke rolled his eyes at his mother’s request.
“Luke, this is my boyfriend, Evan Buckley. Buck, this is my not so little brother Luke.” You swiftly introduced the most important males in your life.
Luke and Buck got along better than any previous partner you’d brought home. He got along with your parents really well. Even when he slightly embarrassed himself as the time came to go home, whether it was his place or yours. He kissed your mother’s cheek and shook hands with your father.
“No offence, but thank you for having a heart attack and a coma. If you hadn’t, I’m sure I would have never met Y/N.”
Luke snickered at Buck’s odd choice of words, as did your parents. A part of Buck dreaded the next time he’d see your parents.
The gentle press of lips against your cheek pulled you from your thoughts of the first family dinner. Despite the issues between Luke and your parents, they were great people and parents; Buck had felt like he finally fit in. Even with that awkward thankful he gave your brother and dad, he was family the minute Mitch and Emily saw the mutual looks.
“How are we gonna do this?”
“Well, as the pregnant one, I’ll carry the little Bean until it’s time for them to enter the world. Then we’ll-”
“I get that but with our jobs?”
You felt guilty at the dread of not getting to do what you love, but you were excited, “I’ll keep working as a paramedic. I’ll stay away from fires, and then I’ll go on mat leave. We’ll make this work, Buck.” 
Buck leaned down to rest his forehead against yours with his eyes closed, envisioning how life was about to change. Buck adored children. He had loved Christopher from the moment he’d first met him. Buck himself was a kid at heart. 
“I didn’t think I could fall more in love, but you continue to surprise me each time,” Buck murmured with that gorgeous smile that utterly melted your heart from the first time you saw it. Back when you tried to deny any feelings beyond friendship.
“We’re so lucky to have you, Evan Buckley.” You breathed as you leaned up to kiss him with as much passion as you could. Although it was mostly clashing of teeth with the matching wide grins on your face.
“This little girl is gonna be a heartbreaker but no boyfriends or girlfriends until they’re thirty.” Buck declared, tugging you into his arms. His blue eyes twinkling in the natural lighting.
“It could be a boy.”
“Or maybe neither. Boy, girl or non-binary, I’ll love them just as much.” Buck spoke once more.
Tumblr media
Gideon Buckley was born in the early morning to the pride of his parents and extended family. He was a healthy solid 8 pounds with sparse dark blonde hair and the trademark grey-blue newborn eyes. You everyone but Buck and your surprise Gideon wasn’t alone. Grace Buckley followed her older twin brother eight minutes later.
You rested against the propped up pillows spent from the exhausting hours of labour, but it was worth it. The two tiny babies snuggled beneath the swaddling blanket concealing your bare chest. Skin to skin contact was absolutely the best part of being a parent.
“Did you steal a baby?” Chim joked upon entering the hospital room with Maddie in tow. Right behind them were your parents and Luke.
“I’d like you to meet our twins Gideon and Grace Buckley. Surprise!” Buck quietly cheered in the nearly silent room. Buck’s curated newly parents playlist gently playing in the background.
Mitch and Emily came closer to look at the little loves they proudly got to claim as their first grandchildren. Emily’s heart melted upon hearing Gracie coo in her sleep. Grace and Gideon’s fist pressed against each other.
“Congratulations.” Maddie breathed, bending to catch a peek at the twins’ faces.
“Luke. Would you like to meet your goddaughter and godson?” You questioned the nervous musician. The nineteen-year-old tiptoed his way to the hospital bed.
“I’m both their godfather?” Luke choked as soon as Buck gently transferred Gideon onto his uncle’s chest. 
“There’s no one else in the world I’d choose to help guide them in the right direction. You always found your way back onto the right path. You’ll do the same for them.” Buck answered with Gracie nestled on his chest.
 Buck was the first to hold them followed by you and then their godfather Luke.
Gid and Gracie, although unseen, had been in Luke’s graduation pictures and watched as Julie and the Phantoms signed with a record label. Where Gid was, Luke wasn’t far beyond; the special bond melted everyone. Likewise with Gracie and Alex.
