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#avengers memes
chris-whore · a day ago
if i die, where do i go
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keeping up with the avengers (season 2, episode 12)
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solarsystembitch · 13 days ago
Peter: So why do you love Bucky?
Steve: I love Bucky because he's my best friend and I'll be with him till the end of the line.
Peter: Bucky, why do you love Steve?
Bucky: big beefy man
Bucky: big beefy man make my heart go zoom
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chris-whore · 19 hours ago
anyone wanna give love advice? my love life is SUPER dead.
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thor odinson on answering fan questions
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solarsystembitch · 8 months ago
A summary of Steve and Bucky's relationship according to a person who's never watched any Captain America movie:
Steve: I'm not saying I'm gay but...
Steve, letting himself get beat up by a brainwashed version of his "bff" Bucky:
Steve, breaking approximately 1837378 laws:
Steve, fighting half his own team for his "bff" Bucky:
Steve, becoming an on-the-run criminal:
Bucky: ...big lie but ok, man on the bridge.
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