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#kuroo hcs
https-sen · 2 days ago
Nekoma Bf's Being Needy HC's
Just them wanting cuddles and your attention (yes the reader is the big spoon, & the dom role here and yes this is sfw dw)
Tumblr media
Pairing(s): Kenma, Kuroo, and Lev x gn!Reader
Genre: Fluff (and a dash of crack commentary)
Warnings: Swearing; & NOT PROOFREAD!!
A/N: yo ive reached 100+ followers so why not come back with this ehe 😼 there was supposed to be yaku but i gave up and didnt know what to write for him so yeah 🤥
follow me if you wanna see more haikyuu, obey me, and genshin x reader fics cmon now im waiting 🤺 and gimme asks i only have 3 reqs and just lmk if you dont want me to give your @ out 👹👺
ps might be doing a karasuno, seijoh, and date tech vers so lmk
Tumblr media
Kenma Kozume
♡This little bitch 😦
♡He get's all pouty if youre busy and traces shapes and/or letters on your palm if he gets bored while waiting
♡If youre not busy he'll start complaining like, "You aren't doing shit, now come spoon me 😠"
♡If you ignore him he'll 100% squeeze into your lap by full force and never let go until you AT LEAST give him head scritches
♡If you decide to stop whatever youre doing he'll go, "Aha! I knew i'd win!! I came feet first during birth, you cant do shit! I'm that powerful 😼"
♡But once he gets his remarks out of the way oh boy he's so soft and just melts in your warmth
♡Has the audacity to tell you that you smell bad while HUGGING YOU TIGHTER 😕⁉️
♡His grip while cuddling is just so tight to the point you almost turn blue ksbehwhw If you try to move just lil he'll tighten his grip, so good luck going to the bathroom 😹‼️
♡This mf really goes, "Piss in your pants or sumn we can clean it up later" Bro what 😟
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsurō
♡This mf threatens to get a RESTRAINING ORDER on you if you rob him of his most valuable possession, your loving attention, hugs and kisses 🧑🏻‍🦲
♡He remembers what you like and dont like very, very, VERY well so expect.. bribes kind offers and treats from him and tell you all you have to do is stop whatever shit is being done on your laptop 🤡
♡If you do however take the bribes kind offers, he'll snatch your ass up and fucking 🏃SPRINT🏃 from the living room to your shared bedroom and make you spoon him while watching 'The Good Doctor' (i love tgd no judgement) 🤺
♡If you dont, he'll sit on the FLOOR and just hug your leg as he waits while showing you tiktoks as he constantly hits his head since he somehow forgets the coffee table is right fucking next to him 💀
♡He would nuzzle your knee as he just stares at whatever youre typing and say, "Oh whats that? 😯" every 15 minutes
Tumblr media
Lev Haiba
♡Whiny asshole 😒
♡He's basically a gigantic baby, he even needs you to hold his hand while going to the bathroom (and just talk about random things as he takes a shit)
♡So my guy be SOBBING if youre not paying attention to him
♡This mf keeps on tugging on your shirt only for him to point at his cheek so he can get a lil kiss like, "Kith now. Now kith.👹"
♡He'll ask you (like the voice in the obwama-chyan meme) as he puts his head on your right thigh, "Cuddle me plith? 😣 I'll do the dishes for a month 😣 I'll even let you pick wherever to go on our date for a week 😣"
♡I have no idea why'd you say no to that, its better than getting sued by you-know-who 🤨
♡As your laptop is about to shut down, my guy tosses it on the favourite armchair you like to sit on and JUMPS on top of you
♡He likes to tell you about what he watched on his phone, help you cook popcorn if you both wanted to watch a movie or just take a nice nap together 💕
Tumblr media
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xheartoffantasyx · 2 days ago
Who the Haikyuu Boys would Main in Genshin Impact
Ningguang Main.
Do I have to say more? Always up with the jade screen, protecting others, but not afraid to deal damage. Just Queen shit.
He has a bunch of other Characters including some 5*, but he's just too attached. And he had to carry Bokuto for a while. (or still has to)
Lisa Main
He just liked her design and thought she was pretty nice. Yeah. He never really understood what pulling for other characters meant.
Zhongli/Klee/Ganyu Main
Pudding Top probably has a bunch of good characters. He plays Zhongli in Co-op or when he just wants to get stuff done.
When he is in a gremlin mood he'll play Klee, because BOMBS!!! He mostly just tries to set Kuroo on fire.
Usually he plays Ganyu cause he ruined his pity by doing a single pull in her Banner, but he's grown to like her and she does require some skill.
Diluc Main.
Got him first 10 pull. Still thinks he's the best DPS in the Game. Usually doesn't need help, but Kenma supported him a little. He's stubborn af when it comes to switching.
Venti Main.
He plays him for the 'Ya hoo' and because he wanted to match with Iwa-chan.
Xiao Main.
He just liked his attitude and actually saved all his primos for him. Got him C2.
Deals ALOT of Damage.
He secretly likes playing with Shittykawa, but he makes him switch alot to support him more.
Another Klee Main.
Although I feel like he would play Hu Tao and manage to kill himself almost always while dealing medium damage, I think he'd prefer Klee.
He played Yanfei back then and after liking it, he saved for Klee on her rerun.
Jean Main.
He has no idea how the game works, but he likes playing it with Tendou and the others.
He pulled her early in the Game and is stuck with her since then, because he relies on the others on building characters.
Has to heal Tendou alot, but Semi made him build his Jean more focused on DPS, so Tendou still dies a lot.
They just share a personality. He loves Bennett and he loves to support others but he's also built to DPS so watch out for the crit!
Never understood the game, neither did he care. He just started playing because all the others forced him to.
Can you actually switch characters? And how do you get new ones?
Yeah, needless to say he'd rather play volleyball.
Raiden Shougun
Suga saw Raiden and had to have her. He spend a little money but will never tell anyone about it.
His Raiden deals damage like DAYUM. He is MAMA now.
The others forced him, he never really played.
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bokutoslittledoll · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Kuroo x reader (female reader mentioned in few parts)
Genre: Angst
Warning: mentions of death, mentions of cancer, slight implication of suicide, mentions of hospital, angsty in general
Word count: 1K
A/N: I have nothing much to say about this. I wrote this after days of without motivation so please support this. Any kind of constructive criticism is accepted and reblog if you like.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The night was still and brisk. Acrid air of the forgotten autumn day obscured around everywhere. As the dusk transitioned to dark night, the little fog wafted around lightly. Kuroo stood at the exit of the hospital, cigarette in hand. He took a deep puff and inhaled all the tar from the little cylindrical killing machine, exhaling the silvery ash into the stagnant night. Kuroo was never the one to smoke. Not in his 27 years of life he had taken in a drag of cigarette...peer pressure had nothing on him. Yet this Kuroo, for the past 9 months had taken in the amount of cigarettes that could probably double that of a regular chain smoker. He would pop one in his mouth, especially on days like these. Days which began and ended at hospital visits.
Taking leaves from the office became a natural occurrence for Kuroo. No matter how many times you’ve said that you can manage on your own, he refused to budge and would drive you to hospital, side hugging you whenever you both walked. He chuckles as he remembers what you said. Leaving you alone to go to hospitals? He would rather resign. Kuroo can never fathom leaving your side. Not when he had promised it under his breath. He recalls his promise whenever he sees you. Whenever he watches you snuggle deeper in his warmth while you both sleep, whenever you both work together in the office room at home, whenever he sees you curling into a fur ball during winter, whenever he sees you doing nothing but intertwining his hand in yours while lying down.
He had promised to not leave your side when he had first made love to you. He had promised to not leave your side when he slid the ring over your finger.
He had promised to the first drop of rain that descends from the sky, to the moist soil which gives out the scent of rain, to the blinding stars, the murmuring leaves, to the dense cloud, to you- his beautiful wife and most importantly to himself.
Kuroo sighs as he finishes the cigarette, the last embers of the ash fell into the bin.He looked longingly at the sky as he wondered where it went all wrong? Why, out of all people in the world, it were you who has to face this? Where did he go wrong? It felt like a double edged sword that constantly assaulted you and him, bleeding the heart till it dried.
You were the one who was receiving chemotherapy for the past three hours yet he, being on the other side of the cabin, felt the burn. His guts felt like it twisted nauseatingly.
He reminisces about the earlier days. You had captivated his attention and feelings right from the moment you stepped in his statistics class. The way you would balance the pencil on your upper lips with a pout, the way you would tie your hair in a bun without a band and let it fall over your back, the way you would squint your eyes at him if you didn’t get his puns. He remembers the way you had looked when you walked towards him wearing that white kimono on that day. The day where you stole his last name the way he had stolen your heart for him, many days back.