Gid overall was a happy baby compared to Grace. Loved visiting the firehouse. Loved the people working with their father and previously their mother. For the entire first year of Gideon and Grace’s life, you stayed at home with the utter support of Buck.
“First day back.” Hen spoke from beside you on the bench in the women’s change room. As a fellow mother, she’d been watching your behaviour.
“I miss them. I feel guilty that I abandoned them-”
“Okay, your feelings are valid, but you aren’t abandoning Gideon or Grace. You’re teaching them that you can be a great mom while also being a badass firefighter. I was the same when I went back to work after we got Denny.”
“Do you ever wish you could be a stay at home mom?”
“I love Denny with my entire heart, but I couldn’t do that. I was meant to be a paramedic firefighter as much as Denny’s mother. Besides, I can see Maddie pushing in the double stroller.”
Your head snapped to see your sister in law beaming with the double stroller carrying Gideon and Grace. Maddie’s daughter sitting on the seat made for a toddler. Maddie and Chimney had come to a decision for Maddie to work part-time.
Hen watched as you bounded out of the changeroom in uniform to scoop the twins into your arms. In a split second, Buck was down the stairs cooing at the absolute loves of his life. His partner and two children.
Buck would forever be grateful for finding his way to the 118, where he found his true family. A place of acceptance, love, trust and loyalty. Buck found his place in the world, and that was beside you.
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mydreamxdgivenrights · 5 months ago
Syndicate AU fic: Ranboo wonderes what to do now that Dream is living in Techno’s house, had a plan to kill him but he doesn’t want to upset the people he lives with.
TW: abuse meantion, torture meantion, aftermath of torture, a single swear word, c!Tommy critical at some points
Techno had just made it back when the sirens sounded out across the SMP. Long, drawn out notes signalling what he did to everyone, well they didn’t know it was Techno who broke Dream out yet, but they did know he was out.
Phil, Ranboo and Niki were in the small underground room they had carved out for Dream, well hidden and almost impossible to find: the perfect hiding spot. Phil took one look at the state of Dream and rushed to make healing and regen pots. Ranboo left immediately. He went to Snowchester to see Micheal and pretend nothing was happening, but the image of Dream’s body, what had been done to him in the prison, couldn’t leave his mind. Tubbo was also there in Micheal’s room, probably also trying to avoid the reality of Dream being out. Ranboo avoided the rest of the Syndicate members that day, he didn’t want to interfere with their healing and brewing. He didn’t sleep that night, instead he lay awake wondering who could have done that to somebody else, and how Dream sounded when he screamed. He put on a music dick to drown out the sounds of screaming in his mind.
Quackity, it had been Quackity. They found this out a few days later, it hadn’t been Sam as they had suspected, or Antfrost or Bad, but Quackity, someone who wasn’t even employed at the prison. The man who led the Butcher Army to try to execute Techno. 
Dream’s voice was barely audible when he had said the name, a hoarse whisper had sounded in the awkward silence that had permeated any room Dream had been in since he got there. His voice sounded like he hadn’t made a noise other than screaming in the last few weeks, and Ranboo supposed that he was probably right. The fact that Dream was in fact in front of them at the time was proof that he hadn’t told Quackity the revive book secrets, so what else was there to do but scream.
It had been about three weeks since Phil and Techno had brought Dream - a bloody, barely alive, Dream, back from the prison. Ranboo had wanted Dream dead, yes, but he couldn’t kill a man who couldn’t even walk, who had still healing wounds all over his body, who slept so much and yet couldn’t sleep at the same time. Ranboo wanted him dead, yes, but he wasn’t a monster. He was better than Dream, he told himself, he wouldn’t hurt him even more. He didn’t know why it was a shock to him, to see someone like Dream so hurt. He still hadn’t seen his face, had always been out of the room whenever he had removed it, did he have a face?
