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Trying to make a golf club :P Looks terrible, I know!! This is taking me A LOT of time but I really need to start making my own objects lol. I’m having some problems with with texture and the UV maping (shocking!) so if anyone knows a good tutorial for that, I would really appreciate it! :D

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MATÓK Zsuzsi: Pressed Cubes

eat-art objektek
szárított zöldségek, gyümölcsök, ehető magvak

A Pressed Cubes sorozat egyes kockái olyan organikus elemekből állnak, melyek bár ehetőek maradnak, az idő múlásával mégis minduntalan változtatják alakjukat és állagukat. Kiszáradhatnak, összezsugorodnak vagy színt is váltanak. A termőföld miniatürizált és stilizált modelljeiként, önálló ökoszisztémaként pedig akár ki is nyílhatnak, ha megfelelő gondozással a bennük lévő magok kicsíráznak.

eat-art objects
dried vegetables, fruit, edible seeds

The particular cubes of the Pressed Cubes series are made up of organic elements that remain edible although their shape and texture change with the passing of time. They dry out, shrivel up or change color. If, with appropriate care, the seeds in them sprout, they may even emerge as an independent ecosystem, as miniaturized and stylized models of the soil.

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There are many reasons why researchers wish to record motion and other physical details associated with hands and fingers. Our hands are our primary tools for directly interacting with, and manipulating, materials and our immediate environments. By recording the way in which hands perform various tasks, it could help researchers in fields such as sports and medical science, as well as neuroengineering and more. But capturing this data is not easy.


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helloz! thiz iz my firzt pozt of course- as you can see, i am currently drawing a platonic oc x cc zhip!

I waznt finished but i decided to pozt it because why not :0
all of thiz was done with a mouze!

Pleaze do not zteal, for i will manage to find it :)

have a good nightz/morningz box heads :]


olá! este é meu primeiro post, é claro - como você pode ver, atualmente estou desenhando um oc x cc zhip platônico!

Eu não tinha terminado, mas decidi postar porque não: 0
tudo isso foi feito com um mouse!

Por favor, não roube, pois eu vou conseguir encontrar :)

tenha boas noites / manhãs box heads :]

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