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#peter x michelle

I’m back w more spideychelle/petermj fic recs. Previous one are listed below by trope/genre:

part 1: slow burn

part 2: fake dating

part 3: roommate aus

part 4: soulmate aus

part 5: badass mj

part 6: pwp

part 7: domestic fluff

part 8: petermj as parents

part 9: angst with a happy ending

part 10: emotional support mj

part 11: enemies to lovers

part 12: outsider pov

part 13: secret relationship

part 14: fwb

part 15: there was only one bed

part 16: break up + make up

part 17: peter parker pining

All fic rec lists in this series are tagged #rose recs and #roserecs so you can easily browse them and find fics.

This is one of my fave tropes to read and write, esp to write bc it makes writing j a tiny bit easier lol. If there are fics you feel are missing then check the other rec lists above as I may have already featured it, otherwise I may not have read it/didn’t necessarily love it. As always, I won’t include my own spideychelle fics in the rec list but I have a few 5+1 fics of my own so should you want, you can check out my ao3!!

Part 18- 5+1

1. every kind of way by lightzout- childhood friends to lovers fic w 5 times  Peter demonstrates that he is a hero in his own right and 1 time he’s a hero as spidey and MJ doesn’t really care lol

2. hello, welcome home by CrimsonPetrichor- 5 sort-of confessions + 1 confession that really matters

3. The L Word by @spideybrells- 5 words beginning with L MJ associates with Peter and one L word they associate w each other

4. 5 Times Peter Parker Heard About Miles Morales by Never_Give_In- I generally don’t like fics where MJ is related to pre-existing characters bc it feeds into a bad trope of making all black people/poc related which I hate but this fic where Miles is MJ’s brother is a load of fun

5. Conclusions Drawn by lady_oneder- light on the Peter/MJ but a fun and hilarious fic about Peter’s classmates suspecting that he’s a male escort

6. I Do’t Doubt Your Heart by @rockyblue- such a sweet fic about 5 times MJ almost tells Peter she loves him + 1 time she does!!

7. please write something in your empty word doc by lostnfound14- 5 times Peter and MJ accidentally run into each other + 1 time it’s planned (this is the first part of a series called freshmen are people too and you should definitely read the entire thing!!)

8. like a light came on by @mynameisbirdie- 5 times Peter thinks he might be in love with MJ + 1 time he knows for sure

9. This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) by @spideysmjs- 5 + 1 of times Peter and MJ go to weddings

10. 5 times mj meets peter’s family by @you-guys–are-losers- 5+ 1 of times MJ meets Peter’s family, it’s literally in the title 

11. From Peter, With Love by @spideysmjs- 5 times Peter gives MJ something for Valentine’s day + 1 MJ gets him something

Once you’re done reading pls don’t forget to leave kudos and a comment, no matter how short, letting the writer know you loved their work!!!

Thanks x

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Walking into to the small apartment, Michelle Jones-Parker felt her feet becoming weaker. She had just come out of a gruelling 13 hour shift.

“Hey babe. Welcome back.” Peter Jones-Parker yelled from the kitchen. “Long day?”

Michelle only groaned in response. Seeing the lemonade in his hands, she made grabby hands to get them. Peter placed them in her hands.

“How was ‘babysitting’.” MJ spoke, finally raising her head from the throw pillows.

Peter picked up little Mira from her baby tote. She was taking her mid-day nap, while Peter worked on his chores around the house.

“Hey baby.” MJ cooed at the now awake infant. “How was your day?”

She had not thought she would be in this position. Michelle had a plan for her life. Peter came in, and interrupted it. He had helped her grow in ways that she had not known that she had needed. Looking at the mirror image reflecting off the television, she smiled. She was happy.

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Ok so perhaps I missed Day 22 of the spideychelle recathon, what can I say, it’s been a busy time alright? @spideychelleweek rlly do be feeding the entire fandom with this event so thanks once again 💕

I LIVE FOR SPIDEYCHELLE ART I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY TO COME ROUND all your art makes me squeal these two are too friggin cute!

All I will say is that I have curated a spideychelle art tag on my blog in preparation for this day, please peruse it at your leisure! In it you will find works from talents such as @spidey-art (loml), @galaxyspeaking (😍😭), @machiavelien, @vicious-xuan, @azeher, @staryabos (who is sadly deactivated but I have tagged all their work so click the link to see!), @shesellsseagulls (also deactivated, but also click the link! Note there is a fair bit of irondad spiderson to see there too 🥰), @joleanart (who was my phone lockscreen for ages 💖), @doofusface (who was also my phone lockscreen!), and many many more!! 

