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Scarlett Johansson just calling all of us thirsty ass bitches out is the funniest fucking thing I’ve seen in recent memory and I love her for it 🤣
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Norman Osborn The Curious Scientist
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Still Moments
Tumblr media
Synopsis: Steven can have rough days, you decide to make them a bit better.
Content: fluff!! No spoliers
Author's note: my monkey brain compelled me to write this. After watching the 1st episode I felt I had to write this. HE DESERVES ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD. He baeby.
The door to Steven’s apartment unlocked. Making your way into the cozy but cluttered place, you got to work.
With the knowledge that Steven would always be working much later than you, a small routine had started to make his rest at home more comfortable. Just doing little things like picking up the trash bin and clearing it conveniently whenever you came over to the apartment. It was always filled to the brim. Walking over to the fish tank, you greeted one of the two residents of this apartment.
“Hey Gus, had an interesting day? I know I didn't. "
"What do fishes do all day anyway.” Pausing for a response that never came.
“Swimming I guess.” You answered back for the fish. Grabbing his food from the side, you sprinkled it and watched as he globbed up the floating specks.
“Now that your dinner is done I suppose it's time for mine too.” No response again from the illusive fish.
You walked off to take a quick shower before starting your own and Steven's dinner. The fridge door swung open, it was almost empty except for a few pieces of chicken and lettuce. You needed to restock it, but well that was a chore for tomorrow. Taking them out, you prepared simple chicken sandwiches with mayo. After eating your own portions you left two for Steven. Not really much appetite left for a dead tired man and with limited ingredients you didn't make too much for him.
Moving to the TV you sat down on the couch you got him for Christmas. When he first received the gift he seemed shocked, he wasn't very used to people being nice to him. Mostly with the fact that people treat him like a pest. It also doesn’t seem he’s close to any other family members that are not his mom and even she never visits. Previously, he’d only have a roller chair in the apartment. However when you started hanging out at his place more, he had another person to watch the history channel with, but only one chair. You decided to fix that. While the couch was a hassle to move into the already cluttered apartment, you still made it fit.
Sitting on its soft cushions, the TV droned on in the background as you drifted off.
' I hope he’s home soon '
The door unlocked. Steven walked in, exhausted to the bone.
“Gus,I'm home”
He dragged his feet in and saw you sleeping on the couch as the Television continued showing reruns of old Wheel of Fortune episodes. Steven kissed your forehead lightly before heading to the kitchen. However, that light affectionate gesture had woken you up from your rest. You slowly got up from the couch, following Steven to the kitchen.
“Looking for something to eat? I made you some sandwiches but i should probably heat them up first, and you can shower first”
“Thanks babe” He smiled with a sleepy face, leaving a chaste kiss on your cheek.
Placing the chicken sandwiches in the microwave, you waited as he freshened up. When you first met Steven, you thought he was awkward and a bit weird, but he still had a certain charm to him. You couldn't really describe it, but one thing led to another and after a few dates you started dating. Although it was difficult at the start trying to understand some of his ‘certain’ habits, you got used to them. Loving him, quirks and all.
‘Beep! Beep! Beep!’
The microwave called out, drawing your attention back to the present. You carefully took out the hot plate and placed the sandwiches on the counter. Steven exited the shower and placed a towel on top of his head. Dragging a chair to the counter, Steven sat down beside you and started eating his food. You stared as he ate, appreciating his deep brown eyes. You brushed his wet hair from his face, tracing your finger through his thick brown locks. The moment was still, peaceful. A contrast to the chaos of daily life, it seemed like time stood still with him there. You could just appreciate each other's presence, no words needed to be exchanged.
Both of your minds thinking, "How did I end up with someone like you?"
Lit lavender candles on the table, you snuggled up on the couch with Steven. He laid his head on your chest, enjoying the calming scent that was given off from the candles. The channel had been switched to his favourite, the History channel. While he laid in comfort, it still seemed his mind was troubled.
“I fed Gus, he said his day was boring. I think fish don’t do much, do they?”
“Yeah, they mostly just get to swim all day. Although, I might prefer that than facing Donna at the Museum.”
“Was it that bad? Did she call you ‘stevie’ again?” You traced circles in his hair. He relaxed further into your embrace with this comforting gesture.
“Something like that. But only you are allowed to call me that.” He huffed. You laughed slightly at this, he was so cute.
“Well, do you want to talk about it, ‘stevie’?”
With that comment he blushed at the nickname you had given him. He nuzzled his face into your neck,”Not really babe, i j-just want to enjoy this right now”
You silently agreed and let him rest. Turning your eyes to the television, it had seemed his favourite segment of the history channel had started. Ancient Egypt 101. Steven tried to intently watch the program, but it had seemed his fatigued state would not let him.
“His soul will be judged by 42 assessor gods who must be convinced that he has lived a righteous life.” The television program spoke.
“Did you know-yawn- there was an artefact called the heart scarab amul-yawn-et that would allow the user to not reveal the sins they committed as they…” Steven tried to continue on explaining but it seemed that his exhaustion had taken over.
You patted his head gently,”Rest Steven, I'll still be here in the morning.”
With his final bit of energy he said, “ Thank you love, for all this”
With the lavender scent and the comfort of your embrace, he had finally allowed his hectic mind to rest.
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Xu Xialing + outfits
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This is them
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Moon Knight Spoilers:
3 philosophies:
Marc: Make your own choices.
Steven: Forgive yourself.
Jake: Murder is ok.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man! 🕷🕸
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If you do requests!
How about Kate Bishop in the black suit fucking you😳
Tumblr media
A/N: in my defense, I wanted to be it just smutty, but my heart swells for soft Kate, so you got some smutty fluff!
As always, let me know what you guys think!
Sending love ❤️
Summary: Kate and Y/N met after years at a charity event. Y/N coming across her ex boyfriend and some teasing lead them in a really interesting place.
Warnings: smutty fluff.
Word count: 7101 words.
The night was particularly cold, the snow was falling down slowly wrapping the city in a pristine, white blanket that made New York even more magic than it already was. Kate thanked the driver and tipped him with the few dollars that she had with her - her mom finally decided to unblock all her credit cards after her small, insignificant mistake that was completely imposed by a stupid bet -. Sure Kate would have said no, but then she would have sullied her reputation. She never backed away from a dare, not as easy as that one was.
"Here I am, forced to go to the umpteenth snotty gala. I just hope they have good booze. This is the only reason I’m staying." Kate adjusted her black tie and walked through the big gates, nodding her head to greet the security man outside before giving her name to him and showing him her ID, before trotting inside, making a beeline where a waiter was serving a bunch of arrogant upper-class idiots, grabbing a flute filled with what Kate thought was a very expansive champagne and nodded at the good taste of the bubbly beverage. She leaned her elbow on one of the tall tables scattered around the room and laughed when she noticed she was standing in the exact same spot, in the exact same position and the exact same venue, she was standing in the night that starter her superhero’s career, with the exact same black suit that she had to wash to get rid of the dust and debris from the explosion that night. A lot happened after that. Luckily her mom got released after the trial. With a little of her help, the police detective found out that her mom wasn’t behind the murder of Armand III and she just did minor laundry of money for Wilson Fisk. She made a deal to stay in home detention for two months and all the while helped the New York PD investigating on Fisk’s operations. Kate had a really hard time accepting what her mom did, but when she saw the commitment she had in tracking down that monster, she understood that everything her mom did, even the filthiest of actions, she did it all for her, to protect her and to give her the best opportunities to thrive in life.
"What got you so smiley, honey?" Kate’s grin broadened when her mom approached her and hugged her hard, before taking her place back beside Jack and leaned into his side when he slip his arm back around her shoulders. After all Jack was really a good guy. He was genuinely ‘almost too good to be true’ like she used to describe him a few months ago. And he was really fond of her mom. So Kate buried the hatchet and started appreciating him and his quirky personality, even going to a few LARP events when she discovered he was a total nerd and was enjoying those gatherings as much as her, if not more.
"I was just thinking that this place changed my life- our lives a lot." Her mother laughed at her implication, followed by Jack after he raised his glass in toast. Surprisingly, her mom took her superhero’s life pretty good, all things considered. They had a thorough conversation about hiring a black widow assassin to kill her mentor to convince her to give up her lifetime dream and after her mom explained that she didn’t have anything to do with that, Kate even thanked her and Fisk for giving her the opportunity to find a new best friend. "Who knows, it will happen again… maybe… at the end of the night, you guys will get married." Kate joked with a soft snort, causing the other two to laugh alongside her after looking at her bewildered. They didn’t talked about wedding yet - even if, they were engaged a few months prior, but y’know going to prison because you were cooperating with mobster Wilson Fisk to pay off your husband’s debt he had with him and keeping working with him because she had no way out tends to create a big rift in your relationship and each other ma trust, however they worked it out just fine - but Kate knows it was a conversation they will have in the foreseeable future.
"Or you will finally find someone right for you." Eleanor quipped back, bumping her shoulder with Kate’s one, after freeing herself from the loving embrace of her boyfriend, and watching a frown unfold on her daughter’s features - the black haired girl noticing how her mom emphasized the word ‘finally’ - , causing her laugh to intensify in volume. "We’re gonna mingle a bit, I’ll see you later at our table. Try not to go superhero-ing around young lady, I’m watching you." Eleanor jokingly threatened her daughter and used two fingers to point at her eyes before directing her forefinger at her menacingly.
Kate laughed heartily at that and shook her head as she lifted her hands up in surrender, "I won’t mom, I promise. I’m just gonna enjoy this quiet, uneventful evening." Kate teased her mother by stressing out the words and winked towards her while she lifted her glass up, watching her shook her head as she rolled her eyes in fond exasperation. She then let her eyes sweep over the room once again, watching intently snotty people flaunting off their money and their power. "And here I thought this gala was a charity event." She commented under her breath with an unamused snort.
