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detetsu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
sleeping next to kuroo is a trap.
he’s never been a morning person—never claimed to be, really—but it’s not until you’re pulling his hands off your waist and letting the sheets slip from your legs that you truly understand how severe it is.
“stay,” he murmurs, a soft little sound that spills across the sheets. “just for a little while.”
and truthfully ’a little while’ sounds terribly appealing. the idea of staying here—of falling back to the mattress, coaxed by the vibration of sleep in his throat and the warmth of his hands and the ache of the morning sun—you’re more than tempted.
but you know better than to tell him that.
“i gotta get up.” you stretch over his shoulder to glance at the time, sighing as his arm reaches towards you. “and you do too, idiot. we’re gonna be late.”
he shakes his head, nose brushing the pillow, the flush of morning still heavy on his cheeks.
“i’ll get ready so fast,” he hums.
“and what about me?”
“you’ll be even faster, obviously.” you raise a brow in his direction, swatting his hand away as it nears your thigh.
“we can even shower together—save a whole twenty minutes.” you laugh—and perhaps you’d feel a little guilty about giving him the satisfaction any other time, but right now there’s a drowsy little smile spreading across his cheeks and a breath of laughter filling the air that nearly swallows you whole.
“five minutes,” you sigh. “you get five minutes.”
and it doesn’t even take a second of those five minutes for him to pull you towards him, knowing well enough that he’ll be making the same plea again the next time you get up.
because kuroo tetsurō—who burns under the rising sun and kisses sweet words into your cheeks and begs you to stay just for a little while—has never been a morning person, so, suddenly, neither are you.
Tumblr media
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antihajime · a month ago
Tumblr media
iwaizumi’s driving both of you home—
and there was a part of you that thought, just maybe, tonight would be the night that he would propose. and maybe it was all just silly, to let the thought twirl around in your little head until it fell on the floor in front of you.
maybe you would say it shattered—all over your heels and the dress you know he likes and the floor of his buick.
and maybe, because every single one of your thoughts seems to start with that right now, maybe this is all just a little bit your fault. there were so many of those nights, curled into the sheets of your bed, the taste of liquor still resting on both of your tongues, that you’d asked him if he’d ever marry you.
and back then, he said yes. he’d laugh, an arm resting above his head, the other holding your lower back—his fingers would dip beneath your clothes and leave little searing paths of what you could only call home, but it was all to hold you close. his hand kept you steady atop of him, legs twined together, your chin resting on his chest.
but you could feel the laughter bloom in his chest and tumble past his lips, an absolutely sure to follow his tongue.
but then a few weeks would pass, five years of dating, both of you just past the age of 23 now, and you’d ask again. and maybe it had started the same, the same laughter, the same reply, the same graze of fingertips against flesh. and maybe the reply had never really changed, beyond a question of didn’t you ask this last week? or why wouldn’t i want to marry you?
but maybe that did it. maybe it finally got him thinking about all the reasons he shouldn’t marry you, and those started pile up until suddenly the cost-benefit analysis of it all didn’t really seem to stack in your favor.
because tonight, when you’re both now settled in 24, you thought would be the night. and if it wasn’t tonight—well, you don’t think it’s going to happen at all. and, of course, you’re driving home. so part of you is starting to accept this as your last drive home with iwaizumi. no matter how much it hurts.
he’s been playing a bit of beach rock on the radio, those old little tunes that you’d picked up through your college years, but it’s quiet and hardly does anything to mask the silence of the car. he’s not tapping his thumb against the steering wheel—he’s hardly spoken for most of the night, and back at the restaurant and on your walk around the pier, you’d put that all down as him being nervous.
who knows what the hell to think of it now.
you take a breath and smooth out the material of your dress as you roll to a stop at a light. it’s the one that iwaizumi hates—a gross intersection with too long of a red, and no one really ever seems to understand the design of it all, so he’s always been one to avoid this light when he can—but he’s here now, and you watch him stretch his hands on the wheel and tap his fingers against it in one little rhythmic motion. it’s not to the song, and you know it’s the motion he does when he’s about to say something.
and you, desperately, want it all to stop. because you know the next words out of his mouth are going to be somewhere along the lines of maybe we shouldn’t do this anymore or i’ve been thinking about this for a while, or maybe it’ll just be your name. but you know it’s nothing good and if you let him speak, then it ruins it all. if you let iwaizumi say your name you’re sure that your soul will escape with every last breath you give to him.
if you let him say your name, you’re sure that with it, he’ll take every last memory you could muster—the air from your lungs, every whisper he’s ever laid across your skin, every murmur of affection that you savored behind those closed doors.
if you let him say your name, it’ll all be gone, and you want to stay in his stupid buick for a moment longer as his girlfriend, even if it means prolonging the inevitable.
so you scan the cars around you, you look at the crosswalk until you see someone—a middle-aged man, a neon green cap on his head and orange sneakers hitting the pavement. iwaizumi takes a breath to say something, and you know he’s always hated being interrupted but god you don’t think you can stand not doing it now.
“man, what’s that guy wearing?” you say. it sounds less half-hearted than it feels. there’s a lilt to your voice and, if you couldn’t feel the weight in your chest, you’re sure it would sound like you’re clueless. you point to the man at the crosswalk, and iwaizumi’s gaze flicks there for only a moment before settling back on you.
“no, really, who would’ve guessed that neon was making such a comeback,” you interrupt again, and you hate it. it sounds unnatural, like there’s a joke somewhere in there that you just can’t find yet—and you both know you won’t ever get the chance to say it.
iwaizumi tries again.
“i’ve been thinking-”
“well i guess we can really see him in the dark-”
and iwaizumi says your name.
you’ve always hated the way time catches up to you.
you stop criticizing the poor man on the crosswalk, and then look over at iwaizumi—hajime as you’ve called him for years now, as you’ve said under the quake of your breath and between lilts of ardor.
you hum in reply to him, let the embarrassment of it all melt beneath his gaze, hope that maybe this break-up won’t be as bad as you always thought it would be. that he won’t be the one that got away for the rest of your life, that you won’t say his name in moonlight, starlight, and sunlight, hoping some divine power will hear it all and bring him back to you. more deeply, you hope you won’t have to move on without him—that the life you’ve built with him, from your home, to your friends, to your damn wardrobe won’t all burn to ash.
he takes a breath, he says your name again.
“hajime, what’s wro-”
“dammit, i’m trying to ask you to marry me.”
the red of the stoplight is reflecting on his face, the car smells a little like his cologne, and iwaizumi is looking at you—hands still tapping against the wheel.
you watch the tips of his ears turn red as they start to blend in with the light. he turns back to the road, swallows and lets his tongue poke at his cheeks as he breathes again.
“sorry, that was-” he sighs, “not how i wanted to do that.”
you want to laugh at him a little bit, to let it all shake out of you in a quick moment of relief, but there’s a stutter in your chest that you can’t quite let go. it holds you close and churns your heart and your lungs until you can’t be sure what part of you is burning the most.
so you choose to whisper.
“how did you want to do it?”
and then iwaizumi laughs.
“preferably, a year ago.” you eye him. “i didn’t want you to think i was doing it just because you kept asking.”
you look forward to the light, you beg it not to turn green with everything you have—you hope with all that it’s worth that iwaizumi can hate this intersection for just a little longer.
“and what about tonight?”
he sighs again, in his old man way that you’ve always teased him for, and then he leans back—one hand on the wheel, the other finding its way to your thigh.
“at first, when you were getting ready. and then on the way to the restaurant, and again when you picked that one piece of broccoli off my plate, and then at the end of the pier, when you pulled me to the railing.” he laughs a little bit, and then his thumb rubs into your skin. “i didn’t know what to say, i just knew i wanted to ask you to marry me.”
the light turns green, and without ever really thinking about it, you say no. 
it’s not to him, it’s to the light and the situation of all things, but as he starts to drive you watch the blood drain from his face.
“what?” he asks, and you want to crawl into something much worse than just a hole in the ground.
“no, not like- sorry it was the light- yes, yes i want to marry you.”
“the damn stoplight made you say no to my proposal?” he asks, and though there’s that bit of scolding in his tone, you can feel the laughter rising in his voice as he speaks.
“no it wasn’t like that! you dick, i-”
“yeah, yeah, whatever, i’ll just return the ring then-”
“the ring?”
you both pause, and iwaizumi keeps driving, but he takes his hand off of you and, a little awkwardly, you might add, reaches into the pocket of his slacks—desperately trying to stay the speed limit (or, a little over), the whole time. 
but he pulls out a little black box and gestures towards you, and then flips it open with his thumb.
“i wasn’t kidding,” he starts, and then glances over at you. “marry me.”
and maybe you were right before. with just your name, iwaizumi could pull your soul and everything it carries with it out of your body. and maybe, in all that he is, you give it to him if only he were to ask—memories, whispers, murmurs, you’d give it all with only the raise of his brow.
“yes,” you reply. “of course.”
iwaizumi smiles, and at the next red light (one he hates just a little less, where the wait’s a little shorter and the intersection just a little less confusing), he puts the ring on your finger. and at that red light, he kisses you until you have to tell him it’s green.
Tumblr media
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aphroxditus · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi Hajime as an athletic trainer is truly something if you’re his girlfriend. He just loves sitting back on the couch, arms on the headrest, leaned back, legs spread apart as his eyes prey on your body right in front of him while you workout. You stand with your back to him, legs apart as you lean forward to touch the ground, ass high up. Feeling his intense presence made you stand up straight and decide to say something to break the silence between you two.
“Haji, I know you just came back from work and you’re tired but can’t you relax somewhere else”, you turn to face him and huff, placing your hands on your hips as you pout and lean on one foot. “I’m trying to follow a workout video here”, you point to the TV.
Raising an eyebrow, you narrow your eyes, examining him. He was wearing his grey sweatpants and a white tee, slightly tight around his bulky arms.
“Do you mind?”
“No, not at all, continue darling”, he said in a monotonous voice, trying to keep in the smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth.
Gritting your teeth, you realise that he won’t budge. You turn back around and resume your workout, trying to finish it as soon as you could. It was so typical of Iwaizumi. Of course he wanted to see you do all those stretches, bending over, ass high in the air with the tight fabric covering it. You lean over again but this time when you turn back up, you feel something press up against you behind you. Eyes widening, you notice two big hands slither around your waist, gripping it and rubbing it up against them.
“Pretty ass all presented for me~”, he leaned over your back, keeping you down as he slurred into your ear. “What did you expect?”
Whimpering, you were unable to stand up straight and remained in the hunched position with Iwaizumi’s crotch right up against your ass. You squirm around, rubbing against his bulge and no ones surprise, he grunted, enjoying the friction.
“Remember how you said you knew I was tired from work?”, he smirked, tilting back up and turning you are around to face him.
You look up at him while he towers over you, gripping your ass cheeks from the fabric and squeezing it. You let out a small yelp and slightly jump forward, your hands flat against his chest. He stared down at your innocent doe eyes gazing up at him.
You nod, responding to his question.
“Well, I got a little energy left for one more work out session”, then he smirked. “And I need a training partner darling.”
Tumblr media
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21-06-1996 · 6 months ago
𝐋𝐀𝐙𝐘 𝐖𝐄𝐄𝐊𝐄𝐍𝐃𝐒 | suna rintarou
Tumblr media
suna groans into your neck when your phone rings, and as you try to push away from the hold he has on you so you can turn off the alarm, he wraps his arms tighter around you and pulls you back in.
"rin." you sigh, the sleep having left you after laying there and listening to the same alarm go off for the fourth time, snoozing itself and coming back ten minutes later. "can i please. turn it off."
he doesn't answer, instead cuddling even closer into you and exhaling into your skin, eyes shut. you shoot him a glare, even though he couldn't see it. "rin, come on."
"no." he mumbles, finally. it's muffled, because his lips are pressed against your neck still, and his voice is thick and hoarse with sleep - but you manage to pick up his words. "you'll just get up and leave. then it gets cold."
he's so incredibly clingy and looks so childish - and cute, but you're pissed so you push that thought aside - that it's almost difficult to think he'd been so mean last night.
"i need to pee." you mutter, tugging at a strand of his hair.
"sure," he responds in another mumble, unmoving. you sigh, helpless, knowing that your whining for him to let go of you could get as loud as it could, and he'd still ignore it in favor of relishing as long as possible in your warmth and the comfort of your shared bed.
he was always like this on weekends. through the week, as you got through your individually busy and tiring schedules, your bodies and minds would slowly drift towards a longing for the weekend to come, partially for the relief from exhaustion and partially for finally getting the chance to be together again.
with him being a professional athlete, his days were all packed with practise matches and appointments and checkups - and you were yourself a busy person with an equal amount of duties to attend to.
getting two days all to yourself, you wanted to spend as much time as possible with your boyfriend, too.
but the thing was that while you wanted to go out with him, drive over to see the sunrise, have brunch at a beachside restaurant, maybe go see a concert or something - all suna wanted was to sleep in.
you would argue about it sometimes, and most of the time, he'd win. not because he vetoed your wishes, but because he would always do this.
"do you want me to pee on the bed?" you threaten, and he's unfazed, as usual - giving you only a soft hum in reply that could be a yes or a no or a soft snore, you couldn't tell.
defeated, you flop back onto the pillows and let him steal all your warmth.
as you stare down at him, you see how the corners of his mouth twitch up a little, showing off a small smile. the sight softens you, and you mutter a short, fine, and close your eyes.
"only a few minutes, kay." you try one last time. "i have a yoga class at nine."
he sighs, something in between a grunt and a snore, and you have to giggle. you know he'll have you stuck here with him the entire morning, and that you'll only be starting the day around noon. it was the same way every saturday morning, after all.
you should ask your yoga miss to change you to an evening class, you think. because really, though you were acting pissed with him, you missed him just as much as he missed you.
you were just used to staying on track and following through everything you'd set for yourself, and truthfully, without suna here, you might never catch yourself a break.
and it was why you loved him, really. because he was so laidback and easygoing, inert where you were full of drive and activity - the contrast was good for the both of you. symbiotic, you could say, as a friend of yours had pointed out.
as you let your mind wander, you absently curl your fingers into his hair and start playing with it, humming under your breath, and a feeling of peace settles between the two of you.
he stretches out, and pushes the blanket off, muttering to himself that it was too hot now, and you watch the sun coming through the gaps in the curtains fall on his pale skin, lighting up the curves of his muscular form as he moves to a more comfortable position.
you watch him, slowly getting sleepy again, his sharply angled features squished into you as he slept - maybe we can go for a drive around the city limits tonight.
and like he'd heard the thought, he clears his throat, eyes still closed. "i'll take you out to eat tonight."