I love every single artist and creator for this fandom y’all are truly the best 😘😘😘

Edit: I realise the links aren’t working on tumblr mobile and I am officially mad 😑 no clue how to fix them but in the meantime you can find your way there by just popping onto my blog and searching for the spideychelle art tag 🤷‍♀️ thank you tumblr!

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Peter Parker has long since dropped the “[…] but/because I’m Spider-Man!” excuse because he’s older and matured and realized how annoying it was—especially with how often he thought it worked as a legitimate “go free” card—but, even though he’s long since stopped spouting it, MJ has picked it up instead with teasing, taunting, and egging him on (”But why not? You’re Spider-Man after all, right?” said witch the largest, smug grin because she knows she’s won the debate or will get what she wanted).

It’s recently been used to rope him into attending one of the city’s Halloween attractions—a “haunted” house, full of wrong turns and elaborately and grotesquely made-up actors popping out of hidden windows in the walls, and hidden cameras capturing every attendees most embarrassing and instinctual expressions.

MJ had been smug about finally getting Peter to come along, teasing that he would be too frightful (and he was, admittedly) and puts on a cracked defense that she’d been unaffected throughout the attraction, it’s the developed photographs at the exit of the house that reveals the fault in her lie and shows that the pair are equally matched with earning the title “scaredy cat.”

Send Halloween themed three sentence prompts // my ask box

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There’s so much incredible fanart on here that it’s insane! I’m not only posting art for today, but I’m also thanking everyone who has featured me today in their posts! It means a lot to me that you’re featuring some of my work. Y’all are the real MVPs!

  • Peter and MJ Through the Years by @machiavelien​: From their wedding day to the day they found out their daughter’s sticky like her father. I freaking love all of these drawings! They’re freaking adorable! I also really like the grey/purple coloring. Something about it makes me happy, idk why, lol.
  • Miniskirt Part 1 and Part 2 by @pellisoro​: This never fails to crack me up! MJ decides to wear a miniskirt on a date with Peter, and…the outcome doesn’t exactly go according to plan. The art style is adorable, and I love how freaked out they both get at the end!
  • Power Couple by @coykoii​: Jon Watts, take notes! Imagine how unstoppable they’d be if they team up! They’d be amazing! 
  • MJ Spooning Peter by @machiavelien​: I freaking love the pose for this, and the hands look amazing! For me, hands are probably the hardest thing to draw, so I praise whoever can draw hands like this!
  • Spideychelle Cuddles by @nathvods​: Look how cute these two are! The art style is adorable, and I love the look of pure love on Peter’s face!
  • First Date Failure by @pellisoro​: Two adorable drawings with one of the cutest art styles ever!
  • Fluffy Spideychelle by @machiavelien​: I love the little heart background, and how sweet these two look! Also, the scarring on Peter? Yes.
  • Casual Affection by @scoliatrash​: Peter and MJ holding hands on the subway! The background is incredible, and I love how these two both look!
  • Explosion by @iovewords​: Don’t worry, they’ll make it out alive. I love the comic-like background, and lighting in this picture! It looks amazing!
  • Reading and Swinging by @joleanart​: The background and colors are amazing, and I love how content MJ looks! She’s just enjoying her book, not caring that she’s most likely several hundred feet off the ground. She trusts Peter not to drop her, and I love her for it.
  • Gunslinger MJ by @carysma​: The background, the shading, the freaking guns… It looks absolutely amazing! This drawing is also an upcoming scene in one of my favorite fics, May I Stand Unshaken by @spiderman-homecomeme​, which makes it even better!
  • MJ Tending to Peter’s Wounds by @machiavelien​: I really like the poses, and attention to detail in this one, as well as the muted colors (I really like muted colors. I think they look really nice!)! This is also some fic art, except it’s for @seek-rest​‘s Roommates AU, each coming night!
  • Upside Down Kiss by @doofusface​: Pencil sketches never fail to amaze me! These two look so cute, too!
  • Another Upside Down Kiss by @coykoii​: Can’t forget this one! I love the little blush on their faces, and Peter’s upside down speech bubble! They look amazing!
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As Peter Parker scaled the side of the brick building, he searched around. 

Looking down, he yelled, “Are you sure it’s here?”

Michelle Jones yelled back, “Yeah, I’m sure.”

It might have been an odd sight to any random person who happened to walk by. They would have been met with the sight of a teenage girl with a box with only a scarf looking up at a teenage by climbing a building. 