"Ah, who do we have here? Kate. Elizabeth. Bishop. I see you’re still weird, standing in the back, watching others and talking to yourself." Kate couldn’t help the completely fake, annoyed grin that came after hearing that voice, letting her tongue curl between her molars on the left side of her open mouth as she assessed the girl, dressed in a beautiful, strapless light blue dress that fell over her slender body and stopping right above her knee, with an irritated look on her features.
"Y/N Y/L/N. What a pleasure meeting you here after all these years." Kate stressed over the word ‘pleasure’, remarking how that was far from the feelings of seeing the girl after 8 years awakened.
"I know right? It’s been so long! Where have you been Katie?"
Kate let a grunt of disapproval leave her lips at the nickname she hated and still hates the girl used to call her when they were younger, "y’know busy being a more than once Olympic gold winner and then becoming New York’s new favorite hero."
"Oh yeah, I read about it on the news. You destroyed the Christmas three. Smooth, Bishop, really smooth." Kate rolled her eyes at the overly sweet tone the girl used to mock her and finished her glass of champagne after leaning her head back and gulping down the bubbly beverage.
"Don’t you have someone else to bother? It’s a big place, maybe Armand VII is around here whining about something irrelevant- Hey!" Kate’s face lighted up with realization as she pointed at the girl eagerly, "look on the bright side, you’re finally not the most annoying person here. Here, let’s celebrate." Kate grabbed two glasses at the waitress walking around with a tray full of flutes and passed one at the girl, who took it with what Kate was extremely surprised to deem as a soft, genuine smile curling the corners of her lips.
In all honesty, there was a time when the two got along pretty well, they even considered themselves best friends, but then Kate, little 14 years old Kate, went and fell in love with the stunning Y/H/C girl and she was almost sure Y/N felt the same. Almost because when Kate admitted her feelings to Y/N she was met with cold silence. A minute later Y/N walked away saying absolutely nothing. What made things worst and created this big rift between them was when an intoxicated Y/N taunted her in front of everyone two months later - two months were Kate cried herself to sleep because Y/N blocked her after she sent her way too many texts and ignored her when they hung around with their mutual friends - when she kissed her and yelled for everyone to hear ‘oh I’m sorry, I only kiss boys’ with a mocking small grin. That made everyone laugh with Kate the center of their amusement. And after that Kate walked away from her and those idiots she called friends for good and moved on. Y/N broke Kate’s innocent, tiny heart. She was her first love, that 14 years old Kate saw transform in heartbreak in a blink of an eye. They didn’t spoke since then. "Look Kate-"
"Oh you pronounced my name correctly, so that must be serious."
"Hear me out- I’m- I’m sorry."
"For what? Oh wait, maybe I know. For making fun of me in front of what I was too naïve to call friends? For embarrassing me for being who I am? Or maybe for breaking my heart?" When Y/N didn’t respond and just plainly stared ashamed down at her hands gripping the flute of champagne, Kate kept going, "y’know, you could’ve just said to me that you didn’t feel the same. You didn’t need to go all the way to make me feel like shit. We were best friends."
"I know and that’s why I’m sorry. I was a stupid 14 years old girl that was way too much over her head. I-I was scared Kate okay? I was afraid my mom-"
"What? That she wouldn’t approve her daughter being best friends with a lesbian? Yeah I heard you that night, right before I run away and cried all the way over my house."
Y/N felt her eyes sting with brimming tears and shook her head softly, grabbing Kate’s bicep and squeeze it tightly. "I will never forgive myself for what I put you through. So believe me when I say I’m sorry. I don’t expect you to forgive me but I just wanted you to know I am deeply, truly sorry. And that I really valued and cherished our friendship. I-" Kate saw Y/N break their staring contest to look down at her hand grasping the black haired girl’s arm and take a big, grounding breath before assessing Kate with sincerity swimming in her Y/E/C irises, the look so intense Kate felt almost dizzy, "I missed you. So much."
Kate rolled her eyes good-naturedly this time and let a small smile take place of the frown furrowing her eyebrows a few moments before as she listened the girl’s point of view, "you’re lucky I’ve always had a good heart. I’m not saying you’re completely forgiven-" Kate lifted an hand up to stop the overexcited girl that opened her mouth to add something as her eyes filled with hope, "but we can start over. Do not make me regret this. My best friend would literally kill you if you break my heart once again." Y/N let out an hearty laugh at the joke Kate pulled, "I’m not joking." And after assessing Kate was completely serious, Y/N gulped visibly and the blue eyed girl snorted at the reaction, "long story. I’ll tell you someday."
"I hope so Bishop. You have a lot to tell me, starting with you becoming a superhero. You actually saved me at the Christmas party."
Kate let a confused look overtake her smile, "really?"
"Yes. A man with an ugly red sweatpants and sweater was running towards me with a baseball bat but an arrow stabbed his thigh. So I now can personally thank you for that." Y/N smiled in appreciation at Kate and watched her nod with a soft grin.
"Don’t mention it."
"And I gotta say you’re costume was-"
"Y/N, what a surprise finding you here." A deep voice interrupted Y/N’s sentence and Kate saw Y/N close her eyes and sigh softly under her breath before she turned around and regarded the tall man with curly brown hair with a cold stare.
"Cut the crap Chad. You never go to this events your father is trying to convince you to attend for 5 years now- hell I even tried to do it, but you never came. And now you suddenly are here! What a coincidence!" Kate was confused to say the least and felt a little bit out of place, wanting to be anywhere but there in that moment, but the harsh tone Y/N was using with this Chad guy, intrigued Kate to no end, so she stayed put to find out why Y/N was being so harsh with this guy.
"My dad finally convinced me. I’m gonna inherit his company, so I need to start learning how these kind of things work."
"Oh yes, so the fact that I’m here after I dumped your poor ass three months ago when all you did was being a selfish, neglectful piece of shit is not one of the reason you’re here?" Damn, girl’s got balls. Kate was impressed at how good Y/N was standing up for herself but she couldn’t push the small, irritating clasp around the pit of her stomach and couldn’t shush her mind when it was poking her brain with a particular thought: Bishop, you still have feelings for her, relatively small but they are still there.
"I’ve changed. I miss you. I miss us. I now know I made a mistake."
"So when I’m finally out of your life, you come back crawling to me because no one else fell for your charm?"
"If I remember correctly my charm worked really well for you, many, many, many times." The smirk this Chad guy sent to Y/N, generated a disgusted shiver down Kate’s spine and her fists clenched involuntarily. "So don’t play hard to get. Let’s just go back together and let’s put this all behind us."
"No Chad. We are over." Y/N stressed her words over with an exasperated sigh and Kate instinctively took a step closer to Y/N as Chad invaded her personal space, leaning their faces really close.
"I’m not gonna repeat myself again. We are gonna get back together-"
"Uhm, excuse me, you are?" Kate interrupted him and she saw Y/N visibly relax at her voice before feeling Y/N’s back slightly lean on her front. She acted on sheer instinct when she put a protective hand on her waist and stared Chad down with an hard look on, her right eyebrow lifted up in challenge.
"I’m Chad, Y/N’s boyfriend. We were in the middle of a conversation, why don’t you go around serve champagne like you are supposed to?" Y/N gasped loudly at his harsh response that only made Kate chuckle softly under her breath.
Y/N then assessed the first thing the tall man said after she recovered from the shock, "you’re not-"
"Last time I checked I was in a relationship with Y/N, not you. So I’m gonna ask you to rephrase that." Kate clenched her jaw as her grip on Y/N’s was tightened and pushed her into her body to put a great amount of distance between them and Chad, a gesture that Y/N was completely grateful for before shock kicked in as Kate’s words settled in her brain.
"What?" Chad asked dumbly, laughing loudly a few seconds later, "okay, that was funny, waitress. Now , can I have a refill?" He shook the empty glass in front of Y/N’s and Kate face as he smirked cockily at her.
"You can ask to the other waiters, I’m not one of them."
"Oh so who are you?"
This time Y/N interrupted Kate and with her head high and her tone decisive she stepped into the conversation, "she is Kate Bishop, as well as the new Hawkeye and my girlfriend." Y/N grabbed Kate’s free hand to intertwine their hands together and laying them on her abdomen as Kate pushed her body more into her protectively, a gesture that flowed Y/N’s stomach with wild butterflies and a gentle blush to dust on her cheeks.
"Very funny. Now who are you really?" When Y/N and Kate merely stared at him with a deep scowl marking their features, he snorted, "right. So in the span of three months you became a dyke?"
"Okay, I had enough of you." Kate growled through gritted teeth and pulled away from Y/N - totally ignoring how her body immediately missed Y/N’s warmth - and grabbed Chad’s arm instead, pulling him with her and out of the ballroom, before pushing him out of the building, "don’t you ever, and I say ever, call someone like that again. Especially Y/N. Just because your enormous ego couldn’t take a no for an answer or that a girl took your place, this doesn’t give you the right to denigrate someone like that. Now say sorry to her and leave her alone, or you’re going to deal with me. And trust me, you don’t want to mess up with me and my friends."
Chad nodded with fright swimming in his green eyes at the brutal look exuding from Kate blue eyes and quickly apologized to Y/N and Kate before he sprinted back into the ballroom, followed by them as they strolled contentedly back into the party with their arms slung together and grabbed some appetizers as they settled back on the tall table they were standing before Chad’s interruption.
"Thank you Bishop. He was being a pain in the ass."
"Ugh, I was asking myself the whole conversation what you saw in him."
"Uh, that’s harsh Kate. He was charming like-" Y/N trailed off to lift her eyes up in deep-thought, "the first three weeks of our eight months relationship. Then I started asking myself that same question." Y/N quipped in the end, reveling in the cute, deep, throaty chuckle Kate emitted.