Nostalgia made Kuroo bleary and his thoughts became bleary when thoughts wafted around him, reaching to the conversations he had with the doctors just a week back.
“Kuroo-san, this is difficult for you, I understand but you need to know this. We are trying our utmost best and giving the top chemo to her but her case is complicated...with what we have in our hand, she can go on for 4-5 months but anything has the possibility to happen.I need you to be mentally prepared.”
Kuroo sat there, in silence. His head buzzing with so many words that were still processing. What do they mean by, 'go on’ , like you are some object?
Kuroo understood that day what people meant when they say their whole world shatters around them. He could see the cracks on his soul as they slowly crumbled, throwing him into a mindless abyss. He could feel the darkness encompassing him as he watched you slowly drift away from him. As each hour passed, he felt the twist in his insides increasing even more. And here it was, tears that inexhaustibly rolled down his cheeks giving declaration of his own succumb to the journey called life.
He now recalls the days where he just held you and cried into the air, he recalls the horrific day when they found out about this complex leukemia that nested in your body, he recalls multiple occasions where he sees you giving up on life before life gives you up. He just sees them without the capability of doing anything.
The blaring sound of the ambulance broke his trance as he now realised it was time to go back to the cabin. He took large steps towards your cabin, towards the unprecedented timeline where he could lose you any moment. He doesn’t know how he’s gonna deal with that.
Opening the door, he sees you half laying down on the bed. Your face gaunt and tired, your hair thinning out, eyes swollen from the chemo and most probably from crying. Nowadays, not a single day passes without you or Kuroo shedding a few tears. But amidst all these, you are the most gorgeous woman he has ever encountered and doubt whether he will ever encounter. You give a fatigued smile towards him when he comes closer.
“The doctors said they will observe me until morning and then discharge me.” you say. Kuroo nods at you before sanitizing himself and then lays beside you. Your hand thread around his raven like locks and his hands encircles your waist as his face nuzzled your neck. After a peaceful silence of basking each others presence, you whisper,
“Why, Kuroo? Why me?” Kuroo has no answer to this. Instead he just holds on to you, his dear life because it’s slipping away from him.
There’s no definite time when it will just completely fall off so the most he can do is clutching it to his soul before it decides to bid farewell.
Tumblr media
©—work of @bokutoslittledoll . All rights reserved. Do not plagiarise the work in any manner.
Please refrain from copying my work and reposting it to other websites without my credit. Reblog for sure but do not repost without tags and credit.
Thank you everyone for reading this.
Tumblr media
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sunkeiji · 16 days ago
# how they react to you asking for affection !
✫ ft. kuroo , akaashi , atsumu , suna , sakusa x gn! reader
a/n: some quick hcs to get back into the swing of writing !
Tumblr media
✫ KUROO when you ask him for a hug, he smiles gently, taking ahold of your waist to pull you into a tight hug. in moments like these, it feels like time has frozen and it's just you and him. he rubs your back and whispers "i'm always here if you want a hug, you know. you never have to ask". he makes sure to hug you more often, swaying from side to side until he hears a sigh of satisfaction from you.
✫ AKAASHI he's sitting at his desk when you wrap your arms around his shoulders, tucking your face into his neck — he knows exactly what you want. he turns around and pecks your cheek before pulling you onto his lap. his hands fall to your waist, rubbing small circles into your skin. "missed me, angel?" he says into your hair. his voice is low and laced with exhaustion. and when you murmur a yes, he pulls you even closer. with your arms around his neck and your head sitting gently on his shoulder, he rubs your back and keeps his arms loosely around you as he types away at his computer, placing kisses at your cheek every couple minutes.
✫ ATSUMU a huge smile erupts on his face when you ask him for a hug out of the blue. "of course, angel! anything for ya!" he says with nothing but love in his eyes. he pulls you in, picks you up, and swings you around. you're both laughing at his behavior, and he's reveling in the sound of your giggles. he puts you down, but doesn't let go. "just a bit longer, yeah? i missed ya, too." the rest of the day is filled with random kisses, cheek squishes, and a very clingy atsumu.
✫ SUNA "hmm? someone's needy today" he jokes while placing his hands on your waist, slowly bending down to kiss your lips. he pulls away and looks at you with a soft smile, making sure to stay at your eye level. he kisses you again and again until you're both smiley. and he's blushing slightly, but you don't mention it. moving his hand to the top of your head, he strokes your hair and hides his face into your neck. "i missed your lips, cutie. i'm all yours, you don't have to ask, okay?"
✫ SAKUSA he's a bit taken-aback by your request. when you ask him for a kiss, he starts wondering if he's been neglecting you. he bends down to place a kiss to your nose, cheeks, forehead, and finally, your lips. "are you okay?" he'd ask. when you hum a yes, he blushes, knowing that you just missed him. he can't lie — he's just as touch-starved as you are. so, he pulls you into him and snuggles his face into your hair. "let's take a nap. practice was too long and i need to recharge."
Tumblr media
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whoreradio · 3 months ago
For the ‘HQ Boys Child Interrupting During The Act’ can we get a pt 2 but with Bokuto, Oikawa, and kuroo?
HQ Boys Child Interrupting During The Act PT2
A/N: I always get second hand embarrassment writing theses lol but its so funny anyway I hope you enjoy this love !!
Part1 || Part3 || Part 4
Tumblr media
↣ Doesn’t even realize his child has just walked in until your pushing him off
↣ Trips and fumbles attempting to cover the two of you up
↣ This sweet darling feels terrible knowing his child saw him like this he practically goes into emo mode until you reassure him it’s okay … it takes a while though
↣ You were caught giving Bokuto a blowjob. Bokuto’s cock was touching the back of your throat as his head was thrown back
↣ He tries to explain but he is having the hardest time fumbling over his words please save him
Bokuto was standing up with his head thrown back fucking your face. He was so engulfed in his own pleasure his mind hadn’t registered the relentless pushing against his pelvis. He looked down at you to see your widened eyes staring at the door wiping the drool that had been dripping down the sides of your mouth. He turned his head to see his small child peeking from behind the door rubbing their sleepy eyes.
“Mommy? What are you doing to Daddy?” your child asked, rubbing the sleep out of their eyes.
Bokuto ran to the bed, more like tripped to the bed grabbing sheets tossing them over your head and wrapping his lower half.
“Mommy was- …we- … I- … you- ..why aren’t you in bed baby owl?”
“I heard noises and i got scared” your child whined leaning their small tired body against the door frame.
“Oh baby we’re sorry” you yelled as you tried to find your way out from under the sheets. Your head finally peaked my from sheets hair messy from the struggle,
“Mommy was just helping Daddy clean himself… it’s a really private thing that Daddy gets embarrassed about you see so Daddy how about you put baby owl back to bed because we’re done cleaning aren’t we” you said out of breath turning towards a red Bokuto who was looking back and forth between the two of you now dressed. He nodded his head quickly scooping your child up cradling them.
When he came back he laid flat face first on the bed, cheeks still flushed red .
“” Bokuto whined face down on a pillow.
You had long talk explaining to Bokuto how it would be okay and that your child wouldn’t avoid him and most likely wouldn’t even remember this
↣ Lets out the loudest highest scream, you’re surprised his voice can even go that high
↣Gets so scared he pushes you on the floor don’t worry you’re okay but… ouch
↣ Oikawa is going to find a way to explain this all away no matter what he has to say or do
↣ You were caught riding Oikawa while he nibbled on your neck
↣ If he could Oikawa would literally evaporate at this moment
You were bouncing up and down on Oikawa, head thrown back moaning into the air. Oikawa’s lips were glued to your neck leaving his print on your neck with low groans. The loud creaking of the bed seemed to drown out the small knocking that had been consistent against the door. You both were removed from your cloud of pleasure when a small voice called out
Oikawa released a screech that rang through the room so loud you were sure you’d have your neighbor knocking on the door asking if everything was okay. Before you could even turn your head to look at your child Oikawa was pushing you off onto the floor scrambling to find clothes. He threw clothes towards you and threw on the nearest thing he could find. You wanted to be angry but upon seeing the apparel Oikawa had put on your anger turned into fits of laughter. Oikawa was wearing your silk night dress muscles protruding, walking over to your now giggling child. Your child was barely even worried about the scene they had just witnessed so focused on the way Oikawa was now flexing in your gown making them laugh to tears. Oikawa walked them back to bed and came back to your shared room swaying in your gown.
