apoetsparacosm · a day ago
So we’re just all going to pretend you don’t act like a total slut for fictional men only to forget to breath when someone holds your hand? oh okay
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junhyeok73 · a day ago
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our-legacy · 7 hours ago
I am living in an absolute fantasy land and I don't even care anymore. Reality's got nothing on the scenarios I've created in my head.
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miky0688 · a day ago
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disaster-bunnys · a day ago
Is vigilantism just a form of escapism?
With the alter egos and all that??
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sheismathilda · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ian2m · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“The Places I’ve Visted The Friends I’ve Made” You Say Escapism Like It’s  A Bad Thing”
Everyone has gone on adventures in books, movies, tv shows, and other mediums. Who doesn't love to go to faraway places and making new friends? Show off how much you love worlds and friends with these shirts, hoodies, and mugs!
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autistic-lyrics · 2 days ago
I guess you are a different kind of human
We have come here for you And we're coming in peace Mothership will take you on Higher, higher This world you live in is not a place for someone like you Come on, let us take you home
A Different Kind of Human - AURORA
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myheartcantstoppouring · 2 days ago
Minor discomfort exists:
*me slides into isolation immediately!!
Tumblr media
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blazingfireheart2 · 3 days ago
Hiraeth. A homesickness for a place you can never return to, or even a place that has never really been. I feel stuck, and, I have this feeling like I failed. Like I've failed to see how these trials are changing me--molding me into the person I know God eventually wants me to be. How do you let go of the person--the idea of a person really--that you thought you would be? Maybe it's not so much that I fail to see it, but I know I'm heading straight into another storm that’s bigger than what I’m in now. One that will challenge who I am every single day, and test the character and faith I hold dear. And mentally, emotionally, I’ve barely made peace with the last one. I’m just...tired.
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valentina-parr · 3 days ago
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apoetsparacosm · a day ago
Hands are unbearably beautiful. They hold on to things.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They let things go.
-Mary Ruefle
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wysleria · 3 days ago
Also when conan gray said "it's not like the novels no pride and prejudice at all" and when he said "baby this ain't like the movies and i want a love like the movies"
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undertheknightwing · 4 days ago
every time a Gar and Jon moment is the ending scene to a chapter it fucks me up emotionally (in a good way) and I wanna scream into the void because these boys deserve this
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love-avenoir · 4 days ago
anyone else thinking about running away as an adult 
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earlgreykindaday · 5 days ago
why is it that such peaceful, quaint surroundings draw out the feelings of existential dread and hopelessness?
why do beautiful things make me so sad, so wholeheartedly devastated?
i suppose beauty and joy remind me of everything i have and will continue to miss out on.
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myonlyplaceofanonymity · 5 days ago
I feel lonely, so I open a dating app craving validation that I’m loveable and desired by someone.
I feel lonely, so I watch movies to feel something. To feel connected to the characters. To pretend that I too, am in love. Rather than a lover scorned.
I feel lonely, so I buy cigarettes to cling to relief.
Praying that the nicotine can comfort my soul. I know it can’t, and it won’t. I try nonetheless.
I feel lonely, so I ponder “should I drink?”
I know the answer before I’ve asked it. It never ends well. Before you know it, I’d be spilling my secrets to the world online, or better yet, calling him and blaming the buzz. Then delete the evidence so I can choose to forget that it happened at all.
I feel lonely, so I post something hoping that someone will like it.
I feel lonely, so I pretend that I’m not by continuing the façade that I’m completely fulfilled in this lonesome life ‘I chose’
I feel lonely, so I continue to escape reality.
I feel lonely, so I contemplate calling someone I don’t even want to speak to, just to have someone answer the phone when I call.
I feel lonely, so I ignore everything that is real, and live in delusion.
I feel lonely, so I look across the table for two, and wonder what it would be like if I looked up and saw beautiful eyes that house my lover’s soul staring back at me.
I feel lonely, and I’m lucky to have known love at all. Perhaps that is enough for now.
I feel lonely so I turn my phone on do not disturb, and continuously check for any new notifications. Just in case.
I feel lonely.
I wonder when it will pass, or if I’m destined to spend the next decade alone. I know it is likely I will find love again, but I fear the time in between now & then.
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