"Some things never change. You still have pretty bad taste in boys."
Y/N slapped Kate’s shoulder softly as a gasp left her lips, "take that back Bishop. Or I will post online that picture of you wearing that cute pink pony costume."
Kate shook her head knowing Y/N would never do that, "it’s true tho. Remember Ryan?"
When Y/N grunted in frustration at the memory, Kate nodded in her direction satisfied she proved her point, "so you would be the one that will change my bad taste?"
"Excuse me what?" Kate gulped imperceptibly at the question and stared at Y/N with her eyes wide open as her heart skipped a beat.
"Well fake girlfriend, what makes you so different from my shitty ex boyfriends?" Y/N asked in a low, hoarse voice as she invaded Kate’s space, staring her up with their faces really close and skidding her forefinger up and down the fabric of her tie.
"Well-" Kate cleared her throat to remove the big lump that formed there while mentally slapping herself. C’mon Bishop, you got this. It’s time to evoke that overconfidence you have. "Well for once, I would treat you like you deserve to be treated. I would take you to dates at least once a week and not once every six months. I would treasure our time together instead of dumping you in shabby bars to go play pool with my friends." Kate remarked each sentence, remembering all the times Y/N complained to her how shitty her ex boyfriends treater her, wanting at all costs to be in their position, "and- not to brag, I would worship you like you deserve to be worshipped." Kate drawled the last sentence with a sultry, low voice, leaning their faces impossibly closer, causing their noses to bump gently, as her hands settled back on Y/N’s waist.
Y/N’s breath got shallower the more Kate talked as her pulse increased, her heart ready to burst out of her ribcage. "What makes you so sure my exes didn’t worship me?"
Kate laughed lowly, her breath hitting Y/N’s lips was really testing both of their willpowers, "just a feeling."
"So full of yourself Bishop, aren’t you?"
"I’m just stating facts, baby. I bet my bow signed by Clint Barton that I can make you come in less than five minutes-" Y/N’s breath got stuck in her throat at the bold words spoken by the archer and felt her core clench on nothing at the images flowing into her mind, "-without my fingers entering you." Kate finished with a cocky grin and chuckled when she heard a soft whimper leave Y/N’s parted lips, stopping her amused laugh when Y/N grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the bathrooms, walking them in a stall and locking the door, before slamming Kate onto it and kissing her fervently. Both moaned gently when their lips finally met while Kate’s younger self was literally screaming and freaking out into Kate’s mind. Their lips slotted perfectly between each other and Kate savored Y/N’s taste, her senses flowed by everything that was Y/N. From her delicate perfume of jasmine and a bit of cinnamon, to the remnants of champagne on her lips, from the smoothness of her exposed arms to the softness of her hair that flowed perfectly through Kate’s fingers. Kate’s tongue slid out to lick the seam of Y/N’s lips and the Y/H/C girl granted her access right after with a soft whimper, whispered out right into Kate’s mouth. The gesture was so erotic that Kate felt her legs become putty and almost give out if it wasn’t for Y/N’s body trapping her own on the bathroom stall door. It was now Kate’s time to moan when their tongues met halfway and started a sensual dance that left Y/N’s mind reeling as her core pulsated uncontrollably, asking for attention.
"Fuck, you’re a really good kisser." Y/N murmured when they detached their lips to take a well needed breath, feeling their lungs burning from lack of air, and Kate smirked smugly down at the girl. "Don’t look so cocky Bishop or I’m taking it back."
"I’m just surprised you just said something nice about me." Kate leaned down to peck Y/N’s mouth, already getting addicted to those plump, soft, now slightly red lips, something Kate mentally cursed herself for because she didn’t know if this was going to be a one time thing or not and she really hoped it wasn’t the latter. "Now, where were we?" Kate tapped her lips in a fake, pensive expression before a Cheshire cat smile settled on her face, "right here." In a swift motion Kate inverted their position, being the one now slamming Y/N on the bathroom door and trapping her body there as her mouth found her way back on Y/N’s one, kissing her deeply with their tongues creating slick sounds that increased exponentially their arousals. One of Kate’s hands that settled safely on the Y/E/C girl’s hips, strayed down and grasped her ass harshly. Kate wasn’t sure the moan that followed her gesture came from Y/N or from herself, but she didn’t dwell on it too much when she elicited another one, louder this time, from Y/N when her other hand slid up and wrapped itself around a soft but firm breast.
"I want you. Now." Y/N succeeded to breath out between soft whimpers right into Kate’s mouth and the archer felt spurts of arousal coming out of her center and ruining her panties some more.
"Mh, someone is needy." Kate simultaneously squeezed Y/N’s left’s butt cheek and right boob as she bit on the girl’s lips hard, soothing the red flesh with her tongue. "I bet you’re dripping. All ready for me to touch you." Kate’s right hand reveled in the nipple standing up under her palm at the craved attention for a few more seconds before sliding slowly down her body, scratching Y/N’s contracted abs on her way down, sliding down her thigh and slipping under the dress. She spent a very little amount of time teasing Y/N some more as her finger traced idle doodles on her thigh, feeling it twitch uncontrollably under her finger’s pad until she finally reached her yearned destination.
As soon as her pointer finger came in contact with Y/N’s clothed core, feeling the fabric completely drenched, the girl let out a lewd, low moan on Kate’s lips, "please Kate."
"Mh, say it again."
"Please Kate, fuck me."
"Mh, I bet your exes didn’t even know how to do it." Kate started moving her finger slowly over Y/N’s clothed clit, feeling it twitch under her pad and almost came at the sensation, "I bet they never made you come." Kate chuckled lowly but when Y/N broke their staring contest, she felt a sinking feeling in her stomach at the clear uneasiness of the girl, so she asked softly, "never?"
"Bryan almost did, but he came before I could and then pulled out. Let’s just say over the years I became really skilled with my hands." Kate swallowed at the last phrase whispered sultrily on her lips, before she whimpered loudly when Y/N emphasized her statement by grabbing her cunt with her hand and pushed her middle finger up to tease her clothed entrance. Even with all those layers, Kate was sure that if Y/N kept doing that for just a few more minutes she would have come undone. But she was on a mission. She had to stay focused. So she grasped Y/N’s wrist and unwillingly pulled her hand away from her core and slamming it on the door above Y/N’s head.
"I’m really sorry to hear that. But I’m gonna change that really soon. So buckle up and get ready for the best orgasm of your life."
"I will be the judge of that." Y/N countered back smugly as she bit seductively on Kate’s bottom lip, "now, are you gonna start do something or are you just all talk and no action?"
Y/N didn’t have time to finish her sentence that Kate’s hand slipped in her panties just as the black haired girl growled under her breath before connecting their lips together to swallow the throaty moan Y/N emitted at the contact of Kate’s finger on her aching clit. "Is this enough action for you?"
"Fuck. Wait-" Y/N used the last ounce of clarity she had, to grab Kate’s phone from her right pocket and typed her password in, not at all appalled that it stayed the same over the years, and opened the chronometer app, showing the screen to Kate as she smirked smugly, "a promise is a promise Bishop. You have 5 minutes." Kate stared with her mouth slung open at the challenge presented to her, but she recovered from the shock quickly. She never backed away from a dare. Without saying a word she resumed her movements from her stilled hand and kissed Y/N deeply, letting her tongue out to lick inside her mouth. She felt Y/N replace her phone back into her pocket and her hand resumed her position into Kate’s dark locks as the archer swallowed soft whimpers coming from the girl. "Faster." Y/N’s hips bucked down to meet Kate’s finger movement and create more friction, finding really difficult keeping kissing Kate when her brain was literally short-circuiting at the archer’s touch. Kate noticed that, so her lips focused their attention on the girl’s neck, hearing every small whimper and sigh the girl emitted to give her as much pleasure as she could. She sped up her finger movement before adding a second one to push on the girl’s clit harder and felt her curse on the top of her head, "shit, that feels so good." Y/N’s free hand grasped the girl’s dark locks in an hard grip and pushed the girl more into her neck as her hips found the archer’s fingers rhythm, "inside, Kate. Please." The Y/H/C girl wasn’t giving a fuck at how needy she sounded, but she was experiencing the best sensation she ever felt with a partner and felt her orgasm already building up in her stomach, so she was eager to come undone and into the archer’s hand. That thought alone was enough for her center to drip some more arousal into her panties.
Kate pulled away from the girl’s neck and tutted at her with a mischievous grin on her lips, "if I remember correctly, I told you I would have made you come without entering you. And I’m gonna do that." Kate trailed off and tapped her clit repeatedly before grabbing it between her thumb and pointer finger and pulled it softly. That movement caused a groan to leave Y/N’s lips and in that moment Kate was glad no one entered the bathroom to allow Y/N to be as loud as she could.
Kate continued her relentless rhythm on the girl’s clit for until she felt the girl’s hips movements becoming more sloppy, so she quickened up her pace and Y/N moaned loudly while slamming her head back on the door, "are you close?" Kate whispered on Y/N’s cheeks and felt the girl nod, so Kate repeated her movements from a few moments ago and pinched Y/N’s clit harshly. The girl came undone with a strangled moan of the archer’s name as her core spurted out all her juices. Kate stared transfixed at the girl coming undone right before her eyes as her hand slowed its movements to let the girl ride out her high as much as possible before coming to a stop when the girl ceased its uncontrollable writhing. "That was the most mesmerizing sight I’ve ever witnessed." Kate whispered, lowering Y/N hand still above their heads and intertwined their fingers, laying their hands between their heaving chests as her blue hues swept over the relaxed features of the Y/H/C girl.
"And that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had." Y/N admitted and the million dollar smile Kate gave her was enough for Y/N to feel like a teenager once again as her stomach did somersaults at the enthralling view.