The box was what they chose to put the bird in. The scarf was the only warm-ish thing they could have taken off. It was a quick assembly.

Thankfully, they were shrouded in the dark by the night. It also helped that this was happening in an alley. 

Michelle shivered as a gust of chilly wind blew by her. It was in the middle of winter, and MJ would really not like to be outside any longer.

“C’mon loser! It’s getting colder and I know you can barely thermoregulate!”

Peter had finally reached his target. The small bird had escaped from it’s nest and gotten stuck on the ledge of the building. MJ had spotted the lost bird on their walk. They had stopped to help it.

“Be careful Loser.” MJ whispered softly, aware that Peter could still hear her.

Peter took his time in coming down from the building. The bird looked cold. It has stopped moving. Only its tiny chest moving gave any indication that it was still alive. 

He gently placed the cold bird in the prepared box. Carefully, MJ wrapped the bird up. Seeing that it was secured, they made their way home.


Walking into the apartment, they walked into the bedroom. The bird had warmed up slightly, but was still not fully ready to return back outside. Rummaging through old clothes, they compiled good clothes to be used.

“MJ? Where did we keep those seeds?” Peter yelled from the kitchen.

Looking up from the bird, she replied, “Check the top cupboard loser. I’m pretty sure it’s there.”

“Thanks babe.”

Sprinkling some of the seeds into a flat dish, they carefully placed it in the box. It took them a couple of minutes, but they were able to save the bird.

Peter looked at the bird in contemplation. He asked, “Now, how do we release it now. It can’t stay here.”

“I know some one who runs like a bird sanctuary. They can help us and would probably take the bird in.” MJ said thoughtfully.

The bird sanctuary agreed to take the bird in.

“We saved a bird. Together.” Peter quipped.

Michelle could only shake her head in response. 

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I’ve been researching the Spider-Man comics for a few days now as inspiration for one if my own fics, and I have to say, the stuff I found is pretty interesting (and some are super gory, but I’m not gonna go there)! It’s hard to find stuff with comic elements, but here are a few of the fics and many pieces of fanart I managed to find! @spideychelleweek

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Originally posted by keybladesoras

Part 2!  Part 1

Thank you so much for the feedback on AO3. If you want to read the story there, you can find it here.

Summary: Michelle never believed in soulmates. But what happens when she turns seventeen and gets her mark? What happens when she inevitably finds the person with the matching tattoo? And what is she supposed to do with Peter Parker. Her best friend in the whole world. Her crush. Someone she feels drawn to for some inexplicable reason.

Michelle couldn’t meet Peter’s eyes the next day. Not after last night. Not after she had hung up the phone, climbed into bed, and finished what she had started when Peter caught her moaning. When she had touched her heat, and it had felt different than when she just cleaned down there showering, when it had felt better.

And then when her hand had found her soulmark and stroked it, and her orgasm had wracked her body, ricocheting through her in hot blades of pleasure. She had never really done anything like that before, never felt the need to, and as she had collapsed on her bed, she had wondered how–how had she not.

But worst of all, when she had whispered Peter as she came undone, still touching her mark.

She felt dirty. Trapped between two people: a soulmate she didn’t want and an off-limits best friend she did.

Keep reading

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Michelle Jones watched Queen’s resident superhero, Spider-man, swing pass her. Looking around her, she was baffled as to how no one had figured out his secret yet. The students of Midtown were truly clueless.

No, not the Spider-man one. A more personal secret. It was one that only few knew about.

Hiding a secret smile, she walked back into the school. She could feel Peter follow her into the empty classroom. 

Closing the door, she could only think one thought; it was a nice secret.

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Michelle Jones looked at the shards pf broken ceramic splayed on the worn carpet. This was not good. They promised May that they wouldn’t make a big mess.

“Hmm. Are you sure we can’t just buy a replacement.” MJ tried to compromise.

Her boyfriend, was behind her. He was no help to their situation. At the moment, he was pacing around freaking out. 

“She just bought that today. It was meant to be a present.” Peter fussed.

Michelle inspected the shards that were once the bottom of the vase. Inspecting it, she found the sticker. It showed a brand that she recognised.

Going to the front door, she put on her jacket. Grabbing her wallet, she signalled Peter. 

“Come on Spider-man. Let’s use that Stark Internship money to go buy a replacement at Walmart.” 

Peter follows her out. Confused, but trusting.