“Looking good shittykawa” you laughed laying in bed
“ Y/N-chan don’t be jealous that you can’t pull off such a bold look”
You laughed pulling him in for a kiss
“You’re bold look saved us from a lot of explaining”
↣Kuroo can’t even think straight his mind is coming up with a million excuses all at once and none of them seem to make sense
↣If he could Kuroo would want to finish what you started thank goodness at least one of you has a little restraint
↣When Kuroo lies his voice gets a little high pitch so his excuse comes out a little high which almost makes you burst into laughter
↣ This one is kind of hard to explain off because you were getting fucked in missionary with your hands cuffed to the bed
↣You can give yourself a pat on the back because you were the main reason your child was able to believe any explanation given
Kuroo was hovering over you thrusting into you at a constant pace while your body laid limply on the bed cuffed to the edge moaning out his name. He had been groaning in your ear about how you were his dirty little pet. Your mind was fuzzy with pleasure that all thoughts seemed to escape you when a small voice called out asking in the most delicate voice
“May I come in?”
Kuroo’s movement froze as he hurriedly pulled out tossing your clothes to you, throwing on his own. You forget the restraints holding you back and make an attempt to get up only to be pulled back down. You whispered-yelled to Kuroo who was hopping trying to get into his shorts. He quickly unlocked you from the cuffs and tossed you a shirt. Before either of you could make another move the door was creeping open to a wide eyed child looking like a baby Kuroo. You were sitting with one arm cuffed to the bed while the other covered your exposed chest. Kuroo stood balancing on one foot staring at the door.
“H-hey little one” his voice was already raising and you knew he was preparing for a lie.
“We were just uh well we…um... you see when two people love each other-“ he started in a high pitched voice but was cut off by you speaking up.
“We were cleaning, that was all the noise… what are you doing up” you chimed in yelling over his voice wanting to save your child from the birds and the bees talk.
“ Wanna sleep in here with you” your child mumbled as they climbed into bed laying in the middle. You watched as they drifted off to sleep sighing a breath of relief and turned to kuroo
“ Really? When two people love each other” 
“That was all I could think of!”
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lazy-azie · 4 months ago
haikyuu boys + riding
warnings: NSFW, minors do NOT interact, all characters aged up 18+, dirty talk, mentions of size kink, daddy kink, use of “bunny”, cum, intercourse, anal play
a/n: i wrote this at like 4am so no proof reading. apologies in advance for any spelling errors!!
masterlist | wanna make a request?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cowgirl is kuroo’s favorite position
and while he does love when you grind on his cock, he much prefers fucking up into your tight little pussy
he loves holding you down hard, pressing his nose into the crook of your neck as his balls repeatedly slap your ass
when he’s really into it, his hands trail down to your hips and his fingers dig into your skin
“you feel so fucking good, princess”
will bite on your jaw and neck and leave cute little pink marks that you’ll have to cover with concealer in the morning
“you like being on top, baby? yeah?”
your moans and whines are music to his ears
“what? you want me to go harder, hm? use your words for daddy.”
but his favorite part is filling you up with cum, and then watching it drip out and back onto the tip of his dick when you pull off of him
and after seeing that, he won’t let you get far
he’ll grab you instantly, and position your sweet cunt right back over his dick
he wants a round 2
oikawa is a sucker when it comes to riding
he enjoys cowgirl, but he also loves reverse cowgirl, too
he likes watching you do your thing
it’s especially hot to him when you have fun with it
grabbing at your own tits, or pulling your ass cheeks apart for him
he really just loves a good show
“you look so cute, angel”
“oh? for me?” he’ll say, before dipping a thumb in your ass.
don’t be fooled, though. he loves when you ride the absolute shit out of him.
feeling your walls grip him as you come up and then back down?
it’s heaven to him. nothing makes his dick any bigger than watching you bounce your ass up and down his length.
when he does eventually cum, he usually likes to make a mess of it
he’ll pull out at the last second and paint your clit and ass with thick ropes of white
will refuse to clean you up unless you twerk for him first
yes, while covered in his cum. dont ask.
bokuto is such a soft dom
so every now and then, he’ll let you get on top
he relishes in the way your tits bounce all in his face
it makes him drool
most definitely will leave his mouth open to try and catch one of your nipples
loves grabbing your waist to help guide you up and down his massive cock
“making me feel so good, baby”
thinks you look like a GODDESS
even with your hair in your mouth, and your eyes rolling into the back of your head, and your cheeks being flushed and shiny from sweat
he wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else except under you
“can you feel how hard you’re making me? huh, bunny?”
“fuck, yes, fucking ride that cock”
when his hold on you gets a little more stiff, and he goes a little more quiet, you know he’s close
most of the time, he doesn’t even warn you when he’s about to cum
it just happens so fast
after it’s over, he’ll breathlessly look at you and say he loves your pussy over and over again
and you’ll just laugh and kiss him before getting off
sugawara already adores praising you
but when you’re on top?
you’re in for a ride, babes. pun intended.
when you suddenly pin his hands down to the bed and straddle him, he’ll raise his eyebrows at you
“oh, we’re doing this?”
he thinks it’s cute, seeing you assert yourself. he’s definitely not gonna stop you.
so he’ll let you find your bearings, before wrapping two sturdy arms around you
he’ll look at you with a soft smirk, whispering “do me however you like.”
he knows how much it turns you on when he encourages you like that
while you’re working your magic, sugawara will kiss and suck all over your neck and chest
he’ll leave a few hickeys on your collarbone for sure
“you’re doing such a good job, sweetheart.”
when he slips out and tries to put his cock back in, he’ll “accidentally” almost put it in your ass
once he’s noticed that you’ve cum copious amounts of times, he’ll allow himself his release
will whisper sweet nothings in your ear as his cock throbs inside of you
won’t even pull out immediately. will cockwarm for a while before getting up and assisting you in aftercare
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glassheartjukebox · 8 months ago
thigh highs
haikyuu’s reaction to seeing their crush in thigh highs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
captains -> liberos
feat. daichi, oikawa, kuroo, bokuto, ushijima
“i slithered here from eden
just to sit outside your door” - from eden
a/n: just got a pair in the mail and i thought fuck it! why not project onto fictional men!
Tumblr media
when you walked into the gym in your school uniform plus a new pair of black thigh high socks, his first reaction was “goddamn”
his second immediate reaction was PROTECT
he knows how noya and tanaka can get
and he doesn’t want to subject you to that
that’s definitely the only reason, he definitely doesn’t just want you all to himself oh no no
he approaches with his usual endearing smile
what is unusual is his bright red cheeks
you notice that as he talks to you, he’s leading you out of the gym
you humor him, choosing to wait until you’re outside to question him
“you’re acting weird. why are you red? why did you lead me out of the gym?”
his eyes widen, clearly trapped in his own dumbassery
“i just wanted to talk to you!” he replies
“that only answered part of my question daichi.” you said, clearly unimpressed
suddenly he was avoiding eye contact and rubbing the back of his neck
“honestly? i didn’t want noya and tanaka to freak out about the... new addition to your uniform.”
it all clicked right then for you
“is that why you were all red?” you teased
playing with the top band of your thigh highs you looked at him and asked, “do you like them that much daichi?”
why not tease a lil?
Tumblr media
oikawa is very observant, and immediately noticed the new thigh highs
“ooh what are these,” he smirked at you, gesturing to your thighs
you knew you looked good, and decided to play dumb
“oh! they’re thigh highs! my legs get a little cold during class and i found these at the mall. do you like them,” you smiled at him, feigning innocence
clearly expecting a flirty reply, oikawa stuttered a lil
“i- they look very nice! very fashionable!”
at this point, you were struggling to hold back your laughter
your oblivious response to his obvious attempt at flirting had clearly caught him off guard
and he had no idea to continue without sounding like a complete perv
you’d achieved the impossible: flustering oikawa
not only that, but he obviously liked them a little too much
you: 1, oikawa: 0
Tumblr media
flirty bastard part 2
not as smooth as oikawa usually is
you two already had a flirty banter based friendship, so this shouldn’t have been out of the ordinary for him
for whatever reason, the thigh highs almost made him go feral
but alas, kuroo is a man of self restraint
so, as he approached you, he looked from you thighs to your face and wiggled his eyebrows
“those are new,” he smirked at you
“wow, i didn’t know you payed that much attention to me kuroo. if i didn’t know better, i’d think you had a crush on me,” you giggled
he clutched at his chest, “you really know how to kick a man when he’s down. first wounding me by wearing those thigh highs then teasing me? you’re ruthless”
you both busted out laughing, and all of your friends rolled their eyes
you two were oblivious to each other’s feelings and insisted the other one was just teasing you
in the middle of some casual conversation, the morning bell rang
you bid your goodbye and went to walk towards class until kuroo grabbed your elbow
he leaned in right next to your ear and whispered, “by the way, i do really like those thigh highs kitten.”
Tumblr media
he. is. o v e r j o y e d.