"See? I told you-" Kate stopped herself to grab her phone and stopped the chronometer, eyeing the screen with a pleased grin on her face before she showed Y/N her phone, "and one minute and 37 seconds before the 5 minutes were up." Y/N was impressed to say the least, not only from the clear skills Kate had but also from the rate she fell over the edge. Kate went to gloat some more but clasped her mouth shut as she heard the door of the bathroom open and close, followed by ticking sounds echoing around the room. When they focused on the voices on the new two occupants of the bathroom, both girl’s widened their eyes as dread settled over them. The motion could have been really funny if it wasn’t for the fact that they were going to get caught by their moms after fucking in a relatively big bathroom stall during a charity event.
"Oh yes, even if she has a really worrisome ability to find trouble, I’m really happy she had a perfect guide to teach her how to be a superhero." Eleanor snickered after trailing off, opening the faucet and washing her hands.
"It must be weird saying that word." Y/N’s mom chuckled alongside Eleanor but in her voice could be heard pride in her tone.
"Shit, it’s our moms!" Y/N whispered alarmed and Kate disentangled their hands to clasp hers on Y/N��s mouth to shut her up and prevent them to get caught.
"Oh not really. Kate dreamed to become one since New York’s attack. I thought I was protecting her, but she was doing it in fact."
"Y/N told me, Kate saved her at your Christmas party. I couldn’t be attend it because I was in LA for business, but Y/N wanted to be there, so she took her ex boyfriend. Ugh I hated that guy. Could you believe he left her when the lights went out? By the time she got out of the building and Kate saved her, he already went home."
Kate listened intently to Y/N’s mom’s retelling of that night and clenched her jaw hard, wanting really badly to punch that douchebag for being a selfish asshole. She got pulled away from her thoughts when Y/N pulled Kate’s hand away from her mouth and kissed her tenderly to calm her down. They dulled their moms’ voices as they kissed languidly, but stopped altogether when they heard something really interesting.
"Ugh, I still don’t know what happened between them. Y/N never told me the truth."
"Neither did Kate. She was always evasive by saying ‘we just stopped talking’ or ‘we grew apart’, so after a while I stopped asking."
"I really thought they would have ended up together."
"Really? Me too! Ugh, Kate was head over heels for her. I found an old notebook she used in high school and it was covered with their initials or Y/N’s name." Kate blushed furiously when Y/N lifted her left eyebrow up as mirth swam in her eyes and mouthed ‘shut up’ at her, only causing for Y/N’s smug grin to broaden.
"Y/N had Kate’s picture as her laptop screensaver and one night I saw her kissing the picture before closing it." As their moms laughed, it was now Y/N’s time to blush furiously as Kate grinned from ear to ear at this new piece of information - they will definitely talk about it later- , before kissing her once again tenderly. "I saw them talk maybe 20 minutes ago. I really hope they get over their grudge and start dating. Kate is a sweetheart."
"It would be a real improvement for Kate. Trust me, my daughter has a really bad taste in girls." Y/N restrained herself from laughing when Kate’s jaw dropped and she stared at the door outraged.
"Ugh, Y/N is no exception. Every single time, her new boyfriend proved to be worst than the previous one."
Kate couldn’t help but chuckled at the livid look on Y/N’s face before she connected their lips once again, deeper this time, to let Y/N relax, feeling her do it almost immediately with a contented sigh. Kate just then realized her hand was still in Y/N’s panties and flushed on her clit. She detached her lips from Y/N’s plush ones, chuckling softly when the girl chased her mouth greedily before regarding her with an annoyed look, but Kate just stared at her with a cocky smirk and Y/N lifted her eyebrow up in a silent question. She answered her when her hand slid from her clit to her entrance, collected the juices from her climax and entered Y/N with two fingers, watching the girl widen her eyes in realization and immediately clasped a hand on her mouth when she saw her lips starting to part to moan at the new stimulation.
"I’m going to the bathroom really quick." Y/N’s mom told Eleanor before doing her business. Kate continued with a maddening slow rhythm, pulling her fingers out almost completely before pushing her hands right back in, Y/N’s hips following Kate’s fingers movements to increase her pleasure. They heard the flush of the toiled and the rushing of the water, followed by the clanking sound of their moms’ heels on the tiled bathroom floor and the door closing shut behind them. Kate waited a few more seconds to be safe they were alone once again, before she pulled her hand away from Y/N’s face, the girl not waisting a second as she released a deep, hoarse moan.
"Look at you, so needy for my fingers." Kate hummed on Y/N’s parted lips and sneaked her tongue in just as she pushed a third finger in and used her thumb to tap on the girls neglected clit, almost climaxing when the girl moaned around her tongue in pleasure, the sound traveling from her mouth, down her spine and right between her legs. "Fuck, you feel so good around my fingers."
"Kate, don’t stop. I’m so close."
"Already?" Kate asked pleased with herself and her smile must have gave her away because Y/N grunted out in fond exasperation and bit on her bottom lip to get rid of that irritating grin.
"Shut up. More fucking, less talking." Kate growled at the request and grasped Y/N’s left thigh greedily and hooked it around her waist, creating a new angle to allow her fingers to push in deeper. Y/N arched her back in pleasure at the new stimulation as she shifted her head to the side to give more access to Kate’s greedy mouth that was leaving small hickeys all over her neck and collarbones, her mind too much hazy to keep kissing. Kate felt Y/N’s walls clench hard on her fingers, a clear sign the girl was ready to climax all over again, so she pushed in deeper and harder and after a few more thrusts the girl was tipping over the edge, coating Kate’s hands with her juices making Kate’s own center to throb wildly for making the girl come twice in the span of 20 minutes.
Kate stopped her movements when the girl’s body slumped back on the bathroom door and used her own body to support her. She took her fingers out and both whimpered at the lost contact before they met halfway in a slow, tender kiss. Kate pulled away moments later and regarded her with a small smile as her eyes shined under the light of the bathroom stall.
"Stop staring Kate, you’re making me blush." Y/N felt the blush on her cheeks, already burning of a crimson color from her climax, feeling it intensify from the intense look Kate was regarding her with.
"Sorry, you’re just so beautiful." Kate admitted absentmindedly and looked down in embarrassment at the admission. A finger under her chin, made their eyes met once again and she gasped when she found nothing but love and fondness in the look she was regarding with as her Y/E/C irises shined brightly.
"So are you Kate." They continued to blush and smile dumbly at each other, feeling like teenagers all over again.
"Y’know-" Kate started after another languid kiss, "my younger self is gloating like crazy right now." Bishop, you big softie, do not get attached once again, or you’ll have to pick the pieces of your once over broken heart all by yourself. Kate’s mind reprimanded her, but she wasn’t minding it any bit, not when Y/N was looking at her that way, like she was the only one in the world.
"I think this will be the worst place to confess this, but… in for a penny, in for a pound… my younger self is beating herself up for acting like a coward." When Kate looked at her confused, Y/N continued to clarify, "You heard my mom Kate. I liked you too Kate, but my stupid younger self was too afraid to admit it. She was too much focused to be the perfect rich girl and was afraid everyone would hate her for being who she was. I watched you from afar, being yourself and not once regretting it. You achieved so much in this 8 years and when three months ago you saved me from that mobster, all my feelings for you came crashing back in. I felt a sense of freedom, like I could be myself and not regret it. I’m sorry, for putting you through all that 8 years ago. But I’m ready to make it all better. I truly mean it when I say, my feelings never stopped during all this time."
Kate sighed loudly and bracketed Y/N’s face to peck her lips gently, "I would lie if I told you the same." Kate almost beat herself up when she saw Y/N’s face fall from her admission, "wait let me explain. I’m not gonna lie, I tried to forget you. You were clear that night. You weren’t attracted to me. So I tried to move on. I dated a few girls and with one of them I almost succeeded in that task, but then I saw you one day at one of my mom’s party, everything came back in. So yes, I tried to forget you, but my feelings stayed the same." Y/N smiled brightly at that and threw her hands around Kate’s neck and pulled her in a searing kiss, both expressing into the kiss what they desperately wanted to say out loud. When the kiss became once again needier as their tongues slid over each other hungrily, Kate’s hips bucked involuntarily to chase some yearned friction. That movement made Y/N come back to her senses and pulled back from the intense kiss, "fuck, you must be drenched by now." Y/N didn’t waste any more time, she unbuckled Kate’s belt and opened Kate’s pants before she slipped her hand in and past her panties to finally touch the black haired girl.
"Wait-" Kate grunted out, fighting against herself from moving her hips to chase her orgasm down and pulled Y/N’s hand from her pants. She didn’t miss the pout Y/N sent her way so she reassured her with a quick, gentle peck. "Let’s go to my place. This stall, even if it’s quite big for a bathroom stall is becoming too small. Let’s go to my place and we can go on all night." Y/N didn’t answer, she silently smothered her dress and fixed her own attire and hair, then proceeded to button Kate’s pants and fitting her blouse back in them, then placed the belt back into place. Before she could turn around she grabbed Kate’s clothed cunt like she did before and teased her entrance with her middle finger once again before retrieving her hand and winking her way and opening the bathroom door, craning as turned around to open the door, leaning her head out to see if the coast was clear and before she could walk out of the stall after opening the door wider, Kate used both of her hands to grasp her ass and squeeze it harshly. When the girl turned around with her mouth hanging open with a mix of shock and arousal swimming in her eyes, her cheeks dusted with a crimson color and her core throbbing wildly once again, Kate merely winked at her, laid a soft peck on her lips and intertwined their hands together, pulling the girl out of the bathroom and the charity event, calling a taxi to take them back to her place where they went on for several rounds until Kate’s bedroom filled with the first rays of the morning.