"okay." you say, and the smile he had on his face widens just a little. your answer is short, but he knows you're happy about the offer.
this was another reason why he always won. he'd get his way, and then he'd let you have yours too. if it wasn't watching the sunrise, then it was watching the sunset. if not a morning coffee date, then it was a late-night boba run.
"okay," you repeat, because yeah, it was fine. the day could wait. your weekend plans could wait. all you needed, all you wanted right now - was to be like this with him. all he wanted was to be like this with you.
sliding down, you squeeze in between his arms and close your eyes, content. and as you fall asleep, you don't notice that the slight tilt of suna's mouth has turned into a big, contented smile.
Tumblr media
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omiyagiri · 28 days ago
Atsumu "My Girlfriend Of Five Years Keeps Friendzoning Me And I'm At My Limit" Miya
Tumblr media
pairing: atsumu miya x f!reader cw: implied sexual content - not explicit word count: 1.2k
Tumblr media
He notices it the first time it happens. You're perched on his lap, legs bracketing his hips as his thighs support your weight. It's a clumsy round of kissing, a teasing lower lip bite, some tongue, your hands sliding down the frontside of his shirt, then you say the words: "God, I'm so glad you're my best friend."
Any will Atsumu has to continue this, to take this moment into the next step where you're sprawled out under him with the sheets bunched in your fists and toes curling into the mattress is gone. Its nonexistence leaves him feeling hollow, the thought isn't even hot to him anymore.
"What the fuck," he says, "what the fuck? Huh? Friend?"
You have the audacity to sleepily crack open your eyes and brush your fingertips against the jut of his cheekbone. "Best friend."
He's now facing a mortal quandary where he's questioning his reason for being. Why is he here? What were the last five years for? He stares down at you, speechless.
Then there's the second instance.
You and Osamu are making a tray of egg custards in his kitchen. Atsumu's lounging on the couch, because fuck no he's not going to tempt the possibility of burning his fingers. His fingers that are the single most important part of his body. His fingers that are the deciding factor of the momentum for every game.
"These are coming out so good, Osamu," you say.
Atsumu sneaks a furtive peek over his shoulder. He sees you leaning against the island countertop, eyes alight with a youthful kind of joy which makes him want to puke but because it's stupidly adorable. Osamu seems to think the same, because he's making that affectionately funny face.
"Glad ya think so," he says, "they could be better, though. Definitely added one too many eggs."
"More protein," you say, no teasing lilt in your voice. Genuinely, it appears as if you were proud of royally fucking up the recipe. Atsumu rolls his eyes. Five years he's had to deal with your infectiously positive attitude towards everything.
"Yup, somethin' you need more of. Is your best friend still inhalin' the food off your plate when I'm not around?"
What—"'Samu!" Atsumu cries out as his attention is yanked fully from the television screen. "You're doin' it, too!?"
Both you and Osamu don't pay him any mind.
"Mhm, my best friend is always stealing morsels from me. It's alright, though. I'm always cooking extra in order to adhere to his huge caloric intake. The professional volleyball player diet and all that."
Osamu clicks his tongue, shakes his head, and slots one hand against his hip. "I'll be sure to send ya off with some ingredients I don't need anymore. For yer best friend."
"Gosh, I'd really appreciate that," you say.
The two of you share a laugh, leaving Atsumu groping for any semblance of sanity. He's losing it. He's fallen into an alternate timeline.
It happens again, a third, fourth, fifth, sixth time.
A scene: Atsumu letting you take the last seat on the train as he grips one of the handles. Or as he likes to call it—The oh-shit handle. Because any turbulence, any abrupt halt has him clinging onto it for dear life as you're sitting there, one leg crossed over the other, fucking snoozing.
"Are ya really gonna sleep while I'm the one who's sufferin' here on yer behalf?" he says.
It wakes you up, and you mumble something incoherent as you rub your eyes. "You can sit in my lap, Atsumu. I don't mind."
"I think I'll fuckin' flattin' ya like a pancake." He rolls his eyes. "But thanks."
You shake your head and pout. "No, no. I insist. What are friends for?"
Atsumu's high-pitched whine of frustration is drowned by the train once again screeching to an ear-deafening halt.
Another scene: Atsumu is watching you roll around on the bed, burrito-fying yourself with the blankets as you wear his old Inarizaki sweatshirt. His hands cradle a game controller, but he's hit the pause button a full three minutes ago. Which is three minutes too long. He hates the sickly sweet things you make him feel. It's five years and still the way you paw at the sheets in mid-sleep and drool on the pillow—Which by the way, absolutely disgusting, has him weak.
And because he's an asshole, he doesn't let things that make him feel weak last long. He stretches over and pokes at your cheek.
"Yer an ugly sleeper," he says when you crack open an eye.
"I'm more beautiful than you," is what you say around the dryness of your tongue.
Atsumu rubs his thumb across the small streak of spit on the side of your mouth. You groan and thwack his hand away.
"Gross," you say, finally giving in and blushing, "don't do that."
"What were you sayin' about bein' more beautiful than me? You're the one who's droolin' like a baby in her sleep."
"And I'll drool all over your sweatshirt, too."
He shrugs. He couldn't give less of a shit if he tried. It doesn't fit him anymore. "Go ahead. I'll even buy ya an Inarizaki bib since yer also a messy eater as you are a sleeper."
You try to flip him off but he grabs your wrist and kisses your knuckles.
"Gross," you say again, "best friends shouldn't kiss each other."
"I'll do more than that," he says, finally pushing himself over you and caging you under him. "I'll show you how good of a 'best friend' I can be."
You crack a fond smile, and do that stomach-clenching thing where you brush his bangs aside and trace circles against his collarbone with your thumb.
"Alright," you say, "show me."
Final scene:
The two of you are a pile of limbs. Atsumu's still panting, overexertion gnawing on his muscles. You’re an anchoring weight against his chest, splayed out over him, one side of your face smushed against the base of his neck.
"You're cute," you say.
"Cute? That's a shitty compliment." He's a fucking liar. He's knee-weak for you. It's a disease rotting him inside-out.
"You're cute," you say again, this time blowing in his ear. He shivers. "My cute little—"
"If you say best friend I will push you off the bed," he says.
"—My cute little boyfriend."
He grits his teeth and squeezes you tight. "I hate you."
"You love me more than you hate me," you say.
"Yeah and I hate myself for loving you more than I hate you."
You press a hand against his cheek. It's shaking because you're suppressing your laughter. "I'll love you more than you hate yourself for loving me more than you hate me."
He can't muster the three cells in his brain to fire their synapses in response. The only thing he can do is latch onto you, feeling you laugh against him and the noise being the one thing to guide him into a deep, comfortable sleep.
Tumblr media
by wobbles
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neoheros · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
atsumu is planning something, and you know, — unfortunately so — because he’s watching you sleep.
every night for the past three days, when you’re sleeping, you can feel him turn and prop himself up on his palm, breathe in and out, and just lay there next to you … watching you sleep.
and whilst others could argue how it’s horribly romantic for him to do that — you know atsumu long and well enough to know that he is planning something.
“hey!” atsumu’s voice snaps you out of your thoughts, his hands bouncing on your shoulders as he hops around your space, a wide wide smile on his face as he sees you for the first time today.
“i thought i was gonna pick ya up.” he tells you, his smile slightly feigning into a frown as he does so.
“i wanted to save you the trouble.” your eyes crinkle, “and also, samu promised me free onigiri if i got here early.”
today is onigiri miya’s grand opening — for the second time.
( the first time was a year ago but osamu got the restaurant moved to a much more convenient place a little bit last month and now he’s holding a rather small party with friends and family to celebrate. )
“you have to stop letting my brother lure you into betraying me.” atsumu groans, and the hands he had on your shoulders fall lower onto your waist.
you shake your head, smiling, “but he is such a good cook.”
with atsumu’s new contract with the MSBY BLACK JACKALS, it meant a whole bunch of new changes in your relationship.
he was gone more and more and sometimes, the only few moments the two of you would see each other was when he’d go home to your apartment or when he’d visit you at your college campus.
it was a hard change, but between his promotion and your final year in university, it was a change that was well-welcomed anyway.
“hi.” atsumu smiles, holding you close by the waist, appreciating that he met you by the doors of the restaurant, clearly abandoned by the other guests of the party.
you laugh, your arms looping around his neck, as you repeat, “hi.”
his eyes crinkle, a laugh on the verge of his lips, but with a smile, he leans closer to you instead, and closing the gap between the two of you until his smile touches your lips.
he could be away from you for two seconds or two years and he would still miss you the same.
the sun is starting to set, and with it, the party’ll probably begin too.
as close family, it’s only natural for you and atsumu to be early, but now, as the excitement of the night starts to arise, you feel pretty damn proud to be so close to this event right now.
atsumu pulls away, his smile the same as you first saw him today, and he leans in one last time to give you another peck on the lips.
your shoulders rise, and you smile, “come on, let’s go find samu.”
with the miya name, and the popularity of the original onigiri miya restaurant, it’s safe to say that the turnout of osamu’s party is alarmingly successful.
he’s got cousins from the other side of japan visiting him for tonight, and he’s unsure if that adds to his ego or his blood pressure more.
but aside from all that, not that his restaurant should be his first and only priority right now, atsumu stands next to him, his third glass of champagne almost completely empty.
there’s a groan in the back of osamu’s throat.
“i’m gonna do it.” atsumu nods, looking at you mingling with the crowd, watching with keen eyes as you laugh and talk with a few mutual friends.
he stands in the small buffet corner with his brother — the only person who knows what he’s planning — and with another sip of champagne, he nods faster.
osamu looks at him, “you’ve had three drinks.”
and atsumu shakes his head, “that’s why i’m gonna do it.”
see, atsumu has something he wants to do.
he’s been thinking about it for a while now, especially since he’s been part of his new contract, but every time he tries to actually do that thing he wants to do — he chickens out.
( atsumu would argue that his “chickening out” is only because he wants to make sure that what he wants to do would be something you’d want to do as well … and osamu would say that he’s chickening out because “yer a chicken and yer adopted.” )
“i’m going to do it.” atsumu takes the last sip from his glass, “right now.”
and osamu sighs, “please don’t ruin my party.”
“samu, more of your guests are arriving and i’m happy for you but i’m begging you to turn them away, they are going to finish all of your food.”
there’s a particular way your voice bounces as you say this, your hand pointing to the entrance door as you look at osamu who gives you a winning grin.
after a few minutes of that wretched mingling, you finally fall back to the corner where osamu and atsumu are at, but the air with them feels just as stiff as from before.
“i have something to say.” atsumu cuts in, looking you dead in the eye as he speaks.
your shoulders fall, “oh no.”
you know for a fact that atsumu miya is planning something. he’s been watching you sleep, staring at you when he thinks you aren’t looking, and romantically (sure) but creepily whispering something on repeat under his voice whenever you pass him by.
so you know — for a fact — that he is planning something.
and you’re unsure if it’s a good thing or not.
what if he proposes? that’s insane, it’s only been barely a year since you two started dating.
what if he wants to break up? you’re going to kill him for choosing to do it now.
your expression is wary.
“i think — no — i know — i should — we — we should —” atsumu blinks, trying to get the words out.
if it isn’t obvious already, he is very ( if not completely ) nervous about this.
“wow.” osamu nods, watching from the side as his brother tries his best, “you are so good at this.”
atsumu shoots him a dirty look, and the next second, he’s back to looking at you.
there’s a second stuck in the air.
he really is nervous about this.
and he just sighs, his shoulders fall as does his chest, and he lets a deep breath out as he looks at you.
��i want you to move in with me.”
that is not what you were expecting him to say.
“i love you, and you have a drawer of things in my dresser and i have way too many shirts at your apartment floor, and you have a toothbrush at my sink and i’m pretty sure you have my MSBY team jacket that you’re purposely hiding from me.”
his face is pink, and you’re unsure if that’s from the alcohol or from the fact that he just said all of that in one breath.
atsumu looks stiff, “i want more than that.”
“i want you to have your own whole dresser and your own whole … hairbrush ….” he continues talking and he kinda wishes he doesn’t.
( from the side, osamu nods, listening in, “you’re so romantic.”
and atsumu replies, in a hush tone as if you’re not literally in front of them, “go away. shut up. stop listening.” )
he lets a deep breath out, “i want you to move in with me.”
and he smiles, because he doesn’t know what else to do.
“unless, ya don’t want to …” atsumu laughs nervously, taking a sip from his champagne glass only to be reminded that its already empty, “then that’s also fine… definitely.”
the last time he’s been this nervous for a response was when he told his mother he wouldn’t be going to college, and even then, he was less nervous than this.
you look at him, “that’s it?”
“uhm,” and his expression falls, his hand back on his nape, “yea — that’s it. sorry.”
relief spreads across your chest. so, he isn’t proposing and he isn’t breaking up with you.
“no,” you shake your head, eyes softening at how atsumu is visibly defeated by what you just said.
you step closer towards him, “i mean, of course i’ll move in with you, i practically live with you already.”
“yeah?” his expression picks up, “you would?”
“yeah.” you smile, and your arms are back looping around his neck, “i’d love to have my own whole dresser and my own whole hairbrush.”
he groans when you remind him of that, but he laughs anyway, and with it, he reciprocates your embrace.
the whole moving in together won’t fix the rough schedule the two of you have been fighting, but it would definitely make seeing each other a lot more easier.
atsumu leans in to kiss you, his hand holding you by your jaw and your cheek as he pulls you in close, and he smiles against your lips.
you pull away for a second, laughing, “does this mean you’ll finally stop watching me sleep?”
and with his nose still touching yours he asks, “are you finally gonna return my MSBY team jacket?”
“no.” you scoff, and atsumu ignores that as he pulls you back in to kiss you again.
he’s laughing, but he pulls away just to come back to your lips again just to pull away and do it all over again.
you are the love of his life. he’s so sure of that.
he laughs, “then no.”