When Sam and Quackity came looking, he had lied to them. They had advanced warning thanks to Niki, and had hid Dream in the syndicate room. Dream had been reluctant to go through the lava, even though he knew there was water right under it. Only when they got warning that Sam had come through their nether portal did he jump in. Ranboo didn’t know why he hoped it’d be enough. If Quackity and Sam killed Dream, that would make his work easier. Still, he was reluctantly warming up to the masked man. The masked man that has hurt his friends, his husband, everyone he cares about. Maybe Techno got away with not being hurt by Dream, possibly Phil, but with what happened with Tommy did he deserve any forgiveness?
“You still haven’t found him?” He asked, “Oh that’s not good.” 
There was blood staining the handle of Sam’s pickaxe.
“He’s good at avoiding us, we think he must have help,” Sam said plainly, “He should be pretty weak still, if we can get him back before he regains his strength, there shouldn’t be need for alarm.” 
Ranboo nodded, “Ah, yes. I’ll keep a lookout, but I haven’t seen anything unusual lately. If I do, Sam, you will be the first to know.” 
He hadn’t wanted to address Quackity. As far as anyone knew, Quackity didn’t work for the prison. He only knew Quackity’s involvement from Dream. Nobody on the SMP knew what was going on. 
“And how, Ranboo, dop we know we can trust you?” It was Quackity. Ranboo forced himself to look at him calmly, to not let on that he knew what Quackity did, that he was possibly worse than the green monster underground.
“Because I want Dream dead,” truth, “but if that doesn’t happen, letting him rot in prison is the second best outcome,” lie, “especially if it allows us access to the revive book,” another lie. But Sam and Quackity seemed to buy it, though Ranboo had to remind himself not to underestimate Quackity. They quickly searched their houses before leaving.
Ranboo made himself busy feeding the cat before heading to the meeting room. The cat, Patches, was a new edition. When Dream had found her, almost as thin as he had been, and somehow scruffier, he had barely set her down enough to tame her. To the outside at least, the cat fit right in amongst all of Techno’s animals. Techno’s house was the perfect place to hide a stray pet in clear sight. Patches had fattened up since her arrival, as had Dream. Admittedly Ranboo hadn’t known Dream that well before all this, but he hadn’t recognised the man when Techno first brought him in. He was too skinny, too weak, too beaten up to be the man who had terrorised the whole server, who had blown up L’manberg. 
Who had beaten Tommy to death. 
He couldn’t move Patches, she was Dream’s cat, but when he killed Dream, when Dream was finally dead, he’d use water and boats to move her to a nice location where she would be comfy and warm her whole life. An apology for killing her owner, an apology for letting her be tamed by Dream of all people.
Ranboo made his way to the meeting room. Dream was sat in one of the chairs, fiddling with his sleeve. 
“Are they gone?” He asked, his voice a whisper. He was so quiet, Ranboo had noticed since he had arrived, always speaking in a hushed tone. Ranboo knew he had the capability to be loud, he used to be a confident leader, then a mad villain, neither of whom had trouble making their voice heard. And now? Ranboo didn’t know what to make of who he was now. A broken person, perhaps, a reason never to take Quackity at his word. A person who had, long ago, hurt his friends. He had paid for that, though, Ranboo knew that. Dream had hurt enough, but he was still a threat. 
“Yeah, they’re gone,” he answered, and noted how Dream visibly relaxed. He wondered if the old Dream would so clearly let his guard down in front of others. Except, Ranboo noted, he hadn’t. Dream was still on high alert, it was just something about Sam and Quackity’s presence being confirmed to be gone that meant he could relax, just a little. 
Ranboo collapsed into a chair, one not facing Dream head on, and tried not to think of how Tubbo would react if he found out what was going on. An awkward silence filled the room, Techno was never good with words and neither Phil nor Ranboo knew how exactly to deal with Dream just yet. Well, when he was acting up, or when he was breaking down, Phil tried his best, calming the situation down and helping the broken green man while Ranboo always stood awkwardly by the side, there only to offer healing potions, or gapples, the knowledge that he was there and not trying to hurt him. Would it hurt him even more when he found out that Ranboo wanted him dead? Or did he not care? Tommy had said that Dream didn’t care about anything, but he clearly cared about Patches. 
