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#avengers memes

Sam: so, I’m kinda new to this Steve wrangling thing, any tips?

Bucky: ya, never challenge him in anything.

Sam: ….why?

Bucky: he’ll do it. No matter what it is. Anything at all.

Tony: anything, you say…hey, Spangles, bet you won’t punch out the president on live TV.


The rest of the Avengers + a very tired Pepper: StEvE nO!!!!

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Thor: *Groaning* Just chugged down a huge milkshake with every possible chocolate in it, followed by the best Asgardian Ale and some pop tarts, I do not recommend, the aftermath was terrible—

Loki: *a beautiful child with a deathwish* —I’ll do it. I’ll eat it.

Thor: What? This isn’t a challenge! Did you not hear me, I said don’t do it!

Loki: *Just wants to best Thor for once* I’ll do it.

Thor: *visible confusion* Why? Just, don’t—

Loki: *even more determination than when he tries to annoy Thor in the middle of the night* I.Will.Do.It. I accept the challenge.

Tony: *extremely hungover child with a deathwish* Dude! Don’t do it! Just shut up!

Loki: *does it—barely survives*

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Omg that’s so crazy. Thank you so much. I don’t really know what to say apart from thank you and I appreciate you all so much. I never thought people would really see what I posted because I thought no one would care but this is so crazy.

I’ve been thinking of maybe doing some other stuff on my page but idk. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. I’ve considered maybe writing if that’s something people would like. I would carry on what I’m doing as well. I just want to appeal to everyone.

Sorry this may be a bit cringe but I’m honestly speechless. Thank you guys so muchhh

Love you all xxx

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