“hey! y/n! i loved your socks! they make your thighs look great!”
he says this a little too loud, earning a very exasperated look from a akaashi
you give akaashi a sympathetic smile as a he splits from bokuto, clearly trying to save himself the embarrassment
by the time bokuto is next to you, you’re bright red
every enthusiastic, bokuto exclaims, “you’re so cute when you blush!”
he’s not trying to be embarrassing
but bokuto does not hide his crush well
mostly because he has no intention to you
he’s a genuine guy and he wants you to know his feelings for you are just as genuine as he is
“thank you bokuto,” you say softly
despite the embarrassment, you can’t help but give him a shy smile
he has no idea what he’s doing to your heart
“you already look pretty in your uniform but the socks make you look even better!” his smile is contagious and you begin giggling
in a moment of boldness, you get on your tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek
“thanks bokuto, i’ll be sure to wear them again tomorrow.”
now he’s the flustered one
Tumblr media
he hadn’t seen you yet today when he arrived to practice
the only reason he found out was because he heard goshiki talking about it
“y/n senpai was wearing the super long socks that hugged their thighs today! i didn’t think they could get any prettier!”
ushijima was intrigued, but he kept his mouth shut
instead he focused on practice until the thought slipped his mind entirely
however, you and your thighs took a front seat in his mind as soon as he stepped out of practice and saw you talking when your friends in the hallway
goshiki was right, they did make you even more attractive
the little bulge of skin that came over the tops of the socks was really screwing with his head
as soon as your friends departed, he approached
“ushijima, are you okay? you’re a little red, could you be getting sick?” there was genuine worry in his voice
tendou who had caught onto the situation snickered from the other end of the hallway and sighed, “ah, young love”
“no, i am fine,” he replied before adding, “i came over to tell you that you look very nice today.”
after that he departed without another word, leaving you flustered at the rare compliment he gave you
Tumblr media
©glassheartjukebox all written content belongs to this user. do not repost, modify, or copy content
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ryoccoon · a month ago
What the Haikyuu boys (realistically) wear
Tumblr media
includes ; kuroo, kenma, bokuto, akaashi
others ;
x the twins, suna, sakusa
x oikawa, iwaizumi, kageyama, hinata
x tanaka, nishinoya, tsukki, yamaguchi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kuroo: fur hooded parkas, long coats, go to colors are black and red, white trainers, open checkered shirt + t-shirt combo, 3/4 lengths, thin chain necklace, dress suits (for work), always with a red tie
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kenma: sweats pretty much 24/7, only owns like 2 pairs of jeans and 1 pair of black slacks, pants tucked into high socks, sliders, oversized grey hoodies, sneakers, also f*cks w/ the long sleeved + oversized t-shirt combo
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bokuto: shirts that hug his arms, comfy sweaters, king of grey joggers (😏), crisp white shoes (is a b*tch about getting them dirty), sleeveless hoodies, ankle-cut trousers or cuffed trousers, most of the time his jeans are a little too tight cause he can never get the sizing right, thus he prefers cargo pants and joggers cause they're comfier, owns a few pairs of dress pants 'cause he saw they were in fashion, forearms always on show
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Akaashi: cardigans, shirts, big sweaters, slacks, dress shoes or ankle sneakers, brown aesthetic, likes navy and sky blue too, straight legged pants, turtle necks
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kaeyasaki · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
🛋 — :; they find you in their bed
Tumblr media
-> hq boys coming back to find you asleep in their bed
-> an :; i haven’t written hcs in forever so these are pretty lame, i just wanted to get at least some sort of content out with this concept before i forgot it haha
-> ft :; kuroo tetsurō, iwaizumi hajime, kozume kenma + sakusa kiyoomi
Tumblr media
-ˏˋ kuroo tetsurō ˊˎ-
“what’s this?” coy smile on his face, kuroo had just come back to his room from a class and dropped his bag and sat on the edge of the bed you were currently wrapped up under the covers on. after receiving a lack of response, your boyfriend peered over the covers to find you peacefully sleeping. his heart warmed at the sight of you in his bed wearing from what he could tell was one of his old sweaters. the sight of you stirred a giddy feeling inside of him, knowing you felt comfortable and this close to him even if he wasn’t with you at all times. shrugging his jacket off and laying it on the back of a chair, kuroo gently crawled into the bed beside you, careful not to disrupt your rest. gently wrapping an arm around you, he pulled you in a little closer and pressed a soft kiss to the back of your neck. “one day,” he spoke softly. “i’m gonna be looking forward to coming home to you resting in our bed.”. pressing one last kiss to the top of your head, kuroo let his own eyes flutter shut as feelings of domesticity and an excitement for a long term future with you played out in head head before he himself fell asleep with you in his arms.
-ˏˋ iwaizumi hajime ˊˎ-
it was late afternoon and iwaizumi was completely drained from a full day of classes by the time he’d finally reached his dorm room. he’d comply expected to come back, take a shower and text you before passing out, but what he hadn’t considered was the fact you were already tightly bundled in his sheets. “you awake?” he asked gently, crouching by the side of the bed where you were sleeping. calloused fingertips ghosted over your warm cheek as your boyfriend sighed in content that you were getting rest. he was forever reminding you of the importance of sleep, so he was glad you had taken his advocating on board. once he’d realised you were already passed out, he stood up to strip himself of his clothes and hop in the shower quickly. as much as he wanted nothing more than to just crawl into bed with you right then and there, he knew that neither you or him would probably appreciate the smell waking up. allowing himself just five minutes to shower, your boyfriend made quick work of getting dressed into clean sweats to crawl into the other side of the bed. his eyes were heavy and the drowsiness began to take over, but not to the point where he missed the way you naturally gravitated towards him, your hand automatically looking for his. softly smiling to himself, iwaizumi granted your unconscious desires and held you close as the two of you caught up on much needed rest.
-ˏˋ kozume kenma ˊˎ-
kenma didn’t necessarily like leaving his room for classes, but it was a requirement sometimes so he did it. his biggest relief was always coming back to the comfort of his own room though and that comfort was only enhanced when he found you fast asleep in his bed. he glanced over at you, small smile present on his face as he dropped his bag down and gently kicked his slippers off. you were forever telling kenma how important it was that he got enough sleep and had some sort of functional schedule in place, he found it ironic to be finding you completely knocked out in the middle of the day in his bed though. maybe he’d have to remind you of your own preachings. crawling into the other side of the bed, he was conflicted on whether or not to hold you. he didn’t want to risk waking you, but the thought of you in his arms was provoking him and forcing him to give in to his inner cravings of physical attention. gently placing an arm over you, your boyfriend sighed in satisfaction as he took in some of the heat from your body to his own. quietly muttering a soft “i love you.” kenma let his own drowsiness take over as the familiar scent of you left him at ease. it felt good coming back to the comfort of his own room, but it felt even better when his comfort person was in there too.
-ˏˋ sakusa kiyoomi ˊˎ-
had sakusa not have gotten used to the sight of your familiar figure in his bed, he would’ve kicked off to see someone in his space. alas, he was left unfazed at the sight of you in his sheets though. it wasn’t rare for you to crawl into your boyfriend bed while he was away, he’d asked you why you did it once and sakusa was left internally flustered at your reply ‘your bed smells like you’ as you explained the comfort you found in his homely scent. while it wasn’t uncommon to find you here, it still made your boyfriends stomach flutter slightly every time he’d find you in his bed. if anyone had told him he’d be letting someone other than him sleep in his bed unsupervised a few years ago, sakusa would’ve laughed in their face, but it felt so right coming back to his room to find you these days. he secretly liked the fact you wanted to be close to him, and you found comfort in him. this confirmed to him that the feeling was mutual as he was grateful you were willing to show your affections towards him in your own ways. after putting on a fresh set of sweats, sakusa crawled into the sheets next to you and made no hesitation to pulling you into him close. “what are you doing?” you mumbled half asleep as you felt a shift in your position from where he had pulled you into him. “you said you like my smell didn’t you?” he replied cooly as if the tips of his ears weren’t burning. softly smiling to yourself at the fact he’d remembered your silly excuse,he allowed you to bury your face into the crook of his neck as a ghost of a smile was left on sakusa’s face as the two of you drifted off to sleep together.
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ichigomis · 2 months ago
Heya! Can you do a part 2 of when ur love language is physical touch but ur shy about? But with kuroo, oikawa, suna and akaashi?
Tumblr media
with: kuroo, oikawa, suna, akaashi
note: of course nonnieee here ya go~ — fluff!
part one - part two - part three
Tumblr media
LOVES teasing you about this and i tell you, you'll never hear the end of it 🙄
this man just loves seeing you all blushy but really he can never seem to say no to you
you'd grab his shirtsleeve and pout at him, too shy to ask for cuddles
"something wrong?"
you'd look down on your feet and continue to tug on his sleeve and he just melts at how cute you are
"you want something from me?" he'd ask, committed to teasing you just a little bit more
"tetsuuu" you whine knowing well enough that he knows what you want.