Ranboo didn’t know why, but Phil had pulled him aside one day, a little after Dream brought Patches back, when he wouldn’t let anyone else near the small animal, and told him to never use Patches against Dream.
“Listen, mate, I know you may hate the guy, I understand. But, whatever you do, promise me you will never use that cat against him,” Phil had sounded so serious, and Ranboo wasn’t a horrible person so he had obviously agreed.
“And if that cat does die, don’t use her remains him either,” Phil had continued.
“Why would I do that? Who would do that?” Using a dead pet’s remains against someone, to try and manipulate someone. That was something only something old Dream would do, right?
Phil and Techno were discussing something in the corner, their voices low but not caring if they were overheard. Something about Kinoko Kingdom and how to deal with it being on top of Niki’s underground city. He was far too distracted by Dream’s fidgeting, he had started playing with his shirt sleeve again, before moving onto tapping the table. A constant reminder that the man who had hurt his husband, who had tried to kill tubbo, was right next to him, and Ranboo wasn’t doing anything about it. Not that he could with Phil and Techno in the room, and with Niki on her way, but still. The tapping continued, in no particular rhythm. Ranboo looked over to the masked man, who took his hands off the table slowly and went back to fiddling with his sleeve instead, and looked over to where Techno and Phil were.
“Kinoko Kingdom,” He said, his voice again quiet. Was it because he was so used to being talked over by now? So used to the knowledge that his words were only wanted if he said the knowledge that would lead to his death? Was it from all the screaming when Quackity- Ranboo didn’t want to think about it. It was probably him trying to lure them into a false sense of security, to help him get better then leave to hurt his friends yet again. That must be it, like Tommy had said, Dream was the master manipulator.
“Who’s in Kinoko Kingdom?” He finished asking.
“Karl, Sapnap and George, it was built above Niki’s base without her knowing,” Techno answered. 
Dream just nodded and stayed quiet. Ranboo didn’t know if it was because he didn’t care about Kinoko Kingdom - unlikely considering who was involved - or if he lacked the energy to react more. He always seemed tired, never showing much interest in anything beyond saving Patches and training, although Phil always made him stop training after too long, claiming it’d only hurt him more. Dream always proteste, wanting to go on longer even when it was clear his body couldn’t take much more. Always desperate to get stronger. This was one of the few things Ranboo understood about Dream, he didn’t want to go back to the prison. But, when he was strong enough, when he was powerful enough to take on the entire server again and not get thrown into the prison again, into that torture box, what would he do? He could do anything. 
He used to be friends with Sapnap and George, Ranboo remembered someone saying, they were close. Then they weren't, and George was never around anyway. Even if they blew up Kinoko Kingdom today, he probably wouldn't notice until a few week's time. There was a time when Ranboo didn't have many friends too, especially no close ones. It was only really when Tommy was stuck in the prison as well when he became close to Tubbo, he supposed he had Dream to thank for that, or whoever caused the security event. 
Tommy said Tubbo had married him "without his permission" what was that supposed to mean? Now that Ranboo thought about it a bit more, the more worried he got. Did Tommy really think Tubbo needed his permission to become close to someone? It may have been a joke, but if it was it wasn't an obvious one, and, if Ranboo was being honest, it was a bad joke. He'd think about it another time, when he didn't have to deal with hiding the man who killed Tommy, who almost killed Tubbo, from them. 
A few minutes later, Niki comes into the room. 
"Oh! It’s Niki" Philza greeted her with a smile. 
“Yes yes hello!” She cheerily waved at everyone, always bringing a brighter air to the place, especially since Dream had arrived. She brought out a loaf of bread, “look, it’s fresh out of the oven, but I think the snow might have chilled it a bit, but you’re all free to try some.”
Dream reached out to take some, his hands were scarred and his fingernails were still missing, still growing back from when Quackity- Ranboo forced himself to stop thinking about that, not just before food at least. 
Ranboo took some bread as well, it was still a little warm, not entirely cooled by the winter air. 
Dream took some as well, writing something in his book before showing it to Niki. He didn't talk much anymore, maybe his voice still hurt from all the screams but Ranboo suspected it was more than that, even when he did speak it was always quiet. 