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Bitches would forgive Wanda Maximoff for murder
It's me, I'm bitches
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Loki once became the ACTUAL Thor… but nobody remembers! 😩
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Me externally: I hate that they made Natasha Romanoff-and by extension Scarlett Johansson- little more than eye candy and quips for most of her run in the MCU. It makes me so fucking mad 😡
Me literally any second she’s on the screen: She’s so hot. I’m so gay. Someone help 😰😩
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Spider-Man No Way Home (2021) Dir. Jon Watts
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Meet Cute
Tumblr media
Synopsis: an unexpected encounter with a strange gift shopist at the museum
Content: Just cute stuff in general
Word count: 2.9k
Author’s note: This took awhile to write but it was fun! I kept seeing other writings where Steven woke up without reader being real or hinted which made me sad so i wanted to give my boi something sweet. Sorry if I got any Egyptian mythology wrong. Enjoy reading!
The past week had been filled with late nights, filing reports and meetings. Looking for a break from the monotony, you decided to take the upcoming weekend as a way to explore something new. While the national art gallery would not have naturally been a first choice, they did have a new exhibit, so you decided to check it out.
Entering the museum, you walked around the displays of the artefacts. History has always been full of mystery, but you believed it provided an interesting insight to the past.
Deeply lost in thought, you found yourself in front of a sculpture of a cat. 
“Are you a cat lover by any chance?” The strange accent caught your attention
“If you're interested to know, cats were revered by the ancient Egyptians. They even had a goddess with a feline’s head called Bastet.”
“What was she worshipped for?” You questioned the man. This seemed to start a spark in him. He immediately replied,” She was a fierce lioness warrior goddess of the sun! And she-”
“Stevie!” He abruptly stopped his passionate explanation as he was rudely interrupted by a stern looking woman. 
“What did I tell you about bothering the museum guests! You’re not even a bloody tour guide. Get back to your station, and stop being useless!” The woman scolded him harshly. 
 Before you could even tell her there was no problem she had turned to you and apologised for the inconvenience before going about her way. Steven already rushed off at that point, causing you to lose track of where he had gone. 
After a few minutes of roaming around the museum, you found the man at a counter with candy and merchandise on it. He seemed to be slowly falling asleep at the counter.
“Hey ‘stevie’? Would you be so kind as to continue that explanation you were giving me earlier?” 
Hearing your voice, he lifted his head. 
“Oh it's you again. I’m sorry for earlier, Donna doesn't like it when I bother the guests here. You could get a real tour from one of our real tour guides.” He tries to direct you to a lady in a black dress, but upon noticing his existence she huffed angrily and stormed away.
“I’m not really on good terms with her. Sorry ‘bout that.” He apologised, figure deflating like a balloon. He scratched his head as silence filled the awkward situation. 
Sensing his self confidence sinking lower than the deepest depths of hell by the second, you try to lighten his mood. “Don’t worry about it! That just means that …. You! Can continue giving me an ‘unofficial’ tour of the place. Would that be alright ‘stevie’?”
Slightly shocked by your reaction to the whole situation, it stunned him in his place. Taking some time to come back to the present, he finally replied
 “Yeah, I would really like that. Also it's Steven, with a v.”
You nodded as he led you deeper into the exhibit.
“ They’d suck out all your organs, except the heart, because it was needed to be judged by Anubis, the god of the dead. It was weighed against a pure ostrich feather to determine if you were pure of heart.  If your heart was heavier than the feather, weighed down by wrongdoings in life, it would be devoured by Ammit, devourer of the dead, and you would cease to exist forever.” He waved his hands trying to emphasise the fearful tale.
“Well I sure hope my heart’s pure enough to not get eaten out of existence by some weird crocodile lady.” You laughed nervously.
He blurted out in embarrassment , “Oh-h i never meant to imply y-your heart wasn’t pure. I’m sure y-you have the p-purest of h-hearts!”  
Hearing the compliment made you blush redder than the preserved organs in a jar.
 Following the slight seconds of awkward silence Steven decided to continue explaining, “ If your heart w-hich it definitely is, judged pure, Ra, the sun god would take you to Osiris, god of the underworld, and you would be placed in the field of reeds where you would cultivate your own plot of land for all eternity. It’s a place with no sadness or pain, just work.” As he says this he looks longingly at the book of the dead. Steven seemed to be wishing for peace from living life. You stepped closer to him, you laid your hand softly on his shoulder. 
“I think that that would be kind of boring right? Without pain or sadness what will joy or happiness be.” 
Steven turned to you, smiling gently, “I guess you're right. We surely got it better up here in the land of the living huh?” 
“Yeah I would say so”  
You met his eyes. They seemed tired from everything, in search of some momentary bliss. Getting lost in his gaze was so easy, but that was suddenly broken.
“The Museum is closing in 15 minutes. All visitors, please proceed to the exit and have a nice day.”
Realising the intimate staring contest you had just been in, you quickly removed your hand from Steven’s shoulder abashedly. 
“Steven was it? I really enjoyed the time we had together and was thinking if we could continue seeing each other?” While you knew there was a chance you could get rejected, you never expected the next words that came out of his mouth.
“Are you real?” Standing there, the stillness of all of it made you uncomfortable. The shock of his question held you in your place. What feeling was better to prove your existence than pain? You flicked his forehead as hard as you could. 
“Ouch- yeah your r-real. Sorry ‘bout that question. U-uh i would love to. How ‘bout you come over to mine next friday?” Steven rubbed his forehead, nursing the temporary pain. 
“I would really like that, just don’t question my existence again ok?” You jabbed back lightly.
“Yeah ok- ok! See you next Friday!”
You and Steven walked to the entrance exchanging numbers before bidding your goodbyes. Steven headed back into the museum. Sadly he had to stock inventory again and could not continue walking you to the bus stop like he wanted. As he placed the plastic toys into boxes he had already started planning for your visit next week. 
It felt like his heart was beating the hardest it had ever been.
Steven stumbled his way out of the museum. His shift had finally ended and it was late into the night. He made his way to the park he frequented and found the golden man he always shared his days with. Sitting down beside the man, Steven took out a sandwich and started to ramble 
“You won’t believe what happened today. A girl asked me out!” He excitedly stated. The golden man sat there, still.
“Saying that out loud sounds kinda pathetic now. B-but we have a date at my place, next Friday. I'm not risking going to a restaurant again and making her hate me.” Remembering the past occurrence he had vowed not to let it happen a second time.
“But like i said before, can’t really have ankle restraints and sand all around my bed with a girl coming over, can I? That’s the definition of a red flag innit? You know what I mean. Gotta figure something out.” 
Finally, Steven had finished airing out all his grievances. He thanked the unmoving man and left some change before heading back home. 
The area you had walked into seemed slightly run-down. Graffiti painted the walls, cardboard boxes piled up near garbage containers. You weave your way through the vendors that occupied the street, all trying to earn a living. Arriving in front of Steven’s apartment, you checked the address to ensure you had arrived at the right place. Stepping aside from the broom seller at its entrance, you walked into the apartment building.
The elevator light flickered, and an elderly lady entered the elevator striking up a conversation.
“I haven’t seen you around here before, visiting someone dear?”  
“Yeah, on the fifth floor. You too?” 
“I’m visiting my old friend Claire.”  The elevator dinged on the fifth floor as the doors opened.
“Have a nice day.” You waved goodbye to the elderly lady and walked up to Steven’s apartment door. Knocking on the door did not prompt any response. Knocking again did not help so you decided to call instead. 
Steven awoke violently from his bed, ankle restraints holding him back from going any further, causing him to fall flat onto the floor. Picking himself up, he removed his restraints and answered the phone.
“Steven, I’m outside your door? For our date? It’s Friday.”  Hearing this made him panic. It was happening again. Time seemed too fast for him to constantly catch up with. Steven started to sweep as much sand he could under his bed but had a hard time removing the restraints.
“Steven? Are you there?”
“Yes! Just give me a moment!” He hastily peeled off the blue tape and unlocked the door. Staring at you for a while, he took in your appearance. While you didn't really dress up too much you still put together a nice outfit for the occasion.
“So are you going to invite me in?” Steven finally snapped out of his trance, opening the door fully.
Books immediately filled your vision, shelves filled to the brim with them. Walking on the dusty floor, you explored the attic-like apartment.
“S-so uh yeah. W-welcome to my place.” Steven tried to comb his curly bed head with his hands but to no avail, it just made his hair even messier. As you explored the apartment you noticed books of different materials. The topics they contained was extensive, it started from Ancient Egypt to French literature to Dictionaries of other languages. A bookworms’ paradise. Noticing you inching closer to his bed, he suddenly shouted out to catch your attention.
“THIS- is my one-fin wonder Gus. Would you like to feed ‘im?” He guided you over to the fish tank and handed you the sprinkles of fish food. The fish didn't struggle at all, supporting all its swimming with just one fin. As you sprinkled the food into the tank, the fish hurriedly swam to each speck and gobbled each one up.
“He certainly has his own charm even with one fin huh?” Steven nodded as both of you observed the fish aimlessly swimming around, however it seemed like his reflection was staring back at you.
“I feel ‘bit underdressed compared to you. You wouldn’t mind if I went to change and freshen up?” Steven said as he stood in his plain white shirt and grey sweatpants. His hair messy like a mop, could have gained its own sentience. 
“Sure! I'll just order some pizza for our dinner.” Moving away from the fish tank, you gave the fish some privacy. Steven entered the fresher with some clean clothes, trying to neaten his unkempt appearance. 
Picking up the phone, you dialed a few places, in search for some vegan pizza options near the area. Even though it took awhile, you finally found a pizza place with a vegan margarita pizza that was willing to deliver to the slightly off-putting neighbourhood. 
Hoping to watch some TV to pass the time, you turned on the television but could not find a couch to sit on. Deciding to make your watching experience more comfortable, you approach the bed to grab some pillows. However, when you reached the bedside, the floor seemed to feel more grainy than before. There also seemed to be ropes tied around the bedposts that were shoved hastily under the bed. Pulling the ropes, at the end you found restraints.