"okay, fine, come here." he'd say with a light chuckle and he'd pull you in so tight like <3
can never seem to stop talking when you're cuddling?
like you love hearing him talk but you're sometimes kinda sleepy and he just won't stop?? lMAOOOO
but hey he gives the best back rubs like especially after a long day he'd just come up behind you and massage all your stress away 🤧
despite teasing you a lot he actually really respects your boundaries, especially in public.
he would always wait for you to be ready before doing anything
he's so very patient with you and never pressures you into anything and you just LOVE HIM FOR THAT
Tumblr media
this man is not shy at all let's just get that out there
he will hug you and kiss you and make sure you're feeling loved
but of course without you feeling uncomfy
he knows you're a bit shy so he would initiate cuddles almost every time lmaooo
"i need cuddle time!" he'd exclaim as he wraps his arms around you, burying his head onto your shoulder
"but tooru..." you'd mumble, taken aback by juuust a little bit
"shhh i know you like my cuddles you don't have to tell me"
lowkey kinda likes it when you start being a blushy mess when he touches you like he's just so happy he has that kind of effect on you
so just imagine him when other people make you blush he's gonna be all whiny and just be a big annoying baby infdiugirugjrnirtngtigjntig
also, gives THE BEST cuddles and kisses. like they're all so sweet and romantic and you just want to melt </3
this should be on the top of the list tbh
LOVES holding your hand in public! he just wants to show you off and let the world know he's yours
one time he literally spent the whole day cuddling you after a game his team lost. he was silently crying as you held him and he can never forget that. he comes back to that little moment every time to remind himself why he loves you :')
not that he ever needed any reminding though
Tumblr media
at the start of your relationship, he would stare at you for minutes on end just observing your reactions and facial expressions
like dude what is u doing
he wanted to get a better read of you and make sure he wasn't doing something you didn't like
that's when he noticed that you were really shy about physical touch but actually loved it
which he didn't really mind because he wasn't a really touchy person, to begin with
but instead, he'd gaze at you with his intense eyes and make sure you know you always have 100% of his attention and it just drives you craaazy
like you'd be talking and he'd just look you straight in the eyes and you'd get all blushy from all his attention like damn he just loves you that much
he has you memorized so he knows when you're in need of cuddles but aren't asking for it
he'd just casually wrap his arms around you and rest his chin on your head
and when you turn to him he'd pull you in closer and won't let go until he feels you're all better
no questions asked, this man just knows when you want something from him and he always knows exactly what it is 🤧
Tumblr media
one word: RESPECT. this man respects you so so much so he would never do anything you're uncomfortable with.
it even gets to the point where he'd ask for permission to hold your hand and you'd be just like, "i actually like it when you hold my hand??"
gets pretty confused when you unconsciously push him away when he hugs you because then you'd be following him around like a little penguin actually wanting to be hugged 🥺
he's really good at picking up non-verbal cues though (it's canon!!) so he easily understands when you just need cuddles but are shy to ask for it
he'll tap your shoulder and open his arms wide for you to just jump in like wngriuhgregnreugtrh
when he wants your cuddles though, he'd usually keep it to himself and you'd feel soooo bad
so you'd initiate cuddle time by shyly asking him if he wants your hugs and it's just so </3333
basically, the both of you are a shy blushy couple and it's annoying but it's so so so cute
Tumblr media
p.s.: it's cuddle season here rn and i :)
» m. list
Tumblr media
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katsuchans · a month ago
"damn woman, where are you off to?"
kuroo whistles playfully through your phone screen as you stepped outside the bathroom after changing into your newly bought dress. with your hair still wet, you sat in front of your vanity desk, adjusting your phone with you to keep your face on your screen.
"on a date,"
you replied, not even sparing the male a glance as you keep moving on your seat to plug the hairdryer. another wolf whistle was heard through the facetime call, earning kuroo a glare from you.
"alright, i'm sorry- who's the lucky guy?"
he asks, a low chuckle leaving his lips as he's visibly leaning back against his chair as he keeps his eyes on you.
"just some guy i know," you nonchalantly replied, shrugging as your expression eases up. the heat coming out of the hairdryer brushing against your cold, freshly-showered scalp felt good.
"lucky bastard,"
he mumbled quietly, but loud enough for you to hear. you rolled your eyes from his comment, shaking your head slightly as you turned the hairdryer off before placing it down on the table. you turned to face the phone directly, using your fingers to comb and gather your hair before tying it up on a ponytail.
"yeah, it kinda feels like i'm doing some charity work here or something,"
you say, the corner of your lips teasingly tugging up into a small smirk before finally breaking into laughter as you notice how kuroo's expression changed, a brow quirking up at you.
"should i just cancel the date? staying at home sounds like a better use of my time, no?"
you added, not even hiding the teasing grin on your face anymore. your words made kuroo sat up from his previous position, arms crossing right in front of his chest.
"are you really going to cancel the date?"
kuroo asks, his tone more serious in comparison to his usual cheeky one.
"if you don't get your ass off that musty couch and start getting ready, i will. we're going to miss our reservation, tetsurou."
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benaina · a month ago
when their s/o faints
includes: Kuroo Tetsurou / Kita Shinsuke
-> Atsumu / Ushijima / Suna
word count: 1,8k
warnings: none, hurt/comfort
Tumblr media
The last few months, you had worked yourself to death and could barely spend some time with your lover. You rarely managed to eat dinner together since even at home, you had to finish projects and assignments your boss plastered you with, and this overly exaggerated workaholic behaviour, started worrying Kuroo.
Luckily, your company rewarded you with a small break, and the one thing you absolutely had been wanting to do, was to spend your day off at the science museum with Kuroo. Especially after he took care of all the chores at home in the last few weeks, you saw this as an opportunity to thank him.
“Kitten, are you sure? You barely slept the last few days, and I don’t recall seeing you having dinner yesterday. We can come here any other day.” Kuroo said, his furrowed eyebrows making it obvious that he was worried about your health, but you just brushed him off, saying that you were fine, and dragged him behind you to the museum. 
You would have never thought that your town was full of science fanatics, but the crowded halls of the museum said otherwise. The brightly shining lights and loud voices and noises made your headache, which you had since you had woken up in the morning, even worse.
Tightly holding onto Kuroo’s hand, you both started strolling around but despite your pounding head, you smiled at how excited he got when he spotted all the colourful tubes filled with different substances, the oversized molecular models, or the several feet high wall which was completely wallpapered with a periodic time table.
“Okay, now that’s a fucking wall! Come on baby, you need a new wallpaper on your phone.” Kuroo teasingly grinned and started posing in front of the huge periodic time table.
Giggling at your boyfriend’s childish behaviour, you took your phone out and started taking pictures of him, screaming internally at how cute he looked with his “I love chem” cap. 
But as he saw how shaky your hands were, barely holding your phone up, he walked back towards you. Even though you reassured him that you were fine, your pale face was enough for him to know that you were everything but fine.
“Uh, Kitten, I think we’ve had enough fun. Let’s get ya home, okay?”
“Hmm? But we just got... here” you trailed off, your vision suddenly getting blurred and you felt your legs getting weaker, having to lean yourself against Kuroo’s arm.
“Y/n? Hey, look at me. See, you’re not okay! Come on, hold onto me.” he said, wrapping his arm around your waist, but you couldn’t even catch the end of his sentence due to the ringing in your ears, and not even a second later, everything around you darkened.
When you woke up, you groaned at the pounding in your head, which had gotten even worse, but your eyes slowly adjusted to the light and you realised that you were back home in your bedroom.
„T-Tetsu..?“ you called, but it rather sounded like a weak whisper. Hearing the rustling sheets next to you, you saw Kuroo sitting there, his upper body leaned against the head board.
„Sshh, I‘m here. Go back to sleep, you need rest.“ he quietly spoke as he started gently brushing his hand through your hair.
„What happened?“ you asked and looked up at him, barely holding your eyes open.
„Your stubborness happened. You collapsed right in the middle of the museum.“ his voice sounded stern, as he move his hand to your forehead and started massaging your temples.
„Oh.. I‘m sorry. Didn‘t mean to trouble you.“ you murmured, closing your eyes at his soothing touch as your headache slowly subsided.
„I‘m fine! I‘m fine!“ Kuroo suddenly squealed with a girly voice, trying to imitate you at which you couldn‘t help but let out a throaty chuckle.
„No but honestly, kitten. You really scared me. You have to tell me when you‘re not feeling well, especially after you’ve worked so much. And I‘ll absolutely have a little talk with your boss if he continues plastering you with work!“ Kuroo stated and lied down next to you, your chest suddenly feeling warmer at his protectiveness.