Dream took off his mask so he could eat more easily, and Ranboo tried not to stare (he didn't want to make Dream feel uncomfortable) but he hadn't seen the man's face before. 
He was pale, and looked tired. Too pale, like he hadn't seen the sun in months, despite being back in the outside world for a few weeks now. And wasn't he supposed to have freckles? Ranboo remembered someone (was it Sapnap?) mentioning that he had freckles. Those too must have faded without the sun. He has scars on his face, which was unsurprising considering Quackity, and bags under his eyes. He was still healing from everything, meaning he had to sleep a lot more than the average person. He was still waking up every night screaming. When he bit down into the bread, Ranboo noticed a few missing teeth. Was that the work of Quackity as well? Or had months of only eating potatoes and not having proper hygiene taken its toll? 
Dream looked at Ranboo, having noticed his stare and Ranboo quickly looked away. He didn't want to make him uncomfortable, not after everything he had gone through. Wait a second, why didn't he want to make Dream uncomfortable? This was the man who had hurt Tommy and Tubbo so much, who was the cause of so many problems on the server, who had killed Tommy. After Tommy had killed Dream's cat - well maybe not Dream’s cat but an animal who he cared about - and had hit him multiple times. And he had brought him back afterwards. Even Ranboo had to admit he would probably have snapped at Tommy if he was in Dream's position, he wouldn't have killed him though. He was better than that, he was better than Dream. They had both been in the wrong, and had only made each other worse by being confined together. Ranboo made a mental note never to let any of his pets near Tommy, and to keep him under strict supervision when visiting Michael. 
Phil, Techno and Niki would be upset if he made Dream uncomfortable, that's why he didn't want to. That was the reason why and the small voice in the back of Ranboo's head was kindly asked to shut up. 
A book was placed in front of him. Ranboo picked it up and opened it. It simply read: It's ok, I understand
Ranboo handed the book back to Dream. "No. No it's not actually, I was rude there's - I'm sorry."
Ranboo bit into Niki’s bread, it was amazing, definitely better than raw potatoes. Ranboo made another mental note (he'd have to write these mental notes down soon or he'd forget) to ask Niki to make sure Dream didn't have to eat more potatoes.
A few days later, Ranboo had to trade with Techno's villagers for a couple of things. He liked the new design of the house, the way Techno's and Phil's houses were connected but still distinct, friendship houses. Phil was a good builder even if he didn't show it that much on the server. Inside the house was Steve, as per usual. But what was unusual was the man who was curled up by Steve's side, sleeping peacefully. A man in a green hoodie, Dream. Patches was also there, stretched out on a position only a cat would find comfortable and squished between Dream and Steve. 
Ranboo quietly made his way down the ladder, trying not to disturb what seemed like the only peaceful sleep Dream had gotten in a long time. 
Techno was downstairs with the villagers, trading for some more golden carrots. 
"Uh Dream's sleeping with Steve" Ranboo informed him. 
"oh yeah, I was, I was thinking of, you know, lending him Baba so he could sleep easier when he wakes up," Techno replied, "you know, so I don't have to hear him wake up every night, not because I care or anything."
"no no, of course not. Yeah if Steve is helping him sleep I think lending him Baba might help as well."
"Yeah if anything I'm just doing us a favour, right?" 
Ranboo suppressed a laugh as he finished trading and left, making sure to be quiet on his way out.
Ranboo was a rich guy, so it didn't take him long to max out a new netherite pickaxe. When Tubbo had asked why, he said that it was a gift for Phil, that he had accidentally broken it while mining out the new training area. He had lied to his husband. Ranboo was getting used to lying and withholding information, and he wasn't sure what to make of that. A few lies here and there to stop the nuclear war was almost definitely a net positive but it didn't stop him from feeling guilty about it. Served him right for being close to multiple people who loved to blow things up but weren't on the same side of history. If only people stopped choosing sides and stopped trying to hurt others then he wouldn't be in this situation, but alas, here he was making a maxed out netherite pickaxe for Dream behind Tubbo's back. 