Just then, Steven exited the fresher and saw the scene that played out in front of him. Slack-jawed, he tried to explain himself in a panic
“Those are for my sleeping disorder! N-not for anything w-weird i p-promise.”
You narrowed your eyes at him, “Who needs ankle-restraints for a sleeping disorder? For all I know, you might have some interesting habits.” You wiggled your eyebrows joking. This flustered him further, but he explained his unusual situation to you.  Right as his explanation ended the doorbell rang. Opening the door you picked up the pizza.
“Have you seeked out professional help for this?” Steven shook his head
“I thought it might just go away on its own so i never went to hospital for it.”  He sat down on his bed, wrapping the rope that lay on the floor around his bed post. You hugged the man with your arm, “ Just remember to take care of yourself alright?”  
“ I will.”
With your warmth so close, he felt he could stay in your arms forever.
Grabbing the pillows and placing them near the TV, you and Steven settled into the fluffed up pillows with plates of pizza. 
A box of old DVD cases were pulled out by Steven. “Would you like to watch a movie? I’ve got a few on DVD, Most of them are documentaries” Digging through the dusty cases, you picked out a case with a screaming lady on the cover. 
“How about this one?” 
Steven shrugged, “ Why not.”
Placing the DVD in, the screen started to show its title. ‘The Return Of The Cursed Pharaoh’ 
The movie, surprisingly, was not great. It started with its plot with an archaeologist and his beautiful blond assistant. While she tries to help him through the dig site, she activates all of the booby traps and has to be saved. And of course, Zombie Mummies come into play.
“Oh, come on! Osiris is the king of the underworld. He’s not some boogieman that brings the dead back to life!” 
“That’s not even a sacred tablet, it's a cosmetic palette! Where did they find such a detailed replica and not use it right!?”
 And many other complaints came from Steven that night as he stuffed his face with the vegan pizza. Turns out a 80s B-horror movie would not be the most accurate representation of ancient Egyptian mythology. Halfway through you decided to tune out the movie completely and just focus on Steven. His face was scrunched up, disagreeing with all the inaccuracies on screen. His lips seemed fixed in a permanent pout.
“You're so cute when you're like this.” Steven heated up at the complement. Someone that was willing to stand his ramblings was tough to find. Finding them cute? That was a completely different question.
“T-thank you.”
Sitting on the pillows, you started to lay on him. Weaving your arm with his, enjoying his closeness. With you wrapped around him like that, it immediately stopped his complaints as the movie went on. How could he concentrate when you were so close to him? While he was tensed up in the beginning, he found the courage to relax and enjoy your embrace. 
As the movie starts to roll its credits, the both of you let out a sigh of relief.
“It’s finally over huh.”
“Yep, thank god!” You giggled at Steven’s exclamation
Tearing yourself from his side, you turned to him, “ It was quite bad, but it had its funny moments. Like when the mummy appeared as man badly wrapped in toilet paper. They surely were creative.”
“Mmhm. But I don't think I could have sat through it without you... l-love. Is i-it ok if I call you that?” He fiddled with his hands while looking at you with puppy dog eyes while his head faced towards the ground.
“Only if I get to call you Stevie.” 
He blushed at the nickname, “ It's a deal”
Picking up the plates, you started to clean them at the sink while Steven placed the pillows where they belong. Looking behind you, you noticed the post cards pinned up beside his tank.
“Lots of postcards beside Gus’s tank. What an adventurous fish, it seems like he wants to visit the streets of Rome or go up the Eiffel tower.” Steven laughed at your comment as he fluffed up his pillows on his bed.
“Ha-ha yeah! They’re all postcards from me mum, I pin them near his tank so he can see the whole world in his little tank.” 
Wiping the plates dry, you placed them back in the cupboard. You walked over to Steven’s side as he arranged his bed. He rested his tired body on the side of the bed, allowing his legs to hang. Laying beside him, you observed his tired eyes starting to close. It’s deep sunken appearance concerned you. 
“I think I should be going Steven, you look knackered. I'll let you rest, is that alright?.” Hearing your voice beside him, he shifted onto his side as well. He nodded tiredly. He didn’t want you to leave. It was scary that this could be all a dream and he would wake up with you a passing thought in his head. But he couldn’t keep you here forever. 
You moved closer to him. Placing your hand on his face before leaving him with a chastise kiss on his lips. Getting up from the bed, you took your bag and headed out the door.
“Rest well Steven.” 
The door closed behind you, leaving Steven alone in the apartment again.
His eyes were wide open, still trying to process the kiss you left him. It was real enough. 
Pounding like a hummingbird’s wings, his heart never seemed to stop beating as wildly for you.
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Tumblr media
Why they gotta CALL ME OUT—💀
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MCU Incorrect quotes
Steve: So that’s my plan.
Tony: Are you alright with constructive criticism? I don’t want to sound mean.
Steve: No, go ahead, I want to hear it.
Tony: It fucking sucks.
Steve: That’s not constructive criticism
Y/n: Let’s watch Sharkboy and Lavagirl.
Peter p: Okay.
Y/n: And make out during the scary parts.
Peter p: Th-
Peter p: The scary parts.
Peter p: Of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.
Carol: Is something burning?
Y/n: Just my love for you.
Carol: y/n , the toaster is on fire.
Y/n: You love me, right, Carol?
Carol: Normally, I’d say yes without hesitation, but I feel like this is going somewhere and I don’t like it.
Y/n: I’m gonna need a human skull and I can't have you ask any questions why.
Natasha: Only if you also don't ask why
Natasha: *Pulls out 7 pristine human skulls* Take your pick.
Y/n: This one is fine
Y/n: *Accidentally hits Peter in the face*
Y/n: *Trying to decide between saying 'I’m fucking sorry' and 'Are you okay'*
Peter : What’s wrong with you?!
Y/n: Remember when you didn't try to solve all your problems with attempted murder?
Natasha: Stop romanticizing the past.
Y/n: *Stubs their toe* FUCK!
Steve: Mind your language!
Y/n: What else am I supposed to say, “Woe is I”???
Y/n: You have to accept that swear words are necessary sometimes.
Bucky: Why does y/n always do the laundry so loudly?
Sam: So everyone knows that no one helps them out in the house.
Y/n, in the distance: *slams the washing machine shut*
Bucky: Why are there little handprints all over the walls?
Sam , whispering: Why are there little handprints all over the walls?
Y/n, whispering: Because I have little hands.
Sam : Because they have little hands.
Steve: Guys where did y/n go?
Natasha: They got arrested.
Tony : How the hell-
Y/n: *bursts in through the window* The cops are after me, I thought it would be fun to steal crackers and throw them at people
Y/n: Goddamn it, the printer broke while printing out Tony's birthday invitations.
Natasha: Well, what are they supposed to say?
Y/n: "Tony's birthday".
Natasha: So, what do they say instead?
Y/n: "Tony's ’s bi".
Natasha : Works out either way.
Tony to peter: Me? I'm the bee knees, but, you? You're just...
Peter: Cockroach ankles!
Tony : Ye- uh, what?
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aveimperator40k · 4 months ago
Lol. I'm glad that Tumblr is coming together around the fact that Jack is a Sword Himbo and we love him.
Tumblr media
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haflacky · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Steve and Peggy!
Commission for @caleysteggy thank you very much!
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twoghostsfromeden · 7 months ago
All My Days I’ll Know Your Face
Chris Evans x Reader
Summary: when you’re dubbed with the responsibility of taking care of dodger, things get out of hand
Warning: intruder, dodger getting hurt BUT HES FINE I PROMISE I SWEAR, fluff, angst, chris is confused about his feelings, i feel like this sucks i’m sorry
A/n: 1k celebration!
Tumblr media
You pop another piece of your popcorn in your mouth, tucking your socked feet under your butt, your eyes trained on the tv screen. It’s another lonely Friday night, meaning you’re stuck watching crime shows and scary movies.
Not that you mind, you really love nights like this.
You snuggle into the couch, pulling the fuzzy blanket over your lap. A loud ding turns your attention to your locked phone, a notification from Rover popping up. You pause your movie, reaching over to your phone.
CapAndDodge: Hi :)
You unlock your phone, opening your dog walking app. You’ve had it for what seems like years, only landing a few jobs here and there. Despite working a full time job throughout the week, you still find yourself struggling for money. Your mom was the one that told you to download the app.
You flip through the profile, smiling when you see the adorable white and tan puppy on the screen. In all of the pictures, the dog is either alone, or cuddled up on the chest of a mysterious man. The man has made it a point to block out his face, which leaves you wondering whether or not you should text back.
What if he’s a serial killer?
You shrug your shoulders, deciding you’d rather take your chances of walking a serial killer’s dog than to be kicked out of your apartment. You go to the messages, typing out a simple greeting. It isn’t long before another message pops up.
CapAndDodge: Would you be up to house sit as well?
You immediately snarl your nose, not wanting to spend the night at another persons house. You enjoy your house, you always hate staying away for too long. You ignore the message, deciding it isn’t worth your time. You play the movie again, the woman’s scream unfreezing. The scream is interrupted by another ding, leaving you groaning.
CapAndDodge: I’ll pay double.
CapAndDodge: On the hour.
Now this gets your attention. Most people pay $50 here and there for a walk. But to be paid by the hour? Double? You reach for your phone, opening the app again.
How long?
CapAndDodge: A month. Maybe more. Depending.
You raise your eyebrow, typing out another response. Getting paid double on the hour would add up, especially over a month.
I work a 9-5 throughout the week. Is that going to be a problem?
CapAndDodge: Not as long as you come back to my place at the end of the day
The response has you smiling, feeling hopeful about this job opportunity. You send messages back and forth, until you eventually agree to meet up tomorrow morning, to go over what you’ll need to do while he’s gone.
You stand on the steps of the house, glancing down at your phone, and back up at the door. This can’t be the right house.