„I know. Thank you, Tetsu.“ you whispered, feeling your eyes getting heavier as you turned to your side and snuggled closer against his chest, „By the way, you need to change my wallpaper.“
„You managed to take pictures?“ Kuroo asked, the sudden excitement in his voice not getting unnoticed by you.
„Yeah, a few, but I don‘t know if they look good.“
„Nice! Wait, what do you mean? Of course they do, I mean if I‘m on them, then they obviously must have turned out great“ he playfully teased and pulled you closer.
„You wish“ you mumbled against his chest, and Kuroo was ready to fire back with another witty remark,until a yawn escaped your mouth. He then just placed a kiss on your head and let you rest the whole afternoon, which you obviously needed.
Tumblr media
“Shin, it’s really not that ba...AACHOOO!” you tried convincing your husband that, despite your cold, you could still help him on the farm, even though you’ve been actually feeling weak for a few days now. “I can’t lie in bed all day, and besides, who’ll be watching over Haruko?”
“ ‘M old enough, mommy!” pouted the five year old, who was standing next to Kita, beside your bed, and holding onto his father’s hand.
“Leave everything to me okay? I’ll take him with me on the field, I’m sure I could use a strong boy like him.” your husband reassured, looking at the little boy and gently squeezing his hand, who eagerly nodded at his father’s statement.
Sighing, you watched your two boys leave the room after Kita placed a peck on your knuckles and Haruko blew you a kiss from the end of the bed, to which you stretched your hand out, pretending as if you’d catch it and making the little grey-haired boy giggle.
You felt like you’ve been laying for hours under the three layers of blankets with which Kita had tucked you in, just in case you’d feel cold. As you couldn’t go out and help your husband out, you decided to at least start preparing something for lunch.
You slowly crept out of bed, feeling a bit lightheaded and your body shuddering at the sudden loss of warmth from your bed, but nonetheless, you rubbed your glossy eyes before putting your fluffy slippers on, and made yourself on the way to the kitchen.
But as soon as you left the bedroom, dizziness washed over you, forcing you to lean yourself on the wall in the hallway, and before you could even take another step, everything around you turned black.
“Haru don’t run too fast.” Kita scolded his son, as they finished work for today and walked towards your shared home.
“Mom! We’re back! Look I have a surprise for ... you” Haruko cheerfully sang, running up the stairs, but as he saw the unconscious form of his mother on the floor, he slowed down and dropped the flowers he had gathered on the way back, fear and tears immediately marking his cute, little features. “M-Mom? Mommy!?”
“Haru, what’s wrong?” Kita shouted from the ground floor, but as he heard his son’s calls and cries, he dropped everything and rushed upstairs. “Why are you- Y/n?!”
His breath hitched when he saw you laying dead still on the floor, his heart shattering at the sight of Haruko desperately trying to wake you up, brushing the hair out of your face with his small hands, and the way he looked up at his father with teary eyes.
“Y/n? Darlin’, please wake up.” Kita brushed with the back of his hand over your cheek and noticed that you were burning up. Your fever had come back.
“Haru go and get some cold water. Don’t worry, okay? She’ll be fine.” he instructed, quickly wiping his son’s wet cheeks and giving him a reassuring smile, even though he was worried as hell too. Quickly he pulled you up in his arms and carried you back to the bedroom.
When he carefully laid you back in your bed, sprawling out a thin blanket over you, Haruko already came back with cloths balancing on his head and the cold water, a few droplets escaping the bowl in the hurry.
Slowly waking up to a relieving coldness on your forehead and feeling gentle fingers brushing over your arm, you saw your husband, with Haru in his lap, sitting beside you. “Shin..? What-” you spoke with a raspy voice, trying to sit up but Kita immediately pushed you back down.
“What did I tell you about resting?” he scolded and took the wet cloth from your forehead to replace it with a colder one. When you noticed your son’s puffy eyes and sniffling, you brushed your hand through his soft hair at which he threw himself on you and buried his head in your chest.
“Sshh it’s okay sweetie, look, I’m fine. I’m sorry I scared you.” you cooed and rubbed his back. “But you really have to get off me, I don’t want you to get sick too.”
“Don’t care!!” the boy shouted, nuzzling his cheek in your shoulder and draping his little arms around your neck, too scared to let go of you. Kita and you looked at each other, both exchanging sad smiles at your son’s sweetness, before he placed a kiss on your head to bring you something to eat.
A few minutes later, when Kita came back carrying a tray with soup and a glass of water on it, Haruko had already fallen asleep. He got him off your neck and walked over to the other side of the bed where he lied down and laid the child between you two.
After finishing the delicious soup, you lied down again, and turned to your side, meeting Kita’s loving gaze. He stretched his arm out towards you, motioning you to come closer to him, so you laid your head down on his bicep, his soft lips placing kisses, starting from your cheek, and up to your temple, making your eyes flutter shut at his tenderness.
“Love, ya got me real‘ worried there for a second.” he whispered, his eyebrows furrowing at the thought of how long you must have been laying there, “You need to take better care of yourself.”
“I know, I’m sorry.” you replied, shifting closer to him so that the blanket could cover all the three of you. Your gaze drifted over to the nightstand, where a vase with flowers was placed.
“They’re beautiful. Where did you get them?” you asked, but Kita only motioned with his head towards the sleeping boy laying between you two, at which you smiled and placed a gentle kiss on your son’s head, and then one on Kita’s cheek, the corners of his mouth slightly turning up.
“Come on, you still need to rest.” he murmured, draping his free arm over Haruko’s body and your waist, after which you immediately drifted off to sleep.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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agasheeee · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Texts with Haikyuu Boys: Sneaky Link Edition! 
Tumblr media
pairings: suna x reader and kuroo x reader
summary: the boys are your side piece 
warnings: suggestive themes, cursing, mentions of sex, cheating (not on you or the boys it’s cause they’re your sneaky link)   
click on the photos for better quality :)  
Tumblr media
Suna Rintarou  
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsurou 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: I do not condone cheating but anything for kuroo and suna right?? lmk if you want these with other characters!! reblogs and feedback are appreciated <3 also sorry for any typos m tired & profile pic for both of them are from Pinterest so all rights to owner. 
Tumblr media
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sumine · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
kuroo absolutely hated mondays. 
mainly the mondays in which it’s 8 am and it’s already raining outside as he waits at the bus stop for the bus to come. 
it’s funny because hating monday only when it rained seemed oddly specific. the thing is, it’s rained on every single monday at this exact time for the past 3 weeks and kuroo was starting to get tired of it. 
clouds filled the sky and there’s not one drop of sunshine anywhere, leaving the environment dull, gloomy, and well — wet. 
and normally, he would’ve taken the train (his car had broken down a week ago and he hadn’t gotten around to having it fixed), but you see, he woke up a tad bit too late today. that’s how he ended up soaking wet on the sidewalk with his hands crossed amongst his chest, trying to find literally any source of warmth. 
oh, and don’t even get him started on the tedious walk from his apartment to the bus stop. the closest bus stop was a good 20 minute walk from his place and once he was about ten minutes into walking, that’s when it decides to rain. (of course he didn’t pack an extra umbrella.) 
yesterday had been a busy day as well. although he was usually off on saturdays and sundays, his boss needed someone to take a shift and being the ‘sacrificial lamb’ (as his co-workers loved to call him), he decided to take one for the team. 
this is why he hated rainy mondays. it made him think about all the negative memories he’s recently experienced. rainy mondays always made him start off the day with negative thoughts instead of positive ones. 
he understands that rain is important, but can’t it rain at any other time but now? 
“tough day, huh?” 
kuroo turns his head to the voice he just heard, eyes widening when you offer him a bright grin that contradicts the gray weather. 
he nods, “yeah.” 
as you heave a sigh, you turn your head to face the street, lips shaped into a tight smile, and an umbrella clutch in your hand. “i know how that feels. there’s nothing more i hate than rainy mondays.” 
he couldn’t have agreed more with you, and it was as if an energy of some unknown source surged through him. “i know, right?” he exclaims.
“it sucks, because i feel like everytime it rains, i get in a bad mood and i don’t wanna accidentally say something i don’t mean to someone just because the stupid weather’s not cooperating with me.” 
and it was at this point, kuroo believed that fate had kicked in and sent him someone he could relate to, because (as dramatic as this sounds) he truly thought that the world was against him. 
“you get it!” he splays his arms out, voiced laced with exhilaration as the both of you continue your mini rant on the weather. at some point you offered to share your umbrella with him to prevent the poor man from getting any wetter. “and it’s rained for the past 3 mondays, too. not that i’m like, keeping track or anything.” (he totally is, by the way.)