He was going to sit down and have a proper conversation with Dream, if it went badly then the pickaxe would go to Phil instead, or Niki for her underground city, but for some reason Ranboo had the feeling that it wouldn't. When he walked past the underground room they had dug for Dream (on his way to trade with Techno's villagers again), Baba had been moved in there. Dream was out, probably at Niki’s underground city or exploring the wilderness (ish, he still stayed close enough for them to come help him if necessary, he still wasn't fully healed yet). Ranboo would have to find him another time. He gave Patches a quick scratch before leaving.
"Uh hey" he had found Dream in the lower room of Techno's house, sitting by the chests, throwing something (Ranboo couldn't see what) to the foxes. 
Dream looked up at him and gave a small wave. He was clearly getting stronger, he no longer looked like a walking corpse and actually had some meat on his bones. Phil had given him the all clear to start training again, to build up more muscle again after losing so much to inactivity in the prison. He'd have to start slow, given how tired he got so quickly, but Ranboo doubted it would take long before he was a threat again. And, Ranboo thought, if he could get close to Dream, he may be able to stop him from hurting Tubbo again. 
He slowly made his way over to the foxes, trying not to scare them, and sat down on the floor. One of them had a sword in its mouth, probably Techno's fault. 
"Sorry I've been uh," Prime, finding words was hard, "avoiding you."
Dream's fingertips glowed white as he searched his inventory for something, "oh, would- do you want a book to write in?" Ranboo asked. 
Dream nodded and Ranboo searched through his inventory. He had a spare he quickly checked, empty, perfect. He handed it over to Dream, who started writing. 
When he handed it back, the book simply said: I didn't expect you to be friendly. 
"oh, hm, right yeah that makes sense. You're… you're not as bad as I expected you to be though."
The book was once again passed back and forth, this time it said: Techno would take my last life if I hurt you
"Is that the reason you haven't then?" 
No that's not the only reason. You're close to Tommy, right? 
"I mean I guess I am? The more I think about it the less…. I don't know. I just… I think he needs help, therapy, but we all know he'd just walk away." Tommy was a difficult subject. Ranboo liked the guy, he genuinely did, but he was annoying at times, not to mention overbearing. He could also be toxic at times, but then Ranboo was talking to Dream at that very moment, however toxic Tommy's relationship was with Ranboo and Tubbo, it was nowhere near as toxic as it was with Dream. But then Dream was the cause of that, not Tommy. 
Dream took off his mask, putting it on the floor. His face was still too pale, but freckles had started to appear again. Ranboo often found Dream just sitting outside on the steps of Techno and Phil's house, taking in the sunlight that had been denied to him for so long. 
The book got handed back. 
I think we all need therapy
"yeah, yeah you're probably right. Puffy's gonna get a lot of work when people realise."
Dream frowned at the mention of Puffy's name, before writing again
She refused to help with mine 
"Oh uh… that's… hm. That's not good. You've been talking to Niki a lot more though, right? She's not a therapist but she is a positive influence on pretty much everyone."
Dream nodded, and this time the book read:
Been helping out at her bakery, kneading dough is apparently a good way to take out anger, I do not know if it's that effective though 
Ranboo chuckled, he doubted much could help control all of Dream's anger, but if he was doing something about it, it may help a little. Ranboo realised that Dream was trying, and he didn't know why that surprised him. Ever since he had come to the syndicate, he had been trying to get better. 
Dream's fingers glowed white as he searched through his inventory for something, eventually bringing out a loaf of bread. He broke some off and handed it to Ranboo. He quickly wrote in the book and showed it to Ranboo, it simply said one word: mine. 
Ranboo tried the bread, it'd be rude not to after all, and it was good. Possibly not as good as Niki's, but then Niki had been baking longer than Dream. 
"It's good!"
And Dream smiled, genuinely smiled. For the first time in so long he smiled. How long had it been since he created instead of destroyed? How long had it been since he had put genuine effort into creating something good? 
He went to go pick up his mask, only to find Blitz was holding. 