Tumblr media
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aominology · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
[ 7:21 a.m.]
bokuto rolls over to face away from the window of your shared bedroom. the light from the morning sun had managed to peek in through the small crevices of the window’s curtain and hit his face just where he wasn’t comfortable. nonetheless, had it not been for the sunlight, he still probably would’ve waken up early.
it’d become muscle memory for bokuto to wake up early after years of early morning volleyball practices and he thinks he’s blessed to have picked up the habit now – high school him is still crying about it – because waking up early meant waking up before you, and oh, how he adored the look of you while you slept.
it was for the exact reason that you didn’t look like a perfect princess that he adored seeing you that way.
currently, you were rolled onto your stomach face down, head in your pillow with hair pointing in different directions. sitting up, bokuto beams down at you and lightly pats your head.
“‘mornin,” he murmurs, voice still hoarse from sleep, leaning down to peck your head softly. he feels you stir beside him and mutter back something but it’s muffled from your pillow.
standing, he pulls a shirt on over his head and makes his way to your apartment’s kitchen to start on breakfast. it isn’t everyday when bokuto gets a day off from practice and he knows how hard it is on you to be away from him for too long so on these kinds of days, he tries his best to make up for lost time.
by the time he comes back to your bedroom, this time with a plate of pancakes and berries in hand, you’ve moved from your face-down position to lay on your back. your arms and legs are spread out like a starfish and the front of your hair is covering your face. bokuto grins as soon as he hears the light snores escaping your lips.
“sleepyhead,” he coos, sitting on the bed beside you. lightly shaking you, he continues, “wake up.”
“five more….minutes.”
at that, bokuto pouts. reaching for your face, he brushes your hair from the front of your face and lightly traces your jaw with his finger.
“you make me so weak,” he murmurs half to himself.
it’s absolutely true. had you been anyone else, he’d be jumping up and down on the bed, begging you to get up but just seeing you look so content and peaceful…he just doesn’t have the heart to end that.
at least not yet.
“y/n, i’ll eat all these pancakes without you.”
that seems to get a reaction from you by the way one of your eyes pop open. through half-lidded eyes, you observe his actions and when yes, indeed, he’s moving his hand to grab the fork, you jump forward to sit up.
“i’m up!” you manage to croak.
ah, this is exactly what bokuto cherishes about waking up to you: your barely open eyes, unruly hair, drool-stained chin. he loves you.
with a softer smile, he leans over to press a kiss to your lips. “about time, baby.”
Tumblr media
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tetsvhoe · a year ago
Hi!! I know you've already expanded on the toxic exes drabble, but I would love if you included Bokuto, Atsumu, & Sakusa too!! I really like your writing and characterizations and I'm looking forward to what else you come up with in the future!!
kuroo's part
tsukishima and suna's part
iwaizumi, oikawa, and kageyama's part
hinata, matsukawa, and osamu’s part
character/s: bokuto koutaro x f reader, miya atsumu x f reader, sakusa kiyoomi x f reader
genre/s: fluff
warning/s: toxic exes, jabs on reader’s weight and hinted physical abuse on bokuto’s part, suggestive on atsumu’s part bc he’s a smug little shit
gwen's notes 🤍: damb u hit the spot these three are literally my faves. ngl writing for the same prompt is kinda difficult because i feel like i’m being repetitive, sorry if that’s the case. i end up forgetting what i wrote right after lmao.
Tumblr media
bokuto koutaro
you loved coming to bokuto's games to cheer him up, this time was no different. he'd wear an entirely different smile and put on a grander show whenever he spot you among the crowd.
you waited by the entrance after the game concluded. spectators passed you by as they take their leave, talking about the plays and highlights of the game.
you kept yourself busy on your phone as you waited for your boyfriend to finish getting dressed in their locker rooms, excited to run up to his arms and tell him he did so well.
there was a tap on your shoulder. you turned around, the grin on your lips faltering when you realized it wasn't your boyfriend but someone you hoped you'd never see.
he scoffed at your reaction before leaning his face level with yours. "watched the game with your new boyfriend? didn't peg you as someone interested in sports, not when we were together at least," he snorted.
yes and no. yes, you watched the game not with but of your boyfriend. no, you were never athletic or that interested in sports but it's different when your boyfriend played the sport himself–with so much joy and passion at that. how could you not indulge him when he excitedly explains the game to you and entertains all your questions eagerly despite having to repeat himself a few times. when he turns to you with bright eyes whenever he scores a point as if he's just as impressed and surprised as you are. when he runs to hug you after, "did you see that, did you see what i did?" as he bounced on his feet like a little kid. similarly, he listens intently as you rant about the shows your watching and chimes in his own theories and opinions. he adoringly watches you doing your own hobbies and is utterly amazed. he supports your dreams and ambitions and wholeheartedly believes in you. a stark contrast to the person in front of you who always made you feel... invalid. in all aspects.
bile rose up your throat, but you managed to put on a fake smile, scrunching your nose. "hm i'm actually waiting for him, so if you excuse me." you swiftly turned on your heel but he caught your wrist and pulled you back, causing your heart to stop.
"hey where do you think you're going," he cooed, his tone more menacing and dark than before. "we could wait for your boyfriend right here, while we catch up."
you dropped the facade and straight up glared at him, trying to wriggle out of his grasp. he didn't get the chance to hit you before when you were together, but he was always aggressive–slamming doors, throwing stuff across the room, punching walls, death grip on your shoulders and wrists. if you hadn't left him sooner, he would have eventually gotten a lot more physical with you. that thought alone scared you even when you weren't together anymore. he still acted as if he had every right.
"i have nothing to say to you. quite frankly i don't give a shit about you or what's going on in your life."
he let out a bitter chuckle, refusing to let go of you. "shame, it's just because i think you've put on a bit of weight. you seemed to have let go of yourself hm?"
taken aback, your mouth hung open. you tried to find the words to bark back at him but your mind went blank. you scolded yourself for allowing him to have such an effect but most of all you couldn't fathom how highly he must have thought of himself to talk and act like that.
satisfied with the way you stopped struggling as he hit a nerve, he continued provoking you. "how do you expect anyone to love you-no at least just like you when you look like that, come on," he clicked his tongue.
tears welled up in your eyes out of pure anger and hatred, but you weren't going to let him see that. you swallowed thickly at the lump in your throat. your voice was shaky but you managed to tell him off with finality. "that's fucking rich coming from you and your inexistent hygiene. you have no right to treat me like shit again, not when we were together and most certainly not when we are not."
you could tell he was always so used to having his way and having the final say on things as you saw his jaw clench and eyes twitch. he was fuming and his grip impossibly becoming tighter.
a breath of relief huffed out of your mouth as you heard a group of people approaching, that must be bokuto and the team. your heart swelled as you spot him in the crowd, tall and brooding as usual.
"you guys go on ahead," he called after his teammates as he jogged over to you. his smile was quickly wiped off when his eyes trailed to where your ex had his unwelcome grip on you. you took the opportunity to finally yank your hand away and rub the spot he had grasped.
"hey, babe what's going on?" he wrapped an arm around your shoulders and pulled you flush against his side out of instinct. he stared the man down with a scowl you were pretty sure you'd never seen before.
"nothing," your ex was all too quick to answer, teeth clenched in annoyance. you felt like you narrowly missed him getting physical with you again and you shuddered at the thought. "i was just leaving anyway."
it was bokuto's turn to put a death grip on him and you noticed how your ex winced in the slightest. you kept your grin to yourself. your boyfriend turned to look at you, eyes gentle and voice soft. "is everything alright, princess? did he do something?"
your heart fluttered at that. you glanced up at your ex, he had a look of panic in his eyes yet he tried to mask it with annoyance. as satisfying as it was to watch him be put in his place, you didn't want to give him the luxury of your care. you would have paid good money to watch him get smacked in the face, by your beefcake of a boyfriend no less, but you deemed him unworthy of you and bokuto's time and energy.
you wrapped your arms around bokuto's waist, snuggling to his chest as you provokingly smile up at your ex. "forget about it, kou. we have so many better things to do. let's not waste our time with him." bokuto melted into your touch, hesitantly freeing him.
he placed a kiss on your temple as you skipped your way to his car. you could feel he was still uneasy about the encounter but you didn't wanna ruin both of your moods over something as useless as that.
"what was that even about, what did he tell you?"
you playfully pouted at him. "hm a lot of nasty things i would not care to repeat. anyway do you think i gained weight?" you let go of his hand to raise your arms on either side and do a little spin for bokuto. as nonchalant and playful as you tried to put it, you can't help but feel bothered.
he stopped in his tracks, the expression on his face was unreadable. he didn't answer but grabbed your hand instead and led you to his car.
hand on the steering wheel and eyes trailed forward, he finally spoke. "first of all i don't know what he said exactly. in hindsight i might have done something pretty bad if i found out."
you offered a tight lipped cheeky smile as he turned to you.
"second of all you should have at least let me hit him one time."
"hm no, jerks who use a singular bar of soap for the entirety of their hygiene do not deserve rights. you're too good to give him the time of day."
you both broke out to a hearty chuckle, touching his arm and leaning your head against his shoulder. you opened your mouth to speak but bokuto beat you to it.
"and yes i think you did gain weight."
you stared at him confused, eyebrows raised and mouth agape.
"because i take good care of you. you look so much happier and healthier as opposed to when you lost weight because you were always stressed and miserable because of him." you searched his eyes for a hint of insincerity, but they were almost sparkling with adoration and love. "i think you look perfect. i love you, every part of you."
he reached over to hold your cheek, your face heating up at the gesture. you leaned against his touch, eyes glossed over.
"i love you, kou. literally how did i get so lucky."
he placed a quick peck on the tip of your nose, starting the engine to distract you from the blush appearing on his face.
Tumblr media
miya atsumu
dating the miya atsumu has been everything but boring. you knew he had a lot of dedicated fan girls, so to speak. though rest assured atsumu only had eyes for you, you still loved to look your best whenever you went out together.
especially since this was your first fancy dinner date and night out with him in a while, you went all out—the dress, the hair, the makeup, the shoes and accessories. atsumu couldn’t help but feel as though he won the lottery.
he couldn’t keep his hands to himself all night, always an arm around your waist or a hand resting on your thigh. he kept checking you out, too like he was trying to gather the courage to shoot his shot with you. he was being an adorable little dork and your biggest hypeman.
you both weren’t sure where to go after you’ve indulged in a fancy dinner at some high end restaurant and your boyfriend was dead set on showing you off. he argued that you spent so much time and effort to look this good and he didn’t want to waste that. luckily though his teammates were out drinking on this lovely saturday evening and you both decided to crash in.
the loud music buzzed through the walls and floor, the lights were dim and colorful and just as intoxicating, bodies clashed and melted into each other on the dance floor.
you were left alone in your booth as atsumu went to get more drinks, the rest of the guys were just scattered around the club and making the most out of their well deserved break.
“if it isn’t y/n,” a voice you immediately recognized, despite being tipsy from the alcohol, half-shouted from behind you.
you spared him an uninterested eyes, bringing your glass to your lips as you rolled your eyes. “what the hell do you want from me?”
he claimed a seat across from you, propping his elbows up. “have you no shame?” he clicked his tongue disapprovingly. “dressed like a slut surrounded by all those men what would your new little boyfriend think of this behavior?”
you put your glass down with a bit more force than intended, spilling some of the drink on the table. “that’s none of your business. get lost.”
“it is if you’re acting like a whore right after we broke up, don’t you have a little bit of respect left for me or yourself?” he continued to taunt, leaning back on his seat.
you narrowed your eyes, rage bubbling up from the utter bullshit he was spewing. “you have always acted like a whore when we were together. i say this again, whatever i choose to do with my life is none of your fucking business. leave,” you gritted through your teeth.
a laugh resounded from behind you followed by a chaste kiss on the crook of your neck. atsumu claimed his seat beside you as he set your drinks down. you and your ex both looked at him surprised and confused. he draped an arm over your thighs and crossed his leg over the other obnoxiously. “oh by the way i think she looks fucking hot.”
you blinked back at him, confused.
“you were wondering what would your new little boyfriend think of this behavior,” he mocked in a whiny voice, making you snicker. “i think she looks hot and i’m glad she’s having fun.” he glared at him through his lashes as he took a long sip from his drink.
after a beat of awkward silence in your booth, your ex finally scoffed. “you should keep your girlfriend on a short leash. she’s known to mess around with other guys when we were still together.”
you rolled your eyes but before you could open your mouth to deny his entirely wrong claim, atsumu leaned over, setting his glass down. he looked almost amused with his bored eyes and slight smirk tugging at the corner of his lips. “is she known for that really or did you just spread those rumors when your ego couldn’t handle being dumped, rightly so i might add.”
annoyed and humiliated, your ex struggled to find a response but refused to back down. he looked at you instead, sneering. “oh i see, i get it now. you just really love the attention don’t you? you love having men gawk at you and your boyfriend thinks you’re all that.”
“oh get over yourself,” you scoffed folding your arms over your chest. “your head must be so far up your ass to think i look like this for you or anyone else for that matter.”
atsumu chuckled, shaking his head. “mhm, trust me you’re the farthest thing on her mind especially when i get to fuck her senseless when we get home.”
you snapped your head at your boyfriend, eyes wide and cheeks burning with embarrassment. “tsumu!” you half-whispered half-shouted, pinching his side.
“oops sorry, guess i wasn’t supposed to say that,” he laughed as he gathered your things in his hands. “just thought you should know, since you act like your opinion still matters.”
you were silent the whole way home, unsure of how to feel. you were furious that your ex had the nerve to say such degrading words at you to the point where you wondered if he was right. although atsumu defended you, being the cocky bastard he was, you wondered how he felt about other people checking you out.
your ex used to scold you for dressing up, accusing you of seeing someone else behind his back. he used to be annoyed at you whenever you got catcalled or checked out in public, saying it could have been avoided if you dressed modestly.
“tsum, do you think…” you couldn’t bring yourself to finish the words, suddenly being conflicted and hating yourself. an involuntary sob escaped your lips as atsumu pulled up to the driveway.
he pulled you into his chest wordlessly and stroked your hair. “what we’re not going to do is let that idiot’s words get to you, okay? i’m sorry he ruined your night, angel. i’m here, it’s okay.”
“but i- it’s my fault. i shouldn’t have-“
“i don’t care,” he announced, making you stare up at him with teary eyes. “dress however you want, i can fight,” he grinned, flexing his arms in an attempt to make you smile.
it worked.
he placed a kiss on your forehead before thumbing your tears away. “we both know he was just trying to get in your head. i won’t let him fuck with your mind like that anymore okay? i love you, angel.”
you sniffled a small “i love you too”, making him smile to himself.
“let’s go inside, i’ll make sure we end this night on a nice note,” he whispered, giving you a playful wink. you chuckled but felt your face heat up once more, recalling he was going to fulfill the promise he made back at the club.