“no, no, i feel you.” you chuckle, an airy one that’s delicate, yet powerful enough to wash away the frown on kuroo’s face. you lean your head near kuroo’s, placing a hand next to your mouth before whispering, “if i’m being honest, i’m totally keeping track, too. i even made marks on the calendar just to prove a point.”
and the conversation doesn’t stop there. it’s now 8:23 and you and kuroo have talked about various aspects in life. from your plans after work, to all the really weird videos youtube recommended you both. how the conversation drifted away from weather -- he doesn’t know. but he does know even though the both of you are complete strangers, you both clicked instantly.
he thinks it would be best to take advantage of this.
“i think we should get coffee sometime.” he states.
you let out another soft chuckle before nodding, “i think we should, too.”
and it isn’t long before the bus finally comes and picks you both up. (he manages to find a seat next to you and was able to have another striking conversation.)
kuroo hates mondays. 
from the hectic showers and gray weather mondays bring, to the mere fact that it’s the start of the week and the end of the weekends. 
but even as his hatred for monday, he’s grateful for the hectic showers and gray weather because you’ve made his monday a bit more brighter.
Tumblr media
𝗿𝗲𝗯𝗹𝗼𝗴𝘀 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝗮𝗽𝗽𝗿𝗲𝗰𝗶𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗱 <𝟯.
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sunkeiji · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
kuroo enjoys coming home to you. it’s not just coming home to you, though, that he likes. it’s your scent, your warmth, your voice. every little thing that makes you, you.
because even when the train is delayed and it’s pouring outside, he can ignore the disruptions. he knows he’s coming home to your arms, where he feels his body burn into flames. even when there are kids crying beside him and the screeching horns of cars stuck in traffic, he doesn’t mind. your soothing voice, which he often compares to a honey-like melody, is waiting for him.
and when he finally steps into the doorway of your shared home, he senses your presence. of course, without a doubt, you’re waiting for him. wrapped up in your coziest sweater, you walk up to him with open arms. oh, how he’s missed your arms.
kuroo realizes that coming home to you means coming home to the feeling of being loved unconditionally. despite him walking into the apartment completely drenched — messy hair and all — you look at him as if he holds up the skies.
“your hair is a mess, tetsu,” you say into his chest as his wet clothes stick to your cheek.
“i know, i forgot my umbrella because i was running late this morning,” he sighs as he places a kiss to the top of your head. “i should get changed. you’ll get sick, too, if you keep hugging me,” he tells you as he pulls away. but you continue to hold on. his heart beats faster.
“no, you’ve been gone all day. i deserve a long hug,” you say. he feels bad — you’ve been home for a while without his warmth, but you’re probably freezing in his arms right now.
he lets you indulge, because as much as you’re loving the feeling of his arms around you, he’s loving the feeling of your ear listening to his beating heart.
“okay, for real, get off me,” he says with a hint of teasing as he unwraps his arms from around you. and with a sigh, you oblige. he takes your cheeks into his hands and squishes them slightly. “lemme go change, and then i’m all yours.”
and as he goes off the change, you smile to yourself. he just came back from the pouring rain, yet he makes you feel so warm. he comes home to you while carrying love and security on his back.
in his fresh hoodie, kuroo engulfs you into another hug, but this time, he tilts your face up to kiss your lips gently. and with your cheek pressed against his chest once again, you know exactly what he means to say through his actions. you feel his heart beat faster as he catches a glimpse of the umbrella you left by the front door for him just minutes ago.
“thanks for waiting for me,” he says.
i love coming home to you — thank you for loving me like this, is what he means.
Tumblr media
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shinomiis · a month ago
sharing a bed with the hq boys!
includes: tooru oikawa, keiji akaashi, testuro kuroo, rintarō suna
warnings: slightly suggestive for suna other than that, your typical there was only one bed au
notes: okay posting the megumi moments a little bit after this is uploaded <333
Tumblr media
OIKAWA!: how was oikawa suppose to know you hog blankets in your sleep? he just didn’t want to sleep on the floor and now he has to face the repercussions. repercussions = shivering since you have incredible strength when you’re unconscious. his solution? to spoon you from behind while he takes the warmth from your body heat, head in the crook of your neck as he breathes in your scent with a cheeky smile on his face.
AKAASHI!: akaashi couldn’t sleep. not even for a minute. how could he? there you were, on your side breathing slowly with a rhythmic heartbeat while his was about to burst out of his chest. he tosses and turns, maybe it’s because he keeps staring back at you, but it isn’t. he realizes this soon enough and turns back to face you. he decides, if he couldn’t sleep, he’ll just spend his time admiring your face as he slightly strokes your forehead to lure you further into sleep.
KUROO!: he wanted to be childish and suggested to build a pillow wall between the two of you, he didn’t think you’d actually agree. now he has to face the consequences of his actions. pouting, he huffs, having only himself to blame. when he hears you snoring lightly he knows you’re asleep, declaring it as the perfect time to remove the pillows and throw them onto the ground. he slightly tugs you by the arm, wrapping his own around you as he puts his face into your hair, the pout now forming into a very satisfied smile.
SUNA!: you two hated each other. well, that’s what you’d like to say, but the way you’re now tangled with the other says otherwise. your head placed on his chest as he pets your hair. you don’t even know how you ended up in this position, you two initially had your backs together, you want to say it’s because the AC stopped working, therefore you need each other for warmth but that’s unlikely considering the room is a bit warm already. of course, the moment is ruined once suna says, ‘you know, everyone else is probably asleep.’ he gets a purple nurple in response.
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glassheartjukebox · 8 months ago
...and there was only one bed
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
captains -> setters -> aces
feat. daichi, oikawa, kuroo, futakuchi, ushijima, bokuto
“i wanna sleep next to you
but that’s all i wanna do right now” - talk me down
a/n: this is one of my favorite tropes. this time i decided to organize the part a lil different (by position played rather than team)
Tumblr media
when y’all realize there’s only one bed left, he’s immediately offering to sleep on the floor
while y’all are arguing about sleeping arrangements, he’s already making a very uncomfortable makeshift bed on the floor for himself
the only way you’re going to convince him to just share the damn bed with you is if you refuse to move from his makeshift cot until he gets in the actual bed
even then, he’s laying on the edge, trying to give you as much space as possible
“you know i won’t bite, right? you can take of more space than that daichi.”
as all of us know, many hotel rooms are an ungodly level of cold
daichi is like a human heater
without realizing, you gravitate towards him in your sleep
the next morning you wake up to him snoring in your ear
your legs are tangled together and your head is in the crook of his neck
daichi wakes up and immediately starts apologizing (completely ignoring the fact that you were on his side of the bed)
give him a hug, assure him it’s okay, tell him it’s the best sleep you’ve had in weeks
Tumblr media
brat. big ole brat.
complains about having to share the bed
says you’re taking too long in the shower
you roll your eyes and make your bed on the floor, not wanting to hear it
that is, until you hear him huffing and sighing
you look up, exasperated
“what’s wrong now oikawa?”
he leans over the bed and quietly says “please come up here”
you narrow your eyes at him
he pouts and does grabby hands at you
and that’s how you ended up on the other side of the bed from him, quickly falling asleep
however, you woke up in the middle of the night to oikawa clinging to your back like a koala
you didn’t have the heart to move him
but you also wanted to get your revenge
do you grabbed your phone and quickly snapped a picture of him clinging to your back like it was his life line
when you woke up in the morning, he was still clinging to you, but he’d transitioned into a more comfortable spooning position
you felt secure in his arms, not that you’d ever admit it
Tumblr media
is the one to suggest sharing the bed
he doesn’t want to sleep on the floor, he doesn’t want you to sleep on the floor, so what’s wrong with sharing a bed?
he’s internally panicking but he won’t show it
when it’s time for y’all to sleep, you find out kuroo is a pillow hog
the bed came with four pillows, and he’s taken three of them
“kuroo, i can’t sleep like this. i need one of the pillows, this isn’t supporting my head at all”
being the little shit he is, kuroo’s default defense is teasing
“that’s tragic, you could just use my chest as your pillow”
he was not expecting you to stubbornly take him up on his offer
furthermore, you weren’t expecting him to just... let it happen
you thought he would cave and give you a pillow, but instead you could yourself dozing off to the sound of his heartbeat
you both woke up in a similar position, with you clinging to his chest and his arm wrapped around you
maybe you two should sleep like this more often
Tumblr media
convincing him to share the bed isn’t too difficult
yes, he wants to be polite and make sure you’re comfortable
but he doesn’t want either of you on the floor
so he elects to make a wall of pillows between the two of you
does this work? no.
consequently, you wake in the middle of the night to a hand gripped your hip
groggily, you realize ushijima has reached across the pillow barrier to seek out some type of warmth in his sleep
is was like you were making it difficult; you were cuddling the wall of plush separating the two of you
you’re shifting roused ushijima but didn’t wake him
instead, he’s sleep addled brain simply tugged you closer, causing you to shift over the pillow wall
his grip on you was like a vice and you knew you would be unable to get out
so, you opted to fall asleep listening to his heart beat
in the morning, he politely didn’t comment on your migration to his side of the bed even though he had no idea he was the cause
he couldn’t help his blush when he attempted to leave the bed only to be met with you holding him tighter and muttering “no. stay. warm.”