"Fuck," the first word he had said all day. Ranboo started laughing, and after a few seconds of trying (and failing) to pry open a fox's mouth, Dream joined him. 
It felt good to laugh, for both of them. Ranboo had spent too long lying to people and trying to keep secrets from everyone to let his guard down lately. And Dream, well Dream hadn't laughed properly since he had killed Tommy, but even then that was mostly because of the relief he had felt. He couldn't remember the last time he had felt so happy, or free. 
"Wait wait hang on," Ranboo said as he gave Blitz a golden apple. Blitz in turn dropped the mask for the apple, and Ranboo handed the mask back to Dream.
 That night Ranboo left a chest outside Dream's room. It contained two things, the pickaxe and a note. 
"Heard you lost your last pic, so I made you a new one - R"
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stellocchia · 2 months ago
I was rewatching the stream where Tommy got locked up in prison with Dream (Tommy Gets Locked In Prison with Dream) and there are just a few quotes that I want to drop here for everyone:
"What's up Dream?" "Nothing much. I lost my clock since the last time you came" "That almost... if you take the 'L' out of that word then it's... it's a different word and that's funny..." "That's the Tommy I know!"
It's just so damn uncomfortable from the get-go. Because keep in mind that Tommy went in there with the idea of getting closure. In hindsight, not the best idea, but it's not like he knew how to deal with what he went through any better.
But no, what makes it so absurdly uncomfortable it's how Dream just effortlessly steps back into the "friend" role. Immediately trying to go back to their old banter and all. And, like, Tommy didn't fall for it entirely. He was clearly uncomfortable as soon as Dream said the last line, immediately going on the defensive again, but it doesn't change that there is a part of him that still had (and possibly still has) a tendency to fall back on that as well.
"I'm glad you came to visit me, you know? It's been a while... I- I wish you'd visit me more"
Like... rewatching it I'm fairly sure that either Dream doesn't understand that Tommy doesn't, in fact, see him as a friend or he's simply very willing to ignore that fact because he's just that desperate to have him around.
"This is my last visit Dream" "Like e...? Y-y..." "Yeah. Yeah... I'm- this is my last visit seeing you" "You're- like... forever?" "Yeah. Yeah I think so" "Well... forever is a long time"
Maybe desperate then. I completely forgot how genuinely shocked he was at the news that Tommy didn't want to ever go back. I'm fairly certain that this is the first time he's left completely with no words and no idea on how to react.
Also, Dream "forever is a long time" Wastaken having absolutely no qualms as long as it's him and Tommy spending that forever together. This man really needs some new hobbies. Maybe a potted plant or something.
" know what? there's nothing you can fu- This is my last time visiting you. So anything you wanna say to me now you can- you have to say to me now. Uhm, 'cause I'm not gonna see you again" "Why?" "Are you fucking-"
See... that's what I mean! Like, yes, he lies and manipulates and all of that, but there could be actual confusion here. Like, I do think that Dream understands exactly how fucked up everything he did to Tommy was. I don't think he's ignorant about that at all. I do think that he may not understand why that would be enough for Tommy to want to stop "their game".
Like, he obviously knows that Tommy has a shitload of trauma from what he put him through, but that's part of the fun for Dream isn't it? So does he actually understand that that "fun" is exactly why Tommy doesn't want to be around him anymore?
"I've been suffering from success while you weren't here" "Me too... except for without the 'success' part, just suffering"
Imagine abusing someone for months and then trying to get them to pity you once you end up in jail, what a f*cking looser! Also, Tommy definitely stumbling with the response because he's just very empathetic even towards Dream. Like, he repeats to himself a few times that Dream did deserve being in jail and that he did do bad things which feels much more like a reminder for himself on why he shouldn't pity him more so than a reminder for Dream.