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi
you and sakusa were quite the opposites but that’s exactly why you worked—you balanced each other out nicely. he was quiet and reserved, you were chatty and cheerful. you rambled about the million different things going on in your pretty little head, and he listened intently.
likewise, sakusa was often busy with training. days like these, when you got to go out with him doing all sorts of fun stuff, didn’t come often so you wanted to make the most out of it. your boyfriend was surprisingly willing to indulge you in a full day of going around town, sightseeing and shopping, trying out different food you saw along the way.
you were both pretty spent by sunset. your last stop happened to be a quaint cafe with homey and aesthetic interior. you thought nothing could possibly ruin the wonderful day you had just spent with your boyfriend.
as always, you were doing most of the talking while sakusa gave you curt replies, simple head nods and shakes. it didn’t mean he was any less interested or happy though. he felt at ease despite having been around people all day because you were around. you held his hand, gave him reassuring smiles, and made sure he was alright. whenever he felt uncomfortable, you would always put him first and his heart swelled every time because he always felt how much you cared about him.
though you felt you were talking his ears off, he made sure you knew he was enjoying your company through little gestures. he would give your hand a gentle squeeze, recall the story you were telling to see if he got the details of the gossip right, he would occasionally give his opinions on the things you thought of buying, and pose shyly for your spontaneous picture taking.
“omi you look like a pinterest boy,” you squealed, fishing your phone out of your pocket to snap a quick photo. you could barely tell, but he was smiling under his mask.
“is that supposed to be a compliment,” he asked, raising an eyebrow.
you bite back a grin, reaching over to brush his curls away from his face. “a huge one.” he was startled at first, but a blush quickly crept up his face to where his mask couldn’t hide it. you giggled, making him playfully swat your hand away.
you excused yourself to order for the both of you.
“still overbearing as ever i see,” a voice whispered from behind you.
you quickly turned around to see your ex sneering down at you. “excuse me?” you huffed, taking a cautious step back. the cafe was slightly crowded but he was the last person you ever expected to see, especially after the lovely day you just had.
“it’s just that you haven’t changed at all. you are still so unbearably annoying,” he enunciated with spite as he motioned to where sakusa was sat, busy scrolling through his phone.
“you have no idea what you’re talking about. i just wanna get coffee, so excuse me,” you dismissed him quickly, not wanting him to notice how your heart clenched at his words.
you recalled the absolute torture you went through with him when he would push and pull you away whenever he pleased, until eventually dumping you because you were “too much”—too clingy, affectionate, talkative, that you didn’t leave him space to breathe because you were always hovering over him.
he clicked his tongue, stopping you mid step. you should have just went to the counter, you took note. “can’t believe you never learned your lesson. i feel so bad for your new guy, he looks so fed up with you already.”
there was a satisfied smirk on his face when you turned to look at him. what were you even supposed to say to him? you knew he was purposely riling you up, and it worked.
“i’m not sure what you want me to say to that,” you spat glaring at him, balling your fists.
“exactly, nothing because you know i’m right. i was right all along that you wouldn’t find anybody who would want to put up with your bullshit,” he snickered humorlessly.
“speak for yourself,” sakusa’s cold tone cut through the conversation abruptly. he towered above your ex as he stood his full height and looked down at him, almost in disgust.
“what’s taking so long?” he jerked his head towards you.
you stammered for an answer, so your boyfriend grabbed your hand instead and pulled you to his side. he was never big on pda and so were you, but your heart danced around in your chest giddily nonetheless.
“you must be so awfully miserable with your life that you feel the need to drill those thoughts into her head,” he retorted, eyes narrowing at your stunned ex. “quite frankly you’re the intolerable one so you have to gaslight and manipulate the shit out of someone into staying with you,” he snickered, pulling his mask down to flaunt his vicious grin.
he turned to you with a soft smile, kissing your temple before hauling you away. “let’s go, love. this place suddenly became filthy and disgusting for some reason. it reeks.”
“i don’t find you annoying or anything,” sakusa awkwardly blurted out as you quietly sipped your iced coffee in an entirely different cafe, one with an open rooftop and a breathtaking view. “i’m not very good with words… or actions for that matter but i really love you and your clinginess and affection.”
you stared at him with the drink still your hand as you struggled to find the words to say. he looked away and rubbed the back of his neck shyly, which only made you want to smother him more. you hopped off your seat and nuzzled to his side. he was glad you were too busy teasing him to notice how much he was blushing.
“awww omi i love you too,” you cooed. “i knew you loved my teasing all along!” you repeatedly poked his sides, making him jerk away.
when he seized your hand and looked you in the eyes, bringing his face a few inches from yours, you faltered. “you’re trying to brush it off, but i know he messed you up badly. just because i suck at showing it, doesn’t mean i love you any less.”
the sudden vulnerabilty, in a public place no less, tugged at your emotions. the tears rolled down your cheeks on their own.
chuckling, sakusa ruffled your hair and pulled you into a quick hug. “finish that already, i can’t wait to go home and shower,” he muttered, changing the subject.
you snuck a quick kiss over his mask, grinning. “i love you, omi.” you giggled at how he blinked a few times before stuttering out an awkward “i love you too, idiot.”
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keiyush · 7 days ago
[ 𝐀𝐋𝐀𝐑𝐌 𝐂𝐋𝐎𝐂𝐊𝐒 ] — iwaizumi hajime
Tumblr media
neither your alarm clock nor iwaizumi were what woke you up this morning.
instead, what woke you up had been the loud beating of the heavy down-pouring rain from outside hitting against your bedroom window that had caused you to jolt from your slumber. however, it really was a pleasure to see the sight of the sky accompanied by its dim lighting when your eyes fluttered open. and with the curtains not being drawn back yet, still in their state of covering the window, it made your room much darker than normal.
more so, the temperature in your room felt much colder even under the warm sheets that laid on top of you – one thin sheet, a thin duvet, and then a considerably thicker duvet to top it all off. but the comforting man that rested beside you radiated such delightful warmth, that the cold rainy mist weather couldn’t even compare to his loving heat one bit.
just as a guess, it was probably around seven-forty in the morning. you would wake up in the earlier morning hours every wednesday and thursday because of your somewhat unfortunate university class schedules, but at least luckily for you, they were situated through online sites.
thanks to having the online lectures now, you have been able to give yourself a break by staying in bed while listening instead of having to go through the never-ending struggle of trying to find somewhat proper outfits to wear or trying to get to a certain class on time.
you never really knew why you chose to set an alarm for yourself though, because you always ended up waking up before it would ring anyways.
shifting under the covers from your side and onto your back, you reached your hand over to the nightstand and gripped your phone in your hand. bringing it to your face, your eyes squinted heavily at the brightness of the screen when you turned it on. quickly tapping through your apps, you finally opened the clock app and turned off your alarm before it could start going off, then proceeded to slam it back onto your nightstand.
rubbing away at your eyes, you tried to forget the excruciating light of your phone that just ruined your sight before you started to turn your side to lift your legs out of the bed.
yet, before you could completely sit your whole body up, a pair of rough hands reached out to your waist from behind, pulling you back down, and iwaizumi hastily circled his arms around your hips to pull you back against him when he started to feel you leave your warm spot in bed. a small hum of surprise leaves your throat at the feeling of his embracing arms and their tightening grip that seems to increase with every second.
iwaizumi had never been a very deep sleeper, but you didn’t think that with such small movements you made that it would actually alert him even in his exhausted state.
“where do you think you’re going?” a deep grumble left him as he slurred lowly, pulling you back close enough to him, pressing his face into your back and nudging his nose against the nape of your neck.
you lightly patted his hand that sat atop your hip-bone with yours as an uncontainable smile lifted at your lips. turning your head a bit to look over behind your shoulder, you replied, “i’m getting my laptop. i have a class today, haji.”
it took him just a few seconds to process what you had said. considering he couldn’t hear much due to having his face buried against you and your pillow, all he really heard was the words ‘laptop’ and ‘class’. he assumed you were talking about something for your schooling, so he settled for slowly releasing his iron tight grip on you. you sighed silently, sitting up and dropping your bare feet onto the cold hardwood floor, and stepped quietly over to your desk where your laptop was laid and was completely charged.
sitting yourself back on the bed, you brought one of your legs up, sliding it under the covers and bringing the other one along suit. making yourself comfortable, you soon plopped the device on your lap and opened it.
the boy that laid beside you watching your every move squinted his eyes at the bright screen, his face quickly moving to hide inside the junction of his arm. luckily for you, you had turned down the brightness in enough time before he could get the chance to complain about it. as you clicked against the mousepad beneath the keyboard, you navigated your way to the school website and found your assigned lecture link.
iwaizumi listened closely to the clicks of the laptop and your small breaths while keeping his eyes closed.
the rain outside still fell at its heavy pace, coming close to almost drowning out the sounds of your breathing that iwaizumi was listening to in order to remember that you were right beside him. the sounds of your tapping against the laptop were loud compared to the downpour against the bedroom window, but it was only those sounds he could hear the most because he was laying so close to you, meaning he could hear them a lot more clearly.
bringing his head up a bit, he took his face out of the darkness of his inner elbow and peeked an eye open at the screen. a small frown accommodated itself on his face when he saw the text displayed saying to wait for the meeting to start. shifting about in his spot slowly, he shimmied himself closer to you and once again, snuck his arms under yours and around your torso.
you moved yourself a bit to assist with his position, letting him swing his leg behind your laptop and over your legs, allowing his arms to pull your half-sat body closer, and lifting your left arm up for him to move underneath and lay his head on your stomach.
“business class today?” he questioned in a quiet mumble, his voice being muffled between both his drowsiness and the fabric of his oversized shirt that you were wearing over your figure. his eyes were now opened a slight bit, his focus on the loading button that sat in the middle of the screen. a scoff left his mouth, the small good and bad memories of his several school days filling his mind as he snuggled further into your warmth.
you smiled to yourself when you felt him relax against you, his whole body exhaling as he let his awakened state leave himself. his cheek was smushed in the underside of your chest, his skin slightly jutting out with his lips showing a pout and his eyes starting to doze off into a straight line. throwing an arm over his shoulder, you placed your hand into his hair to give it comforting scratches. you giggled lightly when you caught the tight-lipped smile that engulfed him, his eyes arching into two crescent moons.
“mhm, just waiting for the professor to start now.”
“someone must be late then,” he chuckled gradually, his eyes still closed tight. tilting his head further into your tummy, he nuzzled his cheek against it, adjusting his position slightly and then settling down again.
you laughed lightly, fingers still stroking lovingly through his short spiky tresses, almost as if to lure him back into his slumber. helping him fall back asleep was probably the best option anyways. you definitely didn’t want to keep him awake for no reason, especially since on most days he could barely get enough decent sleep as an athletic trainer. all of the days filled with several hours of team practice and training took many tolls on him. a lot of the time you just never bothered to try and spend more time with him because you much rathered making sure that he got enough rest before the practice days for the volleyball championships were going to start.
but being like this, with his arms wrapped around you in all of his soft and sleepy glory, his head buried into your chest making you feel all cozy and warm. there would never be anything more that you could ask for from iwaizumi. even without doing anything imposing or extensive for you, he was giving you so much growing affection that you already felt more than enough joy. and the best part about having the early online classes was being able to see iwaizumi first thing in the morning.
“when is your class?” he asked, breaking the small silence with a low mumble of his voice.
“at seven-forty-five, but the professor for this class is always a bit late.” you answered assuringly, clicking around the site just to make sure that you had pressed on the correct lecture link. “well that’s not good,” he said casually, lifting his chin a bit to press it on your stomach and look towards the window, “being late is supposed to be a big no-no.”
“maybe they are just having some technical difficulties today, you know how long those can take to fix, haji.”
“but still,” he whined, curling himself against you with furrowed brows and his lips jutted out even further than before. “i’m just being bitter. we’re supposed to be enjoying my time off right now, so why did your schedule have to ruin that.”
“don’t worry honey, the class will be over in no time and then i will be able to cuddle you all you want,” you said after releasing a dry laugh, “i promise.”
he grunted in ignorance at you, even though he really loved the idea. from the looks that he was getting from the weather outside, he could only think of ways to persuade you into staying in bed for the whole day and just ordering take-out. just the simple thought of being in bed with food and your favourite shows all day sounded like the ultimate heaven to him.
and of course, not to mention the fact that he could finally spend some quality time with you after his extremely conflicting training schedules. brief calls and texts, the small cheek kisses he would receive whenever he had to take a quick leave to the practice gymnasium, all the times he wished to stay in bed with you but had to leave in the early hours before you would awaken. all of it was not sufficient enough for his needs and wants for your love and affection.
“how long will your class be?” he asked plainly. “about thirty minutes at most,” you replied, causing him to let out a grumble from his throat.
“but that’s so long.”
“then you’ll just have to wait.” you said casually. the screen on your laptop started to change, prompting you to unmute your microphone. you immediately clicked on the option and the lecture started to load. before it could open, you spoke. “the class is starting now. just go to sleep and i’ll join you when it’s over.”
iwaizumi scoffed lightly, casting a dark glance to the screen before he closed his eyes again. he pressed his ear as close to your chest as he could and tried to focus on your steady heartbeat.
his arms curled softly around your torso, and his eyes started to droop. he knew he could easily fall asleep like this forever. he always did already anyways.
Tumblr media
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bbyatsumu · a month ago
ok i’m back from reading your rules <33 but miya atsumu with the prompt; “I have the feeling that you’re trying not to kiss me and I give you permission to just do it.” 👀👀??
Tumblr media
001. episode [1]: "I have the feeling that you're trying not to kiss me and I give you full permission to just do it" w/ miya atsumu
002. w/c: 1.9k | INA! Thank you so much for your love and support! I really hope you enjoy this lil atsumu fluff!
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Tumblr media
“I have the strangest feeling that yer trying not ‘ta kiss me right now, so I give ya full permission to just do it,” Atsumu stated, while a knowing smirk tugged at his lips. While he kept his focus on the movie, you could still see the playfulness that swam in his gaze.
Your heart felt like it stopped in your chest, your mouth falling open to gape at your boyfriend retaining that shit-eating grin. All you could focus on was how attractive he looked - his blonde hair slightly messy, brown eyes wide as he watched Titanic with rapt fascination, and his soft lips parted slightly. It made you groan internally because, god, how was he attractive even while munching on popcorn? You honestly thought that it was a crime against humanity.