It’s huge.
Did he send you the wrong address? You look back up, taking a deep breath. You raise your hand to knock, but you’re startled by the sound of a large dog barking. The door opens before you can knock, revealing the one and only Captain America.
You’re not a huge fan of Marvel movies, but everyone on earth has seen a few of the movies. Everyone knows who Captain America is. “You must be y/n,” Chris says, extending his hand.
You look down at his hand, unable to find your words. You’ve never met a celebrity before, especially not one as big as Chris Evans. You look back up at him, your cheeks flushed. “Y-You’re Captain America,” You say, your voice quiet.
Chris smiles nervously, moving his hand to the back of his neck and scratching. “Uh, yeah…” He says, awkwardly. You gulp, trying to gather your composure.
Get it together, he’s a human for gods sake!
You came here to do a job, not to get starstruck. It’s clearly making him uncomfortable. You can’t imagine how it must feel to not be able to go anywhere without being recognized. You clear your throat, looking behind Chris. The dog from the profile sits behind him, staring suspiciously.
“This must be Dodger,” You say, finding your voice. Chris looks over his shoulder, his smile still on his face. “Yeah, he’s not normally so… Loud. We haven’t had anyone over in a while,”
Chris steps aside, allowing you to come in the house. “He’s pretty easy to take care of. He’s a rescue, so he doesn’t expect much,” Chris jokes, earning a quiet giggle from you. He leads you to the kitchen, Dodger trailing your heels and sniffing your legs.
“His food is under the cabinet. He’ll get 1 1/2 cups in the morning and the afternoon,” Chris explains, opening the cabinet. It’s nothing fancy, just a container full of dog food. You’d halfway expected it to be covered in red, white, and blue, until you remind yourself that Chris Evans isn’t actually Captain America.
Chris moves to the laundry room, Dodger trailing your heels still. “His leash is in here, along with his treats. I probably feed him more treats than he should have,” He mutters, seemingly embarrassed.
You stay silent as he walks you down the hallway, up the stairs. “The guest bedroom is here, this is where you’ll be staying. Dodger normally doesn’t come in here, but he might since you’re here. He usually sleeps in bed with me, but if you don’t want him to, just tell him no,”
You smile, bending down and scratching behind Dodger’s ear. Dodger seems to appreciate it, his tail beating the floor underneath. “I don’t mind,” You say, glancing up at Chris. “I hate sleeping alone,”
Chris smiles, watching you interact with his best friend. “There’s a note on the fridge with my number, my vet’s number, and my manager’s number in case anything happens,” He says, walking out of the room. You follow him, your heart racing at the thought of having Chris Evans’ number in your phone.
He walks down the stairs, into the main room. “His toy box is right here, he’ll drag them all out throughout the day, don’t worry about picking up after him.” Chris says. As if on cue, Dodger noses his way through the box, pulling out a large stuffed lion. He drops it at Chris’s feet, looking up at him.
Chris squats down, tussling Dodger’s fur on his head. “He knows I’m leaving, he hates it,” He says, his smile disappearing. You can’t imagine how hard it is to leave everything you love behind while you go away for months.
You stand awkwardly in the middle of the room, unsure of what to say. You clear your throat, watching as Chris stands back up. “I don’t know if you have a boyfriend or anything, but if you do, I just ask that you don’t bring him over. I don’t want everyone to know where I live,” He says.
Your cheeks heat up, your eyes dropping to the floor. You’re such a loser. You have to tell Chris Evans that you’re single and you probably will be for the rest of your life. “That shouldn’t be a problem,” You mutter.
Chris nods slowly, glancing around the room. “I have to run to a meeting, but if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to give me a call,” He says, grabbing his keys off of the nightstand.
The first day after Chris leaves, you wake up at 5:30 to Dodger licking your face. You groan, turning over on your side. You forget that you fell asleep on the couch, until your body thumps against the living room floor. Dodger sits beside of you, cocking his head to the side.
“Seriously? I don’t have to get up for another hour,” You groan, wiping your face. You wish Chris had mentioned that he fed Dodger at 5:30 in the morning. You sit up, Dodger’s tail beating loudly against the floor. You get up and feed him, trudging back to the couch to finish your sleep. Dodger curls up next to the couch after eating, snoring loudly.
The third day, Dodger let’s you sleep until 5:45. It’s not much, but it’s progress. You’ve fallen asleep on the couch again, not wanting to sleep alone upstairs. The second night you were there, you went upstairs to sleep, but Dodger stayed downstairs.
You didn’t like how cold and empty the bed felt. It felt different than it did at your own apartment, in your own bed.
Your back is sore and stiff from the couch, but you don’t want to sleep alone. You pour his food in his bowl, turning around and pointing a finger at him. “You’re coming to bed with me tonight, mister,” You say, watching him as he blinks at you.
When you get back from work that day, you shower and eat, binge watching your favorite show on Netflix. The whole time, Dodger lays on the floor, curled up to his lion. When you get up to walk up the stairs, Dodger sits at the bottom step, looking up at you. You frown, pulling out your phone.
You haven’t texted Chris much, only when he’d text to get occasional updates. You quickly ask him if Dodger doesn’t like going upstairs, waiting on his reply. His name on your phone pops up shortly after.
Captain Fucking America?! : shit i forgot to mention he’s had hip surgery, he won’t go upstairs unless you carry him
You laugh under your breath, picturing you attempting to carry Dodger up the stairs. That might not be a problem for Chris, but you’re not exactly built like a fucking superhero. You sigh, walking back down the stairs. Dodger’s tail beats the floor again, wagging in the air when he stands up. He trots around the corner, into Chris’s room.
You stand in the doorway, raising an eyebrow. “You want me to sleep in here?” You ask, watching as Dodger nears the bed.
“You don’t think that’s like, crossing a line, or something?”
Without hesitation, Dodger jumps on the soft bed, curling up next to the pillows. He looks so soft and warm, and you really don’t want to be alone. You sigh once again, wondering why you even try to bargain with this dog.
He’s so hardheaded.
You cuddle into the bed, inhaling the sweet scent of vanilla. This isn’t what you expected Chris’s bed to smell like, but you’re not complaining. You roll over on your side, giggling as you quickly snap a picture of Dodger’s sweet face. You go to your messages and send Chris a picture, not even thinking about you being in his bed.
Tumblr media
YChris rolls over on his side, grabbing his phone off of the nightstand. He goes to your messages, his smile spreading over his face when he sees Dodger. He wishes nothing more than to be cuddled up to Dodger, fast asleep.
He studies the picture more, furrowing his eyebrows when he sees the sheets. Are you… in his bed?
Chris finds himself blushing at the thought of you being curled up in his bed, cuddling with his favorite dude. He’s not gonna lie, he’s been crushing on you since he saw your profile. That’s why he was so adamant about paying you double, he wanted you to be the one to watch Dodger.
He nearly strangled himself when he damn near asked if you were single. He was so relieved when you didn’t make it weird, instead, just saying you were single. Chris types out a quick response, but you’re already asleep.
Over the next two weeks, Dodger quickly becomes your best friend. You find yourself texting Chris more often, even about things that don’t have anything to do with Dodger. You have your own inside jokes now, your own conversations and memories.
Dodger sleeps with you in Chris’s bed every night, letting you sleep until almost 6:30, which somehow infuriates you even more. But, the anger quickly subsides when Dodger rests his head on your chest, looking up at you with eyes so full of love.
You’re in bed now, fighting the urge to fall asleep. You and Chris have been texting for what seems like hours, talking about everything and nothing. You look over at the alarm clock on the nightstand, your eyes widening.
3 AM?!
“No wonder you were staring at me like that,” You mutter, placing your phone on the nightstand. You snuggle up to Dodger, listening to his breathing. It’s warm and cozy in the house tonight; it’s perfect.
Dodger yawns, his hot breath waving in your face. You snarl your nose up, giggling as Dodger looks very offended. During your laughter, Dodger snaps his mouth shut, his head jerking over to the bedroom door. He stares intently, his hair raising up on his back.
“Dodge? What’s going on?” You ask, sitting up in bed. You furrow your eyebrows as he starts a low growl, your heart hammering in your chest. You reach over to the nightstand, standing up. Dodger follows you, creeping over to the door.
“Seriously? You want to go out there?” You ask, your voice hushed. You’re not sure what Dodger is growling at, but you’re not really keen on finding out.
But you have a feeling Dodger will drive you crazy all night, wanting to go see what’s going on. So, you open the bedroom door, using your phone as a flashlight. Dodger creeps into the main room, where your light shines. There are several muddy footprints on the floor, but it wasn’t raining when you came in for your walk.
The hair on the back of your neck stands up as Dodger starts barking loudly, a bark you’ve never heard before. You gasp when you feel a hand sneaking around your waist, another hand cupping your mouth. You drop your phone, startling Dodger even more.
“Don’t even think about screaming,” A man’s voice says, your heart stopping in your chest. You have no idea what to do. You never in a million years thought this would happen to you.
Then again, you’ve never lived anywhere luxurious like this.
You can’t see Dodger anymore, but you can hear him, and he sounds close. You struggle against the man, tears rolling down your cheek. “Fuck!” The man yells, dropping his grip on you.
You don’t know what happened, but you can only assume that Dodger bit him. You quickly grab your phone, turning your flashlight back on. You need to try to get a description! You watch as the man in black flees the main room, opening the door and running outside. Dodger chases after him, running out into the yard.
You gasp, chasing after Dodger. “Dodger! No! Stay!” You scream, your eyes locked onto the busy road before you. It’s raining and dark outside, it’s a horrible combination.
Dodger ignores you, dead-set on chasing after the intruder. Before you can stop him, you hear a loud screech, your heart dropping into your stomach.