"You had all this shit coming!" "I did... but... you know? I don't know. Maybe one day, right?" "No! No, have you seen the prison? It's kinda the most secure thing ever! Dude, you're not- you're not leaving here! sam's name still there, okay, thank god" "I'm just saying, like, maybe one day, you know?" "I- I don't-" "Eventually" "Maybe if you have extreme therapy" "Maybe one day I'll just walk out of here. Like-" "No, I don't-" "I feel like I've already been changing since I came here"
It's interesting just how quickly Dream managed to regain control of the situation though. Trying to harp on Tommy's tendency to empathize with people.
"This is my last time here. I might- I kinda- I don't wanna-" "But why?"
He asks a second time? Is he actually just that dense? Like, I get the trying to fish for sympathy aspect. He was trying to get something useful to get out of there and whatnot. But man... that's the guy he literally abused. Did he actually expect it to work? Was he just heavily relying on Tommy's empathy to pull this off or does he actually just not understand Tommy's view on their relationship at all?
"I don't wanna know you" "I mean exile it wasn't too bad, right?" "You fu-" "I mean you still- you had, you know? I mean we hang out and stuff" "I fu- you fucking- you bastard Dream!"
Honestly hear Dream talk about exile is always fascinating. Also, a gentle reminder that Dream was well aware about Tommy being suicidal during the whole duration of the exile. And yet he still defines it as "not too bad" because they were spending time together. Just... that... something alright.
"Listen, when I'm around you my brain feels like I'm fucking conditioned to be your friend but also when I have a knife I wanna just plunge it into your heart man it's like I don't- you don't make me a good person Dream, you make me bad, alright? All this shit that's happened has been because of you and I don't- I'm moving onto bigger and better things now bitch. I- I'm done. I'm done" "But isn't- what if- what if you just- like once a month or something?" "No. No, I don't- I don't wanna know you in my life anymore. This is done"
I simply couldn't not include this. I'm too much of an inniter for that. But also Dream is STILL insisting after that speech. He still didn't give up on getting Tommy to visit him more. It may be that he was just stalling for time until the explosions now that I think about it, but still, wow.
"You're a terrible man, alright?" "I did bad things-" "You're a bad guy. You're a wronging'" "Well, everyone thinks they're right from their perspective that's why I-" "That's not true. That's not true!" "Well, I think I'm right. I did bad things but I did them for good reasons, but-" "What do you mean good reasons? You're a psychopath" "I've learned. Yeah I did bad things but I've learned that I shouldn't have done them"
See, this is what I mean when I say that c!Dream apologists parrot c!Dream's rhetoric completely. Like, the whole idea that Dream had "good reasons" for his actions and that somehow that makes them okay didn't come out of nowhere, but it's sure recontextualized a lot when you understand that Dream is spouting this kind of bullshit just to convince his abuse victim to continue spending time with him. Like, when you actually look at how Dream uses his rhetoric instead of taking it as gospel it becomes pretty interesting to see how manipulative he can get.
"No what- what good reasons? No please, please enlighten us. Please enlighten me!" "I just wanted to- I just wanted to bring the server together. Have it be a happy family, you know?" "Bri- bring the server to- you fu-"
It's incredible how he was able to say that to Tommy of all people. After Tommy just mentioned moments priors how Dream tried to kill Tubbo. After he mentioned that he has trauma related to plain biomes because of Dream towards the beginning. Tommy does immediately call out the bullshit though and that's so satisfying...
"You ruined my past Dream, but you will not ruin my future" "I'm not- I- I- Tommy! I'm trying- I'm trying to change, to be better and not be the same person I was and you- it- it doesn't- y- you can visit me. Like, every now and then, right? It'll help! It'll help! Right? It'll help- it'll help me... be better" "Fuck off mate"
This was honestly the reason I rewatched the stream in the first place. I was looking for this specific quote because I thought I remembered it from somewhere and then I got distracted...
But yeah, the reason I was looking for it is that this is possibly the single slimiest f*cking move on Dream's side. If anyone is confused on the why, it's because, once again, this is emotional manipulation pure and simple. Dream putting the baggage of getting better on Tommy and appealing at his empathic nature to keep him into this f*cking abusive relationship. And also he's doing this while clearly panicked and grasping as straws. Because he does know that Tommy is not going for it right now, it's very obvious.
It's just... slimy...
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