“I-I’m sorry. What?” you sputtered, attempting to regain your composure, blinking rapidly as you gawked at the tall volleyball player. Atsumu merely shoved another handful of popcorn into his mouth, drawing your attention to his plush lips. 
It’s amazing how in-tune Atsumu was with your thoughts and desires. Being fairly new in the dating stage, there were still a lot of firsts you had yet to experience together. Even the thought of kissing him for the first time made you feel warm all over, your body thrumming with anticipation and nerves and your eyes blown wide.
Dating Miya Atsumu was like a rush every day - he made your heart soar, adrenaline rushing through your veins every time he looked at you; every lingering touch, every time he picked you up for a date, leaning against the door of his car with dark shades perched on the bridge of his nose, was a gift - a gift that made your heart furiously pound against your ribcage.
He made you laugh like no one else before, his sweet smiles contagious to anyone around him. He was captivating, gently holding your hand across restaurant tables, easily guiding you to the part of the sidewalk furthest away from the road, engulfing you in tight hugs after long practices. In those instances, you would teasingly complain in his ear, attempting to wriggle out of his big embrace with protestations of: “‘Tsumu - you’re too sweaty!”
That did little to push him away, though; instead, he burrowed his flushed face against the crook of your neck, tickling you with his warm breath as he swung you around in his sweaty arms. All he did was laugh at your faux insistence, grinning with a simple, “Too bad,” as you squealed in his arms.
Eventually, you’d give in, hugging him back and trying to ignore the whoops and hollers from his teammates. It was something you swore you’d never get used to - dating a professional athlete. But with a tender smile, Atsumu’s ruffled and messy hair pressed against your cheek, and his honest confession of “...missed you,” whispered almost shyly into your neck, you felt like the luckiest girl in the world.
Miya Atsumu made you feel loved in every sense of the word, and even though it was probably too early to say it, you knew you were head over heels for him.
You were snapped back to the present when Atsumu nudged you flirtatiously, his grip tightening on your leg.
“You heard me, princess,” Atsumu grinned, finally letting his eyes break from the movie to catch yours. They were mischievous as he gazed at you, but you also recognized something else there; yes, in the two months you’d dated Miya Atsumu, he’s picked up on a lot of your tells, able to read you like the back of his hand.
But you’d also picked up on all of his, able to pick through his usual charismatic composure to see the sweet, and sometimes bashful, guy underneath. 
And now, his eyes were full of mischievousness - but also a sort of timid longing. 
Miya Atsumu wanted to kiss you more than anything else in the world.
Suddenly, your focus wasn’t on the movie, but on the guy in front of you. His fingers seemed to anxiously play with the hem of your top, his palm warm as it held onto your hip. Atsumu was so close, leaning towards you as his body moved to face yours. The air was thick with anticipation, buzzing with a kind of nervous adrenaline as your hand came to rest on his bicep. Atsumu responded the same - his hand trailed up your side, fingertips padding against your skin, leaving goosebumps in his wake, until he carefully cupped your cheek.
His fingers gently caressed your jaw, thumb grazing your cheekbone as he dazedly blinked. You felt like the air was sucked out of your lungs when his thumb moved down a bit, brushing over your lips in the lightest touch. You saw how his eyes were latched onto your every reaction, drinking in the moment as his affectionately traced over your soft lips. All you could do was stare at him, overwhelmed with the thick tension that caused the room to spin.
The light of the movie was cast over you in a blue light, illuminating Atsumu in the most beautiful glow you’d ever seen. His lips were parted as he gazed down at you, his dark eyes searching yours for any hesitance or sign that you didn’t want this. All he wanted to do was reach for you, to pull you in for a sweet kiss until you were both dizzy due to lack of air. Atsumu had never really been a nervous person - his charismatic personality drew people to him, and his confidence bubbled through every word that passed through his lips. But, in that moment, Atsumu felt the most nervous person in the world. 
“Can I? Kiss ya, I mean,” he asked, his voice a bit breathier than usual. Earlier, you’d sworn your heart had stopped, but now, you could feel it thundering in your throat. It was hard to breathe - your every nerve tingling as a thrill shot through your body. You’d noticed you were unconsciously angling your body towards Atsumu, desperate for his touch even though your words seemed to fail you. 
“Baby…” he pleaded once again, fearing that his words fell on deaf ears. His fingers held onto you so sweetly, his eyes pooling with affection and adoration in such a way that had your breath hitching in your chest. 
But, despite how nervous you felt, there was nothing in you that wanted to deny him. All you wanted was Atsumu, and for weeks now, you’d been imagining this moment. How it would feel to hold him in this kind of embrace, to feel his soft hair under your fingers as he kissed the air out of your chest. To feel his heartbeat under your touch, and how soft his lips would feel against your own.
So, you let out a shaky breath, your hand coming to nervously cup Atsumu’s cheek as you nodded. He immediately closed his eyes, nuzzling into your touch in a way that had your heart feeling warm, swelling with adoration for this sweet boy in front of you. 
“Please,” you whispered, and Atsumu could only grin as he finally tugged you closer.
Your arms wrapped around his neck as Atsumu leaned down, softly nudging your nose with his, as his lips slanted over yours. It was a gentle touch - so feather-light in his actions as his hand cupped your cheek, the other caressing the nape of your neck to pull you closer. His thumb played with the sensitive skin there, brushing over it until you were shivering against his body. 
Atsumu grinned into the kiss, causing you to do the same. It was a dopey, lovesick smile, but it didn’t cause you to break apart. Atsumu was addicted to the feel of your lips and how you tasted, desperate to feel more but trying to hold himself back. He caressed your cheek, teasingly brushing his lips over yours and letting them linger there for a moment, before pulling you in for a deeper embrace.
As you sighed, Atsumu let his tongue trace your bottom lip, a silent plea that you easily gave in to. His hold on you tightened, and your heart finally got used to the feeling as Atsumu easily pulled you onto his lap. The movie long forgotten, the sounds on the television were drowned out by the pounding in your ears. 
Soon, Atsumu’s kiss turned a bit more desperate - a bit more insistent and hurried. Your hands ran down his chest, obsessed with the intoxicating way his lips tasted. You were certain that the room was spinning but could hardly bring yourself to care as Atsumu held you against him in a warm embrace. As you licked into his mouth, you happily drank in Atsumu’s surprised sound, pleased that you were able to pull such a reaction from him. His large hands rested on your hips, before he got restless and moved to cup your cheeks as his lips lovingly moved against yours.
Atsumu’s previous wish came true, as he kissed you until you had to break apart for air. When you finally did, he couldn’t help himself when he continued kissing all over your face. Your sweet giggles were like music to his ears as he trailed soft kisses across your cheek, his lips brushing against your nose, tickling your eyelids. You felt so good under his touch, and Atsumu couldn’t get enough.
When you finally pulled away, Atsumu was grinning widely, still holding onto your cheeks as his forehead rested against yours. His smile was easily reciprocated, both of you panting for breath as he simply held you in his warm embrace. It felt like your lips were tingling as he gazed at you, and you smiled as you could feel his erratic heartbeat through his shirt. 
“Wow,” he whispered, awe tinging his words as he quickly leaned forward to steal another kiss. You leaned into him, unable to fight the smile on your face as he gripped onto you. His soft lips pressed against yours, covering yours in the most perfect embrace as you happily sighed against him. You melted against him, content as you were able to feel the full plushness of his lips. 
This time, when you pulled away, it was you who peppered multiple kisses all over Atsumu’s face. He laughed as you did so, fingers tightening around your body as your lips tickled his skin. He adored the feeling of it - how soft you felt against him, how your lips brushed over the space between his eyebrows, pressing a quick kiss to the side of his lips, brushing over the hot blush that settled across his cheeks.
“Wow,” you returned when you finally pulled back. The two of you simply soaked in the moment, holding each other close as the lovesick smiles refused to leave. Atsumu’s arms wound around your waist, simply holding you in his arms as you smiled against him, hugging him back as you settled against his chest.
As you felt his heart pounding against your cheek, a bubbly laugh rose in your throat, a smile breaking out across your features despite your best efforts.
“What is it?” Atsumu questioned, feeling your body shake with laughter against his. He was amused, his hand tracing comforting shapes against your back until you looked up at him. 
“I think you’re gonna give me a heart attack,” you stated, earning a teasing scoff as Atsumu rolled his head back in laughter.
“You? No princess. I’m the one who’s gonna get a heart attack,” he retorted, nudging his head into the crook of your neck. It was something he’d started doing quite often, and you realized it was because he felt comforted and safe in your arms. 
So, you simply held him, heart filled with love as Miya Atsumu continued placing slow kisses against your neck. 
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diluvey · a month ago
bobarista!osamu, who recognizes you by the third time you’ve come around. the shop has been busy because the chain only recently expanded to this town, so he sees at least a hundred people a day yet he’s memorized you by your face and mannerisms by then. it’s a miracle that he does considering it’s also been about a month since opening, but call it fate.
bobarista!osamu who wonders why you always get the same drink. it’s not like their menu’s limited in options, yet he always calls out for a regular strawberry de leche, no boba. it’s fine, he has no room to judge anyway. not when you shoot him a bashful smile before shuffling towards the door.
bobarista!osamu who takes his precious time fixing up your drink. he knows that you’re watching him but he really shouldn’t, considering you probably only care about getting your drink, but he does so anyway. so he crushes the strawberries with care and fills your cup to the very brim before sealing it, making sure to give it a good shake before sliding it across the counter with a straw ready at hand.
bobarista!osamu who gets giddy when he realizes you’re a shop regular. all he knows is your name, your usual order, and the fact that you always come 8 o’clock on the dot. it makes his day, and his brother atsumu teases him for the stupid smile on his face that stays all the way to the end of the day, when he gets home. the faux blond knows you as the “boba shop cutie” despite never having formally met you because osamu mentioned you one too many times. isn’t it ridiculous that he’s pining over a stranger? but you are something of a distraction for his brother, he’ll give you that.
bobarista!osamu who malfunctions when you say his name. he almost asks how you know, but then he notices that your eyes had flitted down to the name tag on his chest. you’re saying thank you for the drink and bidding him well, which you always do, but it’s the first you’ve ever actually referred to him by name. it sweeps him off his feet, and he stumbles over his words no matter how simple he intended them to be.
bobarista!osamu who doesn’t fail to catch how you avoid his gaze more often than not when retrieving your order for the day. he thinks it’s adorable, how you struggle to maintain eye contact and practically jump out of your skin when his hand accidentally grazes yours. yer too cute for yer own good, ya know? little do you know, he’s just as flustered as you are. maybe if you looked up at him for once, you’d see how the tips of his ears are as bright as the strawberries in your drink. it’s not fair that you have this much of an effect on him.
Tumblr media
Ⓒ diluvey 2022. do not repost, translate, edit, and/or copy any of my works. likes, comments, and reblogs are appreciated.
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detetsu · a month ago
Tumblr media
you start calling kuroo 'tetsurou' the night you meet his family.
and, truthfully, after three whole months of dating, you probably should've said it once or twice by now, but it isn't until you're surrounded by a bunch of kuroo's (three generations of them to be exact) that it's started to feel important.
"tetsurou," his grandfather says, you're not sure what it is—the lilt in his voice, the look on his face, or the tuft to his hair—but the presence of him feels a little more kuroo than you'd ever expected it to be. "a glass of water, please. with ice this time."
he motions towards the kitchen and, though you're not entirely sure why, when your boyfriend gets up to fulfill his little grandfather's request, you find yourself following him.
"you like him," kuroo—your kuroo—takes a glass from the cabinet as you settle yourself against the counter. "i could see it on your face."
and you hum, "he reminds me of you."
"sure, me but cranky and old, right?"
"no." a little smirk pulls across your face. "just you."
he shifts over to the fridge, mumbling something about how that man is nothing like him! nowhere near as young and spry and funny! and he pulls a pitcher out of the back.
"uh-huh. young and spry and funny are truly the words of a man of his youth." you smile, and you're sure you can see the eye roll from the back of his head.
"they are." he pulls the glass towards him and shifts the pitcher in his hand. "they're words of my youth—and yours by affiliation."
"a-ffil-i-a-tion," you repeat, letting each syllable fall off your tongue in its own little holding of breath.
"oh, so we're mocking the way i speak now, are we?" he grumbles—all lovingly and old-man-like as he always does.
"of course not." he eyes you. "only a little."
"didn't you just use the phrase 'man of his youth?' like, in normal conversation?"
"i did." you further nudge yourself into the counter, finding your little spot just beyond his reach. "but i'm not the topic at hand."
and he smirks—a little tug at his lips that swallows his side profile, "topic at hand."
you open your mouth to murmur a little oh, shut the fuck up in reply, but you hesitate, watching kuroo hold the pitcher just above the glass and tilt it forward, a little stream slipping into the rim of the glass.
this, you decide, must be your golden opportunity.
"don't forget the ice, tetsurou," you say, and, if you didn't know any better, you would swear he almost drops the pitcher.
he fumbles with both the pitcher and the glass, his hands sliding across the counter as he drops them down, and stifles out a cough before making his way to the freezer.
"the ice!" the tips of his ears are red and you come to realize that your boyfriend is terrible at hiding things. "how could i forget!"
"truly, how could you?" a little lilt of faux betrayal drips from the edges of your lips. "so foolish of you, tetsurou."
he slams the fridge—and if you had to guess by the way he jumps after doing so—completely unintentionally.
"i'm leaving the kitchen." he announces, ice cubes in his bare hand and glass barely full.
"like that?" kuroo glances down, shuffling the little cubes around as they start to melt in his hand.
"no, i—" he groans. "i give up."
"on?" oh, how you live to toy with him.
"the ice, the drink, the stupid fucking puddle in my hand, the—" he drops the ice into the glass before looking back up at you. "just say it again—please?"
and perhaps a little part of you wants to keep playing around with him. a little part that wants to ask what, my love? and drag this on until you can't anymore but, god, he looks so sweet like this. nervous and red and a puddle in your hands as much as what's left of the ice in his own, so, you choose to indulge him.
"tet-su-rou." you drag the syllables out again, the same smile drawn across your face and the same devilish little look in your eyes, but kuroo smiles.
"again," he says, dropping the glass onto the counter and desperately trying to ignore the sound of his grandfather's voice piping up from the dining room.
"really?" he plods over to you, resting his hands on your hips.
"really," he grins.
your boyfriend—your tall, stupid little boyfriend—is lovesick over his own first name. and if you weren't so hell-bent on watching the look on his face, you would probably drool over it a little.
but you don't; you lean in, pushing yourself onto the counter so your faces are close enough that your breath intertwines with his own, and you say it again.