You don’t remember much about the ride to the emergency clinic. You just remembering having Dodger in the passenger seat, crying as you call the number Chris left on the fridge. You were surprised when his vet actually picked up, instructing you to go to the nearest emergency clinic.
She assured you that she’d call Chris.
When you got to the clinic, it was pouring. You wrapped Dodger up in your arms, sobbing as you carried him in the clinic. “P-please, my dog was hit.” You cry, watching the girl up front run around the desk. She quickly grabs Dodger, leaving you alone in the waiting area.
Your clothes are soaked through, your hair dripping down your back. You don’t know who brought you the blanket, but you gladly accept it, wrapping it around your shoulders. You’ve tried calling Chris 20 times, but he never picks up.
You’re not sure how much time has passed since you got to the clinic, but all you can think about is how Dodger saved your life. He’d only met you 2 weeks ago, but he saved your life.
You hear a loud boom of thunder, jerking your head over to the door. The door is opening, revealing a wide eyed Chris. Like you, he’s soaked, both from tears and the rain. You immediately stand up, sobbing as the guilt finally sets in.
You were supposed to protect Dodger.
“C-Chris, I’m so sorry… It all happened so fast, I tried to stop him,” You sob, watching as Chris walks toward you. You’re not sure what the expression on his face is. It could be anger, it could be hatred, it could just be anxiety.
“Is he okay?”
You swallow the lump in your throat, pathetically shrugging your shoulders. “I don’t know, they took him from me,” You say, your voice quiet.
Chris clenches his jaw, before relaxing again. “How did this happen?” He asks, his voice breaking. You now realize Chris doesn’t even know about somebody breaking into his home.
What a night.
You sit back down on the bench, wrapping the blanket tighter around your shoulders. “We were in bed and Dodger must’ve heard something… We went downstairs and, and, someone grabbed me,” You say, dropping your eyes to the floor.
Dodger got hurt protecting you.
You take a deep breath, your tears dropping down to your lap. “Dodger must’ve bit them because they let go of me and ran. I tried to stop him but Dodger followed him,” You ramble, your voice barely audible.
You feel Chris’s eyes on you, but you can’t bring yourself to meet them. You don’t want to see his face right now. You hear squeaky footsteps in the lobby, then you feel someone lifting your chin up.
Chris is staring at you, his eyes searching your face. You try your best to keep eye contact, but you can’t. “Are you okay?” He asks, his voice soft.
You shake your head, sucking in a sharp breath. “The man wanted me, Chris. I should be the one in the hospital, not Dodger. Dodger doesn’t deserve this,” You say.
Chris furrows his eyebrows, frowning. He forces you to look at him again, keeping a grip on your jaw. “Hey, don’t say that. You didn’t deserve this, either.”
You’re interrupted as the vet walks into the room, clearing her throat. You pull away, standing up from your seat. “How is he?”
The vet gives you a gentle smile, handing you her ipad. “Those are his x-rays. He broke his hip, but that’s all. He’s stable and he’s not in any pain. We’ll do surgery first thing in the morning,” She explains.
“He’s going to make it?” Chris asks, standing beside of you. You find yourself leaning on Chris, the exhaustion setting in. The vet nods, jerking her head over to the door. “Come on, I’ll let you see him,”
You both follow her to the back, where Dodger is laying in a soft dog bed. He’s sleeping peacefully, curled into a little ball. She opens the cage door, waking Dodger.
When he sees you, his tail thumps against the metal, lifting his head.
But when he sees Chris, he damn near tries to jump out of the cage. Chris chuckles tearfully, reaching into the cage and lightly petting his head. “Hey, bud…” He whispers, a tear rolling down his face.
“We’ll come see you tomorrow, alright?”
You say your goodbyes, profusely thanking the vet for all of her hard work. She points you to the nearest hotel, so you can stay close by.
Plus, you’re not sure you could go back to that house right now anyway.
Chris strips down to his boxers, the only clothing that’s not soaked through, using a towel to dry his hair. You sit on the edge of the bed, watching as he tosses you a shirt. “Here, I had this in my car,” He says.
You watch as he turns around, his back to you. He waits patiently as you change, pulling the shirt down to cover the tops of your thighs. You crawl into the warm bed, your body finally relaxing.
After a sleepless night, you’re back at the clinic, patiently waiting for more news. Chris is speaking to the receptionist, paying off his bill. You try to stop staring at him, but you can’t.
Last night, Chris ended up sleeping beside of you. You told him you’d sleep in the car, but he told you he wasn’t letting that happen. He offered to sleep in the chair, but you told him it was your fault this was happening.
So, he crawled into bed, sleeping on the very edge. You woke up several times throughout the night, finding yourself curled up to his side.
You couldn’t help it. He was just so warm and cozy. You hope he didn’t feel anything or wake up in the middle of the night.
You find yourself crushing on him even more than you had before. Only this time, you feel it’s one sided. Before, Chris was flirting with you and joking.
Now, he acts like he doesn’t want anything to do with you. You don’t necessarily blame him— you’re the reason his dog is in the hospital.
Chris looks over his shoulder, giving you a slight smile. You smile back, your attention shifting to the vet, who's walking into the lobby. She calls you and Chris back into the exam room, where Dodger is laying on a blanket. You rush over to his side, sitting on the ground next to him.
"Hey, buddy... How're you feeling?" You ask, your voice quiet. Chris watches from the door, swallowing the lump in his throat. He'd never tell you, but he blames himself for what happened.
To both of you.
If he hadn't been away, if he hadn't picked you to watch his house, none of this would've happened. At least, not to you.
"Dodger is doing great!" The vet starts, a smile on her lips. "He'll start getting back to his normal self in 6-8 weeks, but I'd still like him to be confined when he's alone for 16 weeks,"
Chris nods slowly, putting his hands in his pockets. "Will he be able to walk before then?"
The vet's smile drops slightly, causing your anxiety to rise. "Yes, but he'll need to take it easy for 14 days. I'll have him start rehabilitation therapy after that. It'll have to be daily," She says.
"I can do it," You blurt out, standing up. Chris looks over at you, furrowing his eyebrows. You continue before he can ask any questions.
"I know you have to go back, so I'll do it. I can take him on my lunch break, you won't even have to pay me." You say. You love Dodger, you want to be able to help. Dodger has become a huge part of your life, you can't let him go through this again.
Chris shakes his head, frowning. "No, I'm not going back. I told them there was an emergency and to find someone else," He says, cutting you off.
You laugh awkwardly, stepping closer to him. "Chris, I can--"
"I said no!" He snaps, silence falling over the room.
The vet clears her throat, opening the door. "I'll just step out for a moment,"
After she leaves, you stare at Chris, your heart sinking into your stomach. Surely this can't all be about what happened...
"What's your problem? I'm offering to take care of Dodger for free." You say, watching as Chris continues to shake his head.
He keeps talking over you, saying no, telling you he doesn't need you. You argue back and forth, insisting you were going to help him with Dodger. Finally, Chris lifts his hands in the air, seemingly giving up.
"C'mon, Dodge, you can do it," You mutter, holding his hips up as he slowly walks into the yard. He's been going to rehab for 4 weeks now, meaning he's finally able to walk more. Chris watches you from the door, his arms crossed over his chest.
You've barely spoken since the accident, despite you practically living there. You come over before work to help him with Dodger, you come over on your lunch break to take him to rehab, and you come over after work. Occasionally you sleep over, especially on the weekends.
Dodger sleeps with you on the couch, instead of in bed with Chris.
"Move in with me,"
Your head snaps over to the door, your eyebrows furrowed. "What did you just say?" You ask, watching as Chris smiles.
He shrugs his shoulders, nodding his head over to Dodger. "He clearly likes you being here. I could go back to work, knowing you were here with him," He says, moving closer to you. You slowly back up, a frown on your face.
"No, no..." You mutter, shaking your head.
Chris walks forward again, reaching out and wrapping an arm around your waist. You raise an eyebrow, glancing down at his arm. "What the hell are you..." You mumble.
"And... Maybe I like it better when you're here," He says, using his other hand to brush your hair away from his face. You try to ignore the butterflies in your stomach.
"You like me being here? You act like you hate me," You say, confused. Chris's smile drops, replaced with a guilty frown.
"I don't hate you, y/n. You just scared me," He admits, pulling you closer to him.
You look up at him, taking a deep breath. "Scared you?"
"I like you. I have, for months. I guess I was upset at myself for putting you in that position. Something bad could've happened to you," He says, his face pushing closer to yours.
"And it scared me because I haven't felt that way in a while. When I got the call... The first thing I thought about was you. If you were okay. I didn't even think about Dodger until I knew you were okay... And I kind of feel like shit about that," He says, chuckling quietly.
You can't help but smile, looking back at Dodger, who's sniffing around in the grass.
You won't lie and say you don't feel the same way. It's been torture to stay here, watching Chris prance around the house and watch him make breakfast for you in the morning.
Torture to see him, but not be allowed to touch him.
Chris moves his face closer to yours, his nose nuzzling against yours. "Move in... For Dodger, of course," He says, rubbing circles on your lower back.
You giggle, scrunching up your nose as you feel yourself giving in. You give one last look behind you, watching as Dodger sits on the grass, staring at you intensely.
How can you say no to those eyes?
You look back at Chris, who’s staring at you with the same eyes, practically pouting.
How could you say no to those eyes?
You move your hands to grab his face, leaning forward and pressing your lips against his, giving him your answer.
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mariasabana · 19 days ago
A normal day in your life with:
Steven with a V, Marc and Layla
Pt: 4
Pairing: ReaderxSteven with a V, ReaderxMarc and ReaderxLayla
Summary: you guys forgot something or should I say someone
Warnings: no one
(Y/N): I think we're missing something.
Steven: Teamwork?
Marc: Cohesion?
Layla: A general sense of what we’re doing?
Jake: *Looking from a distance* sons of... *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP*
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