Tumblr media
cocky bitch
acts completely relaxed and IS COMPLETELY RELAXED
he’s well aware of his feelings for you and he’s convinced he can work this situation to his benefit
while you’re in the shower, he turns the air down
unbeknownst to him, he’s managed to put the air conditioner into overdrive and jam it, not allowing him to make it warmer
when you exit the bathroom, you’re greeted by biting cold and a shivering futakuchi
after 10 minutes of attempting to fix it, you both give up
when futakuchi suggests cuddling to stay warm, you don’t have it in you to chastise him for flirting with you
after all, you’re shaking violently and some body warmth sounds awfully good right now
that’s how you find your head on futakuchi’s chest and your legs tangled together
your hands are fastened around his waist and his arm is around your waist
you never thought futakuchi would be so comfortable to sleep with, but you quickly found yourself dozing off
the next morning, you two were tangled impossibly closer and his hands were tracing gentle circles on your waist
“what are you doing asshole?”
“i’m trying to keep you warm,” he bit back in a haughty tone
good cuddler or not, you were going to kill him
Tumblr media
when y’all realize there’s only one bed, he plops into it and beckons you over like it’s the most casual thing in the world
if you say you’re going to sleep on the floor, bokuto pouts and gets very upset, afraid you’re going to be uncomfortable
after a bit of arguing, you both agree to shower and share the bed
when you go to tuck in for the night, bokuto pulls your back flush against him as if you do this every night
you freeze at his nonchalance
“are you okay with cuddling? i’m cold,” he whines
as embarrassing as it is, you’re quite comfortable and give into his wishes without any resistance
you’re awoken in the morning by bokuto nuzzling his nose into your neck and mumbling “is it already morning?” in his deep morning voice
you startle, forgetting the position you fell asleep in and that you fell asleep next to your very affectionate crush
bokuto is completely unfazed, only pulling you closer and saying, “five more minutes”
who are you to deny that?
Tumblr media
©glassheartjukebox all written content belongs to this user. do not repost, modify, or copy content
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xybi · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
↳ gender-neutral reader, fluff, children crying, all characters are from the timeskip!
↳ inspired by this tiktok! honestly, i tried this on my little sister when she was still a baby, and i never heard the end of it
↳ hq masterlist
Tumblr media
TSUKISHIMA couldn't contain the amused grin appearing all over his face—as he held your son in his arms. and as you noticed this behaviour or his, you couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at him.
"my, my, i wonder what my dear significant other's thinking." you then went back to reading the local magazine, enjoying yourself since it was tsukishima's turn to watch over your son for the time being.
tsukishima knocked on the wooden wall, before looking at your son with a feigned worried expression, "oh no, are you okay [son's name]?" he asked, watching as your son cried out for you. immediately tsukishima tried to softly shush the crying baby, but to his luck—the crying just became louder and louder.
the male heard you click your tongue, prior to getting [son's name] from his embrace, "your dad's a meanie, isn't he sweetie? shh.. you're okay, you're okay." you shot tsukishima a glare whilst he could only quietly laugh at your son's reaction. "looks like someone's going to be sleeping in the couch tonight."
"no, i'm sorry-!"
Tumblr media
KUROO thought that it would be a funny idea to mess with his daughter for a bit. and he even convinced you to film him and his son, to you know, remember this specific memory.
"if [daughter's name] doesn't stop crying, you know who's going to sleep in the couch later." you reminded him, before pressing the record button. kuroo smiled brightly, tapping on the wooden door behind your daughter's head before rubbing the back of her head immediately.
and of course, your daughter began crying while kuroo tried to console her. "aw, baby are you okay? sorry, sorry, daddy's sorry!" he smiled apologetically—as your daughter just looked up at his dad with teary eyes. "aww, 'm sorry baby, it won't happen again. i promise."
his statement was followed by a soft laugh, before he placed a small kiss on your daughter's forhead—softly patting her back to help her quiet down. and you couldn't help but smile yourself, seeing such a cute gesture.
Tumblr media
SUNA got the idea from tiktok, once he was scrolling through his for you page this fine evening. he thought it would be fun, wanting to see how your son would react to his little prank.
you sat on the soft mattress, watching over the two with observing eyes. you knew exactly what suna was going to do, and you couldn't help yourself but to grab your camera to film them.
he loudly knocked on the wall behind your son's head, then letting a gentle laugh pass his lips seeing the baby's reaction. to say that your son's confused was an understatement, simply, [son's name] was a little clueless of what his father did. "did you get that on camera, love?"
you nodded fondly, walking towards the two as your son immediately reached out to be in your arms, "i sure did, and you two are such dorks."
"but we're your dorks."
Tumblr media
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iwaizumiya · 7 months ago
omg hi, sweetheart!! I binge-read your writings and it's wonderful!! may I request the tiktok prank wherein you play the audio "hey shawty, your man still around?" with Kuroo, Iwaizumi and Sakusa! if it's too much, you can disregard this ask!
thank you for your amazing writings, love you darling!! have a great day <33333
includes - kuroo tetsurou, iwaizumi hajime and sakusa kiyoomi
a/n - ahh i love tiktok pranks so much so i hope you enjoy this one <33 also contains mildly suggestive content except for sakusa!!
Tumblr media
- he’s not fazed when your phone starts ringing, he knows how much you love calling your friends after all
- except when its a mans voice that comes from the phone
“hey shawty, your man still around?”
- mans whips his head back towards you so quickly that you think he’s twisted his neck
- don’t get me wrong, he trusts you 100% but from what he knows, you don’t have many guy friends
- he was frowning and pouting at the same time so you couldn’t help but burst into a fit of laughter
- is super confused at first then he recognises the voice from the tiktok sound
- he definitely knows this trend but he didn’t realise because he was hurting a little bit
- at first, you were totally smug with his initial reaction, but now he’s staring straight into your soul with a smirk
- yeah you’re in trouble
- so you do what any rational person would do in a dangerous situation
- run. 
- and that’s what you do
- he finds your face of panic adorable and immediately starts to chase you until you lock yourself in the bathroom
“kitten come on out. i won’t bite... unless you want me to”
- yeah this mf does not have tiktok and finds it completely stupid
- so you thought this prank would be perfect for him
- spoiler alert! he doesn’t
- you were both in bed when you decided to start this prank
“hey shawty, your man still around?”
- yep, he’s pissed
- he’s 99% sure he’s been an amazing fucking boyfriend to you and now you’re just replacing him?? nahhh
“what the fuck?! who the hell is that? oi fuckface, her boyfriend is here and if you even think about tou-”
- he tries to grab your phone and was only met with his reflection
- he’s confused and furious to say the least
- 10/10 offended and hurt 
- then your small giggles makes him face you and he’s quick to grab your wrist and trap you between his arms
“haji, i’m really sorry, i didn’t want to do the prank but it was tooru’s idea”
“i don’t care if it was shittykawa’s idea. doesn’t mean i’m gonna go easier on you tonight. i can’t have you leaving me, can we?”
- got a wheelchair? no? get one. you’re gonna need it
- he also definitely pranked you back. and he hates pranks
- that’s how much you pissed him off
- disgusted™
- how you ended up dating him? no clue, but you did it
- just because you’re dating him, does not mean he’s gonna deal with your stupid pranks
- this man radiates ‘idgaf’ energy
- so you thought that he would have a really bad reaction when you do this prank
- hehe you were wrong
“hey shawty, your man still around?”
- he honestly just looked at you like you’ve said the most stupidest thing ever
“tell whoever you’re on the phone with that they’re welcome to take you if they want”
- now you’re the one who’s offended
“omi, what the hell”
“you’re the one who cheated on me first, why’re you acting all offended”
“because it was a prank omi”
“well how was i meant to know that”
- lets be honest, you’re the only person he actually enjoys being around so in reality, he was pretty hurt from the prank
- he knows he’s not the perfect boyfriend that you probably wanted, but he’s still trying his hardest
- he may not show it a lot, but he truly loves you so much you have no idea
- he has a lot of self-respect, and plus, he genuinely thought you were cheating on him
- so can you blame him for having that reaction? not really
“i’m sorry omi, i didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. i really am sorry”
- the creases in his forehead had gone away and he pulled you into a tight hug
“it’s okay, as long as you weren’t seriously, but next time, i won’t forgive you so easily, you damn brat”
Tumblr media
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