"tetsurou," you say, as if it's rapture in your voice and heaven in your breath, and before you can even try to say it again, he kisses you.
he kisses you, not like kuroo—not like summer rain and sneaking out and getting to know someone for the first time—but like tetsurou. like familiarity and family dinners and the feeling of the heat of his cheeks between the palms of your hands. he kisses you like you are his and he is yours and like you're anywhere but the counter of his dad's kitchen, getting his grandfather a forgotten glass of ice water.
"say it more often," he breathes, gaze a little heavy. "say it like it's yours to keep"
and you are nothing if not in love with him, "anything for you tetsurou."
Tumblr media
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antihajime · a month ago
Tumblr media
you always answered the phone with the same lilt to your voice. whenever kuroo would call you, you’d smother him in the sound of something sweet, melodic tones drifting through static as you answered with hello boyfriend.
he laughed the first time, and again the second, until every mention of his title would leave him with a smile etched into the lines of his face. hello boyfriend, you’d say on summer nights, when he met you outside your window and your lips pursed with held back laughter. hello boyfriend, you’d repeat again when he met you outside your college classes, when he brought you an iced chai and kissed your cheek and watched sunlight splay across your skin.
and of course, there was this morning. despite the engagement ring that had settled on your finger, you said it again. you were going your separate ways, if only briefly, this morning. you, to get your dress put on, to get your hair pulled back and away from your face, to be dusted with the sweet makeup that you’d been fawning over for weeks. and he, of course, was to go see bokuto and kenma and yaku and the lot of them and hope to god that everything would turn out fine until-
well, until you finally walked down that aisle.
but you’d said it that morning. hello boyfriend, a teasing pull to your lips as he dipped down to kiss you—everything you could ever need in the bag that hung off your arm. he laughed into the breath of the kiss, your own lips curling into that smile as your hands found his jaw.
he’d mumbled back his hellos, pulling you closer until he could feel the intertwining of souls, he’s sure, and then sent you off. go, c’mon! they’re waiting for the main event.
and you smiled at him, pressed your lips to his cheeks in a final goodbye, and then left.
he supposes that brings you both to now. the aisle is long behind you both, and both of you can hear the rumbling of the crowd as they stand to go to the reception, but you’ve snuck off. he’s tucked you in the corner of a side-room, let you smile up at him with that venue-lighting shine dancing on your cheeks.
right now, kuroo can still feel little dried tears on his face. during the ceremony, you’d laughed at him, reached up to wipe them away and ignored the officiant’s speech until you both had to say your vows.
you were so much better at this than he was. always have been. he stumbled over his vows, ignored the cards he’d half-written in their entirety, made bad jokes and wanted to cry through just about all of it.
he didn’t cry. you said the vows were great. he watched as you teared up when he said that you are just as much a part of me as my blood or my heart is. i don’t know how else to say it.
and still, your makeup is perfect, there’s a smile on your face, and you’re looking up at him like you know something more than he ever could.
“hello husband,” you say, and though he can see the way you smile up at him, he could hear it in your voice if he was blind, too.
people start to move from the ceremony to the reception, he can hear it outside this little room, but kuroo doesn’t care—he can’t find it in himself, because the sound of his heartbeat is louder than anything he’s ever heard before. each rattle leaves him a little breathless, each pounding of muscle makes him want to pull you closer, wants to make it so there couldn’t even be air between you. he wants to give you the breath from his lungs, the blood from his veins, the words that dare cross his tongue—anything you could ever ask for, he’d give to you. if it meant you would devour all that he is, that you could feel the love spread through your body just as much as the burning of alcohol or a flame, he would.
and so, before kuroo can even say hello back, he feels himself start to cry. for the third time that day, his eyes well with tears, they creep over his lashes and scratch at his throat, and he cries.
“oh, no, tetsu, i don’t think we’re meant to cry this much on our wedding day,” you say, and your thumbs come up to wipe tears away from his eyes and off of his cheeks and he chases after the feeling of your hands. he leans into your touch, pulls your palm close until he can press his lips to you.
“then i’m definitely doing this wrong,” he replies.
you swat at his chest, and he laughs, dipping down until his nose brushes your hair. he can feel the material of your dress, lets his fingers brush along it until he’s sure he would remember it twenty years from now. he breathes you in, lets the smell of lavender dance around his nose and settle somewhere deeper in him.
he kisses the crown of your head, and then mumbles into your hair.
“hello wife.”
you laugh, and then try it all again.
“hello husband.”
Tumblr media
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aphroxditus · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐛𝐨𝐲𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐞𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐠𝐮𝐲 𝐚𝐭 𝐚 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐲
Tumblr media
These boys would see another guy talking to you at a party and walk up to you with confidently and wrap their arms around your waist and kiss your forehead.
“Whose this asshole?”, your boyfriend ask you.
“Asshole?”, they scoff.
You remain silent and purse your lip. Rolling your eyes, you watch the person walk away. Then you lock eyes onto your boyfriend and raise a brow.
“Really? They were just asking where the toilet was”, you shake your head.
“Probably asking so they take you and fuck you”, they narrow their eyes, watching the innocent guy just walk away.
“You’re a lost cause”, you cross your arms.
Then they pull you right up to them, face to face, with a smirk plastered on their face.
“How about we make those legs of yours a lost cause by the end of tonight”, they slur into your ear, sending shivers down your spine.
Oikawa Torū, Miya Atsumu, Bokuto Kotarō, Kuroo Tetsurō
Tumblr media
These boys would have their eyes on you for the whole time at the party and don’t think they didn’t see you twirling a strand of your hair when talking to a random guy. They clench their cup and grit their teeth, anger fuelling them but they wouldn’t walk up to you now and pull you away. Oh no no no. They’d wait until the party was over then show you who you belong to.
“Why aren’t you saying anything?”, you sign, while in the passenger seat of the car.
“Are you mad at me?”, you turn your head to the side and push your bottom lip out, confused.
Sighing, you sit back and remain quiet for the rest of the car journey. Drifting off to sleep, your eyes felt heavy but you were suddenly awoken by the touch of cold rings against your bare thigh. You lock your eyes onto the big and veiny hand that clenched on of your thighs and squeezed it. Turning your head to face your boyfriend, you notice that the same expression they had previously was still on their face. You place your hand on top of their hand but their grip is too strong.
“What are you doing?”
No answer. They stare directly ahead on the road and turn to pull into the driveway. They turn the car off and then they stare into your eyes. Into your soul.
“In the bedroom. Now.”
“Don’t act all innocent. I saw the way you were flirting around with that little shit and you knew I was looking. I’m about to fuck some sense into you and punish you.”
“This is gonna be a fun night, dollface”, they said, with their eyes wide, eccentric. “You belong to me and me only.”
Your head skipped a beat, and adrenaline pumped through your veins, already feeling fear and excitement throughout your body.
Suna Rintarō, Kageyama Tobio, Daichi Sawamura, Sakusa Kiyoomi
Tumblr media
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21-06-1996 · 6 months ago
𝐍𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐑 𝐓𝐎𝐎 𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐃 | kuroo tetsurou
Tumblr media
"what are you doing here?" kuroo is smiling before he's even turning around — and when he sees you walking in the door and closing it behind you, signature scowl on your face, it turns into a full on grin. "guess."
"oh, let me." you respond sarcastically, dropping your stuff onto the sofa where he sat. "you ran out of doritos."
"correct!" his grin widens, showing you the bag he's holding and shaking it to let you hear the sound of chips inside.
you only give him a blank stare. "i didn't have any doritos."
he laughs, moving aside and patting the space next to him for you to sit down. "i got five bags. two're your favourite, so c'mere and we can watch a movie."
but you shake your head, walking past to head into your room. "get out, tetsurou. i'm going to take a shower and sleep."
any other person would've thought that was rude, so brash and snarky of you to say to him.
he'd come all the way from his own place to yours, not letting the fact that you two still lived apart stop him from spending as much time as possible with you.
he was being so nice to you, so good natured and easy going, and you responded by being an immediate, uptight bitch.
one might think of you as that, after seeing the above scenario unfold before them.
but not kuroo. because he, he saw the dark circles under your eyes, saw the stiffness in your shoulders, heard the tired tint to your voice.
you'd had a long day, and it always pissed you off, made you meaner than usual. but he loved you, loved you very much - and he wasn't going to feel hurt or offended by how you were.
because real love was something that formed for a person, for who they really were — and kuroo was drawn to you that way.
and even if he didn't love you that much (he did, but even if he didn't) he understood, because kuroo himself was a workaholic with an incredibly busy schedule.
he knew what it was like, to have responsibilites pile up on your shoulders, to have bad days and to struggle through them.
so he laughs again, calling as you disappeared into your room, "so cold, telling me to get out when i came over with your favourite snacks and your favourite movie."
"i gave you that key for emergencies." you call back, and he smirks, shouting over his shoulder. "it is an emergency. i wanted to see you!"
you don't answer, probably in the shower — and he gets up to turn the movie on and switch the subtitles on, finds a bowl to put your doritos in, and even gets a blanket from your room.
and when you come out, smelling like your soap with your hair damp and your eyes a little unfocused, he opens up his arms and lets you sink into his embrace.
"what perfume do you have on," you mutter. then, you add as an afterthought, "it smells weird."
he rolls his eyes at that, tapping the side of your head with his index finger, too gentle to be reprimanding. "so cold."
the movie starts, and you reach out for the bowl of chips. you don't move away from him, you breathe his scent in, rather — and he knows you like the smell.
then, you whisper to him, barely audible over the opening music spilling out of the speaker. "too much?"
and he laughs again, freely, happily - and wraps his arms tighter around you, letting you soak in his warmth and his touch, drain your exhaustion away.
one day, he promises mostly to himself. one day, we'll move in together and it'll be like this always.
tilting his head, he places a small kiss on your hair, getting a whiff of your shampoo. "nah, you're never too cold for me. I like it icy, you know."
"pfft," the sound you let out seems sarcastic, annoyed - but kuroo knows you're smiling and that you're glad to hear it.
and when you wrap your arms around him and lay your head comfortably on his chest to watch the movie, he's smiling, too.
Tumblr media
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omiyagiri · a month ago
Recharging | Osamu x Reader
Tumblr media
pairing: osamu miya x reader cw: none word count: 443
Tumblr media
Osamu’s tired body collapses onto the couch, pounding head hitting the armrest, making his hat drop to the ground. The big, dramatic sigh that follows is your cue to waddle over and sit down on the floor in front of him. “Rough day?”
Eyes closed, his hand seeks yours, intertwining your fingers and resting them on his chest. His low grumbling vibrates against your hand when he lifts it to his lips and places a small kiss against your knuckles. You chuckle and gently pull on his hand, trying to get him to get up. “Come on, let’s take a shower and go to sleep.”
He mumbles a “Too tired” and pulls you back down. “Come lay with me.”
You sit back down, resting your head against the edge of the couch. “No, you’re smelly.”
Osamu makes a sound, something between a snort and a whine before his lips shoot out into a pout. Eyebrows scrunched low, cheeks puffed out, he glares at you. You laugh and lean forward to kiss his nose. His expression hardens. “You missed.” Osamu points at his nose and then at his lips.
You roll your eyes but lean in again, pressing your lips against his pouting ones. The second you move to pull away, his hand releases yours. Two strong arms wrap themselves around your upper body and he pulls you right on top of him. You yelp, lower body awkwardly hanging off the couch. Osamu wraps one arm around your waist to hoist you all the way on top.
Before you get a chance to complain, he turns you both to the side. Your back is flush against the couch, head pressed into the crook of his neck, legs entangled with his—there is no way you could escape. Osamu lets out a noise of content and you wiggle your arms, trying to free them. He tightens his embrace. “Shh, I’m recharging.”
“You smell!” You repeat but he ignores you. Knowing there is no use in trying to push him off, you sigh and wrap your arms around his torso instead. His lips find the top of your head, pressing a kiss against it. You remain in this position, listening to the beat of his heart as you feel the tension leave his body. Slowly, his grip loosens and you wiggle your way up until you are face to face with him. He smiles at you—crooked and childlike and full of love. You can’t fight your own smile, so you kiss him instead. Raising one hand to his hair to gently massage his scalp, pressing your nose against his. “And you’re supposed to be the mature Miya?”
Tumblr media
by elayndia
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neoheros · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
you and atsumu are not in a fight.
well, at least, according to him, it’s not a fight, because for it to be a fight, both sides need to be participating in the fighting, and since he claims that he’s not participating in it, it would not make it a fight.
he isn’t fighting with you — “i don’t wanna argue with you!” he says, toothy smile and all — but you are most definitely fighting with him — “must be because you know you’re gonna lose!” you say back, just as in love.
“why do you look like that?” sakusa snaps him out of his thoughts, looking at him briefly before settling back into reality.
atsumu isn’t looking so good. not only did he have to get out of bed an entire hour earlier than he usually does, but he also had to wait in line at this cafe all the way across town for two cups of coffee.
there’s a groan lodged in the back of his throat. he’s already so tired and so sleepy, and he doesn’t even like coffee.
he looks up, stifling a yawn as he shrugs, “i’m as hot as ever, omi.”
and to that, as expected, sakusa rolls his eyes, standing casually near his teammate as he finally notices the two cups of coffee in his hands.
“at least you’re still good for coffee.” sakusa shrugs, reaching out for one of the cups.
atsumu swats his hand away, “not for you.”
( and sakusa feels the need to scoff because don’t friends get each other coffee? and has atsumu miya not been breathing down his neck all year for him to finally admit that they’re best friends forever? )
“ooh, coffee!” shoyo chimes in, his usual smile adorning his face as he runs to where atsumu and sakusa stand, hands grabby for one of the two cups in the former’s grasp.
atsumu swerves away from shoyo’s approach, shaking his head, “not for you either.”
shoyo falls, his shoulders dropping as he’s shot down by atsumu’s gesture, and he looks at sakusa, who — as the same as him — is noticeably more frowney than usual.
it’s not even eight in the morning.
the main doors in the big gymnasium opens, and with it, everyone turns their heads to anticipate who the newcomer is.
atsumu knows who it is — he knew who it would be — in fact, he was counting on it.
“hey!” atsumu runs over to you, his morning slump apparently over the second you walked in those doors.
you don’t usually find yourself in atsumu’s work place so early, you visit from time to time, but never in the mornings since you find them still so scattered and drowsy when you do.
you joked that atsumu works with insomniacs, always up so late and up so early, and atsumu, with a straight face, tells you, “i work with psychos.”