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Hello, I’m back w more spideychelle/petermj fic recs. Previous fic recs are listed by trope/genre below:

part 1: slow burn

part 2: fake dating

part 3: roommate aus

part 4: soulmate aus

part 5: badass mj

part 6: pwp

part 7: domestic fluff

part 8: petermj as parents

part 9: angst with a happy ending

part 10: emotional support mj

part 11: enemies to lovers

part 12: outsider pov

part 13: secret relationship

part 14: fwb

part 15: there was only one bed

part 16: break up + make up

All fic rec lists in this series are tagged #rose recs and #roserecs so you can easily browse them and find fics.

So in pretty much all spideychelle fics Peter worships the ground MJ walks on, as he should, but thought I’d make it a specific category bc MJ deserves!

My own spideychelle fics aren’t featured in this series for reasons but do check out my ao3!!

Part 17- Peter Parker Pining

1. Green by belby- one of the og fics in the fandom that came immediately after HOCO where Peter starts noticing MJ

2. your quiet afternoon crush by penelopes- admittedly a lot of this list is post-HOCO pre-FFH but that was a wonderful era for peter developing a crush on MJ (which we never got canonically sigh) and this is a great one from that era

3. gooey by luciernaga- another great fic where Peter starts to really notice MJ and getting to know her

4. the one with all the pocket money by abusedtrademarkemoji- college au in which peter is an oblivious, pining idiot

5. One Mask at a Time by Flame_Of_Ice- Peter developing a crush on MJ post-HOCO and dealing with it mostly poorly

6. the king of new york by CrimsonPetrichor- so only part 1 of the series really deals with Peter’s feelings for MJ but the entire series is great (it’s just 2 parts) so couldn’t not rec it as a whole

7. Changes by @qconstellation- post-Endgame fic in which Peter starts to get very distracted by MJ

8. take it slow by penelopes- MJ taunts Peter with practical jokes to let him know she knows he’s spider-man and Peter could not like her more for it

9. senior sucks the big moose dick by @spideyxchelle- Peter dealing with the fallout of Thanos along w his newly formed feelings for MJ (this was written pre-IW so doesn’t follow canon exactly)

10. Then I Met You by lowqualtom- au in which Peter keeps going back to an art galley to see the cute staff member (MJ) despite not being really into art himself

11. how to break a hundred dollar bill by peculiarblue- Peter keeps going back to the nearby convenience store to see the cute staff member (MJ)

12. Senses by @qconstellation- Peter finds his super senses zoning into MJ all he time…for some reason

13. studies to superheroics by @doofusface/@doofwrites- peter trying to balance doing academic decathlon remediation with mj whilst having a giant crush on her

14. bridges by @befehlvonganzunten- post-Endgame series in which Peter develops feelings for MJ as he tries to adjust to everything (also has some MJ pining thrown in at parts but I’m recommending the entire series anyway)

15. [Read More] by Gingerquery (Blast)- Peter pining for MJ irl and online, though he doesn’t realise it’s MJ he’s talking to

16. When You Smile by ephemeralstark- Peter has a huge crush on MJ and it’s pretty mortifying

17. I Can’t Wait to Be Your Number One by @spideysmjs- Peter is in love with MJ and handles so, so poorly

18. i didn’t ask for your advice, not really by @spideyxchelle- Peter tries to enlist the help of different avengers for advice on dealing with his feelings for MJ with disastrous results

19. smile like you mean it by @smilinstar- peter trying his best to impress mj and make her smile for reasons (not make her smile in a creepy “you’d look prettier if you smiled” way!!! peter would never bc may parker would literally beat his ass if he did that!!)

20. slowly, and then all at once by nire- Peter slowly falling for MJ whilst his senses go haywire whenever she’s around

That’s all for now folks. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to leave kudos and a comment letting the author know you loved their work no matter how short the comment may be.

Thanks x

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No. 14. Is Something Burning? “Fire”

When a night out goes drastically wrong, Pepper realizes that she and Michelle lead a similar life.

AO3 Link

Pepper adored Peter.

She had since the day she met him.

She constantly thanked him, silently, and sometimes, to his face, for being a part of their lives.

Even when he was gone, for those five years, his impact, lived on.

Keep reading

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It’s day 15 of the spideychelle recathon already? Wowee, thanks @spideychelleweek for this awesome event! I wanted to post some underappreciated art blogs today because art deserves all the love!! I think these artists are fairly new to tumblr so make sure you check them out!!

@fiiidakahlo has some really cute stuff like this adorableness!