(and he never mentioned a name, but you’re pretty sure he was talking about bokuto and hinata and sakusa.)
this morning, atsumu had asked you to come meet him earlier than you usually do because he had something “super-duper important” to tell you.
and you might’ve been in a fight with him now, but you’ve never been one to stand him up when he’s asked to meet.
atsumu gives you a smile, “i got you coffee.”
( and in the background, for some reason, both sakusa and hinata scoff, shaking their heads in disappointment as they both yell, “boo!” )
“yeah, you can keep your stupid coffee.” you keep a playful smile on your face as you cross your arms over your chest.
"don't say that in front of them." atsumu gapes, covering the coffee as he fakes a hurt expression on his face.
he scoffs, shaking his head, "they're amazing coffee, not stupid, and i had to wait twenty minutes in line for them at that one cafe you love so much."
"i already told you i'm not gonna do all 'this' with you until you reschedule that dinner with your parents." you reply, still not accepting the coffee he persistently tries to hand over to you.
to put it simply — atsumu miya is refusing to have dinner with his parents.
and that’s fine, it wouldn’t bother you at all since it’s his life and his family, but ever since he’s been “strategically” dodging their calls, his mom started calling you — and that’s where you get involved.
the last time they’ve invited you out for dinner, atsumu had made osamu call them and cancel for the two of you, because apparently, you were too sick to go out and atsumu was too busy taking care of you to call them himself.
( “why am i the sick one?” you complained, a yell dying in your throat.
atsumu, smiling and nodding proudly, “cuz i’m too strong and healthy to be sick, they’re never gonna believe that!”
you threw a pillow in his face. )
and now — well — now, you’re not not in fight.
he told you he refuses to fight with you, and you told him you’re never gonna talk to him ever again until he calls his mom to reschedule that dinner.
so basically, you're both at a stalemate.
"all 'this'?" atsumu raises a brow, his smug smile widening as he closes his eyes.
"you mean me showing you my unconditional love?" he scoffs, and once again, he points to the cup in his hand, "with amazing coffee?"
"atsumu miya." there’s a glint in your eye as you smile, "i will not flirt with you in public or in private until you call your mom."
"i'm your husband, it's in our vows to flirt." he shakes his head.
and you smile wider, raising your shoulders slightly as you take the cup of coffee in his hands, "i'm gonna go and ignore you now."
"you're gonna ignore me?" atsumu gapes, his hand dramatically over his chest, "your husband? the love of your life?"
and you give him a kiss on the cheek, turning on your heels and walking away as you take your leave.
atsumu yells after you as he watches you go and walk away, "where in the vows did you include this?"
and to that, you take a sip from the cup he’s been so proud of, and you look back at where he stands, "average coffee!"
and you’re gone again.
as fast as you came by, you’ve left the gymnasium just as quick, and atsumu watches, with a small smile on his face, as you go.
shoyo and sakusa walk over to where atsumu settles, a shared look on both their faces as they stop just behind him.
“y/n left already?” shoyo looks at the door. “i didn’t get to say goodbye … or hi …”
atsumu shrugs, “if it makes you feel any better, i didn’t get to say bye or hi too.”
“you two … in a fight?” sakusa asks, and he may look disinterested, he’s perfected this expression for years, but he won’t deny that he’s a little bit curious.
atsumu looks up at him, his smile swirling in with his scoff, “i do not fight. i’m peace. i am a peaceful person.”
“hm.” sakusa hums, and he does something that he’s never done before.
as atsumu sits, watching the door that you’ve just left through, sakusa puts his hand on his shoulder, a sympathetic pat once or twice, and it’s weird because this is probably the kindest thing he’s done for him all year.
“you should’ve given me the coffee.”
this is gonna be a long morning.
by the time lunch rolls around, atsumu usually calls you the second he gets off the court — not only is this time one of the very few times where your breaks line up, but he’s always liked asking you how your day is going while he eats.
yesterday, you talked about your professor and his new girlfriend, the day before that, he told you about his new coach, and today —
today, he has nothing to talk to you about, because frankly, he’s not even sure if you’d pick up if he’d call.
he hates this — he hates that you’re mad at him, he hates that he can’t talk to you the way he usually does, and he definitely hates that stupid coffee he waited 20 minutes in line for for not giving him the caffeine boost he needs.
"you look upset."
and suddenly, he hates everything a little bit less.
atsumu looks up from the bench, "you’re back."
"i bought you lunch from that one sushi place you love so much," you stand across from him, watching as his smile widens by the second.
your eyes crinkle, "how are we on time?"
and atsumu gives you a wide grin, "we’ve got about an hour until i can ask the coach to give me five more minutes to spend with you."
you hit his shoulder, "you’re flirting."
and he scoffs, "i can’t help it that my words have a natural charm in them."
and you laugh, but you tell him that you’re laughing at him and not with him, and he laughs too, because he’s happy that you’re here where he can hear you laugh.
it’s funny to think that this is how fighting goes between the two of you.
you make him sleep on the couch, and when he wakes up, you’re sleeping next to him, cramped up and smooshed in the tiny sofa.
he’s giving you the silent treatment, and you give him post-its to write his replies down so he can keep “not talking” to you whilst all the while still talking to you.
it’s the pinnacle of fights between your relationship, and atsumu is very happy with that.
"you shouldn't have come." atsumu tells you, but the smile that easily reaches his eyes tells you otherwise.
"you don't want me here?" you put a hand on your hip, eyes as teasing as ever.
he rolls his eyes, "some people say hello, you know, you can even try the 'hello atsumu-kun, you look so nice today!!' thing."
your shoulders rise, "you want me to lie to you the first second i see you?"
and as a response, atsumu puts a hand over his chest, dramatically falling to his knees as if he's been hit by a critical attack.
you put your things down on the ground as you let him wrap his arms around your waist, an easy gesture the two of you have done for way too long for it to feel foreign.
"hi." he smiles, looking at you directly as he embraces you, cheesy and awkward and new, and definitely thanking that everyone else has left the gym for their lunches.
"i don't wanna fight anymore." you tell him, "i‘m tired of smooshing next to you on the couch."
his eyes crinkle, "that's why you don't wanna fight?"
"that's the exact reason why." you nod, laughter lacing your words.
"so," he tilts his head, "then this means i win the fight?"
your shoulders rise, "no. i win the fight."
"but ye’r the one who said ya didn't wanna fight anymore - makes me the winner!" he prides, shaking his head stubbornly as he scoffs.
"you bought me coffee as a peace offering, so you caved first, which means i win!" your tone is just the same as his.
"that doesn't count." he shakes his head, but his sly grin remains easy.
you narrow your eyes, "yes, it does - i win."
and he tells you, happy to have you so close, "i win."
"atsumu miya," you coo, and he smiles wider, "i win."
and he's planned to say something after that — something even more clever or funnier than what you've just said to one-up you — but he doesn't.
instead, he does what he's been dying to do all day, and with easy eyes, he leans into your space, easily closing in the gap as if it was never there in the first place.
he kisses you, and it's nice, because the way his hands are on your waist and your hands are circled around his neck make the two of you feel closer than you really are.
you can feel his smile against your lips, and when he pulls back, the same smile is still there.
atsumu nods, a glint in his eye, "you win."
Tumblr media
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tsukkim0on · 7 months ago
Stay With Me
Genre: fluff, comfort
Pairings: Kuroo, Suna, Iwaizumi x gn!reader
Warnings: none
Scenario: It’s late, there’s a raging thunderstorm outside, and all you want is to not be alone anymore. So you do the first thing you can think of, and text your best friend. Lucky for you, he’d do anything to be at your side when you need him. 
Tumblr media
Kuroo had actually opted to call you straight after your short text message exchange. It wasn’t rare for him to do so by any means, but you figured he wanted to comfort you until he could reach you. Neither of you attempted to maintain a conversation; your phone was sitting on your bed before you on speaker, the noise of the rain berating Kuroo’s car and his quiet singing to the staticky radio was more than enough to soothe your overwhelming nerves. He had keys to your apartment with him so you snuggled further into your sheets, not worrying about having to get up to open for him as you stared tiredly out of the window. Nights like these made you wonder why you had yet to ask him to move in with you. It would make so many things easier. 
“Hey, I’m here so I’m gonna hang up now. See you in a sec?” Kuroo’s voice came through softly, and you could picture his silly smile and rough fingers hovering over the end call button, waiting for your response before leaving you.
“Yeah, hurry.”
The call screen flashed back to your home screen and you sat up a little in your bed, bringing the sheets up to your chest with you while you adjusted the pillows behind you. You looked out of your window once again, the dreary conditions letting a sliver of moonlight come through the defense of dark storm clouds. There were parallels in your mind between Kuroo’s arrival and the sudden gleam of light, but you were too tired to draw them.
Not even a minute after he had hung up, you heard keys in the door and the tension released from your body. Staring at the door in anticipation, your smile broadened when you heard something crash (probably the same frame he knocked over every time he visited) followed by his quiet swearing.
“You in your room?” He called out, laughter lacing his voice.
“Yeah!” You called out, love lacing yours.
Kuroo’s footsteps got louder as he approached your room and twisted the doorknob. The door creaked open slightly, just enough for him to lean in and poke his head through. He mirrored your fond smile upon locking eyes with you, pushing the door open all the way and shuffling over to you. His large hands found their way to your face and his knees knocked against the edge of your bed. You winced at his cold hands as he pressed a tender kiss to your forehead. 
“Hi,” you whispered, leaning into him.
“Hi,” he mimicked, eyes twinkling with amusement, “Scoot over? I’m cold.”
“Missed you too…” You joked, and he rolled his eyes playfully. He walked over to shut the curtains of your window a little more while you got situated. He returned and climbed in bed with you, snuggling into your warmth. Your exchanges often didn’t need words, actions for the two of you were more than enough to settle any worries. When his arm snaked its way around your waist to bring you impossibly closer, when his free hand searched for yours under the sheets until it found what it was looking for, and when he kissed your head and let his lips linger there for longer than normal, it all evidenced how he was always there for you as much as you were there for him. You snuggled into his chest and he squeezed you gently.
“I wish we could stay like this forever,” you confessed timidly. It was a silly thing to say, especially when you weren’t quite sure where you two stood, but the weather showing a more raw side of itself made you want to do so, too. His soft black hair, disheveled and void of any product, tickled your cheek. You reached up to take it between your fingers absentmindedly.
“If it was up to me, we would,” he replied, just as honest and just as quiet. A sudden crack of thunder made you tense, and his hand cradled your head to his chest gently. 
“I’d freeze time forever in this moment with you.”
It was barely 4 pm and yet your room was shrouded in darkness. The curtains were drawn open to keep watch of the poor conditions just a glass pane away from swallowing you in their turbulence. The loud pitter-patter hit the ground in sheets, and you thought it would be almost calming if it wasn’t so completely draining to exist in this kind of weather. You were sitting on your bed in your pajamas, with your phone laying in front of you, forgotten momentarily as you stared outside and sighed. From the corner of your eye you saw the space around you suddenly cast in a soft glow, the screen of your phone blinking with a final confirmation text from Suna. 
You clicked your phone off after peering at the screen, giving one last solemn glance at the somber state of the world before leaving your room.
You were occupying yourself with taking a few snacks from the kitchen to your room when you heard a rapid knock on your door. You set the snacks down on the nearest surface and rushed over, not wanting to leave Suna waiting in the case that he had gotten, or was getting, drenched. Your door clicked open to reveal him in a big hoodie with an umbrella, and thankfully not looking like he had suffered the worst of the weather. He brightened upon seeing you, offering the warm smile he reserved just for you in these private moments. 
“Hey, you made it here quick,” you pulled back, rolling on the balls of your feet, and made room for him to walk in. He pulled down his hood as he set the umbrella beside the entrance. 
“Well, you were so eager for my company.” He teased, taking the few remaining steps toward you to engulf you in a hug. You wrapped your arms around his torso and squeezed him, finding comfort in the body heat he seemed to generate so easily. Your eyes fell shut and you smiled into the cloth; despite the disinterest he often expressed, he did love spending time with you and it was obvious at times like these. He rested his chin on your head and continued the conversation. 
“So what’s the plan?”
“We can watch a movie if you want?”
“As long as I get to pick.” He knew you would never let him.
After pulling back, you walked back to where you had left the snacks and grabbed them once more, striding into your room with the boy trailing close behind you. You set the snacks on a table by your bed and climbed under the covers, Suna pressing play on the movie that was already on the screen of your television. He looked a little troubled as he made his way over to your bed, but got in beside you anyway. You made note of the way he kept a bit of distance.
“Rin, come ‘ere.” He eyed you curiously as you opened your arms, a tired smile finally settling on his lips as he slowly scooted over and rested his head on your chest, arms linking around your torso in relief. You stroked his hair and he relaxed into your touch, and it only made sense that he would be too proud to directly ask if you wanted to cuddle. The movie played and the rain outside hadn’t let up either, but you figured it wouldn’t take much convincing to get him to stay the night with you regardless. Especially when you had him like this.
“Y/n?” You hummed, looking down at his features illuminated by the television screen. Suna’s eyes were closed and his breathing was steady against your chest. “I really like spending time with you. I’ll be here for you always. I promise.”
“Me too, Rin. Love you.” He smiled at your words, and with that he drifted off to sleep. It was hard to get the boy to be sentimental at times, but he was sure to tell you the things he wanted you to hear, and he appreciated hearing them back. You’d never have to feel lonely again, not with him in your life.
The rain that beat down on your building almost rivaled the intensity of the knocks of your landlord when you forgot to pay your rent. Relentless downpour had overtaken your city since the morning, and it neared 7 pm when you texted Iwaizumi because the power was looking more and more unstable. It had already gone out 3 times, each time coming back no more than 5-10 minutes later, but you wanted someone with you in case it was out for longer the next time. Iwaizumi lived in a neighboring building a short walk from yours, so you didn’t worry about him getting to you.
You and Iwaizumi weren’t dating, but there had been a sort of romantic tension to your relationship ever since you could remember. A type of exclusivity and constant mutual flirting that said essentially the same thing as “we’re dating,” you’d just yet to make it official. You cleaned up around your apartment using the light that worked for now, throwing away take out boxes that Iwaizumi had brought over with him last week on an unannounced visit and folding jackets and beanies of his that he had left there, usually to be changed into on other days that he chose to stay over. This would probably be one of those days.
Suddenly the lights cut out again and you groaned, shoving aside one final piece of trash before resigning yourself to just sit on the couch and wait for your best friend. You tucked your legs under you and stared outside, a sudden flash of lightning making you wince. The ensuing thunder came quickly after, meaning the center of the storm was right there with you and causing a heavy feeling to settle in your tummy. You were drawn out of your thoughts by the doorbell and you scurried over with a towel. Opening the door revealed your expected company in his soaking wet, mildly annoyed glory. 
“You look like shit,” you joked, throwing the towel over his head and ruffling his hair a little for him.
“Don’t wanna hear it,” he retorted, letting you finish before pushing past you, swinging off his backpack and placing it into your arms. “Flashlights and candles are in there. I’m grabbing clothes to change.”
“Mhm. I already set them out on my bed,” you hummed, missing the blush on his cheeks as he grumbled his way to your bedroom.
You shut the front door and locked it, your eyes having finally adjusted to the darkness enough to get your bearings. Unzipping his backpack revealed a lot more candles and flashlights than anyone should own, but today you’d be thankful and not question it. You placed and lit candles in areas of your living room that you would be able to keep an eye on and set flashlights in the bathroom. 
Iwaizumi walked out of your room a few minutes later, sporting a pair of his sweatpants and a hoodie. He dragged his feet over to your couch and sprawled out on it, watching you curiously as you scampered around, still trying to clean to distract yourself from the raging weather outside.
“You really did only want me for my candles,” he remarked. “You’re ignoring me.”
“I’m not ignoring you, you baby.”
“Then come over here.”
It tugged at your heart when he asked for you like that. He was rarely needy, especially verbally. You chuckled and walked over to him, the rainfall and rug below your feet masking the sound of your footsteps. A flash of lightning made you cringe again, and once you were close enough to reach he grabbed you by the waist to bring you close. You carefully got on top of him, snuggling into his broad chest as you watched the orange flame of the nearest candle flicker. He knew you didn’t really like storms, and perhaps that was why he was indulging you tonight. Another rumble of thunder had him tightening his grip around you, kissing the top of your head. A million thoughts were swimming around in your brain, and tonight seemed like the right time to get some answers from him.
“Haji... are we, like, um… dating?” Even if he wanted to run away to avoid answering, he couldn’t with you on top of him.
With a heavy sigh, his hand went slack on your back and he sat up with you. He looked between your eyes, gauging how serious you were before settling on some conclusion you hoped was very. There was a pause, one moment, two moments, before his lips were suddenly pressed against yours. You melted into him immediately and sighed in content, threading a hand in his dark brown hair to keep him against you. The kiss felt like what it was, years of bottled up emotions finally being given an outlet and so content to have it. And this warmth, his warmth, was all you needed to forget the storm.
Tumblr media
A/N: aaa hello!! this is the first time i’ve posted my writing to tumblr? I used to write on twitter under this same user, but the pressure on there was a little overwhelming. i’m trying out tumblr, and i hope this will be a little more my pace. i have a lot of work to do to set up my blog but i will be working on it!! send me asks, kisses <3
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tetsvhoe · a year ago
kuroo's part
character/s: suna rintaro x gn reader
genre/s: angst if u squint to fluff
warning/s: none
gwen's notes 🤍: i keep making these things longer than i intend but oh well
Tumblr media
being the manager of inarizaki boys’ vbc has been all but boring. you had originally intended to manage the girls’ team for much needed extra credit and being pulled out of school hours for club duties, but the posts were full and the boys’ team were apparently short staffed. as if you couldn’t imagine why. they might as well put in “baby sitting” in the job description.
inarizaki was a force to be reckoned with–the force mainly from the twins chaos and the mischievous instigator, suna. kita did an outstanding job at managing them but he could only do so much between his student and captain and personal duties, so when you arrived they were left to your care.
as if that was a good idea.
in between atsumu being swarmed by fangirls at every single chance they get, getting caught in the crossfire of balls being thrown across the court by the twins, breaking up their stupid cat fights and getting smacked in the process, falling victim to suna’s compilation of embarrassing photos, staying behind late at the gym to clean up the extra mess they’ve made, you were always caught in the middle of it all.
you hadn’t minded the weird turn of events though as you gained three unlikely best friends, well two and a half because suna was honestly on thin ice.
suna and his cool and composed demeanor yet chaotic energy. his tendency to not give a fuck if it does not concern him directly, but you often found him caring about you and the scolding you got because of their mess. suna and his most prized playlists which he sent you at 3 in the morning when you were so, so tired but ultimately couldn’t fall asleep. suna and his pretty emerald eyes which lingered on you too long for you could handle. suna and his goddamn memes without context. suna and–
a light shove finally broke your trance. you tuned out the world as you were having lunch with the boys and didn’t even notice as thoughts of him plagued your mind when he was right there in front of you. you glanced up to see him eyeing you with an eyebrow raised, but he continued to eat wordlessly.
“can i have this,” you grinned, snatching a box of meiji strawberry chocolate, a fat stack sat in the middle of the table that wasn’t there before you got so lost in your thoughts. “where’d this come from? these are my favorite.” you turned to atsumu, popping a few pieces into your mouth.
“finish your food first, idiot,” suna called out, reaching over to snatch the box in your hands, earning him a glare from you.
“did you miss an entire season?” it was osamu’s turn to scold you. “were you that out of it that you didn’t notice a couple girls handing those over?”
“guess so,” you shrugged, turning to the blonde twin who was apparently busy gulfing down the rest of his lunch, you grimaced. “who is it this time, tsumu?”
he halted, bringing his eyes up slowly. “they’re not for me,” he mumbled, mouth stuffed. he proceeded to tilt his head in suna’s direction.
"our sunarin is a big boy now," osamu teased, smacking suna's back. you winced but suna smacked osamu right back, this time you laughed.
out of curiosity, you sneaked a peak at suna's reaction to the twins' teasing and to the gesture in general (since you were too busy daydreaming about him that you never noticed it happen).
“shut up, i don’t have time for any of that anyway,” he deadpanned. “relationships are nothing but a chore. all the clinginess and the constant demands,” he shuddered at the thought.
somehow, your heart sunk. selfishly so, it wasn’t your sympathy for the girl who tried to make a move on suna, but for yourself. you wondered if he felt the same way towards your “clinginess and constant demands”—the way you cared and looked after not only him, but the twins too and the rest of the boys. “eat slowly before you choke, dumbasses.”, “rin, change your shirt already you’re all sweaty and you’re gonna catch a cold.”, “you barely drank any water, finish the whole thing!”, “stop fucking fighting before i tell kita! rin- help me you idiot!”, “tsumu learn how to rest before i smash your kneecaps and put you to rest myself. and you need to take practice a bit more seriously.”, “you still need good grades if you wanna keep playing, i’ll help you study. that’s non negotiable.”
the sun had begin to set as you walked out of the gym with the twins, stretching your arms tiredly.
“where’s rin?” you asked, glancing around.
atsumu grinned, arms behind his head. “he went to talk to the strawberry chocolate girl.”
“he probably likes her too, or at least finds her attractive,” osamu commented as he paced backwards so he could face you and his twin.
“right! he was so defensive at lunch,” atsumu cackled. “he was just shy,” he cooed in a high-pitched voice, batting his eyelashes and clasping his hands together to make a show of a lovestruck girl. you rolled your eyes as osamu joined him, pretending to fawn and over their other friend.
“oh, there they are,” osamu announced, coming to a sudden halt causing you to bump into him. your eyes trailed where he pointed. suna’s back was turned to you, but you could make out of the girl’s pretty features and blushing expression. despite how suna made it seem like he was strongly against the idea of dating, their conversation seemed to show otherwise. the girl wasn’t in tears nor did she have a pained expression, not even apathy in her features. she was… flattered, smiling—giggling even. and suna wasn’t closed off. he didn’t shy away and didn’t seem like that was the last place he would have wanted to be.
atsumu hauled you away, talking about giving them a bit of privacy which was rich coming from him. the image had already ingrained in your mind and it wasn’t until you were alone in your room did you finally feel something. you felt as if your heart was doing multiple somersaults into the pit of your stomach. knowing suna, he was probably in denial and being defensive, mostly because the same two people who suggested that in the first place.
days have passed and you were still unable to shake suna’s words off. you often found yourself holding back from scolding and nagging him like you used to, like you still do with the twins, afraid that he found you overbearing and annoying which was the last thing you wanted. as cool and laidback suna was, he was still incredibly intimidating. knowing he would never reciprocate your feelings was one thing, but you didn’t want him to be repulsed by you even if you were only doing things out of care.
suna found himself causing you more trouble than usual, doing things he knew you hated so you could scold him, smack his arm, and chase him around the empty gym as he provoked you, but you never did. today he was particularly determined to get a reaction out of you.
it was early in the morning, the groupchat the four of you shared was blaring with notifications already but suna decided to put his phone on silent, waiting for you to spam him messages and missed calls in case he had slept in again. as much as you wanted to do just that, you kept to the gc.
rin’s not replying or reading the gc.
atsumu started flooding his phone instead. he decided to doze off in class next to you. surely, you would smack him awake, right? wrong, he woke up with scribbles and doodles on his hands and his hair tied up with hellokitty clips. he only glared at the twins, but said nothing. at lunch, he only ate about three chuppet ice pops—where exactly he got them from you weren’t sure. but you wouldn’t let him eat ice pops for lunch right? he was almost excited to see you narrowing your eyes at him, but you only muttered “gross” under your breath, to his disappointment.
the whistle rang through the gym, signaling a break. you handed each of the boys their water bottle and made your way to where your three friends were sat. atsumu lifted his shirt. you reached for his towel and wiped the sweat off his back. suna’s eyes widened in the slightest and looked away, lips pursed in annoyance. he couldn’t keep his stare away for too long though, not when you were wrestling him to the ground, laughing and generally messing around.
without thinking, suna pushed himself off the floor, wraped an arm around your waist and basically plucked you off of atsumu. the four of you stared at each other in surprise. it was unbearably quiet and awkward.
“…rin? why are you acting weird?”
he only then freed you from his grasp. “you’re being weird.”
the twins exchanged looks with one another. thankfully practice resumed before it got anymore awkward, if that was even possible.
he tossed the nth box of strawberry chocolates to you which you barely managed to catch as you walked side by side out of the gym. he never seemed to run out of them. you eyed him confused, but he kept his eyes straight ahed with no particular emotion on his pretty face. you remembered the incident early and felt heat creep up your cheeks.
“hey! i want one too,” atsumu yelled after both of you, waving as he ran to catch up.
neither you or the twins mentioned anything about what you saw the other day, and any conversation about the strawberry chocolate girl, as atsumu called her, was quickly shut down by suna.
“rin what would your little girlfriend feel if she knew you were giving her gifts away,” osamu taunted as he seemed to appear out of thin air. unconsciously, your heart clenched out of guilt.
“the hell are you talking about, i don’t have a girlfriend,” suna grumbled before turning to you. “and i buy those. for you.” he placed his hand on your head gently until you saw hints of red on his cheeks. he mustered up a blank expression as he pulled his hand away. you stared up at him dumbfounded. osamu fell silent as he grasped the situation. his brother didn’t get the memo though.
“we weren’t gonna say anything but we definitely saw you being all lovey dovey with the strawberry ch—mfph!” osamu had him in a headlock, his hand over his mouth as he hauled him away muttering a bunch of excuses.
suna raised an eyebrow at you as you kept your eyes glued to the twins, your heart already hammering in your chest. you refused to glance at him though you could feel him staring at you. “so that’s why you’ve been avoiding me,” he mused.
“that doesn’t explain why you’ve been acting weird,” you replied, finally turning to face him with a scowl.
he laughed it off. “i don’t know what exactly you saw but i turned that girl down that day.”
“she seemed a little too happy for someone who just got rejected,” you snarked, looking down at where your hands fidgeted with the box of candy he gave you.
“i might have told her she was pretty or something,” he deadpanned, a hand combing through his parted hair.
you hated the way his words made you feel. “she is,” you mumbled despite the dull pain in your chest.
“she’s not my type though. so you can stop avoiding me now.”
“that’s not why i was avoiding you.” you looked up at him through your lashes, carefully trying to find the right words to say. “i didn’t want to be clingy or annoying, even though we’re just friends.”
realization dawned on him, thinking back to what he said before. “i don’t… i don’t think you’re annoying.” his hand moved on its own to cup your cheek which startled both of you.
“but you said-”
“i know what i said and i mean it. but i never thought of you like that. i just saw it as you being caring.”
your breath caught in your throat. you could only softly gaze at him, eyes glossed over and a smile aching to show on your lips.
“so if it’s not much to ask i want you to keep nagging me, preferably more than you nag the twins. preferably not just as a friend.” his voice was barely above a whisper.
your face broke into the brightest he’d ever seen you smile before you jumped to wrap your arms around his neck. chuckling, he swiftly wrapped his arms around your waist and spun you around, burying his face in the crook of your neck and gently set you down.
“what the fuck just happened,” atsumu’s head popped from behind a wall nearby followed by osamu.
“i told you so, you owe me five onigiris now.”
you untangled yourself from suna to shoot them a glare. he reached over to grab your hand and place a chaste kiss before you walked over to the twins and start heading home.
“you did not just place a bet on my love life you idiots!”
“it was samu’s idea!”
“only because i knew for a fact in that moment, i was gonna win.”
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animehideout · 3 months ago
Haikyuu Boys : when they realize they have feelings for you 💗💗
Kuroo Tetsurō / Oikawa Tooru / Atsumu Miya
Very confident , would flirt with you.. they would randomly hit you with the cheesiest pickup lines.
probably would wink at you or blow you a kiss making you blush.
Hinata Shoyo / Kōtarō Bokuto / Haiba Lev
Poor babies , they would be really lost .. not in an awkward way but rather in a funny way. They would try to impress you but would mess everything up. Very loud and energetic around you. They would be really happy if you smile or laugh because of them.
Kageyama Tobio / Kozume Kenma / Osamu Miya
would blush whenever they're near you or when you start talking with them.
would try to avoid their feelings at first but end up head over heels for you.
Would compliment you shyly and overthink it for the rest of the day "you l-look s-so c-cute today". uwu
Sugawara kōshi / Daichi Sawamura / Shinsuke Kita
Very calm and sweet ,would show their love through acts of service.
Would buy you snacks , flowers , chocolate. would praise you a lot . always staring at you softly .
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