@artinventor is back on tumblr with some awesome art like this celestial fluff and this hawt colour study 😍

I know there’s many many more spideychelle artists on here (I’m saving plenty for the Art day in a week) but these are just a couple I have been enjoying recently 😇

Make sure you reblog creators work people grrr

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hey everyone, I’ve never posted about this one here before because I haven’t used tumblr very much and I’m not that familiar with it yet but I have some 8x10 art prints of my drawings available now at 20-25$ ! I have tom and zendaya collections here (I also have arvin russell ones Ive posted before that aren’t pictured here) but if you want one feel free to message me on here however that works or DM me on Instagram (@/artinventor) or twitter (@/artinventcr) I hope y’all have a nice day and thank you for the support!!

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I’ve written one domestic fic before, but there’s a lot out there that I really enjoyed! So here they are! @spideychelleweek

  • Sparklers and Cinnamon by @you-guys–are-losers​: Peter and MJ hanging out at Cony Island post-FFH and actually having a good time??? Yes. 100% yes. This is probably as domestic and fluffy as it gets!
  • Don’t underestimate the Ned-Tingle by @eowima​: This fic. This fic made me laugh so freaking hard, lemme tell you. It’s more Ned-centric, but I mean…who doesn’t love Ned?
  • You Must Like Me (For Me) by @seek-rest​: A domestic Iondad-but-make-it-MJ AU with her and Peter meeting at a bar. This is part one of an entire series called Wonderstruck that seek’s currently working on, so I recommend all the other fics that continue after this one, too!
  • Day Off by @tvfanatic97-2​: Even superheroes deserve a break, and Peter’s pretty lucky he can spend his with MJ. A short and sweet fic that gives insight to what a day off for these two idiots is like, and I love every bit of it!
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I have so many favorite creators on here that I need to recommend to…well…everyone, be it for their art, their fics, or both, I don’t care. These people are all super nice, and amazing and talented in their own right, and they definitely deserve more recognition!

  • @spiderman-homecomeme: One of the very first people I read a Spideychelle fic from was written by her, and I fell in love with her writing!
  • @machiavelien: Incredible artist, and writer, with some of the coolest MJ AUs (Symbiote and vampire)!
  • @eowima: Another amazing writer who wrote one of the very first Spideychelle fics I read, Peter Parker’s plan! Their writing style is super adorable, and I love everything about it!
  • @you-guys–are-losers: Another incredible writer who first got me involved in the Spideychelle fandom! I highly recommend her and her work, because they’re amazing!
  • @pellisoro: I love everything about their artwork, especially because their style is so cute! Their Enemies to Lovers Greatest Showman AU is definitely something to check out as well!
  • @coykoii: Another amazing writer with some equally amazing fics! I always enjoy reading whatever they post, be it angst or otherwise!
  • @seek-rest: Another incredible writer, especially when they partner up with @machiavelien​ to write fics together! Their Spideychelle content is amazing, and they’ve also written some Irondad content that I find enjoyment in reading as well!
  • @spideyxchelle​: This person has literally destroyed me with their amazing Star Wars AU, and all their fics are equally amazing!
  • @forasecondtherewedwon​: Another amazing writer who has some pretty amazing content, and relatable writer posts I always get a kick out of!
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Although I didn’t find too many fics for this prompt, here are the ones I highly recommend reading! @spideychelleweek

  • The Darkest Hour by @you-guys–are-losers​: This was actually one of the very first Spideychelle fanfics I’ve read! It’s really good, and really angsty (but I still love it anyway!), and it’s definitely a must-read!
  • Resilience and Other Heroes by thesemovingparts: I saw this link pop up on tumblr when @ao3feed-petermichelle​ posted it, so I thought, “why not?”. Turns out, this fic is amazing! So I highly recommend it!
  • Nurture by @tvfanatic97-2​: THIS FIC. 15K of MJ and May bonding during the Decimation is what I’m here for, and hopefully you all are, too!
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…MJ frantically scrolls through her contacts trying to think about what to do when her phone randomly, call it chance or serendipity, lands on a contact: “Peter’s May”.

She doesn’t know the older woman that well but MJ thinks back to the way her and her late husband had cheered her on enthusiastically even after she beat out Peter to 1st place in their Middle School science fair, she thinks of the way May had kindly offered her a lift after the decathlon trip to Washington DC when her dad had been held up at work, thinks of the warmth May always greets her with and the genuine interest with which she always enquires about MJ’s life the few times she’s been to their house recently since becoming good friends with Ned and Peter.

MJ’s parents are gone, Aunt Anna is gone and she has no one else left, no one else that’d she’d feel safe or comfortable calling in the apocalypse so before she can talk herself out of it she dials May’s number.

The phone rings, rings, and rings.


Read the rest on AO3

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